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7 Februarie 2014 Prys: R4.10 Weekliks meer as 23 400 lesers

Businessmen want answers about riot money 10

Losberg wins in court over English learners

Building damaged by refuse fire

Police arrest alleged bank shooter 5


P roblems a Problems att lyvoor 10 B Blyvoor w ithin d ays o within days off Concerns over mine t a k e o v e r takeover fire 8 7


Carletonville Herald

7 Februarie 2014

Robbers escape with money

Die Carletonville Herald het weer oor verskeie nuusgebeure in sy uitgawe van 20 jaar gelede berig. Armed robbers escaped with thousands of rands and a bakkie after holding the owner of a local garage at gunpoint early on Monday morning. At 06:40 on Monday January 31, Mr Johannes Mulder, owner of Hanro Motors at the corner of Aba and Beester Street in Oberholzer, was checking his cigarette stock when two unidentified black men approached him, asking if he had small change for the public telephone. Mr Mulder, upon checking his stock replied that he did not have any and turned to enter his office. The one man produced a firearm which he pushed into Mulder’s back, and both men escorted him into his office. They demanded that he open the safe, which they emptied.

Mnr. Riaan Spöhr is sedert 1 Februarie as die nuwe assistent-brandweerhoof op Carletonville aangestel. Mnr. Spöhr, wat in 1976 met sy loopbaan by die brandweer begin het, was reeds die vorige tien jaar verbonde aan die brandweer op Carletonville. Hy het in 1983 as senior brandweerman op Carletonville begin en is twee jaar daarna bevorder tot leierbrandweerman. In 1986 is mnr. Spöhr bevorder tot stasie-offisier en hy het reeds verskeie kere as brandweerhoof waargeneem. The Carletonville Lions Club was planning its second Scale Motor Sport Club 24 Hour Challenge on 5 and 6 February at the Lions Service Centre. Celebrities would again feature at the event, with SABC Top Sport announcer, Hendrik Verwoerd, Mike Lange from SABC Grade Prix News and Dave

McGregor pitting their skill against the more experienced slot car drivers. The event was fast becoming an annual fixture in the local community as sponsorship and donations go to charity. Verliefdes en getroudes wat Valentynsdag op ’n romantieses wyse wou vier, kon die SAVF se Valentynsdans ondersteun. Die DEO-orkes sou die musiek verskaf en die drag is semiformeel. Kaartjies kos R30 per paar wat ’n vingerete insluit. Kroeg sou beskikbaar wees. Volgens ’n woordvoerder het dit beloof om ’n genotvolle aand te wees. Three Carletonville athletes have been chosen for the Western Transvaal Triathon Team to participate in the Red Meat S.A Standard canoe triathlon Championship on Saturday, February 5 at Roodplaat Dam in Pretoria North.

They are Marius du Preez, Lionel Black and Dirk Stoltz. ‘n Verbete stryd was aan die gang tussen die twee fietsryers, Roelf Botha en Steven Gerber van die Carleton Wheelers Fietsryklub. Die twee het mekaar behoorlik opgekeil in die eerste tydtoetsritte van die nuwe jaar. In die eerste tydtoets het Roelf Botha eerste oor die wenstreep gejaag binne 20 minute 40 sek. Tweede was Steven met 20:58 en derde was Neville Henderson in 22:20 Alta Botha was vierde in 24:33.

‘You are never too old for education’ Cerise du Plooy Two cleaners of the Carletonville SAPS have held their station’s name high and excelled. Michael Selelo and Sana Baliso may not be police officers, but still they play a crucial role in the good, clean functioning of the police station, and have now worked toward improving themselves as individuals. Both Selelo and Baliso graduated from an ABET Center

in Krugersdorp. They attended classes every Thursday, and passed their Level 1 Communication English Course, for which they received certificates. Sergeant Nomakhosazana Marham is the Skills Development Facilitator at the Carletonville Police Station. She encouraged these members to attend ABET. “You are never too old for education,” Marham said. “I am very proud of Michael and Sana.

Sergeant Nomakhosozana Marham with Selelol and Baliso and the Station Commander, Brig Marinda Theron.

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7 Februarie 2014

Carletonville Herald

Laerskool Fochville wins in court over English learners

This week Laerskool Fochville obtained an court interdict, which led to the removal of the extra English learners who enrolled at the school this year. The Herald had recently reported that various parents of Gr 1 learners were very unhappy after the youngsters heard on their first day of school that they could not be accomodated at Laerskool Fochville. This was despite the fact that they had been encouraged to enroll at the school for the 2014 school year during last year. The Herald did not, at the time, contact the school for its opinion because in the past schools refused to speak directly to the newspaper and instead referred the newspaper to the Department of Education. The school also did not contact the newspaper in any other way to shed more light on the issue. This week, however, the school, though its attorneys, made it clear that it was unhappy about the fact that it had not been consulted and had for this reason, seeked legal advice. According to Laerskool Fochville’s attorney, Mr Michael Randell, the school decided to take the language matter further because it believed that departmental officials who encouraged English pupils to enrol at the school clearly acted unlawfully and arbitrarily. “We wrote to the Head of Department pointing out that such conduct was not lawful and that if the learners were not withdrawn and placed at Losberg or elsewhere where there were perfectly acceptable vacancies, the school would approach the High Court for appropriate relief,” he explained. “A meeting was also set up with the Deputy Director-General, Mr Len Davids, and as a result of that meeting, the Department undertook to withdraw the learners which it had arbitrarily placed at the school, accepting that the school was full and could not accommodate those learners.” According to Randall, the school’s problems stemmed for the conduct of officials of the Department of Education at district level. “The school’s Governing Body consulted the Department at Provincial Level and that as a result of these consultations the learners were withdrawn from the school and placed at Losberg, where there were vacancies all along.” According to Randell, the fact that the district officials originally had an approach to seek to compel the school to admit the learners, was reversed as a result of the Governing Body’s interaction with the Department’s Provincial Officials. “The school was an innocent party as it was some of department’s officials who had promised parents that their children would be accomodated at the school,” Randell told the Herald just before time of going to print on Wednesday. The parents of the English learners involved in the issue only heard of the new turn of events on Sunday, February 2, when a meeting was called with them by the same District Director of the GDE (Gauteng Department of Education), Dr Peter Skosana, who had promised them that

Laerskool Fochville which got an interdict against the GDE in order to keep English learners out of the school.

Laerskool Fochville would accommodate their children on the first day, January 15, now to inform them differently. “On Sunday, Skosana told us that Laerskool Fochville’s Governing Body had won a court case against the department, and that the school had gotten an interdict against the department, prohibiting them to allow our children into the school,” said a furious mother. Skosana told the parents that they could take their children to Laerskool Losberg, which was willing to accommodate English children and has, successfully been doing so. “We felt welcome at Losberg,” the mother said. The language issue at the schools in Fochville has been an issue for several years. Some background to the matter is that there are three Afrikaans schools in Fochville, one high school and two primary schools. Until recently, all three these schools were Afrikaans only, but in 2010, the GDE approached these schools with a request to change their language policies to include English as a medium of education. This was preceded by an Imbizo held by the GDE (and attended by the MEC, Barbara Creecy) in Kokosi, where many parents complained about the lack of English schools in Fochville. One of the arguments was that many of them had to spend a lot of money transporting their children to schools in Carletonville, where English is offered. “My child in high school travels to Callies everyday, which costs me a lot in transport money,” said the same mo-

ther who has been anonymously speaking to the Herald about the issue. As one plan to possibly solve the problems, a new English-medium school is being erected at Kokosi. This new school is situated across the township area adjacent to the Fochville graveyard. One of the issues that came to light during discussions about the matter is that the demographics of Fochville have changed over the past number of years, with many parents wishing their children to be educated in English, now residing in Fochville. Only one of the three schools, Laerskool Losberg, has subsequently agreed to change their language policy to parallel medium (Afrikaans and English). Being a small school, they can only accommodate a limited amount of English learners, however. “The other primary school (Laerskool Fochville) is a far larger school,” a former SGB member of Laerskool Losberg, who contacted the Herald about the problems, tells. People previously involved in the issue, including a former SGB member of Laerskool Losberg, informed the newspaper that in 2011, Laerskool Fochville supported a proposed merger with Losberg. This would have led to Losberg becoming English and Fochville remaining Afrikaans, both single medium. In 2012 more

FOUND!!!! Yorkshire Terrier We want to thank the people of Carletonville for

their time and assistance to find our little yorkie. Especial thanks to Lerm and Jacobeth Temane for returning Tiekie to us.We are so fortunate to live in a community where People still try to help one another . Thank you very much.


than 95 percent of the parents of Losberg however voted against this proposal and opted rather to change to parallel medium. Community members this week still wondered about some issues related to the language squabble. “The reality is that for a merger to be effected, whether it is formally or gradually, Laerskool Fochville would have to find accommodation for more than 300 Afrikaans learners (currently at Losberg),” a community member previously involed in one of the schools said. He also told the newspaper that although Laerskool Fochville has indicated in the past that they are willing to accomodate these extra Afrikaans learners, it is not sure why they are not prepared to do the same with English learners. The reason this former SGB member, as well as the management and current SGB of Laerskool Losberg believe a merger between the two schools will not happen because “If a merger was to occur, it would leave the town with a white school and a black school”. This would pose problems as the GDE has repeatedly commented on the racism in Fochville. If the GDE believes that, then a move like this would be a move backward, not forward and if the merger proceeds and it later turns out that it was a mistake, then there is no way to undo it.” Community members have previously indicated that if both schools accommodating English learners and becoming parallel medium, access to public institutions in Fochville would be improved and both English and Afrikaans parents would be able to enjoy the advantage of greater freedom of choice regarding schools. This might also lead to more racial harmony in Fochville. The Herald contacted Ms Phumla Sekhonyane, Chief Director of Communication at the GDE. Sekhonyane promised a more detailed response next week, but responded saying “Laerskool Fochville obtained a court order against the department to remove the learners from the school citing lack of space.


Carletonville Herald


jou mening/your opinion

7 Februarie 2014


SMS’e kos R1,50

Die Herald behou die reg om sekere SMS’e nie te plaas nie. Die vrou wat in Fochville bly, wat weer onmin onder haar seun en vrou bring. Luister hier, hou op om jou seun se huwelik te verbrokkel. Koop liewer boeke wat jy iets kan uit leer en nie stories opmaak nie. Kom by vrou! Is there a pro in Carletonville who fixes leaking roofs? I am fed up paying people for shoddy work. Call 083 6917 431. Wat vir ‘n gemors en roekelose uitsprake en aannames maak die DA nou, hulle kondig met groot gejuig dr. Ramphele se aansluiting by die DA aan as Agang dit nog nie eers begin bespreek het nie, dit wys mos nou die “insluk mentaliteit” van die DA is groter as die werklike saak, naamlik mooi en goeie opposisie waarby almal verteenwoordig sal word. Kyk hoe gooi die DA sommer die LP’s uit wat hulle vir die afgelope vyf jaar verteenwoordig het en hulle alles gegee het vir die DA. Sies man die DA maak baie gou van vriende hulle vyande. Dankie Avondgloor dat julle ons geliefde versorg! Aan almal wat skenkings gemaak het, baie dankie! Daar is 18 oop beddens! As iemand nog skenkings wil maak, sal waardeer word - kontant, vleis, skoonmaakmiddels, melk, ens. sal waardeer word - gee af by Avondgloor asb! dankie! EJ. Vraag aan Merafong City: waarom moet ’n ou mens met staatspensioen volle erfbelasting betaal, terwyl sy betyds haar dokumente by julle Fochvillekantore ingehandig het en dit opgevolg het met ’n besoek aan die Carletonvillekantoor? Weet jy hoeveel is R1 200 minus oor die R400? Wie by die munisipaliteite sien kans om so te lewe? Fochville drug-manufacturer N... P!!! Ek hoop jy kry die straf wat jou toekom. Jy is gelykstaande aan ’n moordenaar wat duisende kinders se lewens verwoes. Ek glo jy gebruik dit nie self nie want jy weet watse kwaad dit aan ’n mens kan doen. Dis deur mense soos jy wat kinders belieg, bedrieg en besteel om geld in die hande te kry vir hulle ver-

slawing. Baie geluk aan die polisie wat jou aan die kaak gestel het! Mag jy geen borg kry om aan te gaan met jou smerige ‘drugs’ nie en ek hoop die hele Fochville se ouers is die 5de Februarie by die hof . Elize. Hierdie boodskap is vir alle getroude vroue! Ek is 42-jarige vrou (nou weduwee) met drie kinders, wat ek nou alleen moet grootmaak. My man se testament (wat tot my voordeel moes wees) lees dat sy ouers alles erf en dat hulle sal sorg dat ek nie ’n tekort het nie, en dat daar goed na my en my kinders gekyk sal word. Sou ek iets nodig het, moet ek hulle raadpleeg, en dan besluit hulle of dit regtig nodig is of nie, moet ek nou regtig elke keer in hulle oë kyk as ek iets vir my of my kinders nodig het, dan is daar baie te sê, want het ek dit dan nou regtig nodig, met die gevolg is, ek sal maar aanhou werk en self vir my en my kinders sorg. Ek voel net ek het net so hard gewerk om ons polisse te betaal, en nou is dit in die hande van my skoonouers, Ek dink my man sou dit baie anders gedoen het as hy weet wat nou my posisie is. Aan my skoonouers, geniet maar daai geldjies, ek sal op my eie regkom. As ek dalk weer eendag man vat, sal ek seker maak dat sake in my guns sal wees (Sterk ontnugter). Baie dankie vir die vinnige herstel van my motor, jul diens is puik Reef Paneelkloppers, Dries, Andre, Linda, Riekie en al jul personeel. Jeanette. Jy lyk soos ’n spook, maar ek is bly hy kan darem lees... daar is hoop vir julle ou tweetjies Westfields, Jongspan and Danie Theron are English schools, why enroll your English child in an Afrikaans school. Leave Dagbreek alone, we love our Afrikaans school. Daar is vyf Engelse skole in Fochvilleomgewing. Net een Afrikaanse skool. Moet ons dit ook prysgee? Het die Afrikaners darem ook regte?

Ek is ’n ouer van Fochville Laerskool. ’n Kind in gr. 5 en een in gr. 1. In my kind se klas is 5 swart kinders en hulle is gelukkige kindertjies wat net soveel liefde en aandag van hulle juf. kry. Hou op gal braak, pas in by ’n Afrikaanse skool of maak ’n ander plan. Daar is skole in Kokosi en Greenspark wat Engels is. Wonder of julle beter behandeling sal kry? Fochies bo! Wil net graag weet hoekom prokureursfirmas nie verhoging gee as als in die ekonomie verhoog? Waarvoor werk ons dan? Peanuts? Dit werk nie so nie! Los asb vir Fochville Laerskool en die Afrikaanse kinders uit. Julle gaan so aan en niemand dink aan die kinders wat te na gekom sal word as julle jul sin kry nie. Dit is nie reg wat gebeur nie. Maar vir hoe lank gaan julle hierdie golf ry? As dit dan so slegte skool is hoekom wil jul aanhou jul kinders daar probeer inkry. Gaan dan na ’n ander skool. Wys jou net mense wat hulle neuse nie uit kinders se sake kan hou nie hoort nie op Facebook nie. Ten minste doen sy dit op Facebook. Julle het besluit om dit voor die hele dorp te doen met ’n SMS. Ja mense dit maak julle regtig beter as sy nê? Vrou, hy het jou nie gelos omdat hy wit was nie. Hy het jou tien teen een gelos omdat hy gedink het jy sal self kan opstaan. Ek sou jou ook gelos het en daarby nog gelag het. Dink jy regtig jou velkleur bepaal of jy iemand gaan ophelp of nie. Los die wit mans uit en oefen aan jou balans, hoef nie die matriek “poppie” met die spierwit gebleikte hare op Facebook te hê as haar taal jou soveel pla nie. Dit is logies hou op kla net om te kla. Ek will net graag aan die wonderlike wag by Merafong Motors sê baie dankie vir die wondierluke diens en hulp wat jy so laat vir ons mense in die dorp doen, mag God jou seën en veilig hou, jy is ’n ster.

Ek ken nie die dogter wat die vreeslike gewaagde uitsprake gemaak het oor n sekere D B nie, maar duidelik ken jy nie Facebook-etiket nie...weet jy dat al delete jy die boodskap bly die boodskap op die komper se brein...weet jy en jou ma dat die kind se ouers jou kan dagvaar vir naamskending... ek is bly ek is nie jy nie... sterkte jy gaan dit dalk nodig hê.. Thank-you Chesa Nyama, your burgers is the best in town. Witkop graad ses-seuntjie, jy is te groot vir jou skoene. Net baie dankie vir di eman by 007 se vier-rigting stop. Ek was eers skepties maar my motor was heerlik koel in die Karoo. Van Gerhard en Zelda Please Merafong town council, help us to clean the informal trading area in front of the magistrates court it looks a mess, grass is growing over the pavements into the steets, lamp poles lie on the pavements , the monument wall is broken and traders use it as tables, this is not the first time we ask for help. The councilor in charge has been contacted. How must we the shop owners draw customers when the area looks a mess. We pay rates and taxes. Paul Fochville Die man met die wit kar wat Sondag oggend op die hoek van Lang en Juliana st die klein hondjie raak gery het. Sies jy is ‘n lae gewetenlose gemors. Dit is nie my hond wat jy raakgery het nie maar my bure se hond. Het jy geen gewete nie, hoop nie jy het enige dierekinders nie want ek kry hul baie jammer. Wys jou net hoe het jy gejaag. Kan nie eers moeite doen om die arme hondjie te help nie. Ek ht die DBV gebel en hul moes die arme hondjie uitsit. Ek weet nie wat om jou te noem ne maar daar is seker woorde vir sulke hartelose mense. Maar eendag sal jy moet rekenskap gee, en so jammer dat ek jou ni evan nader kon sien en jou in jou gesig kon vloek nie. Diereliefhebber

One rape should equal one life sentence Cerise du Plooy It’s me speaking about rape again. It may PING seem like a boring topic PING I am constantly nagging about. It’s a topic myself and almost every newspaper and writer and news station, be it radio PING or television and even LeadSA, are all constantly nagging PING about. It is something on every woman’s mind. It is something too many woman have gone through and must live with. It is something PING too many woman feel embarrassed about. It is PING something too many men PING have gotten away with and continue PING to get away with. Rape is a selfish, careless, cowardly act by a man who is incapable, on his own merit, to get sex from a PING willing woman. It is something a PING man, who cannot even dream of being a real man, does. It is something society has turned a blind eye on for far too long. PING It is something that has become so common, PING no one even makes a big fuss when it happens anymore. Rape has become the sickening norm. It has become something many girls do not even know is illegal, becau-

se PING it happened to granny, PING and mommy and now me. Neither PING Granny or Mommy reported it, because it was perhaps an uncle or cousin or father or brother who raped them, and we shouldn’t report our PING breadwinners and family members we love. After seeing PING so many children, innocent young PING girls, raped in the last while and reading PING about the gruelling, cruel, inhumane, revolting rape and death of Anene Booysen (17) who died a year ago, I feel quite sick and sick-and-tired of this nonsense. Even after Anene Booysen, a girl from Bredasdorp in the Western Cape, was found by a security PING guard the morning after she had been gang-raped and disemboweled by having her abdomen slit open at a construction PING site in February 2, 2013. After a big fuss was made about it, this trend in our country continues. Even though Jacob Zuma condem-

ned Booysen’s attack PING as “shocking, PING cruel and most inhumane”, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), South Africa’s biggest PING labour PING union, called PING for mass action over rape in South Africa after Booysen’s rape and death, opposition parliamentary PING leader Lindiwe Mazibuko called for parliamentary hearings after Booysen’s rape and death, the United Nations issued a statement strongly condemning the PING rape and murder of Booysen and even Annie Lennox led a protest and was staged at St. George’s Cathedral in PING Cape Town after Booysen’s PING death, nothing has changed. In fact, we now have another great title. Interpol has PING allegedly now named South Africa the world’s rape capital. Wow, how proud we should be on firstly, the bunch of wimps we live with who believe they have the right to call themselves men, and secondly the

amazing justice system which seldom gives these wimps PING what they deserve. One of the bastards who raped Booysen, Johannes Kana, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. Every single man who rapes, even if he does not physically kill his victim, is a Johannes Kana, and deserves nothing less than two life sentences, because he has taken what he had no right to take PING from someone who did not PING want him to take it, and has killed her emotionally. What are we really when we are physically alive but PING emotionally dead anyway? The amount of annoying PING ‘s are just one percent of the amount of rapes which take place in sunny SA in just one day. By the end of today, 4 000 woman would have reported having been raped. Ladies...k eep reporting the worthless trash which has nothing better to do PING with his time PING PING should you get raped. Somewhere someone in government will hopefully listen, take a stand and start doing PING something. I say; One rape = One life sentence.

7 Februarie 2014

Carletonville Herald

Police arrest alleged bank shooter Cerise du Plooy

The family and colleagues of a woman who was shot in cold blood last year, have expressed gratitude to the Carletonville Police, especially Detective Sergeant Jacques Nagel, after the man who allegedly shot her, was arrested this week. The woman, Elize Douglas (59) was shot through the head last year. At around 11:30 on the fateful morning of 14 October 2013, Douglas (59) got out of her company vehicle to bank money at ABSA bank. She was attacked by two men. Douglas’ colleague who had taken her to the bank, saw what was happening and jumped out of the vehicle to help her. In his attempt, however, one of the suspects took out a knife and stabbed him in the back. “The next minute, one man took out his firearm and simply shot her in the head,” he explained to the Herald last year. “He reloaded the gun to shoot me, so I dived in behind the bakkie,” he said. The men then ran away. The young man ran to his colleague to try and help her, but she died seconds after that. Douglas’ murder shocked the Merafong community and had placed a lot of pressure on the investigating officer, Sergeant Nagel, to find and arrest the man, capable of shooting an innocent woman in cold blood. Nagel and his colleagues managed to arrest accomplices of the alleged murderer that they later learned was 36-ye-

Johannes Moloantoa, the man who allegedly shot and killed Douglas.

ar-old Mr Johannes Moloantoa from Khutsong, but he was on the run. Nagel, who has become known for his excellent investigative skills and persistence, never gave up and could return to Carletonville on Thursday morning, January 30, with great news for his colleagues and the family and colleagues of Douglas. Detectives Nagel and Warrant Officer Soon Theron, as well as the cluster’s task team, Constables Michael Dire Ramasimong, Stephen Kharejane, George Molemi and Frans Kekana, traced and arrested Moloantoa in Kenana, Klerksdorp at 11:00 on Thursday. “We called Nagel day and night, and deprived him of sleep,” said Mr Hendry Douglas, Elize Douglas’ son. “We are so grateful toward him and the team that assisted him.” Hendry says his mother’s death remains very tough to deal with, but says the family is relieved and grateful that her murderer has been arrested. “We wish that when he was caught, she was given back to us,” said one of Douglas’ colleagues. “But life is unfair and I know this is not possible.” Douglas’ employers, Mr and Mrs Ian and Wilma Koen, also expressed their gratitude to Nagel. “We would just like to thank Nagel for the excellent job he did in finding Elize’s killer,” they said. “We always read about negative things the police do, and this time we want to give credit to whom it is due.” They also believe that Nagel should

Ms. Elize Douglas, as she will always be remembered by loved ones, colleagues and her friends.





TYD: 19:00 TYD: 18:00 TYD: 10:00




be promoted. “He does excellent work and is appreciated by this community to whom he is worth so much.” Nagel did not say much about the arrest and also wanted no recognition by having a photo placed in the newspaper. “A detective is only as good as the team who assists him,” he says humbly. “I worked with an excellent team of which I am proud and for which I am grateful.”


The Herald's front-page article when Douglas was shot in October last year.


Carletonville Herald

7 Februarie 2014

Readers have their say

Lesers sê hul sê

Inwoners moet registreer Why only some?

This week an article is appearing in the Carletonville Herald about businesspeople who were not compensated after having their businesses looted or destroyed during the North West border protests. These protests were a difficult time for many residents of Khutsong. Not only did many children lose out on a part of their education, but many other people also suffered various losses. Although some of these people, including our current executive mayor, were paid out large amounts of money by the municipality as compensation for the problems and damage that they experienced, others received nothing, even though their losses could more easily be identified physically than those who did indeed receive money. The border protests were an important part of the history of the area that will never be forgot-

Johan Jooste (DA-leier Merafong)

ten. Issues such as people needing compensation for physical damages suffered can, however, not be left for years to come. The fact that some of the businesspeople in need of compensation are getting old and that some are already dead is a further reason why the municipality must hurry up with the compensation. If the municipality does not have the money to pay out such compensation, how did they manage to pay out to others? One would expect of politicians and office bearers who really cared about the community to see to it that people with such problems, which directly affects their livelyhood, are assisted first. The fact that some of the owners are also getting old, should also lead to a more speedy approach. Maybe, with the election being around the corner, this issue, which was supposed to be dealt with already, will be settled soon.

Eerskomende naweek, 8 tot 9 Februarie, word kiesers die laaste geleentheid gegun om te registreer vir die komende Algemene Verkiesing wat, na verwagting, in Mei 2014 sal plaasvind. Ek maak ‘n beroep op kiesers in Merafong, en veral ook nuwe intrekkers uit ander kiesafdelings, om te verseker dat hulle geregistreer is vir die allerbelangrikste ko-

mende verkiesing. Onthou : U demokratiese regte kan slegs uitgeoefen word indien u, u stem uitbring in ‘n demokratiese verkiesing ! U kan op 8 en 9 Februarie vanaf 08:00 tot 17:00 by alle stempunte in Merafong registreer en ook seker maak of u reeds geregistreer is. Intussen kan u ook gedurende kantoorure by die Onafhanklike Verkiesingskommissie se kantoor in die Woolworths Gebou in Carletonville registreer. Members of SANCA (South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) in Merafong held a special 'spinathon' event in the Khutsong Community Hall on 15 January to make people more aware of the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Here SANCA social worker Ms Jane Funeka spoke to those who attended about the problems.

God reël jou lewensgeluk Ds André Kok, leraar van die NG Kerk Lees Johannes 4:1-10 Almal wat verlang na die genade van God, mag en moet glo dat Hy die sameloop van omstandighede so sal reël dat hulle sy liefde en troos sal ervaar. God het as ‘t ware ‘n afspraak vir Jesus met die Samaritaanse vrou by die fontein van Jakob by Sigar gereël. Jesus was op pad na Galilea toe en Hy “moes” deur Samaria gaan (Joh 4:4). Daar was twee paaie vanaf Judea na Galilea toe. Die langer pad het geloop vanaf Jerusalem, oor die Jordaan en dan noordwaarts en weer oor die Jordaan na Galilea toe. Die kortste pad het vanaf Jerusalem reg noord deur die gebied van die Samaritane gegaan. Die Jode het die langer pad verkies om enige kontak met die Samaritane te vermy. Hulle het die Samaritane verag en wou niks met hulle te doen gehad het nie (Joh 4:9). Die woord “moet” en “moes” dui op ‘n goddelike noodwendigheid. God het dit so bepaal dat Jesus deur Samaria “moes” loop om die ongelukkige vrou te ontmoet. Op die regte dag en tyd het haar pad met dié van Jesus gekruis.

Daar by die put het Jesus sy vinger op die bron van haar ongelukkigheid gelê en Hy het haar nie alleen gehelp om die “lewende water” van God te ontvang nie, maar Hy het haar ook ‘n kinderlike getuie onder die Samaritane gemaak. In die Skrif word meermale vertel hoe die Here bevrydend in mense se lewe ingegryp het en aan hulle nuwe harte geskenk het en hulle lewenswandel verander het. Op sy tweede sendingreis het die Heilige Gees Paulus twee maal verhinder om te gaan preek waar hy wou, omdat die Here gereël het dat hy die evangelie in Europa moes gaan verkondig (Hand 16:6-10). Daar in Filippi het Lidia, die purperverkoopster, by die bidplek by die rivier tot geloof en bekering gekom en die geluk van die lewe gevind omdat die Here dit vir haar gereël het. Die Here het gesorg dat sy na Paulus se woorde kon luister. God het haar ontvanklik vir die woorde van Paulus gemaak (Hand 16:14). Sy was die eerste bekeerling op Europese bodem. Omdat God alles vir ons ten goede laat meewerk (Rom 8:28), moet ons gelowig op Hom wag en volhard in die gebed. Dan sal ons op die regte tyd op die regte plek wees om die in-

Water waar jy kyk Dit het hierdie week katte en honde in ons area gereën en al wat ‘n probleem is wat met die reën verband kan hou, sal seker nou kop uitsteek. Wysneus het juis onlangs sy mond te rek gehad oor die slaggate wat in Van Riebeeckstraat in Pretoriusrus in Carletonville begin ontwikkel het. Wel, Wysneus het die afgelope week, voor die groot reën begin val het, gesien dat al die gate nog steeds net so gelaat is. Hoewel dit in ‘n stadium begin lyk het of iemand daaraan wou aandag gee aangesien daar geel merke op die pad oral rondom die gate geverf is, was daar die afgelope week nog niks verder aan die probleem gedoen nie. Intussen hoor Wysneus dat inwoners van Blyvoorstraat ook maar mooi moet ry om die slaggate in die straat voor hul huise mis te ry. Wysneus, en hy glo talle ander arme padgebruikers ook, moes in

gryping van God in ons lewe te ervaar. Gebed: Dankie Here, omdat ook my lewensgeluk op die agenda van die hemel is!

een of ander tyd ook vir ander gevare in ons strate sal moet begin uitkyk nie. Nee, Wysneus praat nie eens van die Maandag se swaar reën maar net hul mense wat bestuur net soos hulle wil oë toeknyp en hoop elke keer wanneer nie, maar van al die gemors wat met tye hulle deur van die strate ry waar hul op ons sypaadjies lê. Wie weet of van weet slaggate is. Wie weet watse gate dié goed nie ook in swaar reën deur dalk onder die water skuil? stormwater in ons strate ingespoel kan Die ‘grag’ in word nie? Dolomitestraat, Wysneus wonder wat net so gelaat ook hoeveel van dié is na munisipale rommel na afloop werkers ‘n paar van die afgelope weke gelede die week se reën in die teer oopgekap Wonderfonteinhet om aan ‘n spruit, wat op die pyp te werk, is ou end die drinkook iets om eniwater van ons bure ge bestuurder in Potchefstroom nagmerries te is, beland het. gee. Weereens is die Met al die reën munisipaliteit egwat die afgelope ter nie die enigste week geval het, wat moet skuld dra het Wysneus al vir die rommelprobegin wonder of Van die 'alternatiewe rommel' wat die afge- bleme in ons dorp bestuurders nie lope week in Kerniestraat te sien was. nie.

SMS jou mening na 45517. SMS’e kos R1,50

Die Herald behou die reg om sekere SMS’e nie te plaas nie

Hoewel dit hulle mense is wat die gemors nie optel soos hulle moet nie, bly dit steeds inwoners wat alles sommer net gooi waar hulle wil. Kan iemand nie net begin besef dat sulke gemors vir ons almal probleme gaan skep nie. Al die goed wat só in leë erwe, parke en op sypaadjies gegooi word, is die ideale teelaarde vir rotte en allerlei ongediertes. Hoe gaan die rommelstrooiers voel indien hul kinders en sommer hul bure en vriende ook as gevolg van een of ander siekte-uitbraak, wat as gevolg van die rommel ontstaan en waarvoor hulle deels verantwoordelik is, iets moet oorkom?

7 Februarie 2014

Carletonville Herald

Slime spill at Blyvoor within days of takeover

Adele Louw

Within days of Blyvoor Gold Mine’s new owner taking over the mine, a mine sludge spillage polluted the environment with some of the toxic waste spilling into the Wonderfonteinspruit. Problems at Blyvoor started in August last year when the mine’s previous owner, the company Village Main Reef, also known as Village, indicated that it will not take responsibility for the mine’s losses anymore. In the meantime, DRDGold, the company which had owned Blyvoor before, also indicated that it does not want anything to do with the mine. As a result of these squabbles the mine was placed under provisional liquidation in order to see whether the mine or some of its assets could not be sold. It recently seemed as though the problems at Blyvoor may be a thing of the past after a new company, Goldrich Holdings, indicated that it wanted to buy the mine. Allegations, however, soon came to light after Goldrich failed to pay money for the mine by deadlines. Two weeks ago the company even had to get a court order to get back onto the mine’s property. It also came to light that Goldrich

had close ties with the the ill-fated Aurora Empowerment Systems, which was liquidated in 2011 after the botched takeover of two Pamodzi Gold Mines. Environmentalists, in particular, were afraid that the problems at Pamodzi, which included the mine being stripped without any respect for the effect on the environment and workers, might also occur at Blyvoor. Although one of the provisional liquidators appointed for Blyvoor, Mr Leigh Roering, indicated that the controversial buyers assured liquidators “that they wanted to redeem themselves at Blyvoor”, environmentalists and other concerned parties voiced their concern over the transaction. On Friday, January 31, Roering, said that the mine had indeed been handed over to Goldrich the previous day after they paid the money that was still outstanding. On Monday, however, Roering as well as representatives of government departments that are supposed to regulate Goldrich’s compliance to environmental legislation again met with environmentalists and representatives of other mines and other affected people and organisations. That same afternoon, mine tailings from Blyvoor washed into the Wonderfonteinspruit and adjacent areas after heavy rain.

Some of the mine sludge from Monday's spillage at Blyvoor could still be seen on the side of the P111-road later the week.

time no response on questions sent about Monday’s slime spillage were received from Goldrich’s CEO, Mr Bonginkosi Mthethwa, nor Mr Bashan Govender of the Department of Water Affairs. Mr Roering however indicated that, although the mine has been handed over to Goldrich, he would see what could be done about the matter. The Herald reported on similar spillages at Blyvoor in the past. After the last time they had a similar problem, which occurred in 2011, Blyvoor’s then owner DRDGOLD indicated that various steps have been taken to ensure that such problems do not happen again. These included the construction of two large dams to contain spillage; the installation of piping with a highdensity polyethylene lining to reduce the risk and impact of pipe-bursts and the construction of containment walls along portions of the P111 road between Carletonville and Potchefstroom. They were this week unsure of what had happened to these precautionary structures. “Environmental management entails lots of management and maintenance. The fact that such a spillage could occur again, shows that it was not done at Blyvoor,” Liefferink indicated. Other environmentalists warned that the fact that Goldrich might not have the means to do such maintenance, can have huge consequences for the Carletonville area. If the slime dams at the mine, for instance, are not maintained, they might become unstable, which can lead to them failing in a similar fashion as during the Merriespuit Some of the polluted mine water and sludge Disaster in 1994 streaming in the direction of the Wonderfon- when 17 people were killed. teinspruit.

By Tuesday morning some of the toxic sludge could still be seen on the side of the P 111-road. “We had expected this to happen as there is no guarantee that Goldrich can look after its environmental obligations. We do not think that the company has the technical skill, financial resources or knowledge to ensure that the environment is not damaged,” the well-known environmentalist, Ms Mariette Liefferink, told the Herald on Tuesday. She indicated that environmentalists were also very concerned about the fact that although there is legislation in place to protect the environment, the government departments that can do something about the sale and the environmental issues are often not applying it. A main concern is also that if Goldrich is allowed to continue mining at Blyvoor, it might strip the mine of all valuables and leave, only to claim later that it does not have the money to repair the damage it did. Environmentalists feared that if Goldrich was to be left to continue mining for the sake of preserving a few jobs, thousands of other people might end up suffering due to the environmental problems it leaves behind. For this reason another meeting has been scheduled for Monday to discuss a way out of the problems. In the mean-

Some of the tailings that streamed from Blyvoor late Monday afternoon.



Carletonville Herald

7 Februarie 2014

Ongoing fire raises various concerns Cerise du Plooy

KDC was also one of the mines that suffered great losses with these strikes in 2013.

An underground fire that has been raging for two weeks now, raised alarms in Merafong. This has caused concern among employees about the future of their jobs. The Herald spoke to Thabisile Phumo of SibanyeGold’s Communications Department. Phumo very transparently answered questions posed by the Herald, as raised by employees who wish to remain anonymous. Employees informed the Herald of a fire, allegedly at 6, 7 and 8 shafts of the KDC West mine. “The fire started on January 22 at Bambisanane Shaft at our Driefontein Operations and is still burning,” Phumo explained. One employee told the Herald that it was suspected that the fire was purposely caused by someone underground.


This has not necessarily been confirmed, and Phumo says that the matter is currently under investigation. “We will await the outcome of the investigation,” she explains. “We expect the law to take its course in case anyone is found to have acted illegally.” Phumo says that, because safety remains the main priority of SibanyeGold, all the affected shafts have been closed since January 22. “We redeployed as many employees as possible to other shafts,” she said. “Employees are expected to return to the affected shafts on 10 February, subject to smoke and gas levels coming down.” Phumo says that employees from four of SibanyeGold’s KDC Shafts are still affected and will not return to their underground work places until it has been declared safe. Phumo says that the fire is contained. “We are encouraged that it is now tapering down, but gas and smoke levels remain elevated,” she says. “It is important to note that the fire occurred in a complex work area with restricted access and has been difficult to seal off.” According to Phumo, 158kg of production has been lost to date as a result of the fire-affected areas. When asked whether this fire has the potential to result in retrenchments and if so, how many, Phumo said, “Any loss of production remains a threat to our operations and it is important to note that it could ultimately result in job losses.” The Herald will continue to follow up on this matter.

‘No help with water’ says municipality Adele Louw


0800 11 8000 900271/E

Merafong City Local Municipality this week indicated that it could not assist a group of people on a farm just outside Carletonville who have had no water for more than a year. The Carletonville Herald reported last week that residents of a small informal settlement outside Carletonville had to make do without any water. These residents are currently staying on a part of the farm Wonderfontein and do not have any water, despite the fact that some of the people have been staying there for years. The people staying on the property told the Herald that they often had to beg or steal water in order to survive. Although the Herald sent questions about the people’s plight to the Merafong City Local Municipality last week, a response was only received on Tuesday, “The people staying in the said informal settlement started living there when the owner of the land had a cement product factory. The person who is currently supplying them with water is not the owner of the land, but a neighbour. The original number of people has more than doubled over the years, since the owner allowed it. Currently the people staying there include illegal immigrants and new occupants, which were not part of the original workers at the cement products factory. “The water supply to that community is on private land and therefore the municipality cannot take responsibility. Only once the owner of the land puts up a tank for the inhabitants and if the owner can prove that there is no other means of water supply, the owner can request the municipality to come and fill the tanks with water, after payment for the supply of such water has been made,” the municipal spokesman responded.

7 Februarie 2014


Carletonville Herald

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2012 CHEvRolET SpaRK 1.2 lS ......................................... R109 990

2007 pRoToN Savvy, loW KM`S ........................................... R 59 990

2010 ISuZu KB 250 D-TEC D/C, CaNopy............................ R239 990

ToyoTa vERSo 1.6 SX M/T, gREy................................ R229 990 ToyoTa yaRIS, ZEN ………………………………………..R139 990 ToyoTa aygo 1.0 WIlD 5DR ..........................................R114 990 ToyoTa CoRRolla 1.3 pRoffESIoNal .................... R179 990 ToyoTa CoRolla 1.3 aDvaNCED................................ R179 990 ToyoTa yaRIS T3 + 5 DR MagS (63 KW) ..................... R149 990 ToyoTa CoRRolla 1.6 pRofESSIoNal......................R119 990

2012 HyuNDaI IX35 2.0 EXCluSIvE, M/T ........................... R289 990

2010 SuZuKI 2.0 SX4 CvTI, a/T, loW KM............................ R199 990

2006 auDI, a8, 3.0 TDI, a/T ......................................................R269 990 2004 auDI a4 1.9 TDI avaNT M/T ............................................R114 990 2003 auDI a4 1.8T avaNTE, MulTITRoNIC ...........................R119 990

2011 2011 2011 2011 2010 2010 2008

2013 laND RovER EvoQuE 2.2 SD4 DyNaMIC ................ R649 990

2010 foRD fIESTa 1.6 TITaNIuM SDR .................................R169 990

2011 TaTa XENoN 3.0 SWB, S/C, a/C .................................. R129 990



2014 laND RovER SpoRT 3.0 SDv6 HSE............................p.o.a

2011 CHEvRolET CRuZE 1.6 lS 66000KM......................... R179 990

auDI a5 3.0TDI SpoRTpaCK, QuoTRoNIC,SIlvER ....R389 990 auDI a3 2.0TfSI S-TRoNIC, BlaCK...............................R274 990 auDI RS6 loW MIlEagE,full HouSE ........................R649 990 auDI TT 2.0fSI TT RoaDSTER CoNvERTIBlE ............R289 990 auDI a4 1.8T M/T (B8) aTTRaCTIoN, BlaCK ................R224 990

2011 2009 2009 2008 2008

2005 ToyoTa HIluX 4.0I v6 4X4 .......................................... R159 990

2011 ISuZu KB 250 lE D/C (KB72) ....................................... R259 990 2011 MaZDa, BT50, 2.5, SlX, SupER CaB ......................... R209 990 2011 ToyoTa HIluX 2.5 D4D 4X4 D/C ................................. R289 990 2010 ISuZu KB 3l D-TEC, D/CaB, a/T.................................. R255 990 2010 NISSaN NavaRa 2.5TDI E-CaB, WHITE 60000KM ..... R239 990

2007 foRD foCuS 1.6 TRENDlINE ........................................ R 99 990 2007 RENaulT SCENIC 1.6 EXp .............................................. R 99 990 2007 RENaulT MEgaNE 1.6 golD SEDaN, a/C, p/S, C/l .... R 99 990 2006 RENaulT MEgaNE 2.0 DyNaMIC, R/CD, a/C, p/S ........ R 99 990 2006 vW CITy RyTHEM 1.4 ...................................................... R 59 990 2006 vW polo 1.6 TRENDlINE MagS a/C p/S..................... R 79 990 2006 vW polo ClaSSIC 1.6 CoMfoRTlINE ........................ R 84 990 2006 CRySlER pT CRuIZER, 2.4 lIMITED.............................. R 94 990

2010 foRD BaNTaM 1.4 TDCI .............................................. R119 990

2005 HoNDa CIvIC 150 I, golD, a/C, p/S, C/l, R/CD............. R 99 990

2010 NISSaN HaRDBoDy Np300 2.5 TDI D/C ..................... R179 990

2005 TaTa INDICa .....................................................................R 45000

2010 gWM STEED 2.8 D/C CaNopy ................................... R179 990

2005 MINI CoopER 1.6 golD BlaCK, a/C, E/W..................... R 99 990

2010 opEl CoRSa 1.4 CluB CaNopy MagS .....................R119 990

2001 MERCEDES-BENZ C320I a/T,WHITE............................... R 99 990

2010 NISSaN HaRDBoDy Np300 2.5 TDI HIRIDER p/u ..... R199 990

2001 M/BENZE a160 ..................................................................R 59 990

2009 ISuZu KB360, lX, D/C ................................................. R209 990

2000 BMW 330I E46, gREy, a/C, R/CD, a/T, E/W .................... R 99 990

2008 foRD f250 S/C,WHITE................................................. R239 990

2014 volSWagEN golf 7 g.T.I DSg all EXTRaS................... p.o.a

2008 ISuZI KB 200I flEETSIDE S/C, CaNopy......................R 94 990

2012 vW SCIRoCCo 2.0 TfSI SpoRTlINE DSg (R) .......... R379 990

2007 NISSaN 1400 5 SpEED................................................... R 49 990

2000 BMW 320D, RED................................................................ R 79 990 1995 ToyoTa CaMRy ............................................................... R 45 000 0000 vW polo 1.9 TDI .............................................................. R79 990


Carletonville Herald

Brandende rommel beskadig geboue Adele Louw Hope rommel wat agter besighede in Carletonville lê, het onlangs só erg begin brand dat ‘n gebou deur die hitte beskadig is.

Volgens ‘n munisipale raadslid, me. Judy Rossouw, het sy die oggend van 23 Januarie ‘n bol rook langs Goudstraat gesien. By nadere ondersoek het sy opgemerk dat dit rommel in ‘n parkeerterrein aan die agterkant van be-

Die brand op 23 Januarie was só groot dat die brandweer dit moes blus.

7 Februarie 2014

Sy het bygevoeg dat die vullis op dié spesifieke plek nie gereeld verwyder word nie en dat sakelui reeds voorheen daaroor gekla het. “Dit het só sleg gelyk en skep ook ‘n gesondheidsgevaar, maar wanneer jy die munisipaliteit bel, gebeur daar net mooi niks nie,” het Rossouw gekla. Hoewel vrae oor die probleem aan die Merafong City Plaaslike Munisipaliteit gestuur is, is geen terugvoer Van die skade wat deur die brand aangerig teen druktyd ontvang nie. is.

sighede soos Casablanca restaurant is wat aan die brand geraak het. “Dit was so teen 07:45 en die gemors het só gebrand dat die pleister van die muur begin afval het,” het Rossouw aan die Herald vertel.

Van die rommel wat reeds vir 'n geruime tyd aan die agterkant van Goudstraat opgehoop het.

No help for Khutsong businessespeople

Adele Louw Although some people, including the executive mayor, whose property were damaged during the North West border protests in Khutsong, received compensation, the owners of businesses which were destroyed, looted or damaged are stuck without help. “I can still remember the night. I was at home at about 21:00 when people called and said that someone had broken into my butchery. I came rushing over, but found that the main entrance was already broken through. They were stealing meat out of the cool room. They also stole the cash in the till, the mincer and fridges,” Mr Matthews Ramathibe (52) recounts the night in 2006 when an angry mob, protesting over Merafong being moved to

Northwest, destroyed his shop. After the rioters left, the butchery which Ramathibe had owned for more than 20 years, together with a café, a fruit and vegetable shop and a general dealer, were destroyed by the angry crowd. All that is left of the small shopping complex that once housed these businesses in Khutsong’s Methlakgola Street is the foundation and some rubble, which is overgrown with grass. Until this day, neither Ramathibe nor any of the 17 other owners who also lost their businesses during the riots and claimed for losses received any compensation by the government. According to Mr Thomas Mvundle, Chairperson of the Khutsong Business Forum, which leads their quest for compensation, he was part of the task

Mr Matthews Ramathibe at the site where his butchery, which was destroyed during the border riots in Khutsong, once stood.

team which looked into the financial damages suffered by people in Khutsong during the riots. He indicated that although some politicians, officials and other affected people received R70 000 each for their losses, the businesspeople have so far received nothing. Those who received the compensation include current Executive Mayor, Ms Maphefo Mogale Letsie, and several other politicians and municipal officials. “Government promised us compensation and also said that we should also get work from the government such as tenders to help us get over our losses,” says Mvundle, whose own shop, which was run from a container, was also ransacked. He added that the businesspeople looked to the Merafong City Local

The only sign that four businesses once stood at this corner are foundations and pieces of signage from the businesses, such as from this fruit and vegetable store, that are laying amongst the rubble.

Headache over ‘offline’ SASSA offices South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offices system offline for almost a week. According to an upset she has struggled for some time to get assistance at the SASSA offices in Carletonville. She went to the SASSA offices on Friday 17 January to apply for her children’s grant. Upon her arrival she only found

a security guard who told her that their system were offline and that she must return on Monday 20 January at 07:30 to apply for her children’s grant. Although se went back on the Monday, the only person who assisted het, was the same guard, who again told her to come back the next day. This scenario allegedly repeated itself for three

days in a row before the upset resident decided to contact the Herald for assistance. On Friday 24 January one of the Carletonville Herald’s journalists went to their offices to see if the llegations were true or not. Upon arrival she saw that no officials were at their desks. She was also told by the security guard in the same way as the complaining

Municipality for compensation as it had paid out to some of the other people affected by the riots. According to the Khutsong Business Forum some of the affected businesses did eventually get some work from the municipality towards the end of last year. Not all of the affected businesspeople can make use of this offer as not all of them have registered businesses. “We have also asked the municipality to assist these businesses to get themselves registered, but they have so far done nothing to help,” says Mvundle. He added that the businesspeople have held several meetings with the municipality about the issue. The mayor allegedly failed to even honour the last meeting. “It is now the third mayor in seat after the riots and the problem has still not been sorted out. It is really becoming an urgent matter because some of the businesspeople who were affected are elderly,” lamented Mvundle. “The Council took a resolution on 20 March 2013 to assist small businesses affected by the unrest in Khutsong in 2005. Continuous meetings were held with the representatives of the Khutsong Business Forum which culminated to the said resolution been taken,” the Merafong City Local Municipality’s political spokesman responded. . “The business forum submitted names of 16 members of the small businesses of which 6 had registered businesses in the data base of the municipality. “These small businesses are at the moment appointed in different internal projects currently running in the municipality in terms of the Merafong Ministerial Transitional Committee appointed by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs,” he indicated. The municipality also referred the Herald back to Mvundle to get further information.

resident to come back the following Monday at 07:30. The journalist went back on Monday, 27 January but at this time people were being assisted by the SASSA officials. Although the Herald tried to contact the national spokesperson of SASSA, Mr Paseka Letsati, about the problems, no response was received.




Kontak gerus ons bekwame agente vir puik diens Marlene : 082 859 7915 Liza: 083 256 9799 Frank: 076 463 6829 Jeanmarie Listing agent 076 635 5562

Marietha : 083 232 1831 Hanlie: 082 784 0204

Tel/Fax: 018 293 1610

IDEALE STUDENTEHUIS OP DIE BULT Netjiese huis, potensiaal vir 6 kamers, 2 badkamers.Plus 3 slpk woonstel en 2 groot bachelor woonstelle.

PotensiĂŤle huurinkomste:

R 25 000

R 3 100 000

Sedert 2004

EiendomsGIDS Property GUIDE Willows Property Group 68 Steve Biko Ave, Bult Potchefstroom


4 Slpk, studeerkamer, sitkamer, eetkamer, kombuis, opwas, dubbel motorhuis.

BAILLIE PARK - R 1 350 000

3 Slpk en 2 Bad, Oopplan kombuis /sitkamer, opwas , spens Knus erf , Dubbel motorhuis

MOOIVALLEI HOEWE - R 4 200 000 1 Ha Boomryk met Adele: HEILIGE AKKER - GROOT GESINSHUIS swembad 079 512 2109 5 Slpk, 3 badk, en tuin woonstel. en tennisbane Groot 5 slpk huis met baie ekstras Skakel Marlene Skakel Marietha

Skou op aanvraag


Skipskop - 2 slpk woonstel - R 4000 Magnolia - 2 slpk eenheid - R 6700 Jasmyn meenthuis - 3 slpk, 2 badk - R 8 100 Mooivallei - 5 slpk + woonstel - R 20 000 Di 082 859 3437 / Jeanmarie 076 635 5562


Pragtige 3 slpk, 2 badk. Baie netjies, lae onderhoud. In veiligheidskompleks

R 1 270 000

Skakel Liza


Carletonville Herald Eiendomsgids/Property Guide

7 Februarie 2014


Ellen 082 652 9404

Oewersig Rustige, boomryke woonbuurt aan rivieroewer. Naby skole, universiteit en inkopie-sentra. Baie ruim 4 slaapkamer-woning, 3 leefareas en woonstel.

Prys: R2.95 miljoen.




Besturende agente

santie 082 364 8076, Magda 084 961 6123

Bailliepark - Meenthuis 3 Slaapkamer, 2 badkamer, motorafdak, sekuriteitskompleks r6200 studente Behuising Bailliepark - Meenthuis Bult Bachelor en Studente kamerS Vanaf r2200


2 Slaapkamer, oopplan komBuiS enkel geriewe r4750


1 Slaapkamer loft – r4250

Bennie 082 787 5868 Prinsipaal (CEA)

Freda 082 440 7261 BA. (CEA)NQF4

Petru 072 700 4100 (CEA)NQF4

VAN DER HOFF PARK: R1.850 MILJ RUIM FAMILIEWONING!! LIGGING!!! SKOU Vrydag-Sondag!! Ruim 4 slpkis , 3 leefareas, kombuis,2 badk,opwas, dub m/huis,groot erf. Freda 082 440 7261

Bailliepark : R1380 000. Ruim gesinswoning!!!!NUUT!!!

3 slk,pragtige kombuis(granite),oopplan ruim leefareas,2 badk,opwas,dub.motorh, Skakel my!!! Freda 082 440 7261.


Potchefstroom sentraal R990 000 ALLEENMANDAAT!!! Ruim gesinswoning!!!

3 slk,ruim kombuis,2ruim leefareas,2 badkamers,opwas,dub.motorh,swembad,boorgat,groot erf. Skakel my!!! Freda 082 440 7261


2 Slaapkamer, duBBel Badkamer, motorhuiS met afdak r5500


2 Slaapkamer, komBuiS, Badkamer. afdak, SekuriteitSkomplekS r4400


1 Slaapkamer woonStel – r3950

Kantoor Tel: 018 293 1845, Faks: 018 2933163, Prinsipaal Annelize (B SOC. SC. CEA)

annatjie 082 320 3847, petro 083 694 1864 3 slaapkamer, 2 badkamer, afdak r998 000. Bailliepark 2 slaapkamer, 1 badkamer,enkel motorhuis r650 000. Miederpark(voltitel) 3 slaapkamer, 1½ badk, enkel motorhuis r750 000. Miederpark 3 slk, 3 badkamers, dubbel m/h, groot leefarea, binne braai, r1.6 milj. Bailliepark 2 slaapkamer, 2 badkamers, dubbel motorhuis r1.250 milj. Bailliepark studente woonstelle studente woonstelle beskikbaar !! skakel vir besonderhede huise suid - 3 slaapkamer, enkel badkamer, swembad, baie afdakke, groot woonstel – r1.050 milj tuscany ridge - nuWe!!! 3 slk, studeerkamer, baie groot leefarea, braai area, dubbelgeriewe - r2.6 milj sentraal - 4 slaapkamer, pragtige hout trappe, netjiese kombuis, opwas - r1.450 milj grimbeekpark - 5 slaapkamer, dubbel badkamer, spens, eetkamer, leefarea, sitkamer, swembad, boorgat, waskamer - r1.650 milj suid - 3 slaapkamer, studeerkamer, dubbel geriewe, afdakke , volledige 1 slk woonstel – r950 000 nuwe ontwikkelings 2 slk, 2 ½ badkmr, enkel m/h, (dupleks) r990 000 Miederpark 3 slk, 3 badkmrs, dubbel m/h (dupleks) r1. 050 milj Miederpark

7 Februarie 2014


Carletonville Herald Eiendomsgids/Property Guide

Property Profile Group

• Lukestraat 9, Potchefstroom, 2520 • Tel: 018 293 2883 Vir al u eiendoms • Posbus 20606, Noordbrug 2520 Irma-082 347 5555 • behoeftes

Johnny-082 562 8156

Dassierand: Netjiese 3 slk woonhuis met dubbel geriewe lapa en swembad R 1 380 000 Bult-Wes 4 slk woonhuis met 1 badkamer en dubbel afdak. R 750 000 OHB Hoewe Boskop: 6 Ha hoewe met netjiese huis en buite geboue. R 990 000 Sentraal Ruim 2 slk woonstel met toesluit m/huis. R580 000

Irma - 082 347 5555

Miederpark: Netjiese 3 slkamer siersteen huis met sitk, Tvkamer, 2 badk, dubbel motorhuis en afdak asook mooi tuin. R 1 040 000 Miederpark: 3 slaapkamer meenthuis met 2 badkamers enkel m/huis en parkering, lekker tuintjie. Troeteldier vriendelik –veilig. R 920 000 Ailanto erf: Geleë bo die kanaal,baie mooi 6348m² erf. R 430 000

Vaalrivier Property: Fully furnished!!! Immaculately maintained, in secure estate. 2 Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom chalets. Rolling lawns up to the water edge. Fantastic view ± 25 km from Potch. R 1900 000 SOLE MANDATE Bailliepark Meenthuis: Modern en ruim. 3 slk, 2 badkamers met dubbel m/huis. Siersteen, voltitel met oppervlakte van 186m² R 1 450 000.

ALLEENMANDAAT: Winskoop!!!! Soos nuut! 6 slaapkamer, 6 badkamer woning met 2 slaapkamer woonstel. Nuwe afdak parkering. Goeie verhurings potensiaal R 1 590 000 Sentraal: 4 slk, enkelgeriewe, sitkamer, groot kombuis, buite kamer en enkel m/huis. R 900 000 Sentraal Meenthuis: Gesellige 3 slk, 2 badk meenthuis mer dubbel m/huis en tuintjie. Stil omgewing. R 1 200 000

AGENTE GERT 082 377 1313 / ANELLE 079 496 4319/ ELIZE 084 433 0896


Gemeubileerde kamers (VDHP)

R 2 200

Tuinstr (kamers meisies)

R 2 450

Bailliepark (Bachelors)

R 2 200

Silverstr (kamers seuns)

R 2 700

Mooivalleipark (Bachelors)

R 2 800

Bailliepark (1 slpk) Bailliepark (2 Slpk.)

R 3 025 R 3 575

Sentraal (Bachelors)

R 3 600

Bailliepark (2 Slpk.)

R 4 180

Bachelor met ingeboude slaapkamerkaste.KomMalebu (1 Slpk.) buis met netjiese ingeboude kaste, graniet blaaie, 4 plaat stoof under counter oond. Badkamer, (Stort, Toilet, Wasbak. Swembad. Nottinghill (2 Slpk.) KYK NA DIE PRYS EN BESLUIT GOU !!! R 410 000 Le Quartier (1 Slpk.)



Watterberry Hights (2 Slpk.)

R 4 000 R 4 180 R 4 400 R 4 400

Bult (kamers seuns)

R 1 650

Sentraal (1 Slpk.)

R 5 060

Beyers Naudestr(kamers seuns)

R 1 700

Villably (2 Slpk.)

R 5 390

Bult (kamers meisies)

R 1 800

Kareelaan (2 Slpk.)

R 5 500



Villa de Bell (Dassierand) HUIS TE HUUR Mandiehof (Sentraal) Bailliepark (3 Slpk) R 8 600 Villa Perez (Sentraal) HUIS TE HUUR Barrish Place (Sentraal) Bailliepark kantore (onm.) R 4 275 Bailliepark Medies S/kamers R 7 170 Inni Hartjie (Sentraal) Nottinghill (Bult) TE KOOP 1 SLAAPKAMER WOONSTELLE Villably (Bult) Caruso (Bult) R 395 000 The Bats (Dassierand) R 395 000 Bultpark 2 (Kanonierspark)

R 420 000 R 430 000 R 460 000 R 487 000 R 640 000 R 650 000 R 740 000 R 790 000




2 Slaapkamers met netjiese ingeboude kaste. Kombuis met netjiese ingeboude kaste. Sitk. Badkamer (Bad, Toilet, Wasbak, stort oor Bad) Grootte 72 m2. Afdak vir motor, afstand beheerde motorhekke voor kompleks. Die komplleks is geplavei. Woonstel binne uitgeteël. UITSTEKENDE KOOP VIR SLEGS !!! R 430 000 !!!

Bachelor met ingeboude slaapkamer kaste. Kombuis met netjiese ingeboude kaste. Badkamer (bad, toilet, wasbak, stort oor bad) Afstand beheerde veiligheidshek voor kompleks, Afdak vir motor, Heffing R 442.00 BAIE GOED GEPRYS VIR SLEGS !!! R 420 000 !!!


Carletonville Herald

7 Februarie 2014

Nazalene Struben


It has been agreed between the Advertiser and Media 24 that the Advertiser is solely responsible for the correctness off all details concerning its advertisement placed herein, including compliance with all relevant legislation. Therefore, Media 24 does not accept any liability for any damage resulting from any advertisement placed herein.

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DIENSTE / SERVICES 12. Dagsorg / Daycare 13. Kleuterskole / Pre-Primary Schools 14. Naskoolsorg / Afterschool care 15. Onderrig / Education


16. Video & Fotografie / Video & Photography 17. Musiek / Music 18. Onthale & Konferensies Functions & Conferences 19. Spyseniering / Catering

Berading / Counselling

20. Wegneemetes & Restaurante / Take Aways & Restaurants 21. Lugversorgers / Aircons 25. Blindings / Blinds 26. Springkastele / Jumping Castle 27. Houtwerk / Carpentry 28. Matte / Carpets 29. Plaveisel / Paving 30. Bouwerk / Building 31. Beton & Palisade / Concrete & Palisades 32. Elektriese dienste & Herstelwerk / Electrical Services & Repairs 33. Loodgieters / Plumbing 34. Algemene Dienste / General Services 35. Rommelverwydering Refuse Removal


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Die V en Media24 het ooreengekom dat die adverteerder volle verantwoordelik aanvaar vir die nakoming van relevante wetge-wing in die plasing van korrekte inligting ten opsigte van sy advertensie hierin geplaas. Derhalwe, aanvaar Media 24 geen aanspreeklikheid vir enige skade opgeloop voortspruitend uit die plasing van enige advertensie hierin nie


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FREE • Powder coated QUOTES • 5 Year Warranty • All steel components • Excellent quality, strength and service • Competitive prices 0861 102 340 en 079 876 7956


Verlore / Gevind Lost / Found

Charcoal / grys kat wat Donderdagnag, 30/01/2014 verlore geraak het in die omgewing van Kareelaan woonstelle tussen Goud- en Reitzstraat. Skakel asseblief 083-708-2909 of 082-554-1696.

SANDMAN Deon Van Zyl

TEL: (018) 291-1048/9 SEL: 082-453-0195.

Landlyne weer in werking


Tuinmengsel, Tuingrond, Bousand, Riviersand, “Filling”, Crushersand, Buildersmix



2,4 m x 2,4 m ..................... R4 000 3 m x 3 m ........................... R4 500 3 m x 4 m ........................... R5 100 4 m x 4 m ........................... R7 400 3 m x 5 m ........................... R7 900 3 m x 6 m ........................... R8 200 Any size. Please call Dannis at 078-186-4770


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Matte / Carpets

Persoonlike Kennisgewings / Personal Notices



BOnGAni GABRiEL CASHiBE, iD no. 830122 5552 086, needed to contact Clerk of Children’s Court regarding adoption of a child / or contact

Carpet Kleen

Cleaner, drier, better. Clean carpets or Lounge suites Quick drying and improved chemicals

Onderrig / Education

Tswanakursus: Leer om op heel elementêre vlak in alledaagse situasies te kommunikeer. (Marcel 071 745 9047


Onthale & Konferensies / Functions & Conferences

AANDAG ALLE BRUIDE Eksklusiewe en stylvolle tafeldekor te huur. Ook tafels, stoele, tafeldoeke en lycra-stoelrokke. Events House by The Roots Lifestyle Centre. ( (018) 285-1222.


R22 Replacement gas is already available.







Deon 082-802-2664



* Fault finding * New installations * C.O.C’s * Geysers * Intercom system * Gate motors DAVE 083 675 6370

CK Reg. no. 2002/063528/23

Boomstraat 7, h/v Siddlestraat, KLERKSDORP E-mail: Web: * Tel: 018 462 6596 * Faks: 018 462 1267 Liza: 079 677 8235 Bianca: 083 294 0935 André: 082 788 5616

Vartek Electrical fault finding repairs and new installations (072-1958753


HALLABY LOODGIETERS MOBIELE Skakel Emile BORRELBAD TE HUUR (018) 294-4024 vir funksies, a/u of partytjies, romantiese aande 082 448 2824 en sommer bederf JANNIE VAN GRAAFF LOODGIETERS (018) 297 8168 082 950 9633



naweke. vir besprekings skakel Christo 079-714-6883 TV Ads in docTors consulTing rooms.

Limited placement.

Ad runs: 20 sec. every 20 min. for a year. call mcQ 079 268 4205.

Tel: (018) 294-7459 fax: (018) 293-0785 Bouwerk / Building


AssOCIATED BUILDERs HANDYMAN Renovations, additions, maintenance.

076-900-7866 Kruger Afdakke. Skadu-netafdakke, 4 jaar waarborg. Gratis kwotasie. 16 Jaar diens. Potch omgewing. ( 083-493-5876.



Beton & Palissades / Concrete & Palisades


Precast, Palissademure, plaveisel, lapa’s. Gratis kwotasies.


082 335 0118

Skadunette & betonmure 082 683 9993 082 335 0118

Ons doen verf werk!! Het jy van ons kan help? Verf van huise binne of buite deakke regmaak seël en verf geute, venster etc. Ons doen ook vullis verwydering. (Patrick 079 780 3483

Skakel Johan alle ure 082-962-3125.


Vir verwydering van tuinafval, skoonmaak van erwe en geute, afsaag van takke en bome, algemene opknap van tuine en ligte vervoerwerk.



Ons spesialiseer in: * Xpanda trellisdeure * Motorhuisdeure en oproldeure * Outomatisering van hekke en deure * Interkomstelsels * Elektriese omheinings * Roller shutters * Blinders * sonkappe (“awnings”) * houtvoudeure * Enige staalomheinings * diefwering * “Razor spikes” * storte * skylight Sien winkelvenster vir installeerder op diens op naweke

A1 CEILINGS & ROOF REPAIRSlAlle opknap en verf werk. (Jaco 079 660 0902





Sluit aan by ons

Joy Gardens


Plaagbeheer / Pest Control


Aandag: Speed Queen Services. Diens en herstel alle Speed Queens, tuimeldroërs, mikrogolfoonde. ( Gert Botha (018) 2948479 /082-967-8267. ALLE HERSTELWERK in & om die huis. Boorgate, besproeiing & drukpompe. Geen werk te klein. ( Gerhard by 083-283-5700.

FOR REMOVALS Distance no problem also transport general items up to 7 ton in closed 8 ton truck. Bakkie and 1 ton trailer also available for smalls. Contact 071-625-9597 or 076-885-8425 / 084 279 4828

Algemene vervoer: Bourommel, tuinvullis, meubels asook mini trekke. ( Paul 082-709-3487.


Swembaddens / Swimming Pools

CLEARWATER POOLS. Repairs, renovations, fibreglass & linings.

Pest Control

TEL: 082 802 4747 083 443 9039 018-468 2128 PCO REG.P31742 38

Tuindienste / Garden Services

Kitsgras goeie gehalte en beste prys afgelewer. (079 492 4149


* Nuwe swembaddens * Steppingstones * Sonpanele * Herstel van swembaddens. SKAKEL (018) 294-5833 of 082-928-5774.

Vervoer & Berging / Transport & Storage

Bou, herstel, ontwerp, onderhou van alle swembaddens & spa’s en vele meer. Louwtjie Naudè 083 651 2637

Rommelverwydering / Refuse Removal


Vir alle Bouwerk, Plafonne, Plaveisel, Verfwerk, Loodgieters werk of Elektriese werk asook groot konstruksie werk. (Christo 072 537 2806



Verwydering van bourommel en tuinvullis algemeen vervoer van goedere. (Andre' 071 281 3329 / 082 083 0304

ALLE LOODGIETER herstelwerk & installering van geysers. ( Gerhard by 083-283-5700.

A A N D A G !!! Whirlpool services, herstel & diens alle outomatiese Top Loader, mikrogolfoonde en tuimeldroërs. ( Nick 082-825-0727.

• Gesifte mis vir “top dressing” beskikbaar R20 per sak

Verfkontrakteur vir 11 jaar. Vir alle verfwerk, asook die seël van dakke. ( Johan 083-412-0724.

24/7 Sel: 082-496-8622. of: 082-346-0066.

Algemene Dienste / General Services


RE-ENAMEL EXPERT. Heremalje van ou staalbaddens. Egte emalje. Werk gewaarborg. ( 071-196-2953 /

Vir alle loodgietersprobleme & gratis kwotasies  Pieter (‘n ten volle gekwalifiseerde loodgieter).


• Afsaag en uithaal van bome. • Skoonmaak van industriële- en woonerwe. • Aanplant van gras.

Skakel Lappies (018) 290-6906 of 082-684-8982.


In need of construction work that need to be done. Paving, building, tilling, plastering, rough cutting. (Andries 071 590 8669


Skakel Piet of Johanita ViVierS by Modern auto triMMerS & uPh.


Xpanda Trellisdeure

Loodgieters / Plumbing

Gekwalifiseerde loodgieter. Pyp en lekkasie-sporing. Johan 083 328 0292 Kantoor 018 294 8242 VIR BLITSVINNIGE KWALITEIT DIENS TEEN DIE BESTE PRYSE!!

Skakel Cilda Viviers Tel: 082-772-7130 Faks: (018) 293-0785

ROOFIX Herstelwerk van dakke. Waterproofing verf van huise en geboue. (Andre' 071 281 3329

Blindings / Blinds


Skakel Riaan 083-654-7481



Elektriese dienste & Herstelwerk/ Electrical Services & Repairs



PLEASE CALL US AT 072-289-8756 OR 082-306-3974

Paving, tiling, palissades, lapas, precast walls & general construction.





Skakel Johan

MULTISTYL Eksklusiewe onthaaltoerusting vir troues & funksies. ( Lynette (018) 290-7316



Skakel Elaine (018) 292 1615

Deregistered Pinky Funeral Services 2006/062695/23



GElEwER: PoTChEfSTRoom, CaRlETonvIllE, foChvIllE, PaRyS En omGEwInG


TRADITIONAL HEALER jobs, hips, bums, luck, win lotto, pregnancy problems, lobola, win cases ( 081-057-3579






Kobus houtwerke: Kombuis kaste - Ingeboude kaste + ander houtwerk. (Potch) (072-192-4059

BERTS BRICKS (Potchefstroom)


ALLE EGSKEIDINGS Vir spoedige en bekostigbare diens. Laat ons jou stres hanteer. ( Riaan by Cawood Prokureurs 073-420-6040 of of

Houtwerk / Carpentry



Egskeidings / Divorce




Carletonville Herald


7 Februarie 2014


Grasdakke / Thatch Roofs


EMPI Meubelvervoer Vir alle vervoer o.a. meubelvervoer. Het ook jare ondervinding. Pak self, en hou volle toesig. Pieter 073-525-6536. 076 814-6100 (W) (018) 484-1725 (H) J & H MEUBELVERVOER Vir professionele vervoer en stoor. ( (018) 290-6755. Minitrek + Transport. Stoorplek, rommel en vullis. Beste pryse. (082-332-7554. 4-TON TOE TROK. Doen enige vervoer en klein trekke. Billike pryse. ( 082-455-5329.

Bou van lapas, kam en stop. Alle herstelwerk, en verfwerk.

082 857 5092


Lenings / Loans

BRIDGING CASH while waiting for


Payout (lumpsum only) (011) 394-6937


Ons is die antwoord!! - Ons lewer SABS goedgekeurde geel bousand sowel as ongewasde pleistersand

@ R160 per kubieke meter (afgelaai op u bouperseel).


- Ons lewer gravel G7 (filling) vir fondasie (afgelaai op u bouperseel).

Vir die grou van jou fondasie

- TLB @ R300 per uur


(diesel ingesluit).

Skakel ons by 072 197 1944 / 082 839 3367 vir navrae. Motors


Lenings beskikbaar !! • ITC Welkom!!! Benodig voertuig? FAKS VOLGENDE: Payslips, Identiteitsdokument • Bewys van adres • 3 Maande bankstate • Rybewys indien nodig Skakel: Hanlie 082 356 4343 Zelda 079 133 1188 Faks: 086-226-3285 Email:

Wil u in hierdie spasie adverteer? Skakel Carolina (Potchefstroom) by (018) 293-0750 of Liz (Carletonville) by (018) 788-6693 83

EXCLUSIVE VIP Only 40 years plus! Sport and sensual, private secure. (079 666 0431 (Potch) Moeg geswoeg kom ontspan ek wil, ek kan, ek sal. (Tanya 073 348 6246 (Potch)


Algemeen Te Koop / General For Sale

Groot versameling, goeie opnames vgan klassieke musiek om weg te gee (GRATIS) aan iemand wat dit sal waardeer. Kom soek self uit.


vir u OOrtOllige artikels

skakel (018) 294-5503 / 5

Persele / Premsises

Vinnige, vriendelike diens. Transaksies vertroulik.


Woonstelle te huur / Flats to let

2 slkm meenthuis woonstelle en ‘n winkel kOOs 072 187 2748 Meenthuise te koop / Townhouses for sale

Te Koop:

Villa Riviera Aftree-oord Parys Sitk, eetk, kombuis, 2 slaapk, 1 badk, motorhuis, onderdak stoep. Versorgings kliniek en sekuriteit.

Prys: R700 000 Kontak: 073 157 0240

• Installasies • DSTV/PVR • TV Reperasies • XTra View • Sein Instelling • Skottel skuif

PAND + MEUBELS h/v Kerk & du Plooystr. Potch

Bok melk te koop. (073 229 3800 P A N D M A R Ons koop & verkoop 2de handse huisraad, gereedskap, Oregon deure, vloere. Plafonne staal / Oregon (wanneer beskikbaar). Chris Hanistraat 78, Potchefstroom. ( (018) 293- 3234 of 082-920-0871. Sonbed te koop 22 buis R4 500 onderhandelbaar. (082 920 7082


Te Koop Gevra / Wanted To Buy

210L Staaldromme gesoek koop dromme aan vir kontant. (083 647 8753

Kennisgewing Dit is die verantwoordelikheid van die Adverteerder om seker te maak dat sy advertensie korrek is op die eerste dag van publikasie en geplaas is volgens sy/haar instruksies en dat alle foute gekorrigeer is voor die volgende uitgawe. Mooivaal Media neem geen verantwoordelikheid vir meer as een foutiewe plasing nie. (018) 293 0750 / (018) 788 6693

10 Zebra te koop of jag 11km vanaf Potch R5000 stuk. (084 413 7879 2 Pragtige wit Toypom reuntjies R700 elk 6 weke (083-241-3650 Ganse te koop teen R40,00 per Gaans. (082 808 1855 Jong makoue te koop R60 stuk. ( Deon 078-6219750 Carletonville

018 293 1179 084 376 7527


TIp TOp TV Du plooystraat 46

DSTV + OVHD Installasies TV Reperasies XtraView

018 293 0277 082 892 1315



Ons betaal



DiE vOLGEnDE AnTiEKE vEiLinG iS 8 MAART 2014.

Rooidamdorper genetika R1 500 stuk. (072 682 1145

Kontak: Kobus 083 627 8131



Skakel (018) 290-9920

Kantore te huur in Potchefstroom Ongeveer 200 m2 @ R60 p/m2.



Industriele vlesisaag okto 3 fase R8 500 Hidroliese worsstopper R15 000. ( 072 943 9663

Kantore te huur






Skakel (018) 297-0750



Nie-roker. Vir diskrete, private afspraak. Sport en sensuele, vollyf massering. TLC 28+. Stort-geriewe, veilige parkering. Baie naby Potch. Kom kyk my nuwe nessie, perfekte nuwe plekkie. Afspraak asb. 08:00 - 20:00!! 073-900-0435 of 082-210-6230.

@ R160 per kubieke meter



Staalkonstruksie en store. Voorsiener en installeerder van veiligheidshekke en afdakke. Optrek van enige planne. Skakel Manie Labuschagne by (018) 297-6316 (k/u) of 082-335-9761


TV / Elektriese Toebehore / TV / Electrical Appliances


16 Top kwaliteit swaar dragtige Bonsmara verse beskikbaar @ R7 000 en ‘n bul @ R15 000 (Btw uitgesluit). Skakel Rudie Loots by 083 652 2136. Hartbeesfontein.



1. K2 Accord: R1 800 2. K1 Lancer: R1 200 3. K1 Assegai: R1 200 4. K1 Javelin: R800 5. K1 Javelin: R600 6. K1 Guppy (Jnr) R650 7. 2 x Wingroeispane: R600 8. 1 x Guppy-spaan: R250


12 Top kwaliteit Brangus koeie met kalwers beskikbaar @ R10 000 en 9 koeie @ R7 500 (Btw uitgesluit). Skakel Rudie Loots by 083 652 2136. Hartbeesfontein.


Manie Sweiswerke



Sweis & Staalwerke / Welding & Steelworks


FRANCOIS 072-434-2790


Installering van DSTV Herstelwerk: TV’s, Hi-fi’s, DVD spelers en Naaldwerkmasjiene.

082 302 7995 64

Diere & Pluimvee / Animals & Poultry

25 Swart wilde Beeste te jag aangebied knaldemper 'n verieste R1 600 koeie R1 800 Bulle. (084 413 7879 Te koop 39 dragtige Ooie plus 'n ram. R39 000 + btw. (Andre 084 602 9056

Top kwaliteit Simbra verse beskikbaar @ R7 000 (Btw uitgesluit).

Skakel Rudie Loots by 083 652 2136. Hartbeesfontein. Pragtige Boerboelkruisings te koop. R500 elk. 1 Reun & 2 tefies. ( 076-199-8769.

Plaastoerusting / Farm Equipment

GOUDVLAKTE IMPLEMENTE soek ploeë planters trekkers ens. om te koop vir kontant (082556-9937



Hoogste pryse vir u gebruikte VOERTUIG OF BAKKIE.

Skakel Noshi by (018) 294-6169 of 082-558-4000.

Koop voertuie in Lopende of nie Lopende toestand tot en met r50 000. sKaKeL 079 498-3243




076-278-5821 CARS & BAKKIES FOR CASH!!! UNDER R250 000.


072-272-1988 082-575-7531



AAndAg !!!

Ek koop graag u motor / bakkie vir kontant. doen ook verkope. SkAkEl RAymond REinEckE

082 853 6752


Voordat jy jou motor of bakkie wil inruil of verkoop, skakel my vir ‘n uitstekende prys.



motors en bakkies vir

KOntant R10 000 - R100 000

Riaan de Lange 082-325-9570


Best cash prizes paid for your car or bakkie. Tel: (018) 294 3754 Call 082 558 8999.

Motorfietse / Motorbikes

GESOEK / WANTED: VESPA / LAMBRETTA MOTORFIETS Vespa / Lambretta motorfiets gesoek vir kontant. Enige jaar model of toestand is aanvaarbaar.

Skakel Danie by 083 628 4095. 72




Ons koop bakkies en motors vir KONTANT. Goeie pryse word aangebied. Skakel: 072 126 7886




7 Februarie 2014


Algemeen te koop / General for sale



Carletonville Herald



Algemeen Te Huur / General To Let

STUDENTE AKKOMMODASIE: woonstel @ R3 200 p/m en 2 kamers @ R2 200 p/m elk beskikbaar, 800 m vanaf universiteit, naby Mooivalleiparkarea. ( 082-421-5090.


Besigheidsgeleenthede / Business Opportunities Slaghuis te koop Navrae; (072 943 9663


Persele / Premises

Verskeie groote werksw of store naby WJ Eng Potch Industria. (082 975 1618 / 018 293 2521


Woonstelle Te Huur / Flats To Let


1 Slaapkamer tuinwoonstel te huur, badkamer, aparte kombuis / woon-area, braai-area, motorafdak te Kockstraat 39, Potchefstroom.

Huur: R2 750 p/m, onmiddellik beskikbaar.

OUETEHUIS Woonstelle te huur: 1 slpk, 1 badk, basiese dienste ingesluit, front op Mooirivier @ R4 200 p/m en R5 000 p/m. ( (018) 294-6544 TG Kruger Eiendomme. * 3 SLAAPKAMERS, 1 badkamer, 1 motorhuis, oop parkering en klein tuin. R5 800 p/m. * 1 SLAAPKAMER tuin woonstel. Koopkrag. R3 000 p/m. Beskikbaar 1 Maart. * Verskeie studente woonstelle beskikbaar! ( Sukses Eiendomme by (018) 294-8846/7. 3 Slpk woonstel geen kinders / diere R3 500pm. Dep verw nodig onmiddelik beskikbaar. (018 294 4128

Baie veilig, by OK GROCER. E-pos Johan by: johan.marie1@ of skakel 073 239 1318.


2 slaapkamer woonstel te huur in La Belle Vie veiligheidskompleks. 200 m vanaf universiteit se hek. R5000 per maand Kontak no: 082 924 9859 of 082 443 9751


Binne loopafstand van Pukke hoofhek. Naby “Die Bult”. Steve Biko 128. Vanaf R 2 300.00 pm. tel: 082 805 2755.


Skakel Marisa Claassens 082 585 4321 of David Ellis 082 549 1108

huur: r2 200 p/m.

1 Slpk tuin w/stel. Enkel Persoon. R3 000 p/m w&l ing. Rivier Str 10. Potch. ( Piet 082-648-6639 "2 Slaapkamer, 1 bad" woonstel te huur in Macherbester in kompleks. ( 083 647 8753 Te huur: Baie ruim 2 slpkamer woonstel in Bailliepark kompleks met veilige parkering. Badkamer en kombuis nuut oorgedoen op 2de vloer R4 500pm met koopkrag, geen ekstra kostes nie. (084 582 8007

* SLEGS STUDENTE: Boek en Villa 16 - 2 slpk @ R5 600 p/m. Varsity Lodge A28 - 2 slpk, (hoekeenheid) @ R4 750 p/m. Villa Bly 13 - Goudstraat 2 slpk dupleks @ R5 100 p/m. Baccaleures B48 en B49 2 slpk @ R5 500 p/m. Tom 130 woonstel eenheid 10 @ S/K R5 400 p/m. (Nuwe Kompleks) * ANDER: Nooitgedaght 10 @ R4 000 p/m. Villa De Bell 89 - 2 slpk @ R4 000 p/m. Tambotie 13 - 2 slpk (bult) Molen straat @ R5 465 p/m. Tambotie 21 - 1 slpk groot (kan omskep in 2) @ R5 200 p/m. Kareelaan 9, Goud straat 2 slpk @ R5 180 p/m. La Rouchelle 11 - 2 slpk @ R4 970 p/m. Berma 109 2 slpk @ R4 800 p/m. ( Lisa Brink by Potch Eiendomme (018) 297-5506. Bult sentraal; 3 Slpk tuinwoosntel vir jong werkendes; Geen troeteldiere. (083 704 1010 / 083 759 9846

Ruim 2 slpk woonstel @ R4 000. ( 082 486 6269 RUIM EN KNUS 1 slpk loft beskikbaar vir onmiddellike okkupasie. R2 900 p/m en S/dep. ( Linda by (018) 293-2237 of 072-776-1104.

1 Feb 2 slpk meenthuis @ R4 600 + dep w&l ingesluit afdak geen diere / kinders. (082 576 3286

BAILLIE PARK: 2 slpk woonstel @ R5 020 p/m. ( 082-885-9319. Ruim, nuut oorgedoen. 1 Slaapkamer w/stel. Toegang tot swembad. R3 800 p/m, w&l ing. ( Leoni 084 504 6587. B U L T : 2 SLPK woonstel @ R5 580 p/m. ( 079-511-6518. STUDENTE STUDENTE Verskeidenheid 2 slpk nog beskikbaar vir onmiddellike okkupasie vanaf R4 800 p/m en S/dep. betaalbaar. ( Linda by (018) 2932237 of 072-776-1104. TUINWOONSTEL te huur. Eenslaapkamer woonstel met toesluit motorhuis. Huur: R3 200 p/m, w&l ingesluit. Beskikbaar 1 Maart 2014. ( Madie by 076-314-7868. WOONSTELLE TE huur: * Verskeidenheid woonstelle te huur. Wissel van R2 500 p/m tot R5 600 p/m. ( (018) 294-6544 TG Kruger Eiendomme. Zwakala close Puk / Cti / Vuzi. (082 506 9680 (Sandra) Global (018 - 293 1329

DASSIERAND: Bachelor @ R2 950 p/m. ( 079-511-6506. A. STUDENTE BY PUK. * Bachelors vanaf R3 000 p/m. * 1 Slpk's vanaf R3 500 p/m. * B. Bach w/stel vanaf R2 420 p/m. ( Huizemark (018) 297-8338. D A S S I E R AN D : 2 slpk woonstel @ R4 910 p/m. ( 074-241-9577. Flat te huur op plot R1 500pm + dep + krag. (072 682 1145 B U L T : 1 SLPK woonstel @ R4 130 p/m. ( 082-888-2247. W/STELLE SLEGS vir enkel studente. Jaarkontrak tot 31 Desember. Huur vanaf R2 450 p/m, elektrisiteit ingesluit. ( Mev. Muller by (018) 290-5228 of 082-859-7187. KAMER TE HUUR IN Dwars straat 22A, Kamer 5 @ R1 530 p/m. (Manspersoon) Student. ( Lisa Brink by Potch Eiendomme (018) 297-5506.



NORTH WEST REGION * 5 Year experience in an Intermediate to Advanced Networking and Video Server Environment * Physical Installation and Termination of Field Equipment * Broad Based knowledge of CCTV * Own reliable LDV transport Send CV in PDF to


Woonstelle Te Koop / Flats For Sale

* PRAGTIGE 1 SLPK woonstel in kompleks (ouer mense). R435 000. * Studente woonstelle op die Bult. R265 000 - R318 000. * 2 & 3 Slpk woonstelle Sentraal. R330 000 - R380 000. ( Ernst Nortje by TG Kruger Eiendomme 081-250-7197.


Meenthuise Te Huur / Townhouses To Let

2 SLPK MEENTHUIS met tuin. R6 000 p/m. ( Sukses Eiendomme by (018) 294-8846 / 7. FOCHVILLE: 2 SLPK meenthuis, 1 badk, 1 motorhuis, eie tuin. R3 900 p/m. ( 082-888-2247 of (018) 293-1858 of 072-433-2822. MEENTHUISE: * Verskeidenheid meenthuise te huur. Huur wissel van R4 500 p/m tot R8 500 p/m. ( T G Kruger eiendomme by (018) 294-6544. MEENTHUISE Sentraal, 3 slpk, 2 badk @ R7 150p/m. 2 Slpk dupleks @ R4 400 p/m, R4 950 p/m (mooi). ( Huizemark (018) 297-8338. Meenthuis te huur 2 slpk motorhuis + afdak maks 2 persone. Geen diere stil privaat, Arendstr sleutel, R4 600 huur R4 600 + krag vanaf 1 Maart 2013. (083 258 5921 RUIM 3 SLPK meenthuis. Miederpark omgewing. Binne veiligheidskompleks met swembad. Enkelmotorhuis. Koopkrag. Geen katte of honde. R6 000 p/m. ( 079-934-6156. Soek erf wat klaar res 3 is ± 2000m² om meenthuise te bou. (Vincent 082 568 1515


Huise Te Huur / Houses To Let

2 X HUISE TE HUUR Onderskeidelik teen


071 563 1538

Sentraal geleë te Potchefstroom. Sleuteldeposito betaalbaar. Skakel Andre by



TE HUUR: BAILLIEPARK Groot huis naby skole. Aparte sit- en eetkamer, groot kombuis en aparte waskamer. 3 Slaapkamers en 3 badkamers, studeerkamer en linnekamer. Groot buitegebou. Dubbelmotorhuis plus afdakke. Beskikbaar vanaf 1 Maart 2014.

R11 500 per maand of R13 500 per maand met enkel woonstel. Skakel Brenda by 082-809-7993 of Ronnie by 083-640-6458.

3 SLAAPKAMERHUIS, een badk, aparte toilet, motorhuis vir 2 voertuie, waskamer en buitekamer. beskikbaar 1 Februarie @ R5 500 p/m. ( Sukses Eiendomme by (018) 294-8846/7. * B/PARK 5 SLPK, 2 Badk + studk @ R8 250 p/m. * 4 Slpk, 2 badk, 2 buite vertrekke (Dadelik beskikbaar) @ R8 500 p/m. ( Huizemark (018) 297-8338. HUIS TE HUUR * Verskeidenheid huise te huur. Wissel van R8 500 p/m tot R9 700 p/m. ( T G Kruger Eiendomme by (018) 294-6544. TE HUUR: HUIS. BULT / NWU. 5 Slpk. R8 500 p/m. ( Frans by 082-785-2804.

3 Slpk, 2 badk toesluit garage, eie tuin, afdak en ingeboude braai. Koopkrag water ingesluit. Grimbeeck park R7 200pm dadelik beskik. ( 084 410 4453 O R TAMBO 141 4 slpk huis @ R8 500p/m. ( Lisa Brink by Potch Eiendomme (018) 297-5506. Netjiese 3 slk huis Potch R5 000 p/m. Beskikbaar 1 Maart (082-312-1754


Huise Te Koop / Houses For Sale


Ruim, sonnige 4 slaapkamerhuis te koop in Grimbeekpark. Prys: R1 500 000. Skakel 082 952 1172. HUISE TE KOOP * Miederpark, netjiese 3 slpk, dubbelgeriewe, prys verlaag. R1 250 000. * Kanonnierspark, 4 slpk, 2 w/stelle, naby PUK. R2 000 000. * Cachet 2 slpk w/stel. R300 000. ( Johan 076-631-7382 by TG Kruger Eiendomme. Soek erf wat klaar res 3 is ± 2000m² om meenthuise te bou. (Vincent 082 568 1515 OEWERSIG Ligging!! Ligging!! Loopafstand vanaf Gimmies en NWU. 4 Slpk woning met 4 ruim leefareas. Studk, Braaikamer wat uitloop na swembad. PLUS volledige woonstel. R2 995 000. ( Louise 082-572-5592 by Nexor Eiendomme. TUSCANY RIDGE. Splinternuut in aanbou! 4 Slpk, 2 badk woning met lieflike oopplan leefarea wat uitloop op patio en swembad. R2 500 000. ( Johan 083-625-7437 by Nexor Eiendoms Ontwikkelaars.


Hoewes & Plase Te Koop / Smalls Holdings & Farms For Sale Plotte Plase; Potch Fochville, Vredefort gesoek vir kopers. (079 509 6679 / 082 520 1515

Kamer: Goeie sekur 2km van Puk elek en water ingesluit R1 700pm. (071 745 9047 Kamers te huur ten volle gemeubileerd, swembad + Dstv. Ontbyt + aandete enkel R3000pm, dubbel R5000pm. ( Elize 082-300-2235

vAKAnTE BETREKKinG BESKiKBAAR Park Fietswinkel is opsoek na ‘n hardwerkende, betroubare JOnG MAn. Handig asb. Cv’s per hand in by nelson Mandela Drive 99 - 103. Sluitingsdatum vir aansoeke is 11 Februarie 2014.





MOOIVALLEIPARK: 2 slaapkamer woonstel @ R4 460 p/m. ( 082-075-2382.

TE HUUR: Drie slaapkamer woonhuis in Strydomstraat, Bailliepark. Dubbelgeriewe en studeerkamer. 3 Motorhuise en parkeerplek onderafdakke. Huur: R8 750 p/m en deposito R8 750. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Skakel (018) 290-5018 gedurende kantoor-ure.


TE HUUR: 2 Slpk meenthuis in Grimbeekpark met 1 badk en ‘n afdak. Huur: R4 800 p/m. Skakel 082-565-5360.

Loopafstand van PUK. Bediende 2 keer per week. Tuindienste en wasgeriewe. Veiligheid – Alarm. Internet. Skakel my gerus, Charlene 082 374 4086. Potch; Goeie ligging luukse gemeubileerde kamers. W&l ingesluit, R2 700pm. (071 690 7986 / 071 607 7340 Potch; rooms from R1 400pm. Key deposit required. (071 697 5739 / 074 368 2546 RUIM KAMER MET eie badkamer en kombuis, veilige parkering, sentraal. R2 100 p/m. ( 084-666-9889. STUDENTE Vanaf R1 600 p/m. ( Huizemark by (018) 297-8338.


Vakansie Akkommodasie / Vacation Accommodation

Kumkani Country Lodge. Luukse kamers, ontbyt, M-Net, parkering + swembad. Paryslaan 37, Bailliepark, Potch. Tel: (018) 290-7387/9 082-559-8293 n/u

Woonstel te huur: Uvongo Sunset Beach. Plek vir 4 persone, see uitsig, loopafstand vanaf strand. 8 Dae tarief: binne seisoen R600 p/nag & buite seisoen R350 p/nag. Minder as 8 dae: Ekstra fooi van R550 moet betaal word.


WINKELRUIMTE / KANTOORRUIMTE te huur in Johannes Dreyergebou, h/v Nelson Mandela- en Walter Sisulu Rylaan. ( (018) 294-4991 weekstussen 08:30 en 13:00.

500m vanaf Puk se hek.


Kantoorruimte van 57m² naby mall te huur. (082 822 3745 of 082 321 3630


Potch; Jankra - gebou ruim winkel / kantore perseel; grondvloer; R7 500pm. ( 083 759 9846

R5 300 per maand. Kontak Nadia 018 297 3666 of Kobus 083 627 8131

Bachelor woonstel te huur

Moderne 2 slpk w/stel in veilige kompleks naby NWU @ R4 200pm. (082 268 4788


Skakel Chris 083 701 4270 of Charmaine 073 307 8552.

Ruim, nuut oorgedoende tweeslaapkamer duplekswoonstel met eetkamer te huur vanaf 1 Februarie 2014.



Octron gebou op eerste vloer. h/v James Moroka en autostraat. skakel nommer: 018 292 1615 kantoor-ure 08:00 - 16:30

2 Slaapkamer dupleks woonstel met eie tuin (tuindienste) in kompleks. Onderdakparkering. Kerkstraat, Kona woonstelle.




Carletonville Herald


7 Februarie 2014

Skakel 072-221-1337 of e-pos: Admin4. MARINA STRAND / U V O N G O. Vanaf 10 nagte vir R2 500, buite seisoen. ( 082-920-4063 Weeksdae 08:30 tot 15:00.

Wil u in hierdie spasie adverteer? Skakel Carolina (Potchefstroom) by (018) 293-0750 of Liz (Carletonville) by (018) 788-6693

Cynthia seeks domestic work, eager to learn. Willing to look after kids. (079 753 8539 Hardworking lady seeks domestic work. Clean,wash,iron or restaurant work. (Rebecca 073 863 7931

NAALDWERKSTER benodig: R2 500 per maand. Verwysings is noodsaaklik. ( 082-772-6218.

RegulatoRy affaiRs assistant

Pos beskikbaar vir Tegnikus moet kennis hê van cctv, hekmotor ens. Moer kode 08 hê en woonagtig wees in Potch. Faks cv na (086 509 7666 vir navrae. (Jacques 083 608 0720

Relevant tertiary qualification and Excellent Computer Skills. Closing date: 17 february 2014 ac3

Hardworking lady seeks domestic work. Wash, iron, clean. (Julia 076 574 5875 Hardworking lady seeks restuarant work or any work available. (Agartha 078 848 9847 Hardworking lady seeks domestic work. Clean, wash, iron. (Ntombi 079 172 6377 Hardworking lady seeks any available work. Code 10 licence willing to assist were suitable. (Susan 083 210 6370 Hardworking lady seeks domestci work. Clean, wash, iron. (Emma 076 652 9064 Hardworking lady seeks domestic work. Clean, wash, iron.( Mariam 072-987-8933


WITH A BCOM LLB DEGREE WESTONARIA, GAUTENG Experience in: - Civil - Criminal Litigation - Collections - Commercial Law - Administration of Estates Submit CV to ontvangs@

Hardworking lady seeks domestci work. Clean, wash,iron. (Suzzie 078 595 4164 Honest reliable truck, driver seeks employment. (Richard 078 603 9497

T: 011 753 2246 F: 011 753 3800

Lady seeking any domestic work, willing to sleep in. Wash, cook, iron. (Anna 073 973 7369 / 073 152 1974

Admin pos by Supermark: Twee skofte stelsel, Rekenaarvaardig (NB) (Oryx 018 294 4664

Marcia seeks domestic work. Eager to learn something new. (060 387 5670


Betrekkings / Vacancies

VROULIKE AU PAIR benodig. Slegs op en aflaai. Maandae - Vrydae. R1 200 per maand. ( 082-772-6218.

AGENTE GESOEK VIR GEVESTIGDE verhuringsagentskap. Basiese salaris: R3 000 p/m. Moet oor eie vervoer en selfoon beskik. Moet onmiddellik diens aanvaar. E-pos CV na



UndergroUnd training staff reqUired Min. requirements: • Blasting Certificate • NQF L4 or L5 ODETDP certificate • Assessor Certificate • Moderators Certificate • Computer literate • 5 Years Experience • Technical expert

CV to be mailed: Closing date: 21 february 2014 Should you not receive any feedback in 2 weeks time, please consider your application as unsuccessful.

Sales Agents Required We offer training and attractive incentives to successful candidates.

Beskrywing Die persoon sal VerantwoorDeliK wees om ingenieurs ontwerpe te teKen op Die reKenaar. ons maaK gebruiK Van CaDDie sagteware. Voorvereistes: • Rekenaar vaardig • Uiters deeglike persoon wat vining kan werk. • Ondervinding in ‘n CAD teken program en Excel sal voordelig wees Vergoeding : R5000-R9000 per maand afhangende van die ondervinding van die persoon en die kwaliteit van die aansoek. Sluitingsdatum: 14 Februarie 2014 Stuur CV’s na


Ons het tans twee vakatures, ‘n man as VLOER TEGnIKUs En damE as KassIER by Fantasia River Walk Mall.

• Rekenaarvaardig • Tikvaardig • Matriek of gelykstaande Diploma Kwalifikasie • Ondervinding in ontvangs sal voordelig wees, maar nie verpligtend

Ons vereis albei persone bo 40, moet tweetalig wees en bereid wees om skofte te werk. Goeie interpersoonlike vermoëns ook ‘n vereiste.

Benodig die dienste van ‘n jong dinamiese persoon vir ontvangs pos.

Our agents earn a good income by producing high volumes of new business. If you are: Willing to travel Dynamic Self-Disciplined Responsible Have grade 12 No criminal record Higher qualifications Good communications skills

Tipe: Kontrak werk (Voldag)


We invite you to call our offices in Vereeniging at (016) 422 5588 or (016) 422 5201 This is your opportunity to build a happy and successful future.

ldeale kanidaat moet hardwerkend wees, met ‘n passie vir kliente diens. Bring asseblief CV vir Lida Muller, Elsenbroekstraat 2, Potch-Industria. 018-297 7670

master drilling – with headquarters in Fochville, gauteng province, south Africa, and offices and engineering facilities in Zambia, chile, peru, Brazil and mexico – is seeking to fill the following positions in Africa (including south Africa):

a. Werksure: Maandag – Vrydag : 08:00 – 13:00 b. Ondervinding van Pastel Payroll noodsaaklik.

elektriese bestuurder

a. Werksure: Maandag – Vrydag : 07:30 – 17:15 Saterdae : 07:30 – 13:15 b. Ondervinding noodsaaklik

• Group SHEQ manager • Group integrated management systems manager • Operations manager: raisebore and exploration drilling in Africa • Contract manager and foreman: raisebore drilling


a. Werksure: Maandag – Vrydag : 07:30 – 17:15 Saterdae : 07:30 – 13:15 b. Ondervinding noodsaaklik

Handig u CV in te James Morokastraat 69-71, Potchefstroom. Sluitingsdatum: Vrydag, 14 Februarie 2014. Aansoekers wat na 25 Februarie 2014 nog nie terugvoering ontvang het nie, se aansoeke was onsuksesvol.



Prisma Training Solutions

Kandidate e-pos verkorte CV’s na of skakel Odette by 083 973 1594 maandag tot Vrydag 08:00 tot 16:00.


Habitat beskik tans oor die volgende vakatures vir hardwerkende individue:


ONTVANGS- EN ADMINISTRATIEWE pos beskikbaar by gevestigde agentskap. Moet oor Gr. 12 kwalifikasie beskik, Engels en Afrikaansmagtig en rekenaargeletterd wees. Diensaanvaarding onmiddellik. Salaris: R2 500 p/m. E-pos CV's (maks 3 bl'e) na

Siviele Tekenaar (Raadgewende Ingenieurs Potch)

Kleuterskool onderwyseres en dagmoeder gesoek by Dummies en Diapers (Lee (018)788-2389 C'ville

Verwe, Hardeware & Elektries


Secretary / Buyer/ Admin Clerk required, experience peferable. Computer Literacy essential. Drop cv's off at 20 Gaisfordstreet Potch Industria salary dependent on experience.


7 Februarie 2014


AVON Sales leaders & Representatives needed Potchefstroom, Carletonville & surrounding areas. Sms name & suburb to (082 561 7042

WERKSOEKERS: Registreer by ons en word oorweeg vir vele vakatures. (018 294 4664


Betrekkings Gevra / Vacancies Wanted



Carletonville Herald

• • • •



Logistics manager Maintenance manager Millwright Qualified fitter and boilermaker • Human resources officer • Training co-ordinator

Please visit our career page (About us) at for more information about these vacancies. If you would like to join our team, offering specialised in-house design, manufacturing, training and maintenance capabilities for specific conditions and drilling requirements, please send your CV to or fax to +27 (0)18 771 5156 with the job title (as listed alongside) in the subject line.

ApplicAtions close At midnight on 15 FeBRUARY 2014 If you have not received correspondence from us within 21 days after the closing date for applications, please consider your application unsuccessful.

in our approach to human-resource management and meaningful employee engagement, we aim to provide: Employment and growth opportunities for the benefit of all parties, a safe working environment, fair remuneration and employee benefits, a learning environment and innovation stimulation, and harmonious relationships built on trust and respect. We provide complete project-management expertise – from exploration-stage drilling through to production – including drilling services for civil-engineering applications in a variety of emerging markets. Our variety of drilling services includes surface and underground raiseboring, blind-hole boring, underground and surface-exploration drilling. Our raiseboring capability offers advantages over other conventional drilling methods, including reduced costs, increased speed and safety.

We have exciting opportunities at local financial institutes in Potch / DelaReyville / Krugersdorp / Rustenburg. If you have a minimum of 6 months experience as a teller / admin / sales experience I’d like to hear from you! Minimum requirements : Matric, ITC / Crim clear. Please send your CV to :



Faks verkorte Cv na 086 672 4268 of epos na Aansoeke sluit 11 Februarie 2014

An Equal Opportunity Employer, focusing on MINE MECHANISATION Requires an innovative person for the following position in the Carletonville Area:

Wages Clerk (VIP Payroll) a1t4f75

MoTor vehicle Technician requirements • Merseta / Olifantsfontein Trade Tested • 5 year experience • Drivers License

To apply for this position, please fax/e-mail a CV of not more than 4 pages (No Certificates) to

salesMan – ParTs requirements • Relevant Vehicle industry experience • Strong Computer literacy • Thorough understanding of the Automotive after sales market / industry • Strong customer service focus and ability to resolve customer inquiries/issues

ATTENTION: Anton Botha FAX NO: 018 789 1054 / TEL NO: 018 789 1052

Closing Date: Friday 14 February 2014 (If you haven’t heard from us by the 21st of February, please consider your application unsuccessful)

A dynamic company specializing in the manufacturing of mining and materials handling equipment is looking for an individual for the following vacancy:

Quality Controller

Fax cv to; 086 742 3428 email;


- Randfontein area - Immediately available - Salary negotiable based on experience - Matric required; Tertiary qualification an advantage - Experience in quality control systems within steelwork in a fabrication / manufacturing environment

Versekeringskonsultant in Potchefstroom.



Sekretariële poS beSkikbaar.

Please contact: Marinette @ 011 412 1473 / send CV to

Ondervinding word aanbeveel. Goeie menseverhoudinge en telefoontegniek. Rekenaarvaardig.


Minimum Vereistes: - Graad 12 en/of toepaslike tegniese kwalifikasie - Rekenaarvaardig (MS Office) - Ten minste 3 jaar ondervinding in soortgelyke posisie - Kandidate met goeie tegniese ondervinding sal voorkeur geniet. - Goeie menseverhoudings, - Bereid wees om van tyd tot tyd oortyd en oor naweke te werk. Belangstellende kandidate kan hul CV e-pos na mariette@ of faks na 018-2933524 Die sluitingsdatum vir aansoeke is 13/02/2014. Meld asb u verwagte salaris in u aansoek. Kortlys kandidate moet beskikbaar wees vir ‘n onderhoud op 17 Februarie 2014 in Ventersdorp. Indien u geen terugvoering ontvang binne 14 dae na die sluiting van die advertensie nie, ag asb u aansoek as onsuksesvol.

A dynamic company specializing in the manufacturing of mining and materials handling equipment is looking for an individual for the following vacancy:

stuur cV na of faks na (018) 294-4557.

Site / Service technician a1t4lh5

Sleutel Verantwoordelikhede: - Vermenging van kunsmis volgens voorskrifte, - Onderhoud op toerusting, - Voorraad Beheer, - Toesighouding oor produksie-en stoor personeel,

Werksure: 07:30 - 16:00. Ouderdom 25 - 50 jaar. Moet Afrikaans en Engelssprekend wees. Pos beskikbaar vanaf 1 Maart 2014.

Century Motors Several exciting positions are available at our dealership in Carletonville. We require mature, energetic, results-driven individuals with a real passion for the Mercedes-Benz Brand.



Profert, ‘n gevestigde maatskappy in die kunsmisbedryf beskik tans oor die volgende geleentheid in VENTERSDORP:

Minimum Requirements include Grade 12 Certificate with 1 to 2 years expierience in the field, with a drive to perform - canditates should be bilingual with a pleasing personality and good communication skills

SERVICE ADVISOR Must be computer literate, with related experience and with a technical background, the applicant will be required to maintain proper procedures. We provide excellent training and career growth opportunities. Please forward your CV and relevant documents to: Email: or Fax: 018 786 3362

Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply

Century Motors

128 Kaolin Street, Carletonville, 2499 Tel: 0861 100 786

To qualify for the above position, you will be expected to be Fully Competent in the VIP Payroll Program, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel. Package: ± R7 000-00


het ‘n voltydse ontvangs pos beskikbaar.

Mine Mechanisation & Equipment

Dit is die verantwoordelikheid van die Adverteerder om seker te maak dat sy advertensie korrek is op die eerste dag van publikasie en geplaas is volgens sy/haar instruksies en dat alle foute gekorrigeer is voor die volgende uitgawe. Mooivaal Media neem geen verantwoordelikheid vir meer as een foutiewe plasing nie. (018) 293 0750 / (018) 788 6693

Two vacancies available

Akkerlaan Gastehuis vereistes: • rekenaargeletterd (exel, word, outlook) • tweetalig (Afr & Eng) • goeie telefoon etiket • skof werk, aande en naweke ingesluit • energieke, lewenslustige, netjiese persoon • goeie menseverhoudings • basiese kosmaak vaardighede • gastehuis kwalifikasie of ondervinding is ‘n vereiste pligte: • ontvangs van gaste • besprekings • bediening van gaste • voorbereiding van ontbyt • algemene kantoor admin, ens...


Carletonville Herald



7 Februarie 2014

- Randfontein area - Immediately available - Salary negotiable based on experience - valid drivers license - Matric required; Tertiary qualification an advantage - Experience in mechanical and material handling equipment

Please contact: Marinette @ 011 412 1473 / send cv to

Carletonville Herald

2 GEKWALIFISEERDE TURNERS met papiere of ondervinding.


Geen kansvatters sal geduld word nie.

Lektratek Potchefstroom benodig dringend ‘n Passer en Draaier. CNC ondervinding ‘n vereiste!



PANEELKLOPPER SPUITVERWER (Vir beide beroepe word persone verlang, gekwalifiseerd of ongekwalifiseerd – Met ondervinding ONTVANGSDAME / ADMIN Om onmidellik diens te aanvaar. Gee CV in te Forsmanstraat 2 Potch. Aansoek vorm moet voltooi word.

Navrae: Chris 083 5211 864

The following vacancy exist at our Klerksdorp Branch

HANDIG CV IN BY: 11 Durr str Potchindustria Faks / E-pos CV Faks: 018 - 297 8069 Tel: 018 – 297 7457


Skakel Michiel by (056) 343-3608 of stuur CV na (056) 343-3616 of e-mail na


HYdrAulic SAlES rEprESEntAtiVE We are looking for a very strong sales representative to join our dynamic team. Prospective candidate must have sober habits and must be presentable with a valid driver’s licence as this position is client faced ExpEriEncE & SkillS rEquirEd: • Matric certificate • At least 3 years sales and marketing experience • Experience in dealing with the Gold mines • Experience in hydraulic equipment • Must be technical minded/orientated as well • Must be able to work without supervision and be highly motivated/ self-driven


Dit is die verantwoordelikheid van die Adverteerder om seker te maak dat sy advertensie korrek is op die eerste dag van publikasie en geplaas is volgens sy/haar instruksies en dat alle foute gekorrigeer is voor die volgende uitgawe. Mooivaal Media neem geen verantwoordelikheid vir meer as een foutiewe plasing nie. (018) 293 0750 / (018) 788 6693


BEnEfitS • •


Verantwoordelik vir die aanplant van voergewasse, Algemene instandhouding van plaas asook plaasimplemente,

Deel van span wat onderhoud op eiendom doen,


Bestuur van plaas en onderhoud werkers. Kennis en ervaring van basiese plaaswerk en beeste,

Kennis en ervaring van onderhoudswerk.

closing date 14 fEB 2014 E-mail you application to Please consider you application unsuccessful if you have not heard from our office within 14 working days.


Pensioen en Mediese fonds sal deel wees van die pakket wat

• •

Moontlike verblyfopsie beskikbaar, Markverwante salarispakket sal aangebied word.

aangebied word,

Om aansoek te doen vir bogenoemde pos, kontak die HR Departement by (018) 292 1615 (kantoorure) of faks jou CV na (018) 292 1993 of e-mail na


APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION: A comprehensive CV. A copy of the Grade 12 certificate, ID document and Driver’s License. Copies of relevant training certificates.

Closing date for applications: 15 February 2014 Salary packages are Market Related. Applicants can fax/e-mail their CV’s to: / 086 679 8484 FOR ATTENTION: SITE AGENT RECRUITER or phone HR on 011 251 9400 for specific enquiries


Optipharm Healthcare (Pty) Ltd is recruiting site agents. Positions require travelling between clinics within the allocated district. Requirements: • Applicants must be in good health, well presented and friendly with excellent communication skills. • Applicants must demonstrate established computer skills with Matric. • Proficient in the language of the region – both verbal and written – as well as English. • Primary Healthcare Knowledge will be advantageous. • Excellent customer care skills with empathy and sensitivity to patient’s health a MUST. • Ability to adhere to strict code of ethics. • Excellent time-management and planning skills. • Own reliable transport and valid Driver’s License a MUST.

Salary negotiable based on experience and/or qualifications Large and very exciting company benefits

if you have a passion for the industry and love to work with people apply nOW!


Earn r800 in your first wEEk guarantEEd Data hub needs some workers to fill out forms with or without computer. Easy step by step Tutorials own hours SMS Name, Postal or email address to 073 3748 703 or


Viljoenskroon Ingenieurswerke Bk is opsoek na a1t4ZJa

7 Februarie 2014



7 Februarie 2014



APPLICATION FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF TOWNSHIP the Tlokwe City Council, hereby gives notice in terms of section 96, read together with section 69, of the town Planning and townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance 15 of 1986), that an application for township Establishment for the township referred to in the annexure hereto, has been received by it.





name of township: Grimbeekpark Extension 22

I, M.W.J. de Jager [Id no. 531031 5047 082], of DE JAGER & MEDEWERKERS BK t/a PLANCENTRE TOWN PLANNERS [REG NO. 1990/021605/23], being the authorized agent of the owner of Remaining Extent of Erf 1029, Potchefstroom, hereby give notice in terms of section 56(1)(b)(i) of the town Planning and townships Ordinance, 1986, that I have applied to the tlokwe local Municipality for the amendment of the town planning scheme known as the Potchefstroom town Planning scheme, 1980, as amended, by the rezoning of the above mentioned property, located at 26 Malherbe street, Potchefstroom, from “Residential 1 with a density of one(1) dwelling per 1 000m²” to “Residential 3” with Annexure 1539 in order to provide dwelling units with a FAR of 0.8, coverage of 50% and a height of 3 storeys.

full name of applicant: DE JAGER EN MEDEWERKERS CC [Reg No. 1990/021605/23] t/a PLANCentre on behalf of the property owner, DIE TRUSTEES VAN TYD TOT TYD VAN JAN DE WIT TRUST [IT 1945/00]

Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager, tlokwe Municipal Offices, Wolmarans street, Potchefstroom, for a period of 28 days from 11 February 2014.

number of erven in proposed township: 2 Erven with zoning “Business 3” for dwelling units, offices,shops and restaurant with a maximum height of 2 storeys, a F.A.R of 0.8 and a maximum of 122 units per ha. 1 Erf zonerd “Spesial” for Private Hotel 1 Erf zoned for “Residential 3”

Objection to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at the above address or posted to him at P.O. Box 113, Potchefstroom, 2520, within a period of 28 days from 11 February 2014.

Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager, Room 210, 2nd floor, dan tloome complex, corner of sol Plaatjie avenue and Wolmarans street, Potchefstroom, for a period of 28 days from 11 February 2014. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing and in duplicate to the Municipal Manager, Potchefstroom city council, at the abovementioned address or at P.O. Box 113, Potchefstroom, 2520 within a period of 28 days from 11 February 2014

land description: Portion 970 of the farm Vyfhoek, Registration Division I.Q., North West Province location: The proposed township, approximately 3,4666 ha in size, is located south-east of the Parys Avenue and N12 (Nelson Mandela Drive) intersection and gains access from Parys Avenue. It is known as Kumkani Guesthouse. applicant: PLANCENTRE P.O. Box 21108 Noordbrug 2522 Tel: (018) 297 0100 Ref: 201409 notice no: ............................................................................... P030E KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES a1t4Pc5


KENNISGEWING AANSOEK OM STIGTING VAN DORP die Tlokwe Stadsraad, gee hiermee ingevolge artikel 96, saamgelees met artikel 69, van die Ordonansie op dorpsbeplanning en dorpe, 1986 (Ordonnansie 15 van 1986), kennis dat ‘n aansoek om die dorp in die bylae hieronder genoem te stig, deur hom ontvang is. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende kantoorure by die kantoor van die Munisipale Bestuurder, kantoor 210, 2de vloer, dan tloome kompleks, hoek van sol Plaatjielaan en Wolmaransstraat, Potchefstroom vir ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Februarie 2014 Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Februarie 2014 skriftelik en in tweevoud by die Munisipale Bestuurder, tlokwe stadsraad by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 113, Potchefstroom, 2520 ingedien of gerig word. naam van dorp: Grimbeekpark Uitbreiding 22 naam van aansoeker: DE JAGER EN MEDEWERKERS BK [Reg No. 1990/021605/23] h/a PLANCentre namens die grondeienaar, DIE TRUSTEES VAN TYD TOT TYD VAN JAN DE WIT TRUST [IT 1945/00] aantal erwe in die voorgestelde dorp: 2 Erwe met sonering “Besigheid 3” vir wooneenhede, kantore, winkels en restaurant met ‘n maksimum hoogte van 2 verdiepings, V.O.V. van 0.8 en ‘n maksimum van 122 eenhede per ha.

address of authorised agent: PlancEntRE PO Box 21108 noordbrug 2522 Office : 072 597 5670 (Our Reference: 201337) ................................................................................ P031E KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES




en Z van dER MERWE


EKSEKUSIE VERKOPING ter voldoening van ‘n vonnis van die landdroshof te Potchefstroom en die daaropvolgende beslagleggingsbevel gedateer 16 MEI 2013 word die goedere hierin uiteengesit per geregtelike veiling verkoop te die kantore van die Balju van die laerhof Potchefstroom, te Wolmaransstraat, Potchefstroom, op 19 FEBRUARIE 2014 om 10:00 vir kontant sonder reserwe aan die hoogste bieër, naamlik: 2 X tROllIE Jacks 1 X dRaaI Bank 1 X BatERy chaRGER 1 X vERskEIdEnhEId tOOls 1 X BEnch GRIndER 1 X GROOt GRIndER 1 X klEIn GRIndER 1 X sPRayGUns 1 X PanElBEatInG tOOls 1 X staan BOOR 1 X cOlEMan MUltI MaXI BaR fRIdGE 1 X cOMPREssOR 1 X 3.5 tOn dOMkRaG 1 X EnGInE hysER 2 X WERksBankE 1 X EnGInE staandER (tafEl) 1 X PORta POWER (tOOl) 1 X OndERdElE WassER (tafEl WERk MEt Gas) 1 X sWEIsMasJIEn 1 X Gas stEl 1 X WaP MasJIEn 1 X cRaWEls

R 100.00 R 1 500.00 R 300.00 R10 000.00 R 250.00 R 300.00 R 200.00 R 400.00 R 1 000.00 R 500.00


R22 700.00

R 300.00 R 3 000.00 R 300.00 R 300.00 R 200.00 R 400.00 R 1 500.00 R 1 000.00 R 400.00 R 300.00 R 200.00 R 50.00


Grondbeskrywing: Gedeelte 970 van die plaas Vyfhoek, Registrasie Afdeling I.Q., Noordwes Provinsie

___________________________ (GET.:) A. L. MULLER DU PLOOYSTRAAT 69 POTCHEFSTROOM POSBUS 1200, POTCHEFSTROOM 2520 TEL.: (018) 297-5575 FAKS: (018) 294 4996 VERW.: MULLER/JJ/J604 .................................................................................. P026

applikant: PLANCENTRE Posbus 21108 Noordbrug 2522 Tel: (018) 297 0100 Verw: 201409 kennisgewing no: ............................................................................... P030A KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES


1 Erf gesoneer “Spesiaal” vir Privaat Hotel 1 Erf gesoneer “Residensieël 3”

ligging: Die voorgestelde dorpsgebied, ongeveer 3,4666 ha in grootte, is geleë suid-oos van die Paryslaan en N12 (Nelson Mandela rylaan) interseksie en verkry toegang vanaf Paryslaan. Dit is bekend as die Kumkani Gastehuis.


Carletonville Herald



Dit is die verantwoordelikheid van die Adverteerder om seker te maak dat sy advertensie korrek is op die eerste dag van publikasie en geplaas is volgens sy/haar instruksies en dat alle foute gekorrigeer is voor die volgende uitgawe. Mooivaal Media neem geen verantwoordelikheid vir meer as een foutiewe plasing nie. (018) 293 0750 / (018) 788 6693


Suitably qualified contractors and service providers are hereby invited to submit their Company Portfolio of Evidence for registration on Tlokwe City Council’s supplier’s database. Service providers/contractors who are already registered on Tlokwe City Council’s database are required to update their profiles, in compliance with Section 110 of the Municipal Finance Management Act 2003 (Act No. 56 of 2003) and Chapter 6, Section 3(1) of the Supply Chain Management By-Laws. Application forms may be collected from Tlokwe City Council, Dan Tloome Complex, Cnr Sol Plaatjie Avenue and Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom (1st Floor, Room 102, Me Evelyn Nkaunyane) or be downloaded from our website Duly completed application forms together with support documentation must be delivered to the Supply Chain Management Section in Potchefstroom. PC LABUSCHAGnE ACTinG MUniCiPAL MAnAGER

In accordance with Government Gazette No 34350, suppliers are reminded that the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 2000 (Act No 5 of 2000) amendments became effective on the 7th December 2011. This amendment does affect suppliers who are currently registered or wish to register on Tlokwe City Council’s Suppliers Database as well as those who may tender for future bids issued. No procurement of goods of services will be made with service providers who are not registered on the data base. Supplies are hereby informed that they are not allowed to do business with the Tlokwe City Council without any official order. All enquiries in this regard may be directed to Me E Nkaunyane on (018) 2995146 during office hours.

notice no: __3__/2014


Carletonville Herald

7 Februarie 2014


TLOKWE CITY COUNCIL DEPARTMENT PUBLIC SAFETY TENDER NO. 94/2013: SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF A LIGHT DIESEL TRUCK (DOUBLE CAB-SIX- SEATED) TO THE TLOKWE CITY COUNCIL Tenders are hereby invited in terms of Section 83 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 2000, (Act 32 of 2000) for the supply and delivery of a LIGHT DIESEL TRUCK (DOUBLE CAB-SIX- SEATED) to the Tlokwe City Council. THE CLOSING TIME AND DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF THE TENDER WILL BE AT 12:00 ON FRIDAY, 21st FEBRUARY 2014 Only tenders from registered vehicle dealerships will be accepted. A weighted criteria with a possible maximum points has been set for Functionality. The Financial Proposal will only be evaluated if the Functionality scores 50% or above. A maximum of 20 points will be awarded for a good and proven track record for the number of years in providing similar vehicles. The 20 points for functionality will be evaluated as follows: Functionality table:

Number of years of providing similar vehicles

Points allocated

Up to 2 years

5 Points

Between 3 and 5 years

10 Points

Between 6 and 10 years

15 Points

Between 11 and 15 years

20 Points

Proven track record (documentation) of the supplying of similar vehicles must be submitted. Proven documentation must be submitted that the company is registered for the supplying of similar vehicles. NB: Services and parts must be locally available in Potchefstroom. Sealed tenders, duly endorsed with, “Tender: 94/2013” “SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF A LIGHT DIESEL TRUCK (DOUBLE CAB-SIX-SEATED) TO THE TLOKWE CITY COUNCIL, POTCHEFSTROOM” must be placed in the tender box in room 315, Third Floor, Municipal Buildings, Dan Tloome Complex, corner of Sol Plaatjie Avenue and Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom or addressed to P.O. Box 113, Potchefstroom, 2520.Tenders will be received until 12:00, 21st February 2014 and will be opened in public in the Committee Room, Municipal Offices, Dan Tloome Complex corner of Sol Plaatjie Avenue and Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom. Telegraphic or electronic tenders will not be accepted. Tender documents, containing details of the Specifications and Conditions are available at the Department Public Safety, Corner of Poortman & Luitingh Street, Potchindustria (Fire Station) upon payment of a non-refundable cash amount of R200-00 per document, and only Bank Guaranteed cheques will be accepted and must be made payable to the “Tlokwe City Council”. The Council is not compelled to accept the lowest or any tender. The successful tenderer will be required to enter into a formal contract regarding any part of the tender with Council. Tenderers must supply the necessary information in order to comply with the requirements of Section 83 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems, Act 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) and subject to the conditions of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 2000 (Act 5 of 2000), as well as the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2001 pertaining to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act. The Supply Chain Management Regulations of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, as well as the City Council’s Supply Chain Management By-laws will also be applicable.



It’s a sign of respect to cover the dead. What about the living? Donate a blanket by SMSing “Blanket” to 42290 at a cost of R30.00 or dropping one off at any Ster Kinekor cinema.

7 Februarie 2014


Carletonville Herald




TLOKWE CITY COUNCIL INFRASTRUCTURE: ELECTRICITY TENDER 61/2013 Tenders are hereby invited in terms of Section 83 of Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 2000, (Act 32 of 2000) for the supply, delivery and installation of drawing equipment for upgrade of office equipment for Tlokwe City Council. CLOSING TIME AND DATE: 12:00 ON 21 FEBRUARY 2014 Sealed tender, duly endorsed “Tender 61/2013: Supply, Delivery and Installation of Drawing Equipment for upgrade of Office Equipment for Tlokwe City Council” must be placed in the tender box at the Office of the Speaker, Room 315, Third Floor, Dan Tloome Complex, Corner of Sol Plaatjie Avenue and Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom, or addressed to: The Municipal Manager, P O Box 113, Potchefstroom, 2520. Tenders will be received until 12:00 on 21 February 2014 and will be opened in public in the Committee Room, Third Floor, Dan Tloome Complex, corner of Sol Plaatjie Avenue and Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom. Telegraphic, facsimile or e-mail tenders will not be accepted. To ensure that your tender is not exposed to invalidation, documents are to be completed in accordance with the conditions and tender rules contained in the tender documents obtainable from the Department Infrastructure, Electrical Engineer, Luitingh Street, Potchindustria, upon payment of a non-refundable, deposit of R300,00 document fee payable to the “City Treasurer” Tlokwe City Council and paid in at the Rates Hall, Dan Tloome Complex, Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom. Functionality Primary/ Accredited Supplier

Sub-criteria (Attach Proof)

Maximum number of points

Proof of supplier accreditation

10 points

Number of years have been ac- 1 point for every two years of tive in relevant business relevant business experience. 5 points; based in Gauteng/ North West/Free State

10 points

One permanent staff member with technical skills, and qualifications:

Proof of documents (Commitment letter)

10 points

Availability of spares

Proof of availability of spares (Commitment letter)

10 points


At least 12 months (Commitment letter)

10 points

Technical training/assistance

Proof of training and technical assistance (Commitment letter)

10 points


Assistance with commissioning after installation of items (Commitment letter)

10 points

Proof of maintenance and repairs on item (Commitment letter)

5 points


Total points for functionality

75 points

Bidders that score less than 75% on the above criteria will be excluded from further participation in this bid. The City Council reserves the rights to accept any tender or tenders or part(s) thereof or not accept any tender or tenders at all. At the Council’s discretion, the lowest tender shall not necessarily be accepted. Tenderers must supply the necessary information in order to comply with the requirements of Section 83 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 2000, (Act 32 of 2000) and subject to the conditions of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 2000, (Act 5 of 2000) as well as the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2001 pertaining to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (as amended). It must also comply with the Supply Chain Management Regulations as published in Government Gazette 27636 of May 2009. The Council’s Supply Chain Management By-Law will also be applicable. Notice No. 10/2014


TENDER NO. 92/2013: SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF AN INCIDENT COMMAND UNIT TO THE TLOKWE CITY COUNCIL Tenders are hereby invited in terms of Section 83 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) for the supply and delivery of an Incident Command Unit to the Tlokwe City Council. THE CLOSING TIME AND DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF THE TENDER WILL BE AT 12:00 ON FRIDAY, 21st FEBRUARY 2014 Tender documents, containing details of the Specifications and Conditions are available at the Department Public Safety, Corner of Poortman & Luitingh Street, Potchindustria(Fire Station) upon payment of a non-refundable cash amount of R200-00 per document, and only Bank Guaranteed cheques will be accepted and must be made payable to the “Tlokwe City Council”. FUNCTIONALITY A weighted criteria with a possible maximum points has been set for Functionality. The Financial Proposal will only be evaluated if the Functionality scores 75% or above. A maximum of 14 points as set out below will be used to acclaimed specific goals. Track record and performance on previous contracts (10) (a) Having more than 10 years in the industry providing similar service (10) (as per table below):

Number of Years


1-2 Years


3-4 Years


5-6 Years


7-8 Years




(b) Having completed similar projects or contracts (attach appointment letter/duly signed contract (4)

Number of Projects/Contracts


1-2 projects/contracts


3-4+ projects/contracts


Sealed tenders, duly endorsed “SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF AN INCIDENT COMMAND UNIT TO THE TLOKWE CITY COUNCIL” must be placed in the tender box at the Office of the Speaker, Room 315, Third floor, Dan Tloome Complex, Corner of Sol Plaatjie Avenue and Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom or addressed to: The Municipal Manager, P.O. Box 113, Potchefstroom, 2520. Tenders will be received until 12:00 on Friday, 21st FEBRUARY 2014 and will be opened in public in the Committee Room, Dan Tloome Complex, Corner of Sol Plaatjie Avenue and Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom. Telegraphic, facsimile or e-mail tenders will not be accepted. The City Council reserves the right to accept any tender or tenders or part(s) thereof or not accept any tender or tenders at all. At the Council’s discretion, Council is not obligated to accept the lowest tender. Tenderers must supply the necessary information in order to comply with the requirements of Section 83 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems, Act 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) and subject to the conditions of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 2000 (Act 5 of 2000), as well as the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2001 pertaining to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act. The Supply Chain Management Regulations of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, as well as the City Council’s Supply Chain Management By-laws will also be applicable. NOTICE NO. 06/2014 L MOHLOMI ACT MUNICIPAL MANAGER

Kennisgewing Dit is die verantwoordelikheid van die Adverteerder om seker te maak dat sy advertensie korrek is op die eerste dag van publikasie en geplaas is volgens sy/haar instruksies en dat alle foute gekorrigeer is voor die volgende uitgawe. Mooivaal Media neem geen verantwoordelikheid vir meer as een foutiewe plasing nie. (018) 293 0750 / (018) 788 6693


Carletonville Herald





In die boedel van wyle kEdIsalEtsE MaRtha fanIsha, Identiteitsnommer 480220 0451 08 1, in lewe ‘n getroude vrou en voorheen woonagtig te 3393 thokelestraat, Ikageng, Potchefstroom en wat op die 6de dag van OktOBER 2010 oorlede is. Boedelnommer: 16422 / 2010 (Mmabatho). Ingevolge artikel 35 (5) van Wet 66 van 1965 word hierby kennis gegee dat die Eerste en finale likwidasie- en distribusierekening van bovermelde boedel in die kantore van die Meester van die hooggeregshof te Pretoria en die landdroskantore te Potchefstroom ter insae sal lê vir ‘n periode van 21 dae vanaf datum van publikasie hiervan vir alle persone wat daarby belang het. Indien binne genoemde tydperk geen beswaar daarteen by die betrokke Meester ingedien word nie, gaan die Eksekuteur(s) oor tot die uitbetaling ingevolge die voormelde rekening. klynveld - Gibbens Ingelyf, nelson Mandelarylaan 118a, (Posbus 1738), Potchefstroom, 2531. .................................................................................. P027 KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES In dIE aRBEIdshOf / landdROshOf / hOOGGEREGshOf / vIR dIE dIstRIk van POtchEfstROOM, GEhOU tE POtchEfstROOM. saaknR.: 4397 / 13


In dIE BOEdEl van WylE hEnRy nEWtOn WalkER, IdEntItEItsnOMMER 280701 5013 085, WIE BUItE GEMEEnskaP van GOEdERE GEtROUd Was MEt dIanE hElEn WalkER, IdEntItEItsnOMMER 280713 0009 083, WIE GEWOOnlIk WOOnaGtIG Was tE kRUGERstRaat 53, POtchEfstROOM, En Wat OP dIE 6dE daG van aUGUstUs 2008 tE POtchEfstROOM OORlEdE Is. BOEdElnOMMER: 21981/08. kEnnIs WORd hIERMEE GEGEE InGEvOlGE aRtIkEl 35(5) van WEt nR 66 van 1965 dat dIE lIkWIdasIE En dIstRIBUsIEREkEnInG In BOGEMEldE BOEdEl tER InsaE sal lê tE kantORE van dIE MEEstER van dIE nOORd-WEs hOOGGEREGshOf tE PREtORIa En dIE landdROs tE POtchEfstROOM vIR ‘n tydPERk van 21 (EEnEn-tWIntIG) daE vanaf datUM van PUBlIkasIE hIERvan naaMlIk 17 JanUaRIE 2014. sanEt Ras PROkUREURs, PEtER MOkaBalaan 101, PRIvaatsak X1268, POtchEfstROOM, 2520. PROkUREURs vIR EksEkUtEUR / vERWysInG: st Ras/sp/W100 .................................................................................. P029 KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES


Hiermee wil ons graag al ons lesers inlig dat alle Regskennisgewings voortaan in die regs-afdeling gepubliseer sal word.

legal notices


Geteken te POtchEfstROOM op hierdie 3de dag van fEBRUaRIE 2014. J. sEBOtsE 078-246-4304. .................................................................................. P025 KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES


Dit is die verantwoordelikheid van die Adverteerder om seker te maak dat sy advertensie korrek is op die eerste dag van publikasie en geplaas is volgens sy/haar instruksies en dat alle foute gekorrigeer is voor die volgende uitgawe. Mooivaal Media neem geen verantwoordelikheid vir meer as een foutiewe plasing nie. (018) 293 0750 / (018) 788 6693


om 10h00 te SWANRA HOF, h/v SCOTT- & ERASMUSSTR, WILKOPPIES die kompleks is verbeter met 12 redelike ruim woonstelle met 12 motorafdakke, stoorkamer ens. die groottes van die woonstelle wissel tussen 83m² en 72m² en bestaan onderskeidelik uit twee of een slaapkamers met sitkamer, balkon, kombuis en badkamer.


Ingevolge ‘n uitspraak in die hof van die landdroshof, sal die ondervermelde bates om 11:00 op die 19de dag van fEBRUaRIE 2014 by die kantore van die Balju van die laerhof / hooggeregshof te: WOlMaRansstRaat 86, POtchEfstROOM geregtelik verkoop vir kontant en sonder reserwe aan die persoon wat die hoogste bod maak, naamlik:


1) hierdie woonstelle sal gesamentlik en afsonderlik verkoop word. 2) deeltitelregister reeds geopen en geregistreer. 3) Ideale beleggingsgeleentheid.

VOORWAARDES: 10 % van die koopprys is betaalbaar deur die KOPER by toeslaan van die bod asook 7.5% Kommissie en BTW daarop. Balans sal deur middel van ‘n waarborg gelewer word 30 dae na bekragtiging. Die eiendom sal sonder reserwe verkoop word onderworpe aan bekragtiging deur die Verkoper. Kopers moet ‘n bewys van Identiteit en woonadres beskikbaar hê. Vir nadere besonderhede skakel: Afslaer/Rudi Müller 082 490 7686 Kantoor 018 294 7391 Besoek ons webtuiste vir meer inligting asook die reëls van die veiling en die regulasies in terme van die Verbruikerswet :

• Insolvente Boedels • Bestorwe Boedels (Debiteure & Krediteure) • Bestorwe Boedels (Likwidasie- & Distribusierekeninge) • Boedeloorgawes • Algemene Kennisgewings • Algemene Jaarvergaderings • Dorsbeplannings: (Hersonerings, Onderverdelings, Opheffing van Beperkings, Tweede Woonhuise, Besig heidsregte, Minerale Regte, Spesiale Toestemmings) • OIS - Omgewingsimpakstudies / Advertensieborde • Dorpstigtings • Dranklisensies • Egskeidings / Huweliksvoorwaardekontrakte • Eksekusieverkopings • Hofbevele / Sekwestrasies • Pensioenfondse • Verkoop van Besighede • Verlore Dokumente • Tenders • Veilings KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES


In opdrag van die eienaar sal ons die ondervermelde eiendom verkoop


Regskennisgewing indeks



1 x dIaMOnd dRUM Wa80G5 WasMasJIEn 1 x Plaat EssEntIals stOOf 1 x sWaRt sUnBEan MIkROGOlfOOnd & 2 Plaat stOOf 1 x sIlWER lG MIkROGOlfOOnd 1 x EXPREsscOOl 2 dEUR yskas GR289vv 2 x GOUd / GROEn BankE 3 x ROOI lEER BankE 1 x hOUt tv stand & 2 kassIEs (BRUIn) 1 x hOUt kOffIEtafEl (BRUIn)




En P. MasIlO

KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES KENNISGEWING (KREDITEURE EN DEBITEURE) In die boedel van wyle LEHLOHONOLO LUCKY JUSTICE KWELE. Gebore: 1987-04-09 voorheen woonagtig te 3847 BUTISTRAAT, IKAGENG, POTCHEFSTROOM en wie op die 28STE JUNIE 2013 oorlede is. Boedelnommer: 7203/2013 (MMABATHO). krediteure en debiteure word hiermee versoek om hulle eise in te dien en hulle skulde te betaal binne ‘n tydperk van 30 (dertig) dae gereken vanaf datum van verskyning van hierdie advertensie. EKSEKUTEUR: MEV MM NZIMANKULU. P/A KLYNVELD-GIBBENS INGELYF, NELSON MANDELA RYLAAN 118A POTCHEFSTROOM, 2531 .................................................................................. P028 KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES


Herewith we would like to inform our readers that all legal notices will be published in the legals department.

In die saak tussen: J. sEBOtsE

7 Februarie 2014

Ek, M.W.J. de Jager [Id no. 531031 5047 082], van DE JAGER & MEDEWERKERS BK h/a PLANCENTRE STADSBEPLANNERS [REG NO. 1990/021605/23], synde die gemagtigde agent van die eienaar van Restant van Erf 1029, Potchefstroom, gee hiermee ingevolge artikel 56(1)(b)(i) van die Ordonnansie op dorpsbeplanning en dorpe, 1986, kennis dat ek by die tlokwe Plaaslike Munisipaliteit aansoek gedoen het om die wysiging van die dorpsbeplanningskema bekend as Potchefstroom dorpsbeplanningskema, 1980, soos gewysig, deur die hersonering van bogenoemde eiendom, geleë te Malherbe straat 26 , Potchefstroom, vanaf “Residensieel 1” met ‘n digtheid van een (1) wooneenheid per 1 000 m²” na “Residensieel 3” met Bylae 1539 ten einde wooneenhede met ‘n VOV van 0.8, dekking van 50% en ‘n hoogte van 3 verdiepings te voorsien.. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Munisipale Bestuurder, tlokwe Munisipale kantore, Wolmaransstraat, Potchefstroom, vir ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Februarie 2014. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 11 Februarie 2014 skriftelik tot die Munisipale Bestuurder by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 113, Potchefstroom, 2520, ingedien of gerig word. adres van gemagtige agent: PlancEntRE Posbus 21108 noordbrug 2522 kantoor : 072 597 5670 (Ons verwysing: 201337) ................................................................................ P031a KENNISGEWINGS • NOTICES

7 Februarie 2014


Carletonville Herald

Last chance to enter Gr 1 learners

Parents and family members have a few days left to enter their Grade 1’s for the Herald’s exiting Grade 1 Competition. The Herald decided to postpone the deadline for the competition to make sure that more parents had an opportunity to enter. Your child could win a full year’s school fees paid by the Herald. All you have to do as a parent or guardian, is to e-mail a digital photograph of the child in his or her school clothes to Photo’s of Gr 1’s will appear in the Herald weekly until all the photo’s have been received by the deadline. The photograph of all children who were entered will again appear in the newspaper of the week after the deadline, which is February 7. The photographs of all children who were entered will again appear in the newspaper of the week after the deadline and readers, parents and family members will be able to vote for the child of their choice.

Morne`Ainsley - Laerskool Dagbreek

Nicole Barnard - Laerskool Dagbreek

Anja Bezuidenhout -Laerskool Dagbreek

Bianca OberholzerLaerskool De Beer.

Ethan Nel - Laerskool Dagbreek

Jaen Paul Botha -Laerskool Fochville

Jessica Bruce - Laerskool Dagbreek

Jonathan Van Rooyen - Laerskool Jongspan

JP Venter - Laerskool Dagbreek

Kamogelo Lethoba Laerskool Blyvooruitsig

Karen Schoeman Laerskool Dagbreek

Kelly Hope Cunningham- Scott -Laerskool Jongspan

Kemoratlile Kometsi - Danie Theron

Mamello Ntoleng Laerskool Jongspan

Roxnne Botha - Laerskool Dagbreek

Shaun Steyn - Laerskool Dagbreek

Abigail Benntt - Laerskool Losberg

Aimy Pieters - Laerskool Losberg

Ethan Bradnick - Laerskool Dagbreek

Dillan Roodt - Laerskool Dagbreek

Stem vir jou gunsteling November-bruidspaar Lesers kan die week vir hul gunsteling bruidspare wat in November getrou het, stem. Diegence wat aan die kompetisie wil deelneem, hoef net die naam en vanne van hul gunstelingpaar-

tjie na die Herald by 45517 te stuur. SMS’e kos R1.50. Die paartjie wat die meeste stemme ontvang, sal outomaties as die wenners uittree. Lesers wat aan die kompetisie wil deelneem, het tot Maandag 10 Februarie om 13:00

Jaco en Bianca Meyer - 30 November 2013 Eben en Melinda Steyn - 2 November 2013

het. Maak seker dat jul name, troudatum asook kontaknommers agterop geskryf is. Foto’s kan by die Herald se kantoor ingehandig word of na gestuur word. Paartjies wat per e-pos inskryf, moet egter seker maak dat hul volledige kontakbesonderhede saam met die foto gestuur word. Lesers moet seker maak hulle koop gereeld hul koerant, want hulle kry na afloop van elke maand se inSizwe en Dineo Gcuku - 23 Novem- skrywings die geleentheid om vir hul gunsteber 2013 ling-bruidsfoto te stem en so elke maand se wenpaartjie aan te wys.

kans om te stem. Intussen kan lesers wat in December getrou het, ook reeds hul foto’s na die Herald stuur. Stuur vir ons ‘n kop- en skouers-foto waarop julle die mooiste glimlag op jul groot dag

Collen en Bianca Swart - 30 November

Customer Service Manager Carletonville

Pick n Pay Retailers (Pty) Ltd is looking for a Customer Service Manager at our Carletonville Supermarket branch. You will be required to liaise between customers and management, advise customers on products and services, as well as assist and maintain service and store standards. Minimum recruitment criteria: • Matriculated • At least 2 years’ relevant experience (proven track record) • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, be able to converse in Afrikaans • High level of verbal and written communication skills and basic computer literacy • Ability to remain calm and level headed under pressure • Sense of urgency, creative flair and flexible to assist where required • Willing to work flexible hours, including shifts and Sundays if necessary • In possession of a valid driver’s licence. If you meet these criteria, and are a professionally presented, self-motivated person, please email your cv and copy of matric certificate to 0866048520 for attention Bobby van Essen along with a letter motivating your application and describing how you meet these criteria. Please note that only short listed applicants will be considered. Applications close on 14 February 2014.

Kwintin en Ruchelle Theron -16 November

Johan en Chantel Mostert - 2 November

Piet & Hester Freich -9 November 2013 Die twee menere is nuwe studente wat by Laerskool Losberg werk terwyl hulle studeer. Links is mnr. Arno van der Hoff en regs mnr. J.D. Laufs. Mnr. Van der Hoff se passie is Wetenskap terwyl mnr. Laufs s'n Afrikaans en Tegnologie is. Verder is beide die manne geesdriftig oor sport en sien hulle uit daarna om te help met die afrigting van rugby en krieket.


Carletonville Herald

7 Februarie 2014

Laerskool Oos-Driefontein is dié jaar verskeie personeellede ryker. Dié nuwe onnies is me. Julita Fourie (gr. 3-onderwyser), me Anita Wallis (administratiewe klerk) en me Lianie Vermaak (gr 5-inter-sen onderwyseres).


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in terms of the provisions of section 127 of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act 56 of 2003), read with sections 21 and 21A of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000), and the municipality’s Public Participation Policy, that the annual report of the Merafong City Local Municipality for the 2012/2013 financial year was tabled on a special Council meeting at 14:00 on 30 January 2014. The Report will be considered on a Council meeting at 17:00 on 27 March 2014. Members of the local community and organs of state are herewith invited to attend the Council Meeting. The annual report will be available at the under mentioned offices for inspections during normal office hours (07:30 to 16:00) from 1 February 2014. 1. Fochville Civic Centre 2. Greenspark Library 3. Kokosi Municipal Library 4. Wedela Municipal Office 5. Carletonville Municipal Offices (Main Entrance Security) 6. Carletonville Library 7. Khutsong Public Library (MPCC at the SAPS) 8. Welverdiend public library. An electronic copy of the report will be available on the same date on the Merafong City Local Municipal website at Any member of the local community or an organ of state who wishes to submit written comments or make representations to Council on matters contained in the Annual Report may attend the meetings. Any member of the local community or an organ of state who wishes to personally address the Council on matters contained in the Annual Report must apply in writing and must set out the matter(s) they desire to raise in written format. Any person who cannot write can be assisted to develop a transcription of his or her comments or representations. For assistance, contact Mr Nkosinathi Voyi at 018 788 9535 during office hours at the Carletonville Municipal Offices. A Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) was established by the Executive Mayor in terms of section 79 of the Municipal Systems Act. The MPAC will submit an oversight report to Council during the meeting on 27 March 2014 when the annual report is discussed at Council. Any member of the local community or an organ of state who wishes to submit written comments or make representations to MPAC on matters contained in the Annual Report may attend any meeting of Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC). The Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) will meet on the under mentioned venues, time and dates. MPAC will bring out an oversight report as envisaged in section 129 of the Municipal Finance Management Act. Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) meetings will take place as follows: Date Time Venue 24 to 26 February 2014 09:00 – 16:00 Office of the Chairperson MPAC Room 112 Municipal Building Froneman Street Fochville All Council and Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) meetings are open to the public. Any further particulars may be obtained from the Office of the Acting Municipal Manager – Mr. MG Seitisho – at Tel. No. 018 788 9506. MG SEITISHO ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER Notice number 2/2014

Laerskool Oos-Drie het vanjaar 'n groot groep nuwe gr 1-leerlinge by die skool verwelkom. Op die foto is van die jongelinge wat hul nuwe skoolloopbaan aanpak

Bo:Verskeie kranige atlete het oor die hekkies gevlieg tydens Laerskool De Beer van Welverdiend se huissport wat onlangs aangebied is. Links: Die jong atleet het onlangs sy slag tydens Laerskool De Beer van Welverdiend se huissport gewys.

7 Februarie 2014


Carletonville Herald

Soccer to kick off on high note Adele Louw The Merafong City Local Football Association is planning for 2014 to be a busy year for those who participate in this sport. “We want to start the season on a high note,” the Merafong City Local Football Association’s development officer, Hloni Kharejane, told the Herald this week. According to Kharejane, a meeting will be held for all teams from the area who want to affiliate in the district league on Sunday, February 9. The event will be held at the Carletonville Sports Complex and will start at 09:30. “All teams who want to play in the league are invited to attend as we need to discuss kick-off dates,” says Kharejane. For more information, contact Kharejane at 082 347 7076.

Laerskool Jongspan het sy huissport se velditem-afdeling op 29 Januarie gehou. Die atleet het sy slag in die verspring-put gewys.

This athlete flew through the air during the high jump item of Jongspan Primary School's interhouse.

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“I think that we all do heroic things, but hero is not a noun, it’s a verb”. Robert Downey, Jr.

SYNC /12152

Visit for Terms and Conditions.

h! s u r k w e n a t o g e v We’


KFC Carletonville (Cnr. Ada & Osmium Street)


018 786 2500

YUM Restaurant Support Centre Bryanston: 010 001 7100

7 Februarie 2014

Skopboksers pak 2014 met mening aan Adele Louw Lede van die Modern Millenium-skopboksklub is reg om 2014 met mening aan te pak. Volgens dié klub se afrigter, Chimmy van Winkel, is klublede reeds besig om hulle vir verskeie kompetisies voor te berei. Verskeie van die klub se vegters sal reeds op 15 Februarie hul staal tydens ‘n vriendskaplike byeenkoms in Thabazimbi wys. Die volgende groot kragmeting sal op 22 Februarie in Pretoria plaasvind. Vegters sal aan dié byeenkomste

deelneem om hulle vir drie groot ‘Great North’-toernooie, wat reeds in Mei begin, voor te berei. Die vegters moet ook reeds vinnig aan die gang wees sodat hulle in April tydens provinsiale uitdunne kan presteer om vir die nasionale kampioenskap, wat teen die middel van die jaar gaan plaasvind, te kwalifiseer. “Ons het ook reeds outjies gehad wat vir internasionale kompetisies gekwalifiseer het. Dit gaan egter oor geld wanneer besluit kan word wie gaan of nie. Hier is nie genoeg borge by ons vir die jonger vegters nie,” het Van Winkel aan

die Herald vertel. Hy het egter bygevoeg dat van die klub se lede steeds vir kompetisies in Rusland, Turkye of Mauritius kan kwalifiseer. Volgens Van Winkel is die 17-jarige Allan Smith ‘n klublid om dop te hou. Nie net is hy einde verlede jaar as die klub se toppresteerder aangewys na hy al vyf sy gevegte deur die jaar gewen en suksesvol na tweede bruin gordel gradeer het nie, maar het hy ook onlangs suksesvol tot ‘n vegter wat sy staal in alle style kan wys, begin ontwikkel. “Ons gaan nog baie van hom hoor

Die Modern Millenium-skopboksklub het einde verlede jaar hul presteerders met trofeë beloon. Dié sterre is Christian Perez, Sean Jonker, Dwayne Putter en David Robertson. In die tweede ry is Allan Smith, M.C. van Winkel, Trevor van der Merwe, Jonty Martins en Gordon du Plessis. Agter is Chimmy van Winkel (afrigter), M.J. Willemse en Willem Willemse (fiksheidsafrigter).

voor hy 20 is,” voospel Van Winkel. Van Winkel (36) is ook self besig om hom voor te berei vir die EFC (Extreme Fighting Championship) byeenkoms vir professionele vegters wat einde Maart by Carnival City gehou gaan word. Dit is egter nog nie seker wie sy teenstanders gaan wees nie. Intussen is die klub ook vanjaar met ‘n ontwikkelingsprogram besig om jong vegters van vier tot ses jaar oud aan die sport te begin blootstel. “Ons wil vir eers net hulle dissipline, hand-voet koördinasie en fiksheid verbeter. Die mikpunt is egter om hulle met die sport te laat aangaan en hulle dalk eendag tot op die vlak van goeie instrukteur op te lei,” het Van Winkel aan die Herald gesê. Mense wat met die klub in aanraking wil kom, kan Van Winkel by 061 413 7341 skakel.

Allan Smith is tydens dieselfde byeenkoms as klubkampioen aangewys na hy nie een van sy vyf gevegte deur die jaar verloor het nie.

Klam kolfblad kniehalter Merafong se Derdes

kon maak. Ondanks hul verbete poging het Sannieshof 131 / 5 aangeteken en so‘n Klam kolfblad het verlede Saterdag doende die wedstryd met 5 paaltjies gedaartoe gelei dat die Merafong City- krie- wen. Merafong se beste boulers was Reketklub se eerste span die knie teen hul me Rademeyer met 2/26 in 9 beurte en Gideon du Plooy met 2/34 in 9 beurte. opponente moes buig. Merafong se Derdes het dié dag in hul Intussen het Merafong City se eerste eerste wedstryd van die jaar in die span teen Pukke in Potch gespeel en kwarteindronde van hul liga teen San- 115/4 aangeteken waarna dit begin reën nieshof te staan gekom. “Nadat hulle die het en die wedstryd afgelas is. Die wedloot verloor het en ingestuur is om te kolf stryde van Merafong se tweede span teen op ’n effens nat blad en moeilike om- Matlosana in Klerksdorp asook dié van standighede kon Merafong slegs 128 lo- die Merafong-dames- span teen Lichtenburg is ook weens pies aanteken,” nat velde en reën afhet die klub se gelas. Saterdag, 8 voorsitter, Ben Februarie, speel Rademeyer, Merafong I teen Maandag aan die Vaalreefs op FochHerald gesê. ville, Merafong II Merafong se speel teen Puk Dolbeste kolwers fyne in Potchefwas Gideon du stroom en MeraPlooy, wat 41 lofong Dames speel pies behaal het, en Christo Ma- Rick Hartley was een van Merafong se kol- teen Khuma van op thee, wat 22 lo- wers wat die opponente verlede Saterdag Klerksdorp Fochville. pies bymekaar aangedurf het. Adele Louw

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Merafong City se derdespan wat verlede Saterdag in moeilike omstandighede die knie teen Sannieshof moes buig, is voor Christo Mathee, Christo Theart, Lionel Reesberg, Rick Hartley (kaptein), Leon Peacock (bestuurder) en Gideon Du Plooy. In die middel is Mark Bothma, Nico Van Vuuren, Stefan Wessels, Francois Brooks en Rudi Kotse. Agter is Reme Rademeyer en Ben Rademeyer (voorsitter). (Pty) Ltd. (Reg. 1964/04662/07) of Ekspa Building, Attie Fourie St. (P.O. Box 351 Vanderbijlpark) by Paarl Coldset (Pty) Ltd, 83 Heidelberg Road, City Deep Production Park, City Deep. All rights of reproduction of all reports, photographs and all other materials published in this newspaper are hereby expressly reserved in terms of section 12 (7) of the Copywrite Act No. 98 of 1978 and any amendments thereto. We abide by the Code of Conduct of the Press Council of SA and accept its jurisdiction. (Edms) Bpk (Reg No. 1964/04662/07) van Ekspagebou,Attie Fouriestraat (Posbus 351) Vanderbijlpark, deur Paarl Coldset (Pty) Ltd, 83 Heidelberg Road, City Deep Production Park, City Deep. Alle regte van reproduksie van alle verslae, foto's en ander materiaal wat in hierdie koerant gepubliseer word, word hiermee volgens afdeling 12 (7) van die Wet op Kopiereg No. 98 van 1978 en enige amendemente daartoe, voorbehou. Ons onderskryf die Gedragkode van die Mediaraad van SA en aanvaar sy jurisdiksie.

Carletonville Herald 07 Februarie 2014  

Carletonville Herald 07 Februarie 2014