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Tr ansfor mi n g O u r C ommu n i t y



Vision To be the leader, catalyst and resource that inspires philanthropy, in order to build more vibrant communities now and for generations to come.



To strengthen our region through inspired philanthropy and outstanding stewardship by:

• Excellence

• Partnering with donors and others to ensure lasting impact

• Integrity

• Leveraging our knowledge of communities • Offering our constituents an unmatched level of personal engagement

• Inclusiveness • Leadership • Passion • Stewardship

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Message from President and Board Chair The Foundation has undergone a visible transformation this year. After 17 years we have created a new logo, and we are excited to share its meaning and purpose. Our previous one served us well—it represented strength, permanence, stability, and trust. While the Community Foundation still embodies these characteristics, we also want to demonstrate innovation, relevance, creativity, and vision. The new logo you see is a more modern and colorful fleur-de-lis—our community’s long-standing symbol. We have a renewed commitment to leadership and community enrichment. The logo is a visual representation of what we view as key building blocks for effective philanthropy: Community, Connection and Charity. You’ll find these important words represented by the blue and red C’s that form the core of the fleur-de-lis. Ultimately, though, this is not about the Foundation’s transformation. We want to acknowledge, celebrate and inspire the transformation that happens in our community and beyond because of your generosity. Since our founding in 1984, we have distributed more than $500 million in charitable grants, and these valuable dollars enrich our community in countless ways. Whether it’s feeding the homeless, building world-class parks, expressing creativity, educating our children or caring for the elderly, together we are transforming our community. We are honored that you entrust us with your philanthropic dollars, and we are committed to being worthy stewards of your charitable legacy.

Henry M. “Sonny” Altman, Jr. Chair, Board of Directors

Susan A. Barry, JD President & CEO


Ernest and Ona Marshall

“We want our daughter to be prepared for the joy—and responsibility—of giving back to the community.”

Ernest and Ona Bass Marshall have dedicated their professional lives to healthcare­—Ernest is an OBGYN and Ona’s career has been in hospital administration. They have also dedicated their lives to raising their daughter, Meagan, and instilling the values of working hard, doing your best, and giving back. “We feel a strong connection to healthcare, so we support several health-related causes,” explains Ona. “Each of us has also had the opportunity to receive a great education, which has led to some wonderful opportunities. We want others to have those same opportunities, so we give to educational institutions as well as organizations that help people on their educational journey.” One of their local favorites is Eastern Area Community Ministries (EACM), a faith-based, grass-roots organization that brings together dozens of congregations, businesses and groups to help out their neighbors in need. In addition to its emergency financial assistance and Dare to Care food bank, EACM offers Latino Outreach Services to help Latino neighbors fully integrate into the community, which the Marshalls support. Ernest and Ona have always made charitable giving a part of their lives, and they want their daughter to share that same passion for giving. “Our fund at the Community Foundation allows us to include Meagan in our family’s giving,” adds Ernest. “When we are no longer here, she’ll have some important decisions to make regarding these charitable dollars. We want her to be prepared for the joy—and responsibility—of giving back to the community.” Ona Marshall speaks with Paty Robles, Director of Latino Outreach at Eastern Area Community Ministries.


G iving — a Family Value

Eastern Area Community Ministries

Ernest and Ona Marshall were photographed at Eastern Area Community Ministries, which provides emergency financial assistance, a Dare to Care food bank, and Latino Outreach Services to help Latino citizens fully integrate into the community.

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B uildin g a C ommunit y L e g ac y

Photographed at Charles Bottorff’s Oldham County home in Goshen, Kentucky.


Scan this code with your smartphone to see a video interview with Charles Bottorff

Charles Bottorff Lifelong Goshen resident Charles Bottorff has quietly and steadily supported his local community for decades. A retired electrical contractor, Charlie has lived in Oldham County throughout his 92 years, and he and his late wife, Imogene “Gene” White Bottorff, are familiar names in the area. In fact, Charlie was named as one of Oldham County’s “Living Treasures” by the Oldham Era in early 2011, which recognizes longtime residents who have generously served the community through good deeds with their kind hearts. “We didn’t have any children, so I wanted to leave a legacy for the Goshen community and throughout Oldham County,” explains Charlie. “I’ve been blessed in my life. Whatever you give, you don’t miss it. In fact, you’ll often find it multiplies. I honored my wife, Gene, through a scholarship at the Vanderbilt Nursing School. But I also wanted to do something closer to home. That’s why I’m so delighted to be a founder of the Oldham County Community Foundation.” As an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Louisville, the Oldham County Community Foundation has a local board of advisors to oversee grantmaking in their community. Thanks to Charlie’s generosity, there are now four endowment funds to support diverse needs in Oldham County: • Arts & Culture • Education • Environment & Public Benefit • Health & Human Services

Charles Bottorff is a long-time supporter of the Oldham County Family YMCA. He believes it is important to give young people a place to go, and it’s a great benefit to the entire Oldham County community.

“My family’s been a part of this community for generations. I’m just glad I can continue that legacy through these endowments at the Community Foundation.”

“I’m so happy that I was able to make this gift during my lifetime,” adds Charlie. “I can see it in action now. But I know these endowments are really gifts for the future— the real power of these funds will be seen in later years. My family’s been a part of this community for generations. I’m just glad I can continue that legacy through these endowments at the Community Foundation.”


Jack & Marilyn Monohan

“We believe it’s important to be generous and to help others. This charitable fund is a great way to express that value for generations to come.”

When you hear the name “Monohan” in St. Matthews, the image of a firefighter immediately springs to mind. A Monohan has served in the St. Matthews Fire Protection District since 1931, and John “Jack” Monohan III is proud of his family’s history of service to the community. “We’ve had six Monohans who have served in the fire department. Each started as a firefighter, and each has served in a number of ways, including three as chief,” explains Jack. “Service through the fire department is just in our family’s blood.” The Monohan legacy runs deep in Louisville. From the family farm in the heart of St. Matthews, to Jack’s professional career at Louisville Ladder, to their active membership at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, to his grandfather’s founding of First National Bank (now part of PNC), the Monohans are engaged members of our community. Jack’s devotion to the fire department is only overshadowed by his devotion to his wife of more than 48 years, Marilyn. “We both went to Eastern High School, but we didn’t meet until much later,” says Marilyn. “In fact, we met at a fire department picnic. Our marriage is a wonderful partnership because we both love family, love our community, and love service to others.” By creating the Jack and Marilyn Monohan Fund at the Community Foundation, they are able to support their favorite charitable causes today and long into the future. “We believe it’s important to be generous and to help others,“adds Marilyn. “This is a great way to express that value for generations to come.”


L i v in g in a M useum

Photographed at the home of Jack and Marilyn Monohan in St. Matthews. Their personal collection of firefighter memorabilia includes three historic fire trucks.

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A passion for art

 artin Shallenberger’s works appeared in shows M in Vienna, Budapest, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Louisville and New York.


The funding partnership with the Community Foundation creates a meaningful legacy that will support Martin’s artistic passions forever. Martin C. Shallenberger, Jr. Martin C. Shallenberger, Jr. (1912-2007) and his sister, Sara Shallenberger Brown (1911-2011), lived and traveled throughout the world in their formative years. Their father was a decorated general, so they were raised in U.S. Army posts in places like Serbia, Greece and Austria. Martin graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and served in World War II, but art was his true passion and calling. Martin went on to study at the Corcoran Art Gallery (Washington, DC) and in New York City at the National Academy of Design and Art Students League. He became a professional oil and watercolor artist with a particular interest in landscape painting.

Martin was a passionate supporter of the arts in Louisville and beyond. His dedication to supporting other artists inspired him to form the Cockayne Fund, which has provided grant funding for arts projects around the world. For several years the Cockayne Fund has partnered with the George and Mary Alice Hadley Fund at the Community Foundation to provide grants for arts programs and arts education in Louisville. This funding partnership with the Hadley Fund has created a lasting and meaningful legacy that will support Martin’s artistic passions forever.

After living in Austria, Mexico, and New York City, he settled in his later years in Louisville. In fact, he lived in the Butchertown neighborhood in a house formerly owned by Mary Alice Hadley, founder of one of Louisville’s most iconic and well-known potteries, the Hadley Pottery Company. The home featured Hadleydesigned tile work and fixtures, and he lived there until his death at the age of 94. Mary Alice Hadley Circa 1945

A photo of Martin C. Shallenberger, Jr. from his youth.

Martin Shallenberger’s Cockayne Fund has partnered with the Community Foundation’s George and Mary Alice Hadley Fund for several years. The Hadley Fund supports the visual arts, crafts, theater and the Louisville Free Public Library.

Hadley Pottery commemorative plate depicting the former home of George and Mary Alice Hadley in the Butchertown neighborhood.


C ommunit y Partnerships Total Grant Commitment: $150,000 $50,000 per school year, 2011-2014 Transforming Our Community, One Classroom at a Time In the fall of 2011, the Community Foundation announced a three-year partnership with online charity to enlist “citizen philanthropists” to support classroom projects in local public schools. The Foundation is providing matching dollars of up to $50,000 each school year. So, if a teacher has a project worth $400, and donors give $200 towards the project, the Foundation will donate the other $200. The partnership will continue through the 2013-14 school year. The first year of this partnership was a great success. In fact, the Foundation’s matching dollars for the entire school year were exhausted within three months. founder Charles Best was in Louisville on October 18 to announce the partnership with the Community Foundation.

Roosevelt-Perry Elementary School hosted the public announcement of the Foundation’s partnership with Attendees went online at the event to support local classroom projects.


• 184 classroom projects funded

• 136 teachers supported (some teachers submitted more than one project ) • 59 unique schools funded • 19,332 students were supported by these projects • Donations were made by 632 citizen donors from 35 different states • 95% of funded projects will be reusable by future classrooms of students


55,000 Degrees

Turning up the Heat on Education

Total Grant Commitment: $150,000 $50,000 per year, 2010-2013

Total Grant Commitment: $75,000

55,000 Degrees is a public-private partnership that was put into action in the fall of 2010. Its mission, with the support of the Community Foundation and other local foundations, is to launch Louisville into the top tier of our competitor cities with the bold goal of adding 40,000 bachelor’s degrees and 15,000 associate’s degrees by 2020.

There are five recognized “tipping points” that are predictors of students’ future success in their educational journey: early childhood, reading at grade level by fourth grade, middle school transition, high school graduation, and transition to college or career. The Community Foundation and Metro United Way joined together to provide grants for programs addressing these areas.

The Community Foundation has made a two-fold commitment to the mission of 55,000 Degrees. • We have committed $150,000 ($50,000 for three years, through 2013) to support its operations. • The Foundation serves as the fiscal sponsor and “incubator” of this new organization. Its staff members share the Community Foundation offices, and this close proximity creates continued opportunities for collaboration and creativity.

In April 2011, Mayor Greg Fischer joined the Foundation and Metro United Way to announce 27 grants totaling $250,000 to area nonprofit organizations. This funding program was in response to the vision created by 55,000 Degrees, a public-private partnership that is working to add 55,000 post-secondary degrees in our community by the year 2020. When the grants were awarded, representatives for each of the grant recipients were accompanied to the stage by youth ambassadors wearing t-shirts featuring their anticipated year of graduation from college. The ambassadors ranged from the class of 2014 represented by a current University of Louisville student, to the youngest ambassador, a seven-month old baby, representing the class of 2033.

The Foundation also 15K DEGREES established the 15,000 INITIATIVE Our Education, Degrees Scholarship Our Community, Fund, which provides Our Goal. scholarships to eligible African-American students attending nine local universities and technical colleges. The 15K Degrees Scholarship Fund was created by a gift from Greater Louisville Inc. to the Community Foundation. The leaders of the 15K Degrees movement want to see that African-Americans account for 15,000 of the community’s overall 55,000 degree goal. The Community Foundation is administering this scholarship fund in partnership with the 15K Planning Committee.

Dr. Beverly Keepers accepts a grant for Spalding University. Also pictured are Sonny Altman (CFL board chair), Mayor Greg Fischer, Joe Tolan (Metro United Way CEO), Susan Barry (CFL President & CEO), and a 2nd grade student ambassador representing the class of 2025.


C ommunit y Partnerships ( continued )

5x5 Arts Initiative

The Future of Philanthropy

Total Grant Commitment: $125,000 $25,000 per year, 2010-2015

If you were asked to imagine a “philanthropist,” you might envision an older person at home writing large checks to his or her favorite charity. The young people involved in the following programs dispel that stereotype with their commitment to giving.

Experiencing and appreciating the arts is a vital part of every student’s education. That’s why the Community Foundation is proud to support the 5x5 Arts Initiative, which provides five live arts experiences to elementary 5x5 means EVERY CHILD experiences our Arts school students before in EVERY YEAR of their public education. they complete the fifth Regardless of means - every child. We should accept and expect no less! grade. The Community Foundation has committed a total of $125,000 ($25,000 a year for five years) to support this unique and exciting partnership, which will continue through 2015. Major support provided by: Chase & The Community Foundation of Louisville Teacher Arts Grants Program sponsored by: PNC

Additional support provided by: AT&T & Brown-Forman

Presentation of 5x5 is made possible by your contribution to the:

This initiative is more than just a field trip to see an arts performance; it is a holistic program that involves the entire family and is incorporated into the school-day curriculum. For example, second graders will have an in-classroom workshop with dancers from the Louisville Ballet, and students in 3rd grade will make masks with artists from the Louisville Visual Art Association. The 5x5 program is part of the broader Fund for the Arts “Every Child” Arts Education Initiative.

Future Philanthropists The Future Philanthropists program helps school-age children (generally 6-13 years old) learn important lessons about finance, community, and decision-making through charitable giving. Parents allocate a small amount of money for their children to give to a pre-selected charitable organization, and the Community Foundation matches those contributions. This year the Future Philanthropists visited Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS). They were able to feel and touch all of the equipment located through the center to better understand what VIPS children face every day. They also created crafts and games for the Kids Camp and made welcome bags for families. Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council (LYPC) The Community Foundation serves as the fiscal sponsor for the LYPC, a program that educates high school students about philanthropy, inspiring them through hands-on experiences to become community leaders. Participants, who are nominated by teachers and selected through an application process, meet on 15 Saturdays during the school year. The program combines lectures, guest speakers and role-playing activities as well as off-site visits to immerse students in the philanthropic process. Each LYPC class is divided into teams, and they are responsible for creating a mission and distributing $5,000 in grant awards to fulfill that mission. In addition, each team is required to raise funds for the grantmaking budget of the next LYPC class.

Mayor Greg Fischer visited the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council to discuss his vision for Louisville as a compassionate city.


G R A N T ma k in g matters

Grant distributions from the Foundation fall into two broad categories: Strategic Grants made at the direction of Foundation staff and directors; and grants recommended by our donors through advised or designated funds. Strategic Grants Our Strategic Grants align with the priorities of our strategic plan, supporting important issues and opportunities that help transform our community. We purposefully seek collaborations that will most effectively leverage our grantmaking dollars for the greatest impact. A primary strategy is to support programs that address the community priorities identified by the Greater Louisville Project. We also support programs that enable individual donors to participate, and projects that promote a culture of philanthropy in the region. Our Strategic Grants are supported by the Fund for Louisville (see page 16), a collection of unrestricted endowments and certain field of interest funds.

Scholarship Grants Over 80 endowment funds award scholarships with a variety of criteria and deadlines. To view a searchable database of all scholarships and application deadlines, visit Contact Meredith Spann, Community Leadership Associate, at or 502.585.4649 with any questions.

Please contact Angie McDonald-Hackett, Vice President of Community Leadership, for more information. You may reach her at or 502.585.4649. A grant of $1,500 to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville helped the Community Foundation reach a major milestone: distributing more than $500 million in grants since its founding in 1984. Foundation CEO Susan Barry and board member Maria Hampton presented a check to Habitat Executive Director Rob Locke at a public announcement of this accomplishment.


R e g ional P H I L A N T H R O P Y Affiliate Foundations The Community Foundation of Louisville has a network of affiliate foundations, each seeking to enhance their communities. Local volunteer leaders work to increase charitable giving and lead on critical issues impacting local needs. Combining resources and working together, we are able to transform communities throughout our region. Supporting Foundations Supporting foundations have many of the advantages of a private foundation coupled with certain benefits of a public charity. Donors and their families can concentrate on their philanthropic interests without worrying about complex administrative, investment and grantmaking details, which the Community Foundation’s professional staff provides.

S U P P O R T I N G F oundation Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation Year Founded: 2008 Grants Paid in FY 2011: $ 2,503,832 Charitable Assets: $ 52,568,943 Contact: Lindsey Ransdell, Program Officer 270.977.9194

A ffiliate F oundations Green River Area Community Foundation

Nelson County Community Foundation

Shelby County Community Foundation

Serving Daviess, Hancock, McLean, Ohio, Union and Webster Counties

Year Founded: 1998 Number of Funds: 18 Number of Grants in FY 2011: 36 Grants Paid in FY 2011: $ 157,865 Current Charitable Assets: $ 486,884 Known Future Gifts: $ 525,156 Total Committed Assets: $ 1,012,040 Contact: Byron Corbett, Board Chair 502.348.6032

Year Founded: 1995 Number of Funds: 21 Number of Grants in FY 2011: 72 Grants Paid in FY 2011: $ 94,574 Current Charitable Assets: $ 1,772,814 Known Future Gifts: $ 1,195,000 Total Committed Assets: $ 2,967,814 Contact: Leon Mooneyhan, Board Chair 502.647.3533

The Heartland Community Foundation

Oldham County Community Foundation

Wilderness Trace Community Foundation

Serving Hardin County

Year Founded: 2010 Number of Funds: 11 Number of Grants in FY 2011: 125 Grants Paid in FY 2011: $ 112,624 Current Charitable Assets: $ 281,134 Known Future Gifts: $ 500,000 Total Committed Assets: $ 781,134 Contact: Lambert Franklin, Board Chair 502.376.5826

Serving Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer Counties

Year Founded: 1994 Number of Funds: 50 Number of Grants in FY 2011: 59 Grants Paid in FY 2011: $ 917,564 Current Charitable Assets: $ 6,424,122 Known Future Gifts: $ 9,540,000 Total Committed Assets: $ 15,964,122 Contact: Dan Griffith, Executive Director 270.663.1043

Year Founded: 1994 Number of Funds: 54 Number of Grants in FY 2011: 122 Grants Paid in FY 2011: $ 328,605 Current Charitable Assets: $ 7,027,830 Known Future Gifts: $ 6,976,107 Total Committed Assets: $ 14,003,937 Contact: T  erry Bennett, Board Chair 270.351.4404


Year Founded: 2002 Number of Funds: 14 Number of Grants in FY 2011: 105 Grants Paid in FY 2011: $ 130,250 Current Charitable Assets: $ 2,039,690 Known Future Gifts: $ 800,000 Total Committed Assets: $ 2,839,690 Contact: Pete Chiericozzi, Board Chair 859.325.3869

Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation The Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation, a supporting organization of the Community Foundation, was created in 2008 by a $50 million bequest from the estate of Felix E. Martin, Jr. (1927-2007). Mr. Martin was a native of Greenville, Kentucky, the county seat of Muhlenberg County. The Foundation supports the educational, civic and cultural needs of the County—both now and for generations to come. Each year over $1.5 million is distributed to benefit Muhlenberg County. To date, the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation has awarded over 160 grants totaling more than $5.7 million. The following grants are examples of the creative and collaborative work of the Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation in Muhlenberg County: Felix E. Martin, Jr. Hall When the Muhlenberg County School District was planning a new auditorium for the Muhlenberg County High School (West Campus) in 2009, the Foundation stepped up as a funding partner to expand their original vision. Thanks to a $1,000,000 grant, seating for the auditorium was increased from 500 to 800 seats, and additional state-of-the-art technology was included, enabling it to accommodate the entire student body and become the community’s first large performing arts center.

To make full use of the new venue, the Foundation has made an annual grant commitment to pay the salary and expenses of a Technical Director to oversee all operations and programming of Felix E. Martin, Jr. Hall. Grand opening celebrations throughout the month of March 2012 will include a concert at the Hall by the United States Air Force Wings of Flight Woodwind Quartet and the High School’s production of Footloose.

Early Childhood Development Early childhood development and school readiness are critical issues in Muhlenberg County. The Foundation has made a three-year grant commitment to support a Project Manager for the Muhlenberg County School District who oversees programs focused on early childhood development. This has become the SOAR Project (Strategies, Opportunities, Advantages, Resources). In the first year, SOAR has partnered with Head Start for early literacy training for all parents; has brought “Reach Out and Read” to the county, with books distributed by pediatricians at all wellbaby visits; and is distributing “Read to Me” New Baby Packets at the hospital to all new parents. Additionally, SOAR has started the “Pathway to Reading” program for parents and children at Pathway of Hope Center, and will place community bookshelves throughout the county in waiting rooms. Much more is in store as this important program helps children arrive at Kindergarten ready to learn.

Innovation in Schools Students must be prepared with 21st century skills to succeed in today’s world. With the assistance of a $200,000 matching grant from the Foundation, the Muhlenberg County School District has been able to invest more than half a million dollars in technology to give every student access to an Apple iPod Touch, iPad or MacBook. The Foundation also made a $60,000 matching grant to the School District to create the iRead Summer Camp. Teachers transformed their classrooms into campsites including camp fire reading circles, fishing ponds, forests, and tents doubling as reading nooks. The iRead Camp gave extra help to students struggling with reading and provided specialized tools in the Apple technology products to make reading fun.


F und F or L ouis v ille Created by visionary philanthropists who want to support their community beyond their own lifetimes, these funds allow the Foundation to respond to evolving community needs and emerging opportunities. Donors can support the Fund for Louisville in general, or support one of the specific areas of need listed below.

New named funds: 5 Total Fund for Louisville named funds: 35 Total value of Fund for Louisville: $14,747,300 Fund value range: $5,000—$1,395,111 as of 6/30/11

FUND FOR LOUISVILLE Barbara and Henry Altman, Jr. Family Fund John H. & Doris Owen Bickel Fund Edie & Barry Bingham, Jr. Fund Board Leadership Fund C  reated by the Board of Directors in memory of the Foundation’s founder, Baylor Landrum, Jr. Judge Alexander G. Booth Memorial Fund Sara Shallenberger Brown Family Fund Dabney Family Fund Helen Gibson Dean Fund Mary Cummings Paine Eudy Fund Katherine Fischer Fund Jane G. Flener Fund Mildred Means Frost Fund Grosscurth Fund Lila and Hunter Henry Fund Henning & Mary Hilliard Fund Joule Family Fund Mary Wallis & Baylor Landrum, Jr. Fund Louisville Locally-Owned Fund Charles I. McCarty Fund Kate Schmidt Moninger Fund Darrell & Joyce Murphy Family Fund Sara Brown Musselman Fund Jean H. Stewart & Squire R. Ogden Fund Major John B. Pirtle Fund Dennis & Kitty Riggs Family Fund Rodes Fund Barbara Moore Runquist Fund Martin F. Schmidt Fund Stephen Memorial Fund Woodrow M. & Florence G. Strickler Fund Richard E. Thielen Memorial Fund Lowry R. Watkins, Jr. Fund Charles Weisberg Fund Anne & Wilson W. Wyatt, Sr. Fund Anonymous Fund

A R T S & C U LT U R E Performance and visual arts, cultural heritage, historical activities, and arts education. George & Mary Alice Hadley Fund T. Bert & Bertha Wilson Fund

HUMAN SERVICES Organizations that provide direct social services to assist families, children and youth. Dr. W. Barnett Owen Memorial Fund Affordable Housing Fund Boyette & Edna Edwards Fund

E D U C AT I O N Education policy, reform and delivery at all attainment levels, including out-of-school, adult and vocational education. Winston N. & Nancy H. Bloch Educational Fund Madi & Jim Tate Fund

H E A LT H Health education programs and organizations that provide direct patient services. Irving B. Klempner Fund The AIDS Project Fund Bobbye M. Robinson Fund

COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT Organizations and programs that impact community building, neighborhood enhancement and entrepreneurial development. Historic Preservation Fund Vogt Invention & Innovation Fund Dennis Reker Fund

The endowment funds listed in this report are those established by December 31, 2011. New endowment funds are bold and shown in a color other than black. Additional information on certain endowment funds is available on our website, Funds that are part of our affiliate foundations are indicated as follows: GRCF: Green River Area Community Foundation THCF: The Heartland Community Foundation NCCF: Nelson County Community Foundation


OCCF: Oldham County Community Foundation SCCF: Shelby County Community Foundation WTCF: Wilderness Trace Community Foundation

D onor A d v ised  F unds A donor advised fund allows donors to participate in grantmaking. It is an excellent way to involve the entire family in philanthropy.

New Donor Advised Funds: 30 Total Donor Advised Funds: 195 Value of Donor Advised Funds: $158,427,741 Fund value range: $25,000—$22,033,483 as of 6/30/11

Robert L. & Sue Ellen Ackerson Charitable Fund Alden Donor Fund The Artemis Fund Ashbourne Farms Foundation Donald H. Balleisen Memorial Fund Brooke & Matthew Barzun Foundation John E. Beam Fund (GRCF) Beechmont Neighborhood Association Endowment Fund Geneva Blue Family Fund Ina Brown Bond Fund Bodley Booker Family Fund Bramco Foundation Barbara H. Brown Fund Eliza Brown Fund Evan Brown Fund Owsley & Christina Brown Fund Owsley Brown III Foundation Stuart and Joanna Brown Charitable Fund W. L. Lyons Brown III Fund B. L. Brumleve Family Fund BTT Fund Garry & Donna Burry Family Fund The George A. Bush, Jr. Holbrook Fund Nancy Bush Fund Al & Guy Campisano Family Trust Charis Fund City of Louisville Public Art Trust Fund Clanton-Dowds Family Fund Dorothy Norton Clay Fund Elizabeth “Lillie” Cecil Clay Fund George Washington Norton Clay Fund Ann & Stewart Cobb Family Fund Cochran Foundation Pike & Marie Conway Family Fund (NCCF) Crawford Charitable Fund Joan Cralle Day Fund Delta Dental of Kentucky Foundation Martha & Frank Diebold Fund Anne S. Dorsey Fund Emke Family Fund Clyde Ensor Family Fund Jonathan Everett Dunbar Fund Edwards Family Foundation Excelsior Fund (GRCF) Fiddlehead Fund Fleur de Lis Fund John & Charmaine Francis Family Fund Glen Entry Fund Godfrey Family Foundation (THCF) William & Joyce Godfrey Donor Advised Fund (THCF) Rhonda K. Goodall Fund John & Carol Gray Fund Mary Ann & John R. Gregory Family Fund Harshaw Trane Foundation

Albert & Leona Haydon Family Foundation (NCCF) Elizabeth Helm & James R. Voyles Fund Lila & Hunter W. Henry, Jr. Fund Hercules Fund Henry V. Heuser, Jr. Endowment Fund Hillerich Family Charitable Foundation Holbrook II Fund Gerald & LaVerne Howard Fund Sylvia S. Johnston Fund Jones Family Fund Harriet S. & Warner L. Jones, Jr. Fund Harrison H. & Juliamae Jones Fund Lawrence LaValle Jones, Sr. Fund Warner L. Jones, Jr. Fund Kane Family Donor Advised Fund Kane Family Endowment Fund The Kane Fund Sheeran Howard King Family Fund Kirchdorfer Charitable Fund Willis Klein Foundation KPAK Foundation The Kuna Fund Larry & Patti Kunkel Charitable Fund Lancaster Family Fund Landrum Fund C. G. Lawrence Family Fund Leadership USA Fund Robert I. Lerman Family Fund Louisville Jaycee Charities Fund Louisville Kiwanis Club Endowment Fund Susan Mahan Fund Ellen K. Marshall Fund Ernest & Ona Marshall Fund John & Carolyn McBride Fund McClure Family Fund Kenneth & Barbara Merrick Fund George & June Merrifield Fund Marie & Don L. Miller Family Endowment Fund Monohan Family Fund Jack & Marilyn Monohan Fund L. P. Moore Fund (GRCF) James & Kay Morrissey Fund Betty Kilgore Moss Family Fund Austin Musselman Foundation Elaine Musselman Fund William & Mary Nash Fund Scott & Viv Neagli Fund Nixon Family Fund Mary R. Nixon & Theodore H. Nixon Fund J. Van Dyke & Alice Norman Fund Ethel H. O’Brien Fund O’Grady Family Fund Lyn & Michael Page Family Fund J. A. Paradis, Jr. Fund


D onor A d v ised  F unds The Peace Fund David & Penny Pearson Fund Pirate’s Cove Fund Charlotte & Charles B. Price, Jr. Endowment Fund Progeny Fund of Owensboro (GRCF) The Psi Boulé Fund Wanda & William J. Receveur, Jr. Family Fund Nora Redman Endowment Fund Reily Family Fund Stephen Reily & Emily Bingham Fund Edward and Helen Rhawn Fund Donald J. Ridings Fund Rivercrest Fund Dan & Mary Rivers Endow Kentucky Fund Robbins Family Fund Rowland Family Charitable Fund (WTCF) Ross Ruffra Fund The Ryan Fund (GRCF) Sandford Family Fund Lalit K. & Patricia A. Sarin Family Fund for Endow Kentucky Margaret Stewart Schmidt Fund Martin F. Schmidt & Kate Schmidt Moninger Fund Schwartz Family Fund Johann & Maria Agatha Senn Foundation Severs Family Fund Mayer and Frances Shaikun Fund Reverend Al & Mary Shands Fund Shannon Family Fund (SCCF) Sociable Weaver Foundation Gary Spivak Family Fund St. John U.C.C. Hildebrand Fund for Hunger Relief The Stanley Family Fund Franklin F. Starks, Jr. Family Charitable Fund Stegner Fund Sterett Family Fund (GRCF)

( continued )

John Clay & Charlotte Stites Fund Walker & Alice Stites Fund Barry & Eileen Walsh Stokes Fund Stoll-Ballard Fund George & Lorena Stoll Memorial Fund Dace Brown Stubbs Family Fund Swope Family Fund (THCF) The Swope Family Fund for Endow Kentucky (THCF) Sam Swope Fund Timothy S. Statts Fund Tatum Family Fund Taylor Family Fund Eric & Elizabeth Taylor Fund The Becky & Eddy Thomas Fund Elizabeth C. Thomas Fund Margaret L. Thomas Memorial Fund Samuel Bosworth Todd Fund Brig. Gen. Ronald R. Van Stockum & Susanne de Charette Van Stockum Fund (SCCF) Clifford C. & Edith J. Vatter Endowment Fund Veeneman Fund Eric Vetter Memorial Fund Bob & Ella Mae Wade Fund (THCF) The Wade Fund for Endow Kentucky Larry J. & Kathleen S. Walker Fund D. D. Williamson Fund Wimsatt Family Fund Ron and Elizabeth Wiseman Fund for Endow Kentucky John C. Wright Family Fund Zimmer Family Fund (GRCF) Joseph P. Zoeller Fund Zoeller Company Donor Advised Fund The Zoeller Family Fund Anonymous Funds (20)

D esi g nated F unds Designated funds support specific charitable organizations chosen by the donor.

New Designated Funds: Total Designated Funds: Value of Designated Funds: Fund value range: as of 6/30/11

American Pearl Endowment Fund Janet Arentsen Endowment Fund Marguerite Montgomery Baquie Fund Louis M. & Florence G. Benn Family Fund Martha and Melvin Bernhard Fund Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Kentuckiana Endowment Fund Mary & Barry Bingham Endowment for Fund for the Arts Robert Worth Bingham Oratorical Fund for Male High School Edward S. Bonnie Fund Nina Bonnie created this fund as a gift for her husband, to provide support to Louisville’s Legal Aid Society. Charles C. & Jane S. Boyer Fund Barney Bright Sculpture Endowment Fund Brooklawn Fund for Endow Kentucky This fund was created to accept gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of Brooklawn.


17 112 $34,033,497 $25,000—$6,128,870

Brown-Pusey Fund (THCF) Friends of Central Kentucky Community Theatre, Inc. Created to accept gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of Central Kentucky Community Theatre. Dorothy Norton Clay Fund for the Bluegrass W. Stewart Cobb 2008 Fund Julius J. Cohen Fund (GRCF) Robert L. Corrigan Fund for the Homeless Karl Daubert Fund Robert B. Diehl Fund Ellen T. Dunbar Fund for Denison University Ellen T. Dunbar Fund for Spalding University Georgia M. Ellinger Fund English Speaking Union - Robert Bingham Endowment Robert Faller Fund

D esi g nated F unds Family Heritage Fund First Presbyterian Church Legacy of Faith Fund for Endow Kentucky (THCF) Created to accept gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of First Presbyterian Church in Elizabethtown. Jane G. Flener Fund Jane G. Flener Fund for Libraries Fund for the Louisville Ballet F. A. and Loretto A. Gulledge Memorial Scholarship Fund F. A. and Loretto A. Gulledge Fund for U of L School of Medicine Mrs. Mary Ellen Hackworth Memorial Fund (SCCF) John & Marjorie Hager Endowment Fund (GRCF) Dr. Olive Reid Harris & Iva E. Harris, II Fund Sharon D. and Robert O. Harris III Fund Supports scholarships at the University of Louisville School of Nursing and the general needs of KET. Healing Place Endowment Fund John L. & Julia M. Helm Fund Marguerite Henderson Memorial Fund (SCCF) Robert C. Hobson Memorial Fund Holbert Family Fund for the Brown-Pusey House (THCF) Holy Cross High School Endowment Fund Home of the Innocents Endow Kentucky Fund This fund accepts gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of Home of the Innocents. Dr. & Mrs. I. W. Hughes Family Fund The Janos Fund Connie Thrasher Jaquith Fund for Women 4 Women Samuel G. Jenkins, Jr. Fund for KET (THCF) Maurice D. S. & Kathryn C. Johnson Fund Harriet M. Jones Fund Mary C. & William L. Jones Fund Kentucky Humane Society Endowment Fund This fund accepts gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of the Kentucky Humane Society. Susette S. Key Memorial Fund Emmett & Mildred Kottke Fund The KyCPA Educational Foundation Fund for Endow Kentucky Created to accept gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of the Kentucky CPA Educational Foundation. Dr. Renato LaRocca Endowed Chair in Oncology Social Work The first Community Foundation fund to support a university endowed chair, this fund benefits the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. Joseph L. Lenihan Memorial Fund Mary Agnes Lenihan Memorial Fund Locust Grove Founders Fund Louisville Male High School Endowment Fund Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy Endowment Fund The Maryhurst Fund Created to accept gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of Maryhurst. Florence Y. Mason Fund (THCF) Holland N. McTyeire IV Fund Don L. Miller 2010 Children’s Fund Don L. Miller 2011 Children’s Fund John Walker Moore, Jr. Endowment Fund National Multiple Sclerosis Society Kentucky Chapter Ethel H. O’Brien Designated Fund Oertel-Nuetzel Memorial Fund Rita D. Osborn Fund Thomas and Joan Pike Fund Planned Parenthood of Louisville Endowment Fund

( continued ) Arthur R. & Lucille M. Ploetner Fund Portland Museum Endowment Fund Sallie W. Pusey Fund (THCF) William A. & Sallie W. Pusey Fund (THCF) Radiology Specialists of Louisville Fund Supports scholarship for team members of medical imaging departments at facilities served by Radiology Specialists of Louisville physicians, who wish to advance their careers. General Dillman A. Rash Fund For The Library General Dillman A. Rash Fund For The Orchestra General Dillman A. Rash Fund for the Speed Museum Rodes Fund Rotary Leadership Fellows Fund Created through the estate plan of Baylor Landrum, Jr. to support the Rotary Leadership Fellows Program. Harold & Susie Saunders Fund (SCCF) Margaret Stewart Schmidt Fund for Locust Grove Robert Shadwick, Sr. Endowment Fund (GRCF) Friends of the Shelby County Community Theatre (SCCF) This fund accepts gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of Shelby County Community Theatre. Sister Ceciliana Skees Fund for St. Benedict Early Childhood Education Vertner D. Smith, Jr. Endowment Fund St. James Episcopal Church Choir Woody & Lucille Stephens Lung Disease Research and Education Fund Woodrow M. & Florence G. Strickler Designated Fund Sullivan Foundation Angela Dawn Sydnor Memorial Fund The Thilde Fund (GRCF) The Thistle Fund Frank B. Thompson, Jr. Endowment Fund United Crescent Hill Ministries Fund for Endow Kentucky This fund accepts gifts eligible for the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit in support of United Crescent Hill Ministries. The Wardell Endow Kentucky Fund The Wardell family created this fund to provide support to Louisville area charities. The Ware Family Fund (GRCF) Joe Ware and Julia May Ware created this fund through a bequest to provide support for continued maintenance of Green Briar Baptist Cemetery in Daviess County, Kentucky. Carl A. Warns, Jr. Labor and Employment Law Institute Fund William Tolbert Whittenberg Scholarship Fund Wilson W. & Anne D. Wyatt Bellarmine University Endowment Wilson W. & Anne D. Wyatt Debate Endowment Wilson W. & Anne D. Wyatt University of Louisville Distinguished Speakers Fund Wilson W. & Anne D. Wyatt University of Louisville Faculty Development Award Mary E. Yarbrough Fund Zee Caring Fund Zee Cash Fund Anonymous Funds (4)

The Foundation hosted generations expert David Stillman to talk about the impact of Millennials (born between 1982 and 2000) on our community, workplaces and families.


Field of Interest Funds Created by generous donors to invest in specific issues that are important to them.

New Field of Interest Funds: 12 Total Field of Interest Funds: 51 Value of Field of Interest Funds: $10,722,912 Fund value range: $25,000—$4,402,732

as of 6/30/11

Affordable Housing Fund African American Empowerment Foundation The AIDS Project Fund Heidi Badgett Fund for the Greater Madisonville Area The Owen K. Badgett Teachers’ Awards Fund Marvin and Joyce Benjamin Fund (THCF) Winston N. & Nancy H. Bloch Educational Fund C. E. & S. Endowment for the Parks Fund Children’s Memorial Marker Fund P  rovides funds to erect memorial markers on the unmarked graves of children in Jefferson County, Kentucky. CHAMP Fund P  rovides opportunities for organizations that serve children, the disadvantaged, the underprivileged, or the elderly to attend University of Louisville athletic games. Ruby N. Deitchman Fund (THCF) Delta Dental of Kentucky Foundation duPont Manual High School Alumni Academic Fund W. Norris Duvall Leadership Fund Boyette & Edna Edwards Fund The Fund 4 Women & Girls Diller B. & Katherine P. Groff Fund For Pediatric Surgery George & Mary Alice Hadley Fund Hardin County Cares Fund (THCF) Historic Preservation Fund Belle S. & I. M. Kimmelfield Memorial Fund For Education Klempner Family Fund Irving B. Klempner Fund Morris and Esther Lee Fund Offers support to organizations that provide human services. Lee Look Fund for Spinal Injury Anna Marble Memorial Fund for Princeton Mercer County Community Endowment Provides support to charities in Mercer County, Kentucky Nelson County Community Fund (NCCF) Dr. W. Barnett Owen Memorial Fund for the Children of Louisville & Jefferson County, Kentucky Owensboro-Daviess County Community Fund (GRCF)

Future Philanthropists explored some of the touchable features at Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS). Read more about the Foundation’s Future Philanthropists program on page 12.

Dennis Reker Fund Bobbye M. Robinson Fund James D. Ryan Memorial Fund (GRCF) Seneca Gardens Greenspace Foundation Shelby Community Partnership Grants Fund (SCCF) Created to accept donations to the Foundation’s community grants program. The following permanent endowments are component funds: H. Augustus and Austine T. Barnett Fund Mary Ellen Hackworth Fund Moses Ruben Fund for Shelby County John Evarts Speed Educational Fund Madi & Jim Tate Fund Vogt Invention and Innovation Fund Robert & Clarita Whitney Fund Wilderness Trace Community Fund (WTCF) Created to accept donations for the Foundation’s community grants program. The following permanent endowments are component funds: Richard C. Brown Fund for the Wilderness Trace Community Foundation T. Bert & Bertha Wilson Fund

Oldham County Community Grant Funds: These endowments provide grantmaking dollars to address needs and opportunities in Oldham County. Leaders of the Oldham County Community Foundation determine the recipients of grants from these funds. A gift of only $5,000 will create a separately named fund to support these grantmaking endowments. Oldham Legacy Fund Rick and Lucy Lucas Fund Ted & Dorcas Merhoff

Travis & Lana Rice Fund Glenn & Kathryn Yost Fund

Oldham Endowment for Education Charles & Gene Bottorff Fund Oldham Endowment for Health & Human Services Charles & Gene Bottorff Fund

The Community Foundation of Louisville made a grant of $20,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana in response to a $500,000 community challenge. The Newburg Boys & Girls Club was the first club able to re-open thanks to the community’s support.


Oldham Endowment for the Environment & Public Benefit Charles & Gene Bottorff Fund Oldham Endowment for the Arts, Culture & Humanities Charles & Gene Bottorff Fund

N onprofit A g enc y   F unds These funds provide a reliable source of revenue to area charitable organizations.

New Nonprofit Agency Funds: 3 Total Nonprofit Agency Funds: 59 Value of Nonprofit Agency Funds: $15,844,447 Fund value range: $25,000—$6,505,495

as of 6/30/11

Alzheimer’s Association of Louisville Arts Club of Louisville Baptist Hospital Foundation - Behavioral Health Fund Belle of Louisville Endowment Fund Bingham Child Guidance Center - Ruth Mellor Fund Brooklawn Child & Family Services Endowment Cabbage Patch Settlement House Cedar Lake Foundation Fund Central Kentucky Community Theatre, Inc. Fund C  entral Kentucky Community Theatre Inc. is dedicated to providing training and diverse performance opportunities in the theatrical arts for youth and adults in Central Kentucky. Chamber Music Society of Louisville - Macauley Fund Christian Care Communities Community Foundation of Louisville Operations Fund The de Paul School General Endowment Fund Angela BecVar Memorial Scholarship Fund David Holtman Memorial Scholarship Fund Student Assistance Fund Elizabethtown Community College (THCF) English Speaking Union Joshua Everett Endowment Scholarship Fund Family & Children’s Place Farnsley-Kaufman House Endowment Fund First Presbyterian Legacy of Faith Fund (THCF) Goodwill Industries of Kentucky Heart of Kentucky United Way (WTCF) Historic Homes Foundation Fund Historic Locust Grove Endowment Fund Home of the Innocents Fund Hosparus Inc. Endowment Fund Independent Industries, Inc. Jefferson Alcohol & Drug Abuse Foundation Endowment Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation Endowment

Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana Kentucky Council on Economic Education Endowment Fund Kentucky Mental Health Association Kentucky Real Estate Education Foundation Fund Kentucky School for the Deaf Foundation Fund (WTCF) Leadership Louisville - Bingham Fellows Endowment Fund Legal Aid Society Endowment Fund Louisville Audubon Society Trust Fund Louisville Free Public Library New Book Endowment Louisville Visual Art Association - Frank Weisberg & Mary Louise Schrodt Fund Metro United Way The Morton Center Fund National Center for Family Literacy Patriots Peace Memorial Fund Planned Parenthood of Kentucky School Choice Scholarships Endowment Fund SeniorCare Experts Seven Counties Services Endowment Shelby County Community Theatre Endowment (SCCF) Shelby County Community Theatre provides programs designed to enhance arts and entertainment opportunities for adults and children in Shelby County. Shelbyville/Shelby County Parks & Recreation - Marguerite Henderson Family Memorial Fund (SCCF) Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Speed Art Museum Endowment Fund Summit Academy - Jeffrey T. Thornton Memorial Fund United Crescent Hill Ministries Endowment Fund United Crescent Hill Ministries offers senior, youth, and emergency assistance programs in the Crescent Hill, Clifton, and Clifton Heights neighborhoods. Volunteers of America of Kentucky Wayside Christian Mission Fund Wellspring House Schizophrenia Foundation YMCA of Greater Louisville Endowment

A panel of local religious leaders came together on February 16 to discuss “Faith Origins in Philanthropy,” exploring the common thread of philanthropy through diverse communities and traditions. Panelists were Dr. Kevin Cosby, Most Rev. William Medley, Rabbi Joe Rapport, Rev. Bob Russell, Dr. G. A. Shareef, and Dr. Marian Taylor.


S cholarship F unds Donors help students achieve their educational goals through scholarships. They may support any level of education, from ABC’s to PhD’s.

New Scholarship Funds: 1 Total Scholarship Funds: 82 Value of Scholarship Funds: $18,847,697 Fund range of Scholarship Funds: $ 25,000-$3,340,047 as of 6/30/11

100 Black Men of Louisville Scholarship Fund 15,000 Degrees Scholarship Fund P  rovides scholarships to African-American students as a part of Greater Louisville’s Education Commitment to increase the number of college degrees to 55,000 by the year 2020. AEGON/Vogt Scholarship Fund Alden Scholarship Fund Helen “Heidi” Badgett Scholarship Fund Rachel Caroline Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund Shelby Pepper & Elizabeth McCubbin Bale Scholarship Fund Colonel Michael Baymor Scholarship Fund (THCF) Doris Owen Bickel Charitable Endowment Fund Darcy Blair Memorial Educational Fund Mary Belle Bloch Fund David Brown Vocal Music Scholarship Fund John E. Brown Scholarship Fund Ellen Morris Buchart Nursing Scholarship Fund MG Benjamin J. Butler “Century Division” Scholarship Fund L. J. “Butch” Charmoli Scholarship Fund Dr. L. L. Cull Health Care Scholarship Fund Dunaway Scholarship Fund (GRCF) duPont Manual High School Scholarship Fund W. Norris Duvall Fund for Todd County W. Norris Duvall Scholarship Fund Eastern High School Class of 1955 Scholarship Fund Educational Opportunity Scholarship Fund J. R. & Carrie Lee Edwards Scholarship Fund (THCF) Elizabethtown High School Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund (THCF) Leon & Helen Ennis Scholarship Fund (THCF) Artist Bill Fischer Foundation for Working Artists Thaddeus Colson & Isabelle Saalwaechter Fitzpatrick Memorial Scholarship Fund Flaget Alumni Scholarship Fund Denise Fleck Memorial Scholarship Fund Jenny Caldwell Ford & Marguerite Geneva Ford Scholarship J. Clinton Foshee Fund Jack Freeman Scholarship Fund (WTCF) George & Georgella Geile Scholarship Fund Clair L. Hicks Food Science Fund Howard Hill Memorial Eagle Scout Scholarship Fund (SCCF) Scott & Ruth Holder Scholarship Fund (GRCF) Steve Hughes Memorial Scholarship Fund (GRCF) Henry Vogt Heuser, Jr. (left) honored the 2011 Vogt Scholars in April. A $10,000 Vogt Scholarship is awarded to one graduating student from each high school in Jefferson County Public Schools.


Brian Jennemann Memorial Scholarship Fund Kute Family Scholarship Fund Waverly F. Lee Scholarship Fund Louisville Advertising Education Foundation H. L. Lyons III Memorial Scholarship Fund Mason Family Foundation (GRCF) Garland & Thelma May Scholarship Fund (WTCF) Edward E. & Beverley H. McDonald Scholarship Fund David C. & Emma W. Miles McElvaney Memorial Scholarship Fund Pat Mickle Scholarship Fund Phillip “Duke” Owen Scholarship Fund (THCF) Louis B. Payne Scholarship Fund (SCCF) Nelle Peterson Memorial Art Scholarship Fund Portland Promise Scholarship Fund Harriet Poynter Musician Scholarship Fund (SCCF) Harriet Poynter Scholarship Fund (SCCF) Lisa M. Quesenberry Foundation Charles A. Reid Memorial Scholarship for Brescia University (GRCF) Rowland Family Scholarship Fund (WTCF) Rubbertown-Shively Class Scholarship Fund Danny Sherman Memorial Scholarship Fund Harry Isaac Shrader Scholarship Fund Brice Simpson Memorial Scholarship Fund Laura Lea Sipes Memorial Scholarship Fund C. L. Smith Scholarship Fund Students for Success Scholarship Fund (GRCF) Sullivan Scholarship Fund Margaret & Lee Thomas Fund Brandon Ray Tong Memorial Scholarship Fund M-H- Tuggle Scholarship Fund UFPC Scholarship Fund Valley High School Class of 1957 Scholarship Fund Brig. General R. R. Van Stockum JROTC Scholarship Fund (SCCF) Susanne de Charette Van Stockum Scholarship Fund (SCCF) Vogt Achievement Scholarship Fund Marian Kincaid Warns & Carl A. Warns, Jr. Scholarship Fund Clay V. & Jennie Ree Watson Scholarship Fund (GRCF) Percy White Memorial Scholarship Fund William Tolbert Whittenberg Scholarship Fund Dr. Hugh Williams Traveling Scholarship Fund in Surgery Women’s Second Chance College Scholarship Fund Jennifer Zimlich Memorial Scholarship for Assumption Zoeller Company Scholarship Fund

Education Counts Scholarship Program This scholarship supports students with financial need that graduate from a public school in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Students are chosen by a community-based volunteer committee overseen by the Community Foundation. A gift of only $5,000 will create a separately named fund which supports Education Counts. The funds supporting the Education Counts Scholarship Program are: Corhart Louisville Scholarship Fund Education Counts General Fund

C haritable C hec k in g F unds Flexible and convenient, you receive an immediate tax deduction when making a gift to your fund, but can take your time in selecting the charitable organizations to support.

New Charitable Checking Funds: 51 Total Charitable Checking Funds: 624 Value of Charitable Checking Funds: $22,049,938 Fund value range: $100-$3,269,306

The following Charitable Checking Funds were established between July 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011. The complete list of Charitable Checking Funds is available on our website, 55,000 Degrees Fund Michael S. & Rachel L. Adkins Amritha Kalaanidhi Foundation Bachelors Club of Louisville Fund Jeff & Joy Biggs Breakfast Crowd Giving Circle Westray S. & Jacquelyn R. Cobb, III Rod & Jen Coleman Paul T. & Michelle R. Costel Cuzinz Fund Kenneth Doerhoefer Drepung Gomang Institute Barbara R. Dumesnil EDGE Outreach Greg Fischer Community Charitable Fund J. David & Vicki F. Flanery Fruition Fund Lanie Gardner Ralph D. & Judith A. Hall (OCCF) John B. & Joyce B. Hester Nana & Woofie Jones Grandchildren’s Fund

Scott & Beth Kimbell Krish, Inc. Charitable Fund M&P Ventures Fund (OCCF) Paul & Annie McLaughlin Mark R. & Elizabeth J. Pierce Lindsey R. Ransdell Patrick B. & Carter W. Sartor Paul F. & Stephanie J. Schmidt William G. Schneider, Jr. & Theresa K. Raidy Mike & Jenifer Schultz Robert A. & Elizabeth A. Smedley Jeff & Alex Spoelker Robert Stout & Jill Suttles Victoria’s Hope Vincent Nold Musician Wish Fund Carla F. Wallace Michelle Ward WGCA: Help Us Campaign Karen H. Wunderlin Z Salon Charity for All Anonymous Funds (10)

E N D O W K E N T U C KY The Endow Kentucky Tax Credit enables Kentucky taxpayers to receive a state tax credit for gifts to an endowment fund at qualified community foundations, including the Community Foundation of Louisville. This limited-time tax credit was approved for fiscal years 2011 and 2012, providing $500,000 in tax credits for each fiscal year (ending June 30). Donors may claim up to 20% of the value of their gift as a tax credit, limited to $10,000 per tax payer. As of December 31, 2011, the Community Foundation of Louisville received qualifying endowment gifts totaling $1,497,250 from 46 donors. These endowment gifts created $299,450 in tax credits for these generous Kentucky taxpayers.

These gifts created or added to 26 endowment funds at the Community Foundation. These funds will perpetually support a variety of nonprofit organizations, providing a permanent source of income to important charitable causes in Kentucky. The implementation and evaluation of this tax credit is overseen by the Endow Kentucky Commission, which was appointed by Gov. Steve Beshear in 2010. Its members include Sharon Receveur, a Community Foundation of Louisville board member.


B ay lor L andrum , J r . S ociet y The Baylor Landrum, Jr. Society honors people who have made arrangements in their estate plans to create endowment funds at the Community Foundation. These funds will support their charitable interests forever. About Baylor Landrum, Jr. In the early 1980’s, Baylor made it his personal goal to create a community foundation that would serve as a professional, permanent philanthropic resource for the Louisville area. Under his thoughtful leadership and personal commitment of time and resources, that vision became a reality. He helped a fledgling organization develop the fundamental tools to become the largest community foundation in the region. Baylor valued education, service and leadership, supporting these causes both with financial gifts and volunteer engagement throughout his lifetime. Endowments that he created in the Community Foundation through his estate plans will continue to support these issues in his name for generations to come. Baylor Landrum, Jr. died at the age of 92 on March 28, 2011, leaving behind a powerful legacy of philanthropy through an exemplary life. To honor his unwavering integrity, outstanding leadership and personal devotion to his community, the Community Foundation of Louisville recognizes all donors that make legacy gifts to the Foundation as members of the Baylor Landrum, Jr. Society.

“I love Louisville, and want so sincerely to leave it a better place than I found it. The only regret I have about not making more money is that I would then have had more to give away.” Baylor Landrum, Jr. (1918-2011)

Future gifts of any amount are eligible for inclusion in the Baylor Landrum, Jr. Society. Known future gifts by current Society members total more than $269 million.

Foundation CEO Susan Barry presents a check for $50,000 to Louisville Seminary President Michael Jinkins in memory of Baylor Landrum, Jr. This grant was made in accordance with Baylor’s wishes from his Community Foundation fund. Seminary trustee and Foundation board member Dorothy S. Ridings was also present.

Legacy by Design You can use a variety of planning tools, from simple to complex, to create your legacy fund in the Community Foundation. • Bequests through a Will or Trust: Retain the use of all assets during your lifetime, and the gift is made upon your death. A simple way to support your favorite causes forever.

• Life Insurance: You can name the Foundation as the owner and/or the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. You may receive a tax deduction, and in some cases additional premium payments may be tax-deductible.

• Retirement Plans: Simply designate the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan. You can give all or only a portion of your retirement assets.

• Life Income Gifts: This type of gift allows you to receive an immediate partial tax deduction, and you or a loved one can receive income from that gift for your lifetime or a number of years.

Contact the Community Foundation at or 502.585.4649 to discuss your legacy planning.


Society Members Michael Ackerson William O. Alden, Jr. Nolen C. Allen Dr. Barbara M. Baker Mr. & Mrs. H. William Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Barnes Edith S. Bingham Mr. & Mrs. Roland R. Blahnik Delwin K. Blair Mr. & Mrs. Willoughby C. Blocker Bruce F. Boldt Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Boram Dr. & Mrs. McHenry S. Brewer Sarah Wilder Brice Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Brown Jewell B. Brownstein & David A. Brownstein Ben L. Brumleve Thomas F. Buetow G. Richard Burks II Mr. & Mrs. Garry S. Burry Mr. & Mrs. David B. Chick Doug & Gena Cobb Mr. & Mrs. Alec Covington William W. Crawford, Jr. S. Gordon Dabney, Sr. Anne Cooper Dobbins & Sanford Weiss Mrs. Dayton Edie Mrs. William E. Edwards, Jr. Mrs. Sam R. Ewing, Jr. Robin Fisher & Jeff Draper Mr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Fox Michael B. French Dr. & Mrs. Salem M. George, Jr. Jerry Greenwell Claudia K. Grenough Stephen D. Grissom Susan Ford Grissom Carmen C. Hayes Frederick G. Heath Lettie M. Heer Mrs. T. Kennedy Helm, Jr. Louis F. Hettinger Henry V. Heuser, Jr.

Patricia A. Hinchey Pat & Vernon Hodge Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hori Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Horton J. Marshall Hughes Florence Hume Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Jacobs Dr. & Mrs. Thomas James III Connie T. Jaquith Dr. & Mrs. Maurice E. John Sylvia Johnston Julie LaValle Jones Jack M. Kersey Mr. & Mrs. George M. Kirwan Jay & Karen Klempner Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Kral Bernard S. & Rae Lewis Frances M. Luckett Allison J. Maggiolo Ellen K. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. James B. McArthur Beverley H. McDonald William C. Meglemry, Jr. Elise Meyer Clarice J. Mitchiner Brian & Anne Monell William R. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Porter Nash Doris Jean Nelson Roberta Nelson Dr. & Mrs. Alton Neurath, Jr. Nick & Susan Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Theodore H. Nixon Rita D. Osborn Paul M. Pankratz Nancy Klempner Patton Mr. & Mrs. Robert Peel George Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Popoff Sharon A. Receveur Jessica M. Redmon Dennis Reker Mr. & Mrs. Ron Rigby Linda A. Riley

Dan & Mary Rivers Phillip W. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. James J. Roth, Sr. D. A. Sachs III Mr. & Mrs. Lalit K. Sarin Lisa Scherer Dr. Robert & Debra Schroering Mike & Jenifer Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Hubert A. Schuwey Lucille Severance Dr. & Mrs. Mutyam V. Sharma Sarah & Robert Shaw Leslie Buddeke Smart & John L. Smart Dr. Kenneth W. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sniegocki Ernie & Barbara Stroxtile Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Summers, Jr. Samuel G. Swope J. Clifford Todd Mr. & Mrs. Grayson L. Tucker Scott L. Tudor & Helen T. O’Leary Roger Vincent Robert H. Wade II Kevin & Linda Wardell Mr. & Mrs. Martin C. Weinrich Elizabeth J. Welsh Joan H. Whittenberg Dr. & Mrs. Horace D. Wilder Frances H. Wilson Ronald & Elizabeth Wiseman Mimi Zinniel Carl J. Zoeller Jeff & ZoeAnn Yussman Anonymous Legacy Donors (41)

Affiliate Legacy Society

The Heartland County Community Foundation D. Michael Coyle Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Edwards Samuel G. Jenkins, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Roy Keith Mr. & Mrs. Bob Owsley Mr. & Mrs. F. William Swope William T. & Susanne R. Tinsley Mr. & Mrs. David Willmoth Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Wilson Anonymous Legacy Donor

Oldham County Community Foundation Roberta Nelson

Nelson County Community Foundation David D. Crenshaw Mrs. Albert Haydon Sara DeLong Trigg

I N MEMO RI A M Joseph E. Ware Julia Ware

Green River Area Community Foundation John D. Blocher Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Davis Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Davis Mary E. Duke Dr. Gerald G. Edds Wanda Harper Henry Mr. & Mrs. Scott Holder Mrs. L. P. Moore Thomas H. Pope Dr. George M. Weller Anonymous Legacy Donors (2)

I N MEMO RI A M Owsley Brown II Dayton Edie Sam Ewing David A. Hess Emmett Kottke Baylor Landrum, Jr. Cornelia A. Serpell

Shelby County Community Foundation Benton H. Kinsolving IV Clarence L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Phillips Urban Rademaker Anonymous Legacy Donors (2) Wilderness Trace Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. C. Eric Mount Anonymous Legacy Donor


C reatin g Your P ersonal F und You can maximize your giving through a charitable fund that supports your personal passions today, tomorrow, and long into the future. •M  ake tax-deductible contributions when you need them and support all your giving goals. •E  njoy flexibility to support your favorite charities whenever you want. •O  rganize your giving and easily plan every step, from the assets you donate to the charities you support. •R  ely on local experts to provide you with personalized, professional service. The Community Foundation accepts a wide variety of assets, including: •C  ash • Closely-held securities • Life insurance •R  etirement plan assets • Certain non-liquid assets • Real estate

•P  ublicly-traded securities •T  angible personal property

Because the Community Foundation is a public charity, you receive the maximum tax benefit allowable.

Compare the O ptions

CFL Fund

Outright Gift to Single Charity Private Foundation

PHILAN THROPIC SER VI C ES AN D O PTI O N S Grantmaking strategy assistance and information on community issues

CFL provides


Responsibility of PF


Donor protected from public/charity disclosure

No – may generate additional fundraising solicitations

No – may generate additional fundraising solicitations

Donor control of grant distributions

Recommendation for approval by CFL Board of Directors +

May place restrictions on of gift of charity prior to making contribution

Direction by PF Board of Directors

Set up time

A few days


6-9 months

Start-up costs

None None

Varies; may include legal and accounting fees

Initial gift minimum



$5-10 million **

Minimum annual payout (5% req.)




Separate tax return and record keeping




Excise tax on investments



Yes – up to 2%

Governance & Oversight

CFL Board of Directors

Charity Board of Directors

Independent Board of Directors

Investment Decisions

Advice; CFL Board Charity Board of Directors makes final decisions


Directed by PF Board of Directors





Appreciated Property – publicly traded (long-term)

30% - Fair Market Value

30% - Fair Market Value

20% - Fair Market Value

Appreciated property – closely held

30% - FMV

30% - FMV

20% - cost basis

+ Endowed Funds (Non-endowed Funds are donor directed) * Non-endowed Funds (New endowment minimum is generally $25,000) ** Source: Council on Foundations


Contact a member of our Development & Stewardship team at 502.585.4649 or to start planning your personalized philanthropic fund.

F oundation S taff

Susan A. Barry, JD

Shannon Kisselbaugh

President & CEO

Director of Stewardship

Steven D. Milburn

Mike Schultz

Director, Endowment Partners

Vice President, Development & Stewardship

Regina Rapier Beckman, JD

Bryan Taylor

Bo Manning

Finance Associate

Operations Associate

Krista L. Ryan

Anne E. Monell

Kathy Steward Jacobi

Executive Assistant

President, Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation

Matthew L. Bacon, CPA

Vice President, Communications & Marketing

Melody Raidy

Gail Sanders

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Development and Stewardship Associate

Community Leadership Officer

Rachel Adkins

Meredith Spann

Mark Stewart

Finance and Operations Officer

Community Leadership Associate

Director of Community Partnerships

Staff Accountant

Director of Gift Planning

Richard A. Rosenberry

Angie McDonaldHackett Vice President, Community Leadership

James R. Hill, Jr. Controller

Lindsey Ransdell Program Officer,

Frances VanMeter Office Services Coordinator

Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation


B oard of D irectors Officers

Henry M. “Sonny” Altman, Jr. Chair Altman Consulting

Mimi Zinniel Vice Chair

Maria G. Hampton Secretary

Eric W. Taylor Treasurer

Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis—Louisville Branch

Griffin Taylor Co, LLC

Board Committees Executive Committee Sonny Altman, Chair Mimi Zinniel, Vice Chair Maria G. Hampton, Secretary Eric W. Taylor, Treasurer Bonita K. Black Marshall Bradley, Jr. Michael B. French Jackie C. Gibbs F. Gerald Greenwell Susan E. Moss Elizabeth S. Peabody Sharon A. Receveur Dorothy S. Ridings Terry L. Singer Jefferey M. Yussman

Board Development Bonita K. Black, Chair Marshall Bradley, Jr. Jackie C. Gibbs Deborah Moessner Jefferey M. Yussman Compensation Committee Jackie C. Gibbs, Chair Sonny Altman Mimi Zinniel Development & Stewardship Committee F. Gerald Greenwell, Chair Maria G. Hampton Charles J. Kane, Jr. Robert N. Shaw Finance & Audit Committee Eric W. Taylor, Chair Sonny Altman Pedro A. Bryant Adel S. Elmaghraby Valle Jones Christine Koenig* William O. Price Mimi Zinniel


Grants Committee Terry L. Singer, Ph.D., Chair Mark Campisano* John Higgins* Tony Kemper* Jay Klempner* Ron Mazzoli* Susan E. Moss Walter Munday* Marie Porter* Robert N. Shaw David Tachau* Deborah Williams* Mimi Zinniel

Investment Committee Elizabeth S. Peabody, Chair H. Scott Davis* Jackie C. Gibbs Martha D. Hall* Charles J. Kane, Jr. William O. Rudd* Jefferey M. Yussman Communications & Marketing Committee Susan E. Moss, Chair Cara K. Baribeau Carl Brazley Strategic Initiatives Committee Sharon A. Receveur, Chair Cara K. Baribeau Bonita K. Black Marshall Bradley, Jr. Carl Brazley Michael B. French Maria G. Hampton William Mapother Daniel W. McMahan Deborah Moessner Dorothy S. Ridings Robert R. Goodin* * Advisory Committee Member


Cara K. Baribeau

Marshall Bradley, Jr.

Deborah Moessner

William O. Price

Sharon A. Receveur

Terry L. Singer, Ph.D.

Community Volunteer

Old National Bank

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kentucky

Owensboro Symphony Orchestra

Community Volunteer

Adel S. Elmaghraby, Ph.D.

Jacqueline C. Gibbs

University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work

F. Gerald Greenwell

Suzanne Bergmeister

Frost Brown Todd LLC

Entrepreneur in Residence University of Louisville

University of Louisville Computer Science Department

Bonita K. Black Frost Brown Todd LLC

Charles J. Kane, Jr. 2nd Generation Capital LLC

Private Client Services, LLC

Daniel W. McMahan BB&T Insurance Services

Dorothy S. “Dot” Ridings

Pedro A. Bryant

Elizabeth S. Peabody

Community Volunteer

Metro Bank

Stegner Investment Associates, Inc.

Carl Brazley

William R. Mapother

Mo’ Better Marketing

Slated, Inc.

Jefferey M. Yussman Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs

Susan E. Moss Kindred Healthcare

Robert N. Shaw Norton Cancer Institute

Lopa Mehrotra Test Toob

Michael B. French Mike French Consulting

Julie LaValle “Valle” Jones Mayin, LLC


F inancial H I G H L I G H T S 2 0 1 1 A T- A - G L A N C E

Year ended 6/30/11

Assets at year-end:

$ 350.3 million

Total grant distributions:

$ 32.5 million

Number of grant distributions:


Total gifts received:

$ 44.1 million

New funds created:


Administrative expenses:

$ 2.3 million

Investment Philosophy

Financial Statement Audit

The Community Foundation of Louisville applies a long-term approach to investing, including maintaining sound investment practices and diversified investment portfolios. In addition to evaluating asset allocation policies, our Board of Directors continues to evaluate our distribution policy for grants from endowments.

In keeping with industry best practices, the Community Foundation of Louisville once again engaged the services of an independent public accounting firm to perform an annual audit of the Foundation’s financial statements for fiscal year 2011. As a part of this audit, the public accounting firm reviews the Foundation’s internal controls and reviews its findings with the Foundation’s Finance & Audit Committee, comprised of Foundation board members and community leaders who are experienced in accounting, finance and technology.

The Foundation’s Investment Committee meets quarterly with our independent investment advisor, Fourth Street Performance Partners, to evaluate investment managers and their performance. They also review potential investment vehicles that would further the diversification of investments and protect the longterm purchasing power of our endowment funds.

Custodian PNC Bank Independent Investment Advisor Fourth Street Performance Partners Legal Counsel Turney P. Berry, JD Wyatt Tarrant & Combs, LLP Independent Auditor Mountjoy Chilton Medley


To review the annual independent audit report and the related audited consolidated financial statements, and to find a summary of investment options and performance, please visit

2 0 1 1 G rants by P urpose

Arts, Culture & Humanities


Religious Activities


General Community & Environment


Health & Human Services


Education & Scholarships


2 0 1 1 G rants by F und T ype

Field of Interest Funds


Fund for Louisville


Scholarship Funds


Designated Funds


Nonprofit Agency Funds


Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation


Charitable Checking Funds


Donor Advised Funds



F inancial H I G H L I G H T S

( continued )

2 0 1 1 A ssets by F und T ype ( in millions )

CFL Operations



Field of Interest Funds



Fund for Louisville



Nonprofit Agency Funds



Scholarship Funds



Planned Gifts



Charitable Checking Funds 22.1 6% Designated Funds



Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation





Donor Advised Funds Total Assets


A S S E T G rowth ( in millions ) 350 $52.3 300 $45.0

250 200 150 100

Community Foundation

50 0












Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation

MAKE A LASTING IMPRESSION The Community Foundation of Louisville includes three separate entities, each with its own Tax Identification Number as listed below: The Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc. #31-0997017 The Community Foundation of Louisville Depository, Inc. #31-1140889 The Community Foundation of Louisville Corporate Depository, Inc. #61-1100993 The Internal Revenue Service has classified The Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc., as “tax exempt” under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; as a “publicly supported” organization under Section 170b(1)(A)(vi); and as “not a private foundation” under Section 509(a)(1). The status ensures donors the maximum tax benefit allowed by law.

The Community Foundation of Louisville is confirmed in compliance with national standards for U.S. community foundations For a list of all organizations that received a grant from the Community Foundation of Louisville in fiscal year 2011 please visit

About our logo Our logo is a modern interpretation of Louisville’s long-standing symbol, the fleur-de-lis. Blue and red C’s form the core of the fleur-de-lis, representing Connection, Community, Charity, Change. The two distinct colors create a new color in the middle. That’s the power of Coming together in philanthropy—you can Create something new. There are other powerful symbols in the logo as well. Growth is represented by the smaller green shape moving upward into the larger orange shape. Additionally, a flame or candle runs up the middle, evoking feelings of legacy or remembrance.

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325 West Main Street, Suite 1110

502.587.7484 fax

Louisville, Kentucky 40202-4251

2011 Annual Report  

2011 Annual Report from the Community Foundation of Louisville, providing compelling stories about our donors, information on our partnershi...

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