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Exclusive partnerships, superior exposure.

The Global Media Plan is the portfolio of advertising partnerships and exposure opportunities available to our network. Tailored through technology, our service is the modern choice for real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers who demand the very best. The plan drives leads, site traffic, and awareness by connecting our brand with discerning audiences worldwide.

All advertising campaigns throughout the Global Media Advertising Brochure are at no additional cost. To be featured, properties must be submitted for consideration via Access. Please contact your marketing department for more information.

Global Media
Global Media Contents ArchitecturalDigest ADMexico Dwell FinancialTimes Juwai MansionGlobal Nikkei PropGoLuxury SouthChinaMorningPost TheNewYorkTimes TheWallStreet Journal GPSAdUnit PropertySyndication 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 27

Architectural Digest (AD) is the essential resource for sophisticated design enthusiasts seeking inspiration and unrivaled access to the world?s most celebrated designers and architects. As the leading international design authority, they continue to spotlight the very best in home, luxury, innovation, and global destinations. The Sotheby?s International Realty®brand will leverage the power of to build awareness and drive exposure opportunities to our global listings.

Global Media Architectural Digest
42%|58% Male
48 Average Age 9.3M Unique Monthly Visits $122k Average HHI 21M Page Views/Month 3 Average Pages/Vistor Worldwide Distribution United States 4,500,000 Monthly Visits Canada 296,000 Monthly Visits United Kingdom 279,000 Monthly Visits Australia 179,000 Monthly Visits India 111,000 Monthly Visits 4
| Female Skew

Ownershipof RealEstate LandingPage

In 2024, the Sotheby?s International Realty®brand has continued its exclusive ownership of a prominent placement on their website with a full-year buyout of the real estate landing page.


Global Media Architectural Digest EXCLUSIVE
Global Media AD Mexico
international authority on design,
architecture in Mexico
Spanish-speaking countries of Central and Latin America.
the style guide where experts
lovers of the creative world witness before anyone else, the hottest trends, houses, places, objects and works of art in the present moment. Worldwide Distribution Mexico 451,350 Monthly Visits Argentina 38,970 Monthly Visits Colombia 38,161Monthly Visits Peru 37,217 Monthly Visits Chile 36,893 Monthly Visits 52%|48% Male | Female Skew 25-34 Average Age 1.7M Unique Monthly Visits 2.8M Page Views/Month 1.5 Average Pages/Vistor 6 is the
décor, and
and across the
It is

DesignSection Sponsorship

For the first week of each month, Sotheby?s International Realty®banners take over AD Mexico?s Design Section web page with 100% share of voice.


Global Media AD Mexico EXCLUSIVE

As the leading voice for modern design, architecture, and interiors, Dwell reaches an affluent, sophisticated, and design-savvy audience. Reaching over 1.5 million unique monthly visitors, Dwell has been a modern design icon since 2000.

The Sotheby?s International Realty®brand will leverage Dwell?s dedicated audience of highly affluent consumers to uniquely showcase the modern properties represented by our network.

Global Media Dwell
45%|55% Male
Female Skew 43 Average Age 1.5M Unique Monthly Visits $227k Average HHI 15M Page Views/Month 10 Average Pages/Vistor Worldwide Distribution United States 8,190,000 Monthly Visits Canada 525,000 Monthly Visits France 385,000 Monthly Visits Germany 385,000 Monthly Visits Singapore 385,000 Monthly Visits United Kingdom 315,000 Monthly Visits Australia 315,000 Monthly Visits 8

Homes& Real EstateChannel Sponsorship

Run-of-site banners and brand content will be used to sponsor Dwell?s Homes and Real Estate channels throughout the year, in addition to scheduled ad placements on the homepage and article pages.

Global Media Dwell EXCLUSIVE

The Financial Times (FT) is one of the world?s leading business news organizations, recognized internationally for its authority, integrity, and accuracy. Providing essential news, comment, data, and analysis for the global business community, the FT has a combined paid print and digital circulation of over 1.2M. Mobile is an increasingly important channel for the FT, driving more than half of total traffic to the world?s most desirable audience, with the largest purchasing power and highest net worth.

Global Media Financial Times
49 Average Age 20M Unique Monthly Visits $315k Average HHI 148M Page Views/Month 7 Average Pages/Vistor Worldwide Distribution United States 5,882,902 Monthly Visits United Kingdom 5,429,328 Monthly Visits India 806,734 Monthly Visits Canada 624,090 Monthly Visits Germany 567,872 Monthly Visits 10
| Female Skew

The Sotheby?s International Realty® brand is the exclusive lifestyle search partner on and in FT print advertisements.

Global Media Financial Times
VIEW FT PROPERTY LISTINGS EXCLUSIVE PropertyListing & LifestyleSearch Sponsorship 11 is the leading Chinese international property portal and is the exclusive international property partner of Tencent, China?s internet giant and operator of WeChat. has more than 5.5 million Chinese-speaking users and showcases more than 6 million listings from over 111countries. was named the top international real estate website in China by the country?s peak e-commerce body for two years running and is a winner of the prestigious Red Herring Global Top 100 Award for excellence in startups.

To maintain reach in China, the Sotheby?s International Realty®brand will continue its syndication and advertising partnership with in 2024. This ensures greater visibility to Chinese consumers searching for homes worldwide.

Global Media Juwai 55%|45% Male | Female Skew 45 Average Age 10.2M Unique Monthly Visits $557k Average HHI 7M Page Views/Month 1.5 Average Pages/Vistor 27% China | 73% Worldwide Distribution China 2,754,000 Monthly Visits United States 1,542,240 Monthly Visits Hong Kong 612,000 Monthly Visits Canada 347,820 Monthly Visits Australia 317,220 Monthly Visits 12

Listing Distribution &Brand ListingPage

Juwai will provide 12 months of property syndication and promotion for all Sotheby?s International Realty®brand properties during 2024. The brand?s Chinese translated company page on will also continue to be a staple in this year?s campaign.


Global Media Juwai

Launched in 2015, Mansion Global is the premier digital destination connecting the world's most affluent real estate buyers with prestigious properties around the globe. Through relevant, timely listings and award-winning content, their multilingual platform is localized to address the interests of international property seekers. Luxury listings are combined with global market analysis as well as relevant news and entertaining stories ? all to empower and inspire users to make informed real estate decisions.

Global Media Mansion Global Worldwide Distribution United States 1,697,529 Monthly Visits India 127,170 Monthly Visits Canada 105,041Monthly Visits Australia 41,335 Monthly Visits United Kingdom 41,242 Monthly Visits 70%|30% Male | Female Skew 43 Average Age $628k Average HHI 2.5M Unique Monthly Visits 4.1M Page Views/Month 2 Average Pages/Vistor 14


The homepage hero carousel showcases the most exceptional properties listed with Sotheby's International Realty in the most high-impact way. These listings have received 45 times more visits and 35 times more page views than listings featured anywhere else on Mansion Global.


Sotheby?s International Realty®listings are listed and searchable across the following platforms: The Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global, Barron?sand Marketwatch, connecting exceptional properties to a high-net-worth audience.

Global Media Mansion Global

The Sotheby?s International Realty®brand continues its exclusive partnership with the Nikkei, the most influential news publication in Japan and one of the major media powerhouses in the world.

This alliance enables the brand to generate Japanese buyer interest through Nikkei?s digital platform which reaches over 44 million monthly readers. The Sotheby's International Realty brand is the first real estate brand to present property listings outside of Japan to readers of Nikkei, giving Japanese consumers access to residential real

in 72 countries and territories.

Global Media Nikkei
estate offerings
77%|23% Male | Female Skew 50 Average Age 44M Unique Monthly Visits 9.1M Average HHI (JPY) 207M Page Views/Month 5 Average Pages/Vistor Worldwide Distribution Japan 41,613,800 Monthly Visits United States 717,174 Monthly Visits Singapore 177,080 Monthly Visits Thailand 141,664 Monthly Visits Australia 137,237 Monthly Visits United Kingdom 115,102 Monthly Visits Hong Kong 97,394 Monthly Visits Taiwan 84,113 Monthly Visits 16


Branded banner ad units and content will run across the Nikkei network, Nikkei Property Listings homepage and real estate channels. Sponsorship will also run in the Nikkei?s print newspaper which currently boasts the world?s largest circulation.

Global Media Nikkei
Property listing details will be translated and syndicated to the Nikkei luxury property listing site. VIEW NIKKEI PROPERTY LISTINGS EXCLUSIVE EditorialPromotion EXCLUSIVE PropertyListingSyndication Brand editorial content that is fully translated and promoted on the Nikkei property listing site. 17

Founded in 2006, PropGOLuxury remains the only US based online real estate company in Asia. PropGo delivers exceptional online real estate products and services to affluent English and Chinese reading consumers. It is the largest and fastest growing luxury property site in the China and Asia Pacific region.

Global Media PropGoLuxury
56%|44% Male | Female Skew 35 Average Age 100k Unique Monthly Visits $301k Average HHI 191k Page Views/Month 1.9 Average Pages/Vistor Worldwide Distribution United States 47,793 Monthly Visits Hong Kong 20,600 Monthly Visits China 14,999 Monthly Visits United Kingdom 9,583 Monthly Visits Taiwan 7,967 Monthly Visits 18

HomepageFeatured ListingCarousel

Sotheby?s International Realty selects five listings each month that will be displayed on PropGo?s Featured Listing Carousel ? which is promoted on their homepage.


Hand selected by Sotheby?s International Realty®editorial team, PropGo features 1x unique editorial each month on their Blog and News page.It?s then amplified on PropGo?s social platforms for added exposure.


Utilizing the feed, Sotheby?s International Realty listings are prominently displayed and promoted on PropGo?s web and social media platforms.

Global Media Nikkei

The South China Morning Post is a leading news media company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century. Founded in 1903, the SCMP?s headquarters are in Hong Kong, where it is the city?s newspaper of record.

To increase reach in Hong Kong and Asia, the Sotheby?s International Realty®brand advertising partnership with South China Morning Post will ensure greater visibility to Hong Kong citizens and Asian consumers for homes worldwide.

Founded in 1903, the SCMP's headquarters are in Hong Kong, where it is the city's English-language newspaper of record.

Global Media South China Morning Post
65%|35% Male | Female Skew 40 Average Age 35M Unique Monthly Visits $60k Average HHI (HK) 63.9M Page Views/Month 3.5 Average Pages/Vistor Worldwide Distribution United States 9,300,000 Monthly Visits Hong Kong 1,700,000 Monthly Visits Singapore 1,300,000 Monthly Visits Philippines 969,000 Monthly Visits Malaysia 944,000 Monthly Visits Canada 876,000 Monthly Visits Australia/New Zealand 865,000 Monthly Visits 20

Takeover &TravelSection Sponsorship

The Sotheby?s International Realty®? brand will own the South China Morning Post homepage and Travel & Leisure landing page of during key dates in 2024. Throughout the full year, the GPS unit, brand banners and brand videos will also be showcased via consumer targeting campaigns.



Global Media South China Morning Post


Since 1851, The New York Times has provided exceptional depth of quality news and information surrounding the most important issues on a local, national, and global level. Nominated for 2 Emmy®Awards (2021), in addition to having won 132 Pulitzer Prizes, The New York Times has consistently set the bar among leading news brands.

The New York Times is the most subscribed to digital media news organization in the world with over 10 million subscribers. has successfully applied the same expectations and meticulous standards to the digital world as with print in more than 200 countries and territories.

Global Media The New York Times
Male | Female Skew 42 Average Age 594M Unique Monthly Visits $128k Average HHI
Page Views/Month 10M Total Paid Subscribers Worldwide Distribution United States 485,120,923 Monthly Visits Canada 32,918,744 Monthly Visits United Kingdom 31,201,705 Monthly Visits Australia 16,783,345 Monthly Visits India 9,215,949 Monthly Visits 22

RealEstate Slideshow

Our ongoing exclusive sponsorship of the real estate section slideshows provides high performing branding and lead generation for the featured properties. VIEW NYT REAL ESTATE SLIDESHOW


Global Media The New York Times
listing syndication feed
access to exclusive homes
the Real Estate, Business, DealBook,
Magazine sections
International Realty will continue its exclusive ownership of The New York Times?custom listing search unit that will pull from the Sotheby?s International Realty®
and T
ListingSearchUnit 23

The Wall Street Journal is a global news organization that provides leading news, information, commentary, and analysis. Published by Dow Jones, which has nearly 2,000 journalists in more than 75 bureaus around the world, The Wall Street Journal engages readers across print, digital, mobile, social, and video. For more than 130 years, building on its heritage as the preeminent source of global business and financial news, The Wall Street Journal includes coverage of U.S. and world news, politics, arts, culture, lifestyle, sports, and health. It holds 39 Pulitzer Prizes for outstanding journalism.

Global Media The Wall Street Journal
Worldwide Distribution United States 25,693,951Monthly
Canada 1,029,539 Monthly
Japan 817,985 Monthly Visits United Kingdom 561,615 Monthly
India 549,351Monthly
57%|43% Male | Female Skew 46 Average Age $361k Average HHI 34.4M Unique Monthly Visits 166.2M Page Views/Month 5 Average Pages/Vistor 24


Fridayand Saturday ArticleBuyout

Friday is one of the highly trafficked days where new global real estate coverage is being consumed online. Sotheby?s International Realty will have 100% ownership of Fridays and Saturdays globally (US, Europe and Asia) with fixed brand ad units on real estate article pages within the real estate section for every Friday and Saturday in 2024.

Global Media The Wall Street Journal EXCLUSIVE

GlobalProperty Search(GPS): AProprietary AdUnit

We partner with leading media powerhouses to deliver content to discerning audiences worldwide. The Global Property Search (GPS) automatically displays properties based on the location of the consumer as they visit our media partners websites. When a property is clicked by the potential buyer, they are taken to the property details page on

Properties must be submitted for approval via the Property Display Feed in dash.

Global Media GPS Ad Unit

Property Syndication

The Sotheby?s International Realty®brand provides unparalleled exposure and worldwide reach for our listings, a crucial piece that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Once a home is showcased on, it is exclusively distributed via the ListSync platform to the most authoritative news, luxury lifestyle, financial, and real estate-centric websites around the world at no additional cost to the agent.

To ensure your property is being syndicated, please contact your marketing representative to ensure all listing requirements are being met.

Global Media Property Syndication
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