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Today’s boys...tomorrow’s gentlemen

Front page: In Drama, Justin Brooker, pictured with specialist Fight Instructor Andy Frazer, is preparing for scenes from Macbeth, which will be presented at the Arts Performance evening on 1 July next term.

From the Principal Community at CBC

fashion, there is the potential for the

It has been pleasing to see the large

boys to make great advances in their

number of parents in attendance at the information evenings for each year level. These are now completed with the exception of the evening for parents of Year 10 students which will be conducted during next term on the eve of their very important subject selections for upper

Fremantle WA 6160 T 08 9336 2700 E

conducted this week was very well attended and was followed by a social gathering in the Cloisters in near perfect conditions. It was particularly pleasing to hear that so many of the new students to our College are enjoying the secondary

A particular feature of each of these

acclimatised to the expectations of CBC.

to emphasise the importance of the 51 Ellen Street

The Year 7 Parent Information Evening


gatherings has been the opportunity CBC Fremantle

studies and personal growth.

relationship between home and school in the effective development of good young men. There is no doubt that when the standards and values of the home and the school work in a complementary

school experience and becoming As I have said many times in different forums, CBC Fremantle intentionally strives to be distinctive and countercultural in the offering which it provides. We are explicit about the values we uphold and challenge all members of our community to personal excellence. It is

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wonderful to see the newest members of our College embracing this culture.

Campus Ministry Keen readers of this newsletter would have noticed a weekly contribution on behalf of our Campus Ministry team this year. This is an area of the school that has been re-imagined and significantly resourced in recent times with a view towards providing an enhanced profile and opportunities for all members of our College community. Under the guidance of Mr Craig Dowsett and adopting the title of M68, this new team will assume

Above: Parent Council members Mara Hayes, Phil O’Neill, Marie and Tim Allen and Michael O’Connor at

leadership in the areas of Religious

the Year 7 Parent Wine and Cheese evening

Education, Liturgies and Retreats, Justice and Indigenous Reconciliation Programmes and Christian Service Learning. These are all areas which are central to our purpose and integral to effective transition from boyhood to gentleman. Please continue to see their section in our newsletters to further understand the nature of their work and the derivation of their title.

Papal Change

Catholic Church. In light of his impending

Open Day

retirement, there has been much written

Please accept this notice that classes

in tribute to the man who has guided the Church during a most important time. His intelligence as a scholar and teacher is widely acknowledged and his surprise resignation is indicative of his visionary leadership and unselfish commitment to the Church. We pray that his successor will be a person of similar fortitude with the capacity to engage with the modern

This week marks the conclusion of

church and with the contemporary

Pope Benedict XVI’s time as Head of the

challenges of our world.

will finish early at 1.05pm on Tuesday 19 March in order to facilitate our Open Day tours later that day. Many students will be involved as tour guides and activity leaders throughout that afternoon and early evening. Students not involved in some capacity will be permitted to leave school at 1.05pm. Mr Shaun Kenny Principal

Share the Journey Walk ‘n’ Talk Spend some quality time with your son – take a walk with him and Share the Journey. CBC Fremantle Parent Council invites dads and their sons to come to Point Walter on Sunday 7 April 2013 at 10am to share a unique adventure that will last approximately three hours. All you need to do is put on your walking shoes, hat and sunscreen and bring a water bottle. This is a special event for fathers and their sons to enjoy a relaxed walk, explore some local history and to generally have a chat together about a range of issues, including your family’s history. A free sausage sizzle will conclude the event. Members of the College Leadership together with several senior students, will join fathers and sons. A pre-event meeting will be held on Thursday 4 April at 7.30pm in the College’s Arts Learning Centre to brief fathers about the walk. Light refreshments will be provided. Please advise of your attendance to the pre-event meeting and to the walk by emailing parentcouncil@

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College Information Interviews for Year 7 Interviews for Year 7 entry in 2015 are planned to commence in Term 2 of this year. If you have a son who is currently in Year 5 and you would like him to attend CBC Fremantle, please ensure his application is received by the College as soon as possible. Application for Admission Forms can be downloaded from the College website or by contacting Noeleen McDowell on 9430 2051.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours Open every Wednesday from 8.30am – 4.00pm. No appointments necessary.

Calendar Week 4 Term 1 Monday 4 March Labour Day public holiday Tuesday 5 March Year 7 Scitech excursion Cricket: Geoff Marsh Shield Final Swim Quad meet 5.30pm Wednesday 6 March Year 7 Scitech excursion 1st Cricket 1.00pm

Shop Manager Falda Forzatti on 9430 2055 or 0409 904 950. Thursday 8 March

Canteen Can you spare a few hours on one day? Please consider volunteering in the ‘world’s greatest canteen’. Please ring Jenny or Karen in the Canteen on 9430 2046 for more information.

Newsroom Online You can keep up to date with our busy College’s activities by subscribing to the RSS feed at the Newsroom on the website. If you subscribe to the feed, when the Newsroom is updated you will automatically be notified with a link to the new content.

Mass 8.15am (Rice 1, 2, 3, 4) Friday 8 March Year 7-12 House Cross Country

A key component of the culture of any Catholic School is that it gathers together for prayer and worship. Last week we witnessed how wonderful this can be as more than 1,700 people gathered in the College Cloisters for our Opening Mass. This week we had a smaller gathering when 200 students and staff gathered for our first Thursday morning Mass. As a College we mark major events with major celebrations, however we mark the passing of each week, and indeed each day and each lesson by remembering God’s part in our lives and the blessings he affords us. To come together on a weekly basis to celebrate Eucharist is a powerful sign to the world and to each other that by gathering we are nourished by God’s Word and nourished through receiving our Lord in the Eucharist.

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Above: Built in 1882, Edmund Hall was the original school building and will be dedicated as the College Chapel mid-2013

Edmund Hall Renovation We are moving to the completion of

school at Tardun. We hope that by the

Next week we will launch details of an

the renovation of Edmund Hall and its

middle of the year we will be able to

exciting new initiative by the College.

dedication as the College Chapel. This

use this space and then later in the year

In September of this year we will be

week extensive electrical work has been

have it consecrated by the Archbishop

undertaking an international immersion

undertaken and next week the painters

as the ‘Blessed Edmund Chapel’. This

to the Philippines to work with the

commence their work. At the same

will be an important milestone for the

Christian Brothers in their Mission in

time, a small area of the outside of the

College. The development of ‘Sacred

Maasin, Southern Leyte. Stay tuned for

building is being repaired and tuck-

Space’ has been identified as a priority

further details.

pointed. We will then sand and polish

area and it will provide our students and

the wooden floors and set up the pews

staff with a fitting venue for our liturgical

Mr Craig Dowsett

generously given to us after the closure

celebrations and also a place for prayer

Director of Religious Education

of the Christian Brothers agricultural

and reflection.

and Identity

Today’s boys...tomorrow’s gentlemen

Open Day At CBC Fremantle, boys learn how to become good men. Rich in heritage and a unique part of the Fremantle community, the College supports students to become leaders and true gentlemen who, informed by Christian values with a strong sense of justice, are prepared to shape a better world.

ICT Departme After a busy start to the year, all laptops have now been distributed to the students. CBC is now a true 1:1 campus with every boy from Years 7 to 12 having their own laptop. The College now has a very large, sophisticated ICT infrastructure that is quite complex even when compared to some businesses in the Corporate Sector. Every computer was re-imaged during the holidays so all software should be updated and running

The College invites you to attend our Open Day on 19 March, 2013. The tours commence at 2.00pm and 4.00pm and provide a unique opportunity to see the College and meet some of the staff and students.

at maximum efficiency. If there are any issues with the laptop please have your son present the machine to the Laptop Centre. It is also a good time to revisit some aspects of the Acceptable Use Policy on Page 34 of the Student Diary.

To register please contact: Ms Cherie Butcher on (08) 9430 2001 or email:

Principal | Share the Journey | College Information | Calendar | Campus Ministry | ICT Update | Co-Curricular | Sport | Community

ent Update The laptop must arrive at school fully

and dust would constitute wear and tear.

as staff integrate the laptops into their

charged therefore the laptop must be

Sometimes if a seemingly small part is

programmes. With more textbooks

put on charge every night. If the battery

damaged (eg. a hinge) requires several

available online, students should now be

is not lasting a full day, students must

replacement parts as they are actually

able to reduce the size of the load they

take it to the Laptop Centre immediately

moulded into other sections of the

carry to College every day. They can leave

to have the battery tested. Batteries

laptop. Every endeavour is made to limit

their books at home and work online

degrade with time and replacement

repairs to the laptops but given there are

in class, or alternatively work online at

batteries are available as they become

around 800 devices around the College,

home and leave their textbooks in their


there is bound to be accidents that result


in repairs. In addition, the difference between

Mr John Rear

‘wear and tear’ and ‘damage’ must be

Within the ICT Department, the boys

highlighted. When a laptop has any part

are working extremely well at their

of its chassis exposed to the air – it must

multimedia tasks. They are using

be repaired. Cracks and chips in the

programming skills to create games,

covers of the laptops constitute a repair

learning image manipulation in

by a licensed technician and will incur

Photoshop and are creating movies

a charge in most cases. Small scratches

using Adobe Premiere Pro. Across the

that do not open the laptop to moisture

Curriculum ICT is playing a major role

Head of ICT

Co-Curricular Update

Chemistry Club

Mr Aidan Holohan

Christian Service Programme

Ms Emily Bowran

Cross Country/Running

Mr Adrian Correia


Mr Adrian Correia


Ms Andrea Fitzpatrick Ms Marg Crommy Mrs Lisa Wolfe

Mrs Lisa Wolfe

Ms Angela Calanni Ms Rose Lenzo

Engineering Club

Mr Stephen Coggin

Future Problem Solving Academic Extension

Mr Simon Schmidberger

Home Studies Centre

Ms Trevanna Cooper

Literature Writer & Media Producers’ Group

Mrs Larissa Rodsworth

Indigenous Out of School Programme

Mr Peter Baldry

Maths & Engineering Academic Excellence

Ms Marilyn Schmidt Mr Geoff Buss

Mathematics Club

Mr Barry Tognolini Mr Andre Leicester

Music Programme

Mr Shane Mancuso

Robotics Club

Mr John Hortense

Rugby Programme

Mr Don McNamee 1st XV & Yr 7/8 Mr Paul Woodhouse 1st XV & Yr 9 Mr Craig Jones Yr 10 Ms Candice Brown 1st XV & Yr 7/8


Mr Marius van Dongen

Science Club

Ms Meagan Curry Ms Petrina Brewer

Sporting Programme

Mr Brendan McGrath


Mr Brendan McGrath


Ms Lisa Tognolini Yr 7 Mr Barry Tognolini Yr8/9 Mr Joel Moss Snr Boys

Tournament of Minds

Mr Craig Carter

Visual Art Extension

Ms Stephanie Hantzis

Weights Centre

Ms Lisa Tognolini (M) Ms Vanessa Ricciardi (T) Mr Clint Testa (Th) Mr Garry Hart (F)

Woodwork Club

Mr Matthew Stockton


Mr Jason Matthews

1st XI Cricket

Mr Zachary Preston

Principal | Share the Journey | College Information | Calendar | Campus Ministry | ICT Update | Co-Curricular | Sport | Community

Co-Curricular Timetable Term 1 2013 Monday





8am start

1st XV Training 7am

ACC Swimming Training

Year 7 Tennis training

ACC Swimming Training

1st XVIII Training

unless indicated

Music Ministry



College Choir

Guitar Ensemble #2

Big Band

Good Start Breakfast

FPS Academic

FPS Academic




Guitar Ensemble #1

Writer’s Workshop

Literature Writer’s


& Media Producers’ Group Stage 3 English tutoring Lunch time 3.20pm - 4.20pm

Campus radio 89.2FM


Campus radio 89.2FM


Home Studies Centre

Home Studies Centre

Home Studies Centre

Home Studies Centre

Weights Room

Yr 7 Homework Club

Yr 7 Homework Club

Yr 7 Homework Club

Yr 7 Homework Club

Robotics Club

Science Club

Sailing Club

Jazz Orchestra

Italian Club

Drama Club

Academic Excellence

Maths Club

Maths Club

Year 11/12 Sport


Woodwork Club

Weights Room


Maths and Engineering

Visual Art Extension

Yr 11/12 Dancing


Weights Room

1st XI Cricket

Chemistry Club


Weights Room

Saturday Red Cross Soup Patrol

Weights Room

Some of the times and days for games and training may change. Please ask your son to stay informed via the Bulletin and Sports Board.

Sport CBC Swim Team Quad Meet

If you have any questions, please feel

On Tuesday evening at Challenge

free to contact me by email.

Three races will be run on the day: Year Periods Start


will test their skills and

House Cross Country Races


1 & 2



training against Hale, Aquinas, and

All House Cross Country races for 2013


3 & 4



Guildford Grammar at this annual event.

will be run on Friday 8 March. The races


5 & 6



The competition is the

are about boys putting in their ‘best

perfect preparation for the ACC Carnival

effort’, trying to beat their time from

The boys will be required to wear their

which is being held on Wednesday 27

previous years or set one to work from.

House sport uniform to school and are

March. The first race

The average time for each House group

encouraged to wear their hat. Water is

is at 6.30pm and all parents and friends

will determine who wins so all boys’

supplied along the course and at the end

are welcome to come and watch. The

efforts are important.

but boys can run with their water bottles.

The course will be the same as in

Any boy unable to represent their House

All swimmers should have returned their

previous years which begins south of

must provide me with a note by Thursday

permission slip by now advising me of

Cottesloe, opposite the Seaview Golf

lunchtime. Non-competitors will be

their travel intentions and if any parents

Club near the ‘arrows’ sculpture. The

required to help out on the day.

can help out with timekeeping. Boys are

boys will follow the footpath all the way

required to wear their full PE uniform

down to Port Beach and finish near the

If you have any questions please call

including CBC racing bathers, bag and

change rooms to complete the 4km

9430 2010 or email me.

white PE shirt.


Stadium, CBC Fremantle Swimming team

entry fee into the stadium is $3.20.

Mr Brendan McGrath Head of Sport

Principal | Share the Journey | College Information | Calendar | Campus Ministry | ICT Update | Co-Curricular | Sport | Community

Sport Fixtures Term 1 Week 5 Team

Match/Training Details

Day / Time



Training for ACC Carnival Quad Meet v Aquinas, Hale & Guildford

Thursday 6.30 - 8.00am Tuesday 6.30pm

Fremantle Pool Challenge Stadium

Weights Room

Fitness training

Tue to Fri 3.20 - 4.20pm



Year 7 trials Year 8/9 trials Senior trials

Wednesday 7.15am Tuesday 7.15am Thursday 7.15am

Fremantle Tennis Club Fremantle Tennis Club Fremantle Tennis Club


1st XI v Corpus Christi

Thursday 2.30pm

Corpus Christi College

Friday approx start: 7/8s – 9.45am 11/12s – 12.00pm 9/10s – 2.15pm

Cottesloe – Port Beach

Cross Country House Carnival

Community Notices It is the policy of CBC Fremantle to distribute information when requested regarding community activities and details about educational programmes. This does not imply that CBC endorses these activities or the information. Please provide information in an unformatted Word document to Submissions will be accepted at the discretion of CBC Fremantle.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter 12 to 14 April, Swan Valley Your wedding was just one day in your life, but your marriage is forever. A Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend can put the newness back into your relationship. Give yourself and your spouse time away from the pressures of work and everyday responsibilities. Enjoy the chance to talk and listen to each other. You’ll love the difference a Marriage Encounter weekend can make. For information or booking contact Joe and Margaret on 0424 220 625 or email. Visit the website at

Catholic Youth Ministry Perth World Youth Day Brazil Final boarding call to join the pilgrimage to Rio! It’s an exciting time that a NEW Pope will be in Brazil to meet the young people of the world. If you are still interested in joining the pilgrimage, there are places left but it’s filling up fast. Log onto and all the information for the Perth packages are online. This is open for individuals or groups aged 18 to 35 years old. Come join the youth of the world and join in our service to the Brazil community during Mission Week – a new WYD experience. Final payments are due on 31 March and our next meeting is on Monday 18 March at 7pm at 40A Mary St, Highgate. For more information contact the CYM Perth office: 9422 7912 or Annual CYM Sand Sculpture Competition Parish Youth Groups, School groups and other youth groups are invited to join the annual Sand Sculpture Competition at Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre on Saturday 2 March, starting at 9am until lunchtime. Teams of two to 10 people must be registered prior to the day. Team leaders can register online at Registrations close 26 February. Come along to enjoy some music, beach games and sculpt Christian images in the sand to battle it out for great prizes and the perpetual shield! Families and friends are welcome.

Principal | Share the Journey | College Information | Calendar | Campus Ministry | ICT Update | Co-Curricular | Sport | Community

Host Families Needed June/July In June and July Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd will be receiving exchange students from Europe, Canada, the USA and Latin America. Our new arrivals will live with a volunteer host family and attend a local school for two to 10 months. All students have at least basic levels of English, will attend a school in the local area and live the life of a local. Our group of students cover a wide variety of interests and hobbies. Hosting an exchange student can be a truly rewarding experience. It allows a family to experience a foreign culture first hand, be exposed to a new language and pass on a bit of our own culture. They might even make a friend for life! Student Exchange Australia New Zealand is a not-for-profit secondary exchange organisation which is registered with education and regulatory authorities in each state and territory. You can find out more about our organisation by visiting our website. If students and their families have any questions about hosting an exchange student or would like to view profiles of students arriving from other countries, call our office on 1300 135 331 or visit our website. Our staff members will be happy to discuss which student might be best suited to their family. No obligation. Sandra Harders Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd

Fremantle Heritage Festival The Fremantle Heritage Festival (24 May to 3 June) is an annual celebration of one the city’s best assets – its historic character. If you’re interested in being involved in the Heritage Festival you can create an event or submit a nomination for the awards programme. For more information and to register an event/performance or exhibition please visit the Fremantle Heritage Festival website.

Fremantle United Soccer Boys born in 2000 are invited to join the 2nd Under 13 Fremantle United Soccer team. Places are limited. For further information contact: Sam Gaglia 0417-175-245 or Ian (Mac) McTear 0422-482-682

AllStar Fitness WA ‘Grow Well’ Junior Coaching Certified Junior Coach George is a specialist in child and teen development. Trainers need to understand how children move and about developmental phases pre and post puberty. Coach George has developed a leading programme designed specifically for teens. By introducing an element of fun into strength and exercise activities, teenagers can achieve great results and commit to lifelong healthy habits. AllStar Fitness WA offer strength and conditioning classes to high schools throughout Perth. Body movement Screenings will be taken on each teen to help identify posture/body imbalances. A programme will then be created and implemented in a group setting, while ensuring the individuals needs are catered for. For further contact George Antonio, mobile 0401539755 or email.

Get paid to get fit - be an umpire The South Fremantle District would like you to become an umpire this season and reap the rewards. For players, you can umpire on Saturday and play on Sunday! Information night is fast approaching and we would very much like you there: Date: Wednesday 20 February 2013 Venue: Nicholson Park in Yangebup (Lakes JFC) Time: 5.30pm Or ring the District Development Office to find out how you become involved on (08) 9335 5589.

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School based immunisation program moved to Year 8 Please note that the school–based immunisation programme, previously offered to Year 7 students, will be delivered in Year 8 starting in 2014. In the 2013 school–based immunisation programme, all male students in Years 8, 9 and 10 will be offered the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine series, Gardasil, to protect them against developing a range of cancers and diseases. If your son is eligible for this vaccine, you will receive information and a consent form via your son’s school bag in 2013. If your child is in Year 7 in 2013, they will receive their school vaccines in 2014 when they are in Year 8. Please be assured that all children will be provided an opportunity to access the school based vaccines during the programme shift. If you require any further information, please contact the Central Immunisation Clinic on 9321 1312 during office hours.

St Patrick’s Primary School Reunion St Patrick’s Primary School Community would like to invite families who have had association with Maristella Kindergarten and Pre Primary School to join in the celebration of their 50th anniversary. Mass will be celebrated at St Patrick’s Basilica on Saturday 13 April at 10.00am followed by morning tea in the Parish Hall. Please RSVP to St Patrick’s Primary School 9335 5215 by 1 April 2013.

Sacraments Applecross Parish, Ardross will be holding Sacramental enrolment Masses on the weekend of 9 and 10 March at the 6pm, 9.30am and 6pm masses. Sacraments are held in Year 3 (Sacrament of Penance), Year 4 (Eucharist) and Year 6 (Confirmation). Please contact the Parish on 9364 1120 for further information. Please bring along a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate. Sacrament Dates for 2013 Reconciliation: 1 – 22 June 2013 First Holy Communion: 25 August 2013 Confirmation: 27 October 2013

Parents and Friends Federation of Western Australia As a parent of a child in this school, your voice is important in the upcoming State Election. Here’s Why… With the upcoming state election, the Parents and Friends Federation of Western Australia Inc. would like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of grass-roots parent advocacy to effect change at the political level. The Federation was formed in 1954 with the principle aim of advocating for financial support from governments for Catholic schools. In 1965, after years of sustained effort and advocacy by the dedicated members of the PFFWA Council, “the Brand government Liberal-Country Party Government legislated to provide in WA the first per-pupil recurrent operating funds anywhere in Australia for children in non-Government schools.” [i] The PFFWA was the first parent organisation in Australia to win this funding for children in Catholic and Independent schools and have continued to advocate on behalf of parents since that time. It is still as important today as it was then to continue to push for funding equity at the grass-roots level - parents = voters. Whilst we appreciate the recently received $15m Low Interest Loan Scheme (LILS) funding for capital works in our schools from the Barnett government, the reality is that it has not increased since 1998, yet the cost of building new schools to provide choice and accessibility for families and the maintenance of existing schools to keep abreast of curriculum and technology needs has increased significantly. It is important that you ensure your sitting member of Parliament and the prospective candidates in your electorate, know of your concern for the failure of state government to increase funding for Catholic school capital development. The Federation has continued to advocate on behalf of parents of children in Catholic schools, maintaining a strong record of representation, advocacy and service through its independent voice. We hope that Catholic schools are provided with the continued funding and certainty to provide the exceptional education our children receive and the PFFWA will endeavour to ensure that the voice of parents is heard at all levels of government. Please contact the PFFWA office on 9271 5909 if you have any questions. Shelley Hill PFFWA Executive Officer [i] [p61, Struggle & Achievement: a history of the Parents and Friends’ Federation of Western Australia Inc. (1954-2004), Dr Hal GP Colebatch]

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Calling all Footballers 14-17yrs In 2012, Western Australia entered 2 boys Minor Gaelic football teams in the Australasian Football Hurling and Camogie Championships, and it was subsequently decided to establish an inaugural Minor Gaelic Football Board for both boys and girls. We are presently running a summer competition which will culminate with the boys and girls finals being held at Medibank Stadium (Leederville Oval) on Sunday 17 March as part of the St Patricks Day parade celebrations. We have established two training centres: North: Forrest Park, Padbury. Training: Mon & Fri, 6.30-8.00pm Contact: Peter Kavanagh 0410 921 961 South: South Oval, Curtin University, Bentley Training: Wed & Fri, 6.30-8.00pm Contact: Michael O’Connor 0417 096 424 We welcome new players, boys and girls, of all abilities and backgrounds to come down and join in the fun. Western Australia minors will be competing in the Australasian Championships in Sydney in October 2013, and we encourage those wishing to try out for state honors to register their interest as soon as possible.

Stargazers Club WA Discover WA’s new online stargazing club! Receive easy to understand information on what stars to see and when

Great for kids and beginner stargazers

Fun stargazing from home

Free children’s activity every month

No telescopes or astronomy knowledge needed

Makes a great birthday present

Join or buy gift memberships online:, Operated by Carol Redford (aka Galaxy Girl!), former owner of Gingin Observatory.

CBC Newsletter Week 4 Term 1  

CBC Newsletter Week 4 Term 1

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