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MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER Dear Parents/Carers Lucy Swanell in Year 10 for Enterprise: Is Welcome to this summer’s edition of

always involved, positive, cheerful and

News @ Cranbourne, which I hope gives

friendly; she has played an important role

you a flavour of the variety of exciting

in promoting Fair Trade and ensuring the

events that have taken place within

College has been successful in its bid to

College recently and help to make life at

become a Fair Trade organisation.

CBEC special! Hannah Mansfield in Year 11 for Working The College ethos designed by students,

Together: Hannah will always work with

staff and Governors encompasses six

anyone, showing respect for peers and


concern for their welfare.

Respect, Enterprise, Positivity,



Personal Best.



A highly

effective team player.

Each term in Whole

College Assembly we award a prize for

Jonathan Croucher in Year 7 for Personal

each category.

Best: Always polite and considerate,

Our most recent prize

winners were:

Jonathan has increased in confidence this year and made incredible progress.

Jack Kemp in Year 7 for Environment: A

He is never content with second best and

fantastic ambassador for the school,

is constantly aiming to improve.

helping out with interviews, acting as a tour guide and playing an active role in

Congratulations to all of these students

Student Voice, who are currently working

and the many others who were strong

on an anti-litter campaign.

contenders for prizes!

Ivana Homerova in Year 9 for Respect: A

I look forward to watching our students

perfect role model who always shows

contest the next set of prizes as they

respect for herself and others. An active

continue to develop their entrepreneur

member of the school council.

skills as they work together to further improve their environment for the benefit

Enes Yaman in Year 8 for Positivity: Has

of us all.

grown massively in confidence this year, always cheerful and polite. Appreciates the efforts of others and always says thank you at the end of each lesson.

Magazine designed and created by: Francine Brewin Printed by: Adline Group, Basingstoke ~


Yours sincerely, Betty Elkins Headteacher

CONTENTS Sainsbury’s Adopt a School………………… 4

Science News…………………..……………… 13

Art Club Competition………………………… 4

Grand Ideas from GCSE Photography…… 14-15

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award….……… 5

Catering @ Cranbourne..…………………… 16-17

BBC News School Report 2014..……………. 6-7

Facilities………….……………………………… 17

Dutch Exchange……...…..…………………


Sport @ Cranbourne………………………….. 18-19

Religious Studies Update…..………………… 9

Modern Foreign Languages………………… 20

Ski Trip 2014……………………..……………… 10-11

Life After CBEC………………………………… 21

Maths Challenge………….……………..…… 12

Engaging Students…………………………… 22


Calendar…………..…………………………… 23

Geography Field Trip……………………...…

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SAINSBURY’S ADOPT A SCHOOL We are delighted to have been chosen by Sainsbury’s as the secondary school that they would like to work with over the next 12 months. We are planning ways to work with Sainsbury’s across the curriculum areas such as Design and Technology, Business Studies, ICT, Careers, Art, Photography and Geography. This is a very exciting scheme which we hope will provide opportunities to help our students learning become more practical and embedded in real life situations. More about this scheme will be featured in our newsletters in the months to come.

ART CLUB COMPETITION This year Mrs Parker has been running an Art Club for KS3 students on Thursdays after school. “We have just completed a competition piece for BAM/ Network rail. If the piece wins it will be displayed outside the BAM/Network rail site on Gresley Road and will be part of the hoardings of their new signalling centre.

“The theme was Transport – Past, Present and Future. We wanted to celebrate the local area as well as different eras of transport so we planned the background scenery first and then found suitable images of vehicles to add.


hardest part was painting it all on time for it to be collected for judging.

We are all proud of the results and really hope

that we win!”

The students who contributed to this fantastic piece are:

Year 9: Kiya Chesterton-Thomas, Ella Horton and Ivana Homearova

Year 8: Gabby Solomacha, Saima Nishat, Chloe Hollingsworth, Lauren Vankempen, Milly Hart and Alice Mountstephens

Year 7: Emily Parry, Chloe Stevens, Bailey Beista and Adam Cooper


DUKE OF EDINBURGH We are very proud to run a successful Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Scheme at CBEC. This is a highly prestigious and well recognised qualification and to achieve it, students have to carry out volunteering, take part in a physical activity and learn a new skill. The final part of the qualification involves two separate day walks and two weekend expeditions.

Cranbourne has been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award for the last 3 years, offering the Bronze Award to Year 10 students. The Duke of Edinburgh Award has four sections which students must complete: Volunteering, Physical, Skill and the Expedition. This year students are taking part in a wide range of activities including working on a farm, baking, computer programming, football, netball and swimming.

Last year Cranbourne had 13 students complete the Bronze Award and we were delighted to host this year’s Presentation Evening in April at which we welcomed young people from across Basingstoke to receive their Bronze Award from the Mayor. It was a great evening with entertainment provided by the Cranbourne band and a presentation on how the award is run in Australia. This is a great achievement and demonstrates how hard many young people are working!

The Duke of Edinburgh group visited Go Outdoors in Chineham, where the store’s staff spoke to the group about clothing, tents, boots, rucksacks and what utensils to take on their expeditions.

Students had a great time and found the trip to be a very informative hour. Many of the students have since been back to Go Outdoors to purchase items for their forthcoming expeditions.


BBC NEWS SCHOO For BBC News School Report 2014, Cranbourne decided to concentrate on one particular topic for their stories. To coincide with CBEC recently gaining Fair Trade status, this year’s project took on a multi-faceted nature that explored the whos, whats and whys of Fair Trade, both locally and across the globe. Read on to find out more about how the News Day on March 27th went and don’t forget to check out our website to look at all the other news pieces that were created in the lead up to the big day!

Comments from the news coordinator for CBEC, Mrs Saunders: “I am really proud of all the students who were involved in this year’s BBC News School Report. In the months leading up to the news day, I had the pleasure of working with the students a number of times and their enthusiasm was very encouraging.

Well done to

everyone involved in the news features we created and special thanks to our guest speaker, Zibuyile Hlongwana, and also to Miss Brewin who edited and saved the day! And of course all the staff at Cranbourne who helped make the numerous projects run so smoothly!”


OL REPORT 2014 News Day: Thursday 27th March 2014 For News Day, three CBEC students walked to Basingstoke town centre to speak to the general public about Fair Trade. Mrs Saunders and Miss Brewin assisted Anthony, Joe and Liam as they recorded interviews with a wide range of people. After practising their reporting skills and getting used to being on camera, all three students grew more confident in their interviewing abilities. Overcoming technical difficulties and time restrictions, Anthony, Joe and Liam all worked very hard throughout the day. This commitment and enthusiasm is evident in the finished product - a news report investigating what people in Basingstoke think of Fair Trade and to discover if Fair Trade is well known across the town.

Script preparations before heading out on location! Introducing their news report at the beginning of the filming session

Anthony interviews a member of the public in Basingstoke’s Festival Place

Mrs Saunders filming the first shot of the day

Comments from Liam: “Today we went to town to ask people what they thought about Fair Trade. I enjoyed today because it was a new experience and it was really fun. We asked people what they thought and some people didn’t even know what Fair Trade was and how it can help lots of people in the world.”

Comments from Joe: “Today was very fun. We started by going into the town centre and asking people what they know and think about Fair Trade. I enjoyed this day loads and I’d love to do it again!”

You can view the completed videos and radio interviews on Cranbourne’s school website! Go to to watch the videos, listen to the radio interview and read the interviews and diary entries!


DUTCH EXCHANGE Report by Mr Kimber: Following the Easter break, we had our second successful exchange take place with the staff In the afternoon on the following day, we all and 42 students from The De Rede Secondary travelled to Portsmouth to visit the Historic School from Terneuzen in Southern Holland.

Dockyard, taking in the HMS Victory and Action Stations. The activities were thoroughly enjoyed

For the past two years, our students have been by the students as both an educational and corresponding with their Dutch counterparts by physical interest. Friendships flourished further

Comments from a Year 8 student:

letter and social media and accordingly they as the Dutch children improved upon their

“On April 23rd I met my Dutch pen pal,

have got to know each other well. The next already impressive English language skills.

Tijl. The day was planned that we

step of meeting up at CBEC was planned and

would do sports and cook pizza with





educational To end our meet up, we all went to Gunwharf

them and then go bowling. I found the

Quays to enjoy shopping and a visit to Nandos.

cooking fun and a good way to

This topped off a superb experience and the

interact with my pen pal. The bowling

Introductions began with pizza-making in the talk of the students that evening was “when

was really good as well. Sadly I came

cooking rooms at Cranbourne as the students can we meet up next!”

last but I enjoyed it anyway.

occasion for all.

created bases and then toppings to suit. They were then cooked and enjoyed by all.

The plan is for CBEC to go to Holland in the

“On the second day we went to

autumn and so we are all looking forward to

Portsmouth. I couldn’t wait to see all

This was followed with a sociable trip to the getting the numbers needed to travel and

the Dutch students again. We had a

bowling alley at the leisure park, before the

look around the HMS Victory just before

experience the hospitality of our Dutch friends.

Dutch students departed to their

we met the students. It was really

accommodation in Berkshire.

interesting and I learnt loads about the history of the ship. We met the Dutch students in the Action Centre where they had a moving climbing wall, a normal climbing wall, a reflex activity and loads more. After that we went to Gunwharf Quays where we did some shopping then went to Nandos. I really enjoyed Nandos as I got really close to not only my pen pal but other Dutch students too. It was hard to say bye as I had grown really close to them over the two days. I can’t wait to go to Holland and I really liked the two days and wouldn’t change anything about it. I would definitely say that the people who didn’t go really missed out.”


RELIGIOUS STUDIES UPDATE Report from the head of Religious Studies, Mrs Bridewell:

how we are going to build up our own island them making Native Indian sweat lodges from community.




given natural resources. This will be supporting their

homework every lesson that involves writing a learning on the concept of Maka. We look “We have had a busy couple of terms up in the Religious Studies department.

Year 7

finished off their study of Buddhism very well. They







understanding of some very difficult words used




entries will be collected in and at the end of the unit we will compile them all and display “It’s an introduction to GCSE RS for our Year 9 them within the department. So far so good - students this half term. they are looking brilliant.

Can they still remember


This comes on the

back of studying firstly, a unit on how religion is


include Anatta, Anicca, Dukkha and Sila. Test them at home!

diary entry based on their experience. These forward to seeing the results.

portrayed in the media and secondly, what it “Year 8 students have performed consistently means to be Jewish, which included an inwell throughout our first two units of study depth study of the Holocaust. The transition within this academic year. They have studied from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 RS can be a the life of Gandhi, what it means to be a difficult one. However, Miss McConnell and I

“We are currently studying a new topic in Year 7 called ‘The Island’, which sees us (as a class) stranded on an island, lost from any civilisation. We therefore have to think about

Muslim and are currently looking at the beliefs have been very pleased with the level of of the Native Plain Indians.

They are very maturity shown as we approach the half way

much looking forward to having a hands on point in the study of our first GCSE unit on approach to learning as this term will see relationships.”

Year 10 – Religion and Life Issues

Year 11 – Religion and Human Experience

Unit 1 – Our world What makes us human? Why are we here? Religious teachings about the place and purpose of mankind in the world How did the universe begin? Why should we care for the world?

Unit 1 – Religion and conflict How can good relationships be developed? Conflict and war Can a war ever be just? Attitudes to non-violent protests Individuals or communities working for peace How important is forgiveness? Religious teachings on suffering

Unit 2 – Relationships What commitments and responsibilities do we have? What is love? What about sex? Religious marriage ceremonies What about family? Happily ever after? Where should marriages take place?

Unit 2 – Religion and medicine Why is life so special? The Sanctity of Life Medical and ethical decisions Should we have free will to make life or death decisions? Whose choice is it? Abortion Is it ever right to end a life? Euthanasia IVF

Unit 3 – Looking for Meaning What is God like? The nature of God Symbolism and imagery Why do some people believe in God and some not? How do people experience God? What is the value of religion in a secular society?

Unit 3 – Religious Expression Ways faith can be expressed How can beliefs drive actions? Expressing faith through what is worn Why worship in special buildings? Symbolism in places of worship What makes a journey special? Sharing faith with others

Unit 4 – Is it fair? What is fair? Why are people prejudiced? Why do people treat others differently? Social responsibility and the media What do we need and what do we want?

Unit 4 – Authority – Religion and State Why should we obey authority? Religious teachings on duty Aims and purposes of punishment Capital punishment Religious attitudes to punishment The role of sacred texts Working for human rights

The RS department wishes all Year 11 students the very best of luck with their exams this summer! - Miss Bridewell, Head of Religious Studies


SKI TRI Report by Mr Kimber, teacher of PE at Cranbourne: During half term break twenty-six Cranbourne students travelled to the Pyrenees and the slopes







unforgettable experience skiing on beautiful snow. We had to endure a ‘white out’ on the first day as many of the students acclimatised to their new surroundings and to going downhill fast on two planks of wood!

As the weather changed to bright sunshine to reveal the most perfect glistening powdered snow, our intrepid adventurers began to master the art of stopping and turning at will. So much was learnt in the first few days that it enabled us all to travel the pistes to enjoy the amazing and breath-taking scenery.

Meanwhile, Mr G tried and tried again to turn and stop and remain on both feet.


determination was outstanding and by the end of the week, he too had graduated to the upper slopes and so the Cameroonian Winter


representa tive

team now in


traini ng





Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018. Go Mr G!

The students that attended this year’s trip have






adventure, as well as the cultural and social experience, that many are already saving up to do it all over again in Italy in 2015. Don’t miss out: please see Mr Kimber to book your place TODAY!


P 2014 Quotes from Students “Had an amazing week, it was just over too soon!” Thomasin Millington, Year 11 “Amazing trip as always. Good memories and a lot of laughs.” Tom Went, Year 8 “I had an amazing time - the skiing was amazing!” Alice Gray, Year 11 “I would love to go again!” Jordan Russell, Year 11 “This was the best trip ever. I would love to go again any day.” Phoebe Blackburn, Year 9 “The trip was amazing! I had such a good time, even though it went too fast. Definitely want to come back next year!” - Rachel Gatfield, Year 9 “The best time of my life!” - Connor Richards, Year 9

Achievement Awards Skier of the Week Sarah North Best Skier in the Advanced Group Alex Hicken Most Improved Intermediate Alex Smith Best Beginner Kiran Vaja


MATHS CHALLENGE There are four different maths challenges that are run throughout the academic year at Cranbourne: the senior, intermediate and junior individual challenges and one team maths challenge. Read on to find out about the results for the challenges that have taken part so far this year:

SENIOR RESULTS Year 11  Paul May-Miller: Silver

 

Jake Newbold: Bronze Hope Millington: Bronze

INTERMEDIATE RESULTS Year 11  Paul May-Miller: Gold (also went through to the next round - pink kangaroo - and achieved a merit certificate)

         

Katie Durham: Gold (also went through to the next round - pink kangaroo - and achieved a participation certificate) Louise Dorn: Silver Jake Newbold: Silver Maxim Hudson: Silver Harry Chapman: Silver Hope Millington: Silver Leon Cooke: Silver Andrew Hignett: Bronze Holly Cryer: Bronze Thomasin Millington: Bronze Mohamed Mohideen: Bronze

Year 10  Aidan Jones: Gold  Toby Blackburn: Silver  Ally Bailey: Bronze  Lewis Shepherd: Bronze  Dominic Palaczky: Bronze  Reece Emery: Bronze  Olivia Jermy: Bronze

JUNIOR RESULTS Year 8  Ben Taylor: Gold  Shobit Thapa: Bronze  Lauren Lewis: Bronze  Neha Nerung: Bronze  Simon Egleton: Bronze  Taylor Schultz: Bronze Year 7  Charlotte Rand: Silver  Jake Barnett: Bronze  Lungma Tawa: Bronze  Adam Cooper: Bronze  Jack Goswell: Bronze

TEAM MATHS CHALLENGE Team members:  Ryan Millward

  

Alice Mountstevens Kaitlin Haughton Aaran Fredriksen

Students took part in a range of challenges against 26 other schools. Although they didn’t come in the top ten, all students enjoyed the day.

GEOGRAPHY FIELD TRIP Year 10 student, Adam Jasik, tells us about the recent Geography field trip:

“On Friday 4th April Mrs Davey’s class went to Basingstoke town centre as part of our geography controlled assessment work which counts towards 25% of our GCSEs. The trip took place around the market place, down Wote Street, Church Street, Winchester Street and looking down to London Street. The purpose of the trip was to gather data in the hopes of finding out if Basingstoke fits one of the land use models: either Burgess’ (rings) or Hoyt’s (sectors). We were first put into small groups and were set with the task of going down a path or road and labelling what each building is used for on a map. We listed if it was either: residential, industrial, commercial, entertainment, public, an open space or a service. After this we all came back and shared our findings with each other and used each other’s data to fill any non labelled buildings. We were then sent to do four detailed and annotated field sketches as well as take pictures for future reference. Our last task was to make a tally of all the shops, banks, restaurants and so on and also note down if they are individually owned or part of a chain. This research will be used in the controlled assessments that will soon take place. Mr G’s group will also be going on a similar trip very shortly.”


SCIENCE NEWS STEM Club Trip Report by teacher of science, Mr Charde The latest STEM trip was a great success. We walked up to Aldworth School to present the Creme Egg vending machine that we have been working on since February half-term and we were lucky enough to be supported on the day by Ben Kennedy from Motorola Solutions.


were using a Genie circuit board and Genie Design Studio to create moving parts for our contraption. After a frantic ‘touch-up’ session in the morning our final piece was ready to go. We competed against Aldworth, Brighton Hill and Dove House. We only just missed out on first place as Brighton Hill took the title. The students presented their project in front of more than 50 people, as well as a judging panel which included Jon Tickle from the science TV show Brainiac. Students performed excellently as a team and were a real tribute to the college. They were given some prizes for their efforts and a certificate to say that they had been part of the challenge. A great day all round!

National Science and Engineering Week - Demo Day For Demo Day, the science teaching staff at Cranbourne pledged to complete a series of demonstrations for their Key Stage 3 classes. The aim of the day was to inspire and excite students’ engagement in science, as part of National Science and Engineering Week. The day went very well and the students are still talking about the exciting experiments that they had a chance to be a part of. There were six different demos run throughout the day: Heart Dissection ~ Lungs Dissection ~ Screaming Jelly Baby ~ Elephant’s Toothpaste Thermite Reaction ~ Methane Bubbles

Some of the comments that can still be heard in the school corridors include how interesting it was “getting to touch real lungs” and how “awesome the screaming jelly baby experiment was”.

Find out more about the science department’s curriculum at Cranbourne by visiting the subjects section on our website:


GRAND IDEAS FROM “This is the first time that a digital photography course has been run at CBEC.

The students have

responded magnificently, creating highly professional portfolios, and original and powerful final examination pieces. A number of students have signed up for photography courses at college next year and I wish them every success in the future. There will be an exhibition of students’ work held in the college before the end of the year.” - Mr Fleeman

Aliscia: GCSE Photography has given me my career dream. It is my newfound passion and it has taught me many skills and techniques. I am now entering competitions and I take my camera with me wherever I go.

Fabs: I enjoyed doing it, I found it fantastic. In my opinion I think the exam went really well. My teacher is a legend!


GCSE PHOTOGRAPHY Dan: I really enjoyed it because to be honest it was a really creative

Jess: The exam was awesome!

environment! It might be the best exam I’ve done! I hate it that we have to finish.

Joanna: I was originally worried but once I started it I gained confidence and whizzed Esra: It was a great

through it.

experience and being one of the first people in the school to do photography made it even better.

Beth: I can’t believe ten hours flew by so quickly! Every minute was vital!

Olaf: As photography prefect I knew it would be an amazing exam. My two years doing photography has taught me so much. I’m thrilled I took it as a subject.


CATERING @ CRANBOURNE School lunches at Cranbourne are now provided by a new catering company. Any payments now need to be made to HC3S. To find out more about HC3S, including more information about the catering available for secondary schools, please visit Below are the weekly menus available at Cranbourne. All the meals listed use fresh, local ingredients and the daily ‘Chef’s Special’ costs just £2. WEEK 1


Monday Spaghetti bolognaise served with garlic bread and homemade cake, or Macaroni cheese served with a side salad and a cookie

Monday Chicken curry with rice, naan bread and a homemade cake, or Mushroom and red onion stroganoff with rice, side salad and cake

Tuesday Chicken and broccoli lasagne served with a side salad and crusty bread, or Mushroom risotto served with a side salad and fresh fruit

Tuesday Turkey & vegetable pastry pie with seasonal vegetables and a tray bake, or Sweet and sour stir fried vegetable noodles with crusty bread and fresh fruit

Wednesday Roast dinner with all the trimmings, or Vegetarian cottage pie with seasonal vegetables and a hot dessert

Wednesday Roast dinner with all the trimmings, or Roasted vegetable stack with side salad and a hot dessert

Thursday Beef casserole served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, or Cheese and potato pie served with seasonal vegetables and a tray bake

Thursday Beef and sliced potato casserole with seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit, or Vegetable enchilada pie with side salad and a muffin

Friday Battered fish served with chipped potatoes and garden peas, or Vegetarian sausages served with chipped potatoes, baked beans and a yoghurt

Friday Battered fish served with chipped potatoes and garden peas, or Vegetarian pasty served with chipped potatoes and garden peas and a yoghurt



Monday Spanish chicken casserole with rice, side salad and a muffin, or Roasted vegetable pasta bake with side salad and a muffin

Monday Sausages and mash with seasonal vegetables, or Roasted pepper slice with side salad and fresh fruit

Tuesday Italian meatballs with spaghetti, side salad and a cookie, or Macaroni cheese served with a side salad and a cookie

Tuesday Spicy beef taco, side salad and homemade cake, or Quorn cottage pie with seasonal vegetables and a cookie

Wednesday Roast dinner with all the trimmings, or Vegetable chow mein with crusty bread and a hot desert

Wednesday Roast dinner with all the trimmings, or Layered cheese & potato bake with seasonal vegetables and a hot dessert

Thursday Beef lasagne with garlic bread and homemade cake, or Sweet potato and lentil curry with rice, naan bread and homemade cake

Thursday Chicken korma, rice and naan bread with ice cream tub, or Vegetarian sausage & bean hot pot with crusty bread and an ice cream tub

Friday Battered fish with chipped potatoes and garden peas, or Vegetable ragu in a Yorkshire pudding with a cookie and fruit juice carton

Friday Battered fish with chipped potatoes and garden peas, or Cheese and onion pasty, chipped potatoes, baked beans and yoghurt


Morning Break We offer a wide selection of hot, handheld snack items, such as homemade pasta pots, pizza, paninis, hot wraps, fresh fruit, homemade cakes and biscuits, fresh fruit and chilled drinks.

Lunch Break At lunch time it's all the above plus a selection of freshly cooked main meals including traditional roasts, fish and chips on a Friday and daily vegetarian options - all of which can be eaten with fresh vegetables or a side salad. Try our 'Chef's Special' - it takes the hassle out of choosing a balanced meal, encouraging students to purchase a complete meal, for only £2

Work Experience and Training We have wetted the appetite of many young students through work experience placements in our kitchens, both in schools and noneducation units. (Information provided by Hampshire County Council)

FACILITIES Cranbourne Business & Enterprise College offers a range of services for the community to hire. These include: 


Indoor sports hall

Meeting rooms


Computer suites

Drama studio

Swimming pool

Tennis and netball courts

Dance studio

Large playing fields for sporting use

Food technology rooms

Our facilities can be hired throughout the year, after school hours and at the weekend For more detailed information and to download an application form, please visit our facilities page at facility-lettings. Alternatively, you can email Mrs Mead at or phone 01256 868615 to request further information.


SPORT @ CRANB Girls’ Rounders Season On Thursday 15th May the Year 9&10 Rounders Team had their first matches of the season against The Vyne and Costello School. The girls have been working hard in the lead up to this year’s rounders season both in lessons and in after-school training on a Wednesday. They played four matches on the night against each of the school’s teams in Years 9 and 10, which showed good focus and stamina. The girls won one match, lost a match and drew two on the night. They showed not only the skills and tactics they had been learning but also fantastic team work and support for each other. Top scorer of the night was Verity, closely followed by Phoebe B and Phoebe H, with Phoebe H being the only player to not get out in all matches. Well done to Verity Jackson, Charlie Ward, Phoebe Blackburn, Phoebe Hutchings, Sophie Casaletto, Devon Gladdish, Shamilla Mannan, Precious Ncube and Katherine Witts.

Good luck for your next set of games next Thursday against Aldworth and Challoner!

Day of Sport 2014 Key Dates 26th June: Athletics Field Events: Will take place during normal lessons

7th July: Swimming Gala: Will take place during normal lessons

18th July: Day of Sport: Including football, rounders, tug of war, field athletics and track events

Students Involved in the Superstars Event

Superstars @ QMC 

Year 7 Boys: Luke Tawnton & Jake Watts

fitness tests and skills challenges, as well as swimming.

Year 7 Girls: Elana Kirk & Megan French

Despite the rain, which made some of the outside tasks a little uncomfortable, the

Year 8 Boys: Alfie Love & Goncalo Abarantes

Year 8 Girls: Mia Smith & Meghan Wareham

Year 9 Boys: Cameron Birkett & Elliott Burgess

Year 9 Girls: Charlie Ward & Shamilla

Twelve of our talented all-round athletes (see right) visited Queen Mary’s College on Thursday 1st May to compete alongside all of the Basingstoke schools in a variety of

day went very well and our students competed well amongst stiff competition. Notable performances came from Megan French, Jake Watts, Meghan Wareham and Mia Smith who all won their finals in the pool and Charlie Ward who was the top competitor in her category for press ups. As a team, we came fifth overall out of the Basingstoke Secondary schools. Well done to all of the team members who performed on the day - they gave such a huge effort.



BOURNE NEWS District Athletics at Down Grange The district athletics day was run by Basingstoke & Deane and the top two competitors from each athletics event went through to represent the area national in Portsmouth. Year 9 student Cory Burton has made it through by winning his event and Tom Went came 2nd in his event. They all did very well. Japheth threw the javelin for the first time ever and won by throwing 33 metres - and he also came 2nd in the 100m. Other students did very well so we will be well represented in Portsmouth.

Despite the poor weather the students made an excellent effort in an attempt to qualify for the Basingstoke and Deane representative team. Their hard work has paid off as many CBEC students have made the team.

Girls’ Football Updates Mrs Gardiner, teacher of PE, has been working with the CBEC girls’ football teams over the past term. She said the following about the matches that the Cranbourne teams have been involved in: “I am really proud of all the girls involved in the recent games. Everyone showed great commitment and potential for next season. Well done, girls!”

Year 7 Team Members: Poi Jones (Captain) Libby Stratton Wasilla Dib Abbie Tiller Ruby Shepherd Lunga Tawa

Year 7 captain, Poi Jones: “As captain of the year 7 football team, I thought that we played together as a team really well.

We all

worked to the best of our ability and it turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be.”

The Year 7 Team

Year 9 & 10 captain, Alisha Savage “Throughout the tournament I believe that everyone put in 100% effort. We had amazing players with one

Year 9 & 10 Team Members: Alisha Savage (Captain) Charlie Ward Sophie Cassaletto Jaz Stanley Amy Little

passion in common so that’s what made us work so well. There was one downside to the tournament as when I saved a goal I injured my hand. Luckily enough the whole team worked together and continued on with Margo taking my place.

This made everyone

happy with each other as we were handed a problem and overcame it together.”

The Year 9 & 10 Team


MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Year 7 Spanish students have recently been celebrating the Bolivian festival of Alasitas. The month-long festival honours the Aymara god of abundance, Ekeko, and the event is

In French, students have been

traditionally attended in the city of La Paz. People travel from all over the country to buy

designing a

miniature versions of an array of goods which represent the objects they wish to acquire in


the year to come. For example, miniature houses, cars and university diplomas can be

featured were wearing, such as the

given as gifts. In class, students were asked to make their own miniature items (pictured

colours and types of fabrics. After

below) to represent what they want for this year. Thank you to everyone involved for their

the Easter break, the class began

hard work and efforts!

looking at fashion in the 1950s and

fashion show and what



1960s, as well as modern day clothing.




imagining what young people will be wearing in the future.

French Pen Pals CBEC students have recently been keeping in touch with children from Marc Chagall, a school situated near La Rochelle in France. Some of CBEC’s students have told us what they think of the writing exchange:

Taya Shave-Wall: “In my French class, the majority of us have been assigned a penpal. Each of us have been given their email so we can write to them in French. They then reply in English, giving both schools a chance to improve on the language they are learning. I think it’s a good idea because it gives us a chance to learn but in a new, exciting way, keeping us motivated in class.”

Connor Richards: “In my French class I was given a French penpal called Corentin. We have been talking for about two months. We have a lot of common interests and they are fun to talk to. I’m looking forward to meeting them face to face.”

Callum HIgson: “It’s really fun to have penpals. I’m really hoping that we can go to France to meet them next year.”


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LIFE AFTER CBEC Thinking about going to college? If you think that further education is what you would like to do after you finish secondary education, there are plenty of colleges in the local area. Below is a list of some of these colleges, with contact details for finding out more about available courses: Basingstoke College of Technology

Reading College

Farnborough College of Technology Tel: 01256 354141 Tel: 0118 955 4300 Tel: 01252 407040

Queen Mary's College

Sparsholt College

Farnborough Sixth Form Tel: 01256 417500 Tel: 01962 776441 Tel: 01252 688200

Peter Symonds College Tel: 01962 857500

Other options after secondary school... APPRENTICESHIPS


Apprenticeships are like a cross between a job and a college

Another great way to gain valuable work experience is to take part

course: you get on-the-job training, you receive a wage and you

in some voluntary work. The websites listed below are just a few of

also earn qualifications which can help to further your career

the sites that provide essential information for anyone interested in



GETTING A JOB The above website is a great place to start if you are interested in doing an apprenticeship. The site allows you to search

You may also want to find some paid work once you are finished

opportunities by location, job type and learning provider and

with your studies. There are hundreds of job sites available online

provides lots of support and information for anyone considering an

and some of the more popular sites are listed on our Moodle page.


Have you seen the careers pages on Moodle? Visit to view the careers pages, which contain further information and useful links about life after secondary school. Just click the ‘All Pages’ link on the right side of the homepage, then go to ‘Information for Students’. All careers information is available to guest users so there is no need to log on to the system!


ENGAGING STUDENTS Library Competition To


publication of



Charlie and

since the




Factory, WRD Magazine is holding a competition for students.

For a chance to win a special

Day of Sport is almost upon us! Can you find all the sports-related words in the grid below? Basketball - Biathlon - Discus - Field - Football - High jump - Javelin Jog - Long jump - Rounders - Shotput - Speed - Sprint - Swimming Teamwork - Time - Track - Tug of War

anniversary edition of the book all you need to do is design a new book cover for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Entry forms are available in the library or speak to Mrs Cooper to find out more information about the competition.

The deadline is Friday 11th

July , so get drawing!

WRD Magazine is a magazine for 8-13-year–olds who







Cranbourne’s library currently has a subscription to the magazine and it is available to read during break, lunch time and after school.

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7 Swimming Gala












26 Field Events





11 Enrichment Day

4 Year 11 Leavers Ball


20 Monitor Day































Thursday 24th July—Monday 1st September: SUMMER HOLIDAYS

23 College Assembly

16 Yr 7 & 8 Rewards Eve 17 Yr 9 & 10 Rewards Eve 18 Day of Sport








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Cut out a me !

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