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“Who among here is a beloved child of God? We are all the beloved children of God. And as beloved children, we are also His beloved disciples.” This was how Fr. Allan Valero, the Vicar Rector of the Diocese of Imus, began his homily on Day 2 of the KFC IKV. “With this truth, I would like to invite all of you to reflect: If I believe I am a beloved child of God and a beloved disciple of Christ, do I have the qualities of a disciple?” Fr. Valero continued. What are the qualities of a beloved disciple? A beloved disciple: • Knows scripture (prays, reads, meditates on the word of God) – Although none of us has had an experience with the risen Christ, through the scriptures, we are able to experience Him. • Lives out the mission entrusted to him – A beloved disciple, like Jesus, is obedient to the will of the Father.

And so, each one is challenged to reflect on what kind of persons we are at home. We may pray, we may meditate, but do we live out God’s word? “Therefore, we should walk the talk and do our best to practice our faith, as well as the things that we learn from our CFC Kids for Christ ministry,” Fr. Valero addes. In addition, all the parents are encouraged to read and reflect on the word of God together and set a good example to their kids. (Diana Jean Delagon)

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Raising Boys To be able to raise boys well, parents must be the S – ource of first-hand information an O – rganizer of regular 1-to-1’s give a N – umber of good examples and S – how the way to God

-Bong Arjonillo, dad of 4 boys

Raising Girls

Aldy & Joy Katigbak shared insights on what to tell your kids when they begin asking about sex: She says: The kids should understand that sex = chastity. Why? Because as parents, we are co-creators with God, thus sex must be an act done within the context of marriage. He says: In teaching our children about sex, we should teach both in words and in actions. Words

Raising girls is not easy. One needs to be a FATHER: F – orgiving put your family under the A – rmor of God be a T – eacher & example a source of H – elp create E – verlasting memories for your girls be a source of R –espect

-Voltz Lizardo, dad of 5 girls


There should be ongoing dialogue

Show your children how you as spouses show proper affection towards each other

Use frank and fervent language (be clear, do not use green jokes)

Go on regular dates with each child

Be truly present in the conversation (give your child your full attention)

Have clear structure and guidance at home

Lead by example

CFC Kids for Christ 2020 Vision: 1 Million kids spreading God’s love to the world. Source: KFC IKV Couple Coordinators Forum

After the opening Kids Praise on Day 2 of the KFC IKV, the Junior Kids, Senior Kids and Couple Coordinators headed for their respective workshops inside the Dasmariñas National High School. Here are some of the highlights of the workshops: Loving My Classmate “God loves us, and He also wants us to share this love to others. By sharing these simple gifts, we get to spread God’s love. God wants us to show our classmates that God loves them as much as He loves us. As kids, we may not have money to share. But we have love to spread. ~Ate Dianne, workshop speaker I can show my love to my classmates by: “’Wag maging bully at maging blessing sa mga classmate ko. (…not being a bully, but to be a blessing to them.)” ~ Khatriz Gantz, KFC MM West CB “Maging matulungin. I-share ang treasure ko. (…being helpful, and to share my treasures with them.)” ~Jas Suven, KFC Cebu For the senior kids, this workshop helps kids to understand how they can love, appreciate and understand their classmate despite their differences. Speaker Ate Julie Anne Dungo said, “Kids, we must know how to accept each other and share our talents so that we can be an inspiration to each other.”

Knowing the Holy Family In this workshop, the kids learned the relevance of the Holy Family, and it’s being a model for their own families. How? Speakers Ate Jessica (SFC) and Tita Yen shared, “Jesus wants kids to be like Him, loving and respectful to our parents and siblings.” Man on the street: Who is the Holy Family? How can our family be like theirs? “Nanggaling si Papa Jesus sa mabait na pamilya. May nanay sya na mabait din ang pangalan ay si Mary. (Jesus came from a good and holy family. He also has a good and kind mother named Mary.)” ~Lance Ambrocio, KFC Bataan “Maging magalang sa magulang tulad ng paggalang ni Jesus sa parents ‘nya. (We should respect our parents like Jesus respected His parents.)” ~Evan Gomez, KFC Bataan

Understanding the Eucharist Fr. Rico Sonano of Society of Saint Paul, Pampanga explained to the kids the real meaning of the Eucharist. Let’s see what the kids say about the Eucharist: “Natutunan ko kung para saan ang Mass at ang importance nito. Gusto ko nang magamit ang lahat ng natutunan ko. (Now I appreciate the meaning of the Mass. I want to be able to remember everything I learned.)” ~John Corenzo, MM GMC “Hindi dapat makipagdaldalan sa Mass dahil nagsamba tayo para mapalapit kay God at hindi para mag-laro. (I learned that kids should not talk and play during the Mass. We came to worship and not to horse around.)” ~Jahbie Camontoy, MM West C

Altar at Home Speaker Kuya George Redillas, KFC Fulltime Worker for Davao, explained the importance of the Bible, and why we pray the Rosary. He also taught the kids how to recite it to honor Mama Mary. Patrick Eymard, KFC San Mateo, Rizal agrees, “We should always pray, thank Him every day kahit good or worst ang day mo.” Gianinna Carmen, KFC Iloilo adds, “Dito (sa altar) kami nag-pra-pray, nagpapasalamat kami dito. At ang Rosary, prayer kay Mama Mary. (We always pray in front of the altar. And isn’t the Rosary a prayer to Mama Mary?)”

Kids Love: To my beloved Mark Pilande shared to the kids how they can show love to God’s beloved, the poor. No matter how much they have, they can pool together their treasure and help another child who is in need. Kids made coin banks for another KFC who cannot afford to go to the IKV. Talk about molding KFC to be generous while they are still young! “Sobrang natuwa ako kasi ang cool lang kasi ng KFC! Tinuturuan na sila and mino-mold na para maging mapagbigay tulad ng activity na to. Ang cute lang tingnan kasi yung pagagawa nila is mula sa puso. Kasi masaya sila sa ginagawa nila at magiging masya yung friend nila. (I’m just impressed how KFC molds the young into becoming generous with this activity.) ~Kuya Mark, workshop facilitator It’s Cool To Be A Nun! One of the Senior Kids workshops is about knowing more about nuns. Sr. Ma. Darby Faye Loquillano, RVM gave a very meaningful sharing on what nuns do on their everyday life and convinced senior kids that being a nun is really cool. • • • • •

pray at least 4 times go to Mass daily reading the Bible personal prayer household chores such as cooking, cleaning the convent, etc.

And at times, when time permits Sr. Darby also • plays sports • teaches in their school, St. Mary’s Academy • visits prisoners • helps in distributing goods during calamities Bottomline: A nun’s life is never boring! It’s Cool to be a Priest Who is your superhero? Fr. Ian Impig from the Society of St. Paul, shares with the kids that Jesus is his superhero and as his superhero he desires to be like Him. He shared how from the simple desires to be like his hero Jesus has led to his calling to be a priest. His journey and experiences inside the seminary, as well as being a priest may not be easy, but it is not distressing either, for along the way one will meet inspiring people. Also, despite being away from one’s biological family, a priest is never alone. Serving God Through The Altar “Even kids can serve God by being an altar servant,” Kuya Ronnel delos Reyes began as he shared about the various duties of an altar boy and the meaning of the vestments the boys wear. He also specified what the implements the priest uses during the Mass are for. Yoyo Guerero, Metro Manila Big Central: “I am currently an altar server in our parish, and I really enjoy doing it.” Christian Valiente, Zambales: “I now understand what the things the priest use during Mass are for. I suppose I can also serve the Church by becoming an atar server.” Serving God Through Reading Bennie Sanchez from SFC oriented senior kid participants the basics of how to be “A Minister of the Word” (lector and commentator): • someone who loves the church and love the service of being a lector. • has good communication skills and has good oral interpretation so he/she can easily be understood by the listener, • prayerful and reads the Bible every day so he can have a strong prayer life At the end of the workshop, Sis Bennie conducts a one-to-one lector practicum to her participants. Serving My School “As students, kids must know how to behave during, before and after the class. We must not panic when there is a problem in school and ask the teacher what we should do. Because we are Kids for Christ, we must also remember to be honest in everything in school.” ~Ate She de Leon Love for the Poor Aljohn Hinola, Love for the Poor workshop speaker and a ROCK volunteer for Cavite encouraged children to give away some of their loved possessions for less fortunate children at Bahay Tuluyan ni Maria, a DSWD-accredited institution beside the main IKV avenue.

. E . R .A.


From an inward focus on one’s family, KFC moves the kids’ attention to the outward sharing of love—to friends and other people in need. The 2nd night continued with part 2 session titled My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Shifting into high gear for another great adventure, the play continues with JP encouraging the kids to make new friends and spread God’s love to whoever needs it. The challenge of being sensitive to the needs of others created an impact on our young participants. Highlighting different situations in their everyday lives, KFC puts thoughtfulness and care for others into the kid’s perspective. The session reminded us that our friends, neighbours, or strangers also need to experience the love of God.

A touching ending reveals the message and lesson of the story. For the first time, the kids experience the feeling of meeting Jesus and Mary. It was KFC’s reminder that the presence of both Mary and Jesus can be seen, felt, and experienced through anyone, but more so, through them. The moving story of love and friendship sums everything up in one word: CARE. To CARE means to: C – Connect with them KFC encourages the kids today to connect not only online but to reach out from person to person. Every child should be a living reminder to another that they are loved and cared for. A – Ask others to help them too KFC motivates the young generation to be a source of inspiration to others. Young girls and boys are encouraged to give opportunities for other kids to help out too. R – Remember them in your prayers The children are also reminded that prayer is very much a powerful tool in helping others. No matter what time of day, Kids for Christ are urged to pray at all times, keeping the needs of others in mind. E – Encourage them to join Kids for Christ and to know Jesus more Finally, the kids are reminded that the community is also a bigger family. Inviting others to join the community is a way for us to provide a home, and a second family for others to belong to. Kids for Christ leaves the children of today with a pressing challenge to respond to the need of other kids today. To be sensitive to others, to protect from danger, to show concern, and to serve. This is what it means to care for our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. (Dana Flores)

Seven Promises To God “Are you ready to make a promise to God?” was the first thing that the speaker, Kuya Dong Borja asked the kids upon going on stage. To promise means to assure someone that we will do as we have said. KFC encourages the children of today to make a promise like no other. Making a promise to God was the main message of the last session for the day. More than just a simple agreement, this promise is a decision that the beloved children of God are encouraged to make. And so the kids answer with a stand and a resounding “YES!” Dancing to the hip cheer of “Promise”, the kids yell out their seven promises to God.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

I will pray to God everyday. I will respect and obey my parents and elders. I will love my family, classmates, and friends. I will help at home and in school and my community I will study my lessons well I will share with those who are in need.

7. I will tell others about Jesus.

“When we make our promises, people around us feel the love of God.” Kids are further encouraged to fulfill their promises daily with love and joy, exhorting them to “be happy as you make your promises”. Though fulfilling promises will always be challenging, the session leaves a message of courage telling our young generation to “Never be afraid because you are called to be God’s light to your family and to the poor.” (Dana Flores) Editor-In-Chief Ate Alma Alvarez Writers Ate Shan Echon Ate Lala Turingan Ate Gatz Macaso Ate Camille Teran Ate Ena Gabog Ate Justin Reyes Ate Dana Flores Photographers Kuya Deo Oliveria

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IKV 2014 KidZine Day 2  

Workshops, sessions, and a whole lot of dancing and singing on Day 2 of the CFC Kids for Christ IKV!

IKV 2014 KidZine Day 2  

Workshops, sessions, and a whole lot of dancing and singing on Day 2 of the CFC Kids for Christ IKV!