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Lilly scoops Top Award

Cork Company of the Year Awards 2021

Paula Cogan, President of Cork Chamber with Mags Brennan, Head of Business Banking at permanent tsb at the launch of the Cork Chamber Q2 2021 Economic Trends, sponsored by permanent tsb. Photo: Darragh Kane

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It is with great pride that we celebrate the Cork business community in this second edition of Chamberlink 2021. We have Eli Lilly, our Cork Company of the Year, standing alongside category winners, Altada, Granite and Zyte. We have the valuable paradigm shift of doughnut economics, the game changing potential of offshore wind, and our Global Conversations series which kickstarts to life with Chicago as our first port of call. Dr Naomi Masheti shares her thoughts on what diversity, equality and inclusion should mean to business in 2021. In this edition we also celebrate pride week and our own endeavours to create a meaningful DEI legacy. Our events schedule has been full and rich and we cast an eye over recent highlights, while pressing ahead to our Golf Classic and Business Breakfast Live with Michael McGrath alongside the Sustainable Cork Programme webinar series and Maximise Your Membership. I am delighted to note that the Sustainable Cork Programme has won a Chambers Ireland Award and we look forward to pushing and evolving the programme over the coming months and years. The Cork Digital Marketing Awards are firing up and our Skillnet team have an eye on sustainability and an active autumn programme.

We welcome permanent tsb as the sponsor of our Economic Trends, which shows business confidence at an outstanding 90%. It is clear that despite extreme adversity our business community is as full of optimism, ideas and action as ever. Finally, thank you to you our members for your support. I hope that you have a safe and joyful summer.

Conor Healy Chief Executive, Cork Chamber. T +353 (0)87 9471858 E conor@corkchamber.ie Fitzgerald House, Summerhill North, Cork, T23 TD90.



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Lilly Scoops Top Award


In Conversation with Cork Company of the Year 2021


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Inclusive Cork


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Sustainable Programme wins Cork Chamber was named the winner of the Most Successful Policy Campaign Award at the Chamber Awards 2021. The awards, hosted by Chambers Ireland and sponsored by Zurich, recognise the outstanding work of chambers of commerce throughout the country in supporting local, regional and national business. They also provide an opportunity to share successful event ideas, campaigns and policies that have contributed to the development of chambers and business more broadly. Cork Chamber was named the leading chamber in its category for its Sustainable Cork Programme – Building Economic Resilience. This programme designed a vision for a more sustainable and resilient Cork which encompassed the UN Sustainable Development Goals and mobilised the business community. It included an inspiring webinar series, SDG-focused advocacy, circular education programmes and a significant SME energy pilot with Energy Cork. Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland Ian Talbot said, “Chambers have been incredibly active over the last year adapting to change, overcoming challenges and, most importantly, supporting their members. While it has been a year like no other, our judging panel was hugely impressed with the quality of work that was delivered throughout this period. “Cork Chamber’s victory in the Most Successful Policy Campaign category is richly deserved and I’m very pleased to congratulate them on their success. There were many close contests at the awards this year and Cork Chamber has demonstrated just how important fine margins can be.”


Conor Healy, CEO and Paula Cogan, President of Cork Chamber as they launched the Sustainable Cork Programme. Picture Darragh Kane

On receiving the award, Conor Healy CEO of Cork Chamber said, “We are delighted to receive this award for our Sustainable Cork Programme. The recognition is testament to the work and dedication of the Cork Chamber team, the commitment of our board of directors and the engagement and foresight shown by our motivated and active members.” “The Sustainable Cork Programme sets out a vision for a more resilient future for our region, brought into focus through the lens of the United Nations SDGs. The determination of our community to work together and use current challenges to energise and motivate change for the better is a powerful and inimitable trait. We at the Chamber are very passionate about our city region and are proud to champion Cork as a great place to live, work and invest.”

Director of Corporate Life and Pensions at Zurich Ireland, Joe Creegan commented, “Zurich is delighted to once again support the annual Chamber Awards. It is more important than ever to acknowledge the excellence of the Chamber network and the resilience of their members as they continue to support local economic development. We are proud to be associated with these awards and to support the important work Chambers undertake in fostering a vibrant business community of all sizes and sectors across Ireland.”


For an Inclusive Workplace In 2020, The Financial Times (FT) ranked Cork as the 6th best small European city in terms of its economic potential. In the same report, FT also labeled the “South-West” region of Ireland as one of the top European regions of the future.1 Given these projections on Cork’s potential to become an integral hub for global business, it is clear that more and more people from all over the world will be considering this city home – bringing their diverse cultures, languages, ethnicities, abilities and ideas along with them. It is essential, therefore, that employers strive to foster diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) within their workplaces. Here at Cork Chamber, we are committed to doing just that. This year, we are endeavoring to improve our own DEI policies and practices, as well as to assist our members on their own DEI journeys. Here are a few things we have done thus far: • Launched our Diversity Statement on CorkChamber.ie • Became the first not-for-profit organisation to sign the Inclusive Workplace Pledge sponsored by Business in the Community - More information on this new and important initiative can be found at www.bitc.ie • Proudly sponsored Cork Pride Week and the Diversity and Inclusion Conference • Developed and distributed a DEI survey to gauge our members’ progress/stance on these important issues as well as conducted several interviews with key members to discuss DEI on a more in-depth level We have also committed to do the following: • Actively engage with groups such as the Cork Migrant Centre, Nasc, NCE Outreach as well as other social enterprises • Coordinate the promotion of multicultural and minority work placements among member companies • Continue to advocate for a progressive and welcoming

• • •

policy and legislative environment Balance our board diversity with those of international and minority backgrounds Explore diversity and anti-racism in the workplace training for our member companies Establish diversity and inclusion working groups made up of Chamber members

It has been proven time and time again that having a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace strengthens an organisation’s bottom line. In fact, a 2019 McKinsey report showed that organisations with high levels of diversity are 15% more likely to see “above average financial returns” than organisations with lower levels of diversity.2 Other studies have shown that organisations which foster DEI have lower employee turnover rates3, increased levels of innovation and higher performance rates overall.4 These facts show that not only is strengthening DEI in the workplace the right thing to do, it is also the financially responsible thing to do. We hope that by gaining a better understanding of where our members currently stand on the issues of DEI we will be able to tailor our support to the areas where we are needed most. The Cork Chamber DEI journey is under way and we are excited to learn, grow and evolve with our members throughout the process. Together, we can continue to make Cork a welcoming place for business. 1 The Financial Times Ltd. (2020) “fDi European Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/21.” February/March. 2 Dixon-Fyle, S., Dolan, K., Hunt, V. and Prince, S. (2019) “Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters.” McKinsey & Company, 18 May 2020. 3 Aramovich, N. and Chrobot-Mason, D. (2013) “The Psychological Benefits of Creating an Affirming Climate for Workplace Diversity.” Group and Organization Management, 38(6): pp. 659-689. 4 Ammad, A., Hossain, M., Lokman, M. and Muhammad, A. (2020) “Do LGBT Workplace Diversity Policies Create Value for Firms?” Journal of Business Ethics, 167(4): pp. 775-791.


sponsored by


Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Conference July 30th 9am to 2pm

The Cork LGBT+ Pride festival is delighted to present the 2021 Work With Pride Diversity and Inclusion Conference, which is a key event during the 9-day Cork LGBT+ Pride Festival. We are delighted to have Ibec onboard as title sponsor for the Work with Pride D&I Conference, and to welcome virtual attendees from over 35 companies and organisations who are all invested in creating and maintaininga Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) inclusive workplace. We are also very grateful to all of our session sponsors, Accenture, Energia, Cork Chamber, MTU, and VMware, without whom we could not deliver this event. The Work with Pride Conference will give business the skills to better support and create a safe and welcoming workplace for those who may identify as LGBT+ in the workplace. While many employers and organisations are well underway with establishing diversity and inclusion programmes, others are just getting started and that’s ok!

So, what can businesses do to better support and create a safe and welcoming workplace for those who may identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning or allies (LGBT+) in the workplace? •

Establish Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Create LGBT+ Inclusive Policies and Practices

Create and maintain demonstrable support from executive leadership

Create an inclusive environment for all employees, including LGBT+ employees

Ensure employee benefits include and support LGBT+ employees and families

Facilitate D&I Training, not just to tick the box or to avoid legal situations

Support local LGBT+ charities and events that benefit the community

Don’t make assumptions, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, don’t be afraid to ask

We’re all allies, let’s all support each other, that’s how we make change real

Set realistic D&I goals and measure them

Register now online at www.workwithpride.ie or by following the link on www.corkpride.com Agenda & Schedule of events can also be found on the website, or by scanning the QR code.


Inclusive Cork by Dr. Naomi Masheti, Cork Migrant Centre Diversity & inclusion has been part of the discourse in policy, academia, businesses, and organisations in the Irish context for the last decade. The Black Lives Matter movement, which is one of the most significant civil rights movements of our generation has brought issues of social and racial justice to the fore across the globe including Ireland. Why is it important for Cork businesses to be part of the conversation about diversity and inclusion? Well because Cork is one of the most diverse counties in Ireland and home to major global corporates attracting a wave of leading investors and a diverse talented group of people. Cork County is home to 42,000 migrants which ranks it second to Dublin according to CSO statistics (CSO, 2016). All of us Corkonians have a shared humanity that should unite us just as we have been united on topical issues such as climate justice and the Covid-19 pandemic. Cork was named as the ‘Friendliest city’ in Europe and ranked as one of the top 25 European Cities of the Future 2018/19 by Financial Times fDi rankings in 2018. We are already doing well but we need to do better. In the words of Maya Angelou “Do The Best You Can Until You Know Better. Then When You Know Better Do Better”. How do we do better? No matter what size your business or what industry you work in, you can support diversity and inclusion through your commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a pathway to social inclusion and sustainable livelihoods. The goal ‘Decent work and Economic Growth’ for example has spill over effects on goals: ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Gender Equality’ among others. These are some of the ways in which you can achieve this: Create a diverse workforce: Adjust your recruitment process through automations, blind screening, diverse panels etc to reduce racial/ethnic

biases and prejudices. There is a huge body of literature that highlights the benefits of a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce does not necessarily translate to inclusion. Inclusion is about creating a work environment and culture that enables ALL employees to participate and thrive. What this means is that there are equal opportunities for progression and that you have put in place metrics to measure and track change. For example, out of the people from diverse backgrounds that work in your business, how many of them are in middle or top management positions? Remember ‘You cannot be what you cannot see’. What are the opportunities or challenges identified in regard to job progression? How is your business addressing identified challenges? Inclusion thrives in an environment with clear protocols, procedures and approach to racism and discrimination at the workplace. Desmond Tutu, a South African human rights activist once said “if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” As an employer and leader, it is critical that you lead by example and create an enabling opportunity for inclusion. There has been a lot of work on bullying in the workplace, so there is a template that can be adapted for racism in the workplace. This coupled with diversity and inclusion training for employees is crucial in signalling the business/organisational culture on the issue of diversity and inclusion. Openly supporting charities, if you are in a position to make a financial gesture, is a way of making a stand on social justice issues. Other ways to support charities is by signing petitions for example ‘End Direct Provision’. Lengthy stays in institutionalized settings of Direct Provision Centres have huge psychosocial wellbeing vulnerabilities for men, women and children. These include: poverty; hunger; good health & well-being; quality education;

decent work and economic growth which are all target areas addressed by Sustainable Developmental Goals. Working towards ending direct provision centres is therefore not so detached from the application of SDGs on the ground. Offering opportunities for mentoring, internships and education scholarships also ultimately creates an enabling environment for equality and equity. There is no quick fix to ‘Doing Better’ on diversity and inclusion. It is a developmental process. The onus is on you as an employer, and colleague to educate yourself. There are plenty of resources out there and the people themselves are a great resource. This is not so different from your marketing agenda. How diverse are your clients or service users? If your services or products are directed to a diverse demographic, then it makes business sense to learn about those that you know least about. It is about inclusiveness, but it is also about SMART business sense. Friday Junior Osemwekhae one of the Youth Mentors at the Cork Migrant Centre Youth Initiative Against Racism stated that ‘Big companies and small businesses should not be afraid to collaborate with people from migrant backgrounds. Some could be more Cork than local Corkonians while others might be diverse but seasoned with different valuable and interesting profitable approaches. The way I see it the Irish helped build America, so why not let migrants return the favour here. Migration is not exclusive to the Irish abroad or limited to the new Irish here today. Genuine collaborations will only strengthen cultural relations within the country, unity to better your home, Ireland in this case is a universal norm for all of us’.



Supporting Businesses to be Climate Ready Garrett O’ Rourke, Training Network Manager shares his insights on the training support opportunities available for businesses to become more sustainable. The impacts of climate change are becoming ever clearer both in Ireland and globally. No matter the region or industry, businesses are taking action to ensure their resilience in a changing world by analysing their levels of sustainability and their impact on the environment, underpinned by the Governments Climate Action Plan 2019. It is my firm belief that businesses who proactively address environmental challenges such as climate change will safeguard our natural resources and environment while driving lasting competitive advantage. Here at Skillnet Ireland we are proactively delivering programmes that will enable businesses to be Climate Ready. Minister Simon Harris T.D. and Minister Eamon Ryan T.D. recently launched Climate Ready, a five-year national climate initiative designed to equip businesses with the skills they need to respond to climate change. It was a welcome move for those in the training industry as we had been calling for an initiative like this to assist our members in making the transition to a more sustainable way of doing business, now and into the future. At a local level we at Cork Chamber Skillnet have been working to identify opportunities to provide practical and accessible supports for SMEs in Cork. We have recently engaged the expertise of Real Insights, Market Research Agency to conduct further research into the Sustainability Training needs of SMEs. The report, to be launched soon, will analyse trends, identify obstacles that businesses are facing on the journey to becoming more sustainable and explore the sustainability training currently on offer. The second phase of this research will incorporate a survey

where we reach out directly to YOU, our members, to help us identify potential sustainable skills gaps where we can support you with the training you need. Keep an eye on your inbox and social media. Your participation in this survey is crucial and we encourage you to engage with us. Cork Chamber Skillnet are delighted to co-sponsor the Sustainable Cork Programme Webinar Series. Initiated by Cork Chamber in 2020 at the height of the Covid Pandemic, the Sustainable Cork Programme set out a vision for a more sustainable and resilient Cork. The sectoral Think-Tanks along with a public survey that garnered over 800 responses formed the basis of the Building Economic Resilience report where a clear and progressive vision for a better Cork was identified. Within this report climate action, innovation, skills and training feature strongly, which is where Cork Chamber Skillnet and Skillnet Ireland through Climate Ready can play a formative role. In my view training is the key to future proofing our region and this report, in the context of the pandemic, highlights the need for that type of support from progressive leaders in the community. Cork Chamber is well-positioned to assist in this regard. Along with my colleagues in Skillnet Ireland and Cork Chamber we are here to support you on this journey and move forward with ambition and purpose to drive what we know will be a thriving Cork city region in the coming years.

Climate Ready

Equipping businesses for the Green Economy Climate Ready, an initiative from Skillnet Ireland, offers leadership and skills support for enterprises who want to develop their operational and strategic sustainability, includes: • Training on how to reduce energy waste, deliver cost savings and protect the environment. • Expansion of the Water Stewardship Programme, which helps businesses reduce water consumption. • Online courses. • A series of educational engagements with sustainability experts. For further information on this exciting national climate initiative from Skillnet Ireland visit: https://www. skillnetireland.ie/climate-ready/

For further information on Cork Chamber Skillnet activity and the Sustainable Cork Programme visit www.corkchamber.ie



Floating Offshore Wind Critical to Economy, Climate and Reputation Thomas Mc Hugh, Director of Public Affairs at Cork Chamber discusses the competitive international seascape and potential to set ourselves apart. The development of largescale renewable energy generation is critical to Ireland’s competitiveness, climate credentials and international reputation as a progressive state. There is huge potential for Ireland. A resource assessment of the Celtic Sea outlined in the Cork Harbour Ready to Float – Offshore Wind 2025 report shows the potential for the development of up to 50GW of floating offshore wind capacity. This equals 11% of the European Union’s required offshore wind energy target to achieve decarbonization of our energy systems by 2050. The costs of offshore wind energy generation have fallen sharply over the last decade. Reasons include improving technologies, economies of scale, increasingly competitive supply chains and growing developer experience. In the UK, the costs of new offshore wind has fallen by 50% since 2015 and is now one of the lowest cost options for new power in the country, cheaper than new gas and nuclear power. This tipping point was not expected to be reached until around 2030. Looking again to activity in the UK, the global leader in the development of floating offshore wind, the British government has set a target of 1GW of floating wind capacity by 2030 and will invest £160m (€185m) in offshore wind projects to achieve its target of 40GW of offshore wind by 2030. Hywind Scotland the world’s first floating offshore wind farm has reached the highest average


capacity factor for any wind farm in the UK for its third consecutive year in 2020 (57% which compares to an offshore wind average in the UK of around 40%). The Kincardine floating wind project off the coast of Scotland, which is set to be the world’s largest so far, will test a ground-breaking proposal to generate green hydrogen offshore. As ever in this fast paced sector, every development breaks new ground, pushes the boundaries of what was considered possible, and paves the way for greater output and efficiency. While bottom-fixed installations are limited to coastlines with low water depths and favourable seabed conditions, floating offshore wind has seemingly unlimited global growth potential. Floating offshore wind forms an integral part of ambitious renewable energy generation plans of other European states. The French government plans to install 8.75GW of offshore wind from 2022 to 2028. 2021 and 2022 will see three 250 MW floating wind projects progress in Brittany and the Mediterranean. Italy’s first 250MW floating offshore wind farm is progressing in the Mediterranean. The German government has recently raised its offshore wind

For Ireland, 6.3GW of domestic offshore wind by 2030 would support approximately 12,000 direct and indirect jobs

capacity targets to 20GW by 2030 and 40GW by 2040. For Ireland, 6.3GW of domestic offshore wind by 2030 would support approximately 12,000 direct and indirect jobs in the domestic supply chain with a Gross Value Add (GVA) impact of circa €2 billion for the period 2020-2029. Cork Harbour is perfectly positioned to support the development of this sector due to its geostrategic location, existing port capacity, regional connectivity and availability of a highly skilled workforce. Skills are critical and the National Maritime College of Ireland and MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy in Ringaskiddy provide access to training and academic research that is optimally tuned for the offshore wind industry. This potential of Cork Harbour as a strategic enterprise hub for offshore wind is being actively recognised by investors. Irish developer Simply Blue Energy has plans for a 1GW floating wind farm, called Emerald in the Celtic Sea and have recently entered an agreement with Shell to make it happen. In addition, Irish Mainport Holdings has purchased the €13m survey vessel Mainport Geo to service the industry. Green Rebel Marine, are positioned to service the future need of offshore wind farms, moving from strength


Cork Harbour should be designated as a strategic hub for floating offshore wind projects under the Ireland 2040 National Development Plan.

to strength with investments from aerial survey planes to infrastructure. DP Energy is currently developing its first Irish offshore wind farm worth an estimated €1.76 billion off the Cork coast and are partnering with Iberdrolla on a total of 3 Irish projects. Meanwhile EI-H2 have just unveiled a €120m plan to develop green hydrogen generation powered by offshore wind, representing the apex of renewable potential. These are strong votes of confidence in Cork as a developing offshore wind hub. However additional investment from government is required to unlock the true potential. Floating offshore wind must be specifically catered to in the Renewable Electricity Support

Scheme without delay. 5GW by 2030 should not be a target to be hit or missed, it should be a minimum threshold. Cork Harbour should be designated as a strategic hub for floating offshore wind projects under the Ireland 2040 National Development Plan. Zoning in Cork Harbour for land use activities in support of offshore wind in the upcoming Cork County Development Plan 2022-2028 is essential. Steps to support the development of this sector should include a review of supports for the development of port infrastructure. The British government has just recently announced a £200m port infrastructure fund.

In short, the value of floating offshore wind to the state has never been higher in economic terms or more critical in environmental terms. The sector is rapidly evolving and with a focus on delivery Ireland can play a leading and globally significant role. The Climate Action Plan to increase the country’s offshore wind capacity to 5GW is only the start point and must be achieved and surpassed with flair.

The current foreshore regulatory regime presents challenges on administrative, legal and technical grounds and must continue to be simplified with active industry participation to ensure it is clear and workable. The Marine Area Planning Bill must be considered priority legislation and carefully moved through the houses of the Oireachtas and accompanied by a clear and confidence inspiring National Marine Planning Framework. The establishment of the Marine Area Regulatory Authority is a positive step but momentum must be sustained.



Doughnut Economics shows how we can build thriving economies and societies It is almost a cliché now that the pandemic has created a new normal and that we cannot go back to old ways of organising our economy and society. Just as Keynes warned that “the difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones” we may be too optimistic about the extent to which we can break past habits and structures. One aspect of our economic mindset that will be difficult to change is our addiction to growth as our measure of economic success. Think about how we most commonly discuss the impact of the pandemic. We measure it by the decline in GDP. We hope for a rapid recovery measured by the time it takes to get back to previous levels of economic activity. Irish and international governments express the hope that the debt incurred to support citizens and businesses through the pandemic will become manageable by rapid GDP growth reducing our debt/GDP ratio. So this fixation with economic activity and the relentless rise in GDP becomes something we take as given, without asking why we need or want a perpetually growing economy. In her 2017 book, Doughnut Economics: Thinking like a 21st Century Economist, Kate Raworth presented a new approach in which our economies should work to serve society and people. Her ideas are gaining attention and she challenges many of the long-established touchstones of economics.


President Higgins has encouraged Ireland to embrace the doughnut as a way of designing a more sustainable and just post-pandemic society. The Doughnut Economics approach places the economy within the context of society and environment. It sets an economic objective of meeting the needs of all within the means of the planet. The economy is not an end in itself but serves society to enhance wellbeing. Our economies need to be redistributive and regenerative by design, and leave behind the idea that a growing economy is the solution to greater inequality and the climate emergency. We need to replace rational economic man as our idea of how people operate in reality and instead recognise that people are social and adaptable. The pandemic has shown us the extent to which people rely on and are interdependent of each other. Kate Raworth also argues we need to be agnostic about economic growth, instead of addicted to it. This means we need to shift from envisaging economies that need to grow whether or not they help people thrive, to economies that help people thrive, whether or not they grow. One of the obvious implications of this is that persistent growth in GDP needs to be replaced as the primary measure of economic success. Just as modern businesses now assess performance using a range of metrics or a balanced scorecard, it is sensible to consider a range of indicators for a well-functioning and thriving economy and society.

Dr Declan Jordan Senior Lecturer in Economics at Cork University Business School

The doughnut is a way of thinking about the elements of a thriving society in a sustainable way. The inside of the doughnut represents the extent to which we are underproviding the needs of all citizens, including access to clean water, energy, enough food, quality healthcare, housing, decent work and a living income, social equity, and gender and racial equality. These are the social foundations. Outside the doughnut represents the extent to which we are overshooting the planet’s environmental boundaries, including air pollution, biodiversity loss, climate change, ocean acidification, and ozone depletion. This provides an ecological ceiling. Between the social foundations and ecological ceiling is the safe and sustainable space for a thriving economy and society that enhances the wellbeing of all citizens. Increasingly we are seeing the doughnut concept applied at the level of the city. Amsterdam and Brussels are using the doughnut to


rethink their approaches to urban development. Using this concept the city becomes more than an engine of economic activity for its region, but instead a place where people can thrive. People in the city are healthy, connected, empowered, and enabled. Decent jobs and incomes, strong communities, safe spaces, equality in diversity, access to education, access to healthcare, and good quality housing are the elements that make a city thrive whether or not it is growing economically. The city is designed for the wellbeing of the people living there rather than seeing a city as a source of labour, ideas, or markets.

Though it has yet to gain traction at a lower level of aggregation, the doughnut is potentially a useful way for managers to consider a more sustainable business model. They would be prompted to ask what it would mean for their business to thrive, what would it mean for their business to respect the wellbeing of people worldwide, and what would it mean for their business to respect the health of the planet.

goal of economic progress rather than seeing them as consumers or workers in an economic system. More importantly it is way of reframing economics to cope with the new local and global challenges. You can read more about Kate Raworth and the Doughnut Economics concept at https:// doughnuteconomics.org/aboutdoughnut-economics.

The strength of the doughnut as a new way of economic thinking is that it challenges the economic ideas that emerged from models of unconstrained growth and unlimited natural resources. It puts people and their wellbeing as a


Cov e r Story

Lilly Scoops Top Award Eli Lilly Awarded Cork Company of the Year 2021. This year marks the twenty-third year of the awards. The coveted Cork Chamber awards, which are sponsored by Vodafone Ireland, were presented at a ceremony livestreamed by media partner The Irish Examiner. There is no shortage of vision and ambition in Cork and our winners show exemplary ability to innovate and evolve to meet the changing demands of our modern world. There was a remarkably high standard among our finalists in each category and that is testament to the outstanding business culture in our region and its importance for our local and national economy. Cork Chamber announced the overall winner of Cork Company of the Year 2021 as Eli Lilly along with the 4 individual category winners. • • • •

Cork Emerging Company of the Year - Altada Cork SME Company of the Year - Granite Cork Large Company of the Year - Zyte Cork International Company of the Year - Eli Lilly

Paula Cogan added: “It has been our pleasure to provide the platform for these awards for 23 years now and to witness the numerous success stories we have seen from finalists in that time. Throughout this year’s judging process, it has been inspiring to see companies enthusiastically embrace the issues of sustainability, climate action and diversity, and therefore play an active role in making our communities more resilient, and ensuring Cork is a great place to live and work. True leadership calls for visionaries, for change-makers and for disruption to our norms and I congratulate our winners today for the valuable contribution they are making to Cork and our country.” Michael Smith, General Manager at Eli Lilly and Company GBS Centres in Cork, Kuala Lumpur & Mexico City said: “Winning the Cork Chamber Company of the Year means so much to us because it recognises the efforts of so many people over the years to make Lilly Kinsale and Cork what they are today. We have a quote in Lilly that we hold very dear, it says “take what you find here and make it better and better” It’s a piece of wisdom that our founder, Colonel Eli Lilly passed onto his son J.K. Lilly as he joined the company over 100 years ago. It has truly been a Team Lilly effort and it is such an honour and privilege for Todd and myself to represent that, in accepting this award.”


Todd Winge, Vice President and General Manager, Eli Lilly Kinsale commented: “We are delighted to be chosen as winners of the Cork Chamber Company of the Year Award for 2021 - it is a such a well-deserved tribute to work of the wonderful teams at both sites. Cork is an excellent place for business and Lilly has thrived here for forty years, thanks to the talented people who joined us on that journey. We have exciting plans for continued growth in both Kinsale Manufacturing and the Cork Global Business Solutions Centre as we work together to bring the next generation of Lilly medicines to patients around the world. The future for Lilly in Cork looks very bright!” Elaine Collins, Vodafone Ireland added, “We are excited to once again be part of the Cork Company of the Year. These awards showcase the very best of business talent in Cork and celebrate outstanding achievements. The past year has brought digitalisation forward by five years, so it is great to see so many Cork companies leading the charge in technology innovation and adoption. Underpinning this is high-speed, reliable connectivity and Vodafone supports businesses all over Cork and nationwide through our joint venture with SIRO to deliver gigabit broadband, and through our award-winning ‘best in test’ mobile network. The future is exciting for Cork and I am looking forward to watching the city grow and thrive into the future, with the support of cutting-edge technology. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of the winners and wish them continued success”.

2021 Judging Panel John Higgins, EY (Chair); Paula Cogan, Cork Chamber President; Ronan Murray, Deloitte & VP Cork Chamber; Conor Healy, Cork Chamber; Elaine Collins, Vodafone Ireland; Frank Walsh, Enterprise Equity; Thia Hennessy, Cork University Business School; Deirdre Waldron, Fuzion Communications; David Owens, Solarwinds; Orla Rimmington, Kernel Capital; Mark Whitaker, Johnson & Perrott Motor Group; Gerard O’ Donovan, MTU Cork; Hugh Smiddy, Tyndall National Institute.

Cov e r S tory




International & Overall Cork Company of the Year: Pictured: Conor Healy, CEO, Cork Chamber; Elaine Collins, Key Account Director, Vodafone Ireland with Todd Winge, Vice President & General Manager at Eli Lilly & Co. Kinsale and Mike Smith, General Manager at Eli Lilly & Co. GBS Centres in Cork, Kuala Lumpur & Mexico City; and Paula Cogan, Cork Chamber President.


SME Cork Company of the Year: Seamus White, Conor Buckley, and Robert Carpenter, Co-Founders, Granite.


Emerging Cork Company of the Year: Sinéad O’Sullivan, Business Development Director and Martin O’Brien, CFO Altada


Large Cork Company of the Year: Shane Evans, Founder & CEO of Zyte.


Pictures: Darragh Kane



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Cov e r S tory

I N Con v e rsation with Todd Winge, Vice President & General Manager Eli Lilly Kinsale and Mike Smith, General Manager at Eli Lilly and Company GBS Centres in Cork, Kuala Lumpur & Mexico City

Describe Eli Lilly and Company Todd: Lilly is a global healthcare leader, and our purpose is to unite caring with discovery to create medicines that make life better for people around the globe. Around the world, Lilly employees work to discover and bring life-changing medicines to those who need them, improve the understanding and management of disease, and give back to the communities where we live and work. Worldwide, Lilly employs over 34,000 people, with 2,000 employees based between our sites in Kinsale and Little Island in Cork.

What does it mean to you to have won the overall Cork Company of the Year award for 2021? Mike: Winning the Cork Chamber Company of the Year is a tremendous honour. It means so much to us because it recognises the efforts of so many people over the years, who have made Lilly Kinsale and Cork what they are today. The team of people who work in Cork and Kinsale are the foundation of all our success, and have been the driving force behind our inclusive, innovative culture where people can be themselves and perform at their best.

What makes your company stand out? Mike: Without a doubt, it is our people and their passion to deliver on our purpose. We do this every day by living our company values of integrity, excellence and respect for people. We adopt a “Team Lilly” approach across all sites and functions in the company, which aims to keep each one of us focused on that common goal and to keep the patient at the centre of everything we do. Team Lilly also defines the culture of our organisation, the experiences we create for customers and employees, and the way we work together to deliver results.

What do you think have been the key attributes to Lilly’s success and growth? Todd: At the forefront of our success has been the ability to attract, develop and retain diverse talent. This has allowed us to expand existing operations, break new ground, and champion

Pictured at the announcement of the Cork Company of the Year 2021 are Todd Winge, Vice President & GM Eli Lilly Kinsale and Mike Smith, GM at Eli Lilly and Company GBS Centres in Cork, Kuala Lumpur & Mexico City. Picture: Darragh Kane Photography

a mindset of continuous improvement. Like all biopharma companies, the need to continuously innovate is also a requirement. The process of inventing and developing new medicines is not a straightforward business – and for every one successful molecule… there are thousands of failures! The talented teams in Kinsale and Cork play a key role in supporting that innovation and turning successful research molecules into medicines for patients around the world.

Outline the impact that your company has on the local economy. Todd: Lilly’s Cork operations have delivered a significant economic benefit to the county since we arrived in Kinsale in 1978. The past decade has seen enormous growth and expansion across both Cork sites, with capital investment of over €1bn in that period alone. We’ve spent over €500m with Cork-based suppliers and we have also created strong links with the local educational institutions at all levels from primary schools to university level. Overall, Cork has proven to be a great place to do business for Lilly.

What has been your greatest business achievement and challenge? Mike: 2020 has been a year like no other, it has tested everyone in new ways, yet the response from our people has been uplifting and highly motivating. We are learning new skills, adopting new behaviours, and taking up new habits that I believe make us better people and better leaders. I feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people who push each other to be better. There is no negativity, simply positive

energy, high motivation and stretch goals that help advance our common purpose.

What is your company doing to promote sustainable initiatives and practices? Todd: In May of this year, Lilly announced ambitious environmental goals for 2030. For climate, we plan to make our own operations carbon neutral. Despite several pandemic-related construction shutdowns over the past 16 months, Kinsale partnered with Waterford company, Enerpower, to construct the largest private, non-grid, solar development in Ireland. The 6.5 hectare installation involves 12,600 solar panels generating 4.5 MW of electrical power at peak output – which will replace up to 65% of the site’s currently purchased electricity and reduce the carbon footprint of the site by 2,000 tonnes per annum.

What’s next for Lilly? Mike: Lilly has a robust research pipeline of potential new medicines, focused on five key therapeutic areas: diabetes, cancer, immunology, neurodegeneration, and pain. There are some very innovate prospects in development, and I’m excited about the opportunities our Cork sites will have in bringing many of those new therapies to patients. In summary, Lilly has a very bright future in Kinsale and Cork, and we will continue to focus on innovation, investment, and people as we strive to deliver best in class outcomes for the millions of patients who depend on us every day.



Digital Legends Wanted

Calling Cork’s best Digital Marketing Legends to once again step up to compete at the hotly contended Cork Digital Marketing Awards These awards celebrate success and recognise the strategic, innovative and creative approaches that businesses are bringing to all digital platforms. Over the last sixteen months digital marketing has been catapulted forward and while its importance was steadily growing for many years the current pandemic has acted as a catalyst placing digital marketing at the core of company growth and even survival. With 19 categories spanning across all digital platforms, and allowing for various sized companies to enter, Cork businesses can showcase their digital innovations and achievements over the past 12 months while demonstrating the impact of digital marketing on business growth. The theme for this year’s CDMAs is Digital Legends and will recognise the dedication demonstrated by business to tackle the challenges head on, rise above and thrive through their digital innovations, legendary ideas, and brave decisions.

Commenting at the launch of the awards Deirdre Griffin, Acting Director of Member Services, Cork Chamber said: “We are really excited for this year’s Cork Digital Marketing Awards. Now in its eight year we believe that recognising and celebrating success is hugely important for teams and businesses. The calibre of last year’s entries demonstrated to us that when faced with unexpected challenges creativity and innovation can flourish and we have certainly seen this across all digital channels”. She continues, “In 2020 we ran our first ever virtual awards ceremony and while unchartered territory it was a huge success with over 300 entries and The Montenotte Hotel crowned overall Digital Titan 2020. We know we have a lot of legends in Cork and are excited to find our Overall Digital Marketing Legend 2021”. We are delighted to have the Irish Examiner as our Media Partner for the Cork Digital Marketing Awards 2021.

Closing Date for Entries is Wednesday, 28th July at 4pm. Keep an eye on the Cork Chamber website for updates and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @CorkChamber. All updates will be issued with #DigitalCork21 Winners and the Overall Digital Legend 2021 will be announced at a virtual Cork Digital Marketing Awards ceremony on Friday, 1st October 2021.

Digital Titan 2020

In conversation with Ray Kelleher, Director of Sales & Marketing at The Montenotte Hotel. What did it mean to you and the team to be awarded Overall Digital Titan 2020? The team at The Montenotte Hotel were so proud to be recognised by our business and marketing peers for such a prestigious accolade, that of the Cork Digital Marketing Awards Overall Digital Titan 2020. We were so grateful to know that the endless hours focused on our digital strategy for the year was recognised. This was a truly fantastic acknowledgement for the marketing and operations team at the hotel for a year like no other when we had to reshape our strategy on so many occasions with all the uncertainty in hospitality.


What advice would you give companies who are thinking of entering the awards? Just go for it…. don’t think twice. Over the years in a number of various roles I have always made a conscious effort to enter these awards. The awards are so well recognised. If you have a digital strategy, one that you are proud of, don’t be afraid to showcase it, you are

showcasing to the best possible audience of professionals, the judging selection panel and Cork Chamber members. We will of course be entering ourselves again. What do you think have been the main benefits of entering the awards? Cork as a business region and community places such a huge emphasis on digital and by you entering these awards you are speaking directly more often than not to your audience. The positive business profiling for all those that are nominated, shortlisted, are finalists and indeed winners is exceptional. It was a huge confidence boost to the team to know that all the endless hours of effort in the digital space was recognised and resulted in the team knowing that they were doing a good job.


Award Categories Best use of Digital by a Start Up. Sponsored by Velo Coffee Roasters.

Best Use of Facebook – less than 20 employees. Sponsored by ClickDimensions.

Best Website – less than 20 employees. Sponsored by Cork Chamber Skillnet.

Best Use of Facebook – 20-50 employees. Sponsored by ClickDimensions.

Best Website – 20-50 employees. Sponsored by Cork Chamber Skillnet.

Best Use of Facebook – 51+ employees. Sponsored by ClickDimensions.

Best Website – 51+ employees. Sponsored by Cork Chamber Skillnet.

Best Use of LinkedIn for Business. Sponsored by Grant Thornton.

Best in Content Creation – less than 20 employees. Sponsored by Cork Chamber Skillnet.

Best Use of Digital Marketing for the Greater Good (CSR). Sponsored by Munster Technological University.

Best in Content Creation – 20 or more employees. Sponsored by Cork Chamber Skillnet. Best Use of Instagram – less than 20 employees. Sponsored by ClickDimensions. Best Use of Instagram – 20 or more employees. Sponsored by ClickDimensions. Best Use of Twitter – less than 20 employees. Sponsored by Cork Chamber Skillnet. Best Use of Twitter – 20 or more employees. Sponsored by Cork Chamber Skillnet.

Best Social Media Campaign. Sponsored by AB Sales. Best Digital Marketing Team. Sponsored by Munster Technological University. Best Digital Marketing Student. Sponsored by Cork Chamber Skillnet. Best Transformation – Traditional to Digital Marketing. Sponsored by Velo Coffee Roasters. Overall Digital Marketing Legend.

Closing date for entries is Wednesday, 28th July at 4pm Enter now at CorkChamber.ie



Global Conversations Our Connecting Cork ‘Global Conversations’ series launched on 30th June, with the first event focusing on Chicago. The series will highlight cities and regions around the globe where there are strong Irish and Cork connections, providing an opportunity for attendees to hear from business and political leaders among the Irish diaspora who are positively impacting the cities and regions they now call home. The support of ‘Team Ireland’ in these global locations is fundamental to creating a strong sense of community for the Irish abroad through our Embassies and Consulates. The DFA diplomatic missions work closely with our state agencies (Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, Bord Bia and Tourism Ireland) to provide support and advice to companies and individuals looking to connect with international markets for trade, investment and tourism.

Connecting Cork with Chicago Speakers on the panel at our recent webinar discussed a broad range of topics, from two-way investment opportunities, to immigration, startups, equality, diversity and talent. A strong message arising from the discussion was the importance of consistent and ongoing engagement in order to build on the relationships that exist between Irish and US networks. Irish companies can expect to find a welcoming business environment in Chicago and there is a strong affinity with Ireland. However, while being Irish may get you in the door, you must be prepared to work at the relationship and have a well-honed value proposition in order to see success!


Two-way Opportunities Chicago is the third largest city in the United States (after New York and Los Angeles) with a population of nearly three million people and a strong Irish community. The city of Chicago is also the county seat of Cook County, which is twinned with Cork County. Strong business sectors in the Chicago area include industrial, agri-food, automotive, life sciences and manufacturing, and the Enterprise Ireland team can offer support and advice to Irish companies looking at establishing a base in Chicago, as well as the broader Midwest and Northeast geographies in the US. IDA has 9 offices in North America, with the Chicago office focusing on sectors such as tech, IFS, life sciences, engineering and emerging business. Over 50 FDI companies are supported by the Chicago office, with these companies employing around 10,000 people in their Irish bases. Ireland’s track record as a stable and consistent location has been to our advantage over the last few years as many companies looked for alternative investment locations following the Brexit vote. Talent is top of mind for potential investors and following the recent establishment of Munster Technological University (MTU), Cork’s status as a twin university city will greatly enhance our value proposition as an investment location. The life sciences sector is particularly strong in the American Midwest. Cork has seen multiple investments and re-investments from life sciences companies headquartered in Midwest, such as Eli Lilly, Stryker, Abbvie. Most recently, the announcement by Accenture of their expansion of their life sciences consultancy operations in Cork, speaks to the enduring strength of the sector.

Katherine Fitzpatrick Director of International Relations

Celebrating Immigrants in the US Fiona McEntee spoke passionately about her advocacy work on behalf of immigrants in the US and her proactive address to Congress on the need to reform the 30-year-old immigration legislation that still exists in the US and is no longer fit for purpose. Irish businesses and individuals were urged not to be shy about exploring their eligibility for the ‘extraordinary ability’ visa (sometimes called the ‘Einstein visa’) which applies to individuals who are at the top of their field in areas such as technology, science, sports and music among others. Furthermore, new opportunities are opening up for immigrants who wish to start up companies in the US, with the reinstatement of the International Entrepreneur Parole Program by the new Biden administration.

Best Practices in PublicPrivate initiatives Bridget Gainer’s 20-year career with Aon has allowed her to fuse a private-sector mindset with her public sector work as a County Commissioner. She outlined a number of examples of how large institutions and public-private partnerships can be forces for good and can help to build a stronger economy as well as helping to ensure that people can live with dignity.


Aon’s Apprenticeship Program launched in Chicago in 2017 and looked to widen the talent pipeline by rethinking the traditional idea of apprenticeships applying purely to ‘trades’. Many companies still require job candidates to have a third-level degree, however not all sectors of society have the opportunity to undertake a degree. Aon questioned whether enough value was being given to candidates with ‘on the job’ experience, and they developed an apprenticeship for ‘white collar’ careers such as financial and professional services. The initiative created a greater pool of potential talent for their business, while also addressing the lack of diversity and equality in the system. The Cook County Land Bank initiative has been instrumental in turning the challenge of vacant land and abandoned buildings into assets rather than liabilities, not by offering grants or funding, but by removing obstacles and impediments to developments, and supporting local developers to add value to the real estate infrastructure.

Cause the Effect Chicago empowers women and girls to effect change as activists and community leaders. It can be easy to overlook socioeconomic groups who have no voice in society, and often young women can be shy about speaking up and sharing their opinions, but equality should be the baseline for ensuring that all voices can be heard, and ultimately, our society is better off and more successful as a result.


D i d Yo u K n o w… ? •

The start of the historic “Route 66” begins in the front of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Chicago has around 600 parks and 8,300 acres of green space!

The 1,451-foot Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) in Chicago, completed in 1974, was the tallest building in the world from 1974 to 1998.

Chicago was the birthplace of the car radio (Motorola) and the TV remote control (Zenith).

Chicago was named America’s Best Bike City by Bicycling Magazine in 2016.

Mary Harris, born in Cork in 1837, was one of the most well-known advocates for justice and workers’ rights in Chicago and across the US, and was known as ‘Mother Jones’.

Some of the resources, programmes and initiatives that our speakers mentioned during the webinar include: •

Crain’s Chicago Business

Chicago Inno

Fiona McEntee Statement to Congress in relation to the startup visa for immigrants

I am an Immigrant

Define American

Cook County Land Bank

Aon’s Apprenticeship Programme

Cause the Effect Chicago

Irish Consulate Chicago

Ireland Network Chicago


U PS K I LLI N G yo u

Funding Available for your Online Training

Workforce planning, people development and strategic innovation is of critical importance. Cork Chamber Skillnet can support you to upskill your workforce online with leading industry training providers via funding from Skillnet Ireland. • • • • • •

Bespoke online programmes for companies Public training courses available online Training Needs Analysis QQI Certified programme delivery Programme design & delivery Skillnet Ireland funding available

W: www.corkchamber.ie/training E: training@corkchamber.ie T : 021 4530141


e mpow e ring yo u














Join our 'Maximise Your Membership' virtual workshop to learn how to maximise your membership through our many promotional channels, in particular, the Member's Area. This virtual session is open to anyone within your organisation, to both our newer and long term members who would like a refresher on how to best utilise the Chamber platforms to continue to promote your brand, stay connected and be informed.

The format for the day will be a 4 Person Champagne Scramble. This event is always a fun, exciting day out - perfect for socially distanced teambuilding, informal networking, corporate entertainment or just a really enjoyable round of golf. We have brilliant prizes lined up to be won on the day and are delighted to announce the return of our Hole-inOne Competition for charity. A very lucky golfer could drive away with a Lexus ES 300h Dynamic.



Cork Chamber's Annual Golf Classic returns in September and will be held in the Championship grounds, Lee Valley Golf & Country Club.

This is a popular event so please register your team early to avoid disappointment and to secure your preferred tee time.


Join us for our Business Breakfast Live with Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Mr. Michael McGrath T.D. Minister McGrath will discuss his role, the global economic landscape, his perspectives on a fruitful economic model for Ireland, and his vision for the development of Cork. In this time of extreme adversity including a pandemic, brexit and climate change assailing economic and societal norms we are creating a legacy with every decision made. With a brief that cuts across all government departments and aspects of state led investment, the Minister holds a position that is nothing short of defining for our short and long term future. Following this discussion members will have the opportunity to meet and network with their 'virtual breakfast table' for the final 15 minutes of this online event.

For more info and bookings on all events visit corkchamber.ie


A SNAPSHOT OF OUR E-SERIES Take a look back at some of our recent virtual events such as our Business Breakfast Live, Sustainable Cork Programme Webinar Series, Cork Chamber CONNECTS Series and many more. We travelled locally and nationally in this virtual world to ensure our members have access to valuable and informative content, networking sessions and plenty of opportunities to build relationships and make new connections.

BUSINESS BREAKFAST LIVE Business Breakfast Live with Jason Hawkins, Group Chief Executive Officer, Carbery Group Jason Hawkins, Group CEO, Carbery Group joined us for our Business Breakfast Live on the 21st April. Conor Healy, CEO, Cork Chamber and Jason had a wide-ranging conversation which gave the audience of over 130 members an insight into the structure of the organisation, new product developments, the steps they are taking to become more sustainable and how they are navigating recent Brexit restrictions.


Business Breakfast Live with Ernest Cantillon, Director of Kinsale Spirit Co, Sober Lane & Electric On the 1st June we were joined by Ernest Cantillon, Director of Kinsale Spirit Co, Sober Lane & Electric. Over 100 members had the opportunity to hear the 'Ernest Story' learning how his businesses started from the ground up and the knowledge he has acquired after many years in the hospitality industry. Ernest also discussed his new ventures in Kinsale Spirit Co and DramX, a platform for tokenized whiskey. This breakfast left members energised and inspired about the future of hospitality and business in Cork! IN ASSOCIATION WITH



Check out our upcoming webinars at corkchamber.ie


WEBINAR SERIES Focus on Youth Employment Following the success of our 2020 series we were delighted to kick off the 2021 series on the 30th April with over 50 attendees. This webinar focused on issues around youth employment and social inclusion featuring enlightening discussions with Karen Hayes, Community Employment Supervisor, Northside Community Enterprises, John Ruigrok, North East Inner City Work Experience and Flash Mentoring Project Officer, National College of Ireland, Marguerite Coleman, Chief of Staff and Ger Collins, Talent Acquisition, Dell Technologies.

Transforming Europe - Exploring the EU Green Deal For this webinar we took an international trip on the 28th May looking at the EU Green Deal, what it means at European, national and local level along with the many opportunites it brings with over 60 in attendance. Our expert speakers included Garret Farrelly, Partner and Head of the Energy and Infrastructure Group and Projects Group in Matheson, Karen Ciesielski, CEO of the Irish Environmental Network and Quentin Dupriez, Policy Officer in the Strategy and Economic Assessment unit of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Climate Action.

Thriving City Regions - Embedding Urban Resilience & Sustainability Our latest webinar of the series took place on the 25th June with over 60 in attendance and explored how urban spaces can be used and designed to promote diverse activities and enhance the character of a location to flourish and thrive. Speakers included Philip Jackson, Director, Academy of Urbanism and Associate Director, Scott Tallon Walker Architects, Stephen Purcell, Director and Co-Head Future Analytics, KPMG and Denise Cahill, Co-ordinator, Cork Healthy Cities. IN ASSOCIATION WITH

Check out our upcoming webinars at corkchamber.ie


Cork Chamber CONNECTS Series Our brand new Cork Chamber CONNECTS Series brought our members on tour virtually. A huge benefit of the virtual world means geography and travel restrictions are no longer a barrier to making meaningful connections with other businesses and likeminded individuals outside of our region. Over the last few months we teamed up with Chambers across the country to provide our members with networking oppor tunities and valuable contacts who are now just a click away!


Check out our upcoming webinars at corkchamber.ie

NEW MEMBERS BREAKFAST LIVE Our New Members Breakfast Live took place on the 27th May with over 30 new members in attendance. Members learned the many ways they can maximise their Chamber membership. It was refreshing to have such a diverse range of companies represented on the morning, ranging from analytical systems to website design to catering. IN ASSOCIATION WITH

LEADERSHIP FORUM LIVE Leadership Forum Live with Mike Smith, General Manager at Eli Lilly & Co. GBS Centres in Cork, Kuala Lumpur & Mexico City and Todd Winge, Vice President & General Manager at Eli Lilly & Co. Kinsale This exclusive event took place on the 3rd June with over 80 members in attendance. We were joined by Mike Smith and Todd Winge fresh from winning Cork Company of the Year 2021. Mike and Todd discussed the changes in operations with covid restrictions in place, how they focus on team wellbeing and the contribution of the team locally along with Eli Lilly’s impact on global health and Cork’s role in this.


THOUGHT LEADERS COUNCIL LIVE Thought Leaders Council Live with Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Mr. Simon Harris T.D On the 15th June over 50 Chamber Partners heard Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Mr.Simon Harris T.D give his perspective on current issues including recent plans to get colleges back after the summer, the next National Access Plan, the importance of apprenticeships and the need for a change in the CAO system. We were also joined by John O'Halloran, Interim President of University College Cork, Denis Leamy, Chief Executive of Cork Education and Training Board and Maggie Cusack, President of Munster Technological University who shared their priorities for education in Cork. Check out our upcoming webinars at corkchamber.ie



FUTUREPROOF YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE HELP OF CORK TRAINING CENTRE Upskilling, reskilling and lifelong learning at core of Cork Training Centre’s innovative Skills to Advance initiative If the last 15 months has taught us anything, it’s that the people of Cork are resilient and can adapt to new situations when presented with a serious challenge. The Covid-19 pandemic inadvertently shone a light on the importance of futureproofing in business, forcing many business owners and employees alike to reconsider their next move. With reskilling and upskilling now the order of the day, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce Cork Training Centre’s (CTC) Skills to Advance initiative, which is aimed at ensuring the continued success of many businesses, particularly in this post-Covid era. One of the largest of its kind in the country, CTC operates under the patronage of Cork Education and Training Board (Cork ETB) and provides a vast range of training courses across a wide selection of industries. With day courses, evening courses and apprenticeships on offer across many different disciplines, including beauty and healthcare, hospitality and information technology, the facility aims to provide further education and training to meet the needs of the local economy. Now that the “home office” has become the norm, the need for further education in specific areas has increased. Outside of this, the majority of workplaces in the

current climate also expect employees to display a certain level of digital and technological competence. With that in mind, CTC has a suite of courses starting in September 2021, which are certain to equip both business owners and employees with the relevant skills required in this digital age. Courses such as ‘Digital Marketing, Python and the range of ICDL digital modules are particularly relevant to improving digital literacy and improving performance and will be suitable to employees in all types of industries. The events of the past year and a half have also challenged those in senior roles, emphasising the importance of insightful and positive leadership. With the status of workplaces continuously changing throughout the pandemic, particularly in relation to the hospitality industry, those in a position of leadership have been faced with an evolving roadmap of expectations and responsibilities. As part of the Skills to Advance programme, the ‘Developing Leaders for Hospitality and Tourism’ course is perhaps now more relevant than ever, aiming to equip learners with the ability to oversee the general daily operations of a hospitality or tourism establishment, including administration, facilities, security and customer experience.

Commenting on the importance of initiatives such as Skills to Advance, Valerie Cowman, Assistant Manager of CTC said:

“Cork Training Centre is dedicated to providing multiple options for further education. Our overall goal is to help both employers and employees to fulfil specific business and career goals. Our needs analysis service provides employers with insightful information regarding the growth potential of their business, while our wide range of courses opens up doors for individuals in search of new opportunities. Furthermore, we supplement our in-house training with a wide range of courses conducted on contract by private training providers. These courses serve as a rapid response to locally identified skills gaps, so we would encourage employers or business owners with specific training needs to get in touch.”

For more information on Cork Training Centre’s Skills to Advance initiative, visit www.corktrainingcentre.ie/skills-to-advance-initiative or email industry@corktrainingcentre.ie



ATA carnet - The Ins & Outs Established under the ATA Convention and the Istanbul Convention as a trade facilitation tool, ATA Carnets cut red tape by simplifying and unifying customs border crossing regulations for temporary import and export. What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is an international Customs document that operates like a passport for your goods. It allows the temporary importation of goods in to countries that are part of the ATA Carnet system and avoids you having to pay unnecessary taxes or duties. It is a paper document which should be stamped by the Customs Authorities at the point where the goods enter and leave the EU.

What are Carnets used for? • • •

Commercial samples Professional equipment International trade fairs / exhibitions

What are the benefits and advantages?

Using a Carnet eliminates the need for a Custom declaration at border points and the deposit of a guarantee or bond in the country of temporary importation. Temporary admission under cover of ATA carnets applies to goods, which will be re-exported in the same state in which they were imported. With the ATA Carnet, exhibitors, salesmen, artists, athletes, TV crews, technicians, event participants and business travellers may: • travel through customs without paying import duties, taxes at each customs border office • use one unified document for all declarations at home and abroad • use one document for multiple destinations and trips throughout its one-year validity

A Carnet may not be used for: • • • • • •

Goods which are temporarily exported for processing or repair Goods to be sold or hired out abroad for financial gain Perishable or consumable items (as they would not normally be re-exported) Goods used as a means of transport The exportation of unaccompanied goods, or by post Equipment to be used for the construction, repair or maintenance of buildings or for earthmoving and like projects.

Is a Security deposit required?

Yes, a security deposit is required. The amount of the security deposit depends on the type of goods being carried and the country/ countries they are going to. The security deposit is refundable once the Carnet is returned to the issuing authority properly stamped.

Carnets in a post-Brexit world

As of January 2021 we are now able to issue carnets for temporary movement of goods to the UK. Previously, goods have been able to move around Europe without an ATA Carnet thanks to the benefit of Free Movements of Goods, but as of 1 January, some form of temporary movement process will now need to be followed. An ATA Carnet has typically been the quickest and simplest form of this. If you are going out to UK exhibitions, taking items to business meetings as commercial samples or if items are going out as professional equipment, for example, lighting and rigging for a band going on tour, you will need a carnet. For more information or if you have any questions about the use of carnets then please contact Imelda t: 021-4530130 e: imelda@corkchamber.ie



BRANDING A GAME-CHANGER. How TOTEM’s customer-centric thinking guided horizon8 from day one. You’ve identified the need and the opportunity, taken the flash of inspiration and started the complex task of building your game-changing product or service. At what stage in the journey from innovation to realisation, from build to go-to-market, do you need to start focusing on creating a strong, positive, meaningful identity? It’s easy to get so immersed in the build that you forget the brand – or leave it until the very end of the process as just a fancy box, a bright wrapper that tells you little about the prize within. For Patrick Horgan of Cork-based technology solutions firm horizon8, the ‘brand moment’ came long before the projected launch-date for their innovative digital identity platform and mobile app valid8Me. Even as Patrick and his team were deep in the initial stages of developing what would become the valid8Me platform, they were already thinking about their promise to their clients and customers.

Your digital identity: Customer Onboarding transformed SEE HOW IT WORKS

And that’s where Colin Byrne and the team at the strategic branding agency TOTEM came on board – early enough to get under the hood of the build, understand what horizon8 were creating and start talking about a fully customer-centric branding plan.


“There were two very distinct customer types – companies and individual consumers and it was covering a lot of different tasks in a way that had not been done before”.

“In some ways, it was an unusually complex product doing at least two very different things for B2B and B2C customers,” says Colin Byrne of TOTEM.

“So we needed to distil that down. We needed to understand the promise of what it could do and totally understand how it would work from the customers perspective”.

It’s simple – and complicated What horizon8 were building was a digital identity platform and mobile app to transform the customer onboarding and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) documentsourcing challenge for regulated companies across many sectors, including Accountancy, Legal, Funds, Asset Management, Banking, Insurance and Real Estate. Horizon8’s vision is for valid8Me to become a global de facto standard for digital identity and solve the KYC and customer due diligence challenge for all businesses and consumers.

It could create a fully secure and portable digital vault – and identity key – for customers to store their key


documents and cut onboarding times from a month to just minutes. Making it as easy as connecting with somebody on LinkedIn. “We quickly understood that what it could do was take very complex, time-consuming tasks, for companies and individual customers, and simplify them to the point where it would completely change the experience,” says Colin of TOTEM.




Digital Identity Vault

Your Marketplace




The easiest way to securely share your personal information The way you currently share your personal information and documents is broken, it is not always secure, it is disparate and repetitive, and ultimately you lose control of your data.

“It was truly transformative. In terms of branding – which has to be customer-centric – we needed to get into that ideal zone where we are uniquely meeting the customers needs.”

We are going to need a name Patrick Horgan says that from horizon8’s point of view – coming up with a name was a key moment for bringing everything they were doing into focus. “There was about a six-month lag between the initial conception of the idea and when I contacted TOTEM, it came early on, the point where we said; ‘Right, we actually need to start thinking seriously about this as a product, the branding and how we take it to market”. “How do we craft that messaging? How do we roll it out?” Patrick still has photographs of team meetings – very early on in the process – that show a big whiteboard with the mantras ‘Has To Be CustomerCentric’ ‘Data Privacy By Design’ ‘Serving The Customer’. When TOTEM came on board, Patrick and his team were already focused on how they wanted to present their product. But first they needed a name. “That was a big moment and what we really appreciated from TOTEM was that they gave us options and they explained the thinking behind them. That allowed us to zero in on the best option and I think we made a very strong choice”. Colin Byrne of TOTEM points out that it’s not just choosing a name, there’s also the question of can you use it? “We had to do a lot of research on names, to ensure that they were not already in use by another company, to see what the costs in securing and registering those names were,” he says.

Let’s get animated

Zooming ahead of the pack Horizon8 have a team working between Cork and Boston – TOTEM work in Cork and Waterford. So even before the ongoing pandemic brought a huge shift to remote collaboration – the branding process for valid8Me (which included working on client pitch decks, website and app content and animation) was largely conducted on Zoom and Microsoft Teams. “It is a bit strange that we were doing this months before pretty much everybody had to move to remote working,” says Colin Byrne.

Finally going to market For both Patrick and Colin, clear communication, tightly defined goals and a total focus on strategic, customercentric branding – have been the key. And it’s worked. The initial response to valid8Me has been hugely positive. “We’ve been blown away by the market reaction,” said horizon8’s Patrick Horgan. “We’ve signed up major clients like Grant Thornton and Mazars right down to your SME size accountancy and law firms. Patrick and his team are now working to a monthly release program of new valid8Me features for both B2B and B2C customers. It began with an innovative, game-changing concept – the early focus on branding and the expertise and experience of the team at TOTEM has helped valid8Me make the splash it deserved.

One of the early decisions taken was to commission three short animated videos to better communicate the product and its benefits to the full range of potential customers. With a product able to tackle as many, complex tasks as valid8Me, animation could answer one of Patrick’s key questions: “How can you tell the whole story succinctly and give clarity to the messaging?” Colin and his team were able to lean on past experience with using animation. And he believes the medium can be very effective, but a very disciplined, focused approach is needed.

ABOVE: Colin Byrne, Creative Director of TOTEM (left), with Patrick Horgan, Managing Director of horizon8.



New members We welcome the following new members Accenture Business Continuity Services Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security. Combining unmatched experience and specialised skills across more than 40 industries. T: 01 646 2000 E: marketing@accenture.com W: http://www.accenture.com/ie-en

Cateran Coaching and Consulting Services Contractors Dedicated to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisations by understanding their needs and working closely with them to develop and implement clear actionable plans. T: 086 795 1310 E: info@cateran.ie W: http://www.cateran.ie

Allfresh Wholesale Ltd Wholesalers Allfresh is a family owned and run business. We are a fruit and vegetable wholesaler. We cater to hotels, restaurants, cafes, retail. We provide the freshest fruit and veg at affordable prices. T: 021 451 0544 E: info@allfresh.ie W: http://www.allfresh.ie

chapter Graphic Design We’re a team of designers, strategists and problem-solvers with a passion for working with principled, purpose-led brands. T: 021 463 0826 E: info@chapter.ie W: http://www.chapter.ie

AllTalk Training Education/Training/Languages Training and consultancy for communication and collaboration in multicultural workplaces including intercultural communication and English for the workplace. T: 089 426 0622 E: brigid@alltalktraining.com W: https://www.alltalktraining.com Beacon Business Commercial Services Management Consultants Marketing & Sales Specialists - we help business owners generate more customers, close more sales and increase their overall revenue and profits, quickly and inexpensively. T: 085 173 5058 E: andrew@bbcs.ie W: http://www.bbcs.ie Bloom Accessories Online Shopping/Retail Since 2020 the vision of Bloom has been simple - Every human has access to clean, sophisticated, sustainable skincare products because we believe everyone is entitled to feel healthy & confident in their own skin. T: 087 669 8000 E: orders@bloombb.ie W: http://www.bloombb.ie


Convergint Technologies Cyber Security Electronic, Physical, Fire, Cyber, Communications, Financial, Healthcare, Mechanical and Building Security Solutions to meet your organizations needs and requirements. T: 021 212 9832 E: stef.waring@convergint.com W: https://www.convergint.com Cork Entrepreneurs Network Social Enterprises An all-inclusive networking community for entrepreneurs, micro enterprises, social enterprises, sole traders, SMEs and MNs. E: corkentrepreneursnetwork@gmail.com W: https://lauraoconnell.ie/networking DBFL Consulting Engineers Computers/Hardware We are one of Ireland’s leading engineering consultancies with offices in Dublin, Cork and Waterford. T: 021 202 4538 E: info@dbfl.ie W: http://www.dbfl.ie DP Energy Renewable Energy DP Energy is a renewable energy company based in Cork, operating worldwide to develop renewable energy projects which are both sustainable and environmentally benign. T: 022 23955 E: info@dpenergy.com W: http://www.dpenergy.com

Eurofins Food Testing Ireland Ltd Services Eurofins is the world leader in food and feed testing, offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques. T: 021 482 2288 E: infocork@eurofins.com W: http://www.eurofins.ie Excel Recruitment Recruitment/Executive Search Nationwide leading recruitment solution specialising in the areas of Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmacy, HR, Industrial & Logistics and Commercial recruitment. T: 021 237 6002 E: phelim@excelrecruitment.com W: http://www.excelrecruitment.com ExStrat Limited Management Consultants ExStrat offers Board Advisory, Corporate Strategy, Merger & Take Over Strategy, Succession Planning, Corporate Ethics. T: 086 283 0543 E: william@exstrat.ie W: http://www.exstrat.ie Fine Grain Property Property Management/Lettings Fine Grain Property is an Irish-owned, international real estate investor and operator with office properties in Cork, Limerick, Clare, Galway, Westmeath, Kildare and Dublin. T: 085 873 1442 E: karen.mulligan@finegrainproperty.com W: http://www.finegrainproperty.com Global Reviews Advertising/Marketing/Market Research Prioritised, enterprise-wide decision making, based on digital intelligence and customer centric research. E: hello@globalreviews.com W: http://www.globalreviews.com FIOS marketing Advertising/Marketing/Market Research Unique digital projects for brands with purpose. T: 089 959 4223 E: info@fiosmarketing.com W: https://www.fiosmarketing.com


Hach Ireland Manufacturers At Hach, our products are meant to make water analysis better, faster, and more informative with our knowledgeable experts and easy to use products. T: 021 237 6286 E: Info-ie@hach.com W: http://www.hach.com

Luminita Books Retail We help expat parents in Ireland to keep their children connected to their language and culture with specially curated books in native languages. T: 085 768 9311 E: info@luminitabooks.ie W: http://www.luminitabooks.ie

Horan Automation & Consulting Limited Manufacturers One of the leading automation companies serving the worldwide markets in pharmaceuticals, food/beverage, and general manufacturing. T: 052 915 2208 E: sales@horan.ie W: https://www.horan.ie

Motion Metrics Transport Fleet Management Systems (Cameras, Trackers, Logistics, Compliance) T: 1800 668 466 E: info@motionmetrics.ie W: https://www.motionmetrics.ie/ contact-us/

Insight Insurance Insurance Insight Insurance is a locally owned brokerage specialising in providing insurance solutions to the business and private sectors. Business, Car, Van, or Home One Call Sorts it All! T: 021 429 9002 E: info@insightinsurance.ie W: http://www.insightinsurance.ie Investwise Financial Planning Limited Financial Services/Pensions/ Investment We are a modern, forward thinking Financial Planning Firm, who focus on high quality independent advice. We help people achieve financial freedom. T: 021 235 5553 E: info@investwise.ie W: http://www.investwise.ie Jack Collins Art + Design Ltd Graphic Design Full service graphic design studio specialising in brand identity, illustration and print/web design. T: 085 720 0203 E: hello@cackjollins.com W: http://www.cackjollins.com Kinsale Spirit Company Food/Drink Cork based gin and whiskey producer with worldwide sales. E: info@kinsalespirit.com W: http://www.kinsalespirit.com

Probitas Executive Coaching Management Consultants Probitas provide Executive Coaching for business owners and seniors leaders who are hungry for change. T: 087 650 8918 E: niall.lehane@probitas.ie W: http://www.probitas.ie Riverside Clinic Healthcare Provider Treating a range of musculoskeletal issues including back, neck, shoulder, hip etc. in private and corporate on-site settings for the past 28 years. T: 021 455 1747 E: info@riversideclinic.ie W: http://www.riversideclinic.ie Screen Ireland Arts Fís Eiréann/Screen Ireland is the national development agency for Irish filmmaking and Irish film, television and animation industry, investing in talent, creativity and enterprise. T: 091 561 398 E: inwardproduction@screenireland.ie W: https://www.screenireland.ie

SMART Edu Club Education/Training/Languages STEM Virtual Educational Programmes for Children. E: marinara@smarteduclub.com W: https://smarteduclub.com Sober Lane Food/Drink Sober Lane is a bar and restaurant located in the heart of Cork city. T: 021 431 7979 E: party@soberlane.ie W: https://www.soberlane.ie The Dennison Training Academy Education/Training/Languages At the Dennison Training Academy, we are passionate about people’s health and wellbeing. We have designed our suite of Mental Health Courses to equip learners with an awareness of mental health. T: 087 641 8791 E: info@thedennisontrainingacademy.ie W: http://www. thedennisontrainingacademy.ie The Lismore Food Company Food/Drink The most luxurious food in Ireland, discover The Lismore Food Companys sweet and savoury delicacies and delicious drinks, exceptional bespoke corporate hampers and wellness gifts. T: 086 171 2813 E: ken@thelismorefoodcompany.com W: https://thelismorefoodcompany.com The Payroll Team Business Process Outsourcing/ Contact Centre We provide a cost-effective outsourced payroll solution for anyone with a responsibility to pay employees in Ireland. T: 087 957 8653 E: info@thepayrollteam.ie W: http://www.thepayrollteam.ie

simPRO Software Ltd Software/Software Services simPRO software helps field service professionals streamline their workflows from quote through to invoice, for increased efficiency, profitability, and complete visibility. T: 0845 004 3978 E: marketing@simpro.co.uk W: http://www.simprogroup.com



members news World recognition for mental health programme

A mental health programme at National Learning Network (NLN) Bantry, has been selected by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as one of just 25 programmes globally for inclusion in a new initiative to promote person-centred and rights-based approaches in community mental health services. The Home Focus programme was identified through WHO research as a leading example of a small outreach service in a rural setting, using rightsbased approaches with a focus on recovery. It was the only programme selected from Ireland and will now be showcased globally as a best practice model.

Holly Cairns TD: Christopher O’Sullivan TD; Michael Collins TD and Patrick Murphy NLN Bantry.

Glenveagh Homes new title sponsors of Gaelic4Girls Programme The Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFAs) is delighted to announce Glenveagh Homes as new sponsors of the LGFA’s Gaelic4Girls Programme. This exciting new sponsorship will cover a three-year term (2021-2023 inclusive) with Glenveagh Homes coming on board to sponsor one of the LGFA’s most important development programmes. Gaelic4Girls is an eight-week programme incorporating coaching sessions with fun, noncompetitive blitzes aimed at increasing participation in Ladies Gaelic Football. The programme targets girls aged 8-12 years who are not currently registered with a Ladies Gaelic Football club. Roscommon footballer Jenny Higgins pictured at the launch

RDJ achieves KeepWell Mark

Ronan Daly Jermyn (RDJ) has been awarded Ibec’s workplace wellness accreditation, the KeepWell Mark. This is as part of a commitment by RDJ to provide the highest standards of workplace wellness, health, and safety to all of its people. The KeepWell Mark is an evidence-based accreditation and award that recognises Irish employers for investing in workplace health and wellbeing. Its aim is to help business benchmark workplace wellbeing activity through a set of systematic and methodical steps. The framework includes a self-assessment, an onsite assessment from an Ibec approved external assessor, and culminates with a report that outlines areas for improvement – allowing your business to chart its way to success. Speaking on The KeepWell Mark process, Eimear Demond, People and Culture Director at RDJ, said: “At RDJ we are very much aware of the need to make the health and wellbeing of our people a top priority. This is why we are so excited to sign up to The KeepWell Mark, with the ultimate aim of raising the standards of our people’s health, wellbeing, and safety across all aspects of our business”.


Eimear Desmond, People & Culture Director, RDJ


Appy Days for Winning Students A state-of-the-art app designed to bridge the gap in communication between doctor and patient following consultations has won the prestigious MedApps Challenge, sponsored by Cognate Health. Emma Doyle and Anna Clancy, Biomedical Science students at University College Cork won the UCC Biomedical Science and Medical Research and Technology Societies competition, which was hosted in association with MTU Biomedical department. The second-year students receive a cash prize as well as a support and mentorship programme in clinical governance, occupational health, and sales and marketing facilitated by Cognate Health.

Emma Doyle and Anna Clancy with Paula Cogan, CEO Cognate Health

Glandore Celebrates 20 Years

This year marks Glandore’s 20th year in business as one of Ireland’s leading providers of flexible workspace. Throughout this time, we have provided a space to land and expand in Dublin, Cork and Belfast for some of the most successful domestic and International businesses across the island of Ireland, and are extremely proud to have been a part of their success. Glandore would like to sincerely thank our members, alumni, business partners and suppliers for supporting our growth over the past 20 years and we look forward to prosperous times ahead for all. Founded by the Kelly family in 2001, Glandore is an Irish, family owned and managed real estate business run by Michael Kelly and his three daughters and Directors Fiona, Clare and Rebecca, offering high-end, design led serviced offices, flexible workspace, coworking and virtual offices.

Pictured at the launched a new digital brochure to showcase the very best of West Cork are Pól O’Conghaile, Travel Writer with Seamus Heaney, Pure Cork and Josephine O’Driscoll, Fáilte Ireland at Charles Fort in Kinsale. Photo: Gerard McCarthy

Monkeying Around at Fota Wildlife Park on a Warm Summers Day. Photo: Gerard McCarthy



members news 1








1 2 3


Group Director Kevin O’Leary pictured with Suzuki Ireland’s Commercial Manager Declan Maguire at the announcement that Kevin O’Leary Group will be the new main dealer for Suzuki Automotive in Cork. Pictured Izzeddeen and Eman Alkarajeh from Izz Café with Janet Twomey, Trócaire Cork. The Cork Palestinian eatery Izz Café donated the proceeds of a recent fundraiser to the Trócaire Gaza fund. Board member Jeni D’arcy with Gearoid Gilley Incoming Chair at Cope Foundation’s 62nd Annual General Meeting (AGM).

4 5 6 7

Pictured at the launch of Together We Remember are Jackie Mooney, Conor Shanahan and Diane Magee, Marymount Hospice. Sandra Egan, Partner and Harry Fehily, Managing Partner of Holmes O’Malley Sexton pictured at the launch of Holmes, its new brand. Players from the Cork City Football Senior first Ladies Team underwent Cardiac Screening at Bon Secours Hospital Cork in preparation for return to sport. Breakthrough Cancer Research launched symbolic 33rd county of survival, Co. Saolfada, on National Cancer


Survivors Day 2021. Pictured are Michael Healy and Emma Crowley cancer survivors. RTÉ Broadcaster John Creedon has been selected June Person of the Month for promoting a love of Ireland and its’ Place Names, through his TV series ‘Creedon’s Atlas of Ireland’ and his book ‘That Place We Call Home’ published by Gill Books. Pictured at the award presentation are Manus O’Callaghan, Awards Organiser; Ann-Marie O’Sullivan, AM O’Sullivan PR; John Creedon, Person of the Month; John Lehane, Lexus Cork.


Stephen Crowley moves to Docutec

David Linnane joins Springboard

DP Energy appoints Patrick Hanrahan

Cantec Group has announced the appointment of Stephen Crowley to its Docutec division. With offices nationwide, Stephen takes up the lead as Area Sales and Account Manager for Cork and Kerry. Stephen joins the Docutec team with a wealth of experience in the Sales industry, having previously held roles with Ricoh Ireland and Total Import Solutions in conjunction with Canon.

Springboard Communications has announced the appointment of David Linnane as its new Senior Client Executive. Having worked in business and political journalism for seven years, David brings a wealth of experience to the Springboard Communications team. His focus will be on the execution of strategic campaigns, including planning, media training, content creation and media relations.

Patrick Hanrahan is the Offshore Engineer for DP Energy’s Irish Offshore team. He will be driving the delivery of the companies offshore renewable development brief in Ireland. A Chartered Engineer, Patrick holds an MSc DIC in Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics from Imperial College London and a BE in Civil & Environmental Engineering from University College Cork

Irish Hospitality Institute welcomes New President The Irish Hospitality Institute (IHI), the professional body for managers within the hospitality and tourism industry in Ireland, is delighted to announce the appointment of Brian Bowler FIHI as the 29th President of the organisation, leading through the next era of hospitality, after what has been a critical time for the industry. Following the announcement at the IHI annual general meeting, Brian stated, “In Ireland we have a well-earned global reputation for hospitality. I grew up in the industry and learned from some of the best hoteliers in Ireland so I know first-hand from a very early age that it is the people who make Irish hospitality world renowned. I am so proud and honoured to be leading the IHI in what will be a pivotal time for our industry and for our people. I hope to

continue this legacy, to nurture the next generation of hospitality professionals, helping them flourish and deliver world class experiences, as we welcome guests through our doors once more.”

The main priority for Brian’s twoyear Presidency term will be to focus on retention, the promotion and development of careers and continuous professional development of hospitality professionals.


 Back to Work  Re-Opening  Contract Cleaning  Hygiene Products Since the beginning of the pandemic McKechnie Cleaning Services have been at the forefront of providing essential cleaning services to businesses. We have adapted and evolved to meet the increased demand in specialised cleaning. Our range of services include:

Contract Cleaning.

Deep Cleans.

Sanitising for small, enclosed spaces using our innovative E-Spray.

Fogging using highly advanced equipment for larger, open areas.

Supply of Sanitiser Gel & Disinfectant Products.

Sale of Domestic & Industrial Vacuums.

If you are returning to the workplace or need a contract cleaning service, contact our office in Little Island on 021-461822 or email info@mckechnie-cleaning.ie Visit www.mckechnie-cleaning.ie for more information.


“Vodafone have enabled us to connect and collaborate with our global team and grow to where we are today.” Cat Butler, Co-Founder and CEO, The Naked Collective.

Talk to us today about our technology solutions across broadband, mobile and cloud.

Search Vodafone Business

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