Jana's Campaign Annual Report 2022

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“I can’t recall a single moment that I knew Jana when she wasn’t trying to make the world a better place for all of us. She never slowed down, she never gave up.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality educational programming that prevents gender and relationship violence. Working through secondary schools, colleges and universities, and community-based organizations and agencies, Jana’s Campaign delivers specialized, evidence-based prevention strategies and curricula that is designed to prevent violence, build healthy relationships, and create new social norms.

Jana’s Story

On July 3, 2008, Jana Lynne Mackey lost her life to violence perpetrated by an ex-boyfriend in Lawrence, Kansas. The 25-year-old University of Kansas law student was an advocate for women’s rights and spent years volunteering to aid victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. As a passionate social and women’s activist, Jana fought for equality and social justice at every turn.

Described as “honey on steel,” Jana Mackey was the kind of woman that inspired others. She inspired through her words, her song, her actions. In March 2008, Jana attended a Women’s Leadership Conference, where she was asked to prioritize her top personal values. Jana identified her most important value as “equality for all persons,” and her second most important as “the courage to stand up for her own beliefs.” Jana ‘walked’ her values. With these values, coupled with her years of activism and political experience, Jana believed a law degree was the next step in her journey to become the most effective advocate possible for women and other underrepresented groups.

Jana was beautiful, intelligent and kind. She was an advocate, a friend, a sister, a daughter. She was magnetic. She was a bright spot on an ordinary day. Jana was a hero. Jana is missed.

Working Through Allies

Our direct work with students and citizens is made possible by partnering with and through allies. Our prevention model is based on delivering our prevention education programs through secondary schools, colleges and universities, and community based organizations. By building strong and collaborative partnerships with these local entities, we can better leverage resources, build on each other’s strengths and talents, and exchange organizational capacity that encourages sustainability.



86,280 K-12 Students Directly Impacted

497 K-12 School Personnel Trained 538 Colleges/Universities Impacted

3,785 College/University Personnel Trained

Over 150 Community Partnerships

Hundreds of Thousands of Students and Citizens Reached Indirectly

A Note From The Executive Director

As I reflect on the past year, I am pleased with the progress we have made towards our goal of reducing all forms of gender and relationship violence through prevention education. 2022 was just that, a year of progress. A year of facing challenges head-on and remaining dedicated to our mission. And a year of celebrating small victories.

I hope you find this report informative and encouraging. The work we do is hopeful yet challenging. It is because of the generosity of our supporters and friends, and our dedicated board and staff members, that we are able to continue this life-saving work. So, I thank you for your continued support, belief in our work, and your ongoing commitment to gender and relationship violence prevention education.

Warmest regards,

TM EDUCATION about and PREVENTION against gender and relationship violence.
2013-2022 Impact
“Thank you beyond measure for your time, advocacy, information, and support! Our high school students and staff appreciate your ability to communicate Jana’s mission and educate our youth!”
-High School Counselor

Board of Directors

Mellisa Holtzman, Ph.D., Farmland, IN - President

Dana Watts, J.D., Arlington, VA - Vice President

Duc Due Vu, J.D., Philadelphia, PA - Treasurer

Marlou Wegener, Topeka, KS - Secretary

Jordan Bass, Ph.D., Lawrence, KS

Danielle Baumgarten, MS-NDR, St. Louis, MO

Christie Brungardt, Ph.D., Council Grove, KS

Curt Brungardt, Ph.D., Council Grove, KS

Sherri Kendall, Costa Rica

Margaret Mahoney, J.D., Port Orchard, WA

Keegan Nichols, Ph.D., Russellville, AR

Katie Pooser, MPA, CAP, New York, NY

Mark Russell, CFA, CFP, Houston, TX

Megan Shepard, Topeka, KS

Kelly Simmons, MSE, Republican City, NE

April Terry, Ph.D., Hays, KS

Administrative & Program Associates

Jeff Pinkney, CPA, Accounting

Justin Greenleaf, Ph.D., Webmaster

Northwestern Printers

CK Technology, Inc

Darren Murphy, Male Programming Facilitator

Founding Members

Bob & Sandra Bainter, Hays, KS

Ray & Olivia Becker, Hays, KS

Blue Cross Blue Shield KS Foundation, Topeka, KS

Gary & Diane Bolton, Council Grove, KS

Curt & Christie Brungardt, Council Grove, KS

Brian & Samantha Butler, Hays, KS

Tim & Mona Chapman, Hays, KS

Andrew Dierks & Erin Curtis-Dierks, Lawrence, KS

Milt Dougherty, Wichita, KS

Marti Dougherty, Wichita, KS

Eagle Communications, Hays, KS

Eastman Fund, Sunnyside, NY

Lila Gilpin, Hays, KS

Larry & Eva Gould, Hays, KS

Hays Academy of Hair Design, Hays, KS

Insurance Planning, Inc., Hays, KS

Kansas Health Foundation, Wichita, KS

Corbin & Heather Lambert, Lincoln, NE

Mia Lang, Hays, KS

Lawrence Community Event, Lawrence, KS

Mass Mutual Financial, Stuart, FL

Midwest Energy, Hays, KS

Morgan Stanley Financial, Andover, MA

Stan & Joyce Newell, Hays, KS

Leanne Olson-Memorial, Wichita, KS

Pat Parke, Hays, KS

Daryn & Kelley Parker, Manitou Springs, CO

Kyle & Kristin Parker, Dodge City, KS

Marcella Patterson, Anthony, KS

Randy Patterson, Anthony, KS

Terry & Laurie Roth, Hays, KS

Mark & Sylvia Russell, Houston, TX

Don & Sharon Schinstock, Hutchinson, KS

Soroptimist-S. Central Region, Dodge City, KS

Cathy Spicer, Derby, KS

Warren & Beverly Stafford, Hill City, KS

Cindy Summers, Kiowa, KS

Ellen Sward, Lawrence, KS

Verizon Wireless, Overland Park, KS

Trinity Lutheran Church, Hays, KS

OG Voss Family Fund, San Francisco, CA

Walmart Foundation, Bentonville, AR

Larry & Jane Whisman, Anthony, KS

Luo (Jessie) Zhai, Jiangsu, China

Zhuping Zhai and Xuihua Wan, Jiangsu, China

Dr. Curt Brungardt Volunteer Education & Prevention Specialist Dr. Christie Brungardt Volunteer Education & Prevention Specialist Kaiti Blackburn, MPS Executive Director Evelyn Dubey Education & Prevention Specialist Jennifer Schmidtberger Assessment Manager Brooklyn Burk Intern Sydney Boxberger Intern
*Left image: High school students participating in a bystander intervention training activity.


$10,000 and Above

Curt & Christie Brungardt, Council Grove, KS

Mark & Sylvia Russell, Houston, TX

Patterson Family Foundation, Kansas City, MO

US Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, YWCA CSE, Topeka, KS

$9,999 - $1,000

Raile & Kaiti Blackburn, Hays, KS

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Topeka, KS

Scott & Taryn Crawford, Hays, KS

Kelly & Ladeena Johnston, Wichita, KS

Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Topeka, KS

Jeff & Angie Klaus, Wichita, KS

KU Women In Law-KU Law School, Lawrence, KS

Brian & Anne Lang, Hays, KS

Greg & Lanae Lang, Hays, KS

Michelle McCormick, Topeka, KS

Morgan Stanley Financial, Andover, MA

Pat & Kathleen Parke, Hays, KS

Katie Pooser, New York, NY

Josh & Dawn Rajewski, Lenexa, KS

Rod & Shelly Rodenbeck, Colby, KS

Pamela Smith, Derby, KS

Ellen Sward, Lawrence, KS

Theresa’s Fund/DomesticShelters.org, Phoenix, AZ

United Way of Ellis County, Hays, KS

Omer Voss, Jr., San Francisco, CA

Duc Due Vu, Philadelphia, PA

Eric & Jen Wagner, Hays, KS

Rebecca Wallace, Manhattan, KS

Dana Watts, Arlington, VA

Timothy & Sandee Werth, Hays, KS

Luo “Jessie” Zhai, Beijing, China

$999 - $500

Alpha Chi Omega, University of Connecticut, West Simsbury, CT

Arapahoe-Holbrook Public Schools, Arapahoe, NE

Jennifer Berry, San Diego, CA

Sara Brungardt, Scottsdale, AZ

Joseph Casad

Jennie Chacon, Woodbury, MN

Cornerstone Orthodontics, Hays, KS

DeVaughn James, LLC, Wichita, KS

Melanie Elliott, Kensington, KS

Ellis County Bar Association, Hays, KS

First State Bank - Plainville, Plainville, KS

Larry & Eva Gould, Hays, KS

Hays Chevrolet, Hays, KS

Insurance Planning, Inc, Hays, KS

Kenesaw Public Schools, Kenesaw, NE

Amanda Lang, Hays, KS

Jo McCollom, Stillwater, OK

Kathryn Mitchell, Lees Summit, MO

Nex-Tech, Hays, KS

John & Ruth Peters, Sandia Park, NM

Verlin & Elaine Pfannenstiel, Hays, KS

Darran & Lori Riedel, Hays, KS

Jerry & Renee´ Roths, Benton, KS

Andrew & Kathy Rupp, Hays, KS

Shickley Public Schools, Shickley, NE

Brian Thomas, Dallas, TX

Thunder on the Plains Car Show, Hays, KS

$499 and Under

Stacie Adams

Amanda Allison-Martini

Amazon Smile, Seattle, WA

Mike & Jill Arensdorf, Hays, KS

Emilie Atherton, Matthews, NC

Bob & Sandra Bainter, Hays, KS

Bank of Hays, Hays, KS

Mark & Melanie Bannister, Boise, ID

Gail Bass, Lawrence, KS

Jordan & Robin Bass, Lawrence, KS

Amy Bauer

Cindy Bauer, Hays, KS

Danie Baumgarten, St. Louis, MO

Rose Bayes

Beaver Backers - Scott City Middle School, Scott City, KS

Erin Bellassai, Tulsa, OK

Lynette Bickley, Colorado Springs, CO

Marilyn Bilyeu, Dodge City, KS

Debbie Bohm, Hays, KS

Kevin Boley, Lawrence, KS

Gary & Diane Bolton, Council Grove, KS

Jason & Lindsay Brannan, Hays, KS

Mickie Brassel, Topeka, KS

Jodi Brazda, Hays, KS

Emily Breit, Hays, KS

Steve Brewer

Lindsey Brown

Derek Bryant

Marcus & Megan Bucher, Victoria, KS

Ross & Heather Buckles/Harris, Hays, KS

Donna Burnett, Salina, KS

Ed & Becky Burr

Mikell Burr, Topeka, KS

Matt & Laura Benaka/Burton, Topeka, KS

Charlie & Connie Busch, Council Grove, KS

Boyd & Kimberly Byers, Wichita, KS

Jo Cable

Arn Cabrera, Salina, KS

Mandy Canon

Dana Carr, Gardner, KS

Michelle Carson, Council Grove, KS

Randy & Karen Case, Broken Arrow, OK

Gary & Becky Catlin, Council Grove, KS

Catherine Chiccine, Lenexa, KS

Samuel Choi, Laramie, WY

Kim Christiansen, Owasso, OK

Barbara Cohen

Jessica Collier

Lindsay Cooper, Hays, KS

Linda Cosgrove, Council Grove, KS

Pam Crain

Betsy Crawford, Hays, KS

Audrey Cress, Lawrence, KS

Chrisy Crough, Hays, KS

Cassie Crowe Kimmel, Omaha, NE

Wally & Karen Curry, Hays, KS

Dakota Ridge High School, Littleton, CO

Juliann DaVee, Lawrence, KS

Carrie Davis, Hoyt, KS

Paul & Stephanie Davis, Lawrence, KS

Josh & Amber Delcamp, Hays, KS

Andrew Dierks & Erin Curtis-Dierks, Lawrence, KS

Evelyn Dubey & Emily Lucas, Lawrence, KS

Martha Duggan

Brian Emmert

Kenneth & Debbie England, Council Grove, KS

Greg Engleman

Englewood Middle School, Englewood, CO

Facebook Payments, LLC, Menlo Park, CA

Jennie Fellers, Hays, KS

Elmer & Lavonne Finck, Hays, KS

Joel & Annette Fish, Overland Park, KS

Harold & Theresa Flaigle, Wichita, KS

Jodi Fleishman

Julie Ford

Afton Forred, Wichita, KS

Franklin Public Schools, Franklin, KS

Lisbeth Elaine French, Salina, KS

David Galvan

Brett & Brie Garver, Superior, NE

Abby Gillan, Hays, KS

Lori Glessner, Alta Vista, KS

GoBlue, LLC, Topeka, KS

Golden Belt Bank, Hays, KS

Iris Gonzalez

Wayne & Jackie Gottschalk, Schoenchen, KS

Tara Graham, Hays, KS

Larry & Donna Graves, Grove, OK

Dave Gray

Ken Griffin & Marcia Bannister, Hays, KS

George Groneman

Linda Gross, Hays, KS

Roger Gustafson, Stilwell, KS

Joanne Haen, Lees Summit, MO

Wayne & Delora Hahn, Aurora, NE

Donna Hudson Hamilton, Hays, KS

Darrell Hamlin & Shala Mills, Rosendale, NY

Luke & Rachel Hampton, Hays, KS

Nancy Harms & Gerhart Wehrbein, Elkhorn, NE

Debby Hassur

Gerry Heil

Jenae Heller, Council Grove, KS

Liam Hen

John Herde, Council Grove, KS

Stan & Lori Hertel, Hays, KS

DJ & Shannon Hilding, Overland Park, KS

Susan Hill, Wichita, KS

Eric Holcomb

Billie Holladay Skelley, Joplin, MO

Cherisse Holmes

Mark & Mellisa Holtzman, Farmland, IN

Michelle Hostetler, Minneapolis, MN

Piper Hudspeth Blackburn, Burlington, NJ

Blessed Irvin-Hartoennem

Rachel Jackson, Fairfield, TX

Pamela Jacobs, Mount Lauren, NJ

Sherri Jeffery, Burr Oak, KS

Amy & Catherine Cohen/Johnson, Des Moines, IA

Fred & Pam Joy, Hays, KS

Adrienne Joyner

Adam & Sabrina Keenan, San Antonio, TX

Allyson Keller, Three Forks, MT

Norman & Sandy Keller, Hays, KS



KS Kortney Khan, Hill City, KS

Wayne & Karol Kieffer, Hays, KS

Valerie Kindler, Russell, KS

David Klein

LeAnn Koblitz, Hazelton, KS

Janet Koerner, Hays, KS

Sue Kramer, Cimarron, KS

Linda Kreutzer, Derby, KS

Jack & Brenda Kuhlmann, New Port Richey, FL

Dylan & Heather Kuhn, Victoria, KS

Larissa Kuhn, Hays, KS

Donna Lamm, Colby, KS

Courtney Langan, Washington, DC

Heather Langton

Kerry Lannan, Kansas City, MO

Steve Leatherman

Mike Leavell

Lyn & Janis Lee, Hays, KS

Konnie Leffler

Joseph & Jenny Leiker, Hays, KS

Randy & Sherry Leiker, Victoria, KS

Paul & Diane Lewis, Kansas City, MO

Claire Ludes, Salina, KS

Lisa Lutey, Durango, CO

Alexis Mackey, Hays, KS

Todd & Sarah Mackey, Hays, KS

Travis Mackey & Erica Wasburn, Hays, KS

Nikki MacMillan, Topeka, KS

Chardy Magnett, Herington, KS

Larry & Ann Mah, Topeka, KS

Pamela Mahoney

Jeanne Mann, Lawrence, KS

Tisa Mason, Hays, KS

Chad & Sarah McCarty, Ellis, KS

Linda McCurry

Cindy McGowan

Robert & Agnes Meier, Hays, KS

Mike & Jeanie Michaelis, Portland, OR

Debbie Miller

Terry Miller

Jerry & Robba Moran, Manhattan, KS

Mark Morgenstein, Lafayette, CO

Ashley Mulcahy

Darren Murphy, Wichita, KS

Patty Nicholas, Hays, KS

Keegan Nichols, Russellville, AR

Thomas & Nancy Nurnberg, Council Grove, KS

Mel Nuss, Phoenix, AZ

Kenton & Carol Olliff, Hays, KS

Steve & Sandra O’Neal, Collinsville, OK

Michele O’Shea

Robin Otte, Hays, KS

Michelle Overton, Anthony, KS

Julie Owens, Spencer, NC

Palco Jr/Sr High School, Palco, KS

Valerie Parks

Susan Paxson, St. Petersburg, FL

PayPal Giving Fund, Washington, DC

Leonel & Amy Perez, Fort Meyers, FL

Kelsi Pfannenstiel, Hays, KS

Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS

Chad Quigley, Overland Park, KS

Eileenf Rafferty

Rick & Vicki Rajewski, Hays, KS

Liz Zoller Ramsey, Manhattan, KS

Thomas Randall

Dennis & Gayla Randel, Helena, MT

Cole & Regan Reif, Great Bend, KS

Luke Renz, Austin, TX

Rhonda Richmeier, Overland Park, KS

Denise Riedel

Kari Rinker & Tony Singer, Wichita, KS

Steven Roberts

Kacey Callihan & Danielle Robinson, Hays, KS

Lana Robison, Aurora, CO

Russell Rodenbeck, Colby, KS

Rebekah Rodriguez

Ameila Roller

John & Valerie Roper, Lawrence, KS

Jean Rosenthal, Kansas City, MO

Dennis & Mary Rotman, Cawker City, KS

Amanda Roy, Lees Summit, MO

Kaye Roy, Hays, KS

Aubra Rues, Kansas City, MO

Jason & Valery Rule, Nixa, MO

Hilel Salomon, Columbia, SC

Sharon Schinstock, Garden City, KS

Jennifer Schmidtberger, Hays, KS

Col. Jason & Chris Schneider, Schoenchen, KS

Scott & Sarrah Schneider, Hays, KS

Levi Schultz, Ruskin, NE

Ray Scott

Carol Shepherd, Hays, KS

Cody & Kelly Simmons, Alma, NE

Jana Simmons, San Antonio, TX

Ashley Smith, Pratt, KS

Mandy Smith, Lindsborg, KS

Sarah Smith

Shane & Stacey Smith, Hays, KS

Sid Sperry, Guthrie, OK

Cathy Spicer, Derby, KS

Carla & Robb Stephenson, Council Grove, KS

Jo-Nation Terrestrial

Troy & April Terry, Hays, KS

Drew Thomas, Prairie Village, KS

Tyler & Jessica Thompson, Kansas City, KS

Marsha Tischhauser, Council Grove, KS

Trego County Community High School, WaKeeney, KS

Mari Tucker, Plainville, KS

Bill & Kathryn Tuttle, Lawrence, KS

Andre Tyler, Kansas City, KS

UMC Second Chances, Hill City, KS

USD 421 Lyndon High School, Lyndon, KS

Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

Wilson Public Schools, Wilson, KS

Fred & Phyl Vance, Topeka, KS

Cathy Vaughn

Amber Versola, Lenexa KS

Charles Votaw, Hays, KS

Gus Wagner

Brad & Chelsey Willer, Hays, KS

Steve & Brenda Waring, Hays, KS

Marlou Wegener, Topeka, KS

James Weishapl, Garden City, KS

Holly Weiss, Prairie Village, KS

Gerald & Tammy Wellbrock, Hays, KS

Anne Welsbacher, Wichita, KS

Emily Weno, St. Louis, MO

Marty White, Council Grove, KS

Lauren Woolaway, Topeka, KS

Hsin-Yen Yang, Hays, KS

Missi Zander, Kansas City, MO

Bryan & Stacy Zeigler, Council Grove, KS

Kim Zinszer, Hays, KS

Brett & Julie Zollinger, Hays, KS


Hayley Barnes, Hays, KS

Raile & Kaiti Blackburn, Hays, KS

Blue Moon Barber Lounge, Hays, KS

Body & Soul Day Spa, Hays, KS

Curt & Christie Brungardt, Council Grove, KS

Buckle, Hays, KS

Scott & Taryn Crawford, Hays, KS

Jamie & Brianna Day, Hays, KS

Sean Dubey, Olathe, KS

FHSU Athletics, Hays, KS

Gone Logo, Hays, KS

Hays Chevrolet, Hays, KS

Hays Recreation Center, Hays, KS

Greg & Donna Hoffman, Hays, KS

Michelle Hoffman, Overland Park, KS

Husch Blackwell, Chicago, IL

KB & Co. Boutique, Lawrence, KS

Sherri Kendall, Costa Rica

Rachel Lamm & Chelston Kettling, Colby, KS

Greg & Lanae Lang, Hays, KS

Lewis Automotive, Hays, KS

Lifetime Dental Care, Hays, KS

Lilly & Marie, Hays, KS

Midnight Productions, Hays, KS

Kris & Larissa Munsch, Hays, KS

Nestings Home Decor & Gifts, Lawrence, KS

Phye Family Dentistry, Olathe, KS

Kenny & Lien Quan, Hays, KS

The Raven Bookstore, Lawrence, KS

Redz Design Studio, Hays, KS

Regeena’s Flowers + Events, Hays, KS

Riedel Garden Center, Hays, KS

Rose Garden Banquet Hall, Hays, KS

Tammi Sauer, Blanchard, OK

Sharon Schinstock, Garden City, KS

Showcase Jewelers, Hays, KS

Signature Custom Cabinets, Hays, KS

Simply Charmed, Hays, KS

Kari Smith, Great Bend, KS

Spellbound Beauty, Lawrence, KS

Symphony in the Flint Hills, Cottonwood Falls, KS

Nicole Thibodeau, Taos, NM

The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Watermark Books & Cafe, Wichita, KS

Eric & Jen Wagner, Hays, KS


We believe that one of the most effective ways to prevent gender and relationship violence is to educate adolescents about what constitutes a healthy vs. unhealthy relationship at the very time they begin to enter their first relationships. We can ultimately reduce the instances of gender and relationship violence by empowering young people to engage in healthy and supportive relationships and to create a strong culture of respect. Our goal as prevention educators is to stop the violence before it starts.

In 2022, we continued our efforts in Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado, specifically working to impact the counties we have not yet provided programming in. This year, we worked with 89 middle and high schools, impacting a total of 5,222 students!

Implemented Programs in 89 Secondary Schools

Kansas House Bill 2567 – Section 27

New legislation was passed during the Kansas 2022 legislative session that impacts our survey administration. As a result, active consent from parents/guardians is required for students to participate in any questionnaire, survey or examination containing any questions about the personal attitudes, values, beliefs or practices of the student or the student’s parents/guardians, family members, associates, friends or peers.

This new addition has posed challenges for our staff to collect assessment data from students in the state of Kansas. We have developed documents and procedures in order to gain consent from parents/guardians to survey the students we work with. This important data assists Jana’s Campaign in developing and delivering relevant and up-to-date program content.

3,043 School Assemblies 67 Staff/Teacher Training Classroom Presentations 1,728 Bystander Intervention Training 451 Students/School Personnel Impacted Secondary Education Programs Provided Classroom Presentations 68% 20% 9% 3% Staff/Teacher Training School Assemblies Bystander Intervention Training
Programs Implemented in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska Kansas Nebraska Colorado 61 99 24 Secondary Education Counties Worked In 2013-2022
“You all are so amazing! Thank you for everything this school year! I am so thankful for your partnership. You do amazing things for kids! I look forward to seeing [again] you in the fall!”
- Family & Consumer Science Teacher
Program Legend

99 Schools/ Organizations Represented

20 States

We believe colleges and universities can and should do more to prevent gender and relationship violence. We work to provide higher education institutions with the training and resources they need to improve their prevention and response efforts to sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking on campus.

Jana’s Campaign hosted 3 Campus Safety Summits in 2022. Campus Safety Summits are regional and affordable conferences designed to educate college personnel by providing content and programs by national experts and regional practitioners. Additionally, Jana’s Campaign worked to provide direct violence prevention programming to college students and personnel through presentations and volunteer opportunities.

States Represented at 2022 Regional Summits

186 Total Attendees

“Gained new insight and made some solid connections. It was a packed two days and I’m thankful I got to attend. Thank you for putting on a great conference” -Summit

18 College/ University Presentations

370 Students & Faculty Impacted


33 Community Presentations

Purple Chair Chats

We believe in the power of speaking out about the issues of gender and relationship violence. In partnership with community organizations, we work to provide community-wide educational prevention programs that reduce the instances of violence. Our efforts include mobilizing others to volunteer and make a difference in their communities.

This past year, staff and board members were directly involved in several community educational activities. These included local community forums, coordinated community response teams, as well as regional and national conferences. Most notably was our work with the Kansas Sexual Assault Response Committee, Kansas Prevention Collaborative Conference, the National Conference on Crimes Against Women, and with national domestic violence expert Julie Owens.

4,004 Citizens Impacted

3,065 Purple Chair Chat Viewers

“Jana was someone who had a reputation and a demeanor that was so impactful. She truly will always be a light in my heart. Thank you so much for continuing to share this legacy”

-Coworker from 2006 Election Cycle

Purple Chair Chats are important live conversations instilling the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to prevent gender and relationship violence.

Live Purple Chair Chats are hosted monthly on Facebook to raise awareness, engage bystanders, promote healthy and respectful relationships, and encourage the development of new social norms.


Grants & Major Sponsors

Jana’s Campaign seeks financial gifts and donations from our friends and supporters to provide the needed resources to reach our fundraising campaign goal of $1,000,000 to better serve our mission. Our financial foundation is built on (1) private gifts and donations, (2) corporate support and private foundations, (3) our earned income. The Campaign for Change is designed to increase the scale and scope of our gender and relationship violence prevention education programming. Increased capacity and further developed comprehensive educational programs means an overall reduction in violence. We have raised 73% of our goal, will you help us raise the last 27%? All donations, large and small, are highly appreciated and go directly to our violence prevention programming. Jana’s Campaign is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and all contributions are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service.

TM National Office PO Box 647 | Hays, KS 67601 | 785-656-0324 email: JanasCampaign@gmail.com website: JanasCampaign.org Financial
2022 Revenue $242,974 45% 24% 14% 17% Donations Earned Revenue/ Service Fees Grants/ Awards In-Kind Goods/ Services 2022 Expenditures $245,140 Secondary Education Community Education Higher Education Administration 19% 28% 24% 29%
the date of publication, this financial data has not been audited; however, this is a fair and responsible representation of financial statements in accordance with general accounting principles.
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