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Some believe traditions are reserved for spiritual, family or holiday rituals. The tradition of throwing your cap up at the end of graduation, stealing that kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve and lighting fireworks on the 4th of July are examples of these kinds of traditions. However, traditions can be much more than that. They can be seemingly small, insignificant actions that really have great meaning to the parties involved. Photo by Mike Sampson

Tradition: An inherited pattern of thought or action, a custom, a

specific practice of long standing.*

When I was little, every night before I would go to sleep I would kiss every stuffed animal, 33 in total, on the head and say goodnight. This was my own special, somewhat embarrassing, type of tradition which I somehow managed to pass on to the kids I baby-sat. As I got older, every year my best friend and I would wrap each other’s Christmas gifts as many times as possible and see who took the longest to get to their gift. This was our tradition. Here at California Baptist University there used to be a candle lighting ceremony to announce engagements of women on campus. This was held around the Fortuna Fountain involving girls gathering together and blowing out their candles, the one with the candle still lit was the lucky bride to be. This was their unique, long standing tradition. Everyone has traditions. Some are personal, some are shared and some are ritual. As we reach college we begin to go through the stages of loving, finding, losing, creating, questioning and even defying tradition. These are all normal stages but how does one find the line between being rebellious, being open minded and simply finding your own way? The Bible shows us how to do this. Jesus himself both embraced tradition and challenged the traditions of the Pharisees (Mark 7:5-10). Many things must be taken into account when talking about tradition.

* COVER Photo by Mike Sampson and Kenton Jacobsen Model: Mark Graham


In this issue of Pursuit Magazine, we strive to take you through stories about tradition, what it is as well as what it means to question or even rebel against tradition. We want to celebrate the joy of tradition. We hope to expose the truth about changing traditions. We challenge you to decide on your own traditions. So, happy reading friends; and please, be a reader, not a flipper.

YOU LOOK A LOT LIKE MY NEXT GIRLFRIEND Where do you land in the mix of dating, courtship and playing it cool? BY JENNY MINER

In this post-modern society, there is no longer a consensus among people about the purpose of dating or the proper way to go about it. Even at California Baptist University, how and whether people should date is a matter of personal opinion. Nowadays, there seems to be three main types of “daters.” 04 | PURSUIT

The Traditional Dater someone to marry. Generally, the male initiates the relationship and even pays for the dates.

is the way to go.” For Lawler, courtship is when a male

According to a survey sent out to CBU

approaches the parents or guardian of a female,

students, 3.3% said, “I’m against dating, courtship

requesting that he take her to a movie or dinner.

is the way to go!” and 34.4% said, “I am currently

Then, throughout the relationship, there is

dating somebody and will probably marry them

accountability from people who are a part of the

eventually.” Each of these attitudes seem to echo

couples’ everyday lives.

the attitude of a “traditional dater.” Also, 77% of those surveyed said that the man should pay for the date and 74.5% said the man should initiate the date.

“Both ‘dating’ and ‘courtship’ are useful methods if applied biblically,” Lawler said. “It just falls on the mindset and the motive of the individuals.” “Unfortunately, in our society, dating has

This type of dater retains dating methods from past

Bethany Lawler, sophomore, says she

become more recreational. Couples are dating

generations, which has a courtship-type feel. The

would be classified as a traditional dater. In

more for ‘practice’ for marriage rather than

purpose of dating, for this dater, is to ultimately find

fact, she is one of the 3.3% that said “courtship

considering being married.”

The Post-modern Dater This type of dater believes that dating is primarily

One of the reasons why dating has changed

for enjoyment or companionship. Either sex can

is possibly due to the development of the internet.

initiate the relationship and either can foot the bill.

Now, people can find anything they need online,

Often, these dating relationships lack commitment

including a date. When asked whether they would

and are terminated or continued based on a

date someone they met online, 8.2% of survey

feeling or on convenience.

takers said “yes,” 47.5% said “no” and 44.3% said

According to the same survey, 4.9% said, “I am


currently dating someone, but not even thinking

Christopher Kassaseya, senior, does not

about marriage,” 14.8% said, “I date casually,

necessarily fit the “Post-modern dater” profile,

but nothing serious” and 13.1% said, “I am way

and he does not identify himself as one, but he

too busy to date right now.” These expressions

did say, “Perhaps dating’s most obvious purpose

do not necessarily mean these people are post-

is to seek out a suitable spouse; however, I see

among the other responses, which held common

modern in all of their thinking, but it could mean

nothing wrong with spending time with someone

sentiments. Some of the responses were: “To find

that living in a dynamic, post-modern world has

whose company you enjoy even if the future is not

the person God has planned for you to marry,”

made it difficult for them to find and commit to a

a factor.” This response to the survey question,

“To find a spouse” and “To prepare me, and the

relationship. Or, they simply want to have fun.

“For you, what is the purpose of dating” was rare

person I am dating, for marriage.”

This type of dater really isn’t a dater at all. Either

now, though she did say she would be open to

they can’t find someone to date or dating is not

dating if someone came along.

The Non-dater appealing at this stage of their life. As stated

“I am too busy to date right now due to

above, 13.1% said they are too busy to date

trying to balance school and friendships and my

right now. One person even said, “I don’t want

internship and my family,” Norton said. “With all

to date and I don’t anticipate getting married.”

of those things going on, I just don’t feel like I

For this person, finding a significant other is not

have time to date right now.”

a priority in their life. Bethany Norton, sophomore, is one of the people who said she is too busy to date right

Photos by Chris Hardy Models: Danae Lane and Isaac Monroe




1. If you were on a date and the male accidentally left his wallet at home, would you…

1. If you were on a date and accidentally left your wallet at home, would you…

A. Offer to pay, but feel disrespected if he did not try to pay you back.

A. Let the woman pay, but reimburse her as soon as you could.

B. Offer to pay and insist he not pay you back, or else he would insult you. C. Wait a second, I would not even be on this date anyway.

2. You’re going on a date, who drives? A. The man, of course. B. Whoever wants to. We might even just meet up at the location of our date.

B. Let the woman pay and you would pay next time. No big deal. C. Wait a second, I would not even be on this date anyway.

2. You’re going on a date, who drives?

A. I would, of course.

B. Whoever wants to. We might even just meet up at the location of our date.

C. Again, I’m not going on a date. Ew!

C. Again, I’m not going on a date. Ew!

3. What do you think of T.W.I.R.P (The woman is required to pay) week?

3. What do you think of T.W.I.R.P (The woman is required to pay) week?

A. Makes me a little uncomfortable, but role-reversal can be fun for one week.

A. Makes me a little uncomfortable, but role-reversal can be fun for one week.

B. Oh yeah! This is how it should be. C. CBU-sponsored dating is the only dating I am open to at the moment. I’ll go if I have to.

4. Do you want to get married someday? A. That’s the goal. B. Mmm… If I feel like it and as long as I can still work. C. I’m too busy to even think of that right now.

B. Oh yeah! This is how it should be. C. CBU sponsored dating is the only dating I am open to at the moment. I’ll go if I have to.

4. Do you want to get married someday? A. That’s the goal. B. Mmm…If I feel like it and as long as I can still work. C. I’m too busy to even think of that right now.

5. Would you ever consider online dating?

5. Would you ever consider online dating?

A. No way! That is not conventional.

A. No way! That is not conventional.

B. Duh! It’s only natural since we live in a technologically advanced society. C. As long as I would never actually have to go on dates.

B. Duh! It’s only natural since we live in a technologically advanced society. C. As long as I would never actually have to go on dates.



Mostly A’s- Traditional Dater

Mostly A’s- Traditional Dater

Mostly B’s- Postmodern Dater Mostly C’s- Non-Dater 06 | PURSUIT

Mostly B’s- Postmodern Dater Mostly C’s- Non-Dater

THE MEN BEHIND THE MORPHSUITS BY KATHERINE SEIPP It’s no secret that, for guys in particular, the friends you meet in college tend to become an extension of your family. Most of these brotherly bonds seem to develop from involvement in a fraternity or other type of brotherhood establishment on campus. Here at California Baptist University, there is no Greek life. However, this did not stop inseparable bond from developing between four roommates: Andrew Hochradel, Andrew Twitty, Joshua Mott and Samuel Gonzales. The guys of UP204 have known each other since the first day they walked on campus freshman year. They were all part of the “brotherhood” that was Smith Hall 3D. “We met on our hall freshman year,” Mott said. “I thought Sam was a total hippie when I met him and Hochradel was an insane ADDHHDHDH kid.” “And I thought Mott was just a huge jock and that Twitty was some kind of crazy sidekick,” Hochradel said of the first sighting. Twitty and Mott were best friends since sophomore year of high school and were now roommates just as Hochradel and Gonzales had been friends since sixth grade and were now roommates. It was only a matter of time until these friendships of epic proportions collided into one another creating the CBU powerhouse that is UP204. These friends are known for some pretty wild adventures and antics around campus. Sammy Ramos recalls a time when the group found a shopping cart on campus and decided an adventure was needed. “We all rode the cart from Lancer Arms all the way down to Wallace Theater. One person would be pushing the cart downhill, while another would ride it. It was really sketch because there were potholes, speed bumps, oncoming vehicles and we were using a rickety cart. After a few runs, public safety told us we needed to have our fun off campus, so we went to the parking structure off Diana Hall and into the FAMSA parking lot. We walked there and took the cart with us, riding it there as well. When we got there, we started bush diving and seeing who could get a good flop or do the most damage to the bush. No one really won; you just lost less due to injury. Twitty hurt his hip, multiple people had scratches and were itchy afterward. When we grew tired of that, we went to the top of the sidewalk, which led down a slope into the FAMSA parking lot. We all took turns contemplating riding the cart down, though no one wanted to actually do it as there was a speed bump at the end of the ramp and there was no way to avoid it. I don’t recall who, but after a bunch of hype heckling, someone actually went down. They were able to go over the speed bump with minimal injury,” Ramos explained. This is just ypical hang-out time with the guys of UP204; you can always count on a great time, great memories and maybe a few minor injuries. But who are these men behind the morph suits? No, we’re not kidding, they each own full-body morph suits. Let’s take a closer look.


Photos by Aaron Kim In this photo: Samuel Gonzales, Andrew Hocradel, Andrew Twitty, Joshua Mott.

Samuel Gonzales

Andrew Hochradel

Andrew Twitty

Sometimes known for being MIA due to his devotion to his homework; such is the life of an engineering major I suppose. Among his other obsessions is wearing jean overalls, neon snow jackets and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He’s also got a Nike shoe collection that would put any girls closet to shame.

This Disneyland enthusiast spends his study time watching the latest viral video, making shirts and brainstorming ideas for his Christmas hat. He has an irrational fear of nail files and can’t swallow spaghetti. He’ll rock out dancing anywhere, anytime, but ladies beware- he has given a black eye to a female friend three times while doing so.

Don’t believe the things you hear about this one. He comes across as one of the nicest guys on campus, but his sarcasm and wit will bite you before you even know what happened. He pinches with his toes, grows facial hair at a speed most men envy and can give advice on the best teas to drink. He has a seemingly unhealthy dedication to his soccer team (Go Chelsea!), which includes a full wall shrine in the apartment.

Known for A whole new level of chill Favorite superhero and why “Superman, because he can fly.” Wants you to know “I love Cassondra Conant!”

Known for Mind-freaking your face Always wondered ”How Uncle Scrooge could swim in his vault of money. With all those coins, it would hurt to dive into.” Wants you to know “I would like people to know that I do love being the fun/funny guy, but I can also be serious and caring. I love caring for people, learning about new friends and investing in new relationships.”


Known for Facial hair Has always wanted to Live abroad. Wants you to know “Being a Lancer is all about having fun and doing crazy things!”

Joshua Mott The social butterfly of the group, Mott prides himself on his involvement with the Crazies. You can find him front and center representing CBU at sporting events both on and off campus. He’s known for sporting a dirty mustache with pride and breaking out his spanish accent whenever applicable, and even when it’s not.

One can be sure that throwing these diverse and hyperactive personalities into one apartment guarantees there will never be a dull moment.“The hardest part about these different personalities is that everyday there is a massive bomb of emotions, testosterone and energy that goes off in our apartment,” Mott explained. “Each day brings a new result that no one could possibly predict. I honestly never know what is going to happen.” “Every time there is music playing, there seems to be some sort of dance party that breaks out,” Hochradel added. Walking through the door you get a sense of the shenanigans these fellows get themselves into. If you can make it passed the stench of man that pounds you as you walk

Known for Being crazy

through the door, you’ll notice the piles of laundry and shoes scattered about from late night Ultimate

Favorite man with a mustache Wayne Waters

Frisbee games. You can’t help but spot the apartment mascot: a six-foot tall giraffe named Jeffery. Look

Wants you to know “I want you to know that you should be an optimist because Jesus is in control of the world. Not people or random chance. So be happy.”

to your left and you’ll see Twitty’s Chelsea shrine, take a few steps farther in and you’ll see the two TVs, gaming systems guys envy and leftovers from last Thursday’s brownies on the couch. While these four may not be everyone’s cup of tea that doesn’t matter to them. “People probably think we are really strange, dumb and weird guys, but I don’t really care. We just like to have fun and we will do whatever we think is fun regardless of what people think,” Twitty said.



Aside from a charming smile, hair is a major component in the over all package which is you. The care and upkeep of your masculine mane could be one of the lowest things on your priority list. Yes Xbox, food and cars are important, but do not neglect the hair; it helps tell the world a little more about you and the ladies dig it. With suggestions from these strapping young lads, one can easily maintain the “do� without spending much money or using too many products. 12 | PURSUIT

For Short Hair Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste provides a non-greasy, fresh-out-of-bed look throughout the day. For $6 and a dab a day, Axe has got your back. “I wash it, typically using water, and I throw some wax up in there every morning to keep it up,” Nate Lawrence. “Also, I usually cut it short so I don’t have to deal with it much and when it gets long enough that it takes time, I cut it again. I’m not a morning person, so the less time I can get ready in the morning the better.”

For Medium Hair For hold use Bed Head Men Styling Power Surge Hairspray. This product offers flexible, all-day control for frizzy or flyaway hair. It can be used solo or in combo with gel; A good bet for curly or long hair and convenient for only $17.99 at any store. “I shampoo, comb and brush; that’s about it. I buy whatever is cheapest basically,” Brandon Gill explained. In response to if he uses products: “Not really, it makes it [hair] crispy.”

For Long Hair With Kiehl’s “Cre’me and Silk Groom” you can have a non-greasy styling aid, which helps manage hair of all lengths, but is best used for longer and curly hair. For around $17.50 for a 8.4 fl. oz. a dab can go along way in the quest for healthy hair. “Have a hairstyle that fits your lifestyle or interest. I dig art and music and they tend to have longer hair. I like to have the curl and wave; it’s something different.” Andrew Thill said. “Shampoo everyday, most guys can do with that and regular trims.”

Hairless Matte For Men has a great product called “Complete Face and Head Care Lotion.” It is a premium nonsticky formula which is also a SPF-25 sunscreen and reduces the appearance of unwanted skin and scalp shine. It is also fast absorbing and non-greasy. For $28 it can seem a bit pricey, but this product can be used as a head and face regiment all in one product. “This last winter break I decided to shave my head and I got a lot of compliments, I was even told that my head looked like Michael Jordan’s at one time,” Jared Colvin said. “My hair philosophy is that it’s just hair. Sure, a person should look good and if hair helps then go with it, but to me hair doesn’t really matter all that much.” Photos by Kenton Jacobsen Models: (Top) Nate Lawrence, (Second from top) Brandon Gill (Second from bottom) Andrew Thill, (Bottom) Jared Colvin.


1955 Oak Display Cabinet - W.E. James Building 1984 Sound System - Van Dyne Gym

1958 Display Case - Annie Gabriel Library 1961 Tennis Courts - formerly located adjacent to Harden Square

1985 Barbecue/Fire Pit - Harden Square

1962 D.E. Wallace Memorial Book Collection 1970 Refurbished Fortuna Fountain 1981 Gazebo - Harden Square 1983 Picnic Area - located in front of Mission Hall 1986 Scoreboard - Van Dyne Gym 1987 Refurbished A.J. Staples Room


1988 Book Endowment - Annie Gabriel Library

What do students really think of the senior class gifts? BY ALEXX LOMMORI

The outdoor volleyball court, the Bible

1991 Playground Equipment - Lancer Arms 48 1992 Portable P.A. System 1993 Picnic Benches, Flagpole - Baseball Field

toward ASCBU. Much of that money is used

much faster. It’s just going to benefit everyone,

toward the free printouts, blue books, pencils,

I think, even people who don’t live in U.P.,”

scantrons and other supplies that ASCBU

Welch explained.

sculpture, the upgrade to the lighting and

provides. However, a good portion is taken out

The senior class officers (President, Vice

ceiling in Wallace, the class ring sculpture

every year to be put toward the senior class

President and Secretary) and the executive


council have the final say on the senior class

and the Carney Family courtyard – these

“This year we were given a list, by Kent

gift, but since the idea was from the executive

Dacus and the executives, of ten ideas. We

council, there was no problem. In fact, Welch

could also come up with our own, but from

said, “What we have might not be enough,

that list we chose about two and we came up

but the school is supporting us in that. So

with our own idea. From those three ideas,

it’s definitely something the school wants to

we sent out a ballot to the whole senior class

happen. We’re taking a huge chunk out of it

The first senior class gift was in 1955 and it

and from there they voted on what they liked

and it covers most of it and the school itself is

was the oak display cabinet in the W.E. James

the best,” Welch said. The three choices this

just kind of helping out with it.”

building. ASCBU Senior Class Representative

year were: knocking down the wall between

So how do the current students today feel

Taylor Welch explained, “The purpose of the

University Place and Brisco’s, expanding the

about the recent senior class gifts? From an

gift is to represent the students and give back

walkway from the Alumni Dining Commons

online survey, the most popular gift was voted

to the school. We’ve paid fees every year and

(ADC) to the Annie Gabriel Library, and putting

to be the outdoor volleyball court. J.J. De

part of those fees go to the gift. With that,

a bronze statue of a Lancer in the roundabout.

Huson simply said that “it’s practical.”

we’re giving back to the school and trying to

The senior class chose to knock down the wall.

Stephanie Felder said it’s “something that

improve the school as a whole.” Every student,

“We’re going to connect that and make it a nice

future classes could enjoy. While the lighting

from freshman to senior, pays a fee every year

area, nice walkway, so people can get there so

and upgrade in Wallace Theater is helpful, the

are just a few of the senior class gifts in recent years. Students pass these gifts every day and many do not even realize the long-standing legacy behind them.


1994 Unity Fountain

2004 North Wing Archway - Yeager Center

1996 Lancer Mosaic - Van Dyne Gym

2005 Digital Carillon System - W.E. James Building Bell Tower

1997 Lancer Mosaic - Van Dyne Gym

2006 Carney Family Courtyard - W.E. James Building

1998 Classroom Clocks

2007 Class Ring Sculpture - Stamps Courtyard

1999 Scoreboard - Aquatic Center 2000 Sound System - Wallace Theatre

2008 Lighting and Ceiling Upgrade - Wallace Theatre 2001 Air Conditioning - Van Dyne Gym 2002 Lighting - R. Bates Ivey Plaza

2009 Bible Sculpture - Stamps Courtyard 2010 Outdoor Volleyball Court - located in front of Mission Hall.

2003 Granite University Seal - Yeager Center

class was simply fulfilling a need.”

For the most part, the CBU community

helping students become more fluent in

Indeed, students can be found at most

seemed to lean toward senior class gifts that

languages that they might encounter on ISP or

hours of the day (and night) taking advantage

were practical. There was one exception,

in their future careers. Second, it is a luxury

of the court in front of Mission Hall. The second

however. If they were given the opportunity

the school does not have the budget to buy

most popular gift was the granite university

to choose the senior class gift, a few students

and would be unlikely to spend money on when

seal in the Eugene and Billie Yeager University

said they’d pick a Lancer statue. Robbie Seipp

there are so many other expenses to factor in.

Center Courtyard from the class of 2003.

said he would put one in the ADC. Other than

Third, it fulfills and capitalizes on our school’s

Noel Bravo chose that gift “because it looks

that, the gifts were practical. One voter said

theme of being globally minded.”

awesome and grand and to me, it’s sacred.

she would build a parking structure, while

Fifty-six years ago, the first senior class gift

Never step on the seal!”

another said the money should be used to

was chosen. With the voting of knocking down

“solve some of the issues of our population

the U.P. wall this year, the class of 2011 carried

outgrowing our facilities.”

on the grand tradition of giving back to the

Not all senior class gifts are so wellreceived, though. The least popular gift was the class ring sculpture. Brennan Cackett

Cackett said, “I would like the money to be

school when it becomes time to leave. Though

explained, “It’s too big. If it were smaller, I think

used for something that would help people,

the opinions of recent class gifts differ, the

it would have turned out okay.” Huson said. “It

like maybe building a well or buying Bibles to

whole point is that each class is unique. The

serves no purpose.”

hand out to people.”

senior class gift provides the opportunity for

After the class ring, the Bible sculpture was

Felder also had an idea. “I had heard an

every graduating class to leave their special

named. Felder agreed with Huson when she

idea from a previous class to purchase the

mark on CBU history and pass on their legacy.

said, “How is there a benefit? What is the value

program Rosetta Stone to have on hand for

of having more statues around campus?”

students in the school library. I think this would

However, Cackett disagreed, saying, “It is pretty and displays us as a Christian school.”

be a helpful idea because first, it benefits and values the classes following ours through

Photos by Aaron Kim



through mental and physical conditioning.�

deployment and to develop leadership, self-confidence and an aggressive spirit

dents volunteer for this school, in the use of the parachute as a means of combat

that, “The purpose of the Basic Airborne Course is to qualify the volunteer, all stu-

Stg. First Class Jay Villasenor, a military science instructor at CBU, explained

the Basic Airborne Course in Fort Benning, Ga., which lasted three weeks.

Cadet Vazquez, a third year student at California Baptist University, attended

exhausting exercises.

Vazquez and Roger Bond, graduated from Army training courses after weeks of

past summer, two Army Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets, Veronica

other students take it seriously in a very different way: training for their future. This

themselves to summer internships and time by the pool with friends and family,

While many students take their summer vacations very seriously and dedicate


Photo by Kenton Jacobsen Model: Cadet Veronica Vazquez

“I had no idea what airborne was when I first came in here and he [Villasenor] told me once,” Vazquez said. “He just mentioned it saying,

prepared for the APFT by training with ROTC students from Cal Poly Pomona. She passed the test and was able to participate in the training weeks that were labeled according to the exercises the cadets would perform.

‘Wanna jump out of planes’, I said ‘Yeah, that

The first week was “ground week” for the cadets. Training took place to learn how to properly

would be a pretty cool idea.’ After that, he told

land when jumping out of a plane. The second week, dubbed “tower week”, is when cadets began

me to start training and he would guarantee me

simulations from higher ground. Participants were harnessed in as they propel themselves off of the

a spot if I worked hard for it.”

tower and continued perfecting the art of landing. The third week, known as “jump week,” was when

On the first day, trainees had to pass a physical fitness test or else they would have

cadets showed what they’re made of. Cadets were taken up in planes and made five jumps in order to earn graduation from the program.

to return home. This test, called the “Army

“I wouldn’t say I was scared,” Vazquez said. “I was just really thrilled and the very first jump my

Physical Fitness Test” (APFT), required that

adrenaline was going crazy. And I was actually afraid of heights. That was a big thing, but after that,

an intense amount of sit-ups, push ups and a

I’m pretty good at it.”

timed two mile run be completed according to the cadet’s age and gender. Since CBU was out

After facing her fear of heights and conquering the tasks before her, Vazquez finished the program and participated in graduation.

of session in the weeks prior to Vazquez’s de-

“Graduation was amazing,” Vazquez said. “Even though it was very hot and humid that day. You’re

parture for the Basis Airborne Course, Vazquez

just thrilled. You’re done.” She proudly showed the wings that were pinned on her during the ceremony.

Model: Cadet Roger Bond


Photo by Karon Helms

Model: Cadet Veronica Vazquez

Photo by Kenton Jacobsen

“In Airborne school, I think I was able to go beyond my limits. Here [CBU], you train so much physically and even mentally, but out there I did things that I never thought I’d do. So, it was a good thing,” Vazquez said. Cadet Bond’s experience was quite different, though he seems just as thrilled about his summer ventures. He paved the way for CBU by being the first CBU ROTC cadet to participate in the Air Assault School in Fort Knox, Ky. “Air Assault School deals with making soldiers qualified to conduct airmobile and air assault helicopter operations,” Vasquez explained. “Aircraft orientation, sling load operations, proper rappelling techniques and fast-rope techniques. Candidates selected to attend these courses are carefully assessed by our program instructors and is based solely in their academic standing and Army Physical Fitness Test results.” For Bond’s two week program there was no initial PT test, in fact there weren’t any that he could recall. However, there were pre-requisites to enter the program that included completing a four mile run in 36 minutes within 90 days of the course start date. Cadets must also pass an APFT and height/weight requirement within 30 days of the course start date. While there are no PT tests once at the program’s site there are activities cadets had to pass in order to reach graduation. “There’s an obstacle course that you have to go through on day one and then the last day, right before you can graduate, you have to do a 12

Photo by Kenton Jacobsen

mile march and that’s with a big backpack and all your gear on. So, there’s no actual tests to get in

went on to be the first CBU cadet to participate

there, but you just have to pass certain activities,” Bond explained.

in and graduate from the program.

This rigorous training course presented itself in three phases. The first phase involved air

Both Cadet Vazquez and Cadet Bond went

assault and pathfinder operations as well as studying specific aircraft and missions specific to each.

through rigorous physical, mental and emotional

The second phase involved mastering the sling load. Sling loads are how the helicopters transport

training. This is an honor for any cadet to

vehicles such as humvees, fuel tanks, cargo nets and various other military needs.

participate in, Vazquez explained, “Cadets

“The helicopter doesn’t land,” Bond explained. “Most helicopters in the army have a hook

Vazquez and Bond were on the top of the Order

underneath them and helicopter goes into a hover and then a ground crew will hook up the load

of Merit (OML) of their class, respectively. OMLs

and then the helicopter will fly away to its drop point and then it will go back out into a hover, set the

are based on academics and their Army Physical

stuff, whatever it is, on the ground and then the ground crew will go up and unhook it and then the

Fitness Test results. As a result of their hard

helicopter will fly away.”

work, commitment, dedication and compassion

Finally, the cadets are put through rappelling courses. In this finally phase cadets are trained how to tie a “Swiss seat” which involves “tying your own climbing harness out of a piece of rope.”

for what they do in the program, I will always be proud of their accomplishments.”

Cadets are then trained on a wall how to properly rappel and then move onto to rappelling from a tower as to simulate repelling from a helicopter in the field. While going through these phases may seem plenty in order to graduate from the program, they are not. Bond went on to explain that cadets must also take a final march. It’s the last day of school and described as the hardest part. “Because you get through everything and then before you graduate, you still have this one last thing that you can do and fail out of the entire school. You have three hours to complete twelve miles and its just daunting,” Bond explained. “I was carrying probably forty pounds of equipment and a mock M16, a mock rifle, so it was just awkward to get everything situated and to carry it all that whole way. They wanted you to carry the weapon a certain way. You had to drink a whole canteen of water every three miles, which is just really hard to do because it’s a lot of liquid in your stomach.” Bond finished this daunting task in two and a half hours just ahead the middle of the group and


with a disease after a long-term struggle with the symptoms, but then not knowing if there was a cure. The last section, though, does give somewhat of a “cure,” or at least some final thoughts about the positives and negatives of the movement.or at least some final thoughts about the positives and negatives of the movement. McCracken defines hipsters in many ways, but finds it hard to nail down an exact definition, saying in his book that they are “fashionable young people,” people who are “philosophically at odds with ‘the man,’” and those who “absolutely loathe the word ‘hipster.’” Ironic. The reason “hipster” is so hard to define is because hipsters come in many forms. Though hipsters are often recognized by their appearance (skinny jeans, plaid shirts, etc.), being a hipster is really more of an attitude.

“Hipsters, to me, can be characterized in one word: rebellion. McCracken said since we all have a rebellious nature, ‘a little bit of hipster resides in all of us.’”

“They are a disparate bunch,” McCracken said in his book, “You can be a hipster jock, a hipster nerd, a hipster Muslim, or a hipster Baptist. The only real requisite to being a hipster is a commitment to total freedom from labels, norms, and imposed constraints of any kind.” Hipsters, to me, can be characterized in one word: rebellion. McCracken said since we all have a rebellious nature, “a little bit of hipster resides in all of us.” So, is rebellion bad? “I don’t think rebellion is always bad,” McCracken said. “Jesus was a rebel in a lot of ways, subverting the expectations and self-righteous legalism of his day. So there’s definitely a righteous sort of rebellion, which is motivated by principles and a devotion to the right.” The whole conundrum here is that hipster’s way of romanticizing rebellion, of the bad sort, has infiltrated it’s way into our campuses and our churches. California Baptist University is not exempt. This article can, in no way, go into the depth that McCracken is able to go into in his book, but now, at least you can observe the movement that has a name.

Edgy, intelligent and effortlessly cool. Hipsters. Are you part of the brand? Models: Brenton Kuipers, PJ Santiago.

Photos by Aaron Kim














Clarity: (n) Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. 24 | PURSUIT
















Photos by: Aaron Kim (1-5) Kenton Jacobsen (6-10), Mike Sampson (11-14), Chris Hardy (15-18)

Theme : Review of the Semester











Photos by: Chris Hardy (19-23), Michael Sampson (24-27), Aaron Kim (28-32), Kenton Jacobsen (33-36)
















36 Theme: Film



Today the latest techno-logic craze is apps. “There’s an App for that!” has become a cliche in our modern speech and a reality for those with smart phones. With Verizon’s Droid and Apple’s iPhone being the main utilizers of apps and two of the most popular cell phones on the market, everyone seems to be somewhat familiar with the idea of an app, and those with apps on their phones know they’re useful and fun. But what do the apps on one’s phone say about that person? Photos by Kenton Jacobsen Model: Kevin Wunderly


Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular apps of all time and what they might say about you.

Facebook – Yeah, we are starting with the biggest social network’s app and one of the most generic

apps you can get, but hey…it’s free. If you’ve got a Facebook app on your phone, it means you’re social and like keeping in touch with your friends at all times. It also might mean that you need a new hobby.

Twitter – The other social network that enabled stalkers everywhere. If you have the Twitter

app on your phone it means you’re social, but also like being the center of attention…or you have an

overwhelming desire to know what your friends are always doing. (Also, if you have Tweetie 2, the more advanced Twitter app, it just means all these things about you, but even more…see a doctor).

Kindle – The Kindle was supposed to make the book obsolete, but you still pay hundreds of dollars

every semester for books, right? So basically, the Kindle either means you are a hopeful person or you just really like books. Those with the Kindle app on their phone are big readers and probably the most knowledgeable of their friends. Sit next to this person in class.

Fruit Ninja – Ever wondered what it would be like to have someone throw fruit in front of you for

you to slice up with a katana (that’s a ninja sword for those who don’t play an excessive amount of video

games)? Well if you have ever caught yourself fantasizing about going ninja on pieces of fruit, then you’re in luck (and need counseling). Fruit Ninja is a game that enables you to cut fruit in midair and dodge the bombs, which means that you are a pretty zany person (verging on neurotic, perhaps), but that’s okay because if someone throws a piece of fruit at you, you’ll be ready.

Bar Code Scanner – If you have a bar code scanner app it means two things: you shop way too

much and you’re too lazy to ask how much something costs. Okay, all kidding aside, this app is pretty

cool and those with it (while still shopping too much) also are tech geeks and just like the quirky pleasure of breaking a bar code to learn the price. Hint: if you’re at the dollar store you don’t need to pull out your phone. Whatever it is, it costs a dollar.

Pandora – Congratulations, you just put another nail in the coffin of the old radio. If you have

this app you’re a music lover. Yes, you have more refined tastes than just music in general, but you also enjoy a nice surprise every so often. This also might mean you don’t have the money to buy music, but have too many morals to download illegally. You just single-handedly saved the music industry.

Zombie Run – This app let’s you put a destination into your map and then loads hordes of zombies

all over the map that you have to try to evade while getting from point A to point B. This app means two things about you: one, you are adventurous and make even the most mundane of things fun and entertaining, two, you are a paranoid human being. By the way…they’re right behind you!

Photoshop Express – If you have this app, you are the artsy type. Pure and simple. Or you are

a graphic design major who can no longer separate work from leisure. If you belong to the latter party… hey, take it easy and download the Kindle app and sit down by the fire (or download a fire app and just stare at it for a while).

Youtube – Okay, so you don’t really have a choice on this app since it is a default app on the

phone, but it still says something about you if you use it. It means you get some strange sense of pleasure watching dogs jump out of moving vehicles or watching chubby little kids lip sync to

pop songs. Basically, this app means you live vicariously through others. Also, if you use this in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook you are probably annoying your friends. Please use this app with discretion.

Angry Birds – The top paid iPhone app? The (arguably) best game ever made? The best way

to waste hours of your life, but excusing it as building hand-eye coordination? This app is all of them. If you have this app on your phone, you are essentially an amazing individual and should feel a good sense of accomplishment right about now. If you don’t have a smart phone, find someone who does, force them to get this (if they don’t own it already) and then experience a sense of fulfillment like never before.

CALIFORNIA BAPTISTS Once a Lancer, always a Lancer. 曾經一名槍騎兵,總是一名槍騎兵。Nachdem ein Lancer, immer ein Lancer.


No matter how different these words can be, the 4,715 students at California Baptist University

California Baptists. That seems like an oxymoron. California and Baptists have such different connotations that some would not think to put them in the same sentence.

away from CBU, received national recognition for its diversity.

see the connection and can witness to it. They

Although we share the same RTA bus route,

can see that culture can be defined in more than

we don’t share the same enrollment numbers. The

one way.

school has a little over 20,000 students enrolled

The CBU community includes people of different cultures from both near and far.

and is the most diverse UC campus. According to the 2000 Census, Riverside

Baptist means faith, hope, tradition, grace

The school can be broken down into these

is made of 45.6 percent Whites, 38.1 percent

and church. While California means sunsets,

ethnic groups: White 56 percent, Latino 21.2

Hispanics, 7.1 percent African American and 5.6


percent, African American 6.8 percent, Asian 4.1

Asian. American Indian and Alaskan make up 0.5

percent, other groups had smaller percentages.

percent and Hawaiian & Pacific Islander 0.3 percent.





cultures especially where we live – in Southern California. 30 | PURSUIT

University of California, Riverside, a few miles

Comparing the numbers of CBU students

to Riverside’s population, one can tell that the

With a conversation partner, international students

percentages are similar.

can learn skills that will help them with the English

While we may not have a representative of

language and get them comfortable with talking to

every country (whether international or American

others. They meet once a week for one semester.

born) like the big UCR does, we have heart. We all

Yessenia Ramirez, sophomore, is a volunteer

have a heart to serve and to accomplish the Great

in the program. She worked with the program

Commission – the command given by the Lord to

since the start of her freshman year.

go to all nations and seek disciples for Him. One of the ways CBU seeks to do this is by celebrating the international students that come to CBU for an education.







conversational skills,” Ramirez said. “I get to see their growth. It’s for their benefit not your own.” Ramirez also added that when she gets paired

“That’s the highlight. You’re establishing life-long friendships,’ she [Yessenia Ramirez] said. ‘It is a blessing being a conversation partner because I see the growth in my friend...”

Lucas Wehner, international center lead

up with someone, she doesn’t just talk to them for

student assistant, said that there are around 190

a semester. She said that she still talks with her

in North America and 73 affiliate institutions in 24

international students from about 28 different

past conversation partners.

other countries. In California, there are 11 colleges


“That’s the highlight. You’re establishing life-

and universities associated with CCCU and 24 in

He emphasized the idea that at CBU all

long friendships,” she said. “It is a blessing being

the West region, which is composed of 11 states.

students can enjoy each other’s differences

a conversation partner because I see the growth

The report found that in 2009 schools in the

in culture and customs. It is the goal of the

in my friend. In the end, my conversation partners

West region were mostly comprised of 67 percent

International Center to integrate these students

are more comfortable speaking the English

White, 11 percent Latino and 6 percent Asian

into the CBU family.

language and we still hang out despite that the


semester is over.”

“We want the Chinese to be Chinese, the German to be German, but the Chinese and the German need to become a Lancer...”



“We are making gradual but steady gains in for




the recruitment or enrollment of students of color

Universities released a report on diversity found

nationwide. We have been able to make steady

among the schools affiliated with the organization.

gains over the past seven years in this area. That

CBU is one of those schools. The report looks at

means that as a whole we are moving in the right

enrollment, graduation rates and diversity among

direction,” the report read.

students faculty and administrators. The Council currently has 111 member schools

“We don’t acknowledge race [or] categorize people






international students are not just international students, they are Lancers.” He added that the center and the school want the students to keep their cultures. “We want the Chinese to be Chinese, the German to be German, but the Chinese and the German need to become a Lancer,” Wehner said. One way of integrating the international students with American culture is through Global Village. This is an area where American born students can live with students who were foreign born. In addition, the International Center offers conversation partners for international students.

Photos by Chris Hardy Models: Lesley Browning, SuKyong Cho, Hanna Yoon, Bokyoung Kim, Hyo-pun Lee, Tiffany Hamilton.


not any better than you.’” The “Social Gospel” is a term that has been thrown around quite a bit in reference to ministry that aims to help those less fortunate. The problem is the “Social Gospel” neglects the spiritual need of the people it ministers to, and this is something those involved with the homeless ministry hope to never see. “In addressing poverty, some will say we need to meet their physical needs before we can address their spiritual needs and some will say no, we need their spiritual needs and then their physical needs. My philosophy is why not do both at the same time? That’s really what homeless ministry came to be. We want to emphasize both,” White explained. “I would say the homeless ministry is unlike the ‘social gospel.’ It’s completely separate. You can’t even put it in the same category because the ‘social gospel’ says, ‘I’m going to feed and help someone and that’s the gospel.’ Whereas, we’re saying, ‘Repentance and faith, that’s the gospel.’ That’s the gospel. Us feeding someone, that’s a part of our Christian life, but that’s not the gospel,” Herrera said. “We don’t ever want to identify with the ‘Social Gospel,’” White also added, “but we want to emphasize both spiritual and physical needs being met at the same time. I think it’s really just the Gospel, period.” In fact, for both White and Herrera, and all of the students involved, the homeless ministry is a vehicle for just living out their faith in Christ. “It’s a practical way to live out your faith,” Herrera said. “There is need all around and the homeless ministry is but one way that the Christian can take that amazing sacrifice applied in our lives and make it a reality to people who have never felt it,” White said. “We as changed people need to demonstrate a changed life.” Those involved in the homeless ministry hope that other students at California Baptist University see this opportunity to live out their faith, also. “It’s easy to get caught up in the private Christian college ‘bubble,’ so to speak,” Herrera said. “We need venues to act out faith, through which our works can testify to the faith we have. We’re in the real world and so we get to share the gospel with these people and tell them about Christ. All the knowledge we’re taking in here, we get to teach someone else.” “For the students who come, I think it’s a dose of reality. To be honest, a good chunk of people on this campus are reasonably well off,” White said. This year, however, has had its set of obstacles for the ministry as the change in to-go

Photos by Kenton Jacobsen (Left) John Simons, Logan Muchow, “Captain” Tom (Top Right) Daniel Schroeder and other members spend time praying over new friends. (Bottom Right) John Simons, Luis Santiago Herrera

meals from the cafeteria to Brisco’s complicated gathering meals and the police set stricter time limits on the group. “This year, the first week we went out the cops were there and they were like, ‘You guys can’t come past sundown.’” Herrera said. “So we had to modify it.” Nevertheless, those involved in the homeless ministry have not lost focus in their aim or been discouraged. “We want to holistically apply the gospel to all of life. So that means that we sacrifice our time and our resources and we go and share with those who have little the love of Christ,” White said. “We’re meeting their physical and spiritual needs.”

“If the gospel’s not being preached, if the word of God’s not being spoken, then this is not worth anything...”

That focus on the gospel is something that the group feels can never be compromised or forgotten. “If the gospel’s not being preached, if the word of God’s not being spoken, then this is not worth anything. If we’re just feeding people and not telling them about Christ or about repentance then we shouldn’t even be there,” Herrera stated. “It’s not a self-help, making yourself feel better sort of thing,” Herrera added. “If the gospel’s not being spoken, then stop it. Don’t continue it. My biggest goal is not for it to continue or be remembered. My aim is that people desire God.”



When one takes a look around at California Baptist University, one finds Rwandan students almost everywhere. They are found in all living places, classrooms and many other places. Who are they? How did they get here? Why are they here? “Rwanda is a small country in the heart of Africa, located in East of Africa,” Patrick Nsengiyumva explained about the location of Rwandan country. “We came here after being selected among the top smartest students in my country who have excelled in National examination. These students have to be studied in sciences in their high school,” Nsengiyumva said. Nsengiyumva has been a leader of Rwandan students here at CBU for a year. These students they have passed several tests before being admitted to come and study at CBU. As Nsengiyumva explained, they have to study sciences in High school. These sciences include mathematics, physics or biology and chemistry. To graduate from High school, they have to pass a national examination, which is not easy as Nsengiyumva explained. After the results are published, they choose the top students who have studied sciences and give them several other tests including English proficiency, as they will be studying in an English speaking country. Model: Cleophas Rwemera

Photo by Aaron Kim

“After being selected, some universities from the USA, including CBU, come and choose students who will study in their schools. The selection was based on the results of TOEFL (test of English as foreign language),” Nsengiyumva said. “They gave us a written test and interviews and a few of us were selected to study at CBU. Then, here we are.” The objective of sending students abroad is one of the ways Rwanda has chose to rebuild the country after the 1994 Genocide of Tutsi.


“Our country chose to improve science and technology as the key of development of its community. That is the reason why it is sending its youthful, intelligent students to study abroad in developed countries where laboratories and didactic materials are rich and available,” Nsengiyumva said.

Maniraguha informed. Maniraguha is one of the Rwandan students and he is an electrical and computer engineering

Arriving here at CBU, these students are enrolled in different majors of sciences and engineering.

major. He explained that CBU helped to improve

“Most of us are engineering majors such as electrical computer engineering, civil engineering and general

their relationships with God, the change they

engineering. The other Rwandan students are enrolled in science majors such as biology-premedical,

make in terms of spiritual life and the way they

chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, and health science,” Nsengiyumva informed.

are growing up in faith. “Actually, many people

Although they come from the same country, they studied at different high schools and are from

think that in Africa we do not know Jesus and

different regions of the country. Despite that, they interact well with one another. They are well-

God. But me and most of the other Rwandan

organized and officially meet every month.

student who are here knew Jesus before, and we

“Since we were informed that we will come to study at the same university, CBU, we were

were baptized in his name. We were so-called

excited. We did not know one another, but we tried to get to know each other before coming here. In

born agains. But when you asked about any

addition to that, arriving here, we keep being close friends and doing our best to help one another.

change or improvement, I may tell you that CBU

Moreover, we hang out when the time allows, we do homework together, we eat in the same place in cafeteria, and we watch movies together in our free time,” Corine Bazoza, a freshman Rwandan student, explained. She continued to explain the way they live in a community life. “We are like a family. We have a leader and we meet monthly to celebrate all birthdays of that month and discuss anything academic or social,” Bazoza said. All this shows how Rwandan students do not live an egoism life, nor a lonely one. They stay together academically and socially.

“They knew Jesus before they came here, but they grow up spiritually due to the good




growing up in faith. It is a good place with Christian faculty

professors, members

environment provided by the

and other workers. It

Christian University, CBU.”

the other opportunities

The interaction of Rwandan students is not limited to themselves. They interact with the other

provides chapel and to help us grow and

progress in faith,” Maniraguha said.

students at CBU. They share the same apartments, classes and work with American students and

These students are not closed within the small

the other international students. “I love how Rwandans are friendly, welcoming and they always

area of CBU. They adjust with the environment,

greet you when you meet with them in their way walking even when you don’t know each other,”

either in the city of Riverside, other cities and

Cara Murray remarked.

states or in the other countries. As Maniraguha

Cara is an American student who lived in the same apartment with two Rwandan students. She

explained, they travel around, far from CBU, even

found them to be good roommates and friends, and she likes the way all Rwandans interact with

in other countries during the breaks. They have a

the other people.

lot of friends in different cities and states.

“I think that there is a genuine love and care in the heart of Rwandans. The way they listen to

“We are not locked in the same place and

one another and the way they interact with other students, I can tell that Rwandan students make a

campus. We go out to the churches, we have

difference at CBU,“ Murray said.

friends that we visit off campus, we go to the other

Rwandan students are not only involved in academic affairs, they also get involved in different

states and the other countries to visits our friends

other activities on campus. Either working or volunteering, they are found in almost all departments

and relatives during the break. We really travel a

of CBU.

lot, making new friends,” Maniraguha said.

“You will find us in many working areas, such as the library helping other students to find books and use computers and the printer and fax. You will also find Rwandan students in ARC (Academic Resource Center) tutoring students, especially in sciences courses. We also are available in ADC (Alumni Dinning Common) helping prepare and serving food. We pretty much are everywhere,” Bazoza said. “We also get involved in volunteering activities such hospitals and churches. Students who are in the premedical program volunteer at Riverside Community Hospital. The others who have permanent churches, they volunteer there like in setting up the chairs and cleaning,” Bazoza commented. “Beside the chapel that we all CBU students attend, we also attend different churches on Sundays. Some of us attend Magnolia Baptist Church, Sandals Church, Harvest Church and St Thomas Catholic Church. Myself and a few others,we attend Colton Community Church,” Methode



Silly bands and stethoscopes - perks of the great commission. BY AIMEE MUNN We think of leaders as being prestigious, perhaps hung up in an office with

fact that she has an “excuse” to read books like Twilight and watch the

a shiny name plaque greeting you as you walk in, but the student leaders at

new Justin Bieber movie. Weinstein doesn’t mind the chain text messages

California Baptist University have bred a culture of something quite different,

warning her that if she does not forward the message to 20 other people

they have cultivated servant leadership. Two particular students, Rachel

she will never have a boyfriend, she is past this electronic superstition and

Weinstein and Marissa Yoder, have embraced what it means to lead from a

ready to tackle the real issues at hand.

posture of humility on campus and in the community. Drama, glitter, awkward crushes and squished peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in brown paper sacks bring back all the painful memories of junior

“They aren’t kids anymore, but they are still silly [sometimes],” Weinstein remarked with a little smile. “We have serious conversations, but they are still fun.“

high. At this age, life is still on the surface, but on the inside junior high aged

When Weinstein first attended CBU she had two Resident Assistants

girls at Grove Community Church need and want someone to look up to, that

(R.A.s) who inspired her to be more involved aside from her involvement with

someone is Rachel Weinstein. Being available to hear about all the turbulence

The Banner and graphic design projects. “They really built community in our

that is puberty and the struggles that these girls face while sowing the word of

living area and sparked ideas,” Weinstein. Taking the advice of her R.A.s, she

God into their hearts through a weekly Bible study is something that Weinstein

was inspired to minister to junior girls because she did not have a consistent

is passionate about.

mentor when she was that age.

It takes a special person to meet these girls where they are at and

She is “willing to do the grunt work and the little things that seem like they

Weinstein, with her strong sense of self and honesty, has the spiritual

don’t matter but can have an impact on people.” In her Bible study group, she

wisdom and leadership skills to be a mentor. For the past five years she

has seen tremendous growth and loves that the girls feel comfortable sharing

has enjoyed mentoring the girls and has recently taken advantage of the

with her. “[They are] praying for each other. We created this place where they


feel comfortable sharing their prayers with each other.”

At Crossroads Christian Fellowship in Oceanside, Calif., Yoder and her

It is not always easy but, to Weinstein, it is worth it. “It is a lot of responsibility.

mom participate in the benevolence ministry by collecting groceries and

I know that they look up to me. They know that I don’t have all the right answers

distributing care packages to those in need. Facilitating others is part of her

though. I can be honest with them.”

personality and she relishes each opportunity to touch a life; something she

In their own way they offer her spiritual wisdom that keeps the time they spend together light and always hilarious.

has learned through her experiences as being a student ambassador for “24”. Like Weinstein, Yoder has been doing similar work in the community. Yonder

It is 8:00 p.m. and Marissa Yoder has already put in a 12-hour day at

has been volunteering at Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church with “mission friends

Riverside County Regional Medical Center for her nursing clinical, but she is

program”. She is teaching the kids what it means to serve overseas and is

not daunted. She thrives off of serving others and ministering through medicine

helping them to write encouraging letters to field workers.

is not the only way she expresses her love for Jesus.

Investing in the children and being there to just show them that she cares

“God has really been teaching me how to love in a deeper sense,” Yoder

has become meaningful to Yoder. She described how much she enjoys the

explained. “I have been praying for God to teach me how to love others like

time with the children at Magnolia Avenue Baptist, “I really enjoy taking the time

he loves us.”

to show kids love and to let them know that Jesus loves them even more. They

In her sophomore year at CBU she began hosting potential students for “24”, an event in which high school seniors stay on campus for a day and experience first-hand what it is like to be a student at CBU. “I felt like I knew the ropes and wanted to help people get situated here,” Yoder said. Her ability to lead others is unmistakably innate, but gaining experience as a nursing student and also working in the Fitness Center has cultivated a nuanced form of leadership. For the past three years Yoder has participated in International Service Projects (ISP) and acted as an unofficial student leader.

are so tender in the way that they want to hold your hand and cling to you.” Falling in line as a natural leader has taught her that she is accountable in a way that can be rather intimidating. She knows her limits, though, and is very intentional about stepping back when she needs to. Cultivating relationships and being accountable to those relationships is something she prizes. For Yoder, the small moments in life that go unsung often matter the most. “I was working with an older woman who didn’t speak English,” Yoder explained. “She was in a lot of pain, crying even, and she told me, ‘I just want love.’ So I held her hand and told her that Jesus loves her.”

“I just like to come along side and encourage people, make them feel

She is ecstatic, simply beaming as she shares about the experience. The

comfortable,” Yoder explained. “It is very natural for me, but I also know that

deep affection and knowledge of the Father’s love that she has been praying

leading others can entail knowing when to step back and follow.”

for in her life is coming into being every day and will continue to guide her as

Yoder’s sincerity is evident in her sparking eyes and inviting smile as she explains how she has helped “newbies” adjust to culture shock while in China and South Korea.

(Left) Rachel Weinstein (Right) Marissa Yoder.

she leads others. Living in community at CBU has taught Weinstein and Yoder how to live intentionally, taking what they have learned and pouring it into others.

Photos by Kenton Jacobsen




While the title of “Lancer” hasn’t taken hold of all students at CBU, many have exhibited symptoms of the Lancer Crazies. In short, you know you’re a Lancer if...

“Ring by spring” has become your personal dating motto. Your biggest pet peeve is freshmen who lose the ability to walk inside of a cafeteria. A colony of cats living next door is normal. You adopt cattle-like tendencies in attempting to leave crowded areas in a herd-like manner (i.e. chapel). 40 | PURSUIT

A lone golf cart gives you a sense of security. Your idea of a “good prank” leaves everyone with a warm, fuzzy feeling… including the victim. You may not know your entire class Every open area of grass starts looking

schedule or where they meet for

like a high-profile parking spot.

weeks, but you know exactly how many chapels you can sleep through and still

News travels across campus faster than

pass figured out on the first day.

you can walk it. You own a Disneyland pass and run Wanda high-fives you and knows you

into at least five other CBU students on

by name.

each trip you make.

You swear your classroom is an old

You schedule your life around the

insane asylum, despite all of the facts

times you know parking spots will be

saying otherwise.


CAB gives you enough free T-shirts to

Every time you hear Katy Perry you

last a month without washing clothes.

think of Shady Berry.

You eagerly watch the clock for 15

You don’t particularly like APU, but

minutes to go by in hopes that you can

you aren’t exactly sure as to why.

leave your class early if your professor is more than two minutes late.

You dream of using the ring statue as a giant cereal bowl. Let’s face it. We’ve all taken part in several, if not all, of these traits. And if you haven’t yet, you will before you graduate. You’re a part of the team, you’re in the club; you are a Crazie. Wear the socalled “gold” shirt with pride; we do.

Photos by Kenton Jacobsen and Chris Hardy




Do my ears deceive me? You are completely serious? All right… How should I put this? Do you know

served, not serve. Some were not encouraged to

how difficult that is? It’s no offense to you, Timothy, but you did not grow up in our generation. This is my

find employment until after graduating from high

perspective on the generations based on interviews and observations.

school, so we became lazy. We seem to worry about

In order to understand the term “generational decline,” we must look at the term “generation gap.”

everything. We do not respect our elders. We were

The gap originated in the 1960s to name the differences between the younger generation and the older

critical of others. Some of us do not care about the

generation. It was coined because of the large amount of youth (the baby boomers) and the drastic shift in

poor. But no more. I am tired of living this way. It is

cultural taste. To get a better idea of how different generations were in the Western world, we must examine

time for a change.

generations from the 20th century.

How do we change if we grew up differently, you

The Silent Generation, Builders or the Great Generation is the generation in which most of our

might ask? It will be tough, but it has to be done. If

grandparents. They are considered the hardest working generation. They worked many hours on farms or in

we look back to the Silent Generation, we can see

industry. There was little technology to aid in their work. Boys were expected to work and girls go to school.

that they were taught how to work and that working

The only labor that existed at that time was physical labor. Fathers had the disposition that children were

produced sustenance.

supposed to work; working came before obtaining an education. Mothers believed education should be top

Even the Baby Boomer Generation had a strong

priority. There was no free time for homework or outdoor activities. During rainy days, fathers had work inside

ethic. However, the Great Recession shook us

the barn that needed to be done. Children were required to go to church until around age 12, but were still

around; much like the Great Depression did to our

expected to go no matter how old they were. Giving to those less fortunate was modeled. People from this

grandparents. We should want to work hard, but we

generation were mostly frugal and did not waste things.

grew up with luxuries our grandparents did not have.

Then, there is the Baby Boomer Generation, the generation in which most of our parents were born.

In order to be successful and thrive, we need to be

People from this generation worked hard, were always useful and completed assignments. They faithfully did

willing to work hard and sacrifice when money is not

chores. Parenting methods swayed, however, because of a new need of wanting more than was provided.

in surplus. We should be active in church ministries

Excessive encouragement led to procrastination. Expectation was not high enough. They were disciplined

and charities and giving to the poor what we can.

well. Church attendance was expected. Giving to those less fortunate and missions was modeled and

And, despite our differences, we should respect

expected. Anti-establishment attitudes and materialistic attitudes resulted in a new parenting style.

elders for who they are so that they will respect us

After the baby boomers came Generation X, sometimes called the “baby bust” because of the drop in

for who we are.

birth rate. Members of Generation X grew up primarily after the Vietnam War ended and during the birth of

The Bible is clear on this issue. There are two

MTV. With that, Gen X saw great loads of newsworthy events, like the AIDS epidemic, the war on drugs, the

verses that should encourage us to change. 1

Iranian Hostage Crisis, the rise and fall of disco, “hair bands,” new musical genres and the hip-hop culture.

Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or

Unlike previous generations, Gen X grew up with great variety and were diverse in class, religion and sexual

drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of

orientation. Many of them were children of divorced parents and tend to ignore leaders.

God.” That should be enough of a reason to have a

Generation Y, also known as Millineals or Generation Me, is the generation we grew up in. A typical Gen

strong work ethic. Laziness, lack of independence

Y may have some or all of the following qualities: knows how to send text messages, participates in social

or pure fear are lousy excuses for not working hard.

media, has proficient knowledge of how the Internet works, is more accepting of different cultures and beliefs,

Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about

is less likely to save money…and the list goes on.

anything, but in every situation, by prayer and

Like all generations, our generation has its share of stereotypes stacked against it. They are not necessarily

petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to

true, but they also should not be discredited. They question everything. They live with parents until old age.

God.” These verses are what we need to read every

They require constant positive reinforcement. They never learned how to struggle or sacrifice. They quit if

day so that we won’t fear changing how we live.

they do not like something. (source:

If we are to have any hope for our future children and grandchildren, there needs to be a cultural and

Generation Y has a few negative differences that have impacted our reputation as young people and

generational revolution. If what people say is true

set us apart from the Silent Generation. We are lazy, unmotivated and disrespectful. We are more prone to

about each generation becoming worse than its

addiction. We live at home longer than in the past. We feel we are entitled to material possessions that our

predecessor, then we have much to fear and much

parents did not have growing up. Despite having high IQs, we do not think critically. However, Generation Y

to change.

and the Silent Generation hold one common experience – both have lived through an economic downturn that threatened to permanently alter the American life as we knew it. How we grew up might not apply to everyone, but it proves one thing – all young people should desire some type of shift back to the Silent Generation. We grew comfortable with not answering the door or telephone if we did not know who the other person was. We acquired the mentality that we were to be

Photos by Chris Hardy Models: (Top) Grant Rosander, (Second from top) Allison Chamberlain, (Second from bottom) Bobby DeLong, (Bottom) Mackenzie Glazier.



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