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Fall 2017

Charlotte Latin School

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Jean E. Davis, Chair Thad M. Sharrett ’89, Vice Chair Joycelyn C. Lavelle, Secretary John G. Norman, Treasurer William C. Adams Joanne O’Brien Beam Robert G. Calton III Lynn G. Crutchfield Adaora A. Eruchalu Heather S. Finke Debbie S. Frail ’88 Mike D. Freno Jonathan S. Halkyard Courtney P. Hyder Kelly L. Katterhagen Joy M. Kenefick Eric J. Lloyd A. Coy Monk, IV Denny Smith O’Leary ’90 Robert A. Schleusner, III Walker C. Simmons Robert Mitchell Wickham ’87

Arch N. McIntosh, Jr. Headmaster


Beth Lucas Director of Human Resources

Arch N. McIntosh, Jr., Headmaster Fletcher H. Gregory III, Associate Headmaster & Director of Finance Catherine Armstrong, Parents’ Council President Eric Madera ’01, Alumni Governing Board President


Eric Madera ’01, President Charles Thies ’90, Past President


Catherine Armstrong, President Katharine Cowan, First Vice President Tiffany Orndorff, Second Vice President Alexa Cutter, Treasurer Sandy Erwin, Assistant Treasurer Lisa Hill, Secretary


Mary Martha Beecy, President Jennifer McCabe, Vice President Amy Nielsen, Treasurer Noelle Vandiver, Secretary




Charlotte Latin School • Fall 2017

Rod Chamberlain Associate Headmaster for Academic Affairs Fletcher Gregory Associate Headmaster and Director of Finance Mark Tayloe Head of Lower School

EDITOR Courtney Oates Director of News and Publications

Todd Ballaban Head of Middle School Lawrence Wall Head of Upper School

ASSOCIATE EDITOR Susan Carpenter Director of Marketing and Communications

Fredrik Akerblom Director of Development Susan Carpenter Director of Marketing and Communications David Gatoux Director of Athletics

Mary Yorke Oates ’83 Director of Admissions Sonja L. Taylor Director of Diversity and Inclusion


Patty Lambert, President Jan Johnson, First Vice President Marsha Song, Second Vice President Gigi Egge, Secretary Shannon Acks, Treasurer Nancy Stenersen, Membership Dawn Whitmore, Publicity Vivi Bechtler-Smith, Friends of Creative Writing Kelly Mattei, Friends of Music Dorie de Armas, Friends of Theater Melissa Witzel, Friends of Theater Jaime Nashbar Callicutt, Friends of Visual Arts

At-large Representatives Kim Cobb Rina Fitzgerald Mary Shumway Katrina Burton Jennifer Youse

Leslie Wickham Lisa Hill Renee Hobart Aileen Boltz

DESIGNER Tori Belle-Miller Graphic Designer CONTRIBUTORS Todd Ballaban Head of Middle School Lauran Godwin Kelly Mattei Latin Parents Sally Gray Smith ’82 Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations Sonja Taylor Director of Diversity and Inclusion Alex Zimmerman Chalkbeat

Published Fall 2017 by Charlotte Latin School for students, alumni, parents, grandparents, employees and friends of the School. Please send address corrections to: Development Office Charlotte Latin School 9502 Providence Road Charlotte, NC 28277 Or by email to Send Class Notes information to: Sally Gray Smith ’82 at 704.846.7253 Feature Story Photography by Rusty Williams


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Culture is Everything


A Culture of Safety and Resources

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Sonja Taylor Charlotte Latin Family Technology Task Force


South Campus Enhancements


A Culture of Volunteerism


Platinum Service


A Culture of Growth


Meet “The New Guy” in Middle School


The Latin Fund

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Alumni News


A Culture of Competitiveness

Getting Involved at Charlotte Latin FLIK and Founders’ Hall Latin Students Attend NC Governor's School Todd Ballaban

Celebrating a Culture of Philanthropy

Class Notes

CLS MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to encourage individual development and civility in our students by inspiring them to learn, by encouraging them to serve others, and by offering them many growth-promoting opportunities. Charlotte Latin School is an independent, non-sectarian, coeducational, college-preparatory day school for students in transitional kindergarten through twelfth grade. Charlotte Latin School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, or national origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid policies, employment practices, or other school-administered programs.


Each fall, days before our students return to campus, faculty and staff gather for a half day, informative “state of the school” meeting that begins our school year. The meeting is used to introduce new staff members, curriculum and organizational updates, and to establish a healthy tone for the new school year. It is also the moment in which our annual school theme is introduced. “Words Matter,” a phrase frequently heard throughout our School, refers to not only the importance of teaching and using good grammar, word choice and writing skills, but it also refers to the need for civil discourse and understanding that what we say has impact. At the opening meeting, we also hear from members of the school community who share insights into the new school year. Sonja Taylor, our Director of Diversity and Inclusion, delivered a presentation that brought a standing ovation from faculty and staff highlighting the importance of culture. It’s a simple, yet profound concept that struck a chord with me and reminded me of something my father shared with me many years ago when I was a boy, “Culture is everything.” While my understanding of culture has changed over the years, I frequently think about how the culture of our School is truly what makes Charlotte Latin such a vibrant place of learning.

Culture is everything. Mrs. Taylor joined the School last spring and spent her time getting to know every level of our community, especially our culture, which is critical to true understanding. Working in a school is like no other profession. Rarely for any of us, is it ever just a job. It becomes intrinsic to us. It feels like family. A safe place to land. This is felt by our students. Along my lifelong path in education, I’ve come to understand that culture is ever-important. It is a sense of belonging. It connotes trust. In a healthy school community, everyone is supported. Communication is respectful, and relationships are genuine among parents, students, faculty and staff. Our beliefs, values and expectations are decided by the strengths and needs within the community. Differences are celebrated. It is within this kind of school community that everyone can thrive. I invite you to read on. This issue spotlights many of the stories that connect us – across the ages – in this culture we call Charlotte Latin School.

Arch N. McIntosh, Jr.



Everything By Sonja Taylor, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to the core values means we choose to be honorable, respectful, excellent, responsible and courageous leaders not because we have to, but because this is who we are. 4

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Fall 2017


Culture is everything. This is a common theme held by countless organizations and their desire to attract and retain the best and brightest people. Culture fosters achievement and accountability, and promotes teamwork. Schools are no exception. As a matter of fact, schools thrive when the culture is rooted in strong leadership, a clearly articulated mission and core values that emphasize value for and appreciation of all community members.


atin has a wonderful culture. The evidence is all around us: high levels of employee and student retention, a capable administrative team, dedicated parents, and a steady flow of inquiries from prospective families who want to become a part of the Latin tradition. I experienced Latin’s culture the first time I visited the campus, and I am reminded of it each day as I interact with fellow administrators, faculty, parents, students and campus support staff. There’s just something about Latin that feels right and, as a relative newcomer, I am elated to have been so warmly received. Culture is more than a feeling. Social scientists and educational researchers have studied culture extensively; and, we diversity practitioners usually begin critical conversations around it. Culture is multifaceted and often context specific. However, a rich and effective school culture is always properly balanced in the affective and cognitive domains. In other words, each community member works diligently to earn and maintain one another’s trust while actively seeking avenues to engage in stimulating conversations that promote our intellectual and personal development. My conversations around culture usually start with an exploration of its different levels: surface, shallow and deep. At the surface level, culture may be expressed by the foods, literature and music we enjoy, the languages we speak, the art we collect and the stories we tell. These artifacts and patterns of behavior serve as conversation starters, help us to identify common interests, and create relatively easy channels for learning to appreciate our differences. Our Lower School students demonstrated this beautifully during the fourth grade State Fair with their lively costumes and spirited musical selections that celebrated America’s diversity. Shallow culture is governed by the nature of interpersonal relationships. The friendships forged among our students, the

Parents’ Council’s gift of Quarterly Treats, and the genuine concern faculty and staff show for peers who are navigating life’s challenges, add to trustbuilding which strengthens our community. As we nurture these essential relationships, we lay the foundation for the deep culture which is at the heart of Latin’s identity. When we question who we are and what we believe, the answer lies in our core values. Deep culture and core values are inextricably connected, and it is this dimension of Latin’s identity I appreciate most. Our commitment to the core values means we choose to be honorable, respectful, excellent, responsible and courageous leaders – not because we have to, but because this is who we are. Culture is everything and most importantly, it personifies each member of the Latin family. It is my pleasure to promote the diverse dimensions of Latin’s culture throughout our community.

culture and core “ Deep values are inextricably

connected, and it is this dimension of Latin’s identity I appreciate most. Fall 2017

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A Culture of



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Fall 2017






ow was the Family Technology Task Force initially established?

As technology steadily becomes more and more central to the lives of Latin students in the classroom and at home, parents and faculty recognized the challenge in maintaining a healthy balance of technology usage in the home and within the family. In response to these concerns, Headmaster McIntosh, in partnership with Parents’ Council, created a seventeen-person Family Technology Task Force (FTTF) in April 2016.

What were the first steps that FTTF took? To address the challenges Latin parents were facing, this group was tasked with developing a consistently updated set of resources on MyLatin regarding technology use at home. The FTTF, led by faculty member Ann Bernhardt and parent Lauran Godwin, began this work in May 2016. A brief parent survey was formulated and issued to all Latin parents that June. In the interim, plans were in motion to host Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair that September as a parent education kickoff to the school year. Dr. Steiner-Adair, author of The Big Disconnect, is a clinical psychologist, consultant and leading expert specializing in child development, education, parenting and workplace/ family balance. Her visit served as a catalyst and target for the survey work of the task force.

“ Becker and Bernhardt each brought unique experience and perspectives to the creation of this curriculum.

How is Latin working to ensure that its students use technology effectively and responsibly? In 2014 Latin implemented the 1:1 iPad program because it recognized the many educational benefits of technology. The program’s rollout was intentionally staggered beginning with a pilot year in grade 7. Latin’s Educational Technology Department functions in part to assist the School in determining the best and safest uses for such technology in the classroom. Among the findings from these initial years of iPad use are the concern with setting limits at home and how best the school and family may work together to safely regulate this powerful tool. In conjunction with technology initiatives, School leaders responded to the concerns of parents, faculty and staff, and developed a curriculum promoting digital citizenship and media literacy in grades 3-12. FTTF members Alan Becker, Upper School English teacher, and Ann Bernhardt, Lower School Educational Technology Coordinator, have been instrumental in these development and implementation efforts. continued

Left to right: Latin parent Lauran Godwin and faculty members Alan Becker and Ann Bernhardt were pivotal in the implementation of the Family Technology Task Force.

Fall 2017

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In terms of satisfying the overall charge of the FTTF, a set of parent resources was developed which can be found on MyLatin on the Parent Portal. Among them: • A list of suggestions for how parents can manage the most important issues stemming from their children’s technology use. • Sample parent-child contracts like those seen in Screenagers are available in this location. • Links to articles and research for parents seeking a deeper dive into select topics.

Becker and Bernhardt each brought unique experience and perspectives to the creation of this curriculum. Becker’s passion for balancing media consumption and Bernhardt’s expertise in childhood development and differential learning styles helped them formulate a plan for teaching digital citizenship and balanced tech use in the classroom – with the health and developmental appropriateness for the child at the forefront of every detail.

LATIN IMPLEMENTED THE 1:1 IPAD PROGRAM BECAUSE IT RECOGNIZED THE MANY EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS OF TECHNOLOGY. What part did the FTTF play? Throughout the 2016-17 school year, the Family Technology Task Force facilitated and analyzed the parent survey, hosted multiple parent education events, and created a set of parent resources to address current and ongoing challenges the Latin community faces relevant to technology. With the help of Parents’ Council and Mr. McIntosh, with Alan Becker facilitating, the FTTF endorsed the hosting of the following speaker engagements and parent education opportunities:


Like technology, this resource location will evolve as research increases and challenges are identified within the Latin community. The ultimate goal is for this to become a regular source for parents for further education, understanding and empowerment around the ever-changing world of technology.

What can parents expect from the FTTF in the future? The FTTF has met its initial charge. A smaller committee, Family Technology Committee (FTC), has been developed to continue the work of the task force. The FTC is composed of two parent representatives from each division and is led by Lauran Godwin, who will sit on Parents’ Council. The charges for this committee are to: • Strengthen the parent-school partnership specifically with regard to technology use on personal devices and in the home; • Partner with Parents’ Council, faculty/staff, and the Communications office to support events and endorse applicable MyLatin/Parent Ed resources; • Stay abreast of current challenges within the Latin and greater Charlotte communities; and • Further support Latin’s core values and the School’s philosophy of well-balanced technology use.

Family Technology Committee Division Representatives

• Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, September 2016

• Lower School: Uma O’Brien, Laura Monk

• Scotty Sells, tech consultant, November 2016

• Middle School: Jane Hunter, Margaret Siegel

• Screenagers viewing and subsequent discussion sessions for parents and students, April 2017

• Upper School: Lisa Gerber, Heather Knull

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Fall 2017


Every parent brings his or her story with them as to why they choose Charlotte Latin School – public or private school, native Charlotteans or new to the city. My husband and I, products of both independent and public schooling respectively, chose to send our children to Latin for many reasons, but atop this list is safety and that the well-being of our children is at the center of the decisions we make as a family. When the school initiated the 1:1 iPad program in 2014, the use of this device that would soon be in the hands of our then 11-year-old daughter was not part of our family plan. We had made the choice to wait until 8th grade before considering a cell phone for her. And even then, we, as parents, would govern the usage of that or any device in her hands. What was in our plan, however, was a Charlotte Latin education. That would not change. So, my husband and I knew, that if we experienced something that didn’t line up with our family plan at this school we loved, we had a responsibility to partner with school leadership and be a part of the solution.


Distributing iPads to young students required care and intentionality and planning. We are so appreciative of the support and guidance of Mr. McIntosh and the administration. With this team, the school devised the Acceptable Use Policy or AUP, the language of which begins, “Charlotte Latin School strongly believes in the educational value of technology and recognizes its potential to support curriculum. The following guidelines are intended to ensure that technology and the School network are used in a safe manner that enhances education at all times. All students are expected to abide by the principles in this Acceptable Use Policy.” How do parents and technology use at home factor into this equation? The Family Technology Task Force was formed in 2016 to strengthen the parent-school partnership by providing resources to help guide technology use at home. The Task Force supported guest speakers, the promotion of Screen Free Week, and parent education opportunities. With the educational and technological landscape continuing to evolve, the Task Force has been restructured into a smaller, more nimble group called the Family Technology Committee. Like the Task Force, the committee will partner with the school and support parent education initiatives such as the October 2017 Town Hall on Social Media Parenting held in conjunction with area schools and Charlotte Smarty Pants. In today’s culture, as parents, we are called to be courageous. In the Charlotte Latin setting, that looks like engaging in open dialogue with teachers and administrators with regard to our children’s safety and accountability. Selma Fraiberg, in her book The Magic Years: Understanding and Handling the Problems of Early Childhood, says, “All the wisdom in the world about child-rearing cannot, by itself, replace intimate human ties, family ties, as the center of human development… the point of departure for all sound psychological thinking.”





he next few months will bring a flurry of activity on South Campus as the School begins work on several new athletics facilities. In accordance with the School’s Campus Master Plan, and after a number of visioning sessions, parent surveys and discussions with our coaching staff, certain needs arose to best support our student-athletes and remain competitive among our peer schools. “By asking what are the greatest needs for the CLS Athletics program, which will serve the largest number of our students and further differentiate us from other independent schools, our priorities became quite evident,” said David Gatoux, Director of Athletics.


Generous members of our school community have stepped up to make these enhancements possible. “This work is part of a much greater effort, and we look forward to share more information about that soon,” said Fredrik Akerblom, Director of Development. Nearly 500 students practice and/or compete in our athletics program. Field space is at a premium, with two or three teams sharing the same space and limited further by potential wet conditions. The availability of a turf field quickly emerged as an investment coaches felt would have a positive impact on a broad cross-section of students – benefitting our athletic teams and our physical education classes. The stadium was considered an option for turf, but water retention regulations ultimately made the installation too costly. “Initially, the inability to put a synthetic surface in the stadium seemed like a setback, but we realized it opened up the perfect opportunity to create a second event venue – the MAC soccer field – that is a bit more intimate but equally as professional,” said Gatoux. The perimeter of the field known as the MAC and/or soccer field will be redrawn to regulation size and lined to host soccer, field hockey, and girls’ and boys’ lacrosse. Stadium seating will be installed that includes handicap accessible ramps, a press box and a video platform. A new scoreboard will be added, as well as fencing and netting for safety. A new shelter will be constructed that will have changing areas, bathrooms, equipment storage, a concession stand and an athletic training facility. “We envision this becoming a medical hub for South Campus,” said head athletic trainer, Tim Kelly. “With the right equipment, this space can serve a number of needs, from pre-game taping to injury treatment and rehabilitation without having to transport athletes back to the SAC. It will definitely improve safety and efficiency.” Work began at the conclusion of the fall season and will continue through the winter months, with the turf surface ready for use this spring. The athletic administration is working on scheduling and plans to rotate teams to distribute practice and game opportunities fairly. “Creating the schedule will be a challenge, initially,” said Gatoux, “But we’ve been talking about this and carefully considering all of the features for some time, so we’re excited to see these plans become a reality.” 10

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Fall 2017









Fall 2017


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A Culture of


Volunteerism By Kelly Mattei

o whom much is given, much is expected. Those words are not lost on the volunteers at Charlotte Latin School. The spirit of service has been a vital part of the school from the beginning. The Founders were parents, grandparents, providers and community leaders, all of whom contributed their time, energy, resources and knowledge to create and build our School. In fact, it is written into our core values, under Leadership, “Charlotte Latin encourages the development of leadership as a lifelong characteristic of our students and adheres to the concept of service to others (servant leadership) as the ideal model that best meets the needs of our school community, our nation and the world.” The Latin community takes it to heart, as is evidenced by the sheer number of volunteers who work to carry on that spirit and make our school a better place. In doing so, they are setting an example for our students, as well, showing them that service is valued by the community. Our school is a well-oiled machine, and its volunteers are a crucial gear. They are part of a diverse group that works to support the school: parents, grandparents, alumni and even parents of alumni. Volunteerism is a big part of the reason Charlotte Latin feels like a community. Take a stroll across campus on any given day, and you will see volunteers who understand the spirit of service. As you walk through the outdoor areas of campus, you might see volunteers meeting on picnic tables or painting props for a musical production, often laughing and getting to know each other as they work. Visit the Lower School, and the first face you will likely see is a friendly volunteer at the Welcome Desk, where moms, dads and even former faculty members serve every day, greeting guests, taking calls, and

“ Take a stroll

across campus on any given day, and you will see volunteers who understand the spirit of service.”

continued on page 15

Left: Latin parent Holly Ivanoff Graham ’96 volunteers at the Lower School Welcome Desk. It is no doubt she is described by Doreen Fitzpatrick in the Lower School Office as “a seasoned volunteer.” It runs in the family! Graham’s mother, Brenda Ivanoff, gave countless hours as both Parents’ Council and Booster Club president and to many other projects when her girls (Latin third grade teacher Katie Ivanoff Smith ’93 and Holly) were Latin students.


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Fall 2017




Bring the World to your Home The Tune Family

Why does your family host exchange students? Hosting an exchange student is the easiest and least expensive way to bring the world to your home and your children. Having a student from another country in our home has encouraged great conversations, and has opened our children’s eyes to different languages (although every student we have hosted speaks excellent English; we often have to beg them to teach us some words in their native language), lifestyles, food, travel and traditions.

How long has your family been hosting? This is our sixth year; we have hosted since our first year coming to Latin in 2012.

What got you interested at first?

Charlotte ’26, Ann Chandler ’15 and Ella ’21 Tune with their Italian sister, Fabiana, AUGUST 2017.

Without the support of our Charlotte Latin host families, our sister school exchanges would not be as successful or as rich an experience as they are today. Families like the Tunes welcome our visiting students into their homes, families and their daily lives, making sure that they not only see some of the best Charlotte has to offer like Panthers games and weekend trips to the mountains, but also treat them to the very ordinary, every-day American experiences like going to soccer practice and the grocery store. Time and again, our exchange students leave Charlotte with full hearts and teary eyes as they say goodbye to their Charlotte Latin families with open invitations to visit and promises to stay in touch.

– Kelly Willis, CLS Global Studies Coordinator

Our oldest daughter Ann Chandler, now a college sophomore, came home in the Fall of her freshman year at Latin talking about the Global Studies program and the interesting International Exchange opportunities. She begged to host a student from Argentina, which we did in January 2013. It was such a great experience for everyone in our family that we have continued to host at least one student every year.

Have you and your family maintained relationships with many of the students you have hosted? Yes. We have visited them in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Jesberg, Germany. We hope also to visit the families of the students we hosted in France and Italy. We all send holiday cards and keep in touch through Facebook and WhatsApp.

What advice would you give to potential host families? Simply open your home and welcome a student into your family for two weeks. Continue your normal routine. Latin has these programs so well organized; it really isn’t any more work. It actually causes us to slow down a bit, sit at the dinner table a little longer, talk to each other more, spend more time together.

What do you wish other families knew about this experience? How much fun it is to host and how your family will bond and create great memories from simply inviting a student into your home. You will also meet other great Latin families whom you may not otherwise get to know, as we all host these students together. Fall 2017

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In her Happy Place Gail Madara - Alumni Parent and Lower School volunteer



How does it feel to be back in the classroom? When I decided to retire, I knew I needed a plan to remain active and involved. I knew I would miss the interaction with students, so the school was a natural setting. Returning to CLS just seemed very natural to me. The warm and loving environment still exists. Some of the same teachers and staff are still at Latin, and we pick up conversations as if there were no passage of time. The friendly environment exemplifies the CLS philosophy that families, as well as the students, are the foundation of the School.

Tell us about working with the children in TK – what you give and what you get back? The children give me so much more than I can ever give in return. I love how they look for encouragement and just need little strokes to build confidence in their journey of learning. I enjoy being able to work individually with a student or just give a compliment about their work and see them smile. It is also gratifying to see former TK students from the past three years, who always greet me with a big hug. These are the rewards of teaching the young students.

Did you volunteer here as a parent? What was your favorite volunteer job? In our early years at Latin before I returned to work, I was extremely active as a volunteer. Some of the activities were room mom, serving on the Parents’ Council Board, helping in the Lower School office and working as assistant editor and editor of the Parents’ Council’s bi-monthly newsletter called “Latin Line” to name some of the roles I’ve had at Latin.

Why do you volunteer and why at Latin? Now I have the opportunity to volunteer and say thank you for the wonderful education that Latin provided for my sons. It has always been a warm and loving place, and it continues to be the same today. I call Latin the “happy place.” Everyone (both faculty/staff and students) is always smiling, and it is contagious. When I finish my day volunteering I leave with a smile on my face.

Do you have advice for parents about making time to volunteer? My advice for parents, especially new parents, is to get involved at Latin. I jumped right in our first year (1983) and made wonderful friends and got to know many staff members. There are so many opportunities, from making snacks to chairing a major event. This school is the friendliest and most welcoming place to join in and become a part of the CLS family.


LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017

Gail Madara, mother of two Latin lifers, Eric ’01 and Mark ’96, is in her third year of volunteering in the Lower School. Since retiring from Union County Public Schools in June 2015, she shares her time weekly in the TK classroom and in the Lower School Office. You can even find her here throughout the summer months helping prepare for the new school year. “Gail Madara brings 30 years of experience as a Kindergarten Teacher into the TK classroom. She influences the children with her positive thoughts and open attitude and is available at any time to organize an activity, help prepare workshop tables or read a book. Her invaluable presence gives the classroom teachers additional time with each student.”

– Lin Hansbrough

Transitional Kindergarten Assistant teacher


continued from page 12 delivering messages to classrooms. There are some volunteers you won’t see, because they are volunteering for the school off campus, working on budgets for various committees or seeking sponsors for events, or baking for an upcoming event. Some are on campus almost every day, attending meetings or helping in the classroom or library. At arts events and sporting events, volunteers are supporting our students and teams as ushers or in the concession stands. They have fun. They make new friends. They brighten the days of others, support the faculty and staff, and perform acts of kindness. Service to the school is an easy way for new families to begin to feel like a part of the community, and often, once

they get started, they continue to volunteer for years, even after their children have graduated. Volunteerism at Latin becomes a part of who they are. The Founders of the school set an outstanding example, and Charlotte Latin’s volunteers continue to exemplify the school’s core value of Leadership by serving the School and its community, making new friends and having fun along the way. The volunteers help keep this well-oiled machine running smoothly, and in doing so, they are showing our students how to be good citizens of the world. Indeed, our volunteers understand the importance of giving to our community and beyond.

Volunteers in action “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi

About the author: Latin parent Kelly Mattei is herself a volunteer extraordinaire. There is seldom a day she is not on campus. The day she was working on this article, in fact, she ducked out of a Latin Arts Association meeting to speak with a member of the School’s Marketing and Communications team and later that day she was manning the welcome tent at Touchdown Tailgate. Hers is a familiar and welcoming face to our new families, and she is quick to make them feel connected and involved. Fall 2017

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Founders’ Hall is our beloved dining hall - a place for all ages to come together to talk, laugh, mix and eat.

e c i v r Se PLATINUM


LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017



Top Chef

Collier has worked at Latin for four years and has a robust career history that includes a degree from Northern Arizona University’s noted School of Hotel and Restaurant Management which led to an international career including: • Starting her own catering company exclusively for stock brokers, Boston, MA • Houston’s Restaurants, Los Angeles, CA, manager research and development • Cheesecake Factory, West Coast trainer • Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV, Outlet Executive Chef, hiring and training • Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas, Executive Chef of Fine Dining • Ritz Carlton, Philadelphia, PA, Executive Sous Chef • Ritz Carlton, Detroit, MI, Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage • Ritz Carlton, Washington, D.C., Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage


ounders’ Hall is a place for everyone – students, faculty, staff, parents and friends. There’s no other place like it on campus,” said Dawn Collier, Director of FLIK Dining Services at Charlotte Latin School. “Our dining hall is a place where you can see the true student come out. You can see all sides of them as they struggle, laugh and talk. The dining hall has no far-reaching goal except to provide food for them to eat, but we intentionally create an atmosphere that encourages a true dining experience -- where they stop what they’re doing in class, take a break, sit at a dining table, and eat and converse.” The dining experience at Latin is indelible for our graduates. A frequent answer when an alumnus is asked what they fondly remember about their time at Latin is Founders’ Hall. Collier and her staff are a primary reason the experience and memories are so positive. “We strive for platinum service,” said Collier. “Like Latin’s mission, at FLIK we are committed to providing the finest dining experience possible. We wear our Platinum Service cards as a reminder of this.” While Collier and her dining hall staff are technically employees of FLIK, they are so in sync with Latin’s values and culture that they truly see themselves as working for Latin. “I moved to Charlotte with my husband, to be closer to his family. He worked for FLIK and I was working at a job uptown. continued

• Hershey Resorts, Hershey, PA, Director of Catering and Conference Services

Fall 2017

LATIN Magazine



FLIK knew I was a chef and was constantly asking me to work for them. I told them the only place I was interested in working was at Latin.” Eventually, the Latin position opened and from day one on the job Collier said she knew she wanted her children here. Ellé, her daughter, started in sixth grade this year. “Latin’s students were so engaged, asking real questions. They were respectful and polite to each other and everyone around them, regardless of who they were. I was impressed from the very start.” “I had just decided to resign from the Cheesecake Factory job and take a year off when I got the call from Steve Wynn. He called me directly and said he wanted something unique for his new casino and hotel. I was the first female chef he had ever hired,” said Collier. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

As Executive Chef of the Bellagio’s 24-hour café, she hired 2,000 people for all four of the Bellagio’s restaurants and oversaw all training. “We opened the doors on Bellagio’s first day to 30,000 people. I worked for three and a half days straight.” In comparison, Latin’s nearly 1,500 she feeds every day is a relatively small number! Collier’s commitment to serve Latin, combined with FLIK’s commitment to Platinum Service, join together in Founders’ Hall to serve our community, providing delicious, healthy food served by a well-trained, friendly staff who know and love our students. This is what makes Founders’ Hall our beloved dining hall — a place for all ages to come together to talk, laugh, mix and eat.

“ At FLIK we are committed to providing the finest dining experience

possible. We wear our Platinum Service cards as a reminder of this.”


LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017



Getting to Know Anton

Anton Patterson amazes and astounds with his memorization skills. “Memorizing people’s FLIK numbers makes it easier on everyone,” he said about those who pass through his cashier’s station in Founders’ Hall. Patterson’s positive outlook on life is infectious and daily interactions with him are prized. “I’m always ready to hear how a student did on a test, and when I ask how your day is, that is really me caring, it’s not my job talking.” Patterson multi-tasking at the register includes ringing up food as well as managing a conversation with one or more students who share their triumphs and challenges with him. “I love my job, the environment here and the people,” said Patterson. “On the weekends I wear my Latin gear and get lots of questions about the school like do we teach Latin and do we speak Latin.” Patterson studied art in college for two years before starting at Latin and is the youngest of four, with three older sisters. He works closely with Dawn Collier, who recognized his people skills soon after he started with FLIK, working in Shelton Hall, and moved him to the key position of cashier. “This job helps me be better in my personal life after work. It gives me energy,” said Patterson. “I feel very appreciated here.”

HE KNOWS THE... Names of all new students (one to two days, three days tops) FLIK codes for most students, faculty and staff. Fall 2017

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he Governor’s School of North Carolina is the oldest statewide summer residential program in the nation. It is a five and a half-week summer residential program for intellectually gifted rising high school seniors, integrating academic disciplines, the arts and unique courses on two campuses of up to 400 students each: Governor’s School West at Salem College in Winston-Salem, and Governor’s School East at Meredith College in Raleigh. The curriculum focuses on the exploration of the most recent ideas and concepts in each discipline, and is free of the pressures of credit, tests or grades. The program began in the 1960s supported by philanthropic grants, and for more than 40 summers was wholly funded by the General Assembly of North Carolina. When state aid was terminated in 2011, fundraising efforts by the nonprofit NC Governor’s School Foundation saved the program. The next year, a limited version of Governor’s School operated via private funding – mostly alumni of the program. The NC General Assembly restored partial funding in 2013 and continues today.


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Fall 2017


A Culture of Charlotte Latin School students have attended NC Governor’s School for years. Coordinated by Lucy Smith through our College Center, admission is competitive. “This is a summer program where students may dive into their own passion,” says Smith. “The intention is to ignite curiosity in a community where the best and brightest gather for the love of learning and the joy of creativity.”

Growth Growth

This summer, three impressive students from the Class of 2018, represented Charlotte Latin at NC Governor’s School East (or gse as they would call it). Chaney Howard (Choral Music), Lily Zheng and Austin Fitzgerald (both Social Sciences) share their experiences. Austin, Lily and Chaney enjoy some down time with new friends at Governor's School.

CHANEY HOWARD My experience was eye-opening. Being at Governor’s School allowed me to develop responsibility. I was able to thrive in a space free of outside pressure and tension. Each day our site director exclaimed, “This is the Happiest Day at Governor’s School Ever!” and it was! In the classroom, my teachers clearly had so much passion and love for teaching and sharing music, it was impossible not to work hard for them. Our work ethic fueled their love and work for us.

LILY ZHENG Governor’s School was the best summer of my life. I had been away to long academic programs before, but nothing like this. I met so many different kinds of people from different backgrounds from all over North Carolina. I became entrenched in this community that I did not want to leave.

AUSTIN FITZGERALD My experience at NC Governor’s School is something I would not exchange for the world. I met so many different, intelligent people, lifelong friends, and we had some of the most challenging and stimulating discussions of my life. Every day, I was introduced to new ideas and even new skills from knitting to poetry. I was also able to engage with people who had many different interests, so I could have a conversation with somebody who had a strong passion for math but also enjoyed the lyrics of Tupac.

How do you feel the experience will impact your future – academically and personally? CH: Academically, Governor’s School re-energized my passion for learning. I view school as a place to grow and a place for enrichment that is contingent upon my approach. Personally, I am more confident and comfortable making new friends. Beyond the superficial, genuine friendships are much more important to me. LZ: Governor’s School really opened my mind to issues that were beyond my personal scope. My Area 1 was Social Science; our classes, along with some electives, showed me many injustices that exist in our world. In addition, Mark Rabil, the attorney who represented the innocent Darryl Hunt for almost 20 years, came to speak at Convocation, and he inspired me to want to pursue a career in law. AF: I feel like Governor’s School really showed me how I could shape my own learning experience to stay engaged while learning a variety of different topics in which I never even thought I could be interested. continued

What was NC Governor’s School like?

Fall 2017

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Governor’s School really showed me how I could shape my own learning experience to stay engaged while learning a variety of different topics in which I never even thought I could be interested. Do you have advice for a fellow student who might be interested in applying? CH: Take your time with the application. The process is tedious but doing a thorough job is important to show your studentship. LZ: Give the application your all, because the application pool is very competitive, but it is 100% worth it. During my five and a half weeks at Governor’s School, I did not meet a single person who didn’t absolutely love it there. Make sure you genuinely want to spend your summer going to school. When you get there, immerse yourself. You can and should walk up to any person and have a meaningful conversation with them.

AF: I definitely understand and respect other people’s different points of view much better and find it much easier to talk to people with differing views from mine.

AF: Definitely apply! It is so worth it, and you won’t regret it. I’ve met some of the best friends ever, and I could hold an intellectual and respectful discussion with anybody on the campus, even if our views differed.

CH: I was challenged to try new things, to learn about different areas and to appreciate other styles and cultures. I was also challenged to learn just for fun. There was definitely a sense of responsibility to always be engaged, mindful and to stretch yourself.

Do you think you’ve changed in any way as a student/ citizen after participating in Governor’s School? CH: As a student, I’m more learning-focused instead of gradefocused. I want good grades, where I thoroughly understand the test. As a citizen, I am more aware of the differences that connect each of us. And I better appreciate individuals. LZ: Governor’s School made me focus less on grades. I learned to learn just for me, not always to impress someone else or a college. Also, our classes were eye-opening and made me see beyond my little bubble in South Charlotte. Governor’s School made me see beyond that and make myself concerned about people and events outside of me.


LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017

Were you challenged to step out of your comfort zone?

LZ: I am an introvert, and often it was disconcerting to be surrounded by people all the time. Sometimes I would just need a break, and I knew to acknowledge that, but I would always come back because the people are the best I’ve ever met. In some classes, we would talk philosophically often about deep topics – ideas and identities and why we held them. It was a new experience for me to share personal things and bring up new ideas that I wouldn’t normally express out loud. AF: I was challenged to step out of a comfort zone by having a very open discussion about religion and our religious values and also by trying different visual arts.


What did you bring back to Latin with you from your experience? CH: I think Latin will benefit because we are diverse, and we bring new confidence and insights. Also we provide an example of interaction between cultures. I think Latin can benefit from the pairing of minoritized ethnicities and women and success in the arts. LZ: I think we bring back a different perspective on the “outside world” than we had before. We have been exposed to new ideas and people. I had never spent much time around people with different socio-economic backgrounds or from a variety of ethnicities. Acceptance of and tolerance for different kinds of people is important to bring back to the School and try to remind people that there are others outside of our bubble.

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AF: We each bring a broader scope of the rest of the world back to the Latin community and knowledge of many of the challenges we have the luxury of not having to face while in our school community. Fall 2017

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LATIN Magazine


Fall 2017


Meet the

New Guy in Middle School An interview with Head of Middle School Todd Ballaban


n December 2016, Headmaster Arch McIntosh announced that Todd Ballaban had been hired to be Charlotte Latin’s next Head of Middle School. The next July, Ballaban arrived from San Diego, CA, where he had served the upper school at La Jolla Country Day as Assistant Director and Dean of Academics and Student Life. In addition to teaching ninth grade history, he spearheaded advisory and character education programs, served on the curriculum committee and headed a peer leadership program. Prior to La Jolla, Ballaban was a middle school administrator, teacher and coach at Brentwood School in Los Angeles, CA. His work there also included curriculum planning, admissions, assessment and school safety. Ballaban moved to Charlotte with his wife, Amy, and son, Keegan. He brings vast experience to our Middle School and to the Charlotte Latin community. With fall semester in full-swing, we invited “the new guy” in Middle School to share a bit about his transition to life at Latin and in the Middle School.

Please share some anecdotes about your adjustment to campus life and Middle School. It is never easy to start a new job, especially in a city vastly different from where I have spent the last twelve years. But the students, faculty, administration and parents have made that transition smoother than I could have ever imagined. Three quick anecdotes that capture the positive and comical examples of Latin “culture shock:”

1 One morning while I was standing at carpool, a group of

sixth grade students asked me to name my favorite candy and color – questions I had not been asked since the early 80s. The next day, I found a Mason jar filled with green sour Skittles on my desk with a note that read, “Mr. Ballaban, welcome to Charlotte Latin.” My eyes filled with tears, and I beamed with pride about the kindness and thoughtfulness of our students.

2 The campus is so big that I have found myself lost on

multiple occasions. On the Friday night of the Middle School dance, I arrived at 6 p.m. but could not recall where the dance was located. After 30 minutes wandering the campus from the Belk Gym to the SAC to the gazebo, I finally found the dance in the Lower School gym by instinctively following the familiar sound of Middle School students. It seemed appropriate and comical that the Head of Middle School was tardy to his first dance.

3 Near the end of this same dance, and at the end of a

long week, I wandered back across campus to my first Latin varsity football game. At halftime, I spotted a group of seventh grade boys who were throwing the football around on the track and went down to join them. After about 15 minutes of frolicking and pretending I was 13 again, my colleague and Dean of Middle School Girls, Jenn Moore, kindly informed me that there is a rule against students throwing the footballs on the track for safety reasons. Once again, I found myself feeling very new, but I was secretly happy to break a rule if it meant building appropriate bonds with the students! This had been quite a busy and exhausting week, but as that Friday night football game drew to a close, I found myself wishing the day wouldn’t end.

You relocated to North Carolina from California where you had worked in the academic realm for several years. Can you share some differences you have experienced? There are quite a few differences between this job and my prior role as Upper School Dean of Academics at La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego. Perhaps the most obvious is simply the age of the students. In California, I missed the vibrant enthusiasm of middle school students and, to be honest, I am relieved that I no longer live in the complex world of college admissions! Second, as one might imagine, there are some significant cultural differences between San Diego and Charlotte, namely the dress code. Last year, I was tasked with re-writing the dress code for upper school students at La Jolla. continued

Fall 2017

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While I am still adjusting to the Middle School dress code at Latin, I see room for improvement, communication and clarity. As I have said to some colleagues recently, this is my year to absorb and listen; any change in independent school practice or theory must be gradual and thoughtful. What a gift it is to land in a such a great place and to have this time to be intentional.

Share with us about some professional adjustments? I found my adjustment to be rather smooth, quite simply because of the unconditional support of colleagues and mentors such as Mark Tayloe, Lawrence Wall, Mary Yorke Oates, Arch McIntosh and Rod Chamberlain. I vividly recall receiving a phone call from Head of Lower School, Mark Tayloe, on a Sunday evening before my first presentation to Parents’ Council. Mark wanted to make sure I was comfortable and knew the expectations; he remembered his first Parents’ Council and wanted to spare me from any mistakes he had made. His subtle guidance and check-in made me more confident, which in turn made me more successful. This is one of many examples of the humility and thoughtfulness of the people here. Everyone seems to be rooting for my success, and that makes me feel so lucky to be a part of this community.

Moving across country is no easy task. How are you and your family acclimating to Charlotte? My wife, Amy, and I moved here with our three-year-old son, Keegan, who has made a wonderful transition to life in The Nest. Before our move, when we told Keegan that we were moving to Charlotte, he beamed with mysterious excitement. We soon realized that Keegan had a young friend named Charlotte, and he thought we would be permanently living with Charlotte and her family. Little did I know that this funny interaction would serve as a subtle lesson supporting Latin’s theme this year of “Words Matter!” My wife has worked as both a learning resource teacher and lower school math specialist, so she is looking for ways to

“ 26

LATIN Magazine

support the Latin community while still holding down the fort as a mother and adjusting to being a new Charlottean. We have also become quite fond of Chick-fil-A and pimento cheese, two southern staples hard to find in San Diego.

How do you spend your free time? Hobbies, interests? When I can find time to escape the office and Middle School halls, I seek refuge on the golf course and at the ice rink. Having played college golf and ice hockey, both are wonderful escapes from the natural grind of a long work day. We recently joined a local club, which has been a great way to meet new people and continue playing competitive golf. My wife is a certified yoga teacher, so I have come to enjoy yoga and general fitness as additional hobbies. I am also an avid reader, but recently I am finding it difficult to move beyond the stacks of educational journals and curriculum manuals required of a good principal. No sport, book or visit to the gym can compare to simply playing with Keegan, reading him books, and my new favorite activity with him, mowing the lawn.

You have worked with both middle and upper school levels. What excites/inspires you about Latin’s Middle School and your future here? I said in my interview that the age of the student matters little to me compared to the mission of the school and the strength of its faculty. I am a better educational leader when I am surrounded by motivated teachers committed to professional growth. The faculty here in the Middle School is second to none. The possibilities that emerge for our students as a result of their great teaching excite me the most. It is my job to continue supporting them and our parents to prepare our students to become leaders in business, politics, education, etc. It may be a few years before we are able to see, effectively, the fruits of our labor, but I truly believe that, as Latin is one of the finest schools in the country, excellence is an expectation rather than a goal.

Everyone seems to be rooting for my success, and that makes me feel so lucky to be a part of this community. •

Fall 2017


From the

Director of Development Latin’s New Director of Development Fredrik Akerblom and his son, Erik (in Mrs. Shamblin’s first grade class).


eflecting on my first few weeks at Charlotte Latin I am struck by the history of generosity from the many individuals and families who built our School. So much of what they envisioned for the School was realized long after their children had graduated. Students and families today benefit from commitments made many years ago. I am further struck by the parents and other School supporters I have met who uniformly hold the work of the Founders in high regard and espouse their same values today. Our vibrant campus is truly a reflection of the generosity of time, talent and treasure of many contributors. On page 10 we have shared plans for South Campus improvements. This is an exciting time of growth for Charlotte Latin, and your support of the Latin Fund is critical to our overall success.

Since its inception six years ago, the Latin Fund has generated more than $6.5 million. Such contributions support key areas and directly affect our School and its students in countless areas including professional development for teachers, student instructional resources and safety initiatives. Your participation in the Latin Fund is an important part of supporting independent school education. We aim for full participation, regardless of amount, which signals support for the School. Thank you for your support of the Latin Fund. With gratitude,



Fredrik Akerblom Director of Development

Fall 2017

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Celebrating a Culture of

y p o r h t n a l i h P W

at Charlotte Latin School

hen Charlotte Latin School was still a dream in the minds of its Founders, visionary philanthropy had already rooted itself in the origins of this remarkable School.

From the very day Latin opened its doors, Charlotte Latin families, grandparents and friends gave above and beyond annual tuition fees to sustain the campus, faculty and programs from which our students continue to benefit today. While the Latin Fund fundamentally makes operational excellence and an enhanced educational experience a reality each year, it also serves as an expression of our collective gratitude to those who came before us. We each benefit from the legacy that began nearly fifty years ago, and it is our responsibility to continue that philanthropic culture proudly for many generations to come.

Funding a Charlotte Latin Education Supporting Today's Needs:


Latin Fund





A Charlotte Latin tuition covers approximately 86% of the full cost of educating each child.


The Latin Fund raises $1.2m+ annually to sustain Latin’s commitment to operational excellence. In order to continue operating “in the black,” it is critical to grow the Latin Fund by 3-5% each year.

Funding Transformational Growth:

Additional support, specifically for expanded financial assistance, faculty salary awards and programs that promote a continued individualized focus on each student, primarily comes from named endowments such as The Collins Lower School Scholarship Fund, the Alumni Endowment and the annual Wickham Award. Latin currently has more than forty active endowments which sustain continued growth across the School.


LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017

Auxiliary income and a small annual draw from the endowment make up the remaining portion of the School’s annual operating budget.

Capital Campaigns

Latin’s last capital campaign, Foundation for the Future, was launched in 2006. This successful campaign funded capital projects such as the Horne Performing Arts Center, The Nest, the Lower School expansion wing and the Malone Scholars endowment. Future capital campaigns will continue Latin’s focus on providing a best-in-class education through premier facilities, top-tier faculty, expanded programs and operational excellence.


Looking Back: The 2016-17 Latin Fund $1.2M+ RAISED

(5% of the overall 2017-18 operating budget)

From a record

1,631 DONORS

100% New family participation



new donors


Leadership Donors


growth in overall alumni participation


donor retention from 2015-16


raised by faculty and staff

Thank You! Looking Forward: The 2017-18 Latin Fund This year, the Latin Fund asks you to reflect on what moves you about the education that CLS is providing to our future leaders, innovators, peace-makers and problem-solvers. In partnership with the philanthropic leaders below, we look forward to connecting with many of you personally on what moves you as you give back to Charlotte Latin.


Overall Latin Fund Chairs: Kari and Jonathan Halkyard – Parents of Will ’18 and Tommy ’16

Upper School Chairs: Stacy and Rod Gee – Parents of Trevor ’19, Kyle ’21 and Sydney ’22

Middle School Chairs: Jamie and Stuart Christhilf – Parents of Riley ’23 and Stuart ’25

Lower School Chairs: Jordan and Jake Horstman – Parents of Jane Larson ’28 and Stewart ’30

New Family Division Chairs Gabi and Rael Gorelick – Parents of Lulu ’24, Spear ’26, Clifton ’27 and Shirley ’29

Fall 2017

LATIN Magazine


Thank you Alumni! With sincere gratitude, we thank the 723 alumni donors who made gifts to the 2016-17 Latin Fund. Your participation showcases the strength of our alumni community and your generosity supports Latin students and faculty in countless ways. Class of 1974 10% Mrs. Betty Fleming Onsrud Mrs. Kemilou Kennedy Pomplun Mrs. Adeline Couch Talbot Class of 1975 19% Mr. Gary James Anderson Mr. Douglas H. Ausbon, Jr. Mr. Michael Edward Blair Mrs. Jean Trice Deason Mrs. Barbara Baynard Finn Mrs. Leigh Patton Gillam Mr. Jon Frederick Michael Mr. Jon A. Terrell Class of 1976 19% Mrs. Kaki Johnson Behr Mr. Charles Graham Biddix Mr. Cameron Faison, Jr. Ms. Elaine Summerville Jenkins Mr. John Worth McAlister Mrs. Beth Goode Reigel Mr. William Little Steele IV Mrs. Lorri Reid Tomlin Class of 1977


Highest overall participation in the 2016-2017 Latin Fund! Mrs. Elisabeth Baynard Benfield Ms. Elen Try Bennett Mrs. Linda Dulin Cagley Mr. Thomas Yardley Cobb Mrs. Gari Sellers Cowan Mr. Paul Alexander Fellers Mr. David Bryan Ferebee Mrs. Carol Lomax Fortenberry Mr. William Mark Fuller Mrs. Ruth Knight Gammon Mr. Jeffrey Michael Goodman Mrs. Katherine Price Goodman Mr. Kenneth Bruce Gwynn Mrs. Ann McAlister Hallett Mr. Newton Park Hoey, Jr. Mrs. Beth Francis Hood Mr. Claude Lee Ives III Mrs. Chris Skinner Kirkland Dr. Harold Frank Latta III Mr. Howard Russell Levine Mr. Lang MacBain Mrs. Beth Schofield Miller Mr. John Armistead Mitchener Mr. James Mims Patterson III Mrs. Julie Burton Reed Dr. Paul Rutter III Mrs. Susan Fitzgibbon Shumaker Mrs. Anne Marshall Sykes


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Mrs. Mariah Pitt Waltemyer Ms. Allison Copeland Williams Class of 1978 17% Mr. William Kelvin Anderson Dr. F. Brian Gibson Ms. Robin Waters Griffith Mrs. Kathy Ibach Horvath Mrs. Mindy White Jones Mr. Robert Theodore Lucas III Mr. Alexander Worth McAlister Ms. B. Elizabeth Poole Mr. Frank Ramsay Thies III Mrs. Kathy Mattson Zoeller Class of 1979 21% Mr. William G. Baynard, Jr. Mr. William F. Bryant III Mr. Richard Wade Diffee Mrs. Virginia Smith Ellison Ms. Helen Adams Fleming Mrs. Mary Janet Thies Hawkins Mr. Jeffrey Mark Kane Jr. Dr. Dennis Demosthenes Kokenes Mrs. Suzy Dunaway Riley Mr. Robert Hoyle Smathers Mr. John Branch Stedman, Jr. Mr. Robert W. Suddreth Mr. Craig Lewis Summerville Mrs. Susan Johnson Tome Dr. Deryl Hart Warner Mr. Andrew Geoffrey Zoutewelle Class of 1980 15% Mrs. Suzy Davis Brown Mr. Edward Jordan Fox III Mr. Mark Dickerson McAlister Mr. Angus Murdoch McBryde III Ms. Elizabeth Medearis Myers Mrs. Ashley Evans Stewart Mrs. Nancy Lea Williams Class of 1981 27% Mrs. Ann Thompson Brock Mr. John Howard Cobb Dr. John Foreman Cox III Mrs. Ashton Patton Goodfield Mrs. Bonnie Beaty Griffin Mrs. Jane Elliott Murphy Mr. Forrest Leonard Ranson Mrs. Annie Gray Roberts Mr. John Shepard Robinson, Jr. Mr. Oliver Hunter Roddey Dr. Susan Culp Sanders Mr. Frederick Boyce Thies Mr. Thomas Hoadley Westbrook Mr. Charles Arthur Willis, Jr.

Fall 2017

Class of 1982 24% Mr. William Augustus Bowen, Jr. Ms. Mariah Barnes Currin Mrs. Kathy Evans Dockery Mrs. Mary Louise Warner Gennett Mr. Richard Lee Harkey Mrs. Kelly Beck Haseley Mrs. Suzy Minor Johnson Mr. James Leland Kiser Mr. Mark Stoughton Lea, Jr. Dr. John Peter Rostan McBryde Mrs. Suzanne Little Robards Mrs. Sally Gray Smith Mr. David Reitzel Snider Mr. Herman Aubrey Stone, Jr. Mr. Henry Allen Tate III Mr. Henderson Lee Thomas III Mr. Billy Tourtellot, Jr. Mrs. Donna Roberson Willis Dr. Claude Raymond Workman Mrs. Melissa Beard Workman Class of 1983 21% Mr. John James Anderson Mr. James Addison Barnhardt Mrs. Ann Roddey Bernhardt Mr. Richard Bronson Booth Mrs. Deanie Albright Hanley Mrs. Lynda Sydnor Hunley Mrs. Connie Godwin McNichols Mr. Michael McCauley Meyer Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates Mr. John Freeman Patten Mrs. Sarah Francis Samples Mrs. Lucy Blackwelder Stephens Mrs. Mary Perrin Anderson Vlahoplus Class of 1984 17% Mr. Robert Todd Boyd Ms. Melissa Stewart Bridges Mr. Ernest H. Broome III Mrs. Myra Cash Fisher Mr. Britt Creighton McMaster Ms. Alice Forrester Michaux Mrs. Jennifer Keown Mirgorod Mrs. Susan Cunningham Owen Mrs. Janet Miller Rogers Mr. William Daniel Simerville, Jr. Mr. Julius Lawton Thies Class of 1985 17% Mr. David Vernon Betzold Mrs. Fiz Anderson Craig Mrs. Blair Carriker Donald Mr. Richard Maddox Fletcher Mr. Charles Paisley Gordon, Jr. Mrs. Libby Tate Gordon Mrs. Kenna Cloninger Jordan Mr. John Hargrave Lowe

Mrs. Blair Tyler Peters Mr. Robert Keith Stanley Mr. Charles Clifford Sweet Class of 1986 20% Mr. Thomas Franklin Beaty Mrs. Winn Rollins Elliott Mr. Michael Worth Hinshaw, Jr. Mr. Thomas A. Hunter IV Dr. Thomas Saunders Layton Mr. Harry Kevin Levine Mr. James Beatty Meanor II Mrs. Nicole Ewing Meanor Mr. John Bruce Morrill, Jr. Mrs. Leigh Luter Schell Mrs. Mary Rogers Shumate Mr. Samuel Scott Shumate Mr. Gibson Locke Smith III Class of 1987 13% Mr. Christopher David Barcklow Mr. Andrew Mackey Clark Mrs. Laura Austin Clark Mr. Edward Elliott Crutchfield, Jr. Mrs. Janet Brown Fisher Mr. Edwin Wood Fuller III Mrs. Cathy Fletcher Himan Mrs. Kristen Busby Roberts Mr. Robert Mitchell Wickham Class of 1988 21% Mr. William Brian Anderson Mr. Michael Cigler Mr. Charles Carlisle Dixon III Dr. Edward Carl Fisher, Jr. Mr. Staley Scott Fitzgerald Mrs. Debbie McMahan Frail Mr. Anthony Andy Mermans Mr. Andrew Derek Painter Mrs. Bobbie Ewing Sharrett Mr. Randall Scott Snyder Ms. Tshneka Taiyana Tate Dr. Richard Allen Vinroot, Jr. Class of 1989 20% Mr. Christopher McCall Berger Mrs. Heidi Layton Berger Mrs. Grey Timberlake Brownlow Ms. Deb Locke Denny Mr. John Clark Fennebresque, Jr. Mr. Brian Clark Gribble Mrs. Kim Couch Hanson Mr. Gregory Ivan Hinrichs Mr. Steven Carr Hinshaw Mrs. Beth Anderson Pence Mr. Thomas Geddings Roche III Mr. Thad Marcus Sharrett Ms. Megan Chevonne Smythe Mr. Jay Anderson Thomas

LATIN FUND Class of 1990 22% Mr. Robert McDaniel Brownlow Ms. Adrienne Suzanne Dellinger Mrs. Julie Patton Evans Mr. David Edward Johnson Dr. Kristin Beise Kiblinger Mr. William Paine Logan Mrs. Denny Smith O'Leary Mrs. Denise Nasekos Pettus Mrs. Anna Litaker Reimers Mr. Charles Rich Thies Mr. Charles Malcolm Viser Mrs. Cameron Hall Wagner Class of 1991 14% Ms. Elizabeth Kerr Barnhardt Mrs. Joanna Webb Bigley Mrs. Candy Everett Bing Mr. Andrew Alan Boyd Mrs. Amy Sproull Brittain Mr. Justin Alexander Brittain Mrs. Alexa Klimas Corcoran Ms. Katherine Lynn Lambert Mrs. Elizabeth Thrift Newton Mrs. Kathryn Barnhardt Van Nort Mrs. Jenny Edwards Wood Class of 1992 8% Mr. Robert Welles Durden Mr. Boyden Talley Holland Mr. James Houston Roberts Mr. Edward Derek Thompson Class of 1993 19% Mrs. Katie Browne Beam Dr. Katie Brookman Cameron Mr. Christopher Matthew Conway Mrs. Shirley Anderson Cook Mr. Carlisle William Evans IV Mr. Joseph William Holder Mrs. Elizabeth DuBose House Mr. John Raymond Linker Mr. William Douglas Lowry Mrs. Erin Crabtree Martin Mr. Cullen Vincent McNulty Mrs. Woody Chapman Oakey Mr. Stuart Carden Proffitt Mrs. Katherine Ivanoff Smith Class of 1994 25% Mr. Charles Judson Allen Mrs. Kara MacLeod Allen Mrs. Amber Ankers Almond Mr. James Harper Barnhardt III Mrs. Kelley Graham Dickerson Barnhardt Mrs. Keri Zuger Bosch Mr. Byron Bernard Burns III Mrs. Laura Roberts Callari Mr. David Mark Crockett Mrs. Katherine Dickson Crockett Mr. Rob Docherty Jr. Ms. Wendy Docherty Mr. Charles Hillman Edwards III Dr. Matthew Joseph McGirt Mr. Chase Michael Metheney Dr. Santosh Ravi Rao Mr. Andrew Pickens Rutherford Mrs. Catherine Kendrick Webster Class of 1995 14% Mr. David Marshall Brenizer Mr. Jefferson Matthew Case Dr. Lowell Rayburn Combs Mrs. Dana Everett Edwards

Mrs. Erin Collins Fleischauer 1st Lt. Reid Michael Lerner Mr. Neill Gregory McBryde, Jr. Mr. Angus Morris McDonald III Mrs. Andi Lonon O'Bryan Mr. Douglas Carlisle O'Bryan Mrs. Heather Massengale Shaw Mrs. Jenny Austen Urbain Class of 1996 23% Ms. Katherine Blythe Archer Mrs. Avery Simmons Brown Mr. David Early Chanon Mr. John Malcolm Everett Mrs. Elizabeth Moore Filpi Mrs. Holly Ivanoff Graham Mrs. Missy Erwin Highsmith Mr. Bradley Currell Jones Ms. Sara Elizabeth Kryder Mr. John Thomas Langston IV Mr. Mark Christopher Madara Mrs. Janis Watts Mishoe Mrs. Megan Lew Myers Mr. Joshua Robert Smith Mr. Sean P. Smith Mrs. Peggy Kane Thies Class of 1997 15% Mrs. Sallie Dickson Caddell Mr. Eli Daniel Collins Mrs. Leslie Edwards de Oliveira Mr. Robert Barrett Gilmer Mrs. Frances Fennebresque Hankins Mrs. Jennie Elizabeth Livingstone Mrs. Sarah Farmer Mott Mr. Daniel McPherson Nunn Mrs. Laura Zuger Phillips Mrs. Brooke Shantz-White Spangler Mr. Benjamin Holt Vandiver Mr. Ronald Holt Wrenn, Jr. Class of 1998 20% Mrs. Hunter Willard Arton Mrs. Talia Caligiuri Fann Mrs. Carolyn Sijthoff Hallett Mr. Andrew Harding Henson Dr. Joseph John King III Mrs. Lauren Bowman Llamas Mr. Brooks Rodgers Lucas Mrs. Keller Barnhardt Mulligan Mrs. Meredith Kempert Nunn Mr. George Mason Rankin Dr. Krista Gasbarro Rankin Mrs. Kelley Gately Ripp Mrs. Eleanor Nichols Starner Mr. Stephen Matthew Starner Dr. Matthew Alexander Stiegel Mr. Brian Paul Storm Mrs. Susan Brown Wolfe Class of 1999 14% Ms. Jennifer F. Bickett Mrs. Cary Dunlap Brege Ms. Mary Owen McDowell Calloway Dr. Todd Masters Chapman Mrs. Regan White Craig Ms. Rebecca Elizabeth Davenport Mr. Charles Mason Earp Ms. Lauren LeeAnne Gardner Mr. Louis Maxwell McEwen Mrs. Siri Smith Thomas Mr. William Grimes Thomas, Jr. Mr. Christopher Grantley Totherow Ms. Karen Elizabeth Ubell Mrs. Claire Green Weaver

Class of 2000


124% growth over 2015-16 year! Mrs. Tara Huber Adams Ms. Lindsey Eileen Austen Mrs. Lisa Moore Baden Mr. Jonathan Leslie Bickett Ms. Michelle Jennifer Breyer Mr. Matthew Graydon Cloud Mr. Zachary Andrew Corbin Mrs. Jan Scott Swetenburg Farmer Mrs. Mary Dickson Gorman Mrs. Jaime Beth Uva Holt Mr. Will Holt Mrs. Katherine Porter Hunter Mr. Guido Jaramillo-Blum Ms. Reagan Elizabeth Kenwell Mrs. Stephanie Wisinski Ladley Mr. Joseph C. Leary IV Mrs. Kate Vandiver Leary Mr. Thomas Fraser Livingston Mr. William T. Lloyd Mrs. Leona Lynn Mizer Mrs. Lindsay Sanders Murphy Mrs. Devon Chandler Newton Dr. Gladden John Pappin Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Puckett Mr. Brian Matthew Smith Ms. Selin Anna Soyak Mrs. Nichelle Wynn Sublett Mrs. Angie Jones Sweeney Mrs. Jennifer Starbuck Weber Mr. Zachary Taylor Whittington Class of 2001 36% Mr. Charles Daniel Anderson Mr. Harry Miller Bryant III Mr. Willis Wolfe Chapman Mr. Charles DeSaussure Clarke Mr. David Anthony Clegg Mrs. Erin Hickey Clegg Dr. Eimile Dalton-Fitzgerald Mr. Brandon Robert DeCurtins Mrs. Leighton Britton Fogan Mr. James Peyton Gallagher Mr. William Reed Gaskin Mrs. Anna Stiegel Glass Mr. Justin Parkes Hannon Dr. Stephanie Ann Theresa Hannon Mrs. Katie Miller Iams Mr. Kyle Hogan Jarzmik Mr. Brian Faires Kennelly Mr. Eric Norman Madara Ms. Frances Marie Morgann Ms. Amy Lynn D. Nicholson Mr. David Marshall Nunn Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy Owen Mr. Thomas Oliver Porter II Mr. Tommy Gus Poulos Mr. Andrew Charles Schaeffer Mrs. Ashley Moody Sigmon Dr. Lee Brinkley Sigmon Mr. Michael Jason Stein Mrs. Kalle Kunkle Stinson Mr. John Paul Tsahakis Ms. Hillary Coleman Young Class of 2002 22% Mr. Adam Jason Beedenbender Mr. William Jackson Bowman III Dr. Bobby Lee Cockerham III Mrs. Meredith Parnell Daniels Dr. Zachariah Michael DeFilipp

Mrs. Frances Byrd Deller Mrs. Audrey Brown Dickison Mr. Robert Ryan Gorman Mr. Zachary Marshall Guy Ms. Laura Antonia Hibberd Mr. Patrick McLean Horrigan Mrs. Ashley Mott Ilharramendy Mr. Jonathan Lewis Kirkland Mrs. Jennifer Andresen Lamba Mrs. Casey Roche Proescher Mr. Ray Wallace McCord Rayburn Mr. Patrick Newton Rivenbark Mr. Blair Donald Shwedo, Jr. Mr. Alec Page Smith Mr. Sterling Gilliam Thomas Mrs. Ruth Van Dyke Wyatt Class of 2003 23% Mr. Joshua Reid Bryant Mrs. Lauren Fiume Derrenbacher Mrs. Erin Weston Donner Mr. Patrick Doherty Finn, Jr. Mrs. Mary Holland Rankin Griffin Mr. John Clifton Hastings IV Mr. Charles Thomas Hodges, Jr. Mr. Stephen Henry Kaliski Mrs. KeriAnn White Kuperman Mrs. Katherine Zuger Ladd Mr. Manoj Kumar Lamba Mrs. Ellen Kane Mark Mr. Matthew Leighton McAdams Mr. Hunter Leslie Miller Ms. Katie Lauren Moody Mr. William Francis Potts III Mr. Benjamin Cofer Steenrod Ms. Caitlin Elizabeth Taylor Mr. George Kennedy Thompson, Jr. Mr. Anastasios Nicholas Tsahakis Class of 2004 25% Ms. Theresa Anne Campobasso Mr. Sean Michael Clark-Weis Ms. Elizabeth Grace Cockerham Mr. Tyler Collins Gately Mrs. Lizz Clegg Gregg Mr. Fletcher Harrison Gregory IV Mr. Daniel Coleman Hayes Mrs. Elizabeth Doughton Hodges Ms. Meara Christine Jernigan Dr. Elizabeth Barnhardt Kirkland Mrs. Chrissy Hunter Lucas Mr. George MacDonald Mackie V Mr. Barnwell Palmer McArthur III Dr. William Aubrey McEachern Mr. Shelton Douglas Metcalf Mrs. Kathleen McDowell Nowicke Mr. Michael McWhorter Nunn Mr. James Parrott Register III Mrs. Jackie Roche Ryder Mrs. Mary Griffin Schaeffer Class of 2005 23% Ms. Kate O'Boyle Anderson Mr. James Nicholas Bishop Mr. Richard Kent Caldwell, Jr. Mrs. Caroline Buchan Dalton Mr. George Edward Dalton Mr. Samuel Joseph DeFilipp Ms. Diana Lynn Dubick Mr. James Ward Fitzpatrick Mr. James Allyn Buckley Gallagher Mrs. Ashton Vetas Hastings Mr. William Henry Hodges Dr. Christian Tyler Kirkland

Fall 2017


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LATIN FUND Ms. Shannon Ann Majors Mrs. Ashley Sassano McEachern Mr. Mark Richard Paschal Mr. David Harmon Pharr, Jr. Mr. Eric William Ramirez Mr. Stephen Barnes Robison, Jr. Mr. Russell James Shoemaker, Jr. Mr. Paul Archibald Stroup IV Ms. Statia Gelling Thompson Ms. Meredith Leighton Trusty Class of 2006 22% Mrs. Laura Hallett Anderson Mr. Mitchell Allan Anderson Mr. William Bryan Blair Ms. Allison Blake Mrs. Ashley Sigmon Brown Mrs. Christa Holt Clark Mr. William Benson Dargusch Ms. Jenna Kate DeCarlo Mrs. Jennifer Majors Ethridge Mrs. Madison McDermott Frank Mr. Neilson Jacobs Gamble Mr. James Van Cleave Gambrell Ms. Mary Salem Gregory Mrs. Kathryn Van Dyke Handy Mr. Blake T. Hankins Mr. David Scott Hardage Ms. Ashlee Marie Hoilett 1st Lt. William Chandler James II Mr. Nathan Thomas Mathis Ms. Lindsey Andrews Metzger Mr. Rome Isaac Perlman Mrs. Lauren Simonini Richardson Mr. Evan Mark Stiegel Ms. Lauren Kay Summerville Mr. Michael Weston Wilkinson, Jr. Class of 2007 30% Mrs. Tracy Snell Bajan Mr. Mark Gillam Barber Mr. Alex Beaussart Mr. Levi Daniel DeFilipp Mr. Thomas Albert Dubick II Ms. Madison Durrett Mr. Ehimere Tokoni Etomi Ms. Emily Rudd Ey CPT. Harriet Barnhardt Folsom Mrs. Brent Price Gallagher Mr. Phillip Graham Gallagher Ms. Anne Sydnor Gammon Mrs. Amanda Mott Gunn Ms. Caroline Ramsay Hawkins Mr. John Theus Hinson Mrs. Sarah Brock Hubert Mr. Sean Conor Kerrigan Mr. Stuart Andrew Kessler Mr. Randall Dale Masters Ms. Mary Nicholson McCrory Mr. Graham Strowd Miller Mrs. Patterson Maker Miller Mr. James Michael Parks Mr. David Douglas Paschal Mr. James Matthew Pearson Mr. Christopher Cowden Wardlaw Rayburn Mr. Douglas Scotland Robison Mr. James Kevin Roche Ms. Nancy Annelise Shelton Mrs. Becca McAdams Smith Mr. Samuel Shull Teden


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Class of 2008 12% Mr. Logan Craig Blough Ms. Helen Louise Hindal Mr. Larsen Rand Jones Ms. Carissa Rachelle King Ms. Mary Elizabeth Ashby Klein Mr. Philip Haywood Koonce IV Mr. Robert Vaughn McAlister II Mr. Gregory Stephen Mittl Mr. Obinnaya Kelechukwu Okwara Ms. Kathleen Alicia Powers Mr. Ernest William Reigel, Jr. Ms. Jaime Victoria Todd Mr. Korde Arrington Tuttle Class of 2009 18% Ms. Anne Elizabeth Booke Mr. Collin James Breeney Ms. Katharine Bailey Brooks Ms. Emily Adele Bryant Ms. Miriam Eve DeFilipp Ms. Denise Taylor Dubick Ms. Catherine Carol Faison Mr. Andrew James Gibson Ms. Laura Kathleen Hicks Mr. Austin James Medall Mr. Robert Andrews Metzger III Ms. LaVonia Churisse Montoute Ms. Murrill Irene Oakes Ms. Nnenna E. C. Okwara Mr. Roddey Hegler Player, Jr. Ms. Jennifer Leigh Roche Ms. Meghan McLean Trusty Ms. Marilyn Blair Williams Ms. Emily F. Zuehlke Class of 2010


Highest number of individual donors to the Latin Fund! Mr. Thomas Marshall Ashcraft Ms. Bess Anne Asimos Mr. Davis Wade Austin Mr. James Davis Benfield Mr. Benjamin Forrest Boylston Mrs. Cari Breeney Croom Ms. Sarah Loving Ellison Ms. Elizabeth Louise Gammon Ms. Effe Shemaiah Ghartey-Tagoe Ms. Caroline Hodges Gill Ms. Rebecca Jane Green Mr. Thomas Preston White Griffith Mr. Robert Arthur Jones, Jr. Ms. Lisa McKay Kirkland Ms. Rachel Constantina Kokenes Ms. Lacy Reid McAlister Ms. Mary Katherine McAlister Mr. William LaMar McGinnis Mr. Archibald Nock McIntosh III Ms. Farrell Margaret Murphy Mr. Paul Joseph Paschal Mr. James Fitzsimmons Powers III Ms. Caroline Norris Rand Mr. Marshall Aberson Rand Mr. Charles Richard Shaffner Mr. Ian Phillips Shorkey Mr. Caleb McCoy Steen Mrs. Cameron Johnson Strubinger Mr. William Olmsted Tome III Mr. Michael Eugene Tomlin Ms. Georgia Katherine Walker Ms. Samantha Rives Wedding

Fall 2017

Mr. John Brooks Whitmore Ms. Katherine Lea Williams Mrs. McCallie Page Winstead Class of 2011 20% Mr. Jeffrey Thomas Armstrong II Ms. Lindsey Grace Benfield Ms. Delaney Dandridge Dalton Mr. Alec James Dragelin Ms. Mary Alexandra Gardner Mr. Michael Robert Grace, Jr. Ms. Ellen Gray Gregory Mr. David Benjamin Noland Griffith Ms. Mary Padgett Hawkins Ms. Morgan Brooke Henry Ms. Caroline Anne Hicks Ms. Sophia del Carmen Hilliard-Arce Ms. Eliza Dora Karp Mr. Zachary Meade Kern Mr. Reid Thomas LeDonne Mr. Jeffrey Matthew McIntosh Mr. Simon Avi Menaker Mr. Robert Bruce Miller Ms. Katherine Ann Peters Ms. Anne Sexton Powers Mr. Jalen Joseph Bass Ross Ms. Ann Louise Seaton Class of 2012 23% Mr. Mitchell Fitzpatrick Achey Mr. Alexander Talbot Almquist Mr. William Perry Almquist Ms. Rebecca Garland Austin Mr. Roman Lawrence Berens Mr. Ryan Alexander Carter Ms. Tyler Powell Cooney Ms. Mary Cameron Faison Mr. William Bradford Gardner Ms. Essie Aseda Ghartey-Tagoe Ms. Ann Lyndon Griffin Mr. Luke Padgett Hedrick Mr. Christopher Stephen Jones Mr. Robert Theodore Lucas IV Ms. Elizabeth Myers McGarry Ms. Ashley Rose Medeiros Ms. Katharina Anna-Sophia Miles Mr. Brian Andrew Mittl Mr. John Casey O'Keefe Ms. Chimdimma Ugonna Chinemerem Okwara Ms. Claire Legrand Pace Mr. Andrew Paul Papadopulos Ms. Ashley Lord Wannamaker Ms. Kathryn Sims Watts Mr. Hadley Huske Wilson

Class of 2014 15% Miss Carter Alexandra Anderson Miss Caroline Ann Atwell Mr. Zachary James Brouse Miss Rachel Nicole Calloway Miss Anna Elizabeth Garwood Miss Grace Adoma Ghartey-Tagoe Miss Hariklea Vasilike Kokenes Mr. Mason Foster LeDonne Mr. George Woodruff Lucas Mr. John Adair McGinnis Mr. Westin Everett Osborn Mr. John Shepard Robinson III Miss Caroline Ray Seaton Mr. Edward Carter Sheridan Mr. Thurman Griffin Smith Miss Margot Elizabeth Sprow Miss Madeline Reed Stefan Miss Mary Page Welch Mr. Christian Alexander White Class of 2015 14% Miss Audrey Adlyne Marie-Elizabe Beaussart Miss Lauren Hart Brackett Mr. Scott Emory Chappell, Jr. Mr. Ryan Walker Gardner Miss Catherine Lee Gill Miss Haley Snipes Hedrick Miss Anna Susan Jones Miss Virginia Murphy Koonce Mr. Austin Carruth Lancaster Miss Caroline Jean Mittl Mr. Jackson Robert Monnin Mr. Sebastian Brant Nabatoff Miss Caroline Elizabeth Okel Mr. Tobenna Benedict Okwara Mr. John Joseph Reilly Mr. Gray McCracken Smith Mr. Matthew Samuel Swimmer Mr. Kanyon Maxwell Tuttle Class of 2016 16% Miss Mary Margaret Draper Brice Miss Kaelin Rae Bush Miss Jennifer Durham Chappell Miss Kara Guo Chen Mr. Brendan Joseph Downing Miss Melanie Corinne Gamble Mr. Thomas Martin Halkyard Mr. Tyler Alan Henry Miss Abigail Grace Hinrichs Miss Claire Tourné Lucas Mr. Andrew Ward Maxwell Miss Elizabeth Caroline Medearis Myers Mr. Raley Kenneth Orndorff Mr. Neil Nimish Patel Miss Mary Adelle Robards Miss Reilly Elizabeth Shea Miss Gabrielle Nicole Smith Miss Olivia Victoria Sprow

Class of 2013 12% Mr. Chukwuka Dwight Aaron Anyafo Miss Kelly Joan Breeney Miss Eve Forester Davis Miss Ashley Sutherland Finke Mr. Johnathon Wade Garwood Mr. Hayes Patrick McCullagh Mr. Jacob Stewart Nabatoff Charlotte Latin School’s Development Office Mr. Christopher Mark Paschal has made every attempt to accurately honor Miss Emma Houston Price our alumni donors by producing this list that reflects alumni gifts to the Latin Fund Mr. James Garrett Robards received from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. Miss Hannah Katharine Smith If you have questions or if you find an error Mr. Henry Allen Tate IV or omission, we hope you will let us know by Mr. Samuel Connor Wilson contacting Director of Stewardship Carolyn Mr. Andrew Kerney Zuehlke Parsons at 704-846-7238 or cparsons@ Your gifts ensure Latin’s continued excellence. The School is grateful for them and to you.



@CharlotteLatin: Varsity golf trio finished 3rd in CISAA tournament at Cedarwood CC this afternoon. #GoHawks

@CharlotteLatinSchool: Grade 9 archery practice is serious stuff!

@CharlotteLatinSchool: Middle School Fall Clubs, such as Mountain Biking got cranked up today!

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@CharlotteLatinSchool @CL_Hawks @CLSalumni @LatinSummerCamp Fall 2017

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Alumni NEWS


On Thursday, April 20, young alumni in the Charlotte area and parents of alumni gathered for a night out at VBGB Beer Hall and Garden. Joined by Upper School faculty members Maria Klein and Chris Downing, they enjoyed casual conversation and giant Jenga.

Michael Parks ’07 and Cowden Rayburn ‘07

Mark Ashcraft ’06, Maria Klein and Chris Downing

Amanda Domitrovich ’11, Davis Austin ’10, Thomas Ashcraft ’10 and Sam Myers ’10

Andy Metzger ’09 and Lindsey Metzger ’06 34

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Fall 2017

Laura Hallett Anderson ’06 and Mitchell Anderson ’06


Laura Gill ’13, Sarah Whitmore ’13, Jordan Harris ’13 and Connor Haines ’13

Todd Stonitsch ’00 and Louis Stephens ’13

Caroline Seaton ’14 and Catherine Gill ’15

Andrew Maxwell ’16, Neil Patel ’16 and Gray Smith ’15

Haley Hedrick ’15, Alison Bonner ’14, Maria Klein, Rachel Calloway ’14, Genna Holtz ’16 and Annie Simpson ‘15

OUT OF THE BLUE – CHAPEL HILL Associate Director of Development Sally Gray Smith ’82 and Upper School English teacher Maria Klein visited with alumni in Chapel Hill. On April 26, a group of UNC-Chapel Hill students enjoyed connecting over a good meal at Top of the Hill. Fall 2017

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Class of 2017

SENIORS’ LAST DAY LUAU On Thursday, May 18, the Alumni Association hosted a Last Day Luau for the Class of 2017. Seniors enjoyed a chicken-mini breakfast and were entertained with music, inflatable games and a magician in the Beck Student Activities Center. Alumni Governing Board member Eric Madara ’01 shared information about the Alumni Association and the importance of staying connected to Latin and fellow classmates.

Emma Matthews ’17, Kallaway Tuttle ’17, Michelle Charles ’17

Tory Wilkison ’17, Jordan Al Hassan ’17, Chris Williams ’17 and Grant Balogh ’17

Charlie Witzel ’17, Tyler D'Alliard ’17, Scotty Bowman ’17, Ainsley Juckett ’17 and Catie Sappenfield ’17

Abigail Wedding ’17, Emma Matthews ’17, LATIN Fall 2017Karp ’17 Julia40Holtzer ’17, HenaMagazine Nair ’17 and•Harrison



David Taylor and Charles Thies ’90

Jay Scott, Charles Thies ’90 and Susan Russell

Alumni Parent Roger Durrett, Jay Scott, Ryan Gardner ’15 and Hunter Willis ’16

On Thursday, May 25, Alumni Governing Board President Charles Thies ’90 proudly presented Inlustrate Orbem awards to one faculty member in each school division. Funded by the Alumni Endowment, the prestigious awards went to Lower School Grade 3 teacher Susan Russell, Middle School Engineering teacher David Taylor and Upper School AudioVisual Technology Director Jay Scott.

Fall 2017

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LEGACY GRADUATES Of the 116 graduates in the Class of 2017, thirteen were legacies. Congratulations to John Anderson ’83 and his daughter, Liza; Ann Roddey Bernhardt ’83 and her daughter, Ann; Leigh Luter Schell ’86 and her daughter, Sabrina Brewer; Ashley Davis Burlingame ’83 and her daughter, Hannah; Jack Cobb ’81 and his son, Kirkland; Jeff Covington ’79 and his daughter, Anna; Fiz Anderson Craig ’85 and her son, Mac; Winn Rollins Elliott ’86 and her son, Christopher; Scott Ensor ’81 and his son, Ryan; Ed Fox ’80 and his daughter, Olivia; Lynda Sydnor Hunley ’83 and her son, Hayden; Jeff Kane ’79 and his daughter, Camille; Debbie McMahan Frail ’88 and Michael Smith ’89 and their son, Michael Smith.

Fiz Anderson Craig ’85, Debbie McMahan Frail ’88 and Ashley Davis Burlingame ’83

42 LATIN Magazine John Anderson ’83 and his daughter,•LizaFall ’172017


Soccer alumni

ALUMNI SOCCER GAMES Coach Horton hosted Latin soccer alumni on Wednesday, August 9, for a night of games, fellowship and food. Although the PGA Tournament was in town, plenty of alumni participated in the fun, which included coed games and Varsity vs. alumni games.

Abbe McCarter ’15 and Tiffany Tisdale Rice ’94

Scott Chappell ’15, Adam Watts ’15 and Ryan Gardner ’15

Kristin Horton ’10, Lindsey Metzger ’06 and Austin Medall ’09 Fall 2017

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COACH MCNULTY’S FINAL SEASON PREVIEW Latin alumni and parents of alumni gathered at Providence Road Sundries on August 22, to get the inside scoop on the Hawks’ upcoming football season. In his final season as head coach, Coach McNulty and the other varsity football team coaches were on hand to talk about this year’s team and competition.

JP Tsahakis ’01, Carson Paschal, Mark Paschal ’05 and Associate Headmaster Fletcher Gregory

Matt Chapman ’99 and Sterling Thomas ’02

David Pharr of Alumni Relations Sally Gray Smith ’82 and Coach Sipperly 44 ’05, Director LATIN Magazine • Fall 2017

Davis Austin ’10, Jeanne Paschal and Mike Tomlin ’10

Headmaster Arch McIntosh, Coach McNulty and Rob Burdick


Class NOTES 1974

Adeline Couch Talbot


Jean Trice Deason JEAN TRICE DEASON shares that she and Richard have two new grandchildren. Jean’s son Charlie ’05 and his wife, Sarah welcomed James Henry on July 25, 2017. He joins big brother, Charlie, in Atlanta, Georgia. Jean’s daughter, Lauren, and her husband, Will Wade, welcomed daughter, Caroline Elizabeth on April 29, 2017. The Wade family lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


If you are interested in being the Class of 1976 Class Agent, please contact Sally in the Alumni Office at GEORGE POWELL shares that he and his wife, Amy, have moved into the “beach bum” retirement community of Bricklanding Plantation across the Intracoastal Waterway from Ocean Isle, North Carolina.


Carol Lomax Fortenberry

George Powell’s two pugs are certainly enjoying their beach bum lifestyle at Bricklanding Plantation!



Robin Waters Griffith Ain’t no mountain high enough for ROBIN WATERS GRIFFITH This summer, Robin ascended Gannett Peak in the Wind River Range, which is the highest summit in Wyoming. Gannett Peak is known for being a remote and exciting alpine mountaineering challenge due to its inaccessibility and difficulty. Congratulations to Robin as she conquered this amazing adventure. Caroline Elizabeth Wade, granddaughter of Jean Trice Deason ’75, was born in April, 2017.

Charlie Deason ’05, son of Jean Trice Deason ’75, lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his two boys.

Kathy Mattson Zoeller ’78 was named one of Chicago's 50 over 50. Congratulations to KATHY MATTSON ZOELLER who was recognized as one of AARP Illinois’ 50 over 50. As President of Mattson Communications, Kathy was honored for boosting Illinois' economic growth while simultaneously giving back to the community. She and her husband, Matt, live in Chicago.


This summer Robin Waters Griffith ’78 summited Gannett Peak, the highest peak in Wyoming. Fall 2017

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Annie Gray Roberts Congratulations to JACK COBB and SCOTT ENSOR, both of whom have two sons in Latin’s Class of 2017. Kirkland Cobb is a freshman at Lehigh University and Ryan Ensor is a freshman at Virginia Tech.

Congratulations to ELINOR THOMAS HAMBLIN’s daughter Aubrey, who was married on May 20, 2017, to Dustin Glendinning at the Winyah Indigo Society Hall in Georgetown, South Carolina. They honeymooned in a four-star treehouse in Tennessee and are now living in Myrtle Beach. Elinor currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina.



If you are interested in being the Class of 1982 Class Agent, please contact Sally in the Alumni Office at Stuart Cochrane, son of Mary Howard Pitt Lassiter ’79, was married in July 2017.


Craig Summerville The son of MARY HOWARD PITT LASSITER, Stuart Cochrane, married Kelsey Ryan Morgan on July 29, 2017, in Asheville at the Crest Center and Pavilion. Stuart and Kelsey honeymooned in Scotland and are now living in Morganton, North Carolina. Stuart graduated from North Carolina State University and is now awaiting orders from the United States Air Force to begin Navigators School. In tribute to Mary Howard's father, her son Stuart now wears Mr. Pitt's wedding band.


Deanie Albright Hanley Four 1983 alumni had daughters graduating with Latin’s Class of 2017. Congratulations to JOHN ANDERSON and his daughter, Liza, a freshman at the University of Alabama; to ANN RODDEY BERNHARDT and her daughter, Ann, a freshman at Davidson College; to ASHLEY DAVIS BURLINGAME and her daughter Hannah, a freshman at the University of Alabama; and to LYNDA SYDNOR HUNLEY and her son Hayden, a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Congratulations to JEFF COVINGTON and JEFF KANE, both of whom have daughters in Latin’s Class of 2017. Anna Covington is a freshman at Samford University and Camille Kane is a freshman at the University of Virginia where she is a member of the field hockey team.


Angus McBryde

Elinor Thomas Hamblin ’82 shares a moment with her daughter Aubrey on Aubrey’s wedding day.

Congratulations to ED FOX whose daughter, Olivia, graduated with Latin’s Class of 2017. Oliva is a freshman at Sewanee: The University of the South. The Williams/Lea family celebrated the marriage of Blair Williams ’09 to Ronnie Bruckmann in May. Joining them are Blair’s mother, NANCY LEA WILLIAMS, Mark Lea ’82 and Blair’s siblings Richard ’06, and Katherine ’10. The newlyweds live in Miami where Blair teaches 3rd grade and Ronnie is practicing law.


LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017


Janet Miller Rogers Sky Broome

Nancy Lea Williams’ ’80 family celebrated the wedding of Nancy’s daughter, Blair Williams ’09.




Libby Tate Gordon

Kathryn Barnhardt Van Nort

Jorn Bleimann

Sally Gallagher Lindsay

Congratulations to FIZ ANDERSON CRAIG whose son, Mac, graduated with Latin’s Class of 2017. Mac is a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Tom Beaty Laurie Barreau Williams Congratulations to WINN ROLLINS ELLIOT whose son, Christopher, graduated with Latin’s Class of 2017. Christopher is a freshman at Washington & Lee University, where he is a member of the football team. CHAD GRIER is the new head football coach at Oceanside Collegiate Academy in McClellanville, South Carolina. Before taking on this new role with the Landshark football team, Chad was the head coach at Davidson Day School in Davidson, North Carolina.

Sarah and Mark Davis ’91 and daughter Eleanor welcomed John Marchant on August 14, 2017.


Anna Litaker Reimers Denny Smith O’Leary Denise Nasekos Pettus Congratulations to MELANIE RUPPRECHT DEMENT and her husband who welcomed their third child, Anthony, on August 11, 2017. The Dements live in New Hampshire. Before Anthony’s arrival, Melanie’s family enjoyed a visit with JENNIFER MERMANS and her children who live in Princeton, New Jersey.


Andy Clark


Melanie Rupprecht Dement ’90 with her children, Nicholas and Ivy, enjoyed a visit with Jennifer Mermans ’90 and her children, Nicholas and Aerin.

MARK DAVIS and his wife, Sarah, welcomed John Marchant Davis on August 14, 2017. John joins big sister, Eleanor, who is looking forward to bossing around her baby brother.


Kess Connelly Clark



Ed McMahan Congratulations to Courtney and CULLEN MCNULTY who were married on September 9, 2017, in Charlotte. Hawks in attendance included were Cullen’s brothers, Connor ’95 and Carson ’97, Katherine Dickson ’94 and Mark Crockett ’94, Walker Phillips ’94, MIKE MOODY, CHRIS CONWAY, Jeff Coble ’94, Bart Noonan ’89, Mike Voci, Laura McLeod ’96 and TRIPP GRIFFIN. After honeymooning in Bermuda, the couple lives in Charlotte where Cullen started his own real estate company in 2017. McNulty Realty covers the Charlotte metro area and assists buyers, sellers and investors. Website is


Debbie McMahan Frail Congratulations to DEBBIE MCMAHAN FRAIL whose son, Michael Smith, graduated with Latin’s Class of 2017, and is a freshman at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Tino Bleimann Beth Anderson Pence Congratulations to MICHAEL SMITH whose son, Michael, graduated with Latin’s Class of 2017. Michael is a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The entire McNulty clan celebrates with Courtney and Cullen McNulty ’93 at their wedding. Fall 2017

LATIN Magazine



Kelley and Jay Barnhardt ’94 welcomed daughter, Finley, to their brood of boys.


Katherine Dickson Crockett KELLEY DICKERSON and JAY BARNHARDT welcomed Finley Alice on June 23, 2017. Big brothers Cameron (13), Thomas (11), Patrick (9) and Walker (2) love having a sister! The Barnhardts live in Greenville, South Carolina. MATT MCGIRT, a neurosurgeon with Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates in Charlotte, made national news as he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in September. He shared the inspiring story of his patient, a nearly paralyzed cyclist, and the driver who hit him; all three men ran together in a half marathon on September 24, 2017.


Tonya and Sean Smith ’96 welcomed Leighton Mary on August 7, 2017.

If you are interested in being the Class of 1995 Class Agent, please contact Sally in the Alumni Office at JUSTIN BROWN, recently defended his fantasy football championship, becoming the first back-to-back to back Charlotte Premier League champion. Justin appreciates all of the love and support from current and former CLS league members, including: FRAZIER WALLACE, LOGAN DICKERSON, Carson McNulty ’97, Brian Wallace ’97, Adam Guaranaccia ’97, Whit Whittington ’97, Craig Carlisle ’97, Bennett Spann ’97, Michael Sherrill ’97, Trent Bowden ’97 and Andy Henson ’98. On a sadder note, FRAZIER WALLACE finished in last place.


Peggy Kane Thies Holly Ivanoff Graham Congratulations to SEAN SMITH and his wife, Tonya, whose daughter, Leighton Mary, was born on August 7, 2017. Leighton joins older brother, Charlie. The Smith family lives in Charlotte where Sean works as a North Carolina District Court Judge. In May, 2017, Sean, a graduate of Notre Dame and Villanova Law School, joined Amy Zinn’s AP Government class as a guest speaker.

Sean Smith ’96 participated in Latin’s AP Government class in May 2017.



Dr. Matt McGirt ’94 appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with his patient, cyclist Dean Otto, and Will Huffman, the driver who hit Dean. 44

LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017

There can only be one Fantasy Football winner and this year, it wasn’t Frazier Wallace ’95.


Brad Jones ’96 and his family welcomed Luke on June 7, 2017. Sarah and BRAD JONES welcomed their son, Luke, on June 7, 2017. He is well loved and cared for by his older sisters, Anna and Ella.


Ben Vandiver


Talia Caligiuri Fann Lauren Bowman Llamas


Karen Ubell Regan White In June, 2017, LAURA VAN DYKE PITALE and her husband, welcomed home Rex, born in January 2015. The Pitales currently live in Warsaw, Poland, where they work as teachers at the American School of Warsaw.

SAVE THE DATE: NOVEMBER 4, 2017 20 REUNION MAYOBIRD BRIDGETTE MARTIN HARD joins Duke University’s Department of Psychology & Neuroscience as an Association Professor of the Practice. Bridgette received her PhD in Psychology from Stanford University where she previously led Stanford’s Psychology One Program. “Joining the faculty at Duke is a dream-come-true for my family and me. I have been waiting for just the right opportunity to return to my N.C. roots while embracing new challenges. I can’t wait to share my love of teaching with my Duke colleagues and students. I’m also looking forward to growing as an educator and scholar by developing new courses and research,” writes Bridgette.

Rebecca Davenport ’99, Karen Ubell ’99, Katrina Tschekunow Baker ’99 and Jennifer Bickett ’99 enjoyed a trip to the California wine country.

Kristin and Carter Robinson ’97, along with grandparents Mary and Bob Robinson, welcomed Micah on May 18, 2017.

KAREN UBELL, REBECCA DAVENPORT, JENNIFER BICKETT and KATRINA TSCHEKUNOW BAKER reunited for another fun girls’ weekend in San Francisco and Sonoma. Karen hosted the girls in San Francisco and then they headed to wine country for a few days.

CARTER ROBINSON and his wife, Kristin, were blessed to welcome their precious baby boy on May 18, 2017. Robert “Micah” Jackson weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and 19 3/4 inches long. Bob and Mary Robinson are super proud grandparents!

Laura Van Dyke PItale ’99 welcomed Rex to her family in June, 2017. Fall 2017

LATIN Magazine




Congratulations to DEVON CHANDLER NEWTON and her husband Sean, as they welcomed their son, Lochlan James Newton, on June 21, 2017. According to Devon, Lochlan is “literally perfect” and is settling in nicely with Devon and Sean and their two dogs, Ginger and Rebel.

Reagan Kenwell Congratulations to MARY DICKSON GORMAN and her husband, Ryan, who welcomed their daughter, Virginia Stewart, on September 12, 2017. ANNE HANLEY PUCKETT and her husband, Jon, welcomed Charlotte “Talley” Puckett on May 25, 2017. Talley joins excited big brothers Jack and Finn. The Puckett family recently made the move to Daniel Island, South Carolina, from Winter Park, Florida, and are enjoying the low country life.

Virginia Gorman, daughter of Mary Dickson Gorman ’00, meets her cousins Cameron Crockett, daughter of Katherine and Mark Crockett ’94 and Miles ’28 and Lucy Caddell ’30, children of Sallie Dickson Caddell ’97.

Lochlan James Newton, son of Devon Chandler Newton ’00, was born on June 21, 2017.

Anne and Jon Puckett welcomed Charlotte “Talley” Puckett on May 25, 2017.


Charlotte Latin is pleased to announce that Mary Dickson Gorman ’00 has joined the staff as Alumni Relations Manager. Mary has been intimately involved with the Latin alumni program for years and most recently served on the Alumni Governing Board at Charlotte Latin for three years. Her most recent professional role was as the Director of Communications for Edison Nation, where during her 10 years of employment there, she hosted numerous CLS seniors for their Observe and Serve senior projects. Mary comes with exceptional experience in engaging her community and inspiring their involvement. Mary graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science. She lives in Charlotte with her husband Ryan Gorman, a graduate of Charlotte Country Day School, their adorable infant daughter, Virginia, and depending on the day, any number of dogs. 46

LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017

ALUMNI • CLASS NOTES Congratulations to GUIDE JARAMILLO and Kimberly Williams whose son, Matias Hugo, was born on April 21, 2017, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Stephanie Hannon Congratulations to KATIE MILLER IAMS, as she and her husband Travis welcomed daughter, Emma Bryant, to their family on June 27, 2017.

Emma Bryant Iams, daughter of Katie Miller Iams ’01, was born on June 27, 2017.

Matias Hugo, son of Guide Jaramillo and Kimberly Williams, was born on April 21, 2017. Congratulations to LINDSAY SANDERS MURTHY and her husband, Dr. Hemant “Monty” Murthy on the birth of their son, Archer Rohan on February 19, 2017. Lindsay and Monty met in Tampa and moved to Gainesville, Florida, this past fall where both work at the University of Florida hospital. Lindsay is a Physician's Assistant in pathology and Monty is an oncologist. According to Lindsay, Archer is "the most amazing, sweet and easy-going baby in the world" and both parents are clearly smitten.

Lindsay Sanders Murthy and her husband, Dr. Hemant “Monty” Murthy LEE and ASHLEY MOODY SIGMON, are excited to share they have made the move from Winston-Salem to Charlotte this summer. Lee wrapped up his fellowship in gastroenterology at Wake Forest Baptist on June 30, and took a new position at Carolinas Healthcare System in Charlotte. He and Ashley welcomed their third son, Walker, on July 16, 2017. Walker joins big brothers Griffin and Henry, who is now in kindergarten at Latin. According to Lee, “We are adjusting to a new city, new home, new job and figuring out how to function as a family of five…loving every minute!”

JP TSAHAKIS, a litigation attorney with James, McElroy and Diehl in Charlotte, visited Latin’s AP Government class as a guest speaker in spring 2017. JP talked a lot about how he recalled being in these kids’ exact seat, saying “There are Latin Hawks all over – lawyers, businessmen, professors, decision makers. It was a tremendous gift to finish at Latin.”

JP Tsahakis ’01 visited Latin’s AP Government class in Spring 2017.

Archer Rohan, son of Lindsay Sanders Murthy ’00 and Monty Murthy, was born on February 19, 2017.

Lee ’01 and Ashley Sigmon ’01 welcomed their son, Walker Moody, into their now family of five this summer. Fall 2017

LATIN Magazine




Tripp Cockerham

Congratulations to STERLING THOMAS and his wife, Leila, on the May 2, 2017, arrival of their son Sterling Gilliam Thomas, Jr.

Patrick Rivenbark

Hunter Miller Katie Moody


Congratulations to CHRISTOPHER CANNON and his wife, Kristen, as they welcomed their second son, Walker David Cannon, on February 25, 2017. Walker joins two-year-old big brother, Lawson.

PATRICK RIVENBARK brought on India Persson ’18 and Cecelia Monnin ’18 as interns this summer at Let’s Talk Payments. Let’s Talk Payments is a premier source for data-driven FinTech research, news and insights and according to Patrick, both India and Cecelia have been doing real-world work for the product. KATIE BRADICK COOK writes, “Andy and I just celebrated 11 years of marriage. We welcomed our third child, Banks Bradley Cook, on March 19, 2017. He joins our Cook crew to include five-year-old Laine Katherine and three-year-old Myers. Andy works with Carolinas HealthCare System and Carolina Digestive Health Associates. While raising these three sweet babies, I operate LKN Volleyball Club in the Lake Norman area. We reside just north of Charlotte in Huntersville.”


Mary Holland Rankin Griffin

Gilliam Thomas, son of Sterling Thomas ’02, was born on May 2, 2017. ADAM BEEDENBENDER married Anna Leary ’05 on Mary 13, 2017. See 2005 class notes for details.

Walker Cannon, son of Christopher Cannon ’03, was born on February 25, 2017. MARY HOLLAND RANKIN GRIFFIN and her husband, Tripp, are grateful to announce the birth of their daughter, Lydia Green. She was born on March 18, 2017, and can’t wait to visit her three cousins who attend Charlotte Latin Lower School for lunch one day!

Katie Bradick Cook ’02 and her family Laine Katherine, Myers, Banks and husband Andy


LATIN Magazine

Fall 2017

Lydia Green Griffin, daughter of Mary Holland Rankin Griffin ’03, was born on March 18, 2017.


Lizz Clegg Gregg Shelton Metcalf Congratulations to MICHAEL NUNN who married Kelli Dyer in Charlotte on Saturday, June 24, 2017. A reception followed at Myers Park Country Club, with attendees including fellow classmates EVAN TAYLOR and PALMER MCARTHUR. The wedding party included Michael’s brothers, Daniel Nunn ’97 and David Nunn ’01, as well as Daniel’s wife, Meredith Kempert Nunn ’98. The couple resides in Charlotte.

David Leary ’03, Jeff McGovern ’03, WHITNEY PLAYER and STACEY THOMPSON. Other guests included Ben Vandiver ’97, Zach Guy ’02, Patrick Finn ’03 and Greg German ’03. Anna and Adam live in Atlanta, where Adam is an attorney at Drew Eckl & Farnham, and Anna is an Account Executive at Promove, Inc. JOHN GABBARD and his wife have moved from Raleigh to Greenville, South Carolina, where he is Director of Finance for a software company, Keymark.


Mary Salem Gregory Ashley Sigmon Mark Ashcraft

Celebrating Michael Nunn’s ’04 wedding: David ’01 and Kristi Nunn, Kelli and Michael Nunn ’04, and Meredith Kempert ’98 and Daniel Nunn ’97.


William Hodges

LISA MORALES writes, “It has been a whirlwind eleven years since I graduated from Latin. In 2010, I graduated from Harvard University and moved to the Big Apple to try to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. After spending some time working for a law firm and Goldman Sachs, and moving out to California to work for a vineyard startup, I decided law school was the right next step for me. I graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law in May of this year, and recently moved back to Manhattan to join Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP’s general corporate law practice group, with an intention to focus on mergers & acquisitions. I look forward to seeing any Latin Alumni who are in the New York City area!”

Emily and Jamey Price ’06 were married on April 1, 2017. Photo by Anna Routh Photography JAMEY PRICE married Emily Dnistran on April 1, 2017, on Lake Norman, surrounded by friends and family from around the world. They currently live in South Charlotte with their Hungarian Vizsla, Annie, and their goldfish, Walt. Congratulations to TODD FARRELL and his wife, Vicki, who were married on September 24, 2016. The Farrells live in Nashville, Tennessee, with their two dogs Penny and Freddie. Per Todd, “My band, Benchmarks, put out an album this year called "Our Undivided Attention" on SofaBurn Records. We toured the US and Canada throughout the year, and have more tour dates on the books. I'll also be playing guitar for New Jersey artist Sammy Kay throughout October, touring the US and Canada again.”

Patrick Fitzpatrick Congratulations to ANNA LEARY who married Adam Beedenbender ’02 at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, on May 13, 2017. Several Latin alumni were in attendance, including members of the wedding party Jamie Hall ’99, Josh Leary ’00, Kate Vandiver Leary ’00, Steve Davis ’02, Ryan Gorman ’02, Eric Pedersen ’02,

Anna Leary ’05 and Adam Beedenbender ’02 were surrounded by Latin alumni at their May 13, 2017 wedding.

Lisa Morales ’06 graduated from UVA School of Law in May, 2017.

Vicki and Todd Farrell ’06 were married on September 24, 2016.


Salem Gregory ’06 After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, Salem Gregory ’06, moved to New York City where she has pursued her passion for working with underprivileged children. Having received her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University in 2013, Salem currently works for Wediko Children’s Services as a Community School Director, and was profiled on recently (see below).

‘A lot of the first year is just figuring it out’: What it takes to help run a community school by Alex Zimmerman, Chalkbeat New York, Reprinted with permission.

Salem Gregory spends her days juggling meetings to review attendance data, supervising social workers and guidance counselors, and making sure her students have what they need. But she’s not a principal. She is a community school director responsible for tearing down the physical health and emotional barriers to learning her students face. And thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s expansion of the program, more leaders like her are stepping into schools this year. Gregory, who technically works for the school’s nonprofit partner, Wediko Children’s Services, acknowledges it’s a big task. “It takes a while to get a system set, and a lot of the first year is just figuring it out,” said Gregory, who has been on the job at M.S. 363 Academy for Personal Leadership and Excellence in the Bronx for two years. But, she added, “it was exciting to start something new in tandem with the school.” For this edition of “How I Lead,” we asked Gregory about how she became interested in the job, and what she considers the biggest misconceptions about how community schools work. What was your first education job and what sparked your interest in the field? I have always been drawn to working with students and families. In high school and college, I was actively involved in a variety of community service and volunteer projects. Spending two summers at the Wediko summer residential program in 2009 and 2010, I received exceptional training in working with students with severe social, emotional and behavioral issues. I was able to meet great people who introduced me to the field of social work, and I was drawn to exploring human behavior within the various environments they inhabit. Fill in the blank. My day at school isn’t complete unless I _______. Greet students in the morning. It helps keep me grounded in the work and sets a positive tone for the day.


Brent Price Gallagher Maddie Durrett Stuart Kessler

Congratulations to OWEN SWETENBURG and Betsy Lyles who were married on June 3, 2017, in Davidson, North Carolina. The wedding party included groomsmen JACK HINSON, SCOT ROBISON, ANDREW SHEPPARD, EDDIE SYKES and Raymond Swetenburg ’98 and bridesmaid Jan Scott Swetenburg Farmer ’00.

SAVE THE DATE: DECEMBER 23, 2017 10 REUNION OLDE MECKLENBURG BREWERY Owen Swetenburg ’07 and Betsy Lyles were married on June 3, 2017. 50

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How do you get to know students even though you don’t have your own classroom? Wediko supports students where they are in a variety of ways. One is through our milieu approach. We are often in the hallways during class transitions, in the lunchroom, speaking with students as they arrive and depart, and in the classrooms supporting small group and individual instruction. This enables students to gain trust and build rapport with other adults in the building who are not their teachers, and for the Wediko counselors and clinicians to become seamlessly integrated into daily structures and routines of the school day. In some key ways, you share the role of leading the school with the principal. How do you split leadership responsibilities? The principal and I communicate regularly. We have set weekly meeting times, as well as informal check-ins as needed. While I support the academic and instructional pieces and play an integral role in this process, Wediko is the “go to” for anything relating to social/emotional programming, and managing all community partnerships within and outside the building. What’s the biggest misconception about the community schools program? It is not a one-size-fits-all program. There are so many community schools across the city with a variety of strengths, assets and areas of development. Oftentimes it is easy to lump schools together within a certain category. What is an effort you’ve spearheaded at your school that you’re particularly proud of? We’ve had the opportunity to partner with the Bronx Adult Learning Center to support two evening ESL classes for adult learners in the building. It’s been a great opportunity to engage


Obi Okwara The Lincoln Center Theater in New York City invited KORDE TUTTLE to be one of five playwrights for its New Writers in Residence program. Korde’s residency allows him access to office space and other resources so that he can create, hone his craft and continue his creative growth as a new writer in New York. On Friday, September 1, 2017, BONNIE EFIRD and Jonathan Cooke, formerly of Sydney, Australia, were married in

with the surrounding community in a different way, and expand the supports we can offer in the school. Tell us about a memorable time — good or bad — when contact with a student’s family changed your perspective. Running the “Parenting Journey” group for a small group of parents was a very memorable experience for me. While I am not a parent myself, facilitating conversations around parents’ own experiences growing up, their relationships with their own children, and sharing hopes for the future completely changed the way I think about parenting and what it means to be a parent. The women I worked with were incredibly resilient, funny and faithful. I can only hope to have their strength and wisdom if I ever become a parent. What issue in the education policy realm is having a big impact on your school right now? How are you addressing it? While this is not directly related to education policy, federal immigration policies have impacted our families. We have continued to develop the school as a safe space for everyone and communicated regularly with families regarding these changing policies and increasingly unfamiliar system. We have been able to partner with community based organizations specializing in immigration law that allow parents and families to know their rights and seek resources for support. What’s the best advice you ever received? Stay connected to people. Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best.

Charlottesville, Virginia, at King Family Vineyards. Bonnie and Jonathan met in Los Angeles, when Bonnie was a graduate student in Strategic Communications at Pepperdine University (’16), and Jonathan was in the States participating in a World JuJitsu Championship. Bonnie currently works in Public Relations at Weber Shandwick in the Beverly Hills location and Jonathan works in luxury travel, specializing in trips to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South Africa, for Springboard Vacations, located in Redondo Beach, California. After their Honeymoon to Tahiti, they will be back in their home in Santa Monica, California.

Bonnie Efird ’08 married Jonathan Cooke on September 1, 2017. Fall 2017

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Catie Faison Meggie Trusty Congratulations to CATHARINE ELLERBE and her husband, Seth Knight. The two were married on May 6 at Christ Episcopal Church in Charlotte. Catharine’s bridal party included a few fellow Hawks, including EMILY BRYANT, ALEX SKIPPER, ANNIE BOOKE and BRIDGETTE EWING. Catharine’s brothers Fitz Ellerbe ’12 and Mason Ellerbe ’07 were part of Seth’s wedding party.

Attending Catharine Ellerbe ’09 as bridesmaids were Emily Bryant ’09, Annie Booke ’09, Alex Skipper ’09 and Bridgette Ewing ’09.



Effe Ghartey-Tagoe Rachel Kokenes

Catharine and Seth honeymooned in Antigua at Hermitage Bay. The couple now live in Charlotte where Catharine works with Arzberger Stationers and Seth works with West End Advisors.

Will Tome Congratulations to MCCALLIE JONES and Thomas Winstead who were married on July 15, 2017, at Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. Hawks in wedding party include LIZA FORTENBERRY, Juliet Waller ’09, KRISTIN HORTON and SPENCER HURTEAU. Also in attendance was the Horton family - Coach, Mercedes and Josh ’06. Catharine Ellerbe ’09 married Seth Knight on May 6 in Charlotte.

Blair Williams ’09 married Ronnie Bruckmann in May 2017. Congratulations to BLAIR WILLIAMS who married Ronnie Bruckmann in May 2017 with Latin grads CATIE FAISON, LAURA HICKS and Katherine Williams ’10 serving as bridesmaids. Mr. and Mrs.Bruckmann live in Miami where Blair teaches 3rd grade and Ronnie is practicing law.


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McCallie Jones ’10 married Thomas Winstead on July 15, 2017.

ALUMNI • CLASS NOTES MIKE TOMLIN married Hannah Deans on May 20, 2017, at Hannah’s parents’ house in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. DAVIS AUSTIN was Mike’s best man and SBO DUBE traveled from Durban, South Africa, to be a groomsmen. Hannah and Mike enjoyed a honeymoon the following week in Antigua and now reside in Charlotte.

Ian Shorkey ’10, Will O’Brien ’10, Davis Austin ’10, Sbo Dube ’10 and Thomas Ashcraft ’10 celebrate at Mike Tomlin’s ’10 wedding.


Michael Grace Mike Tomlin ’10 married Hannah Deans on May 20, 2017. Congratulations to MARSHALL RAND and Krisztina Szabo, who had their wedding ceremony on July 8, 2017, in Budapest, Hungary, in front of close family and friends from both sides of the Atlantic. Marshall and Krisztina are living in Charlotte where he is a business analyst with Duke Energy and Krisztina is a Product Manager with BSN Medical. The couple met while he was working for the European Parliament in Brussels and she was studying there for her Masters as an Erasmus student.

Noland Griffith Mary Padgett Hawkins Jalen Ross Ann Louise Seaton


Ryan Carter


Ashley Finke Jacob Nabatoff Chris Paschal Ellie Sheild Congratulations to LOUIS TONON on the successful launch of his new startup, Campus Drive, LLC. Campus Drive is a new ride sharing app that brings safety, convenience and job opportunities to college campuses. Louis founded Campus Drive with two fellow students and tennis players from Mount St. Mary’s.

Aseda Ghartey-Tagoe Chris Jones Kathryn Watts


Caroline Rand ’10 celebrated with brother, Marshal Rand ’10 and his bride, Krisztina Szabo.

Alexis Giger ’13 graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis. ALEXIS GIGER graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis. Alexis received her BFA in Fashion Design and will be apprenticing with AUDRA, a high-end pret-a-porter line for women’s clothing, accessories and jewelry, at the St. Louis Fashion Fund Incubator.

Fall 2017

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ALUMNI • CLASS NOTES Fixer Upper fans STEVEN KASAY and CHANDER DALTON got engaged at the Magnolia Market at the Silos, owned by HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines in Waco, Texas. The surprise engagement included a few surprises from the Magnolia Market staff, including cupcakes, cheers and a “She said yes!” sign. The couple will marry in Charlotte in May 2018, with a fitting “Southern Magnolia” theme.

LEORA SHARMA writes, “I’m working as a Technology Analyst with Accenture and am currently consulting with different federal agencies in Washington, D.C. In this role, I’m able to get experience in emerging technologies, engage with some of my social science-based academic interests, and hone my business acumen for a global, cutting-edge technology consulting firm. I’ve only been in the role for a short time, but it’s been great so far! D.C. has been treating me well – I’ve been participating in social sports leagues in the city and learning about D.C.’s active city culture outside of all the wonderful monuments and tourist attractions. Another big life update is that my girlfriend of two years, Ashley, and I got engaged in England this summer! We’re excited to plan wedding events for 2019 but for now have focused on exploring D.C. and celebrating our engagement with family and friends in New England.”


Mason Ledonne Griffin Smith Mary Page Welch Congratulations goes to CELIA LUCKLEONARD who was awarded Furman University’s Class of 2018’s Senior Order. The Senior Order is an elite leadership honor society for female students. TRICIA MURPHY won the 36th Sewanee Invitational 4K event for the Purple and the Gold, finishing with a 15:54.3 mark in the event, averaging a 6:24 per mile. As a result, Tricia was selected Tiger of the Week.

Steven Kasay ’13 and Chandler Dalton ’13 made the news with their engagement in Waco, Texas. Congratulations go to PATTON MCCLELLAND, a four-year starter and three-time all-conference honoree in singles play at Carleton College, who was awarded the 2017 Arthur Ashe Award for his outstanding sportsmanship and exemplary athletic, academic and humanitarian accomplishments. “Being a part of the tennis team afforded me opportunities that shaped my character and livelihood in ways that I never imagined possible," said McClelland. "In addition to instilling the values of leadership, teamwork, work ethic, and responsibility in me, being a member of the Knights tennis team afforded me discipline. Tennis has made me the man I am today, and will continue to shape the way I view the world and myself.” JULIANA ARAQUE graduated from Clemson University with a BS in civil engineering. She’s currently a design engineer at Bohler Engineering and now resides in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Congratulations to Tricia Murphy ’14, Sewanee’s Tiger of the Week


Anna Jones Gray Smith Matthew Swimmer


Austin Acks Patton McClelland ’13 received the 2017 Arthur Ashe Award for his outstanding sportsmanship demonstrated at Carleton College.

Duncan Keeley E.C. Myers Gabby Smith


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ALUMNI • CLASS NOTES MOLLY BRICE, KAELIN BUSH and Sarah Wells ’10 are working with Redeeming Joy, an organization that serves as a home for victims of human trafficking, to raise money and awareness for the organization. In August, they hosted a special event at Midwood Smokehouse with proceeds going to Redeeming Joy.

LOOKING Ahead We’ve collected a few important dates for you to remember in the coming months. For a complete schedule of School events, please refer to MyLatin. You may also be interested in the following online calendars: Arts Events: Athletics Events: November 22-24.......................................................Thanksgiving Break November 30.................................Wind Ensemble Concert Grades 6-12 December 1................................Community Holiday Concert Grades7-8 December 4.............................................Orchestra Concert Grades 6-12 December 6 .....................................Holiday Choir Concert Grades 6-12 December 8 ..................................Holiday Program for Grade 4 Parents December 18 ................................................................... Holiday Break

Kaelin Bush, Sarah Wells ’10 and Molly Brice hosted a special benefit dinner for Redeeming Joy.

January 3 ......................................................................Classes Resume January 15 ........................................................... MLK Day – No School January 27 ......................................................................Celebrate Latin February 16-19 ....................................................................Winter Break March 26 – April 2 ..............................................................Spring Break April 3 ............................................................................Classes Resume April 6-7 .......................................................................One Acts Festival April 14 ....................................................................Junior / Senior Prom April 30 .......Upper School Orchestra Concert / Wind Ensemble Concert May 2 .................................................Spring Choir Concert Grades 6-12 May 9 .......................... Grades 7-8 Orchestra / Wind Ensemble Concert May 12 ........................................................................May Day Play Day May 14 ..............................Grade 6 Orchestra / Wind Ensemble Concert May 18 ...................................................................Middle School Dance

Alumni support Reedeming Joy at Midwood Smokehouse.

May 20 .............................................................................Baccalaureate May 22 .................................Hawkspy Dinner and Awards Presentation May 25 .........................................................................Commencement

In Memoriam John Hargrave Lowe ’85 May 4, 2017 Josh Schulman ’10 August 22, 2017

May 28 .........................................................Memorial Day – No School May 31 .............................Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony and Reception June 1 ......................................................Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony June 1 .....Dismissal of Grades 1-7 at 12:30 p.m. (TK and K at 11:45 a.m.)

Fall 2017

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The Nest Parting Shots


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CLS Core Values HONOR ABOVE ALL Charlotte Latin embraces the development of personal honor as a lifelong pursuit in the building of character and we require adherence to the Honor Code is required from all members of the School community. We honor one another and our personal gifts and accomplishments. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE The quest for excellence that has characterized Charlotte Latin since its founding extends to all aspects of school life, and is viewed as the effort to do one’s best and to seek to improve continually. This quest embodies the boundless spirit that characterizes our school community, and it is grounded in our commitment to create an exceptional environment for teaching and learning. LEADERSHIP Charlotte Latin encourages the development of leadership as a lifelong characteristic of our students and adheres to the concept of service to others (servant leadership) as the ideal model that best meets the needs of our school community, our nation and the world. RESPECT FOR ONESELF AND OTHERS Respect is the foundation of the Charlotte Latin School community. We celebrate differences that include diverse people, cultures and perspectives. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY Each person at Charlotte Latin is accountable for his or her actions. We all share responsibility for the welfare of the greater School community. MORAL COURAGE Charlotte Latin leads by example and our members are willing to do what is right and true through the courage of their convictions in spite of possible consequences or the opinions of others. Morally courageous people are willing to admit their mistakes, to address injustice and to uphold the principle of “Honor Above All.”

CLS Beliefs Everyone can learn and is encouraged to learn through as many opportunities as the School can provide. Honor is one of the most fundamental values, and upholding the Honor Code is a valued tradition. All students have unique talents and capabilities and have something to give to the community. Faculty and staff are always encouraged to continue their studies and their professional growth with the aid of staff development funds. Parents are an active and important part of the life of the School. All students will act in a manner consistent with the customs and courtesies of the School and the School Community. The School continues to review and update its programs in all areas. Teachers interact with students in a way that develops healthy relationships in a professional manner. The general campus – through its gardens, its statuary, and its buildings – promotes an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The leadership of the School shall be carried out in an atmosphere that encourages and supports these beliefs.

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