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CURRENT events CODA begins consumer deliveries

Photo courtesy of CODA

A few early reservation holders in California were handed the keys to their new 2012 CODA - an all-electirc five-passenger, mid-sized sedan. The company says the new EV is expected to be available at 40 dealerships across North America by the end of 2012, starting at $37,250. In California, federal and individual state tax savings and credits bring the price down as low as $27,250, while available.

Watching our dealers deliver the first vehicles to customers is an incredibly fulfilling milestone. All three [of the first] customers share our conviction that advances in technology can help solve the energy challenges that have weighed down our economy and our environment for decades, and we’re thrilled to have them help bring us one step closer to fulfilling our founding vision. -Phil Murtaugh, CODA Holdings CEO

CODA boasts a best-in-class EPA range rating of 88 miles per charge - up to 125 miles depending on driving habits - and an industry leading 10-year, 100,000-mile limited battery warranty.


West Coast Electric Highway powers up

The first phase of the West Coast Electric Highway, a network of EV charging stations that will eventually stretch along Interstate 5 between the Canadian and Mexican borders, opened for business in southern Oregon. The project was overseen by the Oregon Departments of Transportation and Energy, using $915,000 in federal stimulus funding. Spaced at 25-mile intervals along I-5 in southern Oregon, each of the eight locations has two charging stations, including one DC fast charger, which can provide a full charge for an EV in less than 30 minutes. Plans call for 40 more stations to be operational in Oregon and Washington by the end of the year. AeroVironment, a California company that makes a variety of high-tech products, provided the chargers. Drivers can gain access by signing up for AeroVironment’s Charging Network online or by phone. The company will offer free charging for a limited time.

As the first state in the nation to establish an EV charging infrastructure along a major interstate, Oregon is leading the EV pathway and supporting adoption of the next phase in the evolution of transportation. Once Oregon’s segment of the West Coast Electric Highway is completed, EV drivers will be able to travel from Ashland to Portland at a fraction of the cost of filling a gas tank and with no direct emissions. Pat Egan, chair of the Oregon Transportation Commission

CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine APR/MAY 2012  

CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine APR/MAY 2012

CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine APR/MAY 2012  

CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine APR/MAY 2012