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October 17 – 20, 2019



Review Santa Fe Welcome A LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR “What’s truer than truth?” The answer to this ancient proverb is “the story.”

Research shows that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone. In the current tornado of media, facts are dismissed. Artificial intelligence is shaping the public domain; journalists are under attack, while publications are facing a war on truth. At the same time, our appetites for stories have never been heartier, as evidenced by hours of binging on complex long-form narratives.

©️ Gabriella Marks

Humanity’s propensity for stories has been in the making for 27,000 years of evolution. Narrative is integral to human understanding, learning, and interpretation of events.

Laura W. Pressley

Executive Director, CENTER The story and the truth seen through the personal photographic project is at the heart of CENTER. Earlier this year, environmental photographer Cristina Mittermeier said, “We need an army of visual storytellers to create bridges of empathy,” which speaks to one of our creative noble goals. Photography’s unique relationship to truth is positioned to reveal many of today’s critical issues. As we align together on the axis of responsibility, making each individual truth available to the world, we contribute to an engaged and empathetic global citizenship.

We invite you, photographers, alumni, reviewers and mission-driven storytellers, to join your allies here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here, you will find a profoundly unique sense of place for connecting to landscapes, cultures, and oneself. Please join us in our 25th year as we empower photographers to make and share images that affect minds, hearts, and lives. #RevealTheTruth2019

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Festival Pass 2019 Reviewers Discover Santa Fe

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25 Years of CENTER 100 Photographers Portfolio Walk Book Fair CENTER Alumni

24 Artist Presentations 32 Photographic Print Raffle 36 Opening Speaker 37 Scholar Presentation 40 Event Map 41 Event Schedule 42 CENTER Membership 43 Acknowledgments 3

Review S an

ta Fe Fes tival Pass

Festival Passes allow access to the unparalleled networking and career building opportunities the weekend-long conference fosters. Join us at receptions and other events to meet photographers, editors, publishers, collectors, curators, and other photography lovers.


Image detail of Mt. St. Helens, from the project Mountains + Valleys Š� Millee Tibbs, 2015 Review Santa Fe Alumn,


// Artist Presentations // Opening night talk and reception // Portfolio Walk VIP Hour // Closing event and reception // Photographic Book Fair

À LA CARTE PORTFOLIO REVIEWS Festival Pass holders have the opportunity to purchase one-on-one portfolio reviews with select Review Santa Fe reviewers. The cost is $35 for CENTER Members and Alumni, and $45 for Non-Members, per review.

2019 Rev

The reviews are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration for à la carte reviews are only available on-site on October 18 and 19 before the start of each review session.


CENTER carefully curates a list of industry leaders and influencers to participate as portfolio reviewers each year. Many travel to Santa Fe to source talent for their galleries, books, magazines and online publications.

PUBLISHING BOOKS // David Chickey; Publisher & Creative Director, Radius Books // Joanna T. Hurley; President, HurleyMedia // Caitlin Kirkpatrick; Associate Editor, Chronicle Books // Jason Koxvold; Founder, Gnomic Book // Jennifer Lippert; Acquisitions Editor, Princeton Architectural Press // Savannah Sakry; Bookstore Manager, Photo-eye // Clint Woodside; Publisher, Deadbeat Club Press // Carl Wooley; Co-Founder, TIS Books

EDITORIAL // Aeriel Brown; Photo Director, Bloomberg Businessweek // Samantha Cooper; Senior Photo Editor, Wired Magazine // Christy Havranek; Director of Photography, HuffPost // Michael Kirchoff; Editor, Analog Forever Magazine and Catalyst: Interviews // Bree Lamb; Managing Editor, Fraction Magazine // Sarah Leen; Director of Photography, National Geographic // Benjamin Petit; Co-Founder & Director, Dysturb // Conor Risch; Senior Editor, Photo District News // Laura Sackett; Creative Director, Lensculture // Carson Sanders; Co-Founder, Aint-Bad Magazine // Annick Shen; Director, Editorial Content, Adobe // Aline Smithson; Founder & Editor, Lenscratch // Amber Terranova; Consultant, Magnum Photos // Jessie Wender; Photo Editor, The New York Times

EXHIBITING AND COLLECTING NON-PROFIT AND COMMERCIAL GALLERIES // Sam Barzilay; Co-Founder & Creative Director, United Photo Industries // Tonya Turner Carroll; Co-Founder, Turner Carroll Gallery // Mia Diaglish & Lisa Woodward; Co-Curators, Pictura Gallery // Kathy Dowell; Director of Arts Programming, Mid-America Arts Alliance // Ann Jastrab; Executive Director, Center for Photographic Art // Elizabeth Houston; Director, Elizabeth Houston Gallery // Anne Kelly; Director, Photo-eye Gallery // Pilar Law; Owner, Edition One Gallery // Jennifer Schlesinger; Gallery Director, Obscura Gallery // Chris Webster & Christopher Webster III; Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Webster Collection

MUSEUMS, CURATORS, AND FESTIVAL DIRECTORS // Susan Carlson; Assistant Curator, ICP // Zora Carrier; Executive Director, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts // John Jacob; McEvoy Family Curator for Photography, Smithsonian American Art Museum // Mia Lopez; Assistant Curator, DePaul Art Museum // Dr. Kymberly Pinder; Scholar, Curator & Provost at MassArt // Ysabel Pinyol; Curator, Mana Contemporary // Mary Anne Redding; Curator, Turchin Center for Visual Arts, Appalachian State University // Mary Statzer, Ph.D.; Curator, UNM Art Museum // Megan Steinman; Independent Curator & Director, The Underground Museum // Paula Tognarelli; Executive Director & Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography // Joanne Junga Yang; Curator, Korea International Photo Festival


© TOURISM Santa Fe


THE ARTS AND NEW MEXICO New Mexico’s legacy of photographic excellence began with some of the medium’s most defining names. Ansel Adams and his image Moonrise over Hernandez, Timothy O’Sullivan and the many images he made here to Alfred Stieglitz and his partner Georgia O’Keeffe who were both instrumental in the modern art movement. New Mexico has been an important place for photography and remains a top destination for artists and art lovers alike. Art enthusiasts journey from around the world inspired by the state’s artistic legacy, the sublime quality of light, rich culture, and expansive landscapes.

Santa Fe Santa Fe, known as “The City Different,” is home to a wealth of arts, culture, history, and countless breath-taking landscapes. Visitors come to our city to connect with nature and culture, and many leave with the sense of the deep history that makes Santa Fe so special. Originally home to the Tewa people, Santa Fe is one of the longest inhabited places in the country and the oldest state capitol. The history found here spans generations and cultures.

Image Detail of Downtown Santa Fe © Dan Monaghan


Image detail of Rachel, from the project SHE ©️ Rania Matar, 2019 Editor’s Choice Winner,


s p o h s k r o W e F a Review Sant EDITING AND SEQUENCING

October 16 – 17, 10 a.m.– 5 p.m.

Elevate your body of work and develop strategies for placing it into the public eye in this two-day workshop dedicated to photographers and collectors who wish to broaden their audiences. The backdrop to this immersive photographic discourse is the incomparable Santa Fe, New Mexico and is scheduled to accomodate those who wish to participate in the Review Santa Fe Photo Festival. This workshop offers the perspective of curators, editors, publishers and other industry professionals. Attendees discuss the importance of tailoring their body of work to different types of opportunities, from gallery and museum exhibitions to print publications and books. This workshop also includes an individual portfolio editing and sequencing session and an opportunity to identify outreach strategies for your work. Pre-registration is required.


Paula Tognarelli Executive Director & Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA Paula Tognarelli is the Executive Director and Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography. The Griffin Museum of Photography, located in Winchester, Massachsetts (outside Boston), is a nonprofit photography museum whose mission is to promote an appreciation of photographic art and a broader understanding of its visual, emotional and social impact. Ms. Tognarelli is responsible for producing over 54 exhibitions a year at the Griffin and its surrounding satellite. She is a regular participant in national and local portfolio reviews, has been a panelist and featured speaker at photography events and conferences nationally, including MacWorld and Color Connections.

“Eighty percent of all exhibitions at the Griffin Museum produced include photographers found at portfolio reviews nationwide.”

Paula Tognarelli






BREAKING THROUGH: WHAT EDITORS AND CURATORS WANT Over the course of two days, this workshop focuses on photographic project advancement, including honing a statement of purpose, identifying collaborators, securing funding and effective presentations for curators, editors and other image professionals. Learn how to tailor material to fit the museum, gallery or publication ­— and how to best approach curators and editors for meetings and utilize limited resources to maximize impact. Participants have the opportunity to receive peer feedback and individual coaching sessions that include specific editing-and-sequencing advice from a curator and editor who take on new work each year. Other topics include networking, artist residencies and opportunities to connect with potential collaborators. This workshop is geared toward mid-career photographers and educators. Pre-registration is required.


October 16 – 17, 10 a.m.– 5 p.m.


Mary Anne Redding Curator, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Boone, NC Mary Anne Redding is the Curator at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. The Turchin Center hosts six galleries and provides opportunities for exhibitions and site-specific installations in all media. Past Review Santa Fe participants have been included in group exhibitions and awarded one-person installations. Redding has more than thirty years’ experience working as a curator, archivist, librarian, educator and arts administrator. She has written and published numerous essays on photography and contemporary art.

Christy Havranek Photo Director, HuffPost Christy Havranek is the Photo Director at HuffPost. With 17 years of experience in photography and digital media, she has previously worked in a variety of industries where each role centered on photography: Frommer’s Travel, NBCUniversal, Polo Ralph Lauren and Bloomsbury USA, among others. HuffPost licenses photo essays and assigns photographers to cover a variety of national and international topics — from breaking news to long-form enterprise pieces — which appear on their global platform. 9

“Migrants, journalists and U.S. activists run from tear gas on January 1, 2019 after U.S. Authorities fired tear gas over the border wall in Tijuana, Mexico,” From the project Caravana Migrante ©️ Kitra Cahana, 2019 Editor’s Choice Winner,



“The unexpected conversation, the searing image, the unforeseen opportunity, or the impact of hearing a fellow artist discuss his or her process can give artists bits of truth and provocation that tangle, battle, nurture, and ultimately make possible one’s own decisive and particular vision. Moments like these cannot be scheduled, but a place for their possibility can be created.”

25 year

Nancy Foley

Founding member of CENTER


of CENTER is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our mission is to honor, support and provide opportunity for gifted and committed photographers. Founded in 1994, CENTER is a community of mission-driven photographers, curators, editors, publishers, educators, and collectors. For 25 years, we have been empowering photographers to make and share images that affect minds, hearts and lives. CENTER programs attract a multicultural and multigenerational constituency from around the world, investigating important social, environmental, and political issues. Through our annual programs we act as a bridge between meaningful images and our expansive audience. CENTER has a three-prong programmatic strategy to carry out our mission: exhibitions and presentations; conferences and collaborative programs to foster community; and awards and project grants for direct financial support of photographic projects.

AWARDS, GRANTS, AND PROGRAMS // EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD recognizes an educator for their passion in photographic teaching with a $4,000 award. Awards have totaled over $50,000 since 1998. Nominations are due in the spring. // ME+EVE AWARD is a new $5,000 award for a female-identified cisgender, transgender, or non-binary photographer, 40 years of age and over, who uses their camera to address social justice. The deadline is in February annually. // PROJECT DEVELOPMENT GRANT for works-in-progress includes $5,000, an exhibition, online publication, and more. More than $30,000 cash has been distributed since its inception. The deadline is in February annually. // PROJECT LAUNCH GRANT supports a project or series with $5,000, exhibition, and presentation of the work. Winners have been awarded more than $100,000 since 1995. The deadline is in February annually. 12

// THE CHOICE AWARDS highlight outstanding photographers in three categories: Curator’s Choice, Director’s Choice, and Editor’s Choice. More than 7,000 images from over 30 countries enter the Awards with over $160,000 in cash and prizes awarded since 1995. The deadline is in February annually. // THE REVIEW SANTA FE PHOTO FESTIVAL brings photographers and industry leaders for a weekend of discussions, career advancement, education, and creative inspiration. The event consists of over 1,000 portfolio reviews with esteemed curators, publishers, gallery directors and editors; as a direct result, photographers have received exhibitions, publication, and many more opportunities. Over $70,000 in scholarships has been awarded since 2001. The deadline is in February annually. Stay up to date with our programs and subscribe to our mailing list at VISITCENTER.ORG/SUBSCRIBE-NOW.




1994 was a momentous year in the birth and soon-to-be future of CENTER. The organization was founded as Santa Fe Center for the Visual Arts. Its mission was to provide educational scholarships to deserving and committed photographers in need of financial support to further their paths as storytellers. In July of 1994, Sam Abell and Santa Fe Photographic Workshops teamed up to offer The Project Workshop for the first time. Sam had long believed in the importance of long-term, personal photographic projects in order to live a full and rich photographic life. At that time, many personal photographic projects never saw the light of day, but were kept in photo paper boxes and only pulled out once in a while. The Project Workshop held high the value and significance of personal photographic projects, building a campfire around which committed photographers sat. The response to this new forum was instantaneous in its ability to get personal projects out into the world and, in many cases, published. It became clear that Santa Fe Center for the Visual Arts, with its ability to offer support to photographers, was the ideal organization to champion long-term, personal photographic projects, which have been the heartbeat of the organization ever since.

Reid Callanan Founder, CENTER

CENTER has provided


in direct support and services to photographers since 1994 $180,000 in products and services received via the Choice Awards

$70,000 in Review Santa Fe Scholarships

$305,500 in cash through the Teaching Award, Project Competition/Launch, Project Development, me&EVE, Santa Fe Prize and the Santa Fe Fellows


Review Sa

EVENT OVERVIEW // 100 vetted photographers from around the world // 1000 one-on-one portfolio reviews // 45 VIP Portfolio reviewers // 18 Artist Presentations from CENTER’s 2019 winners // 2 Professional Development Workshops // 1 Exhibition at Currents New Media Festival // 1 Evening Portfolio Walk with the 100 photographers // 1 Photographic Book Fair


nta Fe 1 00 Phot ograph e rs

Congratulations to the 100 photographers invited to participate in the 19th annual Review Santa Fe Photo Festival! Join us on Friday, October 18, 2019 at the Farmer’s Market Pavilion in Santa Fe to see the work and talk to the 100 Photographers in person. The list of participating photographers and their work can be found online at VISITCENTER.ORG. Image detail from the project Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith © Joan Alvado, 2017 Exhibitor’s Choice Winner,

ALUMNI TESTIMONIALS “I got one of my very first museum shows from Review Santa Fe. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of the early part of my career. I continue work with artists, museum curators and mentors I met there 13 years ago.“

Hank Willis Thomas

2006 Review Santa Fe Alumnus “Review Santa Fe is a wonderful event! It enabled me to have several face-to-face meetings with curators whom I had previously only known from afar, and these meetings resulted in several exhibitions and acquisitions at museums throughout the country.”

Jess T. Dugan

2018 Project Launch Grant Honorable Mention


Review Sa nta Fe Po r tfolio Wa

Image detail of Portfolio Walk Š Chris Mortenson, 2011 Review Santa Fe Alumnus,



CENTER provides a platform for the public to view the 100 portfolios of the 2019 Review Santa Fe Photographers and a chance to network with the invited photo professionals and the Santa Fe arts community. The annual Portfolio Walk welcomes esteemed gallerists, curators, editors and other photography enthusiasts to view a broad range of contemporary and documentary photography that encompasses social, environmental and political issues, including stellar fine art projects. Hundreds of photographers from around the world apply to take part in the Review Santa Fe Photo Festival. The invited 100 photographers are carefully selected by a new independent jury each year. For one night only, join us for an extraordinary opportunity to view the 100 compelling projects of the nationally and internationally recognized photographers.

Friday, October 18, 5 – 8 p.m. 5 – 6 p.m. VIP Preview Open to reviewers, press, VIP and Festival Pass holders 6 – 8 p.m. Portfolio Walk Free and open to the public 17

Review Santa Fe Photographic Book Fair The 2019 Photographic Book Fair is a space for notable photographic book publishers, indie publications, selected photographers, and art-book enthusiasts, to discover new projects and exchange ideas. This free and open to the public event takes place in conjunction with the Review Santa Fe Photo Festival. The book fair offers the opportunity to explore the photo book’s contribution to the evolving narrative of photography, showcasing newly released publications from several publishers that includes AINT­—BAD, Chronicle Books, Gnomic Books, HurleyMedia, photo-eye Bookstore, Radius Books, TIS Books, Wilt Press and many others. Book signings with select artists will be arranged throughout the day.

©️ Mark Klett, courtesy of Radius Books



Sunday, October 20, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. O’Keeffe Room, Drury Plaza Hotel 828 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501



2019 Exhibitors Include





Review Santa Fe Alumni Listing

Laia Abril • David Emitt Adams • Eunice Adorno • Kael Alford • Linda Alterwitz • Jason Andrew • Fiona Annis • Marie Arago • Robert Avakian • Deborah Bay • Marion Belanger • JT Blatty • Elise Bloom • Judi Bommarito • Clarissa Bonet • Francesca Cao • Pelle Cass• Benjamin Chambers • Philip Cheung • Goseong Choi • Scott Dalton • Eddee Daniel • K.K. DePaul • Matt Eich • Aaron Elkaim • Klaus Enrique • Mark Eshbaugh • Ignacio Evangelista • David Favrod • Rose-Lynn Fisher • Francine Fleischer • Michelle Frankfurter • Misha Friedman • Pat Galagan • Gary Geboy • Amy Giese • Hans Gindlesberger • Julie Glassberg • Mika Goodfriend • Lauren Grabelle • Alexander Heilner • Amy Herman • Lucia Herrero • Brendan Hoffman • Billy Hunt • Lily Idov • Shanno Jensen • Kate Joyce • John Keedy • Lisa Kessler • Gaston Lacombe • Jimmy Lam • Jean Laughton • Jungeun Lee • Heidi Lender • Gloriann Liu • Carlos Loret de Mola • Mitsu Maeda • Stephen Mallon • Ben Marcin • Noelle McCleaf • Jennifer McClure • Rocky McCorkle • Michael Mergen • Diane Meyer • Laura Morton • Bruce Myren • Roberta Neidigh • Karen Novotny • Kevin O’Connell • Naoyuki Ogino • Jill Peters • Andrew Querner • Stan Raucher • Emilie Regnier • Christopher Rodriguez • William Scharf • Andi Schreiber • Bryan Schutmaat • Maria Jose Sesma • Robert Shults • Ashok Sinha • Sarah Stacke • Krista Steinke • Jamey Stillings • Jaroslaw Studencki • Mitsuo Suzuki • Motohiro Takeda • Hideki Takemoto • Jerry Takigawa • Amy Theiss Giese • Yamagata Tsutomi • Jay Tyrrell • Aaron Vincent Elkaim • Christopher Vium • Louise Carrie Wales • Satoru Watanabe • Rebecca L. Webb • Ansley West Rivers • Marc Yankus • Ji Hyun Yeo • Carmel Zucker


Myriam Abdelaziz • John Abousief • Douglas Adesko • Keliy Anderson-Staley • Water Astrada • Jessica Auer • Justyna Badach • Evan Baden • Alexia Beckerling • Andrew Beckham • Margaret Birnbaum • Colin Blakely • Elise Bloom • Mara Bodis-Wollner • Erik Boker • Tami Bone • Jennifer Boomer • Thomas Broening • Alejandro Cartagena • Caleb Charland • Dylan Chatain • Javier Chavarria • Richard Colburn • Meghan Cronrath • Gina Dabrowski • Stephen Dahl • Scott Dalton• Clemence de Limburg • Jason DeMarte • Julie Denesha • Erika Diettes • Rachael Dunville • Davin Ellicson • Lisa Fairstein • Kelly Flynn • Linda Foard Roberts • Judith Fox • Angela Freese & Anastastos Ketsios • Shauna Frischkorn • Myra Greene • Steffanie Halley • Ben Handzo • Steve Hanson • Lori Hepner • Jennifer Hoag • Dean Hollowood • Angela Jimenez • Barbara Karant • Christy Karpinski • Andrew Kaufman • Adam Kuehl • Marvi Lacar • Laurie Lambrecht • Doug Landreth • Juhong Lee • Jared Leeds • Rose Marasco • Bryce Marback • Tiana Markova-Gold • John Martin • Doug Menuez • Felicia Michaels • Judy Miller • Benjamin Montague • Karen Morgan • Ella Naef • Katie Orlinsky • Kate Orne • Lyle Owerko • Kathryn Parker Almanas • Eric Percher • Colleen Plumb • Josh Quigley • Felix R. Cid• Sarah Renkes • Susan Ressler • Cynthia Roelle • Darryl Schmidt • Mike Schwartz • Brian Shumway • Rebecca Sittler Schrock • Sarah Small • Eric Smith • Peter Snyder • Fernando Souto • Stuart Sperling • Stan Strembicki • Richard Stultz • Sarah Sudhoff • Chung Sum Chak • David Taylor • Lacey Terrell • Anthony Thompson • Phillip Toledano • Peter Treiber • Carrie Villines • Hiroshi Watanabe • Angela Wells • Jimmy Williams • Matthew Yates • Natalie Young Liz Arenberg • Matthew Arnold • Morgan Ashcom • Richard Ashley • Allison Barnes • Randi Beach • Lydia Billings • Carl Bower • Lily Brooks • Christina Capetillo • Clare Carter • Yukari Chikura • Christophe Cirendini • Paul Colangelo • Christine Collins • Tara Cronin • Julia Cybularz • Frances Denny • Peter DiCampo • Barbara Diener • Romy Eijckmans • Geoffrey Ellis • Andrew Fillmore • Teri Fullerton • Paul Gaffney • Preston Gannaway • David Gardner • Eleonora Ghioldi • Cassandra Giraldo • Mateo Gomez Garcia • Meggan Gould • Megan Griffiths • Erik Hagen• Amanda Hankerson • Miki Hasegawa • Cynthia Henebry • Lauren Hermele • Robb Hill • Anne Jennings • Shannon Johnstone • Sachiko Kawanabe • Natalie Krick • Jamie Kripke • Molly Lamb • Justin Lane • Justin Leonard • Amiko Li • Andrew Lichtenstein • Adam Long • Jessamyn Lovell • Qian Ma • Narayan Mahon • Victoria Maidhof • Alison Malone • Guy Martin • Ohad Matalon • Julie McCarthy • Calli McCaw • Mary Beth Meehan • Jeanine Michna-Bales • Nathan Millis • John Mireles • Giuseppe Moccia • Carolyn Monastra • Elizabeth Moran • Haley Morris-Cafiero • Go Nakamura • Meike Nixdorf • Walker Pickering • Birthe Piontek • Alice Proujansky • Josh Quigley • Kimberly Raff • Benjamin Rasmussen • Tamara Reynolds • Adam Reynolds • Michael Rich • Sasha Rudensky • Sheron Rupp • Marshall Scheuttle • Cathy Scholl • Manjari Sharma • Nicholas Shepard • Charlie Simokaitis • Alberto Sinigaglia • Aline Smithson • Michal Solarski • Jeffrey Stockbridge • Jiehao Su • Maija Tammi • Lacey Terrell • Bryan Thomas • Paul Thulin • Richard Tuschman • Cristian Ureta • Nikolas Ventourakis • Johanna Warwick • Allison Welch • Wenxin Zhang

2003 2009

James Abbott • Theo Anderson • Kristen Ashburn • Caitlin Atkinson • Frank Baudino • Damion Berger • Margarida Correia • N Dash • KayLynn Deveney • Erika Diettes • Derek Dudek • Bill Durgin • Natan Dvir • Jon Edwards • Eric Etheridge • Vanina Feldsztein • Melissa Fleming • Blake Fitch • Martine Fougeron • Eric Freeman • Angela Freese & Anastasto Ketsios • Wyatt Gallery • Stephen Galloway • Christine Gatti • Candace Gaudiani • Judy Gelles • Carol Golemboski • Susan Kae Grant • Jennifer Greenburg • Raul Gutierrez • Shuli Hallak • Greg Halpern • Rachel Herman • John B Hogan • Joseph Holmes • Whitney Hubbs • William Hundley • Chad Hunt • Jessica Ingram • Samar Jodha • David Julian • John Kane • Barbara Karant • Karolina Karlic • Doug Keyes • Chiho Kitajima • Michael Koerner • Shai Kremer • Claudia Kunin • Ferit Kuyas • Susan Lakin • Laurie Lambrecht • William Lamson • Molly Landreth • Leigh Anne Langwell • Nate Larson • William Laven • Sonya A. Lawyer • Curtis Mann • Mark Marchesi • Paula McCartney • David McClain • Heather McClintock • Tara Mcdermott • Ken Merfeld • Monika Merva • Yvonne Muller • Rick Nahmias • Liz Obert • David Ondrik • Lydia Panas • Sean Perry • Birthe Piontek • Mark Richards • Lisa Robinson • Bayete Ross Smith • Steven Scardina • Camille Seaman • Christine Shank • Takeshi & Yukki Shikama • Eric Smith • James Soe Nyun • Stacia Spragg-Braude • Krista Steinke • Bob Stevens • Todd Stewart • Martin Stupich • Jerry Takigawa • Jordan Tate • Jeanmarie Theobalds • Cole Thompson • Paul Thulin • Debra Tomaszewski • Daniel Traub • Jay Tyrrell • Garie Waltzer • Sarah Wilson • JeongMee Yoon


Gloria Baker Feinstein • Melanie Bennett • Dolores Bermak • Steve Bockstahler • Melanie Bozart • Sarah & Douglas Brown • Karen Bucher • Jennifer Caddell • Tina Carlone • Brigitte Carnochan • Esha Chiocchio • John Michael Coppinger • Mark Currie • Nora Delaney • Carlos Diaz • Susan Downey • Dale Ellison • Krista Elrick • Midori Evans • Lisa Folino • Jane Fulton Alt • Lyn Gaza • Jan Goddard-Finegold • Patricia Gomez • Theodore Greer • Cathryn Griffith • Renie Haiduk • Heather Hafleigh • Susan Hazen-Hammond • Mike Hettwer • Mary Daniel Hobson • Todd Hochberg • David Hoptman • Patrick Hurley • Janet Ingram • Laura Koskinen • Jack Kotz • Helen Lazar • Darcy Leck • Catherine Leuthold • Joe Long • Corrie McCluskey • Cathy West Mullins • A. Leo Nash • Thomas Price • Bruce Proctor • Michael Scott Rafferty • Bill Rouda • Milton Rowley • Patricia Schaefer • Michael Schwartz • Brian Skaggs • Bill Smoot • Kim Sorvig • Mary Tobin • Betsy Wall • Joanne Warfield • Marie Wilkinson • Peggy Williams • Linda Winski • Gary Wolfe • Richard Zoller

Susan Abrams • David Antreasian • Jo Antreasian• David Arnold • Ernesto Bazan • Mahesh Bhat • John Bonath • Susan Bowen • Angie Buckley • Julie Byron • Dean Chamberlain • Calvin Chen • Esha Chiocchio • Carola Clift • Kelli Connell • Julie Courvoisier • Tara Cuthbert & Stuart Solzberg • Andrea Cypress • Perry Dilbeck • Michele Dugan • Sandra Louise Dyas • Rose-Lynn Fisher • Lisa Folino • Carol Fonde • Charles Franklin • Bill Franson • Hal Gage • Shelley Gazin • Candace Plummer Gaudiani • Carol Golemboski • Jennifer Glass • Hyoungsun Ha • James Hajicek • Josh Haner • Chris Higgins • H. L C. Hijweege • Bill Hogan • Tony Hooker • Sarah Hoskins • Reiko Imoto • Lana Ip • Betsy Karel • Laura Kleinhenz • Richard Koenig • Amanda Koster • Kathe Kowalski • Francine Krieger • Patti Levey • Fleming Lunsford • David Maisel • Corrie McCluskey • Sarah McEneany • Monika Merva • Bernard L Meyers • Gaylen Morgan • Suzanne Opton • Jeannette Palsa • Carol Panaro-Smith • Jaye R. Phillips • Doug Plummer • Betty Press • Shawn Records • Stuart Rome • Mel Rosenthal • Ken Rosenthal • Ken Ross • Steven Rubin • Anne Savedge • Chip Simons • Wendy Small • Robert L. Smith • Alec Soth • Sharon Stewart • Jamey Stillings • Carla Swartz • Marnie Tenden • Lacey Terrell • Sara Terry • Linda Troeller • John Trotter • Ron Tucker • Laurie Tumer • Leonard Volk • Jan Wessels • Albert J. Winn • Bettina Wittereen • Carol Yarrow • Ewa Monika Zebrowski • David Zimmerman



Bobby Abrahamson • Frank Armstrong • Gloria Baker Feinstein • Bryan Boettiger • Bob Blair • Erika Blumenfeld • Patricia Brown • Pamela Buck • David Burnham • Beth Charlesworth • Adrian Chesser • Esha Chiocchio • Barbara Cummard • Andrea Cypress • Kay Denton • William Duryea • Beth Yarnelle Edwards • Krista Elrick • Howard Englander • Shannon Fagan • Lisa Folino • Bill Franson • Judy Gelles • Brent Gerity • Jennifer Glass • Andrew Z. Glickman • Martha Grenon • Cathryn Griffith • Beth Grimm • Lon Grinker • Yayoi Hamazaki • Anne Henning • Nakia Henry • Mary Daniel Hobson • Drake Hokanson • David Hoptman • Lola Huitt • Virginia Hunter • Michael Jang • Bonnie Jensen • Louise Krasniewicz • Julie Kremen • Jeffrey Krenzel • Irina Lawton • Doug Levere • Patricia Barry Levy • Manuel Llaneras • Ralph Loomis • Donna Luehrmann • Lorran Meares • Ray Meeks • Michael Patrick McAnelly • Edward McCain • Corrie McCluskey • Monika Merva • Bart Michiels • Johnny Miller • Tyagan Miller • G. Alan Myers • Mary Phillip Neiberg • Libby Nevinger • St. Clair Newbern III • Don Normark • Matt Oetzel • Mallorie Ostrowitz • Roseanne Pennella • Laura Pickett Calfee • Doug Plummer • Wes Pope • Bruce Proctor • Thomas Ritter • Ken Rosenthal • Gonzalo Rufatt • Genevieve Russell • Liza Sawyer • Sharon Schoen • Kristen Schmid • Chris Sessions • Tim Severson • Galia Shapira • Bobbie Smetherman • Louis Snitkoff • Jamey Stillings • Carla Swartz • Scott Swearingen • Paul Taggart • Shannon Taggart • Gail & Christopher Traughber • John Trotter • Dirk Wales • Joanne Warfield • Liz Welsh Abad • Joshua Willis • Johnny Wither • Bill Zorn





CENTER Alumni make up the fabric of our organization. Throughout the years we have proudly supported these photographers and careers, inspiring new generations to come.

Jeffrey Aaronson • Leslie Alsheimer • Julie Anand & Damon Sauer • Dave Anderson • Richard Ashley • Angela Bacon-Kidwell • Claire Beckett • Damion Berger • Margaret Birnbaum • Jonathan Blaustein • David Bowman • Brian Buckley • Jesse Burke • Lydia Burkhalter • Susan Burnstine • Shelley Calton • Olga Chagaoutdinova • Cori Chandler-Pepelnjak • John Charbonneau • Ashley Craig • Katrina d’Autremont • Ines d’Orey • Scott Dalton • Dornith Doherty • Stephen Dunn • Amy Eckert • Jon Edwards • Jeffris Elliott • Sarah Faust • Elizabeth Fleming • Jason Florio • LaToya Ruby Frazier • Terri Fullerton • Polly Gaillard • Lucia Ganieva • David Gardner • Deborah Hamon • Gayle Harper • Alexandra Huddleston • Jeff Hutchens • Sophie Jacobson • Dave Jordano • Matthew Kaelin • Hiroyo Kaneko • Cyrus Karimipour • Melissa Kaseman • Eileen Kennedy • Georg Kuettinger • Ferit Kuyas • Jimmy Lam • Katherine Lannin • Christine Laptuta • Hyomin Lee • Benjamin Lowy • Janelle Lynch • S. Billie Mandle • John Mann • Kerry Mansfield • Anthony Marchetti • Rebecca Martinez • Bryan Meltz • Mark Menjivar • Graham Miller • Kevin Miyazaki • Brad Moore • Stefanie Motta • Shayok Mukhopadhyay • Jarrett Murphy • Yoichi Nagata • Kelly Neal • Pamela Pecchio • Janet Pritchard • Jennifer Ray • Abbie Reese • Beatrix Reinhardt • Brook Reynolds • Kaycie Roberts • Dana Romanoff • Jane Rosemont • Aaron Wickenden & Dan Rybicky • Ari Salomon • Emily Shur • Christopher Sims • Jonathan Smith • Aline Smithson • Herb Stratford • Lacey Terrell • Sonja Thomsen • Amy Todd • Kurt Tong • Arnon Toussia-Cohen • Ian van Coller • Lori Waselchuk • Curtis Wehrfritz • Wendel White • Sarah Wilson • Brad Wilson • Susan Worsham • Margaret Wright

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Review Santa Fe Artist Presentations The 2019 Award & Grant winners travel to Santa Fe as part of the award package to present their work at the Review Santa Fe Photo Festival. Each photographer will give a brief presentation followed by a question and answer session moderated by Mary Statzer, Ph.D. This program is made possible with the support of the NM Humanities Council.

Mary Statzer Curator of Prints and Photographs University of New Mexico Art Museum

Saturday, October 19, 1 – 5:30 p.m.

Mary Statzer holds an MFA in printmaking and Ph.D. in art history with specialties in the history of photography and museum studies. She has published articles in Aperture magazine and edited a multi-author book, The Photographic Object 1970, released in 2016. She organized the exhibition Patrick Nagatani: A Survey of Early Photographs at the University of New Mexico Art Museum.

Sama Alshaibi Carry Over Project Development Grant, Winner Juror: Lucy Gallun, Museum of Modern Art “I’m interested in the societal impact of unequal power relations between the West and the Middle East, and how that domination is articulated through photographs. By using Albumen printing, a popular print process of the 19th and early 20th century, I am evoking a near century in which the West controlled the Middle East.”

Kitra Cahana Caravana Migrante Editor’s Choice Award, 2nd Place Juror: MaryAnne Golon, Washington Post A caravan of thousands of asylum seekers reached Tijuana in Mexico in November 2018, hoping to gain asylum in the US. The caravan was self-organized and swelled in numbers along the way as it made its way from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, heading toward the Californian border. This particular caravan has become a symbol of the Central American migration crisis.


Cody Cobb Strange Land Curator’s Choice Award, 2nd Place Juror: Makeda Best, Harvard Art Museum “These portraits of the Earth’s surface were made during extended periods of solitude while in various states of being lost, cold, hungry or sleep-deprived. Having been stripped of basic human comforts, I’m forced to confront the staggering indifference of the forces that have shaped our existence. In this exhaustion, there’s a moment of surrender to the unforgiving and unknowable.”

ti n e s e r 2 01 9 P

rs e h p a r og t o h P g n

Tara Cronin Thens

Director’s Choice Award, 2nd Place Juror: Monica Allende, Getxo Photo

For nearly a century, within psychiatric and medical establishments, members of the LGBTQ community were characterized within the psychiatric diagnostic manual, the DSM, as mentally ill, and treated as such by the community at large. This project highlights the history of mischaracterizing LGBT members as mentally ill, psychotic, unstable, unhinged, and “crazy” so that society can remember what this community had to struggle through to reach their current status of equality.

Annette Fournet The Goddess Series Excellence in Multimedia Award, 2nd Place Juror: Josh Raab, National Geographic “In The Goddess Series I am using vintage photographic portraits of women. I transform each individual with digital collage into a particular mythological goddess. Disturbed and concerned by the regressive and repressive attitudes towards women found in current in political and religious groups today, I am moved to create images of women who can wield power (in positive or sometimes in negative behaviors). I am expressing the power, exotic, spiritual, and esoteric qualities of women.”

Rich Frishman Ghosts of Segregation Curator’s Choice Award, 1st Place Juror: Makeda Best, Harvard Art Museum Ghosts of Segregation photographically explores America’s racism as seen in the vernacular landscape; schools for “colored” children, theatre entrances and restrooms for “colored people,” lynching sites, juke joints, jails, hotels and bus stations. Past is prologue. Segregation is as much current events as it is history. These ghosts haunt us because they are very much alive. 25

Paul Guilmoth & Dylan Hausthor Sleep Creek Project Launch Grant, Honorable Mention Juror: Virginia Heckert, The J. Paul Getty Museum Sleep Creek is a landscape filled with trauma and beauty. It’s a place where animals are only seen when they’re being hunted and humans balance between an unapologetic existence and an abyss of lunacy. These images manipulate a landscape that is simultaneously autobiographical, documentary, and fictional: a weaving of myth and symbol in order to be confronted with the experiential.

Revie wS

Lori Hawkins

anta F e Arti

Too Far to Walk me&EVE Award, Winner Juror: Kathy Ryan, The New York Times Magazine

st Pre s



Too Far to Walk is a maternal mortality story. It’s a story of the women of West Pokot and their struggle to stay alive, to survive childbirth, a right all women should have. On average, one woman or girl dies due to complications from childbirth every two minutes. 75% of these deaths could be prevented with access to low-cost basic sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Astrid Jahnsen Backdrop Curator’s Choice Award, 3rd Place Juror: Makeda Best, Harvard Art Museum “I check the encyclopedias I used to study and the absence of women seems evident in both its content and its editing. Backdrop highlights this lack, re-photographing the woman who appears in the encyclopedia by chance, as someone who walked by unexpectedly at the time of the shoot, without the photographer’s intentional gaze, and without her knowing being looked at.”

Lesia Maruschak MARIA Director’s Choice Award, 1st Place Juror: Monica Allende, Getxo Photo “MARIA — a complex exploration of memory and its sensual expression ­— memorializes the more than four million victims of the 1932-33 famine in Soviet Ukraine — an event widely thought to be genocidal; this portable memorial offers diverse entry points for a broad audience and is intended to transform the ways we remember this historic event which has impacted my identity, my community, and the one living Canadian survivor known to me, Maria F., and be transformative to the ways we remember similar atrocities happening now.” 26

Rania Matar SHE Editor’s Choice Award, 1st Place Juror: MaryAnne Golon, Washington Post “In my continuous exploration of what it is like to be a girl and a woman today, in a world that poses endless questions on girls and women of all backgrounds, I am focusing this project on young women in their late teens/early twenties. They are the ages of my daughters — they are leaving the cocoon of home, entering adulthood and facing a new reality they are often not prepared for — a humbling reality most often harder than they expected and less glamorous than what is portrayed on social media.”

2 01

g n i t n e s e r 9P

s r e h p a r g o Phot Rocky McCorkle You and Me on a Sunny Day

Excellence in Multimedia Award, 1st Place Juror: Josh Raab, National Geographic Photographer Rocky McCorkle created the narrative and directed the photographs in the first ever “walk-through movie” with 88-year-old Gilda, You and Me on a Sunny Day. McCorkle’s series of 135 photographs is conceived as a silent film in the form of a sequence of stills. Gilda Todar’s (1927 –­ 2017) colorful life is revealed in photographs that share her memories.

Moira McDonald Pacifica Project Launch Grant, Honorable Mention Juror: Virginia Heckert, The J. Paul Getty Museum “I placed my darkroom trays out overnight to collect small puddles of the clouds to dip my silver papers in; they were then exposed on an overcast day until the fog was either absorbed by the paper or evaporated back into the atmosphere. These photographs are traces of automated nature, of collecting and letting go, of natural breath, of process, and of intervention, participation and engagement within the landscape — ­ these are photographs of the fog in Pacifica.”

Kevin Mooney 366247 • 2012 Excellence in Multimedia Award, 3rd Place Juror: Josh Raab, National Geographic 366247 • 2012 is a time-based piece, rooted in still photography, and can be presented as a video or video projection installation. The more than 256,000 still images, presented as a photographic stop-motion animation, allow the viewer to witness Mooney’s day-to-day routines, the same acts that everyone engages in on a regular or daily basis. Time.



re 19 P

g n i t n se

g o t o Ph

s r e h rap Xan Padrón Time Lapse Editor’s Choice Award, 3rd Place Juror: MaryAnne Golon, Washington Post

“I consider my work a kind of documentation of a city or a specific neighborhood. For the Time Lapse project I sit on a single spot, unnoticed, for about 2 hours, photographing a sequence of people passing by against one unique background. These quotidian gestures, combined, create a unique narrative of life by a wall in a place in the world.”

Maria Sturm You don’t look Native to me Director’s Choice Award, 3rd Place Juror: Monica Allende, Getxo Photo Since 2011, Maria Sturm has photographed teenagers from the Lumbee tribe in and around Pembroke, North Carolina, where almost 90 percent of the population identifies as Native American. Sturm’s series You Don’t Look Native to Me considers how young Native people present themselves today in relation to their identity and culture.

Igor Tereshkov Oil and Moss Project Launch Grant, Winner Juror: Virginia Heckert, The J. Paul Getty Museum There are about 1.5 million tons of oil poured out annually to the environment in Russia. This figure is approximately twice the volume of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. About 50% of Russian oil produced in KhMAO licensed areas often coincide with the places of residence of indigenous peoples.

Image detail from the project Oil and Moss ©️ Igor Tereshkov, 2019 Project Launch Grant Winner,


Image detail from the project Too Far to Walk Š� Lori Hawkins, 2019 me&EVE Winner,




Review Santa Fe Photographic Print Raffle Help support the Photographer’s Scholarship Fund. Purchase tickets for a chance to own a CENTER award-winning photographic print, special drawing by Joel-Peter Witkin, and more at the 2019 Photographic Print Raffle. Tickets are $10 each, $25 for 3 tickets, $100 for 13 tickets, and $140 for 20 tickets. The drawing will be held around 6:20 p.m. on Saturday, October 19 at the Drury Plaza Hotel. You need not be present to win. Email to purchase tickets via proxy. Stay tuned to our website as more prints will become available in the coming weeks.


JOAN ALVADO 2017 Exhibitor’s Choice 3rd Place Untitled, from the project “Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith” Archival Pigment Print, 24” x 32” Value: $500

SALVATORE CALAFATO 2015 Director’s Choice 3rd Place Untitled, from the project “A Day on the Beach” Archival Pigment Print, 20” x 26.75” Value: $1,200

MORLEY BAER Backwater, Nr. France, 1957. Signed ©️ 2015 The Morley Baer Photography Trust, Santa Fe. All reproduction rights reserved – Used by permission Silver Gelatin Print, 14” x 16” Value: $2,000

PHYLLIS DOONEY 2015 Editor’s Choice 1st Place Baptismal Embrace Archival Pigment Print, 11” x 17” Edition 1 of 12 Value: $700





JOEL-PETER WITKIN Mystery drawing To be revealed at the time of raffle Value: $3,500


FLE2 01 9

INÉS DÜMIG 2015 Project Launch Winner Untitled, from the project “Apart Together” Archival Pigment Print, 12.75” x 16.75” Value: $600

DEMETRIS KOILALOUS 2017 Exhibitor’s Choice 1st place Untitled, from the project “CAESURA / The duration of a sigh” C-Print, 26.75” x 26.75” Edition 1 of 7 Value: $3,500


KURT SIMONSON 2012 Curator’s Choice 3rd Place Birdhouse Archival Inkjet Print, 12” x 18″ Value: $750

ERIC WHITE 2011 Editor’s Choice 3rd Place Untitled, from the project “National Defense” Archival Inkjet Print, 27” x 32.5″ Value: $1,500



Image detail of Washboard Roads, from the project Sleep Creek ©️ Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth, 2019 Project Launch Grant Honorable Mention



p O e F a ew Sant

r e t n e s e ening Pr

Carry Over Carry Over recalls and subverts historical Orientalist portraits made of Middle Eastern women. Women were often depicted carrying vessels of bread or water on their head and staged lounging with “oriental” props that built an uncritical fantasy of the hidden harem for Western audiences. Alshaibi's work amplifies the physical burden of representation found in those photographs, while using traditional processes from the colonial era. The project resists superficial analysis that reduces Middle Eastern women’s rights and opportunities, which keeps them affixed to assumed subordinate positions in the imagination of others. Photography studios were largely run by Western photographers, and the images they produced were valued as characterizations of the region. The appetite for the exotic, the distant lands and peoples living a simpler time — by Western audiences meant the Orientalist photographer’s vision of Middle Eastern women were captured to express inferiority, picturesqueness of native culture and as the exotic sexual object. Alshaibi writes, "I’m interested in the societal impact of unequal power relations between the West and the Middle East, and how that domination is articulated through photographs. By using Albumen printing, a popular print process of the 19th and early 20th century, I am evoking a near century in which the West controlled the Middle East."

Thursday, October 17, 6:30 p.m.

Image detail of Water Bearer ©️ Sama Alshaibi


Sama Alshaibi 2019 Project Development Grant Winner Sama Alshaibi’s artwork explores the body and spaces of conflict in the aftermath of war and exile. Alshaibi’s monograph, Sand Rushes In (New York: Aperture, 2015) presents her Silsila series, which probes the human dimensions of migration, borders, and environmental demise. Silsila was exhibited at the 55th Venice Biennale, 2017 Honolulu Biennial, Qalandia International Biennial (Haifa), American University Museum (Washington D.C.), and more. Her exhibitions also include the 13th Cairo Biennale (Egypt), MoMA (NY), Bronx Museum (NYC), Arab American National Museum (Michigan). She was awarded a US Fulbright Scholar Fellowship to Palestine, 2014-2015. Alshaibi was named University of Arizona’s 1885 Society Distinguished Scholar, where she is Professor of Photography, Video and Imaging.


©️ Stephen A. Frank, Diane Arbus with her photograph Identical twins, Roselle, N.J. 1966, during a lecture at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1970

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e Sch olar P resen tation

A Box of Ten Photographs: The Odyssey of Diane Arbus

In late 1969, Diane Arbus began to work on a portfolio. At the time of her death in 1971, she had completed the printing for eight known sets of A box of ten photographs, of a planned edition of fifty, only four of which she sold during her lifetime. This presentation draws on my research for Diane Arbus: A box of ten photographs, the first exhibition to focus exclusively on the portfolio. Using the recorded voices of those who knew and worked with her, it tracks the evolution of an Arbus canon grounded in her work on the portfolio; the solidification of that canon as a consequence of her untimely death; and the emergence of a discourse as institutions sought to accommodate and respond to its challenges. Considered in relation to the portfolio, the odyssey of Diane Arbus is the odyssey of photography itself---of a field and its language. Bridging Arbus’s career with that of photography as we now know it was the portfolio, A box of ten photographs.

Sunday, October 20, 11 a.m.


John Jacob McEvoy Family Curator for Photography, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC John Jacob was previously Director of the Inge Morath Foundation, and manager of its annual Inge Morath Award, as well as Program Director at the Magnum Foundation, where he developed archival projects for its Legacy Program. His recent exhibitions at the Smithsonian include Trevor Paglen: Sites Unseen and Diane Arbus: A box of ten photographs.




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Image detail of Birds at Home, from the series Domestic Vacations ©️ Julie Blackmon, 2006 Project Competition Winner,

w e i v e R

a Sant

t n e v Fe E

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Image detail of Night Watchman (Budapest), 2009 from the project Here, Anywhere ©️ Tamas Dezso, 2011 Project Launch Winner,


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Opening Presentations and Reception Portfolio Walk, Farmer’s Market Pavilion Artist Presentations Print Raffle and Closing Event Photographic Book Fair



Front cover: Image detail of Liminal State, from the project Strange Land ©️ Cody Cobb, 2019 Curator’s Choice Winner, Back cover: Image detail of Rift, from the project Strange Land ©️ Cody Cobb