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Whitewood 4-H Beef Achievement Day - July 7, 2014 Regional Show & Sale - July 8, 2014 Whitewood Auction Barn

Whitewood 4-H Beef Club invites you to our

Club Achievement Day - 1 PM, July 7th Regional Show - 10:00 AM, July 8th Market Steer Sale - 4:00 PM, July 8th Tailgate BBQ - following the steer sale Attention Bidders & Buyers: Many top quality, home raised steers will be on offer and you can get in on the action! There are many ways to benefit: - Advertise your Business - Support the 4-H Program - Promote the Agriculture Sector - Support Youth in the Community Need help bidding? If you are unable to be at the sale to bid on a steer, contact our club leader Dave Hepburn, to arrange bidding for you - 306-735-7356. Want to turn that steer into steak? Our club will assist in processing arrangements if you require assistance. We have reserved a number of hooks at different local processing facilities if you require. All processing costs, unless prior arrangements have been made, are the responsibility of the purchaser. Want to re-sell your steer? We have made arrangements with Prairie Livestock for buyers wishing to resell their steer. Contact Dave for details. While every effort will be made to protect your investment, accidents can happen. Once the hammer drops, your purchase becomes your responsibility. The Whitewood 4-H Beef Club is not liable for any accidents or death that might occur.


We appreciate your support of our 4-H Program! Hope to see you on sale day!







Cole Gawryluk

Speckle Park


Birthdate: Mar. 25, 2013

I am Cole Gawryluk and I’m 16 years old in grade 11. I am currently employed at Borderland Coop in Whitewood. This year my steer is once again a purebred Speckled Park. His name is Buddy. In my spare time I enjoy riding my dirt bike, driving my truck and working on the farm. What I like most about 4-H is that you make new friends, work with animals and learning a lot about other things.

Senior Regional 4-H Steer Sale - 4 PM July 8, 2014


Kelly Doud


Black Angus

Birthdate: Apr. 19, 2013

My name is Kelly Doud and this is my sixth year in 4-H. I am a senior member of the Whitewood 4-H Beef club and I love every bit of it. I refuse to shower in the morning, I must drown my cereal before I eat it, and I go for runs when the sun sets. I like history, travelling, volleyball and boys who drive pickup trucks. My steer’s name is Timone, like the cartoon character. He doesn’t like to be caught, even though he leads just fine. He’s a bit stubborn, but I bet you he won’t be if you bid on him at this year’s auction on July 8th! I hope we see you there!

Senior 4

Whitewood 4-H Beef Club

Calvin Murphy



Birthdate: Apr. 20, 2013

I am Calvin Murphy and I am 13 years old. I have been a member of the Whitewood 4-H Beef Club for five years. My projects this year are my Market Steer, my 2 Year Old Cow/Calf Pair, and my 3 Year Old Cow/Calf Pair. This year, I am also holding my first position as Vice President and Acting President of our club. I have learned so many things through 4-H, including how to speak in public, how to judge animals, how to conduct meetings, and more about agriculture and raising beef. I had my eye on my market steer, Vector, from the day he was born! Vector has a natural thickness and length that was easy to see from day one and he grew well all summer on his mother’s fine milk. His Dam is a Shorthorn/Glebvieh Cow and his Sire is a Shorthorn Bull with plenty of hip. Vector was born April 20, 2013 and started off the project year on November 30, 2013 with a weight of 805lbs. My 2 Year Old Cow is named Rosie. She is a full shorthorn and has done a great job of being a first time mother to her little heifer, Ruby, born April 24, 2014. Daisy is my 3 Year Old Cow. Her little bull calf, Buster, was born April 18, 2014. Buster is her second calf. Last year she raised a blue roan steer, named Bull’s-Eye. My sister, Reina, chose Bull’s-Eye for her 4-H Steer project this year. I love working on the farm and helping out my Dad and Mom. I also enjoy playing football for the Moosomin Generals. I am so very thankful for the opportunities that 4-H offers me including the opportunity to start my own cow herd! Thank you to the many volunteers, parents, sponsors and community members that support us in so many different ways to make our 4-H year a success!


Regional 4-H Steer Sale - 4 PM July 8, 2014


Coty Pranke


Black Angus cross

Birthdate: Jan. 13, 2013

Hi, my name is Coty. I am 15 years old & this is my 2nd year in 4-H as an intermediate. I am showing a Black Angus X steer named Wellington. I like to ride horses, play guitar, hunt and raise cattle. Being a part of the Whitewood 4-H Club is awesome. 4-H gives you knowledge, strength and confidence in many aspects of your life.

Intermediate 6

Whitewood 4-H Beef Club

Cheyanne Doud

Black Angus


Birthdate: Apr. 15, 2013

I’m fifteen years old and I have been in 4-H for seven years. I go to school in Kipling and I take part in my school’s student leadership council. I also take part in soccer, volleyball and track and field. I love working with and showing cattle. My steer’s name is Pumba and he is a black angus. I plan on saving up all my sale money for traveling! I enjoy travelling, trying new things and spending time with friends and family. Let the bidding begin at the auction sale in the Whitewood Auction Barn on July 8th!

Intermediate Regional 4-H Steer Sale - 4 PM July 8, 2014


Emily Wushke


Red Angus/Black Angus

Birthdate: Feb. 19, 2013

Hi, my name is Emily Wushke. I am 15 years old and an Intermediate in the Whitewood 4-H Beef Club. This is my eighth year in 4-H. I have both a steer and a heifer project this year. My steer project is an Angus steer named ‘Donald’. He’s been steadily gaining weight in anticipation for the sale! If you purchase my steer, you won’t be disappointed! 4-H is a lot of fun! We learn about beef animals, how to take care of them and how to show them. We also get to take part in many fun activities such as curling, skiing, judging, 4-H games, learning to make rope halters and public speaking. Thank you for coming out to our Regional Show and Sale and supporting the Whitewood 4-H Beef Club!

Intermediate 8

Whitewood 4-H Beef Club

Kyle Gawryluk



Birthdate: Mar. 21, 2013

Hi! I am Kyle Gawryluk and I am 14 years old. This year again I picked a Char X steer. His name is Robert. He being fed a steer ration feed from coop feeds. My main interests are dirt biking and mechanics. This year the money I get from my steer I am going to finish paying off my dirt bike.

Intermediate Regional 4-H Steer Sale - 4 PM July 8, 2014


Madison Petracek


Black Angus cross

Birthdate: Feb. 13, 2013

My name is Maddy Petracek. I am 14 years old and in grade 8. This is my 4th year in 4-H and defiantly will be continuing. I also enjoy doing dance, curling, badminton, track and volleyball. I am very thankful to have chance to enjoy the country life and be involved in 4-H agriculture as I live in town. It’s always good to put a little country in a girl. This year I have a heifer project and a steer project. My heifer’s name is Minnie and she is a Purebred red Angus. My steer’s name is Mickey and he is a Black Angus Cross - I can guarantee that he will be great on your BBQ this summer!

Intermediate 10

Whitewood 4-H Beef Club

Bailey McCormack



Birthdate: Feb. 24, 2013

Hello I’m Bailey McCormack! I am 11 years old and I am in grade 6. This is my fifth year in 4-H. This year I a have a purebred Maine-Anjou steer named Rico and a Clubby-Angus heifer named Piccadilly Princess. This year I showed my calves at Yorkton Spring Steer & Heifer Show - it was a lot of fun! When I’m not in the barn I like to dance and hang out with my friends. 4-H helps me learn new things and make new friends. 4-H also helps create experiences that I probably wouldn’t get to do if I wasn’t in 4-H. 4-H ROCKS!!!

Junior Regional 4-H Steer Sale - 4 PM July 8, 2014


Keegan Speidelsbach


Red Angus/Simmental Cross

Birthdate: Mar. 24, 2013

My name is Keegan Speidelsbach. I am 10 years old and in Gr. 5 at Grenfell Elementary. I live on a farm southeast of Grenfell. My family and I farm over 200 head of cattle and grow some grain. I help my Dad everyday afterschool and on the weekend to do chores. This is my fourth year in Whitewood 4-H Beef Club. This is my second year as a junior. Last year I won an award for having the most progress in my first year of junior. In the beginning of April my steer Otis (I call him Oty) weighed in at 1350 lbs. My steer weighed the most in the month of April. I picked my steer because he was the quietest and the biggest. This year I have taken more responsibility of feeding my steer and working with my steer. I love to work with him. He is quiet, big and is a very good leader. My steer is 100% home grown, from his feed to the home grown rolled barley to the straw he lays on. I love 4-H because you get to meet new friends, do fun activities and work with cattle. This year my curling team got gold at District 5 curling. 4-H is not an individual sport where one person is involved. It includes everyone from meetings, weigh days, caterings to 4-H fun events. I am very proud to be a 4-H member and look forward to raising many steers for many more years to come.



Whitewood 4-H Beef Club

Kurtis Doud


Black Angus

Birthdate: Apr. 14, 2013

Hello my name is Kurtis Doud, I am 11 years old, and my hobbies are videogames, reading, dirt biking to my friend’s house (on my 80 cc) and soccer. I just painted my room green; I like the 4-H color green. I am a junior member in the Whitewood 4-H club and my project this year is a Black Angus steer named Moofasa. This is my fourth year in 4-H, and this year I plan on using my steer money for a new t.v in my room. Please come out and support us on sale day July 8th.

Junior Regional 4-H Steer Sale - 4 PM July 8, 2014


Reina Murphy



Birthdate: Apr. 24, 2013

My name is Reina Murphy and I am 10 years old. This is my 4th year in 4-H, but this is the first year that I am taking a Market Steer. My steer is a blue roan. His name is Bull’s-Eye. He is a Shorthorn/Gelbvieh cross steer. Bull’s-Eye was my brother’s calf from his Cow/Calf Pair last year. He was born April 24, 2013. Bulls–Eye started out weighing 705lbs in December. He now weighs over 1100 lbs! Right now my steer is eating 28 and a little bit pounds of barley ration and a fork full of hay. After I feed my steer, I spray him down with water to keep him cool. I am sad that I am going to have to sell Bull’s-Eye at the end of the year, but I am going to use my 4-H money to buy my first cow! I can’t wait to have my very own cow! I like to ride my horse in my free time. Her name is Scarlet. I love to chase the cows in the valley. I also like to run and play in my fort in the trees.



Whitewood 4-H Beef Club

Wyatt Domoslai

Buns of Beef (Bob) Red Angus/Simmental

Birthdate: Feb. 18, 2013

Hi. My name is Wyatt Domoslai and I am 10 years old. My steer’s name is “Buns of Beef” or “Bob” for short. This is my first year showing a big calf! Being in 4-H is fun and interesting. I’ve learned how to public speak and I am learning what all it takes in the feeding and training of my steer. And I can tell you, Bob can be quite a handful. I am also making good friends. My favorite sports are playing hockey and soft ball.

Junior Regional 4-H Steer Sale - 4 PM July 8, 2014


Thank you to all our sponsors, past steer buyers and everyone who has supported our 4-H program. Your help and support is very much appreciated!!

2013 Steer Buyers Clay Enterprises x 2 Seed Master J.K. Metals Midale Petroleum Twin Valley Vet Health Services Peter’s Crushing & Hauling Ltd. Hometown Co-op Michael & Rhonda Petracek Pusch On Contracting R. Thompson Construction Flatland Plumbing & Heating XL Fluid Systems PureChem Services Impact Oilfield Management Team Inc. Grenfell Buyers Group: D & E Electric, Westwind Parts & Service, Paper Moon Photography, Patterson Grain, TD Canada Trust Grenfell Branch, Remax – Melvin Cole, RJR Livestock-Doug Richardson, Pipestone Accounting Services, Grenfell Building Supplies, Horizon Credit Union, Schlamp’s Tire & Service, Redline Collision & Auto, Crop First Agro, Wolfe Industries

2013 sponsors

Whitewood Vet Clinic Shirley Austin Broadview Autobody Hometown Coop Calico Cattle Co. Palik Contracting, Kipling Gene’s Water Care Whitewood Outdoors & Pet Supplies Triple J Farms Grenfell Ag Society Hamilton’s Fine Foods J.K.Metals Cherry Red Salers Dave Frieze Borderland Coop Mebs Ranch Ecklund Drive-Thru Gates Richardson Pioneer BMO Bank of Montreal Poncelet Brothers, Snow Point Whitewood Meat Market Ray & Edith Percy Roger Armstrong Family McCormack Family Ranch Petals & Presents McCaw Family Big Square Baling Tony Topinka Three H Angus OK Tire & Auto Phyllis Armstrong CGA Emmatt Creek Ranch Broadview Bakery Broadview Ag Society

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2014 whitewood 4 h beef steer catalog lr  

2014 Whitewood 4-H Beef Club Regional Steer Sale will be held July 8th at the Whitewood Auction Barn, Whitewood, SK. The club will have 13...

2014 whitewood 4 h beef steer catalog lr  

2014 Whitewood 4-H Beef Club Regional Steer Sale will be held July 8th at the Whitewood Auction Barn, Whitewood, SK. The club will have 13...