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fall 2018


the generosity issue you're changing lives through the arts!

what. a. year.

how you brought artistry to life in 2018


you helped roman explore new art forms


You nurtured Roman’s talents in ukulele and acting. Because of you, more than 700 people with disabilities flourished in 1,300 CATA workshops last year across a host of art forms— painting, drumming, creative writing, dance, and more.

"no other organization offers the kinds of transformational art experiences to people with disabilities." –CATA program partner


you inspired brittany to follow her passion You brought CATA’s innovative programs to 49 residences, day-habilitation programs, and schools across the Berkshires. That means Brittany from United Cerebral Palsy of Berkshire County was able to develop her artistic skills.


you put dan's talents on stage You gave Dan and hundreds of CATA artists the chance to shine at performances, art exhibits, and readings at Shakespeare & Company, The Mount, the Clark Art Institute, the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, Hudson Hall, and beyond.

photo: Christina Lane

t Dan Waite shares his flair for acting with a packed audience at Shakespeare & Company.


you connected students with their creative voice

"cata has unleashed my daughter's talents and her deep desire to make art that expresses her experience as a woman with disabilities." –mother of a cata artist

photo: Christina Lane

You helped triple the number of arts workshops for more than 150 students with disabilities in Berkshire County public schools, so students like Hayden can express themselves through the arts.

you help cata artists flourish across the berkshires We gratefully acknowledge our partner organizations who help us inspire our CATA artists: Adams-Cheshire Regional School District • Berkshire County Arc (BCArc) • Berkshire Family & Individual Resources (BFAIR) • Berkshire Hills Regional School District • Berkshire Service Group • Berkshire Healthcare • Blue Q • Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts • Cadmus Lifesharing Association • Camphill Village Copake • Central Berkshire Regional School District • College Internship Program • Columbia County Arc (Coarc) • High Spirit Community Farm • Leander House • Lee Public Schools • Lenox Public Schools • North Berkshire Academy • Oakdale Residences • Oak Lodge • Pittsfield Public Schools • Riverbrook Residence • Southern Berkshire Regional School District • Stanton Home • United Cerebral Palsy of Berkshire County

"love your life more" by giving to cata cata donor maria sirois finds magnificence in generosity.

p CATA donor Maria Sirois at CATA’s Annual Art Show at the Clark Art Institute.

"we are a better county because of CATA's work."

“Anytime someone goes to a CATA event, they leave feeling touched and inspired to be fuller in their own heart and mind.”

It only took one visit to a CATA workshop before Maria Sirois was hooked. “It was incredibly powerful—everyone creating together, with this working assumption that we’re all the same. I was just blown away by the generosity of everyone in the room.”

For Maria, this is what makes CATA’s work important, especially now. “There is a dignity that CATA imbues in our community. That in spite of our faults, we can still be generous human beings that bring something to the world that changes how we see each other.”

That sense of connection is what Maria was looking for when she moved to the Berkshires. “Not long after I arrived, I heard about CATA and sent in a donation. Right away I got a call from [CATA founder] Sandy Newman inviting me to a workshop. I was still new to the area and didn’t really know anyone—I thought, ‘This is so wonderful.’ ”

"cata inspires us to show up as our better selves, to greet each other with love and generosity."

More than two decades later, Maria is a CATA superfan. “CATA inspires us to show up as our better selves, to greet each other with love and generosity. I see it in the CATA artists, the faculty, and everyone that attends a CATA event.”

Knowing this has fueled Maria’s support as a donor. “I wanted to lead a life in which I felt like I was making an impact. So I decided to focus on


local causes that I deeply believed in. I feel proud about that. And what has returned to me from CATA has been a gazillion-fold.” So what does supporting CATA mean for her, personally? “Being connected to CATA helps you love your life a little bit more. It engenders a kind of magnificence in us. We are a better county because of CATA’s work.” Join the CATA movement! Visit to donate now.

linda & frank want you to include cata in your will! “It’s a simple way to make a BIG difference. And so easy to do!” “CATA gives us the privilege of bringing joy to people who tend to be marginalized. We would be sad to think that CATA couldn’t continue because we weren’t around to support it. And we want our heirs to know what was meaningful to us.”

photo: Christina Lane

By including CATA in your will, trust, or estate plans, you create a lasting legacy that changes lives for CATA artists across our community.

p Your generosity helps CATA artists like Connie Most (BCArc) tap into their vibrant talents.

Legacy gifts help CATA bring creative opportunities to future generations of people with disabilities, regardless of income or financial restrictions. No matter your age or income, a gift in your will is an easy and powerful way to make a difference. 5

For information, call us at 413-528-5485.

you're changing lives through the arts Cindy & Jeff Caminiti Paul & Jennifer Capala Lynne & Jeffrey Carlotto Anonymous (13) Sarah Carpenter Ed Abrahams Kay Castelle David & Kyneret Albert Nathan Casto & Trish & Bill Alexander Terri Chegwidden Paula Almgren Michael & Laura Cestone Josh & Helen Alspector Lisa & Eric Chamberlain Kate & Scott Anderson  Alan & Roselle Chartock Dea Angiolillo &  Karen Chase & Paul Graubard Peter von Mertens Alana & Joey Chernila Janet Ansbro  Neil & Kathleen Chrisman Frances Anthes & Alicia Christoff Charles Washburn Lester & Pamela Chrostowski Gail & Joel Appelbaum Carol & Rocco Cirigliano Irmgard Schrempp Arruda Jennifer Clark Whitney Asher Lisa Avery & Robert Henriquez  Neil & Barbara Clarke  Maria & Eugene Cleary Stephen Ball Karen & Robert Climo Robin & Dai Ban Nina Cobb Pauline & Richard Banducci N. Noon Coda Barbara & Benny Barak N. Noon & Carlina Coda Sandra Baron & Edward & Nadine Cohen Gregory Diskant  Miriam & Herb Cohen Liz & Nate Bartini Yuki Cohen Leon & Lydia Baukh  William Cohn & Rita Kasky Ward Belcher W. Kelly & Deborah B. Collins Catherine & George Beneke Judy & Gary Conlen Blair & Alison Benjamin Michael Considine & Susan H. Bernardy Shawn Leary Considine Elizabeth & Jay Bikofsky Lloyd & Jan Constantine Jonathan & Victoria Biller Elizabeth & Frank Contenta Polly & Steve Birrell Judith & Jeffrey Cook John & Melissa Bissell  Ranny Cooper & David Smith Maggie & Sam Bittman Liz & Tom Costley Dana Bixby Bonsai Cox Joan Dix Blair  Suzanne Crerar Renee & Bob Blank  Susan Crofut & Ben Luxon Aileen Bliss Tina & Harvey Crosby Mr. & Mrs. Sion A. Boney III Molly Curletti Vicki Bonnington & Tracy & Shaun Cusson David Schecker Kay Cuthbertson & Jeannene Booher Adam Rosen Cindy & Paul Bowlby Linda J. Cysz Bronly & Sarah Boyd Churchward Davis Stephanie & Carl Bradford  Hope Davis & Bob Braddick Tricia Bragdon Lenore & Robert Davis Carol & Bob Braun  Margery Davis Jytte & Jock Brooks Ted & Karen Davis Adriana Brown Katherine Dean & Susan & Duncan Brown Frederic Gordon Deborah Buccino & Eric Plakun  Philip Deely & Jack & Esther Budnick Hilary Somers Deely Lexie & Mike Bullard Lara & Jonathan Denmark Donna Bullock-Sherman & Carolyn & Richard Denning Howard Sherman Alexandra Dest Kathryn & Sarah Burdsall  Mary Lou DeWitt Joan & Dan Burkhard Ruth Dewton Allyn Burrows & Tamara Marc & Julie Digrigoli Hickey Janet Dohoney Sandra Burton Mindy Domb & Matthew Sadof Carolyn Butler Liza Donlon & Bob Tabakin Joe Cacaci & Carol Schneider Anne & Kerry Douglas Louise Cadigan & Jonas & Elizabeth Dovydenas David Hagerty  Laura Dubester Deborah & John Caiola Laurie & Jay Dubner Jeff & Linda Caligari Claudie & John Duby Mario & Laurel Caluori

individual supporters

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Mary & Robert Edwards Linda & Tim Egan  Janet & John Egelhofer Donald & Cynthia Elitzer  Mark & Molly Elliot Jan Elsbach  Janet & Bart Elsbach  Patricia & Peter Elsbach Keith Emerling Susan Engel & Tom Levin Anne & Art Engelberger Marie Erwin Gloria Escobar & Jose Huertas  Val & Tad Evans Reba & Bruce Evenchik Gintare S. Everett  Dr. Kathleen M. Favaloro & Christopher Vought Sharon & Richard Feldstein John Felton & Marty Gottron  Hank & Susan Ferlauto Hilary & Chris Ferrone Crispina ffrench & Chris Swindlehurst Nancy Fitzpatrick & Lincoln Russell Henry & Susan Flint  William & Mary Kay Flowers Deborah Flynn  Thomas & Anne Flynn Nancy & Ron Fontana Roz Forman Andy & Tracy Foster Elisa Schindler Frankel & Larry Frankel Anne Fredericks & Marc Fasteau  Benno Friedman & Stephanie Blumenthal Gerald & Maryjane Fromm John Gadzinski  Michael & Kim Gagnon  Raymond & Pauline Gagnon  Peter & Julie Gale Jennifer Galvagni Carpenter & Rick Carpenter  Beth & Bruce Gamble Roslyn & Leonard Garfinkle Paul & JoAnn Gavrity Laurie Geiger & Gregg Lane  John & Lois George  Virginia & James Giddens Ogden Gigli Mary & Alec Gillman Diana Gittelman Corrina & Paul Gitterman Emi Gittleman Marni Gittleman  Stephanie & Robert  Gittleman Jen & Ted Glockner Susan Gold Brett & Eve Goldberg Robin & Peter Goldberg Goldman-Price Family  Hope & Joseph Goldsmith  Jane Goodrich & Jim Youngerman

Sherri Gorelick Doug & Sara Goudey Richard & Susan Grausman  Vicki Grayson & Alan Thiel Linda Greenhouse & Eugene R. Fidell Christine & Jonathan Grenoble Maura Griffin & Joe Carry Florence Gross Edmund A. Grossman  Ira & Jami Grossman  Jo Grossman Jayne & David Gumpel Roberta & Steve Haas Paul & Carmela Haklisch John Halbreich  Bobbie Hallig Yehuda & Hannah Hanani Ellen & Scott Hand Mary Hannigan & Crispin Tresp Kari Harendorf & Michael Cohen Deborah & James Harris  Lily Harvitt Elizabeth & Ned Hazen  Heather Wells Heim & Matthew Heim Ann & Peter Herbst  Jerry & Dassy Herman  Eliza Hewat & Susan Weinberg  Ann & Weston Hicks  Arthur & Louise Hillman  Adam Hinds Dr. & Mrs. Bradford Hirsch  Arlyn & Owen O. Hoberman Gail Hochman  Pat & Dennis Hogan Daniel & Patti Holland Lucy Holland & Charles Schulze Karen Hopenwasser & Merrick Rossein  Sarah Horne & Alan Wilken  Beverly & David Hosokawa Ralph & Lynn Huber Bruce & Amy Humes  Joan & Jim Hunter Mike & Mary Huth  Elizabeth & Malcolm Ingram  Janis & Charles Iverson  Stephanie Iverson & Colin Mathews Katharine & Myron Jaffe Lola Jaffe Patricia Jaouen Jo-Ann Johannemann Jane & Charlie Johnson  Ann Jones & Gary Monserud Casey Jones  Lisa & Tim Kane Megan Kane & Zohar Lazar Barbara & Ronn Kaplan Nancy & Neal Kaplan Kathryn & Barry Karson Sherry & Dan Kasper Ellen M. Gerlich David Keator & Joanne Sheehan Keator Frederick & Renee Keator

will you join us again? George & Sheila Keator Matt Keator & Hannah Piretti Keator Kathleen Keller & Daniel Volchok  Margaret Keller & Brendan Mathews Pat Kennelly & Ed Keon Morgan & Jeff Kent Mike Kern Jennifer & Matt Kerwood  Sarah Kessler & David Heberlein Christopher & Kim Ketchen Athena & Richard W. Kimball Amanda King  Nancy E. King Marilyn & William Kirby  Tony Kiser & Lisa Atkin Laura Kittross  Susan Klebl  Phyllis & Harvey Klein Yolanda & David Klein Sidney & Wendy Kleinman  Dawn Kramer & Stephen Buck Thaddeus B. & Maria G. Kubis Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Kurzweil Anne & William La Fave Marisa Labozzetta & Martin Wohl  James Lamme & Wendy Linscott Alfred & Carol Landess  Joan & Dave Lane Ira & Fran Lapidus Cynthia LaPier  Evelyn & Frank LaRagione Taryn & Mark Leavitt  Vera Lecocq  Meagan Ledendecker & Todd Covert  Donna Leep & Dan Waite Anne Legene & Larry Wallach  Sidney & Helaine Lerner Monte Levin & Gary Lazarus  Elaine & Arnold Levine Betty Levinson Bernice & Scott Lewis  Joyce Linde  Laurie Gilden Lindner Nina & John Lipkowitz  Clara Londoner  Eleanor Lord & Margaret Wheeler Kim & John Lutz  Melissa & Dominic Lydon Maria & Jeff Lynch  Elaine & Steve Mack Tracy Mack & Michael Citrin  Elizabeth Maher Cindy & Rick Malkin  Matt & Catherine Mandel  Barbara & Roger Manring Marjorie & Hal March  Charlotte Marden  James Marden & Jennifer Press Marden Judy & Dennis Mareb

Vera Pavlisova

John & Carol Sebert Naomi Seligman & Ernest Von Diamond Simson  Susan & Arthur Peisner Marcie L. Setlow  Jennifer J. Sewall Pamela Pelkey Alison & Richard Peters Randy Shapiro & Dan Ripp  Mark & Lee Ann Pettus  Stephen & Leslie Shatz Catherine Plakun Jane & Terry Shea Donald Platt & Dana Eva & William Sheridan Brookes Roeser Van Shields & Peggy Rivers Molly Polk & Peter Low Cindy Shogry-Raimer  Rachel Siegel & John Dreger Miles & Marjorie Pollack John Pollock Rosemarie D. Siegel  Nancy & Fred Poses  Ben & Elaine Silberstein in recognition of The Marion Simon Marden Family Charles Sims & Nancy Wolf Laurie Posner & Jeffrey Levitsky  Warren & Flo Sinsheimer  Maria Sirois Sally Post Marianna Poutasse & Eric Ken Sklar Korenman David & Robin Slick Mary Ann & Bruno Quinson Craig Smith & Virginia  Elaine Radiss & Rich Petrino Stanton Smith Donna Rainone Dian Smith  Emily Rechnitz & John Elizabeth & Sam Smith Paladino Lauren & Michael Smith  Robert & Joan Rechnitz Marcella Smith & Linda  Roger Reed & Sarah Nicholson Mironti Peggy Reeves Carol Smoler Rosalind Mae Reis Mark & Elisa Snowise  Carol & Larry Solomon Donna & David Rempell  Aline Sosne Amy Renak  Janet Lee Speed Pamela Reznick  Jeffrey & Meghan St. John David & Ashley Rice Tracey & Christopher Richards Danielle & Dan Stern Carol & Michael Riordan Gaby & Alex Stern Jean Rivlin Sarah Steven  Elaine & Bernard Roberts Dorothy Stoneman & Elizabeth Roberts & John Bell  Lorna & David Strassler Garrett Vail  Toni Strassler Lori & Joe Rose Paula & Andrew Rosen Maureen Strype & Sam Crane Barbara & Michael Rosenbaum Jane & Win Stuebner  Vlada Rousseff Janice & Rich Sturchio  Tim & Ana Suffish Ellen Rowntree  Anne & Joe Roy, Jr. Lenore & Paul Sundberg  Jonathan Swartz Sue Z. Rudd  Amy Rudnick & Ben Hillman Patricia & John Tarrant  John M. Russell Jeanene & Joe Testa Kimberly Russell Audrey Their & Peter Murphy  Linda & Frank Russell Patricia Thomas  Russ & Sandy Thomas Marshall Russell Brendan & Jill Ryan Jennifer Thompson Jane Ryan Nan Thompson & David  Jennifer & Peter Salinetti Schwartz  Marty & Pat Salvadore  Thursday Morning Club Maureen Salvatore Phil & Sugar Timpane  Eva Samo Arlene & Frank Tolopko Carol & Merrill Sanderson John Toole  Martha Sauer & David  Liana Toscanini Rosenthal Cheryl Tosk Diane & Neil Saxton Shari Tosk  Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Tosk Jed Scala & Paula Wardynski Karen & Chuck Schader Diane & John Tracy Daniel Schaeffer Kathy Tracy & Bob Doolittle Margie Schaffel & Peter Belson  Linda Tucker Karen Schaller Michael & Elena Tucker Susan Scheftel & Richard Anamyn Turowski & Finkelstein Eddie Allen  John & Holly Valente Edward Schiffer  Anne Schnesel Suzannah & Pieter Van Schaick Narain Schroeder Edith Velmans  Neal Schultz, M.D.  Maria & Vito Vitrano  Charlotte & Mischa Schwartz Diane & Bill Vogt Jane & Martin Schwartz Jennifer & Kasey Vorce Rita & Steven Schwartz Marcia Walsh & Eric Block  Diane Pearlman & Jeffrey

photo: Christina Lane

Dorrie Margolin Ellen & Michael Martin Rebecca & Wayne Marzotto Dawn & Christopher Masiero Devin & Gina Mathews  Hillery & Neal Maxymillian Wendy A. McCain David & Julie McCarthy Elizabeth & Robert McGraw  Peter & Marie-Louise McHugh  Betsey McKearnan Mary Linda McManus Patricia McQuade Margaret McTeigue & Tom Wessel Faith Menken Leonard & Lucia Meyerson Enid Michelman Brian Mikesell & John Weinstein Susan & David Millen Charlie Miller & Alyson Brandt Nancy & Michael Miller Kelly & Dave Milligan  Kate & Joel Millonzi Susannah Millonzi & Eric Tucker Jamie Minacci Nancy & Tim Minkler Melissa Mishcon & Charles Ferris Linda Mitchell & Laurence Cohen Craig & Laurie Norton Moffatt  William & Margot Moomaw Diane Moran & Richard LaRhette Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Morse Lita Moses & Bruce Bernstein  Judy Moss Sharon & Matthew Mozian  Liz & Jim Murray  Raymond B. & Holly S. Murray Ellen Murtagh  Lori & Dave Nadig Donna & Steve Narey  Mitch & Caitlin Nash  Seth & Mary Nash Suzanne F. Nash Rick & Cindy Nasman Michael & Beth Nathan Patricia & Nicholas Navarino, Sr. Anne & Rick Neal  Leslie Nelson & Michael Wainwright  Lisa Nelson & Steve Alsdorf  Katherine G. Ness Natalie & David Neubert Sandra Newman Susan Bay Nimoy Robert & Mary Ann Norris Dr. William O’Donnell Tom & Wendy O’Neil Jessica Oakley & David Logan Gail & William Oberst Arnold & Ellen Offner Linda Olson Philip & Mary Oppenheimer  Will Osborne & Mary Pope Osborne  Carol Parrish & Paul Clark Barbara D. Pastie Bernadette Patynski & Stephen Bayne

p Your support brings joy to CATA artists like Chris McClendon (BFAIR) every day. Kellie Ward Nicholas Wardle  Cecille Wasserman Chris Watford  Karin Watkins Ellen Watson Stacey Gillis Weber & Jeffrey A. Weber  Alan & Jacqueline Weinstein Diane I. Weinstein  Ruth & William Weinstein Mr. & Mrs. Jay Weintraub  Robin Weiser & Peter Bodnar Chris & Tyler Weld  Claudia Wells Sue & Pete Wells Laura Wentzel  Suky & Tom Werman  John Whalan & Katie Gleason Carter White Laird & Reid White Patricia Whitehead Olivia Wilber & Cody Martin Tamera & Todd Wilber  Liz & Mark Williams Eric & Evelyn Wilska June Keener Wink Stephen & Sally Wittenberg  Christine Wojnar Carrie & Bill Wright  Mary & Steve Yarmosky  Louise & Nat Yohalem  Shirley & Ira  Yohalem David Yudkin & Jeana Edelman Elaine A. Yudkin Judy & Manny Yvars  

Christine & Ray Zelehoski Cheryl Zellman Barbara Zheutlin & Jonathan Hankin Rena Zurofsky Kathleen & John Zutter

gifts in memory of robert gittleman Anonymous, in loving memory of Bob Gittleman Mark Beiderman Joan Blessing Kathryn & Henry Gallitano Carol E. Hoffman Esther Kantrowitz Sher Leiman Sharon & Irving Picard Heather Reinhardt Margery & Lewis Steinberg

loyalty circle Thank YOU loyal supporters!  Acknowledges donors who have given to CATA for 5 or more fiscal years in a row. Fiscal Year = Sept 1 - Aug 31  Deceased

this list reflects all gifts from sept 1, 2017 - aug 31, 2018. please let us know of any errors or omissions.

you can help cata raise $10,000! your gift now means more than ever. This year, a group of anonymous donors has pledged to give $10,000 to CATA if 50 people join our Monthly Giving Club. Please be one of our 50 heroes to help unlock this generous gift! Join our Monthly Giving Club with a gift of ANY size and you will help us raise $10,000! To join, simply fill out the enclosed envelope or visit

foundations & municipalities  Canyon Ranch

Custom Business Solutions Dana Audia Event Planning  Domaney’s Liquors & Fine Wines, Inc. Drury, Patz & Citrin, LLP ExtraSpecialTeas  The Floor Store Flynn Volkswagen Audi BMW  Goodshop  Gorham & Norton Inc.  Greylock Federal Credit Union  High Spirit Community Farm  Hillcrest Educational Centers, Inc. Interlaken House Interprint, Inc. Iredale Mineral Cosmetics J. Harwood Architect J.H. Maxymillian, Inc. John Fülöp Associates, Architects  Kwik Print  Leander House Lee Bank Lee Wash & Dry Lenox Wash & Dry  Mahaiwe Tent Company Main Street Hospitality McTeigue & McClelland Meadow Farm Equipment  Merit


Anonymous 49 Main Law Adelson & Company PC AJA Risk Management Consultants Alander Construction Alexandra Dest Capital Management  Andrus Power Solutions Annie Selke Companies Apella Capital Arista Advisory Group Balance Rock Investment Group  Barnbrook Realty  Berkshire Bank  Berkshire Chiropractic Services Berkshire County Arc Berkshire Magazine  Berkshire Mountain Distillers Berkshire Orthodontics Berkshire Property Agents  Berkshire South Regional Community Center BFAIR  Blue Q Body & Soul Day Spa Brava  Brazabra Corporation Cain Hibbard & Myers Camphill Village Campo de’ Fiori

Methuselah Bar & Lounge Mezze Catering & Events  MountainOne Dr. Sharon Mozian, MD, PC  Oakdale Residences October Mountain Financial Advisors  Old Mill One Mercantile Park Square Financial Advisors of Raymond James Piretti Real Estate  Salisbury Bank & Trust Company  Pamela Sandler Architect LLC Scarafoni Financial Group Seven Salon Spa  Shakespeare & Company Stone House PropertiesSuzanne Crerar TD Bank Toole Insurance Tricia McCormack Photography / Berkshire Photo Booth Tunnel City Coffee United Personnel Services William Caligari Interiors Windy Hill Farm Dr. Jay Wise, DDS & Dr. Casey Jones, DMD

Stephen Shatz, President Emily Rechnitz, Vice President Heather Wells Heim, Vice President Ira Grossman, Treasurer Elaine Radiss, Secretary

AmazonSmile Foundation Appelbaum-Kahn Foundation  Berkshire Bank Berkshire Hills Fund for Excellence, a fund of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation  Berkshire Life Charitable Foundation  Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation The Don & Maggie Buchwald Foundation Center for Nonprofit Excellence The Cheswatyr Foundation  City of Pittsfield  Coolidge Hill Foundation Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire  The Dobbins Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation The Feigenbaum Foundation Fund for Williamstown, a fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation GE Foundation Great Barrington Rotary  The Ruth Krauss Foundation Lee Cultural Council Lee Education Enrichment Fund, a fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Sandra Baron · Kathryn Burdsall Deborah Caiola · Beverly Hosokawa David Hosokawa · Melissa Lydon Neal Maxymillian · Sharon Mozian Rich Petrino · David Rice · Linda Russell Ben Silberstein · John Whalan

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business supporters

 Massachusetts Cultural

Council Pittsfield Cultural Council Potter Family Fund, a Fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation  Joseph H. & Carol F. Reich Fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Robert & Ann Stephanie Gittleman Charitable Fund Rotary Club of Pittsfield Seven Towns’ Educational Enrichment Program  Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation T Backer Fund Trimeath Fund of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region William J. & Margery S. Barrett Fund for Adams, Cheshire & Savoy

Margaret Keller, Executive Director Dawn Lane, Program & Artistic Director Katie Clarke, Administrative Director Jeff Gagnon, Program Manager Kara Smith, Program Coordinator Sarah Carpenter, Development Manager Chris Watford, Communications Coordinator JD Logan, Administrative Associate Sandra Newman, Founder

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