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ISBN 978-91-519-6364-8 Edition 1:1 © Cinnamoni Art & Words AB, Bellamonti Art 2022 Publisher: Cendorian Publishing, Helsingborg, Sweden Editor: Gina Cinnamoni Cover design: Gina Cinnamoni Art on front cover: Helena Valfridsson, “Indian Summer”, (2022) Art on back cover: Martina Uthardt, “Golden Lights”, (2020) Layout: Joe Sade Print: Specialtrykkeriet Arco, Denmark 2022

Introduction European art is more than just European art. Today, with the global influences, it’s not that easy to view an artwork and claim that it must have a European connection. But does that really matter anymore? Does art really need to have a connection with the creator’s roots and culture? Does it make it more “authentic”? I’m not the one to provide an answer to such a question. Instead, I’ve curated this book to show what European art can look like today, mostly the kind of art made by someone who loves to create. That passion for creativity and self-healing – for overcoming obstacles and as an artist to find that light in the soul, even though it’s surrounded by darkness. That passion, is what connects each and every artist in European Art Guide 2022. And nothing more needs to be said. In this first edition of the European Art Guide we have chosen artists and creators who either presents high quality or who we think have potential to develop as an artist in short term or long term. We have also chosen to present art which is a reflection of our time by accepting today as it is. It’s my wish and hope, that you as a gallery owner, art curator and art lover, will find that special artist who deserves to be shown in the public room and to you as a client to find an artist to invest in, either for your own personal use in your home or as a generating investment for the future.

Gina Cinnamoni Founder of European Art Guide, Bellamonti Art

About The Editor Gina Cinnamoni (b.1984) started her career in the art field when she discovered the magic of colours and canvases combined during a winter stay in Barcelona 2011 – 2012. With only the experiences in visiting a few art exhibitions, she started Galleri Cinnamoni, located at Fågelsångsgatan in Helsingborg, Sweden. This initiative and passion for the arts, led to several exhibitions of her own art in the southern parts of Sweden and in Copenhagen, Denmark. In her gallery, she exhibited more than sixty local and international artists during the two and a half years it was open, until Gina Cinnamoni had to focus on her new life as a mother. In 2017 she organised Skånes Fria Konstrunda which was a group exhibition located in Oxhallen, Helsingborg with almost 2000 visitors during the three days it was open to the public. More than thirty artists who had a connection to the area of Skåne exhibited in the group exhibition and had their own solo exhibitions and open studios in the region. Since then, Gina Cinnamoni has studied art at the university for three years to complete a Bachelor in Art History. Her essay “Vacker och Fult i Helsingborg (2019)” where the most beautiful and the less desirable architecture in the city was discussed based on the opinions of citizens in Helsingborg, became a hot topic when an interview with Gina Cinnamoni concerning the subject was published in Lokaltidningen Helsingborg, October 2019. Now Gina Cinnamoni combines her experiences as an artist, gallery owner, event coordinator and former university student by gathering artists in the Nordic Art Guide and the European Art Guide, choosing artists who either show high quality and/or have the potential to develop and those artists who are driven to succeed in the art field. Feel free to contact Gina Cinnamoni at +46-708-61 64 53 or

Table of Contents GOLD ARTISTS Broända, Susanne Burstedt, Helén Bülow, Fredrik Dimcheva, Lily Ekberg Renström, Kristina Frykholm, Mathias Imperatore, Maria Lindgren, Emma Lindgren, Per

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EUROPEAN ARTISTS Aardalsbakke, Anita Alfredsson, Fredrik Biedilae, Hanne Margaretha Biese, Ingrid Bernaldo de Quiros, Elena Blanking, Lotta Borup, Jasper Cederlund, Susanne Chernova, Svetlana Cina Cinnamoni, Gina Cinnamoni, Linus Claesson, Kristina Constantina Dahlén, Ewa Duevel, Rika Maja Édes, Anita Egenolf, Amelie Monira Engberg, Catharina Engblom, Maria Engqvist, Elisabet Fiaz, Hamza Flodén, Charlotta Forsman, Josefine Fransrud, Camilla Glenmark, Birgitta Hediger, Alexandra Håman, Fanny Isaksson, Susanna Julge Alvemyr, Siiri Kacergiené, Vaida Khanmohammadi, Niusha

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Morild, Michael Pietari Järvinen, Matti Støre Olsen, Lena Marie Taghera Tamba, Lotta Tim Timmey Valfridsson, Helena Wallmark, Åsa

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Kiaer, Thea Kleist, Chantalle Kristiansson, Madelene L.aUra Lahdenperä, Elin Lago, Gabriela Lindgren, Lennart Lundeström, Linda Lundqvist, Birgitta Madcake Melber, Ebba Mellqvist, Anna Neonaki, Roussa Netterling, Sakura Pellinen, Hermanni Petit-Helle, Olivier Pettersson, Emelie Ringdahl, Nea Salomonsson, Chatarina Salzburger-Lindlar, Iris Katharina Sjöberg, Lena Skoglund, Matilda Stjernberg, Marit Straith, Sonja Terese Sundqvist, Thomas Tanrikulu Ç, Dila Uthardt, Martina Walsh, Alexandra A. Windschbauer, Sabine Katharina Wirbelart Woszerow, Zlatan

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Alexandra A. Walsh


Alexandra Hediger


Amelie Monira Egenolf


Anita Aardalsbakke


Anita Édes


Anna Mellqvist


Birgitta Glenmark


Birgitta Lundqvist


Camilla Fransrud


Catharina Engberg


Chantalle Kleist


Charlotta Flodén


Chatarina Salomonsson






Dila Tanrikulu Ç


Ebba Melber


Elena Bernaldo de Quiros


Elin Lahdenperä


Elisabet Engqvist


Emelie Pettersson


Emma Lindgren


Ewa Dahlén


Fanny Håman


Fredrik Alfredsson


Fredrik Bülow


Gabriela Lago


Gina Cinnamoni


Hamza Fiaz


Hanne Margaretha Biedilae


Helena Valfridsson


Helén Burstedt


Hermanni Pellinen


Ingrid Biese


Iris Katharina Salzburger-Lindlar 304

Jasper Borup


Josefine Forsman


Kristina Claesson


Kristina Ekberg Renström




Lena Marie Store Olsen


Lena Sjöberg


Lennart Lindgren


Lily Dimcheva

Linda Lundeström


Linus Cinnamoni


Lotta Blanking


Lotta Tamba



Madelene Kristiansson


Maria Engblom


Maria Imperatore


Marit Stjernberg


Martina Uthardt


Mathias Frykholm


Matilda Skoglund



Michael Morild


Niusha Khanmohammadi


Matti Pietari Järvinen

Nea Ringdahl




Olivier Petit-Helle


Per Lindgren


Rika Maja Duevel


Roussa Neonaki


Sabine Katharina Windschbauer 332

Sakura Netterling


Siiri Julge Alvemyr


Sonja Terese Straith


Susanna Isaksson


Susanne Broända


Susanne Cederlund


Svetlana Chernova




Thea Kiaer


Thomas Sundqvist


Tim Timmey


Vaida Kacergiené




Zlatan Woszerow


Åsa Wallmark



Susanne Broända I S K M O ,


Susanne Broända

I skmo ,

F inland

Susanne Broända is an active artist from Finland whose art can be described as a mixture of dreams and wakefulness. Her way of using colours and clear imagery invites you as a viewer to a world of mirrors and windows. Through her art, you get an opportunity to reflect inwards and meet your inner world or turn your gaze outwards and observe what meets you there. In an unforced way, her colour choices and motifs create a subtle invitation for you to rest in the moment as well as to develop and learn from what her art evokes within you. The language of colours and images may at first trick you into thinking that what you see is what you get, but if you allow yourself to stop and look, you will notice that something is starting to happen inside. The background to her creations is, as she describes it, an alternative spiritual view of life. Since the artist’s earliest childhood, she has felt a strong connection with animals, nature, and the energy of life. She uses her sensitivity to energies as one of her tools in her painting. The great sources of inspiration are the inner personal development, the mysterious, nature, and a motif that is particularly characteristic of Broända are birds. Due to health challenges that began around the age of 30, her creations and techniques have been adjusted gradually. Today, she is limited in her painting, both in how she can hold on to her brushes and in how long she can work at a time. Despite this, she has continued to work with her art. Broända always has a painting going on in her head, and she can’t imagine a life without her colours and worlds, which she puts down on paper or canvas.

2021 Group exhibition, ”Vasa Konstklubb RF:s Medlemmars Årsutställning”, Art Center Torni, Vaasa, Finland

2021 Group exhibition, ”Barcelona Contemporary 2021”, Valid World Hall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2021 Solo exhibition, “Journey | Resa | Matka”, Vaasa Market Hall, Vaasa, Finland

2020 Group exhibition, “Österbottniska Konstföreningars Samutställning Nr 6”, Art Gallery Torni, Vaasa, Finland

2012 Group exhibition, “Vasa Konstnärsgille’s Open Summer Exhibition - Still Leben”, Vaasa Art Gallery, Vaasa, Finland @art.konst.taide


Travelling Tribe | Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2021 15

Finding Your Way | Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2021 16

Follow Your Own Path | Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2021 17

Navigating | Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2021 18

Moving Forward | Acrylic and Ink on Printmaking Paper, 107x79 cm, 2021 19

Helén Burstedt N O R D M A L I N G ,


Helén Burstedt

N ordmaling ,

S weden

Helén Burstedt lives in Järnäsklubb, Sweden, the place where the sea always sparkles, street lights are missing and the starry sky is close. Burstedt was born and raised in Kiruna, the city that is being moved for the sake of the mine and the ore. Biting cold, mosquitoes, rivers, mountains, and the northern lights are a big part of the origin that is manifested in her art. Burstedt was born with creative ideas and many ways of expressing herself, but as an adult, she lost her playfulness and adventure in the way she expressed herself. Today, she again uses art to communicate with the world and believes that it is a language that is spoken everywhere on earth. Helén Burstedt loves to paint large acrylic paintings where canvases are built up with a structure and many layers of paint. For Burstedt, structure in the canvas is as important as the colours. Most of the artist’s paintings have been painted with hands and only small details with brushes or other tools. Burstedt paintings are described as explosions in a paint factory and sculptures in stoneware clay have luxuriant shapes. She touches and tickles the imagination with her colourful art and her way of painting is often described as stormy, unique and emotional. Her expression is varied and colours are allowed to intuitively guide her from colour chaos to order. Burstedt paints both figuratively and abstractly. She strives to allow all ages to be present in her way of expression and bravely takes turns in both colour and design language. In every work of art, there are stories and fairy tales from life and worlds of feelings and dreams. Burstedt finds inspiration in everyday life, people, the sky, the sea, and the mountains. She is passionately driven by attracting the world to laughter, contributing to the wonder and courage of being human. In addition to her own art, Burstedt holds painting courses for terrified women who want to be brave and for groups of friends who want to paint together. She is passionate about helping women become brave, wild, and free with the help of art.


2021 Group exhibition, Utopia Galleria, Umeå, Sweden

2021 & 2019 Group exhibition, Konstrundan, Umeå, Sweden

2019 Juried exhibition, Galleri 1, Skellefteå, Sweden

2019 Group exhibition, Galleri Riddaren, Stockholm, Sweden

2018 Group exhibition, Ateljé Orsta, Nordingrå, Sweden @helenburstedtart

The Beach | Acrylic on Canvas, 120x150 cm, 2021 23

Emotions | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021

A Garden | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100cm, 2021


Generation | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2019 25

Kärleksduva | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2019


In My Mind | Acrylic on Canvas, 65x82 cm, 2019

The Mentor | Acrylic on Canvas, 65x82 cm, 2020


Fredrik Bülow H E L S I N G B O R G ,


Fredrik Bülow

H elsingborg ,

S weden

When Fredrik Bülow puts his headphones on, something happens. The heavy metal music penetrates his eardrums, goes around in his head, down into his heart and soul and, through his hands and into the paintbrush and onto the canvas. Listening to the depth of the instruments and the words of the lyrics takes him to another place, back in times, to memories of what has been. For better or worse.

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Nordic Art Guide 2021/22”, Bellamonti Art, Cendorian Publishing, Sweden

2021 Interior design, SKIP Kitchen & Bar, Helsingborg, Sweden

Bülow never planned on starting to paint until a few years ago. With a lot of spare time, he sat down and grabbed a pen and some paper, and started to draw. One thing led to another, and now, three years later, he has made nearly 500 paintings on both stretched canvases and on thick paper, had about twenty gallery exhibitions, and gotten represented by two galleries in Manhattan, New York and one in Laguna Beach, California.

2020 – 2021 Representation, Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, USA

2019 - 2021, Representations, New York Art Gallery and Gallery 104, New York, USA

2019-2021 Group exhibitions, ”Gallerinatten/The Gallery Night”, Galleri Engleson, Malmö, Sweden

His style extends all the way from abstract to funky surrealism, cubism, action painting, pop art, and everything in between. What the result will be is not always predetermined. For Bülow, art is not a destination or goal; it´s a journey. As long as the paint flows with the music and it feels right, then he is on the right path. When you look at Bülows art, you can see a piece of himself, a piece of his soul. Maybe it´s a storytelling of his life or his thoughts. Maybe it´s a way of inner chaos or a way of inner calmness. Maybe it´s a way of moving forward and leaving bad memories behind. Maybe it´s a way of lashing out or a way of reflection. Maybe it´s a way for him to say: ”This is me, this is who I am.” @art_by_bulow


Zed’s Dead Baby, Acrylic on Canvas, 70x90 cm, 2019 31

There is a Place That Still Remains (Polyptych) | Acrylic on Canvas, 400x100 cm, 2020

Nostalgia For the Future (Polyptych) | 210x50 cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2020


The Bathroom Walls of ”SKIP Kitchen & Bar” in Helsingborg, Sweden, 2021 33

No Title nr 45 | Acrylic on Paper, 42x59 cm, 2021 34

Open Your Faith and See Yourself Shine | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x70 cm, 2021

There is an Opening in Your Dark Soul | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x70 cm, 2021 35

Lily Dimcheva S O F I A ,


Lily Dimcheva

S ofia ,

B ulgaria

Lily Dimcheva is a Sofia-based contemporary artist who has traveled around the world in a constant search for inspiration and life-enhancing experiences. She is a self-taught artist who channels cosmic energy into her artworks. Led by an intense inner sense, she first began painting aquarelles some 20 years ago and later transitioned to acrylic. As she closes her eyes and lets her fingers wander freely across the canvas, she envisages images and projects them through the movements of her fingertips. In fact, she doesn’t know what she creates until she slightly opens her eyes and starts a conversation with the painting. Dimcheva is passionate about the depth of colors and their unique appearance in eccentric shapes. Her ability to outline and read the shapes sparks the viewers’ interest. Everyone who possesses a painting of hers keeps discovering its secrets throughout the years. As an artist who emphasizes on conveying the universal message of love and eternal good through her paintings, she creates small- and medium-size artworks and particularly likes to create miniatures. Miniatures, she believes, have immense power and hold perpetual energy. Lily Dimcheva hopes that her desire to demonstrate the vital power of love in all its dimensions shines through her creations, and she sees them as the messengers who spread the ultimate love. Years after she embarked on the artistic journey of her life, Dimcheva still experiments with new techniques and discovers the allure of new styles. Very recently, a spontaneous urge made her grasp a pencil and draw graphics of endless lines under the ephemeral visualization of dear friends of hers. These portraits, later colour painted, gave a completely new impetus to her style, and she is very excited to dive into the technique. Art is an indivisible part of her, and the two of them have created a symbiosis for a lifetime.


2021 Digital group exhibition, “PhiloPoem”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Digital group exhibition, “Gaia The Origin”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

Romance | Acrylic on Canvas, 25x25 cm, 2020


The Mask | Acrylic on Canvas, 3,5x4,6 cm, 2019

No Fear, Sir | Acrylic on Canvas, 3,5x4,6 cm, 2019 40

Wizardry | Oil on Canvas, 12,7x17,8 cm, 2021

Kingdom | Aquarelle on Paper, 18x13,5 cm, 2012 41

Saint Rilski | Acrylic on Canvas, 20x20 cm, 2020


My Friend | Graphics and Aquarelle on Canvas, 20x20 cm, 2019

The Man | Graphics and Aquarelle on Paper, 20x25 cm, 2019 43

Kristina Ekberg Renström S K Ö V D E ,


Kristina Ekberg Renström S kövde ,

S weden

Painting and creating are a big part of Kristina Ekberg Renström’s life. It gives her satisfaction more than anything else. When she paints, she uses oil and acrylic and paints mainly women, the female body, and faces. Paint is a way to see life and see the world around you in your own way. She thinks the body our soul is the most she can express by art. When Ekberg Renström creates, she feels free, free to paint the body as she wants, without the norms of reality. To paint gives us the opportunity to express feelings where words cannot describe what we feel; sometimes, words are not enough. Kristina Ekberg Renström likes to meet the people who appreciate her art, both in social media and at exhibitions. She has participated in exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad. When people meet her at the exhibitions, she has the opportunity to meet them in a personal way. When Ekberg Renström starts a painting, she has no clear picture in front of her; the painting develops during the work. This Swedish artist always finds her motives from herself, and she is also inspired by looking at other artists’ art, but she always wants that her art will be in her own way, to be unique and honest. Some days she just studies the painting, to get the distance to her own image, for her that is a very important process - to find the opportunities and to find solutions for the work, to make the painting expressive and consistent in colour - it lays the foundation for a good end result.

2020 & 2021 Newspaper (featured in), Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet, Invited by Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden

2020 Juried exhibition, Gallery Stenhallen, Borgholm, Sweden

2019 & 2020 Solo exhibition, Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden

2019 - Member of Swedish Artists’ Association

1991 Juried exhibition, ”Skaraborgssalongen”, Kulturhuset, Skövde, Sweden

Ekberg Renström wants to create beauty and sensuality, where colour and shape can emphasize the female body. The colour is an important part of the work, to make the colour interact with each other. Colours in different shades inspire her and make the female body beautiful. The human body is the most beautiful thing you can express by art, according to Ekberg Renström. The human body is a motif that can be embodied in so many ways that never ends.



Blue | Oil on Canvas, 85x85 cm, 2018


Female | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2020 48

See Me | Oil on Canvas, 70x85 cm, 2021 49

Proud | Oil on Canvas, 85x85 cm, 2019

Twinkle | Oil on Canvas, 85x85 cm, 2021 50

Beauty | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2021 51

Mathias Frykholm H A M M A R Ö ,


Mathias Frykholm

H ammarö ,

S weden

Mathias Frykholm loves to capture the beauty in the world in a realistic way in his paintings. Inspiration often comes from Swedish nature and environment. He lives very close to Sweden’s largest lake, and many of his paintings depict the beautiful surroundings of the lake. Sometimes he paints a human in the motif to show the interaction between man and nature. Frykholm prefers to do big, immersive paintings for the beholder to get lost in. He loves to work with the small details that make the painting come alive. He continuously strives to develop his artistic skills and believes that there is always room for improvement. As an earlier athlete, he is familiar with working towards a goal, and he implements that in his artistry. Spectators often believe that Frykholm’s paintings are photographs when first viewed. He sees that as a huge compliment as he wants to express his art with realism. As a person, he is a bit of a perfectionist, and that reflects in his paintings. Painting progress often starts with the artist taking a lot of pictures with his camera for inspiration. When he has the inspiration he needs, he starts to sketch the motif on the canvas before moving on to the painting part. Mathias Frykholm has been working with different mediums but finds acrylic paint the best way to create his art, especially since he found a slower drying acrylic brand. This gives him more time to form his paintings to a realistic look. Frykholm’s art is sought after in both private homes, companies, and public settings, and he now lives his dream by working full time as an artist. He continuously wants to spread and show his art to both the Swedish audience and abroad.

2021 Winner of the art contest, “Nordic Art Guide 2021/22 – Cover Hunt”, Bellamonti Art, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, “Julsalongen”, Nordic Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 Art fair, “Affordable Art Fair”, Nacka Strandsmässan, Stockholm, Sweden

2020- Associate owner of Hammarö Art Gallery, Sweden

2020 Solo exhibition, Galleri Ekdahl, Karlstad, Sweden @frykholmart


Valkyria | Acrylic on Canvas, 120x150 cm, 2021 55

The Capital | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x99 cm, 2021


The Capital II | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021


Lugn Över Vänerland | Acrylic on Canvas, 135x95 cm, 2020

Räggårdsviken IV | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x65 cm, 2020 58

Du Sköna | Acrylic on Canvas, 190x130 cm, 2020

Du Sköna II | Acrylic on Canvas, 120 x 100 cm, 2020 59

Maria Imperatore M A L M Ö ,


Maria Imperatore

M almö ,

S weden

Maria Imperatore is a Swedish artist who works in acrylic, graffiti, and collage to create her paintings. She works a lot with different colour settings to achieve the impact she is after. She believes that a painting should keep on giving every time you look at it, and hence, she works on smaller details in the paintings to be discovered when you have looked at the canvas more than once.

2021 Group exhibition, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021 Digital group exhibition, “Gaia – the Origin”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Spain

Imperatore uses herself as the main inspiration in her paintings, where she displays her different sides, emotions, and state of mind. She also uses influences from the surroundings, different places, and current ongoing social-political situations. She often makes her art in smaller series, of typical three paintings, with different themes such as motherhood, womanly shapes, Corona, and sex.

2021 Solo exhibition, Artportable Showroom, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 Digital group exhibition, “Paraiso”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Spain

The artist thinks that art should have elements of humour and depth, and it is up to the viewer what they focus on and what it means to them. Her four children are her biggest critics and also the most unique group of individuals she has ever met. Four wonderful and loving kids who make her love life even more. The most important thing she has taught them is that you have to follow your dream and never give up. If you don’t reach the sky, fuck it and be happy. The feeling you get by getting closer to your goals compared to if you didn’t try is wonderful.

2021 Art fair, “Art3f International Contemporary Art Fair”, Invited by Van Gogh Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium @mariaimperatoreart

Maria Imperatore has painted since a young age but has lifted her painting to a new level in the last three years when she rediscovered the art form. She then started by painting a canvas with three women representing her three different personalities – Maria Imperatore as a mother, as a businesswoman, and a sexual adventurer. Every painting has its own story. Besides the art work, Imperatore is also the founder of the podcast ”Superkraften” on the subject of mental health, neuropsychiatric disabilities, which is also illustrated in her art.


Three Personalities | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2020

Three Personalities | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021 63

Four Shades of Mood | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021

Madame Butterfly | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021 64

Lovedance | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x180 cm, 2020


Live Your Life Wisely and Carefree | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021


Motherhood Mamma | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2020


Motherhood Pregnancy Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2020


Belladonna Acrylic and Graffiti on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2022


Emma Lindgren Ö R E B R O ,


Emma Lindgren

Ö rebro ,

S weden

Swedish artist Emma Lindgren painting mainly on metal with acrylic. She has been painting on metal for over ten years, as the material never ceases to fascinate and inspire her. Many of her works of art have elements of rust in the metal and recurring motifs such as flowers that are found in several of Lindgren’s works. Besides flowers in their various guises, her favourite motifs are classic cars and motifs from Scandinavian nature. Her expression gives both the clean industrial feeling of metal combined with warm rust and the colourful elements that give a joyful esprit to all her works of art. Emma Lindgren’s studio is in an old 19th-century schoolhouse, where she also lives with her family. Her artistic career is combined with working as a project manager in urban development. However, there is too much creativity in her fingers to be satisfied with just being a project manager, while her structured and efficient personality needs more challenges than the artistic work alone. There is a drive and a great charm to both that is present in all of Lindgren’s many projects and mimics her personality very well. The passion for both of these worlds became the starting point of painting on an industrial material such as metal. The metal she works with is 1 mm thick, and when the artwork is finished, it is sealed with varnish. At the back, you will find a fastening device in wood, which means that it comes out approx. 30 mm from the wall and creates a delightful shadow silhouette. This construction also means that the artwork does not need to be additionally framed. Lindgren mainly paints her own motifs, but sometimes she gets requests, e.g., the classic cars are often ordered from enthusiastic car owners. For Emma Lindgren, every work of art should be a joy to create – her paintings breathe and radiate this passion.


2021- Owner of Ateljé Emma Lindgren, Örebro, Sweden

2020 Group exhibition, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2020 Art fair, “Art3f International Contemporary Art Fair”, Invited by Van Gogh Art Gallery, Monaco

2020 – Book publication, “ArtByLife”, Emma Lindgren, Sweden

2019 – Group exhibition, “Art Show”, Invited by Galleri Zeitgeist, Saluhallen, Uppsala, Sweden @emmalindgrenart

Volkswagen Beetle Acrylic on Metal, 50x50 cm, 2021


Swedish Mountains | Acrylic on Metal, 100x80 cm, 2021

By the Lake | Acrylic on Metal, 100x70 cm, 2021 74

Volkswagen Van Acrylic on Metal, 50x50 cm, 2021


Kingfisher | Acrylic on Metal, 50x50 cm, 2021

In Balance | Acrylic on Metal, 50x100 cm, 2021 76

Summer Meadow | Acrylic on Metal, 90x90 cm, 2021

My Moment | Acrylic on Metal, 70x70 cm, 2021 77

Per Lindgren K U N G Ä L V ,


Per Lindgren

K ungälv ,

S weden

Born in 1978, in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lindgren has had a lifelong passion for art and design, as well as an interest in handicraft of different kinds, be it textile, wood, or metal. Originally studying philosophy and modern languages, he went on to work in retail and later in the photo industry before he eventually developed a special interest in jewellery. Lindgren started studying for master goldsmith Ehran Karahuda in 2011 and had him as his teacher for four years. Later he attended The Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Program at Art College Folkuniversitetet in Gothenburg for three years. So far, this was a part-time occupation for Lindgren, who advanced to a level where he decided to take it to the next step, and applied to study for a degree, thus becoming a professional goldsmith. Lindgren finds that having different teachers gives a broad knowledge of design, craftsmanship, and techniques. Karahuda was a master of filigree, something Lindgren learned from him, and Stawlin had a very artistic approach to jewelry and worked a lot in silver and enamel, something that Lindgren is still very fond of, even though he also works in gold and takes an ever-keener interest in gemstones. Now he has three fully trained goldsmiths as full-time teachers and experts teaching subjects as engraving, stone setting, gemmology, history of art, and both traditional and computer-aided design. Lindgren has, according to himself, three main sources of inspiration for his designs; vintage jewellery, nature, and geometry, and is happy if he is able to combine more than one or all of them in one piece of jewellery. Still being at a very early stage of his career as a goldsmith and jewelry designer and continually developing, he aims to develop both his designs and traditional as well as modern techniques further and takes a keen interest in new developments. Lindgren also works with commissions of different kinds alongside his studies and already feels sought after. He now hopes for a bright future in a field that he is very passionate about.


2020- Education (ongoing), “The Goldsmith Program”, Lärcenter Falköping, Sweden

2017-2020 Education, “The Jewelry Program”, Folkuniversitetet Göteborg, Sweden

2011-2015 Education, Studies for Master Goldsmith Ehran Karahuda. @pkolindgren

Set With Pendant and Earrings | Enamel on Sterling Silver and Frosted Silver, 3,0x2 cm & 2,1x1,4 cm. 2020

Set With Pendant and Earrings | Enamel on Sterling Silver and Frosted Silver, 3,0x2,0 cm & 2,1x1,4 cm, 2020


Cufflinks | Sterling Silver and Sapphires, with a Selection of Gemstones, 2,2x1,4 cm, 2021

Cufflinks | Sterling Silver and Sapphires, with a Selection of Gemstones, 2,2x1,4 cm, 2021 82

Cufflinks | Sterling Silver and Sapphires, with a Selection of Gemstones, 2,2x1,4 cm, 2021

Cufflinks | Sterling Silver and Sapphires, with a Selection of Gemstones, 2,2x1,4 cm, 2021 83

Pendant | Sterling Silver 48x24 mm, 2020

Pendant | Sterling Silver Photo Art, 48x24 mm, 2020 84

Pendant | Sterling Silver Photo Art, 48x24 mm, 2020

Pendant | Sterling Silver Photo Art, 48x24 mm, 2020 85

Michael Morild C O P E N H A G E N ,


Michael Morild

C openhagen ,

D enmark

Michael Morild (b. 1975) is a Danish artist who primarily works in acrylics and mixed media on canvas. He lives in a suburb of Copenhagen. Though his debut as a painter is relatively recent, Michael Morild has been working with art supplies for more than thirty years and has helped many of the best Danish artists find their way to the best materials possible. This has been a fruitful exchange of knowledge. Sparring with famous Danish contemporary artists like Trampedach, Birkemose, Bent Holstein, Farshad Farzankia, Kasper Eistrup, and many more has given Michael Morild a unique understanding of how successful painters work and how to get the most out of their tools. Michael Morild has been taught by the masters and taught them as well. His background and experience have also made it clear to Michael Morild that you should never compromise with the production quality and the materials used to produce the finished work. Morild is very inspired by Basquiat and Asger Jorn, among others. He combines dramatic, colorful backgrounds with a playful, nativist approach. Many of the themes of his paintings are inspired by the custom scene. For many years before his debut as a painter, he has been decorating cars and motorcycles, and that’s where much of the underground vibe comes from. Morild rarely works completely abstract. His paintings are driven by spontaneous energy, and you will almost always find one or more characters as the centre of his paintings, engaging you to wonder what they are up to. One of his signature characters has been dubbed a “Morild” by his audience, and you will find it in many of his works. Morild is deeply involved in the process of making high-quality silkscreen prints based on his works. They are produced in strictly limited runs, and being a key part of production enables Michael Morild to reinterpret his works.


2021 Art fair, “Art3f International Contemporary Art Fair”, Invited by Van Gogh Art Gallery, Paris, France

2021 Group exhibition, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2020 Solo exhibition, Gallery Spektakel, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 Solo exhibition, Gallery CM, Copenhagen. Denmark

2019 Group exhibition, “Creative Mind”, Docken and Langelinie, Copenhagen, Denmark @morild_art

See You | Mixed Media on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021 89

No Title Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2018

No Title Acrylic, Oil Crayon & Oil Pastel on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021 90

Psycho Killer | Acrylic, Oil Crayon & Oil Pastel on Canvas, 100x140 cm, 2021


Planet Soap | Acrylic, Oil Crayon & Oil Pastel on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021 92

No Title Acrylic, Alcohol Ink, Oil Crayon & Oil Pastel on Canvas, 120x160 cm, 2021

No Title Acrylic, Oil Crayon & Oil Pastel on Canvas, 120x160 cm, 2021


Matti Pietari Järvinen K O U V O L A ,


Matti Pietari Järvinen K ouvola ,

F inland

Finnish artist Matti Pietari Järvinen was born into an artist family in 1984. His father served as a rector of the University of the Arts in Imatra, Finland, so he grew up surrounded by art. During his childhood and youth, Järvinen felt art was mostly boring, except for primitive arts like African masks and American Indian totems. He started to make art by himself in 2017, and you can see primitive art influencing his pictorial expression. This Finnish artist draws inspiration from people and life around him but, above all - from his emotions. Järvinen loves to use bright colours and strong contrasts in his works. He does not want to place himself into a category of any particular art trend but instead creates what he feels like to create. Matti Pietari Järvinen has participated in several group exhibitions in Europe and the United States. His artworks are in private collections around the world. In the future, he is willing to have more solo exhibitions, and he is looking for opportunities to paint murals in public places. Järvinen is also willing to fill museums with his art and thousands of visitors - you could be among the first of the new wave supporting him.

2021 Group exhibition, “be**pART”, Atelier Montez, Rome, Italy

2021 Group exhibition, “CODO Drops Exhibition 2.0”, CODO Drops, Bangor, Ireland

2020 Group exhibition, “Boom Boom Boom: Art inspired by the songs of the blues”, Song-word Art House, Malibu, U.S.A.

2019 Group exhibition, “Perhekuvia”, Keuruu Art Museum, Keuruu, Finland

2018 Group exhibition, “Hingemaastikud”, gallery pART, Poltsamaa, Estonia


Mind Full of Thoughts | Mixed Media on Canvas, 81x100 cm, 2021


Divided Mind | Acrylic and Markers on Canvas, 61x50 cm, 2021


Brotherhood | Acrylic and Markers on Canvas, 81x100 cm, 2021

Happy Family | Acrylic and Markers on Canvas, 81x100 cm, 2021 99

Mask 2 | Wooden Sculpture, 36x34x7 cm, 2021

Mask 3 | Wooden Sculpture, 52x51x9 cm, 2022 100

Guilty | Acrylics and Markers on Canvas, 61x50 cm, 2021 101

Lena Marie Store Olsen F R O G N E R ,


Lena Marie Store Olsen F rogner ,

N orway

Lena Marie Store Olsen was born in Skedsmokorset near Oslo, Norway. She loved to draw and was creative already as a child and experimented with aquarelle as a young adult. She has drawn and used colours in many of her education and hobbies throughout the years. But it was not until 2020 that Store Olsen, for the first time, tried out painting on canvas. It was “a coming home experience” when she took a course in intuitive painting. Now she’s an intuitive painter, and the inspiration to her paintings often comes to her inwardly. Store Olsen is also inspired by other artworks. She chooses her motives, colours, and what she wants to paint at the moment, using colours, movements of hands or brush, and creating different expressions and emotions. In 2021 the colours underwater fascinated her. She paints abstract/ figurative paintings in numerous sizes. She uses organic forms and lines. It’s more abstract than figurative. Lena Marie Store Olsen wants the observer to decide what to see in the paintings. She discovers that everyone sees different things in her paintings. It’s a deep dive into the observer’s soul. The main goal for Lena Marie is to convey positive experiences and feelings, It is often what’s in her life and what she’s going through or where my vibration, even in dreams that Store Olsen is painting. She started sharing her paintings on social media, and soon after this, she got inquiries from galleries and people who wanted to buy her art. Lena Marie Store Olsen looks bright on the future and looks forward to many more exhibitions and innovative collaborations. She will continue making art that hopefully make people feel inspired and happy.

2021 Art Fair, ”Art Nordic 2021”, Solo exhibition, Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen, Denmark

2021 Group exhibition, ”Art Marbella 2021” VAN GOGH Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021 Group exhibition, “1st International Biennial of Art in the World”, Effetto Arte Gallery, Palermo, Italy

2021 Group exhibition, ”Coming Out”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Newspaper publication (featured in), “Celebration of Norwegian artists on the Constitution Day”, Aftonbladet by Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden @artbylenamarie


Deep Blue 2 | Acrylic on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2021 105

Deep Blue 1 Acrylic on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2021

Deep Diving Acrylic on Canvas, 40X120 cm, 2021 106

Deep Blue 1 Acrylic on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2021 107

Water Diving | Acrylic on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2021

Morild | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x70 cm, 2021 108

Under Water | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021

Self Love | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2020 109

Taghera N A P O L I ,



N apoli ,

I taly

Taghera was born on October 26, 1996, in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia), as a second child in a family. Her childhood lasted until she was 5 years old when her father passed away, and the mother hadn’t been with the family since Taghera was 3 years old. From then on, a life of poverty, brutality and violence began. From a young age, painting was an outpouring of the soul, which provided relief for her. Due to life circumstances, she had to take a break from painting. At the age of 21, she moved to Italy to paint more in depth, in the style of abstraction. Why did she choose this style of painting? She explains that she hasn’t had any reference point for herself since childhood. Often in drawing, she conveys her emotions, including the longing and pain she has experienced in her life. In her paintings, she wants to reflect life, movement, relationships and feelings, some human prophets and problems; to do this, she looks for emotions in all possible places, talking to different generations of people.

2022 Group exhibition, “Artetra”, Galleria Cael, Milano, Italy

2022 Book publication (featured in), “Anthology IV Art Book”, Madrid, Spain

2021 Virtual group exhibition, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy @taghera_art

Taghera paints most of her paintings with oil and lots of colour - that’s her character and different from others. She has always felt she has the soul of a great artist in her. She has no fear of mixing colours. She hasn’t trained anywhere but has 2 years of experience painting on canvas. This is her beginning, and her goal is to become a great young artist in her era! Taghera’s works are in private collections in the USA and Europe.


Find Yourself Oil on Canvas, 40x40 cm, 2021


You are a Masterpiece | Oil on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021 114

Sex and Sleep | Oil on Canvas, 80x120 cm, 2022 115

Sex and Love | Oil on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2021


Red Passion | Oil on Canvas, 100x70 cm, 2022


Lotta Tamba S T O C K H O L M ,


Lotta Tamba

S tockholm ,

S weden

Colour, form, style and composition is like oxygen to Lotta Tamba. Always redecorating her room since she was a child, giving new life to old things.

2021 Open studios exhibition, Sigtuna Art Walk, Stockholm, Sweden

Making her own clothes, changing her grandmother’s old outfits, which she found in the attic. As her grandmother, who was a seamstress, never threw anything away, you can imagine that was like heaven for Tamba.

2017 Education, Modern Energy Art, United Kingdom

2014 Solo exhibition, Karlsson på Kajen, Västerås, Sweden

2011 Group exhibition, “Huller om Buller”, Västerås Konsthall, Västerås, Sweden

2010 Solo exhibition, “Unik Återvinning”, Vallby Friluftsmuseum, Västerås, Sweden

Lotta Tamba grew up in Västerås, and after studying textile in high school and spending six months in London, she started her first business designing clothes. Ever since, she has run different businesses. After meeting many people not living the way they wanted, she studied to be a life coach. As an entrepreneur with many passions, she was struggling with which leg to stand on. One day after meditation, her soul shouted: ”Can I please just be an artist?!” It was a powerful moment, but she couldn’t see herself being an artist at that time. Not even after a message from her deceased father that making art was something she should do, she could believe it. Meditation finally gave her clarity to see that art and life inspiration mixed together is her call. For Tamba, art and spirituality go hand in hand, and after studying Modern Energy Art, she is thrilled about how the process of making art, looking at it and feeling the artwork can be like therapy and giving you answers and clarity. Lotta Tamba uses acrylic colours, mixed media and preferably old materials to give character and an interesting vibe. What characterizes her art is contrasting colours and forms, embedded with inspiring messages, metaphors and parables. Tamba wants her art to be like an adventure for the viewer, hoping to awaken your joy of life, passion, playfulness, strength, courage, and desire. Often, she just gives in to the process and paints what wants to be created.

120 @lottatamba

My Life My Style | Acrylic & Collage on Recycled Material, 53x63 cm, 2021 121

My Space Acrylic & Collage on Canvas, 70x140 cm, 2021

My Colours Acrylic & Collage on Canvas, 70x140 cm, 2021 122

Bloom Baby Bloom Acrylic & Collage on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021


It´s Your Show | Acrylic & Collage on Recycled Material, 47x58 cm, 2020


Today I Want To Acrylic & Collage on Recycled Canvas, 47x58 cm, 2020

The Carnival Acrylic & Collage on Recycled Material, 39x72 cm, 2021 125

Tim Timmey H Ö G A N Ä S ,


Tim Timmey

H öganäs ,

S weden

Tim Timmey started to write graffiti in 1997 and soon moved away from the traditional style of lettering and developed his style of colourful caricature animals combined with repeating geometric patterns. Tim Timmey often poses the animals in a surreal and playful manner - usually stacked on one another - in some kind of fantasy setting. One of these animals - his “yellow bird” motif - can be seen in most of his work and has become a signature element in his work. In his earlier years, Tim Timmey was an active graffiti artist in both Sweden and across Europe. Nowadays, he has turned his art into a successful full-time business and is prolific across Sweden producing commissioned murals and sculptures in towns, schools, and public areas. The Swedish artist also features in many collaborative and solo exhibitions every year. He brings his animal creations onto colourful canvases and has a range of beautiful ceramic sculptures of his signature bird character.

2021 Group exhibition, “Art in Residence”, Höganäs Museum and Art Gallery, Höganäs, Sweden

2021 Public artwork, “Animaltower”, Google Head Office, Stockholm, Sweden

2020 Solo exhibition, Galleri Ekwall + Törnblom, Stockholm, Sweden

2019 Group exhibition, ”This is Not a Zoo”, Festival Boreal, MUNA Museos de Tenerife Naturaleza Arquelogia, Tenerife, Canary Islands

2018 & 2019 Juried exhibition, ”Kullasalongen”, Krapperups Konsthall, Höganäs, Sweden @timtimmey


Die-No-Ride | Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021 129

Rainbow Flamingos | Mixed Media on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2022

Bird up! Mixed Media on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2021 130

Think Outside the Frame Grouper Mixed Media on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021


Tower of Toucans | Mixed Media on Plywood Board, 100x120 cm, 2021


Resting Tiger | Mixed Media on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2022

Animaltower Mixed Media on Plywood Board, 120x100 cm, 2021 133

Helena Valfridsson J Ö N K Ö P I N G ,


Helena Valfridsson

J önköping ,

S weden

Helena Valfridsson is an working artist from Jönköping, Sweden. The interest in image, form and color has existed since childhood. After high school, work with scenography in a theater project and teacher studies with art courses followed. As a teacher, she taught visual arts and drama, among other things. Before 2021, the art has mostly consisted of commisioned horse paintings in acrylic. In the autumn of 2020, plans began to start the art project Toveryd Art Concept, this was launched in January 2021. The idea was to work with art in a more abstract way and with more focus on her own ideas. The idea is to create art that will be a colorful eye-catcher in the room. The motifs are often female figures with a focus on the interplay between light and shadow. A lot of time is spent working on ideas and finding inspiration from a beautiful shape or position. The work is most satisfying when the sketch is finished and the painting goes on an inner feeling and the strong pure colors are allowed to flow forward, often with the fingers as a brush. Helena Valfridsson usually works with acrylic paints, preferably with a finish of shinier varnish to reinforce the colors. She likes to experiment with different materials and mixed media, rough structures and metallic colors. Part of the art still consists of commissioned work, usually horse paintings with artistic freedom.

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Nordic Art Guide 2021/22”, Cendorian Publishing, Bellamonti Art, Sweden

2021 Solo exhibition, “Colours & Curves”, Invited by LIGA design, Tändsticksområdet, Jönköping, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, WEFA Konstgalleri, Jönköping, Sweden

2021 Solo exhibition, “Kontraster”, Sand Golf Club, Jönköping, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, ”Södra Vätterbygdens Konstrunda”, Jönköping, Sweden

The plans for the future are to continue to develop her own projects and ideas, preferably with different structures and materials. During the year 2021, Helena Valfridsson has exhibited her art in many different places in Sweden, been one of the artists in the art book Nordic Art Guide and in December moved to her own art gallery, Parkgalleriet, in Jönköping, where she will have a showroom for her own art and opportunity to exhibit the works of other artists. In 2022, the focus during the first part will be on completing the gallery, working on commisions for paintings and exploring new ideas, color schemes and material choices.



Desire Acrylic on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021 137

Indian Summer Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 35x54 cm, 2022 138

You Make Me Feel Acrylic on Paper, 30x40 cm, 2021 139

Strength Acrylic on Canvas, 100x150 cm, 2022 140

Power Mixed Media on Canvas, 120x150 cm, 2022 141

Åsa Wallmark S K E L L E F T E Å ,


Åsa Wallmark

S kellefteå ,

S weden

Åsa Wallmark is a watercolourist based in the north of Sweden in a town called Skellefteå. Her passion and challenge in the watercolour technique are above all to catch the light and convey emotions through her paintings. Wallmark is an educated art teacher and works as a line manager for an art school near Skellefteå. She is inspired by helping others in their creative processes, but mostly her inspiration comes from the environment. Experiences of all seasons up north often show in her art. The northern lights and darkness. The snowfall and the bright summer nights. The beauty of the whole year surrounded by amazing nature. Our world in a beautiful interpretation. Åsa Wallmark’s own creation of art is vital for her to remain balanced in life. The creation is for her like mindfulness. It has helped her cope with tough adversities in life, such as death and illness. She started practising watercolour for real eight years ago when one of her best friends passed away from cancer. The sincere, emotional painting technique helped her a lot to go through the difficult grief. Åsa Wallmark looks forward to continuing her journey and development in the world of mysterious and astonishing watercolour techniques. She hopes to inspire you all!

2021 Solo exhibition, “Northern Lights”, Juste Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, “Solvikssjälar”, Kulturhallen Ostvik, Skellefteå, Sweden

2021 Juried exhibition, “Autumn Salon”, Skellefteå Culture House, Skellefteå, Sweden

2020 Solo exhibition, “Light in the Dark”, Liljas Konst och Ram, Skellefteå, Sweden

2019 Solo exhibition, “Natural Contrasts”, Galleri 1, Skellefteå, Sweden @asawallmark


Forest Power | Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021 145

Sunset in August | Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021

Last Sunlight in November | Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021 146

Capital in Lights | Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021

Angel Meadow | Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021 147

I Rise Up Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021

The Light Returns Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021 148

Aurora Borealis | Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021 149


Anita Aardalsbakke

H A F R S F J O R D ,


Anita Aardalsbakke lives on the west coast of Norway together with her family. From an early age, she was a creative spirit. However, she did not take art classes before she was a grown-up woman. Aardalsbakke has developed her expression of art over the years by participating in art classes and by learning from other artists. Lights and colours fascinate Anita Aardalsbakke and this is often the origin of her art. She finds it interesting to observe how the different paintings are being observed and interpreted by people. For her, the art of painting is very personal. She wants to tell about colours, nature and life itself. In this way, a piece of her is reflected in every piece of art, being underlined by the carefully selected naming of the piece. Using acrylic paint on canvas allows the styles to vary, which is also a normal part of artistic development. She wants to convey that colours mean something to every person’s life, even though you may not be aware of it. •

2021 Solo exhibition “A Journey”, Sola Kulturhus, Sola, Stavanger, Norway

2021 Art fair, “WE - Contemporary Art Show”, Organized by MUSA International Art Space, Raum Salmgasse, Vienna, Austria

2020 & 2021 Digital group exhibition, “Sacrifice”, “Hysterica” and “Fable”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2019 - 2020 Group art show, “Outdoors”, Kragerø, Norway

2018 - 2021 Recurring group exhibition, “November Exhibition”, Atelier Lyst, Randaberg, Norway

Aardalsbakke has experienced the joy of using her art for the joy of others in many ways. Art makes your everyday life richer. Everyone should have a colourful painting in their living room, giving the possibility for a mental escape or just enjoying. Anita Aardalsbakkes’s work has been displayed in several group exhibitions.


Between Waves | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021

Warm Waves | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021 153

Our Lives in the Waves | Acrylic on Canvas, 40x40 cm, 2021

Listen to the Light in the Spring Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2021


Small and Free Acrylic on Canvas, 80x120 cm, 2021

Small but Strong Acrylic on Canvas, 80x120 cm, 2021 155

Fredrik Alfredsson

G Ö T E B O R G ,


Fredrik Alfredsson is a self-taught artist currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has a wife and two children. Besides becoming an acknowledged artist, he works as a sous-chef at one of Scandinavia’s finest hotels. After moving from his hometown Vänersborg, Alfredsson went to different acting schools and eventually became part of the cultural scene in Gothenburg. He has always felt close to the creative side of life, and, after some years of acting, creative writing, painting, and so on, a trip to New York in 2006 finally set the path. Alfredsson works almost exclusively in acrylic, and his art is moving from an abstract/abstract expressionistic style to somewhat closer to neoexpressionistic. The techniques he uses vary from ordinary/classic ones to other more unconventional to create different forms and structures. But how a painting ends up depends on the emotional state he’s in at the time. •

2021 Music exhibition, “Lake Ohrid Muses Travel to Manhattan – a Virtual Live-Painting Soirée”, by Margin Alexander, New York, U.S.A.

2021 Digital group exhibition, “PhÌloPoém”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Online representation, www., Galeria Azur, Madrid, Spain

2021 Solo exhibition, Skärhamns Popup Galleri, Tjörn, Sweden

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Nordic Art Guide 2021/22”, Bellamonti Art, Sweden

When asked about the future, he says he has a vision in his head, but if he’s ever going to reach it, he’s not so sure of - but in the meantime, Fredrik Alfredsson hopes that his art can affect a lot of different people. Both in the art world and the everyday people, he believes that art should be exposed for everyone to see and feel. @essman_art


Shapes of Uncertainty Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021

The Burgundy Rectangle Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021


Hanne Margaretha Biedilae F R E D R I K S T A D ,


Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ is a contemporary artist based in Fredrikstad, Norway. Her distinctive work interrogates the ways in which we relate to ourselves, each other, and nature—and it’s gaining attention across the world. Biedilæ’s multidisciplinary practice includes ceramic sculpture, objects, installation, paintings on canvas or paper in various sizes, as well as works on a large canvas in mixed media and silkscreens. She uses social contexts as inspiration for her work, expressing both figuratively and in the abstract. Educated in Denmark and Norway, Biedilæ has worked in her own workshop/ studio and run different galleries alone and in multiple art collectives since 2006. She holds interactive art courses in techniques such as ceramics, paint and drawing for public services, private companies and individuals.

2022 Art fair, “Luxembourg Art Fair International Contemporary Art Fair”, Luxembourg

2022 Group exhibition, Monat Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2022 Winner of art contest, “Great Master of Art”, International Prize Carvaggio, Milan, Italy

2021 Virtual online exhibition, “In Spring”, The Gallery by MUI, U.S.A.

2022 Virtual exhibition, “Clash”, The Holy Art Gallery, London, U.K.

Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ is a visual artist, painter, and ceramicist with a highly philosophical approach to her art. Her richly coloured, tactile, sensuous work plays with and explores the ideas of social consciousness, the encounter with the other, and the ways that emotions mediate our relationships with ourselves and with nature. Her paintings are often colourful with expressive or powerful brushstrokes. Her ceramic works are often without glaze, minimalistic glazed, or with acrylic paints, stains or organic medium. Biedilæ combines taste and artistic talent with the experiences of everyday life. This communication ability allows observers to empathize with the works. She is able to represent herself and others by dissecting the individual and personal emotions that anyone can feel in the situations she represents and narrates. @studiohmb


Choose to Take a Break Stoneware, Acrylic, Knitting, Knitting Needles, Safety Pins, Yarn, 54x28x22 cm, 2021

Life is a Process Stoneware, Acrylic Painting, 40x18x18 cm, 2021

Taking a Time-Out Stoneware, Knitting, Knitting Needles, Yarn, 48x22x17 cm, 2021 159

Don’t Let Anyone Be The Judge of Your Dreams | Acrylic and Fabric on Canvas, 160x200 cm, 2021 160

Just an Ordinary Day | Acrylic on Canvas, 160x200 cm, 2021

The Place of Your Dreams | Acrylic on Canvas, 215x260 cm, 2021 161

Ingrid Biese

E S B O ,


Ingrid Biese is an artist from Esbo, Finland. She paints on silk using silk paints and is drawn towards the simple and downscaled, finding beauty in the details we do not always notice or appreciate. Her art gravitates towards two main styles: photorealism on the one hand; and downscaled and minimalist on the other, where she mixes shapes and colours with realistic silhouettes. She has also developed creative ways of integrating silk collages in her paintings to add a three-dimensional aspect. Biese finds her inspiration in Finnish nature, particularly in the magic forest and rocky shores of an island in the Finnish archipelago, where she spends as much time as possible.

Photo by: Martina Uthardt

2021 Solo exhibition, “Secret Garden”, The Art Place Finland, Helsinki, Finland.

2021 Group exhibition, “Äsken Syntyneet”, Galleria Fogga, Helsinki, Finland.

2020 Solo exhibition, “Arkipelag Archipelago”, Wasa Konditori, Vaasa, Finland.

2019 Solo exhibition, “Bortom Horisonten”, Kulturhuset Grand, Porvoo, Finland.

2019 Solo exhibition, “Grow”, Kaffia, Pietarsaari, Finland.

Biese has developed her own unconventional method of silk painting, which she calls the no-resist technique. When painting on silk, the silk paints spread along the thin fibres and are hard to control. However, unlike many silk artists, Biese uses no resist of any kind to control the paint and likes the challenge of trying to control the seemingly uncontrollable. By applying new techniques and Nordics motifs to a traditional medium and art form originating in Asia, Biese explores and transcends the boundaries between old and new, traditional and modern, East and West. She is especially interested in this intercultural aspect of her art. @ingrids_silk_painting


Forest Bath Silk Paint on Silk, 80x80 cm, 2021

Serenity Silk Paint on Silk, 50x50 cm, 2021


Elena Bernaldo de Quiros M A D R I D ,


Elena Bernaldo de Quiros is a Spanish artist born in Madrid in 1969. She does not remember when she began to paint. She always captured her dreams in paintings. She professionalized with Design and Styling (Goymar) and later studied Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid with a scholarship in Salzburg. Few people can say that they have been lucky enough to live her passion residing in different countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain. She has exhibited in Swedish and Spanish galleries. As a contemporary abstract artist, Bernaldo de Quiros is one of those people who can express her character through colour and creativity from her art studio. Her work shows the inner workings of her mind through a fusion of acrylic paint, alcohol-based ink, pigments, extreme textural contrasts and epoxy resin. She has never been one to join a tool or material. When it comes to conveying her dreams, emotions and feelings through art, Bernaldo de Quiros explores as many mediums as possible. •

2021 Group exhibition, “Big downloud”, Sala Arte Gutierrez Montiel, Madrid, Spain

2021 Group exhibition, Artbox GalleryBarcelona 1.0, Barcelona, Spain

2021 Group exhibition, “besARTE Y AbrazARTE”, Sala Baluarte, Madrid, Spain

2020 Group exhibition, “On the Blank Space” Ola Galleri & Ateljé, Lund, Sweden

2020 Solo exhibition, “Dream On”, Library of Lund, Lund, Sweden

Her hope is that, through art, she awakens emotions in the people who see her work, be it ecstasy, elegance, retrospective, or thoughtful. Art is a universal language that everyone can understand, even if they do not share the same mother tongue. Today, Elena Bernaldo de Quiros’ private art collection is featured on an international stage.


Golden Tears | Ink and Pigment, 70x53 cm, 2021

My Mind | Ink and Pigment on Photographic Paper, 70x53 cm, 2021 165

Lotta Blanking

M A L M Ö ,


Lotta Blanking is a self-taught artist based in Malmö, Sweden. She has lived by the sea almost her entire life , and it is unconsciously reflected in her artwork, both in choice of colours and materials. Blanking’s artwork is defined by curiosity to try new material and new techniques. Her art can be either figurative or abstract. It’s the empathy of the moment that thrives the outcome. Lotta Blanking’s sculpturing has already been recognized in a couple of juried exhibitions. She is sculpting mainly using sun-bleached driftwood, findings from her many walks along the Southern Swedish beaches. She is inspired by the minimalism and the Japanese aesthetic norm of imperfect beauty, the Wabi-sabi, which accepts the natural cycle of growth and decomposition in which everything has beauty.

2022 Juried exhibition, Liljevalchs Vårsalong, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Nordic Art Guide 2021/22”, Cendorian Publishing, Sweden

2021 Group Exhibition, Galleri Foteviken, Höllviken, Sweden

2020 Juried Exhibition, “Öresund Art”, Ödåkra Konsthall, Helsingborg, Sweden

Her paintings on canvas and birch panels are built up by many layers of acrylics and often together with collage, pastels and other media. Usually, she works on several paintings at a time, letting each painting take its own path to completion. Her art is about playing with the unexpected, something old, something new, reflecting strong curiosity. Working with spontaneity, layering, and a balance between simplicity and complexity creates a rich story in her paintings. Lotta Blanking’s creativity has no clear destination. The joy is embedded in the process, the discovery and the learning along the way.


Busy Days (Port Serie) Acrylic on Birch Panel, 30x30 cm, 2021

Fishing at Night (Port Serie) | Acrylics on Birch Panel, 30x30cm, 2021 167

The Hunter’s Wife Painting Acrylic on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021

From Far Away No 1 Mixed Media on Birch Panel, 60x60 cm, 2021


Above the Clouds | Mixed Media on Birch Panel, 30x30 cm, 2021

Green Landscape Aquarelle on Paper, 19x28 cm, 2019


Jasper Borup

C O P E N H A G E N ,


Jasper Borup is a self-taught artist who lives in Copenhagen and practices painting as a liberating exercise of self-expression. He has been developing his colorful mixed media art as a response to feelings and memories over the years, his desire of transforming the planet into a love and peaceful place. Lately, Borup has been moving from pure abstract to figuration. Multicultural reproductions and depictions of modern life, coming along with strong background keywords that relate to his personal intentions are the core elements of his pieces. The duel between what we let others see and who we really are, which he calls the fake-look-concept, has always fascinated him. The beauty he brings up from various sources, such as tribal people who live free and liberated, shows that there is no need to fit society’s unreal standards, wear living masks or shrink into the dull small boxes of self-limitation. Life should be less work, worries and rules and more about relaxing, loving, living the moment. Jasper Borup’s art seeks to encourage people to be who they want to be, free on their choices and personalities, to accept that they are good enough, and to embrace what makes them different and special. •

2022 Art fair, “International Contemporary Art Fair Luxembourg 2022”, Invited by Van Gogh Art Gallery, Luxembourg

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Art Anthology III Madrid Edition 2021”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid, Spain

2020 Magazine (interviewed), “The Magazine of Contemporary Art”, MOCA, U.S.A.

2020 Guest appearance, @10011mag, Instagram, U.S.A.

2018 Solo exhibition, Zenith Art & Fashion, Miami, U.S.A. @jasper_art_


Sing Sing Sing Mixed Media on Paper, 26x20 cm, 2018

Not Real Mixed Media on Paper, 42,5x32 cm, 2017 171

Susanne Cederlund

T U N G E L S T A ,


A colorful and multifaceted artist. Born 1970 in Gothenburg. She grew up in the forests of Värmland and moved to Stockholm in 1988, where she resides today. With a brain that is constantly running, creativity has always been a strong force in her life. Be it painting, drawing, photography or jewelry making. Susanne attended a High School of Arts in Karlstad. After graduation and the move to Stockholm, the paint brushes unfortunately were put aside. In 2013, Cederlund decided to breathe new life into her passion for art after years of self-doubt and breaking free from ”fitting in a box”. S.Cederlund is by nature curious and happy to explore new approaches. As her life in general. She doesn’t like the ”one way direction”.

2021 Solo exhibition, Art Gallery at Library of Charlottenberg, Charlottenberg, Sweden

2020 Solo exhibition, Galleri Engleson, Stockholm, Sweden

2020 Art Show with Galleri Zeitgeist, Uppsala, Sweden

2017 - 2018 Juried exhibition, Haninge Culture House, Stockholm, Sweden

1986 - 1988 Education, “Arts programme”, High School of Arts, Karlstad, Sweden

She loves contrasts, fashion & design which is visible in her art. Cederlund’s favorite subject is female faces. A face often tells its story without words. She also wants to convey the strength of women. Her art is vibrant with colour and contrasts. She tends to focus on details and this is something she tries to let go off in between. In 2019 she started to explore the abstract approach, black/ monochrome and more stripped-down art. S.Cederlund’s art has reached out to USA, Italy, Germany and Norway so far. @s.cederlund_art


Overload Acrylic on Paper, 40.6x50.8 cm, 2021

Carry Your Crown Proud Acrylic on Paper, 30.5x40.6 cm, 2021 173

Vacation Mood Acrylic and Metal on Canvas, 120x150 cm, 2019

Peace of Mind Acrylic on Paper, 50x61 cm, 2021 174

Lady in Red Acrylic on Canvas, 89x116 cm, 2018

More Than a Woman Acrylic and 18K Gold on Canvas, 75x100 cm, 2022 175

Svetlana Chernova M O S C O W ,


Svetlana Chernova is an artist, interior designer and decorator, designer of garments living in Moscow, Russia. She is also the ideological inspirer and founder of White & Black Design-Studio, which was founded in December 2005. She has participated in exhibitions, mostly in her home town Moscow where her latest was at W&P Gallery with her exhibition “Breaking into autumn”. Chernova has also been awarded different prizes, titles and nominations, such as Golden Time Talent in London, where she was praised for her interior paintings as well as her design. The success is the result of a line of art education in Russia. The artist attended started early in her life and graduated from the Rostov Art College. M.B. Grekova in 1988. Later, she attended Service University SURGUES 1995-2000 to learn the Design of garments. After this, she also attended the Moscow International Design School (IDS) 2004-2006. •

2021 – 2022 Art Prize “Golden Antip”, Novaya Tretyakov Gallery exhibition halls SHR, Moscow, Russia

2021 Group exhibition, “Breaking into autumn”, W&P Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2021 International online competition, “Golden Time Talent”, season 26, London, United Kingdom

2004 – 2006 ‎Education, “Interior design and decoration”, Moscow International School of Design (IDS), Moscow, Russia

1995 – 2000 Education, “Design of garments”, University of Service YURGUES, , Rostov region, Shakhty, Russia

The interior and work on its creation for Svetlana Chernova is an integral part of her life. The artist means that our universe is a space of desires - each person creates his own space of desires, his own picture of life. This idea formed the basis for the creation of the painting. @white_black_ds


CoroIIa | Panels, Patchwork Sewing, Crochet, 70x70 cm, 2021

The Space of Desires | Oil on Canvas, 75x105 cm, 2021‎ 177


K U N G Ä L V ,


Cina has been doing arts and crafts all her life on a hobby basis. After losing both her parents at the beginning of 2020, Cina’s art practice developed into something more serious. She has been painting non-stop every day since then. Cina sees painting as a form of therapy and meditation. Her art is a way to strive for inner balance and a tool to process feelings. She sees art in general as a healing act and a powerful way to process your inner and outer world. Cina’s life history has led her to be the artist she is today, someone with a lot of depth, darkness, spirituality and humour.

There are three strong influences of Cina’s paintings. First, there is the clear, simple and colourful design language of cartoons. From an early age, that aesthetic was imprinted in her system. The second is her great fascination with myths and philosophy. That interest has been with her for as long as she can remember, and Cina also studied philosophy at university. The third is the fact that she was born and raised in the woods of northern Sweden. Nature is close to her heart, and she loves mountains and especially trees which to her is a great source of inspiration.



Fjorgyn Acrylic on Paper, 29,7x42 cm, 2021

Ohh Acrylic on Paper, 21x29,7 cm, 2021 179

Gina Cinnamoni

V I K E N ,


Gina Cinnamoni is an artist who thought she had no further talent for painting or photography, although she has always been creative in many other areas of life. During a three-month stay in Barcelona in 2011/2012, the courage took over and she bought brushes and canvases, resulting in about 20 paintings. Back home, a couple of months later, she opened Galleri Cinnamoni in central Helsingborg and exhibited her art there for 2,5 years together with about 60 other artists. During this time, Cinnamoni’s art was also exhibited at hotels, restaurants, and local events. Gina Cinnamoni started with colourful paintings, mainly kissing fictional figures, but also semi-abstract art with motifs inspired by the world. Nowadays, she thrives best on creating with the medium that her heart and needs desire. The ideas can be shaped in the form of, for example, photography and conceptual art.

2019 Juried exhibition, “Helsingborgs Dagblads Vår Salong/Spring Salon” – curated by Carolina Falkholt, Applied with Conceptual Photography, Kulturhotellet, Helsingborg, Sweden

2018-2020 Education, “Art Theory and Art History, Bachelor of Arts”, Uppsala University & Halmstad University, Sweden

2018 Group exhibition, “Art in Christmastime”, Grand Hotel, Helsingborg, Sweden

2017 Group exhibition, “Skånes Fria Konstrunda”, Oxhallen, Helsingborg, Sweden

2012 Solo exhibition, “Faces and Places”, Custom House, Copenhagen, Denmark

The most important at the moment for Cinnamoni, instead of just creating, is that there is a message behind everything. Something that makes the viewer philosophize and wonder what they see and put the experience into an entirety, and also apply it to their own life. Gina Cinnamoni believes that one must explore several aspects of oneself to let go of one’s self-perception and thus one’s creative expression. @ginacinnamoni 180

Plaza del Sol Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2017

Made in Paris | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2012 181

Evening in Hittarp, Sweden | Digital Photography, 2018 182

Evening in Hittarp, Sweden | Digital Photography, 2018

Fog in Hittarp, Sweden | Digital Photography, 2019 183

Linus Cinnamoni

V I K E N ,


Linus Cinnamoni is an autodidact artist who lives in Viken, in the south of Sweden. Together with his wife, Gina Cinnamoni, he ran Gallery Cinnamoni in Helsingborg for many years. Cinnamoni’s childish and colourful style is inspired by ancient cultures, animals, and just about anything that affects him in his life, and it has been so since he was a child. But mainly, his intuition guides every stroke. The chosen media of Linus Cinnamoni includes both pen and paintbrush. Together they create a very unique style. Even though Cinnamoni has been painting for many years without showing his art to the public more than on a few occasions, not even to his friends or family, it is only during the last two years that he has found the style that expresses what he feels in his heart. By incorporating acrylic pens in his art, the artist has developed his unique style.

2021 Juried exhibition, “Helsingborgs Dagblad’s Vår Salong/Spring Salon” – curated by Marina Schiptjenko, Kulturhotellet, Helsingborg, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, “Grand Opening”, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden

2012 Group event, ”Konst På Stan´”/”Art in the City”, organized by Helsingborg Municipality, Galleri Cinnamoni, Helsingborg, Sweden

2012 Group exhibition, Galleri Cinnamoni, Helsingborg, Sweden

Linus Cinnamoni looks forward to continuing to share his art with the world and is aiming for exhibitions worldwide and developing his art name by continuing to explore the unlimited world of creating. Though he has thousands of followers on Instagram at the moment, Cinnamoni has just started his art career and has planned to stay in the art field for a long time. The artist’s mission is also to spread a message of hope, joy, and colours from his soul to yours. He would like to share this with the world with the help of art because true art should come from the heart of the artist. @mrartnet


The Unknown King Mixed Media on Canvas, 30x40 cm, 2021

Fly, But Don’t Burn | Acrylic and Markers on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2022 185

You Are Unique | Mixed Media on Canvas, 90x120 cm, 2021 186

The Ocean | Acrylic and Markers on Canvas, 200x200 cm, 2021

The Family | Markers on Paper, 40x40 cm, 2021 187

Kristina Claesson

L J U N G B Y ,


Kristina Claesson’s desire to create began as a child when she spent hours in her grandfather’s painting studio. There she got to paint, dream and play with colours and shapes. In creation, anything was possible and since then, she has continued to experiment with new techniques and materials. Claesson’s curiosity and inspiration are what drives her to find the motives that want to be born on her canvas. She uses different materials such as fabric and putty to create structure and effects. Kristina Claesson is a trained behavioural scientist and works in the psychosocial field. In painting, she finds inner peace, describing it as a form of recreation. The stillness of painting is where she finds power and inspiration and her ambition is to share this through her artwork. Kristina Claesson describes herself as an intuitive artist. She paints what appeals to her, from her soul to her hand, from her heart to yours.

2022 Group exhibition, Ljungby konsthall, Ljungby, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, Lessebo Handpappersbruk, Lessebo, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, Västerviks Konstrunda, Svanhusets Konstgalleri, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, Galleri Plume, Viken, Sweden @artbykristinaclaesson


Message | Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021

Playful | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2021 189


L O U G H B O R O U G H ,



Constantina was born in Athens, Greece. She studied Graphic design at the Vakalo art & design school in Athens. In the mid-1980’s, she formed a company, ‘ABAX’ that produced and marketed her branded jewellery designs. This led to her gaining experience in all aspects of running and franchising her brand. As a result, she became involved in taking part in various personal exhibitions and also at the Thessaloniki International Jewellery Fair. After winning the 1st prize in the competition to design jewellery for the Olympics, Constantina was invited to appear on the TV channel ERT1. Later compiling a book of all the designs of products for the Olympic games. Constantina’s lifelong passion for fashion magazines led her into this field. Allowing her to gain experience in various magazines such as Cosmopolitan & KLIK. In concurrence with the above, she carried out freelance work for Swatch and Smirnoff Vodka, to name a few.

2021 Virtual group exhibition, “Sacrifice”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

2021 Digital magazine (featured in), “Topconcept”, Athens, Greece

2021 Group exhibition, “Art in Mind”, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, U.K.

2021 Catalogue (featured in), “100 Contemporary Greek Artists”, Artway, Athens, Greece

2018 Art fair, “Parallax”, Manchester, U.K.

Her love for music, coupled with her skills in graphic design, allowed her to successfully carry out freelance design & art direction for records and CD covers. During her time with Warner Music, she was responsible for the creative art direction and design for Lion King Greece. Constantina has taken part in a number of exhibitions around the world. Her artworks have been shown in various catalogues and publications on the international stage. Many of her artworks are in the hands of private collectors. @conniejones67


My Renaissance 5 | Hybrid Digital Print, 40x40 cm, 2020

My Renaissance 30 | Hybrid Digital Print, 40x40 cm, 2021 191

My Renaissance 37 | Hybrid Digital Print, 40x40 cm, 2021

Helena 1 Hybrid Digital Print, 40x40 cm, 2021


God Pan 9 Hybrid Digital Print, 40x40 cm, 2021

God Pan 11 | Hybrid Digital Print, 40x40 cm, 2021 193

Ewa Dahlén

G R E B B E S T A D ,


Ewa Dahlén paints mainly in oil on canvas but also in watercolour. Dahlén has a big passion for painting, and she paints landscapes. She gets great inspiration from the forest and the sea from the surrounding nature where she lives. Small paths in the forests can be seen recurrently in her artwork. The light is important and something she will catch in her paintings. Dahlén thinks that nature is meditative where she can feel total calm and relax and get new energy. She gets so many feelings when she is out in nature and wants to paint them when she comes home. Some paintings are specific places, but some are intuitive. She expresses the places that she would like to be in. Dahlén thinks that nature is something beautiful and peaceful and wants to paint the importance of nature for people. She likes to freeze a moment that means something to her.

2021 Education “Gerlesborgsskolan”, Tanum, Sweden.

In Ewa Dahlén’s art, you often see landscapes from the summer season with the ocean and rocks in them. Some of her paintings have a person in the landscape. She likes the mystics in nature, and you can maybe see a fairy in her forest paintings. Her watercolour art is also motives from landscapes and flowers. Dahlén paints in different thin levels on each other. She wants to spread harmony and a lot of feelings through her paintings. @dahlenewa


Summer Evening | Oil on Canvas, 45x55 cm, 2020

The Fairy | Oil on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2020 195

The Summer Path | Oil on Canvas, 45x55 cm, 2020

Trust | Oil on Canvas, 45x55 cm, 2019 196

Free Oil on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2020

Early Morning | Watercolour on Paper, 24x15 cm, 2021 197

Rika Maja Duevel

A M S T E R D A M ,



Rika Maja Duevel is a global nomad, and this triggers the nucleus of her work. With each new adventure, she finds new inspiration. Her artwork manifests from her daily experiences, the idea of capturing the moment. She allows herself to embrace or let go of each experience by sharing a piece of it with others. Her wish is that the observer might be able to pull their own experience from each piece. She often uses vibrant colours and patterns to document this story. A sketchbook always at Duevel’s reach is her portable way of capturing each idea as they come. This process has taken her all over the world, and with each destination, she documents a different story, a different moment. Born in Stavanger, Norway, Rika Maja Duevel grew up surrounded by the icy fjords and mountains reminded her that there was always a new adventure just over the next mountain or path. Now, as an adult, she carries this concept as she travels forwards. Duevel’s journey has now taken her to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and she is lucky enough to have an atelier in Treehouse, a creative space for artists in multiple disciplines located in the NDSM neighbourhood of Amsterdam. •

2022 Spotlight Magazine, Circle Arts, (Invite Only), Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 26.

2021 Tokyo International Art Fair, Invited Artist, The Global Art Agency, Tokyo, Japan

2021 Magazine (featured in), “The Amsterdam Art Guide”, Fransastic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2020 Short movie (featured in), “Space For Artistic Practice”, Dilara Erzeybek, Leiden, The Netherlands

2009 Group exhibition, “Cambridge Open Studios Exhibition”, Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts, USA @rikamajaduevel


The Waiting Game Mixed Media on Canvas, 147x190 cm, 2021

Be True to Yourself Mixed Media on Canvas, 140x212 cm, 2021 199

Anita Édes

S Z E N T E N D R E ,


Anita Édes was born in 1989 in the Southern Great Plain region of Hungary. She has shown great interest in creative pursuits since she was a child when she preferred to play with pencils rather than dolls. In her teenage years, Édes became more interested in the direction of graphics and then captivated the world of painting. In the absence of a supportive, understanding medium, she was unable to unleash her talent. She has always tried to educate herself and broaden her horizons to the best of her ability. Schools and jobs came and left, but the love of creative work remained. Anita Édes has boldly tried her skills in several areas, be it learning classic or digital techniques. She strives to make the most of the opportunities offered by our time. But her biggest favourite has always been painting. Lately, Édes has been devoting her energies and attention mostly to this art expression. This kind of creative process gives her reassurance and fun. •

2022 Book publication (featured in), “Art Anthology IV”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid, Spain

2022 Digital group exhibition, “Yellow”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

The artist finds it difficult to express herself by speaking and writing, so she prefers to show her thoughts and emotions through her creative work. The idea of showing her work to the world slowly came to her mind. Her appearance in this publication is also one of her first and biggest steps into an upcoming art career. @_._sweetart_._


Summer Madonna Acrylic on Canvas, 70x50 cm, 2021

Hallucination Acrylic on Canvas, 70x50 cm, 2021 201

Tomato Study Acrylic on Canvas, 20x20 cm, 2021


Onion Study Acrylic on Canvas, 24x18 cm, 2021 203

Amelie Monira Egenolf

H E I I G E N B E R G ,


Amelie Monira Egenolf grew up in South Germany and has carved a unique niche for herself as a modern artist. By mixing fantasy and realistic elements and with the use of bold and dynamic colour palettes, she has created a reputation for her work that is as unconventional as her personal artistic journey. Driven by a passion for art, travel and culture from a very early age, she engaged in studies with numerous schools, both in-person and online. Through the exploration of many media and in her meetings with many artists in India, Mexico, Venezuela and New Zealand, she constantly developed and evolved her perspective and approach. In 2010, with the advent of motherhood, Egenolf settled on Lake Constanze in South Germany and here established not only a daily work routine but also created a company that would enable her to make her work more widely known. •

2021 Group exhibition (participation and organizer), “BAMBOO MEETS ART”, Heiligenberg, South Germany

2021 Group exhibition “Paraiso”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Group exhibition, “Gegensätzlich II”, Kunstkaufhaus, Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

2021 Group exhibition, “Future Landscape”, Contemporary Venice, Venice, Italy

2020 Digital group exhibition, “Mater”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

Having published her work in several newspapers, international art magazines, and with the possibility to show her art at several art exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland, her reputation is rapidly growing. @moniraart


Mother Love | Oil on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2020

Warrior Dream | Mixed Media on Canvas, 140x70 cm, 2021 205

Catharina Engberg

S Ö L V E S B O R G ,


The artist Catharina Engberg was born in 1963 in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. But after moving to Hälsingland in the north of Sweden as a child, she grew up in the countryside with trees around the house. Living surrounded by nature is probably the main reason she learned to love it and is now choosing nature as her focus in creating art. She enjoyed many hours sketching and playing in nature. This has strongly influenced Engberg’s view of art. And nature is still having a great impact on her as she is spending time canoeing and sleeping in her hammock during summertime. The main purpose she has when choosing the motive for her art is to present that deep feeling she has for nature. The reason why she prefers using watercolour over any other technique such as acrylic or oil etc. is the liveliness of watercolour. She never gets tired of watching the movement of the pigment on the watercolour paper. And she thinks that the feeling and look of velvet is outstanding. Catharina Engberg is now living and operating in a small town called Sölvesborg that has beautiful surroundings and great views by the southeast coast of Sweden. The perfect place for an artist’s soul. •

2022 Book publication (featured in), “Art Anthology IV 2022 Madrid edition”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid, Spain

2021 Juried exhibition, Romele Konsthall, Abbekås, Sweden

2021 Digital group exhibition, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Fuerteventura, Spain & Milano, Italy

2021 Group exhibition, First Hotel River C, Karlstad, Sweden

2020 Charity auction, “Konst för Livet”/”Art for life”, Helsingborg, Sweden @catharina_engberg_art


Day Dreaming | Watercolour on Paper, 76x56 cm, 2021

Fallen Birch | Watercolour on Paper, 41x31 cm, 2021 207

Sun Gaze II Watercolour on Paper, 26x36 cm, 2021

Morning Glow | Watercolour on Paper, 76x56 cm, 2021 208

Pine Trees | Watercolour on Paper, 41x31 cm, 2021

Under the Surface | Watercolour on Paper, 41x31 cm, 2021 209

Maria Engblom

H Ö V I K S N Ä S ,


Maria Engblom lives on Tjörn - an island in Bohuslän located on the Swedish west coast. Engblom has always painted and written for as long as she can remember. Since the children have grown up, Engblom has more time to devote to her artist and mediumship that she is passionate about. She has been actively painting for about 12 years when she took a few courses with an artist and was inspired to paint even more. Even in the mediumship, she paints various forms of spirit art. Inspiration is welcome in life itself, where everything is possible, according to Maria Engblom. Painting is meditation for her. Where she can completely indulge in what is happening on the screen in time with her heart. To freely create something from her interior that takes shape and becomes a work of art that can then give another human being some form of well-being is a great joy. •

2021 Solo exhibition, Skärhamns PopUp Galleri, Skärhamn, Sweden

2011 Solo exhibition, Tjörn, Sweden

2010 Solo exhibition, Tjörn, Sweden

Engblom has a desire that each individual seeks his own inner self and his heart in all matters of life. It is often an accompanying poem to a painting. The poems are often about life’s different thoughts and feelings. She has a desire that you can find something that leads to your own thoughts and insights, like a seed of love. @mariaengblomskonst


Livets färger | Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40 cm, 2021 211

Stillhet | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021

The Portal | Acrylic on Canvas, 40x50 cm, 2019 212

Nattmaran Acrylic on Canvas, 40x60 cm, 2019


Elisabet Engqvist

FÄ R J E S T A D E N ,


Elisabet Engqvist has always been interested in painting and drawing. She is painting outdoors, the landscape and the surroundings where she lives in a classic style (plein air). Engqvist is inspired by the surroundings where she lives, at an Island, Öland. For example, a fishing boat, an old barn, a forest road, a poppy field or a canola field. It takes from a few days to several weeks to get a painting ready. How long it takes all depends on the weather and wind. She always uses oil paint. She paints outside because the light and colours come more in its right, she thinks. She never uses a photo to paint after. She paints in layers and must wait until the first layer is dry until it’s time to begin with the next layer. She also works with still life with the motive in front of her in her studio. She began with classic painting in portrait some years ago at a course, and she wanted to explore this more.

2022 Art fair, “Art Expo New York”, Pier 36, New York, U.S.A.

2021 Juried exhibition, Romelegården, Abbekås, Skåne

2015 & 2019 & 2021 Juried exhibition, “Vårsalong”, Ölands Museum, Himmelsberga, Sweden

2018 Juried exhibition, Sydosten, Kalmar Artmuseum, Kalmar, Sweden

2013 & 2014 Solo exhibition, Ölands Museum, Himmelsberga, Sweden

Elisabet Engqvist works in graphics, too - with a mirror in front, so the motive at the copperplate gets at the right way. When she is printing the motive in a copper print press by hand. For example, dry point or monotype. She has, for example, taken several courses in picture at the university in Kalmar several years ago. She has also taken some summer courses in landscape painting at Öland’s Folkhögskola over the years. She has been in about thirty group exhibitions and about four solo exhibitions in Sweden in the last thirteen years. @elisabet.e_konst


The Forest Road Oil on Canvas, 34x53 cm, 2021

The Barn Oil on Canvas, 46x55 cm, 2021 215

Hamza Fiaz

H A L I FA X ,



Hamza Fiaz is a self-taught artist born in, living and working in the United Kingdom. His medium of choice is graphite, which he uses to create striking hyper-realistic artworks with honest photorealism in mind. He loves to create pieces of artwork that showcase the richness and depths of emotion in human life, covering a wide spectrum of emotion-based themes such as hope, suffering, isolation and empathy. As he was narrowing down to find his style of artwork, the desire to cover themes depicting deep human emotions grew more and more, as he felt these topics give the viewers a sense of familiarity and can bring out deep, thoughtful moments and a chance for the viewers to reflect on their own lives as well as the lives of others.

2022 Group exhibition, “Select Art ‘22”, World Of Crete, Villa Moma, Gerani, Crete, Greece

2022 Virtual art fair, “VIFAF ‘22”, World Of Crete, Greece

2021 Digital group exhibition, “Sacrifice”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

The use of striking lighting combined with the photographic edge of the figures in his work is something Hamza Fiaz feels is a necessity in his work and pushes him to bring out the best of his realism while allowing him to portray an element of mysteriousness in his artwork. With the dramatic angles in each artwork and the person modelling the reference images being unknown, the work not only shows an insight into the creative mind and vision of the artist but, more importantly, gives the viewer an opportunity to reflect on their own lives if they feel they resonate with the work. @hamzafiazart


Cripple Graphite on Paper, 83x58 cm, 2021

Gaze Graphite on Paper, 83x58 cm, 2021 217

Charlotta Flodén

L I N K Ö P I N G ,


Let me tell you about Charlotta Flodén. When she was five years old, her daycare teacher sent her to the doctor to investigate if she was colour blind. At that time, she only used the colour black in everything she painted: The house, sun, and trees were all black. She saw all the colours but just preferred black. Today, she creates stories and paintings with many different colours but sometimes with different tones of one. She creates unpredictable and colourful paintings like life itself. Flodén is a figurative and abstract painter based in Linköping, Sweden. She mainly works in Aquarelle. Flodén thinks it’s magic how we can create amazing worlds inside of us. She feels that we all need a little bit of magic in our lives to escape the gravity of this challenging world. She gets the inspiration for her paintings in meetings with people and by hearing and reading about different life stories. However, it is quiet and still in her studio, where she prefers to work alone. •

2015-2017 Education, “Graphic designer”, Learning partner, Polytechnic, Nyköping, Sweden

2011 Education, “Design”, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

1999-2004 Education, “Goldsmith”, Dackeskolan, Mjölby, Sweden

Life is unpredictable, and it has created new paths for Charlotta Flodén. She has worked as a goldsmith, as a graphic designer, and in communication. This multi-talented artist hopes to affect people with her paintings, invoke feelings and thoughts, and bring forth happiness, pleasure, and sadness that words cannot easily describe. @c_floden


Jump | Aquarelle on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2019 219

Together | Aquarelle on Paper, 40x30 cm, 2021

Darkwater | Aquarelle on Paper, 76x56 cm, 2020 220

To You From Me | Aquarelle on Paper 56x76 cm, 2021 221

Josefine Forsman

S T O C K H O L M ,


Josefine Forsman is an artist and interior designer currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. She works mainly with acrylic and mixed media, and her focus is on realistic and abstract art. Forsman holds an Interior Design Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A.) from Berkeley College in the United States and a diploma in Visual Merchandising from Medborgarskolan in Stockholm, Sweden. Forsman’s interest in the world of art began at a young age, where perspective drawing became her first love. This passion was never pursued professionally until one day in 2020, she was given a challenge to design artworks for a friend’s new apartment, and a seed had been sown that would bloom into a beautiful future. The starting point of her new career had begun.

2022 Collective art exhibition, Hammarö Art Gallery, Karlstad, Sweden

2022 Solo exhibition, “The Nordic Gardens” fair, Stockholm International Fairs, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 Collective art exhibition, “Vinterkonst”, Hammarö Art Gallery, Karlstad, Sweden

2021 Solo exhibition, restaurant Don Felice, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 Education, “Bachelor of Fine Arts” Degree (B.F.A.) Interior Design, Berkeley College, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Forsman began as an abstract artist but eventually developed into creating realistic pieces, and that is an area she has become very fond of and continues to fine-tune her skills in. She has described her realistic artwork as coming from various pictures in her mind, whereas her abstract art is more hands-on. The use of her heartbeat in combination with her emotions and surroundings guides her abstract visions into reality. She is especially known to use a pallet knife when creating her art because of the depth and character she believes it adds to her works. Becoming an artist has allowed her to express herself in a way that is different from ever before. She cannot wait to continue making various pieces and exploring different art forms that inspire people all over the world. @josefineforsmandesign


F3 Macau | Acrylic on Canvas, 65x45 cm, 2022

Blue Porsche | Acrylic on Canvas, 70x50 cm, 2021 223

Inner Peace | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2021 224

Fallen Enigma | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x40 cm, 2021

La Torre | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x60 cm, 2021 225

Camilla Fransrud

V I K H A M M E R ,


She moved to Trondheim, the heart of Norway, at the age of twenty and had lived there for 27 years. She has three adult children, and family means a lot to her. Ever since childhood, she has had a deep and unique passion for photography, where she is self-taught. As a seven-year-old, she owned her first camera, and she could stand on the beach for hours to capture the perfect moment. She is strongly connected to the ocean, where she today also has her day job. Through her love for photographic art, she also discovered her passion for painting. She started painting in 2017, and she paints on canvas with acrylic, mixing her own colours. To create depth in her paintings, she uses chalk, palette knife, various textures and mixed media. She is also self-taught in this artform and has three exhibitions in Trondheim. What she attempts to evoke in her art is that you can feel the paintings at your fingertips, sense them, not only look at them. To her, the process of painting is just as essential as breathing. •

2020 Digital group exhibition, “Hysterica”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & - Fuerteventura, Spain 2020 Group exhibition, Ranheim Art Club, Trondheim, Norway

2020 Group exhibition, Galleri Q, Trondheim, Norway

2019 Solo exhibition, Trondheim, Norway

Let me give you one breath, one moment of poetic stillness, she says. Working intuitively with colours, she derives inspiration from the northern light. She wants to give you a space to dwell in, a place to enjoy and simply be. To her, it is important to paint with the heart, and her expression is both abstract and figurative. She desires to touch your heart with her paintings so that you can feel and create your own dreams through the feelings she attempts to convey in her paintings. You do not capture a picture; you create one. Let us create a beautiful world together, she says, and she hopes you will accompany her on that journey. @artbyc_fransrud


Autumn Mood Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2020

Lightness | Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2019 227

Good Karma | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x80 cm, 2019

The Red Life Tread Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2019 228

Summerfeelings Acrylic on Canvas, 120x100 cm, 2020

The Salt of the Earth Acrylic on Canvas, 120x80 cm, 2020 229

Birgitta Glenmark

S T O C K H O L M ,


“Birgitta Glenmark’s painting is characterized by a material curiosity. If you walk around with Birgitta in town or sit in the studio, there are constant small exclamations; What is this! This one could be used! Look what a beautiful surface! Birgitta’s energy is contagious; you are drawn into her enthusiasm. The paintings vibrate with the same energy. Playfulness is the guiding light. The paintings get much of their expression after the choice of material. Paintings on glittering tar paper give a mysterious enigmatic undertone to the picture, and metal powder enhances the glitter. Other paintings on paper with ink that seeks its own way on the wet surface. Acrylic on canvas where the brush seeks its own journey. Stricter, more form-fitting paintings on aluminium and airy paintings on rice paper. It is as if the material sets the tone for the expression.

2021 Solo exhibition, Gallery Jan Wallmark, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, Steninge Art Gallery, Steninge, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, Kabusa Art Gallery, Köpingebro, Sweden

2019 Solo exhibition, Galleri Jan Wallmark, Stockholm, Sweden

2018 Solo exhibition, Gallery M1, Ystad, Sweden

It is an abstract painting, but you can see traces and small signs of what impressions are filtered in the painting. It can be trips in Asia, meetings with new artistry or the light of a summer evening. But above all, the paintings are born out of their tools. It can be scrapers, brushes, hands, spray cans or pieces of cardboard or an iPad. The paintings seek their own expression. They are not condescending. They carry a rawness that rubs as life itself can do. They are bombastic and fragile at the same time. But above all, it is a fun, warm and joyful painting that Birgitta invites us to.” - Astrid Sylwan - @happyartage


Happy Man in The Blue Light | Acrylic on Canvas, 91x80 cm, 2021


Mallorca III & IV (Diptych) Acrylic on Canvas, 167x108 cm, 2021


Colorbubbles II | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x90 cm, 2022


Alexandra Hediger

U N T E R K U L M ,


Creativity has accompanied Alexandra Hediger almost her whole life. Initially, she found fulfilment in portrait photography, but over time she traded the camera for brush, pen and canvas. Portraiture stayed with her. As an artist, she processes her own history through paintings, often in self-portraits and life maps, in which she reflects her feelings and her life in colours and shapes. This helps her accept life as it is and find happiness and fulfilment in it. She finds the inspiration for this in her everyday life, in the history of her lung disease, the blood pulsing through her veins, in the struggle for life and death, between love and hate, courage and fear, luck and bad luck - life itself, with its thousands of colours and facets. With her pictures, Alexandra Hediger wants to get people to see the world as a whole and us people as individuals who combine different aspects into a whole. The message of her pictures points in the same direction: everyone has made their way, they have to carry their backpacks, filled with light and darkness, lightness and heaviness. The goal is to try to see the good in it, accept it and move on with it. •

2022 Solo exhibition, Galerie Capital Culture House, Madrid, Spain

2022 Group exhibition, ARTBOX. PROJECTS, Schweiz, Zürich

2021 Digital group exhibition, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Spain

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Art Anthology III”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid, Spain

2019 Exhibition at fair, “Comic Con”, Offenburg, Germany @art_lexih__new_account


Die Spaltung Aquarelle on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2021

Das Nest | Pencils on Paper, 30x30 cm, 2020 235

Loslassen | Acrylic and Aquarelle on Canvas, 40x30 cm, 2021

Die Geduld Acrylic on Canvas, 30x30 cm, 2021 236

Die stille Frau | Pastel on Paper, 21x29,7 cm, 2021

In den Eigenen Gefuehlen Gefangen Pencils on Paper, 42x30 cm, 2019 237

Fanny Håman

K A R L S T A D ,


To Fanny Håman , art is about expressing, exploring and creating. She enjoys learning new techniques and finding new ways of expression. Håman has earlier been doing artistic work, mainly painting as a meditation for herself. Art has always been Håmans way to connect with herself; now, it has also become a way to connect with others. She experienced that something happened when art was being shared. The artist’s expression of something within them connected with the viewer with art as the tool. Håman felt the time has come to express and share her work with a wider audience. When it comes to schooling, Håman went to high school with an extra focus on art. Other than this, she is self-taught. With her art, Håman, today runs the company Haman Art & Creation AB. Håman also has a degree of bachelor of science in nursing. As a nurse, she spent time working with emergency care for children and in a Covid ward during the pandemic.

2022 Solo exhibition, “Art”, Judith’s Tattoo, Karlstad, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, “vintersalong”, Gustaf Fröding Hotel, Karlstad, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, “Sommarkonst”, Hammarö Art Gallery, Karlstad, Sweden

2021 Solo exhibition, “Fanny Håman”, Salong Rut, Karlstad, Sweden

Håman finds a lot of inspiration in meetings. Whether it’s with her children and people around her, her patients, with nature or with different situations that life brings, and through all those meetings, a meeting with herself. Håman enjoys the freedom of expression art gives, and she has a special heart for realistic art with her own interpretation in her creations. @f.hamanart


Free Oilbased Pencils and Acrylic, 60x90 cm, 2021

Soulful 1 Oilbased Pencils, 26,5x36 cm, 2021 239

Susanna Isaksson

M A L M B E R G E T ,


Susanna Isaksson is an artist from Swedish Lapland. She uses mainly acrylic colour but also oil and mixed media in her paintings. Isaksson often paints multiple layers and mark-making is also a technique she likes. She usually paints colourful, because it gives her energy and then she feels the most alive. Susanna Isaksson is inspired by dreams, faith, women, the beautiful nature in Lapland and animals. Especially birds catch her interest. They give her a sense of freedom and hope, which is very important in her art. The bird is also a kind of messenger in her paintings. For Isaksson’s painting, brushes and colour are her language, her safe space. There she can express her inner thoughts, feelings and what she has experienced. In painting, she feels free and can follow her dreams. Through the magical world of colours, anything is possible! In recent years, intuitive painting and faith have taken a larger place in Isaksson’s life. This can be reflected in many of her paintings. Isaksson has a great sensitivity; you can see and feel it in her paintings. Making art gives her inner calmness. •

2021 – 2022 Education, ”Mastery Program”, Milan Art Institute, USA

2021 Group exhibition, ”Lifeline”, Gallery of Biblioteca Angelica, Rome, Italy

2021 Group exhibition, ”Paraiso”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

2018 Group exhibition, ”Vårsalong”, Gällivare museum, Gällivare, Sweden

2004 Exhibition, ”Bok och Bild”, Konstens Hus, Luleå, Sweden

Susanna Isaksson has also written and illustrated two children’s books which were published in 2004 and 2016. Susanna is a member of the Swedish Artist Association. @susannaskonst


Are You Lonesome Tonight | Acrylic on Canvas, 40x40 cm, 2021

Should I Stay or Should I Fly Acrylic on Watercolour Paper, 30x30 cm, 2021 241

Siiri Julge Alvemyr

J Ö N K Ö P I N G ,


Although she has followed some art courses, Siiri Julge Alvemyr considers herself mostly to be a self-taught artist. She was born in Estonia but has lived in Sweden most of her adult life. Painting has been a big interest of hers since her childhood. Her art teacher recommended that she study art, but she didn’t think she was good enough. Instead, she studied finance and has an MBA degree in business. She worked in management positions for fifteen years before she couldn’t ignore the desire to paint anymore and started her own business.

2021 Solo exhibition, Galleri Tegel, Jönköping, Sweden

2021 Virtual group exhibition, Capital Culture House, Madrid, Spain

For the last seven years, Siiri Julge Alvemyr has been dedicated to painting and far most creating abstract art. Her paintings have a direct connection to her daily life, her thoughts, feelings and things that she finds fascinating. In a way, they are the diary of her life, feelings and experiences. That is also the reason why the artist doesn’t have a specific painting or artistic style or doesn’t use the same media to express herself. In her work, she tries to constantly develop her artistic expression. The style and mediums she uses depend on what will help her best express her mood, thoughts, or feelings. She is always interested in learning more about different mediums and forms of expression. @mina10000timmar


Mapping the Chaos in my Brain | Acrylic on Canvas, 73x75 cm, 2021

Dancing With my Fears | Mixed Media on Canvas, 65x75 cm, 2021 243

Stuck in Between | Mixed Media on Canvas, 90x70 cm, 2021


Storm | Acrylic on Canvas, 75x65 cm, 2021

The Moment of Truth | Acrylic on Canvas, 85x65 cm, 2021 245

Vaida Kačergienė

K A U N A S ,


Vaida Kačergienė was born in 1967 in Lithuania. From childhood romantic, melancholic, naive, believing in the most beautiful things in life - has remained so to this day, expressing her vision and feelings of the world through the visual arts. Kačergienė is a self-taught artist who started painting and drawing in adolescence. More than three years ago, she renewed the creative activity for drawing and painting using various techniques and styles. Until now, she has created more than 100 various paintings, drawings and sketches, each very individual, reflecting her own feelings and vision, mostly related to a person’s inner world, relations, nature, humans’ place in it. Vaida Kačergienė shall be introduced as a creator of naive art as well as landscape, cityscape, nature painter. Her creativity can be characterized by its unsystematic, unpredictable, unrestrained imagination, in which there is no effort and no claim to follow, to correspond to professional art, but to come from an internal impulse and based on intuitive technical-plastic solutions. •

2022 Virtual online exhibition, Artsteps. com, Dataverse Ltd, Greece 2021 Virtual group exhibition, “Romantica”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Virtual group exhibition, “Coming Out”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Virtual group exhibition, “Paraíso”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Virtual group exhibition, “Sensuality“, Gallery Virtual Artists, U.K.

The author of the unique painting has already received attention in various galleries. The specific naivety, intimacy, openness in such works of art confuses and requires a very attentive look. Talk to the heart, let the soul be the driver, let the dreams be the friends showing the most beautiful and important details on the way. @vaidakacergiene


Walk in the Forest part I | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x40 cm, 2020

Walk in the Forest part II | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x40 cm, 2020 247

Walk in the Forest part III Acrylic on Canvas, 50x40 cm, 2020

Walk Along the Seaside | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2020 248

Colors Explosion Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2021

Dreamers Acrylic on Canvas, 50x100 cm, 2021 249

Niusha Khanmohammadi S T O C K H O L M ,


Niusha Khanmohammadi is a Swedish artist of Iranian descent. Self-taught, she has been painting since childhood and embarked on her artistic career in 2019 while living in Sarajevo, going on to exhibit her work the following year in Istanbul. Using watercolour, acrylic, and ink on paper and canvas, her abstract pieces have a distinctive expressionism style, while her portraits often highlight nuanced forms and shapes, with an emphasis on capturing female contemplation and body language through elegant lines and playful use of colour.

2021 Group exhibition, “Elegance”, La Visione Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2021 Group exhibition, “Dostlar Sergide Görsün”, Gallery Next, Istanbul, Turkey

2021 Group exhibition, “Art of life”, Karl&Ein Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 – 2018, Education, MA Human Rights, Uppsala University

2012 – 2015, Education, BA Political Science, Stockholm University

Niusha Khanmohammadi’s mixed heritage represents a nexus of syntheses and tensions that inspire and find expression in her art. Exploring the cultural, linguistic, and socio-historic forces that underpin the formation of community identity, her output has been further shaped by her work on gender equality in seven different countries for the United Nations and the European Union in the field of gender equality. Despite these preoccupations, she seeks to foreground the emotive aspects of her work, believing it is this that best equips and compels the viewer to engage with its subtexts in a visceral and fundamentally meaningful way. Constantly on the move, having called many different places home over the past few years, she seeks to capture the essential communal identities and intercultural dialogue that underpins the many interwoven layers of shared arts, language, and history she encounters. khanmohammadi


Steg För Steg Watercolour and Ink on Paper, 14,8x21,0 cm, 2021

Reflections Watercolour and Ink on Paper, 14,8x21,0 cm, 2021 251

Thea Kiaer

T R O N D H E I M ,


Thea Kiær (London, England, 1988) is a Norwegian visual artist based in Trondheim. Based on painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, knit design and mixed media techniques, Kiær is exploring shapes, rhythms and colours to visualize human thoughts and emotions. She is also wandering around societal issues and visualizes universal messages coming through to the canvas during meditation. Kiær is working very intuitively and creates what comes to her the moment she is in her creative flow. Her paintings are in the intersection between figurative and abstract, while she’s mostly focusing on the human figure and face in her drawings.

2021 Solo exhibition, Gallery F48, Oslo, Norway

2021 Solo exhibition, Det Øde Galleri og Skaperi, Røyse, Norway

2020 Solo exhibition, Gallery F48, Oslo, Norway

2019 Group exhibition, Akron Gallery, Trondheim, Norway

2019 Group exhibition, Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy

Thea Kiær mostly identifies within spiritual art as a spiritual colourist, making healing pieces of art through her delicate use of colours. Some of the themes she likes touching are life, death and life after death. Being a spiritual soul, Kiær finds a lot of inspiration from the healing vibrations of crystals, but she’s also finding a lot of inspiration from other artists she’s discovering on Instagram. Kiær is currently doing inner abstract landscapes in alcohol ink and epoxy resin on big canvases. She is also drawing a lot of portraits and is open for commissions. Thea Kiær has a background as a preschool teacher, interior designer, art mediator and art teacher for children. She is currently studying BA (Hons) Painting at The Open College of The Arts, University for the Creative Arts, UK, as an online student combined with working towards solo exhibitions in Norway. @thea.kiaer


Connected Epoxy Resin, Acrylic Ink and Metal Powder on Canvas, 70x70cm, 2021


A Section of Pisces | Alcohol Ink on Polypropylene Paper, 59,4x84,1 cm, 2021 254

Smiling Girl | Soft Pastel on Paper, 42x59,4 cm, 2021 255

Chantalle Kleist

B E R L I N ,


Chantalle Kleist, also known as Chan Kleist, was born in Berlin, on June 21st 1985, as a dual citizen German/Canadian. Growing up in Berlin, she had a very colourful childhood involving lots of family travels. She continued to travel for a while as she got older and found many inspirations in foreign places. After some tough life events and a long streak of “art block”, Kleist found herself back in the art world by creating to feel better, which eventually led to her current art style. She is not bound to one art supply or style; in fact, she purposely does not want to limit herself when there is so much more to try, fail, and learn from out there! Her current art style mostly contains dark backgrounds contrasted by bright and saturated colours! Because Chan Kleist is a self-taught artist, she strives to consistently evolve her art and improve a little every day. While living in the US, she also attended several art classes at “The Art Gallery” by John A. Gerlach. •

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Art Anthology III: Madrid Edition”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid, Spain

2003-2004 Education, “Art classes”, The Art Gallery, Teacher John A. Gerlach, United States, Alabama

Her art style is, and hopefully will always be, very versatile! @redmaplefty


Rainbow Tidal Waves Digital Artwork, 2020

Sunny Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper, 29,7x42 cm, 2021 257

Madelene Kristiansson

G O T H E N B U R G ,


Madelene Kristiansson is a Swedish autodidact artist, and she has no art education at an art school for artists, but she has an art teacher education from HDK and the University of Gothenburg, as well as an independent course in contemporary art. She has also taken longer painting courses at a distance and also completed a basic and advanced course in Vedic Art, and she is now also a certificated teacher of Vedic Art. Kristiansson lives in Sweden on a small island, and when she creates, she uses the intuitive and playful and lets the paintings grow without a specific goal. The motifs often ended up with the sea and the barren cliffs, but you also see people and animals in her art. She paints with a variety of motifs, and that is probably because she paints intuitively. Where the playfulness with the colours comes before the motif.

2021 Education, “Vedic Art Teacher Education”, Eva-Helene Lundqvist & Mo Olin, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, JE Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, The City Library/Stadsbiblioteket, Gothenburg, Sweden

2016 Solo exhibition, ”Art and Furniture”, Limassol, Cyprus

2007 Education, “Art Teacher”, University of Gothenburg HDK, Gothenburg, Sweden

Kristiansson uses acrylic paints and acrylic ink, and she loves to paint quite large and with strong colours. The painting should be visible in the room. She sometimes uses different textures to make the surface exciting before the paint is applied. It was when she came in contact with the intuitive painting that her paintings developed into the imagery it is today. It is so liberating to just play and create with the colours you like to eventually let a possible motif emerge. @artby_madelene


The Circle of Life | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm, 2021

The French Village | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2021 259


A N T W E R P E N ,


L.aUra is a young Belgian painter experimenting with colours and shapes to represent her inner self. In 2018 she graduated Visual Arts in Hasselt, Belgium. A year later, she travelled to Antwerp, Belgium , to continue her painting studies. Unfortunately, she developed a dislike towards art throughout that year due to the school’s restrictions. As a result, she didn’t craft any art for a long period after that, until she started a job as an art model in several academies. Her enthusiasm for art rekindled after returning to the scene. And as a result of a new attitude, she began to paint back again. In her studio in Antwerp, she now practices her skill on a weekly basis, slowly selling more and more of her work or adding her creations to her Instagram profile.

2021 Digital group exhibition “PHÌLO-POÈM”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

L.aUra utilizes painting to investigate and understand her inner world of sensations. She uses a range of techniques to intuitively play and distribute colours on canvas. This way , she expresses herself; without a strategy or too much thinking. Through her paintings, the artist allows us to see into the depths of her soul, revealing primitive experiences. Reflecting on these finished products challenges her to confront her own feelings and thoughts, further strengthening her confidence and style. @l.auragallery


Messed up Milkshake | Acrylic Paint and Indian Ink on Canvas, 40x50cm, 2021

Sorrows | Acrylic Paint and Indian Ink on Canvas, 30x30cm, 2021 261

Elin Lahdenperä

L U L E Å ,


Elin Lahdenperä is 33 years old and comes from Koskullskulle in Swedish Lapland. She has been painting since childhood, and she chose to study art when she started high school as a 16-year-old. After the three-year education, where she was introduced to several different art forms, she has mostly devoted herself to watercolour painting. Through many years of training, Lahdenperä has learned to tame the volatile watercolour paints, and now she makes them follow her plan, even though part of the plan often is to let them flow freely within given frames. She works with many different layers and techniques to create a sense of movement in her abstract paintings. She is often inspired by the ever-changing arctic nature surrounding her; the big mountains, forests in different seasons, the wild or calm sea and the northern lights.

Elin Lahdenperä has a vivid imagination, and where the artist sees a mountain or a body, someone else might see a face or a tree. This invites interesting conversations about the paintings and what our brains associate different shapes to. The people who might appear in the paintings are often depicted as silhouettes whose features only just can be discerned. That way, the painting leaves a lot to the viewers’ own imagination.



Cold Bath Watercolour on Paper, 29,7x42 cm, 2021

Lapponian Gate Watercolour on Paper, 57x76,7 cm, 2021 263

Gabriela Lago

V Ä S T E R Å S ,


Gabriela Lago is an artist from Argentina who also has roots in Italy. She started drawing at the age of 6, and at the age of 12, she started painting with oil. At the age of 15, she started studying at art schools in Verona, Italy , for 4 years. After school, one of her oil paintings from 1980 depicting Santa Teresa was placed in the church, Basílica Santa Teresa di Gesu Bambino in Verona. In the early ’90s, she was commissioned by the “Colegio de la Inmacualada” in Córdoba, Argentina, to create a sculpture of “Mary and the Child Jesus”. For many years, Lago has drawn inspiration from the Viking age and female shamans, which later led her to portray more strong female role models such as Maria Magdalena, Frida Kahlo, and others.

2021 Group exhibition, Flying Art Gallery, Konstlobbyn, Täby, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, “Artist´s Members Annual Exhibition”, Galleri SoHo, Västerås, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, “Art Walk”, Galleri Zeitgeist, Sigtuna, Sweden

1975 Education, Michelangelo Buonarroti Art School, Verona, Italy

1977 Education, Art School Nani, Verona, Italy

Openness and awareness of different life forms in nature have always inspired her artistry as a painter. She hopes to create a channel through her oil paintings that open up new thinking and, at the same time, inspires curiosity about different worlds and life forms. For Lago’s current art, various animals, elves, fairies, fauns, plants, and flowers have prominent roles in describing the beauty and diversity of nature. Gabriela Lago hopes that her oil paintings can give you as a viewer a spiritual journey and newfound insights. In her search for a life in harmony with nature, she eventually ended up in Scandinavia, where she felt a strong connection with its history and culture. @artwork_gabrielalago


Briana | Oil on Canvas, 50x61 cm, 2021

Elentari Oil on Canvas, 40x40 cm, 2021


Curiosity Oil on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2021 266

I Am Oil on Canvas 50x60 cm 2021

Luthien | Oil on Canvas, 60x60 cm, 2021 267

Lennart Lindgren

S T O C K H O L M ,


As a person, Lennart Lindgren is both playful and serious , and this is reflected in his art: You see the playfulness in form and colour, but also the seriousness of the thought and the studies behind the compositions. He was born and raised in Stockholm in the 1950s and 60s, and one can trace influences from art in the early 1900s to pop art in the 1960s. However, he gets the ideas and inspiration from everyday life as “the man in the street”, a beautiful musical instrument, other contemporary artists. Lindgren likes to vary his art and paints different types of motives such as architecture, portraits or nature - with his very own interpretation! He can also move towards the abstract and let his imagination flow in both form and colour! Lindgren paints exclusively in oil, which he thinks is rich and vibrant to work with, preferably on linen canvas for feeling and stability. For him, the most important is that he feels a challenge and a joy in his painting, Lindgren has been inspired by different schools of art but is basically self-taught. •

2021 Group exhibition, “Faces and Variations”, with Cecilia Ciscar, Juste Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2019 Group exhibition, “Spring Exhibition”, Stockholm, Sweden

2018 Group exhibition, “Garden Day”, Järlåsa Bygdegård, Järlåsa, Sweden @lennart_art


Color on Casa Gilardi | Oil on Canvas, 39x62 cm, 2020

Japanese Woman in Korfu | Oil on Canvas, 46x69cm, 2019 269

Our World Oil on Canvas, 46x53cm, 2020


Dance! Oil on Canvas, 46x53cm, 2021

Flying Instrument Oil on Canvas, 46x56 cm, 2021 271

Linda Lundeström

G O T H E N B U R G ,


Linda Lundeström was born and raised in Lapland, Sweden, where nature was a daily part of life, and she is a self-taught artist. Ever since she was a child, she has been surrounded by pens, paint, and artists’ materials. Linda Lundeström has observed and studied the works of other artists to find inspiration; in this way, she has succeeded in establishing her unique style. Drawing faces is something she has always done, and today her art consists of the unique faces she creates. Mostly she makes portraits of people who don’t exist. Her process involves looking to her inner self, where she sees faces as fields and colours; her pieces are always extraordinarily colourful. Essentially, Lundeström experiences a feeling that she wants to put down on paper. She uses graphite pencils, markers, and marker paper to produce her artwork. For her, the act of creating is a form of meditation where time stops, and she experiences a sense of freedom and of being her best self as well as nourishment. •

2022 Group exhibition, Good Morning Hotels, Helsingborg, Sweden

2022 Group exhibition, First Hotel C4, Kristianstad, Sweden

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Nordic Art Guide 2021/22”, Cendorian Publishing, Bellamonti Art, Sweden

2021 Virtual group exhibition, “Paraiso”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuertventura, Canary Islands, Spain

2021 Music exhibition, “Harmonics of Colors – a Virtual Live-Painting Soirée”, By Margin Alexander, New York, U.S.A.

Today, Lundeström regards herself as an artist. She has for many years reflected on what an artist is. She thinks that an artist is one who creates and who sees themselves as an artist. It is then up to the observer to decide how a particular artwork makes them feel. The artist means that you can shape your reality, that you are the only true creator in your life. If you can be conscious of this, you can change your world. @lindalundestrom_art


Olivia | Media Markers on Paper, 21x29,7cm, 2021 273

Birgitta Lundqvist


C O S T A ,


Birgitta Lundqvist is a Swedish artist based in Spain. She moved from an area in the northern part of Sweden known as the High Coast with a dramatic landscape and beautiful archipelago. That area is a UNESCO World Heritage. Lundqvist now lives on the sunny Costa Blanca, also an area with a dramatic landscape. She is a self-taught artist, and the change of lifestyle inspired her to start painting. She paints mainly abstract motives in calm colours with acrylic on canvas, sometimes with mixed media. Lundqvist also likes to paint unreal faces seen in another way. Her paintings are inspired by her inner and outer journey and the beautiful environment where she lives.

2022 Digital online exhibition, ” I, The World Revolves Around Me”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

Birgitta Lundqvist paints based on her feelings and that is shown in her art and symbolizes all fragments of her life, such as thoughts and dreams. She is still exploring different styles in her painting. Art gives her a feeling of magic and calmness inside. Abstract and intuitive painting is liberating for her soul, a kind of meditation. Just to let go of all expectations and perceptions of how the painting will be without any pressure. Through her art, she wants to inspire you and your fantasy. Most of Birgitta Lundqvist’s paintings can be turned in different directions and give other options to the imagination. @_mi_mundo_pequeno_


Searching Acrylic on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021

Slow Walk Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2020 275


U P P S A L A ,


Madcake(Uppsala, Sweden, 1985) loves the contrasts in life, and it is reflected in her art. She works with sharp, bold lines mixed with a brave exploration of colours. Her signature is that you can see both perfection and chaos working together in harmony in the same piece of art. Her creations often emerge without any specific plans and without sketching in advance. But common to all paintings is the colours and playfulness with an objective to make the viewer smile. The bigger artworks are made in her parents’ garden, and if you take a closer look, especially with the wooden ones, you can see a lot of hidden treasures from nature in a Madcake painting.

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Nordic Art Guide 2021/22”, Cendorian Publishing, Bellamonti Art, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Art Anthology”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid, Spain

2021 Group exhibition, Gallery Zeitgeist, Uppsala, Sweden

2020 - Digital art Show, “Mushroom”, produced by Dezool, mushroom

Her artistic journey started at the end of 2016. Since then, with great support from her loved ones, the paintings have developed into what we now call the specific Madcake style. She paints on paper, canvas, wood and glass, and you can find her art in homes, on public walls, at galleries and as street art. In an alleyway in the centre of Uppsala, you´ll find the bird Frankie Heart, a celebration to her hometown, and at Galleri Zeitgeist, you can see five of her paintings. Her first art show was released in September 2020, produced by Dezool, and it is a digital showcase where the imagination has been left to run wild.


Pepper | Markers on Paper, 42x59 cm, 2021 277

Waldemar af Popcorn | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2022 278

Funky Buzz | Acrylic on Wood, 90x110 cm, 2020 279

Ebba Melber

M A L M Ö ,


Ebba Melber’s art is a play on the balance between humour and drama in an attempt to better understand and showcase our human nature. She resides in the naive, with whimsical brush strokes, painful details or stuck in a selfimposed box of her own making. Always searching but never afraid of where she might end up. An observer on the outside fighting to get a better look, a keen eye, a faithful journalist of human behaviour. Melber tells her story the way she sees it, unapologetic and cocky. If asked what her art means to her, she’ll reply that it keeps her grounded, let’s her know where she fits in and maps out her future. So what will that future look like for this young Swedish artist? If her trajectory is anything to go by, I’m sure we will all be pleasantly surprised by Ebba Melber’s feature works.

2022 Group exhibition, Triangeln, Malmö, Sweden

2021 Group exhibition, Mitt i Möllan, Malmö, Sweden @ebbamelber


4 Sinners 1 1/2 Saints Oil on Canvas, 150x120 cm, 2022

Fire & Desire Clay, 10 cm, 2022 281

Anna Mellqvist

S K E P P L A N D A ,


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Anna. She loved animals, playing with her friends and creating her own cartoons. She tried to paint in acrylic, sculpt, crochet, knit and write stories. Then something happened ... she grew up, and what was left of the colours, paintings and cartoons were packed in small boxes and moved up to the attic where they stayed for… 40 years. Suddenly, at the age of 50, Anna Mellqvist got a strong feeling that she wanted to start painting again. What she didn’t know then was that it should be of great help in her recovery from a long term sick leave. She began trying out acrylic on canvas and developed her techniques on the go. After a while, Mellqvist discovered the beauty of watercolours and took a class with the artist Lena Amstrand. This became the starting point for her great interest in the living expression of watercolour, which is also very reluctant and tries to set the rules of the painting. @annasgalleri.salanda

Her watercolours are characterized by very colourful and imaginative paintings in different sizes. The technique she uses is often reminiscent of an acrylic or oil painting and to get extra strength in colours and contrasts, she sometimes also uses gouache. Mellqvist has recently been fascinated by older houses, doors and buildings and paints them with bright light and shadows that form clear contrasts. Mellqvist has a dream of building a small studio and devoting more time to her painting.


Fullmoon | Watercolour and Gouache on Paper, 57x38 cm, 2018

Living on the Edge | Watercolour and Gouache on Paper, 75x57 cm, 2021 283

Roussa Neonaki

A T H E N S ,


Roussa Neonaki is a visual artist from Greece born in 1979. Ever since she was a child, she has always been creative and painted every day for several hours. It was the most joyful time of the day. She had a big imagination and liked to make stories with everything and everybody around her. She feels that she always has another world to see and show to others. Roussa Neonaki has studied applied arts, cartoonist and preschool teacher. She has done a lot of workshops and seminars almost all of her life, like drawing, chalk paint, art history, which shows that she loves to learn and that she is curious about new techniques. The Greek artist also is a self-taught photographer, which currently is her favourite hobby.

2022 Group exhibition, “The Body Language”, The Room - Contemporary Art Space, Venice, Italy

2022 Book publication (featured in), “Art Anthology IV”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Spain

2021 Digital group exhibition “Sacrifice”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

2021 Digital group exhibition “Hysterica”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy & Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

1999 Education, “Ornerakis Applied Arts”, Athens, Greece

Neonaki’s collection of artworks is “Odd and Old”-stories. Stories in which odd female figures with bizarre forms and shapes dominate, after giving up her 15years long career as a preschool teacher to go for her big dream as an artist. Full of curiosity, they travel through the pictures of her city Athens. She enjoys blending her artworks with naive painting, photographs, antique vintage items and her stories. The blend of all these elements portrays the way she perceives the world around her, a world full of contradictions, feelings, colours and stories. A world that continues to grow and evolve, and somewhere in there, she is endeavouring to understand it together with herself, creating her art. @oddandoldgr


The Last Flower is Gold Acrylic on Canvas and Art Photo, 80x60 cm, 2020

Inner Circle Acrylic on Canvas and Art Photo, 80x60 cm, 2019 285

Sakura Netterling

S K E L L E F T E Å ,


Sakura Netterling expresses her love for nature by depicting moments in time captured by her eyes, brought to you by her hand to colour on the blank paper. She works with watercolour in romantic and lifelike representation, keeping to natural hues and enhancing the objects in focus, making the art be described as between an illustration and naïve realism. She brings the feeling of freedom and the force of nature in her expressions of birds, flowers and the sea. She loves cold colours mixed with earthy, warm hues. Her art pieces show her love of northern Swedish nature and show a talented autodidact fine art artist. Netterling is situated in north Sweden, Skellefteå, where her studio is located since 2011. She was born in Uppland’s Väsby, north of Stockholm. At a young age, as a 10-year-old girl, she started with oil painting and had training as a youth during high school and later a few courses in oil painting from 2006 to 2007. At the age of 27, Netterling turned to watercolour.

2022 Solo exhibition, “Naturalistic”, Liljas Konst & Ram, Skellefteå, Sweden

2021 Digital group exhibition, “DE. MO Lifestyle”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2019 Solo exhibition, “Birds”, Open House Samuelsson, Norsjö, Sweden

2015 Solo exhibition “Reflections”, Ursviken Folkets Hus, Skellefteå, Sweden

1989-1992 Education, “Arts and Shapes”, Grimsta High School, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

She has regularly focused on portraying birds, and especially you can see her love for water birds. The maritime landscape is in the background in many of her paintings. Showing her love for the element of water. @atelje_netterling


Curlew Watercolour on Paper, 30x40 cm, 2016

The New Dawn Watercolour on Paper, 90x142 cm, 2021 287

Essence of Summerblossom Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021

The Ugly Duckling Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021 288

The Duckpond Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2018

The Black Swan that Comes with Joy Watercolour on Paper, 56x76 cm, 2021 289

Hermanni Pellinen

P A L O K K A ,


Born in Central- Finland in 1978, self-taught. The youngest child of three. As a child, Hermanni Pellinen was always drawing something. Wanted to learn more. Inspired by his father’s abstract painting, he made a decision to someday become an artist. Started to paint and make paintings and portraits as a teenager. Studied to become a practical nurse in 2000, keeping art as a hobby. His father died at that time. 20 years went by, and life had him keeping busy starting a family and raising a child. Making a career in healthcare, mental hospital and sheltered housing. The year 2020 came, and he started to paint again, got married and had a brain stroke on his honeymoon in the lighthouse. Spent seven months home and trained himself back to normal life. He took a paintbrush in his hand and started to paint all his past life, frustrations and sorrow away, about his dead father and now when he survived from stroke, seeing the most important things in life more deeply now. •

2022 – 2023 Representation, “Paks Gallery”, Vienna, Austria

2022 Group exhibition, “International Fine Art Cannes Biennale”, Invited by Paks Gallery, Cannes, France

2021 Contest winner, ”Power of Creativity”, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

2021 Contest winner, ”Collector´s Vision”, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

2021 Magazine (featured in), ”Featured Artist”, Magzoid, Dubai, U.A.E.

He became an artist. Pellinen considers his art as a tool to put pain and sorrow away and let go of fears and phobias. He also wants to have fun when painting. He wants to help and heal people with his art and put caring and love in every artwork he makes. Pellinen’s paintings contain very powerful emotions. He wants to feel every moment in life very powerfully and not live life with any regrets. He doesn’t know any other way in life that puts bad emotions away than painting. @hermannipellinen


Black Fire | Mixed Media on Canvas, 90x70 cm, 2021

Oskun ja Tuulan De Soto, Mixed Media on Canvas, 46x55 cm, 2021 291

Olivier Petit-Helle

C L A Y E - S O U I L LY ,


Olivier Petit-Helle is an autodidact French painter who began his career in 2020. He found his way into art when in need of healing from difficult past experiences, and since then, Petit-Helle has developed his art into his own unique creative style. The French artist is curious and likes to experiment a lot, and painting allows him to give a dimension to his creativity. He likes the work of the material, the texture with impasto, the strong colours and the movement while remaining sober in his creations. Light plays an essential role in the works of Petit-Helle, making the artworks evolve according to the angle of view or the ambient light. He also incorporates phosphorescence in some of his designs, making them look different in the dark.

2022 Art Fair, “Distinctive Marks, San Vidal Exhibition Space, Venice, Italy

Even if he appreciates figurative art, the abstract remains for him a domain of predilection, in the hope of transmitting some of the pleasure he obtains from painting through his works. The artist prefers when his art touches the viewer in some way, even if it means that the viewer finds the art disturbing. Reactions and emotions awakened by his artworks are an important part of Olivier Petit-Helle.

2021 Virtual exhibition, “6th Salon of Painting”, Gallery Menduiña-Schneider, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Although he is new in the art field, the artworks of Petit-Helle have already been shown to an audience in Italy, the United Kingdom and California. And this could be only the beginning.

2021 Virtual exhibition, “Sensuality”, Gallery Virtual Artists, United Kingdom

2021 Virtual exhibition and contest, “MS Award”, Gallery MenduiñaSchneider, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

2021 Virtual exhibition, “Romantica”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy @olivierpetithelle


Kvadrato Ses No6 (Night Vision) Acrylic on Canvas, 53x53 cm, 2021 293

Pentrajo Kvindek No50 | Acrylic on Canvas, 65x54 cm, 2021

Pentrajo Tridek Ok No38 Acrylic on Canvas, 61x50 cm, 2020


Pentrajo Kvardek Ok No48 Acrylic on Canvas, 65x54 cm, 2021

Pentrajo Kvardek Naû No49 Acrylic on Canvas, 65x54 cm, 2021 295

Emelie Pettersson

S T O C K H O L M ,


Emelie Pettersson, mostly known as Emelie P., is an artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. Although she began her passion for art at a young age with doodling and crafting, discovering painting was the fuel that fed the flames of creativity. She was hooked! Now, she finds time for painting in between caring for three kids, which is quite the challenge. You can often find her up at all hours of the night just to finish that one painting that she hasn’t quite perfected yet. She can’t help herself. Emelie P’s colourful, abstract paintings can be inspired by almost anything in her surroundings, from nature and architecture to friends and family. Some of her main sources of inspiration are independent women in different kinds of media such as films, magazines and social media, which is evident in her love for painting strong, powerful women. These colourful portraits are modern and include abstract elements which reflect the importance of equality among genders and ethnicities. 2021 Art fair, “Focus art fair”, Fitzrovia Gallery, London, United Kingdom 2021 Art fair, “Focus art fair”, Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Emelie P. seldom plans what to paint. Instead, the motif grows throughout the process. She finds this organic process the best part; to let herself loose and completely embrace the feeling of losing control, all while enjoying the process. To let the painting and the colours lead the way. Painting is her kind of meditation. In 2021, she took part in exhibitions in Stockholm, Milan and London.

2021 Solo exhibition, Pionen Vaxholm, Stockholm, Sweden 2021 Virtual group exhibition, “Love Your Body”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milan, Italy 2019 Solo exhibition, Juste Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden @emeliep_konst


My Body, My Mind, My Power Acrylic and Spraypaint on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021

Stay Colorful, Babe Acrylic on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2021 297

Nea Ringdahl

V Ä S T E R Å S ,


Nea Ringdahl calls herself Maker & ReMaker. She is a multifaceted artist from Sweden who uses various materials and solutions in her creation. Ringdahl has an upcycling mindset in everything she does, and she believes that expressing is like breathing and that her existence requires oxygen. Ringdahl’s “Freak Show” ceramic collection was born during the lockdown in late 2020 when the world changed, and so much life was lost. Out of that madness, Ringdahl says that “Freak Show” made its entrance at her kitchen. Nea Ringdahl has many forms of expression, and ceramics is one of them. She likes to challenge and let text, images and creativity arouse thoughts and feelings. Vulnerable ceramics. Easy to crush. Splits of stated being. Playful life. Colours and text in a surreal truth. My truth. Your truth. Keep breathing. Nobody said it’s easy. This circus of life. So hard to see with closed eyes. •

2021 Solo exhibition, ”Freak Show”, Galleri Leoparden, Uppsala, Sweden

2021 Solo exhibition, ”Don´t Be So Fucking Normal”, Street Pop-up Art, Västerås, Sweden

2020 Group exhibition, “Playful Madness”, Street Pop-up Art, Västerås, Sweden

2020 Group exhibition, ” Personality”, Västerås Konstmuseum, Västerås, Sweden

2019 Solo exhibition, ”Plastic Fantastic”, Culturen, Västerås, Sweden

Ringdahl reuses a wide range of materials and items. And she likes to use what society believes has already fulfilled its purpose. Nea Ringdahl sees more and has made it her life task to set off feelings and reflections for those who enter her world and exhibitions. Ringdahl studied at Västerås Art School 2018-2020 and has since then found her style and expression. Nea Ringdahl says: ”If I can dream it, I can do it!”


Freak Show Ceramic, 15x10 cm, 2021 299

Freak Show | Ceramic, 15x10 cm, 2021

Freak Show | Ceramic, 15x10 cm, 2021


Freak Show Ceramic, 15x10 cm, 2021

Freak Show Ceramic, 15x10 cm, 2021 301

Chatarina Salomonsson H Ä R N O S A N D ,


Chatarina Salomonsson is a visual artist residing in Härnösand, on the coast of central Sweden. Raised by an emotionally unstable mother, Salmonsson was forced to live a nomadic life, spending part of her childhood in an orphanage. In her adult years, she experienced domestic abuse and became a strong advocate of female empowerment. In the fall of 2018, her love affair with painting began. Celebrating the beauty and strength of women, Salomonsson depicts erotically-charged images of dancing couples, passionate lovers, sensual nudes. Her lust for life oozes from every pore of the canvas, holding the viewer in a warm, sensual embrace. She favours acrylic paint, indulging in the versatility of the medium to create varying degrees of translucency and thickness. Salomonsson describes the painting process as a “magical performance without the script.” •

2022 Art fair, “Art Expo New York”, Invited by Almhaga Gallery, Pier 36, New York, U.S.A.

2022 Art fair “Artifact Art Expo”, New York, U.S.A.

2022 Group exhibition, Orsta Galleri, Höga Kusten, Sweden

2021 Digital group exhibition, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Solo exhibition, Galleri Engleson, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

Disappearing into an enchanting world of her own making, she provides a safe space for women to love and be loved. Despite her relatively short career, Salomonsson counts numerous exhibitions in Europe and the United States, with many more in the works. In addition to painting, she channels her creativity through dance and theatre acting. @lejonman_87


Ancient Beauty Acrylic on Canvas, 40x60 cm, 2021

Life | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x70 cm, 2019 303

Iris Katharina Salzburger-Lindlar


G L A D B A C H ,


Iris Katharina Salzburger-Lindlar is a self-taught artist who worked during the first years of her adult life in advertising and public relations for a music channel in Cologne. She later dedicated herself to helping the most disadvantaged and marginalized people in our society. She successfully obtained a degree in social sciences. For 10 years, Iris Katharina Salzburger-Lindlar held an administrative position. This work gradually led her to painting.

2021 Book publication (featured in), “Artbook”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid, Spain

Salzburger-Lindlar started working as an artist when she was faced with the growing demands and adversities of life. It became abundantly clear to her that this was one of her most hopeful endeavours, especially in less hopeful times. In addition to creating her abstract works, which often reflected her emotional world and parallelized by the different client cases in her profession, she always likes to focus on portrait painting. Especially in the development of the face, she wants to capture the inner essence; what does a man think? Is his soul healthy? It fascinates her to express emotions through the often-inexplicable eyes and mouth in her painting. @salzburger_lindlar


Innocence of the heart Acrylic on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021 305

This Life and All It’s Suffering | Acrylic on Canvas, 40x120 cm, 2019 306

Against Violence | Acrylic on Canvas, 80x120 cm, 2020 307

Lena Sjöberg

E S K I L S T U N A ,


Nature is the deep inspiration in Lena Sjöberg’s watercolour painting. She is an abstract watercolour artist who works fast and fluently using a lot of water and pigment that she applies in a special technique on thick watercolour paper. Seldom do you see her use the classic brush strokes or detailed motives. She has found her own characteristic style. The painting process is about feelings that emanate from her travel experiences within Sweden and from other countries, especially Australia, the Caribbean, and Island. On her palette, you may see the colours of the coral reefs, the rain forests, the volcanic landscapes or the deep blue sea. In Sweden, the landscape of Österlen has a special place in Sjöberg’s heart, and she loves to paint in the open air taking in the billowy meadows, the sea, the horizon and the skies.

2021 Juried exhibition, “Digital Salong”, Eskilstuna Folkhögskola, Eskilstuna, Sweden

2020 Group exhibition, “Åtta & En Halv”, Galleri1, Tomelilla, Sweden

2019 Juried exhibition, “Sörmlandssalongen”, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Eskilstuna, Sweden

2019 Solo exhibition, Wäsby Magasin, Mälarbaden, Torshälla, Sweden

2019 Group exhibition, “Uppsala Kulturnatt”, Saluhallen, Uppsala, Sweden

Her artworks allow the viewer to feel free to make their own interpretation of mystery and magic. Lena Sjöberg runs her own business “No Illusion Design”. Apart from her painting, she arranges painting workshops and events such as “paint a gift” and “unpretentious painting”. She also makes the stylized magpie “Maggie the Pie”, a mixed media artwork made of ink, glitter, and Swarovski crystals, all unique with a special number series. Furthermore, she produces handmade accessories of recycled material such as cloth, buttons, ribbons and pearls, and needle felted bracelets and necklaces. Lena Sjöberg is mainly autodidact. @noillusiondesign


Blå Frihet 1 | Aquarelle on Paper, 75x105 cm, 2020

Blånad på Österlen | Aquarelle on Paper, 55x54 cm, 2021 309

Matilda Skoglund

S T O C K H O L M ,


Matilda Skoglund was born in 1977 in Huddinge, on the outskirts of Stockholm and currently lives and paints in the centre of Stockholm’s south side, Södermalm. As a 13-year-old, inspired by the fact that her mother took on painting as a new hobby, Skoglund tried to emulate her. She started painting with oil but switched to acrylics after a few years. At 17, she started as a painting apprentice in a decorative painting company. There, she practised marbling and wood imitation and had the opportunity to paint at many interesting places, including churches and other cultural buildings. When it comes to the painting, though, Skoglund is an autodidact. These days the motifs are mostly cows. Cow portraits, to be more specific, from a photo perspective with the snout in focus. It was a pure coincidence that she started with cows, but very soon, she realized that this motif brought big smiles and warm feelings amongst the viewers. Currently, Matilda Skoglund has depicted over 360 unique cows, which she varies with different colours and patterns. •

2022 Group exhibition, Galleri Blå, Gysingen, Sweden

2021 Solo exhibition, “Open House”, Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

2021 Solo exhibition, Galleri Ekdahl, Karlstad, Sweden

2017-2021 Online representation, Nordic Art Wall

2012 - 2019 Art fair, Affordable Art Fair, Nacka Strandsmässan, Stockholm, Sweden

In everyday life, she is the part-owner and CEO of Tilda & Co. Fastighetsförädling AB, where she and her team help customers to renovate and rebuild their homes and properties. Colour and shape on a slightly larger scale. In other words, a job she loves! @matildaskoglundart


Cow 335 Solveig | Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm, 2021

Cow 228 | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm, 2018 311

Marit Stjernberg

V Ä S T E R Å S ,


Marit Stjernberg is a Swedish artist who has her origins in from Dalarna but is now based in Västerås. She has always been interested in design, interior design, photography, art in all its forms and enjoys working with many different art forms, but painting is what is closest to her heart. Stjernberg loves to experiment with different motifs, styles, media, so the motifs can vary a lot. There is so much that captures her inspiration for different types of paintings. Everything from nature, animals, colours, shapes, flowers, landscapes, and portraits. She tries to bring out different moods in her portraits, for example, the eyes that are the mirror of the soul. They reproduce so many expressions. The mediums she uses are mostly acrylics and oils, mixed media, and watercolour. Stjernberg grew up with a grandfather who was an artist from whom she got a lot of inspiration and lessons. She has painted from time to time throughout her life and full time since 2014. •

2021 Group exhibition, ”Aires del Norte”, Exposición Colectiva Gaudi, Galeria Gaudi, Madrid, Spain

2021 Art fair, “Affordable Art Fair”, Invited by Galera Gaudi, Stockholm, Sweden

2020 Art fair, ”Gifts of Art”, Galleria CAEL, Milano, Italy

2020 Group exhibition, Kulturfyren, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden.

2019 Group exhibition, Gallery Du 808 Ltd, Bristol, UK

In the future, Marit Stjernberg wants to continue to develop her painting through several different techniques and motifs. With many artists, you recognize the style immediately, but she says that there will continue to come different types of styles from her as she loves to experiment with new ideas @artbymaritstjernberg


A Room With a View | Acrylic on Canvas, 90x115 cm, 2022 313

The Bouquet | Oil on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021

The Man and the Sea | Mixed Media on Canvas, 150x120 cm, 2022 314

Josefine | Oil on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 2019

50 Shades of Gray Oil and Gold on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2019 315

Sonja Terese Straith O S L O ,


Sonja Terese Straith lives in Oslo Norway, but is from Honningsvåg (Nordkapp). For her, interest in arts and crafts has always been present. Straith paints mainly with acrylic but also likes to complement other elements to bring out the mood and texture in her paintings. The colours, lines and interaction between them in the motives create an inner serenity for the viewer, where landscapes with elements from arctic regions often are a recurring motive in her landscape paintings. For Straith, it is a pleasure to create a motive where you can dream yourselves away in an inner universe when one sees her work. All works are original and signed by the artist himself. There are no reproductions, prints or copies of her works so that each individual work of art is completely unique and separate, and there will only be one edition of each of Straith’s works of art.

2020 Solo exhibition, “Artist of the Month”, Art Association Oslo Syd, Oslo, Norway

2020 Group exhibition, “Blindtarmen Rundt”, Kragerø, Norway

2020 Juried exhibition, Art Association Oslo Syd, Oslo, Norway

2019 Group exhibition, “Christmas Exhibition”, Gallery Kunstgress, Oslo, Norway

2019 Group exhibition, Landscape, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, U.K.

Sonja Terese Straith has a studio in Oslo. It is regularly held open day for art enthusiasts and paints on assignments when inquiries are made. Her work can also be considered in various arenas, galleries and homes around Europe, where she is happy to participate in various events and exhibitions.


Øde | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2021

Vinternatt | Acrylic on Canvas, 50x60 cm, 2021 317

Thomas Sundqvist

S T O C K H O L M ,


Thomas Sundqvist was born in Stockholm on the first of January 1965. After primary school, he trained as a professional painter but retrained after a few years as a carpenter. However, Sundqvist did not stop painting but continued to paint and create in the sign of art on canvas and paper. Writing and playing music is also an important part of creation, and it took over painting for many years. After he started painting again with acrylic, his interest began to pick up again, and the music ended up in the shadows. Sundqvist started painting art sometime in the late 90s, and he is a self-taught artist. He started with oil paint but did not really have the patience back then, and the music became more and more important. Today it’s the opposite - he paints as soon as he can, and the creation is when he feels best. To have a blank canvas in front of him makes the artists forget everything else, and he just wants to paint. Thomas Sundqvist paints mostly in the abstract world, and he just loves to paint and develop. •

2022 Solo exhibition, Artportable Showroom, Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden

Today he usually paints at a little studio at home in Vallentuna north of Stockholm but has a dream to own a big studio and live and work as a full-time artist in the future. He wants to learn. It’s never too late to learn about new art forms and be inspired by other artists. @acrylicartbythomas


Nature 6 Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021


Nature 7 Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021


Bronze Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021


Dila Tanrikulu Ç

M A L M Ö ,


Dila Tanrikulu Ç was born in Istanbul, where she completed her education and which generally consisted of oil painting techniques on canvas. Since 2011 her studio has been located in Sweden. She is deaf. She uses a hearing aid in order to be able to hear you. On occasions, she reads lips if it becomes too difficult to hear. Even though she can be an impatient and colourful character in daily life, she is also passionate about the virtuous flavour that patience creates and does not neglect this discipline when it comes to her art. This method makes her feel a sense of spiritual fulfilment. Furthermore, the constant search and implementation of new and different styles and techniques contribute significantly to the evolution of her art.

2014 Group exhibition, Knud Grothe Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2012 Group exhibition, Gallery Minerva, Malmö, Sweden.

2011 Education, ‘’Fine Arts and Painting’’, Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey.

2009 Group exhibition, Casa Dell Arte Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.

2003 Education, Istanbul Anatolia of Fine Arts High School, Istanbul, Turkey.

With her surreal paintings, the artist visually confronts and fuses her reality with that of humanity, a construction of subject matter that exists in the subconscious or supraconscious of any person, who at least once or twice have felt a sense of self-doubt. Traces of symbolism are evident in her work. Here you may find a wide array of subjects such as Contradiction, Greed, Ego, Inner Conflict, Peace, Sin and Religion, the Seeker, Escape from Oneself, Doubt and Questioning, Rebellion, Passion, Belief, Innocence and that of being Human. Although inner rebellion does not attach itself to material existence, it sometimes leaves a place of spiritual peace in its wake. @dilatanrikuluc


Normalized Sins | Oil on Linen, 140x170 cm, 2015

No Peace in My Mind Oil on Linen, 150x160 cm, 2021


Martina Uthardt

Ö V E R M A L A X ,


Martina Uthardt paints abstract art using acrylic paints. She resides in the picturesque village of Malax, Finland, and finds great inspiration in its surrounding nature. Uthardt´s paintings are often described as bringing a sense of joy and as life-affirming with a streak of melancholy. She paints mindfully, letting the colours and forms play freely. Martina Uthardt has painted all her life and has tried several different mediums, for example, oil painting, watercolour painting, and pencil and charcoal drawings. She has been a professional photographer for the past 11 years and has worked with several companies as well as being a portrait photographer. Over the years, Uthardt has had over ten solo photo exhibitions and has published several books as well as having had her photography featured in books published in collaboration with others. For example, she has written a storybook containing her photographs that has been very wellreceived and read by many. •

2022 Solo exhibition, “Hope”, Gallery Mitt i Stan, Närpes, Finland

2021 Solo exhibition, “Life”, Gallery Mitt i Stan, Närpes, Finland

2021 Art Catalogue (featured in), “House & Garden – The Art Edit”, Issue March 2021

2020 Solo exhibition, “Flow”, Wasa Konditori, Saluhallen, Vasa, Finland

2020 Solo exhibition, “Blue”, Caferaawka, Vasa, Finland

Martina Uthardt feels passionate about painting. The opportunity to focus wholeheartedly on abstract painting after having worked visually for so long feels like a natural transition. Her goal is to continue developing and find an even more personal style, collaborate with galleries, and exhibit her work in solo exhibitions. Above all, she wants to spread joy and energy through her paintings. Uthardt donates part of her income from her paintings to charity as she firmly believes that kindness is one of the most important virtues in life and hopes to make a small positive impact in this way. @martinauthardtart


A Section of Life is Magic | Acrylic on Canvas, 116x89 cm, 2021 325

A Section of My Happiness | Acrylic on Canvas, 116x89 cm, 2021 326

A Section of Powerful Magic | Acrylic on Canvas, 116x89 cm, 2021 327

Alexandra A. Walsh

G O T H E N B U R G ,


Leonardo da Vinci wrote in his notebooks that those who devote themselves to artistic practice without science are akin to sailors without a compass. The counterintuitive marriage between science and art is the core that defines Alexandra Walsh’s artistry. Watercolours and their peculiarities are her greatest source of inspiration. Having a doctorate in chemistry, Walsh’s scientific training, her own research into watercolour properties, and her artistic intuition give her a rare insight into her chosen medium, resulting in a unique visual language. The main subject of Walsh’s watercolours is nature, which she sees as an entity that warps reality. Through fog, through water, the world seems real and yet almost dream-like. Walsh sees nature, therefore, as a reflection of the human mind and reality on the whole – reality and we are shaped by what we observe, and what we observe is not always straightforward. If we, in the light of dusk, seem to see a wendigo in a tree shape, can it really be said that the wendigo isn’t real? These transformations created by the meeting between nature-theillusionist and our subconscious are what Walsh aims to capture in her art. @walshtheartist

Her artistry can be understood as an extension of the art movements inspired by Freudian and Jungian explorations into dreams and the subconscious – therefore, neo-romanticism, magical realism, and lyrical abstraction are the movements that she identifies with the most.


The Graveyard Aquarelle on Paper, 31x31 cm, 2021

Towers | Aquarelle on Paper, 76x56 cm, 2021 329

Reflections Aquarelle on Paper, 76x56 cm, 2020


The Forest | Aquarelle on Paper, 41x31 cm, 2021

The Forest at Night | Aquarelle on Paper, 28x14 cm, 2021 331

Sabine Katharina Windschbauer T R A U N ,


Sabine Katharina Windischbauer was born on 23th October in Linz, Austria. She is a self-taught Artist but creates artworks with great passion, a neverending passion. As a certified colour igetician she comes in contact with the effect of colour on people -that is the point of magic. Everyone has the ability to absorb the frequency of colour. The mutual vibrational resonance between colours and people occurs daily, without us consciously realizing it, according to Windischbauer. The technique in her artworks is mixed media. To give her art expressiveness, she uses acrylic, oil and pastel chalk. Art enables Windischbauer to express her emotion in the artwork. Colours enable her to express emotions in the artwork. This wonderful and unique interaction between emotion and colour results in an artwork. @vivre1962

Windischbauer really expresses her art as an intuitive painter and then goes in touch with strong colours. Art, in general, has the great power to bring you in touch with your own inner power. She loves to create works inspired by nature, animals, humans and colours, to get into the flow of painting. Windischbauer takes the energy that she needs to empathize with her motive, and then she captures the flow of the painting.


The Bear and the Girl Mixed Media on Canvas, 174x200 cm, 2021 333

Strong Enough Mixed Media on Paper, 85x120 cm, 2021

The Indian | Mixed Media on Canvas, 150x147 cm, 2021 334

Heal the World Mixed Media on Paper, 42x60 cm, 2021



S A A R L A N D ,


Currently living in her birthplace of Germany, Wirbelart picked up paints and pencils in early childhood. Only later in life did she discover painting as a means of expressing her creativity. In exploring this passion, she attended several further training courses at art colleges whilst continuing to develop her creative style. In her lively acrylic paintings, collages and mixed media works, colour-intensive abstract structures merge with each other or with sometimes shadowy, often dimly perceivable, human forms. To date, Wirbelart’s paintings have been shown in both solo and group exhibitions in her home country Germany and in Austria.

2022 Book publication (featured in), “Art Anthology IV 2022”, Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid, Spain

2021/22 Permanent Exhibition, T I M Gallery, Brilon, Germany

2021 Group exhibition, “Auserwählte Kunst”/Selected Art” & “Meisterwerke der Kunst”/”Masterpieces of Art”, Artfactory-Graz Gallery, Graz, Austria

2021 Membership, “Artist collective of the Artfactory-Graz”, Graz, Austria

2016 Group exhibition, “Kunstroute Wadern” a.k.a. “Kuwa“, Merzig, Germany

Her motivation is to reach for colours, play around, and experiment with them in the spontaneous creation of paintings. She is mostly inspired by intense, strong acrylic colours that she sometimes combines with oil pastels, coal and other materials. The incorporation of different techniques gives rise to textures and structures, which, after intense contemplation in her mind’s eye, transform into shapes or figures, which she then tries to work out on the canvas. Often, clustered shapes reminiscent of human beings become apparent, although sometimes they remain completely abstract. Wirbelart prefers not to give titles to her paintings because she finds it extremely exciting when the viewer is uninfluenced and free to interpret in their own world of thoughts. In this way, she intends to trigger a mental movement with her paintings, stimulate the viewer and let them sink into their world of thoughts and travel: movement creates art, and art creates movement. @wirbelart


Untitled 1 | Acrylic and Oil Pastels on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2021

Untitled 2 Mixed Media on Canvas, 100x120 cm, 2021


Zlatan Woszerow

J Ó Z E F O S Ł A W ,


Zlatan Woszerow is a digital abstract artist. He developed his own technique, in isolation from the applicable rules and principles, combining the real and digital world. Woszerow creates abstract paintings printed on canvas. Although he is, in fact, a “digital creator”, he approaches digital techniques with reserve, does not want them to overwhelm him and treats them as a tool - a “digital brush”. His works have common roots. They grow out of a handful of his acrylic paintings and graphics that have been digitized and then processed using various digital tools. Their artistic form is constantly evolving, reflecting the development of his personal artistic sensitivity, sense of beauty, understanding of aesthetics and technical skills. He finds inspiration in the very process of creating; the result always surprises him; the interpretation is tempting but leaves it to the audience. Realizing his artistic vision, the artist creates images that reflect his passionate aesthetic search for worlds and beings different from those that surround him - he creates and constantly develops his world of colourful visual abstract fairy tales. •

2021 Art fair, “Salon international d’art contemporian art3F Paris”, Invited by Van Gogh Art Gallery, Paris, France

2021 Group exhibition. “Sacrifice”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Group exhibition, “Preauction Exhibitions”-, Auction House and Gallery Jagiellońska 1, Bydgoszcz, Poland

2020 Group Exhibition, “In my mind”, Gallery Divulgarti Ducale, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy

2019 Art Fair, “ArtCanton”, Guangzhou, China

Zlatan Woszerow’s works have been presented at art fairs and exhibitions all over the world: in New York, Canton, Parma, Moscow, Milan, Genoa, Luxembourg. He works with galleries in Italy, Spain, Colombia, the USA, and Poland, where he lives. @zlatawo


Have Some Fun! Digital on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021

Caves to Let Digital on Canvas, 60x80 cm, 2021 339


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