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Congregation Beth Yeshurun Houston December 2016

Hanukkah Dreidels 1

To create a new atmosphere in which Shabbat Shelanu! can take place, we will be in Pulaski-Rauch Auditorium, which will allow us the opportunity to create the kind of intimacy it is difficult to create in a sanctuary with fixed seating. To create a new sound for Shabbat Shelanu!, Cantor Finkelstein has composed a most lively and lovely score of beautiful new melodies, each one written with the goal of being instantly “hummable.” What I have heard has left me convinced you will love what you hear and find many of his tunes stuck in your head long after the service is over! I will have the pleasure of bringing a special message to you each month, not on politics or current events, but on how to make our way in a challenge-filled world, how to find more joy and meaning in our everyday lives. Cantor Finkelstein and I have enjoyed the challenge of creating something new and novel for you like Shabbat Shelanu!, yet at the same time, we have been careful not to create a service that you will find disorienting or strange. We hope you’ll give it a chance, let us know what you think, and let “Our Shabbat” become “your Shabbat” in this special way each month! And it all starts January 27!

From the Rabbi Rabbi David Rosen Our New Friday Night Service is Here! When we created Friday Night Alive! some 16 years ago, we asked ourselves what we wanted the congregation to take from the service. The word we came up with was “joy.” For too many people, being in synagogue lacked emotion. People were afraid to sing or to become emotionally involved in the service for fear of disturbing the decorum. FNA encouraged clapping, dancing and singing, and established a mood that proved to be both popular and enduring. For the new service we have created which will debut in January, we asked ourselves again what our goal was, and the word we struck upon this time was “intimacy.” Yes, we will still have the joy! But we have sought to create a worship service and setting which will break down the barrier between clergy and congregation, between the bimah and you! Our new service is called Shabbat Shelanu!, which means “Our Shabbat!” and our goal is to create a Friday night service where we can be more intimately immersed in joy of Shabbat.

We Value Our Members Beth Yeshurun is a community institution with a vital mission: to offer spiritual experiences that inspire and uplift all ages, to educate children and adults, and to provide a setting in which Judaism can be joyously lived and experienced.

Congregation Beth Yeshurun

Interested in Joining? Our synagogue welcomes people of the Jewish faith and their families to make Beth Yeshurun their spiritual home. Mindi Stern, our Director of Member Relations, (713.666.1881) is here to welcome everyone interested in becoming part of our beautiful congregational family.

The Message Vol. LII, No. 5

Do You Have a Question about Your Membership? Members who may have special needs, whose family situations have changed or who have questions about their membership in the synagogue will find a responsive and empathetic ear by arranging a visit with Mindi Stern, our Director of Member Relations, (713.666.1881).

Rhona & Bruce Caress Family Campus 4525 Beechnut St.│Houston, TX 77096-1801 713.666.1881│ December 2016│Kislev-Tevet 5777

The Message of Congregation Beth Yeshurun (USPS 968-

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Follow Us Online! Beth Yeshurun is an active and engaging congregation for members of all ages and backgrounds. To learn more about our ongoing and special programming, visit our website ( or follow us on our Facebook page under “Congregation Beth Yeshurun.“

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Shabbat Services

Chapel Services Thursday, 12/1/2016: 6:45am - 5:00pm Friday, 12/2/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Saturday, 12/3/2016: 8:30am - 4:45pm Sunday, 12/4/2016: 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday, 12/5/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday, 12/6/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Wednesday, 12/7/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Thursday, 12/8/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Friday, 12/9/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Saturday, 12/10/2016: 8:30am - 4:45pm Sunday, 12/11/2016: 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday, 12/12/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday, 12/13/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Wednesday, 12/14/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Thursday, 12/15/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Friday, 12/16/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Saturday, 12/17/2016: 8:30am - 4:45pm Sunday, 12/18/2016: 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday, 12/19/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday, 12/20/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Wednesday, 12/21/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Thursday, 12/22/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Friday, 12/23/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Saturday, 12/24/2016: 8:30am - 5:00pm Sunday, 12/25/2016: 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday, 12/26/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday, 12/27/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Wednesday, 12/28/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Thursday, 12/29/2016: 7:00am - 5:00pm Friday, 12/30/2016: 6:45am - 5:00pm Saturday, 12/31/2016: 8:30am - 5:00pm

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2 - Candlelighting Time 5:04pm 5:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal - with the Goodweather Family SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 - Parashat Toldoth 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service - Bat Mitzvah: Ella Goodweather 4:45pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9 - Candle lighting Time 5:05pm 5:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10 - Parashat Vayetzei 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service - Minyanaire Shabbat 4:45pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16 - Candlelighting Time 5:02pm 5:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17 - Parashat Vayishlach 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service 4:45pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23 - Candlelighting Time 5:10pm 5:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24 - Parashat Vayeshev 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service 5:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel Hanukkah 1st Night FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30 - Candlelighting Time 5:15pm Rosh Chodesh 5:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal Hanukkah 7th Night

Office Hours

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31 - Parashat Miketz 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service 5:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel Hanukkah 8th Night

The Beth Yeshurun office is open Monday - Thursday 8:30am to 5:00pm and Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. It will be closed for the following upcoming holidays:


Monday • December 26 • Federal Holiday Monday • January 2 • New Year’s Holiday (Observed)

New procedure for Post Oak Cemetery

Have you signed up for Transitions?

If you’ve attended a funeral at Beth Yeshurun’s Post Oak Cemetery recently, you’ve noticed a change in how you may enter and exit the grounds. For pedestrian and driver safety, the Cemetery Committee has made the following change, which went into effect November 1, 2016:

Transitions is an e-mail notification of deaths within our synagogue family. If you would like to receive a notification when a member of the congregation or a relative of a member passes away, please sign up for Transitions on the Beth Yeshurun website. It can be done in five easy steps: 1. Go




The North Post Oak Road entrance gate to Post Oak Cemetery will be closed. ALL traffic must turn west at the light at Awty School Road, pass David Weekley’s property, and then turn left to enter the cemetery. The North Post Oak gate will only be used as an exit following services.

2. Click on “Sign up to receive TRANSITIONS here” 3. Fill in the form with your e-mail address, name, and which notifications you’d like to receive. Be sure to check the small box next to the word Transitions 4. Complete the simple “security check” to prove you’re not a computer by typing in the two words which appear 5. Click the “Sign-Up” bar

This change was made after much consideration by the Committee. They believe it will not only provide added safety, but that it will help traffic to flow more easily when leaving the cemetery.

After you’ve completed these steps, you will begin receiving notices. Many notices include details on shiva minyans.

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Trust • Honor • Dedication • Heritage • Commitment We are thankful for your continued support!




15 Years A

The ONLY Jewish Funeral Home in Houston

Graveside Services, Synagogue and Chapel Services and Pre-Planning


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CanCare interfaith clergy luncheon

Prof. Mintz draws enthusiastic crowd On Sunday, November 6, a large and enthusiastic audience heard Professor Sharon Mintz lecture on rare and unusual objects in the Kaplan Museum. Professor Mintz is curator for the Jewish Theological Seminary, which houses the largest collection of Judaica documents Professor Sharon Mintz (far right) in the western hemisphere, and speaking about items in the Kaplan consultant to Sotheby’s. She was Museum’s Rosh Hashanah display very impressed with the extent and quality of our museum and noted items which we have that even the Seminary collection is lacking. Prof. Mintz also shared many remarkable insights into works in our collection.

Fun at the Family Life Sukkot dinner!

The annual CanCare Interfaith Clergy Luncheon was held on Wednesday, November 2, at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. Beth Yeshurun was well-represented, including BY member, Michael Wiesenthal, who was the Master of Ceremonies; Rabbi Morgen, who gave a meaningful benediction, and Leah Katz and Barbara Selzer, Beth Yeshurun representatives to CanCare, who also served on the luncheon committee. Pictured above (l-r) are: Leah Katz, Hope Lipnick – Director of the Houston Jewish Chaplaincy Program, Tommy Thompson – Senior Minister at Bethany Christian Church, Rabbi Steven Morgen, Barbara Selzer and Michael Weisenthal. For more information about CanCare, please contact Rabbi Morgen or visit the CanCare website at

Hundreds of people of all ages enjoyed family time at the BY Sukkah on Sunday, October 23. Fun was had by all! Joining the festivities was CYJ Camp Director Frank Silberlicht who led a magic show for all ages. Be sure to watch for future Family Life events!

LOST & FOUND Have you lost something and are still looking for it? Have you found something and want to return it to its owner? We have a Lost & Found at Beth Yeshurn with LOADS of stuff no one has claimed! (We’ve had some of it for years!!!) We also have at least two members of the synagogue looking for very special tallit which they lost during the High Holy Days! If you’ve lost something, OR if you’ve found something, please call or come by the office. We want to help all of the lost items find their way home again! 6

What’s Happening in the William S. Malev Schools for Religious Studies

RS/BYDS 3rd - 5th Grade Program More than 40 students in third through fifth grade in the Religious School and Beth Yeshurun Day School came together on Saturday evening, October 30, for a special program. Planned and led by ISJL Fellow Gabi Cohn, the students participated in a Shabbat-friendly Pokémonthemed event that had the students working in teams to earn training badges through scavenger hunts, grab bag skits, getting through a maze, a memory game, and more. Ariel Rozen, BYDS Director of Judaic Studies; Sheryl Eskowitz, Education Director; and David Enav, 4th grade RS teacher who is a BYDS graduate, assisted with the evening. The program began with dinner prior to the activities. Later in the evening, Havdalah was held, and the students were able to finish the evening with ice cream sundaes, with elements of the sundaes relating to elements of Havdalah. Those in attendance had a fun evening, and we look forward to doing another event later in the year.

RS Kindergarten Consecration Held Kindergarten Consecration in the Religious School was held on October 23 with the Kindergarten families and the entire Religious School in attendance. After the students sang several songs and were blessed by Rabbi Rosen and their parents, each student was presented with a small Torah and Consecration certificate to mark the beginning of their formal Jewish education. Rabbi Morgen concluded the ceremony with a benediction. The morning ended with a reception in the sukkah for the Kindergarten families. The program was coordinated by Music teacher, Marcia Sterling, and Kindergarten teachers, Chaya Lazenga and Mamie Marx.

BYDS/RS Decorations in the Sukkah

Kindergarten students pictured are (left to right): front row: Blake Stomel, Joseph Bernstein, Evann Meador, Sydney Abramson, Marina Hernandez, Samantha Lavine, Jake Fleischer, Brooks Perry, Spencer Cohen; back row: Daniel Sheinbein, Benjamin Luks, Evan Cohen, Charlotte Dillon, Sophia Bush, Talia Rosenblatt, Norah Staller, Max Jones, Jack Staller, and Reid Taibel. Not pictured is Jacob Arias.

Students in Beth Yeshurun Day School and the Religious School decorated CD’s that acted as suncatchers and were hung in the synagogue’s sukkah during Sukkot.

Sulam’s Special Speaker

Pictured are (left to right): Religious School students Zachary Selzer, Max Frankel, Hannah Churchill, Riley Levine and Beth Yeshurun Day School students Levi Finkelman, Sarah Levy, Jake Levy, and Alex Levy.

Sulam 7th graders were fortunate to spend a morning with Holocaust survivor and CBY member, Ruth Steinfeld, as she shared her story with them. 7

Jewish Learning Project DECEMBER 2016 at CBY Is it Shabbat Already? with Rabbi Steve Morgen: Dec 4 & 11

Rabbi Morgen continues his conversation on Shabbat. Taking a day off in this crazy hectic world isn’t easy. We'll look at the essential meaning of the Sabbath day, how it has been traditionally observed, and how to get the most out of a day of rest even with all of our responsibilities to work and family.

Sunday, December 18 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Charles Balfoure’s New York Times bestseller “The Paris Architect” with Rabbi David Rosen. The Paris Architect asks us to consider what we owe each other, and just how far we'll go to make things right. Written by an architect whose knowledge imbues every page, this story becomes more gripping with every soul hidden and every life saved.



JANUARY 29, 2017 3 - 5:30 pm FAMILIES WELCOME! LOTS OF PRIZES! To register or for more information, please visit 9

4th Annual Minyanaire Shabbat

It’s a Mitzvah

Shabbat Morning - December 10th

Interested in sponsoring a Chapel Minyan weekday breakfast, or a Chapel or Museum Minyan Shabbat Kiddush in memory of your loved one or in honor of a simcha? Please contact Eileen Pettigrew, Food Service Manager, at epettigrew@ or 713.666.1881, ext. 368. Sponsorships will be acknowledged in The Message. Standard breakfasts begin at $100 and kiddushes begin at $145. Special meals may be arranged with the Food Service Department and monthly sponsorships are available. All sponsorships must be paid in advance. Dates will be reserved in the order they are received. Recent sponsored breakfasts and kiddushes have been generously given by those listed below.  Debbie Crane & The Nash Family in honor of Marvin Crane and Jared & Sydney Nash  The Finkelman Family in memory of Ruth Finkelman  The Gruber Family in memory of Haskell Gruber, DDS  Paul Metter, Jennifer & Daniel Leventhal and Kevin & Deborah Metter in honor of the birthday of Linda Metter  Dr. Norman & Deborah Rappaport in memory of Ruth Rappaport  Jeff Riesenfeld & Arlene Lassin in honor of the upcoming marriage of Elissa Riesenfeld & Joshua Bauer  Rabbi David & Marcie Rosen in memory of Sally Leva  Lynne Singerman & Children in memory of Jerry Singerman

Honoring the

2016 Minyanaire of the Year

Minyanaire Shabbat December 10 On Shabbat morning, December 10, we will recognize and pay tribute to all who maintain our daily services in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel. Attendees of the Chapel and Museum Minyan services are invited to join with the Sanctuary service at the conclusion of services Rabbi Horwitz in Freedman-Levit. Rabbi Horwitz will speak and pay tribute to Steve Rudoff, our beloved gabbai who died so tragically last spring. We will also acknowledge our previous honorees as Minyanaire of the Year: Jack Uzick, Filmore Cohen and Dr. Irving Rothman...AND, we will announce our Minyanaire of the Year for this year! Rabbi Daniel Horwitz

Donations Beth Yeshurun is a community institution with a vital mission: to educate children and adults, to offer spiritual experiences that inspire and uplift all ages, and to provide a setting in which Judaism can be joyously lived and experienced. We welcome your support. Online donations can be made at Donations may also be made in the synagogue office or by mail to Congregation Beth Yeshurun, 4525 Beechnut, Houston, TX 77096-1801. A minimum donation of $10 per listing is required to have your donation published in the weekly bulletin and a notification letter sent to the honoree or a deceased person’s family member. One such notification letter will be sent per donation. The deadline for donations to be published in the weekly bulletin is the previous Friday at 4:30pm. Donations are published upon submission and will not be “held” for future publication. When you make a donation to Beth Yeshurun, please be sure to provide all of the necessary information: who the donation is in memory of, who or what the donation is in honor of, who needs to be notified of the donation (name and complete address) and by whom the donation is given. When this information is incomplete, we are unable to process your donation efficiently. Donations with no specific fund indicated will be credited to the Synagogue General Fund. Beth Yeshurun appreciates your generosity and support.






The World of Mussar is open before you, and You are invited to enter. G X’  M      T T  P  M

PATH OF THE MENSCH  R B S

This program goes beyond self-help, and provides an authenc Jewish pathway toward fulfilling the potenal of your higher nature, the soul. Everyday Holiness will focus on the traits of Humility, Paence, Order, Equanimity, Honor, Truth, Moderaon, Responsibility & Trust

W N - 1:30

J 11, 25; F 8, 22; M 8, 22; A 5, 20 (T ); M 3, 17 Registraon is requested. Classes held at CBY $90 fee includes materials and lunch (15 spots available) Outside reading and study required


AIPAC Policy Conference 2017

COME TOGETHER March 26–28 • Washington, D.C. Join Rabbi Rosen, Rabbi Strauss, and fellow members of Congregation Beth Yeshurun in our nation’s capital for three of the most important days affecting Israel’s future. For Policy Conference 1st timers – please ask about our limited amount of $200 discount coupons, available on a first-come, first-served basis! Learn More For more information about Beth Yeshurun’s delegation, or to register for the AIPAC Policy Conference, please contact Rebecca Gerbert at 832.380.7718 or or Madeline Burak at 832.380.7713 or

Why Attend? 750






Register Today!




he Festival of Hanukkah begins Festival of begins he Festival of Hanukkah begins th on the 25 Kislev 25thday dayofofon Kislev the 25th day of Kislev (Saturday night, Dec. 24, (Wednesdayday night, Nov. 27, night, Nov. 27, (Wednesdayday 2016).The The holiday holiday commemorates 203). commemorates 203). The holiday commemorates the miracle miracle of of the thethe Maccabean victory the Maccabean miracle ofvictory the Maccabean victory despitethe theoverwhelming overwhelming forces of despite forces of despite the overwhelming forces of Antiochus. It is is told told that there thereItwas was Antiochus. that Antiochus. is told that there was only one small small cruse cruse ofone oil, small enough only oil, enough onlyof cruse of oil, enough for only only one day, but miraculously for for only one day,itbut miraculously it burned in in the Temple Temple menorah burned menorah burned in the for Temple menorah for eight days. days. eight eight days. In commemoration commemoration In that Inof commemoration of that historic event, event, our ourhistoric festivalevent, lastsfor for historic festival lasts our festival lasts for eight days. days. We We light light candles each eight candles eight days.each We light candles each night at at sunset, sunset,and and onFriday Friday night night on night night at sunset, and on Friday night we light light the the menorah light before we light we before we light thewe menorah Shabbatcandles. candles.Shabbat candles. Shabbat Hanukkah customs: customs: Todecorate decorate Hanukkah To Hanukkah customs: To decorate the house, house, to to make make parties, to the parties, the house,to toeat make parties, to eat eat latkes and doughnuts, todoughnuts, play latkes and doughnuts, play the latkestoand to play the the dreidel game, to sing songs, dreidel game, to sing songs, to to sing songs, to dreidel game, to exchange presents, to give exchange presents, to give Hanukkah exchange presents, to give Hanukkah Hanukkah “gelt,” andour to and display ourin our menorah in “gelt,” and to display menorah “gelt,” to display menorah in the window. the window. the window.

Latkes Latkes Latkes mediumsized sizedpotatoes potatoes 2 eggs, beaten 3 medium sized potatoes 2 eggs, well beaten 33medium 2 well eggs, well beaten smallonion, onion,grated grated 1 small1/4 cup matzoh meal 1/4 onion, grated cup matzoh meal 11small 1/4 cup matzoh meal tsp.salt salt oil, foroil, frying 1 tsp. salt 11tsp. for frying oil, for frying 1/8 tsp. pepper 1/8 tsp. pepper 1/8

Peel and grate potatoes; drain. Peel and grate potatoes; drain. Peel and grate potatoes; drain. Add grated onion, salt, pepper, eggs and Add grated onion, salt, pepper, eggs and Add grated onion, salt, pepper, eggs matzoh meal. matzoh meal. and matzoh meal. Heat enough cover bottom Heat enough oil Heat enough oiloil to to cover bottom of of ato a cover bottom of a frying pan. frying pan. frying pan. batter teaspoonfuls until golden Fry batter by teaspoonfuls until golden FryFry batter by by teaspoonfuls until golden brown both sides; drain on paper brown on sides; drain on paper brown on on both sides; drain onboth paper towels. towels. towels. Serve with applesauce or sour cream. Serve with applesauce or sour cream. Serve with applesauce or sour cream. 7 17








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Family Album

ď ™Anniversaries 12/1 12/2 12/3 12/5 12/6 12/9 12/10 12/11 12/12 12/13 12/14 12/15 12/16 12/17 12/18 12/19 12/20 12/21 12/22

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Jay & Kelly Gerstenhaber Daniel & Marlene Siegman Pablo & Sandra Vexsler Gabriel & Marian Braun Steven & Felicia Goldberg Barry Kahan & Marsha Capen Taghi & Harriet Hajizade Dennis & Marion Schepps Justin & Jennifer Davidoff Hertzel & Dorita Aron Joel & Allison Goldberg Earle & Cathy Steinberg Jason & Mistorm Baum Mishael & Bracha Radom Harold & Claudine Kadmon Jay & Anat Zeidman Randy & Joni Levy Fred & Dafran Provada Morris & Sylvia Schultz Mark & Shelly Grenader Sam Platt & Suzanne Selinger-Platt Paul & Suzanne Wishnow Julius & Avril Danziger Stanley & Renee Feig Trevor & Ruth Rabie E. Edward & Harriet Reitman Sheldon & Shirley Arsham Howard & Wendy Cohen Meir & Pearl Monk David Quail & Devorah Beinart Charles & Estelle Racusin Earl & Janice Selzer Matt & Bianca Wigder Richard & Sharon Kammerman Jerome & Elaine Rose Howard & Hedy Spiegel Brad & Robin Stein Stanley & Bobbie Weinstein Douglas & Tracy Dow Paul & Rae Engel Marc & Tsun-Tsun Levin Mark & Polina Strug Sam & Leslie Sutin Shahar & Lisa Yoram Jack & Ell Camhi Mark & Ali Katz Martin & Barbara Lindenberg Tyler & Lindsay Brochstein Kenneth & Charlotte Croft Scot & Sherri Farrell Daniel & Rachel Fein Keith & Sandi Marine Alex & Irina Niemer

14 42 42 43 60 16 28 60 38 44 21 28 49 41 22 47 52 56 55 62 45 46 52 12 62 45 30 24 36 63 25 47 44 47 37 42 42 43 20 14 53 60 54 65 43 9 21 10 45 44 54 3 37 13 49

Jeffrey Plastrik & Mara Gittess Haskell & Judith-Ann Rosenthal Jerry & Faye Wender David & Deborah Bergeron Louis & Esther Farber Neal & Cathie Gittleman Paul & Leah Katz Jerry & Marcia Pappert Dean & Patricia Solomon Jerald & Denise Turboff Michael & Karen Buxbaum Dell & Barbara Coleman Aaron & Ina Fried Michael & Gila Kaufman Roger & Linden Sofer Howard & Jan Stomel Stanley & Diane Zweback David & Beverly Sufian Sheldon & Myrna Zwickel Sigmund & Pearl Altman Sidney & Marsha Gerber Leon Halfon & Rebeca Halfon Donald & Margaret Plotkin Cary & Tanya Radoff George & Sandra Rosen Gary & Maureen Tucker Rodney & Paula Kapp Michael & Alissa Leightman Alan & Hope Malowitz Joe & Evelyn Sandler Eric & Lisa Hardee Steve & Diane Kaminsky Arnold & Olivia Ostrin Louis & Carol Ringold Kenneth & Judy Arfa Jeffrey & Lesley Katz Eric & Lesley Solomon Glenn & Dolly Stange Albert & Emily Stein Daniel & Laura Tolpin Jerry & Evelyn Yellen Lyusyen & Rema Berkovich Irl & Marsha Bernstein Robert & Tiby Bernstein Daniel & Sharon Brener David & Jackie Janco Daniel & Janet Kleban Neville & Allison Leibman Chris & Sandy Rich Steve & Adriana Rosenbaum Irving & Hava Rothman Marcy Lynn Rothman & Tammy Pye Allen & Wendy Shapiro Marc & Syndy Gold Marvin & Sharon Katz

ď ™Condolences 18

The congregation extends its sincerest condolences to the families of Martha Williams Ainsworth, Sofya Poltorak, Rivka (Riki) Roussos, Fay Rosalie (Gordon) Shoss, Jerry Singerman, Betya Trakhtman May their memories be for a blessing.




  BM ‐ Ella Goodweather 



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18  Kislev   19  

19  Kislev   20 Grief Group   


24  Kislev   22  Kislev   23 23  Kislev   24 Vayeshev Shabbat Morning Services    Torah Study              Evening Chapel  Shabbat Evening Services  Chanukah: 1 Candle    BYDS WINTER BREAK (NO BYDS/EDC/ASA) ‐ WINTER CAMP IN SESSION    25 25  Kislev   26       26  Kislev  27           27  Kislev   28      28  Kislev  29                            29  Kislev  30 1  Tevet   31 Miketz                  2  Tevet   No RS/Sulam  SYNAGOGUE OFFICE CLOSED  Grief Group  No RS  Caretakers Group   Rosh Chodesh  Shabbat Morning Services  Torah Study  No JLP   NO BYDS/WINTER CAMP  Divorce Group  No Kehillah High   Chanukah: 6 Candles      Chanukah: 2 Candles  Chanukah: 3 Candles  Inclusion Committee  Technology Committee        Chanukah: 4 Candles      Meditation Group        Evening Chapel  Chanukah: 5 Candles  Shabbat Evening Services  Chanukah: 8 Candles  Chanukah: 7 Candles 

11 RS/Sulam JLP   

4 RS/Sulam JLP 




4  Shevat  

25  Tevet   24 26  Tevet   25 27  Tevet   26 Grief Group  RS  Gathering Place  BYDS PK & K Pizza Social  Kehillah High @CBY  Caretakers Group  Technology Committee Mtg  Divorce Group  Investment Committee Mtg  Inclusion Committee Mtg  Meditation Group   

3  Shevat  31 Grief Group 

  BM ‐ Noah Beinart &  



  Drew Cohen  1  Shevat   28  Tevet   27 29  Tevet   28 Vaera Rosh Chodesh    Shabbat Morning Services    Jr. Congregation    Torah Study      BYDS Second Grade Shabbat  Evening Chapel  FL Daddy Daughter Dance  Shabbat Evening Services  Shabbat Shelanu   

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 3  Tevet   2 9  Tevet   4  Tevet   3 5  Tevet   4 6  Tevet   5 7  Tevet   6 8  Tevet   7 Vayiggash Shabbat Morning Services  NEW YEARS DAY  New Year's Day (Observed)  BYDS Resumes  No RS  Caretakers Group      BM: Aaron and Hannah Stein  Chanukah: 8 Day  Synagogue Office Closed  BYDS Back to School   No Kehillah High      Sing‐a‐Long Shabbat  No RS/Sulam  BYDS Winter Break       New Family Breakfast  Meditation Group    Torah Study  No JLP    Grief Group  Membership Committee Mtg      Evening Chapel  Shabbat Evening Services    BM: Aaron and Hannah Stein    8 10  Tevet   9 11  Tevet   10 16  Tevet   12  Tevet   11 13  Tevet   12 14  Tevet   13 15  Tevet   14 Vayhi Shabbat Morning Services  Asara B'Tevet  BYDS First Day  ASA Class  Grief Group  RS      Torah Study  RS/Sulam  Budget Committee Mtg  Executive Committee Mtg  100 Jewish Men  Caretakers Group      JLP  Divorce Group  Kehillah High @CBY  Speaker Event @ CBY      Education Committee Mtg  Meditation Group         Mincha BM ‐ Alexandra &   Shirat Shabbat     Rachel Gittleman  Shabbat Evening Services  Evening Chapel  Carlebach Service & Dinner    15 17  Tevet   16 18  Tevet   17 23  Tevet   19  Tevet   18 21  Tevet   20 22  Tevet   21 Shemot 20  Tevet   19 Shabbat Morning Services  No RS/Sulam  MLK Holiday  Grief Group  BYDS Kindergarten  BYDS Pre K Info Session       BM ‐ Noah Beinart &   JLP  Synagogue Office Closed  CBY Board Mtg      Information Session  Caretakers Group       Drew Cohen  YES Luncheon  No BYDS/EDC/ASA    Jr. Congregation  RS  Torah Study        Kehillah High @CBY      Meditation Group  Shabbat Evening Services  Evening Chapel 

2  Shevat  30

22 24  Tevet   23 RS/Sulam  BYDS Board Mtg  JLP  Annual Meeting & Brunch 

29 RS/Sulam JLP 


Bat Mitzvah Ella Bryn Goodweather (December 2/3) is the daughter of Gaby and Steve Goodweather; sister of Sarie Goodweather; and granddaughter of Hilary Nitsun and the late Brian Nitsun, and Arlyne and Mel Goodweather. Ella attends Lanier Middle School. For her Mitzvah Project, Ella volunteered at Jewish Family Services, decorating and assembling Shabbat boxes for patients at Methodist Hospital. She will also participate in the Rabbi’s 10% Plan by donating to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

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The Message - December 2016