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I hope as we move towards the phased lifting of restrictions that you, your family and colleagues are keeping well and finding resurgent enthusiasm for life and work. This past year, the power of collaborative efforts in achieving common goals has become irrefutable. Cork Chamber has continued to harness its clarity of vision to represent our membership, and have positively influenced change through the year on issues ranging from improved business supports, to the continued progression of key infrastructural projects for the region. The inimitable spirit of our city region remains both a guiding principle and driving force in our work. Our work with stakeholders from Government and representative groups, to our local authorities and universities, Cork ETB, our Port, Airport, EI and IDA, TII, NTA, public transport providers and multiple other influential bodies continues apace. It is encouraging to see that Phase 1 of the Dunkettle Interchange will open this year enhancing multi-modal local access to Little Island, Glanmire and Glounthuane in parallel with wider regional movements, the M28 to Ringaskiddy now finally primed to move forward, and significant regeneration funding secured for our region. ‘Reimagining Cork’ takes another step forward by permanently pedestrianising 17 City centre streets– a positive move for traders, shoppers, visitors, workers and investors. Meanwhile greenways continue to develop with great progress being made in places such as Passage, Carrigtwohill and Midleton. Every opportunity to invest in quality of life infrastructure must be taken to support economic recovery and resilience. We have a truly compelling calendar of events, bringing you the best in interaction, conversation and thought provoking perspectives that can be

Living in the heart of our city


delivered in safety. Be in the know. Stay tuned in. Come together and join your fellow business champions at our class leading events. Brexit rumbles along quietly, throwing curveballs that need to be fielded by your teams and by our export services team who have played a pivotal role in helping keep trade as frictionless as possible in recent months. They are available to support you as you seek out opportunities to grow or navigate the changed structures of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Finally, there is no doubt whatsoever necessary skills are evolving as rapidly and restlessly as the business environment in which we operate. Our Skillnet team are here to keep you ahead of the curve, with off the self and custom packages to suit your specific needs. Thank you for your support. Be well. And as you guide our every step, stay in touch.

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A Clear Plan is Required for Our Most Vulnerable Sectors Paula Cogan, President of Cork Chamber The past 12 months have been the most tumultuous period for tourism, hospitality, leisure, aviation, retail and culture in recent memory and while many have weathered the challenge to date, clarity of direction is required to ensure a promising future. The activity of our most vibrant, colourful and uplifting sectors is still deeply suppressed. It is now time for Government to orient actions towards the long-term nature of this pandemic with an appropriate framework of structured interventions focused on the sectors which are most acutely affected by the impact of Covid-19. Tourism, hospitality, leisure, aviation, retail, and culture are among those most deeply affected, being the first to be impacted by the pandemic and most likely to be the slowest to recover. Current supports provide some relief to those who are affected, but the increased speed of vaccination rollout, economic reopening and longer-term operational and capital supports are now essential if a pathway to economic normality is to be found. As it stands, the continuation of restrictions will undoubtedly cause deeper financial harm to individual businesses, to individual mental health and wellbeing and to communities across the country. Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority set aside their personal and circumstantial perceptions and agreed to collaborate and support our approach for the greater good. Indeed, the continued support of the general population in adhering to the guidelines is the only way to ensure that everyone will be able to benefit from reduced restrictions sooner, rather than later. Business supports have been a lifeline for many. The various supports developed and rolled out over the past 12 months have kept countless businesses afloat and are as critical today as ever. Thankfully, the €60m Small Business Assistance Scheme for Covid has finally been rolled out and is open for application, addressing some of the qualification shortcomings of the Covid


Restrictions Support Scheme. However, the supports require constant interrogation and evolution to ensure they are relevant and fit for purpose. Ultimately, extension of existing supports, with enhanced support for businesses operating in the worst affected sectors is required and must be confirmed. For tourism, hospitality, leisure, aviation and retail a clear pathway to recovery is required and it is time for the Oireachtas Committees to engage with business, dust off their sectoral COVID plans of last summer and revise them to be fit for purpose for the coming 12 months. Cork Airport recorded an 80% decrease in passenger numbers in 2020 and significant capital investment is required to ensure that infrastructure, including the runway is poised for the return of significant volume. Full recovery will take up to five years in the sector and Cork Airport must be supported by multi-year operational and capital supports under the Regional Airports Capex Programme. It must be noted, however, that Ireland has not sought to subsidise specific airlines unlike other international jurisdictions and considerable marketing budget will be required to ensure airlines not only prioritise Ireland in their renewed route scheduling but prioritise airports other than Dublin. The tourism sector was worth an estimated €9.3 billion to the Irish economy in 2019 with 9.7 million overseas tourists spent almost €5.2 billion throughout the country. In 2019, the tourism


and hospitality industry employed an estimated 265,000 people with 68% of jobs outside Dublin. The announcement of a €55 million Tourism Business Continuity Scheme will go some way to supporting businesses active in this sector however it will take years to recover to 2019 levels. Above all else targeted marketing must be supported by Government to kick start visitor interest as soon as possible. As the sector returns to form, new challenges will arise, such as the movement of many experienced professionals to other sectors, and the reduced interest in hospitality careers from younger generation now assessing their future prospects.


Our tourism offer is our people and our places. It is at the heart of how we view our nation and it must be progressed.


In parallel, it is essential that our offering is vigorously overhauled. We must continue to invest in active and eco-tourism, building on the unique allure of the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland’s Ancient East, with quality outdoor infrastructure. Why must we drive from point to point to enjoy the Wild Atlantic Way? Where are our versions of the greenways, walkways, and bridleways enjoyed by so many throughout Europe? Could our beaches not have bathrooms? How many exceptional historical sites, ringforts, castles and piers can we better signpost, restore, preserve and enhance? From sailing to surfing, we have some of the most energised and excellent outdoor activity business in Europe. We also have the greatest of assets in our natural environment, yet we have a long way to go in how we access and engage with these areas of outstanding natural beauty and heritage value.

Beyond supports, the placemaking and the experiential nature of our towns and city, which host so many of our hospitality and retail businesses must continue to be pushed with vigour. Project ACT in Cork County and Reimagining Your City played a hugely valuable role in creating both positivity and footfall in 2020 by delivering on pedestrianisation, on street dining, cycling and generally improving urban spaces. It is essential that such initiatives are evolved and pursued with equal urgency this year. The greatest thing that Cork can do in this pandemic is to distinguish itself as a place that is progressive, with actions that match intent. Let’s be nothing short of an international case study of how to recover. Art and culture have an integral role to play in our story of economic resilience. It invokes our civic pride, stimulates our intellectual curiosity and at best challenges our perceptions of space, morality, and politics. Investment in art and culture is investment in creativity and innovation. Projects such as Ardú in the city must continue to be evolved and supported to maintain the positive momentum that has been so uplifting over the past year. Above all else, Government must recognise that tourism, hospitality, leisure, aviation, retail and culture are all interrelated and mutually supportive. They are integral not only to our economy but to our reputation. All of Government policy must be considered in relation to how it can support these sectors, and must recognise that they will require unique support, encouragement and vision far beyond the delivery of the last vaccine in Ireland. Our tourism offer is our people and our places. It is at the heart of how we view our nation and it must be progressed.



Ambitious Capital Investment Required for Cork Funding, Planning and Appeals Mechanisms must be Reformed for Delivery If Cork is to remain globally competitive and fulfil its role nationally as set out in the National Planning Framework (NPF), significant Government investment that is focused and targeted to unlock the region’s potential is required. In a recent submission to the National Development Plan (NDP) review, Cork Chamber recommended a ‘most ambitious’ approach must be taken to capital investment spending for the region.

Conor Healy Cork Chamber CEO said “Failure to invest appropriately, will lead to serious capacity constraints that will damage economic resilience and recovery. Priority given to capital expenditure would also support the NPF objective of delivering infrastructure-led development. This approach would provide Ireland with an opportunity to apply international best practice to the development of our cities and towns as attractive places to live.”

The Chamber identified priority areas for capital investment focussed on quality of life and economic resilience including the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy, regional and international connectivity, housing, health, culture, education & innovation, renewable energy, water, and climate mitigation to secure the region’s global competitive standing.

In alignment with the NPF, the NDP provides spatial and investment policy certainty to the region, creating a predictable environment in which commercial investment decisions can be made. However, delays in the delivery of significant projects damage business confidence.

Paula Cogan, CEO of Cork Chamber said: “If Cork is to fulfil its role as an economic growth centre for Ireland, government must align capital investment with the National Planning Framework (NPF) and the goals set out in Ireland 2040. There is no shortage of vision or ambition for Cork, and it is the role of government to now ensure that the plans are met with appropriate financial structures. From CMATS to the development of new hospital infrastructure, the demands of a region on a clear growth trajectory must be met with vigour.” “In the wake of the current pandemic, and the infrastructural deficit created by the severe austerity measures triggered by the 2008 economic crash, it is essential that investment in capital projects continues to be increased to meet capacity constraints. There is also significant economic stimulus associated with capital expenditure, providing the most proactive and legacy inducing form of government support available.”


Conor Healy commented further “Government must now acknowledge impediments to the vision of Ireland 2040, such as apartment viability and affordability, suitable water infrastructure, planning and the speed of appeals mechanisms. At the same time it must progress solutions, as delivery on the ground is the benchmark that matters. Without this, the credibility of the plan will be undermined over time.” The announcement of €353.4m for the Cork Docklands, €46.05m for Grand Parade Quarter, €4.7m for Mallow Town Centre Regeneration and €817,500 for Passage West-Ringaskiddy-Carrigaline Harbour Cluster are hugely significant for the metropolitan area and it is essential that the NDP continues to offer the highest levels of support over the next 10 years.

Image: Darragh Kane




Following the publication in 2020 of the Sustainable Cork Programme Report, Building Economic Resilience, Cork Chamber launched a hugely successful webinar series to align with a number of the key themes and discussion points raised in the sectoral Think Tank decisions held last June.

In November, we were delighted to host Dr. Tara Shine, Director of Change by Degrees, to discuss ‘Business Resilience in an Uncertain World: How Sustainability Can Help’, presenting a framework for assessing business operations and charting a resilient pathway empowered by people, and a strong, progressive strategy and vision.

These discussions with over 100 business representatives, along with the public survey, ‘Imagineer Your City, Your County’, which captured the opinion of over 800 Corkonians, formed the cornerstone of the report, while also fundamentally informing and shaping the forthcoming programme of activities.

‘Exploring Climate Finance - What is it, and how to engage’ was the fundamental question addressed by Yvonne Holmes, Chief Sustainability Officer, AIB, David Looney, Senior Financial Advisor, Alpha Wealth Ltd and Nils Hums, Group Sustainability team, Deutsche Börse Group.

The initial webinar series invited an array of speakers offering the latest insights and perspectives, with the discussion deeply rooted in sustainability and resilience building. The series launched with an incredibly emotive and inspiring talk from Dr. Naomi Masheti, Programme Coordinator of the Cork Migrant Centre. Dr. Masheti spoke on the ‘Black Lives Matter Movement and the Pathway for Government and Business in Creating an Inclusive and Sustainable City Region’. Following this, the series hosted Tony Reddy, Chair of Academy of Urbanism & Sean Kearns, Director of Reddy Architecture + Urbanism, with a webinar entitled ‘Living in the Heart of Our City’, effectively lifting the lid on the regulatory challenges which need to be addressed to effectively, and at scale unlock over-shop living and reinvigorate residential potential within urban centres.


The December webinar explored ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing in current and future financial markets, the fundamental role of ESG-led investment decision making in tackling climate change and the wider sustainability agenda, and the overall increasingly important role of ESG non-financial factors in identifying risk and growth opportunities. The current series concluded in January last with a webinar discussion dedicated to uncovering the crucial role of ‘Arts & Culture at the Heart of our City Region’. Enlivening a crucial discussion at a time when the Arts and Culture sector is being hugely impacted by the Covid pandemic, we were delighted to welcome Liz Meaney, Arts Director Performing and Local Arts, The Arts Council of Ireland, Lorraine Maye, Director, Cork Midsummer Festival and Shane O’Driscoll, Visual Artist and initiator of Ardú, Cork’s new street art initiative. Together presenting the many facets of our strong Arts and Culture tradition in the

region, the role of arts and culture in nurturing a progressive, inviting and attractive city region and communities, and the resilience of the sector in meeting the ongoing challenges. The session delved into the influence of a thriving arts and culture sector far beyond its one sectoral footprint. The Sustainable Cork Programme are delighted to launch the 2021 webinar series, sponsored by KPMG, Matheson and Gas Networks Ireland, with our first webinar in the series taking place on the 30th of April, addressing the concerning and growing trends in youth unemployment, and what business can do to take proactive action in this area.

Circular Economy Training Most recently in February, the Enterprise Europe Network and the Sustainable Cork Programme at Cork Chamber teamed up with *MODOS to deliver ‘Circular economy training programme to micro, small and medium sized enterprises.’ With the European Union introducing new policy and regulation for a low-carbon economy, Irish businesses need to adapt to the transition from a linear to a circular economy in as many operational areas as possible. In a circular economy, products, components and materials are kept in use for as long as possible. The principles of a circular economy and circular production models can be instrumental in exploring the opportunities to transform for example what might once have been considered as a waste material into a raw material, an approach that can increase efficiencies and even develop new product lines and market opportunities for businesses.


Greening Our City

SME Energy Champion

Cork Chamber have also teamed up with SHEP Earth Aware, Green Spaces for Health, Cork Healthy Cities and the Environmental Research Institute, UCC for a hugely informative webinar series titled ‘Greening Our City’ to showcase examples from other countries and discuss the many ways we can make Cork a greener city! Exploring topics ranging from the transformative power of parks, to building with nature, and urban forests, this series delves into the opportunities for Cork to green from the inside out, to embed environmental resilience and nurture the quality-of-life attributes of the region for all to enjoy.

Cork Chamber’s Sustainable Cork Programme and Energy Cork launched a joint SME Energy Champion initiative in December. Through SME Energy Champion, Cork Chamber and Energy Cork are working with SMEs to identify how and where energy savings can be made. With the kick-off meeting held in February, we welcomed 12 SME participant businesses spanning a variety of business sizes, and sectors across food production, transport, tourism and manufacturing. The 12-month pilot project will help tailor a workable means of enabling climate action by SMEs. The pilot is an opportunity for

the participating SMEs to avail of targeted advice in understanding and managing energy usage and in planning and implementing energy saving interventions. This initiative is also focused on identifying the common barriers and challenges in addressing energy usage, and implementing interventions, and the supports and assistance that would be most beneficial for businesses. *MODOS is a joint initiative of Dublin City Council and the Waste Management Plan Lead Authority (WMPLA).



Living in the Heart of Our Cit y Due to the enormously disruptive pandemic the ongoing underlying pressure on city centres has been exacerbated and exposed. It is now clear our city centre is going to have to evolve in order for it to be the vibrant and living space it should be in a postCovid world. Combined with the major ongoing disruption in the retail sector there is also a housing crisis that needs to be solved, and we believe that there is a solution that can address both these issues by simultaneously looking to our past and our future. People used to live in the city, over the shop, or in dense residential streets close to their place of work, but unfortunately over the last 100 years there has been a drift out to suburbs and we have vacated our city and left it for retail and commercial uses. These uses are becoming increasing less viable due to the changing nature of our working remotely and shopping online. We have noticed that there are millions of square feet of space above the street level retail zone that are currently used for storage or are completely empty. These spaces could be converted to living accommodation and would return a population to the city like we had 100 years ago. The advantages to doing this are huge but there are many barriers to achieving this goal,


so how can we unlock all this potential? A focus on developing and regeneration of old buildings would revitalise the city centre making it more attractive for inward investment and add value to existing city assets and thereby create a vibrant and economically strong city core. So why can’t we convert upper floors in our city centre retail buildings to apartments and be like other European cities? Recent analysis of this issue for Cork was carried out by a group of planning and construction professionals including Reddy Architecture +Urbanism, McCutcheon Halley Planning, Punch Engineers, EDC Engineers, KSN project management and Deasy Walley Partnership, Quantity Surveyors. To answer the hard questions a case study was prepared on a building in St. Patrick’s Street to see how the upper floors could be converted to 18 apartments and costs associated were calculated to ascertain its viability. The conclusion was that the average cost per apartment was in a range of €390,000 to €450,000 including VAT, which makes the apartments expensive to produce. However, when you drill into the figures the actual build cost, including fire safety works, for the apartments is only 48% of the

overall cost, the rest is taxes, levies, building regulations upgrades and development costs. Therefore, the viability gap between actual cost and real cost needs to be bridged in order to unlock the massive potential of the city centre for residential accommodation. This can be done using a two-pronged approach using planning legislation and financial supports. Firstly, we would recommend the creation of special zones in the city centres where specific planning guidelines for


apartments would apply and there would be a consideration in the application of building regulations for the conversion of older buildings to residential use. The current planning and building regulations are designed for new build construction and not all requirements are possible to implement in older buildings. Secondly, we would recommend the introduction of financial supports for these special zones based on qualitive criteria. These financial supports may include the reintroduction of specifically targeted tax incentives, the removal of VAT for residential development in designated

areas, and abolition of statutory fees and the provision of grants for upgrading of existing city centre buildings for residential use. We believe that these financial and governmental innovations are necessary to bring life, excitement and community to Cork city centre by removing barriers and enabling living in the heart of our city.

Sean Kearns is a Director at Reddy Architecture + Urbanism, and a passionate advocate for liveable cities. Here he shares thoughts on delivering a more vibrant urban community, a narrative that was initially presented to attendees at a thought provoking Sustainable Cork Programme Webinar.





Cork Harbour: The Gateway to Europe’s Transition to Renewables Calls for urgent government policy action to unleash floating offshore wind potential Cork Harbour has the capacity to become an unparalleled hub for floating offshore wind energy in the Celtic Sea from 2025, presenting an opportunity for a new industrial sector to emerge in the region. This is according to a report called Cork Harbour 2025: Ready to Float published recently by the Chamber and key industry partners. Government must enact key policy improvements to unleash the potential of floating offshore wind as a driver Ireland’s Climate Action targets, or risk losing out on significant private sector investment. The European Commission estimates that Europe needs to produce 450GW of offshore wind energy by 2050. A resource assessment study of the Celtic Sea estimates that there is potential for up to 50GW of floating offshore wind capacity. Cork Harbour is already in the process of being transformed into an offshore renewables hub by the private sector in a bid to realise this potential, with circa €200m of investments already underway by companies such as Green Rebel Marine, Mainport, Doyle Shipping Group (DSG), Simply Blue Energy, DP Energy and the Port of Cork. Conor Healy, Chief Executive, Cork Chamber of Commerce, said “Cork Harbour is perfectly positioned to support the development of floating offshore wind projects. The private sector investment that is already underway needs to be supported by progressive policy decisions at a government level, or we run the risk of Cork Harbour missing out on fulfilling its potential. “Floating offshore wind is the economic opportunity of our generation. The prospect exists for Cork Harbour to be the hub of a whole new industrial sector, something not seen since Ringaskiddy was designated as a cluster for pharmaceuticals by the IDA in the 1970s, with significant positive implications for the development of infrastructure and employment prospects in the region,”

The report finds that Cork Harbour already benefits from a number of key geostrategic advantages, which make it the optimal location for designation as a strategic hub for floating offshore wind projects under the Ireland 2040 National Development Plan. The report calls for the Cork County Development Plan 2022-2028 to be used to zone areas in Cork Harbour for land use activities in support of floating offshore wind. Further to this, it calls on the government to include floating wind projects in the Celtic Sea as a means of reaching its climate action target of 5GW of offshore wind by 2030. As one of the largest natural harbours in the world, with extensive maritime and energy infrastructure, the harbour is positioned in close proximity to the Celtic Sea, and ideally located to support developments off the east, south and west coasts as well as projects off the coasts of France and the UK. The report highlights the modern facilities available in the harbour, including the Cork Dockyard (privately owned by DSG), which is identified as the ideal base from which to operate an extensive offshore wind operation in the region. The report finds that the redevelopment of the Dockyard to a clean, green facility, due to be progressed for planning during 2021, is essential to supporting floating offshore wind developments. The plan for an extension to the deep-water berth at the Port of Cork Ringaskiddy Terminal is also highlighted as a key factor in ensuring that the harbour has the capacity to handle increased traffic.



Kearys Hyundai can help You and Your Business Go Electric NOW! We all know that sustainable driving is the way forward and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future for all businesses, whether you are a large employer, SME or start-up. As well as zero carbon emissions, EVs claim so many advantages and Kearys Hyundai Cork, Mallow & Midleton are at the forefront of cleaner, greener motoring with the Hyundai KONA EV and Ioniq models that are spacious, sporty and seriously fun to drive. Also, The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) now offers many financial incentives and supports and recommends that anyone in the market for a new car seriously consider making the change to an electric vehicle. Kearys Hyundai are delighted to announce an extra special offer to Chamber members, friends and family, with huge savings up to €6,000 off a 211 Hyundai Kona EV or Ioniq as well as a 7 day returns policy – if you don’t love your new EV, we’ll take it back! The Kearys Hyundai offer on 2021 registered EVs includes: • Up to €4,000 in scrappage • 5 Years unlimited mileage warranty • Up to €6,000 in savings for business users • 7 Days sale or return policy • 8 Year battery warranty up to 160,000km • Nationwide delivery through Kearys Deal & Deliver


Hyundai KONA EV – sporty & seriously fun to drive

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Additional benefits of driving a Hyundai Kona or Ioniq EV include 0% BIK, no BIK on electricity if charged at work, €120 annual road tax and up to 75% discount on tolls. With Kearys Deal & Deliver, car buying is made easy, so please contact Brendan Keary, Kearys Hyundai, T: 021 4929800 for further information or see www.kearys.ie/hyundai


Representing YOu The Board at Cork Chamber provide strategic advice, oversight and direction to the team at Cork Chamber, performing a practical and strategic role for our entire membership. We are delighted to welcome Fiona Kearney and Melanie Morrissey to our Board.

Melanie Morrissey, JCI Cork Melanie Morrissey is the Deputy National President for JCI Ireland 2021 and is Immediate Past President of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cork. Melanie is a commercially savvy marketer, with a proven track record in collaborative leadership, project planning and delivery. As Marketing Manager at Cash & Carry Kitchens, she is passionate about new technologies in solving future business needs to deliver sustainable value for customers. Enthusiastic and hardworking with internal drive to deliver excellence. She holds a Diploma in Sales Development from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School and a Double Master’s Degree of Business in Internationalisation from Waterford IT.

Fiona Kearney, The Glucksman Fiona Kearney is the founding Director of The Glucksman, an award-winning contemporary art museum on the campus of University College Cork. In this position, she has curated numerous exhibitions of Irish and international art and established the gallery as a place of creative engagement for all ages and abilities. A graduate of UCC and TCD, Kearney has published widely on contemporary art and photography, and throughout her career has received several distinguished awards including the NUI Prix d’Honneur from the French Government, a UCC President’s Award for Research on Innovative Forms of Teaching and the Jerome Hynes Fellowship on the Clore Leadership Programme. She is an assessor on the Museum Standards Programme of Ireland, and a board member of the Irish Architecture Foundation and Cork Midsummer Festival.



Alcon Ireland - ‘Great Place To Work’

Alcon Ireland successfully certified for the second time as a ‘Great Place To Work’ and reaching number 22 on the ‘Best Workplaces’ List. Alcon is the global leader in eye care, dedicated to helping people see brilliantly. With our 70-plus-year heritage, we are the largest eye care device company in the world. Providing high quality employment in Cork for the past thirty years. The Cork site manufactures Alcon’s leading surgical products, AcrySof® and Clareon® intraocular lenses (IOLs) and associated lens delivery devices. Alcon truly believes that people are our greatest asset. Building a culture of inclusivity is one of our priorities and we are proud to have 25 nationalities represented in our 500 strong workforce. Official sponsors of the 2020 LGBTQ+ Pride Celebrations, Alcon is committed to equality for all. With 25 nationalities, diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a cornerstone at Alcon overseen by a sub-group of employees called D&I Champions, who plan and host many events each year to bring people together, ensuring everyone is included and all ideas are welcome and valued. A culture of inclusivity is fostered through one of the many D&I societies such as the ‘Women at the table ‘group. Who meet regularly to discuss issues of relevance to women and offer vital support network.


The culture at Alcon inspires our employees to excel in their own professional development. Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects internally and within industry, particularly for females, by participating in Junior Achievement, STEAM in UCC, STEM South West events and by being official sponsors of the UCC Science Society. We continue to work and focus on our site culture where employees can be their best. Alcon believe that in embracing and developing local talent and actively partner with the Munster Technological University, University College Cork, Tyndall Institute, IBEC Skillnet & Springboard to annually support on average 30 people in furthering their education each year. We invest heavily in our employee’s development and engagement expanding our strategy to harness our culture, with employee wellness programme such as trained Mental Health First Aiders, onsite occupational Nurse as well as online GP consultations, online Fitness & Yoga, onsite gym facilities and financial and nutrition webinars. Alcon also has an active Sports and Social team who arranged many activities throughout the year including virtual quizzes, raffles and competitions.

Alcon is proudly committed to discovering new ways to improve the lives of our local community through our annual “Alcon in Action” day. These annual events give employees the opportunity to dedicate their work day to volunteer in the local communities where they live and work. These extremely popular ‘hands-on’ events are organised and managed by our employees directly. Since 2011, over 440 Alcon employees have collaborated with 22 local organizations, donating 5,000+ man-hours and €103,000+ to projects close to their hearts. Alcon Ireland is a company that looks after its people, supports the local economy and most importantly helps people all over the world to see brilliantly. • •

Awarded Irish Medtech Company of the Year in 2019 by Irish Medtech Shortlisted for the Apprenticeship of the Year award in 2020 and the Women in Leadership award in 2020 through Irish Medtech. Achieved Great Place to Work accreditation in 2019–2020 & 20202021. Ranked 22nd of the Best Large Workplaces in Ireland in 2021. Awarded multiple Alcon R&D Excellence awards, HR awards and QA awards for excellence.


IN THE CHAIR with Michelle Buckley, HR Site Head, Alcon Ireland What sets Alcon’s culture apart? Building a culture of inclusivity is one of our top priorities here at Alcon, and we are proud to have 25 nationalities represented in our 500+ strong workforce. We are committed to enhancing our culture with the support of our employees and together have implemented many programs to drive engagement such as the Associate Collaboration Team, HR SME Program, Quality Champion Program and the Diversity and Inclusion Champion Group. Our multiple communication and engagement forums have enabled two-way communication resulting in a culture that’s built on a foundation of collaboration and trust. What truly sets Alcon’s culture apart is that we listen to our people and build the Alcon culture together. How has Alcon sustained and developed its culture? The Great Place to Work model has been a perfect vehicle to help drive engagement and enhance the Alcon culture. In December 2018, we began our Great Place to Work journey as we believed this dovetailed nicely with our employee engagement strategy. In 2019 we were the proud recipient of this prestigious award and maintained the accreditation in 2020. Being recognised as a Great Place to Work by our employees is something we are passionate about and intend to continue prioritizing. Our Great Place to Work team have worked on many actions borne from suggestions and feedback from our employees to enhance the Alcon culture. Such suggestions include the implementation of a Sports and Social club, enhancements to the reward, recognition and communication programs including installation of internet cafes, video messaging boards across the campus and the introduction of Pod meetings in conjunction with weekly video messages (Vlogs). With our continued focus on engagement, not only are we a certified Great Place to Work but this year we made it onto the Best Large Workplaces list in Ireland for the first time! What benefits have you seen to enhanced wellbeing support to employees? Now more than ever, employees need support, and at Alcon we offer a wide range of wellbeing provisions to employees and their families.

In conjunction with our Health Care Provider to both our employees and their families, our trained onsite Mental Health First Aiders are available across all shifts, providing support to employees when needed. This program has been a meaningful support for all, in particular, over the last 12 months. Complementing the Alcon Employee Assistance Program and our onsite Occupational Health Nurse, we are committed to the social wellbeing of our people. Employees have an active Sports and Social team who regularly host virtual quizzes, competitions and online events with regular care packages sent directly to employee’s homes to boost morale and connect all our people to the Alcon network. The Alcon Step Challenge, online exercise classes and Operation Transformation incentives also promote daily physical activity while having some fun and injecting some healthy competition too. How has Alcon adapted & supported remote working? The pandemic has driven change in all areas, with many employees and leaders now working remotely for the very first time. Alcon has recognised the complexities of this new way of working and has responded to those challenges by dialing up supports for those working from home with initiatives such as weekly company wide communications, virtual tea breaks and skip level 1 on 1’s. Additional supports to bolster our remote workforces has included Building Mental Resilience workshops, webinars on nutrition and finances, parenting 1 to 1’s, managing remote teams, GP online services and DSE assessments for all employees working off site part time or full time. Effective communication is difficult but essential for achieving a high trust culture. What advice do you have for others? At Alcon, effective transparent communication is fundamental to building a high trust culture. My advice to others would be to implement a structured communication plan. It is crucial to be familiar with what is being communicated, to whom, when and how.

Secondly, timing is everything. It is vital that all employees receive the same message at the same time to ensure message clarity, transparency and engagement. Finally, Communication is important but actively listening is essential to success. At Alcon, we hold weekly leader calls where we align on multiple topics. Providing leaders with an opportunity to provide feedback and engage in meaningful discussion with their peers, while also ensuring that the same message is delivered at the same time, to all parties. In addition, the leadership team regularly meet with the Associate Collaboration Team (ACT), to discuss suggestions and feedback from employees and together we work as a team to implement these suggestions to make Alcon a great place to work. What practical advice would you give a leadership team on how engage their employees? The key to meaningfully engaged employees who are consistently motivated is to talk to them. My practical advice would be to become more available to employees, be present in their work areas so they can talk to you when they need to. Truly practicing an ‘Open Door Policy’ means putting the work in, showing employees that you are available and willing to receive feedback. Finally, I suggest that you make it a priority to discover how your people prefer to receive feedback, how they want to be recognized, what they value most about the culture and environment and what they are most passionate about. You will only find this out by talking directly with your employees. In other words, leaders must walk the walk and create an environment where employees can bring their whole selves to work and perform at their best.


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Upskilling You Cork Chamber Skillnet can facilitate online subsidised training opportunities for employers and employees to engage in lifelong learning and reap the benefits for the organisation at large. Management Development: • Supervisory Management (QQI L6) • Training Delivery & Evaluation (QQI L6) Leadership: • Leading with Emotional Intelligence • Team Leader Programmes Professional Skills: • Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations • Project Management Essentials Digital Marketing/IT: • MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) • Google Analytics To find out how we can support you with funding from Skillnet Ireland for your training requirements online in 2021 please visit www.corkchamber.ie/training or email training@corkchamber.ie


Garrett O’Rourke, Training Network Manager


s the pace of change is currently at an unprecedented level both nationally and internationally, jobs likewise are everchanging and the skills required to do those jobs are constantly evolving. A skilled workforce will inevitably lead to a more competitive enterprise.”





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Join us for our next Business Breakfast Live with Jason Hawkins, Group Chief Executive Officer, Carbery Group. Jason will share his thoughts on the impact that Brexit and changes in international markets have had on the dairy sector, how Carbery has Brexit proofed their business, along with the actions Carbery is taking to become carbon neutral by 2035 across all its locations. Jason has had an impressive career, he has held senior management positions with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and Kerry Group. Following this discussion members will have the opportunity to meet and network with their 'virtual breakfast table' for the final 15 minutes of this online event.

We are excited to announce our brand new Cork Chamber CONNECTS Series with the aim to broaden our horizons and connect with other businesses nationally and internationally. The first event of the series will take place on 2nd April where members will get the opportunity to connect with Limerick Chamber, followed by Galway Chamber on 13th May and Waterford Chamber on 27th May. A benefit of the new virtual world means geography and travel restrictions are no longer a barrier to making meaningful connections with other businesses and like-minded individuals outside of our region. Now they are just a click away!


Following the success of the 2020 Sustainable Cork Programme Webinar Series, we are delighted to launch the 2021 series. The first webinar of the series will take place on 30th April and will address issues around employment and social inclusion with a specific focus on youth unemployment, and the opportunities for the business community to engage with Cork based organisations to address growing trends. Upcoming webinars in the series will take place on 28th May and 25th June. The Sustainable Cork Programme webinar series will continue to invite an array of speakers offering the latest insights and perspectives, with the discussion deeply rooted in sustainability and resilience building.


For more info and bookings on all events visit www.corkchamber.ie



Image: Darragh Kane


A SNAPSHOT OF OUR E-SERIES Take a look back at some of our recent online activity with topics such as Networking, HR, Cyber Security and much more. Virtual events have now become a part of our everyday routine as we continue to create valuable content and work with an array of speakers to deliver high quality virtual events and reliable resources for you our members.

BUSINESS BREAKFAST LIVE Business Breakfast Live with Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence, Mr. Simon Coveney T.D Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence, Mr Simon Coveney joined us for our first Business Breakfast Live of the year, on 27th January. Conor Healy, CEO, Cork Chamber and Minister Coveney had a wide-ranging conversation which gave the audience of almost 300 some direction in a time of uncertainty, discussing covid recovery for businesses, the impacts of brexit on supply chains, along with the opportunities with the US to come under the new President Biden administration.

Business Breakfast Live with Elaine Laird, Head of Global Supply Chain and Site Lead at Logitech Cork On 3rd March we were joined by Elaine Laird, Head of Global Supply Chain and Site Lead at Logitech Cork on the 25th anniversary of our Business Breakfast series! Conor Healy, CEO, Cork Chamber and Elaine discussed Logitechs expansion plans, the history, culture and the future vision of the company and touched on the many ways they are implementing diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation.




Check out our upcoming webinars at corkchamber.ie

NETWORKING MASTERCLASS Networking Masterclass: Networking in a Changed World We kicked off our year of events on 21st January with Networking expert, Kingsley Aikins for an insightful and valuable session. "It's not what you know, it's not even who you know, but who knows you!" Kinglsey shared his methods for building a strong and diverse network and gave members the tools to be ready to take on any situation in the virtual networking world and to ensure they are prepared for when the time comes again for in-person events. IN ASSOCIATION WITH

NEW MEMBERS BREAKFAST LIVE New Members Breakfast Live On 25th February our first New Members Breakfast Live of the year brought together 25 new members to pitch their business while learning more about their fellow members, the Chamber and the resources available for them. As always there was a diverse range of businesses online, from Consulting to Design, Coaching and Recruitment.


Check out our upcoming webinars at corkchamber.ie


PARTNERED VIRTUAL EVENTS A Toast To Marketing in the Drinks Industry On the 4th February we teamed up with the Marketing Institute Cork to welcome Michael Barry, Managing Director of Ireland’s largest Independent Premium Drinks Distributor, Barry & Fitzwilliam. Paula Cogan, President, Cork Chamber addressed participants with Fiona Ryan, Chair, MII Cork facilitating the discussion. Michael brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise and discussed the challenges and successes he has experienced with the many brands he has worked with over the past 40 years! IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

Cyber Security is Everybody's Business: From Health to Quantum Along with Enterprise Europe Network we teamed up with Cyber Ireland, Cyber Skills, Munster Technological University, Business Finland, Finnish Information Security Cluster and the Embassy of Finland in Ireland to run this virtual session on Cyber Security in Ireland and Finland on 26th March. Professor Donna O'Shea, Munster Technological University moderated expert discussions with Mikko Hyppönen, F-Secure and Professor Linda Doyle, Trinity College Dublin. Followed by a panel discussion with Jorma Mellin, SSH Communications Security, Silke Holtmanns, AdaptiveMobile Security and Brian Padden, McKesson with a closing address by Ambassador Raili Lahnalampi, Embassy of Finland in Ireland. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH


Check out our upcoming webinars at corkchamber.ie

MEMBER-LED WEBINARS HR Strategy Planning Workshop On 10th February, we teamed up with Adare Human Resource Management to hold a HR Strategy Planning Workshop for Senior HR Leaders, HR Managers and Senior HR Practitioners with Derek McKay, Managing Director and Ronan Mac Giolla Phadraig, HR & Employment Law Manager at Adare Human Resource Management facilitating the interactive session.

Unlock the Potential of Microsoft Teams With members now relying on communications platforms like Microsoft Teams now more than ever to keep in touch, we collaborated with Kevin O'Regan, Director of Business Development at Radius Technologies to run an informative session on the 24th February. We were also joined by Jonathan Eustace, SMB Lead at Microsoft Ireland, who gave members an insight into the future of Teams and announced some upcoming new features.

THOUGHT LEADERS COUNCIL LIVE Thought Leaders Council Live with An Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Mr. Leo Varadkar T.D On 5th March, An Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Mr. Leo Varadkar T.D joined Conor Healy, CEO, Cork Chamber to discuss pressing issues including the impact of Covid-19 on society and business, international connectivity and The National Development Plan along with government action on sustainability and renewable energy. Chamber partners also had the opportunity to directly influence Chamber Public Affairs Priority Agenda by taking part in the interactive workshop. Topics such as Economic Recovery, Housing and Infrastructure, Sustainability and Business Connectivity were some of the key priorities and goals discussed for 2021. Check out our upcoming webinars at corkchamber.ie



Time is of the Essence Take time to understand the future of EU-UK trade Change is never easy. When the UK became a ‘third country’ for the purposes of trade and customs on 1 January 2021, it understandably caused a lot of well-documented challenges for Irish businesses, and for their counterparts in the UK. Although, it was never going to be an easy transition, the timing of Brexit, in tandem with a global pandemic, has challenged business to find the time to prepare for an uncertain future, when there was very little clarity as to what exactly lay ahead. While the conclusion of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) at the final hour was a positive outcome, as it eliminated the possibility of WTO tariffs, the announcement undoubtedly spread confusion. Many SMEs assumed that we had dodged a bullet and expected that there would therefore be no disruption, or no paperwork required, for trade between the UK and EU. At Cork Chamber, we have been listening to and advising businesses on some of the issues they have experienced since 1st January and have put together a few tips for consideration:

Don’t assume that someone else will take care of it!

Many SMEs who never had a contract in place with their UK supplier or customer, are now facing a dispute as to who must complete the customs paperwork. Reluctance by a UK partner or distributor to complete import declarations has resulted in some companies being forced to decide whether to set up their own UK entity or to try and find another partner in the UK to complete the import declarations on their behalf. Companies who may need to draw up a contract for the first time can find a handbook on model contracts on the website of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), where they will also find information on Incoterms (standard terms of trade for contracts that establish exactly where the risk and responsibilities lie for both the buyer and seller during the delivery process).


Know your products inside out

Confusion around ‘Rules of Origin’ and what constitutes ‘proof’ of origin still remains a key source of uncertainty for many SMEs. If you are manufacturing, importing or exporting a physical product, it is vital that you know exactly what raw materials or components are used to make your product and the origin of these parts. Establishing the exact origin of a product which has multiple component parts can be a complex process but is an essential task. Depending on the origin of your product, you may be eligible for preferential or zero-rate tariffs and duties. However, mis-representing the origin of a product – either wilfully or mistakenly – could result in the company having to retrospectively pay any backtaxes and duties if uncovered by a customs audit.

Preferential status for EU and UK products

The EU has the world’s largest network of trade agreements comprising 46 agreements with 78 countries. You can check whether your products are eligible for ‘preferential status’ under any of these agreements by consulting the online Access2Markets database, recently upgraded by the European Commission, and containing product-by-product information for all EU countries and for more than 120 export markets around the world. In the case of products for which you are declaring EU or UK origin in order to avail of tariff-free trade with the UK, you will need to be able to prove the origin of your goods with backup documentation such as a supplier or manufacturer declaration. (In Ireland, Chambers of Commerce are the official bodies authorised by statute to issue and authorise documents called ‘Certificates of Origin’, however these relate to non-preferential trade. It is important to note therefore, that a formal ‘Certificate of Origin’ document is not required for EU – UK trade, except perhaps in certain cases, for example if your UK partner is later going to be re-exporting the product to another third country. If you have further queries on this process you can contact the Exports team at Cork Chamber for advice.)


There and back again

Many companies have been left wondering how to account for products that are being shipped abroad temporarily or for repair or processing, before being re-imported to Ireland. There are several scenarios that allow you to temporarily waive or delay the payment of customs duties, however certain conditions apply and there is paperwork involved in each case. An ATA Carnet is an international customs document (issued by Cork or Dublin Chamber) which waives the requirement to pay customs duties when goods are temporarily exported, once the terms of the Carnet are met (goods must be returned within the stipulated timeframe and must be in the same state in which they were originally exported). The Carnet requires a financial guarantee, can only be used for specific categories of goods and is limited to exportation of professional equipment; goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs or meetings; commercial samples. Companies can also use the Revenue’s ‘temporary admissions procedure’ for similar situations. However, if you are exporting goods for further processing or repair, you should explore the Revenue’s ‘outward processing procedure’, whereby you may be able to claim full or partial relief from import charges when these goods are re-imported. More information on these procedures is available from Revenue.

The future of EU trade

Brexit has highlighted the vulnerability of Ireland as an island on the periphery of Europe, which is highly dependent on imports and exports to keep our economy moving. However, the EU is an open single market with over 450 million consumers

and Ireland’s position within this market as an English speaking and open economy is strong. As an economic block, the EU is looking for new opportunities to remove trade barriers and tariffs between the EU and third countries (outside the EU Single Market) and to further support the movement of goods, services, capital and people. Trade barriers removed between 20142018 generated at least €8 billion of additional exports by EU companies in 2019, helping support hundreds of thousands of jobs. The recent launch of the European Commission’s future trade strategy, showed that the EC will continue to push for further reforms in global trade, ensuring it is rules-based, and strongly supports the sustainability and digitalisation agendas. Ireland will play its part in these efforts.

Next Steps

Becoming compliant with the new rules in relation to EU-UK trade is not impossible, but it does require SMEs to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the relationships and rules affecting their supply chain. This takes time, which is undoubtedly something that is always in short supply for small companies. However, your local Chambers, trade associations and state agencies are all on hand to advise you and support you to understand the many regulations and navigate through the multiple resources that are available. For more information or support on export processes go to www.corkchamber.ie/ advancing-you/preparing-for-brexit/ or email exports@corkchamber.ie


Opportunities to Grow YOur Business International partnerships and trade with markets outside of Ireland Cork businesses can take advantage of Ireland’s position as a thriving open economy and as a respected trading partner and fully committed member state in the European Union. The Eurozone (19 of the 27 European Union (EU) member states which have adopted the Euro) offers Ireland direct access to the EU Single Market and a ready customer base in the EU market with a population of over 450 million consumers. Opportunities for Irish businesses to grow within Europe also offer regulatory certainty and harmonised standards provided by EU frameworks help facilitate trade and enable businesses to sell into a wide range of markets.

The relationship between internationalisation and innovation is strong. Research indicates that SMEs that are internationally active are more competitive with higher turnover and employment growth. In today’s climate both innovating and internationalising can hold the key to survival and growth for many SMEs. Given increased market integration, SMEs can play an important role in global value chains. Service innovation is also particularly relevant in an increasingly digitalised and high-tech global trade. It is also worth considering an estimated 90% of global growth originates outside the EU and developing and emerging markets are expected to account for 60% of world GDP by 2030.

International B2B matching opportunities In current times, a good way to explore connections with partners outside of Ireland is to take part in online Business-to-Business matching (B2B) opportunities organised by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) partners across Europe and internationally. Also known as business ‘speed dating’, EEN brokerage events are designed to allow delegates to book 1-2-1 meetings with other participants. While it is evident that Irish companies’ advantage lies in the innovation and quality, crucially our success is marked out by the people behind the goods and services produced in Ireland. Sharing your business offer or request personally by meeting online through a focussed B2B meeting


could provide the opportunity to talk to importers, distributors, buyers, sellers, agents or research partners and be a first step towards meeting potential partners. It also provides an opportunity to get an overview of a market and at the same time find out about current trends and the latest technologies in your sector to help take projects forward.


Upcoming Enterprise Europe Network & B2B Matching Events A selection of upcoming Enterprise Europe Network events and B2B matching across sectors below. Digital Seafood - European seafood market: changes, challenges and innovation Germany, 21 April 2021 https://fish-internationaldigital-2021.b2match.io/home Horizon Europe Marine & Maritime Brokerage Ireland, 28 April 2021 https://horizon-europe-marinebrokerage-event.b2match.io/ EdTech in a Virtual World How to Drive Innovation & International Growth? Ireland, 12 May 2021 https://edtech-in-virtual-worldhow.b2match.io/

Software Days –The future of digital business Austria,10-12 May 2021 https://2021.b2bsoftwaredays. com/ Digital Enterprise Show Brokerage Event Spain, 18 May 2021 https://des2021.b2match.io/ Global Innovation Summit and B2B Austria, 18 May 2021 https://gis2021.b2match.io/ Food eirEEN Virtual Meet the Buyer & Matchmaking Event 2021 Ireland, 9 June 2021 https://food-eireen-meet-buyer. b2match.io/

Margaret Kelly EEN Coordinator T: (021) 4530138 E: mkelly@corkchamber.ie

Chii Online Community for Hyperspectral in Industry Austria, until 31 December 2021 https://www.chii-online.com/ Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021 Italy, 15 Sept 2020 – 1 Oct 2021 https://genova2021.mit4ls. b2match.io/

View a complete listing on https://een.ec.europa.eu/events



Glanseair Children’s Formula A Different Kind of International Product Launch A positive news story for Irish exports, as the official launch of Glanseair Children’s Formula for the Chinese market took place on Monday 1st of March 2021. This product launch took place online, via Zoom and included speakers and guests from both Ireland and China. Glanseair Children’s Formula has been developed to facilitate the growth and nutrition of Chinese children and is produced by Kerry Group in their state of the art facilities in Charleville, Co. Cork. Among the guest speakers who were present to mark the introduction of Glanseair Children’s Formula to the Chinese market, were Cllr. Seamus McGrath, Deputy Mayor of Cork County who engaged in the function of officially launching Glanseair Children’s Formula, Mr. James Fogarty, Deputy Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Mr. John Reilly, Vice President of Business Development for Protein and Nutrition, Kerry Group, Mr. Conor O’Sullivan, Manager of Bord Bia – The Irish Food Board, China, Ms Katherine Fitzpatrick, Director of International Relations, Cork Chamber, Mr. Biqing Lin of Qiaokemei China, as well as other esteemed guests. Speaking on foot of the product launch Michael O’Donovan, Marketing Manager of Glanseair outlined: “We are delighted to have worked with Kerry in order to formulate this new and innovative product for the Chinese market. This product is created with the consumer at the heart of the development process, under strict safety controls and meticulous scientific research in order to create the optimum product for our consumer. We are very excited for the future of this product in China.”


Mr John Reilly of Kerry Group said: “Our fresh milk, which is produced by cows that are predominantly fed on grass and spend over 250 days per year on pasture, is sourced from dedicated Kerry suppliers with full traceability back to the farm. This gives the milk a unique flavour and enhanced nutrition. Multiple scientific studies have confirmed the increased nutritional value of dairy produced from grass-fed cows compared to that produced by grain-fed cows. These include an optimal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids, higher levels of certain vitamins, and higher levels of conjugated linolenic acid. Grass fed milk has the added benefit of having the lowest impact on our environment with Irish milk having the lowest levels of greenhouse gas emissions per kg of milk solids in the world. Milk manufactured in Ireland has a strong sustainability halo, something we are all very conscious of in the current world pandemic.” Mr. Biqing Lin, Chairman of Qiaokemei China, gave guests an insight into the Children’s Formula market in China stating: “We find that the market for children’s formula is growing rapidly and may become a new blue ocean market. From our research we have seen that the steady growth of the 4 to 12-year-old population gives a great indication of the potential of this product in China. Our team have a comprehensive online and offline distribution network contributing to our overall integrated supply chain, which is imperative to the success of this product” Glanseair Children’s Formula has now officially hit shelves both online and offline in China and the Glanseair team is very optimistic about the continuing success of Irish food and beverage products in the Chinese market.


New members We welcome the following new members 360 Turbines Engineering Supply of power generation power plants to an international market including spares and services with a significant presence in Africa having offices in Nigeria and Ghana. T: 087 620 9665 E: dmcgrath@360turbines.com W: www.360turbines.com Amy Alice Creative Advertising/Marketing/Market Research AA Creative is a Sales & Marketing Consultancy. Offering a full suite of Sales & Marketing for companies who do not have the in-house expertise. T: 086 023 6569 E: amy@amyalicecreative.com L: www.linkedin.com/company/ amy-alice-creative Benchspace Cork CLG Arts Benchspace Cork is a creative hub promoting sustainable employment in Cork, assisting start-ups, graduates, professionals and all in the creative sector, with affordable access to workshops and studio. T: 087 410 5476 E: maeve@benchspacecork.ie W: www.benchspacecork.ie Cantec Business Technology Services The Cantec Group provides sustainable managed print services, office automation software and design and marketing consultancy for all industries. T: 021 485 5700 E: info@cantecireland.ie W: www.cantecireland.ie

Charge It Ltd Telecommunications Our award-winning mobile phone charging stations with built-in UV lights all come with a free contactless hand dispenser. Best for bars, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, junction plaza’s & restaurants. T: 0818 543 943 E: sales@charge-it.ie W: www.charge-it.ie C.H. Robinson Logistics C.H. Robinson solves logistics problems for companies across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex. E: info-europe@chrobinson.com W: www.chrobinson.com/en-uk Clara Cooks Food/Drink Clara Cooks was created from a place of love and passion for cooking with good food and bringing people together. T: 086 239 6975 E: info@claracooks.ie W: www.claracooks.ie Classic Environmental Solutions Health & Safety PPE, Cleaning Supplies and first aid supplies. Efficient, friendly and quality service. T: 086 311 6050 E: damian@classicsolutions.ie W: www.classicsolutions.ie Cocomo Chocolate Limited Food/Drink Personalised chocolate goodies for you and yours. T: 087 945 9981 E: eatme@cocomochocolate.com W: www.cocomochocolate.com

Cork Cancer Care Centre Charities The Cork Cancer Care Centre is located at 26 St. Paul’s Avenue, Cork. This wonderful premise is our official meeting point and home away from home where we provide vital support to all those touched by cancer. T: 021 494 9090 E: corkcancercarecentre@gmail. com W: www.corkcancercarecentre.ie Cunningham Solicitors Solicitors/Legal Services Law firm focusing on Technology, IP, Commercial, Data Protection, Trademarks, Start-ups. T: 087 093 1098 E: info@cunninghamsolicitors.ie W: www.cunninghamsolicitors.ie Ecocel Manufacturers Ecocel manufactures cellulose fibre insulation from locally sourced recycled newspapers. Ecocel also installs cellulose fibre insulation. T: 087 258 4487 E: john@ecocel.ie W: www.ecocel.ie EDCI Consultants Management Consultants EDCI is the culmination of 25 years of experience working in emerging markets. EDCI has worked in over 50 countries on 200+ projects. T: 089 424 8490 E: trevor@edciconsultants.com W: www.edciconsultants.com



New members We welcome the following new members Energy Services Fuel/Energy We develop and implement sustainable energy management strategies for organisations to deliver demand side energy efficiencies, supply side renewable energy integration, and enhanced financial performances. T: 021 4320 480 E: info@energy.ie W: www.energy.ie Eirclear Limited Logistics Eirclear is a Customs Declarations service for Irish SMEs. T: 021 202 8240 E: hello@eirclear.ie W: www.eirclear.ie Flexiwage Limited Financial Services/Pensions/ Investment Flexiwage is an award-winning financial wellness software solution. It gives employees control of their finances, integrates with payroll services, reduces run costs, boosts employee engagement & performance. T: 086 414 9454 E: info@flexiwage.com W: www.flexiwage.com Flying Web Solutions Web Design If you are looking for a premium Web Design firm to build a website, then Flying Web Solutions can help you to make your website grow your business. T: 089 948 1261 E: info@flyingweb.ie W: www.flyingweb.ie


Glanbel IMP & EXP Limited Importer/Exporter Glanbel Imp & Exp Limited is a food marketing and distribution group with the aim of being a key player in the food and beverage industry internationally. T: 086 231 3474 E: michael@qiaokemei.com Guji Coffee Bar Cork Food/Drink Specialty coffee bar and coffee retail store proudly serving The Old Barracks Coffee Roasters singleorigin coffees and home-baked, gluten-free and vegan sweet treats. T: 087 294 3839 E: cork@guji.ie W: www.guji.ie HR Buddy Services HR Buddy is a Business All-Star Accredited enterprise, and we are one of the few HR service providers who operate payroll along with HR services. T: 064 669 8034 E: info@hrbuddy.ie W: www.hrbuddy.ie Interflow Logistics Ltd Transport Interflow Logistics is a global freight forwarder and one of the leading providers of exhibition and event freight-forwarding in Ireland. T: 086 380 5000 E: ops@interflow.ie W: www.interflow.ie

Irish Community Rapid Response Charities Irish Community Rapid Response by Land and Air are committed to providing safe, effective, and timely emergency medical care to those seriously ill or injured in Ireland. T: 021 419 0999 E: info@icrr.ie W: www.icrr.ie ISM Recruitment (Cork) Recruitment/Executive Search ISM Recruitment in Cork and surrounding areas offers permanent, short-term and temporary staffing solutions for Warehousing, Construction and Transport sectors. T: 021 422 6688 E: eddiefinn@ism.ie W: www.ism.ie/ism-recruitment Lynoslife Medical Services/Supplies Lynoslife is an Irish life sciences company with world-class capacity, technology and expertise. Continuing to expand our health, wellbeing and pharmaceutical products & services. T: 094 937 1570 E: info@lynoslife.com W: www.lynoslife.com Jdigital Advertising/Marketing/Market Research JDigital is a Digital Marketing Agency working with brands across Ireland and the USA with a revenue growth focus. T: 087 142 9262 E: jen@jdigital.ie W: http://jdigital.ie


Magnetic Design Studio Graphic Design Creative Design Studio building a reputation for a sophisticated Design aesthetic with Logo Design, Branding & Website Design. T: 086 088 1282 E: hello@magneticdesign.ie W: www.magneticdesign.ie Maura Mackey Design Services A professional Interior Designer based in Cork who offers a range of interior design and home staging services. T: 087 769 9714 E: maura@mauramackeydesign.ie W: www.mauramackey.ie Maxi Zoo Ireland Retail Maxi Zoo is Ireland’s largest pet retailer and part of the Fressnapf Group with over 1,500 stores across Europe. T: 021 420 8702 E: Tim.Cummins@ie.maxizoo.eu W: www.maxizoo.ie Masterkabin Ltd Building Contractors/Providers Munster’s leading provider of Modular, Off Site & Portable Building Solutions. T: 021 477 5555 E: reception@masterkabin.ie W: www.masterkabin.ie MCS Case Management Ltd. Medical Services/Supplies We provide case management services to clients with complex medical needs, brain injury and cerebral palsy in conjunction with solicitors and the Wards of Court. T: 01 493 6948 E: info@mcscasemanagement.ie W: mcscasemanagement.ie

Nasc, Migrant and Refugee Rights Centre Social Enterprises Nasc works with migrants and refugees to advocate and lead for change within Ireland’s immigration and protection systems, to ensure fairness, access to justice and the protection of human rights. T: 021 427 3594 E: reception@nascireland.org W: www.nascireland.org Ordee LTD IT Services Ordee is one centralized venue management system. Ordee allows businesses to manage Reservations, Queueing, Orders, Payments and Contact tracing. T: 083 472 6904 E: info@ordee.ie W:www.ordee.ie Outcome Digital LTD Advertising/Marketing/Market Research Outcome digital provides expert website design & online marketing services that are dedicated to growing your online presence to achieve your business goals. T: 089 414 5684 E: team@outcomedigital.com W: www.outcomedigital.com Refill Ireland Social Enterprises A social enterprise company helping the public locate free drinking water refill points easily and we provide a zero-waste drinking water service to events. T: 089 453 5311 E: info@refill.ie W: www.refill.ie

Spike Island Development Company Entertainment/Leisure/Tourism An island tourist attraction showcasing 1300 years of Irish history, reached by ferry from Cobh. T: 021 237 3455 E: manager@spikeislandcork.ie W: www.spikeislandcork.ie The Garage Works Services The Garage Works is a newly refurbished industrial design serviced office space in the heart of Cork City. We have over 20 small & medium sized offices perfectly designed to cater for businesses. T: 087 746 2646 E: info@thegarageworks.ie W: www.thegarageworks.ie VIATRIS Chemical/Pharmaceutical Viatris empowers people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life. We provide access to medicines, advance sustainable operations, develop innovative solutions and leverage our collective expertise to improve patient health. T: 021 452 3600 E: Shane.Horgan@Viatris.com W: www.viatris.com Waterland Financial Services/Pensions/ Investment Waterland is a pan-European private equity fund, keen to partner with and invest in Irish businesses to support growth. T: 01 568 6599 E: info@waterland.ie W: www.waterland.be/en/offices/ dublin



New Appointments New Associate Director at Tandem Tandem Project Management announce the appointment of Daniel Foley to the position of Associate Director for Utilities and Energy. Daniel has served as Building Services Manager with Tandem for over five years and with this promotion Daniel formally joins the Tandem senior leadership team. This expansion of Tandem’s leadership team strengthens its ability to provide expert, full lifecycle project solutions that deliver successful outcomes to our clients.

Andy Lynch, Fuzion Communications

Andy Lynch has joined Fuzion Communications as their Creative Director. Andy joins Fuzion from RTÉ where he primarily led the design, motion graphics and video editing output of the Central Communications department, which is responsible for all of RTÉ’s marketing materials as well as a variety of collaborative arts partnerships and national initiatives.


David O’Connor, Aircoach

Aircoach, Ireland’s leading private coach and bus operator has announced the appointment of David O’Connor as Digital Marketing Manager. Formerly Sales and Marketing Manager of Delfin English School, one of Dublin’s longest established English language schools, David brings a wealth of experience from his work in the entertainment, leisure and tourism industries.

Matt Maher, MSD

Matt Maher has been appointed Site Lead at MSD Brinny, Co. Cork. MSD’s Brinny site is one of the region’s largest employers, currently employing over 900 people. The site has been a vibrant part of the Innishannon community and pharmaceutical sector in Cork for over 35 years and specialises in the development and commercial supply of biotech products as well as innovative vaccines development and testing of immuno-oncology products.


Pictured: Catherine McAuliffe, Director and Head of Department (centre) with Elizabeth Hegarty and Michael O’Donovan.

Savills announce two promotions in its Cork Residential Team Savills is delighted to announce two promotions in its Cork Residential Team. Michael O’Donovan has been promoted to Divisional Director and Elizabeth Hegarty to Associate Director. Catherine McAuliffe, Director and Head of Department said: “This is an exciting time for the growing Residential business incorporating new homes and resales which, despite the restrictions surrounding the pandemic, in 2020 sold more homes than in 2019. Both Michael and Elizabeth are important members of the team and demonstrate true commitment to the continuing success of the business”.

Merger of Board Excellence and Acorn Governance Solutions As private and public sector boards globally are dealing with unprecedented governance challenges and opportunities, accelerated in part by the pandemic and Brexit, Board Excellence announced the merger with Acorn Governance Solutions, whose founders, Ros O’Shea and Dr Jonathan Westrup, are joining the Board Excellence partner team. Founded in 2016, Board Excellence supports a wide range of client boards across all sectors, including PLCs, private companies, SMEs, familyowned businesses, public-sector and not-for-profit organisations in key areas such as external board evaluations, bespoke director training, independent board dispute mediation, strategic planning, reputational risk management, ESG engagement, board composition and succession planning, as well as a search service for Board Chairs and Non-Executive Directors. Commenting on the merger, Kieran Moynihan, Managing Partner of Board Excellence, said, “The combination of our unique approach to board effectiveness and a move towards a more virtual boardroom has accelerated our global expansion and we have found that there is a strong growing demand for our offering. Directors of progressive boards are dealing with so many new agenda items including the Environment Social and Governance (ESG) movement, accelerated customer-led digital transformation, employee engagement and diversity and cultural oversight, to name just a few. With Ros and Jonathan joining our partner team, we can build on Board Excellence’s proven track record and momentum in supporting board teams to set the bar high in such critical governance matters, driving sustained improvement in their board effectiveness and excelling for all their stakeholders and shareholders.”

Ros O’Shea

Dr Jonathan Westrup



members news Honour for oldest yacht club in the world

Colin R. Morehead, Admiral of the Royal Cork Yacht Club was named as Cork Person of the Month for January 2021. At the club’s 300th AGM, Colin Morehead was elected the 42nd Admiral of the Royal Cork Yacht Club. Colin has been part of the club all of his life, following in the footsteps of generations of his family before him. Upon receiving the title of Admiral, Colin outlined his wish to develop a fiveyear plan for the club, along with the development of a new sustainability plan for the club which underpins all of the club’s activities. As Admiral, Colin’s passion and dedication to the club has become ever more prominent, as he has worked to successfully maintain and grow the institution that is the Royal Cork Yacht Club.

Boutique Partnership

Pictured at the announcemnt of a a new and exciting partnership between The Kingsley and Kilkenny Design are Evelyn Moynihan, Brand and Commercial Director of Kilkenny Group and Finola Twomey, Director of Sales & Marketing at The Kingsley. Picture: Gerard McCarthy

A Ray of Light from Newgrange

Viatel connect Ireland’s Ancient site with high-speed broadband to enable global streaming of solstice. Even in the most uncertain times, some things remain the same. For 5,000 years winter sunlight has illuminated Newgrange, one of Ireland’s most famous landmarks. When crowds could not gather at Newgrange, the Office of Public Works (OPW) decided to beam the solstice from the Boyne Valley around the globe. Viatel engineers created the necessary connection: twenty-first century technology broadcasting Stone Age engineering.


A new and exciting partnership has just been launched between The Kingsley and Ireland’s iconic Kilkenny Design, with The Kingsley introducing a range of products available to purchase from the hotel’s online boutique. The Kilkenny collection at The Kingsley includes a wonderful selection of art from Cork-based artist Belinda Northcote, vibrant pottery from Paul Maloney, prints of Róisín O’Farrell’s atmospheric paintings, Erin Knitwear’s hand-knit Aran collection of cosy hats and a selection of luxury throws from Foxford. There is also a beautiful range of Irish jewellery available from world-renowned kinetic jewellery designer Alan Ardiff and West Cork-based Enibas, including their ‘Croí Alainn’ (beautiful heart) signature collection, beloved at home and abroad.


Power of the Pivot Cantec Group launch Brexit Customs Clearance Software as declarations expected to soar past 20 million. Cantec Group were joined by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney T.D. for the virtual event, outlining how Cantec’s customs clearance automation software will make a big difference for businesses in the post Brexit era. Speaking ahead of the launch of their new software system to tackle this issue, Greg Tuohy, Managing Director of Cantec Group said, “As a result of Brexit, businesses both big and small are now facing more border formalities and with the addition of increased

customs clearance declarations, this has presented to be a major challenge for Irish businesses as forecasted. Over the past year at Cantec Group, we have been working to develop a software system that will allow businesses to save up to 15 to 20 minutes per individual declaration and we are delighted to be joined by Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney T.D. to officially launch this new software for businesses.” Pictured above: Paul Towler, Technical Operations Director; Greg Tuohy, Managing Director; Eadaoin Carrick, Operations Director with Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence launching the webinar ‘Reinvent your Business’. Picture: Darragh Kane

Maximise Your Membership Upgrade Your Company Profile

We have introduced a newly enhanced Membership Directory to give you increased value as a Cork Chamber member. Now you can: • Add Your Logo to be displayed on the search results page alongside your industry peers • Post up to 5 Highlights with outbound URLs linking to your website • Upload photographs and videos (via YouTube) to your profile Our Member Directory has seen traffic grow by 55% year on year. Ensure you take advantage. Log in to the Members Area via CorkChamber.ie and enhance your company profile!


Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Cork Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is an international book-gifting programme which provides free, highquality, developmentally appropriate books to children from birth to age five in participating communities. The Imagination Library was first launched in the Republic of Ireland in early 2019 by The Childhood Development Initiative in Tallaght Let’s Grow Together! Infant & Childhood Partnerships CLG. (formerly Young Knocknaheeny Area Based Childhood Programme) is leading the Imagination Library’s introduction to Cork with support from the Cork Interagency Working Group, sponsorship funding partners. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Cork will put books into the hands and hearts of approximately 3,000 children. The Imagination Library is currently available to babies, toddlers, young children and their families living in the following communities: Knocknaheeny, Hollyhill, Gurranabraher, Churchfield, Mahon, Carrigtwohill, Ashbourne House, Kinsale Road Accommodation Centre, and for families registered with Let’s Grow Together! Infant & Childhood Partnerships CLG. It is hoped that in the future the Imagination Library can be expanded and grow into more areas in Cork city and county. Families with children from birth up to the age of five living in these areas can register and a book will be delivered to their home every month, personally addressed to each eligible child, to start building their own home library. It is completely free to families!


To date approx. 700 families have signed up and we are now seeking assistance from companies in Cork to assist in funding these books. The cost of a book is €1.36 per month so in order to provide books for one child for 12 months the total cost is €16.32. An Post is sponsoring the delivery of all books to children in the Cork pilot communities, which is a considerable contribution to the running of the programme. All funds raised go directly towards serving local children and families within Cork communities. Cork Chamber is delighted to support this fantastic initiative and has provided funding so that over 60 children in Cork will receive a book each month . Conor Healy CEO of Cork Chamber said that ‘’It is more important now than ever to support the next generation to ensure that we have the most inclusive and diverse communities with equal opportunities for all. Developing early literacy skills and a love of reading is the cornerstone of education.’’ For further information on getting involved please contact Grace Walsh, Senior Speech & Language Therapist, Let’s Grow Together! Infant & Childhood Partnerships CLG. M: 086 814 2233 or E: grace@letsgrowtogether.ie

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