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CASA Art & Soul Hearts Project January 12, 2013

YOU’RE INVITED You are invited to celebrate with us as we revisit 2013 and step into our 30th year of advocacy. Throughout this past year, as well as all the ones before, we have experienced the many challenges and triumphs that come with serving abused and neglected children in our community. This invitation grants a reflection of 2013 and the opportunity to RSVP to the next ground-breaking 30 years of CASA.

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Reflecting on the Past 2013 Outcomes & Outputs Goals for 2014 A Year in Review Noelle’s Story Financial Report Corprate & Community Partners Gallery of Hope - Isaiah Grantors & Private Foundations Gallery of Hope - Kassandra, George, and Alyssa Champions of Hope Society Gallery of Hope - Miguel, Nathan, Lalandra Individual Donors Gallery of Hope - Gracy Gifts in Honor & In Memory Board of Governance Focusing on the Future Thank You!

*All photos of CASA Advocates and children provided by Langmore Photography



CASA-SATX.ORG President/CEO, Rick Cooke, with Ellinor Forland and Betty Zinn


An Interview with CASA Founders, Ellinor Forland and Betty Zinn

To reflect on the progress that Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) has made during the past 30 years, we invited our two original founders back to explore the vision they had for CASA in the beginning and to share how they helped to transform this agency throughout their years of service. In February 1984, following a year of research, Ellinor Forland and Betty Zinn started the agency “at their kitchen tables” as a service project for the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW). With 13 female volunteers, they served approximately 20 cases during the first year of operation. As Ms. Forland and Ms. Zinn reflected on the years, they called to mind the most notable and pivotal moments in the overall success of the agency. As Judge Tom Rickoff began 1984 CASA’s first office had space for only two desks, a filing cabinet and a typewriter.

Then, in 1999, the Kronkosky Foundation stepped forward and granted $50,000, with an additional $10,000 to fund a research study that would define how to better “tell the CASA story� through more data-driven information. Because of this grant, we were able to set the outcome measures that are still used today to help ensure the quality of service provided by our agency. During the 18 years that these exceptional women were at the helm of CASA, they found the most difficult challenge to overcome was always securing the necessary funding. Unfortunately, we still face this challenge today. As the issue of child abuse and neglect has continued to grow to epidemic proportions over the past few years, we are still only able to serve 40% of the children in need. When asked what their wish would be for the future of the agency, both Ms. Forland and Ms. Zinn said they hoped we would one day shut our doors because the need for our services no longer existed. Until we reach that point, however, we are honored to be stepping forth into the next 30 years and will continue the work that these two amazing women began in order to eradicate child abuse in Bexar County.




requesting that Advocates be assigned to the cases, they knew they were starting to make an impact. In 1988, as the NCJW auspices expired, a partnership with the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County was established, which allowed CASA to receive more funding while also increasing awareness and expanding outreach.



Every 30 minutes, 4 children are abused or neglected in the State of Texas.





1,541 children who were removed from their homes and placed in State protective custody received a volunteer Advocate to speak up for their best interests in court.


468 volunteer Advocates generously shared their time and talent for the benefit of children in our community who have experienced abuse and neglect.


90% of children served had one volunteer Advocate throughout the duration of their case, thereby providing constancy and consistency at an otherwise unstable time.


97% of children served were directly and positively impacted because of the work of the CASA Advocate assigned to their case.


96% of the time, judges agreed with CASA recommendations for a safe and permanent home for children served.

1988 CASA became incorporated in 1988 and the first Board of Governors was created.



1,650 children served


500 active volunteers


Felicha, Sebastian and Fabian



AFiscal YEARYear IN REVIEW 2013 July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013


August 2012: New Volunteer Training Class 26 new volunteers participated in the largest training class of the fiscal year. December 2012: Snacks with Santa Children from the largest CASA families received toys on their wish list thanks to Texas Healthcare Foundation and H-E-B.

January 2013: CASA at the Capitol More than 300 CASA volunteers, staff and board members talked to legislators about the importance of keeping CASA funded.

November 2012: Grand Mass Adoption Over 100 children had their adoption papers signed on this day, uniting them with their forever families.

March 2013: Breakfast of Champions More than 200 guests attended this fifth annual fundraising event, with numerous individuals committing to multi-year gifts.

April 2013: Abby’s Closet CASA teen girls attended the second annual event to select formal & semi-formal dresses donated by community members.

April 2013: Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon All volunteer Advocates were honored for their service and dedication.

April 2013: Balloon Release Various representatives of organizations affiliated with crime victim advocacy gathered to release hundreds of balloons in honor of all victims affected by crime.

For more infromation about upcoming events please visit:



CELEBRATING PRESENT−DAY TRIUMPHS A Story of Service by CASA Advocate, Noelle Manasco


I am for the child, and his siblings, who were moved to 3 different placements during their 24 months in foster care. I am for these children who needed extra assistance to connect their attorney, therapists, and multiple counselors as they were shuffled around from home to home. Help to ensure that their needs and best interests did not get buried under the confusion and uncertainly of so many moves. The children who did not require psychotropic medications, but who had been prescribed them as “standard procedure” upon their entrance into foster care. The children with whom I spent an immense amount of time riding bikes, visiting the park, seeing movies, and doing art activities. I am for the child who, on adoption day, was beautifully dressed for the special occasion and beaming with joy because of the permanent home she would now share with her grandparents. This child, and her siblings, who couldn't stop smiling and were so thrilled at the prospect of taking pictures to capture their excitement on film. The children who watched intently as their Uncle Daniel interpreted the proceedings for their grandparents. The children who were surrounded by family and friends and who gripped tightly onto the congratulatory balloons they had been given. These sweet children - so similar to the balloons colorful and bright, lifted high without limitations, individually different and yet so stunning together. I am for these children and the new life that they are now beginning. Who am I? I am CASA volunteer, Noelle Manasco, and I am for Kimberly, Emeila, and Eli.

1995 In 1995, abuse and neglect were officially given a docket in the court system.

CASA volunteer, Noelle Manasco, with Kimberly, Emeila, and Eli



Every 30 days, an average of 154 children enter into State protective custody in Bexar County.






PROGRAM SERVICES - $1,908,765- 84% COMMUNITY OUTREACH - $215,396 - 9% SUPPORT SERVICES - $165,340 - 7%

CASA Art & Soul Self-Portrait Project March 20, 2013 "I'm so glad that caseworkers have CASA workers...alongside them



TOTAL $2,486,636 DONATED SERVICES & GOODS - $696,097 - 28% GOVERNMENT SUPPORT - $708,402 - 28% FOUNDATIONS & GRANTS - $477,379 - 19% PRIVATE CONTRIBUTIONS - $359,585 - 14% UNITED WAY - $207,251 - 8% INVESTMENT RETURNS - $37,922 - 2%

FINANCIAL REPORT NOTES: • Net assets at end of fiscal year: $1,210,345 • Complete audited financial statements are available on our website:

helping to ensure children are safe and well." -Judge John Specia







Adjuvant Consulting, Inc. Alamo Area Paralegal Association, Inc. Alamo Beard Club Alamo Neurosurgical Institute AT&T Becton Dickinson Community Bible Church-Bulverde ExxonMobil EZ Money Loan Services First Presbyterian Church H-E-B Kappa Alpha Theta KPMG, LLC Langmore Photography Lorman Education Services Madison Square Presbyterian Church McCraw Oil/Kwik Chek Metropolitan Contracting Company, LLC Morgan Stanley National CASA National Charity League, San Antonio Rose NuStar Energy, LP Omega Delta Phi San Antonio Credit Union San Antonio Orthopaedic Group Silver & Black Gives Back Silver Ventures Southwest Research Institute Tesoro Petroleum Companies, Inc. Texas CASA Texas Cavaliers Texas Healthcare Foundation Time Warner Cable Toyota Motor Mfg., Texas, Inc. Tracy Cleaning Service Travis Park United Methodist Church True Vine Church Valero Energy Union Pacific Railroad United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County USAA Whataburger

2001 In 2001, CASA had 169 active volunteers.



Gallery of Hope - CASA Case # 201372358 I am for the child who was removed from the care of his parents for abuse and neglect. The child who had unexplained bruising and bite marks. The child who didn’t have clothes or clean diapers and whose family was facing eviction. The tiny child who was thrust into an uncertain future‌until he had me by his side. The beautiful browneyed boy whose pregnant mother was willing to relinquish her parental rights to both him and his unborn sibling. This amazing child who, because of my advocacy, was finally able to receive the support services and therapy that he needed. The child who began to thrive once he was given the chance he deserved. The child whose adoption I helped facilitate and who now lives in a loving, forever home with his grandmother. Who am I? I am CASA volunteer, Anna Chavez, and I am for Isaiah.

the QR Code to listen to this unique CASA Advocate story. * Use Download a QR Code reading app for your smart phone and scan the image above. You may also visit





Alfred S. Gage Foundation Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio Charity Ball Association Circle Bar Foundation Coates Charitable Foundation Faye L. and William Cowden Charitable Foundation Trust David and Betty Sacks Foundation Dixie Starnes Wenger Foundation First Chance Foundation Full Force Foundation Gorman Foundation Greehey Family Foundation GVTC Foundation Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation Junior League of San Antonio Kilpatrick Memorial Trust Kitty Nelson Ferguson Charitable Foundation Louis J. and Millie Matcek Kocurek Charitable Foundation Kronkosky Charitable Foundation Luke and Merle Soules Family Foundation Marcia and Otto Koehler Foundation Natalie and Gladys Dalkowitz Foundation Rachael & Ben Vaughan Foundation Rapier Family Foundation San Antonio Area Foundation Shield-Ayres Foundation St. Lukes Lutheran Health Ministries Sundt Foundation Texas Bar Foundation Universal Rehab Center, P.A.

2006 2006 was the first year CASA served over 1,000 children.




I am for the child and her siblings who spent time in the intensive care unit of the hospital watching their mother, a long time addict, deteriorate. The children who, because of my advocacy, were able to say goodbye in a healthy and meaningful way when the decision was finally made by the medical team to cease all life saving efforts. The children who are still receiving therapy to deal with the trauma associated with losing both parents over the course of their time in State care. The children who were fortunate enough to finally realize the comfort of a stable and loving home after being adopted by their maternal grandmother. The children who are now happy and thriving and looking forward to what the future will bring. Who am I? I am CASA volunteer, LeQuinne Ferebee, and I am for Kassandra, George and Alyssa.

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Gallery of Hope - CASA Case # 201372351



CHAMPIONS OF HOPE SOCIETY These donors chose to help ensure our long-term sustainability by pledging a substantial, multi-year gift:


Tom Akin Dr. & Mrs. Gregg Anders JK Baxter George Becknell Michael Belisle Navin & Susan Bhatia Carolyn Biedenharn Birnam Oaks Foundation Fund, of the SA Area Foundation Tim & Lisa Blonkvist Linda Bookout Vicki Boyce Mark & Lynn Bradshaw Deb & Mike Brodie Kate Campbell Shawn Campbell Christopher Claiborne Rick Cooke Christiana Earle Dr. Stephen Earle Genaline Escalante-Valdez Michelle Evatt Carl & Kelly Fellbaum Lynette Maddocks Gatlin Carmen O. Gellhausen Monique Gonzales Christopher & Gwen Graham Melynda Gulley Tanya Haug Laura Hernandez-Volluz Kevin & Rita Holguin Aliece Hollis Scott & Kim House Carroll Jackson Mark Jones Neil Klepach

Jeffrey Kuhn Mike & Betsy Lennane Jacquelyn B. Lopez Jim Lube Jay Lucas Larry Mendez Jerry & Jan McVicker Camis Milam Larry Mills Lisa Nichols Dennis Noll Nance Oliver Juanita Pelaez-Prada Terry Plum Molly Potter Vincent Real Bobby Rios Sharon Risien Jacque Roberts Casey Roy Kelle Salter William Scanlan Christa Scannell Debbie Schueneman Aaron Seaman Roxanne Snyder-Campos Diane Shaw Dennis Stepanik Mike & Lisa Stone R.L. Price & Roberta Svien Paul & Linda Tepfenhart Julie Vaello Yolanda Valenzuela Caye Wood Todd Wyatt Peggy Zettner

2008 1,848 Bexar County children were removed from their homes in 2008.



I am for the child and his two siblings who were removed from their home because of their mother’s drug use. The child who was taken in by his grandmother only to be given back to a shelter for 90 days while she accessed community resources to ease the financial burden associated with caring for him. I am for this child and his brother and his sister. These three children who, since finding greater stability, have proudly participated in first communions, proms, and most recently a high school graduation. I am for these children - a future artist, scientist and veterinarian. Who am I? I am CASA volunteer, Norma Villarreal, and I am for Miguel, Nathan and Lalandra.

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Gallery of Hope - CASA Case # 201372352



INDIVIDUAL DONORS These donors contributed a monetary gift of $500 or more.


Dr. & Mrs. Gregg Anders

Jeremiah & Janene Jones

Pastor & Mrs. Larry Andrews

Cherie Kassinger

Jan Brown

Dr. Yvonne Katz

MaryRose Brown

Donna Lennane

Fernando & Lena Camarillo

Janette Macias

Charles Clemons

Jerry & Jan McVicker

Guy Clumpner

Larry Mendez

Dave & Susan Crouch

Todd & Cathy Rasco

Karen Fitzsimon

Jennifer & Shawn Rose

Philip Freeman

Louis & Nancy Scantland

S. Carl Friedsam

Thursten Simonsen

Summer Gafford

Vicki Tanner

Carlo Garcia

Taylor Warnken

Toni & Richard Goldsmith

Roger & Mary Kay Wilke

Monique Gonzales

Kevin Wolff

Leslie Granato

Caye Wood

Margery M. Harrington

Dennis Zirkle

Margy & Don Heep

2009 In 2009, 345 volunteer Advocates dedicated 15,208 hours to their cases.



I am for the child who was born into a life of homelessness, hunger, and violence. A life her very young biological mom couldn't leave. I am for the child who, sadly, had to be tested for HIV multiple times as a baby because of her exposure to her environment. I am for the child who, because of my advocacy, received necessary medical testing and ultimately was adopted into a beautiful family. The child who has a big brother who adores her and now owns Mickey ears because she has vacationed at Disney. The child who has a closet of beautiful clothes she loves to model and matching ribbons and bows for her hair for every occasion. The child who now has a forever family and a world of love and opportunity open to her. Who am I? I am CASA volunteer, Jan Brown, and I am for Gracy.

the QR Code to listen to this unique CASA Advocate story. * Use Download a QR Code reading app for your smart phone and scan the image above. You may also visit


Gallery of Hope - CASA Case # 201372350



GIFTS IN HONOR & IN MEMORY Monetary contributions were made in memory or in honor of the following individuals:


James Arriaga

Suzy Kogen-Friedman

John Arriaga

Baby Jackson Henry Korkus

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Boger

Mary Kunau

Mr. Thomas Boger & Cynthia Grossman

Sherry Lay

Gil Brown

Jim Lube & Diane Hill

Garrett, Kirsten & Taylor Brown

Olivia Malitz

Rick Caulder

Carolyn McElroy

Ronnie Cottingham

Jan McVicker

Donna Coulter

Caroline Myer

Robert Cox

Sydney Nava

Margo Delmer

Gene Norris

Marilyn Eisen

Ed Prunier

Kittie Nelson Ferguson

Dennis Ramsey

Richard Fritsche

Doris Staffel

Shirley Grossman

Mary Lou Steinike

Randy & Lorraine Harrison

Steve Strong

Mary Havel

Jennifer Taylor

Allison Hom

William Thomas

Mrs. James F. Huff

Nancy Wallace

Yusuf Husain

Mary Ruth Wathen White

John Kiernan

Marion Whiting

Diane Kilby

James Williams

"[My Advocate] has inspired me [and] showed me the love I never knew

was [there] for me." -Gloria, CASA Youth

CASA Art & Soul Self-Portrait Project August 17, 2013



In the past 30 years, CASA Advocates have served over 16,500 children.

CASA Art & Soul CASA Village Project July 18, 2013





Gabriela Black John Carlson Dr. Monica Dalrymple Anne Boyce Folkes Carmen Gellhausen Monique Gonzales Scott House Peter Hyk Mark Jones Neil Klepach Christina Lecholop Mike Lennane Jim Lube Larry Mendez Kevin Moore Laura O’Donnell Juanita Pelaez-Prada Aaron Seaman Paul Tepfenhart Julie Vaello

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr. Gregg Anders Melynda Gulley Ivan Jaime Sheriff Susan L. Pamerleau

2012 Abby’s Closet originated in honor of a CASA child and her extraordinary triumphs.




A Note from CASA President/CEO, Rick Cooke


During the past year, and since joining this organization as President/CEO, I have seen a great amount of growth and progress. When I first became a part of Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA), I felt the need to look to the past to adequately learn how to lead it into the future. Recently, I had the privileged opportunity to spend time listening to Ellinor and Betty chronicle the history of CASA, and I was astounded. So much of that story is the same, and so much of it has dramatically changed. In our employees, I envision the same sense of duty and dedication that those two founders shared when they first started CASA in 1984. In all 500+ volunteers, I see the same sense of compassion that drives them to help these children in any way possible. And in our community and corporate partners, I find the same generosity and willingness to support our efforts by providing the resources necessary for doing the work that we do. Unfortunately, the most drastic change in this story is the increased number of child victims. With 5,846 confirmed victims of child abuse and neglect last year, Bexar County had the second highest victimization rate in the entire State of Texas. Additionally, we had the highest number of children who were re-victimized within five years of their families going through the Child Protective Services (CPS) system. Sadly, 10 children died due to abuse and neglect related injuries in Bexar County in 2013. Although we have significantly grown our organization in order to meet the ever-increasing demand, we are still only serving approximately 40% of children currently in need. I know that we must do more as a community to make certain that every child entering the CPS system is treated with the respect and care that they deserve.

"If it wasn't for my CASA team and [Advocate], I wouldn't have made it."

Ellinor and Betty have long since stepped down and entrusted us with the future of CASA. We owe them a debt of gratitude as we celebrate this 30-year milestone. With their vision and determination as our long-standing foundation, I look forward to the next 30 years of CASA with great pride. Knowing how far we have come proves that we will continue to grow exponentially with the intent of one day completely eradicating the issue of child abuse and neglect.

-Erica, CASA child's mother

Kimberly, Emeila, and Eli



THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT. We are so grateful to have such generous donors of time, money, and resources. Thank you to every individual who has contributed in one way or another to our achievements over the past 30 years. It is because of you that we are able to look back with such gratitude and forward with such hope.

2013 CASA hosted our inaugural gala and launched the Gallery of Hope initiative.

CASA Art & Soul Paper Collage Project February 16, 2013


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W Maple St

W Elmira St





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N Main Ave

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Howard St

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37 35 10 406 San Pedro Ave. San Antonio, TX 78212 210.225.7070



Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) FY2013 Annual Report

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