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Public Policy Advocacy

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Engaging Men & Boys to Stop Gender Violence

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Annual Report

MISSION In honor of the late Jana Mackey and other victims of domestic violence, a committed group of activists created Jana’s Campaign, Inc. with the single mission of reducing gender and relationship violence. “We believe it is our responsibility to use the story of Jana’s life and the story of her death to help reduce violence against women.” Through our program activities, Jana’s Campaign aims to play a

BUILDING SOMETHING THAT MATTERS On the morning of December 10, 2009, Christie and I stood in front of a large crowd of supporters and creation of what we called “Jana’s Campaign”. At the time we didn’t exactly know what we were going to do, but we knew we were going to do something

after burying our daughter Jana, it was our belief “that the story of Jana’s life and death” could be used as a rallying call for many interested in “We have been very methodical about building addressing the social disease of domestic a violence prevention organization that has violence. Now four years direct impact and has the ability to sustain that later, and with the help of impact over a long period of time.” many friends, supporters and partners, we’re on our way to building something that matters. PHILOSOPHY

and dating violence and be a catalyst for social change.

Our vision is that Jana’s Campaign will play a We believe that working with thousands of other passionate advocates from around the world, this social disease can be eradicated in a single generation. Simply, we plan to do our part to build a safer world. We at Jana’s Campaign endorse a strategy of pursuing smaller victories to address this massive social disease. To us, many small victories equals substantial progress. Jana’s Campaign has an unwavering commitment for results and impact that produces a series of small victories. Like building blocks, these improvements and program successes build on each other and reinforce positive change. We are a group of grassroots activists who have built an organization that focuses on producing results and creating real impact.

I label this past year, 2013, as a transition year. We have moved from a small, family operated group of passionate activists, to what I would describe today as a professional organization with quality staff, active board members, individual and corporate partners and growing assets to address the issue. Most importantly however, our programing impact continues to grow. This includes our work locally, While we recognize that we are still in the early stages of construction, our board of directors are excited about the progress we have made. We have been very methodical about building a violence prevention organization that has direct impact and has the ability to sustain that impact over a long period of time. I am quite sure that Jana is proud of the foundation we have constructed.

Dr. Curt Brungardt


Board President

Many great social movements have been driven and motivated by a series of stories or one single story that moves people to action. We believe it is our responsibility to share the story of Jana’s life and the story of Jana’s death to protect women, and her pursuit of social justice. Her powerful story is also about how she died as a victim of dating violence. We have given Jana’s name and face to the global movement of reducing violence against women. We see her as a symbol of the millions of women worldwide who have, and continue to suffer from this social disease. We believe in the power of the story. We believe in the power of Jana Mackey’s story to move people.

JANA The most unlikely of domestic violence victims, Jana Mackey, rights and had spent years volunteering to aid victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Jana represented the new generation of American feminists. As a passionate social and women’s activist, Jana fought for equality and social justice at every turn. Described as “honey on steel,” Jana Lynne Mackey was the kind of woman that inspired others. She inspired through her words, her song, her actions. Jana was beautiful, intelligent and kind. She was an advocate, a friend, a sister, a daughter. She was magnetic. She was a bright spot in an ordinary day. She was a hero.

PEOPLE Staff Curt Brungardt, Ph.D, Hays, KS (President) Manitou Springs, CO

Nicole Walz, Program Coordinator Sandra Bainter,

Christie Brungardt, Ph.D, Hays, KS (Treasurer)

Sadie Lungren, Program Specialist

Luo Zhai, Jiangsu, China (Secretary)

Jennifer McGonegal, Administrative Intern Alma Hidalgo, Communications Intern

Board Directors Jennifer Berry, J.D, San Diego, CA Sara Brungardt, Hays, KS Samantha Butler, Hays, KS Stephanie Davis, Ph.D, Lawrence, KS Heather Lambert, Ph.D, Lincoln, NE Elizabeth Landau, J.D, Washington, D.C. Michelle McCormick, Topeka, KS Mark Russell, Houston, TX

Associates Walz, Hidalgo, Bainter, McGonegal, Lungren Accounting Susan Harding, J.D, Legal Counsel Matthew Peters, Webmaster Stremel Photography Peters Photography Andy Tincknell, Videography Sicoir Computer Technologies

“Jana’s Campaign is made up of nearly 500 activists from around the world. From active board members, staff, interns and volunteers to program partners, sponsors and individual donors. Our friends and advocates are active throughout Kansas, the United States, and our reach is even felt on the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.”

Public Policy Advocacy

PROGRAMMING IMPACT Public Awareness & Community Action

Jana’s Campaign believes that traditional

Dr. Curt Brungardt (President) Jana’s Campaign believes in the power of speaking out about the issues of domestic violence. We are committed to bringing awareness to the seriousness of relationship violence and encouraging a larger conversation.

Through speaking engagements, our videos and social media activities, we reached thousands of people worldwide with the important message of reducing gender violence. Staff and board members provided dozens of conferences and community of Iowa, Missouri, and Texas. With the help of Jana’s Story German, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, and Swedish. The new music video “Jana’s Light Will Shine” and announcement “Conceal” was created to expand our message. Our social media activities also helps bring the latest news and ‘need for action’ to thousands of Jana’s Campaign followers.

improve and expand their efforts to reduce domestic violence. Government actions, and the work of related non-government organizations, have a profound effect on how women experience freedom from domestic violence.

We have been active at the local, state and national level promoting important public policy. We participated and supported the successful efforts that led Violence Against Women Act. Our work Justice Improvement Act and related in supporting efforts that oversee the successful implementation of House Bill 2517 (2010) and Senate Bill 304 (2012), and board president Curt Brungardt Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board. Finally, Jana’s Campaign staff and board members have promoted and supported the development of coordinated community response teams

Education, Prevention, & Intervention Jana’s Campaign believes that major educational efforts at all levels are needed to end the cycle of violence against women. Furthermore, we believe that effective offender intervention programs can help reduce the cycle and escalation of domestic violence.

Kelley Parker (Vice-President)

Dr. Christie Brungardt (Jana’s Mother)

This past year we developed and began delivering our teen LOVE DOES N’T HURT gender violence prevention program “Love Doesn’t Hurt.” Although we are in our early stages of our implementation, TEEN GENDER VIOLENCE PREVENTION

Campus Action Initiative

Dr. Annette Lynch (Univ. of N. Iowa)

Jana’s Campaign believes that colleges and universities should be mobilized to reduce gender-based violence. This includes encouraging higher education to improve their response to gender violence on campus.

This past year Jana’s Campaign sponsored the highly successful Heartland Campus Safety Summit on the campus of the and 42 colleges and universities participated in this annual conference. This summit is designed to provide university personnel with guidance and knowledge about preventing In addition, staff and board members consulted and provided presentations on Missouri, Iowa and Georgia. Locally, Jana’s Campaign representatives have been active on the campus of Fort Hays State and assisting with the development of the

Engaging Men & Boys to Stop Gender Violence Jana’s Campaign believes that men and boys should be actively engaged in confronting male violence against women and girls. We believe “real men” take a stand and speak out against inequality, sexism and violence against women.

Staff and board members have worked directly with groups of men and boys on the important role they can play in reducing gender violence. This includes working with sports teams, school clubs and groups, fraternities and all male residential halls. Presentations, organized the training of athletic coaches at three area high schools on the national recognized violence prevention program “Coaching Boys football coach John Montgomery, this program was implemented with his football team during the fall football season.

Coach John Montgomery

2013 DONORS In the past year, friends and supporters of Jana’s Campaign provided cash donations totaling assets to help serve our mission. In 2013, we also completed and closed out our comprehensive capital campaign. Launched in 2012, the initial fundraising effort. Our goal was to raise $100,000 to help us On August 15, 2013, we closed the capital campaign, successfully raising $123,105.

LEADERSHIP CLUB ($500+) Bank of Hays ¦ Hays, KS Treva Benoit ¦ Hays, KS Curt & Christie Brungardt ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS Brian & Samantha Butler ¦ Hays, KS Commerce Bank ¦ Hays, KS Eagle Communications ¦ Hays, KS Hays Academy of Hair Design ¦ Hays, KS Insurance Planning, Inc. ¦ Hays, KS James Motor Company, Inc. ¦ Hays, KS Morgan Stanley Financial ¦ Andover, MA ¦ Hays, KS Marcella Patterson ¦ Anthony, KS Pat & Chardell Parke ¦ Hays, KS ¦

Hays, KS Terry & Laurie Roth ¦ Hays, KS Mark & Sylvia Russell ¦ Houston, TX Donald & Sharon Schinstock ¦ Nickerson, KS Rockne & Laurie Shelite ¦ Kiowa, KS Cathy Spicer ¦ Anthony, KS Rachele & Mark Strawn ¦ Hutchinson, KS Cindy Summers ¦ Kiowa, KS Ellen Sward ¦ Lawrence, KS Trinity Lutheran Church ¦ Hays, KS Luo Zhai ¦ Jiangsu, China

PURPLE RIBBON CLUB ($25-$499) Travis Allen ¦ Stafford, KS

Chad Butler ¦ Franklin, TN C&P Enterprises, Inc ¦ Hays, KS Louis J Caplan ¦ Hays, KS Cade & Tisha Carter ¦ Colby, KS Catherine Chambers ¦ Grape Vine, TX Tim & Mona Chapman ¦ Hays, KS Classic Quality Body Shop ¦ Hays, KS Amy Cohen ¦ Topeka, KS Debra Creamer ¦ Hays, KS Dailygood by Goodsearch ¦ Los Angeles, CA Dennis & Ellen DeLay ¦ Council Grove, KS DaMar Resources/SB Farms ¦ Victoria, KS Mark & Jessica Dierking ¦ Fowler, KS ¦

Lawrence, KS Dillons ¦ Hays, KS Deborah Dinges ¦ Hays, KS Jenny Dixon ¦ Hays, KS Bob & Cheryl Duffy ¦ Hays, KS Jeff Dunlap ¦ New York, NY Jonathan Earle & Leslie Tuttle ¦ Lawrence, KS Jim & Sherrie Eaton ¦ Anthony, KS Neysa Eberhard ¦ Newton, KS Terra Eck ¦ Andover, KS Rod & Michelle Fairbank ¦ Hays, KS Amanda Flagler ¦ WaKeeney, KS Michael & Sarah Fleenor ¦ Hays, KS Josh & Sarah Fleenor ¦ Hays, KS Dorothy Fulton ¦ Hays, KS Jessamyn Garrison ¦ Hays, KS James & Renee Gerstner ¦ Hays, KS Jean Gleichsner ¦ Hays, KS Golden Plains Trucking, Inc. ¦ Hays, KS Wayne & Jackie Gottschalk ¦ Schoenchen, KS Larry & Donna Graves ¦ Grove, OK Virginia Gray ¦ Hays, KS Gutch’s Bar and Grill ¦ Hays, KS Douglas & Carol Haberman ¦ Hays, KS Steven & Dorthy Halley ¦ Topeka, KS Darrell Hamlin & Shala Mills ¦ Hays, KS Michael & Teresa Hammerschmidt ¦ Victoria, KS Edward & Mary Hammond ¦ Hays, KS Gerry Heil ¦ Hays, KS Helen Mayo Real Estate ¦ Hays, KS Samantha Horacek ¦ Hays, KS Scott & Jana Horsfall ¦ Hays, KS Horizon Appliance and Electronics, Inc. ¦ Hays, KS Brittany Howell ¦ LaCrosse, KS Daron & Heather Jamison ¦ Hays, KS Rick & Gayle Johnson ¦ Jenks, OK Benjamin Jones ¦ Lawrence, KS Barbara Jones ¦ Hays, KS ¦


Newton, KS Mike & Jill Arensdorf ¦ Hays, KS Richard & Marlene Arnhold ¦ Hays, KS Gerald & Rose Arnhold ¦ Hays, KS Auman Co., Inc. ¦ Hays, KS Auto World ¦ Hays, KS Baconrind Appraising Services, Inc. ¦ Hays, KS Bob & Sandra Bainter ¦ Hays, KS Rex & Debbie Ball ¦ Hays, KS Mark & Melanie Bannister ¦ Hays, KS Jeff & Cari Jo Base ¦ Kingman, KS Cindy Bauer ¦ Hays, KS Becky’s School of Dance ¦ Hays, KS Donald & Deanna Berquist ¦ McCracken, KS Jennifer Berry ¦ San Diego, CA Zhao Bing ¦ Gansu, China Brandy Boeger ¦ Hays, KS Tom & Debbie Bohm ¦ Hays, KS Sue Boldra ¦ Hays, KS Gary & Diane Bolton ¦ Council Grove, KS Adrienne Bortz ¦ Olathe, KS Jackalyn Brown ¦ Munjor, KS Jerod & LeAnn Brown ¦ WaKeeney, KS Sara Brungardt ¦ Hays, KS

Manhattan, KS ¦ Hays, KS Hays, KS Randy & Sherry Levendofsky ¦ Scottsbluff, NE M&D Excavating ¦ Hays, KS Todd & Sarah Mackey ¦ Hays, KS Travis Mackey & Erica Washburn ¦ Hays, KS Michael & Mary Martin ¦ Hays, KS Tisa Mason ¦ Hays, KS Chad & Sarah McCarty ¦ Hays, KS Michelle L McCormick ¦ Topeka, KS ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS Diane McGonegal ¦ Castle Rock, CO ¦ Lawrence, KS Nathan & Lauren McNeil ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS Mary Meckenstock ¦ Hays, KS Robert & Agnes Meier ¦ Hays, KS Debbie Mercer & Jim Adams ¦ Manhattan, KS Betty Mills ¦ Hays, KS MOMS Club of Hays ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS Doug Nehls & Suzi Bleumer ¦ Hays, KS ¦

Stan & Joyce Newell ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS Northglen Antiques, Inc ¦ Hays, KS Regan Ochs ¦ Great Bend, KS Matt & Nicole Peters ¦ Hays, KS A J & Linda Pfannenstiel ¦ Hays, KS Tom & Carol Pitner ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Moundridge, KS Debra Prideaux ¦ Hays, KS Jennifer Rack ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Wichita, KS John & Valerie Roper ¦ Lawrence, KS Jean Rosenthal ¦ Kansas City, KS ¦ Hays, KS Audrey Rupp ¦ Hays, KS Bill & Renette Saba ¦ Hays, KS Dale Sader ¦ Lindsborg, KS Eric Sader ¦ Hays, KS Susan Sanders ¦ Roeland Park, KS Randy Schinstock ¦ Wichita, KS ¦

Inman, KS Jason Schneider ¦ Hays, KS Gary & Mary Ann Shorman ¦ Hays, KS Sicoir Computer Technologies ¦ Hays, KS Violet Simon ¦ N. Newton, KS Mary Sloan ¦ Topeka, KS Shane & Stacey Smith ¦ Hays, KS Soroptimist International ¦ Hays, KS Warren & Beverly Stafford ¦ Hill City, KS Richard Staples ¦ Hays, KS Strategic Financial Partners ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS ¦

Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS Ernestine Thorne ¦ Hays, KS Mike & Mari Tucker ¦ Lucas, KS Fred & Phyl Vance ¦ Topeka, KS Vavricka Financial Group ¦ Hays, KS Jennifer Verhagen ¦ Hays, KS VFW Men’s Auxiliary Post 9076 ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Russell, KS Lavon Weber ¦ Hays, KS Brett Whitaker ¦ Hays, KS Lauren Wiebe ¦ Hays, KS Sabrina William ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS

IN-KIND AND OTHER GIFTS APAC ¦ Hays, KS Gary & Diane Bolton ¦ Council Grove, KS Curt & Christie Brungardt ¦ Hays, KS Cedar Lodge Dental Group ¦ Hays, KS Chartwell’s Food Service ¦ Hays, KS Crossroads Photography ¦ Hays, KS Eagle Communications, Inc. ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Hays, KS Google ¦ Mountain View, CA Aaron Gruber ¦ Russell, KS Hays Storage Systems ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Manhattan, KS ¦ Lawrence, KS Jacobs’ Graphics ¦ Hays, KS Matt & Nicole Peters ¦ Hays, KS Rejuvenations Day & Med Spa ¦ Hays, KS Donald & Sharon Schinstock ¦ Nickerson, KS Jason Schneider ¦ Hays, KS Soroptimist International ¦ Hays, KS ¦ Lewiston, ME The Mall ¦ Hays, KS Thirsty’s Brew Pub & Grill ¦ Hays, KS Walmart ¦ Hays, KS Mary Winter ¦ South Hutchinson, KS AND MANY OTHERS



Curt & Christie Brungardt ¦ Hays, KS Hays Academy of Hair Design ¦ Hays, KS Lawrence Community ¦ Lawrence, KS Omer G. Voss Family Fund ¦ San Francisco, CA Marcella Patterson ¦ Anthony, KS Mark & Sylvia Russell ¦ Houston, TX Don & Sharon Schinstock ¦ Nickerson, KS

FOUNDING MEMBER ($1,000-$4,999) Brian & Samantha Butler ¦ Hays, KS Insurance Planning, Inc. ¦ Hays, KS Corbin & Heather Lambert ¦ Lincoln, NE ¦ Wichita, KS ¦ Mass Mutual Financial Stuart, FL Morgan Stanley Financial ¦ Andover, MA Stan & Joyce Newell ¦ Hays, KS Pat & Chardell Parke ¦ Hays, KS Randy Patterson ¦ Anthony, KS Cathy Spicer ¦ Anthony, KS Cindy Summers ¦ Kiowa, KS Ellen Sward ¦ Lawrence, KS Trinity Lutheran Church ¦ Hays, KS Luo Zhai ¦ Jiangsu, China Zhuping Zhai & Xiuhua Wan ¦ Jiangsu, China

Trinity Lutheran

FINANCIAL REPORT 2013 Revenue Sources

2013 Revenue



2013, revenue sources included: individual and corporate

21% 49%

15% 15%



Service Fees

2009 - 2013 Revenue 2013 Expenditures


The overwhelming majority of all expenditures by Jana’s Campaign went directly to programming impact and the supportive element of that work. This includes personnel and related support, direct programming and curriculum expenses and critical administrative assistance. Less than 4% of our expenditures were invested in fundraising activities.

$30,884 $6,715









Jana’s Campaign is asking our friends to support the 2014 Annual


program activities in the areas of teen gender violence prevention and engaging boys and young men to stop gender violence. foundation. This important capital allowed us to build an infrastructure capable of carrying out our mission of reducing gender and relationship violence. With this infrastructure in place, our 2014 annual membership drive seeks resources that will allow us to expand our impact in key programming areas. We have established an initial goal of raising $60,000 for this annual giving membership drive. deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service.

“Don’t underestimate the power of a small organization that is passionate and committed to making a real difference.”

A Note about Language We use the term "gender and relationship violence" throughout this document to refer to intimate partner violence, sexual assault and stalking. We recognize that men may be victims of these crimes, but our use of "women" in this document

janascampaign@gmail.com janascampaign.org

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