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Aarti Sequeira


WELCOME The holiday season is not only a time to share gifts and moments with loved ones, it is a chance to recharge, reflecting on the events of the year. One of the way moms can recharge and reflect is by celebrating themselves. The CEOMOM 2021 Holiday Gift Guide focuses on beauty and selfcare. From beauty products like vegan and cruelty-free lashes to candles designed to help you relax, we want you to take time for YOU this holiday season.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide







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Aarti Sequeira is a Food Network TV star, famed chef, author, wife, and mom of two. Her latest project, My Family Recipe Journal, is a vehicle for all of us to preserve those beloved family recipes and the stories behind them. Keeping her own recipe journal since she was 10, Aarti is inspiring families to not only cook together, but to preserve the memory of family members who are no longer with us through cherished stories that live in our family recipes. What inspired you to create My Family Recipe Journal? I created my own recipe journal when I was about 10 years old, to capture all the recipes I was testing out and loving. I was inspired by the recipe journal my mum had created, which houses both the family recipes handed down over the generations, and the new ones she's discovered and tweaked to her own palate. If there was a fire, this is one of the things I would grab, because it's a family heirloom, something I hope to pass on to my girls one day. It has helped me combat the fear that I will lose the connection with both my past and my future, and I think this is a fear many people have. Our families are separated by time and space, and food, even a written recipe, has the power to close that gap, even if we don't get to sit at the same dinner table every day. Family recipes are powerful; when I was little, I knew that even if I wasn't in the same time zone as my grandmother, she had probably had a hot cup of chai at 4pm, just like I was having. It has been such a boon to me, that I wanted to share that with everyone! My friend Candace (Cameron Bure) introduced me to the wonderful people at DaySpring, who helped craft this gorgeous, functional recipe journal; I am so proud of it! You can find My Family Recipe Journal by DaySpring on Amazon and at Why is the journal so personal to you? My grandmother, Lucia, passed away when my mum and her siblings were quite young. She was a legendary cook, improvising cakes on the stovetop (because she didn't have an oven) without a recipe, that kind of thing. But when she passed, they realized she hadn't written her recipes down! It was such an additional heartbreak, because being able to cook her recipes would have been a way to connect to her. I am comforted knowing that, when the good Lord calls my mum home, I'll be able to look through her recipe journal, and run my fingers across her handwriting... and show it to my own daughters, who can run their fingers along her handwriting too! It's such a simple, yet powerful way to maintain that connection across generations. Your culinary career has not slowed down since winning the sixth season of Food Network’s Food Network Star. What has been the key to your exponential impact on the culinary world? Curiosity. There is always something new to learn when it comes to food: new dishes, ingredients, cooking techniques. Figuring those out and then sharing them with people with excitement -- that's my bailiwick!


“The only thing that has helped me is realizing that I'm performing for an audience of one, The One, my Maker. And He already loves me more than anyone on the face of the earth." You recently had a candid conversation about the doubt and fear you’ve experienced in your career. Why is it important for you to be open about the role faith has played in your life and career? Imposter syndrome is a very real enemy in my life. I'm constantly dueling with it, because this is my second career (I started as a news and documentary producer!), so I'm constantly secondguessing whether I have the goods to step up to the plate. Couple that with a nearly-neurotic need to please people, and I can sometimes come completely undone. The only thing that has helped me is realizing that I'm performing for an audience of one, The One, my Maker. And He already loves me more than anyone on the face of the earth. I have found so much freedom in that truth. It has helped me understand that my worthiness is not found in my achievements - it's found in my identity as His daughter. I know that I'm not alone in fighting imposter syndrome and peoplepleasing; I want everyone to experience the freedom and peace that I do, so I try to share what works for me. And that's Jesus! What are some of your favorite family holiday recipes? My mum's stuffing. She'd only make it for special occasions, like Christmas or New Year's Day or Easter! It's like confetti: pine nuts, mint, bacon, raisins, garam masala and a little booze. I love it so much! Follow Aarti on Instagram @aartipaartipics

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