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WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? >>THE CHAMPAIGN COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is an association of more than 1,200 area businesses that have joined together to advance the general welfare and prosperity of Champaign County. The Chamber speaks as a unified voice on issues concerning business and the economy. Active involvement in the Chamber provides many opportunities to articulate issues of importance to your business.


From networking events to East Central Illinois’ largest business expo, Chamber members have many opportunities to make new business and customer contacts.


The Chamber provides ample opportunity to promote your business. Consumers are 60% more likely to use a Chamber affiliated business than a non-affiliated business. By joining, you get the exposure your business deserves. From the Chamber’s web site to the community directory, your business will get seen.


At the Chamber, you’ll get services and tools you need to help your business prosper. From conference room rental to small business counseling, the Chamber is always looking for ways to help your business do well and save money.


The Chamber works proactively with local, state and federal entities to ensure the needs of local employers are met. The Chamber encourages business friendly legislation and engages its membership in public policy.

ONE DOORWAY TO SERVICES IN CHAMPAIGN COUNTY THE POLICIES AND PROGRAMS OF THE CHAMPAIGN COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE are determined by a board of individuals who represent diverse businesses throughout the county. Board members are elected by the membership and serve three-year terms. The Chamber’s work plan focuses on issues important to the success of the Champaign County business community. As outlined by the organization’s work plan, the Chamber sustains governmental relationships, promotes economic development efforts, stimulates workforce development initiatives and promotes networking and professional development opportunities for its members. The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce that promotes Champaign County as a viable business destination. The Chamber proactively works with local, state and federal entities to ensure that the needs of Champaign County employers are met. It also supports the strengthening of the local education systems to develop the skills of Champaign County’s future workforce. The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce is a key resource for businesses, offering networking and promotional opportunities, along with professional development; member services and resources to businesses both small and large.





ANNUAL MEETING The Annual Meeting is the highlight of the Chamber year. It provides an opportunity to celebrate member achievements and volunteers, and to publicly recognize the accomplishments of its members.

BREAKFAST SERIES Start your business day with a winning combination: valuable business insights and a good breakfast. These informative sessions, held twice a year, feature speakers addressing topics of concern to the business community.

BUSINESS AFTER HOURS Business After Hours are held the third Thursday of each month from 5 - 7 p.m. Hosted by member businesses, after hours events are a popular and lively networking opportunity to make business contacts for Chamber members, their employees and guests.

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP Get more out of your membership and expand your business and networking contacts by participating in one of the Chamber’s many committees. Committees plan events, promote the Chamber’s efforts and monitor key business issues.

EAST CENTRAL ILLINOIS BUSINESS EXPO A forum in which the business community can demonstrate their products and services, the Chamber delivers a venue and an audience to make East Central Illinois residents aware of what Champaign County and its neighboring communities have to offer. The largest business expo in the area, the event is designed for all industries: from Fortune 100 companies to home businesses.

EXCHANGE AND REFERRAL NETWORK (EARN) The professional version of speed dating, the Exchange and Referral Network is a quick way to expand your business contacts. Held bimonthly, this networking opportunity attracts professionals from all industries in Champaign County.

FIRST FRIDAY COFFEE Held the first Friday of each month from 7:30 - 9 a.m., these popular networking events are hosted by Chamber businesses. Members are invited to enjoy coffee and a light breakfast while interacting with other Chamber members and their guests.

GOLF OUTING Chamber members have the opportunity to make valuable business contacts while enjoying themselves on the course. Held once a year, this popular Chamber event is a fun networking event for golfers of all skill levels.


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Volume 18 | Number 5



Each issue of the Chamber’s bimonthly publication contains information on Chamber activities, issues of concern to the business community, new member updates and a calendar of events. The publication is distributed to each member business and additional representatives, as well as to city, county and state officials.

The membership directory is updated each year to complement the annual community magazine. This publication is mailed to Chamber members and is also available at the Chamber office.

COMMUNITYLINK This annual Chamber-sponsored magazine features original photography and professionally written stories that showcase the people, natural beauty and progressive business climate of Champaign County.

COMMUNITY WELCOME SERVICE This is a prime marketing opportunity for Chamber members to introduce their products and services to new community residents within a few weeks of their arrival. Champaign County newcomers receive an attractive box packed with valuable community information.

MAILING LABELS Highly effective for creating a direct mail piece, the up-to-date lists include all Chamber member businesses and/ or additional contacts. Some usage restrictions apply.

MEMBERSHIP DECAL Each year members receive both new print and online decals. The decal is a visual display of community support to be placed on the door or home page of a member business.

MOBILE APP Easily search the Chamber’s business directory and keep up-to-date on Chamber events with our mobile app. The feature allows app holders convenient access to member coupons, news and events.

RIBBON CUTTINGS Chamber staff are available to be present at grand openings, open houses and ground breakings. A photograph of the event will appear in the following month’s issue of Commerce Connection and in the Chamber’s online photo gallery.

WEB SITE Each member is automatically listed in the online business directory on the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce Web site ( This site serves as an information portal to the Champaign County community for Web browsers from the area, as well as from around the world. Chamber members may increase their exposure by placing banner advertisements, choosing additional category listings or adding enhancements to their listing.

ONLINE EXPOSURE CHAMBER MEMBER BUSINESSES EXPERIENCE GREAT EXPOSURE IN THE CHAMBER’S ONLINE BUSINESS DIRECTORY AT CHAMPAIGNCOUNTY.ORG. IN AUGUST 2011 ALONE, MORE THAN 119,000 REFERRALS WERE MADE TO BUSINESSES FROM THE WEB SITE. For those member businesses with a web site, the Chamber online business directory provides a direct link, infusing your site with a stream of prospective customers. For those member businesses without a web site, the Chamber online business directory provides a vital web presence for your company, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By accessing the “Members Only” portal of the Chamber’s web site, members can: • Add events to the Chamber’s Community Calendar • Post coupons and job opportunities • Pay Chamber dues • Manage their online directory listing

The Chamber is also actively engaged on Facebook and Twitter, utilizing new media outlets to reach out to members and the community.




POSITIONS ON PUBLIC POLICY BASED ON THOROUGH, OBJECTIVE RESEARCH THAT IS CONSISTENT WITH ITS MISSION AND WILL SUPPORT THE CHAMBER’S GOALS AND VISION. CIRCLE The Central Illinois Regional Chambers Legislative Effort, or CIRCLE, is comprised of the Chambers in East Peoria, Peoria, McLean County, Canton, Chilicothe, Jacksonville, Lincoln Logan, Mantino, Morton, Pekin, Peoria Heights, Springfield, Washington, Decatur, Champaign, and Clinton. CIRCLE is working together to advocate for a common agenda with the Illinois General Assembly.

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY FIRST Champaign County First is a united county-wide effort to identify projects and/or initiatives that when successfully completed will greatly benefit the citizens of Champaign County; spur economic development; and, improve the quality of life in Champaign County. Champaign County First partners are committed to advocating on behalf of the identified projects at the local, state and/or federal level with one voice in order to transform Champaign County.

BUSINESS EMPOWERED POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (PAC) A group of individuals organized to promote and support policy issues as well as candidates running for office at the state and local level. The PAC publicly endorses and provides contributions to candidates for public office who will be fiscally responsible for your money; will respect your rights to run your business; and will govern in a way that helps your business to be successful.

get SAVINGS BUSINESS SERVICES THE CHAMBER PROVIDES SERVICES UNIQUE TO ITS MEMBERSHIP. AT THE CHAMBER YOU’LL GET THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS PROSPER. BUSINESS INFORMATION The Chamber has a “Tools for Business Success” feature on our web site that allows business owners and entrepreneurs access to reliable information about varying questions, situations and information. The Chamber is also partnered with BIGG Success to provide members with weekly business tips, useful to all areas and stages of business.

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN AND NOTARY SERVICES Certification of international shipping documents and notary services are provided free-of-charge to Chamber member businesses.

CONFERENCE ROOM RENTAL The Chamber facility has two conference rooms and a library for members to reserve at no cost.

ECONOMIC TREND DATA The Chamber issues periodical trend reports on current economic data. This information is important in helping determine the forecast of the business climate in Champaign County.

ENERGY CO-OP The Chamber, partnered with Fighting Illini Energy, hosts a cooperative program that members can join to save money on electricity bills. Members utilizing the service save an average of 15 percent on their monthly bills.

INFORMATION & ASSISTANCE Chamber staff handles an average of 100 calls a day, providing upto-date business information and referrals, community data and assistance to people with specific questions.

LCD PROJECTOR AND LAPTOP USE LCD projectors and laptops are available for members to rent at no cost for one day with a refundable security deposit.

PROCUREMENT TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CENTER Each year, local, state and federal governments purchase more than $300 billion in goods and services from small businesses. The Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) of Central Illinois was established to help small businesses understand and profit from government contracting. Through sponsorship from the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce, your business can receive one-on-one counseling, technical information, marketing assistance and training to existing businesses that are interested in selling their products and services to local, state or federal government agencies.

REFERRALS The Chamber acts as a clearinghouse for information requests about Champaign County services and products. Only Chamber member businesses are referred.

SMALL BUSINESS COUNSELING East Central Illinois SCORE, one of the Chamber’s affiliated organizations, provides oneon-one consultations for small and growing businesses at no charge.


NEW MEMBER BENEFITS NEW MEMBERS TO THE CHAMBER HAVE IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITIES TO BECOME INVOLVED WITH CHAMBER ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS. SOME OF THE BENEFITS ARE DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO ENCOURAGE NEW MEMBERS’ PARTICIPATION IN THE CHAMBER. ADVERTISING DISCOUNT New members qualify to receive a 25 percent discount on their first advertisement in the Chamber’s Commerce Connection. Advertisements should run within six months of membership. Additional restrictions apply.

BREAKFAST INTRODUCTION New members are introduced at the first breakfast they attend and are given an opportunity to say a few words about their business.

COMMERCE CONNECTION INTRODUCTION New members have the opportunity to include a brief profile of their business in the Chamber’s monthly publication.


Save time, apply online! Visit for more details. GENERAL INFORMATION Business Name ____________________________________________________ Mailing Address____________________________________________________ City, State, Zip _____________________________________________________ Phone__________________________________ Fax ______________________ General Email _____________________________________________________ Website Address ___________________________________________________ If different from above: Physical Address ___________________________________________________ City, State, Zip _____________________________________________________ Billing Address ____________________________________________________ City, State, Zip _____________________________________________________ Optional - Please indicate if your business is: minority owned

female owned

CONTACT INFORMATION Main Contact _____________________________________________________ Title _____________________________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________________ Optional: Please list contact information for all employees to maximize your Chamber membership. When a company joins the Chamber, each employee is also a member and the benefits apply to each individual. Attach more space as needed. Additional Rep ____________________________________________________ Title _____________________________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________________ Additional Rep ____________________________________________________ Title _____________________________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________________ BUSINESS INFORMATION Total number of full-time equivalent employees: _________________________ Full-time _____________ Part-time ______________ Number of licensed professionals (Section 3 only) ________________________ Number of million dollar deposits (Section 4 only) _______________________ Number of beds (Section 5 only) ______________________________________ Number of tables and/or booths (Section 6 only) ________________________ Liquor license (Section 6 only) Yes No Banquet or conference center (Sections 6 and 7 only) Yes No Number of rooms (Section 7 only) _____________________________________


Please enter a brief paragraph about your business here as you wish to have it appear in an upcoming edition of the Commerce Connection: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ CATEGORY INFORMATION (Listings can be found on last pages of booklet) Identify which category you would like your business to appear in both our print and online directories. Additional category listings are $20 each. Primary Category: _______________________________________________ Additional categories: ($20 each) 1.)________________________________________________________________ 2.) _______________________________________________________________ 3.)________________________________________________________________ INVESTMENT INFORMATION Base investment $ Licensed professionals $ Beds $ Tables and/or booths $ Liquor license $ Banquet or conference center $ Rooms $ Total annual investment $ Application fee $ TOTAL DUE $

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

PAYMENT INFORMATION Check MasterCard Visa American Express Account number ____________________________________________________ Exp. date _____________________ Security code __________________________ Signature _____________________________________ Date ________________ Membership in the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce is subject to Chamber board of directors’ approval. List a non-member who may wish to receive membership information and you will receive two free passes to a Business After Hours. Company___________________________________________________________ Contact ____________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________ Phone _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ OFFICE USE ONLY ID # _____________Section ______ Sp. code ______ Date processed__________ Referred by _________________________________ Processed by ___________ Affiliate of __________________________________ Reviewed by ____________ Date Packet Sent ____________________________

INVESTMENT SCHEDULE Executives/employee counts in membership sections 1 and 2 are based on full-time equivalents (FTEs). SECTION 1. GENERAL INDUSTRY Retail, wholesale, service, and contractors. No. Executives Annual No. Executives Annual & Employees Investment & Employees Investment 1-5 $275 101-125 $1194 6-10 $363 126-150 $1407 11-20 $469 151-175 $1684 21-35 $645 176-200 $1961 36-50 $821 201-225 $2239 51-75 $949 226-250+ $2505 76-100 $1061 Per additional employee $8 SECTION 2. MANUFACTURERS AND UTILITIES Firms engaged in manufacturing of products for distribution; utility companies. No. Executives Annual No. Executives Annual & Employees Investment & Employees Investment 1-5 $275 151-200 $1573 6-10 $363 201-250 $1775 11-25 $469 251-300 $1978 26-50 $645 301-350 $2181 51-75 $826 351-400 $2382 76-100 $1007 401-450 $2585 101-125 $1189 451-500 $2788 126-150 $1370 Per additional employee $5.70 SECTION 3. PROFESSIONALS Attorneys, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, architects, certified public accountants, engineers, independent contractors (real estate agents, insurance agents, etc.), and others with recognized professional degrees. First professional $275 Each thereafter $59 SECTION 4. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Banks, credit unions, and savings and loans. Million in Annual Deposits Investment <25 $525 25-<50 $1050 50-<75 $2100 75-<100 $3150 100-<150 $4200 150-<200 $6300 200-<300 $8400

Million in Annual Deposits Investment 300-<400 $10,500 400-<500 $11,550 500-<600 $12,600 600-<700 $13,650 700-<800 $14,700 800 and up $15,000 Minimum investment $525

SECTION 5. NURSING HOMES Base Investment $275 Per Bed $3 SECTION 6. RESTAURANTS AND LOUNGES Base Investment $275 Per Table/Booth $1 Liquor License $60 Banquet Center $60 (continued)

SECTION 7. HOTELS AND MOTELS (Round total to the nearest $1)

Base Investment Per Room Banquet Center

$275 $2.60 $60

SECTION 8. GOVERNMENT AND EDUCATION Government entities, elected or appointed officials, educational institutions, university departments and affiliate organizations, community colleges, and school districts. Annual Investment $267 SECTION 9. COMMUNITY SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS Not-for-profit organizations with civic, fraternal, religious, or veteran status. Annual Investment $230 SECTION 10. INDIVIDUALS Retired persons no longer involved in business or professional ventures. Annual Investment $59 SECTION 11. SUBSIDIARIES Businesses under the same ownership that produce and/or offer the same products, goods, and/or services. Annual Investment $59 plus employee count increase SECTION 12. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Individuals who have a defined business territory in Champaign County but are employed by firms with a home office outside the county. Annual Investment $275 SECTION 13. TOP INVESTORS Additional benefits are provided for top investors at the various levels. Contact the Chamber if you are interested in showcasing your business as a top investor and to learn about the special benefits offered at each level: 150 Percent Club (Any member who pays an extra 50 percent above their dues up to $4,999) Bronze ($5,000 - $9,999) Silver ($10,000 - $14,999) Gold ($15,000 - $24,999) Platinum ($25,000+) A one-time fee of $15 will be added for processing new membership applications. Final determination of investment schedule section for a member is at the discretion of the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce.

CATEGORY LISTINGS for the Chamber’s print and online business directories >>When filling out your membership application form, please use this guide to identify which category you would like to list your business under. 293 Accountants 1 Accountants-Certified Public & Public 283 Accoustical Contractors 445 Advertising Agencies & Counselors 390 Advertising Specialties 2 Advertising-Direct Mail 460 Advertising-Directory & Guide 469 Advertising-Newspaper 620 Advertising-Outdoor 338 Advertising-Radio 853 Advertising-Television 395 Agricultural Consultants 337 Air Cargo & Package Express Service 800 Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment 5 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems 621 Aircraft Charter, Rental & Leasing Service 215 Aircraft Servicing & Maintenance 583 Airlines 6 Airports 449 Alternative Energy Suppliers 403 Alzheimer’s Information & Referral Services 346 Ambulance Service 294 Amusement Places 10 Antiques-Dealers 631 Apartment Finding & Rental Service 11 Apartments 12 Appliances-Household-Major - Dealers 413 Appliances-Household-Major - Service & Repair 15 Architects 522 Architectural Stone 295 Art Galleries, Dealers, & Consultants 747 Art Metal Work 16 Art Supplies 848 Artificial Limbs 17 Asphalt & Asphalt Products 810 Assisted Living Facilities 18 Associations 86 Athletic Organizations 19 Attorneys 871 Attorneys Referral Service 372 Attorneys-Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law 759 Auctioneers 105 Audio-Visual EquipmentDealers 20 Audio-Visual Production Services 399 Automobile Accessories 504 Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment-Sales & Service 363 Automobile Body Repair & Painting 415 Automobile Dealers-New Cars 4 Automobile Dealers-Used Cars 439 Automobile Detailing 106 Automobile Electric Service 381 Automobile Parts and Supplies-Mfrs. 465 Automobile Parts & SuppliesNew 440 Automobile Rental

21 Automobile Repair & Service 248 Aviation Instruction 22 Awnings & Canopies 836 Baby Accessories-Retail 513 Background Checks 627 Badges 23 Bakers-Retail 24 Balloons-Novelty & Toy 25 Banks 353 Banquet Facilities 808 Barbeque Equipment Rental 26 Barbers 254 Bars and Taverns 389 Bathroom Remodeling 492 Batteries-Storage-Retail 27 Beauty Salons 817 Beauty Schools 651 Bed & Breakfast Accommodations 174 Beer & Ale-Wholesale 870 Beer Dispensing & Cooling Equipment 28 Beverages-Non-AlcoholicMfrs. & Distrs. 29 Bicycles-Dealers & Repairers 412 Billiard Equipment & Supplies-Sales & Service 607 Billiard Parlors 112 Birth Control Services 497 Blinds-Venetian, Vertical, etc.-Dealers 605 Blood Banks & Centers 393 Boat Maintenance & Repair 854 Bonds-Surety & Fidelity 31 Book Dealers-Retail 77 Bookkeeping Service 32 Bowling 297 Box Lunches 274 Boxes-Corrugated & Fiber 458 Brake Service 517 Brick-Clay-Common & Face 265 Bridal Gown Preservation 33 Bridal Shops 35 Building Materials 840 Building Materials-Recycled 471 Buildings-Metal 8 Burglar Alarms & Monitoring 99 Burial Vaults 36 Bus Lines 14 Buses-Charter & Rental 587 Business Brokers 34 Business Cards 343 Business Consultants 37 Business Forms & Systems 773 Business Schools 662 Cabinets 39 Cable Television Service 748 Campgrounds 683 Candy & ConfectioneryRetail 875 Canoes-Trips/Rentals 96 Caps & Gowns 40 Car Washing & Polishing 638 Career & Vocational Counseling 421 Carpenters 380 Carpet & Rug Cleaners 42 Carpet & Rug Dealers-New 700 Cash Registers & Supplies 43 Caterers 55 Cellular Telephone Equipment & Supplies 298 Cellular Telephone Service 489 Cellular Tower Maintenance & Construction 44 Cemeteries

45 Chambers of Commerce 674 Check Cashing Protection Systems 46 Child Care 742 Child Care Referral Services 461 Children’s & Infants’ WearRetail 47 Chiropractic Physicians 477 Churches-Christian 454 Churches-Lutheran 318 Churches-LutheranAssociation of Free Lutheran Congregations 290 Churches-Lutheran-Missouri Synod 48 Churches-Presbyterian 453 Churches-Roman Catholic 466 Churches-United Methodist 763 Cigar, Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers-Retail 208 City & Town Planners 87 Cleaners 418 Cleaning Systems-Pressure, Chemical, etc. 49 Clinics 782 Closets & Closet Accessories 472 Clothes-Consignment & Resale 417 Clubs 396 Coffee Break Service & Supplies 664 Coffee Roasting 647 Coffee Shops & Houses 53 Collection Agencies 442 Comedians 419 Comedy Clubs 688 Commercials-Radio & Television 520 Communication Consultants 527 Computer Graphics 579 Computers & Computer Equipment-Dealers-New 470 Computers & Computer Equipment-Dealers-Used 56 Computers-Cable & Installation 685 Computers-Networking 65 Computers-Service & Repair 58 Computers-Software & Services 592 Computers-Supplies & Parts 57 Computers-System Designers & Consultants 560 Computers-Training 66 Concrete Contractors 608 Concrete Products 59 Concrete-Ready Mixed 376 Conference Centers 704 Conference Management 401 Construction Management 60 Construction ManagementResidential 446 Construction Materials 386 Contractors’ Equipment & Supplies 351 Contractors’ Equipment & Supplies-Renting & Leasing 63 Contractors-General 64 Convenience Stores 344 Convention Information 50 Convention Services & Facilities 339 Copy & Duplicating Service 398 Copy Machines & SuppliesSales & Service 312 Cosmetic Make-Up-

Permanent 640 Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 67 Cosmetics & Perfumes-Retail 68 Costumes-Masquerade & Theatrical 580 Counseling Services 61 Counselors-Individual, Marriage, Family & Child 516 Countertops 502 CPR Information & Services 70 Craft Supplies 71 Cranes 625 Credit & Debt Counseling 514 Credit Card & Other Credit Plans-Equipment & Supplies 72 Credit Unions 739 Cremation Services 74 Dairies 805 Dance Companies 75 Dancing Instruction 717 Data Communications Equipment & Systems 76 Data Processing Service 498 Data Systems-Consultants & Designers 768 Day Care Centers-Adult 30 Delivery Service 151 Dental Laboratories 799 Dental Service Plans 78 Dentists 673 Dentists-Endodontics 305 Dentists-Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 316 Dentists-Orthodontics 611 Dentists-Pediatric Dentistry 201 Dentists-Periodontics 79 Department Stores 486 Designers 81 Desktop Publishing Service 557 Digital Printing 114 Disabled Persons-Services & Organizations 735 Disc Jockeys 85 Doors 301 Draperies & Curtains-Retail & Custom Made 103 Drug Abuse & AddictionInformation & Treatment 423 Druggists’ Sundries 88 Dry Wall Contractors 723 Duct Cleaning-Heating, Air Conditioning, etc. 485 Economic Development Organizations 328 Educational Consultants 409 Educational Cooperative Organizations 278 Electric Companies 89 Electric Contractors 447 Electric Motors-Dealers & Repair 637 Electric Supplies-Wholesale 693 Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Service & Repair 450 Electronics Research & Development 496 Embroidery 585 Employee Assistance Programs 753 Employee Benefit Plans 92 Employment Agencies 554 Employment ContractorsTemporary Help 826 Employment Service-Employee Leasing 511 Employment Services 93 Energy Management & Conservation Consultants 807 Energy Research 633 Engineers-Geotechnical 94 Engineers-Professional 95 Engravers-Metal, Plastic, Wood, etc. 391 Environmental & Ecological Services

488 Environmental Home and Body Care Products 277 Environmental, Conservation & Ecological Organizations 436 Equipment Leasing 744 Ergonomic Consultation 872 Errand Services 692 Estate Sales 354 Event Production 98 Excavating Contractors 356 Executive Search Consultants 681 Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs 532 Exercise Equipment-Sales $ Services 100 Fairs 304 Farm & Home Advisory Services 387 Farm Equipment 303 Farm Management Service 385 Farm Management Systems 355 Farm Supplies 102 Farms 495 Fax Transmission Service 104 Fence 869 Filing Equipment, Systems & Supplies 84 Filters-Liquid-Industrial-Mfrs. & Distrs. 107 Financial Planning Consultants & Services 350 Financial Services 108 Financing 109 Fire Alarm Systems 375 Fire Extinguishers-Commercial & Industrial 672 First Aid Service 612 First Aid Supplies-Retail 240 Fish & Seafood-Retail 384 Fishing Guide Service 820 Flag Poles 629 Flags & Banners 218 Flea Markets 288 Flight Simulators-Mfrs. 110 Floors-Materials & Laying 111 Florists-Retail 791 Flowers-Candy & Cookie 803 Food Products 113 Forgings 51 Foundations-Educational, Philanthropic, Research, etc. 684 Foundries 802 Fruit Baskets-Sales 501 Fund Raising Counselors & Organizations 116 Funeral Directors 117 Furniture Dealers-Retail 41 Furniture-Bought & Sold 835 Furniture-Children’s 199 Furniture-Outdoor-Retail 233 Furniture-Rent & Lease 696 Futons & Accessories 357 Gambling 173 Garbage & Rubbish Removal 118 Garden Centers 213 Gas Companies 119 Gas-Propane 97 Geologists 750 Gift Baskets & Parcels 120 Gift Shops 392 Giftwares-Corporate-Retail 121 Glass-Automobile, Plate, Window, etc.-Dealers 789 Glass-Stained & Leaded 653 Golf Courses 475 Golf Courses Miniature 589 Golf Equipment & SuppliesRetail 422 Gourmet Meal Assembly 306 Gourmet Shops 122 Government Offices 91 Grain Elevators 262 Granite 334 Graphic Designers 123 Grocers-Retail 80 Grocers-Wholesale

707 Guardrails 851 Gutters & Downspouts 370 Gymnastic Instruction 452 Hair Removing 189 Halls & Auditoriums 732 Handicapped Equipment-Sales & Service 219 Handrails 125 Hardware-Retail 873 Health & Diet Food ProductsRetail 3 Health & Fitness Program Consultants 809 Health Care Planning & Management Services 127 Health Clubs 128 Health Maintenance Organizations 129 Hearing Aids 130 Heating Contractors 358 Helicopters-Charter, Sales & Service 533 Hobby & Model Construction Supplies-Retail 131 Hobby & Model Construction Supplies-Wholesale & Mfrs. 539 Home Builders 474 Home Hair Care Services 544 Home Health Care Equipment & Supplies 404 Home Health Services 132 Home Improvements 479 Home Inspection Service 816 Home Theater Systems 850 Homes-Institutional, Aged, Rest, etc. 860 Horseback Riding Instruction 133 Hosiery 134 Hospital Equipment & Supplies 135 Hospitals 126 Hotels 459 House Cleaning 308 Human Services Organizations 52 Humane Societies 678 Hypnotists 137 Ice Cream & Frozen DessertsRetail 373 Identity Theft Protection 677 Importers 138 Individual Members 529 Industrial Equipment & Supplies 364 Industrial Hygiene Consultants 140 Industrial Parks 287 Industrial Supplies-Distributors 438 Insect Control Services 141 Insulation Contractors-Cold & Heat 142 Insurance 143 Insurance Claim Processing Services 830 Insurance Consultants 144 Interior Designers 300 Internet Service Providers 668 Internet Services 650 Internet Services-AdvertisingInternet 444 Internet Services-Internet Consultants 256 Internet Services-Internet Security Services & Consultants 582 Internet Services-Internet Software Design & Services 610 Internet Services-Online Stores 530 Internet Services-Web Site Design & Developers 145 Introduction Services 310 Investment Advisory Service 147 Investment Securities 845 Invitations & Announcements 499 Iron Work 148 Janitor Service 818 Janitors’ Equipment & Supplies 149 Jewelers-Retail 500 Kitchen Cabinets & EquipmentHousehold

736 Kitchen Remodeling 405 Kitchenware Accessories-Retail 229 Laboratories-Research & Development 457 Landscape Architects 152 Landscape Contractors 519 Landscaping Equipment & Supplies 567 Laundries 586 Lawn Maintenance 156 Leasing Service 765 Legal Services Plans 155 Libraries-Public 157 License Services 456 Limestone-Manufacturers 333 Limousine Service 160 Liquor Stores 158 Liquor-Wholesale & Mfrs. 311 Loans 161 Locks & Locksmiths 868 Log Cabins, Homes & Buildings 163 Lumber-Retail 164 Machine Shops 101 Magnetic Resonance Imaging 166 Mail Box Rental & Receiving Services 790 Mailing Lists 604 Mailing Machines & Equipment 476 Mailing Services 378 Management Consultants 481 Manufactured Housing-Retailers 367 Manufacturing Consultants 62 Marble-Cultured 169 Market Research & Analysis 425 Marketing Consultants 299 Marketing Programs & Services 359 Martial Arts Instruction 834 Mason Contractors 313 Massage-Therapeutic 518 Mattresses & Bedding 38 Meat-Retail 172 Mechanical Contractors 443 Media Buyers 812 Medical Legal Consultants 537 Medical Service Organizations 687 Medical Supplies 521 Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Apparel-Retail 314 Mental Health Services 82 Mental Retardation & Developmentally Disabled Services 713 Mirrors 196 Mobile Telephone Service 340 Monuments 177 Mortgages

136 Motels 832 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters 178 Movers 379 Moving Equipment Rentals 179 Mufflers & Exhaust SystemsEngine 180 Museums 315 Music-Sheet 181 Musical Instruments-Dealers 645 Musicians 512 Mutual Funds 550 Nail Salons 526 Natural Foods 167 Network Communications 182 Newspapers 448 Non-Profit Consultants 184 Novelty Goods-Manufacturers 186 Nurses 394 Nursing Home Consultants 185 Nursing Homes 352 Nutritionists 844 Occupational Health Services 188 Office Buildings 187 Office Furniture & EquipmentDealers 548 Office Records Stored 591 Office Supplies 852 Oil Changing & Lubricating Service 190 Oils-Fuel 410 Online Consignment 193 Opticians-Retail 192 Opticians-Wholesale & Mfrs. 194 Optometrists 639 Orchards 786 Orchestras & Bands 780 Organizing Services-Household & Business 837 Oriental Goods-Retail 846 Orthopedic Appliances 547 Outplacement Consultants 195 Packaging Service 524 Paging & Signaling Equipment & Systems 197 Paint-Retail 317 Painting Contractors 198 Paper Distributors 624 Paper Shredding 751 Parks 829 Party Planning 473 Party Supplies-Retail 661 Paving Contractors 494 Pawnbrokers 506 Payroll Service 623 Pension & Profit Sharing Plans

652 Personnel Consultants 427 Pest Control Services 202 Pet Kennels 203 Pet Supplies & Foods-Retail 703 Petroleum Products 204 Pharmacies 319 Photo Finishing-Retail 483 Photographers-Aerial 435 Photographers-Commercial 205 Photographers-Portrait 571 Photographic Equipment & Supplies-Retail 360 Physical Therapists 206 Physicians & Surgeons (MD) 320 Physicians & Surgeons (MD)Family Practice 325 Physicians & Surgeons (MD)Internal Medicine 330 Physicians & Surgeons (MD)Obstetrics & Gynecology 487 Physicians & Surgeons (MD)Occupational Medicine 191 Physicians & Surgeons (MD)Ophthalmology 296 Physicians & Surgeons (MD)Orthopedic 332 Physicians & Surgeons (MD)Pediatrics 593 Physicians & Surgeons (MD)Surgery, Plastic 689 Pianos 207 Picture Frames-Dealers 428 Pizza 209 Plants-Interior Design & Maintenance 210 Plaques 211 Plastics-Products (Finished)Wholesale & Mfrs. 212 Plumbing & Heating SuppliesWholesale & Mfrs. 429 Plumbing Contractors 275 Podiatrists 509 Police Equipment 368 Political Organizations 420 Ponds, Pond Supplies & Waterfalls 510 Pre-Employment Services 778 Printers 217 Printing Equipment 827 Private Investigators & Detectives 828 Process Servers 801 Produce-Wholesale 408 Program Service-Educationa


2013 Invitation To Membership Packet  

The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce is a member focused business association that facilitates business growth and improves the quality...

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