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painting: Janice LeBeau

25 years of art and inclusion 60+ public art exhibits curated and displayed

500+ Parighasana poses by CATA yogis

3,000+ Paintings by CATA artists exhibited

20,000+ Arts workshops provided


Public performances offered

600+ Commission checks paid to CATA artists

2,000+ Dance solos performed by CATA dancers

2,000+ People with disabilities served

52,000+ Shakespearean exclamations performed by CATA actors photos: Christina Lane

Dear CATA Supporter, Twenty-five years ago, CATA was a bright vision for change forged in Sandy Newman’s living room. Twelve women with disabilities took part in CATA’s first program. Now, we celebrate a milestone anniversary, with 650 CATA artists with disabilities at our side.

You have made the Berkshires more vibrant, creative, and inclusive. And you have shown what happens when people open themselves up to the power of art and possibility. Twenty-five years is a landmark to revel in. And it’s just the beginning of what we can do together.

We have flourished because of the support of so many: Sandy, of course. Our talented faculty. Our devoted Board of Directors. Our tireless staff. Our dedicated program partners. Our remarkable CATA artists. And YOU, our community, who have embraced our mission with warmth and generosity.

Please enjoy reading about the powerful work you made possible in 2017. I’d love to hear what you think about this Annual Report— and CATA more generally. Thank you for your support!

You have brought life-changing opportunities to thousands of people with disabilities, who have explored their creativity–and shared their talents in performances and art exhibits.


Margaret Keller Executive Director

Margaret and CATA artist Francesca Brown (Riverbrook Residence)

Nurturing and celebrating the creativity of people with disabilities THE FACTS with disabilities represent the largest · People minority group in Massachusetts. of family caregivers report unmet needs · 30% in social activities for people with disabilities. families report that service cuts have · Many led to limited access to community life and

At CATA we know:

the 15% of people with disabilities · Among that are employed, only 57% earns at least

Together, we are building a community that recognizes the value of ALL of its members.

minimum wage.3

[1] Annual Report for the Massachusetts Office on Disability FY 2016 & FY2017. Massachusetts Office on Disability, 30 June, 2017. Web. [2] 2010 FINDS National Survey, Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports. University of Minnesota, 11 May, 2011. Web. [3] Still in the Shadows with Their Future Uncertain, A Report on Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports (FINDS), 2011. The Arc, June 2011. Web.

photos by Tina Lane

opportunities for their family member with disabilities.2


Art transcends difference, creativity creates connection.

photo: John Dolan / Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation


CATA PROGRAMS YOU M ARTS IN / ARTS OUT In CATA’s core program, people with disabilities tap into their creativity, discover new talents, and connect with a wider community. Each series explores an art form—singing, drumming, modern dance, tap, theater, improv acting, creative writing, yoga, and juggling—with workshops offered across Berkshire and Columbia counties.

photo: Christina Lane

Because of YOU, in the 2017 program year:

Dennis Sartori (BFAIR) explores new rhythms in CATA’s drumming workshop

• 650 people with disabilities engaged in 1,200 life-changing workshops. • CATA’s program partnerships grew to 46 organizations, with a 27% growth in programs in the last 4 years. • Programs expanded in Northern Berkshire County and Pittsfield, and doubled in Columbia County, NY.

SCHOOL PROGRAMS CATA in the Schools brings CATA’s core workshop model to students in special education programs in seven school districts. Students explore new areas of interest, discover new talents, and find their creative voice. Because of YOU, in the 2017 program year: • 100 students with disabilities participated in 80 arts workshops in 7 school districts. • Workshops in Pittsfield schools doubled. • Programs launched at Pittsfield Public School’s Special Education Summer Camp for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

A student at Monument Valley Middle School sings along in a CATA workshop




A.R.T. WORKSHOPS CATA offers innovative painting workshops for people with significant physical disabilities using Artistic Realization Technologies (A.R.T.), an adaptive painting technique developed by Tim Lefens.

“CATA has given me my art. I never knew I could do this before.” - Carol Neuhaus, A.R.T. artist

Because of YOU, in the 2017 program year: • 10 artists with disabilities took part in 130 individual A.R.T. sessions. • A.R.T. programs launched at Coarc in Columbia County.

CATAdirect CATAdirect brings together individuals with disabilities and community volunteers to create handcrafted products, which are sold to provide commissions to artists and share CATA’s mission.

• A.R.T. artwork was featured in exhibits at the Clark Art Institute, the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, Berkshire Museum, and Good Purpose Gallery. photo: Christina Lane

CATA artist Carol Neuhaus (BCArc) with her painting at the Clark Art Institute

Because of YOU, in the 2017 program year: • Over 30 individuals from across the Berkshires now attend weekly CATAdirect workshops. • Retail partners expanded to include 19 boutiques. • CATAdirect introduced new products including hand-printed scarves, botanical print pillows, card sets, and holiday gift tags and garlands. Freda Boateng (BCArc) takes part in the CATAdirect Crafts Cooperative

photo: Christina Lane

ANNUAL PERFORMANCE “One of the most joyous and inspiring events of the year,” CATA’s Annual Performance is the culmination of hundreds of performing arts workshops and a celebration of the artistry of people with disabilities. Because of YOU, in the 2017 program year: • Forty CATA artists with disabilities performed in a dynamic showcase, as ambassadors for the 650 people with disabilities that CATA serves all year. • Over 800 people attended the two sold-out performances, with 109 community members attending for the first time.

CATA artist Marshall Russell (Leander House) performs in CATA’s 2017 Annual Performance at Shakespeare & Company

• 85 elementary and high school students from five schools attended the dress rehearsal performance to experience the power of artistry and inclusion.

ART SHOWS CATA’s Annual Art Show “I Am a Part of Art” and Art on Tour exhibits feature vibrant paintings and drawings created by CATA artists with disabilities. Exhibits are held at museums, galleries, businesses, and other sites throughout our community. Because of YOU, in the 2017 program year: • Art sales soared with 84 pieces sold (over $15,000 of art!). Each sale gave a commission to an individual CATA artist. • “I Am A Part of Art” exhibits at the Clark Art Institute and the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts showcased work by over 150 artists with disabilities. • Art on Tour showcased CATA artwork at the Berkshire Museum, New Marlborough Meeting House Gallery, MountainOne Gallery, Good Purpose Gallery, and Tunnel City Coffee, among many other locations.

Sarah Vannah (BCArc) stands proudly with her artwork in CATA’s Annual Art Show at the Clark Art Institute

POETRY READING CATA’s annual Poetry Reading spotlights the revelatory work of writers with disabilities who hone their skills throughout the year in CATA’s Writer’s Workshop. Because of YOU, in the 2017 program year: • CATA writers met weekly and, led by talented faculty, explored poetry, autobiography, and short fiction. • Over 140 people attended the sold-out performance for the second year in a row at The Mount, Edith Wharton’s historic Lenox home.

I find rocks deep in the water. They feel rough, hard, solid and beautiful; peaceful, quiet and baked as gravy. CATA writer Cathy Marden (Oakdale Residences) in CATA’s Writer’s Workshop

– Louisa Millonzi (excerpt from “In the Shiny Era of the Sun”)

ART CART Rooted in a strong respect for elders and their history, The Art Cart uses the power of the arts to inspire nursing home residents to express their life stories and talents. A CATA faculty artist leads group workshops in music and works one-on-one with elders to share songs, poems, and stories. Because of YOU, in the 2017 program year: • 154 Art Cart Sessions took place at 6 different Berkshire Healthcare settings from North Adams to Great Barrington. • 270 Berkshire Healthcare residents took part in the Art Cart program throughout the year, recollecting memories and revealing their own artistic talents.

Faculty Artist JoAnne Spies evokes memories through music as part of CATA’s Art Cart program







l l


Anonymous (19) Ed Abrahams Julie & Rodney Agar David & Kyneret Albert Caroline Alexander & Dennis Kostyk Trish & Bill Alexander Marion & Richard Alford Jane & John Allen Paula Almgren Josh & Helen Alspector Kate & Scott Anderson Janet Ansbro Frances Anthes & Charles Washburn Gail & Joel Appelbaum Susie Arnold Nina Aronoff Irmgard Schrempp Arruda Whitney Asher Trice Atchison & Daniel Seitz Dana & Carl Audia Patrice & Kevin Auld Lisa Avery & Robert Henriquez Stephen Ball Robin & Dai Ban Pauline & Richard Banducci Barbara & Benny Barak Sandra Baron & Gregory Diskant Scott Baronas Amy & Tim Barry Susan H. Bernardy Jonathan & Victoria Biller Polly & Steve Birrell John & Melissa Bissell Marilyn & Sam Bittman Dana Bixby Maria Black & Bernie Plishtin Shirley & Steve Blanchard Aileen Bliss Mr. & Mrs. Sion A. Boney III Barbara Bonner Vicki Bonnington & David Schecker Jeannene Booher Kristen & Kevin Botelho Cindy & Paul Bowlby Sheriff Thomas Bowler Molly & Lou Boxer John & Natalie Boyce Alice Boyd Bronly & Sarah Boyd Stephanie & Carl Bradford Gundula Brattke Carol & Bob Braun Carol Brockunier Jytte & Jock Brooks Cindy & Steve Brouker Jennifer Browdy Adriana Brown Susan & Duncan Brown Deborah Buccino & Eric Plakun Jack & Esther Budnick Lexie & Mike Bullard Donna Bullock-Sherman & Howard Sherman Kathryn & Sarah Burdsall Jane & Larry Burke Joan & Dan Burkhard Carolyn Butler Ewa M. Buttolph Louise Cadigan & David Hagerty Deborah & John Caiola Cindy & Jeff Caminiti Jill Cancellieri Paul & Jennifer Capala

Lynne & Jeffrey Carlotto Jennifer Carpenter Sarah Carpenter Jerry & Deirdre Carter Kay Castelle Nathan Casto & Terri Chegwidden Marilyn Cavallari Michael & Laura Cestone Lisa & Eric Chamberlain Amber Chand l Alan & Roselle Chartock l Karen Chase & Paul Graubard Billie & Larry Chernicoff l Neil & Kathleen Chrisman Carol & Rocco Cirigliano Neil & Barbara Clarke l Maria & Eugene Cleary Karen & Bob Climo Nina Cobb N. Noon Coda Edward & Nadine Cohen Lisa & Clemente Cohen l Miriam & Herb Cohen l William Cohn & Rita Kasky l Michael & Marion Cole Judy & Gary Conlen Lloyd & Jan Constantine Judith & Jeffrey Cook Ranny Cooper & David Smith Susan & David Corey in memory of Andrew Jurkowski Liz & Tom Costley Bonsai Cox Herbert & Jeanine Coyne l Suzanne Crerar Anni Crofut & Mel Maliki Cathy Crofut Erika Crofut l Susan Crofut & Ben Luxon Tina & Harvey Crosby Molly Curletti l Craig & Patti Cusson Tracy & Shaun Cusson Kay Cuthbertson & Adam Rosen Linda J. Cysz Margaret Daniel Churchward Davis l Hope Davis & Bob Braddick Lenore & Robert Davis l Margery Davis Ted & Karen Davis ÂŞ l Linda B. Day Katherine Dean & Frederic Gordon Philip Deely & Hilary Somers Deely in honor of Bev & Dave Hosokawa Peter & Joanne Deich Eugene Dellea Lara & Jonathan Denmark Carolyn & Richard Denning l Mary Lou DeWitt Ruth Dewton Janet Dohoney Mindy Domb & Matthew Sadof Anne & Kerry Douglas Jonas & Elizabeth Dovydenas l Laura Dubester Laurie & Jay Dubner Claudie & John Duby Mr. & Mrs. Carl Dunham Skip & Margie Durning l Stewart & Lynn Edelstein Mary & Robert Edwards Linda & Tim Egan Janet & John Egelhofer

Donald & Cynthia Elitzer Mark & Molly Elliot Jan Elsbach l Janet & Bart Elsbach l Patricia & Peter Elsbach Anne & Art Engelberger Martin & Nancy Engels l Laurily Epstein Sally Evans in honor of Sandy Newman l Val & Tad Evans Reba & Bruce Evenchik l Dr. Kathleen M. Favaloro & Christopher Vought John Felton & Marty Gottron Hank & Susan Ferlauto Phylis Fink Joe & Tracy Finnegan Jill Fleming & Steven Bankert William & Mary Kay Flowers l Thomas & Anne Flynn Gina & Steve Foley Nancy & Ron Fontana Roz Forman l Vicki Fremont l Benno Friedman & Stephanie Blumenthal Freddy & Mary Jo Friedman Gerald & Maryjane Fromm Toni Front l Michael & Kim Gagnon Peter & Julie Gale l Beth & Bruce Gamble Linda Garrettson Paul & JoAnn Gavrity Laurie Geiger & Gregg Lane l John & Lois George Kim & Raymond Getman Cindy Giannaris l Virginia & James Giddens Ogden Gigli Pamela & Richard Giles Mary & Alec Gillman Diana Gittelman Corrina & Paul Gitterman Marni Gittleman l Stephanie & Robert Gittleman Jen & Ted Glockner Barbara & Shel Goldberg Brett & Eve Goldberg Robin & Peter Goldberg Goldman-Price Family Hope & Joseph Goldsmith John & Anne Goodhue l Jane Goodrich & Jim Youngerman Joe Goodwin & Anthony Chojnowski Jon R. Gotterer & Nina Molin Doug & Sara Goudey Mr. & Mrs. Frank Grant Richard & Susan Grausman l Vicki Grayson & Alan Thiel John Greene Linda Greenhouse & Eugene Fidell Christine & Jonathan Grenoble Florence Gross Edmund A. Grossman l Ira & Jami Grossman l Jo Grossman Antonia & Jack Grumbach Judy Grunberg Roberta & Steve Haas Paul & Carmela Haklisch John Halbreich Bobbie Hallig

Charles & Mary Hamilton Yehuda & Hannah Hanani Sarah Hancock Ellen & Scott Hand Mary Hannigan & Crispin Tresp Rosemary & Lawrence Harnett Lily Harvitt Georgianne Valli-Harwood & Jim Harwood Juliana Haubrich Jan Healey & Robert Grien l Heather Wells Heim & Matthew Heim Sonya & Shaun Heimann Ann & Peter Herbst l Jerry & Dassy Herman Jose Hernandez l Eliza Hewat & Susan Weinberg Ann & Weston Hicks l Arthur & Louise Hillman William & Shelly Himmelrich Adam Hinds Dr. & Mrs. Bradford Hirsch l Arlyn & Owen O. Hoberman Gail Hochman l Pat & Dennis Hogan Daniel & Patti Holland Lucy Holland & Charles Schulze Karen Hopenwasser & Merrick Rossein l Sarah Horne & Alan Wilken l Beverly & David Hosokawa Ralph & Lynn Huber l Joan & Jim Hunter Mike & Mary Huth Karen C. Hyland Elizabeth & Malcolm Ingram l Janis & Charles Iverson l Stephanie Iverson & Colin Mathews Katharine & Myron Jaffe Lola Jaffe Patricia Jaouen Jo-Ann Johannemann Jane & Charlie Johnson l Ann Jones & Gary Monserud Cassandra Jones Joan & Kenneth Kaiser l Nancy K. Kalodner Lisa & Tim Kane Megan Kane & Zohar Lazar Lisa Kantor Barbara & Ronn Kaplan Sherry & Dan Kasper Laura & John Katz Barbara E. Kaufer David & Joanne Keator Matt Keator & Hannah Piretti Keator Kathleen Keller & Daniel Volchok l Margaret Keller & Brendan Mathews Melissa Kennedy Pat Kennelly & Ed Keon Morgan & Jeff Kent Mike Kern l Sarah Kessler & David Heberlein l Brian & Trisha Killeen Athena & Richard W. Kimball Amanda King l Nancy E. King Susanne King & Richard Berlin Adam & Silvana Kirby l Tony Kiser & Lisa Atkin Janice Kitner & Elwood Smith

This donor listing reflects all gifts from Sept. 1, 2016 - Dec. 31, 2017. Please let us know of any errors or omissions.

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Laura Kittross Suzanne & David Klausmeyer Susan Klebl Leslie Klein Phyllis & Harvey Klein Sarah & Lawrence Klein Joan & Larry Kleinman Sue & Phil Knoll Joan & Paul Kopperl Dawn Kramer & Stephen Buck Lois Krasilovsky Thaddeus B. & Maria G. Kubis Anne & William La Fave Marisa Labozzetta & Martin Wohl James Lamme & Wendy Linscott Alfred & Carol Landess Mary G. Landor Joan & David Lane Ira & Fran Lapidus Frank, Evelyn & Ruth LaRagione Matt Larkin & Elaine Grant Taryn & Mark Leavitt Vera Lecocq Meagan Ledendecker & Todd Covert Donna Leep Anne Legene & Larry Wallach Sidney & Helaine Lerner Elaine & Arnold Levine Judith & Sydney Levine Betty Levinson Bernice & Scott Lewis Joyce Linde Laurie Gilden Lindner Nina & John Lipkowitz Danny & Sue Lipson Robert Logsdon Clara Londoner Eleanor Lord & Margaret Wheeler Kim & John Lutz Melissa & Dominic Lydon Amy Lynn Susan & William Lyon Don & Ingrid MacGillis Elaine & Steve Mack Tracy Mack & Michael Citrin Monica M. Mackey Elizabeth Maher Matt & Catherine Mandel Nora Mann in honor of Amanda King Barbara & Roger Manring Michelle Manto - Berkshire Acupuncture Don Marcus & Lisa Milligan Charlotte Marden James Marden & Jennifer Press Marden Dorrie Margolin Amy Markham Deanna Markham Rebecca & Wayne Marzotto Anna Masiero Dawn & Christopher Masiero Devin & Gina Mathews Robert Mathews & Mary Graziano Robert & Mary Ann Matthews in honor of The Hunter Family Hillery & Neal Maxymillian James & Mary Maxymillian Zack McCain & Wendy Brown David & Julie McCarthy Tricia & Tom McCormack Courtney & Andrew McDonnell James & Sue McElroy Peter & Marie-Louise McHugh Betsey McKearnan Mary Linda McManus l

Loyalty Circle



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Catherine Plakun Donald Platt & Dana Brookes Roeser Molly Polk & Peter Low l Nancy & Fred Poses in recognition of The Marden Family Laurie Posner & Jeffrey Levitsky Sally Post Marianna Poutasse & Eric Korenman Ramelle & Michael Pulitzer Bruno & Mary Ann Quinson Wendy Rabinowitz & Jeff Borak l Elaine Radiss & Rich Petrino Donna Rainone & Richard Squailia Courtney & Dan Randall Cris Raymond l Emily Rechnitz & John Paladino l Robert & Joan Rechnitz l Joseph H. & Carol F. Reich Rosalind Mae Reis Donna & David Rempell Elisabeth Soderholm Rhodes & Mark Rhodes David & Ashley Rice Tracey & Christopher Richards Jonathan Rick Carol & Michael Riordan Jean Rivlin l Karen & Tom Robards l Elaine & Bernard Roberts Elizabeth Roberts Sophia Romeu Paula & Andrew Rosen Barbara & Michael Rosenbaum l Vlada Rousseff Ellen Rowntree l Anne & Joe Roy, Jr. Sue Z. Rudd l Amy Rudnick & Ben Hillman l Antoinette Russell & Louis Bailey l John M. Russell l Linda & Frank Russell Brendan & Jill Ryan l Deborah & Bill Ryan Jane Ryan Jennifer & Peter Salinetti l Marty & Pat Salvadore Carol & Merrill Sanderson Scott & Cherri Sanes Sheryl Satun Martha Sauer & David Rosenthal Dale Saul Doreen Sawicki & Cynthia Wassell Diane & Neil Saxton Jed Scala & Paula Wardynski Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schader Robert Schechter Susan Scheftel & Richard Finkelstein Joseph Schiffer Mike Schiffer Robert Schiffer l Anne Schnesel Narain Schroeder l Neal Schultz, M.D. l Charlotte & Mischa Schwartz Jane & Martin Schwartz Rita & Steven Schwartz Rose Schwartz l Jennifer J. Sewall Jan & Mike Seward Michele Shalaby Nancy Shalett l Anita & Harvey Shapiro Randy Shapiro & Dan Ripp l Stephen & Leslie Shatz

Jane & Terry Shea Eva & William Sheridan Molly Sheriff Cindy Shogry-Raimer Rachel Siegel Rosemarie D. Siegel l Ben & Elaine Silberstein Babette Silver & Gene Fais Charles Sims & Nancy Wolf Warren & Flo Sinsheimer l Maria Sirois Elfi Six Ken Sklar Robin & David Slick l Turbi & Paul Smilow Andrea & John Smith in honor of Pauline Smith Craig Smith & Virginia Stanton Smith Dian Smith Lauren & Michael Smith Marcella Smith & Linda Mironti Sam & Elizabeth Smith Mark & Elisa Snowise Carol & Larry Solomon Susan Solovay l Aline Sosne l Janet Lee Speed in honor of Elaine Radiss l Jeffrey & Meghan St. John Kathleen & Dennis Staropoli Danielle & Dan Stern Gaby & Alex Stern ª Richard Strafer l Lorna & David Strassler l Toni Strassler Maureen Strype & Sam Crane Jane & Win Stuebner l Tim & Ana Suffish Lenore & Paul Sundberg Sally & Michael Sussman l Bob & Ginny Swain l Jonathan Swartz Pamela Tatge & Jerry Zinser Amy & Jeff Taylor l Fern & Lenard Tessler Jeanene & Joe Testa Audrey Their & Peter Murphy l Thursday Morning Club l Russ & Sandy Thomas l Roger & Jerry Tilles Phil & Sugar Timpane John Toole l Liana Toscanini l Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Tosk Kip & Margot Towl Diane & John Tracy Kathy Tracy & Bob Doolittle l Linda Tucker Michael & Elena Tucker Anamyn Turowski & Eddie Allen Rachel Urquhart & John Herrera l John & Holly Valente Dave & Tammy Valicenti Kristen van Ginhoven & Nicholas Webb Suzannah & Pieter Van Schaick Ann & John Vartanian Eleanore Velez Edith Velmans Craig Vickers l Maria & Vito Vitrano Diane & Bill Vogt Kellie Ward l Nicholas Wardle Lori Warner l Cecille Wasserman Tim & Ashlea Waters

Ellen Watson Amanda & Dan Weil Stacie Weiner l Alan & Jacqueline Weinstein Diane I. Weinstein Ruth & William Weinstein in honor of Matthew Weinstein Mr. & Mrs. Jay Weintraub l Robin Weiser & Peter Bodnar l Claudia Wells l Suky & Tom Werman Justin Wernick l John Whalan & Katie Gleason Carter & Carol White Kat Whitney Olivia Wilber & Cody Martin Kim Wilder Carol & Rob Williams l Liz & Mark Williams Eric & Evelyn Wilska Josh Winefsky June Keener Wink l Jay & Terry Wise Stephen & Sally Wittenberg l Christine Wojnar Susan Wojtasik Jackie Wong & Paul Marshall Susannah & Willard Wood David Lockhart & Lydia Woodward Jennifer Wright l Mary & Steve Yarmosky Ira & Shirley Yohalem l Louise & Nat Yohalem Newell & Jennifer Young David Yudkin & Jeana Edelman Elaine Yudkin Judy & Manny Yvars Cheryl Zellman Barbara Zheutlin & Jonathan Hankin Kathleen & John Zutter

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LOYALTY CIRCLE Thank YOU loyal supporters! l Acknowledges donors who

have given to CATA for 5 or more fiscal years in a row. Fiscal Year = Sept 1 - Aug 31

photo: Christina Lane


DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Evelyn & Frank LaRagione How did you first become involved with CATA?

Jeff Kane (BCArc), a former student of Evelyn LaRagione, on stage at CATA’s Annual Performance

Evelyn: When I was a speech pathologist at the high school in Lenox, we took a group of students from the special education class to CATA every week for drumming workshops. Each week we took the B-Bus down to Great Barrington, went to class, and stayed for lunch to practice independence and broader skills. You could just see the students’ growth—they became more confident, learned social skills, and really embraced music making!

What inspires you about CATA? EL: When I watch my former students dance at the gala, or I hear their poetry being read, I’m thrilled! I know the growth they have achieved. We used to wonder: what will these students do when they’re out in the community? I’m so proud to see so many of them, years later, involved with CATA, on stage, and with such strong friendships.

What led you to support CATA philanthropically? EL: After I got involved, my family got involved too—my husband, daughter, and I attend the gala almost every year. We want CATA’s work to continue, and we know that if donations aren’t made, these programs don’t happen. Each time we give, we feel like we’re a part of CATA.

What changes have you seen because of CATA? EL: CATA helped to instill my students with confidence. They can talk to people. They can be independent. They know they have something to give. And CATA helps to educate the outside world too. CATA breaks apart people’s perceptions of people with disabilities. CATA is important because it’s inclusive. Everyone is equal. You can’t not think it’s a good thing!

Fiscal Year 2017: Financial Overview With deep gratitude, CATA recognizes our supporters and partners. You have transformed our community and brought creative expression to hundreds of people with disabilities. Thank you! In 2017, we celebrated 25 years of a balanced budget, and either met or exceeded targets in all income categories. Because so many of the people we serve have limited income, CATA turns to donors to support our work: contributed income makes up 77% of our budget. Support grew in 2017, with 600 donors contributing. The vast majority of CATA’s expenses are directed specifically to our programs serving artists with disabilities. Your contributions are critical to sustaining the workshops, exhibits, and performances that provide life-changing opportunities for CATA artists.

Program Fees Contributed Income

Art Sales CATAdirect



Individual Corporations Grants & Foundations

$413,358 $57,217 $78,650





*(incl. program fees, art sales, CATAdirect sales)

Program Services

EXPENSES Management and General

Program Services Management and General Fundraising

$571,708 $46,056 $83,399



Fundraising (Fiscal Year 2017 = September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017)

DID YOU KNOW? In the 2017/2018 program year, CATA is providing VSA Arts Connect All Workshops through CATA in the Schools, under a contract with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. This means that more students with disabilities in the Berkshires will experience the transformative power of the arts!

Wendy Benjamin Debbie Caiola Carol Cirigliano Maria Cleary Pearl Elsbach Susan Ferlauto Diana Gittelman Trena Heinrich Jane Johnson Pinky McQuade Leigh Merlini Sandy Newman Elaine Radiss Karen Richardson Linda Russell Leslie Shatz Sandy Van Erika Wainwright Cornelia Webster College Internship Program/ CIP Berkshires Students from: Montessori School of the Berkshires Bard College at Simons Rock Stephen Shatz President Emily Rechnitz Vice President Heather Wells Heim Vice President Ira Grossman Treasurer Sandra Baron · Kathryn Burdsall Deborah Caiola · Beverly Hosokawa David Hosokawa · Melissa Lydon Sharon Mozian · Rich Petrino Elaine Radiss · David Rice Linda Russell · Ben Silberstein John Whalan Diane Prusha, Faculty Representative Cory Carlotto, Artist Representative

CATA PROGRAM PARTNERS Because of your support, CATA starts the 2018 program year with workshops at 49 partner settings across Berkshire and Columbia counties.




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Berkshire Family & Individual Resources (3) · Berkshire County Arc (7) · Berkshire Service Group (2) · Berkshire Healthcare (6) · Berkshire Hills Regional School District (2) · Blue Q · Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts · Cadmus (3) · Camphill Village Copake · Central Berkshire Regional School District (2) · College Internship Program · Columbia County Arc (3) · High Spirit Community Farm (2) · Hoosac Valley High School · Leander House · Lee Middle & High School · Lenox Memorial Middle & High School · Mount Everett Regional High School · Northern Berkshire Academy · Oakdale Residences · Oak Lodge · Pittsfield Public Schools (4) · Riverbrook Residence · Stanton Home · United Cerebral Palsy of Berkshire County



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Margaret Keller, Executive Director Dawn Lane, Program & Artistic Director Katie Clarke, Administrative Director Jeff Gagnon, Program Manager Kara Smith, Program Coordinator & CATAdirect Studio Manager Sarah Carpenter, Development Manager Chris Watford, Marketing Coordinator JD Logan, Administrative Associate Sandra Newman, Founder

40 Railroad St, Suite 6 Great Barrington, MA 01230 413-528-5485

CATA 2017 Annual Report  
CATA 2017 Annual Report