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Vol. 17 No. 19

September 16 - 29, 2013

The News Supplement of Couples for Christ

ANCOP Global Walk 2013 A day of miracles!

Snapshots of the ANCOP Global Walk 2013: at left, different groups like Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community, Far Eastern University and the Philippine Airforce one with CFC ANCOP; middle photos shows the dawn Mass crowd, the CFC International Council with Bishop Ongtioko, Msgr. Allen Aganon, Fr. Sonny de Claro, and Fr. Paul Uwemedimo; at right, some photos from the international CFC community.

By the UGNAYAN Docu Team Several provinces in Luzon, and some parts of the Visayas and Mindanao experienced heavy rains the night of August 24, 2013. In Metro Manila, the logistics team had to stop three times during set up because of the heavy downpour. When Bishop Honesto Ongtioko of the Diocese of Cubao started the celebration of the Mass, he was literally competing with the sound of rain pouring over the

Luneta crowd. Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, the sun was slowly shining. And before the Mass in Luneta was over, the rains had let up. And before 6:00 AM, everyone was just rearing to walk. Aside from Metro Manila, walkers gathered in 80 other points among the 65 Philippine provinces, with only one battle cry: “I will walk for a scholar, walk with me!” The same global walk was likewise held simultaneously in the USA, Canada,

CFC Urged to Engage in BCOP

By Alma Alvarez During the MCG last September 1, 2013 at the Ateneo High School, CFC Chairman and BCOP Director Ricky Cuenca rallied the members of the Mission Core to engage in the programs under BCOP, or Building the Church of the Poor. According to Cuenca, as leaders of Couples for Christ, the Mission Core should live out the community’s two-pronged mission statement—to build the Church of the Home and build the Church of the Poor. During the Mass, Bishop Leopoldo Tumulak, Military Ordinariate of the Philippines exhorted the MCG to embrace Jesus in the poor and those who need help. A video titled Buhay CFC (The CFC Life) kicked off Cuenca’s talk. In his discourse, the BCOP Director showcased each program

under BCOP, namely ANCOP Education, ANCOP Shelter, Health, Livelihood, Environment, Migrants Program, Prison (Isaiah 61:1), Men in Uniform, Good Governance (STMA), and the Cooperatives, and how each person can actually be a stakeholder in any of the BCOP programs. Testimonies from those who are actually immersed in the BCOP Programs followed, each one inspiring fellow leaders to find fulfillment in living out the mission of Couples for Christ. Each BCOP Program set up their own booths where the members of the MCG can explore how they can get involved in the various BCOP offerings. Before the BCOP Program Heads were called in front for the prayer for empowerment, some ANCOP scholars encouraged CFC to “Jump In” via an upbeat dance number.

Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Singapore. The third year of the A NCOP Global Walk may have brought in more walkers, more partner institutions, and more who share in Couples for Christ’s advocacy to build the church of the poor. But more than the numbers, it is the miracle of bringing people from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world together, to share in the call to answer the cry of the poor.


C2 George Campos

“Behold and Ponder” Couples for Christ 2014 Theme The IC Discernment Weekend last September 6-8 was a deeply moving personal encounter for me with our God who has faithfully provided CFC with the guiding spirit that inspired all our themes that moved CFC forward according to His will and plan. The last day of the weekend fell on September 8, the Birthday of our Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother. Together with all the IC members and our respective spouses, we felt that the Lord gave her to us once more as a gift. She is the Lord’s gift to us, but He also wants us to be a gift to His Mother. For the past 2 years, the Holy Spirit gave our Blessed Mother to lead us closer to her Son, Jesus Christ. We were called to “Proclaim the Greatness of the Lord” by embracing ON FIRE Missions in 2012. It was a call to proclaim. Then in 2013, it was a call to discipleship when CFC was challenged to “Obey and Witness” inspired by Mary’s prompting to “do whatever He tells you”. This coming year, 2014, Jesus is entrusting us to His mother. Inspired by John 19:26-27, “When Jesus saw His mother there, and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to her, ‘Woman, behold, your son’. Then He said to the disciple, ‘Son, behold, your Mother’. From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.” CFC is being called to a deeper relationship with Jesus and Mary. Mary received her new mission at the foot of Cross – to be the Mother of the Church. From that moment on, she became our own Mother, validating our identity as sons and daughters of God. And for us to embrace our true identity, we are to follow Mary from Cana to the foot of the cross. Significantly, 2014 is CFC’s 33rd year, the same number of years of Jesus’ earthly life to fulfill His mission of salvation. It is the same number of years from the Annunciation, when Mary became the Mother of God, up to His death on the cross when Mary became the Mother of the Church.

CFC as Christ the Beloved Son – 2014 is the Year of the Laity. God is calling all of us, His faithful, lay people, to reclaim our identity as His sons and daughters. “I am another Christ, the son of the Father.” Col.1:15-16, with Mary as our Mother.

CFC as Christ the Loving Spouse – 33rd year as a community and our 3rd year journey with Mary. Christ as the Bridegroom, is the ultimate proof of self-giving love as reflected in the mystery of the crucifixion, while Mary’s fiat teaches us of spousal love between Christ and the Church.

CFC as Jesus the Son Sent by the Father – It is the era of New Evangelization. Put into the deep our relationship with God, with our spouse, and with our family. Furthermore, it is responding to the challenge of building the future of CFC.

And so with much awe to our Lord and gratitude to our Mother, we embrace our theme for 2014 “BEHOLD and PONDER”. May it bring us to PONDER our identity, establish a deeper relationship with Christ, a fearlessness to go out into the deep, and to BEHOLD the wonder of God’s plan for CFC!

Digital Communications:

An Effective Tool for New Evangelization

1. Sharing our activities/events throughout our global CFC Community; and 2. Building a culture of innovation with digital communications. Sharing our activities/events throughout our global CFC Community We in CFC make it a point to share what is happening in our “neck of the woods” so to speak in order to spread awareness about our CFC Community across the world. We do this by identifying three content areas that answer different audience needs: a) CFC On Fire, b) Spreading God’s Word, and c) Uplifting The Poor. Since we are in a 24/7 nonstop news cycle, we cannot afford to allow critically precious hours or days to slip by without sharing our events/ actions. This also requires us to increase our efforts in social media, as increasingly people no longer look to traditional information gatekeepers as they did in the past, considering the access that everyone has via the worldwide web. CFC USA together with Europe, Middle East and Manila through the Ugnayan are forming an alliance to deploy monthly newsletters, and up to the minute Facebook and Twitter integration that will allow us to share information among ourselves and with the rest of the world. Also, we are taking up the call of the New Evangelization with a renewed focus on resources that offer both solid teachings and tender encouragement that focus on marriage and family life. Building a culture of innovation with digital communications Who knew that our CFC community will adapt to iPads and other gadgets, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network platforms? Therefore, we cannot just be like sitting ducks, waiting for everyone to adapt to technology. Therefore, we need to think out of the box and embrace a CFC culture of innovation and experimentation in communications. Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” But how do we make disciples of all nations? The evangelization strategy used

Vol. 17 No. 19

September 16 - 29, 2013

The Great Mongolian Adventure

33 years for Couples for Christ… Where is CFC? We are called to reflect in silence. We need to ponder on all the things that have transpired for the past 33 years in our beloved community. Luke 2:19, 51 “And Mary kept all these things in her heart… pondered them in her heart.” It is the 3rd year of our journey with Mary and this time, she is leading us to contemplate where the heart of CFC is at this point. In order for us to determine where CFC is we need to examine our spirituality with Christ as our example:

Roger Santos

In the past 10 years, we have seen a big shift and great advances in communications. Today, we have a combination of smart phones, internet sites, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Face Time, etc that bring us up to the minute news. But do we realize how these devices are changing HOW we communicate? One of the more interesting questions being asked by the Catholic Church and our leaders in Couples for Christ is, “What does the New Evangelization look like in this world of modern communications?” To answer the question, we can break down the answer into two areas in the context of CFC:

CBCP Monitor

by the two apostles Paul and Barnabas tells it all: first, address the local Jewish community. Overseas Jewish communities were scattered all over the Roman Empire. They visited and wrote letters to the believers, and taught them as well. And then, they started to evangelize the Gentiles. This method of evangelizing used the Old Testament as the starting point to lead the Jewish audience to accept Jesus as the fulfillment of the prophecies. “We tell you the good news: What God promised our fathers he has fulfilled for us, their children, by raising up Jesus.” (Acts 13:32-33) With this missionary spirit, “they preached from town to town across the entire island” (Acts 13:6). In today’s world, we make use of digital technology to spread the word of God. Without walking from town to town, we can reach people from around the globe. One way of CFC showing our work of reaching the world is through the use of tools like Facebook and Twitter and via e-mailing newsletters, which has a reach of 1.2 million. For instance, the CFC USA e-newsletter has an RSS feed of the daily Mass readings and Vatican media releases, and highlights the daily work ANCOP. Sharing these to our own networks allow our friends to share the materials in their own social networks, thus reaching more. Conclusion However, much still needs to be done. Our new CFC communication alliances have to increase content available to the community through the help of our members. The upbeat digital communication technology is spreading like wildfire across the globe and in our CFC community. This is our chance to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth, as stated in Mark 16:15-16, “Go into the entire world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” And, just as the Church learned how to use the book and film to proclaim the Good News to the ends of the earth, so today we must teach ourselves to learn these new tools to help people find the faith in their ordinary days and in their times of need. To quote from our Holy Father on the World Day of Communication last January: “Word and silence: learning to communicate is learning to listen and contemplate as well as speak. This is especially important for those engaged in the task of evangelization: both silence and word are essential elements, integral to the Church’s work of communication for the sake of a renewed proclamation of Christ in today’s world.” Roger Santos is a current member of the CFC USA National Council, Executive Director of ANCOP Foundation USA Inc. and Country Coordinator of Greece. He is married to Josie Santos with whom he has three children: Casie, Vons and Paulo.

CFC goes back to Mongolia, clockwise from top: The fruit of the Övörkhangai CFC mission; Raymond Bucu giving a talk while Isabel interprets; the CFC Mongolia Mission Team with the new graduates of Darkhan CLP; with Fr. Ronald (far left, in front of the majestic statue of Genghis Khan, the national hero of the Mongolia people; Anna Bucu with Sr. Lucchia Bartolomaci and Fr. Girogio Marengo.

By Raymond Bucu “Good luck sa inyo. Hayaan mo, I’m sure pagkatapos nilang marinig ang sharing ninyo, magsimula na rin silang mag-ipon ng pera pamasahe. Maganda ang team ninyo. Di masyadong seryoso at siyempre puro talented pa. Kaya enjoy at smooth ang takbo ng mission niyo. Maraming salamat sa full support ninyo para sa CFC Mission dito sa Mongolia!” Thus wrote Fr. Ronald Magbanua, the tireless parish priest of the Good Shepherd Parish of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in our email exchange following the second CFC Mongolia Mission held last July 25 to August 3, 2013. The mission, which was led by CFC Chairman Ricky Cuenca, was intended as a follow through on the earlier mission trip held last March, 2013 in the same city. That March mission yielded a total of 16 couples for the Lord, yet it was clear that a follow up mission was needed to sustain the community there. On July 25, the second CFC mission team composed of Gabby and Lily Ocampo, MM Central C; Ramon and Rose Cugal, MM West B; Jun Enriquez, MM Central A; and my wife Anna and myself, arrived in Ulaanbaatar. The objective was to conduct three new Christian Life Programs in three different cities, and to conduct the required first year formation teachings among those who became the first CFC graduates last March. As it turned out, while the mission was not without any challenges, it proved to be full of pleasant surprises from the Lord and from each of the missionaries. Upon arrival at the Chinggiss Khan International Airport, Fr. Ronald warmly welcomed us. Upon reaching the parish, our home in Mongolia, fond memories of the earlier mission immediately flooded my mind. Despite our initial misgivings, that first mission showed us that even an alien culture and an unfamiliar language will not be a hindrance for the Lord to choose to pour His Spirit upon His people. For the second time in this strange, wonderful country, Anna and I once again felt the delicious anticipation of experiencing God’s presence in

the work at hand. But unlike the first mission, which was held only in Ulaanbaatar, this second mission required us to travel and conduct the CLP’s in three cities; the first in Ulaanbaatar, then to the province of Övörkhangai, which is about 600 kilometers from the capital, and then to Darkhan which is about 350 kilometers to the west of the capital. After only a few hours of rest, the team, accompanied by Isabel Bayandorj, our interpreter for the entire mission, headed north for an eight-hour trip to Övörkhangai. The venue of the CLP is the Roman Catholic frontier mission outpost manned by Fr. Giorgio Marengo, a young Italian priest from the Congregation of Consolata Missionary in Turin, and Sr. Lucchia Bartolomasi. Upon our arrival, we met up with the first three couples who graduated in March: Paul and Anna, John and Rosa and Jaq and Magdalene. Together, we had a happy, though short reunion, but as the Övörkhangai participants were already present, we immediately got to work. At the end of the first day, the Cugals and the Ocampos had to go back to Ulaanbaatar because a third CLP was scheduled for the Filipino parishioners of the Good Shepherd Parish, leaving Anna, myself and Jun Enriquez to finish the Övörkhangai CLP. After the Övörkhangai mission, we had to go back to the capital for the trip to Darkhan. The next day, all seven of us traveled to Darkhan, where we conducted the next CLP in the Don Bosco Formation Center. The 17 participants were called in by Fr. Paul Leung, a Salesian missionary from Hongkong. Once again, our mission experience was enhanced by the kindness and generosity of these missionary priests and the religious sisters, who had dedicated their lives in the service of our Lord by living among His people, despite the fact that the Faith in that part of the country is a minority and that the cultural and spiritual difference was substantial. Afterwards, we went back to the capital where for the final two nights of our stay, where we held two more teachings as an introduction for future CLP’s among the parishioners of St.

Mary’s Parish led by Fr. Francesco Hu, a Korean missionary of CICM. Just like the first CLP in March, the issue to overcome during these missions was the language barrier. While we had interpreters, it was still a challenge to make the talks come across in the easiest way possible and yet make sure it is clear enough to minimize the chances of anything becoming lost in translation. It was also a challenge as to how to act within the bounds of Mongolian cultural nuances, which were many and quite alien to Filipino sensibilities. Also part of the mission was to establish CFC household groups in the various areas and to instill the first stages of CFC culture among the brethren. This was critical because the dynamism and the highly evangelistic nature of CFC need to be thoroughly explained to both the clergy and the lay. But the most challenging issue is that most of our participants are recent converts to the faith. We became acutely aware that we should come across more as witnesses of God’s goodness rather than speakers, being reminded of what St. Paul wrote in his first letter to the Corinthians as he described about those who are being fed with milk and those with solid food. But those who respond to God’s call, He equips. The CLP’s that were held were conducted very smoothly, with both the participants and the CFC missionaries being blessed as the talks proceeded to become sharings of God’s victories in the lives of His servants. At the same time, the participants were suddenly aware that each one of them had a story to tell, and could relate to the experiences that the CFC missionaries had undergone and the way that God has become in charge of their lives. The CFC mission team were simply ordinary CFC couples, whose burning desire to bring the Word of God to the ends of the earth is greater than their limited finances. Yet God, in His goodness, decided to honor the desire of His servants to serve Him by paving the way for us to be part of His great work and to fulfill our part of the mission.

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CBCP Monitor Vol. 17 No. 19

September 16 - 29, 2013

Landbank Gold Cup Raises 1.25M for ANCOP Scholarship


Cornerstone, CSP Visit The Mind Museum

Landbank golfs for CFC ANCOP, from left: CFC Treasurer Jimmy Ilagan, CFC ANCOP COO Eric delos Reyes, CFC Chairman Ricky Cuenca, Landbank EVP Bong Arjonillo, and CFC Excutive Director George Campos.

By Rico Alconcel As part of celebrating 50 fruitful years in the banking industry, Landbank of the Philippines partnered with CFC ANCOP for the LANDBANK GOLD CUP Benefit Golf Tournament. The benefit golf, which was held last August 29, 2013 at the West Course of the Wack-wack Golf and Country Club. No less than 48 valued clients of Landbank partnered in this noble cause. The event started with a ceremonial teeoff led by Landbank EVP Rab-

boni Francis “Bong” Arjonillo, followed by a shotgun tee-off at 8:00 A.M. All in all, 76 avid golfers representing Landbank, its partners and friends enjoyed playing, at the same time raising funds to send 50 scholars to college starting SY 2014-15. All would-be scholars are encouraged to take courses related to agriculture, fisheries and related fields, in line with Landbank’s priority sectors. ANCOP, through its Child Sponsorship Program (CSP), will screen and qualify the prospective scholars nationwide.

During the awards ceremonies, ANCOP scholars provided the entertainment through Filipiniana dances, afterwhich a recent Fisheries graduate of UP Los Baños and a high school student, both products of CSP, shared their experiences as ANCOP scholars. The event highlight was the symbolic turnover of PHP 1.25 M to ANCOP by Arjonillo, himself a CFC Metro Manila Sector Head. The ANCOP Golf Committee, headed by Rico Alconcel, managed the benefit golf tournament. Last August 31, 2013, 154 Cornerstone children from ODELCO Elementary School, Pasong Tamo Elementary School, San Francisco Elementary School, Masambong High School, San Juan National High School, Jose Fabella High School and Metro Manila East B CSP scholars, together with 15 teachers and 14 volunteers, were given a chance by The Children’s Hour to visit The Mind Museum in Taguig City. The extraordinary educational science experience gave the children an opportunity to discover Science in a fun and creative way. (Sherryl de Leon)

GPSI Regional Finals to be held in Abu Dhabi Landbank top executives at the forefront of the Landbank Gold Cup, clockwise from top left: with hole sponsors Producers Bank and Harry Queens Commercial; pre-tee off huddle; EVP Bong Arjonillo for the ceremonial tee off.

ABS-CBN’s DZMM Tele-Radyo, in partnership with CFC-ANCOP, is set to bring the World Caravan Global Pinoy Singing Idol (GPSI) 2013 to Abu Dhabi for its Middle East leg. The GPSI is a singing competition for amateur Filipinos living abroad, 18 years old and above. Two winners will be selected and will be flown to Manila for the global finals on December 2013 and

compete against regional winners from America, Asia and Australia. The proceeds of the GPSI Middle East show, which is happening on September 27, 2013 at the Al Jazira Basketball Arena in Abu Dhabi, will be for the benefit of CFC ANCOP. ABS-CBN talents Richard Poon and Rachel Alejandro will be celebrity guests.

AGW 2013 Photo Gallery

Photo credits: AGW Manila - Jerry Tanigue, Ruel Tenerife, Romeo Medina, Eric Urbiztondo, Kathryn Pacheco, Mary Ellen Jade Lebria; provincial and international AGW correspondents.



CBCP Monitor

Vol. 17 No. 19

September 16 - 29, 2013

Obey & Witness: the 2013 Euro MegaCon children, for all offertory collections from the daily Masses were donated by the main celebrating priests, Fr. Rene Esoy SSS (Ireland), Fr. Dondong Estafia (Austria) and Fr. Albert Escoto SVD (Ireland), to the ANCOP Ireland fund. As we continue to ponder in our hearts what was revealed to us at the wedding feast,

may CFC Europe and its Family Ministries be enlightened that in living out our lives in obedience to Christ we bring the refreshing, life-giving wine of God’s care and love into someone’s life. We look forward to the next European Conference in 2014 when we will again be gathered to see His glory.

All roads led to Dublin, Ireland for the 213 Euro Mega conference, clockwise from top left: one in worship with Joe Yamamoto and Honorary Consul Mark Christopher Congdon and his family; opening worship; CFC UK at the annual food festival.

By Cyndy Reavey More than 960 CFC brethren, youth and children from the 16 countries, namely Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, The Philippines, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA and Canada, came to gather at the Royal Dublin Society Hotel in Ireland last August 16 to 18, 2013 for the

CFC European Mega Conference. It was by God’s design that the readings on the first day of the conference reflected that particular gathering. The first reading (Joshua 24:1-13) described that like the tribes of Israel, CFC gathered from all over Europe as well from the Philippines, USA and Canada, and presented ourselves before God. The Psalm response echoed our heart’s

proclamation to our Groom (Psalm 135). And the Lord reaffirmed his love for us, his bride, his church, by his words in the day’s gospel from Matthew 19:3-12. The 3-day wedding feast was filled with games, fun and excitement as each country joyfully competed for the best “titles”. Each family ministry was spiritually filled with God’s word as CFC elders gave the talks at the breakout

CFC Australia Turns 25

By Josie Pangilinan

25 to forever! This was the battle cry of CFC Australia as they celebrated the community’s journey to silver. For 4 weekends of August, CFC Australia rejoiced and expressed their gratitude via four spirit-filled events. Last August 11, Sunday, CFC Sydney joined City2Surf, a huge 14-km marathon in order to raise money for CFC ANCOP. August 17, Saturday saw members of CFC and the Family Ministries at the Sports Fest in Blacktown. August 24 marked the most-awaited staging of Teen Saint Pedro, The Musicale at the Marconi Club in Bossley Park, the first off-shore show where the company performed to a jampacked auditorium. A week later, TSP, The Musicale went to Melbourne. The culmination of the celebrations was on August 25 where CFC Australia and the FamilyMinistries gathered at the Marconi Club for the Eucharistic celebration, fun contests, games, and performances. Over all, the four weeks of celebration was a fitting thanksgiving for using our community

as God’s instrument in this part of the world. Joe Tale’s messages were an encouragement to empower the youth to the works of evangelization and missions as symbolised by the life of St. Pedro Calungsod. He also reminded everyone to hold on tight to their covenant to work on personal holiness in order to truly renew the face of the earth.

sessions. Leaders from the CFC International Council in the Philippines, namely Ricky Cuenca, Manny and Ditas Garcia, the outgoing European Overseer Joe and Mila Yamamoto, and International HOLD Coordinator Didi Galsim, were among those who graced the gathering. Not only those present received God’s grace, but also those whom Jesus loves so much―the underprivileged

Bangkok Bishop Welcomes CFC Elders

His Eminence Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovitvanond, Archbishop of Bangkok (center), received some elders of the new National Council of CFC Thailand, in an audience led by Fr. John Tamayo, SDB, national spiritual director (4th from right), and Edgar Dante, country head and national director (5th from left), at

Teen Saint Pedro, the Musicale Goes to Sydney, Melbourne

Captions: Philippine Ambassador Belen Anota and Consul Marford Angeles with event organisers; (inset) Makisig Morales with cast of the musical (photos courtesy of Nards Purisima)

It was already midday of 21 August and all of us here in Sydney were waiting for word from Manila. That day, 21 members of the 29 AD Musicionaries were supposed to fly in to Sydney for Teen Saint Pedro, The Musicale. The night before, the Manila International Airport Authority had put all flights on hold as all roads leading to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) were flooded due to heavy rains brought by tropical storm “Maring”. There were countless other setbacks but by God’s grace, all 46 musicionaries all boarded their original flights and made it to Sydney. God’s Hand In February, Lori Estera, a Council member of CFC Australia had a vision of bringing TSP, The Musicale to Sydney in time for CFC’s 25th Anniversary. “We want to celebrate the blessing of another Filipino saint, and one whom particularly the youth can emulate, ” Estera said. St. Pedro Calungsod was only 18 years old when he was martyred in 1872 after he joined the Jesuit missionaries led by Padre Diego de San Vittores to propagate Catholicism in Guam. When opposition from the Chamorro tribes escalated, the teen Pedro had the chance to flee but chose to stay. The words later on attributed to the young Saint goes, “No martyr ever dies in vain.” Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle com-

missioned 29 AD, composed of CFC members, to encapsulate the young saint’s love for God. In less than two months the production was able to stage its debut performance, a month before the Saint’s canonization in October last year. However, the task of bringing the production to Australia seemed like a mammoth task for CFC, especially applying for visas. Members of the 29 AD were not professional entertainers. At the same time, applying for tourist visas had stringent requirements as well. Yet all of the 46 cast and crew applications were approved without difficulty. Budget was also crucial since the musical was not meant for profit but for a mission. God’s hand truly was at work! New Evangelization The staging of TSP, The Musicale in Sydney & Melbourne is CFC’s way of responding to the Church’s call of New Evangelization, to spread the Faith using secular avenues. Thus it was affirming how the Lord provided for cheap flights, how local CFC members opened their homes to provide free accommodations (the blessing of being in a global community), how local talents abound from Kids for Christ, Youth for Christ, Singles for Christ, and how local CFC members sacrificed their time, talent and resources to build the stage props and costumes. TSP the Musicale is truly CFC’s way of thanking God for using the community as His instrument in this part of the world.

the Bangkok Archdiocese Mission House last August 30, 2013. The Archbishop exhorted the CFC leaders to continue their good work, not only among Filipino and expat communities in Bangkok, but especially in the up-country missions in various regions of Thailand.

CFC Europe Walks with the World Couples for Christ Europe celebrated the ANCOP Global Walk last August 25, 2013 in solidarity with the global CFC community. As a strong indication that the CFC mission of Building the Church of the Poor is very much alive in Europe, simultaneous walks were held in the following countries/ cities: Vienna, Austria This year, many people joined the walk as the Filipino chaplaincy endorsed and supported the walk for scholars. All the four priests joined this year’s AGW, which culminated in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist! Everyone looks forward to next year’s walk, which promises to be an even bigger one!

By Cynthia Purisima Argana

CFC Ireland hosts EuroCon, clockwise from top left: CFC Ireland leaders pose with CFC Chairman Ricky Cuenca; the Yamamotos, Garcias and Sescons with Honorary Consul Mark Christopher Congdon; host country CFC Ireland welcomes all delegates.

Belgium (Brussels) CFC Belgium’s first ANCOP Global walk was held at the majestic Parc du Cinquantenaire. Aside from CFC and the Family Ministries and their work colleagues, representatives from the Philippine Embassy and various organizations like Las Damas De Rizal, Coalition of Filipino Association in Belgium and Ugnayang Pilipino sa Belgium also joined the AGW. The walk started with a prayer led by Romeo Medina, CFC Belgium ANCOP Coordinator, followed by the welcome and thank you message from Cesar Ambrocio, CFC Belgium Country Head. After the walk, CFC sponsored a Mass at the St. Remi Molenbeek Church. Ireland (Belfast) CFC Northern Ireland brethren from Belfast walked the extra mile by going all the way to the Knock Shrine in Mayo and held their walk on the Holy Ground! This AGW site was a pilgrimage site for CFC Europe after the Mega Conference.Brethren from CFC Dublin, will hold the Walk on September 28, 2013. Understandably, they needed more time to organize after coming from the Megacon hosting.

Italy (Bassano del Grappa)

Around 150 walkers from Como, Milan, Padova, Vicenza and host Bassano del Grappa gathered in this historic northern city to join the ANCOP Global Walk. The participants were accompanied three priests―Fr. Mauro Lazzarato (Director of Migrants in Vicenza, based in Scalabrini Missionary), Fr. Paulino Bumanglag of the Filipino Chaplaincy in Vicenza and Fr. Sonny, a visiting priest from Rome. Walkers carried placards with the inscription, “Cammina per poveri!” (Walk for the poor!). This first CFC Italy ANCOP walk signals the start of a beautiful tradition of walking for the poor that has the potential to become even bigger considering that CFC Italy has strong presence in fifteen cities/ provinces.

Nations in front of the United Nations Office. The evening before, brethren prayed for fair weather even as they agreed that the AGW would proceed, rain or shine. True enough, the Lord made sure the Swiss AGW would be bright and sunny. While in Place des Nations, the walkers posed for picture before the “Broken Chair” and proceeded back to the Parc du Pommier for the celebration of the Holy Mass and community lunch. The Netherlands (Amsterdam) United with the global family of Couples for Christ, CFC Netherlands joined the ANCOP Global Walk that happened around the world.Together with Joe and Mila Yamamoto, and Boy and Angging Sescon, the entire CFC Netherlands family purposely walked around Stadspark Osdorp in Amsterdam with the welfare of our needy brethren in the Philippines in mind and heart. Every step taken duringthis walk was a leap towards giving an ANCOP Scholar a brighter future. United Kingdom (Five regions)

Switzerland (Geneva)

CFC Switzerland brethren walked twice longer in their second ANCOP Global Walk. Around 170 walkers gathered in Parc du Pommier in Geneva and marched towards Place des

CFC UK conducted simultaneous walks in five different regions, namely the Central, South, Yorkshire/Midlands/Isle of Man, Northeast and Scotland. The Filipino Channel (TFC) covered the London event and was aired on Sunday, September 1, 2013 thru its program Balitang Europe.

Ugnayan September 2013  

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