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Breaking Bad One Bean at a Time

Urmas Kaldveer

Delta Dining

Rev. Billie Moore



Whale Watcher Extraordinaire 1

July – September 2015

Steve Kittel

Prison Ministries



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20 Delta Dining By Steve Kittel


32 Cover: Breaking Bad One Bean at a Time

Whale Watcher Extraordinaire Urmas Kaldveer by Kimberly Horg

John Krause

08 Body Image | By Ana Hurt

16 Delta Beauty | Summer Hair Care | By Emily Wesolek

09 Delta Silver Linings | By Vinny DiNicola

26 Jury Duty | By Walter Ruehlig

10 Let Freedom Ring | By Kristine Cataldo

28 Rev. Billie Moore | Prison Ministries

11 Words from Bubba Paris

30 John Marsh Historic Trust | By Rick Lemyre

12 Re-Loved Home Goods | By Kimberly Horg

34 Delta Funny Side Up | Dumming Down of American Writers

14 A Man of Second Chances | Gabe Makinano by Felicia Purcell

36 Delta Smilz | By Carol Young


July – September 2015

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Dear reader… As we move out of spring and jump right into summer, this issue is sure to please you with a nice array of wonderful articles from heat stroke (what to watch for) by Vinny DiNicola to hair care for the summer months (spoiler alert: it's not just a girl thing!) by Emily Wesolek. Here lies within these 40 pages a treasure trove of inspirational articles guaranteed to uplift your spirit and move your soul by Bubba Paris, Charleen Earley and Kristine R. Cataldo. So sit back and with a nice cup of Joe or tea and enjoy, as I have, reading and gaining knowledge and inspiration! Rita Caruso | Editor In Chief

Charleen Earley | Publisher


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Author Kathy Hering Designs Murder Mysteries

Bubba Paris Helps Us Face our Fears



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I don’t typically have themes in each issue, they just happen on accident – or maybe by design from a higher power! While I wanted to focus on summer fun and splashing good times in the Delta, my focus was moved into a “transformative” direction. You’ll notice the threads of love and hope when you read our feature cover story about John Krause; ex-con breaking stereotypes through the grace of God on page 32. While I was in a commercial for Los Medanos College, my friend Mary Oleson (also in the commercial!) said to me, “you’ve got to do a story on John!” A few weeks later, my writer Felicia said she really wanted to write about a guy she knew at church and his forgiven past, Gabe, see page 14. Then when my very own neighbor Kathryn told me about her friend Rev. Billie who is 85-years-young, and has been holding church services to inmates for the last 23 years, page 28, well, a theme of redemption emerged. Doing what you are born to do naturally is what Bubba writes about in his article on page 11, and it’s what I’m doing with my life. I’m doing what I was born to do naturally; write, share and inspire people with stories of love, hope, peace and education, so we can leave this world a better place because we were all in it, and we cared.


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July – September 2015



Rita Caruso | Editor-in-Chief Rita, a mortgage loan consultant for Guild Mortgage, has been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years. She served two terms as President of the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce. With a deep love for journalism and an avid reader, she brings a love to her role as Editor-in-Chief. She's also an avid runner, hiker, cycler and caterer, who loves to spend time with her husband, celebrating 20 years together. Reach her at

F.D. Purcell | Writer Felicia, an East County resident for nearly 20-years, found her passion for writing when she won Student-of-the-Month honors at age 10. Her love for sports began early while sitting on her late dad’s knee watching football. A certified make-up artist and animal-lover, Felicia lives by her dad’s favorite quote: “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.” Follow her on Twitter @sportsinthebay_, Facebook: Sports in the Bay or

Maria Tavares | Photographer/Writer Maria is always hard at work photographing her amazing clients, chasing after her toddler and spending time with her family. She enjoys reading, catching up on Netflix shows, boating, swimming and socializing. She has studied Journalism, Creative Writing, Child Development and Photography. On weekends you can find Maria in Downtown Brentwood at LIttle Miss Everything. See her work at &

Kimberly Horg | Writer


Kimberly Horg earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Humboldt State University. She has had hundreds of articles published throughout the country. Kimberly also has a background in graphic art and photography, so she has had dozens of photos published on various websites, newspapers and magazines. To read more of her work, visit

July – September 2015

Conrad Borba | Graphic Designer Conrad is a graphic and web designer, who spent much time in his youth drawing and creating, with his earliest memories of working on a computer as a kindergartner. He studied graphic and web design at Modesto Junior College and the Institute of Technology of Modesto. With over 10 years experience in graphic design and six years as a freelancer, Borba stays abreast industry standards in order to provide his clients with fresh and new ideas. Reach him at

Kristine R. Cataldo, MSCIS, MAed | Writer/Blogger Kristine is a proud mama of two, a college instructor and curriculum developer. Her passion as a blogger, author and speaker is etched on her heart. She uses her story to inspire, motivate and empower women to live healthy, happy lifestyles through mind, body and spirit. Kristine is an avid cyclist, hiker and adventurous free-spirit. Reach her at or www.

Walter Ruehlig | Writer Walter graduated cum laude with a degree in English from the State University of New York at Albany and career counsels adults with disabilities. He’s the former President of the Antioch School Board, founded the Antioch Music Foundation, and is the 2012 Antioch Citizen of the Year-Lifetime Achievement award recipient. He regularly contributes to three local newspapers. Email him at

Steve Kittel | Foodie Writer Steve Kittel resides in Antioch and is husband and father of three little girls. After a decade in commercial insurance and the mortgage industry, Steve is now an ABAcertified paralegal, working for a commercial contractor as an estimator. He has lived in the Delta community since 2013, originally from Seattle, WA. Most of his time is spent with his family, finding fun. Reach him at

Vinny DiNicola | Writer Vinny is a Certified Senior Advisor® and owner of HomeLife Senior Care in Brentwood with wife Angela, a provider of professional, dependable in-home senior care. Vinny graduated with honors from Menlo College, Atherton, CA, earning a Bachelors degree in Management with a focus in International Management. Vinny’s passion is providing world-class home care for their elderly clients. Reach him at vinny@

Emily Wesolek | Writer Emily, who has a passion for making those around her feel great, is a licensed Cosmetologist since 2009 and works as a hair stylist in Brentwood. She’s also a Certified Cosmetology Instructor and taught at Paris Beauty College in Concord. Writing is another talent of hers since she was young. Always willing and eager to learn new beauty techniques, Emily loves her career. Got hair questions? Reach her at

Ana Hurt | Writer Ana Hurt is a senior at Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA. She is the co-editor in chief of the Heritage Ledger and plans to major in Communications/Journalism at the University of Oregon. Ana runs track and cross country for her high school and is currently preparing for the Portland Half Marathon. In the future, she hopes to run a full marathon. Contact Ana at

Carol Young | Photographer Born and raised in the Bay Area, newlywed Carol Young is sought-after for her creative images and sparkling personality. With an uncanny way of putting people at ease and connecting with her subjects, whether at the studio or on location, Carol has a sincere enthusiasm for photography that is truly inspirational. Contact her at 925.586.0555 or

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An unhealthy mindset about our bodies By Ana Hurt

How we can change


July – September 2015


ike most people, I have spent a fairly undesirable amount of time in front of the mirror scrutinizing my body. It seems as if we constantly look at ourselves through the lenses handed to us by the media rather than with a healthy, positive outlook – and this needs to change. As social media and TV have become increasingly ingrained in our daily lives, we have seen far greater amounts of unhealthy attitudes about our bodies than ever before. There's even an entire portion of the internet devoted to "thinsporation" or "thinspo," which is basically a network of photos of scarily thin girls, tips on how to keep your caloric intake as low as possible, and encouragement between young people to continue with their disordered eating and thought patterns. While there are many boys who suffer from these problems and take part in these online communities, the current research standpoint is that about 90 percent who suffer are girls. The reason for this is clear; just look at the magazine racks at any grocery store. Almost all of them show women altered to portray an ideal body type, and the few with men on the cover show strong, healthy men. If there are any changes made to the men, it's to make them even bigger. (Think Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ad). I could go on writing for 20 pages about why this is, but that's not the point here. My point is, we have to collectively begin tearing down the mindset we have developed:

that people are supposed to look a certain way and devote themselves to achieving that look despite the cost.While this may start with certain changes in the media, such as France's banning of super-skinny models in an effort to combat anorexia, there can't be any real change unless society itself changes. Heritage High School senior Gaby Trejo put it, "All it takes is one person, so if more people were to follow through, I'm sure there would be a new perspective." This new perspective, like all new perspectives, usually starts with how we teach the next generation. Many programs in schools are already addressing the issue of eating disorders, but that can only do so much. Altogether, the biggest effect will come from altering how we as a society talk about and view our bodies. At any high school, exchanges like "You look so skinny!" and "No, I'm so fat," occur possibly a hundred times a day, and this just goes to show how the selfdeprecating mindset is perpetuated. Instead of focusing on our negative thoughts about our bodies, we should shift our focus to our strengths, and what we're proud of about ourselves. Change "My arms look like noodles" to "I look like a really good distance runner," and so on. This way, future generations will become more positive, and hopefully stop allowing the media to make them feel insecure. Ana Hurt is a senior at Heritage High School in Brentwood who, after graduation, plans to attend the University of Nevada, Reno with a major in Journalism.

delta silver linings

Heat stroke or heat exhaustion? By Vinny DiNicola

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ow that temperatures are routinely reaching the 90’s, seniors need to take extra precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses. A fact that is not well known is that elders 65 and older can be more prone to heat stress than younger age groups, because their bodies may not adjust as well to sudden or prolonged temperature changes. Elders are also more likely to have a chronic medical condition and may be taking medication that can interfere with the body’s ability to regulate temperature. Heat stroke is the most serious heatrelated illness and occurs when the body is unable to control its temperature. Symptoms may include a body temperature over 103 degrees, red, hot and dry skin, a rapid pulse, a throbbing headache, dizziness and nausea. Heat exhaustion is a milder form of heat stress that can develop after several days of exposure to high temperatures and an inadequate or unbalanced replacement of fluids. It’s important to watch for symptoms of heat-related illness in elders. Elders may become lightheaded, confused, weak or faint. Other symptoms may include heavy

sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, tiredness, nausea, headache or dizziness. If you suspect that you, or a friend is suffering from heat stress, have someone call 911 and do whatever you can to cool them down immediately. Seniors can protect themselves from heat-related illnesses by staying indoors, avoiding strenuous activity, wearing lightweight clothing and drinking plenty of cool water throughout the day. Vinny DiNicola is a Certified Senior Advisor® and owner of HomeLife Senior Care in Brentwood with wife Angela. contact

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Sandy helped me find just the right home. She is a talented professional and she guided me through every step in the process. I would highly recommend her. She is great!” Pat | Oakley

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Let Freedom Ring

The amount of love we feel in our hearts, is the amount of love we extend to others.


July – September 2015

You owe it to yourself, give it a try! others.We become wrapped up in opinions and get easily whipped up in the drama that lives outside of our own four walls.We place “I thank my lucky stars to be living here to- such a high value to other’s opinions. As a day, 'cause the flag still stands for freedom, and result, we lose the ability to just be, enjoy they can't take that away.” – Lee Greenwood our freedom, and to find inner peace. We become easily distracted and reactive to the am a patriot to the core and have a opinion and actions of others. heart that bleeds RED, WHITE and How do we get to a place of peace where BLUE. Tears stream down my our mind and spirit are free and we are enface and chills coarse through joying life? When I ponder this, I envision my soul when I hear Lee a fast moving stream. In a stream there are Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” each salmon that frantically swim upstream to Independence Day. I have nothing but the spawn. There are also fish that grab a hook upmost respect and gratitude toward the with an easy meal as the current rushes them men and women who have sacrificed so downstream. Both scenarios end poorly much for our great nation. It is because of for the reactive fish. Then there are those their bravery and unselfish actions that we trout that sit calmly in the stream not fighthave been afforded the freedom and liber- ing against the current or grabbing an easy ties we enjoy today. meal from a hook. In order to feel a sense of I often wonder why, if so much has been freedom and peace, we too need to be just sacrificed for us, we allow the opinions and like the trout … able to sit unaffected by the actions of others to control us? It goes much environment outside ourselves. deeper than a physical bondage; we are acIt is a concept that takes practice to tually held captive by our own mind and master. If we can, we will be free from the spirit, and as a result, lack peace in our life. actions and opinions of others. They will Our First Amendment right allows us to no longer drive us to either love more or speak freely. While it gives us the ability to less. Instead, the amount of love we feel express our thoughts, opinions and view- in our hearts will dictate the amount of points, it also allows others to do the same. love we extend to others. When we have Opinions of others coupled with the social mastered this, only then will we truly find media era in which we live, can leave us freedom and inner-peace. We will be able stressed, worried, envious and insecure. We to sit still and just be, like the trout in the are constantly flooded with information stream.You owe it to yourself, give it a try that our minds use to compare and judge and let freedom ring! By Kristine R. Cataldo, MSCIS, MAed


Words from Bubba … The fruits of nurturing By William “Bubba” Paris


lot of people have a sense of not belonging because of the nurturing they received during their life.They are fish being taught to climb a tree. They try, out of obedience and a willingness to please, but it’s not natural to them. Their nurturers can even give them a false sense of ability and purpose.This causes them to be reactive. They have no natural internal compass to navigate by. They seek validation from others, because a fish has no natural way to evaluate how well it’s climbing a tree. They go through life with a sense of struggle; nothing is natural to them. They never quite achieve the greatness they deserve because they are living someone else’s vision of them and not God’s design for them.

Effective nurturing doesn’t change, it enhances. Each person possesses natural tools to manipulate the world.These tools abide in our nature; pure, precise and perfect for our purpose. Our nature is the innate inner knowledge and the design instrument of its expression. An acorn possesses the genetic data and aptitude necessary to become an oak tree. If you plant the acorn in fertile soil and make sure the conditions are right to grow, it will produce an oak tree. An acorn doesn’t try to become an oak tree. It’s in the nature of an acorn to naturally produce an oak tree. When it first breaks the soil, it may look like a weed, but it’s not, it’s an oak tree. Later it may look like a bush, but it’s not, it’s an oak tree. As it gets bigger, it may look like an apple tree, and you prune it to produce apples.All the pruning, nurturing and wishful thinking won’t make an oak tree produce apples, it’s not in its nature to do so. So it is with people.

Living life by design, not by default

The nurturing of this uncontaminated potential will manifest purpose. Nurturing can only produce greatness when you understand the person’s nature and cultivate what is naturally in them. In our fundamental nature, we have the seed for greatness. This seed will produce the fruit of its own creation. When we are properly nurtured, we make a contribution to the world that is a reflection of our nature. When a person is the product of someone’s misguided nurturing and not the cultivating of their true nature, they can find themselves living life by default and not by design.This unconstrained cultivating can cause the person being nurtured to feel unfulfilled and out of place. Remember, you were born perfect for your purpose – it’s in your nature to be successful. If you find yourself struggling and unfulfilled, it could be a result of bad nurturing. God doesn’t make mistakes.

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July – September 2015


Photo by Maria Tavares


July – September 2015

delta community

Home Goods for Less Taking the time and money out of shopping By Kimberly Horg


hopping around for the perfect item to put into a home can take time and money. Two sisters found a way to cut back on the time it takes to shop around while also making more affordable home items readily available for local customers. Brentwood and Oakley residents Melissa Christensen and Frances Allen realized while decorating that there was a need for a swap site that sold strictly home goods. Allen has always had a passion for taking old furniture and giving it new life, so this is just another extension of her hobby. She recalls her sister coming up with the idea after she purchased a table in need of much tender loving care. The sisters felt other swap and sale sites were inundated with clothes, baby toys and DVDs, so the two created a site for re-loved home decor and home good items in August, 2012. Soon realizing other swappers were also tired of the same old-same old, the “Re-Loved Home Goods” Facebook site took off. It is a membersonly site with people who live in the area. How it works is members post a picture of items with basic information including location,

price, size and dimensions of the furniture and if it’s from a pet-free/smoke-free home. Those who are interested comment on the item and then discuss pickup privately through private messaging on Facebook. If the person passes, then the item goes to the next person in line. If it's not furniture, home décor or home goods – its not allowed.This is a way it differentiates itself from other swap and sale sites. Christensen offers tips for buyers and sellers alike, which include being fair with pricing, offer items in good condition and to be kind. “This makes the experience worth while,” she said. According to Allen, it is not a business; it’s just two community members trying to help the public, giving the community a place to sell home goods and furniture. “It’s like a treasure hunt! On top of that, I've met so many friendly people in our community,” Brentwood resident and customer Sandy Wheeler said. The site has grown in popularity. A year ago it announced it would have to shut down the site unless it got volunteers to help. It needed people to check for spammers, add people to the group and delete items that are on the “no list.” “Thankfully the swappers didn't want the

site to shut down and they stepped up! Without them, we couldn’t continue this wonderful journey,” Christensen said. She says she likes running the site because not only is it fun, but she has been able to furnish her own house on a decent budget. Although she loves finding great deals on furniture, Allen equally gets pleasure out of helping others. A few months ago a single mother was in need of a working fridge and had little money to work with. One of the swappers stepped up and asked for a fridge to be donated, plus other home good items. In one hour, this mother had what she needed and it was delivered to her the next day. “Our community is extremely generous and it shows in examples like this all of the time,” Christensen said. Additionally, it is an easy way to sell unwanted items in exchange for money.The sisters say it is far less work and time to do than a garage sale.

Go to Facebook and type Re-Loved Home Goods Swap and Sale. Rules are posted and membership must be approved by site administrators. July – September 2015


By the Grace of God: A man of second chances deacon, and Felix Golden is the Pastor). We connected on Facebook and I went to Bible study hen you enter His that Wednesday and I’ve been here Presence Church in ever since. Pastor Nova George Brentwood, Gabriel “Gabe” Miller helped train me in the Makinano, Sr. is standing at the church. doors of the sanctuary with a big You’ve made the best of second warm smile.While his stature can chances. What do you love about be imposing, his spirit is gentle, mentoring at-risk kids? I live for but life hasn’t been as easy for this kids. I want to show kids uncon46-year-old, as his forthcoming ditional love and that there are no presence. strings attached. Born in Antioch, raised in Your name means “a messenger Oakley, Gabe, who is Filipino of God.”You’ve sent one heck of a and Mexican, was born into a message to your family. Yes, almost world of abuse, gangs and alco10 are members (of the church) holism. He had his first drink at or have visited. My Uncle Hector age seven and was already carrycame to Bible study and said afing a shotgun by age 14. Dreams terwards, ‘either my nephew is full of becoming a firefighter would Photo by Maria Tavares​ of s**t or this God is for real,’ after quickly dash and the title of gang Here with his wife Mary and their newborn baby Elijah, Gabe Makinano was born into a world of abuse, gangs seeing me praise God. (Laughs) and alcoholism. member would replace them, but You are a father of five, KeshoGabe knew there had to be more to his life. With a the trigger and was angry when nothing happened. na, 30, Gabriel Jr., 22, Dante, 17, Anthony, 15, and failed marriage, suicide attempt and a possible nine- After that I started doing meth heavily, got arrested Elijah born 4/15/15 with your wife Mary. You’ve year prison sentence looming, Gabe would receive a and was facing a nine-year joint suspension for gang been clean 11 years. What’s your next goal? I’m one message in his jail cell that would begin his transfor- and drug activity.While in my cell, I cursed God and of the facilitators for M.O.V.I.N. (Men of Vision Imasked him to show me if he was real because I was pacting Now) and I’m a certified family intervenmation for the better. You grew up in an environment of violence and tired. I felt this presence hold me and a voice say ‘are tionist, so I’d like to minister to men in prisons. I’m gangs. When did things really start spiraling? I was you finished?’ The judge showed me mercy and al- preparing to write a testimonial book called “Food 4 injured and facing possible termination. I was in though a corporal tried to give me a life sentence, I Thot.” I just want people reading this to know that deep depression and my brother was using drugs, so had God’s favor and served only 16 months. if it weren’t for the grace of God on my life, I would What led you to His Presence church? It was Mike have never known he was real. I asked him to leave. We got into a bad fight and I hospitalized him. I didn’t want to live after that, so I Valdez who was in the gang life with me in the 80s. You can follow Gabe on Instagram@gvmaki or went into a field and put a gun in my mouth, pulled (Valdez is now Associate Pastor where Gabe is head visit By Felicia Purcell



July – September 2015

Good Old-Fashioned Family Food!

Have a Beary Happy 4th of July! Breakfast Served All Day Lunch Quick & Satisfying Dinner Comfort Food Classics








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July – September 2015


Protecting hair from summer heat By Emily Wesolek


he summer months are upon us and we all know it gets extremely hot out here! More often than not, our hair changes with the seasons, and just like we protect our skin and eyes from the sun’s damaging rays, we also need to do the same for our hair. Here are a few tips on how you and your family can help protect your hair while you’re having fun in the sun. One great product I personally love to use, even when it’s not 90-plus degrees outside, is a leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners not only help detangle your hair, but they also help protect from the sun, because many of them have thermal protectants inside. They’re also great when you’re in and out of the swimming pool (or any body of water) to protect from pool chemicals and salt water.You might notice when you eat or drink anything with too much salt or sodium that it dries out your skin and prevents moisture and hydration from going to where it’s needed. Leave-in conditioners help replenish moisture and hydration, leaving your hair feeling soft, silky and not so dried out. While you’re out lying by the water or after swimming, spray leave-in conditioner throughout your hair. For best results, comb through hair after spraying with leave-in conditioner. A great leave-in conditioner that I love is Regis DesignLine’s Ultimate Radiance LeaveIn Conditioner, which can be found at Hair16

July – September 2015

delta beauty

Masters (nearest locations in Brentwood, Antioch and Danville). This leave-in is amazing because not only does it take out tangles and add moisture, but it’s great for all hair types, people of all ages (young children to older men and women), and both men and women can use it. Many mothers come to have their children’s hair cut, and always ask about using something on their hair to make it look and feel better. I dread having to sell one product specifically for the kids and one specifically for the parent’s more “mature” hair, but with this leave-in, mom, dad, brother and sister can all use it, not to mention it’s great price! It also smells wonderful! Another great product to use is a serum or oil. This also helps coat the hair and further protect it from the sun, as well as helps to add moisture, shine and makes hair exceptionally smooth and silky. My favorite serums are Regis DesignLine’s Silk Drops and Biolage Exquisite Oils, because they are great for all hair types and can go on hair that is both wet and dry. I usually suggest putting the serum on the hair while it’s wet, so while the hair dries, all the good ingredients help make your hair shiny, smooth and moisturized. When put on dry hair, only use a small amount and focus putting the serum on the ends of the hair, since that’s where hair is usually most dry. So get down to your local salon and stock up on hair products to help protect your hair from those harsh UV rays. Your hair will be grateful and feel wonderful.

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July – September 2015


Becoming one with the whales Whale watcher extraordinaire By Kimberly Horg


o swim with the whales, listen to them sing and talk is something most people don’t get the chance to experience. The opportunity to study the animals on a regular basis is a journey Urmas Kaldveer undertook with a passion. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, Kaldveer spent his days growing up in Menlo Park. He earned his bachelor’s degree in zoology with little interest in the ocean. Later he received his master’s degree in medical microbiology and Ph.D. in higher education and social change. While on a road trip to Bodega Bay, he noticed a sign to University of California, Bodega Marine Lab. He then found out about a position for a collector and for the next two years, Kaldveer says he emulated the life of Jacques Cousteau. His research began around The Farallon Islands off of San Francisco, then in the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California, Monterey, Hawaii and most recently the Sea of Cortez. In 1992 he was asked to develop 18

July – September 2015

and direct a research plan for Pelagikos, World Marine Research, a new, non-governmental organization, so he suggested whale monitoring/photo-identification on a 1984 sailing schooner for a lab platform. “I have come to realize that they are the other animals on this planet whose consciousness has evolved beyond simple species survival,” he said. “I love that they too are aware of ‘self ’ and have developed a culture of their own that may also ponder the universe in which they live.” According to him, whales are tranquil, non-aggressive, highly intelligent as well as personable. He noticed while swimming with them, they were curious of him as well as aware of his position in the water and did anything to avoid an accidental nudge. He warns others that nearly all species of whales are endangered at this time; partly due to mankind’s hunting practices, but also affected by water pollution, harsh non-ambient sound created by ships, geological testing and military defense technology. Commercial fishing is a factor because many are entrapped

Photos by Urmas Kaldveer Kaldveer says that whales are an important part of the ‘food web’ in the oceans, as are all the creatures on the planet. He adds that we are just beginning to recognize the full impact the whales have within that biosphere.

each year in fishing nets and struck by boats and large commercial ships that travel the same areas the whales use to migrate. He says education is key to saving the whales in order to raise each generation knowing the science and logic behind evolution and why each creature should be seen as a contributor. “Whales are an important part of the ‘food web’ in the oceans, as are all the creatures on the planet. We are just beginning to recognize the full impact the whales have within that biosphere,” Kaldveer said.

The creatures release tons of rich nutrients into the seas by defecation. It provides a source of material for the phytoplankton (the photosynthetic plankton) to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, a major factor in oceanic and atmospheric gas balance. Kaldveer’s other lifelong passion was for teaching, “to share knowledge, broaden students’ visions and challenging preconceived notions.” He taught everything from biology to chemistry to environmental science, anatomy, field biology, marine biology, California history, Russian history and contemporary American history at a community college in Northern California from 1973 until he retired in 2009. The biggest and most important job he has ever had has been helping guide and mentor his two children Kersti and Zack. Unfortunately he recently suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer, so his medical bills have limited his ability to continue his work. Donations are gratefully appreciated and can be made to him at MioSah, C/O Susan Janssen, 106 Canyon Dr., Ukiah, CA 95482 or his GoFundMe site at http://www. For more information on his work visit www.

July – September 2015


delta dining

Corner’s Tavern which keeps a fun atmosphere. Corner’s has a long list of wines and 16 different beers on tap, most of which are local craft. No need to worry about parking either, as it’s plentiful and complimentary on’t let the name fool you. While Corner’s for diners. Next time you’re looking for a memTavern in Walnut Creek may conjure up orable dining experience, try Corner’s Tavern. ‘pub’ or even those western saloons of yesteryear, Visit them at and make don’t hesitate to make a reservation for date night, reservations online. brunch or just to have a drink, because this place is more than a tavern on the corner. The staff is tenured and knowledgeable in their menu, and will justifiably brag about the best (and most important) fact about the establishment – the food, which is truly amazing. Pecan-chip smoked chicken is as aromatically yummy as the potato gnocchi is colorful; the charred asparagus with burrata cheese, caper and Meyer lemon-olive oil mousse is unique and absolutely delicious; the incorporation of apple and bacon into their chops is bold. During the day, they open their massive garage doors just enough to make indoor and outdoor seating seamless. While dining inside, you'll find yourself staring at interesting artifacts throughout the restaurant that pay ode to the building’s history (a bank was once a tenant, look for pennies in the flooring). These remnants are also concentrated in intriguing display cases next to the full service bar – all of By Steve Kittel Photos by Maria Tavares



July – September 2015

Jerry’s Hot Dogs By Stephen Kittel Photo by Charleen Earley


ant to sit down for dinner but the kids just won’t wait that long? Well, just because you need food fast doesn’t mean you want fast food, but rather a place that will impress the kids and serve as a quick and easy dinner. For a casual and comfortable place, try Jerry’s Hot Dogs and Gyros in Antioch off Delta Fair Blvd. It’s the kind of place where the family can get a little rowdy and no one will notice. When the food arrives, you will feel validated as your family’s mouths’ water. They offer the usual burger fare: chili cheese fries, chicken strips, even gyros, but the hot dogs are worth going for any time of the day.This is not your average hot dog, since it’s about a foot long and comes with whatever you want on it – it can be quite a meal. But the burgers are great too, with bacon crispy not burned, toasted buns and fresh condiments. There are many regulars here who try to keep it on the down low, but we’re blowing the lid off this secret East Bay establishment. Give Jerry’s a try. I’m confident you’ll likely become one of those regulars.

Floating has never been so fun and functional around her neck and not pop off and hit her in the nose while swimming Courtesy of San Joaquin Lifestyles Magazine backwards. When she told her close friend Debra May about it, the perfect name floated to the top. “Deb came up with Nekdoodle and oey Zucchelli finally had it with using Styrofoam kickboards while we liked it. It stuck,” said Zucchelli, a swimming and exercising in the pool, lifelong swimmer, born in San Franciswhen out of the blue water it occurred co, raised in Stockton. “We researched everything and my father cut out the to her – almost like having a V-8. She came up with a functional floa- shape on his table saw. We both jumped tation device, something that would fit in the pool to see if it worked, and by golly, it did!” The two started their company in 2010, creating an aquatic floatation device that cushions and supports the head and neck while performing water fitness. They said it’s designed for recreation, relaxation and aquatic therapy in and out of the water. Sold online and through trade shows and conferences, it retails at $34, and sold for $29.95 on their website with free shipping. Debra May and Joey Zuccheli's fl otation device Nekdoodle was While everyone ennamed last year by the Safe Sound Family as Top 50 Water Safety courages the two to products. Story and photos by Charleen Earley


Joey Zucchelli relaxing with Nekdoodle, the perfect recreational pool fl oat. Use it for fl oating, as a kickboard or for water aerobics.

take their Nekdoodle to ABC’s TV show Shark Tank, they feel it would be phenomenal exposure, but giving up equity in their self-owned business does not appeal to them at the moment. “This is a full-time job for both of us,” said May of Stockton, and hails from Orinda. “The joy is seeing everyone enjoying the product, especially using it in aquatic therapy and as equipment. It’s a great swim aid for adults and children, great for aerobic exercise and a great aquatic collar. And to work with a friend (Zucchelli) is awesome!” Nekdoodle is lightweight (less than a pound), will support up to 300 lbs., made of soft, durable vinyl-coated foam, is permanently buoyant, salt and chlorine-resistant, and doubles as an aerobic kickboard, floatation device and even a seat cushion. “Last year we were recognized for our contributions to the Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute, with the Dolphin

Award,” said Zucchelli, whose company is also associated with and supports the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. “Our slogan is ‘Make Sense Every Time You Swim!’” They are excited to have some big names own a Nekdoodle, such as first U.S. Gold medalist with the 100 meter backstroke, Adolf Keifer, educator, author and world-class competitive and long distance swimmer, Dr. Jane Katz and most decorated U.S. Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps. Great for professional and recreational use, boating enthusiasts, pool and spa owners, even people on cruises, Zucchelli and May are currently working with the U.S. Coast Guard to get Nekdoodle legally approved to be a coast guard certified safety device. “We were named last year by the Safe Sound Family as Top 50 Water Safety Products!” said May. Visit July – September 2015


delta wines

Photos by Charleen Earley

(L-R) Ang ela King (nex t to husb and) went to school with Bran di Glanville, Sue Anderso n, Joseph Smith who is owner of his own wines, Klinker Brick , Ann ette Nelson with Tyso n Rippey, co-owne r of Lodi Vintners.

Cellar Supervisor at Lodi Vintners, Brian Montgo mery gets Brandi Glanvill e to show her fl irty side.


July – September 2015

Brandi Glanville with George Kinimonth of Stockton, CA, holding a package of his homemade D/G Sea Salt Oil Scrubs that he gave to Brandi.

Jen Martinez, a nurse, with good friend Jennifer Narberes, both traveled an hour away from Antioch to meet Brandi Glanvill e and enjoy great wine.

Deborra h Jaim e Ram irez of Napa with Wild Rose Oliver of Brentwood, CA from Equestri an Center in Knig htsen.

(L-R) Lodi Vintners co-owner Tyson Rippey, Brandi Glanvill e and wife Jenni Rippey. Tyson and Jenni invited Housew ife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanvill e to the Lodi Wine Tasting Room on June 6, 2015, to promote and sell her new wine called "Unfi ltered Blonde," a 2013 Sonoma County Chardo nnay. Hundred s of fans stood in line all day to purchase a bottle of her wine, get an autogra ph, hug and fun, unfi ltered conversations with the Housew ife celebrit y. Brandi's wine won a Silver in Label and a Bronze in Taste from the Los Angeles Internat ional Wine Competition. Tyson & Jenni Rippey are partner s with Brandi Glanvill e's Unfi ltered Blonde.

, (L-R) Selina Ramirez , Peter Ramirez , Jaime Ramirez , Erika Ramirez came Vintners Lodi of er co-own Jenni Rippey and Tyson Rippey, and from Napa to meet Brandi Glanvill e and enjoy friends, family wine togethe r.

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en munit y Kitch m o C ' s s e T t a y online at ket Purchas e u ic b T r o e c 3 n 7 a 3 v d .5 A 00 ., c a ll 800.8 d R r u o lf a B k itc hen .c om on m r a f y it n u w w w.c omm

ssion, er flowing with pa ov s ie or st of e m nc him such as To s are an abunda re ie fo od be el rs m te ri hy w tc y song has | His ca ABOUT JES SE thy and honest y. Much like legendarDan Wilson and Jon Brion, Jesse d pa es like shows an vulnerability, em ern day influenc many television od in m d ed an ac , pl g n u en ians, o Y h The Kardash His music has be Pett y and Neil it W g. p lin U el g yt in or p st e e r de fo Voice, K e. proven his aptitu s, including The al ci er m m ! cable catalogu co /E V T as l M el e w th d as , an networks ymbalt a .COM Nickelodeon, C l, il B d n a CHTMUSIC a A n a M E Giuli S S E W W W.J 24

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Freelance Writing & How To Be Published



at Liberty Adult Education Center! From AUG 6 - SEP 24, Thursdays 6 - 8 p.m., $50, Section 069133 It's never too late to learn! Love to write? Want to be published in magazines and newspapers? Learn how to become a freelance writer, pitch stories to editors and ultimately get published and paid! Charleen Earley, publisher of Delta Living Magazine, is a 15-year freelance writer and taught high school journalism. She currently writes for The Record and SF Chronicle.

Kellee’ Maranz, M.A. MFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT 46894 Integrative Mental Health Care - a whole person approach bringing together the wisdom of world healing traditions and modern science. • Treatment for Depression and Anxiety • Creating and Healing Meaningful Relationships • Life Balance & Stress Management • Marriage and Family Therapy • Grief Counseling • Work and Career Issues • Addiction & Recovery • Eco-Psychology & Other Groups Now Forming

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Jury duty or root canal work? By Walter Ruehlig


uilty as charged, your Honor! Recently summoned for jury service, I squirmed with the news in the way reserved for invitations for root canal work, tax audits or rectal exams. The appellation jury ‘dooty’ kept coming to my mind. In fact, I had déjà vu, recalling the inventive Vietnam War stories of potential conscripts going to their physicals after feverishly running up and down long flights of stairs, or taking Dr. Bizarro pharmaceutical concoctions to, hopefully, cause rejection. Not that excuses would help. Judges have heard them all. About the only dispensation I saw came from medical conditions, for those in full time school, or having just started a new job. Regrettably, my taking a Pilates class wouldn't cut it. I flirted with the idea of saying that I didn't do well sitting for long periods, but even the sequestered verdict rooms have adjoining rest rooms. In the end, I threw in the towel when the gal who had commitments from her dog-walking business got no sympathy. Seems now that the draft is abolished, with paying taxes aside, jury duty is the most arduous job citizens are required to do – save conscientious objectors like the Amish or conservative Mennonites. Short of driving a buggy, lots of luck deferring, though some libertarian’s scream and holler at forced service being a form of involuntary servitude. The odds? Some people seemingly never get on the list. I, though, have been called six times over 26

July – September 2015

the last 20 years. Twice, per instruction, I called in the night before and was told my group was dismissed. Twice I went to Martinez and sat around before a morning dismissal. As rampant horse-trading goes on to settle cases without trial, bring a laptop, good book and coffee thermos to supplement the court puzzles and magazine shelf. Now, twice on my summons, a trial has in fact proceeded, I got sent upstairs mid-morning with about 60 people subject to possible interview. They whittle it down to 12 and two alternates. Each attorney has a given number of refusals as they determine if you’re likely to impartially deliberate the facts of the case. This is where a few people get their contrived release by acting as spoilers, so loathsome to being there, that they would not be cooperative. Some actually act like plain jerks, being terribly difficult. You can see through a lot of it; like the ‘I don't believe in the process’ (well, what’s the alternative I ask; using a roulette wheel to determine guilt or innocence?). Refreshing news though, these very self-consumed people are the rarity. So this last time I was finally chosen. Having now served, what is my take on the whole process? Call me a booster. It’s one of the few conventions in our political landscape where commonplace citizens are exalted, with their opinions and everyday experiences valued. Granted, mistakes are made and commonsense is occasionally hijacked by a clever attorney using smoke and mirrors. Generally though, the facts and the prescription of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ win out over emotion and artfulness. After all, two heads

are better than one and here we have 12. As for the argument of judges ruling, they too are human. In the end, the process of peer judgment worked. It was a vintage American story with a diverse group of ‘commoners’ coming together with a shared goal of reaching justice. I felt good too, about what I had personally done in not fighting the process to the end, but in accepting the call of duty. It felt akin to giving blood. I also met a bunch of interesting people and will have another story to tell the great grandkids. My shared drama was a two-fold allegation; a case of stolen goods found in the defendant’s car and alleged forced entry into a tool shed and home. The defendant surrendered in an adjoining yard saying the stolen goods in his car were the property of a homeless guy sharing his car. He vowed that the house they stopped at was chosen because his car was overheating and that they needed coolant. His friend allegedly said he happened to know the people in the home they overheated at and that he had ongoing permission to enter their home. Few dull moments in the court chambers! Who knows, too, when one of us might be called to testify or to bring someone to court. So summoned, we would only hope for the fairness of the jury system and that Perry Mason lives on.

July – September 2015


When grandma speaks, inmates listen moved to Paris, Texas at age 10, and in 1942, her family moved to Brentwood, CA, where she worked the apricot hars this all there is to life?” is what vest. From there they moved to StockBillie Moore asked herself at age ton so her mother could find work as a 48.At that time, she was a divorced mother waitress. “When I searched back from my childof two grown kids, working as a security hood, it turned out that I have lived in 78 officer for the police department. diff erent places in my life. My daughter “I remember feeling very sad at the time. I was working a street corner for the thinks I should be in the Guinness Book department,” said Billie, now 85 and now a of World Records,” said Rev. Billie, who Reverend. “I thought about how my chil- currently lives in Gilroy, CA; Janice lives dren were grown and I had left nothing of in Sedona, Arizona, and her son Mark, myself to society. After work I went home lives in Morgan Hill, CA. Rev. Billie graduated from Rhema and fell on my knees and cried out to the Bible College in Oklahoma, received her Lord for help.” The next day her daughter Janice called. pastoral license in 1984, and has been a Janice was a recent born-again Christian who wanted to spend time with her mother, so she invited her mom to church. “I thought, sure, I’d go to a lecture with her!” said Rev. Billie. “And the preacher started preaching from John 3:16.” Growing up a country girl, Rev. Billie always heard the ‘hell-fire-and-brimstone’ message and was told by others how the church was hypocritical and only wanted people’s money. “That day in church, the pastor made an alter call and I found myself on my feet. I even had to climb over my daughter’s feet. There was no way I would’ve done that on my own, so I knew the angels helped me do it!” she said. “I accepted Christ as my Savior that day on January 9, 1977, when I was 48-years-old,” she added. Billie Moore at her daughter Janice Baudat's First born in Arkansas, Rev. Billie wedding, along with her son Mark Moore.

By Charleen Earley



July – September 2015

Reverend ever since. Soon, she became a missionary to the Philippines, but locally, she’s spent the last 23 years ministering at the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff Marsh Creek Detention Facility (MCDF) in Clayton, CA. “In the beginning, there were 300 inmates, now it’s down to 68, but only between six to 10 of those come to service now,” said Rev. Billie. “Out of the 23 years, I’ve only missed five services, four of them because they were in lock-down, or the bridge was flooded or there was an electrical outage. Once was because I got lost, which I hate to admit, but there was a blockade, and in trying to find another road, the delay made me too late!” Rev. Billie holds a non-denominational church service one Friday a month. She said they listen to her intently. “They seem to be willing to receive from grandma!” said Rev. Billie. “They’re very attentive.” The spry Rev. Billie also runs a Bible study at her senior complex in Gilroy on Thursday nights, but plans to retire from the men’s ministry at MCDF this year. “It’s getting really difficult for me to drive in the winter and at night,” she said. Over the past 23 years of ministering to the men at the MCDF, Rev. Billie has had enough memories to fill a book. One such memory always makes her smile. “For some time I lived in Oakley, then Antioch, during which time I would occasionally meet one of the former inmates at a store or even at church. Of course, I always told them which church

Photo by Charleen Earley Rev. Billie Moore of Gilroy, 85, has done prison ministry for the last 23 years. Before working with inmates, she was a missionary in the Philippines.

I attended and invited them to come,” recalled Rev. Billie. “But in 1989, I moved to Auburn, CA to help a new church get started. One evening, as I was going to a nearby church for their Good Friday service, and from some distance away, I heard my name being called and a man standing near the church waving his hand. As I came closer, it turned out to be one of the former inmates from Marsh Creek, over 100 miles away! What a surprise that I should be remembered. As it happened, his grandmother lived in Auburn too.” When asked to share her favorite Bible scripture, Rev. Billie thought for a while. “There are numerous scriptures I considered, but I kept coming back to the scripture that caused me to first believe in Christ,” she said. “John 3:16 – ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whomsoever believes in Him, should not perish but have eternal life.’”



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Coming out of the shadows Contributed by the John Marsh Historic Trust


or 159 years John Marsh’s 7,000-square foot sandstone mansion has stood largely unnoticed. Tucked among the foothills of Mt. Diablo at the end of a long, dusty driveway off Marsh Creek Road, the site has been mostly of out of sight, out of mind since the last tenants moved out in the 1960s. All that is changing. Construction could begin this year on an extension of the Marsh Creek Trail to within a few hundred yards of the historic building, and the Contra Costa Community College District’s new campus is slated to open within sight of the house in 2017. “It’s not going to be something people have only heard about any more,” said Trust Executive Director Rick Lemyre. The house’s emergence from the shadows has also attracted new support for the John Marsh Historic Trust’s efforts to restore the house and open the park. In May, the S.H. Cowell Foundation awarded the Trust a $10,000 matching 30

July – September 2015

Photo by Rick Lemyre Equine residents of Sparrowk Ranch in the Marsh Creek State Park graze for breakfast near the John Marsh Stone House, shrouded in trees in the background. New grants are helping the effort to restore the house and open the park.

grant for operations. A fundraising effort is underway to match the grant. Cowell has provided the Trust an additional $50,000 in grants in previous years, and helped make the park possible in the first place by selling the land for a third of its value. The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) has also just contributed with a $1,000 grant to pay for educational materials. The DAR’s Mt. Diablo Chapter sponsored the gift, the second DAR donation in two years.The Anne Loucks Chapter in

Martinez contributed the proceeds of its annual luncheon in 2014. Also, the City of Brentwood has awarded a $3,000 Economic Development grant to help with this year’s Heritage Day event. The free public event is set for Oct. 17, and will include historical, cultural and educational presentations and activities. “We’ll also be able to build a lot of awareness and support for the park thanks to Cowell, the DAR and the City of Brentwood,” said Lemyre. “We thank them for their generous support.”

To learn more about the effort to save the Marsh house and open Marsh Creek State Park, stop by the Trust information booth at one of these upcoming events. Oakley Cityhood Celebration, July 4, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Freedom High School Soccer Field, 1050 Neroly Road, Oakley. Trilogy at the Vineyards Brentwood Festival, July 18, from 1 to 5 p.m. at Trilogy, 1988 Sacred Mountain Lane in Brentwood. Harvest Time Festival, July 11 & 12, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Brentwood Community Center and City Park, Oak and Second streets, Brentwood. Stone House Heritage Day, Oct. 17 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Marsh Creek State Park, Marsh Creek Road, Brentwood.

Contributions to the Trust’s drive for matching funds can be made through its website, The Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For more information or to arrange a free presentation for your group, e-mail

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Breaking bad one bean at a time John’s life of redemption, restoration and roasting last October. “About three years ago I was duced to roasting by my Pastor Ben Joyce wner of Big House Beans in in Danville,” he said.“I tasted coffee for the Antioch, John Krause made bad first time without anything in it. I could choices in his life that landed him in jail, taste all the different flavors and thought several times, several prisons and for sev- ‘WOW!’ It was very intriguing and I coneral years, but he also made some good tinued to fall in love with coffee.” He also fell in love with Jesus along the decisions along the way, which changed way. his life. John spent a total of 12 years behind “Just because I made bad decisions in bars between the ages of 14 and 29, servthe past and felt hopeless, doesn’t mean I was hopeless, because God is able to do ing time for drugs, evading arrests and for us, what we cannot do for ourselves,” high-speed chases. Paroled in 2011, he said John of Bay Point, a 33-year-old who found his rock bottom. “God took me from being homeless, started his own coffee roasting company

Story and photo by Charleen Earley



July – September 2015

out of prison with $5 and no clothes, I had three displaced kids from three mothers, I was in a marriage, got divorced – God took all of that, all of those circumstances that usually took me back to a life of drugs, and he gave me the ability to refrain from going back to that lifestyle,” said John. “He led me to a church that surrounded me and taught me a new way of life.” He said they discipled him and taught him how to live. “They loved me until I learned how to love myself,” he added. “In that process, that little bit inside me gave me hope and that hope got bigger and bigger. I was able to find employment, start my own business, get custody of my three kids, get remarried, discharged, and started another business, Big House Beans.” His wife LeeAnn partnered with him in his coffee roasting Antioch business (located near Costco) and accepted his two boys and a girl, ages 8, 8 and 17, as her own. “She’s amazing! She works the management and retail end of Big House Beans and she’s going to school on top of all that,” said John, who is also active in a 12-step program. The couple attends Soma San Ramon Valley church in Danville and John currently mentors at Restore, a men’s recovery home in Concord dedicated to transforming the lives of the addicted poor. His coffee business is unique in that “it’s more personal,” he said.

“When you walk into a big-chain coffee place, there’s no personality, it’s a very cookie-cutter approach to the industry,” said John, whom you’ll find at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. “Who are they? Where are they in the community and how are they making a difference? I didn’t start this business comparing myself with others – I went into this wanting to make a difference in what I really believe in.” John, whose favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 (paraphrased ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’), said he employs and trains ex-cons, creates more jobs for others and allocates portions of his proceeds to rehabilitate and facilitate re-entry efforts back into the community. His specialty coffee beans are roasted by hand and to order, and sold wholesale and online. John carefully selects beans from

Photo by Carol Young

John Krause with wife LeeAnn and his two sons Johnny and Brodi at Todo Santos Plaza in Concord, CA.

around the world and works directly with each client to select the right beans for their establishments. Transformed from a life of bad decisions and jail, John says today he looks completely different. “I think it comes from my restoration. I talk different, I dress different, I care more,” he said. “I want to be transparent about my past and create opportunities about my story of redemption and to give hope to others.” His mantra is simple.

“Everyday I wake up, I put God first and make sure I’m putting myself second or even third. I try to love others, especially my wife, to love her better than the best. She’s amazing and I know it’s the right thing to do.” He doesn’t talk about his past all that much. “I don’t go around saying I’m an ex-con unless it comes up in conversation,” he said. “The big idea about Big House Beans is to break the stereotype people have about ex-offenders.”

Big House Beans

#morethanjustcoffee Rejoice Coffee Company, LLC 1925 Verne Roberts Circle Antioch, CA 94509

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delta laughs

Dumming down of American writers

funny side up

One writer’s quest to defend those who hate to spell correctly, but love to communicate proficiently

When communication trumps spellcheck By Charleen Earley


know what you’re thinking, or at least some of you. In your headline word ‘dumbing,’ where’s the ‘b’ and why the extra ‘m?’ Sure I saw the red squiggly red line Microsoft Word automatically placed under it, to warn me that it’s allegedly misspelled. I just ignored it. But honestly, is it really misspelled? Who says? Webster? Did you know that there were 315 misspelled words in Webster’s 1996 dictionary? Webster! Dude, really? You’re killing us. Did you also know the Oxford English Dictionary (considered the “last word on words” for over a century) was created in 1857 by the Philological Society of London, a nonacademic organization to boot, by enlisting hundreds of volunteer readers to copy down unusual usages of so-called unregistered words? Nice work James A. H. Murray. Back to my word dumming. You understood the message, right? I ba34

July – September 2015

sically used my journalistic license and spelled the word phonetically. Remember when you were learning how to spell back in the third grade and you stumbled upon a word you had no clue how to spell? What did your mom or very old and greyhaired teacher tell you? That’s right … “sound it out.” Hello phonetics. I’m told the English language is one of the most difficult languages to learn. If the ‘b’ is silent in the word ‘dumbing,’ then why is it needed in the first place? Take for example the homophone word there. Homophone words sound the same, but have different meanings. And here you thought Spanish was difficult. Their words were spelled that way, because they’re the ones who wrote them and there is no wrong or right way to spell them. Explain that one to your third grader without getting a WTF look on their face. For the record, ‘WTF stands for why-the-face. Now enter (stage left) texting on cell phones. Many parents, educators and just pissed off peeps hate to see those condensed words from texting

teens and now texting adults. They call it a form of dumbing down too. But is it really dumbing down or speeding up? In the text message ‘i wil c u 2moro cuz im bizy 2day,’ is the message ambiguous, vague or abstruse? Not at all. You understood it correctly, right? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with Gregg’s Shorthand, remember that? It’s what your mom used when she was a secretary back in the 50s and 60s. Named after John Robert Gregg (1867 – 1948), he was an Irishman who invented a form of stenography in 1888 at the tender age of 21. He created a style of writing similar to cursive longhand, completely based on elliptical figures and lines that bisect them. It was highly used in the business and reporting world, mostly for speed. Really? People needed to speed things up in the writing and business world back then? Maybe texting in abridged words is more about saving cellular (billable) minutes for T-Mobile users, but it’s also about speed and communication. Does that make it bad or wrong? Does that make Gregg a dumbingdown-dude for teaching us how to

condense words and speed things up? Let’s travel back in time even further to the scribblings of Indians. Check out the birch bark scroll pieces of the Ojibwa (yah this is a tough one … sound it out … “oh-jib-way”) Indians of North America who wrote complex geometrical patterns and shapes. Their writings enabled the memorization of complex ideas in order to pass along history and stories to succeeding generations. Clever, right? I wonder if they had spell-check back then? Did they have a dictionary to look up words or symbols they needed to communicate? Okay, let’s get back to Mr. Webster himself. Noah Webster (1758 – 1843), notably known for his creation of the dictionary in 1806. He was a lexicographer (oh goodness here’s another toughie, pronounced “lek-sə-ˈkägrə-fər”). My question is, who died and made him Sir King Word Speller? Did you know that the word “misspell” wasn’t introduced into our vocabulary until 1655? Before then, I’m sure they simply wrote … hey, that don’t look right! My point is this. Texting with butchered English words is not so bad

after all. Lighten up all you who have master’s degrees in English and communications, who won every spelling bee contest grades K through 12, and who never got an essay marked up so bad, the red markings could not be deciphered between ink or blood. Now before you judge me, know this. I’m a high school journalism teacher, a magazine publisher and a freelance writer for daily newspapers and magazines. Spelling correctly is my J-O-B. Some might argue the burden falls more on my copy editor’s electronic pen than mine before it goes to press, but let’s just say hypothetically I turned in copy riddled with spelling boo-boos. My editors would not be so inclined to give me more work. They’d probably call on writers who have some big fat Webster’s dictionary sitting on their desk or online. Bottom line is this – I believe spelling is vastly important; especially when you’re reaching the masses. But the next time your fifth grader shows you his essay, before you speed dial the Sylvan Learning Center, just be proud he sounded it out and spelled it “fonetically.” Charleen Earley is Publisher of Delta Living Magazine, a freelance writer, humor columnist, high school journalism teacher and stand-up comedienne. Reach her at

July – September 2015


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Photo by Cha rlee n Earl ey (L-R) Trilo gy at the Vineyard s Brentwo od mem bers Trish and Mar k Rafferty, Karl a Rafferty, Suzette Burd t, Elen a Mon aha n, Hal and Gai l Was hau er enjoy a “kill er” eve ning at Tess’ Com mun ity Farm Kitc hen , Murder Mys tery Dinn er on Apr il 25, 2015 . See ww w.C omm unit yFa rmK itch for eve nt deta ils.

Photo by Carol Young n (Ginge r) and Chris SasKathlee Ann), (Mary or Villaseñ Maria ), Skipper (The (L-R) Brent Wolter l (Mrs. Lovey Howell) at the Sasville (Profess or), Steve (Thursto n Howell III) and Renee Honnel fundrai ser on April 25, 2015. Party ay Castaw Island ’s Gilligan Life, for Relay ies ville Propert

Photo by Beth Gro ssm an, Brisb ane, CA "Jus t bac k from our loca l farm er’s mar ket. WOW! Loo k at all of this orga nic prod uce for $32 .00. Sup por t you r loca l farm ers. They take such goo d care of us. Ema our cat agrees ," said Beth Gro ssman .

Photo by Carol Young Melinda Lamb (Ginger) with Captain Frank Morgan (The Professor). DJ/Karaoke provided by CC Amato Entertainment.


July – September 2015

Photo by Carol Young James Mendre k, Kristen Harjo (Silpad a Jewelry) and Yoland a Mendre k enjoy the Sasville Properties Relay for Life, Gilligan’s Island Castaway Party fundrai ser on April 25, 2015.

Photo by Cynthia Ruehlig The January 2015 issue of Delta Living Magazine traveled all the way to Paris with Walter in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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