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The Moment for our Movement 2015 Year in Review

Celebrating CASA’s 30 years of service to the immigrant community

Dear Friends, It’s been thirty years since CASA first opened its doors to the immigrant community, and over the past three decades, more than 100,000 men, women, and families have passed through. Thanks to the support of friends like you and the collective action of many, we’ve effected policy change that has transformed the lives of many, many more. Last year, thanks to CASA’s leadership, two new international high schools focused on the needs of English Language Learners were opened in Prince George’s County. This past fall, 200 ninth graders started high school at schools designed to help them adapt to the U.S., graduate on time, and be prepared to attend college. CASA’s advocacy also helped achieve a historic paid sick leave law in Montgomery County, Maryland this year, which will cover over 100,000 workers who have no such benefits currently. For low-wage workers who previously had to choose between earning a day’s wage or seeing a doctor when sick, this was a tremendous win. In 2016, CASA will take the fight for immigration relief to the Supreme Court. After years of CASA rallying, marching, and sitting in, President Obama granted immigration relief to over 4 million undocumented immigrant men and women in November 2014. However, a Texas judge opted to play politics with the lives of immigrant families and issued an injunction against the order. CASA will be taking a national leadership role in mobilizing thousands of community members to demand that the president’s order be implemented now so that immigrant families can live in peace. You have been an integral part of the movement for immigrant rights and social justice, and we count on your support. This coming year, in addition to fighting for immigration relief, CASA will be mobilizing for fair work week policies and universal health care coverage in Maryland and increasing the minimum wage and expanding driver’s license access in Virginia. With your help, we know we can continue to win these fights and transform the lives of immigrants every day.

CASA Board of Directors* Rima Matsumoto, President Jose Aguiluz, Vice President Washington Adventist Hospital

Carlos Olea, Treasurer Carr Properties

Linda Robinson, Secretary Montgomery College

Ayo Atterberry Annie E. Casey Foundation

Teresa Casertano Communication Workers of America

Gladys Cisneros Solidarity Center

Missael Garcia CASA Member

Maria Guardado CASA Member

Henry Hailstock Independent Consultant

Andrea LaRue NVG, LLC

Oscar Oporto CASA Member

Austin Thompson Democracy Alliance

In solidarity,

June White Dillard Gustavo Torres Executive Director


Rima Matsumoto, Board Chair

Attorney * Organizational affiliations are for identification purposes only.

CASA 2015 Annual Report

CASA 2015 Annual Report 3

Quality Health Care: An Invaluable Asset CASA connected over 10,000 members to affordable health coverage this year Blanca, a 42-year-old single mother and immigrant, came to CASA when she had nowhere else to turn. She had been receiving collections calls demanding she pay over $26,000 in medical debt, an insurmountable figure for someone making just over minimum wage. The state agencies and insurance companies refused to help her. But through perseverance, CASA’s staff was able to get her insurance company to agree to pay one half of the amount owed, and is still working on solutions to get her remaining debt written off. “I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find CASA,” said Blanca. Thousands of immigrant families who are uninsured or underinsured like Blanca, are in danger of falling into serious medical debt. For this reason, CASA connects immigrant families to quality, affordable health coverage. For the past two years, CASA has been one of the top Affordable Care Act navigator organizations in the state, helping thousands of low-income individuals enroll in Medicaid or a subsidized private health plan. Last year, CASA helped over 10,000 low-income men, women, and children to apply for free or low-cost health insurance and put more than $3.6 million back in the pockets of community members through savings in their monthly health premiums. CASA also operates a health hotline in English, Spanish, and French, which connects over 4,000 people annually to health care and other vital services. Our health promoters, or promotoras, educated more than 17,000 people last year about how to find health insurance or get screened for diseases like cancer and diabetes, and we also provided over 1,500 medical interpretations. CASA is advocating for a universal health care bill to cover all Marylanders, so that no individual falls into debt simply for seeking the medical treatment they need. Even after passage of the Affordable Care Act, there are still close to half a million Marylanders without health insurance. We will continue to work at the legislative level to offer a systemic solution for the many families who still cannot access quality health care.

Helped low-income immigrants to receive over

$3.6 million in health insurance subsidies


CASA 2015 Annual Report

CASA 2015 Annual Report 5

Workers’ Rights are Human Rights CASA’s fight for better protections and pay in Maryland and Virginia In 2015, CASA leveraged its model of combining community organizing, grassroots advocacy, and direct services to advance the fight for workers’ rights in Maryland and Virginia. In Montgomery County, Maryland, we won a decisive legislative victory with the Sick and Safe Leave Act, which mandates that employers provide up to seven days of paid sick leave for all workers. When this legislation goes into effect in the coming year, over 100,000 workers will receive paid sick days for the first time. As we move into 2016, the fight continues! At the local level, we are advocating for a $15 minimum wage in Baltimore City and paid sick leave legislation in Prince George’s County. In Virginia, working closely with partners and allies, we are advancing statewide legislation that would increase the current $7.25 minimum wage—a wage far below the cost of living in the state to $15 as well. In Maryland, we are building on the Fair Work Week legislative campaign that we launched earlier this year, educating members of the state legislature on the impact that unjust scheduling practices have on the lives of low-wage retail workers. Today, tens of thousands of low-wage workers receive their work schedules with only a few days’ notice, making the scheduling of childcare, doctor’s appointments, and second jobs a constant challenge. The Fair Work Week bill would ensure that workers are given three weeks’ notice of the days and times they are required to work by their employers. In addition, over the course of 2015, CASA’s legal team recovered more than $114,000 in unpaid wages for immigrant workers, and our workforce development program educated over 400 workers about their rights on the job. We will continue to provide these and other services, while simultaneously training workers to organize for change in their workplaces and communities.

CASA’s advocacy helped win paid sick leave benefits for over

100,000 workers in Montgomery County, MD


CASA 2015 Annual Report

CASA 2015 Annual Report 7

Connecting our Communities, Standing In Solidarity Multicultural organizing for change in Baltimore In April 2015, Freddie Gray was killed while in police custody, and Baltimore erupted in protest. In the four years preceding Gray’s murder, the city had faced over a hundred lawsuits regarding police misconduct, resulting in some $5.7 million in settlements.1 During this time, as Baltimore’s majority African American community remained plagued by economic insecurity and violence, tensions with the city’s newly expanding immigrant population began to bubble as well, inflamed by the prevalent conditions of systemic poverty and institutional racism. Beginning in the fall of 2014, CASA embarked on a partnership with the Department of Justice and one local high school to implement programming related to leadership development, community organizing, and purposeful cross-racial community building, helping students, staff, and even school police to work towards an improved school climate. We held grassroots-led antiracism and civil disobedience trainings in the community, bringing together Latino and African American members of racially diverse neighborhoods. And, in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death, we led the efforts to build a coalition of over thirty organizations, forming the Campaign for Justice, Safety, and Jobs, and advocating for statewide law enforcement policies that uphold equal justice, transparency, and accountability.

As our Baltimore membership grows, we look forward to establishing a new Baltimore Welcome Center in the McElderry Park neighborhood, where the Latino population has grown from less than 5% to over 20% in the last ten years. Opening a new center will significantly expand CASA’s capacity to provide services and support to the city’s immigrant and African American residents. The new center will also serve as a hub for multiracial communities, particularly youth, to come together to organize for social change.

CASA trained over

200 youth in civil disobedience in the days following the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore

Over the course of the year, we also continued to provide employment placement and workforce development services, legal and social services, and citizenship support at our Baltimore center, and we successfully completed the second year of our Mi Espacio Program, an afterschool and summer leadership and enrichment program for Latino high school students in Baltimore City. 1


CASA 2015 Annual Report

CASA 2015 Annual Report 9

Announcing CASA’s first Citizenship Center Providing citizenship assistance, tax prep, financial counseling and more to hundreds each year This year, CASA opened its first-ever Citizenship Center in Rockville, Maryland. In the Washington, D.C. metro area, there are over 300,000 Legal Permanent Resident immigrants who are eligible to become U.S. citizens. Almost 80,000—more than a quarter—live in Montgomery County. Through a unique partnership with the State of Maryland, CASA hosts 13 AmeriCorps members, located at this center and throughout the state, to help Legal Permanent Residents to become citizens and improve their financial well-being. CASA’s new center offers citizenship application assistance, citizenship classes, and a micro-loan program to help members afford the high cost of applying for citizenship. Last year, more than 150 immigrants received loans, and 100% repaid their loans on time. Members who received a loan reported an average increase of 15 points on their credit score.

community (through tax refunds, taxes government collected, tax preparation fees saved and the value of volunteer hours). More than 900 members opened a bank account with the help of CASA and local banking partners last year. One beneficiary of CASA’s citizenship programs is Ramon. Ramon immigrated from El Salvador when he was 21. He wanted to make a better life for his family, so he came to the U.S. in search of work, but had to leave his children back home. This year, he came to CASA for help applying for citizenship, so that he could petition to bring his children to the U.S. and reunite after more than 26 years. Ramon worked in construction for over two decades, but receiving citizenship allowed him to work on a federal contract, and nearly double his salary. Achieving U.S. citizenship not only improved Ramon’s financial status, it also helped bring his family back together.

CASA’s financial literacy program also includes tax preparation, financial counseling, and banking access. In 2015, CASA helped over 650 people file a tax return and helped earn over half a million dollars in tax refunds for community members. In total, the program added over $900,000 in value to the


In total, legal permanent residents became U.S. citizens through CASA


of citizenship applications submitted through CASA were successful


CASA 2015 Annual Report

CASA 2015 Annual Report 11

CASA’s 2015 Impact by the Numbers Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals


Educated people about the program


CASA assisted immigrant youth to apply for legal status under the federal DACA program


of those applications were approved

Protecting children fleeing violence


CASA helped over Central American immigrant children to receive protection in the United States

Improving educational opportunities Enrolled


ninth-graders in two new schools for English Language Learners in Prince George’s County. 10 0 % 80%

hi e


te d


f r o m Hi g h S c h

d I n c r ea s

s i n g G r a d es

r te



Mi Espacio afterschool program







d ve




of students participating in “Mi Espacio” youth program reported an increase in overall GPA


of participating students with failing grades at the beginning of the year achieved passing grades by the end of the year






of seniors who took part regularly went on to graduate from high school


CASA 2015 Annual Report

CASA’s 2015 Impact by the Numbers, continued

Winning fair wages


Average wage earned by immigrant workers placed in jobs by CASA




of day laborers nationally experience wage theft


of day laborers at CASA’s centers experience wage theft

CASA’s legal team recovered

$114,256 2013



in unpaid wages for immigrant workers

Access to banking and credit Aided

945 153

low-income people in opening a bank account


low-interest loans to help cover the costs of applying for citizenship

Free or low-cost legal assistance

69% 18%

immigration employment

7% 6%



2,606 immigrants

education, family, or other cases

CASA 2015 Annual Report 13

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Thank you to our more than 600 incredible volunteers!


CASA 2015 Annual Report

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CASA 2015 Annual Report

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$1–99 Ellen Alex Eric Alksnis Rufino Andres Anonymous (x6) Viviana A zar Lindsey Baker

CASA 2015 Annual Report 17

Contributors, continued Leyla Martinez Sebastian Medina-Tayac Patricia Mendoza Ed and Jean Mitchell John Mullally Michael J. and Rita M. Murphy Carla Naranjo Juan Navarrete Christopher Nemarich Patrick Nugent Wendy Oliver Caitlin Palacios Daniel Palmer Dean Pappas and Claudia Leight Anne Pasmanick Soren Peterson Fred L. Pincus and Natalie J. Sokoloff Roberto Pinero Herman Portillo Christopher Randolph William E. Rau and Susan Roche Molly Rauch and Benjamin Longstreth Rebecca Reindel Charles Roberts Amy Rose Lilah Rosenblum David and Barbara Ruppert Tomas Saturnino Alejo Priscilla Schmitt Jeffrey Scholnick Ana Schwartz Caballero Juan Sempertegui Catherine Shaughnessy Janet Shenk Rosanne Singer Thaddeus Smith Agatha So Maritza Solano Bernard Solnik Andrea and Paul Stanley Nancy Stark Ann Marie Staudenmaier Margery Stembel Christopher Stergalas Krista Strothman William and Barbara Stuchberry Maya Suarez Barragan Christy Swanson James Tarlau Rita Tonner Mary Twohy Ingrid Vaca Rivero Ian Villeda Eileen Wasow Mary Waugh Kenneth Weiss Renée Weitzner Lois Wessel James Wheatcroft Arlene Williams Nick Williams Hisao Yatsuhashi Stanley Zirkin


In-Kind / Other Ahmad Ahsan Victoriano Arias Jeffrey Barham Sandra Bellew Thomas Bossuroy Andrea Maria Castro Astudillo Shubha Chakravarty Nadine Chapman Jorge Coarasa Bustamante Beata Debek Kreszentia Duer Gabriela Elizondo Azuela Ivania Fernandez Jose Carlos Ferreyra Anjali Ann Fleury Jose Alberto Fuentes Lanza Sara Gagneten Xavier Gine Ana Luisa Gomes Lima Robert Guzman Harry Izevbigie Igor Kheyfets Anne Kuriakose Laureen Laglagaron Jamie Jill Lazaro Ana Luna Barros Catherine Lynch Laura Marie Macinnis Andrew Malone Richard Mellman Fanny Missfeldt-Ringius Juan Andres Mosquera Jorge Muñoz Inae Nobrega Riveras Victor Ordonez Conde Eda Parodi Solis Secretary Thomas Perez Gerardo Pilligua Cristian Quijada Torres Maria Soledad Requejo Keta Ruiz Gustavo Adolfo Ruiz Gustavo Saltiel Nora Sanchez Guzman Ernesto Sanchez-Triana Kai Martin Schmitz Kenneth Simler James S. and Rieann Spence-Gale Victoria Stanley Stephanie Sullivan Nils O. Tcheyan Tania Tejeda Sergio Toledo-Juarez Luis Vaca-Soto Robert Walker *Contributions received during the July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 fiscal year.

Donor Profile

Jeff Meetre “Supporting CASA gives me a chance to offer assistance to the very deserving people who come to its offices.” A D.C.-area native and retired official at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Jeff Meetre has been a generous supporter of CASA since 2011. Jeff first came to CASA because he wanted to find a place where he could give back and improve his Spanish skills at the same time. He quickly saw how great the needs of the immigrant community were and the importance of supporting CASA’s work. Since then he has donated each month, in addition to volunteering just about every day with CASA’s ESOL program. His pledge was made easier for him because of CASA’s participation in the Community Investment Tax Credit program, available to all Maryland residents giving $500 and above annually. CASA sends its deepest thanks to Jeff and to the more than 1,000 donors and volunteers who make this work possible each day.

CASA 2015 Annual Report

Financials CASA de Maryland, Inc. Financial Statements* for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2015 Statement of Activities

Statement of Financial Position

Support and Revenue




Cash and cash equivalents


Grants and contributions


Due from affiliates


Tuition and fees


Investments in affiliates


In-kind contributions


Contracts receivable


Interest and other income


Total support and revenue


Other receivables and prepaid expenses


Grants receivable


Board designated reserves for mansion


Note receivable**


Property and equipment, net


Total assets




Program costs


Support services


Total expenses


Net Assets

Liabilities and Net Assets

Net assets at beginning of year


Net assets at end of year


Change in net assets


Tuition and fees


In-kind contributions 6% Interest and other income


Accounts payable and accrued expenses


Due to related parties


Deferred revenue


Legal fees escrow


Total liabilities


Net Assets Contracts

Support and Revenue



Program costs

77% Grants and contributions




Board designated net assets


Temporarily restricted


Total net assets


Total liabilities and net assets


Note: Request copies of audited financial statements by writing to:

Expenses Support services


* Preliminary audited statements. Subject to final approval of CASAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Board of Directors. ** Assets related to the financing of the Multicultural Center renovations. *** Includes a total of $167,900 for depreciation, which is a non-cash item, and $191,764 for sub-tenant rent, which is related to the CASA Multicultural Center renovation financing.

CASA 2015 Annual Report 19

CASA Staff Executive Direction Gustavo Torres, Executive Director Rodrigo Guevara, Executive Assistant

Candelaria Ventura Cedillos, Community Liaison Shannon Wilk de Benitez, Community Education Manager


Community Organizing

Jenny Arévalo, Maintenance Specialist José GarcÍa, IT Manager Amilcar Guzmán, Senior Manager of Data & Evaluation Virginia Kase, Chief Operations Officer RocÍo Llera-Vega, Human Resources Manager Silvia Navas, Site Manager Daniel Niño, HR-Program Assistant Sandra Restrepo, Maintenance Specialist Jimmy Villarroel, IT Specialist

Vivian Aguayo, Community Organizer Oscar Alfaro, Community Organizer Gustavo Andrade, Senior Director of Community Organizing Robert Asprilla, Lead Organizer Ricardo Campos, Lead Organizer Javier Luna, Community Organizer Ana MartÍnez, Community Organizer Mario Menéndez, Community Organizer Claudia Quiñonez, Community Organizer Sara RamÍrez, Community Organizer Lidia Rivas, Community Organizer Rommel Sandino, Community Organizer Morena Zelaya, Community Organizer

Baltimore Regional Department Elizabeth Alex, Regional Director Monica Camacho Perez, Community Organizer Lourdes Ortega, Community Organizer Andrew Reinel, Community Organizer II Lydia Walther Rodriguez, Community Organizer

CASA de Virginia Lindolfo Carballo, Director, CASA de Virginia Wendy Jimenez, Field Organizer Claudia Mantilla, Office Assistant Eduardo Zelaya, Field Organizer

Centers & Adult Education Delia Aguilar, Senior Manager of Workforce Development Richard Benjumea, Employment Specialist Alma Couverthié, Senior Director of Centers and Adult Education Rebecca Cusic, ESOL Program Coordinator Hellen Domínguez, Pine Ridge Coordinator Fernando Garavito, Senior Manager of Employment & Centers Miguel González, Employment Specialist / Community Liaison Myrna Hernández, Community Liaison Carlos MartÍnez, Community Liaison Carlos Monti, Employment Specialist Marisa Moschelle, Employment Specialist Frederic Ngongang, Employment Specialist Jacinta Nino, Vocational Education Training Coordinator Ana Perla, Community Liaison Michael Petrick, Workforce Development Specialist Germán Reyes, Employment Specialist


Development Franca Brilliant, Senior Manager of Development Robert D’Amato, Development Officer Jennifer Freedman, Chief of Development & Finance Sloka Krishnan, Development Associate Deisi Pereira, Manager of Membership Engagement & Innovation Shanya Purushothaman, Senior Manager of Development – Special Initiatives

Finance Peha Djoko, Assistant Controller Melissa Guzman, Director of Finances Victor Otero, Staff Accountant Ruby Pardo, Payroll & Business Manager Victor Rodriguez, Contract Invoice Specialist

Health & Human Services Luis Aguilar, Volunteer Coordinator Marcela Alvarado, Member Services Coordinator Alma Archila, Member Services Paralegal Pablo Blank, Immigrant Integration Program Manager Francisco Cartagena, Member Services Coordinator George Escobar, Senior Director of Health & Human Services Anacamila Figueroa, Health Navigator

Jose Carlos Garcia, Staff Attorney – Employment Leidi Garcia, Community Access and Health Information Specialist Molly Gavin, Citizenship Coordinator Eliana Golding, Legal Program Assistant Walter Guzman, Community Access and Health Information Specialist Katya Hernández, Health Navigator Michelle LaRue, Senior Manager of Health & Social Service Programs Norma MartÍnez, Community Outreach Coordinator Juan Navarrete, Citizenship Coordinator Jose Osejo, Member Service Information Specialist Herman Perez, Member Service Information Specialist Hannah Peters, AVODAH Fellow Abdel Piedramartel, Baltimore Member Services Coordinator Mirna Roca, Member Services Paralegal Maria Rocha-Santos, Community Access and Health Information Specialist Consuelo Santillana, Social Service Specialist

Politics & Communications Susana Flores, Communications Manager Yaheiry Mora, Advocacy & Elections Specialist Kimberley Propeack, Chief of Politics and Communications Maria Jose Sandoval, Communications Specialist Máté Vladár, Communications Specialist

Schools & Community Development Jamila Ball, Senior Manager of Learning Together Juan Cortes, Youth Programs Coordinator Drew Kochman, Curriculum & Training Coordinator, Learning Together Renato Mendoza, Advocacy Specialist Zorayda Moreira-Smith, Senior Director of Schools & Community Development Julio Murillo, Policy Analyst Jhosse Rivera, Program Specialist, Learning Together Angelo Rivero Santos, Leadership Academy Director Maritza Solano, Manager of Community Schools

Teachers Cassandra Alles, ESOL Teacher Fatima Alvarez, Childcare Provider Owen S. Andrews, Mi Espacio ESOL Teacher

Jodie Asher, Substitute ESOL Teacher Dolores Badillo, After School Program Teacher Emily Boulin, ESOL Teacher Anita Britt, ESOL Teacher La Vonne Caesar, Substitute ESOL Teacher Maria Cartagena, Spanish Literacy Teacher Lorena Cativo, Childcare Provider Linda Chang, ESOL Teacher Patricia Deans, ESOL Teacher Rosmery Espino, Substitute Childcare Provider Enrique Garcia, ESOL Teacher Barbara Gibbs, ESOL Teacher Debra Glenn, ESOL Teacher Christina Gross, ESOL Teacher Kathine Indart, ESOL Teacher Christine Jokisch, ESOL Teacher Kacy Kostiuk, ESOL Teacher Bernice La France, ESOL Teacher Sarah Lane, ESOL Teacher Edwin Mejia, ESOL Teacher Leslie Miller, Substitute ESOL Teacher Christine Miranda, ESOL Teacher Paul Nicklas, ESOL Teacher Joseph Ortega, ESOL Teacher Maitoi Qaranivalu, ESOL Teacher Felipe Rosa, Computer Literacy Teacher Giovanna Sandoval, ESOL Teacher Yelena Smolianski, Substitute ESOL Teacher Cynthia Steer, ESOL Teacher Madeline Sumida, ESOL Teacher Dario Villagamez, Computer Literacy Teacher Grace Virtue, ESOL Teacher

AmeriCorps Earvin Gonzalez, AmeriCorps Service Member Joendra Gerena Levy, Public Allies AmeriCorps Service Member Lucy Martin, AmeriCorps Service Member Veronica Montalvo-Rosario, AmeriCorps Service Member Emmanuel Moudon, AmeriCorps Service Member Matthew Nimpson, AmeriCorps Service Member Martin Njounkwe, AmeriCorps Service Member Jose Parada, AmeriCorps Service Member Elizabeth Rudt, AmeriCorps Service Member Angela Sabogal Hoyos, AmeriCorps Service Member Christopher Schulz, AmeriCorps Service Member Chandra Sheppard, AmeriCorps Service Member Fani Tenezaca, AmeriCorps Service Member Yadira Yanez, AmeriCorps Service Member

CASA 2015 Annual Report

CASA 2015 Annual Report 21


CASA 2015 Annual Report

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2015 CASA Annual Report  
2015 CASA Annual Report