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CCC Church Residency Reflections One Year In and Introducing the New Cohort

Called to Community by Aleesha Roth


O H EBruckner R found HowT Nicole new N life A and Ma new E job at CCC



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he Bible is the most popular and best-selling book of all time. According to a Barna study in 2017, 87% of American households actually own a Bible. Even most people who don’t believe in God and are hostile towards the Bible own one! But that same study also found that just 20% of Americans are reading, and engaging with their Bible at least four times a week.* At Christ Community Church we believe in the Bible and everything that it says. The Bible is actually a grand story. It’s the story of a true God who loves his children, and how he made a way for them to be saved, and provide a route to eternity. But in western civilization in 2018, it can be difficult to understand and follow along in this story. After all, the Bible was written thousands of years ago, in three continents, by thirty-seven different authors, over a span of over 1,400 years. And the people who put the Bible together didn’t put it in chronological order. That’s why we’re beginning a 31-week series called The Story which will take us through the entire narrative of the Bible from start to finish. Every age group at CCC will be going through The Story together, which means that what the adults are learning or studying in worship services and in their Journey Groups will align with what the kids

and students are learning in their groups. It’s the perfect series for the whole family to go through together. And we are so excited to have our Lead Pastor Mark Ashton back from his sabbatical to lead us through The Story! The really beautiful thing about going through the story of the Bible together is that you’ll be able to see how your story connects with God’s story. You’ll find adventure, pain, scandal, drama, healing, romance, hope, and peace. And all throughout the Bible are everyday men and women like you and I that God did extraordinary things through. Men and women who were unqualified, who made mistakes, who disobeyed, and were imperfect. God is still in the business of doing incredible things in your story today! Our hope and prayer is that you will engage with God’s Word like never before as we develop a deeper understanding of God’s story. In this issue of The Hub Magazine, you’ll find upcoming events, Journey Group info, and stories of what God is doing through the lives of people at CCC. If you have a story that you would like to share with us, please share it with us at You can learn more about The Hub Magazine, read past issues, and give your feedback at §








How Nicole Bruckner found new life and a new job at CCC IT WAS A PICTURE-PERFECT SUNDAY

evening in September. The warm sun had been shining all afternoon, and was now beginning to set as a cool breeze made its way in. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as hundreds of families began to settle into their lawn chairs on the west lawn of Christ Community Church, and Nicole Bruckner was about to take the next step in her relationship with Jesus by getting baptized. Nicole felt somewhat nervous as she stepped into the pool, but her mom cheered her on from the audience. Nicole was raised by her mom here in Omaha. Her grandparents on her mom’s side played a huge role in raising her as well. Though being raised in a single-parent family had its challenges, she had a very happy, loving childhood. Cooking was always something that was a part of her childhood, so entering the culinary world was a natural fit for Nicole. Her mom, grandma, and great-grandma all worked as cooks. Her grandmother, the matriarch of their family, made sure the family celebrated their Italian roots. “There was always something Italian at every

family gathering—lasagna at Easter, mostaccioli at Christmas.” As a child, Nicole’s family inconsistently attended Catholic church, but in her late teens and twenties, she became mistrustful of the church. She felt that God was distant and unknowable, yet God used the circumstances of her life to draw her back to him. One major area of her life that God used was relationships with men. She married her high school sweetheart, but they grew apart and divorced after only two years of marriage. Her next relationship lasted eight years, but that too ended. Her third and most recent relationship seemed great at first, but Nicole found out that he was a drug addict and was abusive and controlling. Realizing that she was not in a healthy relationship, Nicole tried to leave multiple times, but wasn’t able to do so. A surprise pregnancy gave her the courage to issue an ultimatum to the man: “Get clean from the drugs and stop the abuse, or else I'm leaving.” She stated, “The one thing that made me leave was getting pregnant. I was really fooled. He would have kept manipulating me until something bad happened.



Everything that happened was all a really long road leading back to God.

The Lord really saved me in that way. I think God knew I wasn’t going to go anywhere unless something as powerful as having a child was in my life. Having more concern about my son’s safety than my own drove me to get away, which probably saved my own life.” Nicole caught the man using drugs again, so she cut off contact. Afterwards, she reached out to her mom, who had been attending Christ Community Church for several years and shared that she wanted to try church again. Ultimately, those failed relationships brought her to the realization that the relationship she really needed was with Jesus Christ. As she began attending CCC, Nicole felt God calling her to himself through every Sunday service. Each message that Lead Pastor Mark Ashton taught spoke to her heart. Point of Hope, a CCC ministry for single moms led by single moms, welcomed her warmly into their group even before her son was born. Several of the women in the group



began discipling Nicole, helping her to grow in her faith. Nicole shared, “The women in Point of Hope made a huge difference in my healing process and helped me come to terms with everything that happened, right alongside my growing relationship with Christ. It’s what helped me heal and move on from the sinful ways, looking for love in all the wrong places.” Last year, the All-In message series, which focused on surrendering everything to God, brought about a change in Nicole’s heart. She knew she needed to make the decision to follow Christ with her entire life and get baptized. So on that beautiful day last September, Nicole made the decision to go all-in with her faith and publicly show that she trusted Jesus with her whole life! Five months pregnant, she stepped into a blue pool that had been set up for Baptism on the Green and was baptized by Reid Brown, CCC’s Adult Discipleship Pastor. As she came up from the water, the nervousness she felt when stepping in dissipated and a sense of peace came over her. Nicole’s beautiful son Isaiah was born in December of 2017. After she finished her maternity leave, she was looking around the CCC website and came across the staff page. She saw that the CCC Food Services Manager was a chef who shared her name. Nicole mentioned to her mom that if the current Food Services Manager ever left, that she would love to apply for the job. Several months later, Nicole found that CCC was hiring for that very position. Nicole excitingly applied for the job and after several interviews, was hired as the new Food Services Manager! “I love coming into work each day. This job is a huge blessing to me and my son, especially being a single mom and me planning to be here for many years. It’s going to be a great environment for him as he grows up.” After working in restaurants for many years, where she felt that her life lacked clarity and purpose, Nicole

finally feels that she has a purpose for her work. Her job at CCC entails many things: planning menus, keeping food costs low, maintaining a clean and organized kitchen, and discipling and leading a team of volunteers who help prepare food for lunches, funerals, and many other events. For Nicole, serving as the Food Services Manager is ministry. As she prepares food and does her many other tasks, she ministers to people by serving great tasting food and connecting with those who volunteer with her. She shared, “Thinking of new ways to reach people through food is fun. I think food is a great way to connect people.” Nicole hopes to expand the work she’s doing by an apprenticeship program for students at Omaha Street School (a faith-based alternative high school connected to CCC) who are interested in training to become a chef. She looks forward to a time when she can mentor a student and help them with the job and relationship skills they’ll need to work in food services. Nicole shared that even though she has walked through some tough circumstances, that she wouldn’t change anything. The good things that happened, the bad things that happened, it all contributed to who she is and her journey to a relationship with God. Everything that happened “was all a really long road leading back to him.” Getting baptized was really the next step in that relationship with God. §

• Nicole with her son Isaiah (image provided by Nicole)

Rachel Bebee is the Project Coordinator for the Creative and Communications Team at Christ Community Church

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A two-year initiative with the goal that every CCC attender would take steps to deepen their faith in God and grow in generosity.

G O B E Y O N D B E L I E F . O R G 8


R e a d ing Guide / Aug ust–Se pte mbe r The Story is a book of selections from the NIV Bible, arranged chronologically, that reads like a novel. During this unique 31-week message series at CCC, every member of the family reads their own version of The Story. Resources can be purchased online through Amazon or in the Atrium at Christ Community Church at discounted prices. Below are the adult and student readings for August–September.



Reflections One Year In and Introducing the New Cohort BY TIFFANY JONES



I still remember how crazy it felt to get the phone call from a friend recommending me for Church Residency at Christ Community Church. Working in a church was nowhere near my radar. At the age of 26, I had been out of college for four years, had a stable job, and was happily enjoying a relatively comfortable life. It really didn’t surprise me that my response to this phone call was a chuckling, “No, I’m not sure that’s right for me.” Thankfully, my friend had enough wisdom to encourage me to slow down and pray about it. So I did. I prayed and considered and wrestled through anxiety and doubt. I had never worked in a church before and I had minimal ministry experience. Yet when I asked God how he could ever use someone like me in this residency, I sensed him say, “If I called you to just love my people, would that be enough?” It was that response, prayer, studying scripture, and conversations with leaders that led me to say yes to being at Middle School Resident. Love. It’s amazing what God does through love, isn’t it? He used Middle School students to transform my whole view of God’s love for us. Students and leaders displayed God’s love for me by welcoming me into the Middle School Ministry. They laughed with me, challenged me, encouraged me, prayed with me, and taught me the importance and gift of laughter. They listened as I taught God’s Word, displayed courage when it came to asking tough questions, and shared pieces of their life stories with me. My time in Middle School Ministry changed my life. As I witnessed students face brokenness, pain, confusion, chaos, and fatigue with magnificent joy, unshakable faith, and unwavering prayers, my faith grew. As I watched them shine with this divine, contagious light, I thirsted for more of the Spirit working in my own life. As I watched their God-given gifts emerge,

I proclaimed with great awe, “Wow, God, if you can gift these children in such a beautiful way, is it possible that you’ve gifted me, too?” That one question, coupled with my continued ministry experience and learnings from my Crown College classes, catapulted me into a deeper desire for God to lead my life. As I cried out for more, God met me with a question: “Will you surrender your calling to me?” With a yes, my heart opened to receive by faith alone. To be honest, I couldn’t comprehend with my mind what God had in store for me. As I trusted and became obedient through discipline and prayer, God revealed the gifts he freely gave me. Although I loved my time in Middle School Ministry, God gave me a passion to help others in a different avenue. Less than a year after the start of my residency, I have transitioned out of Middle School Ministry and into my new position as a Spiritual Formation Resident. God has supernaturally grown my faith in ways I never would’ve expected in this position and it’s only just the beginning! This residency has been powerful, transforming, life-giving, and incredibly stretching. The work that’s being done on my soul is priceless. Every day I’m invited into the challenge of balancing priorities, becoming a better steward of my gifts, and fighting to keep alone time with God sacred. I’m gaining the biblical knowledge for which I thirsted, while being taught how to live it out by other leaders around me. I’m gaining perspective on the importance of soul care by being given opportunities to heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Perhaps the most important thing I’m learning is just how desperately I need to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide and direct all things. In fact, my experience in this residency has proven to me that I have nothing on my own to boast about, but only to give

glory and credit to God, the one doing all the glorious work in, through, and around me. Part of that work is the community that God has graciously surrounded me with. During this residency, my host mom has taught me hospitality, tender love, bellyaching laughter, and strength. My residency classmates have loved me from day one, shown me what it’s like to walk with one another, and carried the weight of homework with me. God has surrounded me with wise, strong, courageous, bold, servant leaders who take the time to pour into me. These leaders who recognize and delight in how God has gifted me have taught me to laugh more, love harder, and serve more courageously. He’s also given me a church family who prays for me, supports me, and cheers me on every single step of the way. I pray that I never take a moment of this residency for granted. Nor do I ever take the love of God—his sovereignty, his grace, and his constant invitation to leave a life of comfort and join him— for granted. It’s my hope that through pieces of my story, you’ve been able to witness what I’m about to confess: this residency clearly isn’t about building my resume through experience and knowledge (though that is a perk), it’s truly about becoming the person that God has called me to be. § Tiffany Jones is the Spiritual Formation Resident at Christ Community Church

For more info about the CCC Church Residency or to apply, visit The residents are mostly supported by financial gifts from friends, family, or people who simply want to further what God is doing in their lives. If you would be interested in helping support any of the residents, visit 11




AGE: 20 HOMETOWN: Burlington, Kansas COLLEGE/DEGREE: Fort Hays State University; Elementary Education CALL TO MINISTRY: My heart has been in ministry since my first day of being a church camp counselor! FAVORITE FOOD: Naked chicken strips from Raising Cane’s FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced caramel latte with extra caramel from Dunkin’ Donuts

AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Bennett, Colorado COLLEGE/DEGREE: Nebraska Christian College; Next Generation Ministry CALL TO MINISTRY: I volunteered to lead a middle school boys small group at my home church after graduating high school, and somewhere along the way I knew that youth ministry is what I am meant to do. FAVORITE FOOD: Burgers, pizza, burritos, lasagna... I'm not picky! FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Black coffee

AGE: 31 HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska COLLEGE/DEGREE: Missouri State University, B.S. Professional Writing; University of Nebraska at Omaha, M.A. Communication CALL TO MINISTRY: After months of feeling restless and praying for direction, I experienced a series of events that only God could orchestrate, leading me to CCC and saying yes to ministry. FAVORITE FOOD: Fajitas FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced Americano




AGE: 23 HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska COLLEGE/DEGREE: Grace University; Youth Ministry CALL TO MINISTRY: I don’t have one specific moment, but I grew up in camp and youth group and I am passionate about what they offer. I decided I want my life to be the same. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza… burgers are climbing the ladder though. FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: I like it all, but I’m weak so it just can’t be too hot.

AGE: 27 HOMETOWN: Wichita, Kansas COLLEGE/DEGREE: Tabor College; Communications and Biblical & Religious Studies CALL TO MINISTRY: Ever since I accepted Christ at a young age, I dreamed of a day when I would do ministry. God has been developing this passion within me since the beginning. FAVORITE FOOD: Breadsticks. Always. FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: White Chocolate Mocha

AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Blair, Nebraska COLLEGE/DEGREE: Crown College; General Liberal Studies CALL TO MINISTRY: I was encouraged to think about ministry when I was in middle school... and here I am! FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza with all the toppings FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Black coffee or Caramel Mocha









For an online list of all the residents, including the 2017 cohort, visit




AGE: 21 HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska COLLEGE/DEGREE: Grace University; Psychology CALL TO MINISTRY: I became confident that I had been called to ministry when I had an opportunity to lead a men’s ministry on Cru’s San Diego Summer Mission. FAVORITE FOOD: Beef Stroganoff FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Americano with heavy cream

AGE: 21 HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska COLLEGE/DEGREE: University Nebraska at Omaha; Exercise Science—Kinesiology CALL TO MINISTRY: I felt called to ministry on a Cru summer mission to San Diego where I had the opportunity to encourage and walk alongside other college girls in their walks with Jesus. God put a fire in my bones for loving his Church and seeking his Kingdom after that summer! FAVORITE FOOD: Chips and salsa! FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced almond milk latte

AGE: 24 HOMETOWN: Conway, Arkansas COLLEGE/DEGREE: University of Central Arkansas; Elementary Education CALL TO MINISTRY: In college I became very involved in a campus ministry called Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). I began to fall in love with women’s ministry through discipleship relationships, conferences, summer missions, and planning a women’s retreat. FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken strips FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced caramel macchiato




AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Bayamón, Puerto Rico COLLEGE/DEGREE: Toccoa Falls College; Music (Worship Arts) and Bible & Theology CALL TO MINISTRY: I first felt the Lord call me into ministry at an Alliance Youth District Retreat in Florida. FAVORITE FOOD: Steak and chicken tenders FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Tall Vanilla Latte (2 Splendas, whipped cream, mocha drizzle)

AGE: 23 HOMETOWN: Quito, Ecuador COLLEGE/DEGREE: Toccoa Falls College; Music (Worship Arts) CALL TO MINISTRY: During moments of ministry in high school and college, I saw how special the Lord's presence was to me. He constantly did a lot of healing, encouraging, and guidance through moments of worship and I wanted to be a part of it forever. FAVORITE FOOD: Rice and steak FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Lime Lemonade Refresher and Vanilla Latte



AGE: 24 HOMETOWN: Dalton, Georgia COLLEGE/DEGREE: Toccoa Falls College; Cross-Cultural Studies CALL TO MINISTRY: When I was 19, God opened my eyes to how he had been working all things together in my life to give me a passion for discipleship and the unreached. I am eager to walk with men as we become more like Jesus. FAVORITE FOOD: Anything ethnic. I love trying new things! FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Dirty chai with two pumps raspberry.







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Called to CCommunity t BY ALEESHA ROTH




Leading a Journey Group was never something my fiancé (now husband) and I intended to do. We were both busy fulltime students who worked and were involved in other activities within the church when Lisa Ashton approached us at the beginning of the Beyond Belief series about needing Journey Group leaders for twenty-something young professionals. Matt and I had previously talked about how we felt disconnected from the church and knew we lacked a community of peers, but we seriously doubted our ability to devote the time needed to cultivate a strong group and doubted our credibility as young college students to potentially lead individuals older and more experienced than us.

• Some members of the Roths' Journey Group

• Journey Group leader Aleesha Roth

After talking and praying, we decided we would commit to leading a group during the Beyond Belief series and then evaluate if we wanted to continue. We decided on a time and place to meet and waited with anticipation for the sign-ups of all those who supposedly needed a group to join. The Monday we planned to have our first meeting, we only had two people who had signed up. Both were friends we had convinced to come. We felt discouraged that we didn’t have more interest, but trusted that God would provide the right people at the right time. Throughout the afternoon that Monday, we received email after email from people who were interested in joining. That first night, we had about eight people who gathered in my apartment living room. Over the following months, strangers became friends who shared triumphs, struggles, questions, and laughter together. The Beyond Belief series came and went and without even thinking about it, we continued meeting every Monday night. Our group slowly expanded as Matt and I reached out to our friends, while others in the group invited their friends. Our group grew into an eclectic collection of over twenty people ranging from a young-twenties married couple, several of the church residents, a 28-year-old lawyer, and everything in between. My small living room was quickly packed to the brim with people sitting on couches, folding chairs, and occasionally the floor. Monday nights turned into the highlight of our week and developing real and deep relationships with the people in our group filled our lives in ways we didn’t know we needed. Matt and I have learned a great deal about the Lord’s faithfulness throughout this journey. We have been amazed by how the Lord has taken our small bit of faith and multiplied it tenfold. He has brought incredible people to the group, provided the time we doubted we had, and

has consistently shown up every Monday night through the conversations, prayers, and time we share. When I think about our time as Journey Group leaders, I am reminded of the quote that God does not call upon the qualified, but rather qualifies the called. I have been the most amazed at what God does when we chose to obey despite the uncertainties. Leading a Journey Group has been no exception. § Aleesha Roth is a CCC attender and Journey Group leader along with her husband Matt Roth

CCC offers Journey Groups for every stage of life. Whether you're checking out faith or have been a Christian for many years, get connected in a Journey Group. For more info or to sign up, stop by the Connect booth in the Atrium on Sundays or visit For more info about joining a High School or Middle School Journey Group, visit or



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Family is Primary Parents have the incredible responsibility of impressing a love for God on the hearts of their children (Deuteronomy 6:5–7). These impressions best occur as a natural overflow from parents seeking to love the Lord with their own hearts, souls, and strengths. Sunday Morning Children join a group of kids their age or grade level. Kids birth–preschool may stay for two services, while students kindergarten–fifth grade attend one service only. This fosters relationships with other kids and allows them to attend worship with parents during the other hour. American Heritage Girls Contact: Karyn Struck / A Christian scouting organization for girls K–12th grade. Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country. Mondays / 6:30–8 PM Trail Life USA Contact: Chris Brooks / A Christian scouting organization for boys K–12th grade. Scouting, leadership, and adventure. Mondays / 7–8:30 PM


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Increasing Kingdom impact by engaging, equipping, and encouraging men in godly manhood. Men are committed to go all-in through groups, Bible studies, and serving. Council Bluffs Group Contact: Dave Piercy / or Steve Irvin / Discuss and study the Bible over coffee. Tuesdays / 6–7:30 AM / Panera Bread / 3617 Denmark Dr, Council Bluffs, IA Journey Men Contact: Greg Vander Vorst / Helping men connect with other men through discussion-based learning and solid teaching. Begin the journey any time. Tuesdays / 7 PM / E240 Noble Men Contact: Jim Ratte / An ongoing group for men who desire to know and apply God’s Word. The study changes, but not the fellowship and support. Join and be nourished. Fridays / 6:15–7:30 AM / I-188

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Connect with other women as we journey through the women’s edition of The Story. This new Bible study experience begins September 4 and includes worship, fellowship, and connection in small groups. Point of Hope Contact: Emily McGaha / A positive environment for single moms to grow alongside each other. August 26 / Fall kickoff at CCC

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To learn more about Journey Groups or to join a group, visit

Journey Groups are where real life happens together. Meet regularly to study, pray, and grow with others. Belong to a community, be transformed by the gospel, and be on mission for the people in the city. August 19 / Adult Journey Group Launch WHY JOIN A JOURNEY GROUP? Develop friendships with others The smaller group of people gives you the opportunity to form genuine friendships and care for others in times of need. Grow in your relationship with God The smaller setting allows you to dig deeper into Scripture and ask questions in a discussion-based format. Interact with and learn from others. Make an impact for the Kingdom Make a difference by serving together in the city or participating in CCC’s partnerships around the world. HOW DO I JOIN A JOURNEY GROUP? Groups are available on Sunday morning during services or in neighborhoods throughout the week. Visit the Connect booth in the Atrium Meet staff and volunteers who will help you find Journey Groups in your neighborhood. Atrium / After 9 & 10:45 AM services Visit the Journey Group Locator online Search for groups that meet in your area based on type and meeting time online at

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Stamps Ministry Fridays / 8–11 AM / D127 Come join in the work and fellowship. Contact: Paul / 402.938.1574 /

Dayspring / 7:45 AM / C117 Cross-generational class that welcomes singles and couples for challenging teaching, ministry projects, missionary support, and care groups. Kingdom Builders / 9 AM / C220 Boomers and up join for prayer, fellowship, biblical teaching, and learning the Word together. Thankful Hearts / 9 AM / I-188 Boomers and up focus on Bible study, friendship, life application, and growing in relationship with Jesus Christ. Ambassadors / 10:30 AM / D127 Caring and praying seniors focus on strong biblical teaching with love for Christ, missionaries, and our nation. Ecclesia / 10:30 AM / D126 Seniors begin with worship and refreshments, then move to studying Scripture, and have time for discussion. Spiritually Advancing Linked Together (SALT) / 10:30 AM / C117 Boomers and seniors are welcome for fellowship, prayer, the study of God’s Word, and class socials.

Everyone has defining moments in their lives—challenging circumstances, relational pain, and transitional seasons. How we respond during these times has a direct impact on our futures and the futures of those around us. The Care Network at CCC is a multi-disciplinary team of caregivers who are passionate about providing an environment and relationships to help people heal and grow. Developed by pastors, trained counselors, and professional licensed counselors, the Care Network is committed to helping people find healing and wholeness amidst the challenges of life. Professional Counseling Contact: CityCare / 402.916.9421 / CityCare Counseling exists to provide effective professional counseling for those who are seeking excellent care with a distinctly Christian perspective.


Pastoral Counseling Contact: Sue Beed / 402.938.1570 /

Senior Lunch & Fellowship First Tuesday of the month 11:30 AM / CCC / $6

These services are provided by the pastoral staff and pastoral counselors trained to provide biblical advice or spiritual counsel to those in need. Financial counseling is also available.

Contact: Sue Beed / 402.938.1570 /

Seniors Breakfast Second Tuesday of the month / 8:30 AM Village Inn / 138th & Maple Enjoy breakfast and encouragement. Super Adults Third Tuesday of the month 9:30 AM / CCC / $6 Coffee over fellowship, a program featuring a guest speaker, and a delicious meal.




Healing Prayer Contact: Sue Beed / 402.938.1570 / Immanuel Prayer is practical training in deepening your intimacy with God so relational barriers and painful life experiences can be resolved. Formational Prayer creates an environment where people find relief from emotional pain through a personal encounter with God.

Caring Partners Contact: Doni Gregory / 402.938.1512 / Serves those in need of temporary assistance by distributing designated funds as an expression of God’s love. The Oil Change Ministry and on-site food pantry are also part of Caring Partners. Silver Tsunami Ministry Contact: Paul / 402.938.1574 / Ministry to the elderly, infirm, those with dementia, the sick, and the dying. Prepares people for building relationship through weekly visits, caring, listening, and sharing the gospel. Training happens every fall. Stephen Ministers Contact: Paul / 402.938.1574 / People trained to provide confidential, one-on-one care to those experiencing difficulty in life such as grief, divorce, job loss, aging, spiritual crisis, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, or separation due to military deployment.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION Contact: Wendell / 402.938.1573 /

The ongoing transformation of your life through experiential discovery. Selah Groups Monthly exposure to various spiritual practices such as solitude and silence, formational approaches to the Word, and group spiritual direction in a contemplative prayer group for women that facilitates connection with God. Spiritual Direction A monthly one-on-one meeting to help you notice and savor God’s presence in your life and stimulate on-going growth; nurturing choices that consistently delight God.



Physical Wholeness Contact: Kirk / 402.938.1573 /

DivorceCare Contact: Mary Lou Rodgers /

Fresh Hope Contact: Melody Steinhauser /

Experience renewal in your life by connecting with trained volunteers, professional counselors, and others experiencing similar circumstances. All groups meet at Christ Community Church. Beginning August 14, please join us for worship and prayer. Tuesdays / 6–6:45 PM / Chapel

A friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult challenges. Tuesdays / 7 PM / C117

A safe setting for people with mood disorders, or their family members, who desire to incorporate faith into the recovery process. Tuesdays / 7 PM / D127

Chemical Dependency Addictions Contact: Kirk / Biblically-based curriculum in a nonjudgmental environment. Tuesdays / 7 PM / F252 Sexual Identity & Brokenness Restoration Contact: Randy Hager / Support and encouragement for those whose loved ones struggle with sexual identity. First Monday of the month 7 PM / P541 (The Porch) Hope After Betrayal Contact: Nancy Hanson / 308.631.1200 / Support, hope, & healing for women whose marriages or relationships have been shattered. Tuesdays / 6:30 PM / F260 Men of Integrity Contact: Kirk / A grace-filled environment to address lust issues and honesty with self, others, and God. Tuesdays / 7 PM / S302 (Student Center) Career Omaha Career Networking Provides support, tips, & tactics to help you with your job search. Tuesdays / 7 PM / F255

Hannah's Prayer Contact: Diane / Community of married woman experiencing primary or secondary infertility who provide support and encouragement. By appointment only

NAMI Support Group Contact: MJ Zaremba / 402.980.1532 Helps families understand and support individuals with mental illness. Tuesdays / 7 PM / G160-B

Relationships 101 for Men Contact: Kirk /

NAMI Family-to-Family 12-Week Class Contact: John and Karen / 402.452.6311

Learn how to build and maintain healthy, life-giving relationships. Thursdays / 7 PM / P538 (The Porch)

A course for family members of individuals with severe mental illness. Begins September 11. Tuesdays / 6:30 PM / C118

GriefShare Contact: Deb Jones / 402.658.0767 / A support group to foster the journey from mourning to joy amid the chaos of the loss of a loved one. Tuesdays / 6:30 PM / I-188 Friends of Suicide Loss Contact: Cindy / 402.995.3118 / A group for teens, college-age students, and young adults who are recovering from losing a friend or family member to suicide. Last Thursday of the month 6:30–8 PM / C220 & D226 Overcomers in Christ Contact: Mary Fear-Eggers / 402.616.4818 / Would you like to experience victory in your daily life? Experience comfort and hope found in Jesus Christ. Tuesdays / 7:30 PM / P540 (The Porch)

Spiritual Formation Forming Contact: Dawn / Twelve-week training experience to help build a relationship with God that is substantive enough to change you from the inside out. Begins September 6. Thursdays / 7 PM / D227 / $25 The Christian in Complete Armor Contact: Marc Montanye / Men, do you feel like you’re in a battle at home, at work, and in life? If so, you’re invited to explore practical ways to achieve total victory in those areas and experience a new way of looking at what it means to be a Christian in Complete Armor. Tuesdays / 7 PM

Encountering the Prince of Peace Contact: Jenna / or Stefanny / A group for young women who are striving to find lasting peace in an anxious world through supporting each other and discovering a true and unique identity in Christ. Tuesdays / 7–8:30 PM / G160 THE HUB MAGAZINE / CCCOMAHA.ORG


Connecting with one another on the journey toward wholeness and healing to encounter the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

October 26–27 / Friday 6–9 PM, Saturday 8:30 AM–4:30 PM  Lunch and snacks are included in the registration cost. For more info and to register, visit



Visit for additional information, to register for an event, or to purchase tickets.

Worship Center Prayer & Commissioning Service / 6 PM / Worship Center

The Story church-wide message series begins / For more info, visit

Worship Center Grand Reopening / For more info about Beyond Belief, visit

Kids event with illusionist David Laflin / 9 & 10:45 AM / CCC Gym / Age 4–grade 5 / Free event Check in your kids at the Gym / For more info, visit

Fall Kickoff / Promotion weekend for birth through high school seniors

Adult Journey Group Launch / To sign up for a Journey Group, visit

Student Ministry Journey Group Kickoffs / For more info, visit

* Baby Dedications / For more info or to register for the next one, visit

Student Ministry Parent Meetings / 4:30–5:30 PM / Student Center

** Kids Clubs Kickoff / 6:30–8 PM / For more info, visit

Baptism on the Green (BOTG) / 4 PM / Celebrate new believers with our church community while enjoying games, food, and music / If you're interested in getting baptized, visit

* City Serve Day / Step Into Village One with CCC as we work alongside other area churches to bless the city of Omaha / For more info and to sign up beginning September 9, visit

*Free event, preregistration required

**Paid/ticketed event, preregistration required

SEPTEMBER 9 / 4 PM Baptism on the Green is an annual event at CCC. Its purpose is to come together as a church to celebrate people who have made the decision to commit their lives to Christ and make it publicly known through the symbol of water baptism.

For more info or to sign up to get baptized, visit

The Hub Magazine Issue 7  
The Hub Magazine Issue 7