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Patea & Waverley Press Te Karere o Patea me Te Wairoaiti

August 2018

Circulating in Patea, Waverley, Waitotara and surrounding districts

Ngati Ruanui purchasing Patea Medical Centre It’ll be business as usual for Patea patients with the added benefit of regular on-site doctors as Ngati Ruanui purchases the Patea Medical centre. Ngati Ruanui Holdings Limited will take over on August 1 2018. The former owners, Patea and District Community Medical Trust 2000 (Patea Medical Trust), have struggled to locate a permanent doctor for the rural community since the last doctor left on Friday June 30, 2017. Ngati Ruanui Holdings chairwoman Debbie Ngarewa-Packer says this is part of an overall economic investment strategy. “We’re investing in our people and the Patea community. This acquisition will provide health certainty and wellbeing for all residents of Patea.” A mixture of Ngati Ruanui doctors and locums will begin working in Patea, ensuring there is a permanent team of doctors providing back up and support. “It also builds on our existing strategy of having a healthy productive, innovative, export-orientated regional economy that will support better paying jobs and better quality of life,” she says. “We provide a technologically advanced STEAM programme to youth, are establishing an innovative berry food business to provide highly sort-after skills and employment and have a virtual health model partnership with Dr Lance O’Sullivan (MaiHealth).” The MaiHealth virtual doctor network was implemented in 2017, when Patea residents needed access to care. The structure has worked for patients with straightforward medical needs, organising same day scripts through a simple online system. Patients needing more thorough medical attention have been travelling as far as Hawera and Whanganui for treatment when a doctor has not been available. MaiHealth will continue to stand as a separate service. “We’re looking forward to providing a range of services in South Taranaki; bringing the services to the rural areas, where they’re needed,” Ngarewa-Packer says. Ngati Ruanui believes it is critical to invest in social and economic wellbeing through our people, says Haimona Maruera, Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui Trust. “I’m proud to be born and raised in Patea, it’s a community of stamina, resilience and huge talent so it’s exciting to be at this stage.” Patea Medical Trust chair Brett Honeyfield believes the move is the best possible outcome for all parties. “Now that we’ve found someone who wants to run a medical practice in Patea, we are confident this is going to be to the benefit of the community here,” Honeyfield says. The original Trust formed to purchase the practice from a private GP in 1991. The practice was purchased using community donations. The Trust spent the next 9 years working voluntarily to keep doctors in the town and in 2000 a new, charitable, Trust was formed and continued that work. In recent years the challenge to find and keep a GP in Patea has proven extremely difficult. Honeyfield considers that the supervision requirements for overseas qualified practitioners exclude many good doctors, and that the lack of back-up and collegial support available to a sole-charge doctor in a small town to be off-putting to potential candidates. This is where Ngati Ruanui taking over is of great benefit as they have the ability to provide that supervision and support. “We all share strong community objectives. Ngati Ruanui want to be here helping the people of Patea and finding people wanting to do that without a sole focus on financial gain has always been the biggest challenge.”

TSB Community Trust boundary change to go ahead

After a long process - over seven years – the wait is finally over with TSB Community Trust getting the go ahead to consider funding applications from eligible community organisations in Patea, Waverley and surrounding area. Approval to amend the Deeds of both TSB Community Trust and Whanganui Community Foundation was given by the Hon Dr David Clark on 13 July 2018, as requested by the entities. The Deed changes mean the TSB Community Trust’s southern boundary will be aligned to the South Taranaki District Council Boundary, effective from 19 July 2018. The communities' requests to be included in the Trust’s area date back ten years. Then in 2011 a group of Patea community representatives attended the Trust's annual Public Meeting at Waitara, to formally request the Trust consider a change to the boundary. The Trust then followed a formal consultation process to gauge the views of the community. After considering all submissions the Trust’s final decision was to support a change. Approval from the Minister of Finance was initially requested in 2014. A legislation change process was required and with changes in the government it has taken several years to gain approval for the request. The Trust now looks forward to engaging with the local communities. Trust staff will be holding workshops and visiting community organisations within the new area, from 8 August onwards. “Community organisations in the area are welcome to apply once the changes come into effect on 19 July” says Maria Ramsay, TSB Community Trust Chief Executive. “It is important to be aware that the Trust will follow the same process as for all community organisations within its wider boundary. Community groups intending to apply should first read through the Trust’s Community Funding Guidelines available on the Trust’s website. Once all necessary information is provided groups can usually expect to hear back within 12 weeks.” To find out more check the TSB Community Trust website and Facebook page https://www. Every part of New Zealand is covered by a Community Trust. There are 12 Community Trusts in total in New Zealand and each has a legislatively mandated area that they can fund within.

Waverley Golf Croquet Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, Ngati Ruanui Holdings Limited chairwoman, and Brett Honeyfield, Patea and District Community Medical Trust 2000, are pleased to announce that Ngati Ruanui Holdings Limited is purchasing the Patea Medical Centre.

Yes, its that time again, hope the winter has treated you well and you are rested and ready. Please note in your diary, calendar or phone the following. Pre Season Meeting and AGM: When: Saturday September 1st, 2018 Where: Club Rooms Time: 1.30pm Members are welcome to bring along a friend(s) - your input is always needed and appreciated. Contacts: Cheryl 346 5273, Ursula 346 5149, Chris 346 5420. Look forward to seeing you all.

DEADLINE: all copy to be handed in by 26 August for September 2018 issue. All deadlines on inside back cover.

2 - August 2018


A Partnership between the Presbyterian, Methodist and Anglican Churches in Southern Taranaki

“In the Spirit of Christian Community to coordinate the life of the Parish for the involvement of all.” St Patrick’s 29 Egmont St, Patea Parish Sec: Linda Towers Ph: 06 273 8241 Fax: 06 273 8242 email:

Regional Dean - Southern Taranaki: Ven. Trevor Harrison. Ph 278 8667. Email:


St Luke’s Patea - John Hill 06 273 8969, John Hughes 06 273 8353 St George’s, Patea - Rev. Karen Cook 06 273 8581, Howard Anderson 06 273 6004, Rev. Tipene Anaru 021 0882 5947 Church of the Good Shepherd, Waverley - Roy Hotter 06 346 5445 Op shop: Tues, Wed, Fri 10am-12.30pm. Ph Judi 273 8929.

The Anglican Parish of Patea: Services at St Georges

Sunday Service 10am. On a fifth Sunday of the month we move around the various congregations in our cluster. Please check church notice board. Prayer Service - Friday 9.30am

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St Francis de Sales Brassey St, Waverley

2018 Mass Timetable

Weekday Masses Wednesday 8 August, 9.30am, at St Patrick’s, Patea Wednesday 15 August 9.30am, St Francis de Sales, Wav. Holy Day: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Wednesday 22 August, 9.30am, at St Patrick’s, Patea Wednesday 29 August, 9.30am, at St Francis de Sales, Wav Sunday Mass Times: Sunday 5 August, 9.30am, Mass at St Patrick’s, Patea Sunday 12 August, 9.30am, Mass at St Francis de Sales, Wav Sunday 19 August, 9.30am, Mass at St Patrick’s, Patea Sunday 26 August, 9.30am, Mass at St Francis de Sales, Wav

A Christian Word

There is always this awareness to all of us that we are not in control of this earth, that there must be something else that’s controlling our lives. You’re right! … God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, the Almighty who knows each of us individually. This, you may think, is far too big an undertaking by anyone and you’re right, but it just proves that a super natural power is in control of us all. So why can you not see God? Well actually you can, if you would just take the time to look and ask the hard questions. If you’re sincere with yourself and begin to seek God He will be found. To see God today you have to take a step back from rush and pressure, time and money! When you look about you at everything you see the colours, shapes, smells, the seasons, the sun (why hasn’t that exploded?), the moon, the birth of a baby, laughter, tears, anger, love … feelings (monkeys have none of these senses!). There is far too obviously the hand of someone so extraordinarily brilliant far, far above what we could imagine, that has put all this in place and keeps the earth on its orbit through space, year after year. A tad closer to the sun and we’re all fried or a tad away and we all freeze, just all demonstrates that, yes, there must be a creator! Every other ‘notion’ is really just our frail attempts of trying to be in control and have knowledge that only God has. So why does God allow all these wars and suffering and fame etc you may well think? Well, the answer is very simple, HE DOES NOT! Is it not God’s will for us to be in the state we’re in now. Our thinking we know better than God has resulted in all this chaos! If we had continued on in His plan for us none of this would have happened! You need to realise that God has given you your own sovereignty, which means you decide whether God is real and whether you want to obey Him. God cannot make you love Him … that’s your choice and responsibility. Ask, seek and knock and the door will be opened for you to walk into God’s truths! Come Lord Jesus. Ted Reeves



Nick Smith

Jesus Christ said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." There is Salvation in NO other name.

Without Love, we are nothing. Waverley Baptist Church

022 015 2806

Specialising in Rural Earthworks Tree Work Track Maintenance


Land Development Competitive Rates

63 Weraroa Road, Waverley. Sunday services at 10am Contact Rex and Christine Standen (06) 346 5661 Mainly music:

Tuesday mornings at 10am. February – December (during school terms). 0-5yr old children with adult. Cost: $3:00 per child or $4:00 per family (under 1yrs free). Contact Vivienne Hooper (06) 346 5652 0r Sue Williams (06) 273 8628

Op – shop:

Cooking on a Shoestring

every 2nd Tuesday of the month unless otherwise stated.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His Men’s Home Group. only begotten Son, A place to have bible study, discussion and prayer! that whoever believes in Every fortnight. Contact Colin Prentice 06 273 8358 for time & dates. Open to all men. Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” Pensioner meals: John 3:16 First Wednesday of the month; Feb to Nov.

Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, 9:30am – 1:30pm. Come and take a look, or bring along any items you may have to donate. Contact Cindy Burgess (06) 346 6424.

November: two meals, first Wed as normal and last Wednesday is our Christmas meal. 12:00pm onwards. Donation for meal. Contact Colleen Smith (06) 346 5997

August 2018 - 3


Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Ian Mackenzie, Maurice Francis (Spike) McKenna, Raymond Albert (Ray) Loveridge, Mavis Rosemary Back (nee Morgan), and Georgina Ngatiria Reweti.


Clark Ngaiwikau Topsy (nee Cunningham) In loving memory of our dear mum who departed into Paradise 21 years ago, 31 August 1997. No longer in our lives to share, But in our hearts, you’re always there. Treasured forever, Cockie and Whanau. Joyce Linda. In loving memory of my dear friend who left for Paradise 12 years ago, 26 August 2006. Whitebait season is nearly here again my friend, and I’m still waiting for those big shoals though it’s not much fun now, without you, Didn’t we have heapz of fun. Luv you forever, your dopey friend Cockie.


I had a awesome surprise 70th birthday at Roughies on the 12th July 2018. Organised by my Tamariki, moko and mokomoko, with whanau and friendd, then was taken on a surprise road trip, with Tamariki and partners. We ended up in Auckland for 3 nights; really spoilt, out to dinners, shopping, sight seeing and Casino - and won some $$$$$$. Thank you my darling family. xxxxxx Cockie R


Kajin Phillips, son of Jayme Phillips and Joanna Steed, grandson of Rama Phillips and Gerald Sturmey, is doing well just one year into a barber apprenticeship in New Plymouth. He recently won two awards at the BarberCraft Men's Grooming Expo. Run by the NZ Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation (HITO), the awards have categories for the beard, the pattern, the shave, the creative, the classic, and Barber of the Year. Phillips was awarded Trainee Winner in the beard and classic categories.

Carlyle Women’s Institute President Mrs Rose Cowley welcomed ten members plus two visitors to our July meeting. Business was discussed. Our guest speakers this month were Mr & Mrs Brent Roycroft who gave an interesting talk about the procedure of a lung transplant and the experience they went through. I think some of us had a few tears in our eyes. Come and see what we are all about. We have a raffle every month, competitions are not compulsory, we meet 1st Thursday of each month at 1.30pm, Patea Old Folks Association. Competitions: Shrub- 1st P Millar, 2nd R Cowley, 3rd M Meyer Cluster- 1st P Millar, 2nd M Meyer, 3rd N Kerrisk Bloom- 1st N Kerrisk, 2nd M Meyer, 3rd P Millar Cooking- 1st J Millar, 2nd M Meyer, 3rd R Cowley Handcraft – 1st C Dalziel, 2nd M Meyer

78 Weraroa Rd, Waverley

4 - August 2018

Taranaki Indoor Sheep Dog Trial Club Championship Trials

Wanganui Aero Club Learn to fly Trial flights from $79 All ages welcome For bookings ph: 06 345 0914


Held at the TSB centre, Egmont A & P Showgrounds, 6-8 July 2018 Qualifying Results: Top points Novice Man in qualifying rounds, A Gaitau, Ricky 43, Top points Novice Lady in qualifying rounds, Chrisin Bentley, Jos 55. Novice, 1st C Bentley, Jos 55, 2nd A Gaitau, Ricky 43. Maiden person with maiden dog, 1st Doug Schaw, Rose 93.5, 2nd K Crowe, Dream 90.5, 3rd Joleen Joslin, Meg 89. Intermediate person with maiden dog, 1st B Ireland, Sam 99, 2nd Dave Schaw, Troy 93.25, 3rd D Schofield, Ben 92.5. Intermediate person with intermediate dog, 1st B Ireland, Sam 99, 2nd Anna Hardwick-Smith, Rip 93.5, 3rd D Schaw, Guy 93. Open person with maiden dog, 1st Sheena Martin, Stretch 93, 2nd I Mayall, Neve 92.5, 3rd C Robertson, Ella 92. Open person with intermediate dog, 1st B Berger, Rose 98.75, C Robertson, Grace 98.5, 3rd A Smith, Lad 97. Top pointing man run in qualifying round, Leo Jecentho, Queen 99.5. Top pointing lady run in qualifying round, Sheena Martin, Troy 95. Final Results: 1st R Mead, Lad 99 Gisborne - Bruce Harvey Memorial Trophy, 2nd Anna HardwickSmith, Rip 98 Taranaki, 3rd C Robertson, Grace 95.5 Whangarei, 4th Graeme Wellington, Seamus 95 Wanganui, 5th Ian Smith, Villi 94, Taranaki, 6th Dan Murphy, Flight 91.5 Taranaki, 7th B Bryson, Bolt 91 Gisborne, 8th Leo Jecentho, Smoke 89 Waikato, 9th Lindsay Schmidt, Jill 88 Manawatu, 10th B Ireland, Sam 85.5 Pokeno, 11th A Smith, Lad 80 Matamata, 12th Lindsay Schmidt, Jed 79 Manawatu, 13th L Gratten, Brie 0 Owhango, 14th Leo Jecentho, Queen 0 Waikato. This annual event is held in July with more than 100 competitors and 200 sheep dogs taking part to show off their skills at the Egmont A&P Showgrounds. The event attracts a broad audience each year and is a must for famers, vets, animal trainers and psychologists. But the sport also expanded its audience over the past few years with more and more passionate dog lovers competing in the Trial. The entrants and their dogs must run three sheep within 10 minutes through seven obstacles on the showground floor. But it’s not all about time! Flair, obedience and skill of both, the trainer and the dogs are judged, with points deducted for biting the sheep or causing them to do a full 360 degree turn. The Taranaki Indoor Sheep Dog Trial held their first event in July 2009 with the main aim to encourage more young people to the sport of sheepdog trialling. From there on the event grew continuously until this year when the event registered a total of 220 dogs for the competition from all over the North Island. For the Community: The club started off from scratch with no funds, but has grown enormously with the ongoing support of Hawera and Taranaki wide businesses, and the Club is giving back to the community who support the event so generously each year. Since 2014 the club has supported each alternative year the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter and St John Hawera, though which a total of $12,000 has been donated to these two vital services. The Club would like to give a huge big thank you to our Sponsors: Mighty Mix Dog Food

Ltd, Farmlands Hawera, Tasman Toyota, Taranaki Steelformers, Ingrams Bin & Hire, Sandfords Rural Carriers, Totalspan Wanganui, Wanganui Farm Supplies, palaMountains, Datacom Systems Ltd, Denis Wheeler Contracting, Eltham Vet Services, Farmers Mutual Group, First National Mills & Gibbons, G J Sole Tranport Ltd, Mark Nicholas PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Matthew & Co Real Estate, New Plymouth Veterinary Group, NZ Advertures 4WD Tours, NZ Farmers Livestock, Jane Davies – Perfur, Ravensdown Fertiliser, RL & DE Robins, Todd Energy, Action Moto, Ag Traction Taranaki Ltd, ANZ Bank Hawera, Black & White Café & Restaurant, Bunnings, Carac Couplings, Carfield Primary Wool, Claas Harvest Centre, Pennie Sands - Environmental Products Ltd, Farm Source, Gallagher Electric Fencing, Garden Edge, Heiniger, McFall Fuel, Natural Flames Experience Murchison, New Zealand Wine Society, Norwood Farm Machinery Centre, PGG Wrightsons, Placemakers, Power Farming, Reumers Trim & Upholstery, Shads Buffet & Function Centre, Silver Fern Farms, Skellerup, Stihl Shop, Stratford ITM, Taranaki Hunting & Fishing, Taranaki Veterinary Centre – Hawera branch, Tasman Marine, Taranaki Veterinary Centre – Stratford branch, West Coast Marine, Wet & Forget. Richard & William Brewer, Kerry Lane Motel, Moore Stephen & Markhams Accountants, Opunake Dairy, Red Rock Café, Keady & Brenda O’Leary, G & M Northcott, Karen Lee, Shadow Downs Hereford – Daniel and Ian Smith, Wendy Schmidt, Jan Wilson, Cindy & McKenzie, Waverley-Waitotara Sheep Dog Trial Club, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, Country TV.

2018 finalists with Judge Bernard Arends and timekeeper wife Maree Club President Ian Smith (left) and Vanessa Sumpter (right) from Tasman Toyota

August 2018 - 5

Patea Golf Club Farmland’s Sponsored Golf Tournament

The Farmland’s sponsored ambrose golf tournament was played on the Patea Links on Friday 29th June. Eighteen teams participated and fine weather prevailed making it an enjoyable golf day. Chris Cathie’s team from Opunake were 1st after a chip off with a nett 57. Also on nett 57 were the Waverley number 1 team and third was Kevin Cameron’s team with a nett 59. Closet to the pin prizes went to J Newland 1st M Taikato 7th W Murdock 10th and S Honeyfield 15th. The long drive prizes were won by Men C Thomson and Ladies A Braithwaite. Players enjoyed a delicious barbeque on the course and an enjoyable meal in the clubhouse after their round of golf. The Patea golf club thanks all players for participating and Farmland’s and there cosponsors for a well-organized day and there generous prize table.

Shootout Day

The first shootout day for 2018 was played on Saturday 30th June. Ladies were permitted to enter this competition this year. The final four players left in the competition were Mike Taikato Robert Bourke Verna Bourke and Steve Honeyfield. Mike was eliminated in a three way chip off on the 7th Hole. Robert was eliminated on the 8th hole scoring a nett 6. On the final hole both Steve and Verna had nett 5s so a putt off was held to decide the winner and Steve was the eventual winner.

North v Town v South

This aggregate Stableford competition was played on Saturday 7th July. Best individual sore was Nathan Cameron with 38 points followed by Nick Williams 35 points and Roger Edgecombe 34 points. Best lady was Ev Gibbs 33 points in the aggregate competition South were 1st with 32.5 points followed by town 28.5 points and then North 25.7 points. A delicious afternoon tea was enjoyed by all the golfers who participated. Hard luck the lotto tickets were not winning ones.

Logan Trophy

This 18 hole competition was played on the 14th July and was a best ball par competition. Gerald Davidson and partner Jeff Bright combined really well and Gerald was putting good with the new putter won in the eagles golf raffle and their score of 10up was good enough for 1st placing. Second on 8up were Steve Honeyfield and Robert Bourke. Third were Clayton Hori and Nathan Cameron also on 8up

Black & White trophy

This 18 hole competition was played on Saturday 21st July. Windy and wet conditions prevailed making scoring difficult. 1st with a nett 72 was Gerald Rutten. 2nd was Mike Taikato with a nett 74 and third equal were Jeff Bright and Phil Cassidy with nett 75s.

100 Club

Tickets for our Patea Golf Club 100 club are currently on sale. This is our major fundraiser for purchasing course equipment. So support your club by buying a ticket. We only sell 100 tickets and we have 41 cash draws. This year we need some new ticket buyers so if you wish to support the club by purchasing a ticket please contact Ray Finlay 273 8335.

Upcoming competitions

11th August 18th August 25th August 26th August

Patea Top Club Qualifying Round Greensome competition Mixed day Adams trophy 18 holes Stableford Wanganui Motors Ambrose tournament at Waverley


McBroom Estate 2018 The McBroom Estate allocates funding for health and disability benefits for the Waverley and Patea communities. The Estate is administered by the Taranaki District Health Board Trust Funds Committee. Two members from the Trust and two community representatives; Sue Walkinton and Marie Dwyer, met in June to allocate the available funds of $54,738.30. A balance of $547.96 will be carried forward to next year’s allocation round. The Successful applications to receive funding for 2018 are listed below: Applicant Funding to be used for Amount funded Alton Coronation Hall New access door to Dale Street $6316.34 Border Rugby & Sports Club Equipment & first aid for junior rugby $2,000 Border Rugby & Sports Club Equipment & first aid for senior rugby $2,000 Border Rugby & Sports Club Equipment & first aid for netball $2,000 Kaipo Marae Trust Contribution to disability access bathroom $5,000 Patea Area School Playground equipment $10,000 Patea Carlyle Pony Club 40 soft shell riding jackets $3,000 Patea Watene Maori Trust 20 high visibility wet weather jackets for $1,600 Maori Wardens volunteers Raumano Health Trust Contribution to fire doors for exiting hall $2,000 Te Awhina Roopu Trust of Patea Manchester St playground subject to $10,000 STDC approval Waitotara School Solar pool cover $3,624 Waverley Maternity Home Service Disability access ramp $3,000 Whenuakura Playgroup First aid course $650 Whenuakura Playgroup and Community Centre Contribution to disability access bathroom $3,000 TOTAL $54,190.34 Total funding available = Total amount funded = Amount carried forward =

$ 54,738.30 $ 54,190.34 $ 547.96

Agricultural Contractors since 1971 Owner Operators



McHale Baler Combo Wrapper

4 Furrow Reversible Plough

(Soft Hands available if needed)

Power Harrowing

New Holland Baler


Claas Mowers Scatter Rakes Swather Conventional Baler –


Picking up can be arranged

Cattle Yards Construction

Contact Peter on 027 448 9221 or Dylan on 027 871 7769 or after hours 06 346 5468

6 - August 2018

Waverley Primary School

We are looking forward to a busy term with Cross Country training, Country Sevens and an exciting exploration of The Arts. We can’t wait to share it all with everybody! During Term 2, Manuka Hub have been working hard in PMP, our movement skills get better each week. We love to do the balancing, skipping and the ‘dizzy giddy’. We have also done some amazing art in class. We created some Owls in the trees using collage and crayon. We love to get creative and make things especially during Discovery Time. In maths we are learning all about clocks and we are learning to tell the time on an analogue clock.

Your Local Electrical & Security Specialist for all Domestic, Commerical & Rural Requirements * Breakdowns & Repairs * Water Pumps * Cowsheds * Alterations & New Homes * Alarms & Security Cameras Call Gareth & Arna Read 029 7701874 / AH 06 273 6033

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August 2018 - 7

We are right on your doorstep We can do WOF inspections while you wait Our hourly rate is lower than dealer workshops because we have less overheads You know our guys We can service and repair almost anything We do callouts (no travel charge within 10km radius of Patea) We are locals & support locally We are MTA assured

Rob, Olivia, Leighton, Wayne & Caryl 06 273 8288 next to the BP 2 Go in Patea


Authorised WOF inspectors

Sorensen Transport locally owned & operated * * * * *

Hay, silage (grass & maize) Cartage on farm and road Spreading Livestock All general cartage needs

Call Maurice today on 06 346 6099 or 0274 454 790

8 - August 2018

Patea Historical Society AGM President's Report Tuesday 24 July 2018 Ladies and Gentlemen I have much pleasure in presenting the 50th annual Presidents Report of the Patea Historical Society. First of all, I’d like to acknowledge the dedicated members of our Committee. It was 50 years since Patea Historical Society began in October of last year. And it’s heartening to see that the same vision of ‘preserving our past’ is been retained by our team today. Jim Baker, Bettie Howarth, Roy Hotter, Michael Parsons, Clive Robinson, Dave Crompton, Harvey Gibbs Rob Groat, & myself. And we have a brand new member who joined us earlier this year – Joe Bourke, who has proved his worth already And of course our patron; Howard Anderson. We had a special afternoon tea at Ross and Raewyn Symes house at Manutahi on the 25 October last year. The very first meeting of our Society was held in their home on the exact same day in October 1967, when the then owner, Etta Hamilton was a member of the founding committee. Bettie & Joan Robinson were there that day and remembered it clearly, it was so nice to recreate that occasion, which we ended with a whisky toast to the future. We have put together a slide show of photos from the last 50 years of Patea Historical activities which will be showing while we have supper. The current membership of the society stands at 80 paid members including 7 complementaries. Laurie Gibbs has retired from his long accounting career in Patea and Hughson & Ass have taken over the office at the back of our building. Mark Hughson has agreed to be our honorary auditor from now on. We will really miss Laurie, he has been a strong and consistent supporter of Patea for decades, we marked his farewell with a morning tea at Red Rock Café, Patea on 29 October 2017. The Patea Historical Society continues to support Aotea Utanganui, our Museum with two appointed members on the trust, Dave Crompton and Michelle Dwyer. As well as the usual annual operational funding of $3,000, the society will continue to assist with operational funding and joint projects where we can. In August of last year we had a book launch at the Museum for Larraine Sole’s book ‘The Early Hotels of Old Patea’. A fascinating book about the 10 Hotels that were on Patea’s landscape over the years. Patea Historical funded the printing of this book and are being reimbursed as copies sell. They are for sale at the Museum. My book about the History of 125 years of Hurleyville was launched a few weeks later, it was mostly self-funded, and copies are still selling from time to time. August 2017 was also the month that Rob and Ivan launched the Land Wars App for the North Taranaki Region. Jim and I attended that event. On the 8 December we had Mick Parson’s old wagon in the Patea Christmas Parade, with me, Mick Parsons and Rob Groat in vintage costume on it. Unfortunately, the steel rim rolled off one of the wheels, the wheel held together, but we had to drag it to the side of Egmont St, other than that it was lots of fun. For the third year running David Scouller has bought a bus load of people from the Whanganui Summer Programme to us, to show around for the day on 15 January. This year we were based around Waverley. Larraine Sole did a historic street walk with them up and down the main street of Waverley. Then we went to the site of the Battle of Moturoa on Braemore Road, it will be 150 years since this Battle on 7 Nov this year. Then Ursula Cunningham met us at Waverley Beach, where she told us of the golden days of summer camping holidays in the 1950’s. We ended the day at Bill Hone’s Woolshed Museum, with a nice cup of tea. Next January David is bringing another busload and we are focusing on Hawera History. Ivan Bruce is going to lead a tour of Turuturu mokai and Waihi Redoubts. On 6 February we had a stall at Pae Pae in the Park selling our historic books, Legacy of Turi, my Hurleyville one, Jim’s Whenuakura one, etc and talking to people who wanted a chat about local history. Later in February the cataloguing of the Patea Harbour Board and Patea County Council records was completed at Puke Ariki. Kelvin Day approached us last year to ask if we could fund this. So together with The Lysaght Watt Trust we funded a graduate student; Sarah Dawe, to work over the summer at Puke Ariki on the hundreds of boxes involved…opening these valuable records up, for researchers and historian’s in the future. On 25 February Jim organised a BBQ lunch gathering of Taranaki Historic and Heritage groups at his home ‘Louisedale’. There were about 40 of us there, along with our local Mayor Ross Dunlop, very important to have council representation, they have control over a lot of our important heritage. A great opportunity to see what everyone is up too, and make sure we all work together where we can. We continue to work with the Council and their architects on the strengthening of the Hunter Shaw Building, this is progressing, slowly. Another thing we did in February was to photograph the Waitotara School records with the new document camera that Hawera Genealogy have purchased. Waitotara was one of the few Schools in the province that did not have duplicate copies of their precious records. So they agreed to let Jill and I spend two days there photographing them. On 10 April in conjunction with Hawera Genealogy we hosted David Dell – Sheet music Archivist and historian. I wasn’t expecting it to be such an interesting night, but he was fascinating, with some amazing stories of locally composed sheet music that could have been lost forever had David not been there to save it. Ivan Bruce of Heritage Taranaki marked Archaeology week in May with 3 different events. On the 5th he hosted a field trip to Puketarata Pa and the surrounding area. Really informative day, with over 60 people in attendance. Being 150 years ago this year that the Land Wars began in Taranaki, we marked Turuturu Mokai battle on 12 July with a piece about it on our FB page. So far that article has had almost 9000 views and 29 shares. We will mark the other major battles in the same way – important to get the information out there. As most of you will know PHS have funded, in partnership with The National Library of NZ, the digitalisation of The Patea Mail onto the Papers Past website from 1875-1941. To date this has cost Patea Historical $30,000. Patea Historical Society pays half and the National Library of NZ pays the other $30,000, to process & upload this valuable resource. It would not be possible without the bequeaths that have been left to our Society over the years, and carefully invested. Anyone, anywhere in the World can now search on key words or dates from days gone by & uncover some amazing information from the pages of The Patea Mail. And this investment has reaped rewards for us, as the National Library have nominated the next instalments of The Patea Mail to be microfilmed free of charge, and then eventually digitalized

and uploaded to Papers Past. As they say, you have to spend it to make it! We are now working with Graeme Shaw at the National Library to make this happen. The Paper stopped production in 1941 due to the War, started again in 1946, but only 13 editions were produced, then was started again in 1952 by Archie Clarkson, and ran continuously up to the present day. They will be microfilming until 1975. We are in the process of getting the old Patea Primary School bell restored. Hooper’s Engineering have polished it up beautifully and Mike Cole is making a timber structure for it. It will then be hung in the Patea Area School Hall. We have continued our work on old headstones at the Patea Cemetery. Harv and I spent an afternoon recently spraying the moss and lichen covered monuments in the old section with ‘wet & forget’. We will do another few hours in the next couple of months. Tracy Hinton has been employed by the Council, on a short-term contract, to upgrade records on the ‘Cemetery Search’ link on their website. I helped her with some new info, and some they had got wrong. She has photographed all the headstones and it is hoped that these photos will one day be linked to the relevant grave, although a lot of them will have to be re-photographed after their clean-up. It is also hoped that the Council will take drone footage of the South Taranaki Cemeteries and make it searchable like ‘google earth’. This is being done is other places already and works very well. So much information can be gleaned from these ancient epitaphs, so important to record and preserve them. The headstone of Hunter Shaw has been found by Bronwyn Wattrus from the Museum, in Waikaraka Cemetery, North Shore, Auckland. He is buried there with his brother John Henry who died in 1918. Hunter Shaw was a major benefactor of Patea, The Hunter Shaw Building, and a large wing at the Hospital in particular, so we are hoping to get the headstone restored in the near future, unfortunately it is broken in two, we feel the town owes him this. He was one of 9 children, none of whom married, so there are no descendants. The Patea Historical Society facebook page that was started 3 years ago, is going incredibly well. We wanted to get local photos, stories & documents out to the world of social media, and so far 2200 people have ‘liked’ and are following our Page, 500 more than at our last AGM. We have posted hundreds of photos, uncovered some amazing stories from our past, & have a constant stream of comments, requests & new information about our local history. This is great publicity and promotion for the district and PHS. We still write articles for the Patea Waverley Press most months too, print is a bit more forever than FB! A FB story we wrote about in February was about the Manawapou Inn built in Sept 1867 by Mr Sweeney, down by the Manutahi Beach and burnt down a year later when it was being run by Charles Hirtzel, had 8335 views, it led me to find Charles and Emma Hirtzel’s Grt Grt Grandson David, who hadn’t known Charles ran the Inn for a few months. He sent me some fantastic photos of them. Last month we launched our brand-new Website. My cousin Dee McCrea from Kiwa Design played a huge part in the design and construction process. She spent hours on it with me and sponsored us to the tune of at least $900. We are very grateful to her for this generous contribution, and she continues to help me when I get stuck loading data on to it. We also have a new, beautifully designed logo for Patea Historical, this has also been printed on to 2 boards and will be installed as signage on our Freezing Works Display building. Another cousin of mine -Daniel Lehrke of DL Design, a graphic designer fresh back from 3 years in London, designed this for us for a bottle of Whisky. Once again, so pleased to have people willing to do so much for so little. Another major project we are working on is the publication of Ian Church’s last book about the Pakakohi Maori Prisoner’s, sent to Otago in 1869 until 1872. A publisher had agreed before he died 5 years ago, to print it for him. When I rung Ian’s sister; Pat Greer, in Dunedin, last year to ask permission to reprint his book ‘Heartland of Aotea’ she told me that they had changed a lot of the content, so it was now only a ¼ of his original work and could not give a date when Angela nee Baker (daughter of founding member of PHS; Livingston Baker) with Bettie Howarth, our 'treasure of a Treasurer'. She has been on the committee of PHS for 50 years and Treasurer for about 45 years.

August 2018 - 9 they would actually print it. So I consulted with Kelvin Day (long-time friend of Ian’s) and we agreed to get it printed in its original form. They have handed the rites over to us, and Kelvin has done hours of work proof reading and adding macrons to the Maori words etc. Kelvin has recommended Puke Ariki designer Caitlin Finnerty, to design the layout of the book, I met with them last week and she has provided a very reasonable quote. Ian had paid for rites to most of the photos to go in it. And Kelvin is helping us source the rest, and he has a friend who is a map drawer, who will hopefully provide us with the many maps Ian wanted included to bring the story to life. This will be the first actually book printed about this unfortunate time in history, there have been academic papers and Treaty settlement articles, but it will be good to get this story out to the general public. I have also been consulting with Darren Ngawera, who has provided a list of the full names of the men that were sent, Ian had only their surnames.

Christmas was a date we had pencilled in for its release, but good things take time and we may need to run into the new year. It’s been a full year of activities for the Patea Historical Society, and we have lots more planned for the year to follow. Thanks for being a part of it. Jacq Dwyer President of Patea Historical Society

Above: Our 50th annual AGM held at the Patea Old Folks Hall had about 30 people in attendance. We had a fantastic speaker followed by a sumptuous supper.

Left: Our guest speaker for the AGM was Rob Green from Heritage Taranaki. He has been instrumental in the development of The Taranaki Wars phone app. He gave us an overview on the set up of this modern approach to capturing the history of the landscape we live in.


Hawken Contracting now has available short-cut self loading silage wagons. Able to do complete job from paddock to stack. 40mm short-cut grass length for better compaction. For further information ring Gary: 06 346 5929.

10 - August 2018

Patea Bowling Club Early history. On the 9th of June, 1896, a meeting was held in the Borough Council Office for the purpose of forming a Bowling Club. There was an attendance of 40 and the meeting decided to form the Patea Bowling Club and elected the following officers: President, Mr J Gibson; Vice-President Mr J Paterson; Secretary, Mr J Power; Treasurer, Mr H E Deane; Committee, Messrs W C Symes, J Richards, J Shield, W Gibbons and H E Adams. The subscription was fixed at £1 with an entry fee of £1 and country members at half these rates. Mr J Gibson generously donated £40 for the purchase of a section for the green and the issue of debentured to the extent of £150 beating interest at 5% enabling the work of preparing and laying down of the green to be proceeded with. Play was commenced on the green in 1897, and a formal opening took place on 3rd October, 1898, on which day a half holiday was declared to celebrate the event, and this coincided with the completion of the original pavilion at a cost of just under £60. Part of this building remains today having been added to over the years. In 1905 the ladies were admitted to membership and apparently joined with the men in general play, but later had their own club days. Over the next three decades the club had many ups and down with fluctuating membership, but since the late thirties a more constant figure has been maintained and the finances steadily improved. The Golden Jubilee celebrated in 1946 proved a boost to the club and the Diamond Jubilee celebrated in 1956. The most important feature of that Jubilee Year was the completion and opening of a new pavilion (combined with the Women’s Club). During the intervening years from 1956 the club has gone from strength to strength and several worthwhile objectives have been achieved. The Pavilion has become totally debt free; membership has considerably increased and maintained; finances have been improved and consolidated; green keeping activities have become highly mechanised and green surrounds ands club amenities have been continually improved and added to. The most important factor for this Jubilee Year has been the addition of an amenities block to the pavilion. This major addition has been completed free of debt. 1992. New clubrooms were completed. 2018. The club has around 60 members, most of whom are social members. The green is kept to a high standard yearround, thanks to the many hours put in by our Greenkeeper. The club would like to welcome anyone wanting to visit or become a member. When visiting you only need to be signed in by a club member, and if you would like to join just fill in a member nomination form. Annual membership is $50, and Gold Card holders are $35. Any new members would boost the number of players in our bowls, darts and pool competitions. Facilities available at our club: eftpos, 3 competition dart boards, pool table, full size snooker table, non and low alcohol drinks, well stocked bar, free tea, coffee and chilled bottled water. Friday evenings from 6pm = free Jukebox and snacks while they last. Open day Sunday 16 September from 1.30pm. Bowling season: September – April The club is open 5pm-midnight Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 Meredith Street, Patea, Any enquiries to the President, J G Bourke, phone work 273 8414, home 273 8415.

Taranaki DHB and NPDC collaborate to improve community health. Taranaki DHB’s Public Health Unit (PHU) will work closely with the New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) over the next few months to improve the health of the community, starting with more drinking water fountains in public areas. A recent PHU study, conducted by Health Science graduate Tayla Hesseltine, showed a considerable lack of accessible free water in parks, playgrounds and major walkways in the region. Only one in five (19.3%) public playgrounds in Taranaki has a drinking water fountain. Medical Officer of Health Dr Jonathan Jarman believes the installation of more public water fountains could help with a

number of child health issues that Taranaki faces, including childhood obesity and dental decay. “Taranaki is the second most affected region in New Zealand for childhood obesity – almost 20 per cent, or 4,500 children. Nationally, an estimated 99,000 children are affected. We also have a large number of young children under the age of five who need general anaesthetic for tooth extractions due to tooth decay, and this is costing our DHB over $200,000 per year,” he says. The Ministry of Health recommends that plain water should be the beverage of choice for children and adults. Dr Jarman says: “If we had more drinking water fountains where children could access free plain water it may stop them from turning to cheap sugary drinks when they are being active outside.” NPDC Infrastructure Manager, David Langford, says the study highlights the need for NPDC and PHU to work together for improved community health. “As part of our regular operations NPDC ensures that all current drinking water fountains are checked, cleaned and functioning properly,” he says. The study also discussed that climate change would likely bring hotter summers. New Zealand had the hottest summer on record over 2017 and 2018. Dr Jarman says: “The installation of more drinking water fountains in public areas makes a lot of sense as summer temperatures increase. It is much better if children can have free water from a tap rather than carrying around plastic bottles full of sugar.” Mr Langford agrees and says NPDC is now working with the PHU to identify the best locations for new drinking water fountains to be installed. The first two are planned to be installed at Ngamotu Domain and Kawaroa Playground ahead of this summer. “Over time NPDC’s Parks department will work on installing more drinking water fountains at a cost of about $6,500 each. The goal is to work with the PHU to ensure the healthy choice is the easy choice. In the longer term NPDC will look at a joint project with the Public Health Unit asking children what they want and where they would like drinking water fountains,” he says.

Waste not citrus

It's that time of the year again when the citrus trees are full of fruit. The big question is, what to do with it all? For sour varieties of citrus, cordial may be the way to go. A mix of fruit juice, sugar, and water, there are lots of ways to go about making the concentrate that allow you to alter the ratio of sugar to suit your taste and the bitterness of the juice being used. Those who have more fruit than they need can of course donate it to others. Maureen writes, "One of our local community centres has a food cart outside it. Anyone can drop off food such as grapefruit, lemons, baking, leftovers from local cafés etc and anyone can pick them up. When people leave something they put a post on the Neighbourly community FB page. Such an unselfish, helpful idea." Some oil raggers like to barter their home grown fruit and vegetables with other like-minded individuals. How about this for an idea? A money-free home-growers market where backyard grown produce is bagged in 2.50 trade dollars, 5 trade dollars and 10 trade dollars sized bags, and traded for other produce of an equivalent value. Best of all, surplus produce is exchanged for produce that is needed and no money changes hands - just bags of home grown goodies. Here are some tips for those wanting to grow their own citrus. Now is the time to plant. They grow best in a warm, sunny spot sheltered from strong winds. They don't like wet feet, so make sure the soil is free draining - or if you have a heavier soil, then plant on a raised mound or on a hillside. Citrus like to be fed and love seaweed tonic. Make your own by placing washed seaweed in a sugar sack, which you then submerge in a barrel of water. After a few weeks you will be able to start drawing off seaweed soup concentrate. Dilute about five parts water to one part concentrate when watering the citrus. They also like potash, which for most oily raggers is provided from their wood burning fire. If the leaves of your citrus are yellowing then its most likely due to be due to a nutrient deficiency. To share your tips – or ask your questions - please drop us a note via or write to Living off the Smell of an Oily Rag, PO Box 984, Whangarei.

August 2018 - 11

Patea Community Board Meeting Notes from the Patea Community Board meeting on Wednesday 25 July 2018, 4.00pm, provided by the Board Members.

The fifth meeting for the year was held at the Waitotara Hotel. Present were: Patea Community Board members; Ruth, Olivia, & Jacq, Robert Northcott (Patea Councillor) Claire Symes (Community Development Manager), Phil Nixon (Deputy Mayor), Waid Crockett (CEO) & several members of the public. The Open Forum began with: • Kerry Ell from New Horizons Aotearoa, Bishops Action foundation came from New Plymouth to speak about the Youth Program they want to start in our area. It would like to run these with year 7 & 8 Maori students at Hawera Intermediate and Patea Area School. He asked for a letter of recommendation from the Community Board and funding. Waid Crockett asked him to send a proposal of the program to him first. • Olivia asked for three things to be reported back to her: 1. A list of complaints to Council from Patea Community Board region, and the actions taken. 2. Rates breakdown from Patea Ward, including Waverley, Waitotara etc. 3. Break down of all gardens maintained by Council, into to the Wards they are situated in. She also asked for an update on the painting of the Waka. Waid reported that it is in the budget and some concrete curing work has to be done before painting can commence. Summer should see some progress there. • Allan Caple from Patea Community Patrol gave us an update of the current situation on the streets of Patea. They did extra patrols between 2am-6am during the school holidays and were surprised with the activity at this time of the morning. We once again thanked him for this valuable volunteer organisation in our town. General Business was • Claire took Hemi Ngarewa, John Hughes and Syd Kershaw to the TSB Community meeting in Waitara at 1pm today. We are very pleased that the boundary has been lifted and we are now able to access this valuable fund. Claire also reported that the Volunteers Day that the Council organised at Aotea Marae as a great success. • The Council have just received the sign off from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage for the Hunter Shaw building and they are now going to apply for Resource Consent. • Community Board and Council members are going to have a walk along the Patea River Walkway with Tree Planting Trust members to decide what improvements can be made. $30,000 has been allocated by the Council for Walkways, and we want to apply for some of it to help the volunteers that maintain it. • The toilets at the Patea Beach have now been painted on the inside. • Dianne put a request in to ask where the bus seat had gone at the north end of Waverley. Claire said it was removed as it was on private property and the owner wanted to put a garden there. Full minutes of this and all Council meetings can be found on the South Taranaki District Council Website, under the heading ‘Council’ then go to ‘Meetings’. Or view them at Patea or Waverley Library. Your Community Board Members are: Ruth Mackay (Chair) Olivia McQuillan (Deputy) Dianne Lance, & Jacq Dwyer. Robert Northcott (Patea Councillor) The meeting times & venues for this year are: Wednesday 5 September 2018, 4.00 pm, Patea Old Folks Hall Wednesday 17 October 2018, 4.00 pm, Waverley Community Centre Wednesday 21 November 2018, 4.00pm, Patea Old Folks Hall

Turi Indoor Bowling Club Well here we go again with more news from our club. The club's Championship Triples played over two nights of June 26th & July 10th were won by Ella Smails, Roger Parker, Jamie Millar. Runner up Wayne Scown, Neil Vincem Helena Zyzalo. On the 3rd July Turi held their Annual Pairs Tournament. A good entry of teams had our hall full of players. Many of the games were very close in scores. The winners were Don Semple with 4 wins 22 ends 1st, Karl Hughes 4 wins 18 ends 2nd and Sue Bourne 3 wins 17 ends 3rd. We had over 20 raffle prizes and 4 spot prizes thanks to our sponsors; Patea Tyre Centre, McCarty & Hunger, Patea 4 Square, Patea Pharmacy, Aizco Riverland Eltham, Cut & Dried Hawera, Arabica Coffee Lounge Hawera, Paper Plus Hawera, Countdown Hawera. Thank you for your support. The Turi championship Pairs were played 19th & 24th July. The winners were Doris Brunton & George Broughton. Runner up Ella Smailes & Dave Gullery. Monday Night Competition between Turi, Turuturu And Normanby clubs. Classic 5’s. played June 18th 15th. July 2nd 9th won by Normanby A 37 points. Turi B & Turuturu B 2nd equal 32 points. 2X4X2 Pairs played 16th July won by Wayne Scown & Ella Smailes Turi. 2nd Doris Brunton & Roger Parker, Turi. That is all for now. Take care. See you all next month.


An exhibition exploring a hypothetical eruption of Mt. Taranaki When: 10.30am Thursday 30 August, 2018 Where: Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki, 127 Egmont Street, Pātea For catering purposes please RSVP by 17 August 2018 to 0800 111 323 or EXHIBITION SEASON: AUGUST 2018 - FEBRUARY 2019

Shop Locally Save time Save money Save petrol South Taranaki's Total Tyre Store Affordable Car Tyre Specials

Brand new car tyres All prices fitted & balanced; includes new rubber valve system. All tyre prices for cash & eftpos sales only. All prices include GST. Price Beater Guraranteed.

Tyres, suspension & wheel alignments specialists Tyres in stock: car, truck, tractor, ATV, motorcycle, bicycle, implements from wheelbarrow to silage wagon. Tubes to complement all tyres in stock. Cnr of Egmont & Bedford Sts, Patea.

06 273 8424

12 - August 2018

SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST 2018 Come and enjoy a Saturday at the Races in Waverley “Country Racing at its BEST” Admission Free * Parking Free GATES OPEN 11.00AM

8 RACES For more information ph: Sam 027 276 4143 or Justine 027 232 7763

August 2018 - 13

@ Your LibraryPlus Schools holidays, Reading BINGO and lots more has been happening in the LibraryPlus this month. In Patea the monthly craft morning is continuing to grow with a crowd of 28 turning up regularly. There has also been a focus on social inclusion within the library as we have been working with Te Mahana Rest home to provide a welcoming and friendly space for their residents to visit, which includes a weekly book group for people with dementia. Storytime has started back up with the beginning of the new school term. Patea LibraryPlus also worked with Whenuakura school on a 3D printing project just before the holidays where the students learnt about the Moa and 3D Printed replica bones. Waverley LibraryPlus has had a visit by acclaimed historical novelist Jenny Pattrick who was visiting four of the seven South Taranaki LibraryPlus centres - sharing how she researched and wrote some of her latest novels. Despite a huge following, it's fairly rare for Jenny to tour, so this is quite a coup for us; we're delighted our readers were able to experience Jenny's magic in person. Waverley Library has also great success in their newly started weekly board games which allows people of all ages to disconnect from the technological world around us and connect with others in the community. Storytime has also started back up with the new school term with the introduction to sensory tiles.

What’s happening in August?

Patea LibraryPlus: Every Monday – Board games 10.30am Every 2nd Tuesday – Crosswords 10.30am Every Wednesday – Crafty Morning Tea 10.30am Every Friday – Storytime 10.30am Special Event: Grey Power talk – Friday 3 August – 10.30am Library Feud Quiz Night – Thursday 30 August – 6pm (Register your team at Patea LibraryPlus) Community Funding Workshop – Wednesday 8 August - 12noon – 3pm TSB Community Trust - Thursday 23 August – 11-2pm Waverley LibraryPlus: Every Monday – Storytime 10am Monday 6 August – Bookclub 2pm Monday 13 August – Quiz 1.30pm Monday 20 August – Suspense Bookclub 2pm Every Wednesday – Community Morning Tea Every Thursday – Board Games 2pm Special Event: Greypower talk – Wednesday 1 August – 10.30am TSB Community Trust - Wednesday 22 August – 1-4pm Internet Computers: We have had a couple of small changes to our Free Wi-Fi. Now when you connect to it you will need to enter a passcode. The name of the Wi-Fi is APNK and the passcode is 88888888. You will need to remember to accept the terms and conditions before you continue browsing.

Aotea Utanganui Museum Cinema

Eruption (2010) Daily Screening in Media Theatre from 1 August 2018 - 28 February 2019 Auckland faces a massive natural disaster in TV3’s major new telefeature, Eruption, as the volcanic hot spot beneath the city begins to stir. In Graeme Tetley’s tense screenplay, a new source of volcanic activity is detected beneath the Waitemata Harbour by the brilliant, maverick scientist Clive de Roo (played by Mark Mitchinson). Eruption’s scenario is based upon scientific reasoning that at any time, a new volcano could be created from the hot spot that sits 100km beneath Auckland. While today’s scientists don’t expect that an eruption will happen on their watch, the fact is Auckland’s volcanic field is relatively young, with the last eruption producing the iconic Rangitoto only 600 years ago. Eruption asks how Aucklanders would react to the threat of such a massive natural disaster. 50 Years of Television (2016) Daily Screening in the Education Room from August - November 2018 This is the Prime TV series celebrating 50 years of New Zealand television: from an opening night puppet show in Auckland in 1960, through to Outrageous Fortune five decades later. It traverses the medium's development and its major turning points (including the rise of programmemaking and news, networking, colour and the arrival of TV3, Prime, NZ on Air, Sky and Māori Television) and interviews many of the major players.


The Big Bang - Exhibition Opening Join us for the opening of The Big Bang exhibition about the hypothetical eruption of Mt. Taranaki. 10.30am Thursday 30 August 2018 150th Anniversary of Turuturu Mokai, 3-7 September 2018 Audio Recordings Aotea Utanganui plans to play six audio recordings from Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision and Radio NZ during the commemoration week (3-7 September) about the events of Turuturu Mokai. These recordings are from a range of speakers whom have recollected about the battle of Turuturu Mokai in 1868, and the Radio NZ story of Kimble Bent. These can be heard at the Museum during the commemoration week. Mobile Unit. John Houston, Hāwera history, 1946 Local history of Hāwera read by John Houston. Story of Turuturu Mokai Pa, local Māori history and early conflict over land. Mobile Unit. Taranaki Māori 1946 Hāwera historian John Houston continues with his stories of the history of iwi Māori of Taranaki and the fighting of the 1860s. Mobile Unit. Patea history 1946 Harry Locker and Matthew Carey (both 85), describe events in the Pātea area from the 1860s, including the first schools, Titokowaru, von Tempsky and his death, Turuturu Mokai Pa, details of military actions, and many details of life after the land wars. Mobile Unit. Forest Rangers 1947 Sam Temple, born 1868, of Kihikihi, tells of his father's activities with the Forest Rangers under Major Jackson and von Tempsky. Today In New Zealand History, September 7th 1868 Today In New Zealand History, September 7th. The instalment for September 7th focuses on Titokowaru’s campaign during the New Zealand land wars, recorded in the 1950’s. Pākehā Māori: the story of Kimble Bent It’s reasonably common knowledge that large numbers of Māori fought on the side of the government during the New Zealand Wars. We even have a name for them, kūpapa Māori. A less well-known story is the handful of Europeans who went in the other direction - Pākehā soldiers who deserted the British army and joined the cause of Māori “rebels”. Most of these people are poorly documented, but there is one exception: Kimble Bent. New Zealand Wars (1998) - Taranaki Prophets (Episode 4) We’re screening the New Zealand Wars Documentary in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Turuturu Mokai battle as part of the South Taranaki Land Wars of 18601872. Discover why it was necessary for ancestral Māori to fight, and why after 150 years, their descendants endure. The New Zealand Wars series takes a new look at the history of Māori vs. Pākehā armed conflict, and focuses on Riwha Tītokowaru and the battle of Turuturu Mokai in 1868. This series is written and presented by the noted New Zealand historian James Belich, and will screen daily in the education room at Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki. Taranaki Prophets (Episode 4, 50mins), 3-7 September 2018, 10am - 4pm Daily The Art of Peace - Public Programme for Children & Young People This event if designed for children & young people to respond to the commemorations by creating new artworks based upon the events of Turuturu Mokai in 1868. These artworks focused around peace will be displayed at the Museum during the commemoration week (3-7 September) for the general public to view. Saturday 1 September 2018, 10am-4pm

October - School Holiday Events (Monday 1 October - Saturday 13 October)

Build Your Own Volcano Create an eruption with this exciting Volcano Science Kit. Your child will get to cast their own volcano (plaster and mould included), paint it (paint and brush provided), and then make it erupt (includes eruption powder)! This is a great family activity and provides hours of fun for all ages. With two real volcanic rock samples to study hands on from all angles, and everything else you need to build a functioning volcano model, your kids can make it, paint it, then make it explode! This programme is recommended for children 8+ however children under 8 will need to be accompanied by a parent or adult.

14 - August 2018

Whenuakura School - ‘Growing Personal Excellence’ The new term is well underway and the progress already made by our learners in the first half of the year has been impressive. The ‘C’ in our CORE school values is ‘collaboration’ and the high quality teaching and learning is the result of a community effort. Thank you to our staff, BOT, whanau, and wider community for your support. We are pleased that once again this term, we are able to offer small class sizes and welcome Amanda McAree back to Whenuakura School. A warm Whenuakura welcome also to our newest learners – Quinten Smith and Hannah Crawford. We have a busy term planned so keep updated with our latest news on our Facebook page. Our inquiry this term is ‘Animal Planet’ with our pet day coming up and some EOTC events planned as part of this learning. We also welcome ERO to our school in week three and and look forward showcasing our school and commitment to teaching and learning.

Learning Expoganza

Learners confidently showcased our ‘Quest for Change’ inquiry at the end of last term with a fantastic attendance of parents/caregivers and families. They explained how innovation is the opportunity for change, that anyone can innovate, and that we have to “imagine the future, and fill in the gaps!” Our school was a hive of activity with challenges in our outdoor classroom, robotics workshops, and STEAM challenges. Some may claim that the adults were even more competitive than the kids! Exploration and innovation was the theme. A highlight of our expo, were the displays made by our learners which documented their inquiries and their vision. They displayed their prototypes, and thought about marketing material and potential of their ‘innovations’. We are sure that lots of them would give Mark Zuckerberg some competition! Thank you to Hellers Sausages for sponsoring our sausage sizzle and South Taranaki Libraries for the use of your fantastic technology.


Throughout New Zealand, Sir Peter Blake Leadership Awards are presented to those that exemplify outstanding leadership qualities such as integrity, a determination to succeed and inspire those around them and also be a good team builder, leader and member. We were very proud of one of our very own leaders – Ellah Van Delden, who was presented the award by David Maha of Westpac at the end of term.

Engaged Learners

The end of term two was busy. With Puanga in the sky, we decided to travel to Wanganui to visit the Observatory and we also had a fun pyjama day to celebrate our term. Check out some of our photos below:

August 2018 - 15

16 - August 2018

Whitebait Season - the rules!

Join Patea & Waverley LibraryPlus to welcome Fred, Sharlene and Sandra from Greypower. Learn how Greypower can benefit you, including discounted power and more! Waverley LibraryPlus Wednesday 1 Auguist, 10.30am Patea LibraryPlus Friday 3 August, 10.30am FREE event Morning tea provided Aimed at 50+


The Department of Conservation is responsible for managing New Zealand’s whitebait fisheries. Observe the regulations and conserve our species. The regulations summarised here are for the whole of New Zealand except the West Coast of the South Island. The whitebait season is open between 15 August and 30 November (inclusive) in all areas of New Zealand except the West Coast of the South Island and the Chatham Islands. The season runs between 1 December to the last day of February (inclusive) in the Chatham Islands. The taking of whitebait at all other times is prohibited. Fishing is only permitted between 5:00 am and 8:00 pm or between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm when New Zealand Daylight Saving is being observed. Fishing gear ‘Fishing gear’ includes all nets, screens, lines or other devices that are used, or are capable of being used, to take whitebait. ‘Drag net’ means any net or any rope, material or device used in conjunction with the net that is: - weighted on the bottom edge, and - operated by surrounding any whitebait and being drawn through any water. Whitebait nets must have a mouth no larger than 4.5 m (measured around the inside of the net frame) and framing material no wider than 120 mm. Drag nets must be no taller than 1 m in height and be flat when laid on a flat surface. Both whitebait nets and dragnets must be no more than 3.5 m in length. No fishing gear shall: - exceed more than one-third of the water channel width - be used in conjunction with another person’s gear to exceed more than one-third of the channel width - exceed 6 m in total length -No person shall set or use more than one whitebait net at a time. Every person who sets or uses a whitebait net must remain within 10 m of the net. Fishing gear must be removed from the water at the end of fishing or the end of the day, whichever is earlier. No person shall possess whitebait in conjunction with any whitebait net that is not permitted to be used under the whitebait regulations, whether or not that net is being used for fishing at the time.

Opens 30 August 2018

Unlawfully taken fish must be immediately returned to the waters from which they were obtained, taking care to ensure their survival. No person shall discard or dump on shore any fish taken when fishing for whitebait. No person shall fish for whitebait within 20 m of any tide gate, floodgate, confluence or culvert, or fish from any bridge, or from any vessel. Nothing in these regulations permits any person fishing for whitebait to interfere with, alter or modify the natural bed or banks of any river, stream, estuary or channel.

Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki, 127 Egmont Street, Pātea

Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

An exhibition exploring a hypothetical eruption of Mt. Taranaki

There's plenty to do in the vege garden before spring, including planning what you want to plant for the coming season, preparing the soil and planting some cold hardy vegetables. To get your soil into top condition ready for spring, some preparation is needed. Blend in compost and sheep manure in preparation for the upcoming growing season. If you have planted cover crops such as mustard and lupin seed now is the time to dig them in. These plants will rot down in a matter of weeks, adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil. Broad beans will need to be staked or supported as they grow. Early-season lettuces and other salad crops can be planted under poly tunnels or protective cloches. Slugs and snails find the seedlings very tasty, so use pest control products to stop them demolishing your plants. Now’s the time begin sprouting seed potatoes. Most potato crops take about three months to mature, so need to be in the ground in September for a Christmas treat. Use certified seed potatoes because they are chosen to thrive in the home garden and guaranteed to be free of viruses and pests that affect potatoes. This is the time sow beans (dwarf, runner and butter, under glass or outside in frost-free areas only), broccoli, cabbages, carrots, cauliflowers, celery, chervil, lettuces, leeks, mesclun, mizuna, radishes, rocket, spinach, silverbeet. It’s also time to plant beetroot, broccoli, cabbages, cauliflowers, celery, kale, mizuna, onion, silverbeet, spinach, coriander, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme. Use slug & snail control to control these pests. Aphids and whitefly may start to reappear in warmer areas. If infestations are small blast off with a hose or soapy water. If infestations are large, select a suitable spray from your garden centre. It’s also the time to harvest brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower, celery, kale, leeks, winter lettuces, mizuna, parsnips, rocket, silverbeet, spinach.

August 2018 - 17

18 - August 2018

WAVERLEY STANDBY AGM To be held at Abbotsford, Suther St, Waverley 29 August 2018 at 2 p.m.


One bedroom Council pensioner housing unit currently available. Non-smoking. Applicants must be 65 years and over. Bond and references required. From $103 per week includes lawn mowing.

Contact Katherine Pollard, (06) 278 0555 To advertise in the classifieds: txt 021 247 8193 Ph 06 273 8600 Email cathsheard@

Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting PUKOROKORO AHU WHENUA TRUST Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Trust will be held on Saturday 15th September 2018 at the Patea Old Folks Association Hall, 137 Egmont Street, Patea, commencing 10.00am. All Beneficial Owners of Taranaki iti 3C2, Otautu 15E and Otautu 16B are invited to attend. Agenda 1. Welcome 2. Apologies 3. Confirmation of Minutes of Previous Meeting 4. Presentation of 2018 Annual Report a) Chair's Report b) 2018 Financial Report c) 2019 Business Plan A resolution is required to adopt each Annual Report item a), b) and c) above 5. PAWT Associates Applications are invited from those interested in becoming a Trustee Associate. For details please contact the Trust Secretary 6. Election of two Trustees Two Trustees are retiring by rotation and are eligible for re-election. Nominations will be accepted at the meeting for the election of two replacement Trustees. 7. General Business 8. Close of Business NOTE Proxy votes will be accepted at the meeting. For proxy forms please contact the Trust Secretary, Narlene Ioane at 027 566 6433 or Email Proxy forms must be in the hands of the Chair or Secretary at least 30 minutes before the meeting begins.

Buy Sell & Swap in the classifieds PATEA STANDBY

Phone 06 278 4786 Patea, Waverley, Waitotara

MIDWEST HELICOPTERS For all your helicopter needs Spraying / Lifting / Bucket / Scenic Flights / Flights into bush

Ph Peter Larsen 06 346 5747

For medical and non-medical appointments book transport by ringing 273 8329 9am-12 noon weekdays. Emergencies only 273 8661, 273 8325 and 273 8665. Kindly sponsored by Patea Pharmacy.

WAVERLEY STANDBY To book cars for a medical reason only Phone 346 5021 9am-11.30am daily. AFTER HOURS 346 5198, 346 5050 Try to book appointments a day or so before.

St Luke’s OP SHOP

behind Patea Pharmacy - something for everyone Open Tuesday 10am-12 noon Wednesday 10am-12 noon Friday 10am-12 noon Donations of clothes and household goods appreciated

Waverley Adult Riding Club AGM & Potluck Dinner 20th October 2018 6.30pm 369 Lennox Rd, Waverley. Ph 06 346 6226

Wholesale Plants For Sale Aka Aka's, Cabbage Trees, Flaxes, Hebes, & Pohutukawa. Pittosporum: Lemonwood, Karo, Tenuifolium. All suitable for Riparian Planting as well.

Willow Gardens Nursery

45 Fookes St, Waverley. Ph: 06 346 5488

August 2018 - 19

WAVERLEY SERVICES Patea Health Centre: ph Patea 273 8088, Freephone 0508 472 832 Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm An answerphone outside these hours will give you the Doctor on call and emergency service directions. Dentist D J Lance: 45 Gloag St, Waverley. Phone 346 5491 Monday morning and Thursday afternoon. Plunket The Plunket nurse attends a Waverley clinic every 2nd Wednesday of month & Patea clinic every Friday. Also available for home visits; for appointments phone Waverley 06 346 5095 & leave a message for Plunket Nurse Alice and Plunket Kaiawhina Shellay or Patea 06 273 8329. The Patea Clinic is in the Health Centre. Waverley LibraryPlus Monday to Friday Saturday

9am-12.30pm, 1pm-5pm 9.30am-noon

Sponsored by

Patea & WaverleyPress The Patea & Waverley Press is printed by Beacon Print EDITORS: Tony & Cath Sheard p: 06 273 8600 m: Tony 021 247 8194, m: Cath 021 247 8193 e: Patea & Waverley Press is published on the first working day of each month and is the only paper sent exclusively to every household in Patea, Waverley, Waitotara & surrounding districts. DEADLINES - late copy may not be published September 26 October 26 November 25 December 26

Taranaki’s only registered Monumental Mason WHERE YOU GO FOR HEADSTONES 33 High St, Hawera 06 278 5518 209 Coronation Ave, New Plymouth 06 759 9975


36 Oturi Rd, Waverley. Phone 346 9010, Fax 346 5968

Exceeding the standard since 1914

WAVERLEY BAPTIST CHURCH Pensioner Meals 1st Wednesday of each month at noon. Donation if you can afford it. Two course meal. Open to all pensioners. If new people would like to come then please ring Christine Standen 06 346 5661. Mainly Music each Tuesday at 10 am at church during school terms. Op-shop at back of the church opening Wed, Thurs and Friday from 9.30 am till around mid-day. Donations readily accepted.

Our family working for your family for over 100 years. 462 Somme Parade, Wanganui opposite the cemetery.

Tel (06) 343 8708

Email: Showrooms on Feilding and Palmerston North

Weekly Calendar It is the responsibility of the organisations below to advise any deletions, additions or alterations to this service. TUESDAY Waverley Bowling Club, names in by 1.15pm for 1.30pm start WEDNESDAY Walking Group St Stephen’s Hall 9am THURSDAY Waverley United Indoor Bowls, 7.15pm SATURDAY Waverley Bowling Club 1.30pm

Rainfall KAKARAMEA Rainfall recorded by Kevin Ford, Spence Rd. Rainfall for June 2018 - 134.5mm over 17 days Rainfall for June 2017 - 15mm Average for June - 123mm Total for year to end of June - 922mm WAITOTARA Rainfall recorded by Marie Hawken, Waitotara Rainfall for June 2018 - 145.75mm in 16 days Rainfall for June 2017 - 43mm in 8 days WAVERLEY Rainfall recorded by Stu Buckman, Waverley Rainfall for June 2018 - 94mm in 17 days Rainfall for June 2017 - 45mm in 8 days Rainfall for June 2016 - 120mm in 17 days

Sponsored by August 2018 Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri

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Tide Table

High water at Patea / Waverley

Taranaki Rural Fire Authority

Phone 0800 652 54448

Mark Nicholas

Licenced REAA 2008

Councillors & Justices of the Peace

Times are adjusted for daylight saving when necessary

Patea Ward Councillors Robert Northcott, ph 027 242 6130 Ian Wards, ph 278 4626 JUSTICES OF THE PEACE (alphabetical order) Mrs Barbara Dallison JP Mrs M Dunlop JP Jacq Dwyer Mrs M Dwyer JP Mr S Kershaw JP V M Kershaw Mr J A Ngarewa JP Mrs Margaret Prince JP Mrs H Rei JP Mr R L Symes JP Mr D J Towers JP Mrs S Walkinton JP

Herengawe Rd, Waverley. 346 5379 16 Egmont St, Patea. 027 484 9339 611 Hursthouse Road, Kakaramea. 2734494 10 Dale St, Alton. 273 8564 3 Elizabeth St, Patea. 273 8043 11 Leicester St, Patea 027 431 5053 7a Hadfield St, Patea. 273 8659 5a Fookes St, Waverley. 346 6008 4 Norfolk St, Patea. 273 8482 Manutahi Rd, RD2, Patea. 273 4246 23 Egmont St, Patea. 273 8625 Parahaki Rd, Waverley. 346 5548

20 - August 2018


ABBOTSFORD HEALTH CENTRE WAVERLEY Community owned. To enquire about our health services ph 346 5021 9-11.30am. Room available. ALCOHOLICS ANONOMOUS Patea AA Steps and Promises Meeting every Wednesday 7.30pm, Youth Trust Hall, 31 Cambridge St, Patea. Contact: Murray 027 647 7341 ALTON BOWLING CLUB President Eamon Hussey, ph 273 4276. Secretary: Richard Dwyer, ph 273 4048. ALZHEIMERS Taranaki Inc (supporting anyone affected by dementia). Shirley McGlinchey 06 278 8519. ALTON & DISTRICTS YOUNG FARMERS Contact: S Werder, ph 027 357 5589, K Hughes 021 102 8545 ALTON & DISTRICTS PLAYGROUP Tessa Tate, ph 273 4416, Erin Gibb, ph 022 020 8029. Sessions: Thursday 9.30-12.00 ALTON SCOUTS Keas / Cubs Monday night 6- 7pm. Contact: Gareth Read, ph 273 6033 ALTON MENS BOWLING CLUB Secretary: Ross Symes, ph 273 4246 ALTON CORONATION HALL Chairman: Harvey Gibbs, ph 273 4142 Secretary: Jacq Dwyer, ph 273 4494 ALTON OLYMPIC WRESTLING CLUB Contact: Graham Campbell, ph 273 4295 Club night – Friday 5.30pm BORDER RUGBY & SPORTS CLUB President: Guy Lennox, ph 346 5585 Secretary: Brittany Lupton Waverley Clubrooms, ph 346 5263 CARLYLE W.I President: Rose Cowley, ph 273 8014 Secretary: Carole Dalziel CIVIL DEFENCE OFFICER John Gunn, ph 278 1469 a/hours FEDERATED FARMERS Dave Hopkins, Station Rd, RD17. Ph 346 5802 HEALTH CONSUMER SERVICE If you have any concerns about any Health Service received, phone 0800 801 482. KAKARAMEA HALL SOCIETY Chairperson: Sue England, ph 273 4406 Secretary: Marie Dwyer, ph 273 8564 LIFELINE TARANAKI 24 hour phone counselling service, tollfree 06 758 6333 MAXWELL & DISTRICTS KINDERGARTEN Phone 342 3802, Open 5 days a week Teachers: Katherine Walker and Gabi Downes MANUTAHI HALL Chairperson/Hall Convenor: Sharyn Peters 06 2734243 OLD FOLKS ASSOCIATION Hall Bookings: Noeline Kerrisk, ph 273 8217 Secretary: Ruth Mackay, 273 8162. Meets Tuesdays 1pm PAEPAE IN THE PARK INCORPORATED: Chairperson: Marama Pullen. Secretary: Mareta ph 027 841 1135. PARIROA PA LADIES COMMITTEE Treasurer: Huia Davis, ph 273 8675 PATEA & DISTRICTS BOATING CLUB INC Contact: Harley Ogle, ph 272 8010 PATEA BOARDRIDERS & SURF CLUB Secretary: L Niu, ph 273 8801 PATEA BOWLING CLUB INC Ph 273 8393. President: Joe Bourke, ph 273 8414, 273 8415 PATEA CANCER SUPPORT GROUP Mareta Marsters-Grubner, ph 027 841 1135 PATEA COMMUNITY PATROL CPNZ Coordinator - Allan Caple 027 277 2624 PATEA FEDERATED FARMERS Secretary: Tim Honeyfield, ph 273 8411 PATEA KINDERGARTEN Pres: Marichen Honeyfield 021 0811 3558, Sec: Liz Cook 027 244 7811, Treas: Conna Smith 022 155 2517. PATEA & WAVERLEY GARDENING CLUB Convenors: Susan Gunn 273 8135, Karen Phillips 273 8397 M Prince 346 6008, C Rook 346 6366 PATEA GOLF CLUB Secretary: Moya Dunlop, ph 027 484 9339 Club Captain: R Finlay, ph 273 8335

Club Captain: Gareth Hughes PATEA HISTORICAL SOCIETY President: Jacq Dwyer, ph 273 4494 Secretary: Jim Baker, ph 278 4344 PATEA HORSE GROUP President: Tina DeJager-Rich, ph 027 6711370 Secretary: Sharon Besley, ph 027 276 1886 Treasurer: Claire Dawson, ph 027 676 5168 PATEA LIONS CLUB Pres: Kay Wallace, ph 273 8661 Sec: Linda Reid. Meets 1st Tuesday of month, 7pm. PATEA MAORI CLUB INC Secretary: ph 273 8339. Club practices every Monday night PATEA BRANCH CARLYLE PONY CLUB Contact: Sue Cole, ph 273 8777 PATEA PRIDE SPORTS CLUB President/Chairperson Tina Rio, 06 273 8693 Treasurer Stacey Marino, PATEA RUGBY LEAGUE CLUB President: Kevin Tutauha, Old Main Rd, Patea PATEA RUGBY & SPORTS CLUB INC. Chairman: David Collins, ph 06 273 4468 Club Captain/contact: Todd Wollett, ph 06 273 8282 or 0276 712 912. Secretary: Bronwyn Murdoch, ph 06 273 8483 Patea Clubrooms, ph 06 273 8747 PATEA R.S.A President: Michael Back. Vice President: Topsy Gardner. Secretary/Treasurer: Joan MacBeth, PO Box 68, Patea. PATEA SQUASH CLUB President: Noel Perrett, ph 027 785 6279 Secretary: Ainslie Alexander, 027 334 4831 Club nights Fridays, 6pm Club Captain: Jenny Kerslake, ph 06 273 8465 PATEA STANDBY ASSN INC Po Box 28, Patea. Ph 273 8329 9am-noon After hours 273 8661, 273 8325 and 273 8665 after midday PATEA SURFCASTERS CLUB INC Club Captain / Weigh Master: Nigel Austen, ph 344 8184 PATEA TAE KWONDO Training Mon, Wed 6-7.30pm, ex-Primary School Hall Contact: Bruce 273 8779 PATEA TENNIS CLUB President: Maria Schrider, ph 273 4063 Secretary: Alva Honeyfield PATEA WALKING GROUP Contact: D Newell, ph 273 8498 PATEA WAVERLEY WAITOTARA VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE Sec/Treas: Heather Huston, ph 278 1339 PATEA YOUTH TRUST Chairperson: Tairoa Neho. Secretary: Laura Kanara. POLICE – WAVERLEY Ph 346 7010 REACHOUT SUPPORT GROUP S Phillips, M Clark 273 8399 RNZ PLUNKET SOC. INC BALL RD SUB BRANCH Pres: Kate Murdoch, ph 273 4474 Sec / Treas: Irene Fowler, ph 273 4400 RNZ PLUNKET SOC. INC PATEA SUB BRANCH Pres: O Northcott, 273 8344. Vice Pres: S Mackay, 273 8185 Treasurer: R Nesbit, 273 8990, Secretary: J Gullery, 273 8669 SOUTH TARANAKI COASTGUARD Reachable Channel 83 VHF President: Gary Darnell 027 531 5565 Vice President: Gareth Read 029 770 1874 SOUTH TARANAKI DISTRICT MUSEUM TRUST President: Rosanne Oakes, Patea. TANEROA WAKA AMA PATEA / PATEA WAKA AMA 191 Egmont St, Patea. Brian: 027 3899 270. Debbie: 027 3633 595 TARANAKI CARRIAGE DRIVERS (members NZ Carriage Driving Society) Fun informal club promoting sport of carriage driving. President: Colleen Rebay, ph 346 5815 TURI INDOOR BOWLING CLUB Pres: Raymond Finlay, ph 273 8335. Secretary: Doris Brunton, ph 278 3004, WAIOTURI MARAE TRUST Chairman: Archie Hurunui, 278 7177 Secretary: Narlene Ioane, ph 273 8151 WAITOTARA-PATEA SURFCASTER'S CLUB President: Alan Hone, ph 027 452 8989 Club Captain: Gavin Coveny, ph 027 393 4496

WAVERLEY A&P ASSOC Sec/treas: Ruth Lupton, ph 346 5177. PO Box 52. WAVERLEY ADULT RIDING CLUB Michelle Watkins, ph 346 6226. WAVERLEY BOWLING CLUB President: Wayne Berry, ph 346 5488 Treasurer: Pam Hurndell, ph 346 5622 WAVEREY BRANCH CARLYLE PONY CLUB Secretary: Janene Pope, ph 346 6416. WAVERLEY CANCER SUPPORT GROUP Margaret Needham, ph 027 331 7844 WAVERLEY CEMETERY BOARD PO Box 96, Waverley. Ph 346 7070 WAVERLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE President: c/- Brian Rook, 10 Okiwa Terrace, Waiinu Beach, RD 18, Wanganui 5488 WAVERLEY COMMUNITY PATROL CPNZ Coordinator - Doug Rosewarne, ph 027 523 2711 WAVERLEY COMMUNITY WEBSITE WAVERLEY CROQUET CLUB Cheryl Rapson 346 5273, Ursula Cunningham 346 5149, Chris How 346 5420. WAVERLEY FIRE SERVICE A D Hickford, ph 346 5393. Hussey St, Wav. WAVERLEY GOLF Clubhouse, Box 76, ph 346 5672 Sec/treas: Jacqui Hooper, ph 346 5632 Club Captain: Warren Pope, ph 346 6416 Ladies Club Captain: Jacqui Boon, ph 346 5365 WAVERLEY GUN CLUB R Smith and T & C Symes, ph 346 5664. WAVERLEY LIONS CLUB President: Grant Gulliver, ph 06 346 5657 Secretary: L Zimmerman, ph 346 5384. PO Box 145, Wav. WAVERLEY MACHINE KNITTING CLUB Meets 2nd Monday of the month 1pm. WAVERLEY OLD TIME COUNTRY MUSIC ACOUSTIC Cindy & Cliff Burgess, 06 346 6424. Meet 1st Sat of month, Feb-Dec, 1pm at Baptist Church WAVERLEY PLAYCENTRE President: Megan How 027 384 8177 or 06 346 5225. Vice Pres Tashie Hoffman 027 758 3937. Sec; Sophie Lance 027 663 3664 Hours Wed, Fri 9-12 WAVERLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL Principal - Kerri McColl Chairperson - Jason Caskey WAVERLEY RACING CLUB President: Sam Lennox, ph 346 5365 Secretary: Justine Alexander, ph 027 232 7763 WAVERLEY SPINNING & WEAVING Nell Hone, ph 346 5660 WAVERLEY SWIMMING CLUB Kylie Manson, ph 346 6220 WAVERLEY STANDBY Secretary: Bev Alexander, ph 346 5198 WAVERLEY TENNIS CLUB President: Shane Alexander, ph 346 5150 WAVERLEY UNITED INDOOR BOWLING CLUB Club Captain: Colleen Smith, ph 06 346 5997 Secretary: Dale Mitchell, ph 06 346 5488 WAVERLEY WAITOTARA RSA President: Brian Rook Secretary: Irene Avison WAVERLEY-WAITOTARA SHEEP DOG TRIAL CLUB President: Denis Smith, ph 06 346 5997 Secretary: Brenda Simson, ph 346 5124 WAVERLEY W.I President: M Huff, ph 346 5570 Secretary/Treasurer: Lyn Smailes WHENUAKURA HALL SOCIETY President: Allan Muller, ph 273 8479 Secretary: Claire Honeyfield, ph 273 8028 WHENUAKURA PLAYGROUP Contact: Kate Williams, ph 273 8371 Sessions: Wednesday 9.00-noon WANGANUI YOUNG FARMERS CLUB Samantha Bills,, ph 027 675 8768 WHENUAKURA HALL SOCIETY President: Allan Muller, phone 273 8479 WHENUAKURA PLAYGROUP President: Kate Williams, phone 273 8371

Patea & Waverley Press August 2018  

The Patea & Waverley Press is published on the first working day of each month and is the only paper sent exclusively to every household in...

Patea & Waverley Press August 2018  

The Patea & Waverley Press is published on the first working day of each month and is the only paper sent exclusively to every household in...