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MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER Dear Parents/Carers Welcome to our latest edition of ‘News @ Cranbourne’ which captures some of the exciting events experienced, and sometimes initiated, by our students. It has been a great privilege watching the expansion of student voice in the college as more students have become involved in making sure they have a voice in the future direction we take. An excellent example of this is the Fair Trade initiative as we are now a Fair Trade college thoroughly committed to supporting and promoting the principles of justice and equality. Our students were also able to share their enthusiasm for these ideas with our feeder schools at our student council c o nf e re nce in Ja nua ry w he re representatives, from all of our eight feeder schools came together in a sensational event led by CBEC students. The students have also been very active in their efforts to raise money for others less fortunate than themselves in a wide variety of events including non-uniform day, cake raffles and Charity Challenge. Determined to help students back at home as well, a number of students have volunteered to become trained as ‘young interpreters’ to support young people who start at Cranbourne with little or no English. These young people recognise how daunting it must be to start in a new school, without fluently being able to speak the language, and offer to help

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and support these individuals during their first few weeks in England. We have a group of students who are currently working hard, in their own time, to become experts on the Interactive White Boards we use in college. The aim of this group will be to support staff in their lessons so that we make maximum use of our boards and lessons can become even more fun, inter active and engaging.

“ It has been a great privilege watching the expansion of student voice in the college as more students have become involved in making sure they have a voice in the future direction we take. ” Finally, as a college we would like to congratulate serial adventurer, James Ketchall, who visited and inspired students with tales of climbing Mount Everest and rowing the Pacific Ocean. James has recently completed his latest challenge in which he cycled round the world. We look forward to welcoming him back to CBEC to hear of his exploits first hand. I do hope you enjoy reading about some of these events and more in the pages ahead. Yours sincerely Betty Elkins Headteacher

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Concept Visits CBEC, p8

Concept Visits CBEC…………………………


Drama Department News…………………


Progress Manager Updates………………… 10-12 BACITT / BETT 2014……………………


Fair Trade @ Cranbourne…………………… 14-15

Barcelona Trip..………………………………


The Jungle Book Production, p9

Facilities and Adult Education……………… 18

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BBC NEWS SCHOOL REPORT Mrs Saunders gives us an update on preparations for BBC News School Report:

On our practice News Day the CBEC News Team got a taste of the pressure of deadlines when our special guest Zibuyile Hlongwana came in and the students had to get pictures uploaded on time and co-

BBC News School Report gives 11-16-year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. Using lesson plans and materials from the BBC website, and with support from BBC staff and partners, teachers help students develop their journalistic

ordinate a video interview in an hour and a half! We also appeared twice on the live news feed on the BBC Website which was brilliant as the students got to see their work in real time. (See the screenshot at the bottom of this page!)

skills to become School Reporters. In March, schools take part in an annual News Day, simultaneously creating video, audio and text-based news reports, and publishing them on the school website, to which the BBC aims to link. The next News Day is on Thursday 27th March 2014.

So far at CBEC we have covered the Fair Trade cook-off, the student cluster conference and Zibuyile’s skills project, as well as Young Chamber’s bid for Fair Trade status for the school. For the actual news day we will have coverage of the Fair Trade Festival that is going on in

Our news team are finding out all about Fair Trade and will get to try article writing, presenting, filming and taking photographs. The students have to compose their own questions and decide how best to approach challenges including set design, lighting, timings and organisation. The BBC runs School Report so that young people from

school as well as getting out and about and seeing what people really think of Fair Trade and its impact. Our next step is to upload all of this to the CBEC website and get it seen as much as possible. This can also be accessed through the BBC main website as we appear on their map which directly links to the schools page so please spread the word!

across the UK have the chance to make their own news to real deadlines and broadcast it to real audiences.

What’s Coming Next? 

Roving Reporters will ask the people of Basingstoke what they really think about Fair Trade

Coverage of the Fair Trade festival

Recording and editing a video report, including coverage of Zibuyile’s visit to Cranbourne

Don’t forget: BBC News School Report News Day is on Thursday 27th March!


Cranbourne was recently featured on the BBC News School Report page!

DUKE OF EDINBURGH What have this year’s Duke of Edinburgh students been up to? Update from Mrs Stanley, the Duke of Edinburgh coordinator for Cranbourne: The Duke of Edinburgh group is working hard at the moment in preparation for their Day Walk by planning their route cards. The Day Walk is due to take place at Watership Down on Friday 4th April.

So far the group has cooked a three-course meal, using only one ring on the stove. They worked in three groups of four. They had to prepare and serve the meal and some excellent ideas came from the groups. We have also started working on the students’ map skills and they are learning how to complete route cards. We have learnt some basic first aid and are doing a second session in February.

Our practice expedition will take place on the weekend of the 17th and 18th May at Puttenham in Surrey. Another assessed expedition will take place on the 28th and 29th June in the New Forest. The Duke of Edinburgh students at a recent team building session:

The D of E students tell us what they have been working on this year: “For my volunteering, skills and physical activities, I have been helping out at a club at my previous school, learning the computer programming language C# and practising my football skills on AstroTurf pitches. I am already two and a bit months into my footballing activity and that has been the most successful activity.” - Aidan “For my D of E skill I am baking cakes. I am improving my baking technique and decorating skills.”- Izzy

“For my volunteering I am working at Kings Furlong Junior School and helping a nature club and a netball club. For my skill I am cooking each week for my neighbour, for example: brownies, coffee and walnut cake and lemon cake. For the physical element I am playing football each week at Powerleague Basingstoke.” - Toby

“Recently, our D of E group have done a cooking competition. The rules were that we could only use one hob and also could not freeze or refrigerate anything as that would be what we will have to during our final expedition.” - Dom “For my volunteering I have organised it myself and started working at St Michael’s charity shop on the 8th February. It will be for two hours a week. For my skill I am learning Spanish. I will learn how to ask for directions, order food and other basics. I have been doing this for nine weeks. For my sport I have been doing netball for seven weeks. I want to improve my shooting skills and overall game.” - Lucy


DAY 10 ACTIVITIES Day 10 occurs every other Friday at Cranbourne. The purpose of the day is to teach students an array of topics that would not necessarily be covered in their regular lessons. For years 10 and 11, the day is often an opportunity for students to work in curriculum based subjects but they also take part in the same activities as years 7, 8 and 9. Below are just a few of the issues that students have looked at this academic year.

Cyber Bullying Students have been taught what is meant by bullying and cyber bullying and focussed on how it happens and how this can make other people feel. The sessions also looked at what students should do it they are being cyber bullied or know of someone who is. Mr Duffy, Progress Manager for Year 7, said: “The students came up with some brilliant input and managed to empathise very well with the characters in the lessons.”

Year 9 students had the following to say about the information they were given about bullying: “I hadn’t realised until Day 10 how big an impact cyber bullying has on teenagers our age. When we learnt about cyber bullying and sexting we thought it was good to hear personal stories about how it affects the lives of young people. It makes you stop and think about how to use the internet and personal phones safely.”

Useful Websites:

Alcohol and Smoking Awareness Information has also been provided for students about smoking in a series of sessions that have been run by outside speakers. One of the tasks the students took part in was to design posters that discussed the risks and dangers of smoking.

Year 9 recently took part in alcohol awareness sessions.

Mrs Koster, Progress

Manager for Year 9, explains what was involved: “There was a presentation about how alcohol misuse can affect young people when it becomes an issue at home.

The students then had a workshop in which they worked in groups to

identify key words associated with

alcohol. They were also asked to consider

information about the different types of alcohol available on sale and the alcoholic strength of different products.

The students also demonstrated an

impressive knowledge of the effects that alcohol has on the body and were able to make valuable contributions in the group tasks.”


@ CRANBOURNE Charity Awareness and Macmillan Coffee Morning On Friday 20th September 2013 year 8 and 9 students took part in Charity Awareness Day. After viewing presentations about charity work, the students hosted their own coffee morning by selling homemade cakes and refreshments. Overall the year groups have raised over £200 for charity!

Below are comments from just a few of the many students who took part in the day: Taya: “Today Macmillan Cancer Support representatives came to speak to us about some of the work they do to help support people suffering from cancer and their families. I learnt that 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer and there are over 200 different types of cancer. To help support people with cancer they have a 24-hour service run by nurses seven days a week. Macmillan is a charity so they don’t get any government funding so they rely purely on fundraising and donations from the public.” Kimberley: “Charity Awareness Day is good because it teaches us about teamwork and caring about people in the community.” Shivani: “We saw two presentations by different charities; Macmillan Cancer Care and St Michael’s Hospice. They were very informative. I think we should have more Day 10s where we have debates and talk about serious issues as I enjoy them and find them stimulating.”

Basingstoke Boyband Visit CBEC! Turn the page to find out what happened when up and coming band, Concept, visited the school in January!

Concept photos on pages 7 and 8 are by Olivia Jermy, year 10


CONCEPT VISIT CBEC Cranbourne was buzzing with excitement when Concept recently visited the school! The band members talked to students about drugs and alcohol awareness before performing a number of songs, including their new single, Get Down. The band also left the following feedback about their day at Cranbourne: “Everyone was very helpful, polite and receptive which made our visit very enjoyable. There was a huge level of responsiveness from the pupils during the presentation which made our talk so much more engaging. We can only hope that the talk we gave has affected as many pupils as possible in a positive way and that they can all move forward with making the best decisions for them with all the valid information. All in all we had a great day and we'd love to come back very soon and perform again. We had such a fun time and @ConceptOfficial tweeted this to the school:

loved meeting everyone on the day - it's lovely to know we have the

“Thank you to @CBECinfo for having us today! You were incredible!!!!”

support of the local community.”

INTERVIEW WITH THE BAND CBEC students Phoebe Blackburn, Megan Aisbitt and Rachel Gatfield were lucky enough to interview all the members of Concept. Read on to find out what they asked the band: How did you meet and how did your band get together? Scott: Me, Matt and Ben have all known each other since we were four. And I have known Nathan since I was nine and Karim since I was 11. I wanted to start a band at 16 so I asked Nathan and Matt, then we asked Karim. We were going for around nine months and after that Ben started playing guitar for us and we became a five-member group on the 12th September 2011.

What made you want to take music as a career? Karim: All of us have different reasons but I think the main reason is that we get a thrill from performing on stage together.

Did you study music all the way through school? All: Yes.

Who’s your biggest inspiration? Karim: Will Smith and Michael Jackson.

Where did you get the ideas for your new single, Get Down?

Want to find out more about Concept?

We’ve been through a lot together over the last three years and it all just came together.

Twitter: What are your hopes for the future as a band? Ben: To put some shoes on! [He had none on as he had just been playing basketball in the sports hall!] Scott: To sell out the O2 Arena. All: To have a number album!





Drama Competition Performance

Our production of The Jungle Book took a well-loved film, adapted for the stage with much younger audiences in mind, and created a colourful, entertaining, musical story for young and old audience members alike. The decision to postpone the production for the

The Theatre Royal in London is reviving one of

summer, although taken from a purely practical point of view, meant that the cast and

their most celebrated plays. Oh What a Lovely

crew hit the ground running in September; with three weeks to recap, remember and

War is about the First World War and the play’s

rehearse the show we had created in the spring and summer. We, at last, had an

revival is

opportunity to work with the band and adapt to the brilliant musical arrangements written







beginning of the war in 1914.

by Thomas Hicken during the summer holidays (you may remember him as Jacob in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat three years ago) when he should have

The theatre has asked schools across the country

been recovering from A-Level exams and enjoying free time before heading off to

to send a recording of a ‘Curtain Raiser’ idea, a

Warwick University. We also had an idea to encourage Year 7 students to join us, which

small piece of drama or music which will play in

gave them only three weeks to learn songs

front of the audience before the main show

and moves. It was all very ambitious and a



We are pleased to announce that






Cranbourne has been chosen to create a 15-

hardworking and committed cast and crew, it

minute piece of drama based on our idea of

came together brilliantly.

connecting the poem Dulce et Decorum Est by

support from the make-up and hair design

the war poet Wilfred Owen with the recent

team, the stage and props design team, and

chemical attack in Syria.

support on the night from staff and fellow

With fantastic

students - in the band, backstage, in the technical box, front of house and sitting in

26th February at 5.50pm and the students then

the audience - the Cranbourne community


helped to create a lasting memory for all







performance of Oh What a Lovely War in the

those involved.

s by: Photograph gs, Year 10 Bradley Hollin

The performance took place on Wednesday

evening. Congratulations to everyone involved! Special thanks goes to Abi Weston, Mrs

War Horse Trip

Middleton, Mrs Pope, Hope Millington, Eloise Wood, Mrs Saunders and her family, Mrs Affleck-Cruise’s family, Mr Charlton, Luke

Stud ents looking to



travelling to

London in June

Whorriskey, Alex Hicken, Kathryn Witts, James Barrett, Lauren Russell, Ms Conroy and the wonderful cast and crew including the suave, calculating Shere Khan by Mr Fleeman!

to see War Horse at



London Theatre.

Are you interested in becoming involved in any of the drama department’s projects?

The production is based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo and features the artistry of South Africa’s Handstring Puppet Company.

Contact the head of Drama, Mrs Affleck-Cruise, for more information! 01256 868600



Progress Manager: Mr Duffy Since joining the college the year 7s have embraced the challenges of secondary school life and approached them with a positive attitude. The highlights have included the induction week which gave the students the opportunity to get to know their tutor group better and to take part in new activities. One of the highlights of the week was the tutor groups designing their tutor board and competing in a bench ball competition.

I am proud of how the year 7 students have embraced the ethos of the college and how many were proud to represent the college on our open evening. The students worked in many different departments and two students took on the responsibility of speaking to the prospective parents about their first few weeks at CBEC.

Day 10 has also provided the year group with the opportunity to work further with their tutor groups on topics ranging from understanding the changes their bodies will face over the coming years to the impact that smoking can have on their health. However the highlight has to be the drug dog which came in to CBEC and hunted out the drugs that were planted on staff!

The end of the Autumn term ended on a very positive note when the year 7s took part in the charity challenge. This is an opportunity for the students to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test and raise money for charity. Before the day they developed business plans and considered what they would do to make their stall unique. This provided a fantastic end to the term.

Year 8

Progress Manager: Mr Crichton 

At the end of last term the students waited with excitement for the return of their Christmas Cards, which they designed in September 2013 as part of the Christmas Card Project. Money raised from the sales has been donated to charity.

Year 8 students were recently commissioned by the Women’s Institute to design a programme for one of their forthcoming events. The students have been making the programme in Microsoft Publisher and then submitted their designs. A winner will be announced soon and the WI have promised a prize.

On Monitor Day we were pleased with our attendance, which was 95.2%, and we are working hard to catch up with the non attendees by highlighting to parents the importance of engaging in their child’s progress.

We are really pleased with our attitude to learning levels in Year 8. 81% of the students are Green or getting levels 3 or 4. 19% are Amber or getting levels between 2 and 2.99. The mathematicians among you will have already worked out we have no Red students!

Some of the students in year 8 took part in the recent cook-off. More information about the cook-off can be found on pages 14 - 15 in this magazine so continue reading to find out the results!


Many thanks to Debbie Clifforth, College Parent Partner (CPP) for Year 8, and the Tutor Team for their effort and support this year!

ATES - What’s New? Year 9

Progress Manager: Ms Koster Year 9 has had a very good academic year so far. It was really pleasing to see so many parents and students at the recent Monitor Day which was nearly 95% attendance! The year group has worked hard to either maintain or improve their progress levels and their attitude to learning data. Happily there are no students in the year group who are not in the amber or green category. 20 students have recently been presented with Headteacher’s Certificates to recognise either being students with the best overall progress or for having made the most improved progress.

Year 8 & 9 students took part in a Charity Awareness Day in September and the year 9 students have been researching local charities and received two presentations; one from St Michael’s Hospice and one from the national charity, Macmillan Cancer Care. As a build up to the day tutor groups investigated the work of the Macmillan charity and decided on how they could fundraise to support the Macmillan Coffee Morning. Both Year 8 and Year 9 students decided to host one big coffee morning and managed to raise over £200 for the charity. (More details are available on page 7!)

Tutor Groups have had the responsibility of planning their own assemblies to present to the rest of the year group. The standard has been exceptional and in every case they have featured real life issues including Child Soldiers presented by 9Nc, Crisis at Christmas from 9Ac and a feature on a child with a life-long medical condition given by 9Fs. We are looking forward to the next round of assembly presentations.

In the Spring term students have been focussing on preparation for options next term and the first day 10 in the New Year included an Aim Higher workshops, ‘Choices in My Future’, which helps students focus on future plans including higher education.

Year 10

Progress Manager: Mrs Crichton 

Attendance for the year group is up by over 0.5% for the same period last year.

The number of behaviour logs recorded this year is almost half the number on the same period last year.

Fair Trade: Year 10 students have been working hard to help Cranbourne reach its new Fair Trade status. In recent weeks they have planned two Day 10s and have also got involved in a community incentive. They have also helped out with the Fair Trade cook-off with Year 8 students.

Seven Year 10 students are working well towards their early entry GCSE in Design & Technology. Evidence suggests these students will do very well in their final exams. In Maths, their first assessment also looks very promising.

Students are busy planning their fund raising activities to raise money for their Leavers Ball and year book. Miss Conroy has already begun to put together a year book ready for when the students go into Year 11 and it is looking very good. Thank you to Miss Conroy for all her work on this!

18 students applied for this year’s Duke of Edinburgh. There were some very strong applications and it was extremely difficult to choose the final 12. (See page 5 for more information about this year’s Duke of Edinburgh participants!)

The new tutors have settled in well into the year team and developed excellent relationships with students.

Finally thank you to the year group’s tutor team for all their hard work with the students and for their support with the progress manager.


Year 11 Progress Manager: Dawn Absalom Year 11 have made a solid and positive start to the academic year. During recent Day 10s they have been working on Option subjects, completing coursework, have had the opportunity to hear about next steps and what they need to do and have had the opportunity to experience a course at BCOT. On Friday 20th September students visited Basingstoke College of Technology and took part in a workshop of their choice, which most reflected their possible career paths in the future. Some of the courses on offer included: Music Technology, Hair and Beauty, Animal Care, Forensic Science, Media, Sport and Public Services. All students thoroughly enjoyed their time at BCOT and for some students it also helped to confirm what they would like to study when they leave Cranbourne in July 2014 this year.

In November the students started the period of mock examinations. This was an opportunity for Year 11 to put their learning to the test. During the week and a half period that the exams took place, students conducted themselves superbly in the exam hall.


examinations officer commented on how well they had acted and was extremely positive for the summer series of exams.

Throughout the autumn term the Year 11 students saw presentations from many of the local colleges that they will be applying to for courses in September 2014.

BCOT, Queen Mary’s College, Farnborough College of Technology, Peter Symonds, Sparsholt and the

Apprenticeship team came in to visit the students during PDL slots. From these presentations the Year 11 students have made decisions on what courses they should apply for and where they would like to go. Their applications have been completed with guidance from their tutors and from Chris Woods, CBEC’s careers advisor.

Year 11 have spent the first half of the Spring term finishing off coursework and have begun the process of revising for their final exams. Throughout this term there are key events that will help guide them to achieving their predicted grades. An event that students will find incredibly useful is Maximise Potential, which is due to take place on Friday 7th March. The Maximise Potential team will visit Cranbourne and deliver seminars to the students on key revision techniques, exam preparation and how to approach an exam. This has been running at CBEC for a number of years and is often mentioned by students as being very useful in the build-up to exams.

The final much-anticipated event for year 11 students is their Leavers Ball. We have booked the Basingstoke Country Hotel to host this year’s event and plans are already firmly underway with the help of Mrs Basford and the Senior Prefect Team.

Parents evening for Year 11 took place on Wednesday 15th January. It was well attended and the parents and students that attended found it very useful. Information was given out regarding students’ progress with their coursework and they have been told what they need to do to prepare for their exams. Parents also had the opportunity to visit the IT department and experience the updated version of Moodle. They were shown what Year 11 students have access to and what information is available.

Key Dates for Year 11 

Friday 7th March 2014: Maximise Potential (provisional date)

Monday 7th - Monday 21st April: Easter holidays - the perfect opportunity for revision!

Monday 19th May: GCSE exams begin

Friday 4th July: Year 11 Leavers Ball


BASINGSTOKE ALLIANCE SCHOOL CENTRED INITIAL TEACHER TRAINING An update from Assistant Headteacher, Miss Conlon: “Over the past eighteen months I have had the privilege to be involved in establishing BASCITT (Basingstoke Alliance School Centred Initial Teacher Training).

This has provided a fantastic opportunity to work

collaboratively with schools across Basingstoke and an important role in ensuring that Basingstoke schools continue to offer the best education and life chances to all individuals within its partnership. “As of September 2014, Cranbourne will be one of six schools supporting trainee teachers in Maths, English, PE, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and History as they embark on obtaining Qualified Teacher Status. The process leading up to this has been extremely exciting with the BASCITT website going live, advertising for placements, organising and interviewing potential trainees and the offer and acceptance of places. “Behind the scenes a lot more work has been done through Dove House Teaching School Academy, ensuring that subject tutors are in place to deliver key sessions which compliment classroom practice. Miss Kirk (Head of Maths at Cranbourne) has successfully been appointed as the subject tutor for Maths in the

Miss Conlon, Assistant Headteacher

BASCITT. “In the first round of applications the BASCITT has secured fifteen trainees to start on either the School Direct or Core route in September and we look forward to the second round in recruiting more potential teachers.”

BETT SHOW 2014 BETT is a yearly event which brings together ideas of education and technology. The show takes place in the Excel Centre, London, and provides visitors with a wide range of information. Cranbourne’s web administrator, Miss Brewin, visited the show on Friday 24th January to research different online resources and to ask questions about our current software:

“After making the journey to London Waterloo and taking the Jubilee Line and DLR, I reached the Excel Centre just in time for the show’s opening. Crowds of people were already pouring through the glass doors and the air was buzzing with chatter. The first port of call for the day was to visit the NetSupport stand, to find out about the system’s latest developments in place for Cranbourne, before visiting a large number of different companies that offer website design services.

“The show is a great opportunity to talk with a wide range of people who work in education and is also an ideal environment for informing others about Cranbourne. The day enabled me to find out more about up and coming technologies that can aid learning in the classroom and it also gave me the chance to talk to like-minded individuals who are also striving to improve the learning resources available for their school. A very busy and information-packed day that was well worth attending!”

To find out more about the BETT show, which takes place every year at the end of January, please visit their website at


FAIR TRADE @ Since September 2013, staff and students have been taking part in a variety of activities that have taught them more about what Fair Trade is and how it can benefit both the school and those that work to produce the Fair Trade products. We are now very proud to announce that CBEC is a Fair Trade school!

Miss Conroy, who has worked alongside CBEC students and staff with the Fair Trade events, said the following about the good news: “I am really proud to announce that Cranbourne is now a Fair Trade school. We have this award guaranteed until the end of next year. This is a fantastic achievement that the students and staff involved should be really pleased and proud of. It has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes but well worth all the hard work and effort!”

Fairtrade @ Student Council Cluster Conference On Thursday 23rd January 90 students from eight infant and junior schools linked to Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College took part in the annual Student Council Cluster Conference on Fair Trade. The day was opened by Cranbourne’s Young Chamber Team








Technology. Visiting pupils engaged in three workshops during the day including arts and craft, which involved making bunting and designing posters, chocolate tasting and music.

They also

explored the different cultures of Fair Trade countries and played the banana game, which shows how hard people have to work for minimal pay.

The aim of the day was to raise awareness of Fair Trade products and the people involved in producing them.

It was a thoroughly

enjoyable day and excellent to see the links from infant school to post-16 study.

Cranbourne students were delighted to have the opportunity to work with pupils in our feeder schools. We look forward to further joint enterprises in the future.


CRANBOURNE CBEC Fairtrade Cook-Off Yet again the D&T department were delighted when over 40 students signed up for the Great CBEC Fairtrade Cook-Off.

Ms Young and Ms Koster introduced the

challenge to the year groups in assembly and Young Chamber reps from year 10, Cerys Crockwell & Dominic Palaczky, introduced the concept of Fairtrade and explained the link between the competition and CBEC’s pledge to become a Fairtrade school. The students were invited to devise a sweet dish for Round 1 of the cook-off using at least one Fairtrade product. If they were judged successful they would move through to Round 2 to cook a savoury product. The final round was to devise a two course meal of their choice.

Round 1 Both food rooms were packed with excited students trying to work as quickly as possible to meet the one hour deadline. Delicious smells wafted around the building mostly due to the melted chocolate and bananas that were being used in some recipes!

Young Chamber judges had the difficult task of marking the dishes

presented to them and then had to not-so-difficult task of taste testing!

Ten teams

were then selected to go through to the semi-final. Miss Conlon & Miss Long attended the semi-final as judges and they both agreed the standard was particularly high. There were some old favourites such as pizza slices but there were also some new and exciting dishes; home- made ravioli with a ricotta cheese and pesto filling and stuffed chicken breasts with a creamy mushroom sauce.

The winning dishes!

The Final On the 28th November 2013 the department was joined by special guest judges, chefs from Basingstoke’s ASK restaurant. After much deliberation Isla and Chyna were declared the winners. They are now both proud owners of an ASK Italian recipe book as well as vouchers for the restaurant. Congratulations to Isla and Chyna and well done to everyone involved in the cook-off!

Facts and Figures (Information found at 

There are over 4,500 Fairtrade certified products for sale through retail and catering outlets in the UK

78 per cent of consumers recognise the FAIRTRADE Mark

One in every three bananas sold in the UK is Fairtrade

44 per cent of bagged sugar sold in the UK is Fairtrade certified

25 per cent of all roast and ground retail coffee in the UK is Fairtrade certified

Fairtrade products are now sold in more than 125 countries


BARCELONA TRIP Reports from Cranbourne’s students! The trip to Spain was absolutely amazing, thoroughly enjoyable and very interesting from a geographic point of view. It was a exciting 22-hour coach journey through France to southwestern Europe where we arrived in Barcelona by the coast of Spain. We enjoyed the lovely Christmas traditions of Spain at the Christmas market, although it is very traditional it does have many ‘I love Barcelona’ souvenirs and other tourist based gifts, and it is beginning to be more driven by tourism. But we went to a lot of attractions such as the ‘sagrada familia’, the ‘camp nou’ and ‘montjuic’ which overlooked the docks, which is a major part of Barcelona’s economy. It was very interesting to see the docks and see just how important and big the docks are. The weather changed daily, one day it was sunny, the next rainy and the next fair. So there wasn’t really a set climate that I saw, but the landscape looked beautiful in all weathers, the view from parc guell was outstanding and showed off the lovely environment that Barcelona has to offer with the amazing hills and scenery. But overall it was a great trip with the school and very interesting from my point of view. By Isaac Osborne

Back in the last week of the winter term, 30 students visited Barcelona on an Art and Spanish trip. We spent 5 days in Spain—sight seeing, shopping and generally having an amazing time exploring Spanish culture and art. We visited multiple art galleries such as the Picasso art gallery (on Day One) and the Dali art gallery (my favourite out of the two). As well as art trips, we were able to visit places like Camp Nou (the Barcelona FC football stadium), a small town around an hour and a half away from Barcelona called Girona, Montjuic and Las Ramblas. The trip was a great opportunity to practise our Spanish in real life situations and we took advantage of the chance to speak Spanish to native speakers.

My favourite part of the

entire trip was the Christmas market we went to on the first evening as it was decorated beautifully. We immediately got to try and practise our Spanish and purchase some brilliant Christmas gifts. Overall I have a great

At the end of 2013, I went on a school trip to the wonderful city

time in Barcelona. I’d love to go back and experience it again.

of Barcelona.

By Mary Roberts

Despite all the amazing things we did in

Barcelona - the food, the sights and the accommodation - my favourite part was visiting the famous ‘Segrada Familla’. Not only did we get to see the cathedral but we also got to visit the very top which was incredible! Even though I am not that keen on heights I am glad that I went as the views were spectacular; you could see the whole city!

I enjoyed every part of the

Barcelona trip and would definitely go again! By Kiran Vaja


“The best trip I’ve ever been on. I want to go back! The Dali museum was perfect and I’ll never forget it!” Jason Broad, Year 11 Art student

“Barcelona was such an amazing trip, I saw so many amazing places and art work. Had so much fun, really want to go back and do it all again!” Charlotte Knibbs, Year 11 Art student

“A great and memorable experience! I would love to do it again.” Isaac Osborne, Year 11 Art student

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Parents and students in primary and secondary education

Visitors in local doctors and dentist surgeries

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On our school website - which sees more than 3000 unique visitors each month

If you are interested in advertising either in our magazine or on the back cover, please contact Susan Sayers: Email: Telephone: 01256 868615


COMMUNITY FACILITIES Cranbourne Business & Enterprise College offers a range of services for the community to hire. These include:


Indoor sports hall

Meeting rooms


Computer suites

Drama studio

Swimming pool

Tennis and netball courts

Dance studio 

Food technology rooms

Large playing fields for sporting use

Our facilities can be hired throughout the year, after school hours and at the weekend.

For more detailed information and to download an application form, please visit our facilities page at -lettings. Alternatively, you can email Mrs Mead at or phone 01256 868615 to request further information.

ADULT EDUCATION Basingstoke College of Technology provides part time leisure courses for adults across the Basingstoke area. Cranbourne is one venue and the following courses are held at Cranbourne: 


Painting with Mixed Media

Chinese (Mandarin)

Reflexology— An Introduction

Developing Your Creative Drawing Skills

Reiki Healing 2

Indian Head Massage

Tai Chi

If you would like more information about adult education at Cranbourne, please visit our community page at or go to the Adult Education course list at BCoT’s website:


NEW LIBRARY SYSTEM The last few months have been an exciting time for the school library. With a brand new computer and an upgraded library system from, lots of plans have been made for improving the library experience in the coming months. The new look system!

What Does the New System Offer?  Book of the Week feature: new books can be advertised on the system’s homepage to promote and encourage reading

 The new eBook library means that students can download books straight from This feature is under development and news on its progress will be announced in future issues of our biweekly newsletter, Cranbourne Catch Up.

 The advanced search tool allows users to search for books by title, author, genre and keywords - as well as many more criteria!

 The system can link with other schools in the area to view and compare the reading trends and search terms of local students

 Book recommendations are offered based on what users

WWI Centenary

have previously read

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, a book display and information wall will created for the library in the new term. Mrs

Future Plans for the Library 

iMLS - the mobile app for the Eclipse library system - will

Cooper, the school librarian, would like students to be involved in the display by bringing in any personal items or family information that links to the First World War.

be available to students in the near future. Students will

then be able to renew book and search for titles via their

What sort of items can be in the display? Copies of old photographs

mobile phone or other electronic device. They will also

and any accounts from family members are very welcome. If you have

be able to write reviews on their favourite books and for

any other items, such as medals or uniforms, please take a photograph

year 7 and 8 students, they can use the system to search

and then bring the file to Mrs Cooper, who will then print it out for the

for Accelerated Reader titles.



the upgrade

of our

Student Librarians: now recruiting!

Moodle site (see page 21) we are


p la n ni n g


integrate the library system with Moodle. that library,

This will mean

statistics such

about as



trends, will be available for staff and students to view.

Student librarians are assigned a range of tasks which help with the everyday running of the library. If you are a student at Cranbourne and are interested in becoming a librarian, please speak to Mrs Copper or contact her via email:


SPORT @ CBEC Update from Mr Kimber, Teacher of PE: Since September 2013, the PE Department at Cranbourne has been very busy fulfilling fixtures and practices in many sports. We welcomed new member of staff Mrs Gardiner and she has been able to enhance our extra-curricular provision. Overall, lessons have been very good in terms of the attitude to learning, participation and engagement and the students are looking very smart in their PE uniform as they go about developing their teamwork, skills and fitness!


Multi Skills Club

Lots of football has been taking place with mixed results overall.

Ryan Milward, Seana Newman, Isabel Strokosz,

The Year 10

Charlotte Duggan and Rubi Escandell have all been

and 11 sides have excelled in their

assisting Mr Kimber delivering a Multi-skills club to

knockout tournaments, with the Year 10

years 3&4 at their old primary school, Manor Field

team making the district final. Year 7 girls and





Junior School. We have been developing catching,


co-ordination, agility and fitness skills with these

competitions but narrowly missed out in

youngsters and to date this is proving a positive

getting to the finals but recent matches

experience for the key stage 2 children and the

for the Year 7 Boys team have been more

CBEC students who are growing in confidence as


they develop their leadership skills.

CBEC v Everest: 1-1 draw

CBEC v Hurst: 1-0 WIN

CBEC v Costello: 1-5 loss

CBEC v Vyne: 2-0 WIN

Ski Trip 2015 Start saving now towards February 2015! Over February half term this year, the ski trip took place in Andorra for the first time. More details

Rugby Rugby with Mr

of this trip will be available in future issues of our biweekly newsletter, Cranbourne Catch Up, which can be found online at:

Tiley has been well

attended and the Year 10/11 team has done so admirably in the central venue


league at the rugby club. Year 8/9 team are currently learning the many rules and

Girls netball has seen good numbers attending after school and teams have

skills needed to compete at a similar

been representing CBEC in the central league at Everest Academy. The

level. They have been acquiring the

Year 7 netball team have played their second league fixture and beat

techniques during lessons and perfecting

Aldworth 5-3.

them in the after-school clubs.

result. Well done to Poi Jones who received the title of Player’s Player!


The team was only formed recently so this was a great

MOODLE UPGRADE In November 2013 our Moodle site received an upgrade. Read on to find out what the new site has to offer!

CBECMOODLE.COM Use of Moodle by both staff and students has significantly increased since the beginning of the new school year. What is Moodle? Moodle is a virtual learning environment (VLE) designed for educational organisations. Our website, cbecmoodle,com, is an online learning resource that can be used by staff and students for both homework and classwork. Why is Moodle important? Ensuring that all our students have access to an online learning resource means that students can confidently complete homework and revision in a safe and easy-to-access environment. Making the work available online also means that students can gain access to a wide range of different resources: worksheets, exam papers, interactive quizzes, images, videos and sound files. What can students use Moodle for? The site is predominantly an online resource where files are stored for each subject area but there are also a number of interactive tools that we are encouraging staff and students to use more regularly. There are discussion boards which can be used for interaction between students or to communicate with their teacher, and there are ‘Hot Potato’ tools which allow teachers to build interactive crosswords and quizzes that, when completed by students, can be viewed by the teacher as a way of gauging learning progress.

So what’s new? 

We are now running Moodle 2.5

Easy-to-read theme and layout

Quick links to student email and subject pages

Mobile compatible: you can now view our Moodle pages from your phone or tablet

Integration with the school’s library system is


ENGAGING STUDENTS Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities There are a wide range of activities that take place at Cranbourne. As

Can you find all the different subjects that we teach at Cranbourne? Art - Business - Design technology - Drama - English Geography - History - ICT - Maths - Media - MFL PE - RS - Science

well as an array of sports clubs, there are also clinics, the film club, art activities and the library is open for study every afternoon. For more information about extra curricular activities at CBEC, or if you would like to start a club at the school, please contact Miss Conroy: There is also a CBEC activity booklet available to website, detailed and

download from our


fea tures


information about when





place.: enrichment-activities

International Awareness

What’s in the next issue of News @ Cranbourne?

Day 2014 On the 4th April 2014, Cranbourne will be hosting an International Awareness Day and

Ski Trip 2014

BBC News School Report: News Day

Fair Trade Fortnight

so we are looking for parents who would like to



cultural experiences


groups of Year 7 students. Included on the day will be cooking and language lessons and an opportunity to learn more about music from around the world.

News @ Cranbourne is also If you are interested in being a part of this exciting opportunity, please contact Mrs Gricourt via email:


available online:


11 15 18 25





6 13 20 27 HALF TERM





Year 8 Options Evening












Year 9 Parents Evening

Year 9 Performance


Junior Maths Challenge







Whole College Assembly


















(Correct at time of going to press)









Year 7 Parents Evening

Year 9 Options Evening




















nd keep





Cut out a me !


News @ Cranbourne - Spring 2014