CATA Impact Report (2022)

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2022 Impact Report



Community Access to the Arts (CATA) nurtures and celebrates the creativity of people with disabilities.

We collaborate with 50 different residences, public schools, day programs, and community centers to bring programs in dance, theater, painting, drumming, yoga, juggling, and more to over 800 people with disabilities in Berkshire and Columbia counties. Through dynamic arts workshops and events, CATA artists tap into their talents and share their creativity with the community.

Your support makes CATA possible— thank you!

“At CATA I get to express how I feel and what I can do.”
Catie (BFAIR) practices a new juggling movement in a CATA workshop. THE COVER: Jessica performs a dance solo at the CATA Gala & Annual Performance.

Dear CATA friends,

If you could step into the CATA Studios, here’s what you’d see: CATA artists rebuilding and reconnecting, in many cases after three of the most difficult years of their lives.

You’d see people with disabilities coming together to forge friendships and discover all the creativity they have to share: Stretching to try a new dance move, feeling the satisfaction of mixing just the right shade of red in a painting class, nailing their Shakespeare monologue, hitting the beat on the djembe drum as the music soars.

Put all this against the backdrop of the past three years, and you see the power of what YOU are building at CATA. The pandemic took a heavy toll on so many people with disabilities. Isolation and disconnection left their mark, and many people lost skills. Your support is helping CATA meet these challenges in our community in real time. And your investment is paying off.

When CATA artists asked for more opportunities to explore their talents, you made it happen: Last year, we brought more arts workshops to more people with disabilities than ever before. You helped us pilot new programs in storytelling, songwriting, tactile art, theater for community building, and sensory-friendly dance. You also helped expand workshops for students in local schools.

Teachers and administrators told us that young people with disabilities were struggling to rebuild skills in the wake of the pandemic—and CATA listened. Your support gave hundreds of students an outlet to express themselves as they worked to overcome “Covid slide.”

As we embark on a new year and a new era of growth at CATA, we are dedicated to bringing the highest-quality programs to our artists. We are providing ongoing training for faculty and staff in trauma-informed teaching, autisminformed approaches, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. And, we’re growing our staff capacity in order to expand opportunities for CATA artists and deepen partnerships with local organizations.

Without you, CATA’s work would not be possible. Your generosity is opening the door for hundreds of people with disabilities to express their creativity and find joy in the arts. Thank you!

Please enjoy reading about the ways you made a difference for CATA artists in 2022.

With deep gratitude,

CATA Impact Report 2021–2022 1

You Opened the Door for CATA Artists to Create.

With your generosity, CATA artists tapped into their talents in life-changing workshops.

Community Partnerships Deepened

Your support fueled CATA’s partnerships with 50 agencies, schools, community centers, and nursing homes to help us reach people with disabilities all across our community.

More CATA than EVER!

Thanks to you, CATA provided over 1,800 arts workshops (a 25% increase from the previous year!) to nearly 800 people in our community: Children, teens, and adults with developmental disabilities, people with traumatic brain injuries, and elders with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Opportunities grew for young CATA artists in local schools

Your donations brought arts programs to over 300 students with disabilities in eight public school districts. You also helped expand programs for vulnerable, at-risk students in special education programs, as well as launch inclusive after-school programs for students of all abilities.

New programs = more joy and creativity

You helped us nurture the needs and interests of CATA artists through new programs in storytelling, collaborative songwriting, tactile art, theater for community building, sensory-friendly dance, and more.

2 CATA Impact Report 2021–2022
“CATA is a safe space where people with disabilities can explore new interests. At CATA, their social circles and community connections grow.”
Chris (BCArc) lets his creativity fly with faculty artist Beth Liebowitz in a sensory-friendly dance class.

You Brought the Talents of CATA Artists to the Community.

With your support, CATA artists showcased their creativity in unforgettable performances and art exhibits.

CATA artists in the spotlight in dynamic art shows

I Am a Part of Art, CATA’s Annual Art Show, drew thousands of people to see the work of our artists at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts and the Clark Art Institute. CATA artists also shared their talents in vibrant exhibits at the Berkshire Botanical Garden, Good Purpose Gallery, and the Southern Berkshire District Court.

CATA’s Gala & Annual Performance— a sensational success!

Thanks to you, 2022 was our most successful gala to date! More CATA artists participated in the performance than ever before and fundraising hit a record-high to support year-round programs. Our first-ever hybrid event featured a powerful film packed with performances by CATA artists and behind-the-scenes footage.



May 13 (Gala) & May 14 (Matinee) at Shakespeare & Company (Lenox, MA)

4 CATA Impact Report 2021–2022
“I express myself on the canvas and show it to everybody.”
“I can be myself at CATA. I love performing— I’m really excited when I’m on stage!”
CATA actors Ethan and Dan film a scene from Hamlet—featured in our electrifying Gala film.


NORTH ADAMS: “Wawanko, Sikolaiko!” Lisa keeps a steady beat on the dundun drum while her fellow artists sing along to Djole, a traditional West African song that they’re learning together.

PITTSFIELD: “Breathe deep and stretch to the sky!” CATA artists in a local elementary school bend and stretch, releasing tension and practicing balance in a yoga class.

CRARYVILLE: High school student Bradley puts the final touches on a paper mache project in weekly art classes. Soon, he’ll see his sculpture in a gallery during a CATA art exhibit.

6 CATA Impact Report 2021–2022
Every day, your donations bring lifechanging arts programs to children, teens, and adults with disabilities across our community. Take a peek into a day in the life of CATA:


DALTON: “What do you notice? How does it feel? Can you roll it with your hands?” Christine smooths out a mound of clay, then uses a special rolling pin to create a spiky texture on her sculpture in a tactile arts class.

Partner Organizations

Your support helps CATA partner with 50 residences, schools, day programs, community centers, and nursing homes to reach people with disabilities across Berkshire and Columbia counties, including:

LEE: “CATA gets my creative juices flowing” Grace shines a laser pointer onto a blank canvas. As she moves it up and around, faculty artist Pat follows her movement with a paintbrush. Soon, Grace’s ideas come to life in vivid color in this adaptive painting class.


t the CATA studios, Malika and Kyle create a dance about connection in a sensory-friendly dance class. Meanwhile in the Writers’ Workshop, Eric tries out juicy words for his poem: “If my house were on fire, what I would save first is myself—because you can’t replace yourself.”

Mark takes his first juggling class in a day program for individuals with disabilities. With encouragement from faculty artist Roger, he tries juggling three balls at once and his fellow CATA artists erupt in cheers.

PITTSFIELD: A resident at a local nursing home recalls a memory from his childhood. JoAnne, a faculty artist, strums her guitar and improvises a song from his story, which they sing together.

Berkshire County Arc (BCArc)

Berkshire Family & Individual Resources (BFAIR)

Berkshire Hills Regional School District

Blue Q

Cadmus Lifesharing Association

Central Berkshire Regional School District

College Internship Program (CIP)

Columbia County Arc (Coarc)

Dalton CRA

High Spirit Community Farm

Hoosac Valley Regional School District

Integritus Healthcare

Leander House

Lee Public Schools

Lenox Public Schools

North Adams Public Schools

Oak Lodge

Oakdale Residences

Pittsfield Public Schools

Riverbrook Residence


Southern Berkshire Regional School District

Stanton Home

Taconic Hills Central School District

UCP of Western Massachusetts

CATA Impact Report 2021–2022 7

Thank You for Bringing Creativity to Life in 2022

This list includes supporters who gave to CATA from September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022

Please let us know of any errors or omissions. Thank you also to those generous donors who gave after September 1, 2022—you’ll be on our list next year!


Anonymous (53)

Samarth Agnihotri

Mary Pat Akers

Trish & Bill Alexander

Jane & John Allen

Elizabeth & Graham Allyn

Benjamin Anderson

Patty & Jim Andriotis

Dea Angiolillo & Peter von Mertens

Carolynn Anklam

Janet Ansbro

Joel & Gail Appelbaum

Irene Aquino & Ronald Nickerson

Joanna Arkema

Rachael Armstrong

Glynis Arnold

Nina Aronoff

Whitney Asher

Diane Austin & Aaron Nurick

Richard Baim & Ericka Beckman

Stephen Ball

Selina & Steven Bank

Nerissa Bardfeld & Brendan Burns

Sandra Baron & Gregory Diskant

Dennis & Tracy Barquinero

Ann B. Barrett

Peggy & Peter Barrett

Claudia & Stewart Bartner

Kate Barton & Sam Craig

Rachel Baumgarten

Stephen Bayne & Bernadette Patynski

James & Margaret Beauregard

Paula Beck

Candace & Rick Beinecke

James Bellicchi

Judith Bellina

Mark & Nancy Belsky

The Belsons

Catherine & George Beneke

Wendy Benjamin & Mayra Rodriguez

Camilla Bennett

Dianne Bennett

Carol & Ron Berger

Stephanie Bergman

Cynthia Berman

Susan H. Bernardy

Joyce Bernstein & Larry Rosenthal

Donna A. Bernstein

Monique Bernstein

Elizabeth & Jay Bikofsky

Jonathan & Victoria Biller

Cindie & Paul Birdwell

Bob & Nancy Bishop

Jenny Kang Bishop

Marilyn & Ronald Bisiewicz

John & Melissa Bissell

Tyler Bisset

Dana Bixby

Maria Black & Bernie Plishtin

Debra Blackwell

Robbin Blaine & Jeff Livingston

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Blatt

Aileen Bliss

Christopher Blumlo

Lorey Bonante

Demarest & Sion Boney

Vicki Bonnington & David Schecker

The Bonnot Griffin Family

Jeannene Booher

Judy & Tim Boomer

Diane Boover

Gregory Boover & Caroline Calkins

Cheryl Boucher

Paul Bowlby

Laurie & Stacy Boxer

Bronly & Sarah Boyd

Ellen & Steve Boyd

Carl & Stephanie Bradford

John Branigan & Laura Klein

Pamela & Andrew Breslin

Marcia Brolli

Amy & Steve Bronstein

Jytte & Jock Brooks

Kendall Brooks

Joyce & Richard Brousseau

Peter Brown

Erik Bruun

Deborah Buccino & Eric Plakun

Maggie & Don Buchwald

Esther & Jack Budnick

Donna Bullock-Sherman &

Howard Sherman

Stuart & Julie Burdsall

Kate & Sarah Burdsall

Pam Burger

Joan & Dan Burkhard

Joan B Burns

Allyn Burrows & Tamara Hickey

Carolyn Butler

Katherine Butler

Mary & Paul Butler

Tom & Sarah Butler

George Cain

Debbie & John Caiola

Jeffrey & Linda Caligari

Claudette Callahan

Laurel & Mario Caluori

Cindy & Jeff Caminiti

Justin Carafotes

Elisa Cardoso

Lynne & Jeffrey Carlotto

Beth Carlson

Eugene Carr

Jerry & Deirdre Carter

Sarah Casey

Anthony & Elizabeth Cassano

Lucie Castaldo

Nathan Casto & Terri Chegwidden

Marilyn Cavallari

Michael & Laura Cestone

Lisa & Eric Chamberlain

Alan & Roselle Chartock

Leslie & Paul Chesloff

Matthew & Catherine Chester

The Cheswatyr Foundation

Amy & Quentin Chin

Neil & Kathleen Chrisman

Gary Christenson

Denise Church-Ball & Roger Ball

Samantha Church

Carol & Rocco Cirigliano

Payton Clancy

Jennifer Clark

Barbara & Neil Clarke

Megan Clarke

Susan Stetson Clarke

Kathy & Robert Clausen

Maria Pizzuro Cleary & Eugene Cleary

Catherine Clifford

Karen Climo

N. Noon Coda

Cathy & Joel Cohen

Edward Cohen & Nadine Habousha Cohen

Hillary & Jay Cohen

Laurence Cohen & Linda Mitchell

Lisa & Clemente Cohen

Miriam & Herb Cohen

William Cohn & Rita Kasky

Phil Coleman

Erika Collins

Gordon Collins

Tim Collins

Linda B. Colvin

Gary & Judy Conlen

Jim Conlon

Lee Conlon

Michael Considine & Shawn Leary Considine

Linda G. Conway

Andrew & Lisa Cook

Sarah Cook

Rebecca & Jesse Cook-Dubin

Peter Cormier

LOYALTY CIRCLE: Thank you, loyal supporters!

Boldfaced names indicate donors who have given to CATA for 5 or more fiscal years in a row.

Gina, Jay & Joseph Coscina

Deirdre Cossman

Liz & Tom Costley, in memory of Abbie

Rosemary Cota & Amy Schwendenmann

Terri & Terry Coughlin

Cowles Family Bonsai Cox

Suzanne Crerar

Susan Crofut & Ben Luxon

Tina & Harvey Crosby

Cathy & Robert Crosky

Brian Cruey & Matthew King

Pat Cumberbatch

Craig & Patti Cusson

Tracy & Shaun Cusson

Kay Cuthbertson & Adam Rosen

Linda J. Cysz

Michael D’Aniello

Susan & Ned Dana

Patrick Danahey

David Dashiell & Norton Owen

Katharine Daugherty

Carol Davis & Joel Marcus M.D.

Hope Davis & Bob Braddick

Lenore & Robert Davis

Margery Davis

Ted & Karen Davis

Jim Dean

Katherine Dean & Frederic Gordon

Peter Dean

Brandon DeCaro

Ute DeFarlo

Paul & Christina Del Balso

Mary Delai

Gene Dellea

Sarah & James DelSignor

Simon Dembitzer

Lara & Jonathan Denmark

Kathleen & Mike DeVarennes

David & Suzanne Dewey

8 CATA Impact Report 2021–2022 Boldface = Loyalty Circle * = Deceased

Ruth Dewton

Donna DiGrigoli-Piretti

Jack & Colette Dill

John & Donella DiPasquale

Janet Dohoney

Meredith Doll

Adam Dolle

James Donkin

Tim Donnelly

Laura & Dennis Donovan

Patrick Doolittle & Jill Finfrock

Nynke Dorhout & Chip Kruger

Jennifer Dougherty

Jeff & Jodi Dowling

Amy Drown & Gloria Grant

Laura Dubester

Jay & Laurie Dubner

Eleanor Duckworth

Lorena Dus

Marsha & David Edell

Jeana Edelman & David Yudkin

Shirley Edgerton & Cassandra Pugh

Mary & Robert Edwards

Linda & Tim Egan

Janet & John Egelhofer

Nancy Egelhofer

Suzie Egerton

Toby & Marc Eliot

Mark & Molly Elliot

Phillip Elman

Jan & Kimberly Elsbach

Janet Reich Elsbach

Patricia Elsbach

Anne & Art Engelberger

Susan Ennis & Owen Lewis

Brian Epstein

Frank Epstein & Mary Allmon Epstein

Marie Erwin

Joan Evans

Tad Evans

Gintare S. Everett

Patrick Fabry-Autreaux

Renee Far

Dr. Kathleen M. Favaloro & Christopher Vought

Cipora & Steven Feiner

Robert Feldman & Katherine Vorwerk

Laura & Marc Feller

John Felton & Marty Gottron

Abigail Fenton

Veronica & Christopher Fenton

Rhoda Ferat

Hank & Susan Ferlauto

Christine Ferrari

Hilary Dunn Ferrone & Chris Ferrone

The Ferry Family

Dawn & Don Fillio

Phylis Fink

Tracy & Joe Finnegan

Laura Jane Finnerty

Jamey Flannery

Palma Fleck & Francis Spina

Henry & Susan Flint

Mary Kay & Woody Flowers

Terry & Joanne Flynn

Tom & Anne Flynn

The Fontana Family

Ray & Deirdre Foote

Sarah Ford

Linda & Allan Forman

Roz Forman

Barbara Fortini

Tracy & Andy Foster

Liana Fraenkel & David Oelberg

A. King Francis

Judy Fraser & Stan Parese

Sarah & Ryan Frederick

Anne G. Fredericks & Marc Fasteau

Helen L. Freed

Vicki Fremont

Trisha Frey

Barbara Friedman

Elsie & Steven Friedman

David Fromm

Maryjane & Jerry Fromm

Toni Front

Joann Gaffey

Jeff Gagnon

Michael & Kim Gagnon

Raymond* & Pauline Gagnon

Sherry Galbraith

Peter & Julie Gale

Paul Gallagher & Mike Vopelak

Mariette & Michael Gallo

Amanda Galvagni

Emily Galvin

Kelly Galvin & Ryan Winkles

Beth & Bruce Gamble

Chris Gardner

Rob Garfield & Sandy Whipple

Bonnie Garfield

Kathleen & Alfred Garofolo

Hilda Gasteyer

Paul & JoAnn Gavrity

Jeffrey & Glenna Gerard

Ron & Linda Giancola

Virginia & James Giddens

Ogden Gigli

Nancy Gilbert

Pamela & Richard Giles

Mary & Alec Gillman

Marian Gitlin

Corrina & Paul Gitterman

Emi Gittleman

Stephanie Gittleman

Carol Glazer

Marian Godfrey & Tom Gardner

Mike & Cathy Goff

Kathy Gogel

Mark Gold & Ellen Kennedy

Susan W. Gold

Robin & Peter Goldberg

Karen Golding-Staelin

Linda Goldstein

Danielle & Franz Gonzalez

Jesse & Liz Goodman

Jane Goodrich & Jim Youngerman

Joe Goodwin & Anthony Chojnowski

Myles Gordon

Sherri Gorelick

Doug & Sara Goudey

Dee Gozonsky

Jeff Graham

Frank & Denise Grant

Karen Chase Graubard & Paul Graubard

Vicki Grayson & Alan Thiel

Linnea & Peter Grealish

Stephan Green

Barbara Greenberg

Jon Greene

Linda Greenhouse & Eugene R. Fidell

Miriam Greenspan & Roger Gottlieb

Gussie & Peter Greer

Maura Griffin & Joe Carry

Deaon Griffin-Pressley

Freda Grim & Dan Courchaine

Edmund A. Grossman

Ira & Jami Grossman

Jo Grossman

Antonia Grumbach

Sherwood Guernsey

Jayne & David Gumpel

Roberta & Steve Haas

David Hagerty & Louise Cadigan

Mela & Paul Haklisch

John Halbreich

Charles & Mary Hamilton

Michael Hammond

Hannah & Yehuda Hanani

Ellen & Scott Hand

Amy Handelsman

Jeff Hansen

Gary & Darra Happ

Evan & Sarah Hardcastle

Rob & Louise Harding

Susan & Jim Harding

Rosemary & Lawrence Harnett

Georgianne Valli-Harwood & Jim Harwood

Paul Hawkins

Randy Hawthorne & Carliss Baldwin

Liz & Ned Hazen

Alexandra Heddinger & Marc Warren

Ellen Heffan

Betsy Heilmann

Anne Marie & G. Michael Heim

Benjamin Heim

Heather Wells Heim & Matthew Heim

Matthew Robert Heim, Jr.

Sonya & Shaun Heimann

Marie Henehan & John Vasquez

Barrett Hennessey

Ann & Peter Herbst

Jerry & Dassy Herman

Eliza Hewat & Susan Weinberg

Mary & Curtis Hicks

Arthur & Louise Hillman

Arlyn & Owen O. Hoberman

Pat & Dennis Hogan

Carrie Holland & Sam Russo

Daniel & Patti Holland

Brece Honeycutt & Martin Mitsoff

Karen Hopenwasser & Merrick Rossein

Sarah Horne & Alan Wilken

Dawn & Michael Horton

Robert & Lynne Horvath

Beverly & David* Hosokawa

Bryan House

Beth & John Howard

Russell & Christina Howard

Ralph & Lynn Huber

Laurie & Robert Hug

Susan & Jim Hunnewell

Aeron Hunt & Andrew Schrank

Kierstyn Hunter & Jeff Walton

Daisy & Brandon Hunter-Haydon

Joan & Jim Hunter

Sarah Hunter

Hurwitz Family

Mike & Mary Huth

Katherine Hyland

Allen & Valerie Hyman

Ames Ingham

Elizabeth & Malcolm Ingram

Carole & Sol Israel

Janis & Charles Iverson

Pamela Ivey

Jennie & David Jadow

The James Family

Helen Jamrog

Sandra & Michael Jamrog

Pat Jaouen

Ellen & Charles Joffe-Halpern

Jo-Ann G & John P Johannemann

Emily Johnson

Jane & Charlie Johnson

Linda & Gary Johnston

Finn Jolly

Robin Jolly

Ann Jones & Gary Monserud

Chris Jones & Deb McAlister

Kelly & Bill Kaiser

Nancy K. Kalodner

Marie Kamens

Megan Kane & Zohar Lazar

Herb Kantor

Alyce & Michael Kaplan

Barbara & Ronn Kaplan

Leslie Kaplan

Nancy Kramer Karp

Kathryn & Barry Karson

Daniel & Sherry Kasper

Martha Katz & Jason Peck

Barbara E. Kaufer

Bette Kaufman

Erin Kaufman

Bob & Mary Kavanaugh

David Keator & Joanne Sheehan Keator

Frederick & Renee Keator

Sheila Keator

Kathleen Keller & Daniel Volchok

Margaret Keller & Brendan Mathews

Maureen Keller-Wood & Charles Wood

Karen Kelly

Melissa Kennedy & Joe Maleady

Pat Kennelly & Ed Keon

Debra M Kenyon & Peter T Hess

Frank & Julie Kern

Mary Lou & Chris Kersten

Booker & Suzanne Kessler

Hillel & Hana Kessler

Jim Kessler & Sara Cohen

Josh Kessler & Joanna Bober

Boldface = Loyalty Circle * = Deceased

CATA Impact Report 2021–2022 9

Rebel & Donna Kessler

Sarah Kessler & David Heberlein

Marybeth & Gerry Ketz

Timothy Kiely & Lori Gazzillo Kiely

Athena & Richard W. Kimball

Harvey & Vivian Kimmelman

Susanne King & Richard Berlin

Elisabeth King

Nancy E. King

Jonathan K. Kirchhoff

Tony Kiser & Lisa Atkin

Susan Klebl

Deborah Klein

Abram & Debra Klein Family Fund

Phyllis Patti Klein

Thomas Klein

Yolanda & David Klein

Debra & Rich Koch

Judy Koellmer

Martin Kohout

Eric Korenman & Marianna Poutasse

Kathy Korte

Daniel Kramer & Adele Mattern

Dawn Kramer & Stephen Buck

Raphaela Kramer

The Kubis Family

Raymond & Sonya Kurzweil

Lisa Kuznick & Hal Belodoff

Marisa Labozzetta & Martin Wohl

Alfred & Carol Landess

Christina Lane

Joan Lane

Christina LaPatin

Ira & Fran Lapidus

The LaRagione Family

Matt Larkin & Lainie Grant

Linda J. Lavoie

Kelly Le

Vera Lecocq

Ginny Lee

Donna Leep & Dan Waite

Stephen Lehrman

Noah Lelchook

Monte Levin & Gary Lazarus

Pam & Josh Levin

Anne Levine & Howard Smith

Elaine & Arnold Levine

Richard Levine

Betty Levinson

Deborah Levinson

Dion Lewis

Beth Liebowitz

Sara & Steve Likness

Joyce Linde

Laurie Gilden Lindner

Nina & John Lipkowitz

Benjamin Liptzin & Liz Schneider

David Lloyd & Meg Mortimer

David Lockhart & Lydia Woodward

Dale & Heather Lombardo

Jess Long & Willy Winn

Barbara & Edward Lord

Eleanor Lord

Barbara M. Louison

Bill & Sue Lyon

Tracy Mack & Michael Citrin

Elaine & Steve Mack

Ren & Flo MacNary

Sue & Bob MacVeety

Alice Maggio

Elizabeth Maher

Catherine & Matt Mandel

Barbara & Roger Manring

Marjorie & Hal March

Carrie Marchal

Donald Marcus & Lisa Milligan

James Marden & Jennifer Press


Charlotte Marden*

Judy & Dennis Mareb

Dorrie Margolin

Laura Margolis

Heather Mari

Francis & Marianne Marinaro

Jonathan Mark & Kathleen Munguia

Ellen & Michael Martin

Olivia & Cody Martin

William & Lisa Martin

Janis Martinson & Stephen Sagarin

Anna Masiero

Dawn & Christopher Masiero

Jon & Rosemary Masters

Colin Mathews

Devin & Gina Mathews

Susan Mathews*

Sharon & David Maycock

Nancy Mazzarella

Maria Mazzocco

Michele McAuley

Anne & Philip McCaffrey

Christina & James McCarthy

Julie & David McCarthy

Vincent McDonald & Dorothy French

Sophie Lake McGhee

Fr. Brian McGrath

Buzz & Robin McGraw

Nancy McIntire

Betsey McKearnan

Patty McLaughlin

Mary Linda McManus

Jackie & John McNinch

Bob & Kate McNulty-Vaughan

Patricia McQuade

Margaret McTeigue & Thomas Wessel

Kate Medow

Meister D’Amore Family

Robert & Jeanne Meister

Julia Melnick

Faith A. Menken, MD

Enid Michelman

Brian Mikesell & John Weinstein

Shawn & Travis Mille

Courtney Miller

D Lee Miller

Kelsey Miller

Nancy & Michael Miller

Trudy Weaver Miller & John-Arthur Miller

Kelly & Dave Milligan

Kate & Joel Millonzi

Katharine Millonzi & Steffen Hyder

Jamie Minacci

Nancy & Tim Minkler

Melissa Mishcon & Charles Ferris

Chalice Mitchell

The Molly Lou Fund

JamieEllen & Joseph Moncecchi

Margot & William Moomaw

Jim Moore

Diane Moran

Greg Moran

Julie Morgan

Kristen & Graham Moriarty

Mindi Morin & Max Scherff

Katherine Morris & Larry Siegel

Ben Morris-Siegel

Kate & Hans Morris

Jeffrey & Jen Morse

Judy Moss

Hank & Pat Most

Mary Mott & Gordon Simmering

Melanie Mowinski & Douglas Molin

Laurie Deutsch Mozian

Sharon & Matthew Mozian

Gail Mullen

Joan Goldberg Munch & Bob Munch

Erin & John Murphy

Raymond Murray & Daru Maer

Liz & Jim Murray

Ellen Murtagh

Lori & Dave Nadig

Susan Nadworny

Mitch & Caitlin Nash

Seth & Mary Nash

Suzanne F. Nash

Cindy & Rick Nasman

Michael & Beth Nathan

Pauline & Richard Nault

Anne & Rick Neal

Kara Neier

Leslie Nelson & Michael Wainwright

Lisa Nelson & Steve Alsdorf

Katherine G. Ness

Natalie & David Neubert

Eli & Carolyn Newberger

Rebecca Newman

Sandra Newman

Dana & Richard Noble

Robert & Mary Ann Norris

Ken Norwick & Helen Baldassare

Mike & Suzi Noyes

George Nugent

Chris & Jean Nye

Nancy Nylen & David Dethier

O’Keefe Family

Theresa O’Keefe

Tom O’Keefe

Gail & William Oberst

Annie & Craig Okerstrom-Lang

Marie Oliver

Heidi Olson

Linda Olson

Mary & Philip Oppenheimer

Will Osborne & Mary Pope Osborne

Jack & Jane Pace

Casey Page

Danielle & Peter Palleschi

Brad Palmer

Gill Panchy

Sandy & Brandon Pantorno

Andy & Brenda Papadatos

Renie Parker

Kendra Parkinson

Carol Parrish & Paul Clark

Risa & Jack Paskoff

Barbara D. Pastie

Nancy & Richard Patterson

Barbara Paul

Seth & Jenny Peck

Arthur & Susan Peisner

Ginny Peniuk

Claudia Perles & Gerry Fultz

Alison & Richard Peters

Stephen & Patricia Peters

Eleana Peterson

Jane Peth

Helga & Alfred Phillips

Nancy & Bernie Picchi

Helice & Steven Picheny

Stacy Pilot

Linda Piretti-Syriac

Billy & Beckie Pivirotto

Monika Pizzichemi

Donald Platt

Andrew Pleat

Terrill & Kevin Ploss

Justin Plumley

Adrian Pomilio

Nancy & Fred Poses in recognition of

The Marden Family

Sharon & Sherman Powell

Jason Preisler

Amy & Eric Pressman

Ellie J. Prett

Alan Price & Irene Goldman-Price

Myra R. Promisel

Tracy Purdy-Martin

Colleen Quinn

Mary Ann & Bruno Quinson

Elaine Radiss & Rich Petrino

Cheryl & John Raifstanger

Victoria & Roger Raines

Cris Raymond

Emily Rechnitz

Joan Rechnitz

Roger Reed & Sarah Nicholson

Leah Reed

Nancy Reeves

Judith Reichert

Alice Reilly

Jennie Reins

Juliana Reiss & Marcel Simon

Pam Reznick

David & Ashley Rice

Chris Riffle

Carol & Michael Riordan

Patrick Riordan & Stephen Hatfield

Amanda Tobin Ripley

Elizabeth Rivlin

Jean Rivlin

Elaine & Bernard Roberts

Steven & Georgianne Roberts

Charlotte & Don Rodgers

Sophia Romeu

10 CATA Impact Report 2021–2022 Boldface = Loyalty Circle * = Deceased

Laura Rongione

Christina Root

Cheryl Rosario

Melissa & Andrew Rosen

Paula & Andy Rosen

Barbara & Michael Rosenbaum

David Rosenthal & Martha Sauer*

Diane Rosenthal

Esther Rosenthal

Ann Rosewater & Robert Kronley

Jacob Ross

Patrick Roussel

Anne & Joe Roy

Carol J Rucinski

Sue Z. Rudd

Amy Rudnick & Ben Hillman

Antoinette Russell & Louis Bailey

Linda & Frank Russell

Karen Rutschmann & Jack McKeon

Brendan & Jill Ryan

Deborah & Bill Ryan

Jane K. Ryan

Deborah Sagner

Pat Salomon & Julio Rodriguez

Victoria & Scott Saltzman

Marty & Pat Salvadore

Maureen Salvatore

Carol & Merrill Sanderson

Pamela Sandler Architect LLC

Richard Sands

Dale Saul

Richard & Virginia Scarlet

Karen & Chuck Schader

Margie Schaffel & Peter Belson

Susan Scheftel & Richard Finkelstein

Gary & Arlene Schiff

Edward Schiffer

Elliot Schildkrout & Terry Rosenberg

Nicholas Schkrutz

Robin Schmitt

Carol Schneider & Joe Cacaci

The Schnesel Family Fund

Steven Schwartz

Margie Scully

Alicia Seager

Tracy & Benjamin Seckler

Carol & Richard Seltzer

Mark Sena & Linda Saul-Sena

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Anne Smith & John Goodhue

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Dian Smith

Elizabeth & Samuel Smith

Kara Smith & Brian Kantor

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Linda Smothers & Rick Gregg

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Sheila M. Stanton & Jürgen Schulz

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Peter & Joanna Strauss

Betsy Strickler

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Wendy Strothman & John Bishop

Jane & Win Stuebner

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Dr. Terry Sullivan

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Sally & Michael Sussman

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Jonathan Swartz

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Richard & Deborah Swiatek

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Sue TenBroeck

Audrey Thier & Peter Murphy

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Edith Thurber & Kevin O’Rourke

Thursday Morning Club

The Tibbetts Family

Matthew & Jessica Tibbit

Allen Tipton

John Toole & Gina Miller

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Dr. Stephen & Terri Tosk

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Gwendolyn & Samuel VanSant

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Chris Watford & Aaron Likness

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Ruth & William Weinstein

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The Welches

The Weld Family

Claudia E. Wells

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Rebecca Amuso Wendell & Rene


Suky & Tom Werman

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Liz & Mark Williams

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Richard & Elizabeth Williams

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Adam Paul Heller Studio

Adelson & Company PC

AJA Risk Management Consultants

Allegrone Companies

Apella Capital

Balance Rock Investment Group

Barrington Brewery

Berkshire Bank

Berkshire County Arc

Berkshire Health Systems, Inc.

Berkshire Magazine

Berkshire Mountain Distillers

Berkshire Photo Booth / Tricia

McCormack Photography

Berkshire Property Agents

Black Ice, LLC

Blue Q

Blue Spark Financial

Brainspiral Technologies


Brazabra Corporation

Canyon Ranch


Chris May Builders, Inc.

Christ Trinity Church

Clark + Green, Inc.

Cohen Kinne Valicenti & Cook LLP

Dana Bixby Architecture

Dermatology Center in the Berkshires

Boldface = Loyalty Circle * = Deceased

CATA Impact Report 2021–2022 11

Domaney’s Liquors

Drury, Patz & Citrin, LLP

Ed Herrington, Inc.

Fallon Health

GE Foundation

Granville House LLC

Great Barrington Rotary

Greylock Federal Credit Union

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace

Haven Cafe & Bakery

Hevreh of Southern Berkshire

High Spirit Community Farm

Hot Plate Brewing Co.

Interprint, Inc.

IT Supplies

J. Graney Metal Design

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Lee Middle & High School

Lenox Chamber of Commerce

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Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts


Mezze Catering & Events


Dr. Sharon Mozian, MD, PC


Nature Works Land Care, Inc.

Neenah, Inc.

Neuberger Berman

October Mountain Financial Advisors

One Mercantile

Park Square Financial Advisors of

Raymond James

PayPal Giving Fund

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Ray Murray, Inc.

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Technical Development Corporation (TDC)

Tiffany & Co.

Timpane Construction

Tosk Chiropractic

Township Four

Wheeler & Taylor, Inc.

Wingate Ltd.

WJ Blueprint & Digital Graphics


Sandra Baron

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Liz & Tom Costley

Grace Coughlin

Janet & John Egelhofer

Janet Reich Elsbach

Crystal Forthomme

Frances Freyer

Jeff Gagnon

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Kate Harding

Suleika Jaouad

Charles & Jane Johnson

Peter Johnson

Eric Kaufman

Margaret Keller

Raphaela & Jesse Kramer

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Frank LaRagione

Our Friends in the LifeShare


Todd Mack

Giovanna Mix

Mitch & Caitlin Nash

Elaine Radiss & Rich Petrino

Marshall Russell

Ben Saul

Leslie & Stephen Shatz

Steve Shatz’s 80th Birthday

Janice Shields

Scott R. Thomas

Myles Tosk

Sandy Van

Stefanie Weber

Matthew Weinstein

Lily Weld

Liz & Mark Williams


Aunt Barbara & Uncle Walt

Clarke & Devitt family

Abbie Colpoys

Darren Dionne

Judith DiPasquale

Petie Dodrill

Raymond Gagnon

Kelly Gallagher

Bob Gittleman

Elizabeth Artman Hagenah

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Eleanor Howard

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Richard Melluzzo

Bob Nason

Ethel Norton Owen

Michael Timothy Platt

Dr. Robert K. Rosenthal

Ruthie & Mary


William Suggett

Cece Wasserman


Howard & Katherine Aibel Foundation

Alpern-Rosenthal Foundation

AmazonSmile Foundation

Appelbaum-Kahn Foundation

Barr Foundation & The Klarman Family Foundation through the Barr-Klarman Massachusetts Arts Initiative

Berkshire Bank

Berkshire Life Charitable Foundation

Honoring the memory of Richard Melluzzo— and making a difference at CATA

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, including:

Arts Build Community Initiative

Berkshire Hills Fund for Excellence

Center for Nonprofit Excellence Fund

Central Berkshire Fund

The James & Robert Hardman Fund for North Adams

South Berkshire County Fund

Black Rock Foundation

The Campbell Family Foundation

City of Pittsfield

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Coolidge Hill Foundation

Crane Fund for Widows & Children

The Dobbins Foundation

The Feigenbaum Foundation

GKV Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Rita J. & Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc.

The Ruth Krauss Foundation

Lee Bank Foundation

Massachusetts Cultural Council

The Donald C. McGraw Foundation

The Prospect Hill Foundation

The Carl & Toby Sloane Family Foundation

Dr. Robert C. & Tina Sohn Foundation

Rich Melluzzo was a beloved mental health professional who was committed to making our community a welcoming and inclusive place for every person. Rich always saw the best in every person and helped them find the best in one another. When Rich passed away in December 2021, more than 70 people across our community honored his legacy by making gifts to CATA in his memory. One anonymous donor stepped up to make an extraordinary gift of $25,000 in honor of Rich to support creative opportunities for people with disabilities. We are grateful to these generous donors who are keeping Rich’s legacy of inclusion alive through their support.

12 CATA Impact Report 2021–2022 Boldface = Loyalty Circle * = Deceased
A special thank you to our state officials, especially Representative Smitty Pignatelli, for their continued advocacy for CATA’s mission and work!
“CATA gives me the freedom to express myself and accomplish so much”
Freda (BCArc) lets her musical talents fly with the CATA Beat drummers.

CATA Breaks Down Barriers

CATA Supporters Liz and Mark Williams are driven to make their community a place where every person is included.

“Community Access to the Arts is one of the reasons we love living in the Berkshires,” say Liz and Mark. After attending their first CATA performance, they knew they had to get involved.

“CATA’s mission resonated for us right away. They’re bringing art to people who otherwise may not have access to it—and giving them a way to tap into their creative spirit.”

Mark has seen how the impact of CATA’s work ripples across every part of the community.

“CATA makes a difference for people with disabilities—and the impact is even bigger than that,” says Mark. “CATA touches the lives of caregivers, of parents, siblings, and so many others. CATA is significant for the whole community.”

Liz and Mark Williams want everyone to know the power of CATA’s work.

“When we go to a CATA event, we always make sure to bring someone new who hasn’t been exposed to CATA. It never fails that they get swept away by the mission. They can see right away why we’re so passionate about CATA and want to be a part of it, too.”

For Liz and Mark, bringing people together is what it’s all about.

“CATA connects the artists with the wider community and breaks down barriers,” say Liz and Mark. “Every time we go to an exhibit or a performance, we get to talk to the artists. They’re excited to share about their work and what they’ve accomplished because of CATA. It pulls us together and makes us all one community.”

As donors, Liz and Mark know that their support makes an impact that reverberates across the Berkshires.

“When I see just how much CATA has done for so many people, I’m amazed,” says Liz.

14 CATA Impact Report 2021–2022
“As supporters, we can help CATA take this work to the next level, to continue to grow and make an even bigger impact.”
“CATA touches the lives of caregivers, of parents, siblings, and so many others.”
Richard (UCP of Western Massachusetts) poses with his framed painting in CATA’s Annual Art Show.
“We’re so thankful that our community has CATA. Each workshop puts a smile on the artists’ faces— and on ours, too! CATA is making a real difference.”

Fiscal Year 2022: Financial Overview

To every CATA supporter and partner—thank you! You kept arts programs going for hundreds of people with disabilities.

Throughout our 2022 fiscal year, CATA held true to our core mission and vision: Fueled by your support, we met the needs of our community with robust, innovative programs for people with disabilities of all ages, carefully stewarding CATA’s finances and resources all the way.

Many CATA artists have faced tremendous isolation and loss since the onset of the pandemic, and demand for CATA programs is at an all-time high. Your generosity helped CATA artists explore their talents and discover who they can be.

CATA deepened our core commitment to accessibility, providing more programs for reduced

costs—and waiving fees when needed. Generous donors like you stepped forward to bridge the gap: contributed income made up 87% of our overall income. Your gifts directly supported programs for low-income CATA artists who crave and deserve creative outlets, opening the door for more people with disabilities to participate.

As always, programs serving artists with disabilities were our primary expense. An outpouring of support from 1,083 individuals, businesses, and foundations made these vital programs possible. Your generosity sustained workshops, exhibits, and performances that provide life-changing opportunities for CATA artists.

Fiscal Year 2022: September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022


Grants/Foundations: $460,797

Earned* $250,658

*including program fees and art sales Total Income: $1,877,530


16 CATA Impact Report 2021–2022
Contributed: $1,626,872 Individual: $1,076,046 Corporations: $90,029
Events Management & General Earned Contributed 87% 13% 14% 80% 6%
Program Services: $1,351,249 Fundraising & Events: $244,623 Management & General: $105,141 Total Expenses: $1,701,013 Program Services

258 paintings byCATAartists framed and exhibited

112 dance solos performed by CATA artists

112,080 minutes of inclusive arts workshops

800 CATAservedartists

brought CATA to life in 2022!


program partnerships

80 pounds of clay molded into sculptures

7,125+ people witnessed the talents of CATA artists in performances and exhibits

1,083 donorsinclusionsupporting

6,000+ yoga poses by CATA artists

CATA Impact Report 2021–2022 17


Margaret Keller, Executive Director


Jeff Gagnon, Program Director (school programs)

Kelly Galvin, Program Director (agency programs)

Kara Smith, Program Director (studio programs)

Courtney Maxwell, Program Associate

Miranda Nichols, Program Associate

Beth Liebowitz, Dance Faculty & Performance Projects Manager

Wes Buckley, Music Specialist & Faculty Artist


Chris Watford, Communications Director

Alex Heddinger, Development Director

Kate Harding, Development Associate

David Dashiell, Development Associate


Katie Clarke, Administrative Director

James Totten, Office Manager

Sandra Newman, Founder


Heather Wells Heim, President

Emily Rechnitz, Vice President

Eva Sheridan, Vice President

Ira Grossman, Treasurer

David Rice, Secretary

Sandra Baron

Judy Boomer

Liz Costley

Carol Glazer

Sarah Hunter

Mindi Morin

Rich Petrino

Elaine Radiss

Carol Riordan

Stephen Shatz

Ben Silberstein

John Whalan



Wes Buckley

JoAnne Spies


Greg Boover

Kelly Galvin

Rory Hammond

Diane Prusha


Janet Reich Elsbach


Beth Liebowitz

Olivia Martin

Stefanie Weber


Jill Fleming

Roger Reed


Wes Buckley

Dan Cohen

Aimée Gelinas

Terence Murren

JoAnne Spies


Selina Bank

Corry Buckwalter

Jody King Camarra

Jeff Gagnon

Pat Hogan

Elizabeth Kick

Thad Kubis

Marlene Marshall

Chalice Mitchell

Janice Shields

Kara Smith

Hilary VanWright


Paula Boyajian


Pat Hogan

Stefanie Weber

Stockbridge Rd, Suite 2, Great
• •
Barrington, MA 01230 (413) 528-5485
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