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VOLUNTEER G WITH CREATIN ENTERPRIS18E READ MORE Pg Customer Service: 0300 124 0040 All calls with Customer Services are recorded Audio copies of this newsletter are available

OUT AND ABOUT The Leadership Challenge walk along the Anglesey Coastal Path raised £4578 for By Your Side and Alzheimer’s Society. Walkers took annual leave to cover 55 miles in 3 days – that’s 106,800 steps! The team enjoyed dressing up to work at The Tournament in Conwy in June. We made 400 goblets and 400 shields at our craft stall over the weekend! Tenants who applied for free tickets enjoyed their grandstand seating at the jousting competition and stopped by our stall to say hello.

RESULTS JUST IN…… Thank you to everyone who filled in the recent Tenant Satisfaction survey. We found out that: • 91% of tenants are satisfied with the service provided by Cartrefi Conwy, which is a figure we are very proud of. • 89% of tenants felt that their rent provides value for money, which is a slight improvement from last time. • 81% of tenants felt their service charges represent value for money. This is a big improvement from our last survey and something we are still looking to improve. •  84% of tenants are satisfied with the Repairs and Maintenance service.

We were really pleased to give away VIP tickets for the Little Mix concert to three very deserving girls (and their excited parents!). A fabulous, glittery day for everyone…




We are currently analysing the results and reviewing your comments. We will produce a further report on the results and put this on the Cartrefi Conwy website about-us/how-are-weperforming-2/tenantsatisfaction-survey/ in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

HAVE YOUR SAY! REPAIRS SATISFACTION SURVEY We would like to know what you think about the survey we ask you to complete after a repair on your home. Please visit to give us your feedback and enter the draw to win £25 Love 2 Shop Vouchers.

HOW YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH US We want to find out the different ways you contact us with queries and why you use these contact methods. Please visit to give us your feedback and enter the draw to win £25 Love 2 Shop Vouchers.

WHO ARE YOU? When you call us, we want to be sure we know who we’re talking to. We don’t want to discuss your home with just anyone! So we know we’re talking to the right person, our Customer Services staff will ask you some questions to check your details. We might ask you for: Your full name Your date of birth Your phone number Your maiden name Your doctor’s name We know this can seem like a hassle, but we’re doing it to protect you and your home. Please help us by working with our Customer Services staff to keep your information safe.

HELP US GET BETTER! Would you like to be involved with improving our services to tenants? The Scrutiny Panel is a group of tenants who look at areas of Cartrefi Conwy’s work. They make sure that customer needs and views are considered, and work in partnership with Cartrefi Conwy to encourage resident involvement and feedback. If you’re interested in getting involved with the Scrutiny Panel or any other ways of giving your feedback, contact Laura Thomas on 0300 124 0040 or by email at laura.thomas@

WATC H https:// vimeo. 0 com/17376626

Thank you.

0300 124 0040


We have focussed on the time we take to respond to complaints. Between April and September 2016, we responded to an average of 39% complaints within 10 days. This improved to an average of 94% responses within 10 days by March 2017. FROM THE COMPLAINTS WE RECEIVED IN 2016/17, THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE:

YOU SAID We didn’t send appointment letters out to you and so you missed appointments to do more work in your home

YOU SAID In 2016/17 we had lots of complaints about leaking roofs, damp and mould growth in your homes

YOU SAID The process of moving tenants from home temporarily to carry out work to storm damage should be made easier

YOU SAID Managing condensation and mould growth was a problem. We got complaints about Cartrefi Conwy’s lack of action in putting things right


WE DID We designed new appointment cards so that you will now have a handy reminder given by the trades person before he leaves your home

WE DID The amount of properties that the storms of winter 2015/16 had affected was growing every day and so we created a programme of works to improve the affected properties This included new roofs, new windows, and removing and replacing wet cavity wall insulation The programme is now almost finished and problems with water coming in and damp have been solved

WE DID We reviewed our policy on how we manage temporary moves. We now have a clear process in place, which means we can move you into suitable temporary homes quicker

WE DID Mould growth from condensation is not usually because there is something wrong with the property, but because of the way we live. You can make changes to prevent mould growth. We have introduced ways to help you manage this: • “Help reduce Mouldy” booklet and DVD to give you help to manage condensation • Mould removal packs to help you with treating mould growth • Mould removal services depending on how bad the problem is At the BIG Day Out there will be people on hand dedicated to giving you hints and tips on managing condensation and mould growth in your homes

ARE YOU ENDING YOUR TENANCY? BEFORE YOU MOVE ON, REMEMBER TO: • Give us 4 weeks’ notice in writing • Hand in your keys within the notice period. Rent is charged Monday to Sunday please give us back your keys on Monday before 12pm to avoid another week’s rent.


• Leave your property clear and clean inside and out including any loft space – we will charge you to remove any items you leave behind. Clearance fees can vary from £50 to £600 depending on the work we have to do. • Repair any damage you have done to your home – we will charge you if we have to fix them. For example, to replace an internal door, we will charge you £114.16.


• blocked main drains or your only toilet • a dangerous electrical fault • serious storm damage or fire damage • loss of gas, electricity or water supply • loss of heating or hot water in winter (or any time of year if someone in your household is vulnerable) • collapsed ceilings or structural failure • a serious fault in a door, staircase or lift that stops you getting into your home


Our Customer Service team is available to take your call at 8am or you can report your problem online anytime using the MyCartrefi section of our website

0300 124 0040


SCRUTINY PANEL RIGHT FIRST TIME REPAIRS We believe that a high quality repairs and maintenance service is vital to achieving tenant satisfaction. It also protects the value of our homes and other built assets. We will carry out a “Right First Time” fix when we come to make a repair, wherever possible. We will check how well we are doing on “Right First Time” fixes by looking at the percentage of responsive repair jobs that have been completed in the first visit or which have more than one visit because of circumstances that are beyond our control. The Scrutiny Panel spent 5 months looking at the percentage of repairs that have been completed right first time. For those that weren’t completed right first time, the Panel looked at the reasons why.

THIS IS WHAT THE PANEL FOUND: o If a repair is not completed first time and we make another appointment, the tenant does not get a letter to remind them of the new appointment. Repair tradespeople will carry appointment cards with them to give to tenants.


o The Scrutiny Panel needs to do more work to look into repairs carried out by external contractors because the process does not appear to be as efficient as Cartrefi Conwy’s Building Maintenance Unit. o The panel felt that tenants need more information about how the repairs system works - how repairs are logged and scheduled. The Panel has recommended that the Customer Service department looks at how they can inform tenants better about the process. The overall feeling of the Panel was that the Repairs and Maintenance Service is currently providing an excellent service to tenants and staff are working hard to continuously improve the service. But, the Panel felt that service sometimes seems to slip when repair jobs are given to sub-contractors, especially in terms of communication and follow-on appointments. This is something that the Panel would like to look at in the future.

STAMP OUT MOULD! Damp and condensation are ongoing issues in homes across the UK. Better methods of insulation, such as double glazing, loft insulation and door seals keep out the drafts, but they also make it difficult for moisture to leave. It’s important to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but don’t forget to ventilate! Many of our homes come with extractor fans and window vents – remember to use them and do not block the vents on your windows.

If you are cooking or drying clothes, be sure to open your windows to let the moisture escape. We also use Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems, which sit in the loft and provide fresh, filtered air into homes. This helps to cut out condensation, prevent mould growth and reduce dust mites. Come and see us on our stand at the Big Day Out – we’ve got packs to give away to clean low-level mould and advice on how to keep mould away.

0300 124 0040



kwell nwy tenant Richard Blac Co i ef rtr Ca a, Se on os Rh Park Way, Pearson, ris Brockley, Mayor Jeff Ch t, lef m fro s, lor cil un with town co Fleet. John Davies and Hannah Mayoress Kath Pearson, Richard Blackwell came in for praise after his successful campaign to improve road safety where he lives at Parkway estate in Rhos-onSea. Richard jumped into action after witnessing an ambulance driver struggling to get past parked cars in the cul-de-sac where he lives. Richard got in contact with town councillor Glenys Baker, asking for her help in sorting out the parking issue and suggesting new signage was put up to deter drivers from parking in Parkway before walking into town to shop or go to work. Richard said: “We have had delivery vans and all sorts blocking the road especially near to our community centre. The problem is ambulances just can’t get down the road and I don’t know what we’d do if we had a fire. The thing is people are parking here and walking down to the shops, these are people that don’t live anywhere near Parkway. I’m really pleased something has been done and Parkway tenants may be a bit safer now. All I did was to suggest new signs and I’m pleased I was listened to.” Councillor Baker said: “Richard introduced himself to me 18 months ago when I first became a councillor and asked for some help. 8

“Some people I understand parked there and went away on holiday and these were people that don’t even live in Parkway. “People like Richard and his neighbours deserve to be helped. So I contacted Conwy County Council, raised the funds for the signs and had an agreement they could be erected. I’m delighted the signs have gone up and it’s all down to Richard quite frankly.” The campaign is the latest in a string of good deeds carried out by Richard, who also regularly helps out a blind neighbour. “The thing about Richard is he does a great deal to help his neighbours if and when they ask him and I know he generally keeps an eye out for them,” said Councillor Baker.

Do you have an idea to help improve where you live? Find out more about our Community Chest Grants. my-neighbourhood/funding/ For more information contact Clare Phipps on 01745 335656


As a thank you for using MyCartrefi, every month that you use our online service, we will enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win £200.

Using MyCartrefi you can: • Make a payment • Report repairs

• Get in touch with us • View your statement

• Check your balance • Update your contact details

Getting online with MyCartrefi is really easy but if you need any help, let us know: Call: 0300 1240040 | Email: | Online:


Go to and enter your tenancy reference, date of birth and surname.


Enter your email address and then create a username and password that you will use to log on in future.


You will receive an email with a link to activate your account.

To register you will need to enter your tenancy reference number. This can be found on any letter sent to you from Cartrefi Conwy. 9

GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE Give Where You Live is a volunteering scheme where people support each other with their skills using Time Banking. We all need support from someone else at some point in our lives and Time Banking is a new way of doing it.


It is a means of exchange where time is the currency. For every hour a participant ‘deposits’ in a Time Bank, perhaps by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support in time when they are in need.

“I find it so much easier being able to have my ironing done now after the loss of my wife.”

In each case the participant decides what they can offer. Everyone’s time is equal, so one hour of my time is equal to one hour of your time, no matter what we choose to exchange. For example, someone doing shopping for an elderly member then spends that time credit on getting somebody to cut their grass.

“It’s a lovely feeling helping others.”

“I have made new friends and built up a lot of confidence, now I run a karaoke night in the lounge every week to earn my time credits.”

“I was able to visit my husband is hospital thanks to another member escorting me on and off the buses and accompanying me there and back.” “Easy to get help if we need it.”

GREEN FINGERS Give Where You Live is currently running from Cysgod y Gogarth in Llandudno and the Fron in Colwyn Bay, to include tenants from the surrounding areas and Abergele. A Kinmel Bay Give Where You Live scheme will be starting later in 2017. For further information about these projects, please contact Nerys Veldhuizen on 0300 124 0040

WHAT THE MEMBERS HAVE SHARED Members have shared an astonishing 800 volunteer hours in supporting each other, including:

They’ve done a lot of work replanting and painting the wooden planters and they are organising a Chester Avenue In Bloom gardening competition. The group’s future plans include bringing the community orchard back into use. They are also planning to convert a neglected and overgrown piece of land into a memorial garden. This will be a peaceful space on the estate where people can remember loved ones who’ve passed away.

• Cutting grass • Delivering daily newspapers • DIY – including putting up shelves and curtain rails • Accompanying members on hospital appointments


• Providing welfare telephone calls • Cooking meals • Running coffee mornings • Running a brunch club

FINDING YOUR ANCHOR – A FREE 4 week course on taking charge for your own well-being. Starting in September with four 1.5 hours sessions.

• Teaching crochet • IT lessons • Ironing

For more information or to book a place ring Lydia on 0300 124 0040 or email

WATC H /car treficonw https:// e givewhereyouliv

The Green Fingers gardening group at Chester Avenue in Kinmel Bay is a group of residents who’ve got together to improve the green spaces on their estate.


0300 124 0040




WELL IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! THIS YEAR’S BIG DAY OUT WILL BE TAKING PLACE ON THE 16TH AUGUST AT JOHN BRIGHT LEISURE CENTRE, LLANDUDNO - AND BOY DO WE HAVE SOME FANTASTIC TREATS FOR YOU THIS YEAR! We have been working super hard since December to make this year’s event even more amazing than last year so please come and join the fun!

INCREDIBLE ENTERTAINMENT JAMIE LEE HARRISON If you’re a Britain’s Got Talent fan you are sure to recognise this amazing young singer who made it to the semi-finals this year. And what a voice! We are expecting a ‘hairs on the back of your neck tingling’ performance from him! What a treat!

Stilt walkers Fire eaters



These guys shouldn’t need an introduction. Twist and Pulse will be bringing their unique style of street dance and comedy (Streetomedy) to the BIG Day Out stage this year. Young and old alike will not fail to be transfixed by these guys’ ridiculous moves.

Aerial performances

As an extra special treat they will be running two dance workshops with tenants aged 8-16 (places are limited so make sure you get your name on the list as soon as you arrive).

VENUS DEMILO This incredible up and coming band based in Liverpool will be rocking out with us and playing some singalong rock classics. If these guys aren’t headlining Glastonbury by 2020 there’s something seriously wrong! 12


Free running super heroes Inflatable disco Lots of inflatable fun Wrestling Ranger Rob

(back again by popular demand)

Circus performances Face painting


YOUR CHANCE TO WIN £100’S!! Cartrefi Conwy has now launched its new tenant portal My Cartrefi and we want all our tenants to be using this great online tool.


(see instructions on page 9)

Save the confirmation email you receive once you’ve registered and bring it along on your mobile device on the day (follow the footprints for the I’m Connected stand). For each person who registers up to 21st August (midday) and comes to see us at the Big Day Out we will add £1 into the prize fund. So the more people who register the more money you could win. (You must be at the BIG Day Out and present your email in order to be in with a chance of winning). You will also get free candy floss (maximum of 2 per person) when you show us your confirmation email.

YOU NEED TO READ THIS! The event starts at 11.00 am and will finish at 3.00 pm. Please be aware that the outside activities will close at 2pm when the finale show starts. PLEASE BRING YOUR COMPLETED INVITATION WITH YOU ON THE DAY. We are expecting high numbers this year so we can only allow Cartrefi Conwy tenants to the event. Unfortunately we cannot allow extended family members that are not Cartrefi Conwy tenants. Free lunch will be provided (lunch box with a choice of sandwiches). The lunch box will include a soft drink and water will be available in the main hall. Tea and coffee will be available to buy on the day. Ice cream will not be provided this year.

You must book your free transport by 4th August. Call Linda on 01745 335345, email us at big-day-out@ or send us a Facebook message. 0300 124 0040 13



All our homes have smoke alarms, to help to keep you safe. We will check your alarm every year, but we recommend that you test your own smoke detectors once a week. 1. Is the green light showing? This means your alarm is connected to the mains electricity. 2. Press the test button – does your alarm make a noise?

DO YOU HAVE A CARELINE CONNECTION? When you test your smoke alarm, make sure it connects to Careline. Careline should call you via your lifeline box – tell them you are testing your alarm. You might have a low level test button in your house that you can use rather than reaching up to your smoke alarm. Ask your Independent Living Coordinator (ILC) if you’re not sure. If you have problems with your smoke alarm, please call Customer Services on 0300 124 0040 to request a repair.


APPLIANCES ARE YOUR KITCHEN APPLIANCES SAFE? Fridge freezers, tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines are very handy, but faulty household appliances caused 4328 accidental fires last year, 14% of all accidental fires. The website has a very useful set of guides and advice for keeping your home safe.

SOME OF THEIR MOST IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATIONS ARE: • Regularly checks your appliances’ plugs and sockets for burn marks and listen for buzzing or crackling sounds.


• If you are having problems with blown fuses, circuit-breakers tripping or if the appliance feels too hot to touch, you need to take action. • Defrost your fridge at least once a year to ensure these appliances continue to work properly. • Clean behind your fridge and freezer regularly to keep lint and dust from building up. • Do not use a heater to defrost the inside of the fridge. • Don’t place a refrigerator near cookers, radiators, or in direct sunlight – this will make it work harder to keep the required internal temperature. • Never block the interior or exterior ventilation openings of your refrigerator. • Clean out lint and fluff from your tumble dryer filter and clean around the door every time you use it. • Don’t put clothes with solvents, grease, oils or fats on them in your tumble dryer. • Watch out for scorching or burn marks, and check for loose or worn wires on your appliances. • Don’t leave dryers, dishwashers and washing machines on overnight. If possible, unplug or switch off appliances at the socket overnight and when you go out. • Don’t ignore strange noises! If you think there might be a problem, always unplug your appliance and contact the manufacturer or a qualified repair technician. You can also use the Electrical Safety First website to check if any of your household appliances have been recalled by the manufacturer for safety reasons. product-recalls/

DO YOU LIVE IN A BLOCK OF FLATS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO IF THERE’S A FIRE? It is important that you know what to do in the event of a fire. Please take the time to read the fire safety notices which are on each floor of your block. If you have any questions please get in touch – it might save your life!

FIRE SAFETY IN COMMUNAL AREAS It is really important that you don’t leave ANY items in communal areas. These areas must be kept clear at all times to stop the spread of fire. Items in hallways and other communal areas also prevent people from safely leaving the building if a fire breaks out. If you spot anything in your block that is a fire risk please get in touch with us immediately.

FIRE DOORS We have noticed a number of fire doors in blocks of flats have been propped open recently. These fire doors save lives as they prevent fire spreading through your building. If you spot a fire door that is being propped open please close it and let us know. 0300 124 0040 15

SIONED MSy Mentor WILLIA Academ Employment


I’m here to support every volunteer and every person on the Employment Academy. I’ll be working with people to put together their personal action plan, give them training and support them with job searches and skills. I want to make sure that everyone I support will gain suitable experience that will help them to get closer to employment. I’m a local girl from Anglesey and my background is in training, employment and community work. I worked on one of CAIS’s employment projects where I assisted people to find sustainable jobs. It was really valuable experience and that’s where I discovered my passion for supporting people to take small steps that can make a big difference to their lives. I’ve spent the last three years working on projects to help people in North Wales make use of the internet for the first time. This involved training staff and volunteers, recruiting tutors and awarding


community groups with digital kit to help them use the internet more effectively. I know that being online and using the internet is extremely important to help people get into employment, which is something I will bring in to the Employment Academy. I am excited to help people realise their potential and I love working somewhere that really does make a difference to people’s lives, and is proud of that. I have been following Creating Enterprise’s work for months and so when a job opportunity arose, there was no way I was letting it go!

NIGEL N Coordinator MORGAcaAdem y Employment

I have recently joined Creating Enterprise as an Employment Academy Co-ordinator, introducing some of our tenants to the benefits of volunteering, and helping others to find employment. This can be through our Employment Academy, or finding other work through a network of employers that we currently work with and talk to. Over the years I’ve had many different roles, including semiprofessional musician, market stall holder, door supervisor, labourer, shop manager, part qualified accountant and police officer, to name but a few! More recently I was employed by DWP as part of their Employer and Partnership Team, and alongside the Local Authorities Business Development Team. I’ve also spent some time unemployed, so I’m aware of the issues facing our unemployed tenants. During this time I took up several volunteering opportunities, which helped me to gain experience, enhance opportunities, develop new skills, improve my CV, and give me a sense of purpose and direction. In my personal life I like nothing more than spending time with my family, and also like to keep active, regularly jogging, cycling and going to the gym. I’m involved in fundraising activities for Cancer Research UK, and have recently taken part in a 24 hour Relay For life event, and so far as a small team we have raised over £4,000 for the charity.

3 OF MY PROUDEST MOMENTS: 1 I am a cancer survivor, and was told I would never have children. So sticking two fingers up to this disease by being cancer free, then having two children has got to be number one on my list


2 Receiving a bravery award from the North Wales Fire Service for saving 13 people from a burning building in Llandudno, but I couldn’t collect it as I was cycling along the Nile raising funds for Mencap at the time! 3 Being invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace, for some work I did with vulnerable customers in the Jobcentre I am a huge rugby fan, following Wales since our heyday in the seventies. I’m a member of Llandudno Rugby Club, and a season ticket holder for RGC, and was lucky enough to follow them to the Principality Stadium recently to watch them in the WRU National Cup Final, and see them become victorious by beating Pontypridd!

01745 335684 17



Many volunteers get huge satisfaction giving their time to help out and volunteering can offer routine and structure in a friendly environment. Volunteering is a real asset to your CV for anyone looking to get into employment.

WHAT DO I GET? • Personal development • Gain new skills and experience • Improve employment prospects • Meet new people • Increase your confidence • Access to a range of training • Uniform and safety clothing provided (if appropriate)

We organise an annual volunteer event to say thank you to all our volunteers who have helped us throughout the year.


• Out of pocket expenses

Reception Assistant

• Support of our Mentor

Marketing & Social Media Assistant

• “On the Job” support from a dedicated Work Buddy

Caretaker’s Assistant

There’s also a rewards programme to thank you for your time. Based on the number of hours you have volunteered, you will build up to Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Once you reach each level you will receive a certificate and you can choose from a range of rewards.

Community Support Administration and Activities

Marketing & Events Assistant

Administration Assistant Handyperson Assistant Painting Assistant



• Email or phone – 01745 335684 /

• We will arrange a trial for you to see if you like the opportunity you have chosen

• We’ll arrange an informal chat or come out to meet you to discuss the most suitable opportunity for you

• If everyone’s happy – we’ll agree hours to suit and then you are ready to start


Ring Lydia on 0300 124 0040 or email to move forwards today!

NOT SURE WHAT TO DO NEXT? We can help you with: • Uploading benefits online

• Improving your skills

• Job searches

• Help to access learning

• Digital skills and support

• One to one support

• Identifying your skills

• Confidence building

MICHELLE DOING WELL Michelle Harrison is a Cartrefi Conwy tenant in Llanfairfechan. Aged 27, with her youngest child now in full-time school, Michelle wanted to get back to work but didn’t know where to start. Michelle heard about the help that Cartrefi Conwy offers and called the office. She was introduced to Lydia Watson, who found out about what Michelle needed and what she wanted to do. The first thing was supporting Michelle with a mix-up at the Job Centre, and Lydia helped her to get that sorted out. Then they started looking at job options. “The Job Centre offered me a 10 until 2 position in a shop,” said Michelle, “but I want to do something that’s a career not just a job.” Michelle had wanted to be a health visitor with a focus on deaf children, but the challenge of nurse training, with the hours and locations, was difficult to manage with three small children. She has now decided she would like to be a Teaching Assistant for children with learning disabilities or behavioural problems, which fits better with her children’s school hours and holidays.

Lydia helped to arrange courses for Michelle, paid for by Cartrefi Conwy. She’s been on a Managing Difficult Behaviour course in Colwyn Bay, a Designated Safeguarding Officer course at Ty Llewellyn and a Paediatric First Aid course in Kinmel Bay. Michelle really enjoyed the courses and the chance to get new skills. “I try not to be at home during the day – you can get cabin fever, spending all the time with the kids or clearing up after them. It’s nice to have something to do that’s different from a brew at a mate’s house. It occupies me, using my brain, which hasn’t been used properly since I had kids!” Michelle also got help with her CV, making it more specific for the jobs she wanted to apply for. Lydia contacted a school to ask for a job specification to look at, the school had a vacancy and sent Michelle the job application, so she applied! “Lydia’s help has made job hunting a hell of a lot easier,” said Michelle. “She’s lovely, very understanding and funny. I’d definitely recommend this to others”.

0300 124 0040 19


0300 124 0040

ZERO TOLERANCE ON ILLEGAL DRUGS Over the past few months, our AntiSocial Behaviour (ASB) Team and North Wales Police have received complaints of illegal drug use and dealing on the Tre Cwm estates. We believe that most of our tenants are deeply concerned about the risks that illegal drug use creates to society and children in particular. We want to work with you to make a difference and improve the area.

REMEMBER… WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR TENANCY AGREEMENT YOU AGREE: “not to use your home, or communal or surrounding areas, nor allow them to be used, for illegal or immoral purposes (including the use, sale or cultivation of illegal drugs).”

ACTION WE HAVE TAKEN •  7 x Acceptable Behaviour Contracts agreed and signed by tenants – these tenants have promised to work with us to improve their behaviour. • 2  x Final Tenancy Warnings issued – these tenants are in danger of legal action against them or their homes. •  2 x Civil Injunctions – tenants agree with the Courts to improve their behaviour. • 2  x Evictions – tenants have lost their homes. • 1 x Postponed Possession – tenant may lose their home.

Are you concerned about anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood? Please let us know. Tel:

 artrefi Conwy ASB Team C 01745 335361



In writing: A  SB Team, Cartrefi Conwy, Morfa Gele, North Wales Business Park, Abergele, Conwy, LL22 8LJ Online: You can also call North Wales Police on 101 (or 999 in an emergency)

0300 124 0040 21

WORKING WITH NORTH WALES POLICE We’re pleased to be working with North Wales Police to make sure our tenants are safe in their homes.

We invited the police to review security for all of Cartrefi Conwy’s sheltered housing estates. They will also be working with our Independent Living Coordinators to help our older tenants keep themselves safe. “I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far,” said David Williams, Designing Out Crime Officer at North Wales Police. “We’ve found a high standard of security in all of Cartrefi Conwy’s properties. There are enhanced security doors and windows, but they are only as good as how they are used!” We’ve seen communal front doors wedged open with a brick and heard of entrance fobs being offered to relations and even the postman! Burglary has dropped 70% in the last 10 years, but the easiest way to commit a burglary is just to walk in. North Wales Police recommend keeping doors and windows locked, and double checking your security before you go to bed at night. “There’s been an increase in car key burglaries – it only takes 30 seconds to get through an unlocked door and grab the key for the car outside your house.”

Criminals can also get in your home if you let them in! “Often when someone has been conned or stolen from by someone who knocked at their door, we hear “But he seemed like a nice man.” Of course he did – otherwise you wouldn’t open the door!” says David Williams. The best way is not to give criminals the opportunity to use their gift of the gab. “Don’t feel obliged to open your door. It’s your home, and you get to choose who comes in. Look out of the window, check to see if it’s someone you know. If it’s not, politely shake your head and wave the person away.” If you can’t easily see your doorstep from inside, arrange a ‘secret knock’ with friends and family. Check the time to see if it’s likely to be someone you have a regular appointment with. The other area where you can improve security is by making sure your garden shed is locked. “We keep expensive bicycles, mowers and power tools in sheds – it’s like a shopping basket for burglars if the door is open! Burglars like to steal what they can sell on quickly, so don’t make it easy for them.”

Together Summer 2017  

The Summer edition of our tenant newsletter Together is here.