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REAL WEDDINGS Pullman Sea Temple, QT, Flames Of The Forest and Low Isles

NEED AN ENERGY BOOST BEFORE THE BIG DAY? Drop a few kilos and get your buzz back with a juice cleanse

LITTLE COVE The hidden gem of Port Douglas wedding ceremonies



With all the chaos we hear about in the world

We also have a few guest contributors: The

each day, it’s no wonder Port Douglas has

lovely celebrants Stephanie Milne and Anna

become a safe haven for couples to holiday,

Soltwedel share their musings, Sophie from The

wed or just chill for a few days.

Bedford Bar keeps us well in the loop with drink trends, and we catch up with Dj Bart.

If it's a wedding you have in mind, Port Douglas always has a venue, house, beach or patch of

You will also find plenty of beautiful Port

rain forest that will be perfect… whether it's just a

Douglas pics to keep you going until your next

little gathering or a massive party. The Wedding


Lounge is here to help inspire and advise on Kick back and enjoy, we look forward to seeing

something just right for you.

you soon. We had incredible feedback from our last magazine, and when I asked what you wanted to see more of in the next issue, real weddings topped the list. This issue we feature two stunning resort weddings, a breathtaking island ceremony plus a magnificent Flames of the Forest wedding.


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issue 02

contents Autumn 2017

7 Nick and Hayley's Low Isles dream wedding. 17 Why it's ok to Elope by Celebrant Anna Soltwedel. 21 Little Cove fact sheet. 24 Drink trends for 2017 weddings by Sophie Hamilton, The Bedford Bar. 38 COVER WEDDING: Darren and Brittany at Pullman Sea Temple. 42 Get wedding ready: The ins and outs of a 5 day juice cleanse. 45 Casey and Daniel's vibey QT wedding. 55 On the Lounge with DJ BART. 63 Celebrant Stephanie Milne recalls her favourite wedding. 70 Andrew and Julie's amazing Flames of the Forest wedding. 81 Will you marry me? A secret proposal tropics style.. The Wedding Lounge

NICK AND HAYLEY How did you meet? We met at university when we shared the same student accommodation. Describe the proposal? Nick took me out to dinner to a beautiful restaurant for my birthday. After we got home he disappeared down the other end of the house, then our little puppy came stumbling over to me with a small gift box tied to her collar. It was very cute. Why Port Douglas? - We went to Port Douglas a few years ago for a friends wedding at Sugar Wharf and loved it. Nick and I wanted a wedding that was unique to us and we loved the idea of spending our wedding day on the Barrier Reef relaxing with our closest family and friends.

Tell us about your dress My wedding dress was a simple, light dress with a delicate lace pattern, purchased from Kel-Leigh Couture in East Gosford, NSW. Suppliers Charter and catering - Aquarius Low Isles, Tropical Journeys Celebrant - Sarah Woods, Port Douglas Photographer - Braden Kenyon, Mefoto Brides dress - Kel-Leigh Couture, East Gosford, NSW Grooms suit - Anthony Squires H+M Carmel Santarossa, Port Douglas Hair and Makeup Flowers - hand made paper flower brides bouquet, groom's boutonniere, cake topper and flower girl headbands made by Karyn Pannowitz, The Paper Rose Florist. Wedding favours - personalised towels - Honey Bee Creations Cake - Annie Time Cakes, Cairns QLD

Why it's ok to elope

with celebrant Anna Soltwedel There are many reasons driving couples to ditch a conventional ceremony and instead pack a suitcase then jet off to a dream destination. More often than not they make this choice a little worried about people they love and have left behind - those who may or may not understand and support such a decision. Making the choice of a smaller destination wedding can have its drawbacks, but one of the big positives is less stress. Couples often feel so incredibly overwhelmed by the task of creating 'an event' to tick all the boxes of other people in their lives. Blending cultures, tastes, locations, wishes and people can prove to be tricky indeed. The need to make it right for everyone else can be enough to leave brides and grooms frazzled and stressed on their wedding day. At the core of the matter, it's your day, your beautiful wedding day. Regardless of what everyone else may think, it's about two people who love each other making the choice to do something unbelievably special, in a fashion that leaves them feeling completely comfortable and relaxed.

If you go down this road, it is definitely worth giving a thought to the way you share the decision with loved ones that can’t make the trip. Make them feel special and included in the way you tell them (so preferably not via social media for the most important people in your life). Some people may choose to tell family and friends after the ceremony. In this case you could email them a photo before calling, then get them to check their email while you break the exciting news. Although an elopement is a wonderful way to cut back the expenses of a traditional wedding, your elopement photos will be the strongest link to your special memories. The pictures are also your best opportunity to help the people you love share in the joy and beauty of your wedding day, so make the investment! There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, so whatever you decide or however you choose to celebrate your love, just keep checking in with yourself and ask ‘is this what feels best for me?’. Happy planning x

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What can I get you to drink?

Sophie Hamilton

(aka boss lady at the Bedford Bar) talks drink trends for 2017... In the old days, when our parents were married, there were two choices of what to drink at a wedding- Red or White? But now with the fabulous (and budget breaking) insight of Pinterest, the choices for your wedding drinks are endless! There are some amazing, personalised and memorable trends appearing for 2017 weddings and they don’t have to break the bank either. Matching your drinks to your food was super popular last year and it looks to be staying that way for 2017. Going a little ‘matchy matchy’ can create such a party atmosphere-I’m thinking Mexican food with Margaritas, woodfired pizzas and craft beer or even antipasto canapés with Aperol Spritzes. Choose one of the beautiful local food trucks for even more wow! Want to include a cocktail but not sure if the budget can stretch? Cocktail hours are so 2017. Get those delicious little drinkies in before it’s too late for them to be appreciated and save a few dollars while you’re at it! And while we’re thinking about cocktails (I’ll be honest, I’m usually thinking about cocktails) 2017 welcomes the return of the traditionals! Don Draper and his Old Fashioned are coming right back in with a bang along with Moscow Mules, Pimms and Negroni’s. Fancy adding a little old-school glamour? Don’t mind if I do!

If you’ve got guests coming from far and wide, there’s no better treat than including some of FNQ’s delicious local produce in your bar menu. I’m not just talking mangoes and citrus but rather a huge selection of local beers and even a local Tablelands distillery. A variety of locally brewed craft beers and ciders on tap or even your own specially bottled “own brew” will give your guests something to remember! Last but not least, 2017 loves whiskey! A whiskey tasting station in the form of a few choice bottles of your man’s favourites along with some pretty signs, glassware and ice will add something really special to the evening and give the boys something to do while the ladies dance the evening away! So 2017’s the year to flood your mind (and Pinterest board!) with some serious drinks inspo and create a bar menu that’s as interesting as the two of you. There’s an option to suit every wedding and you know, I’ve heard every great love story starts with a cocktail.

Our Favourite Old-Fashioned recipe 1 Sugar cube 2 shots of Bourbon 1 large ice cube 3 dashes of bitters Splash of Soda Water

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How did you meet? Darren and I met through my brother as he is a plasterer and Darren at the time was a building supervisor for his family's building company. They became friends and Darren would come around to our home. It wasn't long before we both fancied each other, and then officially started seeing each other in 2010 Why did you choose Port Douglas? As we already had a child, we didn't want a big deal for our wedding, we wanted something intimate with our close family and friends, and for it to be about the three of us, nothing more. We holidayed up in Port Douglas for our first family holiday in the Christmas holidays of 2015-2016, and decided we would have the wedding in the following June of 2016 as we adored the place, it was exactly what we wanted.

How did you find your dress? I always new I wanted to wear an Anna Campbell dress as it suited the style of of our wedding to a tee. I wanted to be comfortable on my wedding day not having to lug around a large dress in the Port Douglas heat. It was the third dress I tried on, I'm not very fussy, so that was the one, no need to look any further. Suppliers Dress - Anna Campbell Shoes - Barefoot sandals by Forever Soles Australia Flowers - Floral Edge Hair and Make up -Cairns wedding hair and makeup Venue - Pullman sea temple Theming - Port Douglas Wedding and Hire Celebrant - Sarah woods Music - Steve Rockman Cake - Cakes Annietime Photo/video Sass Studios & Threadless Films


e r a w t f i g e u q i t u o b , y r t s i t r al a

e g d e l a r o fl


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5 day juice cleanse (and what it did for me) I came out of the festive season feeling pretty ordinary. My champagne, and foodie habit may be to blame, but I’ve never been one for resolutions or giving up the finer things. After searching through the myriad of detoxing diets, I decided on a good old fashioned juice cleanse. Juicing has been given a bad wrap lately, what with 1 million watt ninjabullet things supposedly doing a much better job! But, as I found out, there’s a lot be be said about a basic juice flush. My symptoms before juicing included: no energy, mixed up sleep habits, stomach pains, sluggish digestion, heart palpitations, brain fog, and poor concentration. As I starting the cleanse, I told myself if you make it to 3 days, that will do. The no pressure arrangement. I took Coconut oil a couple of times throughout the day, it made me feel great and curbed the hunger pains. I have tried a few brands of coconut oil but love Jimalie brand which is Australian owned. My 5 days went like this: Day 1 - hungry but ok Day 2 - eff this, still hungry, still have most symptoms. Day 3 - my brain fog had lifted, my stomach pains had gone and I had a strange burst of energy combined with a giggly feeling. Day 4 - I continued to feel good. Day 5 - I had lost my sweet cravings, my tiredness had gone, my heart palps, gone. I had started to crave juice instead. I felt amazing!

By the end, just about all of my symptoms had disappeared. My skin and eyes looked clearer and I had lost about 3 kgs. I wasn’t in this for the weight loss but it seems to be inevitable with juice cleanses. Hot tips: Buy twice as much fruit and veg than you think you will need. Juice large quantities in the morning so you have plenty to consume throughout the day. Make sure you have a good drink bottle for transporting juice if you’re on the go. Stay away from food outlets and social media for the first 3 days, in fact anywhere you can see and smell food is best avoided. I was pleasantly surprised how easy a Virgin Mary is to make, lots of tomatoes, a bit of onion, chilli, lots of sea salt and some other veg if you are feeling creative. Cucumbers, pineapples and watermelons provide a lot of liquid. This is a good thing. Don't get too caught up in recipes, just experiment, do taste tests and add as needed. Apple and pineapple make everything taste great, buy lots. Go easy on your self when you introduce solid food after the cleanse, don't slam down a cheese burger, instead try a slow cooked meal or stick with the fresh stuff. The juice cleanse process is not for everyone but it really worked for me. If you have a cleanse that you loved doing or are planning to do before your wedding, tell us about it on our facey page.

All information and resources found at The Wedding Lounge are based on the opinions of the author unless otherwise noted. All information is intended to motivate readers to make their own nutrition and health decisions after consulting with their health care provider.


How did you meet? Daniel and I have known each other since we were 15. Daniel asked me to be his year 12 ball partner back in 1993 as we were such great mates. We remained friends for many years but ignited our relationship almost 10 years ago. And the proposal? We were around 7 months pregnant with out first child & my father held a gun to Daniels head telling him to propose. Sorry, he didn't really, it was over a lovely dinner at a restaurant in Daylesford (the 7 months pregnant part is true) and it was intimate, we were in love & it was us! No knees, no bells or whistles, he was honest, from the heart, looked me in the eye and asked me to marry him.

Why did we choose Port Douglas? We had chosen to take our young family up to Port Douglas the year before for the first time and stayed at the fabulous QT resort. We fell in love, the place had our name written all over it. We loved the atmosphere, the interior design, the ambience, the relaxed, layed back lifestyle, the food, the drinks, the music, the weather and the way the staff at QT made us feel so special, we wanted all these qualities for our guests and that's exactly what they got. Many have re-booked their family holidays for the same time this year, they also fell in love with Port Douglas.

Tell us about your dress? My dress was custom designed and made by Jennifer Gifford, a Brisbane designer. I really wanted something that was comfortable and I could dance in. The delicate lace overlay was perfect for our ceremony but it was fun to take off for the reception which created a different look. Suppliers Celebrant - Wayne Rees - superstar Hair & Make Up - Bobby Pins Flowers - Me! I did them, loved every minute of it. @caseygrantdesign Venues - QT Resort Port Douglas for ceremony, reception, before party, after party, melb cup, the whole holiday was spent there - epic Music - We used DJ Ross Halfhead Photos - Talia Ling: (The Picturebox Cairns) captured every essence of us, the people we are, the fun we created, the moments of our children children that melt your heart, we were soooo happy & thrilled that our paths had crossed. I literally found Talia via Instagram and knew she was our perfect fit. No stress, no fuss, just honest, real, raw photography. We love her! Wedding Planner - Caroline Schmidt who was our wedding Planner from QT, made the day flawless, fabulous & fun. Attention to detail was outstanding.



The party starts here 0400795123


DJ Bart How did your love of music come about? I have always loved music from a young age, my first gig was at age 17 playing to 3 high schools combined, I was running my own club night at age 18. What is your favourite genre? I love house music and it’s various sub genres, but I love all music. Fav DJ’s from around the globe who are currently killing it? I went to see Eric Prydz perform recently, he is definitely the guy who is rocking the globe right now. Most requested song at weddings? Tough one, my personal favourite is Jack Johnson - Better Together Any songs guaranteed to get people up and moving? Ladies, Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody, Twist and Shout - The Beatles How do you cater for older guests? I play what they would like to hear, nobody gets left behind at one of my gigs lol What do you love about Port Douglas? Port Douglas is a unique and very special part of the world, one of the great loves of my life! What are your favourite wedding venues in Port? So many, everywhere is so good. My most regular venues are Sugar Wharf, Harrison's, Grand Sheraton Mirage, Rex Smeal park, Sea Temple & A Secret Garden located just outside of Port Douglas.

What other cool gigs do you have on at the moment? I have been putting on once a month Pool parties at QT Port Douglas, so much fun! We know you’re a big softy a heart, do you have a few first dance songs that bring tear to your eye? At Last - Etta James Grow with me - Tom Odell Marry Me - Train You an me - Lighthouse Can’t help falling in love - Elvis Presley Sade - By Your side Do you also play for ceremonies? Yes I love being a part of the ceremony and spending the whole day with the lucky couple, it’s a great privilege. Can brides and grooms give you list of songs they love for the big day? Yes I insist on it. Every wedding is different, I like to cater for exactly what the couple requires. Couples can give me as much or as little information as they like, It will still be a great night!

picture by Matthew Evans Photography

Most requested songs for weddings this year? Ed Sheehan _ Shape of you I feel it coming - Starboy Bruno Mars - 24K Magic DJ Snake and Justin Bieber - Let me love you James Arthur - Say you won’t let go Chainsmokers.

Award winning Bistro H, ideally located just a short stroll to St Mary's by the Sea, The Sugar Wharf and Little Cove. A beautiful traditional Queenslander perched under a centuries-old mango tree, brimming with fairy lights. Previously Harrisons, the site and team have consistently held national accolades for food and service and stands alone as Port Douglas’ only One Hat-rated restaurant in the QLD Good Food Guide. 07 4099 4233

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And the rain came down

with celebrant Stephanie Milne People often ask, which wedding was my most memorable? Last year, I was lucky enough to be the celebrant for a gorgeous local couple “Laura & Ben” at the amazing location of “Bali Hai”, a little bit north of Port Douglas. The retreat is really wonderful, on top of a hill, set in beautiful gardens, with amazing views and an infinity pool attached to the main building . Everything was planned, Laura & Ben were very organised with their plans for a relaxed ceremony and a semi formal reception, then Mother Nature stepped in with true wet season style, creating a downpour of 340mm. After a slight delay, someone forgot to collect grandpa, Laura was ready….. A bride so happy, she was practically jumping out of her skin with excitement and the rain set in….. Taking everything in stride, we relocated the ceremony to the balcony of the main house, everyone made room and the ceremony began. As I began to speak, the downpour increased, I had my back to the spectacle, but could see by peoples faces it was a lot of rain. I talked about Laura and Ben and their plans. The deluge increased and I could feel it starting to hit the back of my legs. As Laura & Ben exchanged their vows, the water began to run down my back and I realised that if I was getting wet then the rain was starting to get to Laura and Ben’s feet; so we all moved in a little.

They exchanged rings and we moved in a little more, by the time we signed the paperwork, we were all in the middle of the house and I was completely soaked. I watched them sign their Marriage certificate and Laura was still so excited she could hardly sign her name. I remember this wedding for so many reasons, Laura was the most excited bride I have ever seen and Ben was so filled with love for his bride, he barely even noticed the weather. The guests rallied everywhere to make everything happen and the local suppliers and services, stepped up against all odds and made the whole event completely memorable, oh yes and I was ridiculously wet, but really did not mind at all, because grandpa made it, the wedding was wonderfull.





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ANDREW & JULIE How did you meet? Andrew and I are both ecologists (I'm in research, Andrew in consultantancy), and we met in 2010 radiotracking microbats in the mangroves of Newcastle. We immediately had a connection (despite the mud and mosquitoes) and started dating shortly after. And the proposal? We were living in Iron Range National Park, so Andrew took me and our dog 4WDing down Quintell Beach, a very secluded and remote beach. We found a nice spot for a picnic, where Andrew surprised me with some fancy cheese and olives that he had flown up from Cairns 800km away. He gave me a toy bat (which has always been the mascot of our relationship) and read me a poem he wrote about us, which ended in the proposal! He gave me my dream engagement ring, and of course I said yes!

Why Port Douglas? We chose Port Douglas because we knew we would be moving south to Cairns/north QLD region, and we knew that Port Douglas is a beautiful area. We really had our hearts set on Flames of the Forest, so that was one of the main reasons. Of course it was a destination wedding for all of our guests, so we had to pick somewhere which would make a fantastic holiday destination. Suppliers Celebrant - Kaye Earl Dress/suit - Dress - Ferrari Bridal, Suit - The Gentleman's Club (Sydney) Hair and makeup - Mermaids Wave Cake - Passion for Cakes Flowers - Flowers and Lace - Amazing! Ceremony - Exec Retreats - Moonlight Bay Beach House Reception - Flames of the Forest Photography - Blue Sky Photography - Amazing! accomodation - Executive Retreats - Moonlight Bay Beach House

Jabiru PORT DOUGLAS Immaculately modern and located in a secure gated community, Jabiru's views take in the Palmer Sea Reef Golf Course and Great Dividing Range. The house offers a gourmet kitchen with indoor and alfresco dining areas plus 3 spacious bedrooms. A heated wet edge pool tops off the perfect holiday home base from which to enjoy the beautiful Port Douglas region.

Call 0413 305 590

2 3 sleeps 6








Alex chose Port Douglas for a holiday with his lovely partner Ashleigh and a surprise proposal was planned to be the highlight of the trip. With the help of us here at the Wedding Lounge, a picnic on a deserted beach awaited them during a 'casual walk'. Alex requested a mirror on an easel covered with a cloth saying “the most beautiful thing in the world". As Ashleigh lifted the cloth, she saw not just her reflection but Alex behind her down on one knee… They sat together until the stars came out and fell in love just a little bit more. Ben from Sass photography took some stealthy pics without Ashleigh knowing :)



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