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When it comes to families, we here at Center of Praise emphatically and unapologetically believe that God is for your families. Strong families equal strong churches, which lead to thriving communities that change the world. Whatever their makeup, families are essential to who we are. They provide the framework in which our ideals of the world are shaped, and how we navigate through it.

Every Day Is Father’s Day My Visit To A Multiethnic Church Mess, Mistakes and Moving On Church on the Move 2010 Celebrating the Life of Bishop Walter Hawkins


Saluting the Father of Gospel California Dreamin’ The March to the State Capitol


Remembering Courtney


Mighty Good Man: Dr. Joseph Slade


Having grown up without my natural father, I consider myself blessed to see the daily interaction between my husband and our boys. Fathers give direction to generations and lay down the correct course to take. It’s an amazing privilege to watch my husband navigate the complex and intricate waters of fatherhood with the grace and skill that only a father could posses. From the deepest part of my heart, I thank him.

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I have to be honest with you, I’ve never felt as if I were lacking because God blessed me with a spiritual father at age 15 in the person of Bishop Parnell M. Lovelace Jr., my Pastor. I’ll take the risk and be bold enough to say that many of us at Center of Praise consider Bishop Lovelace as our spiritual father, regardless of how old we may be naturally. He’s been that constant voice of love, direction and even at times, the voice of correction we’ve needed, to mold us into the dynamic people of purpose we are, and are becoming today. While we recognize that it is not man we worship, but rather, we worship God, we would be amiss not to celebrate, recognize and honor the men our God has given us. He has given them to us as our leaders, protectors, providers; they are our fathers, husbands and brothers. Let me just state for the record – men, your families do need you.

15 From the Heart: Conversations with Pastor Andrae Crouch

Our Fall is all about families. In honor of that, we’ve chosen to pay tribute to a family who shared with the world an amazing gift in the person of Bishop Walter Hawkins. You’ll also read a powerful interview with Pastor Andrae Crouch – he talks candidly with us from his heart. Dr. Ronn Elmore shares with us that in life we’ll have messes and make mistakes, but we must move on. Our cover story features an exciting sit down with Dr. Joseph Slade as he reveals his own journey into fatherhood – he’s got some great “nuggets” of wisdom to share. As always, there’s so much more to enjoy. I know you’re ready, so…let’s go! Live Centered!


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"Everyday Is Father's Day" Dujan Perry has been a long time partner with the Center of Praise Ministries. She’s been a regular attendee for 18 years and recently in 2010, became a member of the ministry. Outside of being an accomplished writer, she has an extensive career in the field of education, and is the founder of: FOOOCUSConsulting Services PO Box 581311 Elk Grove, CA 95758 916.346.5302

By: Djuan Perry

It’s quite evident that the role of fatherhood requires a serious act of committed and selfless dedication. Too often, fathers are not honored for the role the play in our lives. There are countless fathers who are responsible, involved, caring and sensitive and they deserved to be celebrated. Centered Living takes great pride in recognizing and honoring our fathers, father figures and spiritual fathers: from the father of Center of Praise Ministries, Bishop Parnell M. Lovelace Jr., to my very own dear father, Reverend William C. Perry of Madera/Oakland, CA.

Centered Living readers sound off about the men that helped shape their lives: We celebrate you Bishop Lovelace!

Father of the Year

Tribute to A Special Father Figure

Congratulations Joseph Smith for your recognition of Father of the Year through The Center for Father’s and Family. Joseph was recognized for his outstanding dedication to his family on June 9, 2010 at The Radisson Hotel. Jasmine Smith, Sacramento CA

I really wanted to give a special recognition to a man that is my father figure, Pastor Darrell C. Alder Sr. My parents divorced when I was seven years old, and for 12 years, I grew up without a father. I missed out on so much, and didn’t get to experience having a dad when I needed one the most. The Lord spoke to me and told me to wait on Him. Six years later, I was able to reconnect with Pastor Darrell Alder. I opened my heart and told him of my story, and next thing I know, he took me in as his spiritual daughter. All these years I thought maybe I wasn’t meant to have a father…but when you wait on the Lord…He will come through. Now at 19 years old, I can happily say I have a father at last. Yes, an angel from above. Which is why I call him my Angel Daddy. Ashli Dean, Elk Grove CA

A Truly Great, Great Grand Pa It is evident to me that YOU LOVE ME DEARLY. CL Staff Member, Djuan Perry, Sacramento CA

A Truly Devoted Father

A Wonderful Father

Isaac stay encouraged and trust in God. You’re doing an awesome job helping raise your son. The patience, love and sensitivity God has given you is a Blessing and your valiant efforts, and hard work is not unnoticed and will pay off REAL soon The Smith Family, Sacramento CA

I had the most wonderful Father, (who just happened to be my mom's husband), named John C. Collins! He taught my brothers and I how to be a man and I thank GOD for my mom allowing him to do that! It is not about who birthed you but who RAISED, LOVED, CARED, TAUGHT, AND WHUPPED YOUR BUTT! May he rest in peace! Fred Goodman, Sacramento CA

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By Thurman “Tee” Watts

…Precious Lord, take my hand Lead me on, let me stand I’m tired, I’m weak, Lord I’m worn Through the storm, through the night Lead me on to the light Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home…

The lyrics quoted above were written by the universally recognized Father of Gospel Music, Thomas A. Dorsey. Here’s a little history on the author of one of the favorite hymns of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as more than 400 other compositions. Thomas Andrew Dorsey was born in Villa Rica Georgia on July 1, 1899. He was the son of an itinerant Baptist preacher, Thomas Madison Dorsey and his church organist wife, Etta Plant Spencer Dorsey. Hard times forced the family of six to move to Atlanta when Thomas was a child. He left school at age 11 to take a job selling concessions at a theater that was popular in the black entertainment district. It was there he was exposed to many vaudeville and early blues entertainers, including Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey. Dorsey studied the various piano players in earnest and gradually learned to read music and play. Soon he was good enough to hire out to house parties and bordellos as Barrelhouse Tommy. At age of 17 Thomas moved to Chicago. He supported himself by working in a factory, as well as gigging in local clubs with his band. He also collaborated with famous bluesman Tampa Red and achieved further notoriety with the moniker Georgia Tom. In 1919, Thomas Dorsey enrolled at the Chicago School of Composition and Arranging. Young Dorsey’s educational diligence paid off when he was hired by Paramount Records as an arranger and talent scout. However, his hectic schedule led to his first nervous breakdown at age 21. On the mend in Atlanta at his parents’ home, his mother urged him to stop playing the blues and start serving the Lord. Thomas Dorsey initially didn’t heed his mother’s urgings. He returned to Chicago to work with Ma Rainey and married Ma Rainey’s wardrobe assistant Nettie Harper. His breakneck secular work habits resumed and he also found work with Big Bill Broonzy, Bertha “Chippie” Hill and Papa Charlie Jackson, however, the demons of stress caught him again and he suffered a second emotional breakdown that left him unable to play music for three years.

There is evidence that a blossoming Thomas Dorsey returned to church after his first breakdown. It is said that he had a spiritual conversion at church shortly thereafter and led a kind of double life for awhile. He began to write sacred songs that had a new flavor. He combined the eight-bar blues structure with heavenly praise from both African-American spirituals and white Christian hymns. One school of thought suggests that gospel crossover and fusion are fairly recent developments, but an examination of Thomas Dorsey’s music firmly illustrates that he experimented with and pioneered these approaches throughout the 1920s. The initial response from black and white churches was to label Dorsey’s compositions, “the devil’s music”. To make a living, seemingly somewhat spiritually conflicted, Dorsey continued composing secular music. Dorsey’s first official gospel song wasn’t published until 1932. The song, “If You See My Savior Tell Him That You Saw Me,” and was met with stiff church resistence. Reflecting on that period of his life he later quipped, “I’ve been thrown out of some of the best churches in America.” Again, Dorsey retreated to the secular blues world until several rapid-fire events later in 1932, forever altered Thomas Dorsey’s life purpose and cemented his brand of gospel music to the church. He was appointed director of the choir at the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago, a post he would fill for 40 years. Then, tragically, his beloved wife Nettie died in August, during the birth of their first son, Thomas Andrew Dorsey Jr. The infant died the next day. Dorsey was understandably devastated and alone with the Lord. Out of that double tragedy came his signature tune, “Precious Lord.” The remainder of Thomas Dorsey’s life work was spent in the service of God. Through his efforts and those of the renowned Sallie Martin, Chicago became the epicenter of gospel choruses. Thomas wrote books and appeared locally on radio in Chicago. He toured the United States, Mexico, Europe and North Africa from 1932-1944. He met the young Mahalia Jackson in 1929. They went on the road together from the late 1930s through the years of World War II. In 1940, Thomas Dorsey was appointed dean of evangelistic musical research and ministry of church music for the Gospel Choral Union of Chicago. His total accomplishments are too numerous to be listed here. Besides his 400 plus published gospel compositions, hundreds more remained unpublished. His work has been recorded by gospel and secular artists alike. His tune “Peace In The Valley” is a favorite of country and Western performers and was a hit for Elvis Presley. Mahalia Jackson sang “Precious Lord” at Dr. King’s funeral in 1968. Yes, the former “Barrelhouse Tommy” and “Georgia Tom” went on to higher heights in the Lord. Reflecting on his decision as a young man to drop out of school and work, Mr. Dorsey said, “I had hope, faith, courage, aspiration and most of all determination to accomplish something in life…I resolved to make a mark for myself.” Thomas Dorsey died on January 23, 1993. Centered Living is proud to highlight the accomplishments of Thomas Dorsey in our celebrating famililes issue.

Thurman “T” Watts is your cybersoul man. He’s the Music Director at KPFZ FM 88.1, Lake County Community Radio; check him out at In addition Tee is a noted music journalist and writes regularly for www., The Post Newsgroup and Much of his work is archived at www.teewatts. biz . “T” has been attending the Center of Praise Ministries since the summer of 2009, and his lovely fiancé, Gwen Windham, has been attending since 2008.

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alifornia Dreamin’ By Daphne M. Harris

On March 4, 2010 six individuals began walking in Bakersfield CA with a goal of completing a walk of 365 miles in 48 days to the state capitol in Sacramento ( This group of active and retired teachers, a community leader and a probation officer, took a 48 day journey to shed light on the issues they felt affected California’s future. On April 21, 2010 they arrived in Sacramento and I had the pleasure of witnessing many Californians from various parts of the state coming together in a central place to make their voices heard. President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the United Long Term Care Workers Union (ULTCW) in Los Angeles, Laphonza Butler, said a pledge was made at Mount Moriah Church to support these six individual marchers, “This is not just a march to Sacramento, not just a trip to Bakersfield or Fresno. We are on our way to a better place a golden place beginning our journey to justice”, said Butler. These individuals and their supporters met at St. John Baptist Church in Sacramento with the support of its pastor, Darryl Heath, for prayer and conversation to address the final steps of the walk which developed into a march and rally at the State Capitol. After walking 365 miles, the marchers and their supports had opportunity to meet with legislators to candidly discuss the impacts the state’s budget cuts have made on their lives and the lives of those they represent. “We are marching for California’s future – we are here to let the legislators know it’s time for a change. We are tired of hearing about the cuts to social services, elderly, blind and disabled and our children’s education”, said Laura Reyes

of the United Domestic Workers Local 3930. The day was highlighted by the common theme of educating individuals on how to get involved by registering to vote and becoming active in their communities. According to Doug Moore, international vice president for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the message to Californians was to, “work together to build a movement of change and to build a coalition of faith-based groups, community leaders, workers and educators to come together to fix California’s broken system. [The message is also to encourage] discussions about a fair tax system, public services and public school systems”. The spirit of the day was exciting and it was a blessing to see so many people come together. In reflection, Pastor Heath commented that, “influence should come from God’s House”, and he encouraged individuals to follow his example by going to community meetings to gain knowledge about what’s going on and get involved. In our first issue, I talked about the Power of One Voice coming together to make a difference in the community. You can take steps towards that by registering to vote and participating in the general election on November 2, 2010 with a registration deadline of October 18, 2010. Take some time to become familiar with the issues and the candidates; remember you have the right to contact and inform your legislators of the issues that affect you daily. You may not be able to march to the capital like these six did, but your voice and representation is just as powerful be heard! Daphne Harris is the home-based business owner of Harris Product Planning Services LLC in Elk Grove, CA, focusing on art, home decor and real estate She also serves her community by holding an appointed and hired position with the City of Elk Grove and the United States Census Bureau. Daphne has served at Center of Praise for the past 3.5 years and lends her gift of writing to Centered Living Magazine.


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Courtney Sconce By: Larishia S. Johnson

radKIDS ® is a children’s self-defense and empowerment program, and being a parent of a 6 and 13 year old, I was immediately drawn to it. I first became familiar with the program by seeing a posting on my company’s website, detailing the latest opportunity to become apart of this program and highlighting the involvement of two fellow employees, who happened to be husband and wife. I’m always impressed and moved to see the work that many people do outside of their “9 to 5” involves serving the community. I recognized the face and name of one employee, Mark Sconce, he just happened to join our department recently. Since Mark was new, I was a little reserved and didn’t want to pry, but I was intrigued to know – what was his story? What was it that drove him to want the people he works with to be apart of this program? So after a few days of musing, I struck up a conversation letting him know how impressed I was with the work he and his wife were doing and simply asked how they became involved. His answer struck me – totally caught me off guard. He explained that his daughter was the victim of a brutal kidnapping and murder. He was so gracious in his response; what drives him is the shear hope that another child will not suffer at the hands of a predator. Many of us that lived in the Sacramento/Rancho Cordova area may remember the story: “Our 12 year-old daughter Courtney Hannah Sconce was kidnapped, raped twice and then strangled to death on the afternoon of Nov 8, 2000. She was a very smart and strong girl: she played football with boys of her age, she was a pitcher on her baseball team, played basketball, she skated,

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rode her bike and had some training in karate. None of these things prepared her for what she was to experience on that afternoon. She was, purportedly, threatened with a gun and told to get in the car. She did and she never made it home. She was driven to another county where her life was taken.” It was during this horrific time in their lives that Mark and his wife Cindy were introduced to Frank and Mindi Russell, Executive Directors of the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy – Sacramento. The painful events that brought them together have led them down a path of seeking out ways to empower our children and educate our parents to know that there is a way to fight back. The radKIDS ® program is one such way. Centered Living was given the opportunity to talk with Chaplain Mindi about the radKIDS ® program. Can you provide us with an overview of what radKIDS ® is all about? This is a parent and child personal safety education program to address safety issue awareness. What’s unique about this particular program in comparison to others like it? It helps children practice what to do immediately/automatically if in danger- it empowers children without scaring them. What prompted you to become involved? Frankly, “I was tired of doing my work late” I would prefer to teach a family what to do before a child is damaged and broken instead of having to work with a family full of anguish because of what happened to their child.

It can be a bit intimidating for parents and children to consciously think about the dangers facing children and teens today. How does the program teach children these self-defense skills, without making the world a scary place? Fear is ignorance. Being Fearless empowers people with education. It’s not about, “it won’t happen”; it’s about, what we will do IF it happens” What can children and teens expect to gain from this program? Boldness, encouragement, knowledge, and a way to address things they are exposed to anyway. What can parents and caregivers expect to gain from this program? How to communicate and better yetlisten correctly to their children. How can we find a radKIDS ® in our area and become involved? We are in the process of training instructors- please see our next class for anyone interested in helping us. They will be expected to be fingerprinted and have a background check. Also, we are setting up classes in Sacramento County. Perhaps you can be a sponsor to help a community have classes. On behalf of Centered Living Magazine, and the Center of Praise Ministries, thank you for your time! Thank you so very much. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions. 916.641.8844


By: Kevin Burrill

Note from the Editor-InChief.. One afternoon I received an email from Yvette Mosley, the office manager for Center of Praise Ministries, requesting that I take a look at an article that was posted on a blog, and that I contact the author on behalf of Bishop Lovelace to request permission to reprint it in Centered Living. I scrolled down to read Bishop’s message, and it simply said, “ Race and religion can be touchy subjects, but the two touch all of us deeply.” Educator, Kevin Burrill, tells a truthful, funny, and candid account of his visit to Center of Praise. Every Sunday morning the parking lot at my complex fills up. From my window I observe well-dressed African-Americans that still believe in wearing their “Sunday best.” For a few months now I’ve been planning on visiting their church. Today I went. I admit I entered into the service with the approach of a sociologist that happens to teach math, but I can’t help it. It’s what I do. I think to better understand people you have to experience their culture. Today I’m just going to share my thoughts and observations: cultural, religious, and otherwise. The sidewalks were crowded as I walked the two blocks from my house to the church. Many people were leaving the last service as others were arriving for the later service. As I approached I heard a faint voice, “Is that Mr. Burrill?” I looked up to find two of my students, one current and one former. I briefly chatted with Emmanuel, who I haven’t seen in three years. I’m happy to report he passed both Algebra and Geometry and is currently taking Algebra II as a junior. I walked in and asked one of the greeters a question and she responded, “Are you a firsttimer?” She walked me over to a gentleman who gave me a welcome pack that included a paper to fill out so the pastor could mail me something, some information, and a Starbucks card. I found my way up to a seat and was surprised at how empty the service was, but by 11:30 all the seats around me

had filled up. I looked around and noticed about five other white people, which was about five more than I expected. It is interesting how I am so often in situations when the ethnicity of the people around me never even enters my mind, but when in a situation where I was in a very small minority I immediately looked around to see if there were others of my skin color. At one point it seemed the worship songs were finally coming to an end and the worship pastor instructed us to give a shout out to the Lord. It sounded more like a hockey game than a church. He then responded to the energy in the room. “Oh! I feel a praise dance comin’ on.” I watched one woman in front of me grab her back at one point as if she had pulled something, but then worked it out and kept on dancing. The older white guy in the blue shirt in front of me was dancing; not particularly well, with all his heart and soul. He even got a nod from the pastor later, “I loved watching my brother in the blue shirt.” Even the white guy was a brother here. It turned out the guy that I thought was the worship pastor is actually the head pastor. Don’t worry; he had plenty of energy left. Good thing too, because this was already his third service of the day (I don’t know if in the morning he also felt a praise dance coming on.) The entire service I noticed a huge cultural difference in the way the congregation responded during the sermon. It was totally acceptable, and expected, to call out and respond while the pastor was preaching. Shouting in agreement, saying examples aloud, clapping and cheering were all appropriate reactions. The pastor thanked the first time guests for joining them and then he told us that we didn’t need to put anything in the offering except our visitor card because, “Today you are our guests, but when you come back next time you’re family.” Wow, I thought that would take at least a few weeks, but one of my sisters did give me a hug this morning so I guess I made it in. The pastor shared how our

witness is demonstrated in “our sharing, our giving, and our worship.” Then for the first time in my life I watched a pastor in the middle of his sermon dance in front of the congregation. One of the points I noted from this morning is if you want to reach out to someone you must want to get to know them. You have to be willing to build a relationship with them. Also, don’t portray Jesus as mad or sad, because you can exemplify the joy you have in Him when you reach out to others. The New Living Bible translated Luke 5 as saying go become “fishers of people.” Pastor told us to cast out our nets and pull in our coworkers, our friends, and our family, “even the cousins you don’t like.” I sat there imagining Pastor Parnell M. Lovelace, Jr. teaching a math lesson to the congregation. “After you factor the trinomial you get (x -7) (x-2) = 0.”“Oh, yeah you do! Hallelujah!” “And the first answer is x equals SEVEN!” (Seven said by the pastor in unison with 1/3 of the congregation). “Or x equals TWO.” (This time everyone joined in on saying the “two.”) “Amen! Woohoo! X is 7 or 2 oh, yeah!” Every year our African-American students have disproportionately high number of referrals. Sitting in church today made me think about a vast cultural difference. This was church, and it was expected to shout out, raise your hand when you agree, and if you enthusiastically agree you can stand up, jump around, dance, and shout. I don’t think I could handle running a class like that, but I do want to try it sometime. Amen. As the pastor spoke of how the church body should be a witness for Christ I thought about how closely this parallels teaching. If you don’t really want to get to know someone then they don’t want to hear you preach to them just so you can fill your monthly witnessing quota. If you don’t want to get to know your students they probably don’t care too much about what you have to say about 2-step equations. Relationships are key. Can I get an “Amen?”

Kevin hosts a regular blog page that you can follow at:

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Dr. Joseph Slade By Larishia S. Johnson

Dr, Joseph L. Slade currently serves as the elder of pastoral care at the Center of Praise Ministries, and rightfully so – he’s a man of tremendous accomplishment. He earned his bachelor of theology degree and received an honorary doctor of divinity from the Mt. Zion Theological Seminary, Sacramento CA. He was also awarded his master of business administration degree from Amelda University. In 2005 he retired as senior pastor of the Greater Faith Baptist Church, Stockton, CA after 23 years of service. He’s been a music professor at the University of California, San Diego and a theology professor at Sacramento Theological Seminary, and its Stockton extension. He also served as president of the Interdenominational Ministers Conference in the Stockton area, as well as numerous other leadership positions in local, district, state and national Baptist denominational affiliations. Dr. Slade also did outstanding work as chaplain of the Stockton Police Department and member of the Mayor’s Clergy Council. Dr. Slade has countless other accomplishments in the area of gospel music ministry and leadership, as well as within his extensive background in the field of finance. However,out of all of his many accomplishments, Dr. Slade would say that what he values most is his relationship with the Lord and his family. He and his beautiful wife of 50 years, Elizabeth, are the proud parents of Aladrian Elmore, and to know Dr. Slade is to know that outside of the Lord, these two ladies are his joy. Centered Living had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Slade and discussing what it means to be a father, both naturally and spiritually, and the state of fatherhood today.

CL: Tell us a little bit about your father, CL: Explain for us your journey from and how he shaped you into the man you are today. becoming a man, a husband and then a JLS: My father was a fairly strict father. disciplinarian. He never failed to JLS: I had the distinct privilege of correct or discipline us when we being the youngest of seven boys needed it. However, in showing his and five girls. This was a marvelous love and nurturing care, he instilled adventure for me as I grew up. Not within us moral, ethical and spiritual only did I learn what to do, but what values. Being a contractor by trade, not to do by watching the results of he would take me on many of their actions. In most cases, my Our his job sites and allow me brothers became model fathers motivation to not only watch how he and these are the principles I should be based would build a house, but learned from them as well as on the results we allow me to do what I call from my father. Their nurturing produce, rather than by others on-the-job training. He along with my father kept me opinions. also taught us the value of on the correct path towards concern for others and showed becoming a father. Therefore, us how to give and take. He when I became a man, husband and made sure that we knew we were as father, I had gained quite a bit of life’s good as the next person, but not any knowledge to utilize as I matriculated better. Being a deacon in the church, through life. Even though I had gained he always “took” us to church with a lot of knowledge, I still had much to him and would also share the Word of learn on my own. I also thank God for God with us around the dinner table. the academic training I received from He also made sure that we said our high school, college and seminary. prayers before going to bed. He started Even after all the education and teaching us at early age on what it training, there is nothing like just plain means to be a man. He never stood for old living and experiencing by trial and “crybabying.” error becoming a model father. Page 8

CL: What was the most rewarding thing for you in raising your daughter? JLS: My daughter is a one-of-a kind special lady. God has gifted her with special intellectual skills and that makes me so proud. However, there are so many rewarding experiences that I can’t speak to them all. But just to name a few: She is a true believer and emulator of Jesus. She has always presented herself with dignity, character and a person of the highest standards and principles. She loves God and people and is a lovable person. She married a dynamic man of God who is a preacher, psychologist, marriage counselor, author, and widely acclaimed lecturer. Together, they have reared three lovely, wonderful children, who are now grown. Their son has served in the military and their daughters are in the process of completing their academic education in graduate school. It’s also rewarding to know that much of my daughter’s personality is like me. CL: What was the most challenging thing for you in raising your daughter?

JLS: As much as I hate to say it – I had – worldly actions, such as cursing, to do all I could to stay in front of her drinking, doing drugs, etc., even in the regarding matters of life. She asked presence of their children. Some even a lot of questions, which took me to abuse them physically. This is devastating the bible, dictionary, library, and other and can stifle the possibility of a great and sources to find the correct answers. The successful future generation. other issue was the boy-thing. Being a beautiful young lady and CL: What is it that looking more mature than her “It’s such a great encourages you about the actual age, there were quite a lot sensation to share state of fatherhood today? of boys trying to date her before the joy and love of Are things getting better? she was presented to society. My a happy family.” JLS: I sincerely believe that wife and I always wanted her to times are getting better. I am marry the very best. So I felt it especially encouaged when necessary to virtually “interrogate” each I observe fathers spending quality time young man who wanted to take her out with their children. Many of them – even on a date. That was quite a challenge as single parents – are now bringing their and it didn’t always make her very children to church. Many fathers are also happy. taking their children shopping, sporting events, on vacations, etc. This, in itself, CL: In your own words, tell us lets me know that in spite of the seeming what it means to be a father, whether trend of absent fathers in many homes, naturally or spiritually. there are still some who take fatherhood JLS: It is one of the most rewarding seriously. I am also encouraged when I experiences a father can have: knowing counsel with many young men who are that his child is a result of his seed and seeking help in learning how to keep or then being able to nurture that child into put their family relationship back together. adulthood. It’s such a great sensation to share the joy and love of a happy family. CL: What would you say to encourage What a gratifying feeling to see your child the men who are on the right path flourish into adulthood and then have when it comes to their children and such a positive and profound impact on families? Many times they do not get the humanity. It is also a fantastic feeling to recognition they deserve. How would you have grandchildren who love and respect motivate them to keep going? you. JLS: I tell all fathers to know and first of all, make sure you have a spiritual I have to also speak from a Biblical relationship with God through Jesus perspective. The Bible gives clear and Christ. Revere and obey Him. Respect concise definitions about fatherhood. and love others. Regard yourself with “Train up a child in the way he should pride and live a life of integrity with go…” “Fathers provoke not your children dignity. If we do not love ourselves, then unto wrath…” “Spare the rod and spoil we certainly won’t have much love for the child. . .” These and other biblical passages have been my most important guide for rearing my daughter. CL: When you look at the state of fatherhood today, what is it that concerns you? JLS: I believe that there are too many fathers who do not uphold their responsibility in supporting their children. In other words, some actually disown their offspring; others abdicate their financial responsibility; but most of all they do not share in the duty of raising their children. The other issue I have with some fathers is the lifestyle they model before their children .................

others – whether our offspring or others in general. Then shower that love on your children. Remember, even though we all want to be recognized by others for what we do – especially at home – it is God who will give the ultimate recognition in that final day. Besides, it is important to realize we must look at the fruit of our labor and if nobody else gives us the praise or pat on the back – then encourage ourselves. We know what we have done and whether it is good or not. Our motivation should be based on the results we produce, rather than by others opinions. CL: What would you say to encourage the men who may have strayed off the path when it comes to their children and families? They may have lost their way, but what word of wisdom or encouragement do you have for them today? JLS: Remember who you are as well as whose you are. You have been wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God. It is He that has made us and not we, ourselves. We are somebody – humble, but not weak. Remember, God wants us to look to Him for answers to our problems. He is a forgiving God of another chance. So humble yourself and ask God for His help and guidance. Disconnect yourself from those who won’t support their children and pray for them. Then connect yourself with other fathers who can provide meaningful assistance to help you get back on the proper path of fatherhood. CL: What keeps Dr. Joe centered? JLS: What an easy question to answer. I anchor myself in Jesus. Following His teachings keeps me on the proper path. Also belonging to a church where so much inspiration, support, love and joy that exudes from the pastor and members gives me the motivation to stay focused. However, I must also admit that my daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren, and immediate family are compelling incentives. Most of all, my darling wife of more than 50 years has been an anchor of support through her modeling Jesus and cheering, critiquing, and comforting me have also helped me to “stay the course”.

.. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Slade Page 9

Mess, Mistakes, And Moving On © Ronn Elmore, Psy.d. For information about his relationship enrichment products and private counseling practice for individual and couples call (916) 760-0401

By: Dr. Ronn Elmore

Daryl and Christina have been married for over ten years and have two kids they consider almost perfect. They pride themselves on their deep commitment to each other and the hard work it takes to keep their family life running on the right track. Truth is, Christina and Daryl are good people living the good life, and they are determined to keep it that way. But it's also true that neither of them is perfect. Like any other real-life people in a real-life family, from time to time both of them can be counted on to cause some kind of "mess". Either she'll promise to curb her spending only to be completely seduced by another "Semi-Annual Sale" at the mall. Or he'll commit to monitoring their son's homework, and then forget all about it until Daryl, Jr.'s report card painfully reminds him. Or maybe one of them—feeling tired, stressed, insecure, or just in a funky mood— says something dumb that opens up a messy can of worms. And in two seconds an argument starts that lasts two hours—or two days. Just like most of us, at times like these, they fuss a little and eventually adjust a little. Actually, the hardest part for Christina and Daryl is not cleaning up their messes, but avoiding the endless debates over who was at fault in the first place. Around in circles they go, each pointing the finger of blame away from themselves. Of course, neither of them wants to take the blame. Sound familiar? One of life's biggest time-wasters and frustration-makers in any relationship is the endless back and forth over who's to blame for that rotten thing that happened that both of you wish hadn't. Whether it's an ill-informed accusation, a broken promise, an insensitive remark, a bounced check,or a rotten attitude, it's out there now for both of you to regret. Page 10

Since whatever it was really did happen, and nothing will change that fact, we fight to the finish about who gets to be the victim and who's the evil perpetrator. We hate to be wrong. We hate it even more when the ones we love know that we're wrong. Try as you might, nobody lives up to his or her own standards all the time. When you blow it, the best thing you can do is to own up to it, get over it, and move on. Accepting blame that is rightfully yours, without making weak excuses or trying to find a scapegoat, allows your loved ones to witness your integrity and humility. Integrity and humility are signs of greatness. Who wouldn't want to live happily ever after with a man or woman who possesses such qualities? A word of caution is in order here. Never take blame that isn't really yours. When you aren't the one at fault, but out of frustration or intimidation you take the blame anyway, you do keep the peace—but by sacrificing the truth. It's a cheap kind of love that leaves out the truth. If you take the blame but really don't believe the fault is yours, you'll eventually get tired of acting like it was. The odds are great that one day -- out of nowhere -- you'll suddenly retract your guilty plea: "And by the way, you're really the one responsible for that mess—not me!!" Falsely accepting blame that is later denied erodes your family's respect for you and for anything you say, no matter how sincere it initially sounded. When you are to blame, simply admit it: "My bad, I blew it. Here's what I'm going to do to rectify it..." Then, be sure to do it. Beware! Although taking the blame does mean accepting full responsibility when you are wrong, it does not mean subjecting yourself to selfcondemnation or your mate's punishing ridicule. These are not of God and are completely ineffective in producing any meaningful change in the future. When it's yours, fully accept the blame, but always reject the shame. There's plenty of life on the other side of our momentary messes.

Got major family drama at your address? Maybe it's time to focus less on the problem and more on the ways you respond to it. Dr. Ronn tells you how in this powerful new DVD.

Whatever battle you may be fighting on the home-front—major conflict, serious illness, death, financial catastrophe, the threat of divorce, or an uncertain future— in this empowering teaching DVD with Dr. Ronn Elmore you'll: Get practical advice and incredible hope to triumph over your own frustration and fatigue. Learn to manage the inevitable disappointments that occur in all relationships and families and not become disillusioned by them. Discover strategic steps of faith to move from devastation to perseverance to eventual triumph. Transform your personal trials into opportunities to strengthen your relationships with loved ones—and with our Healer Jesus Christ. Before you call it quits, take advantage of this life-changing "house-call" from Dr. Ronn. You really can survive heartbreak on the homefront. "Dr. Ronn Elmore is one of America's foremost experts on love, marriage, family, and relationships... I really believe he can help you enhance your interpersonal skills... Oprah may have her Dr. Phil, but we've got our Dr. Ronn!"

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By: Eric Creer

10-15 years ago almost every company had a pension plan for its employees. Today those plans are non-existent unless your work for the government. Companies have moved from traditional pensions to 401(K) plans. A 401(K) is not a pension plan. It is simply business’ way of transferring the risk, the responsibility and the cost of saving for retirement from them to you, with your own money. Even the company 401(K) matching plans are starting to fade away. The long term concept of a company staying in business is no longer a given. You cannot count on that, you can only count on your own actions. Even the oldest and biggest companies cannot guarantee a secure future for their employees who devoted years of their working lives to these companies. What do these two issues have to do with your retirement? 401(K) plans and other deferred compensation plans defer payment of taxes on your savings until a future date when you start to take withdrawals. This concept works based on the presumption that taxes will be lower when you start to take distributions. Based on the current government debt, that does not appear to be realistic. Taxes may be increasing dramatically in the coming years due to our fiscal crisis and they are the single biggest obstacle to building and keeping your money. Some of the concepts and ideas that I present may seem contrary to what you’ve previously heard, but hopefully with a little faith, due diligence and research you will discover that these ideas can be of great financial benefit to you. First, in order to effectively plan for retirement, we should recognize something about the government and business. While they are two traditional and reliable wells of financial support and financial security, they are both broke!


Regardless of your political viewpoint or your specific party affiliation, our government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts and has fought a war for the past 9½ years with a credit card. This is the first time in history that the US has ever fought a war on credit. Eventually payment on that over extended credit will come due and the government is going to pay for it by raising our taxes. Taxes must go up.

I would like to leave you with one question: Did you know that your 401(K) has a mortgage on it? We’ll discuss this in our next issue with more detail. If you have any questions in the meantime, contact me at: Eric Creer (916) 834-6677 HYPERLINK "" eric@ Mail to:

Bio: Eric Creer has been in the financial services and planning industry for

overCreer 10 years. A graduate ofnancial Duke University with a degree in EconomEric has been in the fi services and planning ics, he isfor a registered tax preparer and of a licensed life agent.with Over the industry over 10 years. A graduate Duke University he in hasEconomics, been involved number oftax advanced planning ayears degree he isinaaregistered preparer and a seminars and workshops. Eric andthe his years familyhehave licensed life agent. Over hasbeen beenattending involvedCOP in a for over 4 years. of advanced planning seminars and workshops. number Eachissue issuehe hewill willprovide provideinformation information to to help help you Each you and and your yourfamily securesecure financial well being peace mind.of mind. family financial well and being andof peace


"To Men It May Concern"

By: Russell Nichols

Centered Living contributing editor, Russell Nichols, has a heart to heart with men.... At a time when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about dreams and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, a young boy in Arizona would gaze at the stars, wishing he could fly out of this world. Lying on his back in the desert, Bernard Harris Jr., who lived in a village on the Navajo Nation in the 1960s, realized he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. “That's where my initial inspiration came from,” he told me, “looking up at those lights and wondering what it would be like to travel among the stars.” He was determined to see his dream take off by any means necessary. He studied hard, ultimately earning his doctorate in medicine from Texas Tech University School of Medicine. In 1990, he was selected by NASA and he became an astronaut one year later. His commitment in the classroom made it possible for him to go on two missions into space, where he spent more than 430 hours and traveled more than 7.2 million miles. In February 1995, as payload commander on Space Shuttle Discovery STS-63, Dr. Harris realized his dream and became the first black man to walk in space. He’s in his mid-50s now, but he spoke about his childhood memories like they happened yesterday. And hearing him talk made me think of you and what it means to be a man in the world today. In modern society, manhood is a messy portrait of misplaced potential. Blame the media. Blame the economy. Blame reality shows. Blame the absent fathers, or the present fathers with the absent minds. Blame whoever you want. But once you

get that out of your system, take a look in themirror. If we look at ourselves, the picture will start to come into sharp, glaring focus: The responsibility of defining what it means to be a man is ours, and ours alone. That sense of responsibility, it seems, has gone missing. As men, we are called to lift up our families, to lead in our communities, to love our wives as Christ loved the church. But before we can do any of that, we must first know ourselves, and understand the great power God has granted us -- the power to choose life. Granted, it’s not easy. Believe me, I know how seeds of doubt can sprout in your mind and turn a field of dreams into a field of despair. But in your head, the loudest voice is the lying voice. Similar to tabloids stacked at the supermarket checkout lines, these negative voices have one mission: to distract you. Don’t subscribe to them. Listening to Dr. Harris reminded me how far we can go and how high we can fly if we redirect our focus and take action. Let us not be bound by mental chains, but instead break free from those crooked belief systems of worthlessness that hold us back and keep us down. Our destiny knows nothing of gravity so let us rise to the occasion of representing what it means to be a man. Because, in the big picture, it is not about what we see, but what we choose to set our sights on.

Russell Nichols is a journalist and screenwriter whose work has appeared in numerous publications including the LA Times and the Boston Globe. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Nichols currently writes for various local, regional and national magazines and runs an independent communications company that specializes in brand development and strategic marketing. He and his lovely wife, Asia, have been serving at COP for four years. You can reach him at


Church on the Move 2010


The Center of Praise Ministries began 21 years ago as a group of 12 enthusiastic individuals, led by a young visionary who affirmed the mandate to launch an all encompassing ministry that would embrace people of all ethnicities, cultures, economic constructs, and church or non-churched backgrounds. Today, the Center of Praise is ministering to nearly 3000 adherents. The phenomenal growth has presented the necessity to develop and expand the facilities to meet the ever increasing needs of the children, youth, adult congregants, and the community. Bishop Parnell M. Lovelace, Jr. and the COP family are engaging their faith and resources towards the acquisition of 63 acres of property located approximately 17 miles southeast of the current Cathedral site. The serene location sits perched upon a visible hill that is readily viewed from various traffic arteries. Second, it is easily assessable from Elk Grove, South Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, and Rancho Murieta, CA. The new property will facilitate the following conceptualization: • •

Expansive Retreat Center State of the Art Recreational are

3000 seat Worship/Event Center

• • •

Educational Facility (Children, Youth, Adults) Ample Parking Dining and Entertainment Venue

Bishop Lovelace is excited about the many people in the immediate locale of the property that will be reached through the various outreach initiatives of the ministry. The goal is to raise $3.5. million during the next 3 years. Therefore, 2000 adults have been asked to sow an initial financial seed of $500.00 or more (over and above their tithe offering). This initial seed will enable the property to be secured during the month of September. Everyone is asked to present their initial seed on September 5, 2010. The pastor stresses that as much upfront money as possible must be received by the September 5th date in order to lock in the terms with the seller. Donations may be presented in the following manner: •

Visit our website at (Online Giving)

The Center of Praise Giving Center Kiosk (located at the Cathedral location)

Via mail to: Center of Praise Ministries1228 23rd St Sacramento, CA 95816

All weekend Celebrations at the midtown Sacramento Cathedral

For more information on how to get involved with giving or for more information about the property acquisition, again, please visit our website at or contact the church office at 916.441.3305

Are YOU Connected? Everyone has a unique gift to share in the building of God’s Kingdom. Find out how you can get connected to a COP ministry. Contact Stephanie Hawthorne, Center of Praise Assimilation Coordinator, today at and get connected. Also, make sure to visit and take the Spiritual Assessment to find out what Spiritual Gifts you have to offer. Let’s do church as a team! Page 14

By Thurman Watts His work spans from the inception of his first group, the Church of God in Christ Singers (COGICS) with his twin sister Sandra and the late Billy Preston, to his later group The Disciples, and his music collaborations (thirty-plus albums), with the likes of Marvin Winans, Fred Hammond, Tata Vega, Crystal Lewis, Karen Clark-Sheard, Stevie Wonder, El Debarge, Quincy Jones, Madonna, Diana Ross, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Joe Sample, Phillip Bailey. He also has countless film credits including “The Color Purple”. He is the only living gospel artist to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He gives many concerts all over the globe and still co-pastors with his sister Sandra, the New Christ Memorial Church in San Fernando, California. Fresh from a recent Northern California show at Yoshi’s, Centered Living tracked down the now legendary Andrae Crouch. What you are reading is part sermon, part stream of consciousness, simple sage advice regarding a timeless wisdom that has yet been so difficult for mankind to discern. And now, the words of Pastor Andrea Crouch…

There are a lot of good things that are happening in Sacramento… We should focus on Him and not try to “do our own thing.” God is always moving. We the people mess up in our desires to have this and have that. We deprive ourselves of fresh water. God wants to restore the church. He especially wants the men to focus on the work of The Lord. I believe when father’s teach their male children to be fully involved in the church, we will see an explosion. God wants to invade that area of our lives where He becomes first. He will then bless us for being faithful and leading the children and the home into a deeper walk with God. That’s got to happen more. It’s happening in unique places around the world. I just returned from Ghana. There were about six thousand folks at the concert. I’m telling you when they would exclaim, “Praise You Lord,” or “Thank You Jesus,” or “Hallelujah” in unison, you could hear nothing but men. They sounded so strong, so POWERFUL! It’s so beautiful to see men involved at night and during the week. Very few of our churches here, [in the States], have that quality…we as men must pick up the stick and move. God is moving and we must realize that he will skip right over us if we keep neglecting our responsibility to the realization that we ARE the church. The women, thank God for them…without them today, there would be no church. We as men must say, “Yes Lord,” all the way. When you tell God, “Yes Lord, use me, my day, my life. Everything is yours.” Then we can see what God wants to do for us. I wrote a song recently around this basic idea. Imagine you are in a church service and the preacher is saying,

“These are the things that God has for you.” Now envision some people looking up with their fist balled up, saying “God, I need you. Use me in a mighty way.” God is open and wants you to receive what He has planned for you. We make it such a struggle when God is so willing to listen to our request. We need to “unball” our fists and make our hands into cups and receive what He is always ready to give us. We need to stop struggling and open up to God so he may pour into our hands the blessing. I’m not saying you have to do this physically but your mind must be trained to submit to the will of God. We are quick to say I want this, I want that; then wonder why we are not getting it. It’s simple in a sense. But a lot of people are unaware of what, “Yes Lord” means. It means to submit fully to your Master’s request. When you do that, you don’t have to beg Him to bless you. He wants to bless you. Even in the Lord’s Prayer it says, “Thou will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. That prayer tells us, IT’S ALREADY DONE. We praise Him for what He’s already done. We then receive what He’s already given us. Frequently people just don’t believe it. But the Lord’s Prayer is one of the heaviest and most beautiful prayers there is. It covers everything. We don’t have to be fancy. Just go on His word. Now, we call the mighty things He does miracles. But to Him, it’s normal. We’ve found that when we honor God with respect for the wisdom, then you get results. That’s where we are today and I praise God for that!

Page 15

Celebrating the Life of


Bishop Hawkins made a tremendous impact on the world of gospel music, and his family has collaborated with and touched the lives of so many people, one such person is Center of Praise member, and gospel recording artist, Amar Khalil. When asked about what Bishop Hawkins means to him, he simply stated, “Bishop Walter Hawkins will be greatly missed.” Khalil shared with Centered Living his first encounter with Hawkins. “My first face to face encounter with Bishop Hawkins was through my high school choir, The Castleers at Castlemont High in Oakland CA , under the direction of Phil Reeder. Hawkins would come in to critique and sing along with us. We also did a few benefit concerts with him as well. After leaving high school, many of us would join his choir at the Love Center to receive training as well as the chance to be around and travel with one of the best. What an amazing time that was.” There are countless other stories that people hold dear to their hearts about how Hawkins touched their lives in one way or another. Centered Living was able to capture a few moments on film that tell a small part of some of those stories. Until we meet again Bishop Hawkins, you will be deeply loved and missed…

Pastor Donnie McClurkin

Lady Tramaine Hawkins-Richardson

Pastor Donnie McClurkin and BeBe Winans Page 16

Pastor Marvin Winans, Erica and Tina Campbell

BeBe Winans

Karen Clark-Sheard

The Hawkins Family The Love Center Choir

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Edwin Hawkins and the Love Center Choir.” Thus began the Bishop Walter Hawkins tribute on Tuesday evening July 20, 2010 at the Oakland Paramount Theatre. The Bishop’s Homegoing Celebration was presented on Wednesday July 21, 2010. What follows is a summation of some of the highlights of the two day affair. The thunderous voices of the choir sang two selections to begin the tribute concert; “What A Mighty God We Serve” and “I Won’t Be Satisfied Until I See My Jesus”. The majesty of God’s anointing was upon them in honor of the Bishop, whose influence on gospel music gladdened hearts far beyond his native Oakland. The theatre was filled with secular and Christian mourners alike. The tribute was a mix of song and testimony to the monumental contributions made by Bishop Hawkins and his family. Between the music selections, the accolades from the assembled flowed forth. Bebe Winans took the microphone and testified to the influence the

Hawkins family had on his own legendary family. “The influence the Hawkins family had on my very own was tremendous. I wanted to be a Hawkins!” Dr Bobby Jones revealed, “I was inspired by Walter Hawkins and Andrae Crouch. The church will be singing the songs of Bishop Hawkins until the Lord returns.” Many gospel artists & dignitaries were in attendance. Some performed and others lent moral support and sought not the spotlight. Spotted on and off stage were Richard Smallwood, Sandra Crouch, Pastor Marvin Winans, Bebe Winans, Pastor Daryl Coley, Melvin Williams of The Williams Brothers, Erika and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Bryon Cage, Ted Winn, Lady Tramaine Hawkins-Richardson, Reverend Carlton Pearson , Reverend Jesse Jackson, Karen Clarke-Sheard and Vanessa BellArmstrong. It just didn’t stop. New Orleans to Oakland transplant Ledisi took the stage to stirring, favored applause and sang a wonderful rendition of “Be Grateful”.

Melvin Williams of The Williams Brothers sang “I’m Going Away” with The Love Center Choir. The Holy Ghost chose to usher Himself in during Kathy Taylor-Brown’s interpretation of “Special Gift”. The assembled made a joyful noise as The Presence was felt. Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Byron Cage and Ted Winn sang a supernatural version of “Marvelous”. Pastor McClurkin was definitely under the influence of The Spirit as he left the stage. The result was a seeming Holy Ghost coma in the whole room! Fittingly, Lady Tramaine Hawkins-Richardson sang near the end of the program. No doubt, many of you have heard her testimony on the recording of “I Never Lost My Praise”. The doctors told her she would never sing again. The enemy tried to stop her. Amazingly, during her performance of “Changed”, she completely upstaged the enemy. At the dramatic conclusion of her song, Lady Tramaine executed a perfect cadenza that started in her lower register and climbed octaves with split

second precision, ending with a final flourish that sent chills and goose bumps. I’m talking Mahalia, Marian Anderson, all the sangin’ ancestors that came before her, evidenced in a single breathtaking moment. What a finish. The home-going of Bishop Walter Hawkins the following day was also a who’s who in the world of gospel. Among those in attendance were Andrae Crouch, Yolanda Adams, Kurt Carr and many Presiding Prelates, Ministers, Pastors and Bishops. The four hour service was officiated over by Bishop Ross D. Garrison. The Eulogist was Kenneth H. Moales, Sr. Proclamations were read from President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, T.D. Jakes and Queen of gospel, Albertina Walker, among others. All and all the proceedings were a regal remembrance of a man of humble origin. His contributions are at the foundation of modern day Gospel music. To repeat what Dr. Bobby Jones said, “The church will be singing his songs until the Lord returns.”

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The Doctor Is In Dr. Bean, D.C. is a native of California; he was born and raised in Modesto, CA, which is also where he practiced chiropractic prior to coming to Sacramento. He obtained his doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA. Prior to chiropractic school; he attended Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, TX. He graduated from SWAU with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology. During his time at Southwestern he was also a four-year member of the men’s basketball team. His interests include hiking, bowling, fishing, golf, football, and basketball. Dr. Bean and his family have been members of the Center of Praise Ministries since mid 2007.

Dr. Sidney Bean

THE GOOD AND THE BAD ON CHOLESTEROL Many of us have seen television commercials about taking medication to lower high cholesterol or we know family members or friends who have high cholesterol. But most people don’t fully understand why cholesterol is bad or where it comes from. In this article we are going to look at how cholesterol can be good and bad for you. We are going to touch on the different types of cholesterol, interpreting your blood cholesterol levels and, most important, how to lower your levels if they are high. What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty substance, or lipid, produced by the liver. It’s also found in foods high in saturated fat, including fatty meats, egg yolks, shellfish, and wholemilk dairy products. Our bodies need cholesterol to function. It’s a vital part of the structure and functioning of our cells, and it’s needed to form certain hormones. But high levels of certain cholesterol types, caused by genetics or poor eating habits, can be detrimental to your health. Types of cholesterol Cholesterol travels through your bloodstream packaged inside a protein called a lipoprotein. There are two kinds of lipoprotein that are important when discussing cholesterol. The first is lowdensity lipoprotein (LDL) and the second is high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Doctors refer to LDL as “bad” cholesterol because it damages your blood vessels. LDL builds up, forming a substance called plaque on the walls of your arteries that carry blood from your heart to different parts of your body. Plaque clogs you arteries, (sometimes blocking them completely), preventing blood from flowing freely to different parts of your body. As a result, oxygen and nutrients in the blood may not get to important places such as the heart. This increases your risk of heart disease, which is why you want to keep Page 18

LDL levels low. HDL is your “good” cholesterol. It helps prevent plaque from building up in your arteries by carrying LDL cholesterol back to your liver for recycling and removal. HDL also acts as a cleaning crew, scrubbing artery walls to keep them plaque free. A high HDL level may give you better protection from heart disease. More than a third of Americans over age 20 have high LDL cholesterol and one in five teens has cholesterol problems, but it comes as a surprise to many. That’s because cholesterol builds up slowly over time and may not cause any symptoms. Many individuals with high cholesterol levels don’t know it until they have a blood test to check cholesterol levels. Treating high cholesterol If you’re among the 36 million with high LDL cholesterol, there are steps you can take to lower LDL and raise HDL levels.

1. Diet - Stay away from foods high in

5. Medications - Lifestyle changes

are the first step in helping to reduce your cholesterol and lower your risk for heart disease. For some people, that is not enough and they need medication that lowers cholesterol levels.

Finding out early that you have high cholesterol and taking steps to lower your cholesterol may help decrease your risk of developing heart disease. It is recommended adults over age 20 have their cholesterol level checked at least every five years. People who have high levels or have a high risk for developing heart disease will need to get their cholesterol checked more often. If you feel you may be suffering from high cholesterol contact your health care provider or feel free to give Dr. Bean a call at Bean Chiropractic (916) 447-2200. You may also email him at dr_sbean@yahoo. com. Sidney B. Bean, DC Bean Chiropractic, 2716 V Street , Sacramento, CA 95818

saturated fats

High depend on any medical conditions you Low

2. Exercise – Your exercise amount will

have and your current fitness level. You should work up to exercising at least 30 minutes a day, three or four times a week. Talk to your health care provider to figure out an exercise plan that works for you.

3. Weight Loss - Being very overweight


Less than 100 mg/dL

Near Optimal

100-129 mg/dL

Borderline High

130-159 mg/dL


160-189 mg/dL

or obese increases your risk for heart disease by placing an unhealthy strain Very High on your heart. It also can raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

4. Smoking Cessation - Smoking

lowers HDL (good) cholesterol levels and greatly increases your risk for heart disease, as well as for cancer and lung problems.

HDL Levels 60 mg/dL or higher Less than 40 mg/dL LDL Levels

190 mg/dL or higher

The Center for Family Formation’s Attorney, Twa’Lea A. Jordan


Sacramento, CA (August 13, 2010) – Today, California’s Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger signed AB 2426, a measure drafted by California Assemblymember Steve Bradford (51-D) with the assistance of Family Formation Law Attorney Twa’Lea A. Jordan. AB 2426 provides that non-attorney surrogacy facilitators shall direct their clients to place unearned funds into either an attorney-client trust account or an independent licensed and bonded escrow account. The bill is designed to prevent non-licensed agencies from embezzling their clients’ funds. Attorney Jordan is a former California Jesse Marvin Unruh Assembly Fellow, and is the managing attorney for The Center for Family Formation, The Law Offices of Twa’Lea Jordan (www.centerforfamilyformation. com). She is also a United States Veteran

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and in some cases extinguished, due to preventable fraudulent activity.”

and a graduate of the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, and California State University, Sacramento. While serving as a fellow, Attorney Jordan imersed herself in the surrogacy laws of California and the surrogacy laws of different countries around the world. “I have a passion for fertility issues,” says Attorney Jordan. “One out of every six families battles some form of infertility. While working in the Capitol, it was devastating to learn that in the past few years, many of these vulnerable families have paid money for assisted reproduction technology services with hopes of expanding their families, only to have their dreams deferred,

Families and surrogates that work with licensed California attorneys have built-in financial protections in their agreements and dealings with attorneys due to the California State Bar professional responsibility laws. However, those who work with nonsurrogacy facilitators run the risk of being taken advantage of. “Non-attorney surrogacy facilitators are among the least regulated agencies in California even though they practice within a multi-billion dollar industry,” says Attorney Jordan. “Although there is still a lot of work to be done in this area of law, AB 2426 will provide some much needed protection for both intended parents and surrogates who choose to contract with non-attorney surrogacy facilitators.”

Attorney Twa’Lea Jordan graduated from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in 2009. Twa’Lea received her Bachelors Degree from California State University, Sacramento in 2005. Prior to opening the Center, Twa’Lea worked for the Ukoha-Ajike Law Group, P.C. for three years. She is also a United States Army Veteran who served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Twa’Lea worked as a Judicial Extern for Justice Vance Raye in California’s Third District Court of Appeal. In addition to the Family Formation Law practice, Twa’Lea has been active in addressing public policy concerns in family formation law.

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Fall Issue  

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Fall Issue  

Volume 1 Number 4