Jana's Campaign 2014 Annual Report

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EDUCATION about and PREVENTION against gender and relationship violence




2014 Annual Report



The best way I can describe this past year is with just one word – WOW! Jana's Campaign continues to grow at a enormous rate and our program impact is increasing in both scale and scope. To meet the demand and requests, we continue to add new staff to our team. In 2014, we expanded our operation to Colorado with the hire of Kelley Parker, Senior Project Specialist. In addition, total financial resources and assets increased 74% from 2013 figures and our donor base has increased 44% over last year.

MISSION In honor of the late Jana Mackey and all victims of domestic violence, a committed group of activists created Jana’s Campaign, Inc. with the single mission of reducing gender and relationship violence. “We believe it is our responsibility to use the story of Jana’s life and the story of her death to help reduce gender violence.” Through our program activities, Jana’s Campaign aims to play a significant role in breaking the cycle of domestic and dating violence and be a catalyst for social change.

Most importantly, our education and gender violence prevention programming continues to proliferate. This includes our work locally, throughout Kansas, and across the United Jana's Campaign continues to States. Most notably is our Love Doesn't Hurt teen grow at a enormous rate and our gender violence prevention program activities, which reaching middle and high school students across program impact is increasing in are all regions of Kansas. With our collegiate program, both scale and scope. the Heartland Campus Safety Summit, we have PHILOSOPHY trained hundreds of college personnel from across six Our vision is that Jana’s Campaign will play a significant role in reducing states. Now, several months into 2015, early signs are that this gender-based violence. We believe that working with thousands of other year will again experience more growth and opportunity. passionate advocates from around the world, this social disease can be eradicated in a single generation. Simply, we plan to do our part to build Finally, on behalf of our board of directors, let me thank each of a safer world. you, our valuable and loyal supports, donors, partners and friends of Jana's Campaign. Without each of you, our impact would not be possible. Thank you for joining our efforts to build a safer world. I know our beautiful Jana is smiling on all of us.

We at Jana’s Campaign endorse a strategy of pursuing smaller victories to address this massive social disease. To us, many small victories equals substantial progress. Jana’s Campaign has an unwavering commitment for results and impact that produces a series of small victories. Like building blocks, these improvements and program successes build on each other and reinforce positive change. We are a group of grassroots activists who have built an organization that focuses on producing results and creating real impact.

Many great social movements have been driven and motivated by a series of stories or one single story that moves people to action. We believe it is our responsibility to share the story of Jana’s life and the story of Jana’s death to reduce gender-based violence. This story is about who Jana was, her beliefs, how she lived her life, her efforts to protect women, and her pursuit of social justice. Her powerful story is also about how she died as a victim of dating violence. We have given Jana’s name and face to the global movement of reducing gender violence. We see her as a symbol of the millions of people worldwide who have, and continue to suffer from this social disease. We believe in the power of the story. We believe in the power of Jana Mackey’s story to move people.



Curt Brungardt, Ph.D. Board President

First and foremost, Jana’s Campaign believes that gender and relationship violence is preventable. The ultimate goal of many of our programs is to stop violence before it starts. Second, we believe that prevention efforts must address all levels of the social ecological model. This calls for comprehensive behavioral and attitudinal changes at the individual, relationship, community, and social levels. Finally, Jana’s Campaign utilizes evidence-based prevention strategies and practices that illustrate the greatest impact. Our educational programs are designed to raise awareness, reduce risk factors while supporting protective measures, engage bystanders, promote healthy and respectful relationships, and encourage the development of new social norms.



On July 3, 2008, Jana Mackey lost her life to violence perpetrated by an ex-boyfriend in Lawerence, Kansas. The 25-year-old KU law student was an advocate for women’s issues and had spent years volunteering to aid victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Jana represented the new generation of American feminists. As a passionate social and women’s activist, Jana fought for equality and social justice at every turn. Described as “honey on steel,” Jana Lynne Mackey was the kind of woman that inspired others. She inspired through her words, her song, her actions. Jana was beautiful, intelligent and kind. She was an advocate, a friend, a sister, a daughter. She was magnetic. She was a bright spot in an ordinary day. She was a hero.


Board Officers

Curt Brungardt, Ph.D, Hays, KS (President) Heather Lambert, Ph.D, Lincoln, NE (Vice-President) Christie Brungardt, Ph.D, Hays, KS (Treasurer) Michelle McCormick, LMSW, Topeka, KS (Secretary)

Board Directors


Jennifer Berry, J.D, San Diego, CA

Karie Younger, CPA, Accounting

Sara Brungardt, LCPC, Hays, KS

Susan Harding, J.D, Legal Counsel

Stephanie Davis, Ph.D, Lawrence, KS

Matthew Peters, Webmaster

Tré Giles, Colorado Springs, CO

Stremel Photography

Elizabeth Landau, J.D, Washington, D.C.

Peters Photography

Mark Russell, CFA, CFP, Houston, TX

Andy Tincknell, Videography

Luo Zhai, MS, Jiangsu, China

Sicoir Computer Technologies

Our founding members are individuals and organizations who made substantial contributions to establish Jana's Campaign.

FHSU Printing Services

Staff Kelley Parker, MLS, Senior Program Specialist Danielle Dougherty, Program Specialist Sandra Bainter, Office & Financial Manager Hannah Frazer, Program Specialist Alma Hidalgo, Communications Specialist Brianna Schucks, Administrative Intern Jennifer Farrington, Programming Intern

Pictured from Left: Frazer Farrington Bainter Parker Dougherty Schucks Hidalgo

Bob and Sandra Bainter, Hays, KS Ray and Olivia Becker, Hays, KS Blue Cross Blue Shield of KS Foun., Topeka, KS Gary and Diane Bolton, Council Grove, KS Curt and Christie Brungardt, Hays, KS Brian and Samantha Butler, Hays, KS Tim and Mona Chapman, Hays, KS Andrew and Erin Curtis-Dierks, Lawrence, KS Milt and Marti Dougherty, Wichita, KS Eagle Communications, Hays, KS Eastman Fund, Sunnyside, NY Lila Gilpin, Hays, KS Larry and Eva Gould, Hays, KS Hays Academy of Hair Design, Hays, KS Insurance Planning, Inc., Hays, KS Kansas Health Foundation, Wichita, KS Corbin and Heather Lambert, Lincoln, NE Mia Lang, Hays, KS Lawrence Community Event, Lawrence, KS Mass Mutual Financial, Stuart, FL Midwest Energy, Inc., Hays, KS Morgan Stanley Financial, Andover, MA Stan and Joyce Newell, Hays, KS Leanne Olson-Memorial, Wichita, KS Pat and Chardell Parke, Hays, KS Daryn and Kelley Parker, Manitou Springs, CO Kyle and Kristin Parker, Dodge City, KS Marcella Patterson, Anthony, KS Randy Patterson, Anthony, KS Terry and Laurie Roth, Hays, KS Mark and Sylvia Russell, Houston, TX Don and Sharon Schinstock, Hutchinson, KS Soroptimist-S. Central Region, Dodge City, KS Cathy Spicer, Anthony, KS Warren and Beverly Stafford, Hill City, KS Cindy Summers, Kiowa, KS Ellen Sward, Lawrence, KS Verizon Wireless, Overland Park, KS Trinity Lutheran Church, Hays, KS OG Voss Family Fund, San Francisco, CA Walmart Foundation, Bentonville, AR Larry and Jane Whisman, Anthony, KS Luo (Jessie) Zhai, Jiangsu, China Zhuping Zhai and Xuihua Wan, Jiangsu, China


$1,000 and Above: Ray & Olivia Becker, Hays, KS Curt & Christie Brungardt, Hays, KS Tim & Mona Chapman, Hays, KS Milt & Marti Dougherty, Wichita, KS Lila Gilpin, Hays, KS Larry & Eva Gould, Hays, KS Insurance Planning, Inc., Hays, KS Corbin & Heather Lambert, Lincoln, NE Mia Lang, Hays, KS Patrick & Chardell Parke, Hays, KS Kyle & Kristin Parker, Dodge City, KS Marcella Patterson, Anthony, KS Mark & Sylvia Russell, Houston, TX Donald & Sharon Schinstock, Hutchinson, KS Cathy Spicer, Anthony, KS Ellen Sward, Lawrence, KS Larry & Jane Whisman, Anthony, KS Luo Zhai, Jiangsu, China

$500 - $999:

Bob & Sandra Bainter, Hays, KS Jennifer Berry, San Diego, CA Jeff & Jolene Briggs, Hays, KS Brian & Samantha Butler, Hays, KS Andrew Dierks & Erin Curtis-Dierks, Lawrence, KS FHSU Greek Life, Hays, KS Darrell Hamlin & Shala Mills, Hays, KS Sherrilynn Jeffery, Burr Oak, KS Charles and Melanie Jenney, Wichita, KS Greg & Lanae Lang, Hays, KS Randy & Sherry Leiker, Hays, KS Judi Lewis, Emporia, KS Xiaoxia Liu, Houston, KS Kathryn Mitchell, Hays, KS Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Houston, TX Verlin & Elaine Pfannenstiel, Victoria, KS Jerry & Renee Roths, Benton, KS Rejuvenations Day & Med Spa, Hays, KS Rick & Barbara Walz, Garden City, KS Mark Weinhardt, Grinnell, KS

$499 and Under:

Danielle Dougherty, Hays, KS

Benjamin Jones, Lawrence, KS

A & A Coors, Inc., Hays, KS

Laura Dougherty, Hays, KS

Barbara Jones, Hays, KS

Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball, CHTD, Hays, KS

Tom & Patricia Drees, Hays, KS

Fred & Pam Joy, Hays, KS

Susan Amrein, Hays, KS

Maureen Duffy, Hays, KS

Brenda Keith, Hays, KS

APAC, Hays, KS

Jonathan Earle & Leslie Tuttle, Baton Rouge, LA

Rick & Paula Keltner, Hays, KS

Mike & Jill Arensdorf, Hays, KS

Jim & Sherry Eaton, Anthony, KS

Ivan & LeAnn Koblitz, Hazelton, KS

Rose Arnhold, Hays, KS

Cindy Elliott, Hays, KS

Bob & Dena Koblitz, Hazelton, KS

Rex & Debbie Ball, Hays, KS

Ellis County Abstract & Title LLC, Hays, KS

Sunell Koerner, Hays, KS

Marcia Bannister, Hays, KS

Rod Emanuel, Salina, KS

Callie Kolacny, Hays, KS

Mark & Melanie Bannister, Hays, KS

Emprise Bank, Hays, KS

KU Women In Law, Lawrence, KS

Jeff & Cari Jo Base, Kingman, KS

Paul & Jacinta Faber, Hays, KS

Jamie & Kelsey Kuehl, Hays, KS

Becky's School of Dance, Hays, KS

Rod & Michelle Fairbank, Hays, KS

Jack & Brenda Kuhlmann, New Port Richey, FL

Ron & Deb Belau, Gibbon, NE

Greg Farley & Andree Brisson, Hays, KS

Junior & Sandy Lander, Mulvane, KS

Elton & Wendy Beougher, Hays, KS

FHSU Leadership Studies Faculty, Hays, KS

Lyn & Janis Lee, Kensington, KS

Matthew Blankers, Lawence, KS

Londa Fischer, Anthony, KS

Joe & Jenny Leiker, Hays, KS

Tom & Debbie Bohm, Hays, KS

Joel & Annette Fish, Overland Park, KS

James Leiker, Hays, KS

Sue Boldra, Hays, KS

Harold & Theresa Flaigle, Wichita, KS

Paul & Diane Lewis, Newton, KS

Gary & Diane Bolton, Council Grove, KS

Josh & Sarah Fleenor, Hays, KS

Lewis Automotive Group, Hays, KS

Korby Boswell, Hays, KS

Fort Hays Auto Sales, Inc., Hays, KS

Lifeline Family Medicine, Plainville, KS

Wesley & Cindy Brungardt, Garden City, KS

John & Kathy Francis, Anthony, KS

Tyler Longpine, Kansas City, MO

Sara Brungardt, Hays, KS

Dorothy Fulton, Hays, KS

Sadie Lungren, Hays, KS

Chance & Kara Bulmer, Hays, KS

Adrienne Gaschler, Ellis, KS

Steven & Christine Lungren, Manhattan, KS

Charles & Connie Busch, Manhattan, KS

Jean Gleichsner, Hays, KS

Paul & Terri MacDonald, Hays, KS

Chad Butler, Franklin, TN

John & Charlene Goertzen, Bradshaw, NE

Travis Mackey & Erica Washburn, Hays, KS

C & E Doors LLC, Hays, KS

Wayne & Jackie Gottschalk, Schoenchen, KS

Todd & Sarah Mackey, Hays, KS

Kacey Callihan & Danielle Robinson, Hays, KS

Larry & Donna Graves, Grove, OK

Larry & Ann Mah, Topeka, KS

Louis J Caplan, Hays, KS

Justin & Pam Greenleaf, Hays, KS

Jeanne Mann, Lawrence, KS

Lou & Chris Carlin, Council Grove, KS

Bill & Dee Hand, Hays, KS

Juliene Maska, Hays, KS

Cade & Tisha Carter, Colby, KS

Geraldine Heil, Hays, KS

Helen Mayo, Hays, KS

Randy & Karen Case, Wichita, KS

Robert & Julie Henley, Farmington, NM

Michelle McCormick, Topeka, KS

Chi Sigma Iota Upsilon NU Kappa Chapter, Kearney NE

John & Laura Hertel, Hays, KS

Edith McCracken, Hays, KS

Classic Quality Body Shop, Hays, KS

High Plains Roofing, Hays, KS

Diane McGonegal, Castle Rock, CO

Coldwell Banker Executive Realty, Hays, KS

Horizon Appliance & Electronics, Inc., Hays, KS

McGrath Publishing Company, Hays, KS

Jared Cook, Gove, KS

Brittany Howell, LaCrosse, KS

Debbie Mercer & Jim Adams, Manhattan, KS

Chris & Janet Crawford, Hays, KS

Sara Humm, Ottawa, KS

Mike & Jeanie Michaelis, Hays, KS

DaMar Resources/SB Farms, Victoria, KS

Craig & Lucy Hutchison, Hays, KS

Mid Kanas Auto Auction, Inc., Hays, KS

Marjorie Dansel, Hays, KS

Andrew & Joyce Hutter, Council Grove, KS

Betty Mills, Hays, KS

Daryl K Beam, DDS, Hays, KS

Dale & Paula Jacob, Colby, KS

Jerry & Robba Moran, Manhattan, KS

Stephanie Davis, Lawrence, KS

Bettina Jamerson, Kansas City, MO

Tom & Virginia Moxley, Council Grove, KS

Dennis & Ellen DeLay, Council Grove, KS

Bill & Nancy Jeter, Hays, KS

Kathryn Nemeth-Tuttle, Lawrence, KS

Kaiti Dinges, Dodge City, KS

Jeter Law Firm, LLP, Hays, KS

Sara Nettleingham, Salina, KS

Doerflers' Harley-Davidson, Hays, KS

Rick & Gayle Johnson, Jenks, OK

Joyce & Stan Newell, Hays, KS

Nex-Tech Wireless, Hays, KS

Soroptimist International of Hays, Hays, KS

Wanda Oborny, Hays, KS

South & Associates, P.C., Overland Park, KS

Regan Ochs, Great Bend, KS

Warren & Beverly Stafford, Hill City, KS

Vaughn & Anne O'Dea, Hays, KS

Dorothy Stieben, Hays, KS

Lawrence & Maxine Olivier, Danville, KS

David & Deborah Storer, Hays, KS

Janet Ottaway, Hays, KS

Sunflower Bank, Hays, KS

Trevor Ottley & Nicole Walz, Hays, KS

Sunflower Elecric Power Corporation, Hays, KS

Daryn & Kelley Parker, Manitou Springs, CO

Bob & Gladys Swindler, Ellis, KS

Denise Parker, Dodge City, KS

Maryke Taute, Hays, KS

John & Pamela Peck, Mission, KS

Terry & Linda Tedford, Castle Rock, CO

Bryan & Rebecca Peterson, Hays, KS

Fred & Bev Teel, Hays, KS

Mike & Carol Petitjean, Newton, KS

Troy & April Terry, Hays, KS

AJ & Linda Pfannenstiel, Hays, KS

John & Mary Thomas, Anthony, KS

Evan & Amanda Pfannenstiel, Hays, KS

Amanda Thomas, Victoria, KS

Jason & Beth Ann Pfeifer, Russell, KS

Ernestine Thorne, Hays, KS

Eber Phelps, Hays, KS

Tri-Central Office Supply, Inc, Hays, KS

Tom & Carol Pitner, Hays, KS

Mike & Mari Tucker, Hays, KS

Debra Prideaux, Hays, KS

Andre Tyler, Kansas City, KS

Jennifer Rack, Hays, KS

Tim & Carol Tyner, Council Grove, KS

Richard & Karen Rhoads, Kearney, NE

Dale & Carmela Van Tuyl, Leavenworth, KS

Mary Ridgway, Hays, KS

Fred & Phyl Vance, Topeka, KS

Phillip & Elizabeth Riley, Syracuse, KS

Christina Varner, Hays, KS

Wendy Rohleder-Sook, Hays, KS

VFW Auxiliary Post 9076, Hays, KS

Jean Rosenthal, Kansas City, MO

Edmond & Sharon Vickers, Harper, KS

Terry & Laurie Roth, Hays, KS

Vitztum Decorating Center, Inc, Hays, KS

Dennis & Mary Rotman, Cawker City, KS

Dana Watts, Washington, DC

Jason & Valery Rule, Hays, KS

William & Lavon Weber, Hays, KS

Andrew & Kathleen Rupp, Hays, KS

Western Motor, Garden City, KS

Marvin & Shirley Rupp, Hays, KS

Brett Whitaker, Hays, KS

Audrey Rupp, Hays, KS

Bruce & Joyce Whitaker, Sublette, KS

Eric Sader, Lawrence, KS

John & Martha White, Council Grove, KS

David & Rebecca Sander, Hays, KS

Sabrina William, Ellis, KS

Saturday Morning Boutique, Council Grove, KS

Jason & Jessica Williby, Hays, KS

Brian & Jane Schumacher, Hays, KS

Daniel & Melissa Windholz, Hays, KS

Henry Schwaller IV, Hays, KS

Wolf Furniture Galleries, Hays, KS

Jeff & Stacey Seibel, Hays, KS

Randon & Audrey Woodard, Colorado Springs, CO

Leroy & Diane Seiler, Medicine Lodge, KS

Hsin-Yen Yang, Hays, KS

Carol Shepherd, Hays, KS

Kim Zinszer, Hays, KS

Robert & Marcia Shideler, Lenexa, KS

Brett & Julie Zollinger, Hays, KS

Rich Sieker & Patty Stull, Hays, KS Signature Wireless Designs, LLC, Hays, KS Chris & Gina Smith, Hays, KS



In-kind Donations


Curt & Christie Brungardt, Hays, KS Delphine Burns, Hays, KS 2014 Revenue Budke Home Improvement, Hays, KS Cash and In-Kind Assets Chartwell’s Food Service, Hays, KS Donations Kendra Clark, Hays, KS $61,496 Commercial Signs of Hays, Hays, KS In-Kind 36% $39,076 23% Diamond R Jewelry, Hays, KS Brad Dawson & Luke Johnson, Hays, KS Eagle Communications, Inc., Hays, KS FDIC, Hays, KS Gutierrez Mexican Restaurant, Hays, KS 16% Service Fees Hays Chevrolet, Hays, KS $26,655 Tonya Hines, Hays, KS 26% Grants Horizon Appliance & Electronics, Hays, KS $44,000 Kaiser Liquor, Hays, KS Some multi-year grant dollars received in 2013 are reflected here Cari Kelly-Riffell, Stockton, KS and some 2014 multi-year grant dollars will be reflected in 2015. Kuhn’s Diamond Jewelers, Hays, KS Jeff Lawler, Ellis, KS 2014 Expenditures Mid Kansas Auto Auction, Hays, KS Cash Only Stan & Joyce Newell, Hays, KS Kelley Parker, Manitou Springs, CO Policy Advocacy $3,174 Peerless Tires, Hays, KS Campus Action Fundraising $23,623 $4,232 Pottery Works, Hays, KS 3% 4% Public Awareness 28% Rejuvenations Day & Med Spa, Hays, KS $10,580 10% Robbins Center, Hays, KS Rose Garden Steak Haus & Catering, Hays, KS Engaging Men Shanan Ryan-May, Russell, KS $12,696 12% Saturday Morning Boutique, Council Grove, KS Don & Sharon Schinstock, Hutchinson, KS Soroptimist International, Hays, KS 18% Symphony in the Flint Hills, Inc, Cottonwood Falls, KS 25% Administrative Support Tanganyika Wildlife Park, Goddard, KS $19,034 Education & Prevention The Buckle, Hays, KS $26,449


* At the date of publication, this financial data has not been audited, however, this is a fair and responsible representation of financial statements in accordance with general accounting principles.

Revenue History


$98,565 $63,574 $30,884





PROGRAMMING IMPACT Dr. Curt Brungardt (President)

Public Awareness & Community Action Through speaking engagements, our videos and social media activities, we have reached thousands of people worldwide with the important message of reducing gender violence. Staff and board members provided dozens of conferences and community presentations throughout the United States. In 2014, Jana’s Campaign also partnered with the Namibian organization, Victims2Survivors, to bring African artwork to the United States to bring awareness to the global issue of gender-based violence. The pieces were originally displayed in the National Art Gallery of Namibia as part of the Unite to End GBV Exhibition, and was co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. Before coming to the U.S., the exhibit was on display in Geneva, Switzerland. Jana’s Campaign also helped provide and distribute this exhibit digitally across the globe.

Education, Prevention, & Intervention Over the last two years, Jana’s Campaign has worked with students from 71 middle and high schools throughout the state of Kansas with our Love Doesn’t Hurt program. This program provides curriculum, training, school/community service project mini-grants and support to participating schools. Enhancing the knowledge for both students and faculty, Jana’s Campaign board and staff has made numerous presentations to schools on the subject of dating and gender violence. We utilize evidence-based activities that help teens understand the difference between caring, supportive relationships and those that are controlling, manipulative or abusive. Also in 2014, Jana’s Campaign assisted with the development of the Northwest Kansas Domestic Violence Summit and supported the Fort Hays State University Management and Development Center’s ‘Workplace Violence Seminar’. We also played a leadership role in working to expand certified batterers intervention programs (BIP) with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. This BIP work included support for the state-wide BIP Providers Summit and the development of program evaluation activities. Dr. Christie Brungardt (Jana’s Mother)

Public Policy Advocacy We have been active at the local, state and national level promoting important public policy that will reduce domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. In 2014, we investigated automatic victim notification systems, policies, and programs for the state of Kansas and its impact on the safety of victims. Our board of directors and staff members began the process of preparing for participation on the Commission of the Status of Women at the United Nations in 2015. We were awarded Special Consultative Status by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in May 2014. Finally, board president Curt Brungardt also served on the Kansas Governor’s Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board this past year.

Abigail Boyer (Clery Center)

Campus Action Initiative

In 2014, Jana’s Campaign sponsored the second annual Heartland Campus Safety Summit on the campus of Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Over 300 college representatives from six states and 85 colleges and universities participated in this year’s conference. This summit is designed to train university personnel on how they can improve their prevention and response to gender-based violence on their campuses. This year we also added a Pre-Summit Workshop focusing on bystander intervention strategies, which was facilitated by the faculty and staff from the Center for Violence Prevention at the University of Northern Iowa. In addition, staff and board members consulted with college representatives and provided school presentations on college campuses across the United States. This past July, Curt and Christie Brungardt spoke at a national conference at Dartmouth College (New Hampshire) on issues of reducing sexual violence on college campuses. They presented with a panel of other experts who have moved from victimization to activism. In addition, the Brungardts were also selected to be part of a 90 member coalition of national experts to develop and implement strategies on college campuses. Locally, Jana’s Campaign representatives have been active on the campus of Fort Hays State University, providing prevention programming and assisting with the development of the comprehensive FHSU Campus Safe Initiative. Brungardts’ at the Dartmouth Summit

Dr. Curt Brungardt speaks to 160 inmates at Lancing Corrections Facility

Engaging Men & Boys to Stop Gender Violence Staff and board members have worked directly with groups of men and boys on the important role they can play in reducing gender violence. This includes working with sports teams, school clubs and groups, fraternities and all-male residential halls. Through our Man2Man program, board members provided presentations, workshops and on-the-air programming in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas. Locally, we helped facilitate the training of athletic coaches in area high schools with the nationally recognized violence prevention program, Coaching Boys Into Men. Finally, Jana’s Campaign developed its new collegiate men’s program, the Campus Men’s Action Network. Board president Curt Brungardt unveiled this new program on the campus of St. Louis University last October.

a girl named


This fall, Jana's Campaign gained our newest, and youngest, Founding Member. Young philanthropist Mia Lang of Hays, Kansas had a special request for her upcoming ninth birthday: instead of buying her birthday gifts, she asked friends and family to make a donation to Jana's Campaign.

Mia's act of generosity and selflessness was truly inspiring to us. As her birthday drew closer, we at Jana’s Campaign looked forward to meeting this special girl and to thank her for her support. Then, on October 24th, 2014, Mia, her mom and siblings, came to our office to share Mia’s gift. Mia brought us an envelope with cash and checks totaling $1,071! It was her hope that, by supporting Jana’s Campaign, she could help give more birthdays to more girls. We are honored to be part of her wish and will work tirelessly to make her wish come true. Thank you, Mia.

Jana’s Campaign is asking our friends to support our ‘Annual Membership Drive’ and our annual programming priorities. In 2015, we are seeking financial resources to help us build and expand our program activities, primarily in teen gender violence prevention. This coming year, we hope to raise $100,000 from our individual donors like yourself and our corporate sponsors. Jana’s Campaign is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and all contributions are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service.

janascampaign@gmail.com PO Box 647, Hays, KS 67601 janascampaign.org

KANSAS OFFICE: (785)656-0324 COLORADO OFFICE: (719)660-8537