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Nordic art and design has been a subject for discussions ever since the World Art Fair in Paris 1898. Sweden has been known for its grace since the 1950’s, Denmark for its craftsmanship, Finland for its connection nature just as Norway and Iceland.

The world of art is changing, affecting what nowadays can be called Nordic art or not. Daily influences from all over the world through TV, internet and other digital media have affected the Nordic art and what it stands for. Still Nordic art is something to count on, to cherish and to enjoy. It is something that were created with inspiration from the nature, the people who surround us and our inner being, the core, the source of all creation.

The Nordic Art Guide 2023 is proud to present eighty-five Nordic artists, everyone with their own expression and their own story behind each artwork. What connects them all besides their love for the art, is the urge to tell a story, to be a part of something larger than life. May it be a piece of art history or a community. In some cases, it is to not be a part anymore, but to be complete, a whole puzzle without jagged pieces, fulfilled.

In this second edition of the Nordic Art Guide we have chosen artists and creators who either presents high quality or who we think have potential to develop as an artist in short term or long term. We have also chosen to present art which is a reflection of our time by accepting today as it is.

It’s my hope, that you as a gallery owner, art curator and art lover, will find that special artist who deserves to be shown in the public room and to you as a client to find an artist to invest in, either for your own personal use in your home or as a generating investment for the future.


About The Editor

Gina Cinnamoni (b.1984) started her career in the art field when she discovered the magic of colours and canvases combined during a winter stay in Barcelona 2011 –2012. With only the experiences in visiting a few art exhibitions, she started Galleri Cinnamoni, located at Fågelsångsgatan in Helsingborg, Sweden. This initiative and passion for the arts, led to several exhibitions of her own art in the southern parts of Sweden and in Copenhagen, Denmark. In her gallery, she exhibited more than sixty local and international artists during the two and a half years it was open, until Gina Cinnamoni had to focus on her new life as a mother.

In 2017 she organised Skånes Fria Konstrunda which was a group exhibition located in Oxhallen, Helsingborg with almost 2000 visitors during the three days it was open to the public. More than thirty artists who had a connection to the area of Skåne exhibited in the group exhibition and had their own solo exhibitions and open studios in the region.

Since then, Gina Cinnamoni has studied art at the university for three years to complete a Bachelor in Art History. Her essay “Vacker och Fult i Helsingborg (2019)” where the most beautiful and the less desirable architecture in the city was discussed based on the opinions of citizens in Helsingborg, became a hot topic when an interview with Gina Cinnamoni concerning the subject was published in Lokaltidningen Helsingborg, October 2019.

Now Gina Cinnamoni combines her experiences as an artist, gallery owner, event coordinator and former university student by gathering artists in the Nordic Art Guide and the European Art Guide, choosing artists who either show high quality and/or have the potential to develop and those artists who are driven to succeed in the art field.

Feel free to contact Gina Cinnamoni at +46-708-61 64 53 or


Gold Artists


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Andersson Ljungblad, Mikael 12 Biederbeck, Maria 20 Broända, Susanne 28 Brun, Bitte 36 Burstedt, Helen 44 Elbe, Johanna 52 Gigja, Gigi 60 Norum, Gabriella 68 Pettzy 76 Sandell, Marie 84 Sjöström, Henrik 92 Wachtmeister, Hélène 100 Denmark Nyby, Janni 110 Finland Biese, Ingrid 114 Eriksson, Ann-Sofie 116 Norway Brørby, Gunny 120 Sorgendal, Tori Fossum 122 Winther, Tania 124 Kaya, Jess 230 Klintell, Patrik 232 Landis, Mike 234 Larsson, Karin V. 236 Lennartsson, Marie 238 Lilja, Helena 240 Linderoth, Anki 244 Lundgren, Alexandra 246 Mathirae 248 Mireille 252 Mohlin, Malin 254 Nordin-Wesenlund, Kristina 256 Norrman Söderman, Amie 260 Olin, Anette 262 Pehrsson, Jonas 264 Pettersson, Kristine 268 Pettersson, Linda 270 Pettersson, Sara M. 272 Reza, Jian 276 Rosenberg, Rochelle 280 Rosendal, Leif 282 Ruonaoja, Nina 286 Rönndahl, Eva-Lotta 288 Salomonsson, Chatarina 292 Serray, Hesho 294 Strandänger, Susanne 298 Ström, Petra 302 Svennerstedt, Caroline 304 Thillenius, Viona 308 Thorsson, Christina ”Kicka” 312 Wahlgren, Therese 314 Wiehre 316 Wilde, Agnes 318
Absalonsen, Michael 128 Alaoui, Anna-Kajsa 132 Andersson, Emma 134 Andersson, Katarina 136 Beje 138 Blue, Mag 142 Bolin, Ulla 146 Borg, Magnus 150 Brandel, Cecilia 154 Brandt, Kerstin 156 Brorson Edh, Petter 158 Caroline 160 Dahlberg, Hampus 162 Dahlgren, Linda-Marie 164 Domert, Monica 168 Eklund, Micha 172 Elmroth, Hanna 174 Enblom Dedic, Pernilla 178 Engström, Helena 182 Eriksson, Erika 184 Eriksson Östblom, Christina 188 Evla 192 Ferm, Josefin 194 Gabrielsson, Anders 196 Grönlund, Catrin 198 Gullstrand, Mona 202 Hahn, Marie 206 Hallman, Annica 208 Hegårdh, Ulrika 210 Hjalmarsson, Malin 214 Jansson, Lotta 216 Johansson, Jenny Blue 220 Johansson, Kalle 224 Julge Alvemyr, Siiri 226
Agnes Wilde
Alexandra Lundgren Amie Norrman Söderman 260
Anders Gabrielsson
Anette Olin Anki Linderoth
Anna-Kajsa Alaoui Annica Hallman
Ann-Sofie Eriksson
Bitte Brun
Caroline Svennerstedt 304
Catrin Grönlund
Cecilia Brandel 154
Chatarina Salomonsson Christina Eriksson Östblom 188 Christina ”Kicka” Thorsson
312 Emma
Andersson 134
Erika Eriksson
Eva-Lotta Rönndahl 288 Evla
Gabriella Norum 68 Gigi Gigja
Gunny Brørby 120 Hampus Dahlberg 162 Hanna Elmroth 174 Helena Engström 182 Helena Lilja 240 Helen Burstedt 44 Hélène Wachtmeister 100 Henrik Sjöström 92 Hesho Serray 294 Ingrid Biese 114 Janni Nyby 110 Jenny Blue Johansson 220 Jess Kaya 230 Jian Reza 276 Johanna Elbe 52 Jonas Pehrsson 264 Josefin Ferm 194 Kalle Johansson 224 Karin V. Larsson 236 Katarina Andersson 136 Kerstin Brandt 156 Kristina Nordin-Wesenlund 256 Kristine Pettersson 268 Leif Rosendal 282
164 Linda
270 Lotta
Linda-Marie Dahlgren
Mag Blue
Magnus Borg
Malin Hjalmarsson
Malin Mohlin
Maria Biederbeck
Marie Hahn
Marie Lennartsson
Marie Sandell
Micha Eklund
Michael Absalonsen
Mikael Andersson Ljungblad
Mike Landis Mireille
Mona Gullstrand
Monica Domert
Nina Ruonaoja Patrik Klintell 232 Pernilla Enblom Dedic 178 Petra Ström 302 Petter Brorson Edh
Pettzy 76 Sara M. Pettersson 272 Siiri Julge Alvemyr 226 Susanne Broända 28 Susanne Strandänger 298 Tania Winther 124 Therese Wahlgren 314 Tori Fossum Sorgendal 122 Ulla Bolin 146 Ulrika Hegårdh 210 Viona Thillenius 308 Wiehre 316


Mikael Andersson Ljungblad


Mikael Andersson Ljungblad


Mikael Andersson Ljungblad’s art creation is based a lot on feeling and presence in the creative process. He prioritises abstractions and ambiguity over realism and symbolism, and works with associative elements, rather than overtly figurative motifs and forms of representation. For him, this approach produces a result that is freer and more open to interpretation by the viewer.

Mikael Andersson Ljungblad was born in 1964 and raised in Skellefteå in the northern part of Sweden, in a large and creative family. He has always been a rather sensitive and open-minded person, curious about everything, and has never been afraid of experiencing new things. After training as a car mechanic in his younger years, he moved to Gothenburg in the 80s where he had several different jobs in the industrial sector. Then curiosity drove Andersson Ljungblad into the world of art. There he discovered the joy of creating art, and underwent art education at Folkuniversitetet, Guldheden Art School, and Hovedskous Art School.

During that period, he participated in a series of exhibitions, as well as installing metal and neon sculptures as a public commission in the Swedish Fair’s congress hall (Svenska Mässan Kongresshall). He followed these years with an education in Digital Art at the University of Skövde in the late nineties, which led to a professional career as a graphic designer.

This has been Mikael Andersson Ljungblad’s main occupation for many years, and a way to provide for his family. Now with his three daughters all grown up, he has got more time and energy for art creation. This, along with motorcycle adventures and hiking in nature, is what keeps him balanced and restores his energy levels best.

• 1991 Official permanent artwork, Kongresshallen, Svenska Mässan, Göteborg, Sweden

• 1991 Juried exhibition, “Vårsalong”, Liljevalchs, Stockholm

• 1994-96 Art education, Digital Art – Full program, Skövde Högskola, Skövde, Sweden

• 1989-90 Art education, Hovedskou Målarskola, Göteborgs Konstskola, Göteborg, Sweden

• 1988-89 Art education, KV Konstskola, Göteborg, Sweden

Utan Titel 010 | Acrylic on Canvas, 110x170 cm, 2022
Utan Titel 012 | Acrylic on Canvas, 110x170 cm, 2022 Utan Titel 013 | Acrylic on Canvas, 83x170 cm, 2022
Utan Titel 018 (diptych) | Acrylic on Canvas, 195x170 cm, 2022 Utan Titel 014 (diptych) | Acrylic on Canvas, 195x170 cm, 2022
Utan Titel 015 | Acrylic on Canvas, 200x130 cm, 2022
Utan Titel 016 | Acrylic on Canvas, 200x130 cm, 2022 Utan Titel 017 | Acrylic on Canvas, 200x130 cm, 2022

Maria Biederbeck


S KARA , S WEDEN Maria Biederbeck

Maria Biederbeck is a Swedish abstract painter born in 1968, known for her colourful and expressive paintings. Oil is her main medium. Music is an important part of Maria Biederbeck’s creation; as a songwriter, her pictures often follow her rhythm, movements and expression.

Maria Biederbeck has worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for twenty years and she has a degree in film from Skövde University. She has her own studio in Varnhem and has participated in a number of exhibitions in Sweden. During the summer of 2023 she had a solo exhibition at Helleki’s estate and at Artportable in Stockholm.

Maria Biederbeck considers that every artwork she produces is a journey with herself and her colours. She never knows in advance where the destination will be, but usually finds herself arriving in places never visited before. She leaves it to the viewer to interpret where they land.

• 2023 Solo exhibition, Hellenki’s Manor, Hällekis, Sweden

• 2023 Solo exhibition, Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden


Nephophile Song | Oil on Canvas, 89x116 cm, 2022
Free | Oil on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2022 Movement | Oil on Canvas, 116x89 cm, 2022
Energy | Oil on Canvas, 100x89 cm, 2022 Change | Oil on Canvas, 116x89 cm, 2021
Above | Oil on Canvas, 89x116 cm, 2021
Warming | Oil on Canvas, 89x116 cm, 2021 Part Of Me | Oil on Canvas, 120x150 cm, 2021

Susanne Broända


Susanne Broända is an active artist from Finland whose art can be described as a mixture of dreams and wakefulness. Her way of using colours and clear imagery invites you as a viewer into a world of mirrors and windows. Through her art, you get an opportunity to reflect inwards and meet your inner world or turn your gaze outwards and observe what meets you there. In an unforced way, her colour choices and motifs create a subtle invitation for you to rest at the moment as well as to develop and learn from what her art evokes within you. The language of colours and images may at first trick you into thinking that what you see is what you get, but if you allow yourself to stop and look, you will notice that something is starting to happen inside.

The background to her creations is, as she describes it, an alternative spiritual view of life. Since the artist’s earliest childhood, she has felt a strong connection with animals, nature, and the energy of life. She uses her sensitivity to energies as one of her tools in her painting. The great sources of inspiration are the inner personal development, the mysterious and nature, and a motif that is particularly characteristic of Broända are birds.

Due to health challenges that began around the age of 30, her creations and techniques have been adjusted gradually. Today, she is limited in her painting both in how she can hold on to her brushes and in how long she can work at a time. Despite this, she has continued to work with her art. Broända always has a painting going on in her head and she can’t imagine a life without her colours and worlds, which she puts down on paper or canvas.

• 2023 Group exhibition, “Messages of The Birds II”, Stundars Museum and Centre of Culture and Art, Solf, Finland

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Winter Art”, Hammarö Art Galllery, Hammarö, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Messages of The Birds”, City Hall Gallery, Nykarleby, Finland

• 2021 Solo exhibition, “Journey | Resa | Matka”, Vaasa Market Hall, Vaasa, Finland

• 2020 Group exhibition, “Ostrobothnian Art Associations’ Joint Exhibition no. 6“, Art Gallery Torni, Vaasa, Finland


The Old and the New | Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2022
Flying Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2022 First Meet Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2022
Self-Reflection Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2022 Finally Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2022
36 Believe
in Yourself |
Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2022
In Another Universe Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2022 Practice Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2022

Bitte Brun


TÄBY, S WEDEN Bitte Brun

Bitte Brun has always been drawn to different art forms, privileging a need for inner stillness. Since her youth, she had the deep desire to create. She left art at the beginning of the 90s. Having a large family of her own meant life took shape in a constant dynamic movement of emotions, energies, change, development, sorrows and lots of love.

Bitte Brun reflected that with life also came insights: the greatness of each one’s unique insignificance. How each in the same way in its opposite is unique and valuable. The meaning of our own history and what we carry with us from those who leave us when their time is up. The beautiful and sad thing about death. But that the opposite is always there ... just like in nature. New life is born and circles close in a constant flow.

Bitte Brun loves the idea of how unique and different we are. How we are linked to those who have left us and also to the future we meet in the child’s eyes. How we all together create the whole. For Bitte Brun, the realization of her own insignificance turned into a euphoria of freedom.

The artist Bitte Brun rediscovered her love of being able to express herself, and with an open heart be able to play, explore and develop through painting. The experience and the opportunity to listen in and reproduce colour shades of emotions, reflections, and stories could therefore be woven into the structure of the thick and thin layers of paint that are placed on the canvases. The process turned into constant learning and new discoveries of different techniques. Art became a journey without a final destination.

Bitte Brun nowadays works in a studio in Täby Kyrkby near the flower shop at Täby Kyrka.

• 2023 Group exhibition, Galleri Grip, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Roddarhuset Waxholm, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Engleson, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden


Inanni - Skymningens Drottning | Mixed Media on Paper, Framed in Glass Cover, 50x70 cm, 2022
Homo-Sapiens (Vibration) Acrylic on Canvas, 40x100 cm, 2022 Homo-Sapiens (Kunskap) Acrylic on Canvas, 40x100 cm, 2022
Beskydda | Acrylic on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2021
Ciss Dur | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x100 cm, 2021
Trix | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021



Helén Burstedt lives in Järnäsklubb, Sweden, the place where the sea always sparkles, street lamps are missing and the starry sky is close. Burstedt was born and raised in Kiruna, the city that was moved for the sake of the mine and ore. Biting cold, mosquitoes, rivers, mountains and northern lights are a large part of the fundamentals manifested in her art. Helén Burstedt was born with creative ideas and many ways of expressing herself, but as an adult she lost the playfulness and adventure in her expression. Today, she uses art again as a way of communicating with the world and believes that it is a language that is spoken everywhere on earth.

Burstedt’s paintings are described as explosions in a paint factory and sculptures in stoneware clay have sumptuous forms. She touches and tickles the imagination with her colourful art and her way of painting is often described as stormy, unique and emotional. Her expression is varied and colours are allowed to intuitively guide her from colour chaos to order. Helén Burstedt paints both figuratively and abstractly. She strives to allow all ages to be present in her expression and bravely takes the turns in both colour language and design language. In each work of art there are stories and fairy tales from life, and worlds of emotions and dreams. Burstedt finds inspiration in everyday life, people, the sky, the sea and the mountains. She is passionately driven by making the world laugh, contributing to the wonder and courage of being human.

In addition to her own artistry, Burstedt holds painting courses for terrified women who want to be brave, and for groups of friends who want to paint together. She is passionate about helping women become brave, wild and free through art.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Millenium Art Gallery, Nordingrå, Sweden

• 2021 Music collaboration, “December, a Blank Canvas to My Piano – By Margin Alexander”, New York, U.S.A.

• 2021 Group exhibition, Utopia Galleria, Umeå, Sweden

• 2019 Juried exhibition, Galleri 1, Skellefteå, Sweden

• 2019 Group exhibition, Galleri Riddaren, Stockholm, Sweden


49 You.
Me. We. Always. | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022
Timglas | Acrylic on Canvas, 65x82 cm, 2019 Smooth | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022
Önskningar | Acrylic on Canvas, 65x82 cm, 2019 Trollslag | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2018
Hi! | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2022
Emotions | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022 Life | Acrylic on Canvas, 84x116 cm, 2022

Johanna Elbe VÄXJÖ, SWEDEN

VÄXJÖ, S WEDEN Johanna Elbe

Johanna Elbe (b. 1984) is an intuitive artist living in Växjö, Sweden where she also studied art and mathematics at the University, 2003-2008. She is an elected member of the Swedish Artist Association and a licensed art teacher for the higher levels of the Compulsory School.

Due to various circumstances, Johanna Elbe took a long break from her own artistic work 2012. In 2019 she picked up her brushes again after being diagnosed with severe exhaustion caused by chronic stress. Painting became part of her healing process and resulted in her “Japandi Art” series - an abstract interpretation of the elegance and simplicity in nature. Each piece completed with a poem to create a second dimension to the artwork.

Trying to put words to her artistic expression, there are those who say Elbe’s paintings are like music - a soft and beautiful beat that you can get lost in for a moment. It calls to the viewer on a deeper level both mentally and physically.

Art critic Stålnacke refers to Johanna Elbe as a super-sensitive seeker. Her art - a tender sensual wave of beauty, representing every feeling contained within a human being:

“Like a surface of a skin, lovingly caressed by a sensitive hand and desire. That’s how I “read” her paintings, but I emphasize, a thousand other interpretations would be just as possible and just as true. … consider her pictures as letters to the viewer, letters to all of us who encounter her art. Her whispers and cries. A piece of advice, in all fairness, you too see her art as a love letter to you. Then your adventure will be richer.”

On the international art market, she has been described as a master of abstraction. An artist that with her delicate colour selection and subtle texture creates pieces that fill a space with calm. Johanna Elbe’s art has also been noticed and published by Interior Design Magazines such as Swedish Villa Nytt and British House & Garden.

• 2023 Art fair, “Salon International d’Art Contemporain - Art Shopping”, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

• 2023 Art review, “Johanna Elbes Viskningar och Rop”, Stig Åke Stålnacke – Member of AICA, Sweden

• 2022 - 2023 Group exhibitions, “International Exhibitions”, Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy

• 2021 Solo exhibition, “Japandi Art”, World Trade Center, Växjö, Sweden

• 2021 Art fair, “International Contemporary Art Fair - ART3f”, Chapiteu de Fontvielle, Monaco


Into the Pond | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021
Into the Aqua | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2020 Into the Lake | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021
Into the Meadow | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2020
Into the Heaven | Acrylic on Canvas, 120x120 cm, 2022 Into the Mist | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2020
Into the Sky | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021



Gigi Gigja was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland. She has lived and worked in Copenhagen, Denmark for many years. An interest in drawing and painting started in her early years in Iceland, where she was surrounded by nature, both beautiful but rough. From her kitchen window she could see sky, sea and mountains, which felt like looking at eternity. The light on Iceland is very special and this is something Gigja tries to welcome in her paintings. She is moved and inspired by life, wild animals and the people she meets on her way.

Gigja prefers to work with oil on canvas. The paintings consist of many layers of paint, and the goal is to make the viewer’s experience as realistic as possible. Often the details are in focus and the motif is zoomed in on, rather than painting the full figure. She likes to turn things around so the spectators don’t just look at the painting, but get the feeling that the people and animals in them are the ones observing them.

Gigi Gigja finds many of her motifs on her travels, especially to Africa, which is why you often find crocodiles, elephants and lions mixed with portraits. Often the results are a series of paintings that work well together, but the individual painting can stand out on its own.

Gigja’s paintings have been part of exhibitions in Denmark and Scandinavia. When asked about the future, her response is that she would love to show her art in more Scandinavian cities and around Europe.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Dragør Havnegalleri, Dragør, Denmark

• 2022 Group exhibition, ”VK22 Censurerede Exhibition”, Holbæk, Denmark

• 2021 Group exhibition, Luftkastellet Limhamn, Malmö, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, ”CPH ART Space”, København, Denmark

• 2019 Art fair, ”Art Nordic”, København, Denmark


The Crocodile | Oil on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021
Zebras | Oil on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2022 The Hunter Oil on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021
Single Zebra | Oil on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2021 On the Watch | Oil on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021
Watching You | Oil on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2021
The Elephant | Oil on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021

Gabriella Norum


Gabriella Norum


Gabriella Norum is a Swedish artist living in Österåker. She has drawn and painted since childhood and figurative paintings, especially portraits, fascinated her at an early age. In her 20s, Norum moved from Dalsland to Stockholm with the dream of becoming an artist in her luggage, but ended up by coincidence in the media industry, where she remained for many years. After a turbulent period in her life, she chose to change her path and start her own business, in order to devote herself full-time to her art.

For Norum, the main thing was to see for herself whether and how her art would develop once it got her full attention. Soon she began to receive requests for portraits, primarily from friends and acquaintances, but gradually more peripheral and completely new clients contacted her. Gabriella Norum’s portrait paintings now hang in castles and cottages all over the Nordics. She paints in acrylics, is self-taught and creates soulful figurative paintings, often based on her own photos, or in collaboration with other photographers.

Gabriella Norum also engages in free painting, preferably on large canvases with spatulas and knives. Her technique is large and fast, unlike the precision and patience a portrait entails. Here, the motifs are often landscapes and views, sprung from memories and feelings from places she has visited. A consistent theme in Norum’s creations is motifs from Swedish Fauna. Sweden’s magical nature and fauna are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her.

Gabriella Norum´s aspiration is to master the craft it entails, to sculpt forms and vibrancy with colours, spatulas and brushes. Capturing the essence, the feeling and light of the moment is the challenge that spurs her on. Constantly trying to enhance her work and find new angles is her driving force. Focusing on those last crucial details in a painting, where the perfectionist in her gets an outlet, is for her the most satisfying part in the creative process.

• 2023 Group exhibition, Roddarhuset, Vaxholm, Sweden


Aqua Lilium I | Acrylic on Linen, 81x65 cm, 2022
Stiltje | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022 Den Svenska Faunan - Knölsvanen | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022
Den Svenska Faunan - Lokatten | Acrylic on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2021
Sommarfjäll | Acrylic on Canvas, 120x150 cm, 2022 Bleke | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x120 cm, 2022
Den Svenska Faunan - Slagugglan Acrylic on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2022 Storm | Acrylic on Canvas, 120x150 cm, 2022




Pettzy’s real name is Therese but she uses her nickname in a photo context, both in exhibitions and on social media. Pettzy lives in Karlstad, which is located in the middle of Sweden. Karlstad is also called the city of the sun. Pettzy got her nickname when she started taking photographs.

Pettzy’s interest in photography has probably always been there, but she started taking photos about three years ago. She will always be grateful to the camera, since it rescued her from feeling badly and saved her from a destructive life where she just wanted not to exist. The camera made her feel alive again and all of a sudden, she started to reflect on things around her, which she hadn’t done in years. In the beginning she would take pictures that reflected her mood, processing what she had gone through with the camera lens.

Today, Pettzy is a freelance hobby photographer and she takes every opportunity to get out and catch just the right moment and the unique shot. That means that Pettzy often has no special goal or recurrent motif in her work; it’s more about her feeling and mood at the time, and what the moment presents, be it a special light, a special colour, form or pattern, or reflections, and reflections of her own self.

Pettzy’s pictures are marketed on social media like Instagram, to reach people who share an interest in photography. She aims for the opportunity for her work to appear in Nordic Art Guide 2023, an exciting prospect for her.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Konsthallen Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, The Hall of Stockholm’s City Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Art contest, “Stockholm Photo Marathon”, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Karlstad, Sweden

• 2021 Art contest, “Örebro Photo Marathon”, Örebro, Sweden

In the City | Digital Photography, 2022
Vinterns Speglande Reflektion | Digital Photography, 2022 Lugnet och Jag | Digital Photography, 2022
Lugnets Reflektion | Digital Photography, 2022
Spegling | Digital Photography, 2021 Around the World | Digital Photography, 2022

Green Digital Photography, 2022

En Äldre Spegling

Digital Photography, 2022


Marie Sandell


LYSEKIL, S WEDEN Marie Sandell

Marie Sandell captures the dramatic landscape around her - stormy seas, steep cliffs, sunset reflected in the surface of the water. The magic found in nature when it looks like a painting itself. All this is contained in Sandell’s paintings.

With her art, she wants to capture the viewer’s curiosity and take them on an exciting journey of discovery. The longer you look at a painting, the more you discover. Most of the paintings are inspired by the fantastic landscapes of the Swedish west coast. The idea for a painting usually begins on one of her daily walks along the water and then continues with a line or colour combination that gradually grows into the final motif. She always strives to preserve the light in the painting and thinks that the most important thing is knowing when to stop.

She paints, as often as she can, in her studio on the outskirts of Lysekil in Bohuslän. Since the 1970s, Sandell has developed within the world of art alongside her profession as a principal. She has undergone a longer arts and crafts education, weekly and weekend courses, and personal supervision from established/professional artists. She mainly paints with acrylic on canvas and has had several solo exhibitions, opened her studio to visitors, participated in group exhibitions and art walks, held workshops at various workplaces, and built up an Instagram account where the number of followers is constantly increasing.

Marie Sandell is also represented at Boarps art gallery in Båstad and Heimdall art gallery in Grenoble. She enjoys the power that painting gives her and has been painting full-time in her studio since June 2021.

• 2022 Art prize, ”Winner of January”, Galleryone962, Online

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Lerum, Sweden

• 2022 Representation, Boarps Konsthall, Båstad, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Villa Akvarellen, Hamburgsund, Sweden

• 2022 Representation, Heimdall Art Gallery, Grenoble, France


Sunset | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2022
90 Evening
| Acrylic on Canvas, 140x100 cm, 2022 Gullmarsfjorden II | Acrylic on Canvas, 140x90 cm, 2021
Journey Home | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022
Summer II | Acrylic on Canvas, 35x35 cm, 2022 Evening Light III | Acrylic on Canvas, 35x35 cm, 2022

A Lovely Evening

Railway Acrylic on Canvas, 35x35 cm, 2021 Acrylic on Canvas, 35x35 cm, 2021

Henrik Sjöström


STOCKHOLM, S WEDEN Henrik Sjöström

The Swedish-born artist Henrik Sjöström, also known as “El Bastardo,” is known for creating works that bring a wild energy into the otherwise staid confines of a square canvas, piece of paper, or white cube gallery.

Informed by graffiti and street art, Sjöström’s work often has a mosaic quality - as if colours and lines were words conjoined to represent complex statements. This mosaic quality equally pervades his abstract and figurative works. Different planes, different areas of energy come into confluence in such a way that a painting’s details never overwhelm the gestalt of its overarching unity.

Working mainly with fast-drying acrylics enables Sjöström to make quick decisions and to make them count for all they’re worth. This preference is supplemented by the use of other media, such as spray paint and pen-ink, all of which invoke an affinity for writing. The written, streetwise aspect of Sjöström’s work lends his images an ideogrammatic import. Rather than simply displaying something, they also comment on what they portray. The crux of Sjöström’s practice lies in the way he can deftly manoeuvre between the representational and the non-representational, street art and fine art, doing so in such a way that each mode is informed by the other.

Henrik Sjöström’s more neutralised, abstract compositions are fleshed out with a layered urgency, alluding to the speed with which graffiti works must be made. Similarly, his more figurative pieces have an iconographic quality, informed by the art-historical tradition of portraiture as much as by the layered lettering specific to graffiti.

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Bastard Traditionz, Gallery Art Frida, Helsinki, Finland

• 2022 Group exhibition, Stockholms Konstsalong, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Bastard Legendz, Gallery Svea, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2019 Solo exhibition, Bastard Revelationz, Gallery Art Frida, Helsinki, Finland

• 2011–2017 Education, BA (Hons) in Humanities with Art History, Open University, U.K.


Roots | Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021
Purifier of Thoughts | Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2020
Harbringer of Doom | Mixed Media on Canvas, 90x90 cm, 2021
The Provider Acrylic, Spray Paint and Pen on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022 TENGU Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021
Anointed Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2015 Break Bulk Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2019

Hélène Wachtmeister


HÖGANÄS, S WEDEN Hélène Wachtmeister

Hélène Wachtmeister, born and raised in the Swedish town of Helsingborg, found her artistic call early in life. Her physical travels took her to the south of France for a few years and also to the 16th century castle “Knutstorps Borg” out in the countryside, where she spent more than 40 years of her life. This has converted into artistic travels where she has found inspiration in nature, in architecture, and in meeting new people.

Wachtmeister paints using oil in an abstract figurative style, where her fingers meet the canvas in many of her works to provide an authentic artist-meetsthe-art feeling. Sometimes she even uses tinfoil, plastic and leaves to apply the colour onto the canvas, in this way bringing nature to her paintings, while the paintbrushes lie untouched in her creator box.

Since she left the countryside and settled down by the sea, she also discovered her love for ceramics in the centre of Kullabygden’s paradise for art and crafts, Höganäs. With this medium she has created, for example, her popular colourful and playful horses as well as her plates and bowls.

In the future, Hélène Wachtmeister wishes to continue creating in a way that makes her and the people around her feel happy – and as well inspire others, the way she gets inspired by her fellow artists.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Mölle Stationshus, Mölle, Sweden

• 2019-2022 Solo exhibition, “Art in Easter”, Höganäs, Sweden

• 2018–2020 Education, “Ceramics”, Keramiskt Center, Höganäs, Sweden

• 2017 Art round, “Skånes Fria Konstrunda”, Oxhallen, Helsingborg & Knutstorps Borg, Svalöv, Sweden

• 2007–2013 Education, “Art Classes”, Galleri Jardebeck, Ask, Sweden


Amazonit Ceramics, 30x28 cm, 2021 Red Rhum Ceramics, 30x28 cm, 2021
Reflexion | Plexiglass and Acrylic on Canvas, 34x42 cm, 2022 Accent Ceramics, Ø28, 2021
Delice | Oil on Canvas, 90x120 cm, 2021
Tranquil Oil on Canvas, 75x75 cm, 2020 Kola Oil on Canvas, 75x75 cm, 2020
Birdie | Oil on Canvas, 135x90 cm, 2021 Back | Oil on Canvas, 65x85 cm, 2021



Janni Nyby has participated in numerous exhibitions in her home country of Denmark and abroad, including in the USA, France, Italy, and Spain. In 2022, she exhibited at Artexpo New York, the Biennale in Venice, and Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, among other places. Additionally, she is permanently affiliated with galleries such as Singulart in Paris and Jarsbo Contemporary Art in Denmark, and she has her own gallery in her hometown. Nyby has received several awards, including the “International Prize Paris 2022” and the “WAA Woman Art Award 2022,” and has been featured in art books and magazines such as “50 Artists to INVEST IN” and “Modern Art Masters in Complex du Louvre 2021.”

Janni Nyby paints colourful nature and landscape abstractions using a variety of techniques. She typically begins a painting with preliminary thoughts, which can develop and change in completely different directions during the creation process before she puts the finishing touches on the painting. Her style is best described as abstract expressionist, and she loves using all the colours in the palette.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre”, Ea Effetto Arte, Paris, France

• 2022 Group exhibition, “We Are Reversal”, 59th Biennale di Venezia, Musa Pavilion, Venice, Italy

• 2022 Art award, “International Prize Paris”, Jury members: Dr. Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo, Paris, France

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Art From Then and Now”, MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Villa am Kaiserweg, Persenbeug, Austria

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Woman’s Essence Show”, Galerie 24b, Paris, France

She is deeply intrigued by the individual’s interpretation and perspective of what the viewer sees. Therefore, she deliberately does not give her paintings titles, so that the viewer has unlimited freedom in terms of sensing, experiencing, and interpreting the artwork. During the painting process, Janni Nyby enjoys when the colours, shapes, composition, and expression come together to create a harmonious whole that conveys both calm and energy.


Untitled | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2022 Untitled | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022


• 2023 Solo exhibition, “Forest Baths and Silk Dreams”, Grankulla Galleri, Kauniainen, Finland

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Sommar”, Galleri Strandstugan, Uusikaupunki, Finland

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Äsken Syntyneet”, Galleria Fogga, Helsinki, Finland

• 2020 Solo exhibition, “ArkipelagArchipelago”, Wasa Konditori, Vaasa, Finland

• 2019 Solo exhibition, “Bortom Horisonten”, Kulturhuset Grand, Porvoo, Finland

Ingrid Biese ESBO, FINLAND

Ingrid Biese’s passion is painting on silk. There’s something magical about it; the paints spread and mix on the fabric, and you never really know what will happen. Her greatest inspiration is Finnish nature and the archipelago. When she looks out at the shifting shades of the sea or wanders in the forest among the colours, textures, and scents, she feels her heart swell. It is this feeling that she wants to convey through her art.

Biese paints on silk using silk paint and is drawn towards the simple and downscaled, finding beauty in the details we don’t always notice or appreciate. Her art gravitates towards two main styles: photorealism on the one hand and downscaled and minimalist on the other, where she mixes shapes and colours with realistic silhouettes.

Ingrid Biese has developed her own unconventional method of silk painting, which she calls the no-resist technique. When painting on silk, the silk paint spreads along the thin fibres and is hard to control. However, unlike many silk artists, Biese doesn’t use resistance of any kind to control the paint and likes the challenge of trying to control the seemingly uncontrollable.

By applying new techniques and Nordic motifs to a traditional Asian medium and art form, Ingrid Biese explores and transcends the boundaries between old and new, traditional and contemporary, East and West.


Photo by: Martina Uthardt
Birches | Silk Paint on Silk, 80x80 cm, 2022 Glorious Light | Silk Paint on Silk, 80x80 cm, 2021

Ann-Sofie Eriksson BENNÄS, FINLAND

Born in 1978 in Nykarleby, Ann-Sofie Eriksson has been working with art since 2003 when she received a visual arts degree at Art Polytechnic in Nykarleby. Her art can be found in various public places in Ostrobothnia in the form of sculptures, paintings, and murals. In addition to her own exhibitions in Finland, she has participated in joint exhibitions in Europe.

Eriksson often takes watercolour trips for new inspiration and to learn new techniques. Her inspiration and the driving force behind her work come from the surrounding reality, both physical and quantum physical. She works with different media, but her favourite has become watercolour, as it is a living medium where you cannot predict everything in advance. Eriksson paints almost daily with pure joy. She likes the idea that “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science” - Albert Einstein.

Ann-Sofie Eriksson is also one of the bestselling artists on the online store for Finnish art,

• 2022 Art fair, Art Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark

• 2022 Public art, “Golden wing”, Mural Painting, Nykarleby, Finland

• 2020 Solo exhibition, “Som en Spegling”, Rådhusgalleriet, Nykarleby, Finland

• 2003 Education, Visual Arts Degree at Art Polytechnic, Nykarleby, Finland


Som En Skimrande Skog Watercolour on Paper, 50x70 cm, 2022 Som Blommor På En Sjö Watercolour on Paper, 50x70 cm, 2020


• 2023 Art prize, “International Prize” Rossococinabro Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

• 2019 Solo exhibition, Invited by City Council Kragerø, Jomfruland, Norway

• 2014 Art show, Festival Exhibitor of the year, Lillesand Town Hall, Lillesand, Norway

• 2010 Solo exhibition, Galleri Gyllegård, Skagen, Denmark

• 2008 Solo exhibition, Galleri Son, Drøbak, Norway


Gunny Brørby HELLE, NORWAY

Gunny Brørby is originally from Oslo, but now she lives a bit outside the city centre in an area called Skarbo. She moved some years ago into an old school to make it a centre for those who wanted to follow their dreams. It is now called Skarbo Cultural Centre, which is based on voluntary efforts. It is a gallery, atelier, yoga room, etc.

Brørby has had many exhibitions in her own commune and has also been chosen from the commune for special invitations. Over the years, she has had exhibitions in different places in Norway and outside the border. She has gone her own way, which I think her paintings express, and I sense that the theme that often occurs in her paintings is about our time. The paintings are usually light and hopefully convey what she loves: the joy of nature, animals, hope, possibilities in the symbolism of nature, and emotional expressions that Brørby feels are universal. She is often surprised by what occurs on the canvas.

Even though she is a grown woman, Gunny Brørby is still following her purpose and dream in life and hopes that someday her paintings will reach a bit further out into the world. Some years ago, she published a book called “Øyeblikket” (Moment) with her poetry to accompany her paintings. She has received several certificates in contests from galleries in New York for excellent work and for being among the top-listed artists.

The Whispering of Nature | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2022 Treelife | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x40 cm, 2022

Tori Fossum Sorgendal STABEKK, NORWAY

Tori Fossum Sorgendal is a Norwegian self-taught intuitive abstract artist, working out of her studio near Oslo, Norway. She started her painting career six years ago. In previous years, she worked as an oncology nurse in Oslo, but she always knew that one day she had to realize her creativity. After 30 years as a nurse, she started painting. Finally, she could use her creativity and love for colours in a new way! After just six months of painting, she was invited to exhibit and show her work with famous Norwegian artists in a weekend event.

Fossum Sorgendal likes to explore various mediums to create widespread textures and make evocative pieces. She enjoys how abstract art creates a euphoric realism that is relatable but not necessarily reality. Her work is inspired by nature, imagined landscapes, and the interaction between humans. Tori Fossum Sorgendal’s paintings are a joyful interplay between colours, layers, and textures, often with the use of mixed media. She really enjoys creating futuristic and dream-like artwork. In every artwork, the feeling of harmony and balance is important in her composition.

• 2021 Digital group exhibition, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Storgata, Lillehammer, Norway

• 2019 Solo exhibition, Galleri Albin Upp, Oslo, Norway

• 2019 Solo exhibition, Lions Club, Oslo, Norway

• 2018 Solo exhibition Bogstad Gård, Oslo Norway

Her work has been exhibited in several places in Norway. It can also be seen in public offices in Oslo and was recently featured in a digital exhibition in Milan, Italy.


Post Pinky | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x150 cm, 2022 Gate of Dawn | Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022


Tania Winther is a multi-media artist, designer, and interior designer based in Trondheim, Norway. Her work is inspired by an interdisciplinary approach, combining sciences and the arts in her designs, illustrations, and paintings, as well as linocut and woodcut. Her latest passion is working with digital graphic art, using techniques that blend structuralism and pop art to create cityscapes and other bright, cheerful pieces.

Winther is self-taught as a painter, but has studied design, illustration, and graphic design. She is drawn to using a variety of mediums and materials in her creative process, and often finds inspiration in the quirky, deformed samples of nature she discovers in rocks, sand, and driftwood.

• 2019–2021 Education, “Interior Design”, Norsk Interiørskole, Oslo, Norway

• 2018–2020 Education, Sydney Design School, Sydney, Australia

• 2005–2007 Education, “Graphic Design”, Norges Kreative Fagskole, Trondheim, Norway

Tania Winther believes in the beauty of transformation and the importance of being present in the here and now. She also enjoys giving objects new contexts and contexts new objects. In her art, she seeks to capture the essence of suffering as an art form. Her guiding principles include: the beauty of metamorphosis, the importance of being in the present moment, the power of giving objects new contexts, and the art of suffering.


Starstruck | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022 Farewell | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2022


Michael Absalonsen STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Michael Absalonsen is an autodidact artist born in Denmark, 1961.He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden since 1989, at least 5 months of the year he spends in Marseille, France.

His work includes figurative paintings, often on a big scale in classical techniques. Several layers of oil colour are added to the canvas with a determined sense of colour, light and forms.

There is often a reference back in time to the rich European culture Absalonsen loves: opera, theatre, a classical sculpture or just a figure in a beautiful landscape. Sometimes the background is very abstract or surprising, a way to bring the theatrics up to date. The painting turns into a fantasy for a future world. If you really look, you can take part in a dramatic message, the actual theme, etc.

• 2021 Group exhibition, MåMA Galleri Bellman, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2019 Group exhibition, Discovery Sweden, Prague, Czech Republic

• 2005 Theater performance, “H.C. Andersen”, Stockholm, Sweden

Michael Absalonsen has worked a lifetime in architecture, creating spaces and buildings that people love. Today he is free to be a full-time artist, creating dreams for mankind. His paintings are full of passion for life. He invites all to take a look to get inspired.


The Tree Graces Oil on Canvas, 170x80 cm, 2020 Homo Sapiens in Memorium Oil on Canvas, 199x90 cm, 2021
La Damnation de Faust | Oil on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021 Via Dolorosa | Oil on Canvas, 51x61 cm, 2022
Bacchus på Söder Mälarstrand | Oil on Canvas, 46x55 cm, 2022 Draped Woman | Oil on Canvas, 53x85 cm, 2021


Anna-Kajsa Alaoui’s artwork is recognised for its vivid brushstrokes, dynamic compositions, and richness of colour. A sense of nature is present in all of her paintings, even the non-figurative ones, in the choice of colour and lighting. While her motifs and inspiration may come from nature, the world we live in is present in her interpretation. For example, the way we view a tree and its importance is different today than it was 100, or even 20, years ago. This intersection of motif, artist, and world is felt in Alaoui’s work and makes it current.

Anna-Kajsa Alaoui said that during her upbringing until the age of 20, she wanted to become a journalist. However, she found that she was not tough enough, so she turned to art to understand the world. It was at first drama and dance before she attended an arts school and finally felt at home.

• 2019 Art fair, Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy

• 1991 Public art, Borgholms townhall, Borgholm, Sweden

• 1991 Public art, Runby, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

• 1987 Group exhibition, Stockholm’s Water festival, Stockholm, Sweden

• 1999 Group exhibition, “Gränser”, Stockholm, Sweden

Anna-Kajsa Alaoui started painting professionally in the 1980s and has had several solo exhibitions, primarily in Stockholm, as well as participated in collective exhibitions in New York, Rockford, Illinois, Hanoi, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Bruges, and Florence. She built her own gallery, called Galleri Alaoui, on her estate on Öland, where she lives half the year. She enjoys having visitors every summer and feels that, when she meets with her audience, the work is done.


135 Det Är Vackrast
När Det Skymmer | Oil on Canvas,
95x120 cm, 2021 Löpare (Genom Eld och Vatten) | Oil on Canvas, 66x70 cm, 2021


Emma Andersson is an artist, educated art framer, and owner of an art gallery in the centre of Stockholm. Art has always been a central part of Emma Andersson’s life and her greatest passion is the making of art, whether painting, sculpturing, crafting, or as a gallerist. Ever since high school, where the art program was the natural choice for her, she has always worked with art in different capacities. She is a trained art framer from the Stockholm Academy of Crafts, 2009 - 2011.

In 2012 Emma Andersson became a partner of Galleri St Erik in Stockholm. Here she started painting on a more professional scale, holding exhibitions at several art galleries in Stockholm.

She preferably paints in strong colorful acrylic on large canvases. Crafting, she loves experimenting and mixing different materials, such as wire and plaster, and decorating using materials from the early 20th century. Her signum is making art that conveys inner human emotions.

Recently Emma Andersson has found a new passion in working with clay. Reflecting her love of animals, her clay sculptures depict the joy, charm and quirkiness of animals.

• 2022 Spring salon, Galleri Grip, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Juried exhibition, Överbysalongen, Sollentuna, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Galleri Stenhallen, Borgholm, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Sigtuna Artwalk, Sigtuna, Sweden

• 2019 Solo exhibition, “Alla Är Sin Egen Ö”, Atelje89, Stockholm, Sweden


Sweetheart Bear | Mixed Media. 28 cm, 2022 Happy Waspturtle | Mixed Media, 33 cm, 2021

Katarina Andersson ARLÖV, SWEDEN

It all started thanks to the friends and husband of Katarina Andersson. They took her to an art exhibition in 2019 and there the then 53-year-old Anderssson got annoyed when she saw what high prices a famous person took for his paintings.

She had been interested in art all of her adult life, but had no idea she could paint until she tried. Therefore, she wants to encourage others to do new things. It can be writing a poem, sculpting or knitting and so on. “If I can, so can you” is her motto.

Her first paintings depict her loved ones. Gradually, the motifs have developed from those of nature, beautiful places and circles to her own expression with flamingo flowers.

• 2023 Solo exhibition, Oceanhamnen Art Gallery, Helsingborg, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Bara Naket”, organized by Skaparbubblan, Spritan, Helsingborg, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Gallerihelgen”, Teaterhotellet, Malmö, Sweden

• 2020 Group exhibition, Möllegården, Åkarp, Sweden

In recent months, Andersson had been inspired by women’s suffering and their struggle due to endometriosis. Both her daughter and cousin suffer from it. She sees their suffering but also their strong will to overcome it. Katarina Andersson’s latest paintings therefore capture the moments in their everyday lives.


Pain | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021 Dancing Bird Mixed Media on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2022

• 2022 Group exhibition, Gamla Stans Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden


Beje was born and raised on the Island Runmarö in the Stockholm archipelago. A creative emotional soul with many qualities, he spent 18 years as an illustrator, and has painted since he was a child.

Beje loves everything to do with the sea and boats, which is evident in his paintings. He has sailed countless nautical miles, but now he is most comfortable on his gig. Beje creates with seriousness and love, both in image and text. A lifestyle artist who enjoys everything from a rye porridge with butter to rich food with a luxurious glass of wine. In front of the easel, with canvas and oil paint, and with music playing in his speakers, he is in his element.

Beje describes how anything can serve as inspiration for his art, from other art to seagull droppings. He often finds inspiration in the sea and nature in general. He is particularly interested in people and their authenticity, what is in their hearts. He also mixes his own colours by combining homemade oil with pigment.

The art in the art of making is something interesting, Beje believes, so for him art is to remain – to observe, feel and think.

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Nämdö Bistro & Champagnebar, Nämdö, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Jeppes Gästgiveri, Möja, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Restaurang Svängen, Runmarö, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Sjätte Tunnan –Medeltidskrog, Stockholm, Sweden


141 Now
Damn | Oil on Canvas, 60x73 cm, 2022
Night Race | Oil on Canvas, 62x80 cm, 2021 In the Lightest Breeze | Oil on Canvas, 50x61 cm, 2022
Morning Bath | Oil on Canvas, 73x60 cm, 2022
Big Boat Race 1912 | Oil on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2020

Mag Blue


Mag Blue is a visual artist who works in painting, photography, sculpture and design. She also expresses her creative sensitivity through installations and performances. She is an active initiator, curator and producer of cultural concepts and the founder of the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery in Stockholm.

Mag Blue has over 200 individual and collective art projects and several valuable awards, including the Diploma for Merit of the Minister of Culture and Cultural Heritage 2019. She collaborates with various galleries in Sweden, France and the USA and is a member of several art and photography associations in Sweden and England. Her artwork is exhibited almost all over the world, and the largest private collection of her paintings is in New York. Many of her publications on art, design and her artistic projects have appeared in such magazines as: Villa, Rezydencje, Gentleman, Interior and Garden, Elity, Pangea Magazine, among others.

• 2022 Solo exhibition, ”Vibration of Consciousness”, Royal Blue Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, ”Solo, Single Subject”, FotoZA Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

• 2022 Solo exhibition, ”Vibes”, Galleri Engleson, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, ”Travel Photographer of the Year”, Sparks Gallery, San Diego, USA

• 2022 Group exhibition, ”Portrait Photographer of the Year”, Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, USA

For many years, Mag Blue has striven for harmony in life at all levels with respect for herself and others. What do quantum physics, electromagnetic waves, vibrations and phantom interactions tell us about everyday life? How does one consciously exist on the right vibrations in harmony with oneself and the universe? The artist deals with these and other scientific issues in her painting and performances. In photography she most often looks for light, form, fleeting moments, wishing to capture details in the frame - beauty in the real world.


Vibes 1 | Mixed Media on Canvas, 218x109 cm, 2022
Energy Center - Crown | Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2022 Earth Pulse 1 | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2022
Enduro 4 | Photography on Aluminium with Paint, 50x36 cm, 2021 Timing - Peace | Photography on Aluminum with Paint, 50x36 cm, 2022

• 2021 Group exhibition, Colorida Art Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal

• 2019 Group exhibition, Gustavo de Maetzu, Navarra, Spain

Ulla Bolin


Ulla Bolin speaks in pictures and it is easy to see what she depicts. You will recognise people, animals and landscapes with horses and trees, fruits and flowers. In Bolin´s world of pictures there are humans. Mostly women, but also a lot of animals, cats, dogs and cows. Bolin also paints landscapes most often from her home area with vast fields. But she is also inspired by journeys in South Africa and Northern Scandinavia. Bolin works thematically – determined by cultural phenomena – where pictures and figures, action and surroundings are woven together to a significant totality.

Bolin works in several techniques such as oil, gouache, ink and embroidery. There are symbols and important elements in her art. Every object has its own charisma and meaning. This makes it easy to identify oneself in the interaction between humans and animals. In traditional Christian theology the disruption between the spiritual and the physical in human nature is emphasized. Eastern and occult religions emphasise the cooperation between body and soul. In most cultures the dog is a symbol of friendship and courage but also virility.

Does Bolin depict reality? Her pictures are stylised mostly to sharpen the message in the different pictures. Bolin is metaphorically conscious and has a delicate feeling for the motive and what is going on there. Bolin has chosen to eliminate irrelevant objects in her pictures – such as perspective, light and shades. This decorative, vivid and archetypical art touches the observer.

• 2016 Solo exhibition, Gnosjö Konsthall, Gnosjö, Sweden

• 2016 Solo exhibition, Arte Werkkunst Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Rhubarb Flower | Oil on Canvas, 50x54 cm, 2021 Gyllebo Forest | Oil on Canvas, 70x74 cm, 2021
Grey Weather | Oil on Canvas, 100x105 cm, 2021 Beach Animals | Oil on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021
One Bird in Hand is Better Than Ten in Forest Oil on Canvas, 100x105 cm, 2020 Lady Sitting on the Floor, Not Easy Anymore Oil on Canvas, 100x105 cm, 2020


Magnus Borg is a Swedish artist/photographer/designer living in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was born 1967 in Lidköping and had a promising career as a talented football player. He had a serious diving accident and broke his neck at age sixteen and was paralyzed in most parts of his body, relegated to needing a wheelchair.

In 1990 Borg moved to Gothenburg and began his university studies as a skilled programmer. Unfortunately, fate had more hardship planned for him and the following years were spent in and out of hospitals with many neardeath experiences. He managed to pull through with a positive mindset and an unbreakable survival instinct. @fotograf_magnusborg

From his youth Borg always enjoyed drawing and building things and at school one could often find him capturing his teachers and classmates on paper. He bought his first camera, a Minolta, a couple of years after becoming a quadriplegic and used a wired remote to push the trigger using his mouth and tees. As Borg grew up during the computer revolution, he soon caught an interest in programming, 3D modelling and building websites, and quickly made a name for himself as a talented multi-artist.

Nowadays besides working as a photographer and turning his photos into art, Magnus Borg designs utility items with an artistic touch and to help people with limited hand function like himself, as in the photo with the whiskey and the 3D-designed candlestick was created while listening to his favourite music.

Gothenburg Opera | Print on Art Paper, 125x140 cm, 2020
Hisingsbron & Läppen | Print on Glass, 120x80 cm, 2022 Eriksberg | Print on Art Paper, 180x120 cm, 2020
Utility Item With an Artistic Flair | Product Design, 2021 3D-Designed Candlestick Holder 2020

• 2022 Group exhibition, Stadshotellet, Kristianstad, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Good Morning Hotel, Helsingborg, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Scandic Star Hotel, Lund, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “ADILABeyond the obvious”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, The Canary Islands

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Skogstokig”, Palladium, Växjö, Sweden

Cecilia Brandel VÄXJÖ, SWEDEN

Cecilia Brandel is an intuitive artist who loves to create. As a contemporary artist, most of her works are largely abstract or figurative abstract. She calls her art “soulful art” because she paints intuitively and creates directly from her heart. The voice of the heart is her guiding light. As a result, her artworks are completely unique.

Both nature and the sensations she gets are a source of inspiration. She prefers harmonious compositions as well as light, soft and bright colours although a darker version can creep in sometimes. This is the magic of intuitive art: there is nothing certain and unambiguous.

Brandel prefers to use mixed media in her artwork to capture the essence of a more raw and vibrant structure. She loves the uneven surface and believes that the artwork gets another dimension this way.

With her artwork, Cecilia Brandel wants to light up people’s hearts and her desire is to touch and give something to the viewer. In addition, there are endless messages behind her artwork, and it is up to the viewer to capture the message for him- or herself.


Raise Your Wings | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022 Trust | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2021

Kerstin Brandt


Kerstin Brandt was born and raised in Malmö, but has lived in Vellinge for the past 20 years. Her interest in art began early in life and drawing was a favourite subject at school. Her father was a talented draftsman and artist, a great source of inspiration and the sense of colour certainly inherited from him.

Art in all its different forms has always been a big part of Brandt’s life and working with colour and exploring its ability to change gives her great satisfaction. Watercolour painting gives her great scope for imagination and playfulness. Kerstin Brandt’s motifs are found through everything that nature has to offer and also different environments and emotions, which give rise to inspiration.

She painted her first watercolours in May 2022 and after only a week or so the interest was so great that it was difficult to put the brushes aside. As her interest in watercolour painting is relatively new, the search for new techniques is in full swing. She has great interest in learning new ways to find shades and to create different lights. Brandt’s favourite technique has become wet on wet which is constantly met with surprise and the joy of seeing how the colours mix with the water, never really knowing the end result.

For Kerstin Brandt, the goal and purpose of watercolour painting is to constantly develop and to find new ways to become a better artist. The future is hopeful because development is constantly moving forward and the feeling of being able to please others with the help of colour is fantastic.


• 2023 Art round, “Öppna Sinnen”, Galleri Engleson, Skanör, Sweden 2022 Group exhibition, “Jubileumsutställning”, Invited by Öppna Sinnen, Galleri Engleson, Malmö, Sweden
Glesbygd | Watercolour on Paper, 38x49 cm, 2022 Industrin | Watercolour on Paper, 38x49 cm, 2022

Petter Brorson Edh


Petter Brorson Edh was born in 1975 and for the larger part of his life he has been living in the province of Värmland, Sweden. As an artist he is selftaught, as an academic he has a university degree in innovation and design engineering.

Ever since childhood Brorson Edh has been expressing himself through words and images. One of his earliest memories of painting goes back to when he was about five years old. His father was painting outside their summer house, a log cabin right next to a woodland lake in the pine forests, and he invited him to sit and paint next to him, sharing brushes and paints. There they were, father and son, painting for the sheer joy of the moment. The small painting that he made on that day, of a bird that he’d seen many times at the bird feeder outside the kitchen window, still hangs on the wall in his parents’ house. This joy of painting has stayed with him and at the age of 19 he held his first art exhibition, followed by participation in several others, in Värmland, other parts of Sweden and the USA.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Vår Konst”, Övre Frykens Konstrunda, Norra Värmlands Konstförening, Torsby, Sweden

• 2021 Juried exhibition, “Höstsalong”, Norra Värmlands Konstförening, Torsby, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Konstmässan”, Almars Gård, Karlstad, Sweden

• 2018 Juried exhibition, “Höstsalong”, Värmlands Konstförening, Kristinehamn, Sweden

• 2016 Solo exhibition, Östra Flygeln, Alsters Herrgård, Karlstad, Sweden

Brorson Edh’s art starts in what many of us can see in our own environment – a cloud formation, a spring brook, a path through a forest, a bird at rest, or birds in flight – and from this he opens a window on a deeper reality.


Lugn | Watercolour on Paper, 28x18 cm, 2022 Grå Dag | Watercolour on Paper, 29x19 cm, 2022


Caroline mostly paints imaginative women’s faces and fantasy animals, using strong colours and a layer upon layer technique. She works with a variety of media, including acrylic, pastel, ink, mixed media, and gold leaf, and experiments with different materials such as acrylic paper, canvas, metal, and wood. Caroline’s themes often include owls, fantasy faces (mostly of women), and trees. She is also passionate about recycling and incorporating vintage frames and other materials into her artwork.

She received art and design education at high school, but it was her participation in the “Konstvågen” art exhibition in the Gothenburg Archipelago in 2014 that sparked her interest in acrylic painting. Now, painting is an integral part of her everyday life. Caroline loves being creative and a little quirky, and believes it’s important to take a break from the serious world. She would love to hear from you!

• 2022 Group exhibition, “FärgstarktThree is a Party!”, Galleri Engleson, Gothenburg, Sweden

• 2014–2022 Annual group exhibition, “Konstvågen”, Bohus-Björkö, Gothenburg, Sweden

• 1997–2000 Education, Frölunda High School of Art and Design, Gothenburg, Sweden


Self-Confidence | Mixed Media on Paper, 30x40 cm, 2021 Garden Owl | Acrylic on Paper 40x50 cm, 2022


Hampus Dahlberg ÖREBRO, SWEDEN

Hampus Dahlberg is originally from Gävle and now lives in Örebro. He started painting in 2021 to find a way to express himself and to process the recent situations life had given him to handle on his own.

Dahlberg works primarily with oil and acrylics on canvas. The large amount of paint and heavy brushstrokes reflect a process of occasional pain and compulsion that convey his images to the viewer, even though he can paint whatever mood he is in. His paintings reflect images of figures and abstract forms on the canvas and he’s more attracted to figures that he doesn’t understand, rather than the ones he does. There is so much more to explore when an image isn’t totally clear.

As the art connoisseur might see, there are similarities to the works of Bengt Lindström, which Dahlberg has been inspired by. The main difference is that the works of the latter belong to an artist who has been affected by the 21th century.

In the future, Hampus Dahlberg hopes to continue painting and be appreciated for what he has done not only in front of a larger audience, but to those who are capable of feeling.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Artportable Showroom, Stockholm, Sweden
Chiroptera | Oil on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022 Fight | Oil on Canvas, 70x70 cm, 2022

Linda-Marie Dahlgren ÅKERSBERGA, SWEDEN

Linda-Marie Dahlgren was born and raised in the countryside of Österåker, Sweden. Her artistic interests awakened early on when she, as a little girl, painted alongside her father. Dahlgren’s creativity since then has taken on various different expressions over the years. She has for example tried both ceramics and silversmithing, and then returned to painting in the latter part of her life, mostly in aquarelle and acrylic paint.

In the small studio next to the house where Linda-Marie Dahlgren lives with her family, creative joy flows. The shelves are stuffed with paint cans in every imaginable colour, plenty of paintings hang on the walls and on the easel next to the large window stands yet another unfinished canvas.

• 2022 Education, “Certified Visual Artist”, Academy Online, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Wira Bruk, Roslagen, Sweden

• 2003 Education, “ Creative Art”, Stockholm Institute of Education, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2001 Education, “ Creative Pedagogy and Creating”, Stockholm Institute of Education, Stockholm, Sweden

Dahlgren gets her inspiration from nature, her own fantasy and photography. It is the urge to translate ideas into reality, to develop and to learn about new techniques and materials that drives her to constantly change her art and try new motifs. When she paints it feels like time stops and she gets completely absorbed into what she´s doing. It’s a wonderful feeling, according to LindaMarie Dahlgren, who just finished her studies as a certified visual artist.

In the future, Linda-Marie Dahlgren hopes to spend more time on her art and to develop further as an artist. Participating in more art exhibitions and spreading joy with her paintings is also a part of her dreams.



Summertime | Aquarelle on Paper, 32x42 cm, 2022

Elephant in a Hurry | Aquarelle on Paper, 36x48 cm, 2022 Flowers by the Window Aquarelle on Paper, 21x29,5 cm. 2022
Twilight | Aquarelle on Paper, 29,5x42 cm, 2022 Christmas Wonderland Aquarelle on Paper, 40x50 cm, 2022.


Monica Domert is an entrepreneur, designer, and artist. She grew up in Hudiksvall, where she trained as a hairdresser. Domert has had several juryevaluated salons over the years, both in Mora and Borlänge, and has always been interested in colour and form. When her shoulder could no longer handle the hairdressing work, Domert purchased Duka-butiken, which also sold glass and porcelain, and turned it into a store in Mora.

A divorce prompted Domert to move to Stockholm, where she got a job at Svenskt Tenn and worked there for 8 years. During this time, she also started Moch Design, designing entire glass concepts for companies to strengthen their brand. Monica Domert worked with glass factories and pattern makers to create high-quality products. She took ideas and turned them into sketches and finished products, often creating complete concepts for companies. She has won awards at the Swedish Open and has worked with numerous municipalities, including Peab, Stockholm Water, Sweden’s Parliament, WWF, and SKF.

• 2021 Art fair, Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2020 Art fair, Antikmässan, Invited by Nordic Art, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2012 Art round, “Nordvästra Skånes Konstrunda”, Båstad, Sweden

• 2008 Juried exhibition, “Kullasalongen”, Krapperups Konsthall, Nyhamnsläge, Sweden

• 2006 Solo exhibition, “Volvo”, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

Although Domert has painted throughout her career, it was only when she moved back to Stockholm that she began painting professionally. She is particularly passionate about colour and form. Over the years, Monica Domert has exhibited her art in glass, but now focuses mainly on painting. She believes that everyone needs colour to be happy and mostly paints abstract works, often inspired by nature. She follows her brush and lets her mood and feelings guide her work and looks forward to creating art for others to enjoy.


Cirklar | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x73 cm, 2021 Fantasi | Acrylic on Canvas, 65x90 cm, 2022
Flicka | Acrylic on Canvas, 55x45 cm, 2021 Det Röda | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x50 cm, 2022
Ögat | Acrylic on Canvas, 65x70 cm, 2022 Abstrakt nr 1 | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x70 cm, 2022


Micha Eklund is known for her semi-abstract art which expresses a lot of emotion and plenty of colour. It is said that her paintings feel very much alive and that they bring about a sense of wonder.

Since a young age Eklund has had a calling towards aesthetics and the artistic gene runs through her family tree with all kinds of creativity and artwork. On the Swedish side of her family she has traced her roots to Germany and Denmark among other places, where the famous circus family Eisfeldt toured until the early 20th century. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that she decided to get an art education, first to become a visual artist and later on joining the one-year Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Villa Plantaget, Alingsås, Sweden

• 2021-2022 Education, “Mastery Program”, Milan Art Institute, USA

• 2021 Group exhibition, Prästgården, Alingsås, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Galleri Mixa, Alingås, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Designmarknad, Skövde, Sweden

In Micha Eklund’s youth she spent a lot of time in nature with the Bosnian side of her family, which brought animals and nature close to her heart and into her artwork. A lot of her inspiration comes from the ordinary, down-toearth things, such as animals and nature. Simplicity, freedom, and authenticity have a great impact on her artistic vision and will keep inspiring her and helping her translate her inner voice into beautiful art.


The Girl
Mixed Media on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022 Awaken | Mixed Media on Canvas, 70x70 cm, 2022

• 2022 Juried exhibition, Höstsalong, Åregalleri, Åre, Sweden

• 2008–2009 Art education, Fornby Folkhögskola, Borlänge, Sweden

Hanna Elmroth KAXÅS, SWEDEN

Hanna Elmroth is a Swedish artist living in small, beautiful Kaxås, Jämtland. A region in northern Sweden. Elmroth also has Sami and Finnish influences, which she occasionally brings out in her art. Inspired by nature, she tries to recreate it in a playful way, often with watercolour ink. She also de-ploys other media such as oil, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, pencils and charcoal. There is so much to like about nature, all of it. All colours, patterns and lines. And that it is constantly changing.

Elmroth has been creative all her life. She knew for sure that art was her home when she was accepted to an art school in Borlänge. Everyday life became wonderful. Many of the lessons were taught by the professional artists who ran the course. Otherwise, Elmroth is self-taught and enjoys making her own way through the land of art.

Right now, the mountains are a frequently recurring motif in Hanna Elmroth’s paintings: the safe mountains, which stand unshakable despite storms and snowfall and give us the most beautiful views. Elmroth is interested in movement and people too. And just pouring paint on the paper and watching it take shape is an exciting observation. It doesn’t have to represent anything, but the meeting of the col-ours and how they interact with each other is beautiful to look at, so-called abstract art. Appearances and facial expressions appeal to Elmroth and that too often takes shape on canvas and paper.


Höstfjäll | Mixed Media on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2022
Fjällandskap | Mixed Media on Canvas, 30x30 cm, 2022 Två Stugor | Mixed Media on Canvas, 40x32 cm, 2022
Bröder Watercolour Brush Pens on Paper, 29,7x42,0 cm, 2022 Bondens Kor | Watercolour Brush Pens on Paper 29,7x42,0 cm, 2022

Pernilla Enblom Dedic HÖGANÄS, SWEDEN

Art has been Pernilla Enblom Dedic´s main focus and greatest love since she was young. Today, everything in her life circles around art. Every day she teaches art, creates art, studies art, reads about art, thinks about new art projects and collaborates with like-minded people.

She fell in love with the art of photography at the age of 13 at an analogue photography class for adults. Fine art photography became her main focus for many years, working with digital art programs and various techniques. At the age of 19, she started her education at Konstfack in Stockholm and graduated in 2012. Post-graduation, she has been working as a teacher in art, design, photography and media. In 2021 she started her own art company “Enigma - Spiritual Art and Healing”, which concentrates on art that cycles around spirituality and energy in different forms. This past year, she has been focusing on several different art collections such as Spirit Animals, Crystal Paintings, Shadows and Energy Places.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Sliperiet, Gylsboda, Sweden

• 2011– Teacher, “Art, Design and Media”, Hermods AB, Sweden

• 2007–2012 Education, Konstfack, Stockholm Sweden

Her paintings reflect life and death, nature, and the prints of energy that memories leave behind. Enblom Dedic´s work usually involves ink and acrylic paint as well as photography and digital art, to create artworks that make the beholder feel the energy of the painting. Some works also have audio files that are made for that particular artwork, to increase the energy of the painting.

Clear Quartz 2 - Crystal Painting Acrylic on Canvas, 70x140 cm, 2021 Smokey Amethyst - Crystal Painting Acrylic on Canvas, 70x140 cm, 2021
Twin Tigers | Markers and Acrylic on Paper, 42,0x29,7 cm, 2021
Alissa Markers on Paper,42,0x29,7 cm, 2019 Yin and Yang Ravens Markers and Acrylic on Paper, 42,0x29,7 cm, 2021


Helena Engström is a self-taught watercolour artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her artistic expression can be described as minimalistic realism and she loves to paint portraits. She has been drawing and painting her entire life. When she was around the age of 16 she learned to use graphite and started drawing portraits. That’s when she realized she had a talent to create realistic artwork. Her main goal was to achieve photorealism in her portraits and she worked hard to improve her skills. She was then introduced to watercolour and it has been her main medium ever since.

Watercolour is Helena Engström’s preferred medium because of the versatility and the many different effects and textures it can achieve. Most of the time she keeps her palette in the black and white spectrum, sometimes also including splashes of colour. Her portraits have realistic proportions and details, but she likes to let the watercolour speak and sometimes experiments with different watercolour techniques. This contributes to the abstraction and minimalism of her art.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Vildblommornas Samlingsutställning”, Galleri M, Karlstad, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Official Opening”, Artist Arena Showroom, Stockholm, Sweden


Helena Engström’s goal in her art is no longer to achieve photorealism but instead to capture and convey the beauty that she sees. The concept of beauty and how it is perceived by people is something that has intrigued her for a long time. Photography is a big inspiration for Engström’s art, especially unique and interesting portrait photography. Recently she has been very inspired by Old Hollywood and the stars of that era.

Garbo | Watercolour on Paper, 21x30 cm, 2021 Ava | Watercolour on Paper, 21x30 cm, 2022


Erika Eriksson was born 1974 in Oxelösund, a small coastal town in Sweden. She was a creative child who loved to sit by herself with a piece of paper and some pens and draw. That side of her was then forgotten for many years, but has since blossomed again a couple of years ago.

She started drawing with charcoal at first, then painting with acrylics. Now she explores mixed media, and you can find several different media in the same painting. The love for the colour blue is obvious, as is different types of text on the pieces. She has a strong sense for details and expressions.

In her paintings she communicates a feeling. Many times, it´s not the feeling she herself has at that moment, but perhaps someone else´s, or a feeling she gets from a song. She always listens to music when she paints, and the music lyrics are the main inspiration. She loves the way painting makes her lose track of time and just be in the moment. She believes that the creativity strengthens the mind, that you become aware of yourself on a different level; that it helps to relive pain, both physical and psychological.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Gamla Stans Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Rendezvous”, Monat Gallery, Spain

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Paris Expo”, Paris, France

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Konst på Kolonin”, Oxelösund, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Konst på Möja”, Möja, Sweden

In art there are no boundaries, no standards, no right or wrong. Just being your own person, your own self.


The Girl With a Teddybear Acrylic on Canvas, 50x61 cm, 2022 Me and My Imaginary Friend Acrylic on Canvas, 50x61 cm, 2022
The Beautiful Ones Mixed Media on Canvas, 50x61 cm, 2022 The Girlfriend Mixed Media on Canvas, 46x55 cm, 2022
Playing it Cool Acrylic on Canvas, 50x61 cm, 2022 To The One I Love Mixed Media on Canvas, 50x61 cm, 2022

Christina Eriksson Östblom


Christina Eriksson Östblom lives with her husband in Hofors in Gästrikland and also spends a lot of time in their summer cottage in southern Dalarna. Together they have five children and three grandchildren who live in slightly different places in Sweden.

Eriksson Östblom works as a preschool teacher 60% of the time and runs her own business the rest of the time, where she holds courses in f.ex. Vedic Art and Yinyoga but also other courses in creation, f.ex. Fluid Art.

Those around her usually perceive her as calm, creative and driven. She feels best when she can spend time with her children, her husband and her friends. It is also through them that “Kicki”, as she is also called, draws inspiration. Swimming outdoors, summer and winter, is also something that makes her feel good and to travel and discover new places. In her spare time, she paints as much as she can, as it is her great passion in life.

• 2023 Juried exhibition, ”Konstrunda”, Gästrik Konst, Sandviken, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Kanalkyrkan, Sandviken, Sweden

• 2022 Collaboration, ArtQueen, Kristianstad, Sweden

• 2021 Musical exhibition, “Lake Ohrid Muses Travel to Manhattan a- virtual Live Painting Soirée”, by Margin Alexander, New York, USA

• 2020 Group exhibition, Teaterhotellet, Malmö, Sweden

The artist started painting with watercolours eight years ago, but switched to acrylics when she discovered the Vedic Art method four years ago. Since then, Christina Eriksson Östblom paints intuitively, with a focus on painting without demands and full of pleasure without thinking about the result.

Genom Dig Kan Jag Se | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2022
Vi Leker Tittut Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2022 Ta Makten Över Ditt Liv Acrylic on Canvas, 70x95 cm, 2022
Ljusning Acrylic on Canvas, 97x97 cm, 2022 Tunna Blå Linjer | Acrylic on Canvas, 97x97 cm, 2022


Erika Vretström, also known by her artist’s name Evla, is an upcoming selftaught artist based in Strängnäs, Sweden. She was born in 1985 and has a partner and a 14-year-old son. Aside from working on her art to become an acknowledged artist, she has a job in eldercare.

Evla has always been a creative soul, and over the years she´s tried many different creative endeavours before finding her passion in painting. She is quite new to the art world, first stepping foot into it in June of 2022. Despite this she´s developing rapidly, and already her future seems promising.

Primarily painting with acrylics, Evla likes to introduce other techniques into her work as well; crayons, charcoal and other more unconventional ones like coffee, resulting in artwork that is abstract and contemporary. Her art is inspired by her own life, emotions and thoughts and her palette consists primarily of earthy tones and natural colours, although she sometimes works outside that range.

She´s dreaming big and as she´s only at the start of her journey, she would love to one day see her art in ordinary homes and galleries alike, with the goal of becoming a full-time artist with exhibitions and workshops. Evla hopes to grow her social media presence, as well as reach out to people all across the world.

• 2023 Solo exhibition, “Mindrush”, Gula Rosornas Företagsby, Strängnäs, Sweden • 2022 Membership, Artist Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
Fading Memories | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022 Näver Again | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2022



Josefin Ferm is a 49-year-old woman and artist from Sweden. She was born and raised in Grebbestad, a little village on the west coast. Ferm is a selftaught artist, who never planned on starting to paint until a few years ago. It was during a time of ill health that came with a lot of pain that she decided to start painting. She was surprised about how much joy it gave her; it was like a new world opened up.

Mostly she works with paintings where she uses acrylic on canvas, but sometimes also mixed media where the forms are allowed to express themselves in different ways. She gets a lot of inspiration from the sea, rocks and the different seasons. Josefin Ferm has a burning interest in decoration, home styling, art and forms that give her motivation to paint.

Ferm often gets inspired by patterns and different colour combinations seen on clothes and decoration. Also, the impressions that come from meeting with different people in different situations inspire her greatly and takes a major role in her pleasurable creations. Her art is often seen in natural colours such as brown, beige and grey. In other words, colours that often belong to her favourite season, autumn.

The favourable feedback from friends and family, as well as the opportunity to show her work online brought the art forward. It means a lot for Josefin Ferm to be able to show her artwork in the Nordic art Guide, a positive experience for her.

• 2021 Education, “Course: Structure and Technique”, Teacher: Sara Leffler, Göteborg, Sweden
Mysterious | Acrylic on Canvas, 115x88 cm, 2021 Hidden | Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2022

Anders Gabrielsson BROMMA, SWEDEN

As Anders Gabrielsson tells it, in 2011 a window opened to him and he discovered painting. Since then, he has painted and drawn almost every day and believes he has never been happier. He mostly paints in acrylic. He also makes graphic prints (giclée), coasters and trays.

Gabrielsson’s style can be described as expressive and naive with rich and often strong colours. He paints what he loves and enjoys, portraying scenes from his life in snapshots and conveying moods. He wants his paintings to give positive energy and a feeling that life is beautiful, even though it may be both gray and cold.

Many of Gabrielsson’s motifs are taken from his immediate surroundings in Stockholm or from his summer seaside residence on the West Coast. He loves the winter and snowfalls and so is very keen on painting winter motifs.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Maison du Patrimoine, Mesquer, Bretagne, France

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Greger, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2020 Group exhibition, Galleri Bellman, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2019 Juried exhibition, “Vårsalongen”, Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2018 Juried exhibition, “Vårsalongen”, Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden

During the US election campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Anders Gabrielsson had a sudden desire to test whether he could paint portraits. Those portraits were a great success and gave him the inspiration to continue with other international figures and Swedish politicians.


Under Kastanjen | Acrylic on Paper, 70x50 cm, 2015 Nybrogatan i Snöstorm | Acrylic on Paper, 70x50 cm, 2016


Catrin Grönlund is an autodidact artist who was born north of Stockholm in 1980, later moving to Helsingborg in Skåne at the age of 9. After finishing high school, Grönlund moved to Chicago, U.S.A., where she lived for 6 years. She returned home to Sweden with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and an even greater interest in art. This was when she bought her first canvases, brushes and acrylic paint and started exploring painting.

Today, Grönlund runs her own small business and mainly focuses on abstract/ semi abstract art, with a special love for seascapes. She captures the everchanging mood of the ocean, portraying both calmness and the wild sea. She uses acrylic paint, various mediums and often seen in her painting are texture and mark making. Grönlund uses a variety of colour schemes in her paintings, both colourful and vibrant as well as muted.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Artist of the Month”, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden

• 2008 Education, “Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design”, Illinois Institute of Art, Schaumburg, Illinois, U.S.A.

Living on the Northwest coast of Sweden, the ocean is a constant source of energy and inspiration as well as nature and the surrounding environment. Aside from drawing inspiration from land, sky and sea, Catrin Grönlund often finds herself transferring emotions onto the canvas. She also likes to name every painting as she feels this brings life to the piece and gives it a soul of its own.

Grönlund aims to always be free when painting, to evoke emotion in viewers, to continue to develop her creativity as an artist and to keep exploring the world of art.

Red Shore | Acrylic on Canvas, 40x50 cm, 2022
Before the Storm | Acrylic on Canvas, 40x40 cm, 2022 Blue Touches Blue | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022
Gloomy Sea | Acrylic on Canvas, 20x20 cm, 2022 Break of Light | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2022


Mona Gullstrand had never painted before spring 2019 when she signed up for a VedicArt course. The reason she got hooked on that art form was that you didn’t need to have any prior knowledge, nor had you needed to have painted before, and that it was based on intuition and undemanding-ness. She subsequently painted in groups and individually with an artist in Stockholm.

When others ask what she paints, Gullstrand finds it difficult to describe what and usually provides varying answers. Describing how is easier - with acrylic paints on canvas in different sizes, sometimes with elements of mixed media. Usually she starts by drawing/painting crumbs on the canvas, writing something, patterns, drops and then painting in layers with the layer of paint. After a number of layers, something can stand out or lie in the background which she enhances. Usually something in the present, such as when the cobra escaped from Skansen in Stockholm, which then became the painting The Snake Woman, or after a walk when she met many dogs - the painting Dog Walk. Other recurring motifs are women and birds.

The painting gives Gullstrand both joy and some frustration, which sometimes leads to some humorous detail in a painting - could be a bird sleeping on a telephone wire. Gullstrand usually paints with strong colours and you only have to open her wardrobe to understand why!

2023 Group exhibition, Galleri Hornsgatan 96, Stockholm, Sweden
Ormkvinnan | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x150 cm, 2022
Visar Upp Sig | Acrylic on Canvas, 120x60 cm, 2021 Hundpromenad | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x120 cm, 2022
Skyline Acrylic on Canvas, 85x60 cm, 2022 Fågelkvinnan Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2021

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Julsalong”, Galleri Grip, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Konstlobbyn, Täby, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Artportable Showroom, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2020 Group exhibition, Galleri Riddaren, Stockholm, Sweden


Marie Hahn is a hobby artist from Stockholm. She is a florist by profession and works with funeral binders. Hahn has always loved being creative and creating. She drew and painted as a youngster but lost it in adulthood. There was a long hiatus of about 20 years.

When she started studying at Humanova’s “Become who you are” course, her main goal was to get her “painter’s blocking” to come off. She had long had a longing to start painting again. The soul called to her to bring out the colours, but the inner critic and achiever found evasions every time. Her studies in psychosynthesis and self-therapy made her find herself once again. The longing became greater than the fear and the paint plug came loose.

As a newly divorced woman, Marie Hahn went on a summer course in Vedic art on Öland. Goa called her and she later went on a painting trip to India. In the fall of 2020, Hahn had her first exhibition in the old town, together with a new acquaintance from India on the course. It added more flavour. Painting for her is being in touch with her soul and is now her greatest passion. She paints very intuitively, which in the end usually turns out to be people and animals. She uses acrylic paints the most. She also offers a few courses in personal development such as “Paint without performance” and “Paint your dreams”.


Stillness Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2022 Mindfulness Acrylic on Canvas, 40x40 cm, 2020

• 2022 Group exhibiton, ”La Pedrera”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery S.L., Barcelona, Spain

Annica Hallman


Annica Hallman is an artist from Sweden, born in Gothenburg in 1964. From childhood she had a great artistic interest. She painted and drew all the time. When Hallman was growing up, it was a hobby that unfortunately she didn’t enjoy very often. Hallman worked at a large bakery for a few years, had her first child in 1988, and then went to work in eldercare after maternity leave. She attended a one-year art education institution under the auspices of the student association ABF between 1993-94. Hallman describes her time there as fantastic, when her artistic soul was nourished.

Hallman had her second child in 1995 and after that contracted the chronic disease ME, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. In recent years her health has improved, enabling her to start painting more productively. She paints in acrylic on canvas. Since 2020, she has had exhibitions for family and friends, later also exhibitions abroad.

Her Swedish promoter is Artportable through whom she has participated in several advertisements in the daily press and exhibited with them. Her work is also represented in 2 books, “Art Now”, September-October 2021 and “La Poesia e l´árte”, made by Art Factory, Italy 2021.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Liquid Arsenal”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Spain

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Summer Art Festival”, Virtual Artists, London, U.K.

• 2021 Group exhibition, “International Art Meeting”, Biennale Milano, Milano, Italy

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Simposio D´arte”, Milan Art Gallery, Milano, Italy


Paula | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2022 In the Mist | Acrylic on Canvas, 70x50 cm, 2022

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Gallery Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Speglingar”, Galleri Konsthörnan, Falkenberg, Sweden

Ulrika Hegårdh


Ulrika Hegårdh takes unfiltered impressions from her surroundings which then need to be filtered in some way, like a purification of the mind through brushes and canvas. Someone’s posture at a bus stop, the energy between two people or the feeling in an everyday situation can become the inspiration for her next painting. The magic of a painting is that it is an expression that reaches beyond words, perhaps even what you don’t dare talk about. The strange, the painful, the lustful. A directness that can be experienced as provocative, but is intended as a tickling of your mind.

For Hegårdh, is it in front of the easel that she feels she is most herself. There, she doesn’t have to be shaped according to society’s norms or wear social masks. She feels that the art is a free zone to dissect, exploit and explore a feeling or experience, and completely own it, because in art everything is allowed.

She enjoys when things and expressions double in the pictorial motif that are not completely obvious. It gives room for one’s own interpretation, through an ambiguity in a facial expression, posture or colour choice. The viewer gets the opportunity to reflect or connect with himself. Ulrika Hegårdh’s wish is that the image can be a comfort, connection or simply something pleasant.


To Fit | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022
Du är Inte Vilse Acrylic on Canvas, 65x90 cm, 2021 Day by Day Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2022
Spegling | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2022 Sigh | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2022

Malin Hjalmarsson


Malin Hjalmarsson is an intuitive painter in abstract figurative form. She’s been painting since she was a child and is now a full-time artist. It was a long, winding road to follow her heart and let herself go into the world of art and creatives.

She’s a trained teacher in math and science for high school students, but after a few years in the classrom she burned out. She’s also an educated yoga teacher and had her own yoga studio for five years, before the pandemic made her close it. Now her business is wide and she calls herself an “entrepreneur in beauty and health”. She’s a self-taught painter who wishes to spread creativity. She believes that if one wants to paint then they should simply paint.

• 2022 Juried exhibition, “Sommarsalong”, Hammarö Art Gallery, Karlstad, Sweden

• 2022 Juried exhibition, Galleri Stenhallen, Borgholm, Sweden

• 2022 Scholarship of culture, Vänsterpartiet, Hultsfred, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Galleri Kopparslagaren, Hultsfred, Sweden

• 2021 Digital group exhibition, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

Malin Hjalmarsson’s paintings are full of expressive colours and the feeling is more important than correct proportions and perspective. Her art is feminine and sensual and layer by layer it reveals animals, women and flowers. She has always been drawn to beauty and colours and wishes that her art will transmit power, freedom and love. The motifs in her paintings show up, always unplanned. They appear in the layers, and her curiosity sets them free. Lately the main motif has been horses, wild and free horses, who want to run as fast as they can with no one able to stop them.

Light as Air | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2022 Cottoncandy Cherryblossom | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x116 cm, 2022

Lotta Jansson


Lotta Jansson was born in Sweden and grew up near Stockholm. She always loved to create with different materials, starting when she was a child. In the beginning the use of colour was most important.

She often draws portraits of faces: those of people and animals. Capturing the expression of the eyes is important and to find the details in the face that makes a true portrait. Sometimes using the imagination is more interesting. She uses her intuition as well. Lotta Jansson uses graphite pencils, coloured pencils, pan pastels, crayons, pastel pencils, acrylics and watercolours. For Jansson, it’s been a way of finding another wonderful world to create and concentrate on the artwork.

Lotta Jansson also works part time as a nurse and finds inspiration from her environment there and in her interactions with the patients. Nature is also inspiring and she loves to be outside, taking photos on long walks. Cats are her favourite animals. She loves to paint them essentially with pastels. At home, the boys and her husband assist as models sometimes.

• 2022 Juried exhibition, “Spring Salon”, Galleri Grip, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition. Idala Gallery, Södertälje, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Vantör’s Art Association, Bandhagen, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Sara’s Art & Coffee, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Book publication (featured in), “Nordic Art Guide 2021/22”, Bellamonti Art, Publisher: Cendorian Publishing, Viken, Sweden

In the future she wants to continue to experiment with different kind of materials, using many colours.


The Golden Lady | Aquarelle on Paper, 40x30 cm, 2022 Autumn Girl | Mixed Media on Paper, 40x30 cm, 2022
The Grumpy Girl | Graphite Pencils on Paper, 14,8x21,0 cm, 2021
The Little Squirrel Among The Berries Pastel Pencils and Crayons on Paper, 18x24 cm, 2022 The Fox and The Apples Mixed Media on Paper, 40x30 cm, 2022

Jenny Blue Johansson MALMÖ, SWEDEN

Jenny Blue Johansson is a autodidact artist who found her creative interest already as a child. In connection with a solo exhibition at the end of 2021, she decided to invest wholeheartedly in art.

With a studio based in Malmö, Johansson mainly paints in acrylic. Best known for her “eye birds”, she has a solid collection of previously painted works, with varying motifs and different techniques, behind her.

In 1994, Jenny Blue Johansson created her first paid assignment, only 16 years old. Received her first scholarship as a 19-year-old, for stained glass. Had her first solo exhibition with an opening when she was 22. And as a 27-year-old, she exhibited in a public place, for the first time. After a break of about ten years, Johansson (2021) sold one of her works to an art association for the first time and in 2022 she sold her first commission, a family portrait.

• 2022 Group exhibition, Teaterhotellet, Malmö, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Garden aRt party”, aRt Castle, Norra Åsum, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Entré Shopping Mall, Malmö Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Burlöv Center, Arlöv, Sweden

The “eye bird” that appeared in Johansson’s life at the beginning of 2022 can be described as colorful popart that makes you happy. Today developed and painted also in duller colors.

In a flow of new ideas, with a need for varying nuances and with curiosity about different techniques, Jenny Blue Johansson continues to develop in art. Strongly driven by constantly challenging herself and her art. Mostly guided by feeling and technology, inspired by all the colours of everyday life.


Egentid | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022
Kärlek & Ärtor Acrylic on Canvas, 40x60 cm, 2022 Morgonkaffe Acrylic on Canvas, 40x60 cm, 2022
Musse | Acrylic on Canvas, 30x30 cm, 2022 En Clown Skrattar Sällan Ensam Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Västerbotten”, Galleri Svea, Stockholm, Sweden

Kalle Johansson UMEÅ, SWEDEN

Kalle Johansson a.k.a. KMJ is a self-taught artist from Umeå, a city far up in the northern part of Sweden. His presence and energy are a big part of his choice of art form. As an abstract visual artist, he uses the different moods of the body and brain to create dynamic works of art. The fact that he is self-taught gives him the opportunity to completely break free from predetermined approaches when it comes to the choice of materials and artistic tools.

His motto in life is that being curious and wanting to change, both as a person and as an artist, are more important than results and goals. Being in the present and making use of the outside world and the movements of the surroundings are for him life-defining. Life as an artist is therefore a must. Johansson’s art is characterized by layers of depth, his way of using mixed media and his many different techniques. Most admirable is his versatile creative approach in using layer upon layer, trowels and sander.

Kalle Johansson’s colour choice is usually a combination of warm, strong and black and white tones to create the depth he is looking for. His art is a perfect example of how the interaction between abstract forms and rhythms can create strong and profound emotions in the viewer of the art. kalle-johansson/


Päråkern | Mixed Media on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2022 Björk | Mixed Media on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2022

Siiri Julge Alvemyr JÖNKÖPING, SWEDEN

Although she has followed some art courses, Siiri Julge Alvemyr considers herself mostly to be a self-taught artist. She was born in Estonia, but has lived in Sweden most of her adult life. Painting has been a big interest of hers since her childhood. Her art teacher recommended she study art but she didn’t think she was good enough. Instead, she studied finance and has an MBA degree in business. She worked in management positions for fifteen years before she couldn’t ignore the desire to paint anymore and started her own business.

For the last seven years she has been dedicated to painting and creating abstract art. Her paintings have a direct connection to her daily life, her thoughts, feelings and things that she finds fascinating. In a way, they are the diary about her life, feelings and experiences. That is also the reason she doesn’t have a specific painting or artistic style or doesn’t use the same media to express herself. In her work she tries to constantly develop in her artistic expression.

• 2022 Group exhibition “4 Colours”, Kvarteret Ödlan, Jönköping, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “I Am...”, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy

• 2022 Art fair, International Art Fair, Luxembourg

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Galleri Tegel, Jönköping, Sweden

• 1992–93 Education, Mullsjö Folk High School, Mullsjö, Sweden

The style and mediums Siiri Julge Alvemyr uses depend on what will help her to best express her mood, thoughts, or feelings and she is always interested in learning more about different mediums and forms of expression.

Melancholy | Mixed Media on Canvas, 130x65 cm, 2022 Energy | Mixed Media on Canvas, 120x80 cm, 2022
Expectations | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022
Away | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x70
Sliding Doors | Acrylic Ink on Canvas, 73x73 cm, 2021 Let Me
cm, 2022


Jess Kaya works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She creates multidimensional art by sculpting with textile.

Kaya´s collection FLOW consists of a wide variety of colours, from soft pastel tones to dynamic black, powerful metallic and eye-catching vibrant colours. Each artwork is unique in its dimensional pattern and expression. They are created in varied sizes and are ready to hang on the wall.

Jess Kaya believes that getting new impressions, seeing things from different angles and having an open mind enriches life. By her art she wants to inspire how a work of art can widen thoughts and open the mind, by giving different expressions and perspectives depending on which angle it is studied from. The artwork gets various expressions in different light scenes which creates interesting variations of impression for the viewer.

• Digital group exhibition, “Interferences”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan, Italy & Fuertventura, The Canary Islands, Spain

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Lovely Things”, Brouhaha Art Gallery, Hong Kong

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Either, Or”, The Holy Art Gallery, London, U.K.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Xenia”, The Holy Art Gallery, London, U.K.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Apotheosis”, The Holy Art Gallery, London, U.K.


The interest and fascination of colour, material and structures have been with Kaya for her whole life. In her childhood she loved to visit the local fabric store with her mother and explore the endless expression fabric can give by its structure, colour and how it is used.

Jess Kaya´s interest in and fascination with structures and colours has increased over time and taken expression in various creative ways. The sculpting with textile she started to pursue for her own joy, but during the past year she has started to show it to the public, most recently at an exhibition in London. She has also recently made some commission works.

Flow Magenta Textile Sculptured on Frame, 40x50 cm, 2021 Flow Silver | Textile Sculptured on Frame, 70x90 cm, 2021

• 2022 Art round, Konst- och Kulturrundan i Kolbäcksådalen, Västmanland, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Djäknebergets Restaurang, Västerås, Sweden

• 2021 Juried exhibition, “Västerås International Art Fair”, Galleri SoHo, Västerås, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Member’s Exhibition”, Galleri SoHo, Västerås, Sweden

Patrik Klintell VÄSTERÅS, SWEDEN

Patrik Klintell developed his interest in painting during his teenage years, and the interest has stayed with him since. The activity of painting often gives Klintell a feeling of “flow” and deep relaxation – and this is foremost what keeps him coming back to the easel.

With his artwork, Patrik Klintell simply wants to draw attention to the beauty in all the colours, shapes and light which can be seen in everything around us - from nature´s beauty and the human figure to urban environments and industrial, designed objects. As a common thread no matter the motif, Klintell is always aiming to capture the light and the beauty in our world.

Patrik Klintell is comfortable with both the acrylics and oil as his painting media. With the acrylics, he takes advantage of the paint´s transparent properties, where each layer is allowed to dry in between the painting sessions. Realism is often an aim, together with a colourful and fresh palette.

Whereas Klintell´s landscape and seascape motifs may be recognizable to a local audience, his still lifes do not know any geographic boundaries and are easy to relate to by a broader audience - as an example, the perception of freshness in Klintell´s still life picturing a sole glass of orange juice, is most likely universal.

On Patrik Klintell´s Instagram account we can follow his journey towards “10,000 hours in the art studio” until 2028. With this declared goal, it will be exciting, to say the least, to follow Klintell and his artistic development along the way!

• 2001 Education, “Studio Art Associate in Arts Degree”, College of San Mateo, San Mateo, CA, U.S.A.


No Title | Oil on Canvas, 40x50 cm, 2022 Freshly Pressed | Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40 cm, 2020

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Art Association Burlövs kommun, Burlöv, Sweden


Mike Landis has been painting since 2007 and sold about 100 paintings. He is married and lives in the south of Sweden, works during the daytime and paints whenever there is time for it. He has had a few exhibitions, mostly in the south of Sweden. Between 10 and 15 paintings have gone out to Europe, but most are sold in Sweden.

Landis paints in symbolism, through people’s experiences, thoughts about life and its journey, through lyrics in music. There’s no reason to be inspired by others, according to this Swedish artist. Instead, there are so much within him, feeling and thoughts. Every artwork is the result of that special combination in that moment. Every work of art will therefore become a true original.

Mike Landis paints with acrylic and mostly on deep canvases. The reasons he prefers acrylic over oil is that the acrylic soothes his impatience, with its short drying time. When he starts, he doesn’t want to stop the process, making it more prolonged than necessary.

Although there are many special places in the world, Landis feels like the most important when it comes to creating is that he can let his energies convert into art, letting thoughts wash away until an inner peace settles. Fame isn’t a goal for Mike Landis, creating is.


Crossroads of Life | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2019 Catch the Fire Inside | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021



As a child, Karin V. Larsson could sit for hours without a break with tiny details in her crafts and artwork. She experiences it in the same way today. Time and space disappear, thoughts and feelings can take a break. Painting is meditative for her.

She mostly paints with acrylic and it is usually nature/houses/landscape themes. However, she really enjoys experimenting with the motifs. She is self-taught but both her parents had a great interest in drawing and painting in their lives as well. She has memories of her father drawing while she was growing up, which she was very impressed by. She brought the pad to school to show all her classmates.

What inspires Karina V. Larsson the most are artists who possess the talent to be able to paint detailed, almost photorealistic paintings. She herself has an eye for details and places a high value on delicacy, even if this can sometimes be very time-consuming. In her sense of colour and in her endeavour to paint detailed paintings with great depth, she has discovered new ways to convey emotions through her art. Maybe you feel like you are there? Or maybe you get the desire to travel somewhere? Larsson loves traveling and that’s probably something you’re going to see in her future paintings too.

Now it is mainly via social media that she posts her art. The big dream for the future is to have exhibitions, to be able to show her art to more people and to be able to work with art full-time. She looks forward to new challenges to grow as an artist through art training and courses.

Dueling Peaks | Acrylic on Canvas, 73x92 cm, 2022 Lord of the Rings | Acrylic on Canvas, 46x55 cm, 2022

To dare to believe in yourself and what you are capable of isn’t always automatic. To then dare to show off to the public isn’t always effortless, either. Personally, it took Marie Lennartsson around thirty years. She has always painted and expressed herself in a creative way when she wanted to convey something. Doing so in public, however, hasn’t always come naturally to her.

Today, Marie Lennartsson is a painter who simply paints pictures that pop into her head. She asserts that she has developed her journey from a certain naïveté to a more figuratively abstract place. For her, colours are an important part of creating art. A lot of her recognition is in her colour palette.

• 2023 Education, “AquarelleAntarctica”, Björn Bergström, Hilleshög, Sweden

• 2022 Public art, Salems Kommunhus, Salem, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Till Havs”, Tyresö Slott, Tyresö, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Spirit”, Galleri Taxinge, Nykvarn, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Jorden Runt”, Galleri Grip, Stockholm, Sweden

Sometimes Lennartsson wants to convey exactly what she paints, and sometimes she paints something she wants to convey. The balance between giving the viewer free interpretations and at the same time guiding the viewer to the message she wants to create is a recurring challenge in her paintings. For her it’s very interesting to hear someone unconnected to her process interpret her motives completely without the benefit of the backstory. One very important principle Lennartsson follows is to never create after a deadline has passed. Regardless of orders or her own work, she always takes the time only when the feeling comes to her.

Lennartsson paints mostly in acrylic but also in watercolour and also sketches in charcoal. When one sees Marie Lennartsson’s paintings, her desire is to awaken something that the viewer recognises either from a memory or nostalgia.


Svampstigen | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x60 cm, 2022 Flower Power Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022


Helena Lilja is a Swedish artist who is an autodidact but also trained as an art teacher at Dalarna University. Ever since she can remember Lilja has loved the world of art. When she was a young girl, she sat in her room for hours with pencils and drew pictures, the more realistic the better. In her later teens she discovered brushes and oil paint and gradually left her pencils for the benefit of painting. Her focus was still on making as realistic paintings as she could.

It wasn’t until she started her education to become a teacher that her eyes were opened to the surrealistic and abstract world. One specific moment that was decisive was when she had an assignment to paint her self-portrait, but to exaggerate all colours she saw in the face. Then and there she left all the rules on how she thought a good painting should look like and lost herself in the moment. Time and room disappeared and all that mattered was her and the paint.

• 2023 Solo exhibition, Restaurant Salt & Citron, Borlänge, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Café Gröna Anna, Borlänge, Sweden

• 2022 Charity exhibition, “Suicide prevention”, Galleri Grip, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Restaurant Blå Lågan, Borlänge, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Restaurant Lilla Parken, Borlänge, Sweden

Ever since then Helena Lilja has been exploring colours and how they mix together in various ways. She uses the palette knife, credit cards and her hands to create patterns and shades in her paintings. Her main goal with her art is to bring out emotions and let the viewer go into her or his fantasy. Lilja’s art sets focus where there are no rights or wrongs, only opportunities and your own interpretation.


Om Jag Faller | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x70 cm, 2021
Som Stormen River | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021 Det Porlar | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2022
Färgstark 1 | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022 Färgstark 2 | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022

• 2022 Group exhibition, Gallery Mästers, Svaneholm Castle, Skurup, Sweden

• 2020 Art show, “Shibuya Station Exhibition” Invited by Contemporary Art Station London & Tokyo, Shibuya Station, Tokyo, Japan

• 2019 Art fair, “Art Expo New York”, Pier 92, New York City, U.S.A.

• 2018 Group exhibition, Polska Akademia Nauk Ogrôd Botaniczny, Warsaw, Poland

• 2017-2018 Education, Falkenberg School of Art KGII, Falkenberg, Sweden

Anki Linderoth MALMÖ, SWEDEN

Anki Linderoth works mainly with photography and photo-based artwork but occasionally she also expresses herself in painting and in digital art forms. Regardless of the medium she uses, Linderoth frequently returns to experimenting with layers upon layers until she reaches the artistic expression she is looking for. Her artwork has its roots in street-, graffiti- and pop art but she also constantly returns to withering flowers in different forms. Linderoth describes herself as impulsive, rarely having a plan and her personality reflects her artistry.

When it comes to her photographical art, Anki Linderoth often puts them together digitally, layer by layer like a photo collage. Her works are both abstract and figurative, yet her pieces frequently tend to express a dreamlike state and shun realism. Her artworks are printed either on canvas, fine art paper, HD Metal, fabrics, or Plexiglas. The different media used bring important information about every actual piece – whether it’s printed on soft or hard material, transparent or glossy, adds another dimension to the artwork.

To summarize her artistry, Anki Linderoth constantly strives to capture a feeling, her goal at the same time being to tell a wider story, a story that´s not only hers but probably also yours, together with everyone else´s.

Popart - One Flower Blue Digital Photo Collage, 80x100 cm, 2021 Fade & Wilt Single Blue Digital Photo Collage, 80x100 cm, 2022

Alexandra Lundgren


Alexandra Lundgren is an artist from the Östergötland countryside, in a rural area called Vånga. Lundgren’s preferred medium is oil on canvas or embroidery and her go-to subject is portraiture. The portraits can be of herself but also a representation of her mood, thought or question.

Lundgren´s source of inspiration is her questioning of her own existence in the modern society as an offspring of a long line of farmers, but also how her secluded upbringing on the countryside has affected her then and now; for example, how she and her siblings had from time to time help with milking the cows late in the evenings in middle of a school week or help with making a new pasture. Alexandra Lundgren now remembers those days fondly as they are part of who she is today, but which at the time she disliked.

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Östgötadagarna”, Gamla Stallets Hantverk, Skärblacka, Sweden

• 2021–2022 Education, “Designskolan”, Ölands Folkhögskola, Färjestaden, Sweden

• 2018–2020 Education, “Konst 1 & 2”, Lunnevads Folkhögskola, Vikingstad, Sweden

Lundgren is also interested in history and different kinds of dying craftsmanship, which she takes elements of to create her art. One example is her embroidery, where she has gone from following the “rules” to breaking them and embroidering more freehand and in the moment for more creative expression.

For the future Alexandra Lundgren says her goal is to continue education in design where she can work with the environment in a social, economic and ecologically sustainable way. She is especially interested in how people meet and interact with each other and with design she can work with the integration of different kinds of groups of people.

Protraho Oil on Canvas, 33x41cm, 2022 Bondtösen Embroidery on Tulle, 40x40 cm, 2022 @mathirae


Mathirae, who is mostly self-taught, found his way into art via Art Therapy and then based his work entirely on his emotional life. In the beginning, his motifs were mainly abstract, but over time turned figurative.

Oil and acrylic painting dominated that early stage of his career, but he has never stopped at one specific medium completely. It is important to him that he never gets too comfortable. Charcoal is now one of his main mediums, which works well for details as well as working more abstractly. Lately, the artist has also started to work more and more with digital painting and drawing, a method which offers an even greater freedom to try out different ideas.

Mathirae is inspired by philosophy and mysticism, although it may not always show in his creations. However, it helps to keep the way open for mutual communication with his inner self, trying to reach what is impossible to understand with mere reason. According to Mathirae, art offers a way to dig deeper into oneself and make that process visible, in whatever form it takes.

Edwina Digital Art on Giclée Print, 29x42 cm, 2022 Scarred Inside Digital Art on Giclée Print, 29x42 cm, 2022
Victorian Man Charcoal on Toned Paper, 14x21 cm, 2022 Falling From Grace Digital Art on Giclée Print, 24x34 cm, 2022
The Priestess Digital Art on Giclée Print, 25x37 cm 2022 Together Digital Art on Giclée Print, 29x42 cm, 2022

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Konst på Luftkastellet”, Engleson Gallerier, Limhamn, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Malmö Gallerihelg”, Malmö, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Konst på Luftkastellet”, Engleson Gallerier, Limhamn, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Konst på Luftkastellet”, Engleson Gallerier, Limhamn, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Malmö Gallerihelg”, Malmö, Sweden


Mireille is an autodidact painter born in 1977. She has always been very determined to follow her own path. Paint, colours and structures are her passion and her way of expressing herself. She creates her hardedge paintings on canvas using her favourite products and tools. She paints with her heart; according to her, the heart is the real brain.

Mireille uses paint as a tool to communicate with herself, to seek her own truth and preserve her knowledge of herself. Her paintings are a documentation of this journey, her experience of life. She wants her paintings to radiate high positive energy, so in the process of creation it is very important to her to leave behind everything that does not serve her anymore. The result is minimalist artworks that, like the universe, always strive for balance.

The paintings are like puzzle pieces. One day, maybe they will all fit together: the day the world is ready to see the bigger picture, to see that separation is just an illusion. That we are all one, like pieces in a big puzzle, all with their own uniqueness.

Through the creative process, Mireille wants to anchor and open up the creative energy in the human collective consciousness. She wants us all to remember who we are, that we are powerful beings, that we are creators, creators of our own reality.

Transformer | Mixed Media on Canvas, 84x84 cm, 2022 Heritage | Mixed Media on Canvas, 84x84 cm, 2022

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri T, Stockholm, Sweden

Malin Mohlin


Malin Mohlin was born in the countryside, outside a small village in the middle of Sweden. Mohlin has always appreciated living close to nature, and when she chose a school, she chose an agricultural one. Even though she now lives in a town, she still enjoys taking walks in the nearby forests, listening to the sound of nature. She also finds her strength among people she meets, her grown up son, her animals and definitely among her tools and canvases in her studio.

Acrylic painting has become a great interest and an important part of her life. Mohlin describes painting as a way to meditate by using her fantasy and creativity. When she paints, she is at her prime and often stays in her studio for hours. Mohlin also describes her painting as a possibility to walk her own path - one where there are no expectations or rules set by others.

Mohlin mostly works with structure and bright colours in layers. Her paintings are vivid and joyful. When she paints, she likes to use a palette knife and experiment with different patterns and geometry in her work. Most of her paintings are abstract and colourful, but you can also find some paintings in her gallery which include a touch of reality. They are also composed in acrylic.

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Galleri Granen, Sundsvall, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Atelje Orsta, Nordingrå, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Englesons Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Artyria Konst och Nöjeshall, Timrå, Sweden


Fenix Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2022 Deep Breath | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2022

Kristina Nordin-Wesenlund ÅKERSBERGA, SWEDEN

Kristina Nordin-Wesenlund was born in 1967 in Sweden. The common thread in her life has always been creativity. She started painting figuratively on silk at an early age, followed by continuing her creative path with ceramics, painting, knitting and sewing. During the last 10 years her love for painting has particularly bloomed and she has also recently started illustrating.

Nordin-Wesenlund’s narrative is very much her own. Full of colours, exuberant playfulness, quirkiness, and with deep love for nature. Her way of portraying humans and animals shows a lot of character, as she plays with their expressions in her very own personal way, always with a humoristic twist. She has been traveling and living in different parts of the world, which has influenced her work. She lived in France for a few years, travelled for months in South America where she made and sold jewellery. She has also studied in China.

• 2022 Juried exhibition, Stockholms Konstsalong, Lavalhallen, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Roddarhuset, Waxholm, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, ”Året Som Gått”, Galleri Svea, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2020 Group exhibition, ”Kristaller i Mörkret”, Galleri Svea, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2019 Art round, ”Konst i RoslagenÖppna Ateljéer”, Åkersberga, Sweden

The way Nordin-Wesenlund paints is usually intuitive, rather than having a clear idea from start of the result. Her absolutely favourite way of painting is with the very old technique called Putrido, a mixture of oil paint and egg tempera which gives the paintings a lovely depth and lustre.

Kristina Nordin-Wesenlund lives in the Stockholm archipelago with her husband, and of course, with their animals. Her two dogs and four cats. But that’s not all, in her garden there are foxes, moose, badgers, deer, spiders, ants and some mice too.


Hi There | Putrido on Canvas,100x80 cm, 2020 I See You | Putrido on Canvas, 70x90 cm, 2019
Goat | Putrido on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022 Three Ladies | Putrido on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022
261 On Our Way
Had Me at Hello |
| Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2022 You
Mixed Media on Paper, 42x29 cm, 2019

Amie Norrman Söderman


Amie Norrman Söderman has always loved to paint. Even as a child she wanted to write to Walt Disney and ask if she could work as a cartoonist; but if you are only 10 years old, maybe it was a little too early for that! But the love for art continued to grow.

Amie Norrman Söderman trained as a painter with a focus on decorative painting. A few years ago, she switched from ceiling and wall painting to painting pictures and sculpting. Her artwork shows much of Norrman Söderman’s feelings and thoughts but also the playfulness of wanting to tickle the viewer’s imagination. Her works often contain the colour blue, which may symbolize sky, sea and emotions. The inspiration for the artwork often comes from her dreams, travels and fantasies. She loves to try different techniques, test new materials and get an outlet for colour, shape and any ideas that pop up. Her curiosity for exploration has made her grow as an artist.

• 2022 Art fair, Luftkastellet, Limhamn, Sweden

• 2022 Art fair, “Art Expo NYC”, Invited by Almhaga Art Gallery, Pier 36, New York, USA

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Konst på Luftkastellet”, by Engleson Gallerier, Luftkastellet, Limhamn, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Konst i Advent”, by Engleson Gallerier, Folkets Hus, Limhamn, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Art3f International Contemporary Art Fair”, Invited by Van Gogh Art Gallery, Paris, France

Amie Norrman Söderman’s artwork can be found all over the world, from China to the USA, and she is grateful to have been able to show her art at exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad. Her sculptures are very popular in Europe, among other places, and are extra special as 90% recycled material is used in their creation.


The Land of Wild Essence | Mixed Media on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022 Queen of The Ocean Paverpol, 45 cm, 2021

Anette Olin


Anette Olin is a Swedish artist who lives in a small village called Perstorp in the south of Sweden. Born in August 1972, her interest in art was awakened in 1994 when she took her first course in acrylics with the artist Jörgen Salmose. Nowadays she also paints with watercolour. Anette Olin lives close to forest and nature, so her art likes to reflect that in the motifs. Her professional career began as a florist and perhaps that is why flowers often appear in her motifs.

Anette Olin loves the feeling when time and space disappear and she virtually sinks into the painting. She chooses materials and motifs according to her mood. The artist likes to capture motifs from nature and is captivated by the flows of water and light.

• 2022 Education, “Course: Aquarelle”, by Maria Rask Grau, Ädelfors Folkhögskola, Holsbybrunn, Sweden

• 2021 Juried exhibition, Romelegården, Veberöd, Sweden

• 2019 Juried exhibition, Romelegården, Veberöd, Sweden

• 2018–2019 Education, “Aquarelle & Drawing Techniques”, Malmfältens Folkhögskola, Kiruna, Sweden


Family life and children came in between the artist and her artwork for a while, but Olin has resumed her artistic talent for a few years now. Painting has many perspectives for her: different painting techniques have replaced each other, but the sensuality of what she creates is a central thing. Painting also works as relaxation therapy and increases her well-being. This Swedish artist often participates in exhibitions around the local area, so the opportunities to get to know her art are now quite numerous.

Employed in the care profession as well as being an artist, Olin is driven by the desire to create something from her interactions with the people she supports.

Waterlillypond Acrylic on Canvas, 40x50 cm, 2022 Winter in Sweden Acrylic on Canvas, 40x50 cm, 2022


Jonas Pehrsson was born in 1971. He is a self-taught artist who paints both abstract and figurative, who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Pehrsson’s portraits are direct with a marked fragility. But under layers of colour, ambiguities in the facial features can be discovered and turn beauty into complete despair. Exciting contrasts are created by mixing the soft and fine with the raw and peeled. The effect is dirty sheer.

Pehrsson’s art explores what happens when you take self-awareness out of the creative process to enable a more honest expression. His art captures a large number of emotions and often arouses strong reactions in the viewer. Jonas Pehrsson describes his work as a fast internal process; when he paints, he is completely in the present and in his own world. He has no rules in his painting but does what feels right at the moment. He believes that overthinking can destroy originality. His portraits are not about realism, perfection, gender or race; they try to capture the qualities and emotions that are often hidden from view.

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “The Archipelago Experience”, Kyrkvikens Bar & Bistro, Ornö, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri St Erik, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Face the Reflection”, PF event, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Art Screen TV”, Hotel Laurus Al Duomo, Florence, Italy

• 2020 Group exhibition, Galleri Grip, Stockholm, Sweden


Jonas Pehrsson’s work is captivating, exciting and strangely attractive. Each portrait has a delicate, melancholy expression. Due to the rough application of paint, the fragile penetrates layer after layer. His abstract paintings offer a deep personal recognition of the subject, despite the fact that the answers to the questions are left to the viewer.

The Dreamer Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm. 2021 Reflections 03 Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022
The DS | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022
The Evanescent | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022 The Agent | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022

Kristine Pettersson LINKÖPING, SWEDEN

For Kristine Pettersson, painting came quite late in life. When she first took up paint and brushes, she was 50 years old. Pettersson is self-taught and her pictures develop at home in her kitchen. She enjoys working there, in the heart of the home, where life happens.

She is fascinated by and admires the strength of women, drawing inspiration from women who are close to her as relatives, friends and co-workers. The women, or ladies as Pettersson calls them, are a common motif. They are depicted with a twinkle in their eye but also with warmth and respect.

The ladies can be old and sour, angry, friendly and sturdy and/or beautiful. Neither big hats, hair, curves, lace nor red mouths seem to be too much. Everything is allowed as long as they agree, the ladies and Kristine!

The painting also acts as a valve. By portraying these brave, strong and cocky ladies, they are given space, they take pride of place. They get a voice and show their displeasure in a way that the artist doesn’t dare … or does she?

• 2023 Art contest, “Cover Artist”, Nordic Art Guide 2023, Bellamonti Art, Sweden

• 2020 Group exhibition, “Storgatan”, Rånäs Slott, Linköping, Sweden

• 2020 Group exhibition, “Storgatan”, Linköping, Sweden

• 2019 Group exhibition, Gryts bygdegård, Gryt, Sweden

Kristine Pettersson considers acrylic to be very permissive, even forgiving when required. Its short drying time gives the opportunity to experiment, and sometimes she uses different kinds of paper and fabric to get structure. She often mixes the colours directly on the canvas and she believes that the best surface is the one that has been painted over, preferably several times. The rougher the surface, the more vivid the results.

Mod Acrylic on Canvas, 60x70 cm, 2022 Gossip Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2022

• 2023 Juried exhibition, Stockholm’s Konstsalong, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2023 Solo exhibition, Art Gallery Linköping, Linköping, Sweden

Linda Pettersson LINKÖPING, SWEDEN

In a house in the middle of Sweden you can find a self-taught abstract artist. Her name is Linda Pettersson. Her paintings are often colourful and expressive and give room for the viewer to make their own experience. The interest in art she believes comes from her family, similar to that of her father and grandfather.

The need to be creative started at a young age for Linda Pettersson, and has always been about feelings. Some people feel everything really easily and Pettersson is one of them. In the beginning that was not something positive. It often was overwhelming and hard to handle. When she found her creativity, she also found the feelings powerful. But that was not when she started to paint. She found her love in music and writing. That was something she spent a lot of time doing. But there was always something missing. Always just that little piece of … something.

One day she just felt the need to create something new. And so she did. In every painting she made there were hidden feelings and it was up to the viewer to feel whatever they feel when they look at them. She creates her painting in many layers and mostly uses scrapes or spatulas to make the patterns. Her journey has just begun and hopefully it will continue for a long time.

• 2022 Juried exhibition, Katrineholm’s Konstutställning, Katrineholm, Sweden

• 2022 Semi-permanent group exhibition, Gallery My Art Factory, Norrköping, Sweden



Abstract no 21

Acrylic on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2022

Abstract no 22

Acrylic on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2022


Sara M. Pettersson FRITSLA, SWEDEN

Sara M. Pettersson is an abstract artist originally from the north of Sweden. She moved around during her 20s and eventually settled near the west coast in Sweden with her husband and daughter. Here she creates abstract art using acrylics and alcohol ink as her featured mediums.

The strength of the alcohol ink and the viscosity and changeability of the acrylics help her create interesting and weird patterns and figures. The motifs are always inspired by organic shapes and movement. It is the uncertainty of what you might discover in the unknown that is alluring, and her paintings are ethereal, colourful and powerful all at the same time. Pettersson uses alcohol ink together with acrylics in a way that plays with your imagination: “what you see is not always what you get”. There is always something hiding beneath that she’s bringing to the surface. Therefore, always move in for a closer look and let your mind wander.

• 2022–, Tutor, “Art Workshops & Introduction to Alcohol Ink/Abstract

Play”, Fritsla, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Galleri Hind, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Grip, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Galleri 14, Boden, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Galleri Northstar, Borås, Sweden

During these last two years, Sara M. Pettersson has been focusing on making her mark in Sweden, building her business, and has had several solo and group exhibitions around the country. Her journey into the art business began quite recently, but she is quickly becoming more and more confident and her artistic voice is getting louder by the day. The art is constantly evolving, and right now she’s loving the chemical reaction that occurs when adding isopropyl alcohol to acrylic paint.


Out of The Wreckage Acrylic and Alcohol Ink on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022 Debris Acrylic and Alcohol Ink on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022
Into the Unknown Acrylic and Alcohol Ink on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022 Ancestors Acrylic and Alcohol Ink on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022
The Mad Hatter Acrylic and Alcohol Ink on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022 The Cocky Gryphon Acrylic and Alcohol Ink on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2022


Jian Reza was born in Baghdad and managed to live in several different countries before she landed in Sweden as a 20-year-old. In her paintings people from all over the world appear and she prefers to capture the attitude rather than the details. Reza’s acrylic paintings are vivid and expressive. Focusing on the feeling of the motifs, she gets her inspiration from the people around her. Above all, she is fas-cinated by the inherent strength of women.

Reza acquired the knowledge of drawing from her father early on and drew throughout her upbring-ing. When she educated herself and had children, she put it aside, until one day she decided to paint her daughter’s room. Instead of hanging artwork, she made a painting directly on the wall and the art-work received a lot of attention from friends and acquaintances. Reza started taking classes and tried everything from oil painting to acrylic. The works are vibrant and colourful and often a pattern moves across the canvas. The driving force is to constantly develop and create something new, and although Reza sees many challenges in painting, she takes them in stride.

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, World Youth Art Forum, Hurghada, Egypt

• 2019 Solo exhibition, Kulturfyren, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2018 Solo exhibition, Jakobssalen, Stockholm, Sweden


The Paintrist | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x70 cm, 2022
Fear and Faith | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2020 The Power of the Soul | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2021
Colorful Spirit | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x70, 2022 Broken Man | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x70 cm, 2021

Rochelle Rosenberg


Rochelle Rosenberg came from the Philippines to Sweden in 2007, since love was on the other side of the globe. She works with photography and art, which has been a strong interest since she was a child. The move to Sweden gave Rosenberg more inspiration and her creativity took off.

Life has not been a bed of roses for Rosenberg. With exposure to sexual abuse and traumatic near-death experiences in her emotional baggage, creation has become a kind of outlet for her. Her art is characterized by her personality, which is rich in experience, colours and details.

She has an attraction to France, where the dream scenario is to feed on creation without worrying about everyday life. Exhibiting in the rest of Europe and returning to the Philippines, where it all began, and showing her art there, is also something that attracts her a lot.

• 2023 Solo exhibition, Comfort Hotel Jönköping, Jönköping, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, “Dra Mig Fram och Tillbaka”, Studio 476, Österängens Konsthall, Jönköping, Sweden

• 2021–2022 Solo exhibition, “Att Vara Stark”, Grönt Café, Jönköping, Sweden

• 2020 Magazine (featured in), “Couture, December 2020”, Illustrado Magazine, Dubai, U.A.E.

• 2019 Solo exhibition, “Ut Första Gången”, Galleri Apéll, Jönköping, Sweden


Rochelle Rosenberg’s greatest wish is to be able to inspire others in life by becoming a famous artist. In this way, she can leave an impression on her children and the generation after her, with the message that one can succeed in life despite difficulties.

Dance | Mixed Media on Canvas, 40x60 cm, 2022 Future | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2021

• 2021 Art round, Restaurant Flustret, Uppsala, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Art Garden”, Restaurant Flustret, Uppsala, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Art Walk”, Sigtuna, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Art Show”, Uppsala Saluhall, Sweden


Born in Uppsala, Sweden, in the year of “Free Love” of 1965, Leif Rosendal started to paint late in life, after a stroke took his ability to imagine and dream in pictures. His night dreaming stopped and in late 2019 he got a painting set from his wife. He started to paint and at first it was hard to know what and how to paint. Without imagination he couldn’t see any pictures; but after a few tries, it all came back to him. His imagination and night dreams were back again. He was completely sold in the art of painting after this.

Now he paints at every free moment, even building frames and stretching the canvas on the frames. Making his own colours, and gesso. His idol is Jackson Pollock and Rosendal loves to paint in his style. It’s refreshing to make any art in that style, but he tries other techniques too.

Leif Rosendal doesn’t paint to get rich. Rather, he asserts that he paints because he must, as he is afraid to lose his imagination and ability to dream again.


Totem | Acrylic on Canvas, 137x55 cm, 2021 Duckling | Acrylic on Canvas, 70x50 cm, 2021
Joy | Acrylic on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2021 Two Donkeys | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021
No Squares | Acrylic on Canvas, 160x100 cm, 2021 Musse | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2021

• 2023 Group exhibition, Oak Island Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden


Nina Ruonaoja discovered the world of painting at the beginning of 2020, after going through a difficult period. When she discovered the feeling of being present in the moment, of letting go of everything else around and just focusing on the canvas, letting her hands work and directing the flow, she was hooked. Before this, she had never been interested in painting, drawing or more or less being creative at all. So, a whole new world opened up.

Ruonaoja is a self-taught artist who paints intuitively and never has a plan or thoughts about the result when it’s time for a new blank canvas. When she trusts the flow and let her hands work, the result is always the best. Most of the paintings are figurative and appear during the process with several different layers of paint.

When it comes to what inspires her, she finds it one of the most difficult questions. To really be inspired, she needs to be properly rested, and in the right place mentally. She also believes that she gets inspiration from traveling and discovering new places, being in nature, cold baths in the sunset and up in the mountains, but also simple things like a colourful bag with a fun pattern on it.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Vinterkonst”, Hammarö Art Gallery, Karlstad, Sweden

• 2022 Art show, Galleri Zetigeist, Uppsala, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Larssons Lada, Nykvarn, Sweden

• 2022 Art show, Galleri Zeitgeist, Uppsala, Sweden


So Sick of…

A Night in India


Mixed Media on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2022 on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021

Eva-Lotta Rönndahl


There is something uniquely playful about Eva-Lotta Rönndahl’s art. Like a touch of life lightly tickling your senses, youthfully exploring, curiously demanding. Each painting is not only a piece of art but a journey: a story, a transformation, all taking place right in front of you in every stroke of her pencil. And you as an observer are invited to participate.

Although her love for creating has been with her since childhood, it was not until much later in life that she became a real artist. Perhaps that explains the energy you can find in her creations. Energy that has been bottled up inside for way too long. Energy that is now bursting out hungrily, gasping for air.

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Home studio, Falsterbo, Sweden

• 2021–2022 Collaboration, Multiform, Malmö, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Home studio, Falsterbo, Sweden

• 2019–2020 Collaboration, Glashuset, Malmö, Sweden

Rönndahl finds inspiration in what she sees around her in both nature and everyday life combined with dreams and imagination. Pictures and photographs can inspire and evolve into an initial idea and concept. Many motifs include animals and people and the interaction between them. You can often find a touch of humour or a hidden message in her paintings. In her art she mainly uses oil and acrylic paint on canvas, but she likes to experiment with painting on different surfaces and structures to add a sculptural dimension to the work. She sees her art as an evolving journey; not going in a straight line. It means allowing variety and challenging oneself in technique, media and motifs while always being true to oneself.

Eva-Lotta Rönndahl lives on the beach in Falsterbo in the south of Sweden with photographer and artist Erik Grönlund. Her art is represented in private homes in Sweden and the United States and publicly through a collaboration with Multiform.


In Care Of II | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2020
Dröm 1 | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2022
Dröm 2 | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2022

Chatarina Salomonsson


Chatarina Salomonsson is a visual artist residing in Härnösand, on the coast of central Sweden. Raised by an emotionally unstable mother, Salmonsson was forced to live a nomadic life, spending part of her childhood in an orphanage. In her adult years she experienced domestic abuse and became a strong advocate of female empowerment. In the fall of 2018, her love affair with painting began.

Celebrating the beauty and strength of women, Salomonsson depicts erotically-charged images of dancing couples, passionate lovers and sensual nudes. Her lust for life oozes from every pore of the canvas, holding the viewer in a warm, sensual embrace.

She favours acrylic paint, indulging in the versatility of the medium to create varying degrees of translucency and thickness. Salomonsson describes the painting process as a “magical performance without the script.” Disappearing into an enchanting world of her own making, she provides a safe space for women to love and be loved.

Despite her relatively short career, Salomonsson counts numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USwith many more in the works. In addition to painting, she channels her creativity through dance and theatre acting.


• 2022 Art prize, “ATIM’s Top 60 Masters”, New York, U.S.A.
Wind of History | Acrylic on Canvas, 74x85 cm, 2021 Oceans Away | Acrylic on Canvas 115x150 cm, 2021

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Artist Arena, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Artist Arena, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2022 Group exhibition, Konstkollektivet, Göteborg, Sweden

• 2022 Art fair, “Affordable Art Fair” Stockholm, Sweden

Hesho Serray


Hesho Serray is a Sweden-based abstract artist with a love for textures found in nature. She translates earth’s beauty into her artwork, focusing on reflecting nature’s different forms, energies and exciting expressions.

Serray highly enjoys creating her own textural abstract style where the raw materials found in nature evoke different emotions and memories in the eye of the beholder. Walking in nature lets her capture hidden details, where the symphony of life occurs, discovering the playfulness of light and shadow and translating this directly into her artwork. Creativity is part of her soul’s journey!

Recently discovering the aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-Sabi further inspired her to incorporate the principles of appreciation of nature’s forces into her artwork. Our forests, oceans and earth provide us with health, serenity and have an endless amount of patience. Each element provides their own function and beauty. When in tune with nature, time is not measured in hours or minutes nor in musts and have-to-dos.

Hesho Serray’s art reminds her of being present - trusting the process and that imperfections are part of life’s beauty. Each layer represents an experience added to life and therefore the piece of art.

Serray’s art can be hung both vertically and horizontally; the shadow-play is an important part in nature and therefore in her art. Each art piece is unique and sent to its new owner with set intentions of positive energy, best wishes and love.


The Golden Path Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022 Essence Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022
Amore | Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022
Into The Forest Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022 Venus Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2022

Susanne Strandänger STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Susanne Strandänger is an international award-winning visual artist with a philanthropic and CSR profile from Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2010 she has lived and worked primarily between Morocco and Sweden where she has found the inspiration, tranquillity, and the magic light all year round essential for the creative process. She will soon open her own art gallery in Marrakech which will be the new destination for those looking for inspiring contemporary art and exciting art events in the dynamic Red City. As a parallel to this, she will continue participating on the global art scene in art projects with value and meaning, like her present glass art project in Murano, Venice, “No Water, No Life”.

She is passionate about building bridges between different cultures and to awaken, guide and connect people through art. Art is a strong universal language and she believes that it is more important than ever that the artist via her/his art take the opportunity to spread light, joy, hope, awareness and serenity in today’s complicated world.

• 2022 Art fair, “Art Shopping”, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

• 2020 Art project, “No Aqua, No Vita”, in collaboration with New Murano Gallery, Venice, Italy

• 2018 Art project, “Rondom Water –Rund ums Wasser – Autour de l´Eau”, Venlo, The Netherlands

• 2016 Art fair, “The 8th Edition of Womens Art World”, Musée de Marrakech, Marrakech Art Biennale, Marrakech, Morocco

• 2014 Solo exhibition, “La Magie du Maroc”, the Municipal Museum of The Amazigh Patrimony, Agadir, Morocco

Susanne Strandänger is a cosmopolitan with a former career as an international business lawyer, specializing in copyright and intellectual property law. Since 2000 she has focused full time on her artistic work and has exhibited and participated in many art projects in Sweden, Morocco, Europe and the United States. As an artist Susanne Strandänger has also collaborated often with humanitarian and charity associations. Consequently, she has found her balance in life.


Portrait of the Swedish Count Jan Bernadotte af Wisborg Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022
Stockholm Scenery V | Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2022 Stockholm Scenery I | Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2021
Le Rêve du Riad Flottant VII | Fine Art Print on Hahnemuehle Canvas, 84x150 cm, 2022 Rythme Saharien | Mixed Media on Canvas, 160x100 cm, 2021


You can probably call Petra Ström a late bloomer since she started painting first at the age of 50. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that she found painting by chance. A hobby initially that has become much more than a hobby. During the short time that Ström has been active, she has had several local exhibitions. Ström works every day with other things, but wants to be able to spend more time on painting, mainly under her brand “Konst uppåt väggarna”.

Creativity has always been there and as a youngster she loved the art lessons at school. The interest has been there but there hasn’t been time to pursue it. Outgoing children, pandemic times and an encouraging husband have given her time and opportunity to pursue this new interest.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Art and Culture Tour”, Kolbäcksdalen, Sweden

• 2022 Solo exhibition, Mangelboden, Ekeby Säteri, Sweden

• 2021 Solo exhibition, Mangelboden, Ekeby Säteri, Sweden

Painting has become an important part of Petra Ström’s life and everything around becomes a little more colourful and a little more fun. She is completely self-taught and constantly explores the magical world of colours. Sometimes the brush lives its own life and often there is no plan; still, the paintings come about depending on emotion. Ström gets her inspiration from everything in her surroundings: things, people, places, animals and nature. The motifs and colours in her paintings vary, but she has also developed her own style. Many of her recent female portrayals have a witchy and diffuse tone and are likened by several of her followers to a female, modern-day John Bauer.


Dancing Queen | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2022 Cheers | Acrylic on Canvas, 116x89 cm, 2022

Caroline Svennerstedt KARLSKRONA, SWEDEN

Caroline Svennerstedt (b. 1982) is a Swedish artist and architect. As a young adult Svennerstedt studied art for three years and then continued to London to study architecture. She finished her Master of Arts in Architecture in Copenhagen in 2011 and has worked as an architect since. During this time her art was put on hold and after not having painted for several years she has resumed again and is exploring acrylic and watercolour as her medium.

Caroline Svennerstedt explains her work as vibrant colours and warm shapes. In her acrylic paintings she starts from an abstract background and then, step by step she builds it up, adding more details with every layer. Nature in general is her main inspiration: flowers, leaves, and various patterns. She captures them in her mind and uses them in her paintings. But the final motif doesn’t have to be nature, it depends on what the abstract background tells her in the beginning of the process.

• 2023 Juried exhibition, “Stockholm’s Konstsalong”, Lavalhallen, Stockholm, Sweden

• 2023 Solo exhibition, Johannishus Gods, Ronneby, Sweden

• 2009– 2011 Education, “Master of Arts in Architecture”, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark

• 2006–2009 Education, “Bachelor of Arts in Architecture”, London Metropolitan University, London, U.K.

• 2003–2005 Education, “Art and Design”, Lund’s Art and Design School, Lund, Sweden

The watercolour paintings are mostly portraits. She likes quirky lines and sometimes even draws with her non-dominant hand to enhance the imperfections, letting go of her perfectionism. She starts by drawing the outlines in ink. With ink there is no return and it is a liberating feeling. When adding watercolour to it afterwards, it comes to life and becomes perfect in its own way.


Midsummer Bloom | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022 Blue Water | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2022
Growing Acrylic on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2022 Utopia Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2022
Grownups | Watercolour and Ink on Paper, 30x23 cm, 2022 Girl Watercolour and Ink on Paper, 22,5x28,0 cm, 2022

• 2019 Solo exhibition, “Speglingar”, Café Nova, Södertälje, Sweden

Viona Thillenius VÄSTERÅS, SWEDEN

The figurative and abstract artist Viona Thillenius uses different kinds of art forms to express herself. For her, the canvas and art materials can take on various types of shapes and forms. Sometimes it’s the clothes on her body, other times words on paper. Art has always been the key tool to express her emotions. When the spoken word isn’t enough, Thillenius turns to her art and can then escape to a created world of her own. When life seemed too hard and seemed to try to drown her, she painted herself a boat and sailed over the ocean of feelings, with the brush as her oars and the canvas as her compass, guiding her back to life.

Ever since Thillenius could pick up a brush and hold it in her hand, she hasn’t put it down ... and will most likely always carry it with her. Today she has found an interest in experimenting with different kinds of techniques and materials to build interesting textures in her works. Therefore, Viona Thillenius is - as she calls herself- an experimental artist. She often looks around at home or goes for a walk in the woods to find things she can use. It could be a piece of cardboard or ripped parts of an old bed sheet that you’d normally throw away, but is given a new life through her art.

• 2018 Solo exhibition, “Det Är På De Mörkaste Platserna Som Ljuset Är Som Starkast”, Café Nova, Södertälje, Sweden

• 2018 Solo exhibition, Marion Forssell’s Private Studio, Södertälje, Sweden

• 2016 Group exhibition, “Ljusskulpturer”, Café Nova, Södertälje, Sweden

• 2010–2016 Education “Art Classes”, Kulturskolan, Södertälje, Sweden

Rusty Dust | Mixed Media on Canvas, 33x41 cm, 2022 Longing of the Soul Mixed Media on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2022
Soothing Whisper of a Tree Mixed Media on Canvas, 24x33 cm, 2022 Pebbled Shore | Mixed Media on Canvas, 20x20 cm, 2022
Periods of Life Mixed Media on Canvas, 50x61 cm, 2022 Beautiful Illuminations Mixed Media on Canvas, 24x33 cm, 2022

Christina ”Kicka” Thorsson


Christina “Kicka” Thorsson is a Swedish artist. She paints in acrylic, watercolour and oil. She likes colours and her art is often colourful. Her inspiration comes from music, musicians, dancers, people, flowers and the elements of nature. Most of the art is figurative but sometimes it´s a little bit abstract.

Glass fusing is one more technique she is using in her artistry. The glass art is also colourful in Bullseyeglass (artglass). Christina “Kicka” Thorsson is most known for her original cats in glass where every cat is unique. The fascination for the light reflection in the glass makes the progress and the result very joyful. Sometimes Thorsson makes colorgraphies and she does all the hand printing by herself. She is using cardboards instead of copper sheets. Thorsson is also an author and illustrator of two children’s books. A preschool is using her books as study material.

• 2020 Cultural award, ”Ingeborg och Folke Löfs Minnesfond”, Löfska Stiftelsen, Ödeshög, Sweden

• 2020 Book publication “Pippipappan Fyller År”, Swanströms Bokutgivning, Motala, Sweden

• 2019 Solo exhibition, “Tolkningar av musik”, Skänninge Kulturförening, Skänninge, Sweden

• 2019 Juried exhibition, Åtvidabergs Konstförening, Åtvidaberg, Sweden

• 2017 Juried exhibition, ”30x30”, Väsby Konsthall, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Christina “Kicka” Thorsson received a cultureprice in 2020 due to her artistry. Her art has been bought by Motala and Askersund municipality and assembly and by many different art associations. Thorsson has made a light installation with an art colleague to the inauguration for the sculpture park in Vadstena, has participated in some juried exhibitions and has been invited for two solo exhibitions.

She is a member of Svenska Konstnärer, Svenska Konstnärsförbundet, Norra Vätterns bild- och formkonstnärer, Vadstena konstrunda, BUS, Konstnärslexikonett Amanda och Konstkvarteret. @

Ballerina | Acrylic on Canvas, 86x65 cm, 2022 Hus Watercolour on Paper, 38x43 cm, 2022

Therese Wahlgren MALMÖ, SWEDEN

Therese Wahlgren is a 45-year-old woman raised in a suburb of Malmö and who has always had creativity close at hand. She has been working as a hairdresser for several years and has been running her own salon in the middle of central Malmö for about 6 years. In the salon’s decor and environment, you can see a clear impression of Wahlgren and her artistry. Hairdressing products that go hand in hand with unique decor and her colourful art leave a mark on the entire environment.

Wahlgren’s interest in art and painting started approximately 15 years ago, when for a period she lived in Aarhus in Denmark with her partner and was on maternity leave with their first child. She is self-taught and mainly paints in acrylic, but likes to experiment with different materials.

When, after another child a few years later Wahlgren was left by her partner, the artistry began in earnest. The art became her therapy and helped her deal with all the emotions within herself, but above all it helped her cope with the pain that arose during the days/weeks when the children were not with her.

• 2022 Group exhibition, “Malmö Gallerihelg”, Stora Nygatan 15, Malmö, Sweden

• 2021 Group exhibition, Hammarö Art Gallery, Hammarö, Sweden

• 2018 Solo exhibition, Engelbrektsgatan 12, Malmö, Sweden

• 2015 Solo exhibition, “Grand Opening”, Clarion Hotel Malmö Live, Malmö, Sweden

• 2015 Group exhibition, Galleri Fågel, Beddingestrand, Sweden

For Wahlgren, artistic creation is a very emotional process and there are a lot of her feelings in her art. She wants art to be able to inspire and awaken something in every person. Being able to evoke and create emotions in people with her creativity and art gives her incredible joy. She wants to be able to make people feel with her on different levels in what she creates.

Overloaded | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x90 cm, 2022 Be Free | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x130 cm, 2021


The artist Wiehre, legal name Victor Sköld, found himself from an early age able to express feelings of joy, discomfort, depression and love through creativity. Notebook after notebook were filled with the struggles and the passion of growing up along the east coast of small-town Sweden, in different cities and among a variety of people. Everything a young Wiehre came across, be it travelling through Asia or through Europe with his family, had to be expressed in a new way and in the form of new words. Poetry soon found its place at the age of six, grasping his creative soul rapidly and never loosening its grip.

Later in life, Wiehre moved to Germany to seek out the creative motivation he for many years seemed to have lost. In Berlin and Freiburg im Breisgau, the passion renewed itself and found its true expression. With over 40 art pieces sold, 17 collections of poetry and nine novels written in his native tongue, Wiehre strives in his creativity.


Through mental illness, separation and heartbreak, the acrylic creations which Wiehre attempted to place his feelings into were born. Combining poetry and acrylics, the artist tries to visualise how and why we as humans tend to be full of colours and feelings, yet still choose not to fully uncover them. In his portraits of idols, loved ones and strangers, Wiehre wants us to know how valuable we are as people and why we should never shy away from being our true selves.

Våghals | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2022 Håll Mitt Hjärta | Acrylic on Paper, 50x60 cm, 2022

• 2021 Group exhibition, “Vinterutställning”, Galleri Konsthändigt, Olofström, Sweden

• 2020 Solo exhibition, “Abstract Fantasy”, Galleri Konsthändigt, Olofström, Sweden

Agnes Wilde


Agnes Wilde was born in Poland in 1972. She comes from the multicultural city of Lodz, known for its Film School and Modern Art School. Noted figures in 20th century Polish avant-garde, Wladyslaw Strzeminski and Katarzyna Kobro, also hail from Lodz.

Wilde is a certified dental technician who uses her artistic qualities to contribute to people’s better dental health. Her choice of profession was based on her aesthetic sense of beauty.

Agnes Wilde’s childhood painting was inspired by her grandfather’s oil paintings which still hang at her mother’s house. Her infantile painting style developed over time into her greatest hobby that resulted in the fine works of the present day.

She considers herself an open-minded person keenly interested in theatre, dance, film, photography, fashion, music and tennis, but mainly art. From there she has drawn her inspiration for all her creations. This Polish artist has tried different kinds of art and in the end concentrated on painting, her particular way of expressing her deep feelings which sometimes can be hard to put into words.

Agnes Wilde’s first work was in watercolour. Later she started in oil using acrylic paints. Her fascination with colours is her strength. Colourful images create space for imagination to flow and become her subjective interpretation of reality. She defines herself as an expressive colourist who manifests her emotions through shape and colour. Abstract painting became her favourite style, making it a door to the open mind.


Nordic Waves Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100cm, 2020 Evil Forces | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2019