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MEET OUR REPRESENTATIVES IN THE MIDLANDS - IT`S TRACY SCOTTON Hi, my name is Tracy Scotton. On and before the 25th February 1995, I had a close family comprising of mother, father and 2 brothers, Patrick and Philip. Life was good for all of us, until the very next day, 26th February 1995. I was told that Patrick was in hospital. I did not know what for, as it was early Sunday morning. I thought he must have had an accident whilst playing football. I rushed as fast as I could to the hospital, to be greeted by my sister-in-law and Patrick's girlfriend, both too upset to speak. I was then guided into the family room to be told by my mother that Patrick had passed away. All of our world just fell apart. That day. In that room. The pain was, and still is, indescribable. I was in shock for weeks. I could not accept this. I needed to know why. I had to find out as much as I could just to help me cope. I was told that he had died of cardiac arythmia. This at the time meant nothing to me. I did not see how a fit active 22 year old boy could possibly just die, and nothing could have been done to prevent it. I was now feeling very lost and lonely. I could not talk to my parents or brother about it, as they were all dealing with their grief in their own way. I suffered many panic attacks in the months that followed. That alone was very frightening. I still had so many questions that I needed answering. On the 5th of April I came across a 2 page article on CRY in a magazine. I couldn't believe my eyes. I read it from beginning to end. It was so hard to believe that so many other young people had died also from the same problem. I believe that one of the cruellest feelings when grieving is that you feel so alone and that no-one understands you. To read of all the other parents, brothers and sisters made me see that I was not alone. My heart went out to all of them. I called the office at CRY. They helped me to understand what Patrick died of and what could have been done to prevent cases like this. I was horrified to find out that other countries scan children for these defects, yet we do not. They also helped to get me and my son scanned. It was a massive relief to know that we were both clear. CRY is a fantastic organisation. I am so glad to have found you. If there is ever anybody out there that just needs someone to talk to and to share their pain, please do not think twice. Just pick up the phone and call me. There is not a day that goes by, I do not think of Patrick. The pain never goes away, you just learn how to cope with it differently.

NEWSLETTER JULY / AUGUST 1999 CRY blasted into July with another fantastic fund-raising weekend at the Sutton Tennis and Squash Club which looks as if it might double last year's total and has so far raised over £14,000 with more to come. With the unfailing energy and skill of Chairman (don't argue with me!) Steve Tiddy, and the coercion of our brilliant committee members we secured Bob Champion for the Friday night Auction (thank you Stuart), John Inverdale for the Pro-am (thank you Rona) and our wonderful veteran tennis celebrities - Ken Rosewall, Fred Stolle, Frew McMillan, Geoff Masters, Owen Davidson and Mark, who both participated and secured these legendary players to support CRY. We are enormously grateful to the good humour and resilience of these famous sportsmen, who took time out from their Wimbledon exploits to join us on the Sunday for a lunch followed by a Pro-Am. The Celebrity Tennis was preceded by a superbly organised Kids Tennis Clinic organised by Mike Walker and Mark, and the Saturday again was dedicated to an Inter-Club Home Counties Sponsored Mixed Doubles Tournament. Thank you also to Cookie for his creative contributions to the Race Night and Honest the Bookie for doing such a great job with everyone's money. With such support no wonder the weekend was a blockbuster! July also saw the culmination of a month's exhaustive fund-raising for the Eastbourne Emergency Services 999 team effort in memory of Jeremy Cole. A spectacular CRY profile on the Western Lawns highlighted this outstanding team commitment and an especial thank you to team leaders Adrian White (Eastbourne Fire Brigade) and Sergeant Charlie Connaughton (Eastbourne Police Force), Nigel and Jenny Cole and all their helpers for their tremendous (and famous ) efforts including a day-long Triathlon contest in the Arndale Centre and a European Bike Ride entailing 300 arduous miles through 4 countries. Other notable events in the last 2 months were Keeley Ashley's superbly organised CRY Mobile Screening Weekend in memory of her brother Howard Jennings (see Update), a challenging Breakfast meeting at Gatwick with American Paediatric Cardiologist Naomi Gautier who requested more information on us after tracking CRY down through our Website, and an 8 minute TV slot with Lynne Lewis discussing our impending programme in Scotland. Kenny Bowen's inspirational Trust letters have now yielded £139,785 including a donation of £32,000 over 4 years that has come just in time to give us a desperately needed boost to fund our pending office move. Hopefully by our next Update we will be ensconced in our new premises and able to report that we are all learning, with space no longer at a premium, the euphoric feeling of being able to breathe out again! Thank you all for the incredible support that has made this move possible and watch this space to see if we have made, and survived, the move!


Tony Hill CRY’S Manager Eleanor: Tony: Eleanor:

How long have you been with CRY? I started in 96, 3 years ago. I was in a very boring job. It is rather different now! Why did you get involved?

I knew Alison’s daughter and kept hearing about what was going on. I became Tony: curious and offered to help out. Then Alison persuaded me to come full time. I didn’t realises that full time meant nights and weekends as well! I would like to see us get some government What is the job you do? Eleanor: recognition and support so that we can move forward even more effectively. Primarily the Brochure which has Tony: expanded so much that it takes up most of my working week. I also over see the smooth running of the office and organise our dedicated team of volunteers. Eleanor:

Has CRY changed much in the 3 years you have been there?

Yes unbelievably so. The whole of CRY has been growing at an incredibe rate. Tony: When I first started the Brochure was compiled using a ruler, scissors and glue. We now do it all on computer and each Update seems to get better. The fundraising is now astonishing and the development of Talking Point and the ECG Testing Programme has been amazing. Eleanor:

What do you feel is the most important part of CRY’s work?

This is a tricky one because I feel that everything we do is so important. We work Tony: pro-actively to save lives through our screening programme. This, and our incredible fundraisers, help us to raise awareness which also has such a vital impact in saving lives. Our network of families give tremendous strength to those that come to us and need someone to talk to who has suffered in the same way and who help them to know that they are not alone. Eleanor:

What would you like to see happen next?

I would like to see us get some government recognition and support so that we can Tony: move forward even more effectively.


Jan Smith CRY Administrator Sports Cardiology unit Screeening for ECG Programme Eleanor:

What was your previous job?

I was employed as Administrator for the Department of Sexually Transmitted Jan: Diseases at University College London Medical School. The job covered a wide range of tasks including personnel issues, finance, strategic planning and "troubleshooting". Eleanor: Jan: Eleanor:

Have you had any personal experience with Sudden Death Syndrome? Very tragically, a friend's six-year old child died suddenly and for no apparent reason. What convinced you to apply for your new job?

I've always worked in the health sector, and was looking for something new where I Jan: could get properly involved with an area I considered challenging and worthwhile. This job more than fits the bill. I really believe that it is important that people are aware of CRY and it`s work What exactly will you do as the Eleanor: so that more people have the opportunity Administrator for the screening program at St to take advantage of screening George's? My role is quite varied, but to summarise: I'll be co-ordinating and developing the Jan: programme under the direction of Professor Bill McKenna, and providing support for all the family groups involved in screening programs. Eleanor:

Are you apprehensive about taking on all these new responsibilities?

Yes, of course, it's a demanding role - but I'm really looking forward to it and to Jan: contributing to the work of the team. Eleanor:

Had you heard about CRY before you applied for the job?

No, I hadn't. I really believe that it is important that people are aware of CRY and Jan: its work so that more people have the opportunity to take advantage of screening.

Theme - Hospital

Photo-Call WHAT`S RONA SAYING TO TONY? ........ ... ...! VOICE

NURSE: oN THE pHONE: Hello? Is that W ell, Mr Mitchell, you the maternity hospital? seem to be coughing RECEPTIONIST: Yes. much more easily this VOICE ON THE PHONE: morning. Can you please send an A ambulance; my wife's MR MITCHELL, groaning man about to have the baby. in bed: That's rushed into


a pub in an agitated first baby? state. 'Does anyone here own VOICE ON THE a large black cat with a white collar?' he asked, somewhat nervously. VISITOR: PHONE: No, There was no reply. 'Does anyone Excuse me, but this is her own a large black cat with a white collar?' can you tell me husband. asked the man again, raising his voice which ward Vera even higher above the general noise of Smith is in? the bar. But still no one answered the question. 'Oh dear' muttered the man. RECEPTIONIST: Ah, 'I must have run over the vicar'. yes. Wasn't she the

lady who was run down by a steamroller earlier this morning? VISITOR: Yes. RECEPTIONIST:

SARAH LOUISE WILLIAMSON MEMORIAL FUND The Children at Martock Primary School have been helping CRY by running a “Mini – Marathon” in their school grounds, The children really enjoyed themselves and raised £162.20 in memory of Sarah.

Julie age 7 has kindly offered to do the W ordseach for this

Julie pictured here at The Walton Carnival


can you find these words?


Keeley, Terry, Tina & Phyllis Jennings with Ryan & Kieren

Kieren (Howard`s youngest) in Sanjay`s capable hands!

“Thank you Gilly for saving our day” says Capt Harry

....being sustained by Gilly`s Crisps!

She`s mine - No she`s mine!

I promise this won`t hurt!

Sanjay & Keeley discussing the CRY Screening programme with Dr Kanani

A great way to relax after a hard weekend screening!

KINGS LANGLEY MOBILE SCREENING IN MEMORY OF HOWARD JENNINGS Our screening took place at Kings Langley Football Club on 24th and 25th July 99. With panic stations on Friday we discovered that Ken Jones had been taken ill and therefore Ken and Annette would not be able to attend the screening as our Echo team. Harry was like a tired fly with a blue bottom as he had been desperately trying to find someone to stand in. Eventually he got in touch with Gilly Smith from the Brompton Hospital who was able to step into the breach for Saturday. She was a wonder!!!! We had decided to meet with Harry and Alison on Friday at 20:30 at their hotel, only to see Harry's van parked outside the football club at 19:30, he should have been there about 1600!!!! He had been caught on the M25 and his schedule was put back by 3 hours. That was no problem for Harry who arrived at the bar on time and bright as a button!!!! We discussed the expected events for the weekend and Harry told us expressly "not to worry, everything was in hand". Dad was detailed to collect Sanjay from the station at 09:15 on Saturday morning. He became a worried man when Sanjay had not arrived by 09:30 but it turned out that the train was only leaving Euston at that time and he arrived in Kings Langley at about 09:40. Good timing as the screening was due to commence at 09:45. Back at the club our first patients had arrived and were ready to be screened. We had given everyone specific screening times and on the whole these were held. There were one or two who arrived outside their timeslots but there were no particular problem areas. I had arranged for the boys under 16 to get their consent forms completed and returned to the football secretary prior to the event. This meant that if they should arrive minus their parents there should be no problem. All their paperwork was filed together in time order allowing easy access on arrival and consequently each patient was processed swiftly with little delay. We even found that there was plenty of time for tea and doughnut breaks. (Kit-Kats were provided for Sanjay for all photographic opportunities!!!) We had visits from two press photographers, the Hemel Hempstead Gazette and the Watford Observer. Both newspapers covered the event in the following weeks editions. The weather was very hot on Saturday requiring plenty of cold drinks to keep everyone going. We decided to present our ECG machine to Dr Kanani on Saturday evening when the days' screening was complete. This took place at about 19.30 and Alison did a great job of presenting the machine with no speech prepared!!! Dr Kanani found plenty to discuss with Sanjay who had undergone training at Hemel Hempstead hospital. Roy Mitchard the chairman of the youth football club also joined us for the presentation. Myself, Mum and Dad joined Alison, Sanjay and Harry for a lovely meal at the hotel in the evening to set us up for the following mornings-hectic activities. Gilly was unable to do the Echo`s on Sunday morning, so Sanjay offered his services and performed the Echo scans as well whilst Harry wired up the ECG patients for him. In a slack moment I was able to put my skills to the test and performed my first ECG on Harry whose ECG was pretty good considering his age!!!!!!!!! (Didn't mean it Harry). The club had arranged some matches to be played on the Sunday morning which allowed us to raise some awareness with parents, sell some badges and even charge for cold drinks extracted from the fridge!!!! Handy man Harry had been kind enough to change the hinges on the fridge door to reduce our confusion ‌ We had problems opening it, what we forgot was that the club members were obviously well used to it!!!! They can always change it back!!!! The lads who were being screened on the Sunday morning were slightly more on edge than the lads from Saturday as most were actually playing in the match!!! This did mean their manager was hassling them to hurry up as they were due on the pitch. The screening was deemed to be a great success with no problems. In total we screened 42 people. These included members of the football club, their families and people who have helped our fundraising efforts over the last 2.5 years. The screening team were fantastic and Harry was incredible. He was right, everything was under control and we had no need to worry!! Thanks Guys (& Gilly)!!!!


Blowing thier bugles for Bob!

A Champion mixer!

Mike - Horseing around

Prizes Dave donated raised £3,000!

Bob Champing at “Honests” advice!

Wait for this!

You got it!

Odds on “Honest” the Bookie?


Geoff Masters made Sheila`s day!

Top fundraisers Tanya Clarke & Geff Schmidt with Steve

Lunchtime with Ken & Wilma - The Heads of the table

Steve`s prayers didn`t keep the rain away

Watchout here comes Fred!

You mean all this mess is really Tony`s fault?

Frew - waxing lyrical in a CRY TV interview


4 hours sleep - what me?

Stuart`s tennis made Fred laugh!

Would you repeat that - please!

That was your fault!

John PENNing his balls for CRY!

CRY`S most famous supporter!

Mike, Fred, John, Mark, Ken & Frew - changed partners again!

AFTER A LONG WEEKEND THE STSC HAVE A TOTAL NEARING £14,000 (And there`s still more to come)! Our CRY celebrities

Where`s my racket gone?

Steve - bottling out of a match with Ken?

Fred being abstemious at the CRY lunch!

I think he`s found your cap Frew!

What do you want me to do now?

Wilma & Ken - waiting for the rain to stop!

Rona tabling John!

Trustee Tony Mason waiting for Ted to stop talking?

Where`s MY beer then!

Stuart`s tiddler knows Daddy`s a star!

Now - in my day......!

OUR FUNDRAISERS William Henry Tyley Memorial Fund

William at Portland in 1993

Mr Dave Barnett abseiled down St Johns Church, Frome, Somerset. On his own! “He`s a brave man and kind enough to support CRY” writes Daphne, and he raised £75.00 in memory of William. Daphne (William`s Mum) has been busy emptying her Collecting Boxes and Richard (William`s Dad) has been looking after William`s fund with £15.45 from the Woolacombe Dairy, £32.00 from The Bath Arms, Horningsham. & £43.36 from The Norton Ferris Collecting Box (which is situated in The Tyley`s kitchen). A Soup, Snacks & Sales held at The Tyley`s farm was a great success - where bargain hunters were tempted with some fantastic culinary delights! Leila Pollard won the “guess how many sweets in the sword”. The lunchtime event raised a fabulous £361.00. Special thanks to P G Whitfield and Mrs W Hunt for their donations making a brilliant total of £596.81 in memory of William.

IN MEMORY OF STEWART HOWARD Jane (Stewart`s Mum) her CRY Committee & friends organised a 60`s & 70`s Disco night. The evening went really well and raised a brilliant £270.00. The Worthington Cup came to the Tesco Thetford store (where Jane works). Customers were asked to make donations to CRY for having their photo taken with the trophy (see Raising Awareness). A super idea that raised £83.67 in memory of Stewart.

VARIOUS FUNDRAISING VENTURES IN MEMORY OF NEIL WICKERS AND DAVID STAFF The Staff and Wickers families joined forces back in 1997 to achieve their common goal of starting up an ECG programme in the the North - West in memory of their sons. David Staff died age 17 on 27.12.94 after collapsing near the end of the Darwin Dashers Road Race in which his Dad (Granville) was a Marshall. Neil Wickers died age 31 on 30.08.96 after collapsing at a Gym in Blackburn. Both families are now Northern contacts for CRY involved in the testing initiative. Irene (Neil`s mum) has recruited a strong team of fundraisers comprising of J Squelch, M Yates, C Taylor, Rachel Stancliffe, Patricia Rutter & Angela Wilson (Neil`s sister) who all make a big commitment to their fundraising! - Here`s what they`ve been up to in Darwen:-

Denise Gavin organised a Big Raffle (all on her own!) She managed to find donors for all the Prizes and raised a staggering £422.00 in David & Neil`s memory

The Staff & Wickers families were delighed to hear that The W.M. At the initiative of & B.M. Lloyd Charity Patricia Rutter The Trust had decided Darwen & Blackburn to award CRY Mayors Charity Fund £2,000 in memory of awarded CRY a fantastic David & Neil £1,000.00. What a stun- A CRY stall at The Darwen Lions Gala featuring a ning tribute to Neil & David Tombola, Clothes sale & Bric -a

Each year The Darwin Brac raised a brilliant £327.01 Lancashire County Cricket Club Dashers hold the David donated some home match tickets the proceeds a great £100.00 Staff Memorial Fell Race and was raised for the fund Bolton Road Church Hall in aid of CRY. since was the venue for a the race started in Clothes Sale & Coffee 1997 the club have Morning where a staggerdonated the wonderful ing £575.00 was raised in memory of Neil & David sum of £1,100.00


Neil Wickers

A Charity night was held at the Mercers Charitable Conservative Club. Performing were Foundation have made Jim Fitzgerald, Roy Leah, Donald & The Generation Gap. These a donation to CRY with Banks were all local Artists who gave a a wonderful £500.00 in concert for CRY. A wonderful evening was had by all, and a tremendous memory of David & Neil £500.46 was raised A huge Christmas Brian Taylor (Irene`s brother) Raffle was held with completed The Flora London scores of donated Marathon in memory of Neil prizes that raised a and David and raised £700.00 wonderful £448.00 in the process

A Funday held at Darwen Football Ground was well attended with attractions to include Tombola, Raffles, Bar-B-Que, Bric-A-Brac, also Cake & Book stalls. There was a “Beat the Goalie Competition” a donated Bouncy Castle, with a manicure and a Face Painting Stall. A special thank you to the owners of the ground for donating the venue. It was a fantastic day and £1,620.00 was raised in memory of David & Neil.

A L W k


CRY CHRISTMAS CARDS 1999 We would like to thank the Cross and Gard families for the tremendous amount of work they have done to produce our beautiful CRY Christmas cards. These have all been donated by professional artists with the printing done at a price special to CRY! We would appreciate it very much if you would consider ordering CRY cards, or include them in your pre-Christmas fund raising endeavours. Post all orders please to Caroline Gard – 5 Glebe Way, Frinton on Sea, Essex CO13 9HR

Thanks for Christmas Cards - from the Cross family Jo and Charlie Cross have commissioned three full colour Christmas cards for CRY and would like to thank the two artists who have kindly donated superb artwork to CRY. Liz Carcas – sister of Charlie, has donated two paintings – one a sprig of holly and the other a poinsettia. Margaret Morrison, a popular artist in Northumberland, has allowed us to use her well known painting of a winter scene of Bolam Lake Northumberland. This scene has been used both for a blank card for all occasions, as well as a Christmas card. Thanks must go to the printing company BLP Printing and Packaging in Newcastle who have been outstanding in their advice and help in the printing of these superb quality cards. The Managing Director, Mr Leo Kane, has taken a personal interest in CRY and in particular its screening programme in the North East. Thanks to him, his company has been extremely generous to CRY. We think he and his dedicated team must be feeling very relieved not to have Jo ‘phoning or faxing numerous times a week, asking copious questions on the printing of the cards. It’s not surprising to hear they have been voted UK Printing Company of the Year. Patience should be added to their title!

Thanks for Christmas Cards - from the Gard family We would like to express thanks to the following artists who have kindly given their permission to CRY for the use of their designs as Christmas cards this year: Elizabeth Clifford-Turner, for her lovely Madonna. Jane Charles and her children, Robert and Louisa, for their wonderful images of Christmas. Margaret Turnbull, for her fun Santa and his hearts. Edna Stock, for her beautiful holly arrangement. Very special thanks must go to John and Sheana Fenwick for all their help, advice, support and patience, and to all at John’s printing company, Benfoy Press, for printing the leaflets and cards, and for supporting CRY as their chosen charity in so many ways.

£1,000 HAS BEEN RAISED IN MEMORY OF LAURA FOX Laura was a bright, bubbly, beautiful 13 year old who was popular with every one she met. She had a burning ambition to be famous - a Popstar, an Actress, a Sports Star Something! Anything! Days after returning from a family holiday in France with her Mum, Dad, twin brother Mark, and 15 year old sister Sam, she was found dead in her bedroom. Laura died on August 5th last year. Although the cause of death was not established her parents believe she probably was a victim of Long QT Syndrome, or an undetected heart condition. She was a perfectly healthy teenager. There were no problems. No possible clues. She went up to her room to get ready for a family game of tennis and died. Since then the Fox family have been trying to come to terms with their terrible ordeal, and have started a fund in Laura`s memory. Laura`s old School Farlingaye High School, in Woodbridge Suffolk have held 2 events - a School Disco and a School Rock Evening which raised the wonderful amount of £619.02. Personal family donations have amounted to £380.978 an incredible total of £1,000.00 in memory of Laura. Laura seen here in Bury St Edmonds - 2 weeks before she died

CAROLINE & ANNE RAISED £5,884.00 IN MEMORY OF ANDY GARD Following a hearty breakfast of porridge and honey, Caroine and her close friend Anne Lines, set off for the start of the 1999 London Marathon. Neither of them had run the race before, but were driven by the desire to honour Andy. Caroline because he was her son, Anne because he was a former employee. With a button each from Andy’s clothes, and a very special glass bead found on the beach, they set off determined to complete the course in style. They certainly did that and between them also raised over £5,884.00. Andy was represented by 8 runners in all (7 of them were donated places) raising a staggering £7,706.40 to date. Thank you all for your incredible efforts for CRY. Caroline & Anne cross the finishing line after 5hrs 34mins



Taking “time out”

It`s a shirt!

The CRY team

OR a skirt

Gang leaders - Adrian White & Charlie Connaughton

Tracy`s son Jason stayed up until very late helping to organise the CRY raffle!

Caroline on Gard with Amy!

Nigel & Peter - shady characters!

Still waiting for Mum!

RAISED OVER £5,500 IN MEMORY OF JEREMY COLE Whatta lotta lolly!

Come on Caroline pick us a winner!

Showdown at High Noon

Promise I wont touch

Look what I won!

Amy on track!

Soon to be wed Adrian & Tracy

Believe me. I really promise. You honestly didn`t win the telly!

Jenny on her 351st raffle ticket - and still smiling!

Bulletin Board JOHN FENWICK

John seen here at the Quiz Night



Maureen Ward CRY`s ECG “Consultant”! Maureen has offered to talk to anyone needing help with organising Mobile Screenings, ECG Testing , or Ethical Approval. You name it. She`s done it! Try her on 01834 843742

Ken & Annette Jones were unfortunately unable to join us for our Kings Langley Screening due to Ken`s ill health. We really missed you!, and wish Ken a speedy recovery.

E MAIL CONTACTS Keeley Ashley - Roy Ball - Nigel & Jenny Cole - Jo & Charlie Cross - Mike Foster - Caroline Gard - Harry Hindle - Anne Jolly - Alan & Gloria Moss - Adrian Woodhead -

More and more people are using email as a fast and convienient way of communication. If you would like to be put on our CRY list, please email us with your details.

Bulletin Board OFFICE FURNITURE APPEAL We are moving into local offices in October and desperately need Office Furniture. We would very much appreciate items donated or at very special prices. especially sound proofed panels!

Breakfast at Gatwick Airport with American Paediatric Cardioligist Naomi Gautier & her husband


Would you like to be stuck Please contact the CRY Office in a tunnel with Sheila? if you can help us in any way

June Boulton is dedicating all her fundraising money for office furniture and equipment, in memory of her 17 year old son John, who died suddenly last year in his sleep of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. She is doing a “Pubs & Clubs” circuit & would be grateful for Raffle prizes. If you have any ideas or prizes please contact her on 0151 287 2519

If so please call Sheila or Mike THE CRY COMMANDO CHALLENGE? This years CRY Commando Challenge will be on October 3rd at Woodbury Common in Devon If you would like to register your team please contact Mike Foster Co-ordinator of CRY Commando Challenge on 01329 231734 Teams need to be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people

CRY`S Powerpoint Presentation is now available in either CD ROM or FLOPPY DISC formats. Ideal for fundraisings where a computer can be used to display information about CRY. Also featured is CRY`S Website so if any of you haven`t got access to the Internet and you would like to see the site now`s your chance! The cost is £10.00 inc P&P and can be obtained from the office

SECTION 64 GRANTS CRY was again unsuccessfull in it`s application for a Section 64 Grant for 1999. If anyone would like the list of successfull applicants please apply to the office

Luci’s Locket for CRY Luci has designed, especially for CRY, a superb sterling silver (or 9 carat gold) locket which opens to hold two photos. The silver chain can be any length up to a maximum of 20 inches, and the locket can be personalised with the addition of any initial. The cost, including post, packing & insurance is £75,00 and order forms are available from the office. Gold initial and clasp are available for the additional charge of £15.00. All lockets are made individually, hallmarked and engraved on the back with CRY and our ECG line.