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The Shelley Speet-Mills Scholarship Fund


Introducing the 2024 Promise Scholars


Proactive Grants for a Thriving Community



Tom Den Herder, Chair

Erin Avery Zylman, Chair-Elect

Diane Kooiker, Past Chair

Jasmine Irish, Secretary

Scott Brooks, Treasurer

Ed Amaya

Leslie Brown

Sue Franz

Tim Hemingway

Micki Janssen

Jonathan Padnos

Jean Ramirez

Lucia Rios

Deb Sterken

Rogen McLean, Youth Trustee


Patrick Cisler


Colleen Hill

Vice President of Development and Donor Services

Elizabeth Kidd

Vice President of Community Impact / People and Culture

Rob Arnold

Director of Finance

Yadah V. Ramirez

Director of Community Impact

Stacy Timmerman

Director of Scholarships

Mitch Doyle

Program Officer / College Success Coach

Sydney Santa Ana Donor Services and Events Officer

Kent Baar

Finance Associate

Ellie Davis

Communications Associate

Beth Powers

Administrative Assistant


Dear Friends of the Foundation,

We have a term for the stories, facts, and figures that help us pause during busy weeks to remember why we do this work: “mission moments.” It could be an update from a nonprofit partner about a project that received a grant, a conversation with a donor about the impact they achieved through their donor advised fund, or a Holland/Zeeland Promise scholar landing a dream internship.

Mission moments are possible through the spirit of collective giving and serving that exists in our community. They are successes and solutions, both small and large, that are achieved through gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

Sometimes, mission moments are years in the making. In 2023, we realized a significant milestone as we crossed the threshold of granting over $1M from the Community’s Endowment! These funds supported nonprofits in their unique missions of service through our responsive grant program, supported organizations working in three areas of priority impact through our proactive grant program, and invested in the overall health of our local nonprofit sector.

Other notable moments from 2023 include:

• $17.9M in total gifts received.

• $12.7M in total grants distributed.

• Over $900,000 awarded in scholarships.

• 15 incredible students earned the Holland/Zeeland Promise scholarship.

• 30 new funds established.

• An 11.6% investment return.

• A record crowd at the Annual Luncheon, where we celebrated the successful completion of our Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector (SNS) fundraising campaign to support investments in the overall health of our nonprofit sector.

• Sharing stories of legacy at our Celebration of Philanthropy event and inviting guests to dream with us about what their charitable legacy could be, and how CFHZ can help them achieve those goals.


Rogen McLean, Chair

Karinna Martinez, Chair Elect

Brooke Lewis, Distribution Committee Representative

Georgia Crandell, Secretary

Jacob Anagnostopoulos, Treasurer

Xiomara Alonzo

Megan DeVisser

Sami DeVries

Lilliana Gitler

Danielle Lebster

Miguel Mendoza

Anna Novakoski

Yazlén Ochoa

Zack Ramsdell

Jaquelin Romero

Abbi Rozman

Thy Tran

Evelynn Travers

Katelyn Witte

Winni Xu

Thanks to the generosity of donors through the years, the impact we can create continues to grow. We are grateful for their meaningful and trusting investments in the Community Foundation. It is an honor to lead CFHZ in its mission to ensure a fully thriving community for all who live and work in the greater Holland/Zeeland area today, tomorrow, and forever. Thank you for your partnership!


Many donors want to include their community in their charitable giving to contribute to the place they live, work, raise their family, or retire. As your local experts in philanthropy, the Community Foundation offers personal attention to donors and deeper connections to the nonprofits whose work is essential to effecting positive local change. If you want to ensure your dollars are making the greatest impact, consider CFHZ your trusted resource for giving and a charitable fund as the vehicle to accomplish your goals.



The flexibility of unrestricted funds allows CFHZ to use the expertise of our staff and board to make the best possible investments across all issue areas for generations to come. One of the biggest benefits of a community foundation is its perpetual structure that ensures your fund will support community needs and opportunities as they evolve over time.



These funds allow the Foundation flexibility to invest in the organizations, programs, and initiatives that are making a positive impact within a specific area(s) of interest that you care most about, such as the arts, education, basic needs, seniors, or youth. Within that area(s) of interest, CFHZ will identify the best possible community investments for generations to come.

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a flexible, low-cost charitable giving account that allows you to take an immediate tax deduction when you make your gift and enjoy the flexibility to recommend grants over time. There is no minimum required to open a DAF, and you can add to your fund at any time. The Foundation handles the administrative work for you, you have access to our knowledgeable team, and you receive helpful communications and invites to special events to learn more about community needs and opportunities.


Whether it is academic success, financial need, community involvement, or a specific area of study, a scholarship fund can help fulfill educational dreams for the type of students you want to support.


A designated fund allows you to support one or more charitable organizations. You may establish your own fund to support a specific nonprofit(s) or contribute to one of the more than 200 nonprofit endowments already established. The Foundation provides responsible and professional fund management and administrative support, allowing the nonprofit to focus on their mission.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team for more information on how you can support current and future local needs, achieve your philanthropic goals, and leave a legacy.






The Shelley Speet-Mills Scholarship Fund

In commemoration of her vibrant legacy, the family of Shelley Speet-Mills established a scholarship to empower other students with the same passion for creative arts. Born and raised in Holland, Shelley graduated from Holland High School in 1969. A gifted artist, she channeled her creativity through drawing and painting and experimented with different mediums. She drew inspiration from both contemporary art and the abundant outdoor spaces in West Michigan.

When she wasn’t creating, Shelley’s energy and natural athleticism led her to participate in school activities, Dutch dance, and water skiing. She joined a team of water skiers for Grand Haven’s Water Thrill Show, which performed weekly to crowds of residents and tourists. Through the show, a young Shelley met Bill Mills and fell in love. After a short courtship, they married in the late summer of 1970.

Bill described Shelley as vibrant, curious, and humble. “She loved music and picked ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ by The Carpenters as our song,” he said. “Some of my favorite memories with Shelley were exploring new hobbies together – motorcycles and winter skiing. She embraced life and new experiences.”

The newlywed couple moved to Grand Rapids, where Bill was working as a teacher. Shelley’s passion for youth education led her to pursue a degree in elementary education at Hope College. She also continued to focus on her artistic talents. Tragically, at the young age of 19, her life was taken. The case remains unsolved.


“Everybody loved Shelley,” said her brother, Tom Speet. “She had a light and an energy that drew people to her. It’s been over 53 years since she passed, and I still drive past places in town that hold memories of her.”

The Shelley Speet-Mills Scholarship Fund was established in 1971, shortly after Shelley’s death. The scholarship honors Shelley’s legacy and her impact on her family and friends, as well as her passion for youth, education, and the arts. Family members have continued to contribute to the fund, and recently elected to make the scholarship renewable so that it can support a recipient through multiple years of their college degree. As of 2024, the Shelley Speet-Mills Scholarship is the Community Foundation’s oldest active scholarship.

“We wanted to create a legacy for Shelley that focused on her life,” said Tom. “She died young, but she lived each day fully. In her humble way, she encouraged the rest of us to do the same.”

The impact of the scholarship extends beyond academic pursuits, serving as a testament to Shelley’s enduring legacy. It celebrates her spirit of creativity and adventure, inspiring others to pursue their passions with dedication and enthusiasm.

Felix Cruz Gonzalez, a student at Hope College, is the most recent recipient. He said, “Going to college was always a goal of mine during high school, but concerns about money for tuition and other expenses were also on my mind. The blessing of this scholarship lessens that stress and allows me to focus more fully on the college experience and my education. I’m grateful to the Speet family for this support.”



These funds are established to honor loved ones, inspire young people, and invest in the community’s future. Higher education has long been seen as one of the surest paths to increased opportunities, but the costs associated with higher education can make it inaccessible for some students. In setting up a Scholarship Fund, donors show local students they believe in them, create a lasting legacy, and help our community thrive.

We make every effort to ensure fund names are listed correctly. If you have a concern related to this list, please contact our office at 616-396-6590 or info@cfhz.org.

Dr. Tai Afrik Memorial Scholarship Fund

Aschbrenner-Spencer Music Scholarship

Marnie Assink Art Scholarship Fund

Sue Bailey Service Scholarship Fund

Carolyn L. Ballard & Beverly J. Schoch Scholarship Fund

Batts Family Scholarship Fund

Colleen DeVore Bekken Visual Arts Scholarship

Gerald and Jeannette Bekken Giving Hearts Scholarship Fund

Gerald Bekken Industrial Arts Scholarship

Irv and Irene Boersen Scholarship Fund

Randy Boileau Storyteller Scholarship Fund

J. Russel and Julia Bouws Scholarship Fund

The Bridge Youth Center Student Education Scholarship

Roger and Louise Brinks Elementary Education Fund

Roger and Louise Brinks Holland Christian Schools Scholarship Fund

Jayne Britt Parish Nurse Educational Fund

Brooks Family First Generation Scholarship Fund

Careerline Tech Center Scholarship Fund

Centennial Coatings Scholarship Fund

Jessie F. Dalman Leadership Scholarship

Lillian Mulder Dalman Memorial Scholarship Fund for Resthaven Employees

DeLong & Brower, PC Scholarship Fund

Thomas and Susan Den Herder Education Scholarship Fund

DeWeert Family Scholarship Fund

Jack and Marlies DeWitt Scholarship Fund

John C. DeWitt Scholarship Fund

Lawrence F. and Barbara J. Dickman Scholarship Fund

Anne E. Dirkse Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund

Martin J. Dykstra Memorial Scholarship Fund

Eagle Scout Community Service Award Fund

Justin (Jup) and Marilyn Elhart Memorial Scholarship Fund

Pamela Elhart Memorial / Zeeland Rotary Scholarship Fund

Charles C. and Celeste Y. Ferrell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fifth Third Promise Scholarship Fund

Franz Family International Adoption Scholarship

Franz Family Scholarship for Families Impacted by Cancer

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 104 Police Academy Scholarship Fund

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 104 Undergraduate Studies Scholarship Fund

Freedom Village Residents Endowed Scholarship Fund

Freedom Village Residents Non-Endowed Scholarship Fund

Cathy Geerlings Indomitable Spirit Scholarship Fund

Julie Genzink Memorial Scholarship Fund

Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc. Founders’ Scholarship Fund

Ian Guarr Memorial Scholarship Fund

Haworth Scholarship Fund

Helton Family Scholarship Fund

Holland Doctors of Audiology Scholarship Fund

Holland Friends of Art Scholarship Fund

Holland High School Class of 1966 Promise Scholarship

Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship

Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship Endowment Fund

John T. and Esther M. Hoogland Educational Scholarship Program

BOLD indicates new fund since last listing.


Tracy Houting Scholarship Fund

IFR, Inc. Employee Scholarship Fund

Karri B. and David E. Jasperse Scholarship Fund

Kaminski Family Scholarship Fund

Angie Kammeraad Nursing Scholarship Fund

Dr. J.H. Kamps/Louis Roberts Speech Awards Endowment Trust

Franklin D. Kraai Scholarship Fund

Gene Kraai Memorial Scholarship Fund

Charles and Beatrice Kulier Scholarship Fund

Lakeshore Dental Scholarship Fund

Marcia K. and Arlyn J. Lanting Family Scholarship Fund

Latin Americans United for Progress Dream Scholarship

Jack and Thelma Leenhouts Scholarship Fund

Bernard and Jerene Lemmen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Alexa Lindsey Memorial Scholarship Fund

Chris Martin Memorial Art Scholarship Fund

Samuel Meengs Scholarship Fund

Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics Boosters Scholarship Fund

Ian Miskelley Be Better Scholarship Fund

Karen and Larry Mulder Scholarship Fund

Neydon Scholarship Fund for Children of Widows

Herbert F. and Mabel L. Olney Memorial Scholarship Fund

Grace Piersma Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ploeg-Fynewever Nursing Scholarship Fund

Ann L. Query Scholarship Fund

Frances Reinecke Memorial Scholarship

Alice O. Rydell Interior Design Scholarship

Joe Schuler Environmental Impact Scholarship

Slotman Family Scholarship Fund

Tai Anne Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bob and Brenda Soeters Scholarship Fund

Shelley Speet-Mills Scholarship Fund

Wayne A. Streur Family Scholarship Fund

Mike Torrey Swimming Scholarship

University of Michigan Club of Holland Scholarship Fund

Benjamin H. Van Andel Promise of Excellence Award

Donald J. and Lileeth Brouwer Van Ark Scholarship Fund

Jack W. and Michael W. Van Dyke Memorial Scholarship Fund

Angie Van Hoven Nursing Scholarship

Van Putten Scholarship Fund

Margaret Van Vyven Music Scholarship Fund

Ted Vanden Bosch Scholarship Fund for Children of Firefighters, Police Officers and Rescue Personnel

Patricia Winchester Vanderbilt Scholarship Fund

Van’t Hof Scholarship Fund

Wagner Catholic Scholarship Fund

Catherine Bosch Wasson Family Scholarship Fund

Peter and Huberdina Weller Scholarship Fund

West Ottawa High School Class of 1999 Scholarship Fund

Ruth Westerman Oren Nursing Scholarship Fund

Willis and Ella Weymon African American Scholarship Fund

David Wiersema Memorial Scholarship Fund

Shawn D. Wiersma Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mark F. Winia Memorial Soccer Scholarship Fund

Roger and Wilma Winkels Hope College Scholarship Fund

WL Dream Fund

Chad Wolff Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Woman’s Literary Club Kate Garrod Post Scholarship Fund

Ted and Yuki Yamaoka Scholarship Fund

Zeeland Area Seminary Scholarship

Zeeland Education Foundation Fund for Shawn R. Jacob Scholarship

Zeeland High School Class of 1966 Promise Scholarship

Zeeland Rotary - Don Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Agnes Zuverink-Norman Nursing Scholarship Fund

BOLD indicates new fund since last listing.



Holland Community Health Center

Driven by the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to explore the magical world of books, Dave and Mary Bosscher are targeting their philanthropy to promote early childhood literacy. Their connection to the Holland Community Health Center, desire to give back, and passion for early literacy led them to establish the Holland Community Health Center Support Fund at CFHZ in 2021.

Dave and Mary met through Dave’s sister, who was in the same nurse training program as Mary. They discovered a shared curiosity about communities beyond West Michigan and a desire to see how the kingdom of God works across the globe. Once they married and Dave was accepted into medical school, they decided it was a sign to explore the world together.

Their journeys took them to Oklahoma, North Dakota, rural Mississippi, and Africa. Driven by their philanthropy and their faith, they served low-income families by providing access to health care. “We believe in treating every person with dignity, and that includes breaking barriers to accessing the healthcare that individuals and families need to thrive,” said Dave.

In 2006, family commitments brought the Bosschers back to West Michigan. Dave took a full-time position as a physician in Allegan and began volunteering at the Holland Community Health Center (HCHC). The Health Center provides primary care for uninsured and under-insured individuals and families within the greater Holland area, caring for more than 400 patients each month. Dave said, “It was a great environment to practice medicine and work alongside people I respect. The team is giving, smart, and committed to the mission.”

Dave joined the staff of the HCHC in 2011 and Mary began spending time in the waiting room connecting with families and calming anxious patients. “One of the best ways to connect was reading together,” Mary said. “Especially for young children, hearing or reading a story can be a source of comfort.”

Mary, an avid reader whose family prioritized literacy and social connection, was a natural fit to help with the Reach Out & Read program at HCHC. Reach Out & Read is a national program which distributes books to medical offices to give to children during wellness visits from birth to age five. Parents are encouraged to read, talk, and sing to their children to promote healthy cognitive and emotional development.

Mary expanded the book selections to include options for older children and teens, continued offering to read to or with young children in the waiting area, and assisted in purchasing books. “I read every book before it’s put on the shelf. I want them to reflect the diverse lived experiences of the HCHC patients,” she said. “It’s a privilege to foster a sense of connection and joy through reading.”

When Dave retired from HCHC, he and Mary discussed how to leave a legacy for the organization beyond their time on staff. They partnered with the Community Foundation to establish the Holland Community Health Center Support fund - a donor-designated nonprofit fund that provides financial resources to HCHC for its Reach Out & Read program.

“It’s rewarding to share our resources with others through gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Our fund at CFHZ helps fulfill one of our passions – creating a brighter future for children through literacy – while also supporting an organization we love. It’s a legacy for our family and for the community.”

Photo Credit: Alexis Aaliyah Photography


These funds are established to provide ongoing support or long-term savings for a nonprofit organization. They can be created by a nonprofit organization to benefit itself, or by a donor to benefit a select nonprofit.

If the fund is established by a donor, they specify how the funds are to be distributed (over a period of years or permanently endowed) and used (restricted for a specific purpose or unrestricted). CFHZ provides ongoing stewardship and oversight to ensure the donor’s intentions are fulfilled. CFHZ also handles investment management and administrative responsibilities related to the fund, allowing the nonprofit to focus on its mission.

We make every effort to ensure fund names are listed correctly. If you have a concern related to this list, please contact our office at 616-396-6590 or info@cfhz.org.

American Red Cross of Ottawa County Endowment Fund

Lana Renee Antvelink Endowment Fund for Camp Sunshine

Autism Support of West Shore Endowment Fund

Bacino / Wehrmeyer Fund

Barnabas Ministries Endowment Fund

Beal Family Young Life Camp Scholarship Fund

Gerald and Jeannette Bekken Fund for Saugatuck Public Schools Arts and Industrial Arts

Gerald and Jeannette Bekken Fund for Saugatuck Public Schools Athletics

Gerald and Jeannette Bekken Fund for Saugatuck Township Fire Department

Gerald and Jeannette Bekken Fund for the Saugatuck Public Schools Community Recreation

Belay Youth Ministries Reserve Fund

Benjamin’s Hope Endowment Fund

Janet C. and Ruth B. Beukema Fund for Hospice

Black River Public School’s Excellence in Education Fund

Thomas G. Bos Rotary Club of Holland Memorial Fund

John G. Bouwman Camp Sunshine Endowment Fund

Boy Scouts of America - Gerald R. Ford Council #266

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holland Endowment Fund

Bridge Ministry Center of Zeeland Endowment Fund

Jaxon Brower Memorial Fund

Charles and Penney Buhler Fund for Holland Museum

Calvin Christian Reformed Church Reserve Fund

Camp Geneva Endowment Fund

Camp Sunshine Endowment Fund

Campus Ministry @ GVSU Endowment Fund

Christ Memorial Church Reserve Fund

City of Holland Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund

City of Holland Ice Rink Fund

City of Hudsonville Gary Byker Memorial Library Fund

City of Zeeland Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund

City of Zeeland Howard Miller Library Endowment Fund

City on a Hill Hilltop Reserve Fund

Civic Center Place Improvement Project Fund

Classis of Holland of the Reformed Church in America Endowment Fund

Community Action House Endowment Fund

Community Action House Operating Reserve Fund

Compassionate Heart Ministries/Winstrom Family Legacy Fund

Betty D. Cook Endowment for Christ Memorial Church

Rich and Marilyn Cook Designated Fund

Robert H. and Elaine K. Cooper Fund for Hospice

Corpus Christi Foundation Endowment Fund

DeGraaf Nature Center Endowment Fund

Janet DeYoung Fund for Community Leadership

Disability Network/Lakeshore Endowment Fund

Disability Network/Lakeshore Founding Fund

Drenthe Christian Reformed Church Christian Education Endowment Fund

Monon Dunn Homeless Prevention Fund

Elders Charitable Fund

Wayne J. Elhart Memorial Fund for Project Clarity

Evergreen Day Center Endowment Fund

Evergreen Endowment Fund

Evergreen In Home Care Endowment - Gertrude ten Hoor Memorial Fund

Faith Reformed Church of Zeeland Fund

Family Hope Foundation Endowment Fund

Fellowship Reformed Church of Holland Reserve Fund

Darcy Komejan Fluharty Endowment for the Children’s Advocacy Center

Forward in Faith Reserve Fund

Friends of Felt Estate Endowed Fund

C. Norman Fry Fund

Gateway Mission Endowment Fund

Good Samaritan Ministries Endowment Fund

Harbor Humane Society Endowment Fund

Harvest Stand Ministries Endowment Fund

Herrick District Library - Lynn Rydell Memorial Endowment Fund

Holland Area Arts Council Endowment Fund

Holland Chorale Endowment Fund

Holland Christian Schools Endowment Fund

Holland Community Health Center Endowment Fund

Holland Community Health Center Support Fund

Holland Deacons’ Conference Endowment Fund

Holland Early College Sustainability Fund

Holland Friends of Art Endowment Fund

BOLD indicates new fund since last listing

Holland Museum Conservation & Acquisition Endowment Fund

Holland Public Schools Edna Mae Haworth Scholarship Reserve Fund

Holland Public Schools Educational Foundation Endowment Fund

Holland Public Schools PTO Endowment Fund

Holland Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund

Holland Youth Leadership Development Fund

Holland Youth Leadership Development Fund For HYAC

Homelessness Prevention Endowment Fund

Jerry and Dee Horne Fund for the Gateway Mission

Hospice of Holland, Inc. Endowment Fund

John E.N. & Dede Howard Fund

Hudsonville Library/Community Center Building Campaign Fund

Hudsonville Public Schools Education Foundation Endowment Fund

Eugene and Louise Huyser Fund

MaryAnn Kaat Memorial Fund

Dr. J.H. Kamps/George & Dena Kamps Family Academic Award

Dr. John H. and Mrs. Mary R. Kamps’ Zeeland Bridge Ministry Center Youth Fund

George B. and Joyce E. Keen Fund

LaVerne and Dorothy Koning Fund for Holland Christian Schools

Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity Endowment Fund

Calvin and Yvonne Langejans Fund for Holland Chorale

Thelma (Tommye) Leenhouts Fund for Music Programming at Holland Public Schools

Brooke Lewis Never Give Up Fund for ZEF Life Services System Endowment Fund

Lighthouse Preservation Fund

Jay and Jeanne Lindell Young Life Capernaum Fund

Live United Forever Fund of Greater Ottawa County United Way Endowment Fund

Macatawa Bay Junior Association Endowment Fund

Maple Avenue Ministries Outreach Endowment Fund

Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce Foundation Reserve Fund


MSU Bioeconomy Institute Fund

Anonymous Fund #2 for the MSU BI

Anonymous Fund #3 for the MSU BI

Dan and Julie Bourbon Family Fund for the MSU BI

Bradford Company Fund for the MSU Bioeconomy Instiitute

Brenner Oil Company Fund for the MSU BI

Brooks Family Fund for the MSU BI

Lee and Cheryl Dell Fund for the MSU BI

Lee and Linda De Visser Fund for the MSU BI

Katherine S. Donnelly Fund for the MSU BI

Frey Foundation Fund for the MSU BI

Ron and Joan Griffith Fund for the MSU BI

Haworth, Inc. Fund for the MSU BI

HEDCOR Fund for the MSU BI

Jim and Ginger Jurries Family Fund for the MSU BI

Richard M. and Marcia M. Lievense Fund for the MSU BI

John R. and Carolyn S. Marquis Family Fund for the MSU BI

MillerKnoll Foundation Fund for the MSU BI

Larry and Karen Mulder Fund for the MSU BI

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Muzzy Fund for the MSU BI

Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Company Fund for the MSU BI

Slikkers Family Foundation Fund for the MSU BI

ZFS/Meeuwsen Family Fund for the MSU BI

OAISD CTC Public Safety and Security Services Reserve Fund

OAISD Education Fund - Patrick A. Thompson Community Fund for M Tech Center

Oakland Christian Reformed Church Christian Education Reserve Fund

Oakland CRC Adoption Reserve Fund

Oakland CRC Mission Endowment Reserve Fund

Oakland CRC Mission Trip Reserve Fund

Ottawa County Farm Preservation Endowed Fund

Ottawa County Parks Nature Education Center Endowment Fund

Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway Endowment Fund

Esther R. and Seymour K. Padnos Fund for Boys’ and Girls’ Scouts

Park Township Foundation

Parkview Home Endowment Fund

Pillar Church Endowment Fund for Organ Maintenance

Fred and Shirley Porter Memorial Fund for League of Women Voters

Randy and Debbie Price Fund for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Lakeshore

Merle and Arnola Prins Family Fund

Project Clarity Maintenance Endowment Fund

Reach for Recovery Endowment Fund

Ready for School Endowment Fund

William Reinecke Family Fund

Renew Therapeutic Riding Center Fund

Resilience Endowment Fund

Resthaven - Resident Life Enrichment Reserve Fund

Resthaven Endowment Fund

Ride with Renew Fund

Volunteer Center - Holland/George W. Romney

Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area (SHNA) Endowment Fund

Heather Jacob Schaap Retreat Fund

Ione Trap Vocal Music Fund

Turning Pointe School of Dance Endowment Fund

United Way’s Alice C. Webb Endowment Fund

Unity #191 Masonic Lodge Endowment Fund

Unity Bridge Community Project Fund

Van Grouw Family Fund for Education

Mary Vande Poel Fund for Teacher Appreciation

H.N. Veneklasen Charitable Fund

Rob Welling Memorial Young Life Scholarship Fund

West Ottawa International Baccalaureate Community Fund

Windmill Island Maintenance Endowment Fund

Marie K. Woldring Fund for Harbor Humane Society

Dwight B. and Cynthia S. Yntema (Herrick Library) Fund

Zeeland Christian Schools Endowment Fund

Zeeland Historical Society Endowment Fund

Zeeland Public Schools Education Foundation Legacy Fund


BOLD indicates new fund since last listing



Fifteen local students earned the Holland/Zeeland Promise scholarship this year. The Promise is an academic scholarship for students with high financial need, proven academic success, and the motivation to pursue a college or technical degree.

The success of the Promise program is due, in part, to its side-by-side approach. In addition to providing support for students’ financial and academic needs the program also offers resources for career guidance and resources for social and emotional wellbeing. Local partners Mosaic Counseling and Thompson M-TEC assist CFHZ staff with these side-by-side supports.

The program is funded by generous donors whose support helps the students gain access to opportunities, realize their academic goals, and pursue their dreams.

Jaquelin Barajas

High School: West Ottawa High School

Attending: Michigan State University

“The Promise will enable me to continue working towards my goal career in public policy. This scholarship is not only financial assistance but also a lifechanging opportunity for my immigrant parents and me.”

Holly Byrd

High School: Holland High School

Attending: University of Michigan

“I am beyond honored to be chosen for the Promise Scholarship. Through this scholarship, I have the opportunity to earn a degree in environmental engineering and make a difference in my community. I am forever thankful for the donors, for CFHZ, and all of the people who helped me along the way.”

April Fuentes

High School: West Ottawa High School

Attending: Wayne State University

“I am grateful to have received the Promise scholarship. Not only am I able to pursue my dream of going to college, but I will also be able to help others just like my community helped me.”

Steffie Mattias

High School: West Ottawa High School

Attending: Hope College

“With this scholarship, I will pursue my dream of becoming a social worker. The Promise is going to help me get through college debt free and with no financial burden. It is a honor for my hard work and dedication to be recognized this way.”

Natalie Pierson

High School: Zeeland East High School

Attending: Michigan State University

“I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this life-changing opportunity. Thank you to the Promise Scholarship and to everyone who has helped me on this journey!”

Troy Postema

High School: Zeeland West High School

Attending: Grand Valley State University

“Receiving this scholarship has inspired me to work even harder, strive for excellence, and pursue my goal of becoming a police officer. I am committed to making the most of this incredible opportunity.”

“I am grateful to have received the Promise scholarship. Not only am I able to pursue my dream of going to college, but I will also be able to help others just like my community helped me.”
– April Fuentes

Airiell Paz-Rodriguez

High School: West Ottawa High School

Attending: Michigan State University

“I’m incredibly grateful to have received this scholarship. I will now be able to pursue a degree in engineering to become a change agent in my community.”

Ricardo Rodriguez

High School: West Ottawa High School

Attending: Michigan State University

Emily Cruz-Rojano

High School: West Ottawa High School

Attending: Calvin College

“Thank you to all who have supported and believed in me. I’ll always be beyond grateful. God never left my side, Jeremiah 29:11.”

Jaquelin Romero

High School: Holland High School

Attending: Central Michigan University

“This scholarship has opened so many doors for me, and I give thanks to God for such an amazing gift.”

Sophia Streur

High School: West Ottawa High School

Attending: Hope College

“I am so grateful to have been given this life-changing opportunity, and beyond excited to use this once-in-a-lifetime scholarship to focus solely on my studies without the financial burden. I am thankful to CFHZ and the donors who granted me this jump start to success.”

Josephine Suarez

High School: Holland High School

Attending: Western Michigan University

“This scholarship has made my distant dreams become more than just hopeful thoughts. I am so grateful for this opportunity and plan to pay it forward by helping my communities.”

Thy Tran

High School: Holland High School

Attending: University of Michigan

“I owe my gratitude and thanks to CFHZ and the generous donors of the Promise. I never imagined I would have an opportunity to attend college without financial burdens and I feel honored to be a recipient of this scholarship.”

Manuel Contreras Soto

High School: West Ottawa High School

Attending: Michigan State University

Cristal Felix-Trejo

High School: Holland High School

Attending: University of Michigan


We are grateful to the following donors who contributed to the Holland/Zeeland Promise program between January 2023 and March 2024. Their generous support helps area students achieve their dreams of higher education.

We make every effort to ensure donor names are listed correctly. If you have a concern related to this list, please contact our office at 616-396-6590 or info@cfhz.org.

Keith Applebach

John and Nicki Arendshorst

Thomas and Sharon Arendshorst

Dave and Jane Armstrong

John and Gwen Bartels

John and Sommar Boese

Dan and Kate Bolt

John and Nancy Bolt

Jane Bos

Kristi Bouwman

Bryan and Cathy Bouws

Caddie Bradford

Robert and Pamela Brolin

Jim and Donna Brooks

Scott and Amanda Brooks

Leslie Brown

Ric and Linda Brown

Michael and Amy Cooke

Larry and Connie Corriveau

David and Marianne Costello

Jane Dalman

Dean and Mary De Ridder

Thomas and Nancy De Vries

Jim and Barb DeHaan

Robert and MaryJo DeJong

Dominique and Julie DeNooyer

Robert DeNooyer II and Colette

Volkema DeNooyer

Nicole DeNooyer and Chris Taylor

Robert DeNooyer Chevrolet, Inc

David and Lynne Devine

Michael and Johanna DeWaard

David Dirkse

Joan Donnelly

John and Banba Donnelly

Eldean Family

Jacob Essenburg

Eva Eveleth

Marlin Feyen and Ruth Posthumus

David and Nancy Field

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank Promise Fund

Dale and Karen Flowerday

Foundation 180

Charles and Sue Freriks

Janet Gant

David and Linda Geerlings

Michael and Pat Gentry

Daniel and Mary George

David and Janice Gier

Paula Gikas Nagelvoort

Global Concepts Enterprise, Inc.

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Through our proactive grant program, the Community Foundation commits resources to targeted areas of investment as part of our commitment to build a fully thriving community. Local data and input from nonprofit partners continue to identify increasing access to and availability of mental health care services as a key priority, especially for individuals who face the greatest barriers to accessing care.

In response, we awarded a total of $130,000 to three nonprofit partners who are committed to providing mental health services for the community, and especially for those who face barriers to accessing care.

MOSAIC COUNSELING – Increasing Capacity of Mosaic’s School Outreach Program in SW Ottawa County

Amount Awarded: $60,000 over two years

Purpose: To increase Mosaic’s capacity to effectively implement their School Outreach Program by helping to fund the School Outreach Coordinator position and increasing the hours of their six therapists in existing partner schools that currently have a waitlist for students to be seen. It will also support the Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) suicide prevention work. Mosaic’s School Outreach Program currently serves 26 schools, including schools in the districts of West Ottawa, Holland, and Zeeland.

COREWELL HEALTH – School Telemedicine Program

Amount Awarded: $46,900 over two years

Purpose: To connect Zeeland East and Zeeland West High School students with mental health services embedded within the school setting. Virtual mental health services are offered by appointment, five days a week throughout the school year. Program referrals are made by parents/guardians, students themselves, and school mental health staff who believe students need more extensive support. Interpreters are available for students with language barriers or those who are deaf/hard of hearing.

TREETOPS COLLECTIVE – Circles of Support and Facilitation Training and Coaching

Amount Awarded: $23,100

Purpose: To help identify and train local facilitators for the expansion of the Circles of Support program to Ottawa County. Treetops works with individuals who have been through immigration processes. The Circles program is a peer support group model that addresses gaps in local mental health support in culturally appropriate ways.

“Behavioral health issues among adolescents are at an all-time high. Our program removes barriers to accessing care and allows

adolescents to receive services in

their own communities.”
– Katie Thorsen, Manager of the Telehealth Program, Corewell Health


Responses from the most recent Community Needs Assessment and Ottawa County Youth Assessment show that mental health continues to be a critical issue for residents of Ottawa County. The data indicates that 19.8% of adults are considered to have mild to severe psychosocial distress, one in three teens has struggled with their mental health in the past year, and sizable portions of people currently suffering from some form of mental illness are not undergoing treatment.

The need for mental health services has increased substantially in recent years and is consistently named as a priority across many different spaces in our community. At the same time, many mental health care treatment providers are experiencing staffing shortages. Within Michigan, there are approximately 360 patients per behavioral health provider.

Historically marginalized communities often face additional barriers in accessing mental health support. Among these communities, immigrants and refugees encounter unique challenges stemming from cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic factors. Recognizing the growing need for supportive and culturally-appropriate mental health services for immigrants and refugees, Treetops Collective recently expanded its Circles of Support program to Ottawa County. A proactive grant of $23,100 from CFHZ assisted with the program expansion.

Treetops Collective is a nonprofit organization that was founded in Kent County. The organization invests in New American (immigrant and refugee) women leaders, with a vision to assist them in living a vibrant, whole life in connection with their neighbors. The Circles of Support program is a culturally-sensitive peer-support group. The curriculum was co-developed by a consultant with expertise in trauma healing, the Treetops Program Operations

Director, and six immigrant leaders. It focuses on equipping participants with tools for coping with stress, identifying and talking about the effects of trauma, and other practical mental health resources. Sessions are led in a shared language by trained facilitators whose backgrounds mirror those of the participants.

The expansion of the Circles of Support program to Ottawa County was developed in partnership with organizations that serve immigrants and refugees – Latin Americans United for Progress, Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates, and Movement West Michigan – whose trust-built relationships with local immigrant communities will be pivotal to the success of the expansion.

Together, the organizations will identify and recruit trainee candidates for Circles of Support facilitation. Treetops will lead the training sessions for these facilitator candidates. They will also incorporate feedback to tailor the program to the unique needs of immigrant communities in the greater Holland/Zeeland area. While the Kent County Circles of Support program is designed

specifically for women, the Ottawa County expansion will include male participants and facilitators. By investing in the mental health of refugees and immigrants, these organizations are not only addressing an urgent need but also laying the foundation for stronger, more resilient communities.

Abigail Punt, Development Director at Treetops Collective, said, “We are delighted to embark on this partnership to increase the mental health support available to immigrants and refugees in the region. Our Circles of Support curriculum has been a source of healing and empowerment for families throughout Kent County, and we are excited to see this same impact along the Lakeshore.”



According to the 2023 State of Michigan Education Report, Beyond the Pandemic, recent state assessments show many students are academically, socially, and emotionally behind where they are expected to be for their age group. The data highlights the disproportionate impact of learning loss on students from low-income households, Black and Latinx students, English learners, and students with disabilities. Through our proactive grant program, CFHZ distributed $145,000 to three organizations offering targeted, out-of-school time academic interventions for students who have been most impacted by the education achievement gap.


After School Endeavors Program

Amount Awarded: $60,000 over two years

Purpose: To implement the new After School Endeavors Program, which supports K-12 students in the areas of reading, writing, and math. The program also incorporates an English language development component as one of the identified at-risk learner populations are English language learners. Academic intervention strategies will be reserved for students who are failing classes and need help to better understand the material. Tutoring opportunities will be offered for students who are working on homework or seeking enrichment in areas where they need to be challenged to sustain academic gains.


ZPS Summer Learning

Amount Awarded: $60,000 over two years

Purpose: To supplement the work being done with elementary students during the summer and grow the program to serve an additional 30+ students who demonstrate academic and/or socio-emotional needs. Students will attend 2-hour sessions, 3 times per week, for a 6-week period over the summer at no cost to the students and their families. In keeping with proven evidencebased strategies that improve student learning, these sessions will include small group, individual tutoring and practice, and full group lessons.


Education Programs

Amount Awarded: $25,000

Purpose: To make daily academic assistance available to all club members through Power Hour, Project Learn, and EPIC. Power Hour offers students homework help from BGCGH staff or volunteers; Project Learn focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; and EPIC supports high school students in connecting their current studies with post-secondary education plans. The education programs that BGCGH offers have a track record of helping students improve their academic performance. For example, participants in Project Learn have experienced an overall grade point increase of 11%, with an increase in math grade of 13%, spelling at 22%, and reading at 5%.

“HPS is thrilled to receive this grant. Not only does it open doors for enriching after-school activities for our students, but it also strengthens our collaboration with community partners. We eagerly anticipate expanding opportunities for our students and fostering a brighter future for all.”



Summer Learning Program

In conversations with local school administrators about the challenges facing K-12 students in the Holland/Zeeland area, two concerns consistently emerge. The first is the far-reaching implications of the pandemic. The second is the need to implement academic intervention programs to help close an opportunity gap that worsened during the pandemic, while also addressing students’ social and emotional needs. Learning loss has disproportionately impacted students from low-income households, Black and Latinx students, English learners, and students with disabilities.

School districts are actively responding to these increased needs by offering a variety of in-school and out-of-school supportive programs. Research shows that out-ofschool programs (whether after school or during the summer break) are most effective with small group sizes, staff that students recognize and trust, and at least 6 consecutive weeks of programming.

CFHZ identified the education opportunity gap as one of three priority areas for our proactive grantmaking program in 2022.

We recently awarded $60,000 over

two years to Zeeland Public Schools (ZPS) to expand the reach of its Summer Learning Program.

The funds will supplement the work being done with elementary students at risk for learning loss and grow the program to serve an additional 30+ students who demonstrate academic and/or socioemotional needs. The expansion of the Summer Learning Program allows ZPS to include students with family challenges, physical/mental health concerns, and students with disabilities that may not have been identified yet. Students participating in the Summer Learning Program have been identified by their teachers as needing intervention to change the trajectory of their learning and set them up for better outcomes.

confidence. The program will be staffed by ZPS teachers, including some teachers with special education degrees & English Language Learners certification. Certified social workers, and a program coordinator who manages communication with the families, will also be part of the team. To reduce barriers to participation, ZPS will also coordinate transportation, access to technology/learning supplies, and meals.

Students will attend 2-hour sessions, 3 times per week, for a 6-week period over the summer at no cost to their families. These sessions will include small groups, individual tutoring and practice, and full group lessons to boost reading and math skills. Group activities are designed to support social-emotional needs of students by promoting connection and

Julie Paterick, Assistant Superintendent of Early Childhood & Elementary Curriculum at Zeeland Public Schools, said, “ZPS is thankful for the opportunity to partner with CFHZ. This collaboration will make it possible to expand invitations to students who will benefit from summer learning the most. During our summer camp themed program, we look forward to not only having a positive impact on student achievement, but also staying connected to students and families this summer and having FUN!”



An Update from Scott Brooks, Chair, Investment Committee

Our Goals

CFHZ has experienced substantial growth in the Community’s Endowment and overall assets under management in the past decade due to the incredible generosity and care of donors and partners. The best news about this growth is that it translates directly into the foundation’s ability to increase our impact in the community.

I chair the Investment Committee, which consists of CFHZ staff, board members, and community leader, and provides the primary oversight of the various portfolios at the Foundation. We are fortunate to have talented professionals with deep and varied investment experience who share their expertise with this committee.

The Foundation, through the Investment Committee, also engages a national investment consulting firm, NEPC, to provide the primary day-to-day oversight of the funds. NEPC is among the leading advisors in the country for foundations and endowments and provides outstanding counsel on overall investment strategy, portfolio allocation, manager selection, performance reporting, and benchmarking.

There are two overarching goals for the Investment Committee as we steward the resources of CFHZ. First, to preserve existing assets for the benefit of generations to come. Second, to responsibly grow assets to expand the Foundation’s reach and help our community thrive.

Our investment policy maintains a goal of achieving at least a 7% long-term annualized return on our portfolios. The 7% long-term growth target allows the funds to make distributions up to 5%/year for community gifts while also keeping up with an assumed 2% long-term inflation target. The portfolio is also structured in such a manner that seeks this growth target while minimizing the volatility of the portfolio, outperforming the markets in down years, and ensuring that healthy balance between longterm growth and long-term capital preservation.

The main pool fund, which constitutes roughly 85% of all assets under management by the Foundation, is diversified across dozens of investment managers and vehicles spanning International and Domestic public and private equites, public and private fixed income, alternative investments (hedge funds and multi-asset investment strategies), real assets (real estate and commodities), and cash and cash equivalents.

As of 03/31/24, the 10-year performance of the main pool fell just shy of its long-term target at 6.3% annualized, however our returns have exceeded the target in both the 5- and 7-year measurements with annualized returns of 8% and 7.7% respectively. Both of these metrics place the Foundation’s returns in the top quartile of performance relative to peer portfolios of similar size.

On behalf of the Investment Committee, we appreciate your trust in our oversight of these important community resources and are honored to steward your generous contributions!


Scott Brooks, Chair

Tom Den Herder, Ex-officio

Tim Hemingway

Jonathan Padnos

Shawn Pacanowski

Ilse Saewert

PJ Thompson

Ann Van Zalen

Jim Wiersma

Patrick Cisler, Staff Support

Rob Arnold, Staff Support

For more information about investments, including an overview of investment performance and asset allocation, please scan the QR code. You can also contact Rob Arnold, Director of Finance, at rarnold@cfhz.org.



Our local nonprofits are critical to our ability to create a fully thriving community for all who live and work in Holland and Zeeland. Recognizing their vital role, CFHZ invests in efforts to support nonprofit leaders and organizations with the resources, information, and people to do their best work.

In 2023, thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, we raised $1.7M through our Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector (SNS) campaign. This allowed us to increase our investments in the health and strength of the local nonprofit sector. In the past eighteen months, this increased investment has included:

Funding a cohort of the nonprofit leadership program LEAD 24/7 specifically for emerging leaders. Emerging leaders are individuals who serve in leadership capacities such as operations, development/ fundraising, etc. but are not executive directors.

Launching a Nonprofit Matching Technical Assistance fund. This fund supports local organizations pursuing outside consulting services to help them improve a specific area of their operations by providing matching resources to make the financial investment less of a reach.

Supporting organizations during a change in executive leadership by helping fund transition expenses. Our community is experiencing a high number of nonprofit leadership transitions. Qualifying organizations receive $3,000 to support their process with strategic tools that might include hiring an interim director, working with a search firm, or executive coaching and/or a formal performance evaluation process for the new leader. In addition, new leaders will need support as they get oriented not only to their own organizations but also to our local nonprofit sector and collaborative infrastructure.

Supporting the Greater Ottawa County United Way’s upcoming community assessment process. This occurs every three years and yields important longitudinal data on how our community is faring in key measures of health, education, basic needs, and financial stability.

Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance (LNA) is a Key Partner in Efforts to Strengthen the Local Nonprofit Sector

LNA recently welcomed a new Executive Director, Tracy Bolo, who will lead the organization into its next chapter. Before joining LNA, Tracy was the Chief Operating Officer at Community Action House, where she led organizational growth and transformation. She has also previously held roles in the private and public sectors locally and nationally.

“I am excited for the opportunity to join Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance as the Executive Director and collaborate with the team to build upon the impactful work established over many years. My enthusiasm and passion stems from a connection to the mission and values of LNA, particularly its emphasis on collaboration and working to be ‘Better Together.’ I am eager to expand and strengthen our relationships in support of our nonprofits and make our West Michigan community stronger for everyone.”

Tracy Bolo, Executive Director, Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance


For good. For ever.


Join the Community Foundation for our Annual Luncheon event as we share updates on our work to create a thriving community for all.


MAY 23 2024


We will also be honoring Dr. James Bultman with the 2024 Marvin C. Lindeman Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes Jim’s notable service as the volunteer lead for the Today. Tomorrow. Forever. campaign, which grew the Community’s Endowment by $5 million and secured a pipeline of 100 new estate gift commitments. Jim’s dedication and leadership during the campaign continues to positively impact CFHZ and the community.

Please RSVP by May 16

Find more information or register at cfhz.org/annualluncheon

More information and a formal invitation to follow. Updates will be posted on our social media channels and website at cfhz.org. SAVE

Our annual Celebration of Philanthropy event will take place on Thursday, September 12

Horizon Bank’s sponsorship of this newsletter is one of many ways we are involved in the Holland/Zeeland community. By meeting this goal of the Bank, we are also able to further the Foundation’s mission for our community to thrive today, tomorrow, and forever.

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