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CBCP Monitor


Vol. 17 No. 17

August 19 - September 1, 2013

The News Supplement of Couples for Christ

USA, Canada One In Cana Weekend The 2013 CFC North America Conference

CFC Chairman Ricky Cuenca sets USA & Canada on fire

By Malou Clarito & Gina Tingin Couples for Christ in the United States headed by Eric Villanueva, and in Canada led by Greg Parillas showed their solidarity and love through two, spirit-filled Cana Weekend conferences held in Vancouver, British Columbia and in Meadowlands, New Jersey last July 12-14 and July 26-28 respectively. The conference in Vancouver was attended mostly by CFC brethren from West Coast USA and Canada. The Kids Village was held simultaneous with the CFC conference at the Hyatt Hotel where close to 1,500 attended.  In New Jersey, more than 1,200 brothers and sisters from East Coast USA and Canada trooped to the Sheraton Hotel to worship, praise, be filled and inspired spiritually by the speakers and thru fellowship with one another. Friday night began with a Mass celebrated by Fr. Bill Halbing, a Diocesan priest who delivered a homily with sporadic, hilariously-spoken Tagalog words. The Mass was followed by a parade of each area’s banner and chant competition. On Saturday

night, the competition for duets was held. Each couple serenaded the audience with love songs from different era starting from the 1950s to the present, while wedding photos of CFC couples were shown one after another as backdrop. At the New Jersey conference, the song-writing contest proclaimed the 1st prize winners—Denice Badua of CFC Youth for Christ and Mission Volunteer Erin Gonzalez, both representing Ontario. Badua and Gonzales received an all-expense paid trip to the Philippines. Both conferences were blessed to have speakers from among our CFC Elders. George Campos, the newlyelected CFC Executive Director, and member of the International Council delivered Talk 1, The Wedding Feast. Bong Arjonillo, member of the Board of Elders (BOE) and Regional Head for the Greater Mekong Area gave Talk 2, Do Whatever He Tells You, while Mannix Ocampo, Family Ministries Director and Continent Overseer for Europe delivered Talk 3, Empty Jars, Filled To

The Brim. Eric delos Reyes, CFC Canada Country Coordinator and ANCOP Chairman gave the 4th session, From Water To Wine, Radical Transformation. The conference ended on Sunday with a powerful, vibrant Talk 5 entitled Witness! God’s Glory Revealed by CFC Chairman and International Missions Director, Ricky Cuenca.  All talks became more inspiring and life-giving because of the powerful sharings of brothers and sisters both from the USA and Canada namely: Levi/Ging Blaquera (Toronto); Cynthia Campos, wife of Jorge Campos (Manila); Carol Arjonillo, wife of Bong Arjonillo (Manila); Marivie Dalman, wife of Nonoy Dalman, BOE and Continent Overseer for the Americas (North, Central, South); Al Basilio (Toronto); Fr. Bart Ogomelu (Onitsha, Nigeria); Tito/ Brenda Segura (Georgia); Aileen Ocampo, wife of Mannix (Manila); Mars/ Sylvia dela Cuesta (North Carolina); Rene Punsalan, STMA Leader (Manila); Francis/Liz Almeida (Toronto); Sophiya Henson, ANCOP Child Scholar on video (Manila); Fr. Paul Lehman , who helped raise Hasan ANCOP Village in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija and Mary Grace Reprado, ANCOP Child Scholar on video (Manila). At the Eastern Conference in New Jersey, Fr. Thomas Donato, Auxiliary Bishop of New York, celebrated a solemn Holy Mass on the last day of the conference. To add to the festive mood, different awards were given to the areas. Toronto garnered three (3) awards namely: Biggest, Most Spirited and Most Organized Delegation.     Both the National Council members of USA and Canada came upstage to thank one another for a united and joyful conference. Truly, Couples for Christ is a community blessed by a strong army of God that will renew the face of the earth!

CFC Australia Joins The Sun Herald City2Surf for ANCOP

By Josie Pangilinan The second Sunday of August was a perfect day to walk, sprint, run, jog or stroll. And the streets of Sydney were lined with cheerers, frolickers, and bands playing music. That day, close to 85,000 participated in the annual Sun Herald City2Surf, a 14km run from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach. More than 750 charities raised funds for various causes in this year’s event, with ANCOP Australia being one of those charities. ANCOP Australia has been doing this for the last 9 years in its endeavour to help educate more than 400 poor but deserving students in 3 levels of education in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. As early as dawn, the CFC

service team had secured one of the best spots, set up the ANCOP banner for everyone to see, and organized the barbecue station where the runners were fed after the marathon. Members from CFC, YFC, SFC, and HOLD, plus ANCOP partners comprised the participants from the Australia community. The past AGW’s in Sydney has utilized cyber technology to raise awareness and funds for ANCOP scholars. Each registered participant has a hero page at the Sun Herald City2Surf website which they send as links to their prospective sponsors, friends and families anywhere in the world. Donations on-line continue until end of September and these all go to ANCOP

Australia’s Child Sponsorship Program. As of press time, around $14,000 has already been donated. Similar programs like the Chevron City2Surf in Perth will be utilized by CFC Western Australia on August 25, while ANCOP Canberra will be participating in the Canberra Times Fun Run. The Canberra Fun Run website is already congratulating ANCOP Canberra as the highest team fundraiser for their September 8 event where more than 38 have registered. CFC Australia’s participation in such national events is truly a manifestation of the celebration of life and embracing the spirit of generosity for the less fortunate.

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No giving up now

By Benjamin Franco

"You have a heart of a small elephant!", the St. John Ambulance volunteer said to me while pushing the wheelchair I was sitting on through the Medical area manned by doctors and nurses from Wollongong hospital. "Whoa! How did I get here?",I asked myself. I remember running the City2Surf with 85,000 other people only a few minutes before. There was no doubt as to 'why' I was running—it was to raise awareness and funds for ANCOP's Global Walk for a Scholar. After I had the chance to encounter our poor brethren in the Philippines when I co-led the ANCOP Great Adventure Tour this year, and going on mission to the Solomon Islands, "Answering the Cry of the Poor" took on greater meaning to the way I now live my life. I saw first-hand the fruits of the assistance that ANCOP gives to children via Education, and by God's grace the true hope that families receive when their child is awarded a scholarship. And so in this year’s City2Surf, I had a great purpose, a reason to slog it out over 14kms of hilly terrain. So I packed in my runner's belt, the necklace Couples For Christ in the Solomon Islands gave me while I was on Mission, and the Rosary Bracelet I was given while I was in the Philippines for GAT. I had the faces of the poor firmly in my heart every step of the two-hour ordeal. And with only 2 kilometers to go, and the surf of Bondi Beach in sight, I had no idea what was about to happen to me. A complete stranger had reacted to catch me as my right leg completely buckled beneath me. Cramps! The calves, hamstrings, and quads of both my legs started feeling as hard as cement, while the cramps violently and uncontrollably slowed my pace from a jog, to a walk. The agonizing pain was curling up my toes as I ground my teeth together around the final bend, with less than a hundred meters to go. "He needs to stretch! He needs to stretch!",

the 4 St. John Ambulance volunteers exclaimed to each other as I regained consciousness. With the pain of my leg cramps, my body had shut down from the pain and I had blacked-out and collapsed! Two more volunteers came with a stretcher, which I pushed away. I asked them to help me get up again as I could not move my legs. When I was standing, it felt like there were giant tennis balls made out of hard clay in my calves, and my quads were so stiff that I had to ask the ambulance volunteers to help me get over to the finish line. I had to finish, and with each of my arms around a volunteer, I told them, "I can't give up, I'm doing it for the poor in the Philippines, PNG, and the Solomon Islands! I have to cross the finish line 'standing'". And so we hobbled over to the finish line, the 2 medics and I. I had taken out of my runner's belt the necklace given to me by CFC in the Solomon Islands and was holding it up in the air shouting out aloud, "This is for the Solomon Islands! And the kids in the Philippines!" Finally I stumbled onto an awaiting wheelchair thanking God, and as I got wheeled away, the St John Ambulance volunteer told me: "You have a heart of a small elephant."



CBCP Monitor Vol. 17 No. 17

August 19 - September 1, 2013

‘The World Youth Day and How It Changed My Mission’ According to the press, the estimated crowd at Copacabana beach during the recent World Youth Day in Rio was at 3 million. Among the throng of young people singing, dancing, shouting their love for Christ and Pope Francis were delegates from both CFC Youth for Christ and CFC Singles for Christ from all parts of the world. We asked some of these young people about their WYD experience and how it has made an impact on their personal mission, and here’s what they have to say: Last year I sensed the Lord’s promise that this year, 2013, I would be able to witness something great. With joyful anticipation and excitement, I found myself preparing for the World Youth Day, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During those months of preparation, despite the difficulties and distractions, the Lord fueled me to push on. I started with a few reasons why I wanted to join the pilgrimage and in the process I was able to come up with clearer and purified intentions to go. I was used to attending large conferences and forums with fellow youth , but this time the feeling is something new and fresh. Before the pilgrimage, my hands were full with a lot of things, especially with my mission work in YFCIsabela and YFC-Luzon. But after the WYD experience my perception about my mission changed and was renewed. One of the intentions I had written down was to be able to profess my Catholic faith together with other young people of the different nationalities present in the WYD. Through this, I was affirmed how conservative Filipinos are in professing the faith compared to other countries, and that challenged me to express my being Catholic out loud through words and actions. If others can, why we can’t do the same? It is really difficult to do something if many are doing the opposite, but again the message of the Lord was clear, that we have to continue going and pushing against the flow of the world, to obey even if the result seems unnoticeable at times. The Lord reminded me once more through this pilgrimage to open myself to what is difficult and uncomfortable for me, because He will continue to send me to areas that need healing, forgiveness and love. And I will never forget the almost 4 million pilgrims who knelt before God during the World Youth Day. Again, I was affirmed of a vision 10 years ago through CFCYouth for Christ, that people from all nations will kneel down before our Great God. Mabelle D. Dimayuga YFC Missionary I used to think that English was the universal language, but being in Rio de Janeiro for the World Youth Day, I found out that despite the language barrier, the true universal language is the language of love and compassion. During our entire stay in Brazil, the family who hosted us did not speak English, but all they knew was that they were to take care of us like family. One time, while we were eating at a small diner, the TV showed the Pope’s arrival at the airport. At that moment, everybody just stopped eating and fell silent, staring at the television. Then young people who were standing outside began chanting, “Somos a juventude do Papa! (We are the Pope’s youth!)”, the entire place cheered. That was my only “encounter” with Pope Francis. Some of our companions were able to see him, except me. Not that I didn’t want to see Pope Francis. But somehow, on

the third day of the event, I realized that the Christ who was within Pope Francis was the same Christ within the people around me. When people ask me if I saw the Pope, I would always reply, “No I did not, but I experienced Christ through the other young people around me.” As the Pope reminded us about the theme for WYD—“Go and make disciples of all nations—he exhorted us to Go! Do not be afraid! Serve! And then we were asked, “Where is your mission area?” And I was reminded of the mission of YFC: Young people being and bringing Christ wherever we are. My mission area is anywhere I am being sent, every person I am with. After the WYD, together with other delegates, we went up to Corcovado, and in front of the image of Cristo Redentor, I proposed to my girlfriend. And now, as God prepares us for this new chapter in our lives, “Go, do not be afraid, serve!” takes me back to the CFC vision of “Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth”. Somehow I see myself participating more in the fulfillment of the community’s vision and mission. Raymond Ibarrientos YFC Missionary During our preparations for the World Youth Day, I thought that I have made ready my heart and mind. However, I arrived in Brazil realizing that in fact, I was empty. Empty but at the same time rich, although I felt I haven’t found my purpose in life, I know I am also blessed with God’s overflowing grace. However, I found it funny how I went to the WYD with a purpose but I came back to the Philippines trying to search for it. I actually felt sad when it suddenly dawned on me that I do not know what God wanted me to do next. Imagine, I attended this great gathering of the youth from all over the world with the presence of the Pope and yet, I did not receive any message from the Lord. I thought it was impossible to have felt Christ and not hear His voice! Or worse, maybe I was just not paying attention! It took a hard core experience to bring me to a realization. I was walking on the street with the other pilgrims when I, together with another Brazilian friend, did not notice the green signal on the traffic light as we were walking at the middle of the road. All I saw that time were the lights coming from the cars approaching real fast towards our direction. When my friend screamed, “Run!”, I ran towards the opposite direction then ran back to where my friend went. Thank God we weren’t hurt, but a man who saw us in that situation became quite angry and he shouted, “Pay attention! Pay attention!” Maybe he was right. All the while I was resenting not hearing God’s message for me but what I did not realize was that I may not have been paying enough attention whenever He speaks. Maybe that’s why the message did not get through. Looking back at the Pope’s message, I now realized where the Lord wants me & what He wants me to do. I will bring the young people closer to Jesus. I will continue my mission but I will not do it alone. I have God. I have the Church. And I have my brothers and sisters from all nations who will bring forth Christ’s love to every person.

A Wedding Feast In The Desert

CFC brothers and sisters from the Middle East gathered for the CANA Weekend last August 9, 2013. Around 650 participants braved the intense heat inside the venue when the air conditioning shut down due to low power supply as the electricity grid was overloaded due to the National Holiday celebrations. The first session was stopped temporarily as everyone prayed the Rosary and asked the intercession of the Blessed Mother. But the session continued on while our brethren endured the heat, as one CFC brother shared about his passionate love for his wife, in sickness or in health, for better or for worse. God answered everyone’s

prayer and air conditioning came back on in time for the 2nd session delivered by Ramuel Gracia, on Prayer, Mission, and Obedience, "Do whatever He tells you." The conference was back on track as everyone listened intently to the talk and the effective witnessing from a couple who travelled 15 hours by land to share a bit of their life's experience of God's faithfulness. Jerry Tanigue continued the story of the wedding feast in Cana in Talk 3 Empty Jars, Filled to the Brim. He expounded on how God was able to use the empty jars precisely because of their emptiness. The priest presider for the Holy Mass deliv-

ered Talk 4 as part of his homily. He also led the Renewal of Marriage Vows just before giving the final blessing. Ricky Cuenca, Chairman of Couples for Christ, then came up on stage with his usual "on fire" attitude, giving Talk 5 with so much passion and energy. His very inspiring news about New Evangelization efforts in China, India, and Mongolia inspired those present as he challenged the 3,800 strong community to double in number by the end of the year. The wedding feast ended with a powerful praise fest as everyone sang praises and gave back the glory to God for having filled everyone with “good wine” in abundance.

Genevieve Justine L. Rubio Youth for Christ During the WYD 2011 in Madrid, I was on my knees, bowing to God and just telling Him, "Bring it on, Lord, whatever Your will is for my life." Two years have passed, and I saw myself out of CFC fulltime work and working for a Media outfit that serves God. Then God brought me again to another WYD in Rio de Janeiro. The theme of making disciples of all nations struck me because I arrived in Brazil and instantly felt at home. God had pampered and comforted me through the people I was with, through my hosts and through the friends I made. It was a different experience of comfort, clearly hearing God's word saying, "I will take care of you, so do not be afraid." Upon hearing this, I came to realize that our mission knows no borders. Wherever God is taking

you, there is always an opportunity for mission, an opportunity to introduce the community and introduce Christ. I witnesses how a Brazilian brother was in tears with joy and excitement after I show him a video of our CFC community, telling me, "Sky, CFC should open in Brazil. Come back and do the program here." Those words did not only feel good, but it also brought joy and excitement in my heart. Knowing that wherever I am now, I am still and will always be a missionary. April Frances Ortigas Singles for Christ

Let’s Talk About Love

Love—overly discussed yet faintly understood. Determining the line between real love and its cheap imitation has become a problem for many people today, especially the youth. REAL LOVE REVOLUTION is a prolife and chastity conference that aims

to open the audience’s minds about love and relationships, sexuality, and the Theology of the Body. It features Jason and Crystalina Evert, a globally renowned couple who have been conducting talks on these topics. The event is organized by CATALYST, a student organi-

zation in the University of Asia and the Pacific, for the past 3 years. Real Love Revolution is co-presented by Couples for Christ (CFC). Last year, over 8,000 people from different backgrounds attended the event at the Philippine International Convention Center (Pasay City). Jason Evert is famous for his chastity seminar called Romance without Regret. He has also been holding talks with over one million people as his audience. To add to this, he is also the best-selling author of certain books such as Theology of the Body for Teens and Pure Love and Pure Manhood. He has a master’s degree in Theology and undergraduate degrees in Counseling and Theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Crystalina Evert, on the other hand, is the founder of Women Made New and has penned three books, namely: Pure Womanhood, How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul, and Theology of the Body for Teens. This year’s REAL LOVE REVOLUTION will be on September 7, 2012 at the Philippine International Convention Center (Pasay City). It will be from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Tickets are available via Reggie Cajulis (CFC): 09228128592; Babes Jadulco (SFC): 0922-8257396; Reg Luy (YFC): 0917-3119633.


CBCP Monitor Vol. 17 No. 17

August 19 - September 1, 2013

Canada Senator Vows to Back ANCOP


DLS-CSB Grants New Sponsorship To CFC ANCOP For SY 2014-15

By Efren Tompong

CFC Chairman and BCOP Director Ricardo Cuenca signed the Memorandum of Agreement with De La SalleCollege of St. Benilde (DLSCSB) on the grant of fifteen (15) additional scholarships for CFC ANCOP sponsored children for school year 201415 in a simple ceremony last August 2, 2013 at the Amphitheater, SDA Building,

courses at DLS-CSB. The scholarship is open for all graduating 4th year High School students in 2014, with a weighted average of 83% and above from first to third year high school. Family income of the applicant should not exceed Php 200,000 annually. The applicant must also pass the qualifying examinations to be administered by DLS-CSB

travel to and from the school and the limited allowance for transport and food, Jobet managed to land in the Dean’s List during his 2nd trimester at school. Another poor student, Aileen Rivera, shared she eats siomai and rice daily at school since she only has Php 20.00 allowance for lunch. Amidst these difficulties, the 21 stu-

L-R: Ricky Cuenca, Chairman; Couples for Christ; Sen. Tobias, Jr. and Mrs. Rosemer Enverga; Erico de Los Reyes, President, CFC ANCOP-Tekton Foundation Inc.; Temi Pangilinan, President, ANCOP International Canada Inc.; and Greg Parillas, National Director, Couples for Christ Canada.

In a recent meeting, Sen. Tobias Enverga, Jr. of Ontario, Canada and his wife Rosemer assured ANCOP Canada and Couples for Christ that they would continue to vigorously support the projects and objectives of the Canadian-registered charity ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor), and the latter’s annual fundraiser ANCOP Walk, to be held in major cities in the country on August 25, 2013.

According to Temi Pangilinan, ANCOP Canada Chairman and President, the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF), which was founded by Sen. Enverga, has so far deposited with ANCOP Canada a total of $18,500 since last year to fund an undertaking to build 20 houses for the poor in an ANCOP village site in Paranaque City, Philippines. So far, the amount donated by the PCCF

represents a cost for six houses at $3,000 per unit. Sen. Enverga said ANCOP continues to be his favorite charity. In the past, Sen. Enverga had spearheaded several fundraisers for ANCOP homes for the poor through the community organizations he headed, among others, the Lucena City Association of Ontario and the PIDC.

ANCOP Education Program Conducts MidYear Planning Workshop

ANCOP Education Program Head Ethel Balenton and BCOP Director Ricky Cuenca signs the MOA with DLS-CSB; Sofia Caccam of DLS-CSB welcomes partnership with ANCOP.

Manila Campus. Calling CFC ANCOP Foundation a “lifetime partner”, Sofia Caccam, Head of Student Grants’ Office hopes to build up the number of poor students studying with DLSCSB with the help of government and non-government institutions. The scholarship granted to CFC ANCOP was under the Benildean Hope Grant, a program that sends poor students under the care of NGO’s to obtain degree

starting October until December 2013. High School graduates may be considered provided they have not enrolled in any college course. There are now 21 ANCOP scholars studying at DLS-CSB. The weighted average of the first 6 students that enrolled in school year 2012-13 was 2.7 or equivalent to 88%. The scholars belong to poor families including Jobet Daco, whose parents sell banana cue for a living in Tala, Caloocan City. Despite the rigors of daily

dents strive hard to fulfill their dreams of quality education in one of the prominent schools in the country. Interested applicants to the DLS-CSB scholarship may apply in person at the CFC ANCOP office, 29 Evergreen Drive, Capitol Green Subdivision, Tandang Sora, Quezon City. For details, call 9395374 or Ethel Balenton at 09285076341, or Efren Tompong at 09998818523/09328487798.

Ambassador Gatan Pledges Support for ANCOP By Malu Kabamalan A mid-year planning workshop on the ANCOP Education Program was facilitated by Thelma Hizon last August 12-13, 2013 at the Astoria Plaza Hotel in Pasig City. Aside from the Education Program Director, Ethel Balenton and Operations Director, Rizal Ting, the activity was attended by a total of 16 participants from the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP), Cornerstone, CSP Program Im-

plementing Teams (PITs) from Metro Manila, ANCOP Training Director Lina David, HOLD International Core member, Emy Marasigan & full time pastoral workers from KFC, YFC and SFC. The workshop included several activities to better understand one another for a more effective working relationship. Output of the activity is the formulation of the Vision & Mission for AN-

COP Education Program, and the identification of required critical tasks to streamline CSP & Cornerstone operations towards a more efficient and effective delivery of services to its target poor and marginalized children and youth. The group further agreed to hold another session in the near future to fine-tune the details of the plan of action and strategies.

Prayers, Fasting for Ancop Global Walk 2013

Ambassador Leslie Gatan (center) flanked by CFC Canada leaders

By Enrico Tingin ANCOP Canada President Temi Pangilinan recently paid a courtesy visit to Philippine Ambassador to Canada Leslie B. Gatan at his official residence in Ottawa. The Ambassador warmly received the group, which included Philip Tang, CFC Chapter Head – Ottawa, and Rico and Gina Tingin, CFC Provincial Leaders – Ottawa. The supposed 30-minute appointment turned into almost 2 hours of lively exchange. Pangilinan presented ANCOP and the many projects and initiatives that CFC Canada

is doing for the poorest of the poor. Ambassador Gatan was very impressed with the workfor-the-poor model in ANCOP, as he did not only listen and ask questions during the open exchange of ideas, but also expressed interest to personally participate as a donor. When briefed about the ANCOP Education Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) for seminarians, he mentioned about his youth when, as a young seminarian, he was likewise sponsored by a generous benefactor. Unfortunately, the sponsorship ended abruptly, hence, he was

not able to pursue his dream of becoming a priest. It was then that he decided that he preferred to sponsor one of the seminarians in the CSP to ensure that at least one of them will not experience the same fate. This sponsorship is on top of his desire to donate for a house under the Shelter Program in one of the ongoing community projects. Although he mentioned that as a government official representing the Philippines in Canada, he is not allowed to endorse a charity organization, he committed to help and support ANCOP in his personal capacity.

The News Supplement of Couples for Christ

The countdown towards ANCOP Global Walk 2013 is in its final stretch. In last year’s AGW, the Lord performed a miracle when He calmed the storm that caused the flooding along Roxas Blvd. last year, and allowed almost 80,000 participants from Metro Manila to walk the stretch from the Quirino Grandstand to the Cultural Center of the Philippines and back for AGW 2012. The provinces and the other countries likewise enjoyed a perfect AGW weather, allowing the CFC members, their families, and their friends to walk for our scholars in their respective areas. This year, the community looks forward again to another miracle from the Lord. Aside from optimum weather conditions, everyone is also en-

couraged to intercede for more walkers to embrace CFC’s mission of building the Church of the Poor via CFC ANCOP. BCOP Chairman Ricky Cuenca reminds the community that the victory of any CFC event lies both in the best preparations and through each other’s intercession. And as God prepares the blessings He will pour out for the ANCOP Global Walk, each one is encouraged to offer prayers and to fast for God’s victory to be manifest for the ANCOP Global Walk 2013—pray the Rosary daily, include the ANCOP Global Walk in daily Mass intentions, and to fast, for the same intention.

George B. Campos IC Oversight Samantha C. Manuel Editor-in-Chief Deomar P. Oliveria Layout Artist

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The Ugnayan News Supplement is published by the Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc., with editorial offices at 156 20th Avenue, 1109 Cubao, Quezon City. Editorial trunk line: (+63 2) 709-4868 local 23 Direct line : (+63 2) 709-4856 @CFChrist

CBCP Monitor



Vol. 17 No. 17

August 19 - September 1, 2013

CFC Leaders Meet With Philadelphia Archbishop

(L-R) Danny Meneses CFC PA, Alex Algarme, Area Head, CFC PA, Roger B. Santos, CFC USA National Council member & ANCOPUSA Exec-Director, Archbishop Chaput, Sonny Aguiling, CFC USA Liaison, Catholic Church Relations Office and Steven Bozza, Director, Office for Life, Family & Laity of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

By Sonny Aguiling Couples for Christ (CFC) leaders met recently with His Excellency Charles Joseph Chaput, O.F.M., the ninth and current Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The meeting took place at the Office of the Archbishop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. CFC was represented in the meeting by Roger B. Santos, CFC USA National Council member & ANCOP USA Executive Director; Sonny Aguiling, CFC USA Liaison, Catholic Church Relations Of-

fice (CCRO); Alex Algarme, Area Head, CFC Pennsylvania; and Danny Meneses of CFC Pennsylvania. Roger Santos and Sonny Aguiling presented a brief history and overview of CFC. The Archbishop, after going through the Vatican recognition of CFC and other recognitions made by other church authorities in the USA, positively responded, welcoming CFC and its ministries in the various parishes of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Prior

to his assignment in Philadelphia, the Archbishop recalls that he wrote a recognition letter for CFC while he was the Archbishop of Denver, CO (1997 - 2011). Archbishop Chabut inquired about CFC’s presence in PA and was very pleased to hear the reports from Alex Algarme and Danny Meneses as they shared how the community is growing in PA and elaborated on the parishes where CFC is present. Roger Santos, expressed to Archbishop Chaput that CFC, upon recommendation of Cardinal Dolan of New York, that CFCUSA would like to help and be involved in the preparation for Pope Francis’ visit to the US as he attends the World Meeting of Families which will take place in Philadelphia on September 22-27, 2015. The meeting ended with Archishop Chaput giving a blessing to the CFC leaders and the assurance that His Excellency will support the community’s desire to get involved in the various activities of the Archdiocese and its parishes. As a follow up activity, Steve Bozza, Director, Office for Life, Family & Laity of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, will begin including CFC and its ministries in the official website of the Archdiocese. In parting, the Cardinal told the CFC group they were always welcome to visit and work together with his office and his staff.

CFC Northern Samar Celebrates 21st Anniversary

By Bro. Dennis Dalucapas The anniversary fever ran very high at the Catarman Municipal Auditorium for CFC Northern Samar during the celebration of its 21st Anniversary last August 3, 2013. To celebrate its 21 blessed years, the CFC in the province took its global theme “Obey and Witness”. Together with its family ministries, the CFC leaders and members manifested their involvement as they gathered at the Catarman municipal Auditorium on August 3, 2013. The one-day affair started with the celebration of the holy Mass with Fr.

Fred Placa and Fr. Jonathan Loverita as priest presiders. It was followed by a colorful parade around the town. After which, brethren from Catarman and neighboring barangays, shared packed meals—each one displaying a one-of-a-kind act of generosity that is only found in CFC. The “share-a-meal” lunch added to the expression of the theme “Obey and Witness” as each of the more than a thousand members who graced the affair witnessed and “ate and had enough” (Matthew. 14:20). Eight clusters and five ministries took

turns in showcasing their talents, entertaining everyone through their singing, dancing and acting. Adding color to the occasion was the Rafflipay (a play on the words raffle and kalipay, a Visayan term which means joy.) The Provincial Area Head Ricky Rico and his wife Elvie likewise graced the occasion. Ricky was so enthusiastic in his anniversary message, emphasizing that like a man at 21, CFC in Northern Samar should truly embrace the seriousness of its evangelistic work for the fulfillment of its vision and mission. He added, “When you look back to where and when CFC started is this part of the country, you are showing gratitude to the men and women behind your joining the community.” Although the most anticipated event of 2013 started on a stormy morning, this did not hinder the joyful expectation of a glorious day for everyone. And true enough, the celebration ended victoriously for the Lord as the full-packed auditorium loudly echoed with songs of worship and praise for the Lord Jesus Christ, who set everything in its proper place and His perfect timing.

Bringing Cana to Cambodia

First MEP in Milpitas City: Answering the Call for New Evangelization By Fred Eron St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish is one of the many parishes in the city of Milpitas found in the world famous Silicon Valley, the leading hub for high-tech innovation and development in the United States. Bounded by Fremont City on the north and San Jose City on the south, this parish has a long and glorious history. It is the first Roman Catholic Church in Milpitas established as a mission in 1866, which eventually became a parish in 1877. Today, the St. John’s complex includes a K-8 school, rectory, church, imperio, Catholic education office, a bell tower and a social hall. St. John’s owns and maintains the St. John the Baptist Cemetery (established in 1898) on Piedmont Road. This historic parish has a Filipino as its Pastor in the person of Fr. Ritche Bueza. In 1992 seven couples completed the 1st Christian Life Program in Northern California in the same parish. From Milpitas City, CFC spread out to the other neighboring cities. At present the CFC community in Northern California has a membership of over a thousand couples, serving other parishes together with the other CFC Family Ministries. Last August 3, 2013, upon the invitation of Fr. Ritche, CFC conducted the first Marriage Enrichment Program for non-CFC members. This program was for the benefit of local parishioners who are married, as well as engaged couples. Fourteen couples attended the whole day seminar at the St. John the Baptist Parish hall. The city mayor of Milpitas, Joe Esteves, together with his

SFC North America Takes Over Vegas

By Mike Serapio

By Joel Dayao Couples for Christ (CFC) Cambodia held their CANA Weekend last August 2 and 3, 2013 at the St. Joseph Catholic Church, Phnom Penh, the capital and largest city in Cambodia along the Mekong River. The mission team was warmly welcomed by Fr. Charles Dittmeier, the spiritual adviser of CFC and Fr. Bob Wayne, who celebrated the Holy Eucharist and the Renewal of Marriage Vows. Fr. Christian Limbaring, a former Youth for Christ (YFC) from Iligan who is now a priest

serving in Vietnam also joined the group that served in Cambodia. A team from Manila headed by CFC Cambodia Country Coordinator Eric Bostre together with Mike and Cynthia Bukuhan (Provincial Area Head (PAH) Catanduanes) and Joel Dayao (PAH Capiz) were joined by a team from Vietnam headed by Francis Macatol and Eduardo and Agnes Ubaldo, who served as speakers and music ministry for the conference. To reach Phnom Penh, the

team had to take a six-hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, cross the border to Cambodia, and ride a ferry across the Mekong River. Forty members from CFC Cambodia who attended the conference were composed of young couples and singles. The conference has empowered and united the CFC community in Cambodia to strengthen their families and participate with renewed vigor and passion in the work of evangelization with the help of Jesus and Mama Mary.

wife Susan, came in the morning to lend their support. Both are active members of CFC. The first speakers, JJ & Pinky Francisco, spoke on The Christian Marriage based on the teachings on the Theology of the Body. Pidz & Joy Banasan explained the components of The Christian Home, based on the encyclical of Pope John Paul 2, Familiaris Consortio. In the 3rd talk, Communication in Marriage, Nonoy Dalman, Continent Overseer to the Americas, and wife Marivie expounded on the process of communication. Rolly and Nila Fajilan spoke on Strengthening of Marriages. Afterwards, the couples were led to a Healing and Commitment Ceremony. The seminar culminated with a celebration of the Holy Mass and Renewal of Vows by Fr Ritche. The weekend was victorious, thanks to the concerted efforts of NorCal Sector Head Ding and Joy de Guzman, together with Fred & Lolit Eron (Sector Treasurer) as well as the members of the CFC Milpitas Chapter led by its Chapter Head George & Rose Baltazar. Due to the clamor for a repeat of this program, the group has decided to conduct the next MEP before the Advent season. The MEP is the active response of CFC NorCal to the call of the Holy Father for new evangelization, for new ardor and new methods in propagating the good news of Jesus Christ. It is now preparing to launch the program to the rest of the parishes in the different cities in the Silicon Valley.

More than 600 delegates attended the 19th CFC Singles for Christ Conference in Las Vegas last August 9 and 10, 2013. What made it even special was the presence of SFC delegates from Canada. The conference was indeed an exciting gathering for SFC North America. The first session, Invitation, was given by Mike Serapio, CFC Full Time Pastoral Worker for USA.   The talk centered on celebration and preparation. Celebration mainly because it is the 20th year for Singles for Christ. Bro Mike exhorted the delegates to appreciate the 20years of SFC not so much because of the ministry’s own merits, but because of God’s presence and the stirrings of the Holy Spirit in SFC.  The talk also discussed the preparation aspect to set the tone of the conference, inviting the delegates to the big wedding feast. Just as how Jesus, Mary and the disciples were invited at the wedding at Cana, the Invitation required a willful response, our “Yes” to be present and our “Yes” to obedience. The introduction of new songs throughout the session made the worship extra special.   The second session, Empty, was given by SFC Canada’s National Coordinator John Acosta. His talk covered the 4 L’s where emptiness is often experienced by single people—lifestyle, leadership, livelihood and lovelife. The different “isms” (relativism, secularism, materialism) was also discussed in this talk especially how these are directly related to the redefinition of marriage, removal of values and most especially removal of GOD in the very life of the single person.  A major point during the session was the “appearance” of God (played by Kyle Belley, YFC full time worker) during a skit to John.  Upon John’s invitation, God was suddenly present on stage.  John, of course, needing proof, asked him if he can dance.  God obliged by busting out a few slick moves.  Satisfied, John asked God for more answers. Yet, God answered all of John’s questions with questions.  God patiently turns the tables and began to address issues

in John’s heart. By bringing him back to those moments in his life where he slid away from our Lord, God asked who or what else could fill him up fully, who or what else could remove the emptiness he had felt ultimately in those moments, who or what else could provide a permanent assurance of always being present. The third session titled Transformation was given by Christopher Metzger, a member of the SFC USA National Core Group. The session started with the powerful and touching Flip Card testimonials.  15 people went on the stage and showed their transformation stories through the flip cards. Chris. The session’s central point had been about Jesus changing water into wine, the transformation witnessed in that act by those who obeyed our Lord.  Obedience to Jesus precedes the transformation our Lord desires for all of us. Powerful transformation stories by sharers and a Praise Fest led by JC Tiglao, another member of the SFC USA National Core, concretized the talk.  The fourth session, Witness, was given by Shok Ariola, CFC Evangelization and Mission Planning Office Coordinator. He went on stage wearing hiphop attire and shouting “Represent!” which meant to witness by representing Christ. Gelo Saludo, SFC full time worker from Canada, capped the session with a very powerful praise fest.   Workshops were also conducted as part of the conference program to equip the delegates with tools on how to be effective witnesses: Nicene Creed led by Fr. Nadeem of Las Vegas; On Fire Missions by Mike Delanoche, an SFC USA National Core Group member; Theology of the Body by Dermott Wang; Mission Volunteers Program by Mike Serapio; and SFC Advocacies by Shok Ariola.  The SFC Couple Coordinators likewise had their own conference. The sessions being Strengthening the Homefront led by JC Tiglao; Bearing Much Fruit by Chris Kagahastian of the CFC USA National Core team and USA Family Ministries Head; and Fruits That Will Remain by Noel Delos Reyes,  SFC USA National Coordinator.  The CCC’s goal is to make the coordinators understand what their basic roles are and the importance of family relationships to the success of mission.   Indeed Las Vegas became a special place that weekend not just because of the brilliant radiating colors of the Vegas Strip, but because of the brilliance of God’s love radiated over the whole North America.   Through the worship, the conference sessions, the reflection moments, and the fellowship of the CFC SFC community, Las Vegas became a place where Godly things happen.

Ugnayan August 2013  

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