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Welcome to Charlotte Latin

We Invite You To Learn Why We Love Latin Charlotte Latin School welcomes your interest in our School! To request information or to receive answers to admission questions, please call

the Admissions Office at 704.846.7207, or you may send an e-mail request to the Admissions Office at Open houses are held annually in the fall; however, campus visits and tours may be arranged by contacting the Admissions Office.

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Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13

Who We Are

Charlotte Latin opened its doors in 1970 with 425 first through ninth graders. The 50-acre campus consisted of two buildings. Today, the 122-acre campus serves approximately 1,400 students. •

Charlotte Latin School is a fully accredited, independent, coeducational, non-sectarian, college-

Charlotte Latin is jointly accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the

preparatory day school, serving students in transitional kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Southern Association of Independent Schools, and by the North Carolina Department of Public

Instruction. The School is a member of the National, Southern, and North Carolina Associations • • •

of Independent Schools.

More than two-thirds of our faculty members hold advanced degrees.

The School actively promotes diversity among its faculty, staff, and student body. International exchange students routinely attend the School.

Approximately 3,400 alumni are members of the Alumni Association.

• The average pupil-teacher ratio is 10 to 1.

• Our teachers average 16 years of classroom experience.

• The staff and faculty include college counselors, counseling

professionals, learning resource specialists, nurses, and certified athletic trainers.

Our Shared Mission

Our mission is to encourage individual development and civility in our students by inspiring them to learn, by encouraging them to serve others, and by offering them many growth-promoting opportunities.


Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

Our Guiding Philosophy

Charlotte Latin is committed to nurturing the whole child by providing a

balanced learning environment that promotes the growth of each student’s mind, body, and spirit. Our academic program is built upon a flexible

curriculum that challenges the capabilities and engages the talents of our students. We encourage active learning

through problem-solving techniques and through worthwhile and relevant learning experiences in all areas of study. The School’s faculty and administration work closely with each student in order to help him or her obtain a functional and meaningful education by adopting realistic, challenging goals. We assist our students in developing selfconfidence, self-direction, a mature and responsible character, leadership skills, and respect for oneself and others.

Charlotte Latin School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color,

religion, national origin, or sexual orientation in the administration of its

educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid policies, employment practices, or other school-administered programs.

Inlustrate Orbem Translated from the Latin,

this phrase means “Enlighten the

World” and is the motto displayed on Latin’s seal.

Our Commitment to Cultural Literacy

Charlotte Latin takes a comprehensive approach to promoting awareness of cultural literacy issues. The Director of

Diversity and Multicultural Affairs works with various committees composed of students, parents, faculty and staff

members to research and implement strategies for promoting an inclusive environment and increasing the diversity within the School community. The Mosaic Club, which is managed by and for Upper School students, sponsors activities that showcase the many faith, ethnic, and cultural heritages represented among the student body. Through

its Global Partners Committee, the Parents’ Council weaves cultural awareness into its activities, such as featuring Indian traditions during the Book Fair and highlighting Latin’s international sister schools.

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13


Honor is an uncompromised standard at Charlotte Latin School. The Honor System, implemented and monitored

by the students and faculty, reflects Latin’s emphasis on personal integrity, trust, and respect for one another. The principle of honor is sustained throughout our School community by encouraging honorable behavior by example

and by our willingness to acknowledge and promote that commitment among our peers. Our students adhere to the following Honor Pledge as a condition of enrollment:

“As a member of the Charlotte Latin Community, I am responsible for upholding and promoting honesty, trust, respect,

fairness, and justice in all venues of School life. To maintain personal integrity, I will not cheat, lie, steal, or plagiarize. I will do my best to raise awareness of the importance of honor for the purpose of making Latin a better place to learn and work. I understand the Charlotte Latin School Honor Code and will uphold my HONOR ABOVE ALL.”


Charlotte Latin is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is comprised of volunteers who determine the School’s policies and serve as guardians of the School’s mission.

Cum Laude When Charlotte Latin received its

Cum Laude Society charter, it was the youngest

school to be so honored. The Cum Laude Society recognizes scholastic achievement in secondary 4

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

schools for the purpose of promoting excellence, justice, and honor.

Core Values

“HONOR ABOVE ALL” Charlotte Latin embraces

the development of personal honor as a lifelong pursuit in the building of character. What is right and honorable

is valued above all else. Adherence to the Honor Code is required from all members of the School community. We honor one another and our personal gifts and accomplishments.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE The quest for excellence that has characterized Charlotte Latin since

its founding extends to all aspects of School life and is viewed as the effort to do one’s best and to seek to improve

continually. This quest embodies the boundless spirit that characterizes our School community, and it is grounded in our commitment to create an exceptional environment for teaching and learning.

LEADERSHIP Charlotte Latin encourages the development of leadership as a lifelong characteristic of our

students and adheres to the concept of service to others (servant leadership) as the ideal model that best meets the needs of our School community, our nation, and the world.

RESPECT FOR ONESELF AND OTHERS Charlotte Latin holds that mutual respect is the foundation

of our School community, and that our respect for others leads us to serve them and to embrace diverse peoples and cultures.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY Charlotte Latin requires each person to be accountable for his or her

actions. We all share responsibility for the welfare of the greater School community.

MORAL COURAGE Charlotte Latin leads by example and our members are willing to do what is right and true

through the courage of their convictions in spite of possible consequences or the opinions of others. Morally courageous people are willing to admit their mistakes, to address injustice, and to uphold the principle of “Honor Above All.”

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13

Our Love of Learning ACADEMICS •

Charlotte Latin subscribes to an educational approach that is traditional in design yet innovative

The U. S. Department of Education has three times named Latin a “Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.”

• •

in implementation.

Charlotte Latin is the youngest school to have received a Cum Laude charter.

Fifteen Advanced Placement courses are offered in the following subjects: Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, European History, French, Latin, Music Theory, Physics, Spanish,

Statistics, U.S. Government and Politics, and U.S. History. More than eighty percent of the members

of the Class of 2012 took at least one AP examination, achieving a mean score of 4.38 on a 5-point scale • • • •

on the examinations taken by the end of the students’ junior year.

The Class of 2012’s average SAT score is more than 400 points above the 2011 national average.

One hundred and twenty-nine Latin students have been named National Merit Finalists since 1989. Nineteen Latin students have been named Morehead or Morehead-Cain Scholars in the School’s 41-year history

During the 2011-12 school year, 18 seventh grade students were recognized for their outstanding

performance on the SAT or ACT. Sixteen students received state recognition, with three of these students receiving medals at the Grand

Recognition Ceremony at Duke University for •

being among the highest scorers in the Southeast. The Lower School’s standardized test scores are some of the highest in the nation among both public and private schools.

In the last 13 years, seven Lower School teams,

seven Middle School teams, and 14 Upper School teams proceeded to the Odyssey of the Mind World Competition.


Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

For nine years, the Upper School Science Team advanced to the Science Olympiad’s state level, and for 16 of the last 18 years, Upper School students placed first in chemistry

• •

events at the UNC Charlotte Super Competition.

Middle School teams competed in the eCybermission

Competition sponsored by the U.S. Army for the last seven years. An eighth grade team placed first in the state in the area of Applied Science, Math, and Technology in 2012, and a team previously won a national championship.

Latin’s Middle School MathCounts Team has placed in the top five in regional competition 20 times and in the top five in state competition 11 times.

Middle School students placed first and second at the state level in the You Be The Chemist Challenge. A sixth grade science teacher was selected by the Chemical Educational Foundation as North Carolina’s national representative.

Latin is a charter member of the National Forensics League, the nation’s oldest and largest debate and speech

honor society. The Upper School Forensics Team participates annually in numerous tournaments at the state and national level, including the Harvard Invitational Tournament and The Barkley Forum sponsored by Emory

University. Students also participate in a variety of speech and debate events, such as the National Forensics League Tournament, the Public Forum Debate, Student Congress, Humorous Interpretation, Radio Announcing, Original •

Oratory, and Prose/Poetry.

Upper School student delegates annually attend the N.C. Junior Classical League Convention, and as a group, have placed among the top three participating schools in the overall competition since 2002. Classics students also

regularly earn top national honors on the National Latin Exam, the National Greek Exam, and in the CAMWS • • •

translation contest.

A Middle School team placed in the top 10% nationally for its work on an environmental project in the Toshiba Exploravision Competition.

In 2012, a Middle School student won the N.C. State Geographic Bee and represented the state at the National Geographic Bee. A Middle School social studies teacher also represented North Carolina at the Bee.

The Hawk Eye, Latin’s student newspaper, and the Eyry, Latin’s yearbook, routinely receive numerous awards from the NC Scholastic Media Association, including “All North Carolina” and The Tarheel Award. Both publications have also been cited by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13

Twenty-six Latin seniors were accepted to universities that in 2011-12 admitted less than 20% of

Among the prestigious scholarships Latin’s students have been offered are the AXA Achievement


Scholarship, the Park Scholarship at NC State University, the Morehead-Cain and Pogue Scholarships at UNC-Chapel Hill, the Reynolds and Poteat Scholarships at Wake Forest University, the Jefferson

Scholarship at the University of Virginia, the Belk and Bryan Scholarships at Davidson College, the

College Honor Scholarship at the University of Chicago, the Benjamin N. Duke Scholarship at Duke University, the Danforth Scholarship at Washington University, the Chancellor’s and Cornelius

Scholarships at Vanderbilt University, the Woodruff Scholarship at Emory University, and the Robertson •

Scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University.

By graduation, members of the Class of 2012 reported receiving 104 merit-based scholarships, worth more than $4.6 million.

Our Creative Inspiration

For detailed curriculum information,



Study of the arts is encouraged to provide students with a balanced education and to nurture each student’s talents and interests.

Charlotte Latin students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of offerings in the arts. Study in the visual arts is

available in Transitional Kindergarten through the twelfth grades. Classroom/vocal music and an introduction to Orff instruments

begin in Kindergarten, and instrumental music (wind, strings, and

percussion) is offered in the fifth through the twelfth grades. Music Theory classes are available for Upper School students who wish to pursue an in-depth study of music. Middle and Upper School

students also may participate in drama classes and productions, and Lower School students may participate in theater workshops. 8

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

Artwork by Latin students is continually

exhibited throughout the campus as well

as in the Charlotte community, including

exhibits at The Mint Museum of Art, The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, Spirit Square, the Carillon Building, and the

McColl Center in uptown Charlotte. Over the past 24 years, Latin students have received more than 1,600 regional honors and 36 national awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and

Congressional Art competitions. In the last ten years, Latin students have won nine American Vision

Awards and twenty-three Best in Category Awards. Thirty seniors have received special recognition for their portfolios, with two receiving Best Portfolio in the regional competition and two Middle School students won national Silver Keys for their work. Seven pieces of art by Latin students have been •

featured in national publications.

More than 30% of Upper School students perform with the CLS Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble or Orchestra. More than 300 students in the fifth through eighth grades participate in

performance-based music ensembles. Latin’s ensembles regularly receive superior ratings in their respective North Carolina Music Performance Appraisals. Music students previously participated in goodwill music tours to China and Russia, and performed on •

Arts Association The Latin Arts Association includes the Friends of Music, the Friends of Theater Arts, and the Friends of Visual Arts.

the Carnegie Hall stage in New York City.

Traditional Kindergarten through third grade students present a music and movement performance

every year as a feature of Grandparents’ Day, and fourth grade students participate in an annual music performance. Fifth grade students participate in chorus as well as in the instrumental music program,

and they perform in a combined fifth grade concert.

Middle and Upper School students participate in the Creative Writing Club. In the 2011-2012 Scholastic Art and Writing awards competition, students won recognition for their writing and poetry, including a national American Voices Medal.

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13

The Latin Theater Program touches the lives of children at every grade level. All three divisions offer opportunities for students to grow creatively on stage and behind the scenes. In 2012, the Upper School presented Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which involved a company of 70

performers including 11 fourth and fifth grade students, 70 performers, and 20 backstage workers who

managed lights, sound, sets, props, and costumes. Six seniors directed their peers in Simply Hilarious, a student-produced, one-act festival. The Middle School drama elective allowed students to improve

their public speaking skills and self-confidence through improvisation, pantomime, and scene work.

More than 60 students participated in the Middle School productions of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Willy Wonka Jr. More than 60 fourth and fifth grade students sang, danced, and acted in Aladdin Kids. Students from all three divisions also participated in theater workshops, which showcased

professional artists, including local director/actress and CLS alumna Lindsay Anderson, a songwriting

workshop with Broadway artists from New York City, and an acting workshop with Guilford College’s • • • •


director of theater studies.

Students in all divisions routinely attend cultural activities on campus and in the community.

Visiting artists and musicians hold workshops for students, allowing them to explore their talents and interests.

Original works of music have been commissioned for premiere performances by Latin’s vocal and instrumental music students.

The Latin Arts Association serves as an umbrella organization and supports the School’s fine and performing arts programs.

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

To view the Student Showcase,


Our Development of Leadership WAYS TO PARTICIPATE •

Students have many opportunities to demonstrate and

develop leadership skills in all grades. On campus, students may serve as officers of their classes and clubs, as captains

of their teams, as representatives on the Student Council in the Middle and Upper Schools, and on the Honor Council and Honor Council Advisory Board in Upper School. Seniors may elect to take the •

Headmaster’s Leadership Class.

Charlotte Latin regularly sends representatives to local, regional, and national leadership training

sessions. The College Center makes it a priority to identify a wide range of worthwhile leadership opportunities for students.

Latin is fortunate to benefit from the leadership provided by many parents, grandparents, alumni, and

other friends of the School, who serve in organizations such as the Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, Parents’ Council, Booster Club, Latin Arts Association, Alumni Governing Board, Alumni Parents’

Association, and on many committees and special project task forces. Their involvement is indicative of the strong commitment and

connection to the School that is fostered by the Charlotte Latin community.


The development of leadership skills among Latin’s students is so important to Headmaster Arch McIntosh that he co-teaches a leadership class. Offered

exclusively to seniors, the class meets in the Headmaster’s Conference Room where students study the lives of famous leaders, analyze the qualities and

styles of leadership, and engage in lively and thoughtful discussions. Leaders from many walks of life, including business and industry, religious groups,

and education, visit the class often to share their insights and advice. The

concept of servant leadership, where a person gives of himself or herself for the benefit of others, also is considered. For more information,


Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13


Latin actively fosters an interest in the peoples and cultures of the world. Throughout the School on all levels, our students learn about the world through the curriculum and special events, such as the sixth grade’s annual International Festival.

As a component of the Upper School’s four-year history requirement, a variety of international studies courses are offered. The courses change annually, depending upon world events, and the offerings for the 2011-12 school year were: Human Rights, World Religions, and the U.S. and the World in the 21st Century. The History Department has instituted a two-year World History course in the ninth and

tenth grades, and it sponsors a World Quest International Club. The Club placed first in the Academic •

World Quest competition sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Charlotte.

Latin’s student exchange program with our international sister schools and visiting lecturers from across the globe create awareness and understanding of the world’s rich diversity. Latin has hosted exchange students from such countries as Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, England,

Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kosovo, Latvia, Nepal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey. Latin’s Study Abroad Program provides opportunities for our students to participate in a two-

way exchange program with students at our Sister Schools in Argentina, China, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, and Spain. The CLS Parents’ Council sponsors a

Global Partners Committee, which values

and supports Latin’s international focus by sponsoring enrichment activities and

hosting socials for international visitors.


Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

Forty-four countries were represented in the

Visiting lecturers on campus in past years

2011-12 student body.

include former U. S. Presidents Gerald Ford and

George H. W. Bush; Secretary of State Colin Powell; humanitarian Elie Wiesel, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; actor and community activist Greg Allen Williams; Bao Din, a leading Chinese poet; Harry Wu, a prominent Chinese political dissident; Dith Pran, the inspiration for the book and movie, The

Killing Fields, set in his native Cambodia; Dr. Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, the former prime minister of Poland; Mark Mathabane, author of Kaffir Boy, the story of his life under the former apartheid regime in South Africa; Dr. Anders Barany, Deputy Director of the Nobel

Museum in Sweden; and Francis Bok, author of Escape From Slavery.



Sister Schools Far from learning about the world only from their classrooms,

For more information,


Latin’s students travel the world to meet new people and learn about their lives and countries.

Our students routinely visit one of Latin’s sister schools in

Argentina, China, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa and Spain. Our students also served as cultural ambassadors, performing

choral and instrumental music pieces for and with Russian and Chinese students. During these experiences, they learned to

appreciate different cultures and to celebrate the humanity that all people share.

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13

Our Outreach Into the Community COMMUNITY SERVICE/LATIN EVENTS •

In fulfilling the School’s community outreach mission, Latin students of all ages volunteer in age-appropriate service activities. Older students volunteer with such organizations as Autism Foundation of the Carolinas, The Allegro Foundation, Crisis Assistance Ministries, N.C. Special Olympics, Second Harvest Food Bank,

Crop Walk, Nevins Center, and Misty Meadows. For example, Latin students manage an after-school program for children in an urban neighborhood, give horseback riding lessons to physically challenged children, host dances for physically and/or mentally disabled adults, and tutor young children in conjunction with such • •

organizations as the Seigle Avenue Freedom School and CHAMP programs.

Latin students participate in service-related mission trips within the continental U.S. and abroad.

Latin is the first independent school in the country with a senior class that funded and built a Habitat for

Humanity House. The Latin community has funded and built four Habitat houses over the last 17 years and annually assists with local builds for Habitat.

The Upper School Service Society recognizes student participation in volunteer activities, which is truly

voluntary and not a graduation requirement. The last two graduating classes each documented more than 10,000 hours of service during their high school years.

Many of Latin’s special events are open to the community and/or other schools and their teachers. Examples

are guest lectures, sports activities, musical concerts, art exhibits, and May Day Play Day, our annual carnival.

Service Society

The Charlotte Latin Service Society was created to

encourage students to participate in the Community

Service Program and to recognize those students who

have made significant community service contributions. To be inducted into the Service Society, a four-year

student must perform 150 hours of service. Students

who transfer into Latin will have their hour requirements prorated. The level of student involvement in the CLS

Community Service Program is gratifying, with thousands 14

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

of hours of service being contributed annually.

Our Physical Pursuits ATHLETICS •

• •

Latin’s athletic program is built upon a foundation of physical fitness and good sportsmanship. Latin sponsors 68 athletic teams in 11 girls’ sports, 11 boys’ sports, 1 coed sport, and 4 intramural teams. Approximately 88% of our students in grades 7-12 participate in at least one sport.

Middle School students participate in an intramural sports program that promotes team play and healthy competition.

Latin’s athletic teams continue to enhance the School’s winning record, which includes 150 state championships and recognition five times as runner-up and 16 times as winner of the coveted

Wachovia/Wells Fargo Cup, which the School most recently won in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Ninety-three Upper School students were named All-Conference in various sports, and 38 were named

During the 2011-12 academic year, Latin students in grades 9-12 who participated in a team sport

All-State athletes during the 2011-12 school year. maintained an average 3.62 GPA.

For more information,


Wachovia/ Wells Fargo Cup Latin won the first of sixteen

Wachovia/Wells Fargo Cups for

athletic excellence in 1982–83.

The School most recently won the Cup in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13

Our Athletic Program

Charlotte Latin fields teams in the following sports: baseball, basketball, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, ultimate, volleyball, and wrestling. Club sports also are available. Latin’s athletic program is supported by an outstanding athletics complex, which includes: •

Three gymnasiums

An Olympic-quality natatorium

• • • • • •

An all-weather track surrounding a 1,450-seat football stadium Six tennis courts

A cross-country course Seven playing fields

A 50,000-square-foot arena and activities center A dedicated wrestling room

The Beck Student Activities Center The Beck Student Activities Center was opened in 2001 amid great fanfare.

The multipurpose center features an arena, fitness center, indoor track and a wrestling facility. 16

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Latin values its partnership with parents and offers many avenues

for them to stay involved in their children’s education. The Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, Parents’ Council, Booster Club, Latin Arts Association, grade-level parent liaisons, and other

volunteers contribute invaluable time and leadership that enrich •

Charlotte Latin School.

Latin is a lifetime experience. An active Alumni Governing Board

guides the activities of approximately 3,400 alumni, providing a pathway back to Latin regardless of how far from Charlotte life may lead them.

The rich texture of the Latin experience results from the myriad traditions that are eagerly anticipated by our School community. Among them are the back-to-school family event, Convocation, Daddy Does Kindergarten, Book Fair, Holiday Concerts, Grandparents’ Day, May Day Play Day, Baccalaureate, and Commencement.

For more information,


Mascot Latin’s mascot is the “hawk,” in honor of the majestic birds that continue to soar over the campus.

School Colors Latin’s colors are navy blue and white.

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13


Charlotte Latin is committed to sound management and a conservative fiscal philosophy. The generosity of Latin’s parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, and friends supports Latin’s endowment, as

well as the School’s program and facility improvements. In 2008, the School successfully concluded the Foundation for the Future Campaign to provide funding for campus improvements and to increase

Latin’s endowment, which supports student financial assistance and faculty professional development •

programs. The Latin Fund appeal is conducted annually.

Need-based financial aid is available to qualified students. The School seeks to meet the demonstrated need as determined by an SSS application. In 2006, Latin was one of four schools in the United States to be named a Malone Scholar School. This designation entitled the School to receive a $2 million

endowment for scholarships for academically qualified students. Scholarships for qualified students are available through funding provided by gifts from individuals, foundation grants, and bequests to the School. The Hearst Foundation and Edward E. Ford scholarships bring new ninth-grade students to Latin for their Upper School years, and the Charlotte Latin School Scholarship brings either a new

Middle or Upper School student to Latin. Financial aid, made possible by the Elizabeth Price Van Every Bequest, the R.T. Dooley-Matthew 25 Scholarship, the Charlotte Latin School Scholarship, and the SOAR Scholarships, helps to fund tuition assistance for additional students.

For more information,


Monumental Hawk The world’s largest bronze sculpture of a

hawk has a 16-foot wingspan and weighs

2,900 lbs. It was sculpted by Jon Hair and was a gift from Irwin and Carol Belk.

The Monumental Hawk was dedicated

on May 13, 2006, and is proudly perched 18

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

on Latin’s campus.

Our Exceptional Environment For Learning OUR PICTURESQUE CAMPUS •

The facilities on Charlotte Latin’s 122-acre campus in southeast Charlotte are valued in excess of $45 million.

The campus encompasses 14 major buildings, including a Science, Art and Technology (SAT) Building and the

Beck Student Activities Center (SAC). The School has 10 science labs, 13 computer labs, an engineering room,

and five art studios, as well as a 17,630-square-foot media center, a 740-seat auditorium, and a 13,275-square-foot • •

dining hall.

A major expansion and renovation of the Horne Performing Arts Center was completed in August 2011.

Athletic facilities on campus include 3 gymnasiums (including the Beck SAC), a fitness center, a wrestling room, a 1450-seat stadium, an all-weather track, 6 tennis courts, 7 athletic fields, and a 22-lane natatorium, which is

operated by Swim MAC Carolina and is the only facility of its type located on the campus of a Charlotte-area independent school.

Renovations and an addition to the Claudette B. Hall

Lower School were completed for the beginning of the 2010-11 school year.

Although the facilities are outstanding, the unique beauty of

Latin’s campus can be found among its 22 gardens, numerous sculptures by world-renowned artists, and tranquil, park-like setting. Our campus is truly inspirational.

For more information and an online campus tour, visit

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13

Our Science and Technology Connections STEM EDUCATION

STEM education is a priority at Latin, advanced by a curriculum that offers students hands-on opportunities to develop

innovative solutions and solve problems. In addition to their classroom studies, students may participate in FIRST LEGO competitions and other science and math-based events. From replacing a truck’s combustion engine with an electric engine to studying robotics and designing environmental sustainability projects, students learn to harness the power of

math and science to create a better world. A dedicated faculty supports this effort; for example, Latin’s lead engineering

teacher received an Outstanding STEM Educator Award from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in conjunction with Discovery Education for his work with public school teachers in promoting robotics education. COMPUTER CAPABILITIES Charlotte Latin is committed to the ethical and appropriate use of technology as a tool for instruction and research. We are dedicated to preparing our students to master technology as they prepare for careers in the 21st Century. To support these objectives, the School has developed the following capabilities. •

A campus-wide, fiber optic backbone supports administrative and academic local area networks and connects

all buildings to the Internet via a dedicated 10 MB line for high speed data transmission. Wireless connectivity is available across the campus.

Latin’s Web site,, serves as an information resource and communications tool for prospective and current families, alumni, other

constituents and friends of the School, and the

community at large. MyLatin, an internal, password-

protected Web site, serves many of the School’s day-to-day communication needs for students, parents, alumni, and

• 20

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


A systematic computer curriculum is taught by a computer specialist for all Lower School grades.

A networked teaching lab and portable wireless laptop labs, along with additional computers and Internet access in every classroom, enable frequent, integrated use of •

technology throughout the Lower School.

Middle School computer instruction integrates many types of

applications (including spreadsheet use, creation of multimedia presentations, desktop publishing, and Internet search

techniques) into academic study and projects. Programming and engineering electives are available for interested students. •

Computer labs, mobile laptop labs, and classroom mini labs are dedicated to Middle School students.

Computer labs serve Upper School students for courses such as Computer Applications, Web Design, and the AP Computer Science course. Computer use is integrated widely into instruction in other academic

disciplines, and three computer writing labs are a key component of the Upper School English program.

The Media Center is an information hub for the School, providing many resources for our community. Labs with computers that run both Apple and Windows operating systems are available for class and student use. Students and parents may access an online catalog of books, as well as many subscription databases, encompassing thousands of periodicals and reference books, from school or home via MyLatin.

Our Dedicated Faculty •

Latin’s educational experience is built upon the foundation of a strong relationship between students and their

The School is committed to inspiring a lifelong love of learning. Generous professional development funds are

teachers. Each student is known as an individual by the faculty and is valued for his or her talents and interests. available to teachers so that they may continue their studies and sustain their passion for teaching, including attending workshops, traveling abroad, and pursuing advanced degrees.

Charlotte Latin is committed to attracting and retaining outstanding educators for the benefit of our students. Careful research is conducted, including national searches, classroom teaching demonstrations on campus and in-depth interviews, to ensure that the best candidate is selected for rare faculty openings.

Charlotte Latin provides a competitive compensation package for its faculty, including partial tuition remission for their children who are enrolled at the School.

For employment details, visit

Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13

College Acceptances

The following colleges and universities accepted members of the Class of 2012: American University Amherst College Appalachian State University Auburn University* Barnard College Baylor University Belmont University Berry College Birmingham-Southern College* Boston College* Boston University* Bridgewater College Centre College Clemson University* College of Charleston* Connecticut College Cornell University Davidson College* Denison University* DePauw University Dickinson College Drexel University Duke University* East Carolina University Eckerd College Elon University* Emory & Henry College Emory University* Flagler College Florida State University

Fordham University Furman University* George Mason University Georgetown University* Hampden-Sydney College Hampton University* Harvard University* High Point University Howard University* James Madison University* Lynchburg College Massachusetts Institute of Technology* Miami University, Oxford Middlebury College Mills College Mississippi State University* Montana State University, Bozeman* Morehouse College* Mount Holyoke College New York University North Carolina State University* Northeastern University* Northwestern University* Occidental College Oglethorpe University* Oxford College of Emory University Pomona College Presbyterian College Princeton University* Purdue University*

Queens University of Charlotte Randolph College Rhode Island School of Design* Rhodes College* Roanoke College Samford University Sewanee: The University of the South* Southern Methodist University* Spelman College* Stanford University* Stetson University* Syracuse University Texas A&M University Texas Christian University* The College of New Jersey The George Washington University Tufts University* Tulane University University of Alabama* University of California at Los Angeles University of Central Florida University of Colorado at Boulder University of Delaware University of Georgia* University of Hartford University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign* University of Maryland, College Park* University of Miami University of Michigan* University of Mississippi

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Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

Services Bus Service Transportation is an important consideration for many parents; therefore, we assist our families with their

transportation arrangements. In keeping with this philosophy, Latin has established the following bus routes using thirteen full-size (34 to 48 passenger) buses. Bus pickups in the morning are made at 7:30 a.m. All buses arrive at

the School between 7:55 and 8:00 a.m. In the afternoons, the buses leave campus at 3:20 p.m. (except the

Kindergarten bus, which leaves campus at 1:45 p.m.). Two activity buses also leave the campus; one at 5:30 p.m. and one at 6 p.m.


Providence Road Corridor (with dedicated stops at Myers Park Country Club, Freedom Park,

Myers Park United Methodist Church, Christ

Episcopal Church, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Westminister Presbyterian Church, Providence

United Methodist Church, or Trinity Presbyterian • • •

• •


Harris YMCA on Sharon Road Carmel Presbyterian Church

Kindergarten students may ride home on a bus that stops at Christ Episcopal Church. Extended day students may go home on the appropriate 3:20 p.m. bus.

Students participating in after-school activities may ride the 5:30 or 6 p.m. activity bus that stops at

Trinity Presbyterian and Christ Episcopal for an additional fee.

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Charlotte Latin School FAST FACTS 2012-13 Extended Day Program The Extended Day Program at Charlotte Latin School is a 5 Star licensed program serving children in preschool through grade five. This program offers children a safe, nurturing environment that is filled with engaging activities

that promote emotional, social, and physical development. The day consists of crafts, indoor and outdoor recreation, and quiet study time. Extended Day services are offered after school until 3:10, 4:;30 or 6:00 p.m. on a one-, two-, three-, four-, or five-day a week schedule. Fees are based on the number of days attended. Drop-ins are welcome pending available space.

The Nest The Nest, Charlotte Latin School’s 5 Star Early Childhood program, exists to provide quality care and enrichment

for children between the ages of six weeks and five years. The classrooms provide a nurturing environment where learning through play and exploration enhances social, emotional, and academic development in the early years.

Food Service Breakfast and lunch are served in Shelton Hall for grades TK-2 and in Founders’ Hall for grades 3-12 on all full days of school. The food

service is provided by Flik Independent School Dining, specializing in offering tasty and nutritious meals for independent school

students. Menus are available online. A pre-paid debit system is available for all students, but is required for TK-Grade 5 students. Parents may use online software to review food purchases and may

use credit cards to keep account balances positive. Students may also bring their lunches from home.


Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13

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School Calendar Each year, Charlotte Latin publishes a three-year calendar that provides a broad framework for planning purposes. A final, annual calendar is published each year by July 4. The School annually observes the following breaks: • Labor Day

• Winter Break

• Thanksgiving Break

• Easter Break

• Fall Break (October) • Christmas / Holiday Break

• Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

• Spring Break

• Memorial Day

• Summer Break

In addition, student holidays are generally observed on the first day of major Jewish holidays. Special days off for Division-specific purposes, such as parent-teacher conferences and teacher workdays, are announced each year.

School Hours

• Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten begin regular school days at 8:10 a.m. and end at 1:30 p.m. • Grades one through eight begin regular school days at 8:10 a.m. and end at 3:10 p.m.

• Grades nine through twelve begin regular school days at 8:05 a.m. and end at 3:10 p.m.

Summer Programs Charlotte Latin’s Summer Programs offer a wide variety of academic, arts, enrichment, and sports camps for Lower and Middle School students on Latin’s campus. Most camps, with the exception of out-of-town field trips, are open to our students and children from the community.

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Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


Campus Map A.


Fennebresque Hall (Main Administration Offices/300 Building/


The Bob Knight External Affairs Building, Business Office,

100/200 Building


Belk Gymnasium

Media Center


Tennis Courts

Lower School Playground


Upper School offices and classrooms)


Founders’ Hall (dining hall)


Admissions Office and Claudette B. Hall Lower School




H. I.


Carol Hall (Lower School gymnasium) Science, Art and Technology Building

Beck Student Activities Center Middle School Field


Edward Jordan Fox, Jr. Middle School (400 Building)


Horne Performing Arts Center,


Charlotte Latin School



Physical Plant Office, and Parents’ Council Office


Patten Stadium

Maintenance Shop


Swim MAC Carolina


The Nest/Extended Day, fifth grade classrooms,


Coaches’ Pavilion

Shelton Hall (multi-purpose room)

Dickson Building (500 Building-Upper School classrooms) Thies Auditorium and music classrooms

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Charlotte Latin School Fast Facts 2012-13


9502 Providence Road Charlotte, NC 28277 Tel: 704.846.1100 Fax: 704.846.1712 Admissions Office: 704.846.7207

Charlotte Latin Fast Facts 2012-13  

CLS Fast Facts

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