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Timeless bathroom design

Four unique area rug styles

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Midtown modern defined







Opening thoughts from Team BDMS

Jeweled Bordeaux











Friendship and fashion

The multifaceted dining room

Find out which floor is right for you

How to stay connected and inspired

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FALL 2020

on the cover This colorful family-friendly dining room from Hibou Design was designed for both every-day dining as well as entertaining. Custom elements include turning a nook into a built-in bar with two open shelves in white-oak stained to match the flooring. The floating shelves are perfect for displaying accessories while the subtle geometric wallpaper and brass wall sconces further add the decorative elements of the nook. The bar surface is durable quartz and could also play double duty as both a bar for hosting and as a buffet perfect for serving easily during the festive season. An oversized pendant fixture brings some attention back to the dining table and ties in the black accents found within the shelves. The jewel-toned cabinetry in Benjamin Moore Miramichi was selected to coordinate with the velvet dining chairs, to bring in a bold color to this stunning room.


‘tis the season







Designers’ homes during the holidays


Holiday decor edition

In the spirit of change



Flooring: Portside Village in “Knight’s Armor”

LOOKS GREAT AND SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY. You get the stunning great looks of hardwood but at a FRACTION OF THE COST. All the way around — ­ Mirror Lake Performance Flooring is more cost efficient – including maintenance later on!

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WELCOME “Underneath all I design lies the solid belief that beauty is a positive force.” - Barbara Barry We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: there’s something truly special about fall. Adored by everyone—at least everyone we know—autumn brings enjoyable weather, coveted seasonal activities (hello, apple picking and pumpkin carving), richly saturated landscapes, the best fashion, and the promise of the holiday season ahead. And did we mention the reveal of new interior design trends? With this issue, we’re delivering advice and insight from award-winning interior designers to inspire your home’s best self this season. Dive into two Timeless Bathroom Designs in an exclusive interview with designers Korina Khamis and Eugenia Triandos of Hibou Design & Co. as they unveil the details of the classic black-and-white aesthetic. Explore “Midtown Modern” style, as we take you Behind the Design of a one-of-a-kind home designed by the talented Rebecca Hay. And find inspiration in Something New, Something Old, Something Bold, Something Blue in an area rug feature that you don’t want to miss. In regular fall issue fashion, we’re also bringing you festive holiday content to excite and inspire a beautiful holiday season. We’re sure you’ll carry at least an idea or two into your home this holiday season, from a special holiday edition of our Styles We Love spotlight to an exclusive look at the holiday decor of two design professionals’ homes to ideas for creating new seasonal traditions. Additional features include a must-see collection of decor in our most coveted color for the season, an eight-page spread of gorgeous and uniquely designed dining rooms, and an informative look at the versatility of tile. This and so much more await you in the pages that follow. Welcome to the Fall 2020 issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple magazine, brought to you by Carpet One Floor & Home.

Warm Regards, Team BDMS Beautiful Design Made Simple | 7


Jeweled Bordeaux 2.



3. 4. 5. 1. Rousseau Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting 2. Cora Velvet Pillow from Perigold 3. Benjamin Moore Crushed Velvet 2017-10 4. Passages by Tigressá “So Refined” in Sunflower from Carpet One Floor & Home 5. Albion Mohair Throw by Serena & Lily 6. Faux Eucalyptus Stems by Silks Are Forever 7. Zuma Beach Area Rug by Kaleen Available at Carpet One Floor & Home 8. Taryn Accent Chair by Coleman Furniture



8. 9



Friendship and Fashion

Two things come to mind when looking at this photo. The first is friendship. The year 2020 has forced new routines, smaller circles, and shifted focuses for many. But one thing that has remained the same: the love and loyalty of our unknowing four-legged friends. The second is fashion. You might say, there’s currently little need, but we say, you’d be surprised at how a piece of clothing can lift your spirits. So go ahead; break out your favorite petticoat and beret for your next trip to the dog park.









JET BLACK 2120-10

10 | Beautiful Design Made Simple





The dining room is one of the most multifaceted spaces in the home. It can be formal or casual, it can be in the kitchen, or a space all its own. It might accommodate each and every meal, a handful of formal gatherings a year, the daily wears and tears of homework and crafting, or a little bit of it all. Whatever the form and function of your dining room, it’s safe to say that, in many homes, this space plays an integral role during the holiday season. From carefully crafted meals to after-dinner games to coveted conversations, the dining room has long been a space where cherished memories are made. With that, we invite you to explore six dining room designs: each beautiful and unique.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 13

A TRADITIONAL TAKE Cherry-stained floors, substantial crown molding, and classic wainscoting create the framework for this formal dining room by Traci Zeller Interiors. Its rich color palette combines warm and cool tones through beautiful toile wallpaper, luxurious upholsteries, and a vibrant traditional Persian-style rug. The unexpected addition of a second naturalfiber rug and use of a contemporary glass chandelier add modern touches that create a unique and balanced take on traditional design. Design by TRACI ZELLER Photography by DUSTIN PECK

14 | Beautiful Design Made Simple


MODERN SIMPLICITY Designer Sara Bederman took the “less is more” approach with this showstopper of a Scandinavian-inspired space. The dining room boasts beautiful blonde colored hardwood floors and bright white walls, which set the stage for the striking custom painting that instantly takes the mind to salty, blue waters. Equally as striking, the chandelier in this dining room truly doubles as a piece of modern art. The one-of-a-kind design combines material, shapes, and lines to create a soft, yet substantial feel. A modern dining table fitted with ergonomic chairs rounds out the design to create the space’s “less is more” look. Design by SARA BEDERMAN Photography by STEPHANI BUCHMAN Beautiful Design Made Simple | 15


GREEN AND GROUNDED The color emerald symbolizes balance, harmony, and vitality , whereas green, in general, signifies abundance, prosperity, and growth. We can’t think of a better space to evoke these states of positivity than the dining room—a space where family and friends gather to share everything, from life’s daily pleasures to the most cherished celebrations of each year. Aesthetically speaking, its deep tone helps to ground the room and add general interest to the aesthetic. Linear wood shelving creates space for ever-changing touches of personal or seasonal interest, while an oversized yet simple pendant light demands just the right amount of attention. Design by HIBOU DESIGN & CO. Photography by DREW HADLEY 16

THE SPACE IN BETWEEN Nestled in between the home’s kitchen island and living room, this dining space is nothing more than a table and four chairs. However, its simple aesthetic and powerful backdrop make it a shoo-in for this list. The rich color palette captures your attention (and heart) immediately with its display of warm woods, rich leather, regal marble, and classic matte black finishes. With such striking tones, designer Rebecca Hay opted for a modern, minimalist-style table and chairs overtop bare hardwood floors. In contrast, the two matching island chandeliers nearby conjure modern grandiosity—a combination that is not to be forgotten. Design by REBECCA HAY Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 17


EVERYDAY COMFORT This darling breakfast nook features crowd-favorite bench-style seating for comfortable and plentiful dining accommodations. The custom build also doubles as additional storage for the family with built-in drawer space and makes the perfect foundation for an array of colorful throw pillows. The two-toned table adds to the space’s sunny disposition, which is completed by a contemporary orb-adorned chandelier. Design by REBECCA HAY Photography by STEPHANI BUCHMAN


PERFECTLY BALANCED Indicative of the penthouse apartment it’s situated in, this dining room is certainly a head turner. The scale of its floor-to-ceiling, sleek stone fireplace and sky-high ceiling can’t help but make this room feel larger than life. Yet, combined with softer, natural materials and textures, the space becomes welcoming and serene. The oversized woven pendant balances the scale of the fireplace while offering a relaxed, unfettered feel. The round dining room table offers intimacy, and the linen slipcovered chairs offer an additional layer of comfort. The balance of both bold and relaxed elements is what makes this design so appealing. Design by HIBOU DESIGN & CO. Photography by DREW HADLEY

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 19

A ROYAL ROOM A traditional candlestick chandelier draped with glass crystals commands a royal, ornate feel in this dignified dining room by Martha O’Hara Interiors. The white board and batten wall creates an architectural simplicity that is further highlighted by the natural wall art landscape. A dark wood dining table paired with fresh white hydrangeas in a round glass bowl brings a sense of classic charm to the space without feeling overly conventional. These subtle design accents bring out the ornate beauty of the blue and white flower-patterned curtains and rug to create a dining room that’s both timeless and trendy. Interior Design & Photo Styling: MARTHA O’HARA INTERIORS Builder/Remodeler: JOHN KRAEMER & SONS Architect: CHARLIE & CO. DESIGN Photographer: COREY GAFFER 20

y s a e


Shopping for new floors doesn’t have to mean multiple trips to the store. Browse our wide selection from the comfort of your home, pick your six favorite options, and we’ll send samples right to your mailbox. Once you choose the floor you love, we’ll work with you on how, when, and where you want, for a convenient, easy, and fun flooring experience.


Beautiful Design Made Simple | 21


flooring samples Ordering from our sample program makes it quick and easy to see what will work well in your home. But how do you know which product to choose from a sample? We’re here to help. We have put together some tips that will help you analyze your flooring samples and get you on your way to installing the perfect flooring solution.

create a mood board

If you have a specific style in mind for your home, creating a mood board is an excellent way to see all your ideas in one place. Design elements, such as colors, fabrics, and textures, on a mood board will show you whether these pieces will come together nicely or clash in a space. Take a flooring sample and place it with the other elements of your design on the mood board. Does it seem out of place or bring out tones you hadn’t seen before, or does it add precisely the touch you needed? If it looks out of place, you’ll know that it isn’t a top contender. If it flows well, you can keep it in the mix of options.


style goals

When you’re putting together your perfect home design, flooring is a big piece of the puzzle. It can be tough to know just what you’re looking for, which is why it’s possible that some of the samples you choose won’t match your design goals. After seeing them in person, ask yourself whether these samples fit the look you want. This will help you narrow down your options.

experiment with lighting

Depending on the orientation of your home, morning, afternoon, and evening light can bring out different hues from flooring. Look at your samples at all times of the day to make sure you enjoy them with varying levels of light. Incandescent and fluorescent lights can also cause floors to appear different than when they’re bathed in natural light. Be sure to turn on interior lights as usual to see what the samples look like at all times of the day.

try it in different rooms or spaces

If you’re planning to install new flooring in more than one room, take the sample, and place it in different rooms. Otherwise, try it in different areas of the same room. You’ll want to see how the flooring works in more than one space.

leave the samples in place

Take your new flooring samples, put them in the target room, and leave them there. It’s one thing to enjoy flooring when you first look at it, but it’s crucial that you get a chance to see it for extended periods. After all, you’ll be looking at your flooring day after day, so be sure to enjoy it for more than a few hours. If you’re not feeling confident, leave it for a few more days, and see how you feel.

eliminate a sample

When you receive samples, you’ll probably be able to eliminate a style pretty quickly. If not, you can remove a style after a couple of days. You’ll have a better idea of what you’re leaning toward, so take the time to eliminate at least one of the samples to focus on the top contenders. Doing this will allow you to focus your attention on the flooring that will truly work in your space.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 23


ib 2O

H on st



C ce

a Pl o gb


er H

The flooring experts at Carpet One Floor & Home have selected twenty products that represent beautiful classics, trending styles, and cutting-edge flooring technology.


vi In

Beautiful style, soft tones, and waterproof durability

in re Pu

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Nothing says elevated style like a beautiful herringbone floor. With Invincible H2O’s new herringbone luxury vinyl, you can get the look of a custom herringbone hardwood floor with the waterproof durability of Invincible H2O. This neutral shade lets the installation shine, but for a bolder look, the available colors can be mixed and matched. 


Invincible H2O Charleston Place Herringbone in Pure Beauty




Beautiful Design Made Simple | 25



Who is the client? The client is a professional couple who were recently in the process of downsizing. They were looking to reduce their commute time and decided to move to another area of the city. They live with their older son and their daughter.

Tell us a little about each bathroom. The master was a really quirky space initially; it had a cabinet that was only 12� deep and a huge tub that swallowed the entire space. We decided to take over the walk-in closet beside it to enlarge the overall footprint. Some of the main factors in our design were allowing the light from the skylight to flow through the entire bathroom and accommodating a large Italian-style shower. Whenever space allows, my favorite approach is to add a water closet so that a couple can easily use the space together. This bathroom has a fun, edgy vibe, just like our client. I really felt like we were able to design a space that spoke to her because she has a great personality and an overall fun design aesthetic. The intention with the kids’ bath was to have a fun, bright space. The main shot of the vanity is also the first thing you see as you come up the stairs. I wanted to be certain that, while the door remains open (90 percent of the time the kids will not close it), you will have a beautiful space to look at, because the sun from the joined skylight is so inviting. We made sure that the toilet and shower would be tucked out of sight so you can really focus on one element.


Beautiful Design Made Simple | 27



What were your clients’ needs for the two spaces? Storage, storage, storage! The main concern was that the bathrooms in the home were extremely out of date and not functional at all. The cabinetry was only 12” deep, and the bathroom had not been renovated for decades.

Were there any challenges you faced during the design process? This home came with a complex layout with multiple angles throughout each space. The biggest challenge was being able to accommodate two full bathrooms while sharing a skylight and incorporating a large walk-in closet.

What’s one unique element in each bathroom and what was the inspiration for each? Tile inlays. In the master bathroom, we built a his-and-hers vanity labelled with “Elle” and “Lui” over each sink in the penny tile installed on the wall. We also incorporated the word “Bonjour” in the kids’ shower, which repeated the theme in the master bath. The clients’ inspiration pictures included lots of bold cement tiles as well as some traditional penny tile designs. I wanted to enhance this effect by creating a custom tile pattern that would incorporate the traditional aspects of penny tile with a modern and bold pattern. It took some time, but we were finally able to come up with a pattern that was a perfect scale for the room and allowed for symmetrical alignment with the vanity and shower. As for the kids’ bathroom, I would opt for the drawer fronts as one of my favorite elements. Instead of a typical shaker, we had a custom panel designed that allowed the shaker trim to continue through the drawers. I kept it very thin, which was also a nice way to complement and modernize the retro feel of the floor pattern.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 29




Do you have any special considerations or requirements when creating a bathroom? Storage and lighting are a must for creating a functional bathroom! We split the bathrooms strategically to allow the natural light from the skylight to come into both spaces, and, by leaving the water closet wall a little shorter, the entire ensuite was able to benefit. We also made sure to layer the lighting throughout both bathrooms. We also incorporated lots of storage in both spaces; the kids’ bathroom had an extremely long vanity, while the master was able to fit recessed medicine cabinets.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 31



Speaking of lighting, the fixtures are so unique! Can you speak to your selection process? I opted for long, thin sconces to anchor the mirrors and emphasize the ceiling height. Part of the sourcing was to stick with thin and understated lighting so the bathroom would not become overwhelming with such bold design features. The husband needed a bit of arm twisting before he would approve the master bathroom lighting; it definitely was not cheap, but really the lighting was the element to help pull the whole design together. I wanted a sconce that would hang off the wall to highlight the words over the vanity, something that would accentuate the height of the ceilings and warm up the bathroom with small brass elements. Monochromatic schemes can easily become cold, especially in a bathroom because there are so few opportunities to incorporate warm textures. The small brass details in the lighting and hardware were just enough to create warmth while avoiding a gaudy palette.



How does the flooring play into your design? The floors! We spent hours working on a custom tile pattern that would perfectly align to the vanities and shower. Ensuring the scale and proportions were perfect took a lot of concentration, and we actually tiled a to-size sample, grouted and all. We used a mosaic penny tile in both bathrooms, with different unique patterns. One of the main deciding factors in the tile selection was the architecture and age of the home. I wanted to have classic design elements with a twist that related to the clients’ aesthetic and personality. Penny and subway tiles really helped me achieve my goal. They are so universal and able to morph into any aesthetic, and the traditional floral pattern played well with the 90-degree herringbone and the playful “Bonjour� insert in the shower. I also incorporated a traditional herringbone pattern into the master walls but with a more modern subway size. I purposely kept the grout light so that the pattern on the floor would take center stage. We had a custom panel designed that allowed the shaker trim to continue through the drawers. I kept it very thin, which was also a nice way to complement and modernize the retro feel of the floor pattern.


Why did you choose these colors? We wanted the overall aesthetic to feel bold yet timeless, so that it would suit the architecture of the home. Westmount is known for homes with good bones and great architecture, so we opted for the classics: whites, black, and natural wood tones. Let’s talk finishes. What types did you choose for each bathroom and why? Each bathroom had a similar color scheme with classic black-and-white tiles and finish. I chose to warm up the kids’ bathroom with a wooden vanity, brass-framed mirrors that complemented the tone of the wood, and a countertop with warm caramel veins. Classic cross-knob handles also downplayed the edgy black plumbing fixtures. The master bathroom all started with the tub, which I just fell in love with! I wanted it to be a more sophisticated space with an edge. So, I opted for a black vanity; I left it floating so that the pattern could continue beneath it and act as a mat for each sink. It was also important to me to keep the metallic finishes warm, which I achieved by incorporating brass and pairing that with polished nickel. These bathrooms feature the perfect design to complement the rest of the clients’ home; she has a really fun space, and I wanted to carry that through.


What did your client like the most? This was a unique situation because one of the clients is also a decorator. We were worried at first about how this client relationship would play out and whether we would be given creative freedom for the project. However, the clients were really happy with the final aesthetic and functional storage provided and absolutely loved the unique personal elements we were able to incorporate.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 33

Research is the reason I have my miracle baby K E L L EY, DIAGNOSED IN


When I learned I was pregnant with Scarlett, it came as a complete surprise. As a breast cancer survivor, I never thought I would be able to give birth again—let alone nine years after my diagnosis. But thanks to research supported by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the targeted therapy was there for me. Not only was I able to enter remission, but I was given another chance to be a mom to an incredible little girl. I’m living proof that research saves lives. I want there to be a future free from worry for everyone’s daughters. Research is how we’re going to get there.

See more reasons for research and share yours at


t h g i tl o p S g u R

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING BOLD, SOMETHING BLUE. A chic, tasteful area rug can make a room feel whole, like finally finding the missing piece of a 1,000-piece puzzle. Without it, however, decor can often seem lacking and ordinary, and rooms can even feel cold. With such an easy, versatile addition to bring your home design to the next level, why not invest in a beautiful area rug that unites the room? Simply adding a new rug, whether you choose to renovate or refresh the space, can truly elevate the overall mood.

While there are many area rugs to choose from, we are making it easy for you to find a rug that fits your space, based on four design styles: something old, something new, something bold, and something blue. These four area rug categories encapsulate hundreds of area rug designs that fit nearly any style and home. We’re highlighting each style and showing you how the perfect area rug is easy to find when you’re looking for the right one! Beautiful Design Made Simple | 35


g n i h t s ome old Area Rug: MORRIS COLLECTION BY KAS

The medallion-centered area rug on the facing page features shades of blue, beige, and orange that play together nicely in this conventional piece. Who said old rugs are unattractive and out of style? Like vintage items sought after long past their original production, traditionally styled rugs are still loved and adored by many. Center medallions often characterize traditional area rugs along with flowing designs that bring the eye toward the center. Floral accents and heavy detailing are also common in traditional area rugs, as well as ornate borders that complement the beauty of the center medallion. These rugs can also feature a distressed look that makes them look worn, adding to the overall charm. Colors of traditional area rugs can vary, from shades of blue, beige, and red, to orange and more, depending on the rug design. While traditional area rug designs are endless, their timeless beauty never ceases to fit even the most distinct homes.


A traditional rug design might seem simple, but this uncomplicated beauty helps breathe new life into rooms that need a touch of character. Any modern or contemporary design can benefit from a traditionally styled area rug. It can center the design and add subtle neutrals to an already vibrant space or a pop of color to an otherwise muted design. Traditionally styled homes and other design styles also benefit from the simplicity and classic feel of a traditional area rug.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 37


g n i h t e m so new Area Rug created from bound broadloom: PASSAGES BY TIGRESSÁ SO REFINED IN SUNFLOWER

The golden color and boho-chic style of this broadloom carpet invigorate the senses and draw your eye to its warmth. Paired with brass or dark metals, this broadloom would make the perfect one-of-a-kind area rug.


Purchasing new things for your home is fun and refreshing, especially once everything is in place. Simply adding a new piece of decor, such as an additional wall hanging, or replacing an old piece of furniture can be just as satisfying as starting from scratch. Along with the new pieces you’re adding to your home, you may want to consider a new way to purchase an area rug. Typically, you might look online or go to a store to find the rug you like, but it can be tough getting the right look, colors, and size. In the spirit of something new, why not try a novel concept and choose a broadloom carpet that can be made into the area rug that fits your space?

Broadloom carpets are available in tons of styles, colors, and designs, and it’s simple to get an area rug bound out of a piece of broadloom carpet. What’s even better about choosing broadloom for your next rug is that you can customize the exact dimensions and shape. Do you need an L-shape for your kitchen or front entryway? Broadloom offers endless options when it comes to shapes and sizes, which is why it’s one of our top choices for area rug features.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 39


g n i h t e m so bold Stair Runner: LAMU IN TAUPE BLACK

This bold rug is ideal for adding a stylish touch to any design. Featured as a stair runner, the print doesn’t take away from the simple beauty of the steps, but it does dazzle with its presence. Adventurous, daring, and fearless are adjectives that can be used to describe a person who chooses to go bold with their home design. Whether you embody these concepts or you’re just looking for a way to invigorate your simple space, there’s simply no end to the number of unconventional area rug designs you can choose for your home. Bold area rugs are usually patterned, feature bright colors, or are produced in different shapes that draw you into their appearance. They can be the center of the room or hang on the wall, and they


can also be the touch of detail that unites the design in your space. Keep in mind, bold area rugs are known for their “wild” appearance, which can be tough to match when looking for additional pieces of decor, but, if you are really in love with a bold rug, the rest of the decor will flow easily! This bold rug is ideal for adding a stylish touch to any design. Featured as a stair-runner, the print doesn’t take away from the simple beauty of the steps, but it does dazzle with its presence.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 41

g n i h t e m so blue AREA RUG FEATURE


This boho-meets-modern rug features blue accents with textured fibers that highlight the natural beauty of the rug. The 2020 Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, is just one demonstration of how trendy blue has become. This year’s top color trend shows no signs of slowing, with tons of blue area rug styles available on the market today. From deep navy blues to light blue hues mixed into a range of rug colors and styles, such as contemporary, traditional, and abstract, it seems there’s a blue area rug for any design.


What’s unique about the color blue is how easily it can take on your design scheme. Do you want to make your room feel like an upscale palace, but also like a lived-in space? There are plenty of shades that can accomplish this, such as navy, sapphire, or a gray-blue. Looking for the perfect edgy piece? There’s an abstract area rug on the market that suits your needs. Also, blue is an excellent choice when used in conjunction with other bright colors to enliven a space. No matter your goals, there’s an area rug that will add the balance and harmony that every home desperately needs.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 43



ax e Le … s

The flooring experts at Carpet One Floor & Home have selected twenty products that represent beautiful classics, trending styles, and cutting-edge flooring technology.

el R

Timeless looks with lasting durability and stain resistance



Li y B Li le


Relax, it’s…Lees Little By Little in Ancestral

in al tr es nc


Small pin dot is a timeless pattern that thrives in lush wall-to-wall installations or dependable hall or stair runners. A cut and loop carpet provides a versatile and sophisticated pin dot pattern, while its Triexta fibers offer both durability and stain resistance. Like all LEES products, this beautiful carpet features Ultra25® protection and a 25-Year “No Exclusions” stain warranty.

Each of the Twenty for 2020 products can be found on and in Carpet One Floor & Home stores.


Christmas decor doesn’t have to be the same year after year. That’s why we’re giving you some refreshing inspiration with an exclusive look into the homes of two talented women—one an award-winning interior designer and the other an acclaimed home design blogger. In the first look, minimalism reigns king, and the fireplace mantel steals the show with its conventional beauty and natural charm. In the second, a soft-palette, vintage statement piece, and touches of holiday whimsy create a ‘less is more’ style that offers the perfect balance of new and old. Beautiful Design Made Simple | 45


HISTORIC GEORGIA “I love to do something different every year for the holidays. Some years, I am inspired by trees or the symbolism of wreaths, and, some holidays, I nostalgically pull out all generations of family decorations. This year was a new approach, because we have fewer people in the house while we spend more time at home than ever. Staying at home has made me appreciate my open spaces, so I wanted to find a way to honor the holiday without overfilling any room. Instead of trees and nostalgic decor, I focused on a statement mantel with cut citrus that will dry beautifully. I added a bit of foliage to the coffee table and shelves, along with one more wreath over the bookshelf. After that, we called it done. Much to my delight, this minimal approach turned out beautifully!

The mantel is a showstopper that proclaims the

season, and my house still feels as open as always.

That’s what good design should always do: give you

the style you’re after and the functionality you need. I

got my sophisticated take on the holidays that leaves

my living room as accessible as ever, and I don’t have to water a tree!”

- Kate O’Hara

INTERIOR DESIGN & PHOTO STYLING: Martha O’Hara Interiors BUILDER/REMODELER: John Kraemer & Sons ARCHITECT: Murphy & Co. Design PHOTOGRAPHER: Troy Thies Photography

46 | Beautiful Design Made Simple

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 47


48 | Beautiful Design Made Simple


“This year, I took a very ‘less is more’ approach to my holiday decor, while bringing the focus of the room to our tree. I stuck with a color palette of yellow, silver, white, and gold, which picked up on the color scheme in my area rug and complimented all the natural wood accents throughout the room. I loved the festive feel from the yellow poinsettia and the floral elements that I weaved throughout the tree’s branches. My antique library card catalog is such a vintage statement piece, that I needed to make sure my holiday décor enhanced without overpowering the vibe of the room. For a touch of whimsy, I filled a vintage gumball machine with gold and silver ornaments and paired that with a small red poinsettia in a white vase. I love mixing old and new décor, whether I’m decorating seasonally or just for every day.

You don’t need to go over the top with your décor to make a style statement. The bowl of small red ornaments are the only pop of red used on this table, and it’s subtle but effective. I also used gold as the unifying design factor for this table, placing smaller gifts wrapped in the same wrapping paper as the larger gifts under the tree as décor accents. I also loved the look and feel of this small white tree and felt it worked really nicely with the framed wallpaper and the white and gold bowl. I love putting together little vignettes like this, and I try to mix textures and varying heights when grouping items together.”

- Erin Spain



shop... you want, you want, you want.

We’re here for you. Our flooring experts are available to call, email, or chat through your favorite app. Connect with us today and we’ll bring beautiful floors right to your door:

The Versatility of


AS SUMMER TURNS TO FALL, LET THE CHANGE OF SEASON SPARK DESIGN INSPIRATION. Two questions homeowners must ask before starting a new project are, what is the purpose of my space, and how do I want my family and guests to feel when they enter? Depending on the materials and style, a room can evoke calmness, creativity, or boldness.

52 | Beautiful Design Made Simple

Flooring and wall accents play a big part in the outcome. A natural stone, such as marble, can be fresh and modern, whereas porcelain with a natural wood grain can be warm and inviting. Similarly, a detailed floor or wall covering with a bold pattern will create an intimate space perfect for cozy nights with family and friends.

ANGELES CLIFF by Emser Tile This stunning tile celebrates the beauty of nature using HD graphic technology to mimic the unique gradations and variances found in natural wood.

Durability & Functionality When selecting flooring, it is important to know what the main purpose of the room will be. Is it a mudroom or entry way that will have high levels of foot traffic and where mud or snow could be a factor? Or, as weather turns cooler and activities move into the home, are you looking to update a common living space or even a bedroom? Tile and stone are both solid surfaces that are extremely durable and easy to clean. Life, especially in homes, gets messy. When purchasing products for your home, you should feel confident that the products are “life proof,� especially when you have children and pets to look after. Porcelain tiles are stain, scratch, and water resistant. Even when messes happen, ceramic and porcelain tile products are easy to clean and do not require toxic or harsh chemicals. So let the kids and pets play freely, knowing they are safe, and your floors will continue to look amazing for years to come.


Fireplace Faรงade

There is something nostalgic and comforting about a fireplace when the weather starts to turn cold. Often, fireplace faรงades are overlooked during a home remodel. Even if a whole room remodel is out of the budget, updating your fireplace surround can bring new life to a living space. Add warmth and elegance by incorporating natural stone materials, or add a splash of richly colored tiles to liven up a space. Add to the hearth or the exterior of the brick fireplace. Just make sure you are choosing a product that is graded to take the heat.


Kitchen or Great Room Remodels Fall can be a great time for renovating after the fun of summer and in preparation for the winter holidays. Whether you are renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or great room, tile and stone are perfect choices. Porcelain tile is less porous than other options. It also resists moisture and is easy to clean, which makes it a wise choice for high traffic areas. New technologies offer highly realistic wood designs that provide broader options for areas where true wood products cannot perform, such as in the kitchen and bathrooms. Porcelain tiles that replicate stone offer the natural beauty of stone, such as travertine, without the continual maintenance that natural stone requires. However, if only natural stone will do, stone’s inherent qualities come naturally, and its beauty is truly one of a kind. Although your stone floor or wall may take slightly more maintenance than a porcelain or ceramic tile, it is a beautiful investment that will live on for years to come.

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Indoor-to-Outdoor Transition Many homeowners enjoy spending time outdoors during the fall for a chance to witness the changing seasons. Porcelain, ceramic, or stone flooring options work both indoors and outdoors, so a continuous material can be used to create a seamless look. Or create a bold space that will keep the spirit of summer fun alive as the weather turns cooler. Remember to talk with a Carpet One Floor & Home associate when choosing new flooring to discuss which products are graded for outdoor use and to find out about their cleaning requirements. For example, a natural stone may change over time because of weather patterns, while an engineered stone or certain porcelain tiles will not.


s e l y t S

WE LOVE: Holiday Edition



Quintessentially Christmas Anchored by hues of red and green, this look is quintessentially Christmas. Classic stripes, regal plaid, wintry velvets, and symbolic characters lend both charm and sophistication. 1

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1. Annalise Tree Skirt by Ballard Designs 2. Nutcracker Statues by My Evergreen 3. Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree by Kohl’s 4. Ribbon by Frontgate 5. Dakota Flatware Set by Pottery Barn 6. Forrester Accent Stool by Renwil 7. Eve Coupe Cocktail Glass by CB2 8. Restoration Collection by Kaleen 9. Holiday Stripe Oven Set by Williams Sonoma 10. Throw Blanket by Mark & Graham 11.’Twas the Night Before Christmas Tiered Stand by Williams Sonoma


11 59


Bo Ho Ho


A festive take on Bohemian-inspired design, this sunny style features an unconventional mix of yellow, red, and blue that simply sings. Showcasing an eclectic mix of materials, artisan designs, and textural interest, Bo Ho Ho is perfect for any avant-garde home.








1. Mezze Dinnerware Collection by Pottery Barn 2. Aspen Pine Flocked Tree by Grandin Road 3. Willa Candlesticks by Pottery Barn 4. Cashmere Throw by Williams Sonoma 5. Orange Paradise Wreath by VanCortlandt Farms 6. Vienne Tumblers by One Kings Lane 7. Tassel Garland by Ballard Designs 8. Zagros Rug by Couristan, available at Carpet One Floor & Home 9. Mina Victory Throw Pillow by Nourison 10. Lorna Velvet Kilim Wine Bag by Pottery Barn




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Antique Farmhouse

Rich woods, subdued tones, and vintage touches take you back in time. The Antique Farmhouse holiday style features no shortage of handcrafted goods, from a beautiful wood tree collar to handmade ornaments to a lovely vintage-inspired watercolor Santa.







6 1. Partridge Stocking Holder by Pottery Barn 2. Dunhill Fir Artificial Christmas Tree by Kohls 3. Laja Stocking by Burke Decor 4. Jaylon Tree Collar by Birch Lane 5. Chateau Tiered Stand by Pottery Barn 6. Ria in Coffee Elegance by Kas 7. Keats Throw Pillow by Renwil 8. Quintus Armchair by Uttermost



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The handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, and information, from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or practice. Traditions bring people, friends, and families together and ignite a spark inside that brings the feeling of home to your heart. There’s nothing quite like the warmth of hot cocoa by the fire on a chilly winter night, or sharing a meal with those you hold close every year. While we love and cherish age-old traditions, new family members, different homes, and changing circumstances mean that new traditions are ready to blossom. This year, in the spirit of change, we invite and encourage you to try something new. Whether you choose to revise an old tradition into a new one or start from scratch this holiday season, there are plenty of fun activities you can do to create something fresh and fun to look forward to year after year. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with reinventing old traditions with a new flair or spin too! Here are some ideas to get you on your way to your next favorite holiday tradition, whether you choose to share it with friends and family or decide to make a new tradition for yourself!


BREAKFAST FOR DINNER Who says holiday dinners have to be the same traditional meals we eat every year? Planning something new allows you and your guests to explore new recipes and bring something fun to the table. For a fun nontraditional holiday dinner, switch it up, and plan to have breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, bacon, and eggs are at the top of the list for favorites, but biscuits and casseroles are just as good for dinner as they are for breakfast too! If breakfast for dinner is a bit too risquĂŠ for your family, try a holiday brunch instead. You can still enjoy the comfort of family and friends around a table and the sweet, sugary smell of maple syrup, as well as your traditional holiday dinner. What better way to truly get excited for the holidays than by appreciating all of the comforts of a home-cooked meal? 66

CRAFT NIGHT Bust out the glitter, paint, and Popsicle sticks, and get ready for an evening of fun with a creative craft night! Ideal for kids and adults alike, you can choose a variety of craft projects to start, such as carving pumpkins, making holiday wreaths, painting a holiday scene, or homemade ornaments. While it may seem daunting, you might be surprised at how few materials are needed to start one of these craft projects. You’ll need only a few art supplies and things you might already have around the house. Once you have all of your supplies, gather around a craft table, or cover the dining room table with plastic to keep it from getting damaged. Then, get started. Craft nights are fun because everyone can add their unique flair to the project! As a bonus, the conversation, laughter, and joy that come from creating something that is one of a kind with your loved ones will be sure to follow your amazing creation.

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DOOR DECOR CONTEST A beautiful front door is a staple for any truly incredible home design. Why not try out a new tradition, such as a door decor contest that prepares your home for guests and family, while also engaging in a little friendly competition? Beautiful wreaths, ribbons, lights, foliage, and accessories are just a few of the props you can use to dress up your front door and win the hearts of your family, friends, and the judge of the competition! You can also make your own decor during craft night to make it into a family-friendly event. Choose a theme, such as a winter wonderland or a fall festival, and your door is sure to look beautiful for you to enjoy during the holidays.


DECORATE WITH FOND MEMORIES One thing that you probably already have in your home is printed photographs from the past. This year, look through old photos that might be buried in closets, drawers, or scrapbooks to create a holiday design you love. Exchange photos with family or friends you might not be able to visit, and use them to decorate your Christmas tree by using clothespins to hang them. You can also take these photos and place them on your mantel, or replace photos in frames for a change of scenery. You’ll smile seeing the memories you’ve made and, as an added bonus, it’ll add a touch of warmth and charm to your Christmas decor.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 69

CHRISTMAS COOKIE DECORATING A beautiful Christmas cookie comes in many shapes and sizes, thanks to the vast number of cookie cutters available on the market. Trees, stars, candy canes, leaves, and ornaments are just a few of the shapes you can choose from. Or stick with a simple round cookie, and decorate it with colored icing. No matter what you decide to do, cookie decorating is a great way to get the whole family involved. Kids, adults, and guests can all choose a cookie they’d like to make and decorate it any way they want! What’s even better about this fun, new tradition is that everyone can eat their cookies once they’re finished or take them home for a warm memory. 70

We invite you to try something new this holiday season, such as a crazy craft night or a door decor contest, and we hope that this new tradition also brings a beautiful, inspiring season full of love and happiness to your home! With these fresh, new ideas, you’ll be sure to bring the love of both the holidays and family members together in ways that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. And don’t forget what traditions are truly about—quality time with friends, family, and loved ones; moments you’ll cherish forever; and the warmth and genuine comfort of home.

Sophisticated marble visuals meet revolutionary new technology ra

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A classic marble look in a product that’s revolutionary. New RevoTile has all the durability and beauty of traditional porcelain tile, but its built-in backing and click-together installation saves time on floor prep and installation. It can often be installed over an existing floor surface, though you’ll never be able to tell by looking at your beautiful finished floor.


Bel Terra RevoTile in Carrara White


The flooring experts at Carpet One Floor & Home have selected twenty products that represent beautiful classics, trending styles, and cutting-edge flooring technology.

Each of the Twenty for 2020 products can be found on and in Carpet One Floor & Home stores.






Forget mid-century modern, this home is what I like to call “midtown modern.” Designed for an urban family, it is a combination of classic and contemporary, with an underlying elegance that echoes its owners—a vibrant, metropolitan household with a taste for high style.

THROUGHOUT THE HOME We decided to use two-step wall paneling to elevate the look and add sophistication. The high baseboards, slick door trim, and custom crown moulding accentuate the home’s architectural details and high ceilings. We carried the paneling through the second floor, continuing to highlight the elegantly tall ceilings. Throughout the home, we wanted to introduce some bold graphic patterns, which we achieved via the entry tile, wallpaper, fabrics, and cabinetry. The coral color scheme in this home is complemented by black and white, with pops of mustard yellow and navy blue. It’s modern and yet warm, elegant and inviting, “midtown modern” defined. Our bold choice in wallpaper adds visual interest and personality. I love to use wallpaper on ceilings—a design-current, growing trend that works particularly well in this home, where the high ceilings create tons of breathing room. The wallpaper draws the eye up and shows off this stunning interior from top to bottom, without being oppressive. Beautiful Design Made Simple | 73


THE FLOORING Underfoot, we opted for white oak wideplank floors, which are extremely forgiving. This style is very durable and can handle everyday traffic without scuffing or showing wear. The light wood also makes the space feel more expansive and wide, helping to balance out the tall ceilings. Additionally, it provides a warm, natural contrast to bold features, such as the dark kitchen cabinets and wallpaper. By using small doses of color throughout the home, we were able to achieve an overall cohesive and impactful design.


THE KITCHEN The kitchen we created certainly has a lot of personality, featuring a dark charcoal paint (Benjamin Moore’s Raccoon), which is balanced by the warm white oak of the cabinets and range hood. A black-and-white marble textural backsplash and gorgeous countertops finish this functional but beautiful prep area. The incredible pendant lights are the showstoppers in this kitchen, adding so much visual interest with their curves in contrast to the geometric lines of the kitchen cabinets. White tableware seen behind the lightly frosted glass panes of the cabinets subtly echoes this pattern. Glass-fronted cabinets in general are an excellent way to show off stylish items and heirloom pieces that would normally be hidden. Throughout this house, we stuck with modern metal finishes of gold and matte black—a combination you can see repeated in every room. This creates a subtle continuity that doesn’t jump out at you, but strengthens an underlying aesthetic.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 75


THE GREAT ROOM To bring style and storage space to the great room, we incorporated a custom built-in unit flanking a customdesigned Quartzsite fireplace surround and mantel. The space feels elegant and sophisticated yet still quite comfortable. The honeycomb coffee table, geometric rug, penrose-inspired painting, and other abstract trinkets give it a cerebral, engaged quality that draws out natural science-inspired themes reflected in the rest of the home. Satellite coffee tables, for placing a drink or a nibble, are easy to pull up next to the sofa. Because this is such a big, bright room with lightly colored walls, we wanted to ground the space with navy blue velvet drapery, which is elegant and beautifully textured and anchors the eye.


THE HOME OFFICE A luxury in a family home, a home office offers a rare, quiet retreat. This den is a cozy haven with mid-century modern furniture and fantastic accent lights creating an intimate atmosphere. We opted to paint the entire space with medium-toned blue lacquer. Custom millwork is made to match the hardware created for us by Shayne Fox Hardware—half-moon curves designed specifically for us. We really wanted this look, but the style wasn’t offered by suppliers, so custom was the way to go. The cabinet doors mimic the exact curve of the hardware.



THE MASTER BEDROOM The master bedroom is a haven, featuring a backlit onyx fireplace and a grass-cloth wallpapered ceiling and a four-poster bed. A soft black-and-white pallet is a great backdrop for pops of light pink and fuchsia. The carpet is a beautiful wool Berber, and is unbelievably comfortable and plush underfoot. The vintage art above the bed ties the entire scheme together. Meanwhile, the formal geometric lines formed by the bed frame, end stools, and lamps create a clean, dimensional look. They also work in combination with the Scandinavian side tables to playfully reimagine midcentury modern.


THE BATHROOM The bathroom presents a fresh perspective on glam, echoing vintage powder rooms of the past with a contemporary twist. The intricate wallpaper adds striking detail that contrasts the scaled-back, sleek appearance of other areas in the home. The mustard yellow painted ceiling further draws out the room’s color, while black penny tile flooring grounds the whole look. A contemporary vanity topped with a creamy marble countertop adds a luxurious finishing touch. This project showcases beautiful design and a cohesive repetition of finishes and materials. The result is sophisticated, vibrant, and fun. When it comes to bold interiors, the style has to match its owner. Be inspired by travel, nature, culture, and art. Have fun creating it, and, more importantly, enjoy living in it.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 79

THE MUDROOM & FOYER The mudroom is a sweet spot. We opted for a dramatic, dark-black painted shiplap and a built-in bench with lots of space beneath for shoes and storage items. A fun, custom neon sign that reads “Let’s just stay home.” hangs above. The homeowners love this little reminder as they come and go. A full-length mirror framed in gold pops against a regal blue velvet bench adds as much functionality as it does style to the foyer. Greek-inspired tiles beautifully complement this piece, and create a unique, travel-inspired vibe to open up the home. The staircase and a beautiful chandelier lead you all the way up to the second floor, where we opted to wallpaper the ceiling down the hall. This gave an otherwise ordinary space interest and personality.



Beautiful Design Made Simple | 81


TILE Both timeless and trendy, tile can complement any style, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Tile is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, allowing for creativity in design. This flooring also resists most spills and is a great option for moisture-prone areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers.


Laminate flooring offers the look of hardwood, tile, or stone at a more affordable price point. The unique construction of laminate flooring makes the product highly durable and waterresistant and therefore a great candidate for high-traffic and moisture-prone areas.

AREA RUGS Area rugs make a wonderful addition to hard-surface flooring, adding a level of protection, along with increased warmth and comfort. Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes, area rugs can play a major role in a room’s decor.

82 84


Carpet is a great choice for almost any room in your home because of its warmth and comforting, quiet qualities. With today’s advanced flooring technologies, carpet is softer, stronger, and more stain resistant than ever before. Carpet comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles and is a key design element for your room remodel.


Hardwood flooring has beauty, strength, and character, along with options for every look. From smooth, glossy, traditional strips to wide, weathered planks, hardwood creates a beautiful backdrop for any room. Today’s hardwood floors are also milled and finished using techniques that require much lower maintenance than in years past.


Vinyl flooring offers an elegant appearance and enduring value. Modern, cuttingedge technologies and digital design make natural-looking textures and great visual depth possible. Luxury vinyl tile is one of the newest, most popular flooring choices today, offering trendy finishes that closely resemble wood, tile, and stone.

Beautiful Design Made Simple | 83

DISTRESSED TO IMP RESS C ra f te d w i t h PRIDE, o u r u n i q u e d i st resse d h a rd wo o d p l a n k s e m b o d y a o n e - o f - a - k i n d o l d - w o r l d fe e l i n g t h a t w i l l t ra n s p o r t yo u r h o m e b a c k t o ye a r s w h e n Q UA L I T Y a n d C H A R AC T E R s t o o d t h e t e s t o f t i m e. Shop and learn more about Rustic Riverâ„¢ Hardwood at

See store for details.




“Have you ever noticed how some rooms exude a certain energy, warmth, and a harmony of spirit? If you have, then you have experienced the language of the home, a language softly spoken, and universally understood.� ~ Charlotte Moss ~

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VISUALIZE THE POSSIBILITIES Transform any room in your home instantly with our Room Visualizer tool. Choose from hardwood, luxury vinyl, carpet, tile, and more to find a floor that best complements your space.

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Principal of Rebecca Hay Designs, Rebecca is known and celebrated for her work and appearances on various acclaimed HGTV shows. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, Rebecca and her team design beautiful, functional spaces, creating a signature blend of traditional and contemporary interiors.

Korina Khamis is co-owner of Hibou Design & Co., a full-service interior design company. Korina’s unequaled attention to detail ensures that no corner of any home is unused. Combined with her unerring eye for colors, shape, and texture, the designer is known for creating charming, warm interiors. @rebeccahaydesigns @hiboudesignco



Co-owner of Hibou Design & Co., interior designer Eugenia Triando’s many and varied projects have honed both her technical skills and creative approaches to transforming her clients’ homes. With a love for the latest design trends and innovations, Eugenia is known for bringing her clients fresh ideas while incorporating their individuality.

Kate O’Hara is the CEO and creative director of Martha O’Hara Interiors, a fullservice interior design firm that designs and furnishes homes from inspiration to flawless outcome. With studios in Austin, Texas, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, its design teams have earned a reputation for classically beautiful spaces that feel refreshingly balanced and stylish. @hiboudesignco @ohara_interiors

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ERIN SPAIN Erin Spain Blogger

Erin Spain is a home and DIY blogger and YouTuber from Atlanta. She believes that it’s never too late to learn new skills, and hopes to inspire others to get creative and DIY. She was named one of the 30 best DIY design bloggers by Domino Magazine and has spoken at various conferences as well as events on behalf of HGTV Magazine, and has been featured in Parents Magazine, on,, and more. @erinspainblog

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