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CONTENTS 05 FROM THE EDITOR This issue we're talking family, friendship and embracing your "pre-mom" self. We're celebrating you as a woman and mother.

06 MOMS WITH IMPACT:APRIL & KERRY April George and Kerry Maunus are teaching kids gratitude with Turkey on the Table.

10 TRENDSETTING MOM:LIZZY MATHIS Meet Lizzy Mathis, creator of The Cool Mom Co.


14 HAUTE MOMMA: MICKY SIVAPRUKSA OF FLEXI LEXI, STAYING FIT IN STYLE Micky talks to us about her inspiration for Flexi Lexi Fitness and why she will never compromise her style.

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CELEBRATING FAMILY IN THE NEW YEAR At CEOMOM Magazine we talk a lot about what it means to be a mom and an entrepreneur. We believe that pursuing your dreams makes you a better mom. Fulfilling your God given purpose gives you a passion and zest for life that is felt by all around you. In our January issue, as we continue to celebrate your role as a mompreneur, we want to focus on your role as a mother and a woman. This January issue is about family. We are showing you fun things that you can do with your children like baking, reading and shopping. We're introducing you to two moms who will help enhance your family's baking and cooking skills, Kidstir and Scratch and Grain.  As a part of our 2018 Reading List, we are highlighting books that will help you encourage your kids through challenging times and inspire you to go towards a new you. CEOMOM chatted with Sarah Yasukochi, founder of Blaze + Wander, about her socially conscious clothing line that will motivate your kids to explore the world around them.  As we usher in the new year, we want to encourage you to take your business and personal life to the next level. We are presenting new year's resolutions that will help propel your business in 2018. We talked to Lizzy Mathis of The Cool Mom Co about ways to maintain me time, a vital component of optimal health. Self-care is about mind, body and soul. Brenda L. Henderson, also known as the Health Boss, is helping you maintain beautiful skin as you age.  Let's have fun in 2018 as we continue to define our many roles.

Editor-in-Chief VONNA MATTHEWS

Vonna Matthews

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Moms with Impact


Moms desire to give their children the best life has to offer. Sometimes the best doesn’t always translate into gratitude. Kerry Maunus and April George, founders of Turkey on the Table, are 2 moms who have made it their mission to teach kids across the world not only how to be grateful, but to adopt gratitude as a lifestyle. CEOMOM Magazine had the privilege of speaking with these 2 amazing moms about how Turkey on the Table is changing the hearts and minds of kids one grateful message at a time. How does Turkey on the Table work? You start on November 1 with a bare turkey and read the story as a family. Everyone in the family then writes one thing they are thankful for on one feather. The turkey comes with a whole set of feathers for one full round. For each day in November, the family shares their gratitude message from the feather with each other. By Thanksgiving Day, the turkey is fully dressed. The hope is that it will spark great family conversations. What’s nice is it is surprising to hear what everyone is thankful for, especially kids. A lot of times it is easier to write what you are thankful for rather than verbalize it. The turkey ends up being a great conversation piece. The turkey is reusable so our hope is that you keep it and use it every Thanksgiving. This year, we’ve been selling a lot of the replacement feathers for people who already have their turkey. People also use the


We are not naturally grateful. It is a learned behavior. Just like with any habit you want your kids to learn, you start teaching them early.

feathers as place cards around the table for additional family members such as aunts and uncles and grandparents. Turkey on the Table also teaches gratitude through our partnership with Feeding America. We donate 10 meals for every turkey that’s sold. The heart behind Turkey on the Table is to teach kids gratitude. How important is it to teach gratitude at a young age? We started talking about our kids and the way they are growing up these days with all of these things. We were working to find ways to instill thankfulness and gratitude in them. Especially around the holidays when kids start writing down everything they want when they have everything they need. We did research on gratitude and found there were so many benefits of practicing gratitude. Studies have shown that gratitude results in better emotional and physical health, better grades in school and makes people more empathetic. When bad things happen people who are innately grateful are able to overcome things easier. Gratitude is not innate. We are not naturally grateful. It is a learned behavior. Just like with any habit you want your kids to learn, you 

start teaching them early. We don’t want our kids to suffer to learn to be grateful, but you have to open their eyes to the world around them. Not everyone wakes up to Eggo waffles. They need to understand how lucky they are and the importance of giving back. It is your responsibility to help others. What we want to resonate with our kids is the act of service. Tell us about your partnership with Feeding America. How did you get connected with them? Kerry had a family member who knew someone there. They said they could connect us through a phone call. We thought it would be great if we could partner with a group with a recognizable name and great reputation like Feeding America. Surprisingly they were just over the top excited about the product and they loved everything it stood for. Before we sold one turkey they said they would love to partner with us. It meant so much to us that they would have the faith to stand behind us even though we were not a household name. Our latest published figure is 435,000 meals.

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AROUND THE TABLE AND SAY A HIGH OF THE DAY." Other than using Turkey on the Table, what are some other things your families do to teach gratitude to your kids? Every night at dinner we go around the table and say a high of the day and a low of the day. You don’t have to have a low but you have to have a high. It is a great way to connect. It’s always finding the good. Even if they had a terrible day they have to think about something good. No matter what you have going on if you can think about something good it can really change your perspective. What’s great is through the years you see what your kids are grateful for and how it evolves.

What are your plans to expand the brand to include other holidays? It took us 2 years to get this to an actual product we could sell. It’s not just about starting a business or creating a product to sell. It started organically. We really wanted to teach our kids. We are very passionate about the turkey and everything it stands for and Thanksgiving and bringing the conversation about gratitude. We may come up with little things here and there to go with the turkey. We are not in a hurry to expand. We are really focused on doing one thing well before we expand. We want to make sure that our retailers are getting the service that they want and expect. Add Turkey on the Table to your family dinner plans. Place your order now at

n ar Le e! or m A homeschool co-op created to help children excel academically, spiritually, and culturally through individualized learning and small groups


Where all moms can love being a mom and still love being their pre-mom selves without apologies. The Cool Mom Co talks parenting and lifestyle. Imagine a place where moms can exchange relatable stories and learn about an array of resources and life hacks that make their hectic lives easier. Lizzy Mathis, model, actress, TV personality, lifestyle expert, wife and mom of 3, has created a safe space for moms to connect and celebrate motherhood without compromising individuality. CEOMOM spoke with Lizzy about her lifestyle brand, The Cool Mom Co, and why loving your pre-mom self is important. How did you become a lifestyle expert? Originally I started out as an actor and model. That is what I focused on before having kids. After having my first daughter, I wanted to be in control of my career. I wanted to have a voice in something I felt passionately about. You don’t know what being a mom is about before you become a mom. Motherhood to me is a journey. I had to figure out where I wanted to spend my time and where I wanted to put my priorities. I really loved being a new mom. I wanted to share my experiences in motherhood and what I think is important. I felt like that space didn’t exist a lot when I had my first daughter. What inspired you to create The Cool Mom Co? Having my first daughter I think is when I really got a taste of wanting to feel a lot more independent. I wanted more control of who I was and what I was putting my time and energy into. I started blogging. At first it was a way to get my thoughts out and share. As I had my second daughter I started to hone in on what The Cool Mom Co would be. Now it has become a space where women are interested in learning what mom life will be about. It’s really a space to just talk to moms and learn how to make mom life easier in multiple areas.

On The Cool Mom Co you write about everything from style to cooking to crafts. What are your favorite topics? My favorite topics are the ones that simplify the whole mystique of being a mom. Us as moms get so overwhelmed at times. We often ask, “How does she do that?” I think any blog posts like the 5 minute beauty routine or the Sunday food prep are my favorites. Sunday meal prepping is a huge thing for us. It really simplifies my week. If I have my ground meat already cooked it reduces my meal making time in half. Instead of me taking an hour in the kitchen I take 30 minutes. Any blog posts that simplify everyday life are my favorite. You describe your blog as a place moms can “still love being their pre-mom selves.” How important is it that moms embrace who they were before having kids? What are some specific ways they can do that? After you become a mom you are going to be different just because you are now a mom. You have another human being that takes up a space in your heart that you didn’t see coming. You have already changed. I think there’s beauty in enjoying who you were before becoming a mom. When I became a mom with my oldest it was really hard to find who I was again. I was the first one in my group to have kids. I didn’t have anyone my age to talk to about motherhood. How do I manage this new role and still go out with my girlfriends or go get my nails done? I think we as moms sometimes get lost with that. Finding that time to do those little things that you used to love doing like getting a massage or going to a cooking class or hanging out with friends at an early dinner are important. It is okay for you to also enjoy hanging out with your kids watching movies on a Friday night.

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The pressure to do it all is real. The most successful women have learned not to mom guilt themselves and to find those little moments of me time.

Tell us about the XO Ring and your collaboration with Starling Jewelry. How did the collaboration come about? Chelsea, the owner of Starling Jewelry, and I are friends. We would constantly see each other out and about. One day we just started talking. We thought, wouldn’t it be so much fun to do a collab. We thought it would be cool to create a ring that would fit every finger. At the time my blog was called Elizabeth XO, hence the name XO Ring. I love that it’s a cute little way to remind yourself to love yourself and others. Where do you see The Cool Mom Co in 5 years? I see it being a place where moms come to relate to other moms. I see it as a place where moms can get their fix on style and beauty. I see a place where you can get to know all types of moms whether it’s moms who stay at home or go outside the house to work, bottle-feeding moms or attachment moms. I think The Cool Mom Co will have products. I want it to continue to grow to have more of a digital presence. When it comes to managing your career and family, is true balance obtainable? How do you manage it all? Yes it is, but it is obtainable to what you find obtainable. There is no measurement for it. There is no big book to tell you the one way to do it. There is no celebrity who we can follow that will have all of the answers. That’s the beauty of it. We are all in this journey together, but our journey is all individual. It is so important to have

a group of moms with whom we can relate. It’s nice to have a space where we can all hear each other’s stories. It comes with making time for the things that are important to you. You have to categorize what you consider to be important. Once you create that for yourself you can see balance will look how you want it to look. Remember the end goal. If everything isn’t perfect along the way you will be fine. And whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to your mother. Congratulations on the arrival of your son. What advice would you give to a new mom who is learning to balance career and family? Find time for yourself. I think that balancing career and family as a new mom can be very difficult and there can be a lot of pressure in the beginning. You have to give yourself time to find your groove. Take little moments for yourself even if is just 5 to 10 minutes a day while someone takes the baby. The pressure to do it all is real. The most successful women have learned not to mom guilt themselves and to find those little moments of me time. They have found something that really works for them. It is a new journey for you. You are going to have to give yourself freedom. For beauty and lifestyle tips and to learn more about Lizzy and The Cool Mom Co visit

Happy New Year from CEOMOM Magazine

Haute Momma Micky Sivapruksa


Staying Fit in Style with Flexi Lexi

Frustrated with the sports bras on the market, Micky Sivapruksa founded Flexi Lexi, a yoga and activewear company that sells yoga pants, dancer leggings, shorts, mermaid tails, ballerina tutus and more. Flexi Lexi marries a great fit with style. Micky shared the inspiration behind Flexi Lexi with CEOMOM. What is the inspiration behind Flexi Lexi Fitness? I was inspired to make yoga bralettes because when I was pregnant with my first son Troy (who's now 3.5), I couldn't find a comfortable sports bra to do yoga or exercise in so I created one. We came up with Lexi bralette at first (hence the name Flexi Lexi) and then a few other styles. Then came the ever so popular Flexi Yoga Pants and Flexi Dancer Leggings. Also I personally love all the fun designs and bright colors. Anyone who knows me will know that I own maybe 1-2 pieces of black clothing items. So that's the main inspiration behind all the fun prints and colors that define Flexi Lexi Fitness. How does your fitness line differ from competitors? We are so true to our concept. We don't have any dark colors

or basic designs at all. A few people sometimes ask why not do somber colors for fall and winter. But we are in Thailand. It's always hot and sunny and bright and cheerful. And people like our fun and cute and bold designs and we like to keep it that way. It's pineapples with eyelashes, hedgehogs who are happy, bright fresh oranges, smiling avocados and pizza and coffee and donuts. It's what Flexi Lexi is all about. Do you consider Flexi Lexi to be fashion forward? If so, what makes you a trendsetter in the activewear industry? I wouldn't say we are fashion forward in terms of we don't look for what color is "in" for the next season or what mascots or designs will be a hit. I just come up with designs that I think are cute and fun and I think that will get a good feedback from yogis and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, basically the designs that I like. So Flexi Lexi FItness designs usually just come from my own preferences and then I pass my visions on to our designers. No I don't think we are fashion forward at all but people definitely love our styles and designs. This can be seen from hundreds of factories that copy our

prints. Sad but true. If they didn't love them and think they would sell well, they wouldn't copy us. It's flattering in a way but also annoying... lol. What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a mom and entrepreneur? The juggling is real. I always bring my sons to work. Luckily our head office is located at Spin & Slice Tennis School that my husband and I own and it's pretty spacious so there's so much space for kids to run around, ride a bike or a scooter. But still they won't leave my side when I have to work. They are still young 3.5 and 1.5 year old so I think when they get a bit older, it will get easier. Also, my youngest Zac has an obsession with my phone so whenever I have to check email or check our Instagram, and he sees it, he will have to take a hold of it. So whenever he walks into the room and I have my phone on, I will have to hide it by sitting on it and putting things on it.  How has being a mom inspired you as an entrepreneur? I try my hardest to become successful so I can provide for our sons. I also want them to know that they should always follow their dreams and do what they like. I am very determined, hardworking and super focused (or trying to be) in order to achieve my goals. I want to set a good example for our sons and at the same time give them the most attention that I can as they are growing up. What is your favorite piece or collection from the Flexi Lexi line? PIneapple and Hedgehog and Denim and Watercolour Peek a Boo and Donut & Coffee Flexi Yoga Pants and all the bralettes. I wear them with all colors and styles, bralettes to yoga and with Front Zipper Sports bras when I go spinning and to the gym. When I was nursing and exercising, our Flexi Nursing Sports Bras were super handy and they held everything in perfectly.  Where do you see Flexi Lexi in 5 years? I hope more and more people from all over the world will recognize our brand. We just signed with Nordstrom and Yoga Outlet in the US and that's huge for us so hopefully there will be more opportunities like this in the future. It wasn't easy for a brand from Thailand to have come this far in the yoga world. But man it is definitely worth it! Learn more about Flexi Lexi Fitness at CEOMOM    |    15

I am very determined, hard-working and super focused in order to achieve my goals. I want to set a good example for our sons and at the same time give them the most attention that I can as they are growing up.


Sarah Yasukochi

HELPING KIDS BLAZE TRAILS WITH BLAZE + WANDER With online children’s boutiques becoming more popular, Blaze + Wander has a competitive edge that is defined by its love for adventure and exploration. The socially conscious boutique wants children to embrace the beauty of discovering the world around them, and the world. CEOMOM was inspired by Blaze + Wander founder and mom of 2 Sarah Yasukochi’s mission to build more than just a clothing and accessories store. Read our interview with Sarah and learn more about her desire to cultivate a community of creatives and passion seekers.  Tell us about Blaze + Wander. What are your products and services? Blaze + Wander is a curated collection

of ethically made and socially conscious clothing and homewares from around the world, primarily geared to children. We sell hand drawn t-shirts, organic cotton products, accessories, beach blankets and decor. What inspired you to create Blaze + Wander? After going through a company reorganization and then eventually leaving the corporate world, I found myself in a space to consider what I wanted to do with my life.  I had 20+ years of marketing experience and previously owned a franchise business, but one of my dreams was to create a retail brand from the ground up that would cater to kids. As a mom of 2, my son and daughter inspire me everyday. I wanted to do something that would help 

Haute Momma Kids inspire other kids and their families to travel, explore and discover new things. What is the inspiration behind each line? Growing up in a military family, we traveled a lot. I spent my high school years in Italy and had the opportunity to visit and live in different parts of the world. That spirit of adventure has always been a part of my lifestyle. That love and appreciation for discovering unique finds from around the world is what's behind the brand. And why kids? Kids have wild hearts. They are bold, brave and are always blazing trails with intention and purpose.  They also take time to wander and get a little lost along the way. One minute they're running and the next they are at a complete  stop with bright

KIDS HAVE WILD HEARTS. THEY ARE BOLD, BRAVE AND ARE ALWAYS BLAZING TRAILS WITH INTENTION AND PURPOSE. eyes wide and focused on what they've just come across. It's a great reminder for us as parents, to find a balance between always looking ahead and taking time to appreciate what's right in front of us. Where do you see Blaze + Wander in 5 years? Right now we are primarily an ecommerce boutique. We do popups at markets and in local stores. Our next goal is to open our own brick and mortar location. In addition to having a space for customers to buy our products, I want to create a gathering place for families to get together for art and educational workshops. I enjoy spending time creating with, learning from, and leaning on other moms, so it would be great to host activities that spark their passions, too. I think a store isn't just a place to shop, it's also an opportunity to inspire and build community. That fits right in with what Blaze + Wander is all about. As the California Children’s Boutique of the Year winner for the 2017 Boutique Awards, what makes Blaze + Wander stand out from competitors? What makes your fashion unique? We partner with makers around the world. We have an artist in Norway who we work with to hand-draw our t-shirts and then we locally print them in our home town of San Diego. We ethically source from brands who responsibly make products in Portugal and Greece to Australia and right here in the United States, to name a few. I personally identify partners and hand pick unique products to bring to our customers. My goal has always been to make Blaze + Wander a collaborative project where partner brands who share the same style, mission and vision could all grow together. As a successful business owner and marketer, what advice would you give to a mom who wants to expand her own brand? Listen to your heart. Listen to yourself. I think we have all the answers that we need inside of us. Sometimes we look outside for validation or approval. Just take the time and make the space to trust and hear your internal voice. Also, we often do so much to take care of the needs of our families first. It's a challenge, but I think we could give so much more if we take care of our needs first. Culturally, we're conditioned to do the opposite but nurturing our own passion through self care is the best gift we can give to others. When we are at our happiest, it allows

Photo Credit: Natalie Warr Photography

our families to be their happiest. The best way to encourage our children to follow their dreams is to make sure we are following ours. How do you manage such a multifaceted career with being a mom? I like to compartmentalize. I imagine each of my many roles as different gardens within a larger landscape. I take a look at my wife garden to make sure I'm tending to what grows there. Then I check in with my mom garden and ask myself if I have watered the flowers and trimmed the weeds. I go down the list and check all the other areas that represent my different roles as a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I try to hone in to see what areas specifically need care and attention and that's where I focus. For example, I want the trees in my business garden to be just as fruitful as those in my family garden so I've been spending a little more time cultivating that area. There's a lot to tend to, though, and I know I can't do it all myself. Whether it's having a friend help with carpool, a mentor who provides business guidance, or fellow business owners for inspiration, they are all welcome. I know with care, patience and a little support, I can ensure that my gardens not just grow, but flourish. Learn more about Sarah and Blaze + Wander at

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One of our picks for the 2018 CEOMOM Book Club is "My Journey Towards A NEW ME" by Dr. Estrelita Bruce The willingness to be transparent about your life's struggles requires immeasurable courage. What inspired you to write the memoir, My Journey Towards A NEW ME? You’re absolutely right! It takes a lot of courage and might I add resilience. It’s not easy to expose your journey when there are broken areas of your life. I once lived in a place of shame because of it but when I began to be honest about how those moments affected my life good and bad I began to experience healing. I struggled with sharing this at first, but I knew it was something God wanted me to do. As I began to write it, I knew by sharing my story with others it would give them the permission to experience transparency and healing as well. It was a tedious and arduous process but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. What was the most challenging part about sharing your personal stories? The most challenging part was deciding on how transparent I needed to be. There were many parts of my memoir that I really wanted to share general parts of my life. Actually, my amazing editor, Laci Swann of Sharp Editorial, helped me to pull out even more details of my life. Either I was going to be all in or not. In those moments I knew that by sharing those gritty details in my childhood and adult life someone else would connect with that very moment. It would help them to see themselves, reconnect with that moment again, but most of all learn how to heal and move past it if they feel stuck. It was challenging but I’ve read reviews about my book that made those challenging moments most rewarding. What does the title mean to you? It means the world to me! I had so many different titles in the past 10+ years of what it would be. It kept changing over and over again. It wasn’t until last year that it all came together for me. With the combination of my company name change (From Zoea Life to A NEW ME) and our motto (Transforming your traumas and losses into opportunities for personal growth, healing, & purpose) I realized it was actually the recurring theme to my entire life. I've always been on a quest to become a better me. A NEW ME is continuous. You will continue to arrive at A NEW ME through the challenges and joys of life. The challenges are what shapes us. In that place is where all of

the rich opportunities are found. The inner work is done in those trenches. The character, the strength, the will to fight, build a closer relationship with God, and more understanding of yourself is found in the broken experiences and challenges. That is what makes those experiences so rich. That is what makes it a journey. I wanted to share my personal journey with others so they could be inspired to know if I can make it, heal from those struggles, and find purpose in it all they can, too. What do you hope women take away from My Journey Towards A NEW ME? I hope they will take away a fresh and positive perspective on the oppositions, traumas, and losses of their life. I want them to see that despite what they have gone through God wants to teach them a better way to manage inevitable hardships…through Him, through trusted people and resources, and to trust in their inner strength to overcome. I want them to see there is purpose even in pain. It will be a unique journey for each of them, but they can and will make it. I want them to take away hope in hopeless situations and a will to fight for their healing. I want them to see there is power in transparency and to reconnect to their strength…vulnerability. I want them to also know their story is significant and someone else needs to hear about it. I want them to feel empowered and the desire to live life again and to ultimately see that God loves them no matter what mistakes they’ve made. God is willing to give them another chance at life as they learn to trust Him wholeheartedly! Where can our readers purchase a copy of My Journey Towards A NEW ME? They can go directly to my website at: to get their copy. I encourage women to start a book club. They can have their own “discussion” about it. I believe it will be a blessing to anyone who’s looking to heal and overcome personal challenges! Read the full interview at


I want them [women] to see that despite what they have gone through God wants to teach them a better way to manage inevitable hardships…through Him, through trusted people and resources, and to trust in their inner strength to overcome. CEOMOM  |    23

Annie Parnell One of our picks for the 2018 CEOMOM Book Club is "Missy Piggle Wiggle and the Won't-Walk-the-Dog Cure" In 1947, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle made her debut in a series of books centered on misbehaving children and magical cures. Although written decades ago, the stories and lessons depicted in Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle are as relevant today as they were then. Annie Parnell, great granddaughter of original author Betty MacDonald, understands the sustainability of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s impact on modern parenting. In collaboration with author, Ann Martin, Annie continues Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s magical adventures through her great niece, Missy Piggle-Wiggle.


CEOMOM Magazine spoke with Annie about her involvement with such an anticipated reboot and future plans for the series. For our readers who may not be familiar with Mrs. PiggleWiggle, describe the storyline of the original series. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle was set around this lovely older lady who lived in an upside down house with a lot of animals. Parents would have a child who was exhibiting really difficult behavior. They would call a friend who would say their child was perfect. They would call another friend who would let their child’s behavior continue. After all of that they would call Mrs. PiggleWiggle and she would come up with some magical cure. Usually it involved the child in question having to suffer the consequences of wherever their behavior would lead. The consequences may involve something like having all of their tattle tales follow them around in a puff of smoke. The kids would get tired of the consequences and change their behavior. It was more that they brought it upon themselves. Married to a pirate, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle loved to hang around kids and play games with them. She was the pre-Mary Poppins. Unlike Mary Poppins, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle never saw the children’s behavior as distasteful, rather normal stuff that kids do.

Other than being the granddaughter of Anne MacDonald’s, one of the last authors of the series, how did you get involved with the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle reboot? What was your inspiration? I had been working in television for a number of years. It was network television so it wasn’t children’s programming at all. As my grandmother would be approached to sell the rights to a studio, she would call me to help her make the right decision. I felt that the series could really translate into film and television. The challenge was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle wasn’t in the stories that much. I questioned how to translate that into a story for television and film? I spent a few years trying to figure that out. I have 2 kids so I was always looking at the original material from a fresher perspective, and I was feeling how relevant it was. I feel like Betty’s solutions were tapping into what a lot of the best parenting books are talking about today. You allow the kids to be a part of the actual solution. They learn it so much better and feel more empowered. I asked my grandmother to hold off on selling the rights to a studio. A friend of my husband’s, Rachel Miller, grew up madly in love with the series. She felt we could sell the current series now, but writing new stories would open up a new door. I went back to my grandmother to see what we could do. I didn’t want to reinvent Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. She is her own character. I wanted to make something that was even more relevant to today’s children and could easily translate to television. Other than generational differences, how is Missy PiggleWiggle’s approach to using the magic cures different from her great aunt’s, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle? They are not entirely different. She grew up under Mrs. Piggle Wiggle as not only her aunt but her mentor. What has worked so well for Mrs. Piggle Wiggle we get to see in the new books. One difference is we get to see more of Missy Piggle Wiggle’s life than we did Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. Ultimately the philosophy is so sound that she [Missy Piggle Wiggle] is not going to veer very far from it.   

I have 2 kids so I was always looking at the original material from a fresher perspective, and I was feeling how relevant it was. I feel like Betty’s solutions were tapping into what a lot of the best parenting books are talking about today. Photo Credit: Kathy Schuh

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How have you modernized the cures in the new series? We have added a little bit of technology. We don’t want it to be technology heavy. Although technology is a part of our daily lives as parents, the core still comes down to listening. I would say the single largest change is in the original series the wife would stay home with the children and the husband would come home and the family would eat dinner around the table. There weren’t any blended families or single family homes. Our households have changed. Kids are the same. It is really the world that they live in that has changed. In the first book, there is an overarching storyline called free for all. They have 3 children with very distinct and robust behavioral issues. We have 2 parents who both work from home. Their work life balance is so off that it is having a negative impact on the children. This leads to a toxic environment. In this particular family we approached how we can not only fix the kids but heal the family as a whole. We didn’t see anything like that in the original series. The kids would get fixed but the parents were never presented as the problem. We all felt strongly that most of the stories will involve the kids’ behavior, but sometimes we have to bring the parents into it. I think the stories lend themselves to really great discussions to have with your kids. Parents can voice their concerns with their kids. Every single chapter presents an issue that parents have either dealt with or know other parents who have. What's next for Missy Piggle-Wiggle? How many books can we expect from the series? Any new exciting characters? There’s always going to be new kids. We will visit old favorites but we want the world to stay alive through new characters. We are working on the third manuscript so there will definitely be book 3. I am hoping there will be a 4th book. Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure is now available in bookstores and online.

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By: Krystal Henry

I’ll just cut to the chase; friendships, while balancing everything in between, can be hard to maintain. Think about it moms- we go through life making conscious choices to enter into friendships with the hope that the connection will be mutually beneficial.  But, when that doesn't happen and the relationship shifts, what should we do?  I haven’t quite figured it out yet, hence the inspiration for this article. When I became a mother, I started to realize the dynamics of my friendships were changing.  It wasn't something I was upset about.  It actually caught me off guard and I am just now learning to live with (and enjoy) their evolution.  Over the years I have developed what I consider to be healthy friendships with many awesome women and these relationships have helped shape me into the woman and mother I am today.  In my circle of mother and non-mother friends are movers and shakers in the worlds of education, health care, the beauty and sports industry, and lots of entrepreneurs.  These ladies are grinding every day to  make the world a better place. So what caused the shift?  Say it with me- LIFE!  No, not the hilariously classic movie featuring Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and the late Bernie Mac, but the entity that 

has your newborn waking up every hour, your stress levels being through the roof worrying if you are making the ‘right’ decisions as a mom, or you and your partner not seeing eye-toeye about the best plan for your child. I have been there through all of these situations and when I was going through, I didn’t realize it at the time, but the changes in my relationships were happening.  I am happy to say that I made it through all of these trials with the help of those in my mom and non-mom circle. While I believe it is important to surround myself with women who are mothers and wives such as myself, I think it is equally as important to connect with those who are single and answer to the call of “Mommy.” If I only allow myself to befriend moms and wives, I am missing out on connecting with a whole other sector of awesome ladies! This may be a bit taboo to those who have been told one should only be friends with those who are like them.  I disagree!  I seek out the opinion of my non-mom friends for the best approach to some parenting debacles to help me look at the situation from another perspective and in turn, I am able to share my lessons learned with them.  It works for me and I encourage you to not close yourself off from having non-mom friends. Here are some hard truths about my ever-evolving friendships I have learned and how me becoming a mother helped shape them into what they are today.  I hope they can help you. Truth #1: Your friendships will evolve - #facts. This has been the most interesting and surprising lesson for me to learn.  What I needed from my friends at 21, 30, or even last year is not exactly what I need now.  Add to that, I am a hard-working mother, making my current needs especially different.  Now I need a supportive (not pacifying) group of ladies who will listen to me rant, give me sound advice and strategies, and who will check me when I’m wrong. How else do friendships evolve? After my son was born my time became more limited. As I was adjusting to his internal clock my ability to spend uninterrupted time on the phone became a luxury, and the same is true now, when I  think about time out with my girls sans kids. So, I have come to appreciate the quality time we spend over dinner and on trips that may just be several times a year. New moms, here’s some advice - Get in the good graces of your sitters (and the back-ups) and have them on  speed dial so you can enjoy those quality moments with friends! Truth #2: One size does NOT fit all - For those moms who have multiple children I’m sure you are pros at changing up your game plan to fit each child; I may be at a bit of a disadvantage being a mom of 1!  At one point I tried to have the same approach for all of my friendships, putting them in two broad categories; all non-mom friends over here and all mom-friends over there. I learned the hard way that if I wanted my friends to individualize their approach to me, I have to do the same.  I can 

Issue 27 | 234

Over the years I have developed what I consider to be healthy friendships with many awesome women and these relationships have helped shape me into the woman and mother I am today. be honest in saying LIFE took over and I allowed myself to get lazy in thinking I could have a one size fits all mindset. After some missed cues and surface interactions, I stopped being lazy and put more thought into my interactions with my friends and I have been careful to not make that mistake again. Truth #3: QTIP is hard - One of my mom-friends told me about this acronym and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  QTIP: Quit Taking It Personally!  We've all done it before...misinterpreted a text, tone of voice, or lack of a phone call and thought it had something to do with us. In case you haven't, I'll let you know that I have done this more than I care to admit and still slip up every now and again.  It's easy to do even with the many responsibilities we have.  Let’s face it - mom guilt is enough at times to deal with, so why add another layer by taking small things with friends to heart.  Let it go and focus on what is important. I learned a tough lesson (twice) about this and what I discovered was something bigger was going on in my friends' lives that led to a change in their normal routine and they needed my support, not my selfishness.  I'll be honest - it was a hard pill for me to swallow.  Thankfully, I got over myself. You may not realize it but even in friendships there are ebbs and flows and times when you find yourself giving more than you receive.  Moms - If you make that conscious decision to enter into a relationship with a friend, then you are inevitably signing up to ride the tide.   Even with the shifts, twists, and turns friendships bring, I am able to look at the other side and think about the joy, love, and fulfillment they also bring. Be open to how your friend circle can evolve and how it will add to your life.  As I am on my journey through motherhood I look forward to how my friendships will transform and I look to the future with excitement to see what other lessons I will learn.   Krystal Henry is a working mother and wife living in the DMV. Learn more about Krystal at

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Kidspiration: Aparna Pande of Kidstir Is Making Cooking Fun Moms, how many times have you been in the kitchen baking or

Magazine, and prepaid 12 month subscribers also include

cooking and your little ones requested to join you? Although

a bonus cookbook binder so the little chef can build his or

the idea of cooking with your kids seems like fun, thoughts of

her own cookbook.

chaos fill your mind. From giving them adequate instructions to the clean-up, the tasks can feel cumbersome. Kidstir is

How do you come up with the themes and recipes for the

making the process of family cooking fun with their

Kidstir box?

subscription boxes.

I worked with my amazing teammates, the children’s cookbook author Deanna F. Cook and award-winning

What is the inspiration behind Kidstir?

designer Katie Craig, to develop our kids cooking kits. We

My then 5 year old twins Zack and Xander were the

tested our kits with many kids and families. We also

inspiration behind Kidstir. I wanted them to grow up loving

shared them with other experts. Our kits are parent, chef,

good food, just like my husband and I do. I am Indian and my

educator, pediatrician, nutritionist and kid approved!

husband is Hong Kong Chinese, and food places a joyous and healing role in both of our cultures. My boys also have severe

What are some of your favorite Kidstir recipes to cook

food allergies, and it was important for me that they not fear

with your kids?

food but instead feel empowered and confident around it.

Some of the most popular Kidstir recipes in my home are: Pizza Soup (a kid-friendly Pasta e Fagioli), Chocolate Lava

What can be found in a Kidstir kit?

Love (chocolate fondant), and Fish Food (an

Our kits contain a fresh food shopping list, 3 step-by-step

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recipes, 3 kid-size tools and activities, 3 foodie education pages, and 3 fun learning filled games. All new subscribers

Learn more at Read the full feature at

receive 2 bonus years of FamilyFun, Parents or Rachel Ray

POLISHED EXISTS to gather young professional women to navigate career and explore faith.



50 SHADES OF FABULOUS Model, reality star, actress, fashion icon and mom, Cynthia Bailey is adding one more role to her resume, serial entrepreneur. This Real Housewives of Atlanta star is making waves in the fashion accessories industry with her Cargo Collection and Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. Not stopping there, you can expect more as Cynthia grows her fashion empire with the launch of her candle line, 50 Cynt. CEOMOM caught up with the reality personality to learn how she is celebrating this new phase in her life without apologies.

CEOMOM  |  33

What is the inspiration behind each of your latest business ventures, the Cargo Collection and Cynthia Bailey Eyewear? As a fashion and a beauty brand, I really wanted to do something in the fashion accessories lane because it is organic for me. I didn’t really want to get into clothing. I get asked quite a bit about getting into clothing, but I love the fashion accessories lane. I love how people put things together. I am about personal style. I love labels just like anyone else, but I am more about how I am putting together what I’m wearing. The lead out to my fashion empire is eyewear. I moved from sunglasses to readers and I am now moving to opticals. My next transition was from eyewear to my leather goods line. I travel a lot so I am interested in anything in the travel lane and I thought it was a good fit. I also have a hat line on the table as well as a watch line, and my Cynthia Bailey Candles just came out. I am very hands on with all of the creatives. I literally wore a Cargo backpack for 6 months before I launched, and checked the zippers, the pockets and the sizes to make sure everything was the best quality. I personally test all of my products to ensure that I can stand by them. I really have to be able to stand by any and everything that has my name on it. It’s a process but I think in the end I am all about quality and affordability. Where do you see Cynthia Bailey Eyewear and the Cargo Collection in 5 years? My Cynthia Bailey readers are now available on QVC. I see a long standing relationship with QVC. I love the partnership I have with them, so I plan on taking all of my products to QVC. The home shopping channels are great, and I think a lot of my products can speak to their audience. I do products that are exclusive for QVC and are only available there. I also have a great  relationship with Macy’s. I have worked with them my whole life as a

Issue 27 | 234

I feel l like I am in this position for a reason.. to much is given much is required. model and have been able to continue my relationship with them. I love Macy’s because they sell quality products and are affordable. I have a great relationship with Nordstrom’s as well, and I also have my websites. My brand isn’t just in the States, I have a lot of international fans and they all want to buy. I have and It will be the same with all the other products. The name of the candle line is 50 Cynt. I really embrace that whole 50 milestone. I love turning 50. I own that space. I don’t feel like I am getting older, I am getting started. The next years I am living for me. We know that putting your life out there on reality TV can be challenging. We’ve watched you be very honest and open about your personal life. What do you like most about being on Real Housewives of Atlanta? I think what I love the most about being on the show is it took me out of my comfort zone. When I initially started this journey, I didn't know if I was right for reality TV. You don't

know if you can motivate and inspire people. You don’t know until you put yourself in that situation. Reality TV does not come with a manual. I took a leap of faith and went for it. The platform has been amazing. I have always had the entrepreneurial mindset, and business wise this has been great for me. This gives me a platform. It makes me a reality star, a public figure and a celebrity. This has created more opportunities to do more. Now, I have fans from all over the world. It’s a whole new ball game. With that I feel like I am in this position for a reason.. to much is given much is required. I am this person people expect great things from and God has me in this position for a reason. I am always trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing with this platform. How has being a reality star impacted your role as a mom? At first it was a little bitter sweet. Noelle came on the show with me when she was 8 years old. She has grown up on the show. I had to make the decision to protect her at all costs, just because I am ready for the exposure doesn’t mean she is. There are a lot of conversations between her dad and me to make sure she is protected at all times. We make sure this will affect her in a positive way, because we can’t control people having access to our lives. Noelle is a great kid and we encourage her to live her life, but remind her if she gets into trouble it’s going to be news because she is on the show. She is cautious and has made pretty smart choices. When people say I have done a good job as a mom, it blesses me. I walk around in a ball of guilt, because my life demands quite a bit of travel, but I do think I'm a great mom. I also know that I am here but not always

I want to get to the point where my businesses are successful enough that I can turn them over to be there more and more for my daughter. I don’t want to lose my child in the process. She is my most important priority.

CEOMOM  |    35 CEOMOM | 21

present. I try to create balance to make sure that I am the best at my number 1 job as a mother. We actually homeschooled my daughter in high school, because of my schedule. I could not focus and be away from my child all of the time. It‘s hard to parent and not be around as a parent. I want to get to the point where my businesses are successful enough that I can turn them over to be there more and more for my daughter. I don’t want to lose my child in the process. She is my most important priority. What do you hope is your daughter’s take away from your role as a reality tv star and your many business ventures? What do you hope she learns from watching you? I hope she learns to just embrace life and go for it. Don’t live in a box. Try new things even if you are uncomfortable because there are lessons when you live out the box. I am not the same woman I was 8 years ago, and a lot of that has to do with the show. I still have the essence of who I am. I am still a kind, loving person however I have learned to stand up for myself. Being on the show commands you to do that a lot more just because perfection is everything, and I never want to come off that I don’t stand for anything and I can’t defend what I stand for. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and be uncomfortable. What advice would you give to a mom who believes she needs to wait until her children are grown and out of the house to pursue her dreams? To each her own. I don’t feel that way. I have been pursuing my dreams as long as I could remember. I say you have to follow your heart and do what you feel. Everyone has a different mindset and work ethic and hours. If you feel like you can’t focus on your career and raise a family at the same time then do what is best for you. For me, I did both because they both meant a lot to me. For me having a successful career meant I could take better care of my family. At the end of the day, it is an individual choice. Half of the battle is becoming successful, but the real work comes with trying to stay successful. The more successful I become the more work I do. You always feel the pressure to do more. You don’t get to feel validated for what you are doing now. What can we expect from the Cynthia Bailey brand in 2018? I want to watch all these seeds that have been planted grow into a beautiful garden. I want to make sure that everything I am currently working on is flourishing. Sometimes you start a business and if the dollars aren’t adding up you have to consider closing it and moving on. I also want to accent what I already have going on. Anything that is organic to my name and my brand I want to see flourish. I look forward to watching it all grow.

I don’t feel like I am getting older, I am getting started. The next years I am living for me.

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Christi Brown Helping Moms Stay Fit with the FlexEhoop®, a Flexible Hula Hoop


One of the biggest challenges moms face is taking care of themselves. That includes maintaining a workout schedule that fits into a busy and hectic lifestyle. Christi Brown, a single

mom, funeral director and inventor, took a life altering event, the need for a supplemental income and the desire to make fitness fun and fast and created the FlexEhoop®, an exercise with a twist. CEOMOM chatted with Christi to learn more about her journey to entrepreneurship and how the FlexEhoop® is making fitness more accessible to busy moms. What is the inspiration behind FlexEhoop®? I really don’t like working out, plus as a funeral director and full time mom, I don’t have time for the gym or the discipline for a home exercise routine.  I knew early on that if I was going to stay in shape it would have to be a fun and effective workout.  I decided to hula hoop.  It was great, no big time commitment or monotonous routine.  However, there were some issues I experienced after purchasing my first weighted hoop.  It was quite big, noisy and it hurt to use.  The only place I could use it was in my living room, which annoyed everyone as they watched TV. I even tried a spring hula hoop, but it would pull my hair and if it hit the wall, it would cause damage. But these were the only available options for exercise hoops. In 2013, I decided to supplement my salary to better support my 8 year old son and I.  After talking with some friends I realized I could teach hula hoop classes.  After doing some research, I knew this was an upcoming workout and I wanted to be a part of it. I also learned that other hoopers were experiencing the same issues I was with the current weighted hoops and some were even getting significant 

I take my FlexEhoop® with me everywhere, including hiking, canoeing and biking. I actually like to walk and FlexE, it’s a great cardio workout. bruising. This sparked the idea of solving the problem. I needed to create a hula hoop that would be comfortable to use. While at a meeting, related to teaching, the idea for a flexible hula hoop popped into my head.  I went home, made a prototype, tried it out and it worked.  It also provided better cardio workout than my weighted hoop had. Describe the product. How does it work? It is made out of a flexible material and uses momentum from water inside to help it go around.  It propelled by core movement made by the user.  Because it is soft, it works with your body without causing bruising and is quiet.  It also needs only about 4 feet radius to use, so it’s great for almost any room in your house.  It also folds up to fit into a backpack or can be worn anyway you want.  In addition, about 2 years ago, I discovered that it was also great for isometric training, which is small pulse like movements for toning muscles.  Are there any other products like FlexEhoop®? If so, how does FlexEhoop® stand out from competition? Because it is the solution to the current weighted hula hoops, it is the only flexible, soft hula hoop that exists. It is a multipurpose exercise product, making it a portable gym, providing core, cardio and all over toning anywhere you take it. How did you get manufacturing? I was introduced to someone with connections to a sports product factory. After I pitched the idea to him, he pitched it to the manufacturer.  They said they were interested, signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and then I sent a video of me using the prototype I had created. They liked it, made a mold to create a prototype and sent the prototype back. Then the hard work began, getting people to be able to use it, like it, and want it.

What is your workout routine? I teach 30 minute classes at least 3 times a week to keep me motivated. Otherwise, I try to do the minimal maintenance time of 510 minutes per day, but I’m not always good at doing that.  The 30 minute workout includes stretching, hooping and isometric training.  It’s a lot of fun and provides an effective cardio workout to meet the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for vigorous exercise, according to a study at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse in 2015, (additional study findings can be found on Eventually, I want to incorporate the FlexEhoop® into other existing exercises. I take my FlexEhoop® with me everywhere, including hiking, canoeing and biking. I actually like to walk and FlexE, it’s a great cardio workout. What advice would you give to a single mom who wants to develop her own business or product? I consider invention the solution to existing 

problems and starting a business as fulfilling a viable need. So that being said, come up with something that will solve those needs, step out of your comfort zone and start networking. This is probably the most crucial aspect of starting anything. You have to find the people who will help you succeed. I hate meeting and talking with strangers, but I was blessed to have a friend get me connected with networking.  If you need to take someone with you, do it. You never know who knows who, so talk about your idea with everybody. You will be surprised how quickly you are connected with someone who can help you or connect you with the next person, etc. It’s a web of people out there and eventually you will meet the right person. Look at every situation, positive or negative, as a growing and learning opportunity.  It took me 3 years of active networking to finally meet the right people, but I met some amazing friends

CEOMOM  |    39

through this process. I also gained the confidence and the ability to pitch my product through participating in pitch contests.  I highly suggest this to help with perfecting your elevator pitch.  This confidence and skill helped take me to the next level.  Understand that I have no background in business, nor do I consider myself an entrepreneur.  I had to research everything, from how to write a business plan to discovering what a COO was.  But you have to put the time into your dream to fulfill it. Another bit of advice, don’t think someone is an expert just because they seem to have expertise.  I have learned that second and third opinions are well worth getting.  It will end up saving you a lot of heartache and money.  I saved thousands of dollars by not trusting everyone. I did a lot of things on my own, (i.e. patent and trademark), along with the help of wonderful friends and connections donating their time and skills, this was possible. Always keep in mind that life is an adventure, learn to live it as such, give yourself a break and enjoy the ride. What can we expect from the FlexEhoop® in 2018? You will see it in selected retail stores and ecommerce sites by summer.  I am currently working on a licensing deal.  2018 promises to be an exciting year for FlexEhoop®.   I have trusted God to open and close doors and He will continue to do so in the new year.

With every new year comes resolutions centered on self improvement. The mantra “new year, new you” can be seen on social media pages, blogs and heard from people wanting to leave old ideas and habits behind for a new way of thinking. As you make resolutions to be a better you, don’t forget your business may need some fine tuning, too. Create resolutions that will allow you to evaluate specific areas of your business to determine growth potential. For most entrepreneurs, our businesses are an extension of who we are. We are sharing new year’s resolutions that focus on your business while you focus on you.

Stop giving unnecessary discounts. One of the biggest challenges business owners face is pricing their products and services. Because this can be an intimidating feat, especially for women, business owners often underprice, causing the devaluation of their product offerings. It becomes more challenging to do future pricing based on actual value when your starting point is too low. When doing promotions, rather than reducing your prices, provide more value and justification for current prices or even increased prices. Too many price cuts reduce profits. Price impacts product perception. Know your worth and the worth of your 

business. Don’t undervalue what you offer. Evaluate your branding. Look at your branding to determine what changes, if any, should be made. Do you need a brand overhaul as it relates to your visuals, brand communication, social media marketing and brand identity or will a simple makeover do? Look at your graphic design, messaging to your target audience, social media presence and more to ensure consistency and appeal. Visit for more 2018 resolutions.


Take your business to the next level in 2018. Whether it's elevating your branding, learning to appreciate your company value or building your network, here are some resolutions that are hard to break. CEOMOM  |  41

Aging causes a lot of changes in the body and the skin is no exception. As we age our skin becomes thinner, loses fats, and no longer appears to look plump and smooth as it once did. Veins and bones can be seen more easily and scratches and bruises take longer to heal. One of the main culprits of aging skin is sugar. A diet, which contains large amounts of refined sugars, may cause skin to age prematurely through the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs).  To limit inflammation and control skin aging it is important to abstain from eating refined sugars.

Beautiful Mom

5 Tips for Keeping Skin Beautiful and Healthy by: Brenda L. Henderson

Glycation happens when the sugar, fructose or glucose clinches onto fats and proteins. Glycation causes the collagen to become inflexible and abnormal, as well as loss of elasticity, causing wrinkles and accelerated aging. A good skin care regimen can prevent some of the side effects of aging skin. To maintain healthy skin consider these six tips:

Tip 1: Avoid the sun and wear UVA and UVB protective sunscreen every day rain or shine, summer or winter. Always apply sun protective creams and lotions to all skin that is exposed. It is recommended to use a SPF 30 daily whether you are walking, lying out in the sun or driving. UVA rays can penetrate glass so it’s important to be protected. Applying sunscreens at least 20 minutes prior to being in the sun is recommended. Even delicate areas such as the eyes and lips need added protection therefore look for lip balm and eye products that have sunscreens in them. Many makeups now have sunscreen so make them part of your regimen. Tip 2: A healthy diet can keep skin looking and feeling good. Continuous hydration improves blood circulation.  A diet full of fruits and vegetables contribute to skin health especially foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, omega-3-fatty acids and selenium.  Examples of those foods are sweet potatoes, bell peppers, citrus fruits, tuna, salmon, avocados and nuts. Tip 3: Reduce or eliminate your refined sugar intake.  Too much sugar over long periods can cause the skin to dull and wrinkle prematurely due to a process in the body called glycation. Limiting sugar intake is not only good for your waistline, but for your skin. Tip 4: Drink alcohol in moderation not only for health reasons but also for your complexion. Alcohol dilates blood vessels in the skin and increases the blood flow near the skins surface. Blood vessels can become permanently damagede over a period of time resulting in blotchy, uneven and red looking skin. Alcohol is a diuretic, which dehydrates the body causing unhealthy looking skin. Tip 5: Lastly, protect your skin during cold weather. It's necessary so you can keep skin soft and smooth. When temperatures take a dive to freezing, the skin needs special care against chapping and dehydration. Creams made with minimal amounts of water and maximum amounts of emollients keep skin well moisturized on the coldest days.

Brenda L. Henderson is a soft spoken but persistent health advocate. Her passion is to get every person she meets to understand the importance of being healthy at any age. Brenda’s company Health Boss is an image consulting company with a concentration on health and wellness as well as lifestyle changes. She is the host of her blog-talk radio show Health Talk with the Health Boss. She is a health-contributing writer for several national publications and trade journals, as well as a featured health advocate on syndicated radio programs. Brenda was a 2014 and 2015 nominee ACHI Magazine Awards in the health Advocate category, and the 2017 winner.  Brenda was a collaborator for the Amazon Best Seller The Fitness Shift One of her quotes is “Being healthy is fashionable”.

Too much sugar over long periods can cause the skin to dull and wrinkle prematurely due to a process in the body called glycation. CEOMOM

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Baking with your kids can be so much fun, especially when the result is a tasty treat that kids of all ages can enjoy. From cookies to cupcakes to brownies, Scratch and Grain aims to make family baking time easier and more delicious without compromising quality. Taya Geiger, co-founder of Scratch and Grain, chatted with CEOMOM about their organic baking kits and her experience on Shark Tank. What is Scratch and Grain? How did you come up with the name? Scratch and Grain is a company that makes organic baking kits with individually packaged ingredients so that people can get the at home baking experience. For the name, I wanted something that was cute and clever and that explained what we do, but wasn’t as obvious. We took from the word scratch. We wanted to incorporate the word grain to represent whole grain ingredients. What inspired you to create Scratch and Grain products? I had a neighbor at the time who wanted to bake with her two little girls who were then 5 and 7. Leah thought it would be a great idea to bake cookies with her kids. Together they found the recipe online and went to the store to get the 12 ingredients. It ended up being $48. They go home and make the cookies and the kitchen ended up being a disaster. The cookies also didn’t come out that great. She was frustrated because she had spent all this time and money and had a huge mess to clean. We did this out of the necessity to make at home baking fun and easy. Are there other brands like Scratch and Grain? If so, how do you stand out from competition? There are starting to be a lot more companies out there that consider themselves to be a baking kit but they are a baking mix. What’s out there is a base baking mix with added ingredients on top. They might have the decorations or frosting in another bag. We are the only ones who truly make a kit where the ingredients are individually packaged. You get the same experience as baking at home. There are people who do not like certain things, for example I don’t like nuts in my food. By individually packaging all of the ingredients it allows our customers to make the items their own. The mixes are exact measurements. Instead of putting measurements on the instructions we use color coding. What is it like being on Shark Tank? It was an amazing experience. At first it was very scary being up there with the lights. You don’t know what is going to happen, but as soon as you get going it is an amazing experience. What advice would you give to a mom who wants to pitch her business on Shark Tank? My advice to a mom would be the same to anybody else. When you are on Shark Tank there is an even playing field.

Make sure your pitch is compelling enough that you can pass the producer test. Be genuine and very knowledgeable about your company. It is okay if your business hasn’t skyrocketed to the moon before you go on Shark Tank. Just know why and how you are going to get it to go forward. What was the most life changing advice Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran gave you? She has worked side by side with us rather than us having to go to her for a ton of guidance. When we are in murky water like negotiating with a certain store or a distributor or determining how we are going to represent our products, she has provided invaluable guidance. She has been invaluable with her guidance on consumer perception and keys on how to get consumers to purchase. She taught us a lot about price points. If prices are too high the consumer might shy away. Anything under $20 is key. The lower you go the more you are going to sell. We really experienced that. We had 2 shots on national television. We were on Good Morning America about 2 weeks after Shark Tank. After the appearances we changed our prices to under $20 as Barbara suggested and saw a huge increase in sales. Where do you see Scratch and Grain in 5 years? I see us being the grocery store leader in baking mixes and kits. I do think the market is going to follow in line. In 5 years most people are going to bake in kits. I see us being the leader not only in baking mixes and kits but in the organic sector. I see our product line expanding immensely with holiday kits like our Elf on the Shelf kit and other really cool projects.

How has your role as a mom impacted your role as an entrepreneur? Being a mom and entrepreneur is a big balancing act. Business takes a lot more energy and time than I would have ever anticipated in my lifetime. When I go home in the evening I have to turn off my phone and not open my computer. If I have my phone and computer on it will take away from time with my kids. Learn more about Scratch and Grain and place your order at CEOMOM  |    45


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By: Dr. Estrelita Bruce

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This memoir was written by Dr. Estrelita Bruce (Dr. E) to help you navigate through pain caused by trauma and loss. Dr. E shares her stories of loss from childhood to adulthood and offers hope through Jesus Christ.

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Order the Book:

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CEOMOM January 2018  

This issue we're talking family, friendship and embracing your "pre-mom" self. We're celebrating you as a woman and mother.

CEOMOM January 2018  

This issue we're talking family, friendship and embracing your "pre-mom" self. We're celebrating you as a woman and mother.