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2018 ICBA Capital Summit

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UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN “You and I will meet again, When we’re least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again.”

– Tom Petty I have very mixed emotions as I am writing my final column for Georgia Communities First magazine before my retirement on September 30th. Although my wife, Amy, and I are extremely excited about the adventures that we have planned, we both will greatly miss spending time with so many wonderful people that comprise the family of community banking. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to have been part of the CBA of GA, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this life-changing experience. We have made more dear friends in the last five years than we did in the previous 25 years and we can never thank you enough for that opportunity. With a great fear that I will inadvertently leave someone out, I would like to say a few things to members of the CBA family: Our Bankers – Be proud of the tremendous service that you provide your communities each and every day. As I have said many times, an active local bank is the economic engine for its community. Your desire to find a way to say “yes” to your customers changes lives – for the teenager wanting to buy their first car, the couple purchasing their first home, and the budding entrepreneur who wants to start a new business – you are their hope, their friend and their advisor. Your decisions are immensely impactful to the individuals themselves, but also on the vibrancy of the areas that you serve. I know that complying with all the regulations is burdensome and frustrating, but do not let it get you down. Keep up the good fight and take moments to reflect on the positive impact you are making on so many lives. I also urge you and your coworkers throughout the bank to either get or remain involved with CBA of GA, ICBA, and state and federal lawmakers. Participating in CBA events and schools, supporting ICBA, and engaging with your legislators is critically important if there is to be a bright outlook for community banking. The more we do these three things,

2 | ww m | Summer 2018

Rob Braswell President & CEO Community Bankers Association of Georgia

the stronger and more effective we become in ensuring the economic engines of Georgia remain vibrant throughout this great state. Engage, engage, engage! Our Associate Members – Very simply, our association could not provide the wide array of services that we offer or many of the very nice amenities at our events without you. You are exceptional partners and we owe you a huge debt of gratitude for always being so supportive. I hope you always feel a part of the CBA family, because I can assure you that is the way we think of you. Thank you for all the miles you travel, all the cold calls you make and all the chicken dinners you eat in order to serve our banks and their customers. You are true road warriors who deserve a huge pat on the back – thank you! ICBA – Thank you for being our voices in the nation’s capital. I had the great fortune of working arm in arm with you on a number of legislative issues and came away extremely impressed with the impact, savvy and persistence the ICBA Team possesses. You have a difficult job – dealing with congress and its partisanship, trying to satisfy members that always want more, and knowing the fruits of your labor may not come into being until several years down the road. Although it is not said enough, please know that we thank you for the extraordinary job you do on behalf of community banks everywhere. Having seen “behind the curtain” how Washington D.C. operates, I firmly believe every community bank should be a member and avid supporter of ICBA. State and Federal Regulators – As a former regulator, I know that you too have a very difficult job. Thank you for trying to ensure your staffs apply the regulations fairly and judiciously. I also want to thank you for being accessible and willing to answer our bankers’ questions or discuss disagreements when they occur. I do have two requests: (1) Whenever possible, please utilize the discretion and flexibility that you have to the fullest extent. For decades, regulators took a commonsense approach to each bank and its particular characteristics, examination recommendations and general oversight. This approach worked very well; however, due to a crisis that community banks did not cause, the regulatory approach has become more rigid and less understanding. I encourage you to incorporate as much of that commonsense flexibility as possible back into your examination programs.


(2) If bankers are doing a good job, please tell them. Everyone can use an encouraging word and there is nothing wrong with a bank examiner telling a banker after a clean examination, “Good job.” CBA Staff – I will share most of my deep appreciation for you privately as my retirement approaches; but, I do want to publicly state how much I have enjoyed working with people that are passionate about their jobs. Your dedication, commitment and loyalty to this wonderful association speaks volumes about you, the CBA mission, and its family members. Thank you for all the laughs, sharing your joys and sorrows with me, and your friendship. We have made memories that I will enjoy for the rest of my life.

To All – Thank you for the privilege to serve as CEO of the CBA for the past five years. This is a tremendous organization with a storied history. I am proud of what we have accomplished collectively, and I look forward to the great things the CBA family accomplishes for years to come. Again, thank you so much for your involvement, support and friendship. It has been a pleasure. Until we meet again . . . take care.






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ICBA creates and promotes an environment where community banks flourish. ICBA creates and promotes an environment where community banks flourish.

The Independent Community Bankers of America is the only national organization that exclusively represents the interests of community banks. The Community Bankerseducation, of Americaand is the only products national With Independent effective advocacy, best-in-class quality organization that exclusively represents the interests of community and services, helping your community bank reach its full potential isbanks. our With effective advocacy, best-in-class education, and quality products passion. and services, helping your community bank reach its full potential is our passion. JOIN ICBA TODAY




4 | ww m | Summer 2018


FROM ICBA’S REBECA ROMERO RAINEY Independence Day seemed just a little sweeter this year as we recognized the incredible community bank victory that just took the financial services industry, and Congress, by storm. Leave it to nearly 5,700 of the nation’s community banks to assert their independence in a way never seen before! It’s well known that the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act is a major achievement for the nation’s community banks. But as you know, it was a long and arduous journey to get to this point. By working together and pressing tirelessly for needed change, we will be able to better serve our customers and communities. And for community banks, that’s what it’s all about. It’s community bankers like you who were there to push this victory over the hurdles and, eventually, over the finish line. Not once did you back down and allow yourself and your community bank to be painted with the same brush as the megabanks. Not once did you waver when ICBA asked for your letters, calls, emails, petition signatures—all in the name of tiered and proportionate regulation for our industry.

Rebeca Romero Rainey President & CEO Independent Community Bankers of America

based on relationships rather than transactions, and step up to help your community in ways that only a community bank can. It’s our honor ICBA is proud to represent community bankers like you, who do whatever is necessary to make your community stronger and more vibrant every day. You make the American dream possible for local families, entrepreneurs, farmers and all those who depend on your community bank for their financial needs. Just as independence matters, what you do matters. So, as we celebrated the birth of our country on July 4, I also hope you thought about all the ways that being an independent community bank makes you a valuable piece of the fabric ensuring our nation’s economic wellbeing. Never before has value been more appreciated and celebrated!

Independence from an onerous regulatory burden is now yours because of what you do for this great industry every day, what you stand for, who you serve and the difference you make to the lives you touch. It’s your sterling reputation as a trusted local lender that allowed you to have a say on Capitol Hill when others did not. Remember that and hold on to it—just as you hold on to the independence that allows you to make loans

Su m m e r 2 0 1 8 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 5

Your customers have something to tell you.

Harland Clarke’s Voice of the Customer gathers, measures and interprets feedback from the people who know your institution best: your existing account holders. But we don’t just leave you with a pile of survey results to sift through and decipher. Our holistic approach arms financial institutions with actionable insight, training, and real-time reporting, so you’ll have everything you need to engage account holders and build a consistent customer experience.

1.800.350.3843 6 | ww m | Summer 2018

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ICBA’S CAPITAL SUMMIT Georgia community bankers gathered in Washington, D.C. April 8-11, 2018 with other community bankers and industry advocates from across the nation for the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) annual Capital Summit. Community bankers held more than 325 meetings with members of Congress and staff during the summit. CBA of GA’s delegation met with Senators Isakson and Perdue, and 11 Representatives or their senior aides in an effort to ensure the regulatory relief bill is passed during session. “We had some very positive, and frankly, candid meetings with members of both Houses,” stated CBA President Rob Braswell. “Many of us felt that it was the most impactful trip to Washington D.C. that we have had in quite some time.” Community bankers from across the nation advocated regulatory relief, modernizing the Bank Secrecy Act, ending credit union tax subsidies, passing a new farm bill, and reforming the housing-finance system.

Attendess from Georgia included Paul Bennett, Chairman of the Board/CEO, Pineland Bank, Alma; Dan Brannan, Partner, James-Bates-Brannan-Groover, LLP, Atlanta; David Coxon, President/CEO, Georgia Primary Bank, Atlanta; Clark Hungerford, EVP, Vinings Bank, Smyrna; Lisa Lane, EVP, James-Bates-Brannan-Groover, LLP, Macon; David Moore, Vice President, ICBA, Southeast Regional Office, Atlanta; Dan Oliver, Chairman of the Board/CEO, Vinings Bank, Smyrna; Bran Thompson, CEO, South Georgia Bank, Glennville; Derek Williams, President/CEO, Century Bank & Trust, Milledgeville; and Rob Braswell, President/CEO and Lori Godfrey, Director of Legislative/Regulatory Affairs, both with Community Bankers Association of Georgia, Atlanta.

​pecial thanks to SHAZAM for sponsoring the Georgia S delegation dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill, and thanks to Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta for hosting dinner at Bobby Van’s.

Su m m e r 2 0 1 8 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 7


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John W. Sillay

Attorney (478) 749-9923

Lyn G. Schroeder

Attorney (404) 978-7810

Summer 2018

Protect Existing Directors and Attract New Talent by Amending Your Articles of Incorporation By John W. Sillay and Lyn G. Schroeder

Each year, the Department of Banking and Finance introduces a housekeeping bill to the General Assembly that is intended to modify statutes applicable to Georgia financial institutions. The Department’s bill typically corrects typographical errors, clarifies existing rules, and updates provisions to account for changes in federal laws and regulations. While this year’s housekeeping bill did contain many of these ministerial updates, it also implemented a new provision which further aligns provisions in the Georgia Financial Institutions Code with the Georgia Corporate Code by enabling financial institutions to provide additional protection to directors from potential personal liability to the institution. Last year, the General Assembly passed House Bill 192, which in pertinent part, amended the Georgia Corporate Code’s standard of care for officers and directors of a corporate entity, including financial institutions. This key legislation was formed in direct response to the Georgia Supreme Court’s landmark decision in FDIC v. Loudermilk, et. al., which held that the business judgment rule protects directors and officers from liability arising out of ordinary negligence, so long as the process through which the directors or officers arrived at their decision was sound and not, in and of itself, negligent. The Corporate Code, as amended by HB 192 mandates that the appropriate standard of care is gross negligence, and establishes certain key presumptions in favor of bank officers and directors. While the passage of this bill was a great victory, qualified individuals remain hesitant to serve on boards of financial institutions with memories of the Great Recession fresh in their minds. Recognizing this hesitancy and the need to attract experienced directors, this year’s housekeeping bill includes a provision that would allow state-chartered financial institutions to further protect their directors from personal liability directly to the institution, with limited exceptions discussed below. This protection can be implemented by including a provision in an institution’s articles of incorporation which exculpates directors from suits initiated directly by the institution. The Financial Institutions Code currently only allows financial institutions to exculpate directors from such suits initiated by shareholders. This is a distinction with a pivotal difference.

In a typical economic environment, suits by an institution against its directors are rare. However, after the Great Recession, these suits became a fairly common occurrence due to the powers of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as the receiver of failed banks. As mentioned above, FDIC v. Loudermilk, et. al. is one of the many examples of a suit by an institution against its directors. While we are hopeful that these suits will again become a rarity, your institution may wish to amend its articles of incorporation in order to further limit the risk your directors assume by virtue of their position. It is important to note that directors cannot be exculpated from liability in the case of: (i) a misappropriation of a business opportunity; (ii) intentional misconduct or knowing violation of law; (iii) unlawful distributions; and/or (iv) receipt of improper personal benefits. These exclusions are contained in the Corporate Code and, accordingly, apply to state-chartered financial institutions and corporations alike. While claims based on one or more of these issue are very rare, it is important to bear in mind that incorporation of an exculpation clause into your articles of incorporation does not serve to exculpate directors from all liability. Even still, the protections provided by the exculpation clause would likely offer significant protections to your existing directors and aide your institution in attracting new talent to your board. Members of your local communities and other business leaders that are hesitant to serve on the board of directors of a financial institution may receive some comfort in the protections provided by such a clause. Governor Deal signed this year’s housekeeping bill into law on May 3, 2018 and the changes contained therein became effective on this date. Because of the significant protections afforded to directors of your institution, it would be wise to engage legal counsel to assist your institution in evaluating the merits of amending its articles of incorporation to include an exculpation clause. If James-Bates-Brannan-GrooverLLP can be of any assistance in this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


“General Counsel Corner,” a recurring column featuring legal news and information of interest to CBA members, is brought to you by James-Bates-Brannan-Groover-LLP. Visit us at



FROM LORI Lori Godfrey Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory relief is on the way for community bankers. While Senate Bill 2155 (S.2155) may not have been everything that bankers wanted, the changes on the way are a welcome relief. S.2155 was passed by the Senate on March 14, 2018, with a vote of 67-31. The House passed the bill on May 22, 2018, with a vote of 258-159. With bi-partisan support on the Senate side, the House had pressure to pass the bill as presented by the Senate without amendments. Then finally on May 24, 2018, President Trump signed the bill into law. A May 8, 2018, article in American Banker stated, in part, “the House has faced increasing pressure from industry representatives and others to leave the Senate reg relief version … untouched”. This pressure is you! Thank you to everyone that joined us in Washington, DC as part of the ICBA Capital Summit in April 2018. Discussions with our Congressmen and Senators were vital in providing insights into the positive impact these measures would have, not only on community banks, but on the legislators’ constituents as well. Thank you to all of our bankers who signed ICBA’s S.2155 petition, as there were more than 10,000 signatures that were sent to the House! Together, we MADE a difference. Key provisions of S.2155 are as follows: • Automatic “qualified mortgage” (QM) status and escrow relief for mortgages held in portfolio; • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) relief for banks

• • • • • •

that originate fewer than 500 mortgages annually; Relief from BASEL III capital rules intended for larger banks; Smarter, risk-targeted examination and risk policies; Volker-Rule exemption; TILA-RESPA relief; Easing restrictions on reciprocal deposits to keep deposits in the community; and Appraisal requirement exemption in areas with a scarcity of licensed appraisers.

One area that is not addressed in S.2155 is anti-money laundering regulations. Reportedly, there are a number of lawmakers that want regulatory relief for Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) rules. BSA rules have become burdensome for banks to comply with and regulators are discussing how to streamline the rules. Of course, we would be supportive of changes and will continue to advocate on your behalf on this topic. We understand the next round of bills that may be introduced into Congress will focus on the capital formation space as opposed to the deregulatory space. Keep using your voices! We need to stay active with our legislators, both at state and federal levels, to ensure we are shaping the future of banking to best serve our customers, shareholders and employees. Until next time,


BANKER REGULATORY FORUM The CBA hosted its 2nd quarter Banker Regulatory Forum, focused on Compliance, on Thursday, May 3, at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon. Bank members and endorsed/ associate members gathered for the interactive forum. The regulators covered their agencies’ hot topics which allowed for productive discussions among the group; and, general questions were later posed from various sources. Topics discussed included changes in OCC exam procedures relating to CRA and flood insurance for fiscal year 2019; beneficial ownership; fair lending with scoping; error resolution concerning UDAAP; Reg E policy reports; discount points on mortgage loans; and, TRID and HMDA. Following lunch with the regulators, the bankers’ only roundtable included a general update from SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FORUMS’ EXCLUSIVE CBA’s President & CEO Rob Braswell and an update on SPONSOR banking-related legal and legislative issues from JamesBates-Brannan-Groover Associate John Sillay. The next Forum will be held at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon on Thursday, August 2, 2018, and will focus on Safety & Soundness. Su m m e r 2 0 1 8 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 9

Correspondent Banking Deposit & Fed Funds Servis1st Access Online Settlement Services International Services De Novo & Escrow Services

Credit Services Participation Loans Holding Company Loans Accommodation Loans Credit Card Services

2500 Woodcrest Place | Birmingham, AL 35209 855.881.0364 | 1 0 | ww m | Summer 2018 Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender


0 1 8 P G 2 A












Record Amount Raised at Leadership Division’s Highest Attended Clay Shoot Held at Albany’s Wynfield Plantation last Thursday, the CBA’s Leadership Division hosted its spring fundraising clay shoot. “We are thrilled by the continued growth of this event and the support of it – by bankers and industry professionals alike,” stated Rob Braswell, President & CEO, CBA of Georgia. “Our First Place team sponsored by Mauldin Place team sponsored by sporting clay shoots continue to be a fun experience for & Jenkins (L-R): Michael Lott, Douglas Second Planters First Bank (L-R): Jeff Wigeveryone involved and we couldn’t be more appreciative of National Bank; Rob Douglas, Mauldin & gins, Cole Leger, Cole Woodroof and Jonathon Guthrie, The Peoples Tommy Clark. In center is their volunthe turnout and support for this worthy cause. Last week’s Jenkins; Bank; and, Thomas Bennett, Pineland fundraiser was the most successful Clay Shoot yet.” Over 70 Bank. In front is their volunteer trapper, teer trapper, Joe Poole. Team’s averbankers and Associate Members came out and helped raise Larry Latson. Team’s average was 77.75. age was 72. money for CBA’s PAC/PR Funds. The CBA maintains the only The day’s highest individual score was 91 shot by Michael Lott, state PAC working exclusively for Georgia’s community banks. Douglas National Bank. The following individuals scored 80 or better: Dave Fain (81); Rusty Trawick(81); Tommy Clark (82); “For several years now we have been a sponsor of the Jonathon Guthrie (81); Thomas Bennett (80); Doug Hall(80). CBA Clay Shoots and it is undoubtedly one of our favorite events. Besides helping with CBA’s PAC fundraising, we Other Prizes: Congratulations to always enjoy the networking, food, raffle prizes and friendly Ty Bettis, Bank of Dawson, Albany, shooting competition,” said Clayton Braswell, President, ATM (pictured right) for being the lucky winner of the Browning Silver Hunter 20-Gauge Response, Clay Shoot Premier Sponsor. Shotgun sold by Red Hills Outdoors in Congratulations go out to our 1st and 2nd Highest Scoring Americus. This event’s raffle sponsor was First State Bank, Wrens. Teams!


12 Gauge Sponsors

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Moore Clarke DuVall Rodgers


a t t o r n e y s


a t

l a w



CBA Celebrates 5th Annual Women In Banking Seminar CBA’s Leadership Division hosted its 5th Annual Women In Banking Seminar to the largest audience since the event’s inception. Attendees enjoyed the informative, educational, encouraging and motivational messages delivered by the event’s speakers: Diane Bogino, President, Performance Strategies, Inc., Atlanta; Sanquinetta Dover, DoverSolutions, Atlanta; Col. Jill Morgenthaler, US Army (Ret.), Chicago, IL; and, Becky McCrary, Greenville, SC. Diane taught everyone time management strategies; Sanquinetta informed the audience on ways to succeed in a multi-generational workforce; Col. Jill encouraged attendees to be powerful in the workplace; and, Becky educated the group on professional image and networking. We are very grateful for the participants as well as the sponsors – events like this would not be possible without them.


Name Badges

Goodie Bags

Su m m e r 2 0 1 8 | G e org i a Com m un i ti es F i rs t | 11





This year’s Spring Regional Luncheon Meetings hosted 200 bankers and associate members in Duluth, Milledgeville and Albany. Shawn Dillon, President, Fitech Payments, covered “Peer to Peer Treasury Strategies” during which bankers got a glimpse into how a $200 million dollar bank was able to out-perform a $25 billion dollar bank in treasury revenue utilizing strategic partnerships in the Merchant Services arena. Chris DiLorenzo’s topic, “Engaging Your Team,” was an energetic session sharing various ways management can engage their team members to ensure success for their institutions. Chris is Principal and Co-Founder of The James Paul Group. “I want to thank Shawn and Chris for their time and outstanding presentations,” stated Rob Braswell, President & CEO of CBA. “Shawn and Chris traveled the state providing extremely helpful, revenueenhancing ideas that will be very beneficial to our bankers as they make key strategic decisions. I think our audiences learned a lot and had a great time too.” “I also want to extend my sincere thanks to Lyn Schroeder, Michael White and John Sillay of James-Bates-Brannan-GrooverLLP, and Tim Veal, Ian Waller, Robbie Eidson and Todd Giddens of Nichols, Cauley & Associates, LLC for their updates and insight during our Banker Peer Group discussions. We had several excellent discussions on a wide variety of topical issues,” stated Braswell. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSOR!

CBA is grateful for the generosity of James-Bates-Brannan-Groover LLP – our Exclusive Spring Meeting Sponsor. Eclipse Branch Transformations Ad (2018-06-01) w Marks.pdf



8:53:19 PM










consulting + design + construction 1 2 | ww m | Summer 2018



2018 PAC/PR GOLF TOURNAMENT WINNERS CBA’s Leadership Division (LD) is one of the most proactive groups in raising funds for the CBA – specifically its Political Action Committee and Public Relations Funds (PAC/PR). Every year, the LD hosts golf tournaments and other events to help raise funds for this worthwhile cause. The CBA maintains the only state PAC working exclusively for Georgia’s community banks. In Duluth, BFS Group, a CBA Endorsed Member, sponsored a Callaway Driver raffle for CBA’s PAC. The driver had been signed by former UGA golf team champion and current PGA Tour golfer Kevin Kisner. The drawing was held at the end of Monday’s Spring Luncheon, and the winner was Chad Wilson, First National Bankers Bank, Marietta. Chuck Sloane, BFS Group, awarded the prize. The golf tournaments were held following the Milledgeville and Albany Spring Regional Luncheon Meetings – The Club at Lake Sinclair and Doublegate Country Club, respectively. Each tournament concluded with a “cookout” during which participants were able to continue conversations, make new friends and, of course, collect their winnings.






1ST PLACE First Place Team with a score of 56 (l-r): Dale Morris, Chris Wright, Alex Jernigan, Erik Bagwell

2ND PLACE Second Place Team with a score of 58 (l-r): Dan Speight, Clayton Braswell, JR Llewellyn, Tony Webb





11stST place PLACE First Place team with a score of 59 (l-r): Chase Harvard, Steven Pruett, Bradley Abell, Sonny Hall

2ND PLACE Second Place team with a score of 61 and after breaking a tie with a scorecard playoff (l-r): David Patterson, Ty Bettis, Joe Schaefer, Alex Jernigan


Su m m e r 2 0 1 8 | G e org i a Com m un i ti es F i rs t | 13



To celebrate its 50th Anniversary Convention, CBA combined the Annual Meeting with the Leadership Division Convention and hosted a homecoming bash at The Grand Hotel Marriott in Point Clear, AL. Emcee’d by CBA Associate Member and long-time friend David Peterson, Chief Strategic Officer, i7strategies, CBA’s 50th Anniversary Convention & Mini-Trade Show boasted family fun, a heartening and uplifting keynote, a scenic 5k/1m run, a fun and hilarious Family Feud game, a merry “band of bankers,” a fundraising auction, cash prizes totaling almost $3,500 and a dance party which included tunes from all five decades of CBA’s organization. As always, networking, making new friends and catching up with old ones was experienced as well. During Saturday night’s Chairmen’s Banquet, a special tribute was made to honor a few friends we’ve lost over the years; and, we honored all our past Presidents/Chairmen and Executives, some of whom were in attendance. We said farewell to the 2017-2018 Chairmen and welcomed the incoming Chairmen. We announced the 2018 Matt McCranie Leadership Division Representative of the Year and the 2018 Leadership Division of the Year. We drew the name of the $5,000 winner for Children’s Healthcare fundraising. And, last but not least, we honored a few CBA team members who are retiring later this year. Friday’s general sessions included “A Conversation with the Regulators” featuring commentary from Mike Dean, Regional Director of the FDIC, Kevin Hagler, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance and Carter Messick, Associate Deputy Comptroller with the 1 4 | ww m | Summer 2018

OCC. Dan Speight, CEO & Sr. Counsel, JamesBates-Brannan-Groover, moderated the panel. Topics discussed included the following: beneficial ownership, customer due diligence, liquidity, loan stacking, legal lending limits, and the philosophy of the new Comptroller of the Currency. Mike Dean also touched on the new FDIC Chairman. Former Arkansas Governor and former Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee enthralled the audience with lessons he learned from his political career and shared his personal insight and tools to becoming a great leader. On Saturday, attendees heard from ICBA’s new President & CEO Rebeca Romero Rainey as she provided an update on ICBA’s efforts on behalf our industry at the federal level. Chris Nichols, Chief Strategic Officer, CenterState Bank, Walnut Creek, CA, presented “Top Ten Trends That Are Transforming Banking.” Simultaneously, external bank directors heard from Lester Murray, Associate Partner, The Baker Group, Oklahoma City, OK, on “Managing Risk for Uncertain Outcomes.” The ever-evolving topic of cybersecurity was covered by Terry McGraw, Vice President of Global Cyber Threat Research and Analysis, SecureWorks, in his session entitled, “Cyber Threats: The Wolves are at Your Door.”







Saturday’s session concluded with an exciting and entertaining game of Family Feud during which CBA pitted its two Executive Committees against each other. The winning team, the Whippersnappers, made up of the Leadership Division Executive Committee and an LD Board Member, donated their $1,500 winnings to Children’s Healthcare. However, in the final lightning round, they did not reach the 200-point goal and, therefore, had to kick off the night’s dance party by doing the Chicken Dance on stage. The festivities were sponsored by CBA Associate Member McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co., LLC. Tony Ussery was on-hand to issue the winning check.

MINI-TRADE SHOW The Mini-Trade Show was a huge success as usual with a maximum of 30 exceptional vendors advertising their beneficial and cost-saving products and services. At the conclusion of the trade show, all bankers turned in their booth cards (denoting they’d visited every booth) for a $250 cash drawing. Maria Bradford, Farmers State Bank, Lincolnton, was the lucky winner. Immediately after the Trade Show, attendees were able to continue conversations during the Networking Break, and then many vendors drew names and gave out many popular, high-end prizes.

sponsored by David Saylor, Owner/Co-Founder, Genesys Technology Group. Derek Williams, Century Bank & Trust, Milledgeville, won $1,000 after Saturday’s “7-Minute Spotlight” presented and sponsored by Dean Grant and Vince Jenkins, GFG Strategic Advisors and Vanbridge, LLC. Elliott Miller, Georgia Banking Company, Atlanta, won Friday’s $500 cash prize, sponsored and presented by Clayton Braswell, ATM Response, Suwanee. Terry Baker, Peach State Bank & Trust Company, Gainesville, won Saturday’s $500 cash prize, sponsored and presented by Matt Mingenback, Fitech Payments, Fort Worth, TX.

5K & FUN RUN The annual PAC/PR fundraising 5K and Kids’ one-mile Fun Run were great fun on Friday afternoon. The trail led participants through an historic neighborhood, passed the Confederate Rest Cemetery and adjacent to The Grand’s Lakewood Golf Course. The event raised an additional $2,500 for CBA’s PAC/ PR. The female and male winners of the 5K were Lindsay Schroeder, 15, and Everett Schroeder, 13. The female and male winners of the Kids’ Fun Run were Rylee Tindall, 7, and Titus Webb, 8. We thank TIB-The Independent Bankers Bank for their premier sponsorship of the 5k & Fun Run as well as the numerous general sponsors.

OTHER GREAT PRIZES Kristi Greer, Oconee State Bank, Watkinsville, won $1,000 in cash after Friday’s “7-Minute Spotlight” presented and

CHAIRMEN’S BANQUET HONOREES The Saturday evening Chairmen’s Banquet truly celebrated the Association’s 50 years by paying tribute to friends past and present and honoring others who have reached milestone years in our industry. CBA also honored the many past Presidents/Chairmen during the banquet and several were in attendance (read more on page 17). The audience also heard “farewell” from outgoing CBA Chairman Scott Tomlinson and LD Chairman Jason Rooks – both with Flint Community Bank, Albany. Incoming CBA Chairman Tim Jones, Citizens Community Bank, Valdosta, and LD Chairman Kristi Greer, Oconee State Bank, Watkinsville, each shared their 2018-2019 plans for their respective Boards and the Association. The evening and convention concluded with a fun and energetic dance party. Many thanks to SHAZAM and Fitech Payments for co-sponsoring such a special evening. (l-r): Tim Jones & Scott Tomlinson; Jason Rooks & Kristi Greer

Su m m e r 2 0 1 8 | G e org i a Com m un i ti es F i rs t | 15



Julian Hester was a former President and long-time CEO of the Association and passed away in the fall of 2001. His wife, Lalia, and daughter, Joy, were not able to attend the convention, but sent a letter on the family’s behalf which was read during the banquet. Excerpt from their letter: “…Those of you who knew Julian Hester know what a thrill it would have been for him to be here with you!... To Julian, banking wasn’t merely a way to make a living. Banking was in his blood. From 1955 until 2001, it was simply a way of life for him.... He genuinely cared about others, and took great pleasure in mentoring and watching young people grow in their banking careers… On Julian’s behalf, we would like to congratulate the Community Bankers Association family for 50 successful years. We also want to thank you for working so hard to continue the legacy that he poured his heart and soul into. We pray that God will bless each of you, and we celebrate the bright future that you have.”


During the Saturday night Chairmen’s Banquet, CBA President & CEO Rob Braswell took a moment to pay tribute to Charlie Curry, First State Bank of Randolph County, Cuthbert. Here is an excerpt from Rob’s tribute: “On February 10th of this year, our dear friend Charlie Curry of First State Bank of Randolph County, passed away. Charlie was a man who dearly loved his family and friends, a true Southern gentleman, and a community banker through and through. In

short, he was the most interesting man in the world – and if I may, the coolest dude I have ever known.” While a collage of photos of Charlie appeared on the screen, Rob announced, “In his memory, I am pleased to announce that CBA has named the Spring Clay Shoot we hold in Albany each year, the ‘Charlie Curry Memorial Clay Shoot’ as a tribute to him. Charlie was an avid hunter and sportsman, and loved to participate in our clay shoots. I think naming the event after him would have made him smile… We love and miss you, Charlie.”


In 2017, the Leadership Division Board of Directors lost one of their own… Matt McCranie. He was new to the Leadership Division and its Board of Directors but had already made a huge impact on the CBA. Corey Gibbs, President & CEO, Community Banking Company of Fitzgerald said of Matt: “Matt truly cared about helping others. He took his position at the bank as an opportunity to do good for anyone…he even took food to some of our customers who were down on their luck…he helped a World War II veteran with all of his VA issues, took him to appointments and made provisions for him to get into a nursing home. He was the ultimate team player as well. I never heard him say ‘no’ to anything that anyone asked him to do at the bank. He was a dedicated husband and father, church member, coach, friend and employee.” It is because of Matt’s nature and good deeds, his hard work and dedication that the LD Board decided to rename the Leadership Division Representative of the Year award to the “Matt McCranie LD Representative of the Year” award.

CONGRATULATIONS! 2018 Matt McCranie Leadership Division Representative of the Year

BRIAN BAZEMORE (l-r): Jason Rooks, LD Chairman; Brian Bazemore, Community Bank of Dublin-Laurens County; CBA President & CEO Rob Braswell 1 6 | ww m | Summer 2018

2018 Leadership Division of the Year

DIVISION 2 (l-r): Jason Rooks, LD Chairman; Division 2 Vice Chairman Michael McGahee, Bank of Camilla; Division 2 Chairman Chip Davis, Family Bank, Pelham; and, CBA President & CEO Rob Braswell



CBA is grateful to all its past Presidents/Chairmen for their leadership, vision, guidance and support. Without them, the Association would not be the success it is today. The founding President was Charles O. Maddox, Jr., whose son, Chris Maddox, was also a past Chairman. The Organizational Meeting of the Initial Board of Directors of Independent Bankers Association of Georgia, Inc. took place in Macon on September 16, 1969. Mr. Maddox called that meeting to order and by due process was officially elected President. He served from 1969 until 1971. Those who followed… (Bolded names indicate attendance at the Convention.) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

R.C. “Neal” Ham, 1971-1973 Clarence McLanahan, 1973-1974 Julius Dodd, Jr., 1974-1976 Ernest C. Vandiver, 1976-1977 F. Everett Williams, 1977-1978 Billy Key, 1978-1979 Julian Hester, 1979-1980 William Coles, 1980-1981 Richard L. Shockley, 1981-1982 Sam C. Smith, 1982-1983 Lewis M. Meeks, 1983-1984 Robert R. Pope, 1984-1985 Carl O. Jones, 1985-1986 Charles R. Lusk, 1986-1987 David K. Hollis, Jr., 1987-1988 H. Lindy Rogers, 1988-1990 Paul Head, 1990-1991 J. Daniel Speight, 1991-1992 Thomas Martin, 1992-1993 Burt Blackmon, 1993-1994 Dean Kuykendall, 1994-1995 Danny Brinks, 1995-1996 Preston Martin, 1996-1997 Emory B. Lewis, 1997-1998 George Leverett, 1998-1999 Phil Jones, 1999-2000 Ronnie Austin, 2000-2001 Preston Conner, 2001-2002 Rett Walker, 2002-2003 Jim Powell, 2003-2004 Tom Caldwell, 2004-2005 Chris Maddox, 2005-2006 Tom Dunlap, 2006-2007 Mary Covington, 2007-2008 Joe Gore, 2008-2009 Derek Williams, 2009-2011 Mark Stevens, 2011-2012 Dan Oliver, 2012-2013 Charlie Curry, 2013-2014 Dale Morris, 2014-2015 Ed Cooney, 2015-2016 Brad Serff, 2016-2017 Scott Tomlinson, 2017-2018

CBA also paid tribute to its long-time Executive, Mrs. Carolyn Brown and to the current Executive, Mr. Rob Braswell, President & CEO, who will retire later this year.

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JB Board Appreciation Reception & Dinner Co-Sponsors

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LEADERSHIP DIVISION BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Community Bankers Association of Georgia’s (CBA) Leadership Division installed its new Board of Directors at the Association’s 50th Anniversary Convention and Mini-Trade Show held June 21-24, 2018, at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL.


Div. 1 Chair: Casey Smith – Calumet Bank, LaGrange

Chair: Kristi Greer – Oconee State Bank, Watkinsville

Vice Chair: Trudy Eller - American Commerce Bank, N.A., Bremen

Chair - Elect: Debra Weil – Community Banking Co. of Fitzgerald 1st Vice Chair: Greg Proffitt – Newton Federal Bank, Covington 2nd Vice Chair: Paul Black – Vinings Bank, Smyrna

Div. 2 Chair: Daniel Lopez - United Community Bank, Jasper

Immediate Past Chair: Jason Rooks – Flint Community Bank, Albany

Vice Chair: Michael Underwood - Peach State Bank & Trust, Gainesville


Vice Chair: Chris Cochran – Affinity Bank, Atlanta

Brian Bazemore – Community Bank of Dublin- Laurens County

Div. 4 Chair: Jonathan Pope – Exchange Bank, Milledgeville

Ryan Budzinsky - Farmers & Merchants Bank, Valdosta

Div. 5 Chair: Michael McGahee – Bank of Camilla

Chip Davis – Family Bank, Bainbridge

Vice Chair: Joey Magaddino – PeoplesSouth Bank, Albany

Lee Dubberly - South Georgia Bank, Glennville

Div. 6 Chair: Thomas Bennett – Pineland Bank, Alma

Dave Fain – Commercial State Bank, Donalsonville

Vice Chair: Jonathon Guthrie – The Peoples Bank, Willacoochee

Kyle Ray – First Bank, Dalton

Div. 3 Chair: Kelly Johnson- The Piedmont Bank, Norcross

Div. 7 Chair: Steven Rigdon - Spivey State Bank, Swainsboro

Lisa Shrader – Citizens Bank & Trust, Trenton Eli Tinsley - Planters First Bank, Cordele

Vice Chair: Jim Cowart - Durden Banking Company, Twin City

Peake Wilson – CBA of Georgia, Atlanta

Ex-Officio: Rob Braswell – CBA of Georgia, Atlanta

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By Peake Wilson, Vice President of Corporate Events & Leadership Division In my years at Community Bankers Association of Georgia, I’ve met some incredible people and have witnessed many communities come together for a greater cause. I’ve been inspired and awed by people at many of our events and fundraisers, but at this year’s 50th Anniversary Convention, I was genuinely moved to tears by the generosity of others. The CBA’s Leadership Division has long been raising funds for Children’s Healthcare…through 2017, the group had collectively raised more than $520,000 since they began their efforts in 1989. This year’s designated beneficiary is Children’s AFLAC Cancer & Blood Disorder Center. Each year, the funds are raised by various means such as personal and bank donations and individual fundraisers a few of our banks sponsor. Another way is through the annual raffle facilitated by the CBA but made successful by the bankers who buy and sell the tickets throughout the year. The raffle tickets are $50 each, and enter the purchasers in a chance to win $5,000. The person who sells the winning ticket receives a $250 award for his/her participation. Once the winners are paid, this effort stands to be the biggest fundraiser of the year netting the Children’s foundation $19,750 (assuming all 500 tickets are sold). The winner is drawn annually at the Convention’s concluding banquet.

$32,000, but that it was only about $1,370 shy of $50,000! Since this was CBA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, we decided we’d do our best to collect the $1,370 (or sell 28 more tickets) that evening and reach $50,000 before the total would be announced during dinner. As the reception started, I began making my way through the crowded ballroom foyer planning to sell tickets by explaining how close we were to $50,000. The first man I approached didn’t even have to think twice about this fundraiser and very quickly said, “The firm will make up that difference, we’ll cut Children’s a check for $1,500.” Well, I was stunned, and, yes, misty-eyed. The new goal of $50,000 had been reached! The man was Dan Speight, CEO and Senior Counsel at James-Bates-Brannan-Groover-LLP, and former CBA President. This was going to be a great evening and so many people would be elated and moved just as I had been. Thank you, Dan, and thank you to the firm.

2 0 | ww m | Summer 2018

Soon it came time for Greg Proffitt, EVP-Chief Operations Officer, Newton Federal Bank, Covington, and this year’s Children’s Fundraising Committee Chair, to make all announcements and draw the raffle winner. I was giddy with excitement and anticipating great applause from the audience as he told them the efforts had hit $50,000 during our 50th Anniversary celebration…it was all very well scripted, and he had the updates… I mentioned earlier that banks sometimes host their own fundraisers within their communities. Earlier in June, Flint Community Bank, Albany, hosted its first ever 5k/Fun Run with all proceeds benefiting the Leadership Division’s chosen charity. This wildly successful fundraiser generated a net of $20,230.75! Wow - that’s not been done before in my years at CBA and many of us, needless to say, were very impressed and so excited to share the news! This amount had already been included in the year’s total, and we had already planned a special presentation for the bank’s convention attendees to present Greg with the check on stage.

This year’s goal was to net $32,000. But, this year was special. When my teammates and I were reconciling the funds collected during the convention and totaling this year’s efforts, even though not all tickets were sold, we realized that not only had the LD surpassed its goal of

Peterson, i7strategies, announced there were still tickets available for purchase and called on the audience to buy now in order to be entered into the $5,000 drawing. At least 25 people got in line and another 30 tickets were sold . . . another $1,500!

A special night indeed; however, the giving did not end there. As our members and their families made their way into the ballroom for dinner, our motivating emcee, David

As Greg was presenting, Flint Community Bank’s attendees joined him on stage. Jason Rooks, Sr. Vice President & Commercial Lending Manager and CBA’s LD Chairman, Scott Tomlinson, CEO and CBA’s Chairman, Frank Griffin, President,


Rick Little, Chairman, and Wayne Damron, Board Member stood on stage awaiting Greg’s cue to present the check for $20,230.75. As Greg was addressing the audience and making his presentation, Wayne leaned over and whispered something to Jason, who then leaned over and whispered something to Greg stunning him and leaving him almost speechless. Then he shared with the audience what had been whispered:

I knelt down beside Jason (already back in his seat) and asked for clarification. When he confirmed what I thought I’d heard Greg say, I couldn’t stop smiling and my eyes refilled with tears. I was in awe once again! The announcements from Greg had continued but honestly, I was barely listening… David had joined Greg on stage to help with the raffle drawing and to announce the $5,000 winner. As my focus turned back to the stage, I heard David announce Greg’s name. Wait, what? You’re kidding me?!

Wayne Damron had just then volunteered to match that amount. Wait, what? You’re kidding me?! The audience cheered and applauded as I hurried to Jason’s table with tears of joy streaming down my face.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, that’s for sure, but I honestly thought they had pulled a fast one and that maybe it was even a joke. They hadn’t. It wasn’t. Greg had legitimately won the $5,000! Plus the $250 for selling the winning ticket! Without missing a beat and with a huge smile on his face, Greg announced that he would donate his winnings back to Children’s Healthcare. Wow! The total is now over $77,000 for the year. Almost $28,500 of that was raised in one evening in a matter of only an hour. As I stated before, I’ve met some incredible people and witnessed many communities come together for a greater cause. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by these amazing people and their generous hearts. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated. This year was special and one we’ll never forget.

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JULY 2018 6 Special Edition:

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10 Auditing Your Loan

Portfolio: Consumer, Commercial & Real Estate


IRA Series: Understanding IRA Beneficiary Designations, Death Distributions & Required Minimum Distributions

12 Maintaining Required FDIC Records: Compliance, Issues & Retention

13 Special Edition: Handling

Federal Benefit Payments: Protections, POA’s, Delinquency & Death (Morning Webinar)


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Using Deposit & Brokerage Accounts to Reduce Loss Risk

3 Special Edition: Regulatory

Relief Act (S. 2155): Changes & Impacts to Community Banks (Morning Webinar)

AUGUST 2018 7 Cyber Series: Expanding &

Improving Your Required IT Risk Assessment Program

8 CECL: Making Strategic

Decisions Regarding Methodologies, Processes & Governance

9 Commercial Loan

Application Danger Zones

14 Fair Lending Comparative File Review

15 Marketing Series:

Advertising & the New Media Mix: What’s Right for Your Bank?

16 Final Preparation for

CFPB’s TRID Amendments, Effective October 1, 2018

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Checks: Regulations & Legal Concerns

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OCTOBER 2018 16 Payment Systems Rules & Regulations for ACH, Cards, Wires & Checks

17 Understanding Title

Insurance Policies, Commitments & ALTA Endorsements

14 New BSA Officer Training: Requirements & Real-Life Scenarios

19 Marketing Series:

Measuring the ROI of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Diligence, Contracts, Risks & Oversight

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23 Roles, Responsibilities &

Liabilities of Community Bank Directors

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29 Special Edition: Stop

Payment Versus Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD): Which Is It?

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26 Compliance Officer

Training: Risk Assessments, Monitoring & Testing

27 IRA Series: IRA

Conversions, Recharacterizations & Excess Contributions

OCTOBER 2018 2 Proper Preparation of the TRID Loan Estimate & Closing Disclosure

3 The Fair Labor Standards

Act: Dos & Don’ts of Exempt & Nonexempt Pay Issues

4 Medallion & Signature

NOVEMBER 2018 1 Analyzing Common TRID Compliance Violations

Opening Accounts for Nonresident Aliens

12 Special Edition:

Commercial Real Estate Basics: Multi-Family, Commercial Rentals, Hotels (Morning Webinar)

30 Special Edition: New Focus on In-House Real Estate Evaluations (Morning Webinar)


Improving Teller Performance: Head Teller Development


Cyber Series: Compliance Questions & Issues in Deploying Mobile Remote Deposit Capture


Auditing for HMDA Compliance, Including New Data Collection Rules

11 Call Report Series:

Improving Efficiency in Call Report Preparation: Documentation, Accuracy & Common Errors

12 Your Depositor Has Died:

Actions to Take, Mistakes to Avoid

13 Dealing with Joint Signers

in Consumer & Real Estate Lending

18 Handling Government

7 ACH Liabilities &

19 Closing or Changing

8 Consumer Debt Series:

20 BSA Officer Reports to the

13 Special Edition: How to

Director Series webinars are scheduled from 11:00 am -12:30 pm EST


Mortgage Lender Training Part 3: Mortgage Life-ofLoan: Decision-Making, Appraisals, Post-Closing Requirements

Most webinars are scheduled from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST unless otherwise indicated. Please visit for webinar details.


IRA Series: Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes

& Other Nonprofit Organizations

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11 Mortgage Lender Training Part 2: Mortgage Lifeof-Loan: Processing, Underwriting & Notices

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29 Your Borrower Has Died:

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18 Cyber Series: Cyber

18 Call Report Series: Call

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Monday-Tuesday, August 13-14, 2018, DoubleTree Suites-Galleria, Atlanta The role of the bank CFO, controller, treasurer or cashier is tougher than ever. Financial strategies are continually evolving in an effort to determine the best path for achieving earnings. Whether it is growing your loan portfolio or simply finding new fee income, the challenge to create acceptable ROA and ROE performance is as difficult as we have seen for nearly 20 years. We invite you to join us for the 2018 CFO & Financial Officers Conference which is designed to provide strategic insights and critical industry updates you need to lead your community bank to success. Our impressive line-up of local and national experts will provide presentations on regulatory changes,

accounting principles, interest rate risk, capital planning, and other relevant topics. Participants will gain a wide variety of information on topics that community bank chief financial officers have repeatedly requested, and return to the bank ready to implement newly found ideas and knowledge. CFOs, CEOs, CPAs, Bank Directors, Controllers, Investment Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Cashiers, Treasurers and Senior Bank Management will all benefit from this one-of-a-kind conference. To register, visit or contact the CBA Education Department. CPE credits are available upon request.

After a day of learning, The Baker Group will be hosting a reception and then the first 40 registered bankers are invited to enjoy an evening at SunTrust Park as the Atlanta Braves take on the Miami Marlins at 6:35 p.m. The reception, game tickets and a meal credit to any of the many food options at SunTrust Park are all compliments of The Baker Group.

Featured Speakers & Topics “Investment Strategy & Security Selection for Each Rate Environment” Ryan Hayhurst, Managing Director, The Baker Group

“BOLI- The Most Misunderstood Revenue Generator” John Gianacaci, Regional Managing Director, BFS Group

“US & Georgia Economic Update” Dr. Lindsey Piegza, Chief Economist & Managing Director, Stife

“New Tax Law Impact” Robert Stevens, CPA, Elliott Davis

“FHLB Atlanta Update” Kevin Wykoff, VP, Regional Sales Coordinator: GA, SC, VA, MD, DC, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

2 4 | ww m | Summer 2018

Scott Brennan, FVP & Director of Sales, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

“Myths & Opportunities in CECL’s Forecasting Requirement” Garver Moore, Advisory Services Group, Sageworks

“Is Your Core Working for You?” David Saylor, President & Founder, Genesys Technology Group, LLC


“Liquidity and Funds Management Panel Discussion” Moderator Robert Stevens, CPA, Elliott Davis LLP

Kevin Hagler, Commissioner, Georgia Dept. of Banking & Finance

Dale Sheller, Vice President, The Baker Group

Todd Makant CFO, Vinings Bank

Whalen J. Kuller, Partner, Hartman, Simons & Wood LLP

A representative from the FDIC will also join the panel discussion.

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July 31-Aug. 3 Aug. 13-14 Aug. 20-21 Aug. 23-24 Sept. 20-21 Sept. 25-27 Oct. 1-5 Oct. 16-18 Oct. 22-25

Advanced Bank Secrecy Act Officer School - St. Simons Island CFO / Financial Officers Conference Atlanta Bank Directors’ Conference - Lake Oconee 3rd Annual Cyber Risk Summit - Savannah 5th Annual Bank Security Conference Braselton Bank Secrecy Act Officer School – The Basics - Atlanta Commercial Lending School - Atlanta Operations/Fraud Prevention School Young Harris Compliance Lending School | St. Simons Island



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Monday-Tuesday, August 20-21, 2018, Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, Greensboro A well-trained Board of Directors who is aware of the industry’s changing environment, new bank regulations, technological innovations and risk management is critical to ensure the success of the bank. Regardless of whether you have served on a board for years or are new to the board, this one-of-a-kind conference will help you stay informed as well as help you meet your required board training. This year’s Bank Directors’ Conference will be held in two-half day sessions and is designed for both inside and outside bank directors, chairmen, CEOs and senior management. Register today and come network with peers while hearing national and local experts discuss hot topics that will help you adapt to

today’s banking environment. To register, visit www.cbaofga. com or contact the CBA Education Department. The CBA has held a block of hotel rooms at the discount rate of $239. The deadline to receive this rate is Friday, July 20, 2018 or until the room block is full. To make a hotel reservation at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, please contact the resort at (800) 944-5884 by referencing CBA’s Bank Directors’ Conference. For CBA assistance, please contact Jodi Swilley at, or Donna Coutant at We look forward to seeing you at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Reynolds on Monday & Tuesday, August 20-21, 2018. CPE credits are available upon request.



“Preserving Independence: The Role of the Board of Directors” & “Securities Trading and Liquidity: Understanding How to Help Shareholders”

“Director Duties: Creating Value for Your Organization” & “Secrets of Buying, Selling and Remaining Independent”

Mark Kanaly, Partner & Chair of Banking Practice, Alston & Bird LLP, Atlanta

Philip Smith, President, Gerrish Smith Tuck, PC, Consultants and Attorneys, Memphis, TN “The Federal Tax Cut – The New Status Quo”

“CDARS and ICS Deposit Programs” Danny Capitel Regional Director, Promontory Interfinancial Network, Atlanta

Rob Schwarzman, CPA & Tax Partner, Porter Keadle Moore, LLP, Atlanta

Nadine Adams, CPA & Senior Tax Manager, Porter Keadle Moore, Atlanta

Session I: Monday, August 20th 1:00 p.m. Registration 1:30 p.m. Program 4:30 p.m. Reception 5:30 p.m. Dinner at Your Leisure Session II: Tuesday, August 21th 7:00 a.m. Networking Breakfast 8:00 a.m. Program 11:30 a.m. Adjourn

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Meeting community bank decision makers at a CBA program is the perfect way to develop new business leads and strengthen customer relationships. If you want to target CFOs, CEOs, BSA Officers, Operations/IT Officers, sponsorships are still available for the following programs: •

11th Annual Advanced BSA Officer School, King & Prince Resort, St. Simons, 7/31 to 8/3

CFO & Financial Managers Conference, Atlanta, 8/13-14

Bank Directors’ Conference, The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, 8/20-21

3rd Annual Cyber Risk Summit, Westin Savannah, 8/23-24

Bank Security Conference, Chateau Elan, Braselton, 9/20-21

Operations/Fraud Prevention School, Brasstown Valley Lodge, Young Harris, 10/16-18

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ongratulations to the four winners of the 2018 Julian & Jan Hester Memo¬rial Scholarship! Each winner will receive $1,000 to attend a Georgia college, university or technical school of their choice. Applications were submitted to the Association through CBA member banks. The scholarship is named for the late Jan Hester, daughter of Lalia and the late Julian Hester, longtime CEO of the CBA. The scholarship program began in 1991 and is based on merit. To compete, students must write a short essay on the

characteristics of a community bank, and the continuing benefits they offer to their home communities. In addition to supporting community banking, this scholarship fund is an opportunity to pass on the positive qualities both Julian & Jan Hester exemplified. “CBA is proud of these four students and wish them well as they continue to further their education,” stated Rob Braswell, President & CEO of CBA. “Each winner demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and community service. This was no

Daniel Hope

University of Georgia

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Megh Mehta

Fresh Look. Familiar Service. Our community’s needs are evolving, and so are we. That’s why you’ll see some new things — like a refined mission to create remarkable experiences for you and a new look that captures fresh momentum and growth — alongside familiar things, like the cupola that symbolizes 57 years of working side by side with you toward your goals.

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Terri Bunten Guthrie Dr. Don Sabbarese First Landmark Bank Kennesaw State University | 706.769.6611 Marietta (ret.) You can still count on us. But you can grow with us, too.

Member FDIC

Elyse Kellert CBIZ Atlanta

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Piedmont College

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easy task for the judges, who took their responsibility very seriously. The quality of applications was extraordinary with students who excelled in academics, athletics, community involvement and more – really an impressive group of high school seniors. Thanks to the generosity of our bankers and associate members, the Education Foundation is fully funded which means the Scholarship Program is completely self-sufficient, giving support to generations of Georgia’s students in the future,” explained Mr. Braswell.

Paul Black Vinings Bank Smyrna

Matthew Merck

Georgia Institute of Technology Sponsored by:


We take the guesswork out of high-risk vendor evaluations and contract negotiations. Assess


This is not “cookie cutter” consulting. Our team of professionals will help you assess your current technology and build out a custom project plan that meets your goals and objectives.

Due diligence on mission-critical systems and vendors can be a time consuming process. We manage the process from start to finish and provide peace of mind.



We do this every day so you don’t have to. Pricing and contract negotiations can be a shot in the dark. Lean into our expertise to make the most of this critical initiative.

We audit everthing for accuracy before you execute your final contract. We also stay with you for 12 months to audit your invoices and troubleshoot billilng errors.

Bank technology consulting that pays for itself. Visit |

Call | (770) 729-4140

Email |

A community bank’s trusted ally for over a century.

First Tennessee Correspondent Services offers a range of robust financial and business solutions to support community banks. When you work with First Tennessee, you’ll get the personal attention that has made us a continuous provider of correspondent services for over 100 years.

TALK TO A RELATIONSHIP MANAGER ABOUT YOUR BANK’S NEEDS. CALL 800-453-7686 OR EMAIL CORRESPONDENTSERVICES@FTB.COM Holding Company Loans | Fed Funds | Letters of Credit | International Services Image Cash Letter | Settlement Services | Commercial Safekeeping ©2018 First Tennessee Bank National Association operating as First Tennessee Bank and Capital Bank. Member FDIC.





In this issue, CBA is pleased to feature Matt Mingenback, Director of Sales for Fitech Payments in Fort Worth, Texas. CBA invited Matt to participate in a Q & A so you can learn more about this Endorsed Member Company and a little more about Matt. Matt Mingenback

Tell us about Fitech Payments and your role with the company: Fitech is more than just a merchant services provider – we are your partner and we strive to be an extension of your community bank. Our company was built on the belief that immeasurable value still exists in personal relationships. We apply this belief to every bank partnership and every individual bank customer we support. At Fitech, we Horseback riding in Gunnison appreciate community banks and recognize that each one has different needs. My role as Director of Sales is to bring those values and services to potential bank partners through our involvement with CBA. How do you help Georgia’s Community Banks? We place tremendous value in personal relationships by offering continual support from the very beginning. We understand your needs and provide industry education, training and support, to help you develop growth plans. Fitech takes the time to train all front-line staff as well as your lenders and cash management representatives. We also add value to your products and build excitement throughout your entire Catch of the day in Kodiak organization via industry related training, tailored specifically for your bank audience.

What’s new? Any hot products? Something that is really hot right now is Bank Core Integration. By integrating into the core, banks are centralizing their data so they can comprehensively see what is going on with every single account. Once bankers integrate third party data into the core they are able to monitor business customers and The Mingenback Family observe how much volume their merchants are processing, how much revenue the bank is earning from those transactions, and what that customer is paying for merchant services. Interesting facts about you – Education, family, hobbies, etc. Kansas State Alum with a Bachelors in Public Relations. Moved to Ft. Worth, TX in 2005 and began my career in sales. My wife Brooke and I just celebrated our 10-year anniversary and we have 3 kids under 7, Georgia, Bowen, and Rosie. Sharing a wave!

What do you do for fun outside of work? A couple of my hobbies include wakeboarding, biking, coaching t-ball, fishing and hunting.

For more information on Fitech, contact Matt at 817.698.2268 or

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Your core vendor relationship is the most critical vendor relationship in your bank. Your choices are limited in the market, and the grass is not always greener on the other side of a conversion. If you are within two years of your contract expiration, it is time to start thinking about when and how to approach your next round of renewal negotiations. Whether you run your core in-house or outsource it, you need a game plan. Let’s take a look at six key objectives your bank should consider in putting together its next renewal game plan.

vendor and determine which areas are “high growth” systems. Pay particular attention to the systems you have procured over the last term of your agreement. Areas of focus should include online systems, mobile banking, fraud/alert systems, remote deposit capture and payment systems. Also, are there systems you no longer need and any costly thirdparty integrations? Integration is expensive, and you should negotiate these fees down or try to consolidate relationships where possible.

Length of Term and Renewal Term We recommend that you start with a five-year term, which is just the right amount of leverage to gain savings but not get eaten alive with termination fees if you sell the bank midterm. Start with three or five years and only increase the term when the timing is right. NEVER go out beyond seven years... ever. Shoot for one-year on your renewal term but accept no more than three-years.

New Products and Services A solid game plan includes the addition of new services. Bundle new services and negotiate significant reductions in their one-time and monthly fees. The more services you add, the more value you build with your vendor. Only commit to what you can install within the first 24 months of your new agreement. Pay close attention to the wording in the contract that speaks to clawing back incentive dollars in the event of termination and the timeline you are under before billing occurs.

Co-Term Agreements To achieve this objective, you will need a vendor dashboard. Your dashboard should outline and identify each of your high-risk vendor relationships. Map your contract(s) to a spreadsheet describing the service, vendor name, non-auto renewal notification requirements, effective date, and end of the term of your agreement(s). Contact your account rep(s) and confirm you have the right information. Once complete, you have everything you need to understand how to co-term all of the associated vendor agreements. Your core contract should be the anchor point, and it can take years to complete a co-term initiative. Make the commitment and start today. Vendor Consolidation Managing high-risk vendors is hard, so deal with as few as possible. Take a look at your dashboard and determine if you are interested in consolidating any of the relationships. If so, build time into your game plan to allow for due diligence on the systems associated with the consolidation initiative. Renewal negotiations are the perfect time to shrink your “vendor sandbox” and maximize economies of scale. Renegotiate Price Your game plan should include your expectations as it relates to the overall savings you wish to acheive. It is almost impossible to benchmark what you pay versus your peers, so don’t go there. Look at your overall monthly spend with that 3 2 | ww m | Summer 2018

Negotiate Key Terms and Conditions There are many hidden landmines in your contract. If your agreement is silent on any significant term or condition listed below, tie them down! Your contracts should line up to your organizations strategic goals and the following items should be on your radar. Key Terms and Conditions for Mission Critical Systems • •

• • • • • •

Term/Renewal Term/ Notifications Termination Fees • Liquidated Damages • Conversion of Legacy Data • Deconversion Fees (include three file cuts) • Holdover Premium Federal/State Laws Changes to Services Transition Services Problem Reporting/ Resolution Training Fee Increases

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Payment/Billing Errors Limitation of Liability Termination for Breach Governing Law/ Arbitration Credits/Incentives Audits Merger/Acquisition Travel Expenses/ Standard Hourly Rates Commencement Exclusivity Client Obligations Sub-Contracting Service Level Agreements GLBA

MEMBER SERVICES Dust off your agreement and find each of these items or get help if you need it. Ask your account rep if the renewal will be on “new paper” or an “amendment” to the existing agreement. New Paper means you are starting from scratch, so ask for boilerplate agreements as soon as possible. Amendments usually change some language in the existing agreement and spell out new pricing. In either situation, submit your revisions early in the process while you still have leverage. Be specific with your requests and pay special attention to termination fees. Putting it all Together Your renewal game plan is sitting right in front of you. All of the data you need to make wise and informed decisions is at your

fingertips. Start early, get organized, have a plan, and engage your vendors with enough time to cover all the bases. After all, you only get to do this once every five years or so. For more information, contact David Saylor at 770-729-4140 or david@

David Saylor President & Founder Genesys Technology Group A CBA Endorsed Member Company

ORDER YOUR 2018 GEORGIA FINANCIAL DIRECTORY The 2018 Georgia Financial Directory is here and all CBA bank members and associate members should have received their complimentary copy. The directory is your complete resource within the Georgia financial industry and contains information on banks, holding companies, banking products and services, and more. Need an extra copy for your office or sales team? Contact Lindsay Greene at (770) 541-0376 or


ASSOCIATE MEMBERS! The Community Bankers Association of Georgia (CBA) would like to welcome new Associate Members who were recently approved by the CBA Board of Directors. Throughout the year, CBA’s Board approves quality vendors who provide products and services to CBA members. Make sure your vendors are CBA members – please refer any potential Associate Members to Lindsay Greene at

7(A) Funding Group, LLC Mr. Tony Brevard Alternate Funding Atlanta, GA

GT Solutions Mr. Scott Gant Bank Equipment Services Gardendale, AL

Market Valuation Services Ms. Donna Stephens Real Estate Services Cumming, GA

Cornerstone Commercial Mortgages Mr. Gary Thrower Commercial Mortgage Lender Milledgeville, GA

Gulf Coast Business Credit Ms. Rochinda Archuleta Alternative Funding Austin, TX

Mather Economics Mr. Matt Lindsay Bank Consulting Atlanta, GA

Integration 4.0 Inc. Mr. Shane Beaty Cumming, GA Real Estate Information

NXG Strategies Ms. Lisa Harden Identity & Data Security Franklin, TN

InVesta Services Mr. Ryan Ramsey Real Estate Investing Atlanta, GA

P2Binvestor Ms. Krista Morgan Alternative Funding Denver, CO

Joan Netzel Consulting Ms. Joan Netzel Consulting Tucker, GA

Quantum Banking Mr. Andrew Russell Technology Solutions Jacksonville, FL

FIG Partners LLC Mr. Matt Hobert Atlanta, GA Investment Banking Finosec Mr. Zach Duke Security Consulting Alpharetta, GA

Strategic Resource Management Mr. Sean Flynn Bank Management Services Memphis, TN SysArc Infomatix Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Anand Arunachalam Computer Software Richardson, TX Top Flite Funding, Inc. Ms. Libby Benson Mortgage Services Boardman, OH Wolters Kluwer Mr. Terrence Sadowski Austin, TX Financial Software

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Whether we like it or not, there are some immutable truths in this fickle world of ours that simply can’t be denied; like water running downhill. When it comes to the bank’s investment portfolio, the immutable truth we’re all living with these days is the inverse relationship between interest rates and bond prices. When interest rates rise, bond prices fall. Water runs downhill. Nobody likes it, but, some are better prepared for it than others. With the Fed having already instituted a handful of rate hikes and the prospect for a few more almost a certainty, portfolio managers are seeing the value of their holdings decline as, for some, the level of market value depreciation becomes uncomfortably high. No one enjoys watching the value of their assets decline, but market risk is, and always has been, an element of portfolio management. No one is immune to it. Why is it then, that declines in valuations are so often accompanied by increases in hand-wringing? Banks buy securities in order to have earning assets, and whether securities have an unrealized gain or an unrealized loss, they are still assets and they are still earning. Perhaps blinded by shiny yields, the security selection process may have failed to identify undesirable characteristics, like cash-flow volatility, that can accelerate price depreciation in the face of rising rates. How Much Risk Is Too Much? Some portfolio managers seem less stressed-out by rising rates and falling values than others. Does that mean they’re happy about their bonds being underwater? Probably not, but they also know it’s not the end of the world. They know that because, as part of their portfolio management process, they gave some thought to their portfolios’ role and along with that, their own appetite for risk. Are they all loaned-up and just need a liquidity buffer or a temporary parking place until loans are funded? Or, is loan demand weak and investments are required to be primary income generators? Does the bank have large volumes of public deposits that require certain types of securities for collateral? How well is the bank capitalized and what other Interest rate risk exposure is present? Is asset quality an issue? The result of such introspection will hopefully help answer a key question: “How much risk is the right risk for my bank?” The answer is not the same for everyone. With the analytical tools available these days, portfolio managers can estimate

3 4 | ww m | Summer 2018

with surprising accuracy the price volatility of individual items or an entire portfolio. Having that ability doesn’t prevent price depreciation, but it does prevent it from being an unpleasant surprise, and that prevents a lot of hand-wringing. The Cash Flow Defense Once it is determined how much market risk can be comfortably tolerated, the security selection process actually becomes simpler. You’ve identified your pain threshold and can now apply your analytical techniques to measure what kind of exposure your various alternatives might bring with them. Those alternatives can now be judged on the basis of their contribution to, or mitigation of, depreciation risk. For those who have taken these steps, downturns in the market do not induce panic. Rather than lament the price depreciation wrought by higher market rates, portfolio managers know their efforts to create and maintain a steady stream of stable cash flow will now be rewarded. This cash flow line-of-defense is beneficial in two ways. Its source represents a diminution, in the case of amortizing securities, of assets with below-market values. These funds now become the transactional ammunition with which to replace loweryielding “underwater” assets with higher-yielding, currentmarket bonds. Depreciation is reduced and yield is increased. This won’t happen unless care is taken to identify and acquire along the way, the kinds of securities that will provide this valuable cash flow just when it is most needed. Remember what your father told you; defense wins championships. Lester Murray joined The Baker Group in 1986 and is an Associate Partner within the firm’s Financial Strategies Group. He helps community financial institutions develop and implement investment and interest rate risk management strategies. Contact: 800-937-2257,

Lester Murray Associate Partner The Baker Group A CBA Endorsed Member Company



Millions of times each day cybercriminals are plotting to steal personal information and profit from their dark deeds. As a trusted advisor how can your financial institution don a cape and rescue your account holders from these cyber villains? Identity Crime is Lurking Around Every Corner More than 10 billion records have been compromised in over 8,000 data breaches that have been made public since 20051. Due to the frequency of data breaches, it is easier than ever for cyber villains to purchase PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to commit identity fraud, and PII is cheaper than it has been in the past. This monetization of stolen information is rampant on the Dark Web, the non-indexed reaches of the internet where criminals buy and sell PII daily on a black market. In fact, a cybercriminal can purchase a Total Identity, complete with usernames and passwords, for as little as $1,2002! The average cost of PII on the Dark Web: • Social Security number $1 • Email Login $2 • Credit Card $10 • Date of Birth $11 • Driver’s License $20 • Fullz Information $30 • US Passport $63 • Online Banking Details $160 Save the Day with a Robust Identity Fraud Solution Since the Equifax data breach in 2017, the marketplace has been flooded with offers of “free” one-time scans, scores, and other services from third-party companies. Yet, these solutions leave it up to the individual to actually recover from fraud on their own, which can be devastating. Industry statistics3 show that consumers would prefer to obtain identity protection services from their financial institution which they already trust with their sensitive information and

from which they know they can receive personalized help. The need for identity fraud protection in the era of the data breach represents an untapped opportunity for banks to fill this void. It can also represent an opportunity for new non-interest income that can help to offset the bank’s fraud losses. No matter the size of your financial institution, you can have a team of professional identity fraud research and remediation professionals standing by on call to rescue your account holders from the devastating effects of identity theft. You can also make available free fraud monitoring services to keep your customers vigilant to current threats and reduce your institution’s fraud risk at the same time. By offering identity protection services, you can enhance your existing account offerings, increase customer loyalty, and better protect your communities and your financial institution. The Villains are hard at work, is your financial institution prepared to save the day? Coauthored by Sally King, Co-Founder and Managing Director, NXG Strategies, and Bernie Unterreiner, CEO Preferred Specialty Solutions Inc. and NXG Strategies Official Marketing Partner. If you are interested in learning how you can have a robust identity fraud protection program that is a win-win for you and your customers, ask NXG Strategies for a no-obligation webinar. Please contact:;

Sally King

Bernie Unterreiner

Co-Founder & Managing Director NXG Strategies A CBA Associate Member

Official Marketing Partner NXG Strategies A CBA Associate Member Top 10 VPN’s Dark Web Market Price Index for February 2018 3 Identity Theft Resource Center - The Impact of Cybersecurity Incidents on Financial Institutions 2018 White Paper 1 2

Su m m e r 2 0 1 8 | G e org i a Com m un i ti es F i rs t | 35


FINANCIAL SERVICES SECTOR RELIES ON THREAT INTELLIGENCE TO FIGHT CYBERCRIME Financially motivated cybercriminals never rest, neither can you. Last year, banks, credit unions, and financial services firms experienced an uptick in attacks involving social engineering, ATM and point-of-sale malware, extortion and credentialstealing malware. Big banks aren’t the only targets. Trends in the financial services space have led to increased threats against online lenders, alternative payment providers and small and mid-size firms1. According to the Ponemon Institute’s “2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis,” it took an average of 191 days to identify and 66 days to contain the attacks analyzed in the report2. According to our Secureworks™ 2018 Incident Response Incidents Report3, for the nearly 1,000 Incident Response (“IR”) engagements we were involved in during 2017, advanced threats went undetected for an average of 380 days. The last thing your Board of Directors wants to hear is that an advanced persistent threat has been working its malicious magic undetected, enabling cybercriminals to commit fraud and steal data. Your customers won’t like it either. There isn’t enough time or staff to address every conceivable threat yet your security-focused IT teams know it’s a matter of when, not if, a security breach will occur. Prevention is the ultimate goal, but the constant barrage of threats and security-related incidents make timely detection, rapid containment and complete remediation, vital to the integrity of your business. IT security teams need to fully exploit tailored threat intelligence to make smart decisions about where, when and how to apply security resources. With timely, relevant and contextual insight into the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) cybercriminals use to target the financial services sector, you can better align security defenses with your budget. Tailored threat intelligence can bring you several key advantages in the ongoing battle against cybercrime. First and foremost, you will see ahead of time which attack scenarios are most likely to be launched against your company and why. You can prevent cyberattacks from escalating when you understand how threat actors may target your organization. Having the latest threat intelligence will help you detect

the threat actor’s tradecraft, conduct timely and effective incident response, and eradicate the adversary from your environment thereby limiting damage. In an attempt to stay ahead of advanced adversaries, you must also focus on early warnings of compromise. This requires a powerful combination of threat intelligence, security expertise and technology. Some threat actors will steal employee credentials and immediately move to your remote access solution (VPN) as their primary access vector. They become difficult to track by appearing to be legitimate users and relying on the organization’s native infrastructure rather than their own tools and malware. Endpoint and network visibility are critical requirements for detection, as without these, threat actors seem to disappear. Security intelligence analysis and incident response must become a daily habit, and you will need a single pane of glass through which you can see and interpret the threat data on your network. Look to apply broad and deep security logging, advanced endpoint detection and rigorous network protection combined with accurate and tailored threat intelligence. These activities will enable the detection of malware and other malicious activity as well as help you recognize attacker behaviors and other indicators of compromise that are harder to detect. Most importantly, be sure to regularly test your Incident Response planning. This will help you detect, contain and eradicate the threat actors working against you. Authored by Spencer Ingram, Vice President Service Delivery, Secureworks. For more, please contact Christy Wicker at 404-486-4443 or cwicker@

Christy Wicker

Security Specialist Secureworks A CBA Endorsed Member Company

“Financial Institutions on High Alert for Major Cyber Attack;” by Warwick Ashford; ComputerWeekly; Feb. 16, 2016; http://www.computerweekly. com/news/4500272926/Financial-institutions-on-high-alert-for-major-cyber-attack 2 Ponemon Institute, 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, June 2017. 3 Secureworks 2018 Incident Response Insights Report, 1

3 6 | ww m | Summer 2018

Enhance your revenue. Improve your bottom line.




COMPANIES ACG | Refurbished ATMs/Currency Counting Phil Winn | | (770) 442-9800

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Harland Clarke | Check Program Ryan Busenitz | | (678) 595-0625 Investment Professionals, Inc. (IPI) | In-Bank Retail Investment Services William J Lavender | | (210) 288-1981

For more information on these providers, special discounts for CBA member banks, or to learn about the endorsement process, contact Lindsay Greene at (770) 541-0376 or Su m m e r 2 0 1 8 | G e org i a Com m un i ti es F i rs t | 37


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