Review Santa Fe Photo Festival 2019 Catalogue

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s r e h rap Xan Padrón Time Lapse Editor’s Choice Award, 3rd Place Juror: MaryAnne Golon, Washington Post

“I consider my work a kind of documentation of a city or a specific neighborhood. For the Time Lapse project I sit on a single spot, unnoticed, for about 2 hours, photographing a sequence of people passing by against one unique background. These quotidian gestures, combined, create a unique narrative of life by a wall in a place in the world.”

Maria Sturm You don’t look Native to me Director’s Choice Award, 3rd Place Juror: Monica Allende, Getxo Photo Since 2011, Maria Sturm has photographed teenagers from the Lumbee tribe in and around Pembroke, North Carolina, where almost 90 percent of the population identifies as Native American. Sturm’s series You Don’t Look Native to Me considers how young Native people present themselves today in relation to their identity and culture.

Igor Tereshkov Oil and Moss Project Launch Grant, Winner Juror: Virginia Heckert, The J. Paul Getty Museum There are about 1.5 million tons of oil poured out annually to the environment in Russia. This figure is approximately twice the volume of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. About 50% of Russian oil produced in KhMAO licensed areas often coincide with the places of residence of indigenous peoples.

Image detail from the project Oil and Moss ©️ Igor Tereshkov, 2019 Project Launch Grant Winner,