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_ AFROLYRICS A story of love and rhythms

AFROLYRICS A story of love and rhythms

AFROLYRICS A stor y of love and rhythms Collective creation Poems by LILIĂ N PALLARES Direction and dramaturgy DANIEL AGUIRRE Rhythm, movement and words in an ancestral ritual. The spirit of the mythical land. The word seducing black sounds. Erotic death of the senses in the fleeting moment. Poetry, traditional storytelling, music and dance are woven together to create a vibrant theatre show where the audience participate with their own imaginations. Duration: 60 minutes (approx)

AFROLYRICS A stor y of love and rhythms Cast Narrator Daniel Aguirre Poet Lilián Pallares Woman Denisse Ariza Man Alvaro Llerena Elegua Shangó Dely Credits Musicians Shangó Dely, Álvaro Llerena and Denisse Ariza Bodypainting Marina Gomis García Lighting design Jeisson Alexis Lerma Graphic design and image Charles Olsen Direction and dramaturgy Daniel Aguirre Production Antena Blue

_ AFROLYRICS A story of love and rhythms

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Lilian Pallares

Daniel Aguirre

Barranquilla, Colombia

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Selected as one of the ten best young writers of Latin America by, New York in 2011. A writer of poetry, short stories and opinion columns she has collaborated in magazines such as El Dominical of Cataluña, Fusión Latina, Revista Más, Toumai, EntreTanto Magazine and the Huffington Post. In 1999 she won the competition for unpublished Poetry of the University of the North, Barranquilla. In 2007 her short stories “Reflexiones del va y ven” and “Servicio Anónimo”, both won first prizes in competitions organised by the magazine Toumai, and the Cultural Association Fusionarte respectively.

She has published the books Ciudad Sonámbula (Aldevara, 2010), Voces Mudas (Fundación Progreso y Cultura, 2011) and Pájaro, vértigo (Huerga y Fierro, 2014) With the New Zealand artist and poet Charles Olsen she directs the Spanish poetry project Palabras Prestadas and the literary-audiovisual production company Antena Blue. She participated in the recital “Agita Flamenco” with poet Charles Olsen and flamenco pianist Pablo Rubén Maldonado which premiered in the New Zealand Pavilion of the Venice Biennale of Art, 2011.

Actor, theatre director, oral storyteller, theatre theorist and critic, professor of interpretation in colleges and universities in Colombia and Spain, graduate in law and pedagogy from the University of Cartagena de Indias. He splits his time between Europe and Latin-America performing in international theatre festivals, giving masterclasses and workshops. He has worked in many countries from Poland to India and Panama to Spain, and with renowned directors such as the Colombians Santiago García, Enrique Buenaventura and Laura García, the Cuban Francisco

Alvaro Llerena

Palenquito, Colombia

Garzón Céspedes, father of theatrical storytelling, and the Danish-Italian Eugenio Barba. He is also founder of the well-known Latin-American theatre collective La Pandonga. In 1993 he was awarded the Carolina Oramas grant for outstanding Colombian artists. His theatre work “Amazing Stories of Passionate Women”, has gained international recognition both from critics and audiences and he is recognised among the great exponents of the genre.

A direct descendent of the great maestros of the drum of the Caribbean coast of Colombia. He is an initiate of the instrument and thanks to his devilishly expressive playing he is popularly known as The Enchanted Drummer. His beats have filled all Europe and Latin America with the sounds and haunting songs of Lamba (Territory of magicians, dancers, storytellers, bards and raconteurs.) Alongside his mother, the famous Colombian folklorist, Petrona Martínez, he has recorded six records of folklore: Le Bullerengue, La vida vale la pena, El destape del folclor, El folclor vive, El

Tamborero, and Bonito que canta. In 2000 the album “Bonito Que Canta” was nominated for a Latin Grammy. In 2012 in Madrid he released his first album, Azúzalo, where he celebrates his folkloric roots: the rythyms of cumbia, bullerengue, puya, fandango, among others.

sHango Dely

Denisse Ariza Payares

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Born into a family of musicians he was a child prodigy at six years old. With his virtuosity and versatility he has astonished audiences in America and Europe. KC Porter, Producer of the Year for his work on Supernatural by Carlos Santana, said of him “I’m deeply convinced he’s not only the most developed natural percussionist I’ve met but he’s also established himself as one of the foremost percussionists in the world.” Apart from his precision, power and exquisite sound he has a deep under-

Montería, Colombia

standing of an unusually wide range of rhythms from Afro-Colombian to Flamenco, Hip-Hop to Surinamese among many others. He has recorded and worked with Grammy Award-winners Carlos Santana, Emilio Estefan, Carlos Vives, DMX, KC Porter, John Barnes, JB Eckl, Andy Vargas and Brian Culbertson. He has two Latin Grammies with Carlos Vives and La Provincia for the album “Déjame entrar”.

She arrived in Madrid in 2004 as part of the cultural initiative Sitio: a show for children with eco-friendly puppets that moved to the rhythms of live Colombian folk music. Her passion Colombian folk music in particular has led to presentations in music and dance festivals throughout Europe and in the Middle East as both a musician and a dancer. Alongside this are her interests in art history and Artistic Enamelling which she studied in the Arte 3 School, Madrid, complementing her

AFROLYRICS A story of love and rhythms

art work with a variety of disciplines such as welding and macramĂŠ, and exploring different materials, textures and colours. Her origins, her roots, create the context which informs the cultural fusion that runs through her work.

Liliテ。n is a force of Nature, with verbal talent and sensibility. An exuberant energy which shows itself as both fruit and conclusion. テ]gel Guinda Aragテウn de las Letras Award, Spain

AFROLYRICS A Story of Love and Rhythms

Everything is possible when Daniel Aguirre comes on stage. The magic of his words captures both minds and hearts.

Carlos Monsiváis Mexican writer and journalist

I especially liked the many metaphors of emotion, above all those of an erotic sensual nature. Jesús Hilario Tundador Adonáis Award for Poetry, Spain

…this marvellous force of the Caribbean in flower, every drum beat is a petal, every word is stamen, pistil and pollen, and the overall harmony the cadence of a hibiscus made red by the afternoon sun. Ruven Mejia Colombian photographer and Poet

contACT: tel: +34 915 30 40 50 mobile: +34 676 06 98 73 Madrid, Spain

AFROLYRICS A story of love and rhythms

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AFROLYRICS 'a story of love and rhythms'  

Introducing the theatre show Afrolyrics

AFROLYRICS 'a story of love and rhythms'  

Introducing the theatre show Afrolyrics