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Volume 46 • Issue 4 Spring/Summer 2024


Youth Art Month Recap | 13

2024 K-12 Student Art Assessment & Virtual Exhibition Winners | 14

Florida NAEA Award Winners | 18

Arts in the Community: Spady Cultural Heritage Museum | 20

From the Field: Sticky Posts from the Desk of a Retired Art Teacher | 24 Summer Workshops | 28


President’s Reflection | 4 24 & 25 Board of Directors | 5 Calendar 2024 | 5

Board Consultant’s Report | 6 Division Updates | 8 2024 FAEA Award Nominations | 11

Nicole Bizjak

Rachel Fendler, PhD

Christy Garton

Heather Hagy

Dulcie Hause

Halina Kilburn

Lori Manning

Debra McGann, EdD

Kasey Power, PhD

Jennifer Wilkinson

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TOP 8 thoughts for emerging art teachers

President’s REFLECTION


I hope this finds you well and filled with the same enthusiasm and dedication that has characterized our vibrant community. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of education, I am reminded of the words of former U.S. President John Quincy Adams, who famously said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” Today, I call upon each of us to embrace our leadership potential and step forward to be seen.

In the spirit of this wisdom, I encourage us to give each other permission to reflect and claim a stake in shaping the direction of our beloved association. We are an inclusive community that thrives on the diverse perspectives and collective wisdom of our members. Your voices matter, and your contributions are invaluable in charting the course for our shared future.

At FAEA, we are guided by a steadfast commitment to growing members’ leadership skills. Whether you are an instructional leader, an organizational leader, or a classroom leader, your role is essential to the success of our association. We recognize the importance of supporting educators as they prioritize time, energy, and space to advance their own performance goals and better serve their learning and professional communities.

Moreover, we understand the importance of restorative self-care in sustaining the passion and dedication that drive our work. As such, we are committed to offering resources and opportunities to equip individuals in their pursuit of best practices while also nurturing their well-being.

As President of FAEA, I stand with you, ready to support your efforts, and amplify your voices. Together, let us continue to inspire one another, learn from each other, and strive for excellence in everything we do. Our collective strength lies in our unity. I am confident that, with your unwavering commitment and leadership, we will continue to shape a brighter future for education in our communities and beyond.

Thank you for your dedication, your passion, and commitment to excellence.

Together, we are STRONGER!


FAEA board of directors

PRESIDENT Latonya Hicks Pinellas County


Nancy Puri Polk County


Christy Garton Orange County


Heather Hagy St. Johns County


Stephanie Scannapieco Duval County


Ashley DeMaio St. Johns County


Jacquelene Lieberman Broward County


Laurie Hoppock, EdD Duval County


Debra McGann, EdD Orange County


Dulcie Hause Duval County


Natalie Potacco Pinellas County


Debra Barrett-Hayes Leon County


Claire Clum

Palm Beach County


Laura Hobby

Hillsborough County

24 & 25

2024 calendar

Summer Workshops

June 12-14

St. Petersburg, FL

FAEA Awards Nominations

Submissions Due May 31

Member Virtual Exhibition

Submissions Due August 18

2024 FAEA Annual Conference

October 17-20

St. Petersburg, FL

FAEA Conference Merchandise Now available

FAEA Membership Renewal Now Open

Ab ut FAEA


The mission of the Association is to promote art education in Florida through professional development, service, advancement of knowledge, and leadership.




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Board Consultant’s report

Government Relations/Advocacy


The Florida Art Education Association (FAEA), the Florida Music Education Association (FMEA), and the Florida School Music Association (FSMA) Advocacy Committees collaborated to develop an extensive Legislative platform. In addition, they developed strategies to review legislation and to work together to pass the Florida Seal of Fine Arts. Jeanne Reynolds, retired Performing Arts Supervisor from Pinellas County Public Schools, led the discussions and worked diligently with members of each of the Associations. FAEA thanks Jeanne for her dedication and leadership with this successful endeavor.

Throughout the session, FAEA followed the bill filings and tracked the progress of the bills. Currently, FAEA is working with the lobbyists and other associations as they review and provide additional information of bills that passed and have been or are in the process of bearing the Governor’s signature.

Florida Seal of Fine Arts Program

Great news from the 2024 session is that the Florida Seal of Fine Arts Bill passed through all legislative committees and the full House and Senate by unanimous votes. The bill was signed by Governor DeSantis and will take effect on July 1, 2024. This success represents the past four years of effort of the Advocacy Committees, CFAE staff, and members.

In an effort for a smooth roll out of the Seal, a group of Fine Arts educators from throughout the state are working on a recommendation plan for schools and school districts to implement the Seal.

At this point, we need FAEA members to write a letter to their legislator to thank them for their support of the bill. In addition, a special thanks should go to the sponsors and co-sponsors for filing the bill including the following:

 Senate Bill 694 Sponsor Perry; Co-Sponsors: Rouson, Burgess, Stewart, Torres

 House Bill 523 Sponsors Canady and Black;

Co-Sponsors: Amesty, Arrington, Baker, Bankson, Basabe, Bell, Daniels, Eskamani, Esposito, Franklin, Garcia, Gossett-Seidman, Harris, Hart, Plakon, Plasencia, Smith, Valdés, Woodson.

Advocacy work is never complete. Rather, it is an on-going effort at the local, state, and national level. The schools and school districts are in the process of developing and implementing their 2024-2025 budgets. Please be sure to advocate for your program and the needs of the students for each of your programs to ensure a high-quality visual arts education. Develop a plan to request the program needs, including specific supplies and equipment, for the 2024-2025 school year, and submit it before the end of the 2023-24 school year.

Keep up the incredible work that you do each and every day for your students and your school programs. Have a productive and prosperous end of the year.



The Art of Education University


Florida School of the Arts

Gelli Arts

Rollins Museum of Art

Royal & Langnickel Brush

Sam Flax Orlando


Division Updates

Elementary School Division Director

Stephanie Scannapieco

Seabreeze Elementary

Duval County

Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie Scannapieco, your new Elementary Division Director. I’d love to start out by thanking you for voting for me. It’s an honor to be serving you in this capacity. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to represent you as the elementary representative and my door is always open. Something I will be working on during my time on the board is growing our social media influence. If you don’t already follow FAEA on social media, please connect with us.

I don’t know about you, but throughout the school year, I often find that I’m so focused on my students’ work that I forget about my own. As this school year ends, I’m reminded of a quote from Pablo Picasso, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” My goal this summer is to wash away the dust on my soul and dive into some art of my own. I encourage you to take time for your own art. Do something that inspires you. Create! After all, we are artists, not just educators. A great way to do that is to take part in some of FAEA’s summer workshop offerings. It is always rejuvenating for me when I attend a workshop and bring new and fresh ideas to my own art and back to my classroom. Take advantage of these opportunities. Wishing you a restful and creative summer season!

Middle School Division Director

Ashley DeMaio

Hello, Remarkable Middle School Art Teachers!

My name is Ashley DeMaio, and I am thrilled to serve as the new Middle School Division Director. With a passion for blending Art and Technology, I aspire to cultivate an art program that seamlessly integrates the beauty of traditional art with the dynamic possibilities of technology, enriching the educational experience for our future generations.

In pursuit of this goal, I have selected a diverse range of art media within my current program. Currently, I teach Introduction to Art, Art & S.T.E.A.M, Advanced Fine Arts, and Digital Art & Yearbook.

Recently, my Digital Art & Yearbook class embarked on an exciting journey with our In-House Yearbook workshop. We were honored to host Lisa Urban from Leonard’s Studio and professional photographer Kelsey Breton for an immersive training session on cameras, yearbook software, copyright considerations, and more.

During the workshop, our talented yearbook students took the reins in selecting a theme and meticulously crafting the layout for the yearbook. Following this, the students engaged in a constructive critique session, where they evaluated each other’s designs, and collectively voted on their favorite theme for the yearbook.

For those who haven’t explored incorporating Photoshop into their classrooms yet, I cannot emphasize enough what a game-changer it can be! Witnessing students harness the power of technology to express their creativity is truly remarkable. Moreover, Adobe offers a wealth of tutorials to support educators in navigating the program effectively.

As the school year draws to a close and the promise of summer beckons, I urge you to consider signing up for a FAEA summer workshop. These workshops offer an invaluable opportunity to connect with fellow educators and gain fresh insights and inspiration. It’s not only a chance to enhance your teaching practice but it also provides a much-needed opportunity to rejuvenate your passion for art education.

I look forward to crossing paths with you at a FAEA workshop soon! Together, let’s continue to empower and inspire the next generation of artists.

8 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024

Division Updates

High School Division Director

I am humbled and honored to serve as the new High School Division Director. I would like to thank the out-going director Gerald Obregon for his unwavering dedication and devotion to FAEA and the tremendous support and knowledge he has shared as a board member.

Supervision/Administration Division Director

Dr. Laurie Hoppock

Duval County Public Schools

Duval County

It is an honor to serve as your Supervision/Administration Division Chair for the next two years! Additionally, I serve as your Exhibition Committee Chair.

As summer approaches, I’m excited to embark on this new journey where I can provide valuable information and resources to the high school art teachers in Florida. Sharing resources to help our teachers succeed will create the foundation needed to assist our students become successful in their craft. Now is the best time to start planning on attending the FAEA Conference in St. Petersburg. This gorgeous location is right across the street from the Dali Museum of Art. There are a variety of workshops, meetings, and a plethora of activities and lessons that are readily available to bring back to your classrooms. Setting yourself up for success for next year is key when closing your art room. What can you prepare now, so your first steps back into the classroom are a smooth transition from summer? I always prepare my syllabus, supply lists, and first week assignments at the end of the school year. I make my photocopies and set them in a file cabinet. I know that when I walk into my classroom the next school year, I can pull out all these first week papers and already feel prepared. Wishing you all a successful end of year.

This is an exciting time of year as we navigate school, district, regional, state, and national art exhibition events! Our submission window for the FAEA K-12 Student Art Assessment and Virtual Exhibition has officially closed and adjudication has been completed! Our Youth Art Month flag debuted at the National Art Education Association Conference in April. In addition, it is almost time for our Member Virtual Exhibition submission window to open!

If you missed the window to submit student work for this year’s K-12 Student Art Assessment, be sure to check out the virtual exhibition when it comes out as well as the physical exhibition at the FAEA conference in October! In the meantime, create your own artwork and submit to this year’s Member Virtual Exhibition. It is truly incredible to see the depth of the talent in our state, and it is wonderful to be able to celebrate your work on the state-wide stage!

We have important work ahead of us as we utilize these celebrations at the local and state level to continue our demonstration of the importance of access to high-quality art education opportunities throughout Florida. With the signing of the Florida Seal of Fine Arts bill that will go in effect on July 1, 2024, more information will be forthcoming about its implementation and the positive impact it will bring to art education in Florida's schools. Big things are ahead, and we look forward to taking them on with you!

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 9
Membership is open to all art teachers, art supervisors, arts administrators, cultural professionals, university professors and students, those who are retired from the profession, and anyone passionate about our goals. BECOME A MEMBER CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Division Updates

Higher Education Division Director

University of Central Florida Orange County

Welcome Summer!

Summer seems to be the perfect opportunity to renew and re-energize before the coming new school year.

Attending artist talks, visiting museums, traveling, and creating artwork without the intrusion of deadlines or an overfilled calendar are some of the aspirations for this time of escape away from the traditional schedule.

Sources of creative inspiration may also include the FAEA Summer Workshops that will be held in June and July. These experiences may lead to the creation of artwork for the Member Exhibition (see the FAEA website for more information about submissions).

For even more inspiration, especially if you are a Salavdor Dalí fan who cannot wait to get back to the Dalí Museum in October, go to the website, Use the website's search bar and type "Dali" to see about and see some amazingly enlightening images and ideas.

There are some fascinating resources about Dalí’s home in Costa Brava, Spain where he created his painting, The Persistence of Memory, images of his Alice in Wonderland illustrations, and even a cookbook by Dalí.

To tap into your own creativity, read the Scientific American article, “Salvador Dalí’s Creative Secret is Backed by Science,” an article that explains how he tapped into his creative imagination during the period between sleep and waking.

Have a relaxing, artistically productive summer!

Museums & Cultural Organizations Division Director

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Duval County

Hello Museums & Cultural Organizations Educators! I am honored to be representing our division for the next two years.

In the recent past, our division was renamed to not only continue to represent museum educators but also to expand and represent educators working at other types of art and cultural organizations throughout the state that support art educators and students in the same manner. This shift has created a great deal of potential growth for our division. We will need to work together to grow our division and reach more cultural institutions. I look forward to the opportunity.

In the same vein, I hope to initiate more connections between the members of our division. It is great to see everyone at the Conference, but our group has such a wealth of experience and background that we should be interacting more throughout the year to learn and grow from one another. I will be sending a survey to our division this month to poll the group to determine how we can best begin, so stay tuned for more information!

Speaking of the Conference, the board has been working hard on planning this year’s Conference in St. Petersburg. There will be no shortage of opportunities to be creative, learn, and have fun!

We have a small but mighty division, and I’m excited to work with you to grow it and reach more educators.

10 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024
Photo source: Fresh Paint is a terrific marketing tool for businesses and organizations to reach art educators and decision-makers. Learn more at

2024 FAEA Awards Nominations

If you know a colleague or an organization/ institution that you think should be recognized for their service to the field of art education, then consider submitting an FAEA Awards nomination! Take the time today to nominate someone for the awards categories listed here.

• Distinguished Service Award

• Lifetime Achievement Award

• Pearl Krepps Legacy Award

• Principal/Administrator of the Year Award

• Friend of Art Education Award

• Florida’s Outstanding Art Educator of the Year Award

• Elementary Art Educator of the Year Award

• Middle School Art Educator of the Year Award

• Secondary Art Educator of the Year Award

• Higher Education Art Educator of the Year Award

• Supervisor/Administrator of the Year Award

• Museum Art Educator of the Year Award

• Local Art Education Association Leader Award


CLICK HERE or visit the FAEA website to view the award descriptions and nominate someone deserving today!

• Retired Art Educator of the Year Award

• Community Service/Institution/Commercial/Corporate Award

• New Professional Award

• Adaptive Arts Educator Award

• National Art Honor Society - Florida Student Award

• Higher Education Individual Student Achievement Award

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 11 800•447•8192 CHECK OUT NEW lesson plans and video workshops for students of all ages at Dancing customer-service/ catalogs/ Request a FREE 2024 Catalog! Alliance for Young Writers& Artists Papercut shapes float between two rings, creating visual movement and energetic spaces. Lesson Plan for Grades 5-12 SCAN TO VIEW LESSON PLAN
Paper Vase

Division Updates

Local Art Education Assembly Division Director

Hello, fellow artists and educators! My name is Natalie Potacco and I am SO excited to be your new LAEA representative!

Can you believe the school year is almost coming to an end? I hope all of you are doing well and hanging in there. We are almost ready to bring this school year to a close! I can almost smell the sweet summertime!

One way I manage to survive each school year is sharing my challenges and my accomplishments with my local art education association. We meet every other month for an “Art Therapy” session, which consists of a nice happy hour and chatting session on our highs and lows. Being a part of your LAEA is a great way to show support and help each other get through some of those tough times. Remember, we are all in this boat together, even if this boat sometimes feels as if it is sinking. Most of our challenges are things we share, so talking them out with a group of people really helps.

Retiree Representative

Debra Barrett-Hayes Leon County

It is thrilling to be a part of the FAEA board which is comprised of impressive, dedicated, and creative individuals. It was a pleasure meeting everyone in February. I’ve temporarily emerged from retirement to teach Middle School Art for a colleague and former student who is on maternity leave. It’s been a rewarding experience diving back into the world of early morning alarms, grading projects, and developing art lessons.

I encourage retirees to join us at FAEA’s annual meeting and continue sharing their wisdom, knowledge, and creative energy. Our early career colleagues need our support now more than ever. Let’s embrace the new members of our profession and assist them in becoming successful teachers and active FAEA members. We can build meaningful relationships.

In my temporary/adopted art room, I’ve introduced a new, fun addition—a large Velcro-based seating chart. It’s incredibly satisfying and practical to rearrange students simply by moving their picture. I wish I had thought of this idea years ago!

Additionally, I’ve had the privilege of working with a Master’s level intern from the FSU Art Education Department. It has been a refreshing experience, reaffirming that art education will continue to thrive with a new generation of teachers. I’ve learned more than I can express during our semester together. Gabbi Roland has been a fantastic addition to my class, showcasing her skills as an outstanding art educator.

I encourage each of you to reach out and join your LAEA if you haven’t already done so. You are all doing great. Remember, an awesome art teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget!

Have a great end to your school year, and keep your eyes peeled for all of the fun that FAEA has to offer this summer!

If you or any of your LAEA members have any questions or want any ideas on more ways to get involved, please email me at

Retirees, I invite you to reach out to me about participating in the FAEA conference. I have exciting ideas for ways RATs (Retired Art Teachers) can en gage with BATS (Beginning Art Teachers). We plan on hosting the BIG GIVE for early career teachers and organizing sessions for Beginning Art Teachers and Retired Art Teachers to meet and share in small groups. We hope to host an expert panel on classroom management and surviving to thrive. Your willingness to participate is all we need to make these initiatives a success. If you would like to discuss ideas, send an email to retirees@board.

12 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024


Hadley Dorsett (Grade 5)


Mixed Media Teacher: Shannon Livingston

Brooker Creek Elementary Pinellas County

Youth Art Month (YAM) is a national program administered by the Council for Art Education to advocate the importance of quality visual arts education in all schools. Typically celebrated during the month of March, teachers are encouraged to highlight classroom success stories and promote their art programs in their community. However, art successes from any time of the year deserve recognition. Teachers can still celebrate YAM outside of March by organiz-

ing a student exhibition, starting a fundraiser, or even sharing their classroom success stories on social media.

FAEA participates in the Council for Art Education’s annual YAM Flag and Banner Program, in which each state selects a student design to be made into a flag that is displayed in the YAM Museum at the National Art Education Association (NAEA) Convention. Flag designs follow the yearly theme set by the Council, and

this year the theme was “Dream in Art.” FAEA’s flag for 2024 featured the artwork Our Home Is Enough created by 5th-grade student Hadley Dorsett from Brooker Creek Elementary in Pinellas County. Representing the state of Florida, FAEA’s YAM Flag was displayed alongside other state flags at the 2024 NAEA Convention this spring in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Congratulations to Hadley Dorsett and their teacher, Shannon Livingston!

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2023-24 13

2024 FAEA K-12 Student Art Assessment & Virtual Exhibition

The Florida Art Education Association is proud to present the winners of the 2024 FAEA K-12 Student Art Assessment & Virtual Exhibition! Please join us in congratulating the winning students and their teachers.

As Florida’s premier program for assessing student artwork, the K-12 Student Art Assessment & Virtual Exhibition serves as a tool to help visual arts teachers develop their art programs, foster performance in the classroom, and celebrate the artistic achievements of Florida’s students, teachers, and school art programs.

FAEA received over 1700 entries from K-12 students across the state. Each eligible entry was evaluated and scored by trained adjudicators in a blind adjudication process using research-based rubrics specific to the student's grade level category. Based on the student’s score, the awards consisted of: “Award of Emerging Artist” for entries with a score up to 3.0, “Award of Merit” for a score of 3.0-3.4, “Award of Excellence” for a score of 3.5-3.9, and the “Award of Excellence with Distinction” for a perfect score of 4.0.

Entries that received an “Award of Excellence” and an “Award of Excellence with Distinction” are featured in a virtual exhibition on the FAEA website. You may view the 2024 virtual exhibitions, along with exhibitions from previous years, on the Student Exhibition page on the FAEA website

14 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024


Sponsored by Blick Art Materials

Tara Beharic (Grade 10)


Painting Teacher: Valerie Skindel

Sumner High School

Hillsborough County continued

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 15

2024 FAEA K-12 Student Art Assessment & Virtual Exhibition


Sponsored in part by School Specialty/Sax

Dax Noval (Grade 1)



Teacher: Julie Stone

Lincoln Avenue Academy

Polk County


Sponsored by Royal Brush Mfg.

Daimily Fernandez (Grade 8)


Mixed Media

Teacher: Kyndil Gonzalez

Davenport School for the Arts

Polk County

16 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024


Sponsored by Sam Flax Orlando

Alayna Sims (Grade 12)

Am I Real?(Self Portrait)


Teacher: Jerri Benton

Marianna High School

Jackson County

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 17


FAEA member Jennifer Gifford, as well as FAEA, were recognized during the Delegates Assembly at the 2024 National Art Education Association (NAEA) Convention in Minneapolis this April. Jennifer, who was awarded the Florida’s Outstanding Art Educator of the Year Award by FAEA in 2023, was presented with the NAEA Florida Art Educator Award. FAEA’s quarterly member magazine, Fresh Paint, was awarded the NAEA Newsletter Award Category II for outstanding use of visual graphic design and layout, quality in editorial materials, and relevant content. For the third year in a row, FAEA’s website won the NAEA Website Award Category II for excellence in the development and ongoing maintenance of a website that actively serves the state membership and addresses the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Jennifer Gifford

New World School of the Arts

Miami-Dade County


Florida Art Education Association

Fresh Paint


Florida Art Education Association

18 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024

Miriam Machado In Memory of Miriam Mulkay & In Honor of Nancy Puri

Clarke Hobby Laura Hobby

Patricia Lamb In Memory of Joseph P. Mitchell, FAEA Past President

Caitlin Bauer In Honor of Debi Barrett-Hayes

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 19 THANK YOU 2023 2024 PATRONS
by Xonia Regalado (pigmented ink transfer on metal, 2023)

Arts in the community

This column provides FAEA members with information about Florida cultural organizations and the academic offerings they provide.

Spady Cultural Heritage Museum

20 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024

Cultural Museum

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, in downtown Delray Beach, is dedicated to the collection and preservation of Black History in Palm Beach County and the US.

The Museum’s main building was once the home of the Solomon Spady family. Mr. Spady was an educator from Virginia who taught in the George Washington Carver style which is known for engaging both the heart and the hands. He believed in the importance of learning about farming and home economics alongside math and English. He taught in Delray from the 1920s until the 1950s. His impact on the community is also recognized in the naming of a school, S.D. Spady Elementary, to honor him after his retirement.

looking for new frontiers and better opportunities. Delray was a new beginning for many people from the Bahamas, other Caribbean nations, Georgia, Michigan, and Gullah Geechee from the Carolinas.

Programs and Celebrations abound at The Spady!

The Museum offers guided tours for educators and students. “Freedom, Emancipation and the Pursuit of Happiness” tours delve into the relationship between people of color and white people. Another learning opportunity is a bus tour highlighting the five historic districts of Delray. Lastly, there is a walking tour of the West Settler’s

The Spady’s collection features objects and the history of the Black people who built and made contributions to the community beginning during the Reconstruction Era. Black people were continued

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 21

Arts in the community

22 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024

Historic District which includes the first Black school, the first black church, and the first Black hotel.

The Spady participates in Palm Beach County educators’ annual Summer Institute in June. The program provides instruction on Delray Beach Black history using their collection and oral histories to make local history come alive! Nearby institutions partner up and offer other cultural aspects to the Institute.

The Spady is a celebration of joy! Museum Director Charlene Farrington listed the annual celebrations and

events: Martin Luther King Day Brunch, Emancipation Season that lasts from May 19 – with a family reunion style cookout- through Juneteenth. Exhibition opening receptions are celebrated throughout the year; most recently “Ain’t No Limits” and Kwanzaa the week after Christmas. The belief that there is so much to be grateful for which reflects the Museum’s mission to bring people together to share, inform, and support is apparent.

The “Ain’t No Limits” exhibit is open through July 29. The exhibit is a group of 16 artworks made by eight artists. It

is the brainchild of the artist collective “Rubber Bands” from South Florida. Each visual artist was anonymously paired with a writer and the works were created in response to the other person’s art. The show is about and for Black women and other women of color. It urges them to find relaxation and pleasure in the world without guilt. Women are often so busy as caretakers and workers that many have not taken the time to simply form opinions about what they like. It takes time with the opportunity to read, learn, and contemplate. This ekphrastic style of art and poetry urging black women to take the time to care for physical and mental health comes at the perfect time. Summer is just around the bend, and this exhibit serves as a reminder to turn inwards, listen to our own thoughts, hearts and desires, and slow down…. to enjoy it.

The Spady is open 11am–4pm, Tuesday-Saturday. For more information, contact:

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 23

Sticky Posts from the Desk of a Retired Art Teacher FROM THE FIELD

Looking back on my days teaching the visual arts, I knew the day would come when I would have to hang up my art teacher beret and hand over the mantle and paint brush to a new art teacher. Early in my career, I started saving all the relevant art teacher articles and information that I thought might be useful to pass on to others one day. Finally, with my retirement day looming, I found myself going through my old art teacher articles, books, and personal items that I either discarded as they were outdated or passed on to others. In the process, I came across some sticky post-its that I had placed inside an old sketchbook with intentions of sharing them one day with new art teachers. These handwritten notes turned out to be much more meaningful and relevant today than any articles I had ever accumulated. And so, I am excited to share these notes in the hopes that you may find them useful in your career as well.

These useful tips were gathered from other teachers, through trial and error, professional development, personal experience, and growth. In the interest of relevancy, importance, and brevity, I share my seasoned teacher thoughts with all teachers in the hopes of helping to ease some angst, dread, and fears of teaching that I also have experienced. And, even we veteran teachers need little reminders.

I learned early on in my career that I was only as good as my ability to help my students in their own discovery on their own art journeys. Many of them had never heard of the numerous artists that I introduced to them through art history or explorations in the use of various materials and processes. I felt it was imperative that at the very least, that I help them to become art appreciators and, at the most, help them define a path they could walk to become successful working artists with careers in the future. This was my goal.

With all this in mind, here are my top eight thoughts that helped mold my career and change my perspectives on teaching throughout the years.

24 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024
ALWAYS keep the lines of communication open between you and your students as well as to bond with your administration.

You are not a silo. Create meaningful relationships with your administrators, your students’ parents, your PTA, and your local school board members (learn who your district representatives are). This is very important. Invite them in to your classroom to see and share in your students’ accomplishments. Parents and PTA can help you secure funding and materials for your classrooms. Additionally, administrators are more likely to assist you in your requests if they know that you both have a shared interest and commitment to your students’ learning and progress.

You TEACH more than “just art” and more than you know.

Did you ever stop to think about all that you teach? You are an art historian as well as someone who happens to also teach mathematics (measurements, geometry), engineering (sculpture and problemsolving), science (color theory, anatomy, botany, sciences of all types), and technology (computer art programs, apps, and publishing work assignments), just to name a few. Yes, you teach all this through your incredible art programs. Never forget this! And never forget to share the wonderful products of your teaching with your administrators, parents, other teachers, community members, and PTA.

Become ADVOCATEan for your students and art programs.

If you don’t, then who will? ALWAYS find ways to help your students be successful and feel safe in your classroom. Your classroom is a haven for creative thinking and production. Your students should always feel that this is a safe space within which they choose to come to daily or weekly. Assist them in finding their authentic art voice and help them learn how to create personally meaningful artwork. Their ideas, and the right to own their creative ideas, should always be protected even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. Remember, you may have students who may not be able to explore their creative ideas at home and need to come to school to feel comfortable enough to create without

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 25

ALWAYS lead by example.

Let morals, ethics, and respect lead the way and insist that they be followed in your classroom. Students will pick up signals from you, so let them all be positive ones. Create the environment where students respect others’ artwork and ideas. Empower your students to be lifelong learners and to always stay curious. This is how we all learn.

SHARE your expertise and ideas with other art teachers by becoming a member of your local, state, and national organizations.

NEVER creatingstop your own art and, more importantly, share it with your students if you can.

This is one of the most important lessons you can gift your students. Until you can get over your own insecurities enough to share with your

ALWAYS keep your curriculum and freshprograms creativewith approaches and solutions.

26 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024

So, there you have it.

This is my list that somehow incredibly embedded itself into my art teacher DNA along the way. In reflection, I can say with complete certainty that I only got out of teaching art what I was willing to put in, sacrifice, and work hard to achieve. There are many symbiotic relationships that I am genuinely proud to have developed. There were many successes and accomplishments, ups and downs, trials and errors, challenges and achievements. For me, teaching art was, and still is, the greatest profession in the world. I can look back and see the footprints of the positive influences that my teaching has left upon others. As I close this chapter in my life, I can tell you that it was all worth it and, I would do it all over again.

Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” I say, art teachers never really retire, they just continue to share and inspire.

Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024 27


Laura Hobby, Co-Chair

Natalie Potacco, Co-Chair


Nancy Puri, Chair


Claire Clum, Chair


Laurie Hoppock, Co-Chair

Ashley DeMaio, Co-Chair


Latonya Hicks, Chair


Christy Garton, Chair


Latonya Hicks, Co-Chair Christy Garton, Co-Chair


Stephanie Scannapieco, Chair


FAEA Summer Workshops in St. Petersburg

Join members from across the state in three creative and inspiring workshops in St. Petersburg this June! These summer professional learning opportunities are a great way to see world-class art collections, learn new artistic styles and skills, and network with other arts professionals and educators. Visit to learn more about the summer workshops and register to attend.

June 12, 2024

The James Museum Cost: $45

Discover the wonders of the American West with a visit to the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art. With a guided tour of the museum's impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and artifacts, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the art and history of this iconic region. Then, unleash your own artistic talents with a painting and printmaking workshop that will inspire and delight. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!

June 13, 2024

The Dali Museum Cost: $45

Welcome to an unforgettable day surrounded by the mesmerizing art of Salvador Dali at The Dali Museum! Get ready to be captivated with a guided tour of the permanent collection and special exhibition. And the excitement doesn't stop there, as you will then get hands-on experience with our Surrealism workshop. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art and create your own masterpiece!

June 14, 2024

Imagine Museum & Duncan McClellan Gallery Cost: $80

Experience the mesmerizing art of glassmaking like never before at the Imagine Museum and the Duncan McClellan Gallery! Embark on a journey through the Imagine Museum's stunning collection of contemporary glass art from all over the world, led by an expert guide. Then, dive deep into the history of Italian Glass with the museum's Art Safari. Next, head over to the Duncan McClellan Gallery to witness the latest exhibition of exquisite glass art and sculpture gardens. Witness the magic of glassmaking with a live demonstration in the hot shop and take part in a hands-on sand blasting glass workshop. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to appreciate the beauty of glassmaking!

28 Fresh Paint • Spring/Summer 2024

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