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The Voice and Vision of Cardinal Gibbons High School for Alumni, Parents of alumni and Friends

Bryan A. McGann ’79 & R. Gene Davis ’86

Alumni Making a Difference Inside this issue Spotlighting Eight Alumni Building the Vision Introducing the Athletics Hall of Fame Winter 2012 |


voices | from the principal

Building the Vision “The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid.” - Thomas à Kempis

It’s an exciting time to be on campus at Cardinal Gibbons High School: The Building the Vision construction project is underway, and teachers and students are busy planning our transition to the new buildings in the fall of 2013. While it has been wonderful to share the plans and renderings with current families whose students will attend school in the new buildings, it has been just as gratifying to hear the alumni reaction. A surprise visit from a group of recent graduates reminded me that our alumni are still deeply invested in their Cardinal Gibbons experience, and I was inspired to see their genuine excitement about the expansion. Over 100 years, our school has committed to continuous improvement for our buildings and resources. From our beginnings in the Pulaski-Cowper Mansion, to our moves to Western Blvd. and Edwards Mill Rd., each location for our school has been marked by

Alumni Join Principal Curtis at Groundbreaking


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constant improvement and expansion projects. These building efforts have always been planned with an eye to the future and with confidence in our school’s continued success and growth. Each improvement, however, has also been firmly planted in the work, hopes and vision of the generation before. The deep foundations of our new buildings are the accomplishments and dreams of students: the academic achievements, and the commitment to faith, the fine arts, athletics, and community. Every year we see an increase in applications from children and grandchildren of alumni, and we are reminded that this school is, and always will be, a home for generations of Cardinal Gibbons families.

Jason D. Curtis, Principal

from the principal | voices

Overview of the expanded Cardinal Gibbons High School with new front entrance, and new academics as well as arts and athletics wings.

Alumni Enjoy Groundbreaking Festivities

Winter 2012 |


voices | from the advancement office

What an Exciting Year . . . To Be Involved with Cardinal Gibbons

The 2011- 2012 school year brought the largest group of legacies to our campus. Pictured above: Kirsten Monroe, Alumni Coordinator, with 29 current students from the classes of 2012 – 2015 who are the children and grandchildren of alumni from the 1950s – 1990s .

In an effort to encourage more alumni to return to Cardinal Gibbons, last year we held the First Annual Reunion Weekend along with our inaugural Alumni Games. Reunion Weekend brought many class years celebrating milestones onto campus together, allowing multiple classes to intermingle and to be recognized at halftime of the football game. We will continue this new Reunion Weekend tradition October 5-7, 2012. If your class graduation year ends in a 2 or a 7, this is your year! We hope to see you there. Our inaugural Alumni Games Weekend was held over the Thanksgiving break. The Alumni Men’s Soccer game was played on Wednesday followed

by games on Friday - the Alumni Women’s Soccer, the first Alumni 5K Turkey Trot and the annual Alumni Men’s Lacrosse game. With over 150 alumni participating in 2011, we hope to grow this event each year by adding more teams and games. What a great opportunity for alumni to reconnect with former classmates and show off their alma mater to their families. The 2011 - 2012 school year brought the largest group of legacies to our campus. Twenty-nine current students from the classes of 2012 – 2015 are the children and grandchildren of alumni from the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. We can’t wait to see what this next

In December, Annette Jay, Jim and Peggy Taylor, Ben Johnson ’77, Dwight Johnson ’71 and Frank Prevo ’57 were honored during halftime of the Father Price Classic, a basketball game that was played in the Old Gym on Crusader Drive. The Father Price Classic was played in memory of the work that Father Price did to allow so many students the opportunity of a Catholic Education in the Raleigh area. He was truly a man of faith, service and leadership in church and community.


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generation of Crusader Alumni will do in our community… and beyond! (see picture above) Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend on October 5-7, 2012. If you are interested in helping plan parts of your reunion, please contact me at (919) 834-1625 x 278 or We look forward to seeing you on campus in the near future!

Kirsten Monroe Alumni Coordinator/Annual Giving Assistant

2011 – 2012 Alumni Council Front row: Dan Spuller ’01-Vice President, Chris Sauls ’90- Secretary, Danielle Bogner ’01, Jenny Ferland Chapman ’99, Christina Sartori ’10, Shaheen Bandukwala Syal ’95, Kirsten Monroe-Alumni Coordinator, Gene Davis ’86- President. Back row: Tom Farris ’56, Charlie Cunningham ’61, Michael Crooke ’04, Adrian Dellinger ‘00, Joey Hoying ’99, John Coffey ’63, not pictured: Elizabeth Yates Collini ’92, Matt Zaytoun ’02, Adam Norris ’10

from the advancement office | voices

The Gibbons Experience . . . Leading Today . . . Changing Tomorrow As CGHS ALUMNI, we thank you for being integral parts of Gibbons today! Our school is enriched through each student’s presence and each graduate’s sense of mission throughout their adult lives. Your sense of responsibility for self, family, and community continues the Gibbons spirit every day. As you continue with higher education, professional lives, and family joys, please remember Cardinal Gibbons High School and reflect on the importance of the life lessons you shared with faculty, staff, and friends during an important time of your life. Then, realize you will always be important to Gibbons.

During the Annual Donor Appreciation Dinner, Frank Prevo ’57 received the Alumni Legacy Award which is presented to an alumnus displaying dedication to CGHS by educating future generations at our school, along with demonstrating outstanding leadership and volunteer service. Former parents and Board of Trustees member, Terry Gill and his wife, Barbara received the CGHS Heritage Award which is given to a family displaying commitment to Cardinal Gibbons High School by educating future generations at our school, along with demonstrating outstanding leadership and volunteer service. (Pictured above with Principal Jason Curtis)

Through this realization, many alumni have chosen to volunteer or accept leadership positions at the school. We thank Bryan McGann ’79, Cardinal Gibbons Fund Alumni Coordinator, for understanding the need for alumni to contribute to the school. Through his leadership, a new giving initiative for alumni, the Crusader Class Challenge, was organized. It was designed to reconnect alumni with the school and to provide needed financial support. By connecting alumni with their classmates, they’re reminded not only of the ongoing financial needs of a nonprofit, college-prep school, but, also of the many memories shared with friends and classmates. Please review the class participation graph, donate, and text your friends to ensure your class reaches 100% giving. Through your gifts, you’re enabling this great school to continue to offer outstanding academics, spiritual retreats, exceptional arts, athletics, and leadership programs on behalf of tomorrow’s alumni. You’re offering today’s students an opportunity to prosper and grow in a loving environment, designed to encourage independent, responsible leadership today which will result in capable adults willing and prepared to change tomorrow. Together for Gibbons,

Several students from the classes of 2012 and 2015 volunteered their time and talents at the Annual Donor Appreciation Dinner in October.

Margie Clugston, Director of Institutional Advancement

Crusader Class Challenge: The idea is simple… We are looking for class participation and asking each of you for a small contribution equal to your year of graduation. For example, the Class of 1978 would only be asked for a donation to the Cardinal Gibbons Fund of $19.78, and each classmate who contributes will increase the Class of 1978’s percentage participation total. Class participation results will be tracked on the CGHS website. So, please join together with your class and help your alma mater. A little bit from a great many people will make all THE DIFFERENCE. We have had a good response so far with 42 classes participating! Look for a letter, email or facebook message from one of your classmates in the near future. • The Classes of 1952 & 1956 are at 100% participation... the class of 1957 is coming in close with 73%! •The class of 1986 is leading the charge with 16 members of their class participating AND also funding the Paul McEnroe Endowment Fund!

class year



class year



1952 1956 1957 1953 1958 1986 1978 1979 1941 1966 1954 1951 1959 1944 1980 1988 1990 1970 1981 1983 1992

14 8 8 2 3 16 9 9 1 4 2 2 2 1 4 6 5 2 2 4 3

100% 100% 73% 40% 25% 23% 18% 17% 17% 14% 14% 12% 11% 11% 10% 9% 8% 8% 5% 5% 4%

1974 1964 1995 1962 1971 2001 1987 1982 1989 1976 2008 1998 1994 2007 2009 1999 2002 2004 2006 2005 2011

1 1 2 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 4 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1

4% 4% 3% 3% 3% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%

Winter 2012 |



The Reverend Kimberleigh Jordan ’83 Minister, wife, mother, artist-in-residence at Drew University’s Theological School, Madison, New Jersey Former Associate Minister at Marble Collegiate Church, New York, New York Dancer, NC Dance Theater, Metropolitan Opera Education: Ordination to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the United Church of Christ denomination at the Riverside Church in New York City, May 1998 Ph.D., Performance Studies, New York University, New York, NY.; M. Divinity, Union Theological Seminary, New York City; A.B., UNC-Chapel Hill Family: Reverend Jordan is married to the Reverend John H. Vaughn and has two sons.

God can communicate with us through the work that we do for others.

Why did you enter the ministry? I entered the ministry because my relationship with God demanded it. But I had been trying to avoid my perception of God nudging me in the direction of Christian ministry for a number of years. I even considered that what I was going to seminary to do was to become a Christian educator. At the time that I entered Union Theological Seminary, I was a professional dancer and an arts educator. During my first seminary internship, I choreographed a liturgical dance and I finally saw how the artistic gifts that God gave me could be used to serve God. How did Gibbons assist you in reaching that goal? Academically, Gibbons was a strong environment that helped me set a solid foundation for Carolina, and later for the Seminary. Directly impacting my future ministry was my participation in the SEARCH retreats during my junior and senior years. The small groups were amazing as was experiencing other students as group leaders and speakers who gave talks about their faith. What advice would you offer to others thinking about answering the call to ministry? My initial advice to people is to deepen and expand their spiritual practice: pray more, read the Bible more, find ways of experiencing and expanding their relationship with God on a daily, disciplined basis. I also advise them to get out there and serve. God can communicate with us through the work that we do for others. What is your fondest memory of Gibbons? I had some of my most memorable teachers at Gibbons. Toni Sutphin was my English teacher for two years and our class advisor during junior years. She inspired in me a great love of literature and the importance of being a well-read woman. Pam Heyl connected with my interest in politics and was a big reason that I majored in public policy analysis at Carolina. I think of them when I teach, hoping to help some of my students catch intellectual fire, as I did with them.


| Cardinal Gibbons High School


Robert Fisher ’05 a teacher, a coach - a man on a mission

Robert Fisher ’05 is a teacher, soccer coach and a man on a mission. As a member of the Peace Corps, working at a high school in a small community in Swaziland, Fisher hopes to enrich and encourage his students who live in one of the poorest countries in Southern Africa. He has been doing so since he graduated from Guilford College in 2009 with a degree in sports management and communications. It has been no small challenge. Beyond poverty, AIDS exists in epidemic proportions in the area. School and sports are not priorities. That Fisher embraces the challenge is no surprise. As his mother, Melrose, will attest, Fisher always exhibited a deep caring for others. While at Cardinal Gibbons, he performed myriad service projects, helped with the Special Olympics and was an Eagle Scout.

He tries to build his students’ self-esteem and motivation, through his teaching and coaching.

Fisher, who was also a student-athlete at Gibbons, says that he “tries to build his students’ self-esteem and motivation,” through his teaching and coaching. To that end, he has asked for and received shoes and sports equipment from a NC company for his soccer team, which progressed to the national semi-finals this year – a feat not achieved in over three decades. He has also drafted a grant request to the Peace Corps for a library. While there is a need for all types of books, Fisher is also requesting such classroom basics as paper and pencils. Fisher understands his students’ plight more than most since he lives with a local family in a cramped home with limited electricity and no running water. His diet is rustic and monotonous. Of the experience, Fisher says he joined the Peace Corps because he saw it as a way to help others and to apply his love of sports to that goal. To be sure, he is reaching his goal, one day at a time.

Winter 2012 |



Dr. Joanne Wilson ’65 A leader in medicine, a trailblazer for women and minorities

Her decades-long passion as a clinician, patient educator, and national leader in her field has been rooted in her love of working with people.

Dr. Joanne Wilson ’65, a member of the Cardinal Gibbons Board of Trustees since 2006, has been a leader in colon cancer care and prevention as well as a trailblazer for women and minorities in medicine for more than 30 years. Currently, she is a professor of medicine in Duke’s Division of Gastroenterology. Throughout her career the renowned gastroenterologist, who graduated from Duke Medical School in 1973, has focused on improving care in her field: from stressing the importance of early detection to developing new technologies that make screening easier. “We have cutting-edge technology. We have incredible science,” Wilson says, adding that patients must still benefit from a physical as well as emotional standpoint. “I think that’s really crucial,” she notes. Her decades-long passion as a clinician, patient educator, and national leader in her field has been rooted in her love of working with people. To that end, Wilson educates the local African-American community about the importance of colon cancer screenings by speaking to audiences at local churches. Wilson also has the distinction of being the first or among the first in many profe sional endeavors. In 2008, the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) named Wilson one of its Outstanding AGA Women in Science, an award that typically goes to researchers. A decade earlier she became the first woman elected as the association’s secretary. In 1995, she became the second woman in Duke’s Department of Medicine to attain the rank of professor, and she was the second African-American woman to graduate from the School of Medicine. She has also been involved with a number of committees related to women and minority issues on campus. She served on a committee on women’s affairs for the Department of Medicine for more than 10 years and was chair and currently serves on the department’s Committee on Minority Recruitment and Retention.


| Cardinal Gibbons High School


Ashley Waddle ’05 for this naval academy graduate the sky isn’t the limit

These days Ashley Waddle ’05 describes herself as Goose in the hit motion picture “Top Gun.” Here’s why: Waddle graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2009; President Barrack Obama was the commencement speaker. After graduation she trained to become a naval flight officer, receiving her “Wings of Gold” in May 2010. Now, she is training to be a weapons systems officer (WSO) and rides in the back seat of a plane - just like the fictional Goose.

She is one of just eight women in her Weapons Systems Officer class of 106 students.

“I absolutely love my job and have made some wonderful friends,” Waddle said. “But it is not an easy one,” she conceded, adding: “The job requires having tough skin.” It is also the kind of job few women have been selected to do. Indeed, Waddle is one of just eight women in her WSO class of 106 students. Her selection is not surprising since Waddle gathered her share of kudos during her training. For one, she did so well in her training as a naval flight officer that she was selected to fly the F-18 E/F Super Hornet out of NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach, VA. She also was chosen to introduce former Astronaut Neil Armstrong when he was inducted into the honor hall at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. When asked how Gibbons assisted her in her career Waddle says: “Gibbons was a wonderful school to prep me for my experience at the Naval Academy and subsequently in flight school. It has been really important to be a well-rounded person academically, socially, and athletically - pursuits Gibbons has always encouraged. I think the school is really more of a community and everyone there is so supportive of the students even after they graduate. That is something really special.”

Winter 2012 |



Father Scott Hastings ’99 Pastor, St. Leonard Parish, Madison, NE Parochial Vicar, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Norfolk, NE Spanish Instructor, Norfolk Catholic High School, Norfolk, NE Education: Ordination to the Priesthood for the Archdiocese of Omaha, July 2008 M.A., Theology as well as Divinity, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, MO, Summa Cum Laude, Glenski Scholar; B. A., University of Dallas Family: Father Scott has four siblings, including a twin brother, Adam ’99, who is also a Gibbons alumnus. (To catch up with Scott’s twin brother, Adam, go to Class Notes page 19.) Why did you decide to enter the priesthood? I was called by God and the Church to be a priest and I answered that call. I just knew it was what I was supposed to do.

I was called by God and the Church to be a priest and I answered that call. I just knew it was what I was supposed to do.

How did Gibbons assist you in reaching that goal? Cardinal Gibbons was helpful in preparing me for college. My college studies were, in turn, helpful in preparation for the seminary. Also, I made lasting friendships at Gibbons. These friendships are still very important to me today as a priest. Did you have any role models at Gibbons? When I was at Gibbons, Mr. Poisella was a big influence in the classroom. So much so that I enrolled in college as a mathematics major. Also, Ms. Murphy was a wonderful teacher for foreign languages. I took Latin and Greek at Gibbons and have since studied others. I remember so many of her lessons, though. I still use Latin and Greek regularly as a priest. What advice would you offer to others thinking about entering the priesthood? Talk to a priest! Msgr. Ingham was very instrumental for me. He let me ask the questions that I needed to ask. Even though I decided to wait until after college to enter the seminary, his guidance was still very helpful. What is your fondest memory of Gibbons? It was the only day I ever got called into Br. Gary’s office for discipline. I had gotten into trouble for defending the Faith. I and two others got up during class and walked out of one of the trailers. We thought Br. Gary was going to kill us. Instead, he was very lenient. I will never forget his mercy.


| Cardinal Gibbons High School


Sepideh S. Asefnia ’79 President – SEPI Engineering & Construction, Inc., Raleigh & Charlotte Committee Member – Cardinal Gibbons High School Building the Vision Building Committee Honoree – 2012 inductee into the Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Hall of Fame Past Chair – Board of Directors, Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Education: B.S., Civil Engineering as well as Agriculture, NC State Family : She is married with two children, one of whom, Bardia ’13, is a Gibbons student. Why did you enter the field of engineering? I believe engineering is an important way to improve communities and the quality of life for people while providing a solid source of income. What challenges did you face in such a male-dominated field? Women are making great progress in the workforce, including in engineering. But there is still a long way to go because women don’t have the same support network as men do to help each other and open doors. Also, women don’t have as many role models so it is hard for them to see themselves running a Fortune 500 company or assuming leadership roles.

I believe engineering is an important way to improve communities and the quality of life for people while providing a solid source of income.

How did you overcome those challenges? I stay focused on my goals of working hard, being the best I can be in my profession and being genuine. I don’t spend much time on events and situations that I have no control over. When I encounter people who focus on my gender rather than on my profession, I just move on. What motivated you to start your own business? When? I started my business in May of 2001 because I wanted to have independence and wanted to challenge myself. How did Gibbons help you achieve your goals? Gibbons provided me with the definition of a caring and supportive community. I also had great teachers and a healthy environment in which to grow and challenge myself. These are the values I strive to create in my business. What advice would you give to young women contemplating a career in engineering? Engineering offers amazing opportunities and an exceptional career that enables you to see first-hand the impact you can make on the world through your designs and creative ideas.

Winter 2012 |



They are a dynamic duo. Bryan McGann ’79, Alumni Fund Leader, and R. Gene Davis ’86, Alumni Council President, are two attorneys with one goal: to encourage their 5,000 plus fellow alumni “to reconnect and recommit” to their alma mater. From launching new giving initiatives like

Bryan A. McGann ’79 Alumni Chair, Cardinal Gibbons Annual Fund Senior Attorney, Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan, L.L.P., Business Owner/Entrepreneur Education: J.D. with Honors UNC Chapel Hill; Ph.D. Walden University, Minneapolis, MN; M.B.A. Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC; B.S. East Carolina University, Greenville, NC Civic Involvement: Alumni Chair, Cardinal Gibbons Annual Fund; Board of Directors, Shepherd’s Care Medical Clinic; Past Chair, School Advisory Council, The Franciscan School; Member, Speaker’s Roundtable, Wake Technical Community College, 2011 inductee into the Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Hall of Fame Family: Joanna (wife), Owner of JDM Design Group, Inc.; Jordan, 13 (daughter) and Connor, 7 (son); both currently attend The Franciscan School, but this fall, Jordan will be a member of the Cardinal Gibbons Class of 2016. What are the main goals as Alumni Fund Leader? My main goal is to increase the percentage of alumni giving to their school. The more graduates we can reconnect with Gibbons, the more opportunity we have to help recommit these graduates to investing their time, talent and treasure with Cardinal Gibbons. Why did you come up with the Crusader Class Challenge and what do you hope it will achieve? The Crusader Class Challenge is a vehicle to help us reconnect with graduates. By challenging each class to make a small contribution to Gibbons, we hope to encourage each alumnus to reconnect with classmates, friends, and staff.

The more graduates we can reconnect with Gibbons, the more opportunity we have to help recommit these graduates to investing their time, talent and treasure with Cardinal Gibbons.


| Cardinal Gibbons High School

What has been the biggest challenge? The biggest challenge has been finding unique ways to make our alumni aware of the Cardinal Gibbons Annual Fund and how it helps to promote and advance academic and athletic excellence at Gibbons. Once the alumni see the positive impact the Fund has on our students and school, we hope they will feel compelled to add the Fund to their list of annual giving. How do you intend to get all of the classes involved with the challenge? We have so many alumni willing to get involved and help us reach out to other alumni of our school, especially through the use of social media. Also, encouraging our alumni to return to campus for one of the many events will allow them to relive the spirit of Gibbons, making easier the decision to support the Crusader Class Challenge.


the Crusader Class Challenge, see story on page 5, to offering an increasing number of volunteer opportunities, the pair is ensuring that the intellectual and spiritual foundation that defines Cardinal Gibbons continues to thrive.

R. Gene Davis ’86 President of the Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Council R. Gene Davis, Attorney and Counselor at Law Education: J.D. UNC Chapel Hill, NC; B.A. UNC Chapel Hill, NC; Certificate of Nonprofit Management Duke University, Durham, NC Civic Involvement: North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, Board of Directors; Raleigh Arts Commission, North Carolina Housing Coordination and Policy Council, Wake Habitat for Humanity, Fund Development Committee, Co-chair of 11th Annual Holiday Home Tour & Party Family: Mary Kaitland Stuart Davis, wife What are the Alumni Council’s main goals this year? The primary goal of the Alumni Council is to involve more alumni in Cardinal Gibbons today and in the future. Cardinal Gibbons has been a force for good in the lives of so many students who are now serving and leading in our community, state, nation, and world. We want to reach out to them to learn all that they are doing to make a difference. What are some of the Council’s future plans? The Council has set quantifiable goals for increased alumni involvement, including increased connectedness through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Another goal is to increase the percentage of alumni making a financial contribution to Gibbons. Last year, less than one percent of alumni made a financial contribution; this year our goal is at least five percent. Thanks to many alumni, we are on the way to reaching this goal. Why did you get involved in the Council? The future of Cardinal Gibbons must be tied to and built upon its long tradition of service instilled in each student, generation after generation. When called upon to serve, I felt it an honor and a privilege to be able to give back to a school and community that made such a difference in my life. What is the biggest change you see in Gibbons since you were a student there? While Gibbons is obviously a lot larger, it is still very much the same. It is a community filled with Christ’s love and devoted to forming men and women of faith, service, and leadership. It was special when I was a student 25 years ago; it is just as special today.

Cardinal Gibbons has been a force for good in the lives of so many students who are now serving and leading in our community, state, nation, and world. We want to reach out to them to learn all that they are doing to make a difference.

Winter 2012 |



Come Home for the Holidays - Alumni Games Thanksgiving Weekend brought back several hundred alumni to play each other in the alumni men’s soccer game, alumnae women’s soccer game, alumni men’s lacrosse game and run in the 1st Annual Alumni Turkey Trot - a 5K fun run around our campus. It was a beautiful weekend and a wonderful time to reconnect with old friends.

Soccer players from the classes of 1982 – 2011 came back to play in the annual women’s alumnae soccer game

The Alumni Lacrosse game is an event that Gibbons lacrosse players look forward to every year

Alumni Basketball Game December 17th brought former basketball players back to play in the 3rd Annual Alumni Basketball Game. Later in the evening, they cheered on the current Crusaders as they played Ravenscroft!


| Cardinal Gibbons High School


Giving Back and Moving Forward The four were friends during their high schools days at Gibbons in the early 2000s and they maintained that bond well after graduation. Earlier this year the group - Anthony Pompliano, John Charlesworth, Brent Nolan and Jim Zidar - launched a business that benefits their alma mater. Their business, the Community Corkboard, LLC, is an online directory that offers a way for members of the Gibbons family to advertise, network and do business with one another and, in the process, help their school. A majority of the membership fees are donated to Gibbons. (Visit www.cghsnc/ gibbonsbusinessdirectory for details.)

13 months in Iraq and is working full time on the business directory. The Community Corkboard advantages, the alums say, include the ability to personalize the directory by linking it back to the client’s website, to provide networking tools to connect members to one another and to the community itself, as well as to post job and internship opportunities. The group plans to offer their directory to other Catholic schools as well as churches and non-profit organizations. But, they stress, it all started with Gibbons, which they describe as their model school.

“It’s a joy to work with these alumni who have combined their love for Cardinal Gibbons with an entrepreneurial spirit for the benefit of our students and families,” Principal Jason D. Curtis notes. Nolan, an East Carolina University grad who works as a sales rep for Lonesource, a Cary-based business, is also the JV boys’ basketball coach. Charlesworth, who graduated from Elon University and is working full time on the business directory, is the team’s assistant coach. Meanwhile Zidar, a financial consultant who graduated from NC State, has mentored younger players on the football team. The same is true for Pompliano who graduated this winter from Bucknell University after serving

Anthony Pompliano ’05, John Charlesworth ’05, Brent Nolan ’04 and Jim Zidar ’05 helped sponsor the day for the Alumni Games and have joined Cardinal Gibbons in creating an online business directory.

Alumni and family members participated in the 1st Annual Alumni Turkey Trot, a 5K fun run around our campus. Winter 2012 |


voices | REUNIONS

Reunions: October 14 - 16, 2011 Reunion Weekend brought back the Classes of 1976, 1986 and 2001 for their class reunions.

Members of the Class of 1976 enjoyed their time together tailgating before the game during Reunion Weekend.

The Class of 1986 worked hard prior to their reunion weekend to fund the Paul McEnroe Endowment in memory of their former classmate. They spent the entire Reunion Weekend together reminiscing about their high school days. Rumor has it… several of them tried to re-enact those days!

The Class of 1976 was acknowledged on the field during halftime of the football game.

Alumni from the early 1990s got together in January, on the Western Boulevard Campus to look for the time capsule they buried 20 years ago. Their efforts were unsuccessful even with the use of a metal detector… but they had a great time looking and haven’t given up! Pictured below: Alumni from the early 90s, Lauren Tuttle Figge ‘92, Craig Young ‘90, Liz Yates Collini ‘92, Ted Mooney ’92 and Mike Rogosich ‘90

Gene Davis ’86 welcomes back Glen Doggett from Seattle and Juan Bosco Molina from Spain. Both traveled a long way to spend the weekend with former classmates.

Jennifer Pearson ’86 and Katie Kaus Whitley ’86

The Class of 2001 came together to raise money for a scholarship fund in memory of their former classmate, Rachel Klitzman. They spent the weekend reconnecting and remembering good times!


| Cardinal Gibbons High School

Pictured below: Michael Horgan ’01, Stephanie Parks Horgan ’01 and David Dusto ’01

Pictured below: Emily Currin Hall ’01 and Danielle Bogner Larson ’01


2011-2012, The Year in Review: The fall and winter seasons brought incredible success to our Athletics Department. The Wells Fargo Cup and eight State Championships in one year … GO GIBBONS!!

The Catholic Diocese of Raleigh announced their plans to build a cathedral in southwest Raleigh, Bishop Michael Burbidge said in September. The 2,000-seat Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral will be on the 39-acre former site of Cardinal Gibbons High School, west of the Dorothea Dix Hospital campus between Centennial Parkway and Western Boulevard. The Diocese owns the Cardinal Gibbons land, which is part of a 400-acre tract that Father Thomas F. Price, the “Tar Heel Apostle” and first native North Carolinian to be ordained a Catholic priest, purchased in 1897. Price established an orphanage there two years later, and he established Holy Name of Jesus Chapel there as well. Burbidge said there is no time-line for construction, but officials hope to break ground by the middle of 2013. For more information visit: news/view.aspx?id=1233

September 10, 2011 at the UNC football game, Athletic Director Dean Monroe accepted the Wells Fargo Cup (formerly the Wachovia Cup) for the 10th time in 11 years. The Wells Fargo Cup is awarded to the school with the best overall interscholastic sports program among North Carolina High Schools. (Dean Monroe pictured above with Davis Whitfield, Commissioner of NCHSAA.)

2011 State Champions – Women’s Varsity Cross-Country

2011 State Champions – Women’s Varsity Tennis

2011 State Champions & 4th place UCA National Championships – Varsity Cheerleading

2011 State Champions - Women’s Varsity Volleyball

2011 State Champions – Men’s Varsity Soccer

2011 State Champions – Men’s & Women’s Varsity Cross Country

2012 State Champions – Men’s Swimming & Diving

2012 State Champions – Men’s Indoor Track


Our first home football game vs. Clayton High School was a HUGE success with a 40-26 VICTORY! Our future Crusaders ran from end zone to end zone on the newly installed .

Alumni return to Gibbons to welcome potential Crusaders. Pictured (back row): Audrey Hagopian ’10, Joey DeRusso ’09, Josh Teder ’11, Colin Donahue ’11, (front row): Marina Pappas ’11 and Maggie Mitterling ‘11

For the first time in the seven - year history of the Principals Leadership Conference, alumni were among the participants, adding a new and exciting dimension to the annual event. The alumni involved in PLC 2011 were: (pictured above) Ashley Martin ’08 (far left) & Jen Cipriano ’04 (far right) with Gibbons faculty members. (not pictured: Gary Meyerl ’82 and Michelle Giannini ’05)

The 2012 Regional Scholastic Art Award results have been announced by Barton College and 34 of them (11 Gold Key and 23 Silver Key winners) are from Gibbons. http://www. scholastics.htm Gold Key winners will be displayed in the Barton College Art Gallery beginning January 29. Congratulations to all of our students. Winter 2012 |


voices | CLASS NOTES

Class Notes 1930s


Ann Hall Marshall ’38 has written two books. Crooked Lines has been a best seller on Amazon and her second novel, Full Measure of Love, was published in November 2011.


Matthew Koch ’11, Virginia Ann Kopp ’67 and Alexandra Koch ’08 ran into each other at St. Peter’s Basilica on a recent trip to Italy. Virginia did not know Matt and Alex prior to this trip. They were talking and discovered their Crusader connection. It is truly a small world!


Mary Jean Hauser Girard ’79 received a BS in Nursing from UNC and an MBA from The Ohio State University. She is currently the Director of Nursing at the OSU Medical Center. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, Eric, and their twelve year old son, Joseph.


| Cardinal Gibbons High School

Dave Schweikert ‘86 is currently on an expatriate assignment in Shanghai, China - starting up an engineering team working on hybrid vehicles. He would love to hear from any alumni who might happen to travel thru Shanghai. (

This past year, Lt. Col Craig Drescher ’81 and his wife, Margie, welcomed their fourth child, Maureen.

Michelle LaMarche ’82 and Jaimie Smith, who attended Gibbons for many years, were married on May 21, 2011, after reconnecting at the Cardinal Gibbons Centennial Celebration in 2009. They are pictured above with several members of the classes of 1981 and 1982. Maryann Tyrer ’84 is in her third year teaching theology at Cardinal Gibbons. She really enjoys being colleagues with veteran faculty and staff who were at Gibbons when she was a student (Pam Heyl, Becky Dason, Catherine Sokash, and Annette Jay). This year she is serving as Junior Class Advisor. Gene Davis ’86 delivered a speech to the Cardinal Gibbons Class of 2011 at their May 19, 2011, Senior Luncheon. He welcomed them to the ranks of alumni of Cardinal Gibbons High School and to congratulate them on reaching this significant milestone in their life journey.

Kristi Jay ’89 and her mother Annette Jay (Registrar) became an aunt and grandmother for the first time when brother, Chad, and his wife gave birth to twins on December 13, 2011. Ryder Edward Jay and Delaney Claire Jay were the perfect Christmas gifts! Congratulations Aunt Kristi and Mrs. Jay!

above with wife Shana, daughters Micah (7) and Miranda (5)… and dog Scout.

Maj. Meredith Allyson Sarda ’93 and Lt. Col. Eric Christopher Larson were married on September 24, 2011. Meredith graduated the Uniformed Health Services medical school at the Bethesda Naval Hospital where she received her M.D. in Pediatrics. She is currently employed as a Staff Physician at the Eglin Air Force Base Hospital in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

1990s Ron Wilson ’90 spent many years of playing for the USBL, the Harlem Globetrotters and professionally in Europe, Middle East and Asia. In 2000, Ron began coaching collegiate standouts as a varsity assistant with Friends Central School in Wynnwood, Pa. He moved on to the college level coaching at Holy Family and Wilmington Universities and then returned to the high school ranks at Chichester High School.

Mike Rogosich ’90 is the Assistant Principal of Student Activities at Cardinal Gibbons. Pictured

Piper Rose O’Connell, daughter of Joe O’Connell ’95 (deceased), cheering on the Tarheels just like her daddy did! Stephanie Gaston Poley ’96 and Jeffrey Poley were married on December 3, 2011, at Sacred Heart Cathedral. She is a graduate of Furman University and Campbell University School of Law. Stephanie practices law with the firm of Cranfill, Sumner, and Hartzog, LLP in Raleigh.

CLASS NOTES | voices

Andrew Cranford ’97 graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BA in English and a minor in Psychology. He later received his PHR Certification (Professional of Human Resources) and is currently the Head of Human Resources, North America, for AllSaints, a leading British fashion design house. Miguel Gonzalez ’97 opened 32 Dental, a comprehensive family dental office located off Capital Blvd. in Raleigh, NC. He and his wife, Jessica Hoying Gonzalez ’97 reside in Clayton and have 2 children, Susanna, 4, and Noah, 2. (

Kimberly Niemitalo Spach ’98 and her husband Adam welcomed Audrey Catherine Spach on December 20, 2011. She weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long. Matt Milner ’09, Coleman Tyrance ’98 and Ned Smith ’09 (pictured below) Coleman Tyrance ’98 founder of Cary Coaching Precision together with his brother Chavar ’02, held their 3rd Annual Football Food Drive at Gibbons to benefit the North Carolina Food Bank and to raise awareness of hunger in NC. They collected 859 pounds of canned items in 6 hours – representing 723 meals for those in need. v=ZiVykj0Hqmc&feature=youtu be_gdata_player

and lacrosse while working on his doctorate in education administration from the University of Virginia. Adam has been a school administrator and now works as a school principal. Todd Masters Chapman III, “Trey” was born on April 27, 2011, at 10:56 am, weighing 7lbs. 13oz. The proud parents are Matt and Jenny Ferland Chapman ’99. Jenny is also a member of the Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Council.

Nothing says success like having your picture on the side of a bus strolling up and down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)! Chris Doyle ’99 is a professional bike rider for BMX and sponsored by DC Shoes.

Adam Hastings ’99 graduated from NC State and then continued his education at UNC- Chapel Hill, where he earned a Master’s degree in Secondary English Education. He married, Nikki, in 2005 and moved to Charlottesville, VA. Adam taught high school and middle school English, Spanish, Home Economics and coached wrestling

redevelopment. Lucy lives in historic Five Points and enjoys running, gardening, and volunteering with Raleigh City Cemeteries Preservation and the Joel Lane House.

Joey Hoying ’99 and Marilauren Kaluza ’01 are engaged to be married. A spring wedding is planned.

January 6, 2011, was the birth date of Cade Lowe. He is the son of Tim and Jess Greiner Lowe ‘99. Cade is in training to play for the Crusaders basketball team in 2028. Daryl Fothergill ’99 and Cara Freed Fothergill ’99 welcomed Jackson William Fothergill in April 2011.

Lucy Pittman ‘99 graduated with degrees in Art History and French from UNC-CH and a Masters in Historic Preservation from the U. of Vermont. She works for the Restoration Branch of the NC State Historic Preservation Office and travels around our state evaluating historic properties for federal and state tax incentives that spur

On March 29, 2011, the City of Raleigh honored Senior Officer Brad Winston ’99 as a Police Department Employee of the Year for 2010.

2000s Andrew MacNair ‘00 and Jessica Mistric MacNair (granddaughter to Helen Field George ’44) were married October 2, 2010. Calin Riley ’00, Jeremy Barefoot ’99 & Adam Barefoot ’03 are the current wrestling coaches at Sanderson High School in Raleigh. In the 2011 season their Spartans were undefeated Conference Champions, Conference Tournament Champions, and District Champions, with a record 99 wins. They made it to the NC Elite 8 in the dual wrestling playoffs and had four men qualify for the state tournament. Former Gibbons wrestling coach, Chris Tomasic and current Gibbons wrestling coach, Stan Chambers, continue to be instrumental in these guys’ lives, personally and professionally. Kevin Eddins ’00 and his wife Jessica welcomed Jackson Lewis

Winter 2012 |


voices | CLASS NOTES

Eddins on December 11, 2011. Weighing in at 7lb 2 oz. and 19 ½“ long. He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Amanda Richardson Johnson ‘00 will graduate from Slippery Rock University with a MS in Parks and Natural Resource Management. She was married in September, 2007 to Eric Johnson and they currently live in Southport, NC. They welcomed a baby girl, Cadence Jade on August 3, 2011. Amanda has been doing a lot of work as an environmental educator - with the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, the SC State Museum in Columbia, the Fort Fisher Aquarium, and most recently Carolina Ocean Studies in Carolina Beach. She hopes to start a non- profit nature center on the N.C. coast. For now, she is busy being a new mom, going to school, and her current project - playing and teaching violin in her studio in downtown Wilmington. Mercedes Restucha-Klem ’00 is a Staff Attorney for Disability Rights NC. Disability Rights NC is a non-profit, legal services agency that is federally-mandated to protect and advocate for the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness and/or other disabilities. Emily Turgeon ’00 is in her 7th year of teaching and coaching at Gibbons. She loves teaching Social Studies at Gibbons and feels blessed to be here every day. The varsity women’s soccer team was the 3A state runner-up last Spring and the JV women’s basketball team finished with a 13-1 record. She completed her 3rd full marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon in DC and still plays competitive adult league soccer in Raleigh, in a women’s league and a co-ed league.

Cara Orr Amos ’01 will finish her Masters in Nursing this year and is practicing as an Adult Nurse Practitioner in neurology. Cara and her husband have 2 children, Luke (4) and Sadie (2). David Binanay ’01 is the founder of Music Over Mind (MOM) which is a non- profit organization dedicated to helping those with mental illness through the art of music. They provide a supportive, accepting environment in which they believe that through the use of music, their clients can use their own creativity, grow and ultimately become healthier. Several Gibbons alumni are on the Board of Directors: Jon Binanay ’99, Daryl Fothergill ’99, Ali Greiner ’01, Danielle Bogner Larson ’01, Danny Merlin ’99, Matt Orr ’01, Chris Shields ’00. http://www.

Future Crusaders, Andrew and Jacob Horgan, sons of Stefanie Parks Horgan ‘01 and Michael Horgan ‘01. Michael is a Senior Technician - Network Control with Verizon Business. Stefanie received her Master’s degree in Educational Administration from the University of Scranton and is currently a 5th grade teacher at The Franciscan School in Raleigh. Daniel Spuller ‘01 wed Kelly Michelle Taylor on September 17th at Childress Vineyards, Lexington, NC. He is the major gifts development coordinator for the Wake Tech Foundation in Raleigh. He serves on the CGHS Alumni Council. Caroline Stevens ’01 married Brennan Wilson on February 11, 2012, at St. Francis of Assisi

Catholic Church. Luis M. Lluberas-Oliver ‘02 was married to Meghan F. McClure on October 9, 2010, at Sharon Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC. The couple, both of whom are attorneys, resides in Charlotte, NC.

Billy Atwell ’04 was married on October 2, 2010, to Katie Korman Atwell. He has recently taken a new position as the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Venice, Florida.

Caleb Corry ’03 has joined the ranks of professional golfer on the egolf professional tour. Congratulations Corry! You can follow his progress at http:// tarheel11/profile/ccorry9/bio. htm?statl=tarheel11 Sean Cockrill ’04 is an Army Ranger and a member of the 10th Mountain Division out of Ft. Polk, Louisiana. He returned from Afghanistan on October 12, 2011, after a one year tour of duty. Chris Hendricks ‘03, center, is flanked by guitarists Michael Sullivan, left, and Matt Brechbiel, right. In June 2010, Chris joined several big-name performers on the 2-month Life and Faith Tour. With stops in Richmond, Rockingham and Atlanta, the tour featured contemporary Christian artists such as Amy Grant, Shenandoah and Hawk Nelson and raised money for local charities and nonprofit groups. http:// Sara Spuller Johnson ‘03 wed Hampton Blake Johnson on March 6, 2010, at Benson Baptist Church in Benson, NC. They live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where she is the Marketing Coordinator for Newsmax Magazine. Danielle Fountain Richard ‘03 graduated from UNC-Wilmington in 2007, with a BA in Chemistry. In May 2011, she graduated from The New England College of Optometry, with a Doctorate of Optometry Degree. Danielle married James Richard in June 2011 and is practicing Optometry in the greater Boston area.

Mallory Pucci Houchin ’04 was married over the summer. In August she joined the N.C. State Wolfpack Swim Team coaching staff as an assistant coach. Mallory spent the previous year as an assistant coach at Queens University in Charlotte, and from 2008-2010 at Clemson University coaching mid-distance freestyle and butterfly events. Katelyn O’Rourke Lippert ’04 at her wedding in September with her mother and sister Alexandra O’Rourke ’06.

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Jill Sylvester ’04 graduated from Harvard in 2008, then worked as an IBM business consultant for two years. In March 2010, she was commissioned as a 2d Lt in the Air Force Medical Corps and is currently attending Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, PA.

Cardinal Gibbons is proud to be the alma mater of Trey Shannon ’05, the current TSA Guinness World Record holder for driving a kart solo for 24 hours. The attempt took place October 25-26 at the New Castle Motorsports Park in central Indiana. Circulating around a 0.919-mile course, Shannon drove to a new record of 847.318 miles to beat the previous record by 46 miles. More importantly, Shannon was able to raise money and awareness for Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA).

& 11th graders. She also will write grants for the community, hold English clubs, work at various summer camps and learn & experience Ukraine. Daniel Pratl ’06 spent the summer studying in Italy under Chief Justice John Roberts of the United States Supreme Court. He is currently in Law School at Rutgers University and will graduate in 2013. Luis Carrillo ’07 is currently attending UNC Chapel Hill pursuing a career in athletic training. He plans to apply for medical school upon completion of his degree.

Tommy Cooley ’08 has been cast in the movie The Hunger Games scheduled to be released in 2012. You can watch him on the film’s trailer watch?v=p-5ANq4sAL0 Ian Garbarine ’08 will graduate from The College of William and Mary in May 2012 with a double major in Biology and History.

Colum Dever ’07 graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in 2011. He is a high school teacher and assistant baseball coach at Mount de Sales Academy in Macon, Georgia. He teaches Theology to sophomores and Philosophy of Literature to seniors. Christina Kaplanis ’07 graduated from Duke University in May 2010 and is currently working in Chicago. Katherine Despotes ’07 graduated magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in 2011. She is a first year medical student at UNC Chapel Hill.

Jessica Williams ’05 married Patrick Fowler of the US Navy on December 18, 2010, in Waianae, Hawaii. Julie Midden ’06 (middenj@ has been working with the Peace Corps in Ukraine as a TEFL volunteer. She lives in a village on the border of Russia in north central Ukraine and teaches English to 7th, 8th, 10th

Katherine Williford ’07 recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She was one of twenty-two students chosen to present her looks in the Elle Magazine fashion show at New York’s Fashion Week. Upon her return, she will be designing clothes for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Mark Etheridge ‘07 and Mary Alice (Strange) Etheridge ’07 were married on December 28, 2010. They started dating their junior year at Gibbons!

Melissa Shafer ’08 is a senior at Columbia University and starting player on the Women’s Basketball Team. She set a new program record in three-pointers when she hit her 163rd three-point shot in her Columbia career...and she still has two more games to go! Jordan Baskett ’09 is a current student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has just been accepted into the Pharmacy School for the fall of 2012.

Dr. Pat O’Brien was presented with the Heartsaver Hero Award for saving the life of Alex Beuris ’08 with the use of an AED. They are pictured above with Greg and Sharon Beuris, Alex Beuris ’08, Dr. Pat O’Brien and Rory O’Brien ’08.

Packy Dever ‘11, is a freshman at the University of Notre Dame. Ginny Eckstein ’11 is playing volleyball at Belmont Abbey College.

Wade Gordon ’08 will be graduating from Carnegie Mellon in May 2012 with a dual degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. He will be working for Microsoft in Seattle upon graduation. Gibbons is still using the chain metal Crusader costume that Wade created! Nicholas MacDonald ‘08 received “Naval Flight Officer” at the Naval Academy in December. He is off to Pensacola for flight school after graduation in May. We are thrilled for him and couldn’t be more proud!

Lauren Halk ’11 is playing Lacrosse at Belmont Abbey College.

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voices | ALUMNI NEWS

Welcome to PGA, Parents of Gibbons Alumni. We welcome all parents of Cardinal Gibbons graduates to continue to stay in touch with the friends and faculty who made your student’s high school years so special. We are a group of parents who wish to maintain our connection with the Cardinal Gibbons community. We hold a few events throughout the year to help us stay connected. We welcome all parents who have a graduate from Cardinal Gibbons from any year. Please consider joining us and keeping in touch with this wonderful school. If you have questions or would like to be on our email mailing list, please feel free to contact us! Jen Murray (Heather Murray ’11) & Joann Throndson (Emily Throndson ‘06 and Kristy Throndson ’10)

In Loving Memory 1953 James Devine 1954 Conway Murchison 1957 Gladys “Gae” Hill Boyette 1959 James Cannon 1968 George Solomon 1971 Joseph John Mark 1991 Ashley Westbrook Turton 2000 Matt Myron “Lord, for your faithful people life is changed not ended.”

FACEBOOK NIGHT: January 25, 2012 Several alumni joined the Alumni Council on Wednesday, January 25th for our Alumni Facebook Night. They created facebook group pages and invited classmates to join them. They had a great time and reconnected with many classmates.

Gary Meyerl ’82, current teacher at Gibbons gives blood at the Annual Cardinal Gibbons/Red Cross Blood Drive. During Gary’s senior year, student, Katie Connors Martin ’83 became critically ill. Sr. Mary Neill encouraged Gary and other members of the classes of 1982 and 1983 to give blood at Rex Hospital on Katie’s behalf. Who would have guessed that 30 years later, Gibbons students would annually fill the gym, giving blood to the Red Cross. The summer before Gary’s senior year, he began visiting the Pediatric Children’s Unit at Rex to entertain sick children… “Gigs the Clown” was born and is still going strong today. Gary has continued giving blood and entertaining sick children since 1982.

February 9th we welcomed 30 alumni back to Gibbons for the 5th Annual Alumni Career Day. Alums pictured above: front row: Gene Davis ’86, Natalie Turgeon ’02, Danielle Beagley ’95, Mercedes Restucha-Klem ’00, Christi-Ann Ferland Wiltberger ’02, Blaine Clark ’88, Alyssa McFadden ’05. Middle row: Matt Zaytoun ’02, Ali Greiner ’01, Meghan Brown ‘98, Fred Moreno ’98, Chris Sauls ’90, Peter Ruocchio ’92, Rosemary Casey Czejkowski ’82, Craig Drescher ’81, AJ Pompliano ’06, Bob Mersch ’82. Back row: Joey Hoying ’99, Adrian Dellinger ’00, Coleman Tyrance ’98, Roby Moreland ’09, Bryan McGann ’79, Brent Nolan ’05, John Charlesworth ’06, Troy Butler ’82. Not pictured: Jim Zidar ’06, Joe Ovies ’97, Olga Santo-Tomas Monroe ’76, Trish Mullins ’71, Amanda Richardson Johnson ’00


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ALUMNI NEWS | voices

young alumni: contining the tradition


Josh Teder ‘11 and Christine Prosser ’11 were student

When Michael Ruff ’11 was a junior at Cardinal Gib-

leaders at Cardinal Gibbons. He was Senior Class Secretary;

bons he jumped at the opportunity to announce school

she was Senior Class Treasurer. Teder also attended the

sporting events for webcasts. Ruff continued announc-

Principal’s Leadership Conference and Prosser was a Peer

ing throughout his junior and senior years. As a senior,

Retreat Leader. So, it only seemed natural that the two

he took a digital media class with his mentor, Science

would become leaders at their respective colleges. Prosser

Instructor Diane Ripollone.

is Freshman Member At-Large on the Executive Student

Still, Ruff didn’t think he would continue announcing at

Government Association (SGA) at Meredith College. Teder is a Freshman Senator in the Student Senate, as well as a member of the Student Senate University Affairs Committee at N.C. State. Both credit their experience at Gibbons as providing them with the confidence to seek leadership roles at college.

college. That didn’t happen. At his college, UNC Charlotte, Ruff answered a call from the athletic department to do PA announcing at various NCAA games, which led to an opportunity in the webcasting department. For now, he is announcing just volleyball games. “It feels great to be back behind the mic,” Ruff said. “It was my experience at Gibbons that gave me the ability to continue doing something that I truly enjoy.”

Most Rev. Michael F. Burbidge Bishop of Raleigh Dr. Michael J. Fedewa Superintendent of Catholic Formation & Education, Diocese of Raleigh Jason D. Curtis, Principal THE OFFICE OF INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT Margie Clugston Director of The Office of Institutional Advancement Kirsten Monroe Alumni Coordinator/Annual Giving Assistant Rachelle Garbarine Marketing & Publications Coordinator Shermanne Porter, Joseph Hoying Database Coordinators

Senior Gift As our class gift, looking towards the future, the Class of 2012 will be involved in purchasing the new cross that will be affixed atop the new entrance of the school, scheduled to be completed in January 2013. To help connect future students with the school’s past, we are creating a replica of the large cross using materials from the Orphanage, the Cathedral Campus, Western Boulevard Campus and our current campus on Edwards Mill Road. The cross will be displayed in the new lobby. As a new tradition, our class would like the replica to be used during graduation every year, so each graduate will have the chance to touch the cross as he or she walks across the stage to receive his or her diploma. The class of 2012 is in the process of making a video, showing the creation of the replica every step of the way, from the collection of the materials to its final display in the lobby. The video will be shown at the Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior Assemblies in April/May of 2012. The video will also be shown every year during Freshman Welcome Day to acquaint the incoming freshmen with the history of the school.

Laurette Benton Volunteer Coordinator Reporting/Writing/Editing/Photography Laurette Benton, Rachelle Garbarine, Annette Jay, Liz Jochum, Greg Mintel, Kirsten Monroe, Diane Ripollone, the CGHS yearbook and newspaper photography staffs VOICES is published by The Office of Institutional Advancement of Cardinal Gibbons High School, 1401 Edwards Mill Road Raleigh, NC 27607 CONTACT US: If information has been omitted or incorrectly noted, please accept our apology. To notify us of the correction, to submit information for future issues of VOICES, or to request back issues of the magazine, please contact Kirsten Monroe at (919) 834-1625 x 278, or Winter 2012 |


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Permit #2212 Raleigh, NC

Alumni Calendar 2012 March 3 – 11:

Cardinal Gibbons Online Auction

1401 Edwards Mill Road Raleigh, NC 27607

March 29:

Stewardship Mass & Community Awards Lunch Recognition of 2012 Alumni Hall of Fame Recipients April 20:

(Friday) CGFA Spring Gala April 29:

Joey O Bocce Classic for Cystic Fibrosis May 18:

Class of 2012 Senior Luncheon and Alumni Speaker June 30:

Completion of the Crusader Class Challenge August (TBD):

Update Your Information If your son or daughter no longer lives at home, please send his/her updated contact information to Kirsten Monroe, Alumni Coordinator, at Thank you.

Athletics Hall of Fame 2012 will bring us the first class of inductees to the Cardinal Gibbons Athletics Hall of Fame! The Hall of Fame has been organized for the purpose of honoring alumni, coaches, athletic administrators and friends of the program within the Cardinal Gibbons High School History. Join us for dinner on Thursday, May 17th to honor the first members of the Athletics Hall of Fame, and the Cardinal Gibbons Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

22nd Annual Jack Ratz, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament

Go to for more details or to make reservations.

September (TBD):

Congratulations to the following people as nominees for the Alumni Hall of Fame:

Family Football Night @ CGHS- Tailgating

Alexander Synowiez ’58 • Don Maus ’59 • Ann Carbone Marco ’68 • Barbara Ellstrom Phillips ’76 • Sepi Asefnia ’79 • Doug Cottle ’79 • Leslie Bryant ’82 • Billy Warden ’83 Angela Hampton Hale ’86 • John Odenwelder ’86 • Coleman Tyrance ’98 • Jessica Greiner Lowe ’99 • Calin Riley ’00 • Caitlin Hurley Spears ’00 • Danielle Bogner Larson ’01

September 24:

CGHS Family Association Golf Tournament @ MacGregor Downs, Cary October 5th - 7th :

SAVE THE DATE! Reunion Weekend – Events for all classes! Homecoming Football Game tailgating, Saturday Dinner and family picnic. Classes ending in a “2” or a “7” this is your reunion year! Contact Reunion Weekend Co-Chair: if you are interested in helping with your class reunion. November 21 - 23:

Alumni Games and Turkey Trot Men & Women’s Lacrosse, Men and Women’s Soccer, Men & Women’s Basketball, Volleyball Run Gibbonsand High5K School 24 | Cardinal

Alumni Hall of Fame

Tech Talk, Gibbons Style CGHS embraces the Web as well as the new social media technologies of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as tools to better communicate with you and to bring our faith to the digital world Cardinal Gibbons Alumni : Web Pages Check out our most recent new or revised pages that will help keep you up-to-date on life at Gibbons: • Alumni ( • News Center ( • Video Club ( Missed a CGHS basketball, football game or graduation? Don’t despair. Catch up by checking out the club’s collection of broadcasts

Alumni Chapters Gibbons has an Alumni Chapter in New York City! For more information, please contact Kirsten Monroe: Alums in the Washington DC/Baltimore area... We would love to come visit and start another chapter. Let us know how to contact you. If you know another alum that is in the DC area, please let us know where they are... or that we are looking for them. We hope to see y’all soon. Would you like to start another alumni chapter in your town? Contact Kirsten Monroe for more details. Update your contact information with KMonroe@

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