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You voted for this year’s most adorable pets. Now, it’s time to get to know the contest winners as well as some equally cute honorable mentions.


Are your teens and tweens looking for ways to make money? Share this article with them for some of our top money-making ideas.


Get Fired Up to Grill



Self-Care vs. Self-Compassion



Real Estate Realities



Conversations for Your Community




COVID-19’s Impact on Real Estate What to Know About Pedestrian-Related Traffic Accidents



5 Fun Facts About Frozen Cocktails



Uniting Orlando with Arts, Science, History, Culture and Community



State of Orange County



Your guide to the best quick getaways and family vacation ideas that will allow you to kick back, relax and forget about the real world for a little while.

What’s in Our Beach Bag




What’s Happening in Local Restaurants



How to Spot the Signs of Dry Drowning



What’s Up With Watermelon



Behind the Scenes: Driving Homegrown Tourism






In memory of Daniel Mills, this monthly section will be a place to celebrate his legacy and introduce you to the theatre students who will benefit from the special local programs created in his name.

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Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

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+ IN THE Kitchen

Get Fired Up to Grill Your guide to using your grill like a pro all summer long.

Grilled Peaches Courtesy of Chef Gary Appelsies, YMCA of Central Florida

By Lyndsay Fogarty


ummertime is for grilling. While burgers, hot dogs and steaks are a given, we’ve come up with some fun ideas for grilling outside the box.

Make Your Lemonade Stand Out

Try grilling your lemons before turning them into lemonade. Simply sprinkle halved lemons with sugar and place face down on the grill. Once they have nice char marks, remove and allow them to cool enough to handle. Then make your favorite lemonade recipe the way you usually do. The sugar helps the lemons caramelize, which adds a smoky flavor to this classic summer sipper. Consider spiking your grilled lemonade with blueberry vodka for a refreshing summer cocktail.

Do Something Different

These days, grills are used for more than just cooking proteins. You can make flavorful vegetables and even cook an entire pizza on your


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

grill. Simply prepare your dough then make it a family affair by having the younger kids choose the toppings, the older kids chop them up, and the adults do the cooking. Pizza dough can go from perfect to burnt in no time. Try pre-grilling the crust so you can give it your full attention. Then add the toppings off the heat and put it back on the grill to finish.

Delightful Desserts

Did you know you can use your grill to bake? Fill a cast-iron skillet with dough and a berry mixture and bake it in a closed grill for 15-20 minutes to make a southern cobbler. Or grease a sheet of aluminum foil, place cookie dough several inches apart and bake cookies over indirect heat with the lid closed. You can also cook firmer fruits like pineapple, peaches or bananas directly on the grill and serve them over ice cream for a quick and easy grilled dessert. Try the following recipe to do just that.

Ingredients: • 4 peaches, cut in half and pit removed • 2 tablespoons olive oil • 1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries • 1/2 cup non-fat vanilla yogurt • Zest of 1 orange • 2 tablespoons honey • 2 tablespoons fresh mint • 1/2 cup slivered almonds, optional for garnish Directions: Using a paring knife, cut the peaches along their seams, all the way around, twist apart and carefully remove pits. Using a pastry brush or your fingers, brush the cut sides of the peaches with olive oil and set aside. Heat a grill or grill pan to medium. Place peaches on the grill, cut side down. Cook until the peaches have softened and developed some grill marks, about 4–5 minutes. Brush the tops of the peaches with oil, and turn over, cooking over indirect heat, another 4–5 minutes. In a medium mixing bowl add yogurt, orange zest, and honey. Using a whisk, mix well to combine. Add about 3/4 cup raspberries and gently fold in using a rubber spatula. Place one-half peach on individual plates, spoon yogurt sauce over top. Garnish with remaining whole raspberries, fresh mint and almonds.


HHHHH – 5 STARS ON GOOGLE! Dr. Phan and staff were amazing and made me feel safe, calm and comfortable. The dental staff was dressed in full medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and double masked. Every precaution was taken in ensuring a safe and clean environment from allowing only one patient in the lobby at a time to thoroughly disinfecting every surface area between patients to requiring the use of hand sanitizer and a temperature check before being seen. The level of care and attentiveness exhibited by the entire staff was nothing short of exceptional. -Tina Le

Dr. Phan earned the prestigious Mastership Award from The Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), placing him among the 2% of general dentists throughout the United States and Canada that hold this title. 7824 LAKE UNDERHILL RD., #G ORLANDO, FL 32822 (407) 282-7498 WWW.PHANTASTICSMILE.COM


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+ LIVING Mindfully

Self-Care vs. Self-Compassion:

What’s the Difference?

Learn the meanings of these two terms and how they work together to shift your thinking and rejuvenate the whole self — mind, body and spirit.

By Alina Hoarau


ou may have heard the terms “self-care” and “self-compassion.” Perhaps, you’ve even mistaken them for one another. However, these two topics differ in a variety of ways. In simple terms, self-care has a focus on the physical being while self-compassion has a focus on the emotional being. While having a distinct difference, these terms seamlessly tie into one another. We know that it’s important to care for our mind, body and spirit, but what draws that distinct line between care and compassion?

What is Self-Care?

This concept revolves around the idea of action or the physical aspects of taking care of one’s self. Something as simple as brushing your teeth can be considered self-care. A trip to the spa works, too. Maybe you’ve even decided to plan a nice vacation to relax. These are all examples of simply taking care of yourself, which may seem very surface level. However, this is half of the battle, as physical health is just as important as mental health.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

What About Self-Compassion?

Moving away from the physical aspects of caring for yourself, much of self-care revolves around the ability to regard yourself with compassion. Reflection of one’s emotions is an essential part of gaining compassion. To make this easier to understand, consider that having self-compassion is not much different from viewing the world with compassion. It’s important to treat yourself as kind as you may treat the outside world.

So What’s the Difference?

The main difference between selfcare and self-compassion is that there is an element of vulnerability when it comes to gaining compassion for yourself. You must push past an area of comfort and learn how to be conscious of not only what you’re doing, but also why you’re doing it. For example, waking up in the morning and forcing a smile on your face is a much different concept from waking up and smiling because you believe you have what it takes to get through the day.

Intertwining the Two

Let’s think about it like this: You’ve had an incredibly debilitating week and you tell yourself, “You know what, I’m going to purchase something for myself.” Rather than just simply spoiling yourself with something at the mall, you would transition into a mindset where you tell yourself that you’re not only getting yourself a little something, but that you also deserve whatever it is that you want. That’s how compassion is applied to the sole actions of self-care. A key part of rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit is applying the concepts of self-care and self-compassion. This can result in a healthy lifestyle while also making room for self-reflection and a relaxed mind.

+ YOU ASKED We Answered

Real Estate Realities: Market Value vs. Appraised Value Learn the meanings of these two terms and how it works for homeowners when they’re preparing to sell in this market.


Recently, I did substantial renovations to my home amounting to over $75,000. Shouldn’t the cost of my home improvements increase its appraised value?

By Kristen Jackson and Chuck Jackson, Jackson Law P.A.


Appraised value isn’t simply an equation of how much someone spends on home improvements. It’s more of a comparison to other homes within your immediate neighborhood of similar size and value. As a rule, there are more people selling homes than there are people looking to buy homes in a buyer’s market. In a seller’s market, there are more people looking to buy homes than there are people selling homes. Since the beginning of February 2021, Central Florida has become a seller’s market with homes selling almost as quickly as they are listed by Realtors. What we know is that during a seller’s market, sellers don’t need to give away their homes for nickels and dimes based on an appraised value, especially if the seller has just made improvements. It’s a time that sellers can negotiate mar-

ket value (greater dollar value), and the buyer may be willing to pay more because your home has more to offer than your neighbor’s home. For example, if your home has a 3,000-square-foot brick driveway and a large swimming pool, while most neighbors have concrete driveways and small pools, the value for your driveway and pool may not increase your home selling price. So, what determines the real value? In a buyer’s market, an appraised value is often no more than a comparison of homes that are in abundance, leaving the seller with little negotiating ability. On the other hand, when there is a scarcity of homes available in a seller’s market, the market value gives the seller a greater opportunity of recovering much of the value for brick driveways and larger pools. It takes an educated Realtor who’s looking out for the seller and sees the real value rather than looking out for themselves to obtain a quick commission.

Also, in a seller’s market, the seller has greater control over the sales contract. The seller may decide to remove contract contingencies that favor the buyer, such as conditioning the sale upon an appraised value, a home inspection report or specific types of financing. In a seller’s market, because there is a short supply of homes for sale, the seller should also consider consulting with a real estate attorney to discuss details of contract advantages. Understand that Realtors have the responsibility to both the buyer and seller to negotiate the conditions of the contract whereas it’s up to the seller or buyer to emphasize or demand changes to those conditions. Realtors cannot advise you on the law, only an attorney has that ability. In Central Florida’s seller’s market, you need an attorney to best advise you on sales contracts and asset planning, a Realtor to sell your home and a title, escrow and closing firm to manage your closing. Your greatest advantage is a firm like ours that can do it all.

Kristen Jackson, the founding partner of Jackson Law P.A., handles all aspects of estate planning and real estate law. Chuck Jackson manages real estate sales and works closely with Kristen at closings as the firm’s real estate title and contracts manager. For more information, visit www.JacksonLawPA.com and www.JacksonFloridaRealtor.com.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

+ TALK of the Town

Conversations for Your Community A monthly look at what's happening in the Orlando area, along with fun facts and important reminders.

Consider an early morning biking experience on one of Central Florida’s several bike trails. This idea can prove to be relaxing, exhilarating and healthy.

By Rich Maladecki

Our Orange County Library System (OCLS) continues to receive community and state recognition for its outstanding service to our county. Recently, OCLS earned four honors from the Florida Library Association: • Florida Library of the Year • ESL (English as a Second Language) Educational Programs • Creating Virtual Field Trip Programming for students during a pandemic • Lifetime Achievement Honor for OCLS Library Director, Mary Ann Hodel OCLS is a true community jewel with 15 locations. For more information, visit OCLS.info.

Recently, the Orlando Regional Realtor Association conducted a groundbreaking ceremony for its new offices. This new headquarters campus will be located off I-4 near Lee Road and will serve its 19,000 members.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

The month of July is the unofficial start of the fall football season with the opening of summer camps. Let’s enjoy the idea of watching high school, college and professional games in person again this upcoming season.

The current Lodging Member of the Year from the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association is Fred Sawyers of the Bonnet Creak (Waldorf and Hilton) Resort. Congratulations, Fred!

The Tap Room at Dubsdread recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary! This College Park eatery has become a go-to favorite because of its friendly atmosphere and its fine (and always fresh) cuisine. Kudos to Steve Gunter, Barbara Teal and the Tap Room team.

Did you know that Orlando will be hosting the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games next June? This gathering of 4,000 athletes will occur at several Central Florida venues. For more information, visit 2022SpecialOlympicsUSAGames.org.

As citizens — and as individuals living in this country — let’s stop to reflect the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy on the birth date of the United States of America on July 4.







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You voted for this year’s most adorable pets. Now, it’s time to get to know the winners as well as some equally cute honorable mentions.


Photos by Joe Brooks Photography

Pet Parents: Adam and Pamela Powell Community: Williamsburg What are some of Buddy’s favorite things? Buddy’s favorite activity, by far, is swimming in the lake and jumping off the dock at his grandma’s house. He loves to chase anything that moves, especially tennis balls and chew toys. He also enjoys playing with his 14-month-old baby sister, Kaisley! How did you meet Buddy? Back in 2015, I (Adam) decided it was time to get a dog, so I began looking online. Since I was living on a lake at the time, I wanted a dog that enjoyed the water. Surprisingly, a lot of the dogs on the kennel websites didn’t have much of a description; however, Buddy was one of the few exceptions. He was described as a 2-year-old pit mix who loved the water and would do great at a home with a pool or lake. I took this as a promising sign that Buddy might be the right dog for me. I went to meet him at the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s Sanford location and found out that this was his second time at the kennel after being returned by previous owners due to being “overly hyperactive.” I could tell that Buddy hadn’t been properly trained, as he didn’t respond to commands and seemed to have very little experience with fetching a tennis ball. I decided that he probably just needed some proper training and a good owner, and I took him home! He improved immediately, learning to sit, stay, lay down and speak within a few weeks. His hyperactivity was never really an issue. I think he just needed regular exercise and play that he wasn’t getting before. What is your favorite story with Buddy? I think his adoptive history — being returned to the animal shelter by two separate owners before being adopted by me is probably his most triumphant story. I think a lot of new pet owners underestimate the time and effort that is required with dog ownership, especially with a powerful and energetic breed like Buddy’s. He has truly become a member of our family and we could not see ourselves without him in our lives.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

PRINCE Pet Parent: Amy Bachmeier Community: Reunion What are some of Prince’s favorite things? Prince absolutely loves a good spa day. He jumps in the tub and can’t wait to get pampered. He loves new collars. He actually prances around because he knows he looks good! He also loves a good nap with a soft squeaky toy. How did you meet Prince? We met in Ohio in Amish country, and I drove him all the way back to Florida. Eighteen hours in the car with a new puppy was a bonding and traumatic experience for both of us. What is your favorite story with Prince? On a trip to Vail, Colorada, Prince was a little bit of a celebrity, starting with the hotel staff loving on him all week to the valet guys sneaking him extra dog cookies. He made himself at home, and they let him run the place. On one of our morning walks around the village, we stumbled upon a press conference held by the mayor. Once he saw Prince, he actually wanted him to come over and say hello. He begged him to move to Vail and run for public office...office of the TOP DOG.



SANDY Pet Parents: Cyndi and Greg Hulin Community: Winter Garden What are some of Sandy’s favorite things? She has a stuffed dog today that she carries around with her. It’s old, worn and missing both eyes. I’ve patched it and refilled it several times. We’ve tried to replace it, but she only wants this toy. She also loves sitting under our trees for hours watching the squirrels. How did you meet Sandy? She was a stray puppy on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico when a friend rescued her. We adopted her when she was about a year old. She is the most affectionate and devoted dog we’ve had. She loves to cuddle and thinks that every pillow in the house is meant for her. What is your favorite story with Sandy? Sandy loves to sniff out critters in our yard. She met her match one night, though, when she cornered a skunk. The skunk sprayed her directly in her face; she was covered in oil. We tried all of the remedies for cleaning her — baking soda, pet products, tomato juice, etc. — but no matter what we tried, the scent lasted for weeks. The first few days, she sulked around the house and wouldn’t go back out in the yard. The house also was pungent for weeks.

Many types of pets were represented in the Cutest Pet Contest. These contestants didn’t quite make it in the winner’s circle, but they are so cute that we just had to take another look at their photos. 16

Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

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+ EXPERT ADVICE | Real Estate

What to Expect from COVID-19’s Impact on Real Estate Home prices are rising while the number of active listings is decreasing. What this means for the local real estate market. By Gonzalo Senior, IRM, Investments, Real Estate & Management, LLC


he COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the housing market this past year. Stay-athome orders and rising health concerns led to fewer buyers looking for homes and fewer sellers willing or able to list their properties while remaining cautious of people from multiple households touring their homes during a pandemic. Now, as CDC guidelines relax and more people become vaccinated, the trends have shifted in favor of the seller, especially here in the Orlando housing market. This includes the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford areas.

The Impact of Residential Growth and Decreasing Housing Options

Orlando is one of the nation’s fasting growing cities. The Orlando metropolitan area gained over 60,000 residents in 2019, and it’s projected it gained more in 2020. As such, the demand for residential properties is higher than ever. Orlando home sales have increased 2% this past year alone. With Orlando’s evergrowing population, coupled with a decrease in in-

ventory due to the pandemic, buyers are seeing an increase in home values. The median selling price for a home is up $35,000 compared to a year ago, which is the fastest-paced increase since 2006. The Orlando housing market is seeing an average property overvalued by more than 17%.

Florida’s Housing Market Remains Strong

Florida’s overall housing market in April had more closed sales, higher median prices and increased pending inventory compared to a year ago, according to Florida Realtors® housing data. Also, the interest rate for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.06% in April 2021, significantly lower than the 3.31% averaged in April 2020. However, note that the April data is being compared to April 2020 during the first statewide lockdown due to COVID-19.

Will a Housing Bubble Pop and Prices Drop?

While most sellers remain optimistic about their home selling potential, some may fear a bubble in the U.S. housing market reminiscent of 2006. However, economists say the

Gonzalo Senior is broker/owner at IRM Investments, Real Estate & Management with over 20 years of experience. His vast knowledge of the residential and commercial real estate market enables him to assist buyers and sellers in receiving the best return on their investments.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

housing market isn’t overinflated. It’s simply a lack of supply, and a bubble won’t pop, thousands of homes won’t slide into foreclosure, and buyers who wait likely won’t be better off. Instead, housing inventories will remain low for a while, credit will remain tight, and lenders will not issue risky loans like they did back in 2006. Product risk — such as from mortgages with introductory periods, teaser rates or balloon payments — comprised about 40% of the mortgage market between 2004 to 2006. Those factors are now at only 2% of the mortgage market, according to Morgan Stanley.

Looking Ahead

As we start to compare June, July and August 2020 to June, July and August 2021, we will start to see the abnormally high year-over-year growth figures shrink. This is because June of last year was the beginning of the recovery in sales. It is our hope that as the country moves to more normalcy, people will be ready to put their homes on the market again, and consequently, we will start a long, gradual slowdown in the rate of increased home values.


• • • • • • Promotional Feature • • • • • •

What to Know About Pedestrian-Related Traffic Accidents

Know your rights and what to do if you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle versus pedestrian collision.

By Michael B. Brehne, Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A


lorida is #1! Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the Gators. I’m talking about pedestrian traffic fatalities. Not exactly a statistic to be proud of, but from 2010 to 2019, Florida topped the list. Even worse, Central Florida holds the highest ranking for pedestrian danger in the United States. Nationwide, the number of pedestrians killed by drivers has increased 45% in the same 10-year period. Of these fatalities, people aged 50 and older, and especially over 75, significantly contribute to the high numbers. Researchers believe the reason is that this age group is more likely to experience challenges seeing, hearing and moving. Other researchers believe the increased use of trucks, SUVs and crossovers are to blame because they sit much higher than passenger cars and limit the driver’s field of vision when it comes to pedestrians. Also, because of the weight and elevated front ends of these vehicles, pedestrians are 50% more likely to die in a collision with them than a passenger car. Larger vehicles generate greater force with speed, and higher front bumpers don’t allow pedestrians to flow over the hood. Some researchers have found a link between lower tax base neighborhoods and high pedestrian fatalities. They claim municipalities that don’t attend to road maintenance, such as installing sidewalks, marked crosswalks or other pedestrian signaling devices, have higher rates of fatalities. Neighborhoods with quality street

lighting, well-marked intersections and other safe street designs suffer less instances of pedestrian fatalities. In most motor vehicle versus pedestrian collisions, the cause is usually excessive speed, inattentive drivers, texting or DUI — not the pedestrian. Lighting is also a key factor, with 70% of fatal pedestrian accidents occurring after sunset. There are some common sense approaches you can take to stay safe from a collision while walking. First, use the sidewalk whenever possible. If there isn’t one, walk facing oncoming traffic so you can see if a vehicle is going to leave the roadway. Second, cross at the crosswalk even if you have to take a few steps out of your way to get to it. Third, make sure you’re visible to motorists by using reflective clothing, high-visibility colors or a flashlight if you’re walking at night.

Also, keep your eyes on traffic and don’t look at your cell phone while crossing the street. Avoid using headphones or ear pods when walking along roadways so you can hear verbal warnings, horns and sirens before it’s too late. While driving, always look out for pedestrians. Slow down when approaching crosswalks, intersections and school zones or wherever you know people will be walking. Check for people walking behind you whenever you pull out of a parking spot and, when in doubt, wherever you are, yield the right-of-way to the pedestrian. You can never be wrong if you yield. If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle versus pedestrian collision, call the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. to speak with an attorney familiar with the characteristics of these types of cases.

Michael Brehne has dedicated his 24-year career to representing injured people in motorcycle and car accidents, and represents people when their insurance claims have been denied. He has earned a reputation as a tenacious and skilled trial lawyer when representing his clients against large corporate defendants and insurance companies. He is also the author of “Watching Out for Florida Motorcyclists: Legal Rights of Injured Bikers.”


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021


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Gonzalo Senior Licensed Real Estate Broker Follow Us on Social Media @IRMORLANDo www.CentralFloridaLifestyle.com


+ WINE & Spirits


Fun Facts About Frozen Cocktails Discover the history of some of the most popular blended adult beverages. By Alina Hoarau


othing screams summer more than a delicious frozen drink. They double as a refreshing cocktail and a fun, new recipe to try out at home. With that being said, have you ever been curious about where some of these famous cocktails originate? Here is a rundown of the history behind some of our favorite frozen cocktails.

Piña Colada

The Piña Colada originated in Puerto Rico. While other individuals claim they're responsible for the creation of the cocktail, the most popular origin story revolves around a head bartender at the Caribe Hilton in the city of San Juan in the 1950s. This person was none other than Ramón “Monchito” Marrero. He perfectly blended a combination of pineapple and coconut to create a refreshing drink that was originally served without alcohol. Later on, of course, genuine Puerto Rican rum would become the staple ingredient in the fruity cocktail.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021


We all know Daiquiris as the ultimate, sweet cocktail. However, its roots are deeply embedded in the past. The drink was established by an American engineer who lived in Cuba after the SpanishAmerican War. In fact, the name of this cocktail actually comes from a port town in which the U.S. first invaded Cuba during the SpanishAmerican War. The rum-lime-sugar drink most likely existed well before the coining of the name due to the abundance of those specific ingredients. Regardless, it's now enjoyed all over the world, and different fruits are blended in to create the perfect signature drink.

Rum Runner

The most popular origin story of the Rum Runner entails that the cocktail was created at the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar in Islamorada, Florida during the 1950s. It has been said that the drink was specifically concocted as a result of the bar having an excess of alcohol that needed to be moved before more was to arrive. It was not long before some of those liqueurs were mixed together to create what we know today as

the Rum Runner. Another fun fact is that it got its name after the original rum runners, those that smuggled alcohol and inhabited the Florida Keys in the early days.


While there are many contenders for the most famous sour cocktail, the most popular and the most common one is from Carlos "Danny" Herrera. He was said to mix up this cocktail in the 1930s at his restaurant, Rancho La Gloria, in Tijuana. It's said that he created it for the infamous Marjorie King, who was allergic to all alcohol except tequila. Rather than serving her a typical tequila shot with lime and salt, he favored a different approach and concocted what we know today as the Margarita.


The Mudslide is said to have originated in the Cayman Islands during the 1950s. Specifically, at the Wreck Bar and Grill on the North coast of Grand Cayman Island. Surprisingly enough, the drink didn’t gain popularity in the United States until the 1980s.

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+ ARTS & Entertainment

Uniting Orlando with

Arts, Science, History, Culture and Community United Arts of Central Florida serves as a one-stop shop for support and funding of the local arts community. By Kaitlyn Fusco


nited Arts of Central Florida (UA) is a nonprofit organization that supports the arts, sciences and history in Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. UA collaborates with more than 3,000 individuals, businesses, local governments and foundations to support more than 60 arts and culture organizations and through them, enhances the quality and variety of cultural experiences throughout Central Florida. The organization serves local cultural providers, including, but not limited to, the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Orlando Science Center, Orlando Repertory Theatre (The REP), Orlando Ballet, and Orange County Regional History Center, by raising and distributing funds as well as providing management, administrative and advisory services. Through its services, UA has invested $162 million in Central Florida arts and culture since 1989. “Supporting the arts is so important, because every single human being has a creative aspect of who they are. Some people have discovered it and some people haven’t, and I think that by experiencing the arts, whether its music, dance, murals, woodworking, gardening, cooking or some other outlet, you don’t have to be a trained artist to be creative,” says UA President and CEO Jennifer Evins. “We are supporting and celebrating more than just the art you see. We are celebrating human beings and giving people the opportunity to discover their own creativity.” The organization also works with area school districts to facilitate curriculum-based comprehensive arts and


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

cultural educational programs for students. This programming includes sending entire grade levels of students in Orange and Osceola counties to the ballet as well as the Philharmonic, many for the first time in their young lives. Last year, UA supported more than 2.7 million experiences, including more than 910,000 for students in grades K-12. “When people support United Arts, they help sustain the organizations they know and love ­­— as well as some they haven’t met yet — throughout the year to come,” says UA Marketing and Communications Manager Sean Thurman. “Central Florida would not feel like home without its incredible arts community.” To support your local arts, Evins says showing up is just as important as providing donations. “The first thing our community can do is to get up and show up,” she says. “Buy a ticket; there is always something going on in this beautiful city. This not only supports the local organization or individual artist, but it shows that you value your neighbors’ and community members’ passions.” Evins notes that donations, no matter how big or small, go a long way as well. “Everything from $5 to whatever your capacity is, each donation says to us that what we are doing matters, and it provides that hope for our youth to keep on exploring their talent and their passion,” she says. To find arts and culture events near you and to make a donation to United Arts of Central Florida, please visit UnitedArts.cc


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15 Ways Kids Can Cash in This Summer T

Are your teens and tweens looking for ways to make money? Share this article with them for some of our top money-making ideas.

eaching kids the value and rewards of hard work and earning their own money is an integral part of helping them develop into responsible adults. Through this, they gain self-esteem, learn the real value of a dollar and develop better saving and spending habits. Share this list of job ideas below with your pre-teens or teens for a variety of ways they can cash in this summer.

By Kimberly Blaker

The Grass is Always Greener

What better way to soak up the sun, get fit and make spare cash than mowing lawns? Create some fliers, and be sure to mention you live in the neighborhood. Include your fees based on yard size, but try to keep the rates below the cost of professional services. Also, don’t forget to include your phone number. Then deliver the fliers to homes in your neighborhood. You can lodge them between doorknobs or tuck them under doormats. Just don’t place anything in mailboxes because it’s illegal.

Young Entrepreneur

Make the most of your neighbors’ garage sales by setting up a refreshment stand in your own front yard. You will need a small table and a handmade sign: “Cookies and Lemonade — 50 cents each.” Set out a pitcher of lemonade or Kool-aid, disposable cups and wrapped cookies. At the end of the sale, add up your profits and divide them with your partners.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

Too Old for Toys and Games?

If so, clean out those you’ve outgrown and hold a sale. Make a cardboard or wooden sign to attract neighborhood kids and passersby. Then lay out blankets in your front yard and spread out your goods. Keep your prices reasonable, and don’t forget a 25-cent box filled with odds and ends.

Kiddie Care

Are you old enough to stay home alone? If so, you may be ready to babysit for other children. Spread the word through family, friends and neighbors. Once you’ve gained experience, post fliers on the library, grocery store or laundromat bulletin boards. When babysitting, play games and do activities with the kids. Avoid talking on the phone or watching TV. Parents love sitters that keep their children busy. Also, don’t forget to clean up and wash dirty dishes.

A Little Dirt Never Hurt

Garage cleaning is a big chore, especially for the elderly or anyone who just doesn’t have the time. So offer your services to relatives and neighbors. When you get a job, be thorough. Move everything into the driveway or yard before you begin. Remove cobwebs with a broom. Sweep ledges and the garage floor. Then hose the garage concrete (with permission) to loosen ground-in dirt. When it’s dry, neatly arrange everything back into the garage.

Window Washing

Offering your services for this dreaded task is sure to be a success. If you get the job, make sure your parents know the homeowner and approve of you going inside. Clean the interior of all windows, including doors. Also, don’t forget to open the windows and clean the ledges and tracks. Offer to do

Central Florida Lifestyle - 7.5x5.05_06-2021.pdf 1 6/3/2021 1:13:24 PM











exterior windows if you’re tall enough to reach them without a ladder. Ask permission to hose them down to remove loose dirt then wash and dry them by hand. Life’s a Zoo

Pet owners who don’t like to kennel their pets are often in a dilemma at vacation time. Pass out flyers in your neighborhood offering to pet sit. Do the sitting in your home, if your parents agree. Otherwise, make regular visits to the pet’s home. Be responsible and do precisely as the pet owner instructs, for the safety of both you and the pet.

Weeds Away

Are weeds taking over your neighbors’ flowerbeds? Then offer to get them back into shape. Before you get started, find out which ones are plants versus flowers that haven’t yet bloomed. When in doubt, ask before you pull them. Wear gloves to protect your hands and hose the ground lightly to loosen roots. Pull weeds from rock beds, shrubbery and cement cracks then dispose of them properly.

Errands for the Elderly

Are there handicapped, disabled or elderly persons in your neighborhood? If so, offer to run errands within walking or biking distance. Attach a basket to your bike or carry a backpack for easy transporting. If you have your driver’s license, offer to do more distant runs.

Who’s Walking Who?

If you’re looking for a new summer pal, why not make it man’s best friend? Pass out fliers to offer your pet walking services. Never run a dog unless the owner agrees. And if the dog starts panting or doesn’t want to run, never push it. Dogs can quickly overheat, which can kill them.

Make it Shine

Round up your friends and get ready for some cold, wet fun! Hold a car wash in your driveway or a parking lot with permission from the property owner. Make a large, colorful sign and


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

include your cost (set it no more than your local car wash charges). Have your supplies handy: a bucket of soapy water, rags or a sponge, a hose and plenty of dry towels. News Courier

Hop on your bike or blades and spread the news — that is, deliver the news. Apply for a route with your local newspaper or add your name to the waiting list. Place newspapers either in a newspaper box or on the front porch to make sure they will remain dry. It may even increase your tips.

At Your Service

Offer home cleaning services to your neighbors. Unless other arrangements are made, plan to dust furniture and window ledges, vacuum carpet and upholstered furniture, sweep and mop floors, clean bathrooms, shake out rugs and make beds. Ask if straightening up is expected. Also, find out which cleaning products (supplied by the homeowner) to use on fixtures, appliances and furniture to prevent damage.

Pool Patrol

If sunbathing is your thing, then this is the job for you! Find the age and certification requirements for lifeguard

duty. Then apply at your community pool or YMCA. Keep your skin safe by using good sunscreen. Nurturer of Nature

If you’re a nature lover, don’t forget about your local parks. Possible positions may include assisting with planned activities and events, maintaining park grounds and tending ticket booths. Call area parks to find out what jobs they offer and how to apply.


State of Orange County

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings at the 2021 State of the County Address.

Robert Agrusa is president and CEO of the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association, the world’s largest regional hotel association (www.CFHLA.org).

On Friday, June 4, the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association — in partnership with Orange County Government — presented the 2021 State of Orange County Address at the Orange County Convention Center. This annual address was live streamed by hundreds of community and business leaders, numerous Central Florida elected officials, and viewers through OrangeTV and in the audience. In his remarks, Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings addressed the challenges and the accomplishments faced by the county’s businesses, residents and governmental employees over the past year. Furthermore, Mayor Demings discussed the county’s commitment to ensuring the safety of all businesses and residents throughout the pandemic, including access to personal protective equipment, COVID-19 testing and subsequent vaccinations, the ability to



seek workforce training and retraining opportunities, and the county’s optimistic economic outlook for the remainder of 2021. Most importantly, Mayor Demings highlighted the historic investments that continue to be made by the hospitality and tourism industries, including Universal Orlando Resort’s new theme park Epic Universe, SeaWorld Orlando’s newest roller coaster Icebreaker Launch, and Walt Disney World’s Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Resort. Lastly, Mayor Demings shared his excitement as hotel occupancy is increasing and families and visitors are returning this summer, just in time to make lasting memories. On behalf of CFHLA, we would like to thank Mayor Demings for his continued partnership, leadership and support of the Central Florida tourism and hospitality industries.



ENTERTAINMENT Live Music Dining MOVIES CAR SHOWS Dancing SHOPPING ARTISAN MARKET ArcAdes crafts 3251 Margaritaville Blvd. | Kissimmee, FL 34747 | SunsetWalk.com www.CentralFloridaLifestyle.com


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What’s in Our

Beach Bag Discover our favorite products that will keep you looking and feeling good on the beach this summer.

Make a splash this summer with an all-in-one hair tie that doubles as a stylish stackable bracelet. Turn up the beachy vibes with these fresh summer patterns, offered in packs of three. Teleties Cool Coral $7.99-$9.99 Teleties.com

Whether you drape this comfortable, oversized beach towel over your lounge chair or spread it out on the sand, it’s the perfect size for kicking back and soaking up the sunshine. Infamous Swim Towel Safari Leopard with Logo $79 InfamousSwim.com


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

Feel the breeze on your skin while keeping the sun out of your eyes with this lightweight visor that was made for summer. Tommy Bahama Tillie Paper Braid Visor $45 TommyBahama.com

With Corkcicle’s Vineyard Vines collection, you can sip ice-cold beverages in style all summer long. The Slim Arctican is perfect for any seltzer can and the Stemless for your favorite wine. Corkcicle Vineyard Vines Stemless $29.95 Corkcicle Vineyard Vines Slim Arctican $29.95 Corkcicle.com

Bring your favorite tunes to the beach with you. This compact, indoor/outdoor speaker features a tiki-inspired LED flickering flame and offers six hours of continuous audio play time. TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker $39.99 LimitlessInnovations.com

Put your best face forward with an organic face sunscreen that acts as sun protection and moisturizer all in one. It provides UVA/UVB protection and an antioxidant-rich formula to hydrate the skin. Cucumber SPF 30 Face Sunscreen Lotion by COOLA® $32 TommyBahama.com


Bring your furry friends to Museum of Illusions for a morning filled with illusions, costumes, and the most adorable Instagram-worthy pictures!


SATURDAY SEPT 25, 2021 Time: 8AM-11AM Admission:$29.95+tax

Located at ICON Park® Visit www.moiorlando.com to learn more today!

+ BON Appétit

Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster Celebrates Anniversary with Donation Over the past 28 years, the family behind Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster has not only created special memories for those who have dined with them, but they have also supported local charities. From sponsorship to board membership, the Christners believe that communities are only as strong as one builds them.

Local Restaurant Partnership Gives Back In the spirit of philanthropy, PDQ and 4 Rivers Smokehouse have partnered on a BBQ-inspired sandwich that will give back this summer. Sales of this limitedtime sandwich will benefit 4Roots, a nonprofit dedicated to building a better food future in Orlando. The 4 Rivers BBQ Sandwich ($6.99) features PDQ’s crispy chicken breast dipped in a blend of 4 Rivers signature and mustard BBQ sauces and served on a toasted potato bun with guacamole, red cabbage and pepper jack cheese. It will be available at PDQ’s Florida restaurants, including the Altamonte Springs, Hunter’s Creek, Lake Nona, Sanford, SODO, Waterford Lakes and Winter Park locations locally, from now through Aug. 2. “We are thrilled to partner with PDQ on the 4 Rivers BBQ sandwich in support of 4Roots,” says John Rivers, founder of the 4 Rivers brand and The 4R Foundation. “Each of our concepts are founded on shared beliefs — we value giving back to others through charitable endeavors and pride ourselves on offering quality food to those we serve. The partnership is a natural fit and we are excited to spread the word about dining with purpose.”


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

On June 11, they celebrated the restaurant’s anniversary with a fundraising dinner in which 100% of guests’ dining proceeds were donated to Aspire Health Partners. These funds will support the organization’s work, which includes prevention, intervention and treatment services for individuals with mental health and correlating disorders throughout Central Florida. Owner Alice Christner says, “We are truly honored by numerous awards and accolades over the years and cherish them as much as the friendships and memories we have created and the opportunity to help others.”

Living the Bagel Dream What started as an idea in August of 2019 for Jeff’s Bagel Run owners, Jeff and Danielle Perera, turned into a full-blown business during the pandemic. The concept was simple: bake bagels that are as good, if not better, than those found in New York. Through trial and error, they developed a bagel with a chewy exterior and soft, doughy center. Bagel drops were made in their online store every Sunday evening for orders on select days during the week and Jeff would fulfill the orders in the kitchen of the couple’s Winter Garden home. They sold out more often than not. Now, the Pereras are preparing to fulfill the original bagel dream by opening a brick and mortar location in Ocoee this summer, making it easier for Orlando residents to get their hands on the goods. Jeff’s Bagel Run will be located near the corner of Maguire and Old Winter Garden Roads.

+ HEALTH & Wellness

How to Spot the Signs of

Dry Drowning What all parents and grandparents need to know to keep kids safe around the water.

By Lyndsay Fogarty


n Florida, the sun is always shining (for the most part) and a pool is never too far away. Lounging on a flamingo float, swimming in the ocean and spending a day on a boat in one of Central Florida’s beautiful lakes are all year-round activities. Now that the kids are out of school for summer break, chances are many of you will be spending even more time poolside. So parents, grandparents and any adult who will be supervising children around water this summer should be aware of the signs of a less-common type of water incident: dry drowning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States. Among the approximately 10 people who die every day from unintentional drowning, two are children age 14 or younger. The World Health Organization describes two classifications of drowning. Wet drowning happens when a person inhales water and it interferes


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

with respiration, causing the circulatory system to collapse. Dry drowning occurs when the airway closes up due to spasms caused by the presence of water. Although rare, dry drowning is a danger that extends beyond the water. When a wave crashes unexpectedly or when someone is dunked under the water while playing, water might be inhaled through the mouth or nose, which can lead to the spasms that affect the airway. Many parents and grandparents don’t realize that those innocent scenarios can escalate into an emergency situation. According to the American Osteopathic Association, dry drowning can occur from one to 24 hours after leaving the water. You will typically notice symptoms right after a water incident, but they can also appear hours later. A dry drowning situation can mimic an everyday cold or the fatigue felt after spending a long day in the sunshine. If your child has a near-drowning experience or inhaled a large amount of water during a water activity, watch for

the following symptoms listed on the AOA website: • Trouble breathing • Coughing • Sleepiness or a drop in energy level • Irritability • Chest pain • Vomiting While these symptoms can improve over time, a visit to a medical professional is recommended. And to avoid both wet drowning and dry drowning, be sure to practice water safety, including establishing family rules based on each person’s swimming ability, preventing unsupervised access to the water, and maintaining constant supervision of children around the water. As you enjoy family time at the pool or the beach this summer, stay aware of all the things that could affect your child’s well-being, both in and out of the water.

Food • Fun • Music ! k c a B e r ’ e W

Every 4th Thursday 5:30-9 PM At The MetroWest Golf Club, 2100 S. Hiawassee Road

Social Distancing Guidelines Will Be Observed. www.metrowestcommunity.com

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4/19/21 12:16 PM

+ DID You Know?

What’s Up With

Watermelon? Discover the many health benefits of this hydrating fruit, and try out an easy summertime recipe that will keep you cool.


ummertime is here, and staying healthy should be a top priority, especially under Florida’s hot, summer sun. We all know that fruits are generally healthy and hydrating. However, what if you were told that eating a certain fruit has benefits such as luscious skin, anti-inflammatory properties and regulation of your heart? The many benefits of watermelon are amazing. This refreshing fruit has high levels of vitamins, including vitamins A, B6 and C. Vitamin A (also known as retinol) is important for development and vision. Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient that aids in metabolism and produces neurotransmitters as well as red blood cells. Lastly, vitamin C has many important functions for the body, but the most prevalent include fighting sickness, protecting cells and maintaining healthy skin. Lycopene is an antioxidant that is responsible for the watermelon’s bright red inside. The fruit contains about 15 to 20 milligrams of this antioxidant per 2-cup serving, allowing it to have one of the highest levels of lycopene compared to any type of


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

fresh produce. Aside from making the fruit famous for its color, this plant nutrient has also been proven to balance free radical levels in the body. Free radicals create oxidative stress in the body when surpassing antioxidant levels As a result, this stress is connected to diseases ranging from asthma and diabetes to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Have you ever felt weak or extremely tired and couldn’t quite get to the bottom of that feeling? This often ends up being a case of dehydration. While drinking a good amount of water suffices this, an even more delicious way to hydrate yourself can be by snacking on some watermelon. Since this fruit is 92% water, it doubles as a yummy snack and source of hydration. Moving into a healthy summer, it’s nice to note that watermelon is not only fat-free, but it contains only about 40 calories per serving. On top of that, watermelon is also low in sodium. This means you can swim around the pool all day without feeling bloated or tired, all while staying nice and hydrated.

Watermelon Italian Ice Courtesy of the National Watermelon Promotion Board

When it’s hot outside, whip up this easy recipe for the whole family to enjoy. Ingredients • 4 cups chopped watermelon • 1/2 cup sugar • 2 teaspoons lemon zest • 2 tablespoons lemon juice • Mint leaves (optional) Directions Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a shallow pan and place in freezer. When the liquid is almost frozen (about 1.5 to 2 hours), remove from freezer, scoop into blender and gently blend or place in a large bowl and whip for about 1 to 2 minutes. Place in 4 serving bowls and return to the freezer for 30 minutes or longer. Remove from freezer and let sit for 10 minutes, then serve (with a garnish of mint leaves if you like).


By Alina Hoarau

Accepting New Patients Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

Southwest Orlando Eye Care Dr. Ben Konynenbelt

Pediatric Eye Care Specialist

407-271-8931 www.southwestorlandoeyecare.com

Vision Therapy We create customized programs to improve overall functional vision performance. Symptoms may include: • Blurred vision • Headaches • Double vision • Tired eyes • Trouble reading/writing • Poor reading comprehension

Myopia Management These treatments are intended to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness). If your child has myopia, most likely they will need stronger eyeglasses year after year. Treatments may include one or a combination of the following: • Eye drops • Multifocal contacts • Ortho-K lenses

Come to us for your everyday eye care needs! Comprehensive eye exams for all ages • Emergency eye care • Award-winning Optical Boutique

BRAND NEW LOCATION 7208 Sand Lake Road, Ste. 202 Orlando, FL 32819 www.CentralFloridaLifestyle.com


Vacation Mode:


Explore Grand Bahama’s Lighthouse Pointe


Your guide to the best quick getaways and family vacation ideas that will allow you to kick back, relax and forget about the real world for a little while.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

With everyone eager to get out of the house and into the sun this summer, there’s no better time to start planning your next Caribbean vacation! Staycations are great, but vaccinated travelers can finally start making their way back to destinations like The Bahamas for some fun and relaxation. If you’re looking for an escape to paradise, you’ll definitely want to consider Grand Bahama’s Lighthouse Pointe, the leading all-inclusive resort at Grand Lucayan. Lighthouse Pointe joins authenticity and ease with plenty of activities for family, romance and leisure. Relax on the pristine white-sand beaches of Grand Bahama Island or grab a refreshing cocktail and lounge by the stunning infinity pool. Lighthouse Pointe offers four incredible dining options and plenty of activities at an all-inclusive rate. If you enjoy golfing, you’ll love the unlimited golf package at the gorgeous Reef Course, acclaimed as one of the world’s “Top 100” courses. Looking to unwind? Head over to the Senses Spa for a luxurious, soothing body treatment. For all the adventure seekers, take advantage of the fresh air excursions, from biking historic trails to horseback riding along the sparkling Grand Bahama shoreline to cave diving at Lucayan National Park. Savor all the natural beauty the island has to offer this summer with family or friends for the perfect island vacation. This summer, Lighthouse Pointe is offering exclusive summer deals for eager travelers. Florida residents can enjoy rates as low as $99/night for the room-only European Plan, while the all-inclusive offer starts at $195/per person, per night. Getting to Grand Bahama from South Florida is extremely easy with twice weekly ferry service on Balearia Caribbean to and from Fort Lauderdale on Sundays and Thursdays, and flights on carriers including Bahamas Air, Silver Airways and American Airlines from both Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports. Not a Florida resident? They still have you covered! For stays through December 20, 2021, they are offering a summer promotion with rates at $116/night for the room-only European Plan, while the all-inclusive offer starts at $211/ per person, per night. Ready to hit the beach? For more information or to book your stay at Lighthouse Pointe at Grand Lucayan, visit www.GrandLucayan.com.


Soak up the sun at Lighthouse Pointe’s Infinity Pool.

Take a Road Trip to Daytona Beach

Pack up the family for a quick getaway to Daytona Beach, where Florida residents can stay and save at the Holiday Inn Resort Daytona Beach Oceanfront on South Atlantic Avenue. This oceanfront resort offers private balconies, outdoor pools, kid’s splash areas, a hot tub, full-service restaurants as well as live entertainment. Explore the Daytona Beach Boardwalk & Pier, where you can shop and stroll through Ocean Walk Shoppes, snack your way through a variety of restaurants and play all your favorite games at the classic arcade. Climb to the top of a 175-foot lighthouse for breathtaking views at the nearby Ponce Inlet Light Station and Museum. Also, be sure to schedule a visit to the Daytona International Speedway to take in a race or to get out on the track with the NASCAR Racing Experience. You will also want to make time in your itinerary to soak up the sun at the resort. Listen to the waves crash on the beach below from a poolside chaise lounge while the kids play under the water bucket at the splash pad. When the sun sets, unwind with a cocktail by the oceanfront fire pits. A vacation to Daytona Beach has it all: sun, fun and relaxation.



Summertime Scalloping

West Coast Beach and History Crawl

Florida’s Gulf Coast is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches with its crystal-clear water and sugarwhite sand. The stretch of I-75 south from Tampa to Fort Myers is also dotted with many museums to add an educational element to your getaway. First, the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg features a collection of more than 2,100 works by Salvador Dali that represent each moment of his career housed in a building as unique as his art. The museum hosts events for all ages, from story time and activities for kids to yoga mornings and wine nights for adults. The Dali Museum Avant-garden features local vegetation, a grotto and a Mathematical Garden for students, among other elements. Next, stop in Sarasota to visit The Ringling. While this museum offers a look at The Greatest Show on Earth through a series of artifacts, guests can also explore modern works of art and collections from a variety of cultures. The John and Mable Ringling collection provides a glimpse into the private lives of the famous circus owner/operator and his family. Then, get to know more about two other famous names at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. Visitors can tour Thomas Edison and Henry Ford’s winter homes as well as Edison’s Botanic Research Laboratory. The property boasts 20 acres of botanical gardens, nine historic buildings and the Edison Ford Museum, which features a collection of inventions, artifacts and special exhibits.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

Florida’s bay scallop season commences in many areas along the Gulf Coast this month. This family friendly activity gets you out on the water to snorkel along the surface, mesh net in hand, ready to do a shallow dive four to six feet below to scoop the familiar fan-shaped shell once you spot it. In Crystal River, scallop season will run from July 1 to Sept. 24. Packages booked at hotels like Plantation on Crystal River offer the benefit of Coast Guard certified captains who are knowledgeable about the rules of the water as well as the areas with the best scalloping opportunities for guests. Even more, you can cook your catch at the property’s West 82° Bar & Grill, whether you chose to charter with the hotel’s captains or went out on your own. The chef will prepare shucked scallops for lunch or dinner any way you would like, with options that include scampi style, au gratin, sautéed in lemon butter or Chef’s choice, for $15.95 per person. Scalloping is regulated by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. For season information, bag limits and other details for all state scalloping zones, visit www.MyFWC.com.

+ YOUR Local






Behind the Scenes – Driving Homegrown Tourism How the West Orange Chamber is helping to promote our communities and the assets of each. By Stina D’Uva, West Orange Chamber of Commerce


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

together by the chamber to have WGHF recognized as a Florida Certified Tourist Information Center. This designation literally put WGHF on the Florida state map that is sought out by tourists visiting Florida. This brochure is distributed locally but also to tourists at the highest-trafficked visitor spot entering the state on I-95. Just recently, the chamber was called upon by Visit Orlando to develop a training video as part of its “Love & Learn Orlando” series for travel advisors on how to sell the portfolio of experiences that Orlando offers in the U.S. and international markets. Naturally, we connected Visit Orlando with WGHF to help in the creation of this video. The resulting video showcased Winter Garden and will be seen by tens of thousands of potential visitors both here and abroad, and it will have the benefit of ultimately drawing visitors to patronize the shops, restaurants and museums. Connections such as these are just some of the things the chamber is called on to support our municipalities and community partners. The chamber has been proud to provide letters of support for the funding of operations for WGHF, for the town of Windermere’s 1877 schoolhouse as well as the funding for the Green Mountain Scene Byway, the expansion of the bike trail and cleanup of Lake Apopka, to name just a few. We’re proud to be connectors and promoters of our communities and the assets of each.



lmost 20 years ago, when I was just starting out at West Orange Chamber of Commerce (WOCC), little emphasis was given to the homegrown attractions that are now known as agri, cultural, eco and heritage tourism sites. Many have been here since the founding of our towns and cities, and some were developed later by visionary leaders. All of these assets, whether natural or man-made, have grown into a booming industry for West Orange County. That wasn’t always the case, and oftentimes, the assets of West Orange, aside from our fabulous theme parks, were not so well-known. Since then, the WOCC has played a pivotal role in spreading the word about them to our residents and even to our visitors. We have done so by working behind the scenes with our municipal partners, community organizations and visionary leaders to showcase our assets. Just a few years ago, the chamber partnered with the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation (WGHF) to develop a colorful brochure called “Explore Orlando’s West Side, West Orange County” that highlighted the area’s man-made and natural attractions, including the West Orange Trail, Withers-Maguire House, Nehrling Gardens, Oakland Nature Preserve and Windermere’s 1877 schoolhouse. The need to produce this brochure arose because of a partnership between Visit Florida and WGHF, a partnership brought



Daniel’s Legacy In memory of Daniel Mills, a montly section called Daniel’s Corner will celebrate his legacy by dedicating the page to what he loved most: theatre. Here, we will introduce you to the students participating in the W. Daniel Mills Apprentice Program at the Garden Theatre and share more details about how this important program will positively affect young people in the arts within our community. By Harold and Rosy Mills

It’s not hard to find a parent eager to brag about their children and their accomplishments. It’s equally easy to find parents who describe their children as kind, friendly or someone who gets along with everyone. We, of course, are no different. Courageous Empathy There was always something a little different about our Daniel. It was this interesting combination of courage, intelligence, authenticity and empathy. I call it Courageous Empathy. Daniel understood that every human was flawed in some way. Maybe it was a physical flaw, maybe it was an emotional or character flaw, maybe it was a mental health challenge; no one was perfect. On one hand, that meant he idolized no one. He engaged you as an aspirant human. It was sometimes quite sobering. On the other hand, it meant he celebrated everyone. While some portend flaws should be “looked past” or even ignored, Daniel thought these flaws should be acknowledged, cared for, nurtured, fought for and even celebrated. Yes, celebrated. In his mind, the good and the bad, our strengths and our weaknesses is where our true authentic selves thrived, and that was worth fighting for. Even from a young age, when his sisters got in trouble, he would negotiate with us (the parents) on their behalf. While acknowledging their mistake, he would argue whether their punishments fit the crime. He wanted affirmation that they were being treated fairly.


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

In high school, he debated with his teachers about why the U.S. grading system was unfair and sets students up to fail. He questioned why only the top 30% of students got an acceptable grade when it’s the 70% that succeed in Europe. He laid out his argument with detailed research comparing our system to superior education systems around the world. Maybe we should call him “Daniel the Defender.” He hated bullies of all kind. If the topic was his cousin Justin, whom we adopted into our family, or his classmate at Montverde, both of whom were diagnosed on the spectrum, Daniel defended them against all aggressors. Simultaneously, he encouraged them to see their diagnosis as an asset rather than a hurdle. He pushed them to treat their “uniqueness” as their special superpower. Then he challenged everyone else to acknowledge the same. Practice What He Preached

He didn’t like sports because someone had to lose. That, along with inspiration from his sisters, brought him to musical theatre. No one loses in theatre (maybe with the exception of the rare villain character). Theatre was special. It was an environment where everyone had the opportunity to pursue excellence based on their merit, tenacity and work ethic. Theatre is also an environment that is consumed with empathy. Actors must embrace empathy in order to mirror a character’s thoughts and feelings and bring those alive on stage. Audiences have empathy thrust upon them as the key to its involvement in the story and how they process the emotional plot and understand a character. Daniel became a member of the Montverde Theatre Conservatory, the only high school program of its kind in Central Florida. This is where he worked to develop his skills as an artist. He clearly saw this an opportunity to refine himself as a better human being and perfect himself as an artist while injecting empathy in a world that so badly needed it. He worked

and worked and worked. He tirelessly applied himself to studying the greats. He took deepened interest in music and sound. He would literally ask a million questions, wanting to understand nuance, depth and anything else he could absorb – even to the point of annoyance. His theatre director would say, “Daniel, it will come. Don’t try so hard.” But he kept asking the questions. That is what made him a great artist – this pursuit of perfection. Perfection in his craft and a genuine path to help others truly discover the humanity in character, in story and in people. And he loved it! He loved when he succeeded. But, as crazy as it sounds, he loved when he failed too (beautiful flaws). His ability to get back up, keep trying and keep asking, even when his director told him to not worry so much, he did anyway. Maybe it wasn’t worry; it was passion in the purest form. It was Daniel wanting so badly to be the best HE could be. That tenacity led him to win numerous awards and accolades. But as parents, we saw more. We saw a very young man discover himself and his place in the world. His Legacy

It is our hope that Daniel’s memory is a blessing to all who knew him and all whose life he touched. It is our hope that we all learn to have courageous empathy and are inspired to stand up for others while celebrating the beauty of their, and our own, flawed humanity. It is our hope that we all learn through his life how to embrace character, story, performance and fullness of the theatrical experience. It is our hope that his legacy will be one that touches the lives of hundreds and thousands of other students – those aspirant thespians who see the stage as life and who want to pursue a career in the arts as their life’s passion. Our family has established a scholarship for the Florida Thespian Society. We have also established a scholarship to ensure money doesn’t

prevent talented young students from attending and thriving in the awardwinning MVA Theatre Conservatory. Just as critical for us is the formal launching of the W. Daniel Mills Apprentice Program, yet another pioneering first for Central Florida. In partnership with the Garden Theatre, this program provides a yearlong opportunity for students to study and hone their craft within real theatre life. Whether they have performing, stage management, director, or design and production interests, students will have the opportunity to attend workshops, develop skills, and work alongside actual theatre professionals. Imagine, as a young, developing artist, the opportunity to perform in a real professional performance with professional actors who view, receive, appreciate and treat you as a true, aspiring artist. We aim to provide a strong foundation that will lead to long, sustainable careers for these apprentices. Daniel’s Corner

Daniel’s devotion, love, loyalty and enthusiasm were for the arts. Moreover, it was celebrating the unique beauty in the human experience...flaws and all. These students and apprentices are real people with real lives full of incredible talent, great achievements and, yes, human flaws and imperfections that make them beautifully and authentically them. Their stories are inspiring, motivational, hopeful and insightful. They are uniquely beautiful, like Daniel. We want to share these stories with you through Daniel’s Corner, a monthly column that will be a place to highlight them, to bring their journeys to life, and to celebrate their excellence and royalty. We want to share their courageous and empathetic humanity. We hope you enjoy meeting these incredible young people and become as confident as we are that our future is bright with these young, aspirant professionals as our leaders of tomorrow.



+ SNAPSHOTS On the Town Local Urology Practice Receives National Designation Black and White Weekend 1

2. The annual Black and White Weekend event was held at Rosen Plaza. This event raised $20,137 for BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation.

1. On May 28, the team at Avant Concierge Urology in Winter Garden celebrated its designation as a Center of Excellence for Rezum™ Water Vapor Therapy, a treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate. It’s the first facility in Central Florida to receive the designation.



Congratulations to The First Academy Royals! 3. The First Academy Royals varsity baseball team capped off a 30-1 season by winning the Florida High School Athletic Association Class 3A State Championship. The team defeated Miami’s Westminster Christian Warriors 3-0 at Hammond Stadium at CenturyLink Sports Complex in Fort Myers.



Corks and Forks Maitland The inaugural Corks and Forks tasting event was held on May 13 in Maitland to benefit the historic Maitland Civic Center, known as Venue on Lake Lily.


4-5. Local restaurants served small bites of their signature dishes and sips of their famous cocktails to guests. 6. Attendees were invited to sip and savor unlimited samples while visiting vendors in a beautiful atmosphere.



Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

7. Lifestyle Publications was proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event.


Anxiety? It’s normal to experience some anxiety while getting back in the swing of school. New classes, new routines, new responsibilities, and new faces. It can be overwhelming at times! Here are a few tips for calming down when everything is a bit much.

Try the 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique Use your senses to ground you to the present and stop those racing thoughts!

Find 5 things you see around you

sec on for 3

Find 3 things you hear around you



on sec


3 for

ath e



Find 4 things you can touch around you



Try the Breathing Triangle

Find 2 things you can smell around you

Exhale for 3 seconds

Start at the star and follow the lines around the triangle. Deep breathing exercises give your nervous system the “all clear” signal that the danger has passed and it’s okay to rest.

Find 1 thing you can taste around you

Want extra support? Give counseling a try!


Confidence in Self. Courage in Life.

Madi Farrell, LMHC madi@takeheartorlando.com 407-900-1617

+ CALENDAR of Events ALL MONTH LONG July Enchanted Fairy Doors Exhibit

9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Leu Gardens 1920 N. Forest Ave. Orlando, FL 32803 $10 adults, $5 children, ages 3 and under free 407.246.2620 LeuGardens.org This exhibit features 20 whimsical fairy doors that will inspire a child’s imaginative world of secret gardens and the magic of fairies. Exhibit runs through Sept. 5.

and adult beverages available for purchase. A family friendly version will be held on July 23.

Gather the family for an adventure with Tommy Pickles and his baby brother in this animated comedy.

Starting July 15 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

July 22 MetroWest Food Truck Connection

Times vary EPCOT Included in regular theme park admission 407.939.5277 DisneyWorld.Disney.Go.com Enjoy bites and sips from around the world at one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. Runs through Nov. 20.

5:30-9 p.m. MetroWest Golf Club 2100 S. Hiawassee Rd. Orlando, FL 32835 Free admission 407.299.1099 MetroWestCommunity.com Every fourth Thursday of the month, enjoy some of the best food trucks in the Orlando area.

July 18 Falcon’s Fire Summer 2021 Open House and Group Tasting

July 9 The Bodyguard: The Musical

2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The Garden Theatre 160 W. Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 $25-$40 407.877.4736 GardenTheatre.org Experience an exhilarating romantic thriller live in theatre at the Garden Theatre. Runs through Aug. 1.

July 15 Sunset at the Zoo

5-8 p.m. Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens 3755 W. Seminole Blvd. Sanford, FL 32771 $7 per person 407.323.4450 CentralFloridaZoo.org Experience the zoo as the sun goes down, with food


Central Florida Lifestyle | July 2021

12 p.m. – 3 p.m. Falcon’s Fire Golf Club 3200 Seralago Blvd. Kissimmee, FL 34746 Free admission 407.239.5445 FalconsFire.com Explore a selection of vendors, meet with event planners and discover all there is to offer at this event venue.

July 21 KidsFest Film Series: “The Rugrats Movie”

11:30 a.m. Enzian 1300 S. Orlando Ave. Maitland, FL 32751 $9-12, kids 12 & under free 407.629.0054 Enzian.org


Times vary Orange County Convention Center 9800 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819 Ticket prices vary 407.685.9800 MegaconOrlando.com MEGACON Orlando, the Southeast’s largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime and gaming event, featuring shopping opportunities, celebrity meet-andgreets and more.

Starting August 13 Craft Beer Festival

July 23 Classic Albums Live: Led Zeppelin ‘IV’

8 p.m. Hard Rock Cafe 6050 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819 $20-$35 407.351.7625 HardRockCafe.com Rock out to the finest studio musicians as they perform classic rock albums. This night will exclusively feature Led Zeppelin’s IV.

Times vary SeaWorld Orlando 7007 Sea World Dr. Orlando, FL 32821 Included in regular theme park admission 407.545.5550 SeaWorld.com Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Sept. 12, enjoy over 100 craft beers from breweries across Florida.

August 14 Track Shack’s Celebration of Running 5k Presented by AdventHealth 7:30 a.m. Orlando Cultural Park 530 E Princeton St. Orlando, FL 32803 $33-$38 407.896.1160 TrackShack.com Join Track Shack’s 44th anniversary celebration with a 5k that also kicks off the Florida running season.

Devereux Behavioral Support Program Offering Hope for Youth with Autism When Mental Health Challenges Escalate

How You Can Get Involved with Devereux’s Mission Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida unlocks and nurtures human potential for people living with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences. Community support has been the key to providing life-changing services for individuals and families facing challenges from these diagnoses. There are several ways you can get involved. Refer: If your family is experiencing any of the challenges mentioned in this article, you don’t have to face it alone. Devereux is recognized nationally for its expert level of care for families just like yours. For immediate help for your family or a family you know, reach out directly to referral@devereux.org. Participate: Do you need help with understanding your child’s diagnosis and managing their behaviors? Devereux can provide the tools your family needs. Sign up for training announcements or receive more information by emailing DevereuxFlorida@devereux.org. Learn: Interested in learning more about the services Devereux provides for individuals and families in crisis? For more information about Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida, visit DevereuxFL.org. Donate: A contribution of $25 provides a virtual consultation session to a family in need. Text “DevereuxFlorida” to 41444 to make a monetary gift.


Family Medicine Excellence in Dr. Phillips We’re taking extra precautions to keep you safe from COVID-19. • • • • • • •

Elizabeth Fisher, DO, is a board-certified family medicine physician serving the Dr. Phillips community with whole-person care for ages four and up. Dr. Fisher is thrilled to be settled in Central Florida where she welcomes the opportunity to provide expert care for every patient.

Contactless registration Frequent sanitizing Masks worn by everyone Online check-ins and bill pay Social distancing Temperature checks Virtual waiting room

Specialties • Anxiety and depression • Chronic disease management • Dermatologic procedures • Health maintenance • Immunizations and flu shots

• • • •

Patient education Pediatric care Sick visits Type 2 diabetes management • Women’s health

Now accepting new patients. In-person and video visits now available.

Scan the QR code to schedule now.

Open the camera app on your phone

Position your camera so only one code is in view

Tap the notification that appears on your screen

Schedule your appointment

AdventHealth Medical Group Family Medicine at Dr. Phillips 7940 Via Dellagio Way, Suite 142 | Orlando, FL 32819 | 407-821-3670

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Elizabeth Fisher, DO

5/26/21 9:00 AM


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