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FY2017 ANNUAL REPORT CASA Volunteer Dorothy McGraw with Kaylynn and Melaney Photo by Josh Huskin

The mission of Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) is to recruit, train, and supervise court-appointed volunteer Advocates who provide constancy for abused and neglected children and youth while advocating for services and placement in safe and permanent homes.

CASA Youth Tanner and Tristan Photo by Megan Bowling

CASA Youth Elizabeth with siblings

Photo by Ismael Rodriguez

Dear Friends, What an amazing year it has been! As the new CEO, I am proud to join a team of caring staff and volunteers, dedicated to advocating for abused and neglected children of Bexar County. I am also pleased to share that as our agency continues to grow, we have become more efficient and impactful in serving our community. To date, we remain the only agency in town providing direct and constant advocacy for abused and neglected children. Because of your charitable support during our last fiscal year, 538 active volunteers from our community served 2,282 children in the foster care system. By working closely with our staff, these amazing volunteers bridged the gap between social services and the court system, ensuring that the needs of each CASA child were met. Today, we remain dedicated to our mission and strive to meet the ever-growing needs within our community. Our volunteers continue to work each day to ensure that children have access to medical care, social services, and educational support they need. We remain committed to our role as an essential agency serving victims of child abuse and neglect. On behalf of the CASA children in Bexar County, thank you for your generous and caring contribution. I look forward to furthering our mission with your continued support. Together, we can positively impact the lives of our most vulnerable children. Sincerely, Marina J. Gonzales, J.D. President & CEO

HISTORY OF CASA In 1977, Judge David Soukup, declared he would no longer make ten-minute decisions that would aect a child’s life forever. He founded Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) in Seattle, Washington to train volunteers to advise the court. He realized that there was no one whose only job was to provide a voice for the children in juvenile court. After retiring from the bench Judge Soukup became a volunteer for the organization he founded. In 1984, The National Council of Jewish Women in San Antonio founded Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA). They realized the children of Bexar County needed community volunteers to speak for their best interest. Over the last 34 years, many judges, attorneys, case workers, donors and volunteers have supported CASA and allowed it to grow into the thriving organization it is today.

CASA Volunteer Sherrill Unger with Javi

Photos by Joe Vega





In FY17 538 Volunteers actively served

In FY17 2,282 Children were served by

on a case.

an Active Volunteer.



largest program in the nation for number of volunteers

largest program in the nation for number of children served






largest program in the state

*According to National CASA statistics 2017

CASA Volunteer Mirna Cuellar with Vinnie and Amberlynn

Photos by Jessica Mewborne

One-year-old Vinnie was removed from his mother because of drug use, domestic violence, and neglect. His mother was pregnant and had mental health issues. Vinnie’s father was on parole and not working. I advocated for Vinnie to be placed with his paternal grandparents. They expressed concerns about Vinnie’s developmental delays. In court I advocated in support of the grandparent’s wish to transfer him to a better daycare, and the need for additional medical services. He learned to walk and eat solid food. He received referrals for an MRI and cardiology appointments for a heart murmur. During this time, the mother gave birth to Amberlynn, who was also placed with the grandparents. Ultimately, the parents did not complete their court-ordered services, and their rights were terminated. Both Vinnie and Amberlynn are together, happy, and loved by their grandparents. I made a difference in Vinnie and Amberlynn’s lives. I am Mirna Cuellar, CASA Advocate.

FINANCIAL REPORT Fiscal Year 2017 July 2016 - June 2017



• Net assets at end of fiscal year: $2,086,020 • Complete audited financial statements are available on our website:

PROGRAM SERVICES ........... $3,393,329 - 82.64% SUPPORT SERVICES ..................$353,598 - 8.61% COMMUNITY OUTREACH ........... $359,219 - 8.75%

REVENUE & SUPPORT TOTAL $4,243,719 IN-KIND GIFTS ...................................... $1,411,526 - 33.26% GOVERNMENT SUPPORT ......................... $1,259,971 - 29.69% FOUNDATIONS & GRANTS .......................... $496,383 - 11.70% PRIVATE CONTRIBUTIONS .......................... $759,466 - 17.90% UNITED WAY .............................................. $249,583 - 5.88% INVESTMENT INCOME .................................... $66,790 - 1.57%

INDIVIDUAL INDIVIDUAL DONORS DONORS OVEROVER $500$500 Leslie Abbott Leslie Abbott Alton Alberts Alton Alberts Dr. GreggDr.& Gregg Elizabeth & Elizabeth Anders Anders Anne Anderson Anne Anderson Jeffrey Arndt Jeffrey Arndt Kristen Plastino-Arnold Kristen Plastino-Arnold & Hays Arnold & Hays Arnold WilliamsWilliams Avila Avila Carrie Bair-Norwood Carrie Bair-Norwood Claudia &Claudia Don Bankler & Don Bankler KimberlyKimberly & Matthew & Matthew BarnfieldBarnfield BradfordBradford Beldon Beldon Ed Belmares Ed Belmares JenniferJennifer Bennett Bennett GabrielaGabriela & Robert&Black Robert Black Vicki & John VickiBoyce & John Boyce Hal Boylston Hal Boylston Mike & Genie Mike Brainerd & Genie Brainerd Richard Richard Braschler Braschler DeborahDeborah Brodie Brodie Heidi Brooks Heidi Brooks Stephanie Stephanie Burns Burns Elena Camarillo Elena Camarillo Aliza & Willie Aliza & Cantu Willie Cantu Mayra Carbajal-Levy Mayra Carbajal-Levy Lesha & John LeshaCarlson & John Carlson Kendra Carter Kendra Carter Jerome Cassidy Jerome Cassidy Laura & Richard Laura & Richard Cioppa Cioppa Megan Cloud Megan Cloud Guy Clumpner Guy Clumpner Adriana Contreras Adriana Contreras Robert Cox Robert Cox Sonia Coyle Sonia Coyle Sam Creswell Sam Creswell Maria Cruz Maria Cruz Carolyn & Carolyn William & Cunningham William Cunningham Brandy &Brandy Jeff Czar & Jeff Czar Randy & Randy Rachel&Davila Rachel Davila Dan & Karol Dan Diepenhorst & Karol Diepenhorst Laura Dixon Laura Dixon Rachel Downey Rachel Downey RaymondRaymond EihausenEihausen Annie Elmendorf Annie Elmendorf Gayle & Walter Gayle &Embry Walter Embry Kari Englehardt Kari Englehardt MichelleMichelle Evatt Evatt John & Rita JohnFeik & Rita Feik Judith Feldmeier Judith Feldmeier

LeQuinneLeQuinne Ferebee Ferebee KimberlyKimberly Davolt-Flores Davolt-Flores & Christopher & Christopher Flores Flores Anna Flores Anna Flores John Forgy John Forgy Gary Forrest Gary Forrest Marilyn & Marilyn Philip & Freeman Philip Freeman Debra & Debra Duane&Hannasch Duane Hannasch Megan Harmeyer Megan Harmeyer Marilyn Harrington Marilyn Harrington Sarah Harte Sarah Harte Amy & Eric Amy Hendrick & Eric Hendrick Pete Hero Pete Hero Diane HillDiane Hill Scott House Scott House Robin & Robin Mark Howard & Mark Howard Sarah Hunter Sarah Hunter Syed Husain Syed Husain Alicia & Peter Alicia Hyk & Peter Hyk Tanasha Tanasha January January Laura Jones Laura Jones Dr. AjeyaDr. Joshi Ajeya Joshi Dr. Yvonne Dr. Katz Yvonne Katz Dominque Dominque Kilman Kilman Jeanie Kirkwood Jeanie Kirkwood Kortney Kortney Kloppe-Orton Kloppe-Orton Mary KayMary Knechtel Kay Knechtel Jeffrey Krutoy Jeffrey Krutoy Joseph Lazor Joseph Lazor Dr. Kathleen Dr. Kathleen Light Light Jackie &Jackie Jose Lopez & Jose Lopez Jim LubeJim Lube Noelle &Noelle Shon Manasco & Shon Manasco Scott McClure Scott McClure Brandy McCray Brandy McCray Jan & Jerry Jan McVicker & Jerry McVicker Wendy &Wendy David Meaden & David Meaden Jessica Mewborne Jessica Mewborne Lt. Col. Mike Lt. Col. & Mrs. MikeMitchell & Mrs. Mitchell Celina Montoya Celina Montoya Joan & Timothy Joan & Timothy Moore Moore Dr. Amy Dr. & Michael Amy & Michael Mulholland Mulholland Katherine Katherine & David Mulholland & David Mulholland Leo Munoz Leo Munoz GeoffreyGeoffrey Myane Myane Wilie Ng Wilie Ng Susan Pamerleau Susan Pamerleau Gary Pape Gary Pape Ginny & Wayne Ginny &Peacock Wayne Peacock

Amy Perkins Amy Perkins Nancy Perret-Gentil Nancy Perret-Gentil Krishna Reddy Krishna Reddy & David Roberts Melinda Melinda & David Roberts William Rooney William Rooney & David Roth RachelleRachelle & David Roth Margie Salgado Margie Salgado Cristian Cristian SandovalSandoval & Mark Schofield DeeAnn &DeeAnn Mark Schofield Josh Sigman Josh Sigman Eugene Simor Rebecca Rebecca & Eugene&Simor Cathy & Madison Cathy & Madison Smith Smith Lee Towell Lee Towell & Matthew Surrella Surrella & Matthew Turner Turner Sara Valenzuela Sara Valenzuela Kelly Varnum Kelly Varnum Wagner Wagner Byron Velvick Byron Velvick ElizabethElizabeth Vexler Vexler Lynlie Wallace Lynlie Wallace Glenn Welch Glenn Welch & Malcolm Pamela &Pamela Malcolm White White Lorien Whyte Lorien Whyte Robert Wilems CorneliaCornelia & Robert&Wilems Kay &Wilke Roger Wilke Mary KayMary & Roger & Mark Woods Stacey &Stacey Mark Woods CherWright & John Wright Cher & John April &Zimmermann Daniel Zimmermann April & Daniel




Individual Donors Board of Directors Donors Breakfast of Champions 2016 Donors Breakfast of Champions 2017 Donors Gallery of Hope Individual Donors Big Give

$1,000 $850 $38,755 $179,975 $23,951


CASA Volunteer Brissa Ytuarte with Tanner and Tristan

Photos by Megan Bowling

Tanner and Tristan were removed from their home due to suspected abuse. The boys were timid and would stare at me instead of interacting. Tanner’s night terrors became more frequent and Tristan was delayed in his walking. Tanner and Tristan were lovingly cared for by their aunt and uncle throughout the case. The children thrived in the familiar home setting and quickly became attached to their aunt and cousin. After several visits, Tanner and Tristan opened up to me, talking and allowing hugs. Their parents worked hard on their services and eventually the family was reunited. I am grateful to have been the voice in court for the boys and as a part of a happy ending for the entire family. I made a dierence in Tanner and Tristan’s lives. I am Brissa Ytuarte, CASA Advocate.

CHAMPIONS OF HOPE SOCIETY Dr. Gregg T. Anders Hilda Baker Michael Belisle Carolyn Biedenharn Wayne Blasingame Vicky Boyce Robert Bracken Brain & Karen Brady Mark & Lynn Bradshaw Deborah Brodie Jeffrey Carver Susan Clement Richard Cooke Margaret Cowen Brandy & Jeff Czar Monica & Neal Dalrymple Tony Davila Gayle & Walter Embrey Julie Faulkner Flato Realty Advisors David & Jamie Fox Carmen Gellhausen Pamela Goble Sandra Gonzalez William R Griffin II Maryanne Guido Tanya Haug Rita & Kevin Holguin Scott House Kevin & Mel Johnson David Jones Mark Jones Jeffrey Kuhn Reby & William Lawler Christina & Steve Lecholop II Betsy & Michael Lennane Dr. Kathleen Light Jim Lube Nancy & Bill Maloy Jonathan Marek Johanna Mendez Larry Mendez Denise & Kevin Moore Dr. Amy & Michael Mulholland Susan & Gary Patterson Fernando Peralta Terry Plum Juanita Pelaez-Prada

Ayla & Lee Rahmberg Krishna Reddy George Ricks Anthony Ridout David & Rachelle Roth Casey Roy Kelle Salter Laura Schrutka Debbie & Doug Schueneman Thomas Seltzer Chantal & Jim Smith Cara Tackett Linda & Paul Tepfenhart Surrella & Matthew Turner Julie & Ben Vaello Sally & Aaron Valenzuela Yolanda Valenzuela Malcolm & Pamela White Peggy Zettner




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$109,050 $135,849 $17,652 $22,412 $28,451 $7,059

CASA Volunteer Courtney Graham with Grayson

Photos by Hilmy

At six weeks of age, Grayson was abandoned. He was severely neglected, very dirty, and still wearing a hospital bracelet. His birth mother suffered from mental health issues and severe drug abuse. She denied having children and refused to claim Grayson. His father was unknown. Though he was placed with a loving foster family quickly, Grayson had trouble bonding and suffered from physical development delays. Physical therapy sessions helped. Eventually Grayson was active and affectionate and by the end of the case he had a sparkle in his eye. Grayson’s birth mother was not active during the case, as a result I advocated for her parental rights to be terminated. I attended Grayson’s adoption ceremony; it was amazing to see the start of his beautiful life with his forever family. I made a difference in Grayson’s life. I am Courtney Graham, CASA Advocate.

FOUNDATIONS & GRANTS Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust Bexar County Billian Family Charitable Foundation Circle Bar Foundation City of San Antonio Community Responsibility Endowment Fund Deborah H Wachsmuth Gst Trust Enterprise Holdings Foundation Feik Family Foundation H-E-B Tournament of Champions Charitable Trust Humana Foundation, Inc In-N-Out Burger Foundation John and Florence Newman Foundation Junior League of San Antonio, Inc. King Family Foundation Kocurek Charitable Foundation Kronkosky Charitable Foundation Marek Family Foundation Marni & Morris Propp II Family Foundation Mays Family Foundation Meadows Foundation National CASA Association Northside Lions Charitable Foundation Office Depot Foundation Office of the Attorney General (OVAG) Pape-Dawson Engineers Charitable Foundation San Antonio Area Foundation Shield-Ayres Foundation Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P. St Luke's Lutheran Health Ministries Swalm Endowment Fund Texas Bar Foundation Texas CASA Texas Healthcare Foundation The Alfred S. Gage Foundation The Cecilia Young Willard Helping Fund The Dote Foundation The Faye L. William L. Cowden Charitable Foundation The Greehey Family Foundation The Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation The Inken & Les Willis Foundation The Laura & Rick Cioppa Family Fund The Michael & Amy Mulholland Foundation The Mulholland Foundation The Parker Foundation

TUA Koehler Foundation Union Pacific Foundation United Way USAA Charitable Foundation Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)



406 San Pedro Ave. San Antonio, TX 78212 210.225.7070

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