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Inspire Philanthropy

Acknowledge/ Appreciate Philanthropy

Support individualized philanthropic expression

Celebrate achievements in philanthropy

Develop partnerships with organizations that will engage the next generation in philanthropy

Support community needs through grantmaking

Offer customized philanthropy services

Recognize advisors’ role in philanthropy

Nurture the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council

Champion regional philanthropy

Approach: •Leverage Martin Foundation success to inspire philanthropy •Lead formation of statewide funders network •Staff training in advanced philanthropic expertise •Use a variety of delivery methods •Build on existing programs •Utilize new media to engage emerging philanthropists •Promote idea that anyone can be a philanthropist

Develop Emerging Philanthropists

Engage in Special Initiatives

Support philanthropic education programs

Key Partners: • Martin Foundation Network • Kentucky Community Foundations • Affiliates • Private foundations • Schools 9

Strategy 4 - Champion  
Strategy 4 - Champion  

Champion a Culture of Philanthropy in the Region.