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The Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal ranks #4 in the nation in the category of Arts, Entertainment and Sports and #14 in the category of Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property

Cardozo School of Law’s intellectual property program ranks #7 in the nation.

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law | Yeshiva University Intellectual Property & Information Law Program

—U.S. News & World Report

—Washington and Lee University School of Law

Arts & Entertainment Law Journal The Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal is consistently recognized as one of the top intellectual property law journals in the nation. The AELJ publishes three student-edited issues annually, and it hosts a symposium that attracts scholars from across the country. This year’s symposium, New Impressions on Advertising Law, explored changes in advertising methods and technologies and what they mean for advertising law.

Cardozo Data Law Initiative

The Indie Film Clinic

The Cardozo Data Law Initiative (CDLI) provides students with substantive law cousework, practical training and realworld exposure to e-discovery, data privacy, social media law and cybersecurity. Students have the option of earning a concentration in data law. Ariana Tadler, who is listed by Super Lawyers as among the top 50 women in law in the New York area, is executive director of the CDLI.

To date, Cardozo students have represented over 90 independent, documentary and student films as part of the Indie Film Clinic, providing free or pro bono legal services. Many of their clients have appeared in leading U.S. and international film festivals. The new director of the clinic, Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin, is the former dean of students at Columbia Law School. Recent Indie Film Clinic clients include Women Who Kill, After Spring, Memories of a Penitent Heart, Goodnight Brooklyn: The Story of Death By Audio, Quedate and Mad Tiger.

Left: Cardozo Law students

Indie Film Clinic

Professor Christopher Buccafusco Files Amicus Brief; Giovanna Marchese ’17 Publishes Note on U.S. Supreme Court Copyright Case This fall the Supreme Court will consider whether cheerleading uniforms are copyrightable. The decision will have an enormous impact on the law governing industrial product and fashion design. Professor Christopher Buccafusco and Jeanne Fromer of NYU School of Law submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Court proposing a novel solution to the problem, which they are preparing for publication as a scholarly article. Cardozo student Giovanna Marchese ’17 will publish a note in the Cardozo Law Review with her own analysis of the case. Professor Buccafusco, Marchese, and other Cardozo students plan to travel to Washington, D.C. to hear oral arguments in the case.

Kobrin, the director of the


Right: Michelle Greenberg-


2016 Tribeca Film Festival.


Narrative Screenplay at the


In October 2015, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) struck down the EU–U.S. Safe Harbor, which had provided a way for companies to transfer personal data from Europe to the U.S. Professor Felix Wu has been speaking to the media, scholars and practitioners about the impact of the ECJ’s decision and the prospects for the newly-approved Privacy Shield, which was designed to replace the Safe Harbor. Professor Wu has been quoted in news outlets such as the Associated Press and Bloomberg Radio, and he gave a series of talks throughout Germany. “It’s been fascinating talking about these issues on both sides of the Atlantic,” Professor Wu noted. “In the United States, I try to explain why the European approach isn’t crazy, and in Europe, I try to explain why the American approach isn’t crazy. Hopefully both sides can come to appreciate the opposite perspective just a little more.”

won the award for Best


Professor Felix Wu Speaks on EU–U.S. Privacy Shield

Women Who Kill, which


provided legal services for

Cardozo School of Law is consistently recognized as a leader in intellectual property and information law. With a foundation in theory and policy, our faculty and students thrive on asking questions about evolving issues and developing creative answers that meet current needs. The school’s focus on emerging technology, data, privacy, and fashion and entertainment law demonstrates our commitment to remain at the forefront of legal issues that arise as innovation continues to shape the future.


Cardozo Law attracts students from around the world to study international issues in intellectual property.

CORE CLASSES Copyright Internet Law Patent Law Trademark Law ADVANCED CLASSES



FAME Center for Fashion, Arts, Media & Entertainment Law The FAME Center for Fashion, Arts, Media & Entertainment Law offers coursework, externships, clinics and events in fashion, art, music, sports and media law. This year, the center provided new courses and expanded its externship program. It featured speakers such as the general counsel of Barneys and the CEO of Michael Kors. The FAME Center’s board of advisors consists of practitioners from HBO, Google, Christie’s and the NHL, among others.

Tech Startup Clinic

Recent Events at the FAME Center Lunch at Barneys: A Discussion With the General Counsel of Barneys New York Fourth Annual Sports Law Symposium Conscious Couture: How U.S. Fashion Companies are Addressing Problems in Overseas Garment Factories

Barbara Kolsun is the co-director of the FAME Center for Fashion, Arts, Media & Entertainment Law. A pioneer in fashion law, she has served as general counsel of Kate Spade, Stuart

Price Media Law Moot Court Competition

Students in the Tech Startup Clinic counseled over 50 companies in the past year, including those in blockchain technology, companies building the next generation of Internet of Things devices, 3D-printing companies, and those pushing the boundaries in fashion tech and e-commerce. Students draft formation and financing documents and assist with intellectual property, employment and privacy issues. Professor Aaron Wright, a tech startup veteran and former general counsel, leads the Tech Startup Clinic. The clinic’s partnership with the New York Attorney General’s Office allows students to gain insight into the difficult policy and regulatory decisions governmental bodies face when interpreting, adapting and drafting new legislation in ways that are sensitive to the rapidly changing landscape of the technology industry.

Aaron Wright is

Luxury and Law—The CEO and the General Counsel

Cardozo’s Tech Startup Clinic. Cardozo’s faculty, he sold a company

The U.S. & China: Perspectives on Brand Protection and Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property & Information Law Colloquium The annual Intellectual Property & Information Law Colloquium features six leading scholars who present to faculty, guests and student IP fellows. Third Annual Roundtable on Empirical Methods in Intellectual Property

World IP Day

Before joining

Street Art: What is Protectable?

Cardozo/BMI Moot Court Competition

This workshop was cohosted by Northwestern Law School, Cardozo Law and the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

the director of

Rethinking Antiquities: Restitution and Collecting in the Time of ISIS

The regional rounds of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition are hosted at Cardozo Law annually.

The clinic hosted two Tech Talks:

The theme for 2016 was Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined.

to Wikia, the forprofit sister project of Wikipedia, and

Weitzman and 7

he ran Wikia’s New

for All Mankind.

York office.

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Decentralization of Finance Evolve Law: Big Data in the Legal Industry

International Trade and IP Practice Students met transactional, business and litigation attorneys focused on international IP practice. Collaboration with the State Intellectual Property Office in China (SIPO)

Are Humans Beginning to Think Like Robots? Professor Brett Frischmann Considers This Theory in Forthcoming Book

Cardozo Faculty Involved in Net Neutrality Decision

Professor Brett Frischmann’s paper “Human-Focused Turing Tests: A Framework for Judging Nudging and Techno-Social Engineering of Human Beings” is due to be published as a book titled Being Human in the 21st Century. The Turing test is a tool used to assess a robots’ capability to exhibit human intelligence. Professor Frischmann considers an inverse test, which would determine how close humans are coming to thinking like robots. He argues that techno-social engineering and psychological interaction with devices is slowing making human thought process similar to robots. Professor Michael Burstein

Several Cardozo faculty members played important roles as amici curiae in the D.C. Circuit decision in USTA v. FCC, which upheld the FCC’s net neutrality rules. Professor Michael Burstein authored, and Professor Michael Herz signed, an amicus brief for a group of administrative law scholars. They argued that the FCC’s action complied with the relevant notice requirements and that the FCC adequately considered the reliance interests engendered by its previous legal regime. The court agreed. Separately, Professors Brett Frischmann and Michael Burstein joined a distinguished group of First Amendment scholars in an amicus brief arguing that the net neutrality rules are constitutional under the First Amendment. They argue that the rules regulate not speech but broadband providers’ conduct as conduits for others’ speech. The court squarely adopted this position.

Advanced Patent Law Advertising Law Antitrust Antitrust and Intellectual Property Art Law Communications Law Cultural Heritage Cybersecurity: A Practical Approach Electronic Commerce Entertainment Law Fashion Law Fashion Law Drafting Fashion Law Practicum First Amendment The Indie Film Clinic Information Governance Law Intellectual Property & Information Law Colloquium International IP: Selected Topics International Trade IP Business and Transactional Law Law of Surveillance Media Law Patent Basics Patent Law Practice Privacy Law Privacy Theory Seminar Social Media Law Sports Law Startup Law Taxation of Intellectual Property Tech Startup Clinic Technology Licensing Agreements Technology Policy Seminar

Each year, more than a dozen intellectual property officials from China take Cardozo Law IP courses and visit courts, law firms and government agencies in New York.

FACULTY Christopher Buccafusco Professor of Law; Director, Cardozo Intellectual Property & Information Law Program Expertise: Art Law, Copyright, Economic Analysis of Law, Intellectual Property, Trademark Law

Professor Buccafusco’s research applies social science methods to the study of legal problems, especially how the law affects creativity, innovation and happiness. Michael Burstein Professor of Law Expertise: Intellectual Property, Patent Law

Professor Burstein’s research focuses on the ways in which intellectual property law, corporate law and public law facilitate relationships among entrepreneurs, markets and government actors and influence the production and dissemination of innovative ideas. Brett Frischmann Professor of Law Expertise: Copyright, Intellectual Property, Internet Law

For 2016–17, Professor Frischmann is the Microsoft Visiting Professor of Information and Technology Policy at Princeton University. Professor Frischmann’s recent book, Governing Knowledge Commons, offers a research framework to study knowledge commons. Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin Assistant Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Indie Film Clinic Expertise: Film and the Law

Professor Greenberg-Kobrin joins the faculty in 2016. She was previously the dean of students at Columbia Law School, where she taught Negotiations, Leadership for Lawyers and a skillsbased Deals Workshop. Barbara Kolsun Professor of Practice; Co-Director, Fashion, Arts, Media & Entertainment Law (FAME) Center Expertise: Intellectual Property, International Business Transactions

Lee Sporn Professor of Practice; Co-Director, Fashion, Arts, Media & Entertainment Law (FAME) Center Expertise: Corporate Law, Intellectual Property

Professor Sporn is senior vice president for business affairs, general counsel and secretary of Michael Kors. Stewart Sterk H. Bert and Ruth Mack Professor of Real Estate Law; Director, Center for Real Estate Law & Policy Expertise: Conflict of Laws, Copyright, Estates, Land Use Regulation, Property Law, Real Estate Law, Trusts

Professor Sterk’s publications span a wide variety of areas, ranging from property and land use regulation to trusts and estates, copyright, and the conflict of laws. Aaron Wright Associate Clinical Professor of Law Director, Tech Startup Clinic Expertise: Corporate Law, Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Trademark Law

Professor Wright has extensive experience in Internet and new technology issues. Before joining the Cardozo faculty, he co-founded and sold a company to Wikia. Felix Wu Professor of Law; Faculty Director, Cardozo Data Law Initiative (CDLI) Expertise: Cybersecurity, Information Governance, Intellectual Property, International Privacy and Data Protection, Privacy

Professor Wu draws upon his doctoral degree in computer science in his research at the intersection of freedom of speech, privacy and intellectual property. Charles Yablon

Professor Kolsun has served as general counsel of Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman and 7 for All Mankind, and she was assistant general counsel of WestPoint Stevens and Calvin Klein Jeans.

Professor of Law; Faculty Director, Cardozo Data Law Initiative (CDLI) Expertise: Civil Procedure, Corporate Law, Corporations, Cybersecurity, International Business Transactions

Monroe Price

Professor Yablon is an expert in corporate mergers and acquisitions, specializing in complex deals and hostile takeovers.

Joseph and Sadie Danciger Professor of Law; Director, Howard M. Squadron Program in Law, Media and Society Expertise: Art Law, Communications Law, Regulation of Mass Media Professor Stewart Sterk

Professor Price directs Cardozo’s Howard M. Squadron Program in Law, Media and Society, which focuses on transnational studies and the application of new technologies to media law.

Cardozo Law's Intellectual Property & Information Law Program  

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