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When we were children we were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and we would say things such as a king or queen, a doctor, firefighter or an astronaut. No one could tell us there were any limits to what we could be when we grew up. However as time went on, as it always does, we find ourselves at the end of the academic road. Whether we are a semester or five semesters away from graduating, our next step is facing our fears and entering the real world. We hope our choices have led us to the right path for our life, we hope that the years of studying and late nights have paid off but until we walk across the stage with degree in hand – there is no telling what life has in store. In this economy, graduates find themselves up against candidates who have been in the industry for years and then were suddenly laid off. As a result, settling to retail sales becomes a backup plan. Hopes are put into grad school with the prayers that once a master’s is attained, opportunities will be readily available. Fears and questions left unanswered take over our minds but as believers, our hope is placed in God and the confidence of those around us, who encourage us to carry on. Throughout the production of this magazine, we find those who face fears everyday but still find the courage to live each moment to the fullest. We find those who discovered their dreams and live them to the fullest. Each one tells their own story about what they hope for. Whatever your dream is, whether it is finding joy in the arms of Mickey Mouse or surfing in the wee hours of the morning, do not let anything hold you back. As Edward Eggleston said, “Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.”

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Volume II, Issue 2, Spring 2012

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12 Where to go on 1 gas tank and $10 14 Fear Vs. Faith 16 Memories & Mickey


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24 Spring Colors and Trends 26 Depression


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34 Exercise 36 A Continuing Legacy PURSUIT | 03


Sophomore Taylor Statham has received national media attention for his survival of testicular cancer. But defeating cancer is only where his story begins. “Everyone in my family plays basketball,” said Statham. Having grown up with parents who played the sport in college and an uncle, Steve Hale, who played at North Carolina with Michael Jordan, basketball was etched into his life before he knew how to speak. Statham played three seasons at Golden Valley High in Santa Clarita, Calif., graduating in 2010. He earned All-Foothill first team and All-Santa Clarita Valley second honors as a senior. According to, Statham was ranked among the top 20 shooting guards in California. As a senior, he led his team to consecutive CIF quarterfinals and won back-to-back Foothill league titles. Statham played the 2011 season for head coach Scott Lovely at Westwind Prep International in Phoenix, Ariz. Westwind Prep’s main mission is “to develop the best prep basketball players in the country.” Westwind was the number five ranked Prep School in the nation. While here, Statham played in the JBL Pro-Am Elite 40 Showcase Top 40 game. It was during Statham’s time at Westwind Prep that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent three months of intense chemotherapy. He overcame the disease with the same drive and passion he uses to play with every day. Like any other college student, Statham enjoys spending time with his friends and meeting new people. His friends know him as very sociable and outgoing. Like any other die-hard athlete, his first love—basketball—never leaves his mind. When asked what video games he prefers to play, his only answer was NBA. Statham volunteered for the Special Olympics during high school and found a love for the kids he taught and hopes to work with them again in the future: “During high school, I also used to help with the kids at my church, teaching them and


Photos by Sarah Jane O’Keefe. Design by Steven Anderson.

playing games after school. I want to be someone people can look up to for a lot more than putting a ball in a hoop.” Also like any other basketball player, boy or college student, Statham enjoys food. “Oh, I love food,” said Statham with a smile on his face. “I like grilled chicken, steak and pizza. I also have a big sweet tooth…anything chocolate.” Statham is currently studying business. “I want to get a degree. I see myself spending four years here and growing. I try to always to be steps ahead of others, that’s why I have my education in addition to basketball.” Statham trains everyday in hopes of one day playing professionally either stateside or overseas. “I love playing in front of a crowd,” he said. Statham hopes to one day write a book and be someone people can look up to for more than his basketball talent. He knows better than anyone that all your dreams can change in a second.




As expected, “boo!” in the written word is by no means scary but with the right timing, suspense and place, physically saying it could be effective; however that is not the point. The point is that even though this did not scare you, why can’t the things we fear be seen as my failed attempted to scare you? Even though I could not scare you via written word, fear is actually a great motivator and controller. Fear can make people do lots of things that they would not necessarily do. Sometimes fears can be small or they can be big whether it is in regards to relationships, school, finances, people, the future or even death. However out of our daily lives, where does this fear come from and why is it such a driving force in our lives? It is important to note that there are two types of fear. According to, fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc.; whether the threat is real or imagined. Overall it is the feeling or condition of being afraid. With that being said, these feelings are not from God but from the enemy. The second type of fear, which is the fear of God (Proverbs 1:7) is more in regards to respecting and obeying God and seeing him as loving, powerful and just: not merciless or mean. To drive home this point, 1 John 4:18 states that “Where God’s love is, there is no fear because God’s perfect love drives out fear. It is punishment that makes a person fear, so love is not made perfect in the person who fears.” Fear is a driving influence in our lives because for one it comes from the enemy and it is something people are conditioned to learn. The concept that people learn to be afraid may be hard to grasp but it is something John B. Watson, a psychologist, experimented with. In his experiment “Little Albert,” a child was exposed to a series of stimuli including a white rat, a rabbit, a monkey, masks and burning newspapers. As they observed the boy’s reactions, the boy initially did not show fear to any of those objects. However when the boy was exposed to the white rat, Watson made a loud noise by hitting a metal pipe with a hammer. Naturally, the child began to cry after hearing the loud noise. After repeatedly pairing the rat with the loud noise, Albert began to cry simply after seeing the rat. Although this was a controlled experiment, it can be relevant to real life.


If you are unsure about fear taking over your life, signs that your life is being overtaken by fear could include:

The problem with fear is that it can paralyze you, not in a literal medical sense but it can prevent you from achieving things. Though, this is not in regards to being cautious. This type of fear is detrimental because it is created by Satan and he will do whatever he can to deter you from God’s plan. Socrates once said that this world is the imperfect reflection of what the real world is supposed to be. After Adam and Eve sinned the world became fallen, therefore this world functions in a way that it was not intended to function. With that in mind, Matthew 6:34 says, “So don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will have its own worries. Each day has

• • • • • • • • • •

Being over analytical about everything and constantly think “what if …?” Trying to control circumstances all the time Can’t stand to be alone Rejecting people before they reject you Imagine scary things happening to you or others such as accidents or getting sick Worried about people’s opinions about you Obsessing about your decisions You don’t want to leave your comfort zone or try new things Trying too hard to hold on to relationships Afraid of failing so much that you end up not taking any

action If any of these apply to you, just know that Romans 8:15 says “The Spirit we received does not make us slaves again to fear; it makes us children of God. With that Spirit we cry out, ‘Father.’”

enough trouble of its own.” By acknowledging this, it can be easier to deal instead of being afraid. Life at times is messy, inconsistent and challenging. However, in John 14:1, Jesus said “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and trust in me.” When God is at your side, anything is possible, even overcoming your fears, like what Romans 8:31 states, “So what should we say about this? If God is for us, no one can defeat us.” 2012 seems to be the year of fear as the world is supposed to end December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan calendar. However that is not true, as 1 Thessalonians 5:2 states, “Now brothers about times and dates we do not need to write you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.” Even though the world may be in a panic over a false prophecy, as Christians we can find comfort in the consistency of the Lord. However, as events and circumstance unfold, it is essential to be aware of false prophecies from so-called Christians such as Harold Camping. Matthew 24:23-25 states, “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect – if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time.” As graduation arrives, finding a solid job in this shaky economy may cause you stress however your life is in God’s hands. God will lead you to where you need to be and when one door closes, God will surely open another one. Things will happen but it is important to remember that God, who created the massive universe, is watching over you and taking care of you every moment of your life. Remember, no matter what happens good or bad, you are never lost or alone.

Photos by Chris Hardy. Design by Brianna Nelson. Models: Josh and Jeffery Atkinson.





Aaron Scott, by the cheer coach who was the

for our team.

“In 2010, I was recruited to fill Aaron’s spot,”

representation of who we are … it is something that is

Photos by Lisette Nichols. Design by Megan Paulos.

is the best representation of our school.”

Fleming explains, “outside of CBU, [the mascot]


the mascot is “the soul of the school; the symbol of the

Senior Marketing major, Daniel Scott explains that

Bragonier explains that he “was a gymnast back

element to our mascot: tumbling.

Bragonier, however, has brought a whole new

and engage the crowd and intensify the energy.

their dance abilities and incredible ability to interact


give back and help and improve this program.”

get help in improving their skills. One day I hope to

improve with more opportunities for future mascots to

“I only hope to see the program grow and

success,” Scott said.

have become very involved and passionate about its

really was no structure.” The Scott brothers were recruited because of

that I have done my best at my job as a mascot and

for games whenever they could” Scott said. “There

Tamarin Fleming describes the Lancer Mascot as “a

unchanging as the years go on.”

as I leave. I will miss mascoting for sure, but I know

“I hope that the mascot program only gets better

who will put the suit on in the future.

recognize that the mascot will live on through others

As the time nears for these two to graduate, they

of mascotting and making it their own.

group of three, four or five people jumping in the suit

“Before [Aaron and I started], it was really just a

element to the Lancer Mascots.

Bragonier and Scott have both brought a new

senior accounting major, Michael Bragonier said.

not kept Bragonier and Scott from reviving the tradition

mascot: to keep the spirit alive. Head Cheer Coach,

To this day, that is the primary job of the

be disinterested.

game, or make a poor attempt and cause the crowd to

to influence the crowd to be really involved with the

lot of power with the crowd. Mascots have the ability explains that mascots wield a

with humorous stunts in order to keep the energy alive

cheer team in order to boost school spirit.

The awkward elements of the suit, however, have

Scott said.

together, bringing energy and engaging the audience for the players.

my head and ended up landing flat on my back,”

Rice, these brothers participated as the mascots

“I lost my balance, and my feet got tangled with

completely ate it!” Bragonier said.

“Daniel was trying to do a back handspring, and

they had endured recently.

from Porterville Junior College, was added to the

For two years, under the guidance of Wendy

recruited right there on the spot to do this.”

show at one of the games, and we were actually

cheering way back in 1964. Wegner, a transfer student

CBU’s first mascot, Marilyn Wegner, started

behind the mask?

How did this tradition start? What is the history

dance with my brother [Aaron] to do at the halftime

Scott began laughing as he described a practice

found pumping their fists and dancing to the music

played during timeouts.

“It is just ridiculously hard,” explains Bragonier.

In 2007, Daniel Scott had “thrown together a

costume that is overall almost impossible to move in.

Aaron Scott has since graduated from CBU.

Amidst the crowd, the Lancer Mascots can be

“C-B-U! Lets go, blue!”

of your feet, a head that towers above you, and a

handspring wearing shoes that are twice the size

senior in high school to mascot with his older brother,

on the sidelines of the Van Dyne Gym rooting predecessor of Wendy Rice.

Tumbling in the mascot uniforms is way more difficult than it sounds. Imagine trying to do a back

biting game, CBU cheerleaders can be found Scott explains that he was actually recruited as a

watching the cheerleaders.”

completely new level.

in high school so I picked up tumbling really easily, and they [Daniel and Aaron] just picked it up through

This representation of our school is wielded by two seniors who have brought the Lancer mascot to a Today, our mascots are here on scholarship.

The crowd roars with the adrenaline of a nail-

“Lets go, Lancers; Lancers, lets go!”



## | PURSUIT 10

What do stethoscopes, shoes and the car industry have in common? A “big” idea, the “awe-factor” and an entrepreneur behind the idea. Entrepreneurs have been advancing and changing our world since the start. We use their tools, methods, ideas and skills to make our lives easier and simpler, yet what most miss is that it all starts with a basic idea. “Entrepreneur” means an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. Throughout history, these have been the people making the headlines, for excelling with an idea or project to the point where their risk pays off and the cash begins to grow. All around us we see someone’s big idea, whether it is in a building downtown or the way the interior or exterior of a building is decorated and laid out or even the way a city is designed are taught to look for the “awe-factor” or something that stands out and demands attention. Once this is found, all that is needed is to find out a way to get it to the masses.

information from the stethoscope to a computer

be about who you know. TOMS is a perfect

analyzed. This advancement detects heart

example of how making connections set off a

problems sooner all with saving lives, time and

small shoe company to a level unparalleled by

money in the process.

any other shoe company.

Most people think of a stethoscope as a

have found their niche, most car companies

and a round piece attached at the other end to

have had to find and claim their own stake in

listen with. This tool has not hardly changed in

the car buying market. Car giants like Hyundai

the past century however someone who values

and Infinity have found their own particular way

big ideas thought to add an electronic element

to hold a part of the market and each do this in

to the already widely used tool, resulted in a

unique ways.

locked in market and a customer base that is

to look for that niche that they can posses or “lock in the market.” They are also encouraged to value the “big” ideas. Last year a company was founded called Shelfswap, its founders were a few CBU students who saw an opening in the text book buying market. It was an online based company that helped students buy and sell books, inexpensively and most important, easily. They were able to foresee the need and usability of the site. There are lots of big ideas, some are great and some are not but the people who follow through with their big ideas get to reap the benefits and impact the world in a bigger way. Sometimes it does not take much and a good idea should never be underestimated. 3M has recently invented a stethoscope that has an electronic feature that can now transmit

Design by Chris Hardy.

Hyundai has hit every demographic

already set. This person may also have changed

of car buyers, they have low end cars and

and set the standard for this tool in the medical

extreme high end luxury cars that are still sold

field worldwide.

at thousands less then the comparable BMW 7 series. Even though Hyundai has designed

“...the people who follow

cars for each demographic, each car is made as

through with their big ideas

and gadgets for their buyers, resulting in a more

get to reap the benefits and

exceptional as possible, offering new standards preferred car then others that are comparable. Infinity has always been a symbol

impact the world in a bigger

of excellence, similar to that of BMW and


luxury car. Most people buy Japanese cars

Mercedes- Benz except that they are a import because they think they will last longer than the

the idea of entrepreneurship and it is apparent Within those departments, students are taught

Other companies have proven that they

doctor’s simple device that has two ear pieces

California Baptist University embraces in the business and marketing departments.

In the self-made industry, it seems to

monitor, where the information can be further

The phrase, “it takes money to make

German competitors. Looking a little further,

money” seems not completely accurate. Many

Infinity is a branch of Nissan another car giant,

organizations, companies and individuals

which allows Nissan to reach all areas of the car

have made differences for their audience and

buying arena, similar to Hyundai but with two

themselves without having to backup their big

separate brands to do it.

idea with enormous amounts of money. Often times “connections” are used to build an idea or

Whether its medical devices, shoes inspired by barefoot children in Argentina or

product cheaply. inexpensive and luxury cars, they all have a big

Connections are people who can usually

idea in common. Someone behind each of these

offer some sort of service, usually at a price;

industries has had an extraordinary idea, one

in most cases it is a one for one exchange. In

that changes the norm and paves the way for a

the business world, if two people can help each

new order of things.

other and cut costs, it is normally acceptable and helps both parties.

What is most important to know is that everyday normal people make these changes

For instance when TOMS Shoes was

and design new products that everyone can

starting up, AT&T was curious as to what Blake

use. Often times it does not take any special

Mycoskie was doing with his shoes. After

knowledge to do this, however a simple idea

Mycoskie created a valuable connection with

that everyone will appreciate and need. All it

AT&T, the fortune 500 company designed a

takes is knowing how to find that niche, “lock it

campaign to help bring TOMS Shoes to what we

in” and reach the masses.

know of it today.



Generalizations are universally frowned upon. However, it is safe to say that most, if not all, prospective, current or past CBU students have heard the following statement: “California Baptist University is conveniently located just an hour’s distance from the mountains, beach and the many exciting theme parks of Southern California.” This ambiguous declaration of geographic truth leads one to believe in a life of purpose and adventure. Sadly, the lack of creative stimuli brought on by extensive academic loads leaves countless students plastered to their living room furnishings in a mild vegetative state. Unable to generate adventurous forms of entertainment, many weekends are spent in less than favorable conditions. The lackluster options to squander the day may involve: window-shopping at Forever21, bowls of frozen yogurt and the oh-so-spontaneous late night trips to local fast food eateries. For some, these forms of entertainment may sustain an individual but for others it is comparable to entering a wondrous candy shop and asking for sugar-free Lifesavers. Should this article spur your fancy, keep reading for vitalizing yet economical ways to spend an adventurous day. In just one 24-hour time period there are unimaginable limits. Gather your friends, acquaintances or neighbors and explore the world beyond the Inland Empire. You’d be surprised just how far the average automobile can travel on a full tank of gas. Given one tank of gas and a budget of 10 bucks, there are a plethora of options to peruse. You may have previously conceived random notions to get out of Riverside and plummeted to a halt at the thought of what to do once you reach the destination. This is a common milestone all must face but assistance is available to those who care to listen. The following is a mere brainteaser list of ideas to stimulate your creative genes. Enjoy life, be spontaneous and get away from all things related to school, choir and campus life. Anyone can become a modern-day Curious George with the right sound track in hand, friends to join and location in mind.


Orange County Beaches

• Within less than 50 miles you can reach the California coastline and breath in the good ol’ deep blue.

• Recommended stopping points: • Grab Balboa bars and a slice of pizza as you walk the Balboa carnival or pier • Gather up random woodworks and create your very own campfire at Huntington Beach. • Ingredients for s’mores are surely within the $10 bracket • Visit the Lavender Tea Lounge in San Clemente for a truly inspired spot of tea. • With over 100 tea variations and charming aesthetic appeal, this shop is a splendid way to enjoy a spot of tea.

Big Bear Mountains

• Just over 50 miles away is the grandeur Big Bear Mountains. Although a day of snowboarding • may be out of the $10 price range, you can still frolic in any snow that might be available. • Adventure up to the mountaintops to play in the snow and sip on Apple Valley’s best apple cider. • Should the sun dissipate the splendid white follies, take a hike up forest falls and enjoy a journey to a hidden waterfall.

Los Angeles Depending on the destination, Los Angeles is merely 70 miles away and provides countless adventures for the curious traveler.

Getty Center

• First of all this snazzy place is free! However, they do charge for parking before 5 p.m. (a whopping $10).

• Enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean as you gallop around the art galleries. Griffith Observatory

• Fix your eyes upon the notorious James Dean statue at this hilltop observatory! • This adventure spot is also free of charge and features picturesque views of L.A.’s finest. MoCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art)

• Check this place out on a Thursday night after 5 p.m. and it’s free of charge! • Take that extra $10 and stop at WorstKucher restaurant for some of L.A.’s most superb bratwurst. Carpinteria

• For an all-day trip, scurry approximately 140 miles up the coast and enjoy the ocean views. • This gem of a beach is located just outside Santa Barbara and is possibly the most quaint of “Pleasantvilles” you’ll find this side of the Mississippi.

• Perfect for the one-day road trip, this beach is an amazing getaway from the hustle and bustle of college life.

• Enjoy savory Thai or delicious sweets within this gem spot. Pasadena Flea Market

• A bit over 50 miles away is the distinguished Rose Bowl Stadium, which most importantly holds massive flea markets on a monthly basis.

• Once a month, the Rose Bowl features a huge flea market for the thrift savvy. • $8 Admission will leave you with $2 to spend. Bargain and haggle your way through the mazes to score some truly defined jewelry or other goodies.

Photos by Sarah Jane O’Keefe. Design by Megan Paulos.



Slavery, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and other forms of human oppression are not only world problems, they are sins. As an individual, it might often feel like you cannot make a difference in a large world problem by yourself. The bad news is that original assumption is true. As individuals, we are powerless against problems that big. However, the good news that God is entirely able to wage a war on a sin problem that big. He has given us one of the most powerful tools we can use as individuals to combat it: prayer. Prayer is a part of the lifeblood for an organization called The International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM was founded in 1997 by Gary Haugen, a lawyer, who worked in the U.S. Department of Justice and as the leading United Nations’ Investigator in the ashes of the Rwandan Genocide.


Photo by Chris Hardy. Design by Megan Paulos.

According to, “a group of

people doing this work this is the best thing

Jonathan Slater, senior, is the campus

lawyers, human rights professionals and

we can do. They would rather have that then

chapter president and has been involved

public officials launched an extensive study

anything else we could do,” Stumpf said.

in IJM since 2008. Slater describes a

of the injustices witnessed by overseas

Pamela Ochoa, junior, got involved

memorable speaker from last fall semester.

missionaries and relief and development

with IJM through taking Stumpf’s Current

“One of them was Adam Gold, who went

workers. This study, surveying more than

Events and Movements course. “We read

to Thailand to help build an orphanage…[We

65 organizations and representing 40,000

a book called ‘Half the Sky’ and we always

were] able to hear not only his passion for

overseas workers, uncovered a nearly

talked about current events and movements

the Gospel but also just for combating human

unanimous awareness of abuses of power

going on in the world. Most of the time I just

trafficking, to learn the needs of Thailand, the

by police and other authorities in the

remember leaving class angry that this was

different prayer requests and be able to lift

communities where they served.”

going on in the world,” Ochoa said.

those up,” Slater said.

Haugen started the organization after he became aware of the oppression people in

Ochoa found out there was something that she could do. It was to pray.

the world were suffering. Today, IJM investigators serve in

Laura Pelczar, senior, is also an IJM

Slater continued, “[We heard from] an organization called Falling Whistles and were able have them speak about the issue of

member. Pelczar spent the summer of 2011

child soldiering in the Congo. Just being able

their respective countries on individual

working with refugees through the World

to hear about other organizations, to hear

casework. One of their many functions is

Relief organization.

about their needs and pray for them and also

try to rescue victims by working with local

being able to, in some cases, advocate for

officials to enforce legislation and to write

them as well because this is a team effort.”

new legislation to protect the oppressed. They also provide aftercare for those that are rescued and freed. The brave men and women that work on these cases and help to provide aftercare for the victims serve critical roles in the

“Ochoa found out there was something that she could do. It was to pray.”

organization. Donations are also necessary

Stumpf explained that the IJM chapter at CBU also informally serves to help connect the university to larger abolition committees in the area. Several of the IJM members plan to go the Global Prayer Gathering in Washington, D.C., from April 12-16. At GPG, they will

to keep the efforts going.

be able to network with others, learn about

As a college student, you might wonder

“You see things on TV and hear things in

the world’s needs and help pray over those

how this knowledge relates to you. You might

the news but when you start looking into how

ask yourself what you could possibly do.

bad it is—how bad the problem is and how

Maybe you do not have the means to serve in

widespread it is…then you get to be privy

can God expect to use you later? So many

another country or to donate but you do have

to hearing the circumstances of individuals

students say, ‘Well I really want to get into

something even better to help those that are

and hearing what they had to go through and

this work.’ I think they think it is glamorous….

already there. It is prayer.

how they were abused, it just seems like you

my question is can God trust you to pray

cannot sit there and do nothing,” Pelczar

now? Because if you can not show up an


hour each week to pray and to plan I don’t

Students involved in the IJM chapter at California Baptist University meet to pray every week despite heavy involvement in

Stumpf and students involved participate

needs. “If you will not even pray now then how

think He is going to say, ‘I’ll give you 10 years

academics, work, athletics and any number

and host a variety of small events each

to go out and knock down brothel doors.’ He

of other extracurricular activities that fill up

semester to help raise awareness around

just can’t trust you with that,” Stumpf said.

their schedules.

the CBU campus. They do movie screenings,

Prayer plays a critical role in the

panel discussions and set out booths during

effort to bring freedom and justice to those

events such as the club fair.

oppressed. Anyone can be a part of the effort

Amy Stumpf, associate professor of society and religion, is the faculty adviser for the IJM chapter at CBU. “Every time we talk to them [IJM] or

“We try to create opportunities on campus … we want our campus friends

to eliminate injustice – it starts with prayer. For more information on the

they call us, they are saying, ‘We covet your

to know that there’s a problem but it’s not

International Justice Mission, visit

prayers.’ What I want students to know is

unsolvable. God is winning and we can be

that is not just something we do…for those

part of that,” Stumpf said.



What makes it culturally acceptable for hundreds of college students to flock to a park themed around a cartoon mouse and his animal friends? It is acceptable because Disneyland is about more than just a mouse, it is about the memories many students at California Baptist University have that are related to the Disney empire in one way or another. “It is all about memories,” Destiny Ciecalone, senior, said, “I’ve had an annual pass each year since I was eight and one time I went with just my dad, that was great.” These memories tie together experiences from childhood, adolescence, teenage years and now college years, making Disneyland a melting pot of old memories, and a place to create new ones. The park is just less than 35 miles from CBU’s campus, which makes it easy for students to pile into one car, preferably someone with free parking, and traverse the freeways to Disneyland.


There seems to be some sort of love affair between most CBU students and the park, a love that even the $105 it takes to purchase a one-day park-hopper ticket cannot stop. “I just love it,” Nate Lawrence, senior, said. “I’d have to write an essay to explain how much I love it.” Lawrence is one of the many CBU

handing over the money to get in and just watch people. “It’s worth it,” she said. Not 100 percent of the population of CBU enjoys the park however, there are plenty of people who are on the other side of the Disney debate. “I just don’t like waiting in long lines for rides that I have already been on, I just don’t

students who forked over the cash to purchase

see the hype,” Shayna Tasabia, senior, said. “I

an annual passport, which the park offers at a

think that other people like it just because they

discounted rate for So-Cal residents, and at an

probably have family memories there, but it just

even greater discounted rate for CBU students.

isn’t for me.”

While most people do enjoy spending time

Overall, a majority of CBU students are on

at the park, there are many varying reasons for

the side of Ciecalone, Lawrence and Ostrosky,

why they enjoy it.

for some reason or another they seem to be

Natalie Ostrosky, junior, and Nicole Stanick, senior, have a fairly abnormal reason for why they enjoy spending time at the park. “I love Disneyland because I can people watch,” Ostrosky said. “You can just sit there all day with a coffee, and just watch people. You

enamored with whatever it is that Disneyland does to keep people interested. Alex Wright, junior, is very particular about his interest in Disneyland, tending to be more analytical than most. “I like Disney, because their media

can listen to their conversations too, it can be

productions set the standard worldwide,”

the most interesting thing ever.”

Wright said. “There is nothing else in the world

Ostrosky says she has no problem

that caters to our senses as spectators in the Photo by Chris Hardy. Design by Malyna Valentin.

way that Disney’s ‘World of Color’ does.” “World of Color” is a production that takes place at night in Disney’s California Adventure. It utilizes water shooting fountains, fire, lights, projections, fireworks and Dolby 8.1 sound to make it a sensory experience like none other. “It is more than a movie, and more than a play, it is different,” Wright said. “Walt Disney made Disney to be different than anything else.” Although there tend to be varying opinions, it seems as though Disneyland is culturally accepted at this college simply because everyone loves it. Each Disney fan at CBU has picked out something different about the park they enjoy and that they find worthwhile and worth the investment. It looks as if, at least for the students on this campus, Disneyland truly is “the happiest place on earth,” and will be for a long time to come.


TIGHTENING NUTS & BOLTS Construction continues on campus. BY AIMEE MUNN

The economic recession and crash of 2008 has been the worst financial downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Yet, CBU has not closed its doors or cancelled classes. Quite the contrary, since 2001 the university has embarked on a tremendously

California Baptist University is designed to realize the vision of creating ‘a university committed to the Great Commission’ and to achieve the goal of 8,080 students by 2020.” Yvonne Hester, director of communications, said, “CBU has invested more than $200 million in new construction, renovation, and property acquisition.” All of this is directly related to achieving the 2020 vision. While past expansion has been gradual, with

ambitious expansion plan. The “2020 vision”

a few living areas and buildings being added each

that President Ellis announced years ago is

year, this past summer construction reached a

already well on its way with a 15 percent increase

fever pitch with more than five projects underway.

in the fall enrollment numbers. The goal of

Director of Facilities & Planning Steve

reaching 8,080 students in less than eight years

Smith has had the responsibility of seeing that

entails providing new majors and facilities to

the campus functions smoothly while under its

accommodate students.

transition from a moderately-sized institution

The goal is not merely to expand the

to greater possibilities. He had the challenging

square footage of the university but to expand

task of making sure the campus was “ready” for

the influence and reach of Christ. Mark Wyatt,

students this past fall.

assistant professor of communication and marketing, said, “The growth and development of

“I am probably one of the busiest guy on campus. Literally this is a 24/7 job. It’s a full time thing,” he said. Smith described coordinating the projects as, “organized chaos” and the pressure, at times, as intense. “I think that we certainly feel a certain amount of pressure. Our deliverables and project timelines are always in mind here.” The deliverables in question were the new apartments known as “The Colony” and 1,000 new parking spaces. The Colony increased oncampus housing for up to 1,000 students. With admission rising, additional parking spaces were added to accommodate commuter and on-campus students. For the time being these additions seem to suffice but in the next year Smith will need to keep the 2020 vision in mind as he locates additional housing and parking spaces. Construction on the new three-story Student Recreation Center at Lancer Plaza also began over the summer. The center boasts three basketball and racquetball courts as well

as a rock-climbing wall. The roof of the building will double as a running track and soccer field. The facility’s usable space is over 63,000 square feet and will fill an important need for students, as well as faculty. According to project plans, the facility will open sometime in the fall of 2012. Access to the center of CBU has been somewhat cut off due to the greatly anticipated School of Business building, which is on track for completion. Though it has been challenging

submitted to the city helps streamline the process.

for students and staff to adjust to a torn-up

The master plan “captures and describes our

campus, Smith said that the project is a blessing.

building methods, our standards for buildings.”

campus store that includes a study sitting area

Maintaining a safe but albeit disrupted campus

It also describes what the “buildings will look

with a fireplace. The Campus store will also sell

has been a priority.

like, our parking ratios, and our student resident

coffee and homemade baked goods. The space

ratios.” The plan “captures all that in a package

is designed to facilitate a student hangout spot

“We really set the bar high

and makes our building and planning process

with enough room to study and visit.

for our contractor. I hope it

Hester expressed how important central

much more streamlined for the future.”

Equipment Rental. The current bookstore will transition into a

What will replace these departments once they relocate has yet to be determined. “There

organization is when dealing with such a large

have been no decisions, as of yet, with regard

undertaking. “The growth really speaks to the

to how we would back fill into those spaces both

vision of the leadership here at CBU and the

in the north wing [of Yeager] and to a degree the

“It is definitely a challenge,” he said. As

strategic planning that has taken place.” Hester

south. We do need to expand. There is a need

the facilities director, he tries to be mindful of

said that God has blessed the university, “There

to expand admissions, financial aid, student

pedestrian circulation and congestion as students

are a lot of universities that are just scaling back.

accounts, and the registrar [office]. All of those

navigate around the zoned-off areas. “We try to

Their projects are on hold, and they are cutting

need more desks. Some of these departments

be an open door in regard to our stakeholders

back on classes. We keep adding and adding. We

need more space just for the queue up,” Smith

or student/faculty/staff concerns,” Smith said

are adding new programs, new majors, because

said. “We are going to go through some fact-

concerning safety. “We really set the bar high for

we continue to grow. It is exciting to watch.“

finding with all the various departments and sort

shows out there.”

our contractor. I hope it shows out there.” Throughout the process of expansion,

As contractors sign off on completed plans,

out how we might expand the spaces in both

the campus will continue to undergo additional

Yeager, the north side first floor and Yeager

Smith’s favorite saying has been, “Pardon our

construction projects. According to Smith, his job

west wing.”

dust.” Construction can be inconvenient from

is never done.

a student’s perspective but the fact that CBU

There are also upcoming plans for additional

Smith said that what is currently the Game Room may become the new Office of the

is undertaking the projects is striking given the

faculty offices and classrooms as new majors join

Registrar but that the space could just as easily

economy.Hester stressed how amazing it is to

the ranks and enrollment increases.

be vacated for, “a component of Admissions or

see a school prosper given the hardships of

The offices of Spiritual Life, Campus Life,

Financial Aid or Student Accounts.”

the economy. “This has been one of the most

Community Life and the campus store will

challenging economic times in recent history.

also relocate to Lancer Plaza North in order to

for consideration though. Smith also noted that,

Depending on who is being quoted, the economy

accommodate student needs.

“Conceptual discussions are also expanding

is in a recession or depression,” she said. “And

According to Smith, “The Spiritual Life

New office space is not the only option up

seating in Wanda’s.”

yet with that happening, we continue to expand

space will bring together all components of the

and build.”

department including the Office of Mobilization,

of Smith’s facilities management is working (in

Christian Challenge and the administrative staff of

support with President Ellis and the Executive

the Spiritual Life Office.”

Council) in s determining where departments will

Smith said that although coordinating the projects is hectic, his team is pressing forward to meet deadlines. “We recently filed the master plan with the city.” Having the plans finalized and

The newly relocated Community Life will include the Game Room and the Recreation

Photos by Nichelle Trulove. Design by Steven Anderson.

“That’s my task this spring,” Smith said. Part

best fit, given their program needs and growth projection.


1. Freedom - Jacob Armstrong





2. Independence - Jacob Armstrong

3. Zoom - Lisette Nichols

4. Barren - Nichelle Trulove

Clarity: (n) Cearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. 20 | PURSUIT




08 5. Awaken - Nichelle Trulove

6. Accomplishment - Sarah Jane O’keefe

7. Anticipation - Lisette Nichols

8. Clarity - Sarah Jane O’keefe


I’m Cristin. Yes, I’m over Twenty-Four. Yes, I am an undergraduate student. YES, I Wanted a traditional COLLEGE EXPERIENCE

BY CRISTIN MASSEY A full time job, bills, responsibilities and living with your parents are not what most would consider a typical college experience. But for many undergraduates returning to college later in life, this is the reality. This is my reality.

While many college students go through multiple semesters searching for their purpose for post graduation life, as an older student my problems were in reverse; I had spent enough time finding my purpose, now all

I wanted was to have a normal college experience and have the real college life, living away from home, making new friends and partaking in college tradition.

Already considered “older” by the

standard age of four-year college student, I did not know where I was supposed to start. Where am I going to live? How much is everything going to cost me? Will people know how old I am? These were just some of the many questions that raced through my mind. But one thing that I knew for sure, if this is what God wanted for me, I was not going to hold back.

As I prepared to go back to school, it seemed like it was the perfect time.

Everything was falling into place so

easily. I had to start back at a community

on campus events seemed like the only way to realize my desire and fit in. My dream seemed that it was now being taken away from me. So I started to make goals for the first

online and pass up the opportunity to create fellowship with others. In the past, whenever I

college. This experience was far less

semester. First on the list was hiding my age

thought about attending college,

intimidating because students of all ages were

and fitting in. Second, was attending as many

living on campus was what I thought

in attendance. I had many work-professionals

school functions as I could and get involved

made college the ultimate experience.

in my classes, which made me feel better about

with a club or organization. Third, I would need

So as this is now not an option, I

the fact that I was starting out while most people

new college friends. By the middle of my first

was determined to make my college

I knew were graduating college.

semester I was introduced to an organization

experience as authentic as possible.

Fast forward two short years. It was now

called PRSSA-Public Relations Students

Getting involved with the student

time to decide what my next step should be. I

Society of America. I was excited about this

community was the answer to bridging

was in an honors program that guaranteed

prospect for my future and decided to join.

the gap that I felt existed between

acceptance into University of California Los

My fear of being recognized as an “older

being a commuter student and

Angeles. That was exactly where I was going.

student” was getting the best of me. It was

a student living on campus. By

Or so I thought. The excitement of going to such

getting to a place of shame. I felt like such

getting involved I now had the sense

a well-known and prestigious school was not

judgment would be past on to me for being

of community that I had so desperately

settling in the way that I thought it would be.

older. It did not help that I felt such disconnect

wanted to authentic my college

Something was not right. The doors that were

from the deep friendships that some of the


swinging open for me previously, were now

students seemed to have. They had friends

slamming shut in my face. So I prayed.

everywhere, everyone knew everyone. I felt like

Iquickly realized that your college

the kid sitting alone at the lunch table.

experience is what you make of

I did not want to admit it; I knew that UCLA was not where I should be going. It was not long

Typically I am a confident person, so to

As I became involved on campus,

it. I could have chose to make my

after praying for direction that I made a new

suddenly not be confident was affecting my

experience one of isolation and

friend who attended CBU. She started telling me

personality. Instead of being a confident and

sadness, or I could have made it

all of the advantages of attending. I had never

outspoken individual, I had started to become

better and I did.

heard of this university before—but somehow,

a shy and quiet student that was no longer

this is all that it took. I felt a sense of peace

confident. I knew this had to change. It meant that

all heard the

the more that I thought about attending CBU.

I had to change, because if people were going

saying, “Life

So by that spring, I applied and was accepted.

to judge me for not being the “right” age,

gets in the

then I could not stop them. That is when

way.” For

freedom came.

me this is a statement that proved to

As soon as I arrived on campus, I immediately felt like this was right where God wanted me to be. By the end of my first day

I realized that the most important thing to


be very true. Life never goes according

my old insecurities were back. I was now an

achieving an authentic college experience, as an

to plan, but you can choose to make

additional two years older, and this college

“older” student is to decide what that really

the best of it and follow what God has

had an abundance of freshly graduated

means to you. And most importantly let God

in store for you and it will ultimately be

high school students. As a newly transferred

guide you through all the doors that he will open

better than what you could have ever

student, I was now five years older than the

for you when you are on his path.


average freshmen. Aside from my old fear re-awakened, living

For me, feeling that I was getting an authentic college experience is to make

on campus was not an option. I would have

friendships and connections with people what

to continue living at home. This meant that I

are all going after the same dream that I am.

would have to commute three days a week an

Being able to talk about what is going on

hour each way. Living on campus was what I

in our lives and finding common ground.

really wanted. I felt that this was the only way

And although I am “older” than traditional

to get a legitimate college experience. Living

standards, I wanted a traditional college

with roommates and being able to attend all the

experience. I did not want to get my degree

Original Photo of Cristin by Nichelle Trulove, Desgin by Megan Paulos.

BY BRITTANY BLANKENSHIP Summer is rapidly approaching and one

Holly Fulton, Burberry Prorsum, Michael

and flirty. Floral prints stemmed from jackets,

Kors and Sass & Bide followed their animal

skirts, to dresses. Silk florals smoothed their

of the best thing to compliment your beach

instincts and became the leader of the tribal

way down the runway next to leathers and

ready bod is an in-style wardrobe. It’s time to

trend. Zigzags, animal print, geometric

chiffon. Plant the seed of summer love in

shed those layers of winter wear and lighten

patterns and flashy embellishments all thrived

anyone’s heart with this resistless style.

up with trendy summer linens.


these lively garments.

Fashion houses

“I love prints and tribal

Summer is not all fun, girls need glamour too! Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Etro mimicked

around the world have

patterns. They are fun to

the timeless elegance of the 1920s through

showcased these five

mix and match and are so

flapper inspired and drop-waisted dresses.

basic looks that will

eye catching it really adds

This look glimmered and shined brightly with

help you be on trend

to the outfit,” Griffen said.

eye catching beading. Create your own history

while you’re on the beach this summer. Bright and vibrant citrus shades stole the

Perfectly accenting all of these animal friendly looks were oversized necklaces, beads, leather

show at New York and

and tapestry handbags. Do not be fashion

London Fashion weeks. Designers such as

prey this summer, be a part of this

Osman, Mark Fast, Jaeger and Aquasctum

fashion forward tribe.

flaunted their delectable pops of color for all fashionistas to eat their heart out. In these eye catching silk, crochet and

giving the summer a touch

danced across dresses, skirts and even

of elegant femininity.

dresses flowed effortless down the runway. These pretty palates of pastels are makeup trends. You will be the sweetest thing the summer in cotton candy pinks, bubble gum blues, mint greens and frozen lemonade yellows.

tribal fashions, fashion designers are bringing bold prints, accents pieces and unique fabric combinations around the world this summer.


Before wearing the latest

students such

also reflecting in summer

Pulling from



for summer fun. “[I] love the citrus color pallet.

your wardrobe?



sheer tops, skirts and

be hot but is

pieces and enjoy your fashion

Ethereal silky and

easy to find hiding in your closet and perfect

Outside may

fashion show! Raid your closet for trendy

Galliano and Cacharel at

attention. Lively orange and lemon prints

junior, said.

Make this summer your own runway

Dreamy pieces, like

Paris Fashion Week, are

It looks great with a tan,” Lauren Griffen,

go, you will steal the show.

those from Valentino, John

drape garments, you will be the center of

trousers on the runway. These clothes are

following this trend and no matter where you

Flowers grew in the hearts and onto the clothes of many designers this season.

as Junior Lindsay Malcom are preparing for summer fashions by putting away past seasonal styles. “[I’m] cleaning out all of my heavy coats and bringing back my shorts, that are CBU appropriate and bringing out my sandals. And getting a tan to match,” Malcom said. No matter what kind of girl you are, one of these summer trends will enhance your best assets. Embrace trends that make you feel best and put your most fashionable foot forward this summer. “There are definitely a few trends that I

J. Crew, Jason Wu and Alexander Want all showed that summer is the time to be fun

can’t wait to rock,” Griffin said. “I can’t wait for summer to dress to impress.”

Photos by Lisette Nichols and Malyna Valentin. Design by Malyna Valentin.

Left to Right: Olivia Miller, Morgan Brown, Sergio Molina, Ronan Garrec



Approximately 19 million Americans live with depression or anxiety (or both), and I’m one of them. So are many of my classmates and professors – just because we are surrounded by a Christian environment does not mean California Baptist University students are exempt from these harrowing disorders. The college life, while exciting, can bring about an enormous amount of stress that can make academic pursuit with depression and anxiety a living nightmare. Imagine your flight or fight response going off at the merest hint of stress. Imagine being crippled for weeks with a depressive episode, unable to muster up the energy required for normal activities, including classes and schoolwork. Imagine avoiding people or social activities for fear of making a mistake, being surrounded by an inherently social environment as college tends to be. This is the reality for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. I have suffered from clinical depression since my freshman year of high school. After dealing with an overwhelming amount of sadness and negative thoughts for the better part of year, I finally saw a doctor and was diagnosed.


It was a relief to understand why I was feeling so helpless, but at the same time I was frightened and confused. The word “depression” made me think there was something wrong with me – that I was broken and defective emotionally, even though the complete opposite was true. I felt like there was nothing I could do to ‘fix’ myself, and this feeling lasted for a long time, even up until college. The inherent high stress environment of college can easily compound depression and anxiety symptoms, making them worse. With so much pressure and deadlines for homework and other assignments, students can often miss out on the relaxation necessary to calm themselves down. It can be frighteningly easy to fall into patterns that encourage depression while at school. Students overload themselves with coursework or find themselves dealing with responsibilities they’ve never had before. Such conditions can make college a hardship, even here at a Christian university. Suffering from depression while growing up in a Christian environment has, for me, been an extremely comforting and encouraging experience. Most of the people in this community have been a tremendous support and extremely understanding. However, I would be lying if I said it did not present its own set of challenges. Even among the Christian community depression as a whole can still carry a stigma to it. It can be difficult to understand those who suffer from it while simultaneously following Christ – after all, shouldn’t they be happy? The

Christian life is one that transforms from the

next semester. Don’t avoid things like school,

inside out – it almost stands to reason that

because it’ll become that much worse later in the

depression should be among the things left

semester. And seek professional help,” she adds.

behind with the old self, cast off like other vestiges of the past. When I was first diagnosed, a woman from my church asked for prayer that her granddaughter, who also suffered from

Santos also says that living a balanced life that manages stress can help as well. “We all suffer ups and downs. Stress especially can play into that.” For CBU students, remember that the

depression, would eventually abandon her

Counseling Center is always available. You

medication in favor of leaning on God instead.

can contact them at 951-689-112 or request an

As a teenager this made me extremely reluctant

appointment online. If you think you might have

to admit that I had depression to the rest of my

depression, anxiety, or both, talk to someone.

Christian community. Medication, at the time, was

Schedule an appointment with your doctor and

the only thing that had helped me, but I began

collaborate on options for your treatment. The

to wonder if I was a bad Christian for not entirely

Counseling Center website now features a free

relying on God for my healing. Perhaps my faith

assessment test that can help you determine if

was just not strong enough to overcome my

you are suffering from depression, anxiety, eating

depression, or so I thought anyway.

disorders or other mental ailments.

However, depression is, at its heart, a very real medical disorder that requires specialized treatment as well. Just because someone takes medication does not mean they have a lesser faith in God. “I think people have negative stereotypes,” says Natalie Santos, a counselor at CBU’s counseling center. “They think something is automatically ‘wrong’, but I don’t think anything

“Depression is, at its heart, a very real medical disorder that requires specialized treatment as well.”

is wrong. I think there’s a lot of people who think depression is a sin – I don’t agree with that.”

Living with depression or anxiety is not

We are blessed to attend a school that

impossible. Even in the midst of depression

emphasizes joy and fulfillment in Christ,

there is an amazing capacity for life. My own

yet depression too often can cloud it. It can

depression is for the most part controlled, and

extraordinarily difficult for someone suffering from

I have a support system of friends and family

social anxiety to approach someone and

that help me through the tough times. My faith in

witness to them.

God has played no small part either. Even when

Depression can make finding an unbridled

depression tries so desperately to take my hope

joy in Christ extremely difficult. How can

away, I know that I have hope in God and

someone find joy in the Christian life when their

His promises.

body physically will often not let them? How

Depression is not a death sentence.

does someone who suffers from depression or

Depression is survivable. Like so many other

anxiety make it unscathed through the emotional

difficulties in life, depression can be overcome.

battlefield that is college?

In Psalms 147:3 it says that God “heals the

“Spiritually, diving into the Word and

brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”,

reaching out to people in your church can help,

even in the midst of our innermost turmoil. Even

(because) emotions can be deceiving,” says

though it may not always seem so, God has His

Santos. “Talk to your professors if it affects your

hands in our lives, and that includes our sadness.

schoolwork and change your course load for the

God is the ultimate Healer; let Him work.

Photos by Sarah Jane O’Keefe. Design by Brianna Nelson. Model: David Mangana.



Take a nursing major, place her in Concert Band, Women’s Choir and sign her up for an International Service

to be there to give them a smile. I want to do my job well so that I can just impact their stay at the hospital or even their lives,” According to Dwyer she planned on being

Project on top of it all. Not possible,

in Concert Band because she had played the

right? Wrong.

flute for nine years prior. However, when Dwyer

Cassielyn Dwyer is a junior nursing major,

went to audition for Concert Band, the assistant

she plays flute in Concert Band, sings Second

professor of music, Guy Holliday also made

Soprano in Women’s Choir and is painting her

her sing.

way to South Asia for ISP. This was not how Dwyer planned it when

“And then he sat down at the piano. And at the time I was really sick. He started playing

she chose CBU. Dwyer wanted a school that

[the piano] and said ‘sing.’ And I was like ‘what?

would help her incorporate her faith into what

I don’t sing.’ So he made me sing and that’s how

she would do as a career. Dwyer figured she

I got into Women’s Choir. And then it was such

could use nursing as a stepping stone to

a blessing that I knew I was meant to be there,”

eventually become a physician’s assistant.

Dwyer said.

However, once Dwyer arrived at CBU and

And if nursing, Women’s Choir and Concert

started working closer with the nursing program

Band were not enough for Dwyer already; she

she realized she definitely wanted to be a nurse.

decided to add ISP this year. Dwyer’s motivation

As part of a paper for English class Dwyer’s

in applying for ISP was her love for God. Dwyer,

freshman year, she was required to interview

like many others at CBU wants His name and

someone in her career and write a paper about

love to be known everywhere. Dwyer also wishes

it. Dwyer chose to interview Geneva Oaks, who

to see what nursing is like in another country.

was the acting dean of CBU’s School of Nursing at the time. “When I was doing that, she really made it

“I want to shine God’s light and use whatever skills He has given me to do it,” Dwyer said. But how does one balance all of these

clear,” Dwyer said. “I want to be a nurse, I want

courses and activities with homework and

to be there to hold the patient’s hand, or I want

friends? Is it even possible? “How do I do it? Oh my gosh,” Dwyer said.


“Honestly, I can’t deny that God gives me the

“You definitely need to work on your social

strength. But music is also somewhat of an outlet

aspect. You can’t isolate yourself from people.

and you learn to balance your time outside of

And when you’re in the program you just have

Concert Band and Women’s Choir.”

to learn to balance it,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer’s schedule changes every semester, but she is consistently busy every day of the week. For now Mondays are from 6:30 a.m.

As a nurse it is essential to know how to deal with people and be a people person. “As a nurse you see people at their

to 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays go 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and

weakest point and you’re there to build them

then choir practice from 2 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. And

back up. Whether that is emotionally, spiritually

Wednesdays are 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. with a break

or physically. You’re the patient’s advocate and

for lunch.

I really like that idea,” Dwyer said.

“I’m usually not done until 5:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and then with ISP 9 p.m. So I keep going. It helps that I have a lot of support;

Dwyer is not sure where she sees herself after graduation. Dwyer tries to live each day by day. “I think you can’t worry about tomorrow

everyone around me is just so encouraging,”

because you’ll miss what today has to offer,”

Dwyer said.

Dwyer said.

It is undeniable that Dwyer has a full plate

Although, Dwyer is unsure of what the

with courses, study time, practices, concerts

future holds, she definitely has an idea of the

and meetings. And being involved in all of these

possibilities. Dwyer sees herself in an open

programs is a constant struggle for Dwyer to

atmosphere, possibly overseas, working with

keep everything balanced. However, both the

children. Dwyer has also been thinking about

nursing and music programs have been helpful

working with cancer patients.

in making everything work out. “It’s been a fight to stay. I think I’m there to create a unity between the departments because music is so important and it impacts so many people’s lives. So for me it’s what keeps me sane sometimes,” Dwyer said. Dwyer feels that nursing can be stressful at times, and because of this, it is necessary to have something that is like an outlet. Music is one of Dwyer’s outlets. “It’s a way that I can give back my talents. It’s a way that I can serve and glorify God. And that’s why I think I need to do both [nursing and music],” Dwyer said. During the semester, Dwyer has limited free time, and when she does have free time she usually spends it studying. However, with this semester, Dwyer has been spending more of her free time to paint, as she is painting to raise money for ISP. Dwyer finds that being in the nursing program also makes it difficult to have a social life, but strives to make time for her friends. Dwyer realizes that going into a profession that deals with people, it is essential to make relationships and interact with people. Photos by Lisette Nichols. Design by Brianna Nelson.

“It’s really where the Lord leads me. And because I have a heart for nursing, I will find where that leads eventually,” Dwyer said.


Unconventional. Revolutionary. Quirky. Whimsical. Creative. Peculiar. Social.

Room to Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday mornings, Just Dance Parties after choir on Tuesdays to any night rollerskating in the

Original. Eccentric. Radical. Innovative.

moonlight. Any day is the day to take up these

Is this a list of words describing Joe

entertaining outlets of exercise. One might

Adcock “the gum guy” or a certain English teacher (you know who you are)? On the contrary, this expressive list of

find that these alternative sports express their personality just as well as clothing, a cell phone cover or one’s major ever could. One category of alternative sports finds

adjectives paints the picture that is alternative

its roots in dance. This includes Zumba, the

sports. Alternative what? Alternative sports.

popular Wii game, Just Dance as well as swing

It’s a thing. Is there a Facebook fan page to


“like?” Well, no. But do not fret, because once

Numerous students have found Zumba to

explained, your eyes will be opened to this

be their favorite workout on campus. Brittney

cosmic universe that is alternative sports.

Breeding has been doing Zumba for a couple

God created man, fast forward past the

years now. She commented on the dancing

garden, past the exodus, past the B.C. years

workout, “I consider myself to have something

and man created sports. There were Roman

called ‘workout ADD.’ Every time I go to the

games involving killing fellow soldiers and

gym, I get bored of all the machines and I end

running from lions. Of course, in that game one

up leaving. With Zumba, grab a group of friends

could not go two out of three times.

and go! The best part of it is being able to do it

Jesus actually evangelized in the field of alternative sports. Fishing was popular pastime

with your friends and laughing along the way.” Many students have purchased Zumba

for Nazarene Jews. Sure, God’s chosen people

DVDs or have ventured to friends’ apartments

used fish as a stable means of food, but one

to workout in a fun and entertaining way. They

could imagine Peter and James fishing in the

may leave their neighbors below them slightly

early morning and ending the adventure with

irritated, but it’s all for the sake of a good sweat.

“Ha, my fish is bigger than your fish!” One could

Sarah Sabesky, a Just Dance connoisseur,

just picture James rebuking Peter and saying,

reminiscenced on the first time she had the

“Do not show favoritism amongst fishes, do

privilege of just dancing. Ever since that Focus

they not all come from the same Fisherman?”

leader meeting when Sabesky was exposed

Blasphemy? Maybe.

to the popular Wii game, weekly Just Dance

Around the California Baptist University

parties have broken out as a plague around The

campus there is a plethora of fun being had via

Colony. She continued saying, “It’s a fun way to

these “sports.” One of the pleasurable attributes

get exercise while hanging out with friends!”

of alternative sports is that they are stubbornly

A popular dancing trend on the CBU

competitive. Meaning, all for one, all for fun or

campus is swing dancing. Iven Sorriles

however that cliché goes. They require sport-like

expressed his love for this workout saying,

motions with an abundantly “funner” outcome.

“Swing dancing forces you to move constantly,

The amazing truth about them is that they are all

like all dancing tends to do. Swing is a good

over these CBU grounds.

workout because it is probably one of the only

From Zumba in dorm rooms to Monday night swing dancing, ping pong in the Game 30 | PURSUIT

workouts where you can respectfully flip and twist a lady on the dance floor.”

If dancing is not one’s style, then no

The Frisbee community is one that

problem, there are tons of other exercises that

overtakes parking lots, open areas as well as

double as social outlets.

closed areas in the night as they travel from

A consistently popular trend amongst

University Place all the way to The Colony,

the freshmen boys has been ping pong in the

hitting random signs and aiming for various

Smith lobby. Ping pong’s status has “trended”

“holes” as part of Frisbee golf. It is a community

more popularity and even instigated a ping

of late nighters that is considerate of traffic and

pong tournament sponsored by the Office of

deducts two points for hitting cars. So if you

Community Life.

find your car with a minor dent, you know who

“... there are tons of other exercises that double as social outlets.”

to blame, the adventurous and mischievous Frisbee friends. From freshmen to seniors, boys to girls, coordinated to the uncoordinated who wear helmets, rollerblading accepts all kinds of college students. The athletic aspect of rollerblading is

The male species here on campus have a

very consistent. Brendan King has been a

special heart for “ping ponging,” as it is one of

longtime rollerskating activist. He supports the

their first ways to connect and make friends with

active movement of the rollerblading cult by

other freshmen in the dorms.

encouraging other students to take part. He

“[It] gives you a chance to interact with

chuckled saying, “I think it is very fun, but my

other cultures, and their ‘pingpongosty.’ You

legs are for sure feeling it now that I blade

never really know a person until you’ve played

so often.”

ping pong with them…including yourself. Look at Forrest Gump,” Jared Johnson said. However, this may not be the most actively

Rollerbladers can be seen roaming from class to class, across campus and even at Riverside’s local roller-derby rink. This best kept

designed sport. When asked if he considered

secret hosts few CBU students and many other

ping pong to be good exercise, Johnson replied,

skating hipsters that enjoy competitive skating.

“No, not at all. It depends on the level of your opponent. Chasing the ball is the exercise.” Another sport that is special for starting

Shantal Haboud uses her skating skills to mobilize herself around campus and for pleasure with friends. She says, “It’s fun and

friendships is Ultimate Frisbee. If you have been

not as hard as longboarding and you look much

in the Frisbee informational dark, be warned that

cooler.” If the overrated trend of skateboarding/

CBU has its very own Ultimate Frisbee Club.

longboarding does not suit you, consider

President of the club, Kelcey Fry, is continuing

rollerblading to help you accomplish the “CBU

the eight years tradition of the club. Fry

5.” (One can go anywhere around campus in

encouraged other students to come out saying,

less than five minutes; not true anymore, since

“The Ultimate Frisbee club meets on Saturday

going from North Colony to the Post takes

from 10am-noon on the front lawn. As well as we

longer than a journey to Alberto’s…slightly true.)

play Thursday nights from 10pm-midnight.” But why should students come out and

Alternative sports are all around. They allow students to express and fulfill their athletic

throw a frisbee around? Fry explained, “First, it

needs and accomplish excellent workouts at the

is an easy way to burn calories and stay active;

same time. These examples only show a few of

Ultimate is a game of constant movement.

the wide genre that is alternative sports. They

Second, it is an easy way to make friends and

are for everyone, but everyone has to find which

be social. Many different types of students play,

one is for them.

making a very diverse community.” Photo by Jacob Armstrong. Design by Steven Anderson.


Emmanuel Mustapha BY KRISTA GOODMAN

Upon arriving at the CBU campus, it is hard for visitors to miss the massive globe, known as “The Kugel,” in the center of the main entryway. Closer inspection of The Kugel reveals a passage of scripture engraved on its base. “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ Amen.” – Matthew 28:18-20 This scripture was Jesus’ commandment to his disciples. It is not only an important passage to CBU but also to Christians worldwide. In Ghana, Africa, God uses Mustapha to help fuel a ministry that supports over 550 churches that total a congregation of over 60,000 people. Mustapha was not raised in the Christian tradition, but rather in the Islamic tradition. In December 1991, he converted to Christianity.

“After I became a Christian, I felt the

need to study and learn more about God and Christ, and through that I became a baptist,” Mustapha said. From there Mustapha attended seminary school in Ghana. After he completed his seminary training, both Mustapha and his wife offered themselves as missionaries for the Ghana Baptist Convention. “We went to the northwestern part of


our country, where there are predominantly Muslims. We started working among the

and establishing schools. One such school is the North Eastern

people-group there. In the first five years we

Christian Academy, which was established

started 42 churches,” Mustapha said.

in September 2008 with 12 students. Today

Mustapha trained 25 leaders to help run

enrollment has risen to over 250. Mustapha

the 42 churches. They also started a children’s

explains that more than 75 percent of those

home and maintained about 60 acres of

students are Muslim.

farmland to help support the ministry. One way

“Our approach is to love them, live with

they raised income to help back the ministry

them and show the love of Christ…at this point

was by running some bus transportation.

there is not much fighting between Christianity

Mustapha explains that in March 2005

and Islam and that gives us a great advantage

the Lord called him to Yendi, which located in

to keep doing what we need to do to see that

northeastern Ghana, where he still works in

God will continue touch the lives of people,”

the North Eastern Mission Field (NEMF).

Mustapha said.

There are four major areas of operation

Mustapha also runs an active radio

for NEMF, these include: church planting,

ministry once a week on two radio stations.

leadership training, structural development and

Both Muslims and Christians listen to his

the social ministry.


After a church is planted, it requires

In the beginning, the radio ministry was

support. Mustapha explains that in addition to

almost entirely self-funded. Mustapha reflects

training leaders, new church members are also

that he almost terminated the radio ministry

trained to become disciples.

once due to financial difficulties in sustaining it.

Of over 700 church leaders, 35 have undergone further theological training and

However, God had other ideas in mind. “I decided I was going to the station

make up what is known as Ghana Baptist

to tell them I wasn’t going to do it again…

School of Ministry (GBSM). After three years of

that Saturday early morning, a boy came to

study, GBSM will graduate its first students in

my house. The boy said, ‘My dad sent me,’ ”

January 2013.

Mustapha said.

NEMF’s third crucial operation is

The boy explained that people gathered

structural development. They seek out ways to

around a radio in one village to listen to

help develop the buildings and infrastructure

Mustapha’s radio message. A church had

for the planted churches.

started from it. Mustapha decided to visit.

Fourthly, NEMF uses a social ministry to

“86 people were sitting under a tree,

help reach out to others in a particular area.

singing and waiting for me to come. I think

With the social ministry Mustapha explains that

this story is the most incredible story of my

they try to contribute to the development of

missionary life,” Mustapha said.

a particular area. Developmental innovations

Mustapha reflects that the fruits of his

might include helping to develop land for

ministry have shown him the power of God

agriculture, digging wells for water, providing

and kept him humble. “His last command is

mosquito nets to help protect against malaria

our first consent,” he said.

Photo by Chris Hardy. Design by Malyna Valentin.

Mustapha’s wife, Felicia, also plays an extremely important role in the ministry. Her presence is heavily missed while she undergoes breast cancer treatment in the United States. Mustapha says that her treatment is going well. They have four children—Olive-Jane, Waldine, Cindy and Nelly.

“Our approach is to love them, live with them and show the love of Christ” At a Baptist World Alliance meeting in Malaysia summer 2011 Mustapha met Ronald Ellis, president of CBU, which is how he first connected with CBU. After visiting the campus in Fall 2011, Mustapha explains that he became interested CBU’s online classes. Mustapha is now taking a series of six leadership and development courses that will take place over months with CBU’s Online and Professional Studies (OPS) department. Mustapha continues his work in Ghana while completing his coursework through OPS. He is also working with CBU to discuss the option of training other church leaders through similar OPS coursework. Mustapha writes, “… we are also exploring the possibility of CBU sending students through International Service Project (ISP) to come work with us [in Ghana].” NEMF has a huge vision for the upcoming years. Mustapha writes, “As part of our vision of 1000 churches by the end of year 2015, we are also sending David, one of our GBSM students, to Togo to be our first foreign missionary.” The country Togo shares a border with Ghana. Mustapha’s ministry in Ghana is an incredible example of the Great Commission at work. Through the aid of prayer and the use of cutting-edge technology, CBU is able to help provide Mustapha with more tools to continue to help God’s work prosper.



Seven Fitness Myths


Everyone desires to maximize the daily workout. They pursue exercise and even dietary advice from friends, family members, colleagues and even the Internet, but how accurate is the advice? We sought out CBU athletes and nonathletes with active lifestyles as well as one of our school’s exercise physiologists for their opinion about the most common exercise myths. Here are seven fitness myths often accepted as truth to take into account next time students hit the pavement, gym or pantry: 1. Stretching prior to working out makes

for a more effective workout

According to Trevor Gillum, assistant

out, warming up prior is crucial. Though not a

in big meets. While carb loading is a tactic often

collegiate athlete, Chris Cox, senior, who practices

e n couraged the day before a big event, it

an active lifestyle never stretches cold. He urged

will only prove effective if carbs are consistent

that he always does a warm-up exercise such

in their diet throughout training. Gillum advised

as jump roping or running prior to stretching before

that “carbs are in fact the preferred fuel source

his workout. Starting first baseman for the Lancer’s

during exercise, but carb loading is not just a

softball team, Sloan McHann, junior, has a

one-day process – carb loading needs to begin

similar pre-workout routine to Cox, although she

at least five days before the big event.

does not think static stretching provides for

T h e m o s t effective way to carb load is to

heightened performance.

deprive your body of carbs two weeks prior to

After asking multiple athletes about their opinion on stretching, they all seem to agree that static stretching with cold muscles is completely ineffective. Tyler Garrison, junior, team captain of the men’s soccer team, noted that they integrate dynamic stretching into their team warm up — this entails movement and emphasizing range of motion. He stated,

competition and begin carb loading five days before the day of competition.” Men’s swim captain Chris Toy and women’s swim captain Hannah Braun, seniors, both agreed on the concept that carb loading should be done several weeks before the day of competition. Toy further explained the concept: “Your body gets used to breaking down whatever food you eat on a regular basis, so throwing in

professor of kinesiology at California Baptist

“Dynamic stretching is essential to athletic

University, who has a Ph.D. in exercise

performance…[you will] start off the game…at a

physiology, data has shown that static stretching

higher level because your muscles are warm.”

doesn’t increase performance or decrease risk

Static stretching is often misconstrued as an

of injury prior to exercising. Most are under the

equivalent to a warm up; so remember, they’re

today, that’s not enough time

misconception that static stretching will improve

not interchangeable. 2. Carb loading always equals im-

exercise is a lack of time. However, the intensity

your capacity to perform — this is not the case. What must be understood, however, is that stretching is not the same as warming up. If one integrates a stretching routine before working


proved performance

Swimmers and track runners specifically load up on carbohydrates before participating

huge amounts of carbs before a big meet would not be the best idea…carb loading must be done a couple weeks before.” 3. I only have fifteen minutes to workout One of the biggest reasons people don’t of the exercise is the more important than time limits. Even if students only have 15 minutes to work out, they can compensate with an increase

of intensity in their exercise. “Short intense bouts of activity often trump five to six days of moderate activity,” Gillum said. In addition to regular practices, McHann likes to do extra workouts a few times a week. When she is crunched for time, she likes to do quick sprints; these often entail interval training, such as 15 rounds of sprints at 45 seconds a piece with 15 seconds rest in between. As the saying goes, it’s about quality, not quantity. 4. Protein is the most important part of my diet So often do we see men in the gym consuming massive protein shakes during their workouts. Even though they are commonly used, the recommended dietary allowance of protein is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight; therefore, protein is in fact not the most important part of a person’s diet! When Braun was asked about her diet, she stated, “I don’t stress protein too much in my diet because I know many people take too much protein than is required for the

5. Changing my diet is the best thing I

workout due to the illness. Gillum encouraged

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is

showing that moderate exercise is considered

can do for my health

the best way to get healthy?” Surprisingly, diet is not the answer. The best predictor of health is fitness and the only way to gain proper fitness is through habitual activity. Gillum pointed out that when examining health, one needs to consider holistic health, which contains all bodily systems. Diet does not include every component of the body; students can’t gain fitness from simply eating abundance of fruit or protein; they need to focus on activity. Garrison added that being in good health to him means “having physical and mental health,…[where] physical health ranges from exercise to eating healthy food.” McHann stated that her definition of health emphasizes being fit and exercising with a balanced diet. While diet is important, the emphasis needs to be on being habitually and chronically active!

daily recommended intake. I focus more on my

6. But I can’t workout, I’m sick

carbohydrates.” Even though Toy tends to favor

Many believe that people shouldn’t

protein shakes, he emphasized that he makes

exercise if they are sick. This isn’t always the

sure to “never neglect carbs and healthy fats in

case. Take the “neck check” — if symptoms are

his diet.” Among carbs, fats and protein, protein

above your neck, such as the head, throat or

is the least important in our diet, with carbs being

nose, you are usually well enough to exercise.

the most crucial, followed by fats.

Simply lower the intensity and impact of the

Photos by Chris Hardy. Design by Megan Paulos. Model: Edie Waskel.

this perspective, saying that there is some data okay if you’re sick, but high intensity can make matters worse. Toy commented that when he is sick he knows his body well enough to know when he can push its limits. Ultimately, students are the final judges of how they feel. 7. Working out before breakfast will make me burn more calories

Many are under the misconception that if people work out in the morning, it jumpstarts their metabolisms and, therefore, they’ll burn more calories. No matter if they work out in the morning prior to eating, or midday, the amount of calories burned will not be affected. Eating is what jumpstarts metabolism. This is why it’s critical to never skip meals because it slows down the resting metabolic rate (RMR), which raises the risk of accidental weight gain. If the goal, however, is to burn fat, know that as people exercise, the intensity of the exercise determines the type of fuel source they use. The more intense the workout, the more carbs they use and the less fat they burn. The best fat burner workout is moderate, elongated exercise like continuous aerobic exercise.



Seven years ago I joined CBU as a fulltime faculty member in the Communication Visual Arts Department. I have served as the Journalism Program Director and the faculty adviser for “The Banner” and the “Angelos” with great pleasure for the years 2005-2012. Several students have come to me over the years to pitch the idea of producing a magazine. We began to get serious about the idea when Katherine Seipp, Shayna Moreno, Krista Goodman and other talented students worked with me during 2010. We researched planned and developed “Pursuit” magazine. I prepared a proposal/business plan that was presented to the executive council and the first new student produced publication since the 1950s was approved. The work done on the publications provides students with valuable clips and an incredible hands on learning experience. I believe in research based educational theories and this type of learning is superb! It has been a pleasure and an honor to be used by the Lord at CBU. Serving as the adviser has been a labor of love and the strong visual impact the magazine makes seems to provide the perfect relationship between the image and the written word. I look forward to reading many incredible issues of “Pursuit” while working at the Online and Professional Studies Division as the Program Director of Com. Journalism and PR beginning this summer.


Photos by Nichelle Trulove. Design by Megan Paulos.

Dr. Pearson,

Dr. Pearson is one of a kind. She has a strong passion for

Thank you. These are two words that I cannot say enough to you. Y ou have been such a great professor, mentor and person. God has blessed the Journalism department and me over the last couple of years with you as an adviser. You have helped each and every one of us grow immensely in our crafts with your constant encouragement and dedication. I pray that God will continue to bless your future plans, thank you for all you do and more! Again, thank you! Sharayah Le Leux

teaching students and seeing them grow in all areas of their lives. This

year marks the fourth year that I have known her and I am so glad that God put her in my life. She’s more than just a professor, she’s a great

mentor and sister in Christ. I am thankful for all that she’s done to help

me and encourage me. It’s bittersweet to know she will be away from the Journalism department - students won’t know what they’re missing out

on. But I know that she is excited to move to OPS and ready to make her impact there!

Monica Martinez

Dr, Pearson, nothing I could say could summarize just how truly blessed I’ve been under your leadership. You’ve played a major role in everything I’ve accomplished within my career at CBU. I didn’t know a thing about journalism when I began, and now I feel confident in sustaining my own career. I’ll never forget how thankful I am for your lessons, encouragement and wisdom on how to preserve the ethical integrity of the field. The Banner will miss you dearly, but those around you will be rich with blessings, no matter where you go. I hope those I meet in future positions are as kind and generous as you. Jon Beam

I came to the publication staff fairly late in my college career, but that never seemed to bother Dr. Pearson. She welcomed me with open arms and helped me find my place in this department even though I wasn’t a journalism major. She has always been kind and accessible and willing to help me improve. Without her I don’t know that I would have considered going “full steam ahead” with my writing

MaryAnn, From the first time I went to your office, you convinced me to turn a simple hobby into a job I could only dream of. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and the resources to pursue my dreams. You gave me the foundation I will need for the rest of my career, and I will forever be grateful. You have been an amazing professor and such an inspiration to me. Wherever I may end up in the journalism world, hopefully a fashion editor in some big time magazine, I have you to thank. God Bless, Pilar Orellana

career. I will never be able to thank her enough for that. Brittney Elizabeth Stoneburg

Thank you. Thank you for everything you have done not only for me, but for everyone here at CBU. You are truly one of a kind. No one will ever replace you. You have guided me so much over these last three years and given me the mentorship some only dream of. Whether it was a

You are an inspiration to many and I have

major career move or a quick question, you were always there will sound and honest advice. You

learned so much from you. Thank you for all

helped me become the PR girl I am now and everything that I hope to be. The faith you have in

you have done for the program with such a

me means more than I can ever say. I wish you all the best and much success in everything.

gentle spirit. Love, Megan Paulos

XOXO Shayna Moreno, EIC.

Thanks Mary Ann! Photos by Chris Hardy. Design by Megan Paulos. Model: Edie Waskel.


For more info please visit or contact

March 11, 2011 · Volume 58 · Issue 11

March 11, 2011 · Volume 58 · Issue 11

Page B4

Page B5



avocado Sushi originally made its way across the Pacific ocean from Japan and it is now found in local grocery stores, restaurants and in the Alumni Dining Commons at California Baptist University.


A common misconception is that sushi is simply fish in its raw form, this is false. While many sushi dishes are prepared using raw fish, there is also a selection of rolls which feature cooked ingredients. Sushi refers to any type of prepared fish, vegetables, sauces and other ingredients accompanied by sushi rice. This is a short grain rice that has been specially prepared.




Riverside has several all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants that we recommend to the sushi connoisseur. The price for all-you-can-eat sushi ranges between $20 and $25, which includes a range of hand rolls, cut rolls and nigiri as well as traditional appetizers and side dishes.

Sushi Asahi 2955 Van Buren Blvd This sushi restaurant is quite popular, weekend wait times can been as long as a couple hours. Most of our favorite rolls are “off the menu.” We recommend the Riverside Roll, which utilizes soy paper instead of the traditional seaweed. Other favorites include the Super Mexican Roll, a crunch roll topped with avocado, and the Asashi Roll, the shrimp tempura with cucumber topped with salmon and avocado.

Oishii Sushi 6133 Magnolia Ave We found Oishii to have a more relaxing traditional ambiance than Asahi. Edamame is served upon arrival. Our favorite roll from Oishii is the Rattlesnake Roll, which is a roll that has been wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried and covered in a spicy sauce. We also recommend the Spider Roll, a roll with soft shell crab tempura.


Pacific Cabin Sushi 3370 9th St Located in the heart of downtown Riverside, Pacific Cabin Sushi offers a more intimate setting with low lighting and wood walls. The menu is less inventive than Oishii and Ashai but their traditional rolls are fresh and tasty. You are served mochi ice cream (a ball of ice cream coated in sticky rice) upon compleation of your meal.

Hand Roll A cone shaped roll wrapped in seaweed, that is portable and hand held, whose contents overflow out of the top.


spider hand roll Story & Research: Kenton Jacobsen, Sharayah Le Leux & Rachel Weinstein Photos: Kenton Jacobsen Design: Rachel Weinstein


March 11, 2011

A California Baptist University Campus Publication

housing reformulated

BY Laura StandLeY

Staff writer

BY Jon Beam

BuSineSS editor

See hoUsInG, Page a2

Nigiri A piece of fish laid on a hand-formed rice bed.


Cut Roll A cylindrical roll wrapped in rice and seaweed traditionally cut into eight pieces. cucumber









cream cheese

dragon roll

Volume 58 · Issue 11

an ex-rocker sold out for christ

No more computers, meet with a person Last year, housing sign-ups were completely online. This year, the Office of Residence Life will give students a better system for selecting housing — in person. “The idea is to give students more freedom,” Carson Belmont, Housing Services Coordinator, said. “Technology is great but sometimes it limits students from a face-to-face interaction or questions.” Residence Life is basing their housing selection process on Disneyland’s FASTPASS system. A student will come to the office and sign their Housing Agreement. Then, they will receive a ticket that gives them a “complete group” date and an “incomplete group” date when they come back to choose their apartment. “Complete group” is for students who want to sign up for an apartment as a group. “Incomplete group” is for a student who is either choosing to live by themselves or does not have a full group of students prior to his or her appointed day. When students come in, they will be able to see maps of every living area and see where their desired apartment is located within its respective complex. “Online last year, there weren’t maps of any of the living areas. When you signed up in previous years, you had a list of the apartments. You didn’t know where they were in the actual complex. This way, we will have visual maps students can look at,” Belmont said. The Office of Residence Life also allows students with the earliest appointed dates to come in and sign up their groups along with them.

Philadelphia CREAM CHEESE

Photo by Chris Hardy

stUdents Gather for natIons chaPel

students of california Baptist University came together march 9 for nations chapel. reminded that the nations are not merely physical regions and boundaries, students were encouraged to make disciples, whether that was overseas or in the United states, for as long as they lived. toward the end of the chapel service, United states Project team members gathered around their states’ flags in order for cBU students and faculty to surround them in a time of encouragement and prayer. after the teams were commissioned, two students Greg smith and jennilyn fritch, were also prayed over as they have committed to long term overseas work. the chapel praise band concluded the time.

On March 6, 2011 at Crossroads Christian Church in Corona, No. 26 of Guitar World’s 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists of all time and ex-member of the heavy metal band Korn, Brian Welch, gave his testimony. Korn is a heavy metal band that released six CDs in total. Over $25 million dollars was earned in addition to sold-out arenas, tickets and fans. Korn was immensely popular in the early 90s. Fame, money, girls, and drugs was the lifestyle that each member of Korn knew very well. But on Feb. 22, 2005, Korn’s management announced that after almost 12 years of Welch’s extreme partying habits, drug and alcohol addiction, he would part ways with the band. “I let the Lord take me and its been the most exciting never boring life that I have ever lived,” Welch said. Welch told a story about a dream he had while on an airplane with the heavy metal band Metalica. He explained that this dream was a sign from God to quit using drugs like methamphetamines and cocaine. The airplane he was on suddenly caught on fire. He then floated away into heaven and felt immediate peace. At that moment, he knew he experienced a taste of heaven. Welch has a daughter who is now 12-years-old. Not only did she grow up seeing her father use drugs but also witnessed him beating his wife. Ever since he left his old life his relationships have been completed renewed. “My daughter made me want to be sober and drugs were taking over my life, it was either

the drugs or me becoming a better father to my daughter,” Welch said. Welch left millions of dollars behind, including fame, fake friendships and an empty soul that was numbed by drugs. Welch explained how the apostle Paul had to get away from everything to be close to Jesus. He related this story to himself because he had to leave his rock star life in order to pursue a life with Jesus. Welch said that ever since he has become a Christian, he realizes that there is a dark, spiritual realm that is so evident and clear. “Jesus wants to come into your life and transform you from the inside out and all the money, fame and music in the world can’t give you the high that Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior can,” Welch said.

Photo by Landon Lee

Bryan Welch spoke at crossroads about his christian journey.

medIcal majors

IdentIty theft

taylor sIemens


Dean of the College of Allied Health, Chuck Sands, promtes health education with three new majors. Page A2

Credit card numbers are one way a student’s identity can be stolen. Read other examples. Page A3

Read about the man who brought MLB scouts to campus. Page A7

Check out more stories online, along with a new poll about your plans for Spring Break.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Studying journalism at California Baptist University provides students with practical

With concentrations in:

experience in this constantly changing field. Students can choose to concentrate their

Global Journalism

studies in photo communications, public relations, global journalism or print and convergent

Public Relations

journalism. The field of journalism is changing but the research, interviewing and writing skills, along with design and public relation skills, that students master through this program 38 | PURSUIT prepare them to work in journalism, public relations and related fields.

Photo Journalism Print & Convergent Journalism

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Pursuit Volume 2 Issue 2  
Pursuit Volume 2 Issue 2  

California Baptist University's Pursuit Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2 (Spring 2012)